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Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 5, 1847 Page 1
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7' Vol. XX. .o. 33. Whole . 1JJ7. IHJKIilW'TOIV, FRIDAY MO!IA, JIAKCII S, 1847. iEW S1:b:II2, IVo. 30 BURLINGTON FREE PRESS i Published at Burlington, Vt., By i . . c . c i. a it it i: , Jitor uml 1'ropiietur. r wit . ., Tcrmsi 1 o Villige subscribers who receive the paper by the carrier S3,0i) If pai I hi advance, . . . g,5ll Mid sabjeribers and those who take it nt the, hiv.irhbly, 2,00 ADVERnscunvrs inserted on tli; customary terms. For the Darlington Free Press. ."Sonnet. Oh, ye dear numories of my early Love, Unfold your downy pinions, yet again ! Eich h )ly thoug'it deseen linn, like a dove A pare, whits dove, who hasteth home again ; Wha fondly hastes, h;r tvelcom- warm to prove, An J free to wander, chooscth to remain. So pure, S3 white, so welcoineanJ so irce, Like heavenly doves ye precious memories are : With priceless consolations laded, ye Come visiting my spirit from afar ; When I am loneliest ymt v isit me, Sweetly iamiliar all your features are. Oh' come, sweet birds, and in my bosom be Content to nestle, and to stay with me ! Lctta. New York, Nov. 23, 1916. l)c .farm. Pacts nntl Opinion", Con luiscil from'oiis J!xcangc I'dpcrs. Titr.r.r. Cnors a Yr.Ait. Amrw Charlton, of Chelmsford, Mas.,, who sells several hundred dnll.irs worth of firm uml garden products from a lime marc man -Jo-acres, ot luuu, incu an ex periment in planting liu.nn with curly potatoes, wliich he says has more than atisvycrod liU ex neclalions. ' Alter plow ing and hoe ing the pota to.!", tne lie tin wore pl.inled between the row', in hills twenty inches apart, uml hoed once with out plowing-. " The potatoes were lilts' nt mid summer, am! sold for a. dollar per Im-hol. The potato jro.iml win then sown with turneps, thus iriviiiL' a third eron. Abiics ami Plaster rur. Manurh. .1. Johns ton, of Geneva, My th it on his mil, which is a gravelly clav. one hu-hel ol nla-ter will do more good to' his clover th in It) bulielof a-hes nnd tint on muck soils lie never perceived any li'.'iie nt Irom pla-ler, though nhes in tv be uselui. All thecxpeiimcnts we have tritif on sandy ami gravelly loum.-liow- the snpuriontv nf pli-tortn as'io, applio I to gra I m Is. .1. Johnsl n at-n -ay, that lie has found the be-t way nf applying stable inaiiiire ill auliiiiin, i to spread it nvnrth" surface, anj pKv ' in main V.-, nnj. '...-entirely accords with our own experience, whatev er hypothetical rea-nning may say to the contra ry, it is perfectly evident, however, that little evaporation can take il ice during winter, while much that is soluble may beconi.' dill'ii-ed tliro' til 3 soil. I'.xixiUTivo Wool. Hamillon G-iv, of New York w ho has had much experience in exporting wool, in -peaking ol tho cu-t of trail-potting tin products of tliu great ue-t to the ocean, say-, "v nol form thu only exception. It I- worth ten time-, as much as iron of equal weight, and i:tructsrroniItcv. II.!. l'nrkcr's Address. As introductory to bis subject, " The Means and In centives to Intellectual nnd Mornl Culture," the lec turer nllu Jed to the natural activity, nnd the necessary education ol both the mind nnd the body J fpokc ol n defect in our system, or rather in the implication ol oar system ol p lblic instruction, by which the boilit of the educated class, and the nnmi of laborers, nre neglected ; nnd regarded the Institute nscvidcncc that mechanics fell, and were disposed to remedy, in a mea sure nt least, this defect in llicir early training. Among the means of Intellectual and moral culture in indolence 1 Why not make stern resolves to use tothchrt advantage, these menus of sell culture 1 "Willi these facilities, who lint is animated by n generous nnd becoming enthusiasm, to do niiytliing like justice tolas undying nature, may not daily res cue from total wate, alnable fragments of time gol den moments which with impcnknblc advantage, liny be deotedto communion with the wisest and best, of present and pat time, through their writing. Hut never should one human mind bow servilely to the dictum of other minds, though they may be vastly su penor. Lnchlnind, in order fully to devclopc its own powers, luut lenrnto uuiiKunuio reason, ami nr green lie went to places s and after sup-1 ing Wn in bed nlnntan h inr, he got from in im ping with a friend, lie went home seemingly J 'lor it, and domin led Iter money ; she Is'giti In cheerful and easy, as he hid been nil the after-1 cry out, and nttotnplcd to ring," noon vv Inch ho noon, l.idy M.izel supped with the Abbo l'oii-1 stabbed her.atid she resisted with all her strength. I.ird as usual, nnd about eleven o'clock w ent to t he repeated his stabs titl she was dead ; that h' her chamber, where she was attended by her ' then took the key of the wardrobe ctiphmrd from m lids, lleforo thev left her, Le Brun cimo to ' the bed's head, opened this cupboard, found the the door to receive Ids orders for the next day, j key of the s-trnng Im.v, opened it, nnd took out ifter which one of the maids laid the key of the all the gold he could find, to the amount of about door on the chair next it ; they then went out, 1 six hundred ltvros ; that ho then locked Ihocup ... . :. , . i ...-It i i , i I .. ... .i.- i i'.. i... - i Hill 1,0 lirilll lollnwill" lllCtn, Slllllllie ooorai- I uu.uu, nun loptii'-eu tun ,u oiu ut-ii s he,,oticel particularly,-!. The possession ol the nt- j me nt correct nnd legitimate conclusions for itself. From lb ! Mi I dlehury (I ilaxy. Wool Uspot Proceedings. Agreeably to previous notice n large and high ly respectable meeting of the Wool-growers of Addison County assembled at the Town Hoom in Mi ldlcbury, on the 17th iut., to take into consideration the establishment of a ).-pot, at soma convenient place in the County of Addi son, for the m re advantigeniis sale "of wool. The meeting was organized by the appointment of tsilas 11. Jennison, l're-ident. I'dwiu llamuioud, ) ... ,, ., . Elias llu u n, ' p 'W Presidents. llarvev Hell, Secretary. J. B. Nott, I:-q., Secretary of the N. Y. S. Agricultural Sue ietv.addresc.l the meeting and dwelt in a very able speech, upon thh wo d-grow-ing interest, and especially upon the great ad vantages of a Depot, in enabling the producers to obtain the best market price fir their wool. In the afternoon he was followed by .Mr. Ho mer Illanchard, who exhibited in a very lucid mimir the principle upon which llo Wool l)e rntat Kiuderhook, N. Y., is e-tahlMied. .Mr. Illdiich.ird is the agantofthe Kiuderhook Dep'.t. and proposes to esiablih a branch of it in this region. Mr, Hell introduced the follow i ng reso luti iii. which w.nsiiUiineJ b M -s,r.s. Jiuttum, Starr, and the 111 ver, and pa'ed unaiiiin iuly. HesnlttJ, Th it the interests of the Wool (irow crs of we..lern Vermont requires the c-tahlish-mentor a Depot in this regiun, toen-iire to thorn a fair remunerating price to correspond with the condition and quality of the article produced. Mr. Weeks moved the following resolutions which were adopted. llesihul, That a committee of three per-ons in each town in this vicinity be rai-ed for the purpose of a-certaiuing the amount of pitronage j when they bet enioyed thein-ches. that will be extended to a Dep it for tiie sale of you," says one, "w hen 1 1111M enjoyc iv 001, to uee-itabii-iiei! in tins region. And that said committee obtain a iib-cription from the in tributcsiifhuiiiauily;2. Good Books : 2. 'I he proper use of time. Of incentives to Improvement, the position or rank which the nits nnd trades occupy in this country the wileanl free range tint is opened to them the in crease ofnbility for usefulness and the sure reward or eff.iits for eelf culture, were severally discussed. .My presciibeil hiinls iidiniitmg only a few brief extracts, tin attempt nt sjslemalic nnnnement lias been made. I have m ilked the lollownig para graphs : " All nre en lowe 1 with 'h n i.itell. et, 1 , conscience, ol fjmpnthy, nnd knowledge, and love j ufncli'ig on their own minds, on Inanimate nature, and on the minds of others. " These nltnbiiles give toinanhis dignity, Ins su pcnoiitj to brute erention. He is, by constitution, only n tittle lower than the mine's No matter how ob-eure, how little known or loved, man wherever you liu I hiin.lnsa nature almost angelic. He miy neglect nnd iibu-e it. but it is there i there susceptible ol being ron-ed to think mid Iceland loe. lliere to be develop ed beiond any prescribed limit, to be eulthated, strengllieucd nnd polMied ; or to lie, ns a casket of 111 ty be sent lorward Irom the place ol its growth jewel,cncreii witn dust, lor which me owner nns 00 thirty times cheaper than wlieat of equal value." I u-e. It is not muscular strength, sjinnietry and beau Dr.sTROVIMi I'i.A Dais. A corre-Utideut of ' ly of ionn, lb u give dignity and grandeur to man the American Parmer tried a ery simple and 1 The-e belong only to the casket that contains ihejcw s iti-fictory experiment to prevent bugs in peas. c Neither isit circumstances or station ; lor these 1 1 11 1 tiL'di -covered the egg in each pea while yet I arc olten liirtuiious nnd accidental. Tiuc greatness in the pod, he "iithered them as soon as thev were ripe and thoroughly dry, and clo-ed them air tight in lutth's. The in-et' could not grow without it i r, and the next spring not u bug was to b' seen. Ui-it ARTirirnt. Mani're. Samuel David- nn, of (Ireeee, N. Y., obtained one hundred and twenty-two bushels of com per acre on land to which three h i-hels nf lire following manure was applied: One barrel of human urine, to w Inch was added six pounds of diohed sulphate of in igucsi 1 (epsom salts.) was mixed with enough gypsum to moisten the whole. On another acre which had three bti-hels ol dry plaster, there were ninety bushels. Wirit pi'n of the differ ence in the crops of these two acres, the mixture produced would be interesting to know. Pon.TKV. A correspondent of the Pnitgh-keep-ie Telegraph, had Irom 31) hens, the pat seison, up to September lt.. 3.5JJ cgg, :iud iUU chicken-. The 111 ill igement cnnil- in a warm ilry shelter for winter; feeding with oats soaked twelve hours in warm water ; and a Irce supply of burnt clam shells, powdered line. The chickens are fed with u mixture of two parts of oils an J one of rye, ground to meal. KvjovMUNTin I.ifc. Two wealthy rilizens of l! i-ton. now con-iderablv advanced in life. ueie lately conversing in regard to the period I will tell vcd life : soon alter I w is twenty one. I worked liir .Mr. . I. ti ing .-tone wall, 1 in nt't-Htc c ir i.iv.'' lub.tatitsof theirre-pectivetowti-, of theam iuut 1 ' ell, replied Ih .' other, " th it d not diller of wod the) w ill send to such depot lor sale the j much from my experience; when I was twenty, tiisinng si'.ison. ."iotit'ci, J hat the chairman of the several town committee iiicciai.uniuiemiry onllie sec ond Tliiirsd iv of March, at 1U o'clock, A. M., to bring together the inform itiou thus obtained. and to communicate with .Mr. IJlatichurd in relation to such establishment. II soic, That the Wool Grower in neighbor ing counties be, cordially muted to co-operate Willi the Wool (Iruwers'of Alhou County, in the important enterprise in which all luvcaco n men interest. com.hitti:. Addison, J. N. Smith, (iustavus Smith and Hullet Thorn. llri.ljinrt, S. Z. Walker, Hben Allen and Ze nas lleinminway. liristol.S. II. Holley, J. Crane, and II. Pat- melee. I'anton, Stephen Holland, S. Pond and N. Hiehirds. Vergeunes, S. P. Strong, Fred. II. Woodbridge and Vs. .Seymour. New ILnen, Oliver Smitli.Seth Langdon and K. Hanchett. Ferri.burL'h, It. T. Robinson, D. Middlebrool; and David Hazard. Shorebam, Azel Chipinan, Kben Wilson and N. Northrop. (7o-hen, Martin Allen, C. Kuapp, and S. 1). Gale. Whiting, J. II. Walker, A. Needham, and W. Baldwin. Salisbury, J. M. Weeks, Dan Dyke, and Wash ington Miller. Onvell.Wm. K. Sanfurd, II. Wicker, and L. S. llemminway. Urandon, J. A. Conant, J. Ilimes, auk W. M. Lincoln. Ijirc-tcr, Jolm Uullocl:, A. A. Swinington and W. V. Darker. Cornwall, Merrill Bingham, Jesse Kllsworth, and Kucben Hall. Weybridge, Klijati C. Drake, S. W. Jewett, nd I). I.. Wri''ht. Waltham, r. W. l'icrcc, P. lYisbio and U. Kverts. The following resolution was then adopted with hearty good will. Resnlml, 'J 'hut the thinks most cordially tendered to Mi chard, for their attendance upon this meeting miv hl, ,iuiuied oil', 1 "lured nut 11'. seven dollars per month; 1 lime never enjoyeil my-ell better ince. 1 ho us- perieuce ol these two individual-teache 1-t. th it one's happine-s does not depend on the amount nf hi" gains or the station he occupies ; Jd. that very small beginnings, with industrj and prudence may secuie wealth. llvArisni is 'Win reii. limey's .Magazine JC-crnie Hit! ol pioiliicing a tery nrettv efl'ect by growing by tcinths in bi-kels ol'iiui. An open worked Irench biskct may he procured, the in-ide lined with inn-, and a or ether li-h filled with u,n--, to hold the bulbs, placed in-i.le. The mo in the di-h is In he kept well noi-lened, but (he bulbs 11111-t nut be oicrllnweil .vith water, or decay will follow. Kehi'Ing I'orATii.-s The IMinburgh Jnur ill of Agriculture says that if potatoes are im nered for four or live days in 11 solution con-i I ingnf an ounce of common liquid ammonia and a pint of water, they maybe kept a year without ue ica-t u.'ierior.itioii 111 quality. 1 lie umtiiou-1-1 afterward-entirely owipor.itc, auldoes not iiecune 11 nor 111 Hie siigtite.-t Ueg'ee. II kept belongs intrinsically toman, no matter where 5011 find or place him. Man is great ns n man, be he where or whathenny. The grandeur of his nnture turns to insignificance nil outward nnd accidental di-liuctious. I You may clothe him in rags. You may chain bun daily to slaM-ti tasiis.nmi itiristen I11111, nmemni.a slate,!! chattel, a thing. You may close your doors ngiiu-tliim, banish him asnn outlaw, a vagabond, Irom human society, or immerse him in a dungeon, lie is still a 111:111 a being clothed with angelic facul ties, capable of unlimited expansion ami iuiproteuieiit. He may hate sunken aiuonglhc dregsid society, nnd be still descending toward the very lowest point at tainable. Or, it may, like multitudes nt the ery couiiiit'nceni''nt of bis career, found himself 111 the immediate neighboihood of ibis t cry lowest at tainable point. Iiillueiices, numerous and strong, con-pire to keep him there. Hat cm you nwnkeuiu liiuin noble eniliu-iasm to n-e above the im.h-tiii-gui-hed mas-esol society, nnd is this enthusiasm ol that practical clniacter which expends itselliiiihe putting IjiiIioI' untiring ellortsia the right direction, upward advances arc sure and rapid. " In the posses-ion of mind, then, the noblest pan of ihe man, we hate git en us die basis tor limitless im protement. The fouu latioa is (aid by the. Iiaudol Hun whose wisdom and potter are infinite. It is lelt lor us 10 rear the superstructure. In llus, emphatically, is "etery man ihe architect of his own lortime" With quite too many, this superstructure rises at hap hazard. With ihe body there is regular, tigomus, lionlthfid exercise, lis p'w em a.;c proK'ij mid fully develowd. " llui how do most laboring men educate and intlohl tin- powersof ihe mind I Mechanics must gnarly in hie to their trade, nnd then early in ihe day totlieii ta-k. With ihe ob-i-rtiug nnd ibougbttid.ibe tl.ulv la-k, nssoctateil tviib daily oecuriencesof readi lg, nnd healing, mid seeing, will ntilird n mental discipline which has its ,adue. Upon many, hotteter, ibis is nearly lo-t. through indillerence, iualtention,or men tal dissipation. " Th" uiipraetised mind, like the body, indulged in injoleiiee, shrinks from , libit. But as the man accus louieil 10 labor lot es it, cannot live, is miserable with out it, so mind souu lenrusto lote its ott n peculiar woik. It ru-lies forward to grapple with diliicult,pro t-fiu I, or intricate subji-cls, and iaeslions. " Why then may not men detoied to the mechanic arts, ns a means of sab-isicuce, possessed of the hey of knowledge as they generally are, unlock, enter and explore apartment "fler apartment, in the richly stored Temple of know ledge I They surely may. Facts prote this be toii.l the pos-ibduy of doubting. I " There now lives a man of nhuost unbounded .at tainment, boihns a lingiii-t and general scholar, who F.vcrv elicit to do ibis, however short and simple at lir-t may be the process, will serve to strengthen, un fold and expand the mental powers." "With many, n vast amount of Intellectual life is drnw neil in luxuriuus excewss. Among the wealthy, the appetites urc pampered jninong the poor, n gross leedinirolien prevails, tint induces great siuimiiiy nun obtuseiicss ol intellect. Now we would not say to any one," If thou art a mangiteii to appetite, put a Mule to tliv threat i"but we would say," Be not desirous of dainlies." " I'.'arshave sometimes bn expressed that by dif fusing know ledge too genci ally among the laboring classes, we should beget in them a spirit ol idleness and insubordination. But facts prote the reverse of this to be almost universally true. The more the mind iscultitatcd, elevated, and refined, the greater nre the imnroteineiits in personal appearance, equipage houses, gardens, fixtures, furniture, and all the useful artsof life. "The laberer is not a mere laborer. Were he, his lot would be harder far than that of the inferior ani mals, for whom nature spreadsn bountiful table nnd tventes a rich ttnidiobe, though " they tod not nor spin, neither sow nor gather into barns." A rational, moral, and intellectual being, cannot without infinite wrong, be converted into a mere work. ingaiiunal A mind, in which germinate i111mn1t.1I plants, is of value infinitely superior to all material ibiiiL's : nnd cannot, without gloss abuse, be made a slate, to minister to mere nnimnt wants. I'eibaps there is no one trait ol Character morecs semial to every sort of success, thnu mental firmness and decision of purpose. To nil who possess and pro p-rly direct it, ills their (?ood Star. To mnt who lntc risen to fame, it has been the grand seciet of s'lcce-s. Nenilyhalfourracenre ever vasoillaling bettveen difiVrent comses, presented to them for choice. The consequence i, ihey can never act with prompt ness nnd energy. They halt betwixt two or more opinions. To execute eten well conceited plans, isentirelyout of theqnestion. They l.ick that inde pendence of ih-oitght and promptness in the execution of purposes, which iscsst-ntial to success. Poor plans well executed, nre ill their lesulls, belter than good ones abandoned. At the present day many persons are forming plans for sell improtemcnt. Not a few mechanics nrein posses-ion of good theories Ibr their own mental and Icrliiin.and talked with the maidsn few minutes about hi dni'rlitcr.s, nnd then they patted, he seeming still very cheerful. In the mornitis he went to market, and was mid pleasant with every body ho met. as was his usual manner, lie then rciurnnu nome and transacted Ins usual business. At eight o'clock ho cxpres-d surprise that hi lady did not get up, as she usually roe ill seven : no .,.i i 1,;, ...:r.,v. !.,J..:,. ,. 1,11, u In tl. neigiiiiorhood. and told her ho was uneasy th it his lady's bell had not rung, and gave her seven louis-d ors, and some crowns in ;roid, which ho desired her to loci; up, and then went home 12.1111, anil Ion titl the servants 111 "real con-ier threw his knife into the lire, took his tint fio 11 under the bed, lelt the napkin in it. took the key of Ihe chamber from the chair, and let hlui-el font: went to the lof. w here he pulled off his -hirt an I cravat, and, leaving them there, put im his coat and w.iitco it and stole fflly downstairs; and finding the street door only on the single lock, he opened it, went out, and left it open ; tint he had brought a rone ladder to let himself down from 11 window if ho had found the street door double locked ; but finding it otherwise, liu left his rope-ladder at thu bottom of the stairs, where It was found. Thus wasthe veil removed from tlii deed of darkness, niid all tho circumstances which up- l'ellow-ciliz"tis, no ordinary purpose l.n brot' us together. This is no political gilliering. If il hid been, you would not hax'e seen me here. I l.,n ,,.f emnrt In ,nnt-ft n crior.,'1, . ItnM llif I l.n-i.t !u Toll .tii.t ''if.i.l t., llntrn 1 im nmn- 'ions,ihn paralyzed tongue finds uticratice diffi cult. Hi not fervid eloquence, not gilded tord, that Ireland needs but substanti il food. ns rise to the magnitude of the dutv which is lie foro us, 11 ti,l by n generous supply from llio mag nitude of our mean, evince the genuineness nnd conn ilily ol our sympathy nnd eommiscrutiou. At the conclusion of Mr. Clay'n speech, one hind and unanimous shout of approval wa rais ed, in which oliieers and audience participated. iMtion nt he.itinn- iiolhini' of I heir l.ulv ; wlifn ' e-'r dag-.i".- I.e !i' -n -- ac, 0.111U f on" observed, that ho feared she had been seized ! si-tcntly w ilh ids iniiiie-tife. i'roin the wool: with an apnoplexy, or a bleeding at the no-e, to wliich she was subject. 1.0 llruti said, " it niu-t be soinething wor.-o ; iny mind misgives me; for 1 found the street door open la-t night alter all the family were in lied but intself." They then sent for the lady's son, M. de Savon icre," who hinted to I.e llruti his feir of 1111 ap olexy. 1.0 llruti said, " It is certainly some thing worse; my mind has been unca-y etcr since I found the'strect door open last night af ter the family were in bed.-' A smith lieing now brought, the door was broken open. ami Ie Hrun entering first, ran tr the bed nnd , after calling several times, he Vevv back the. curtain, and said, ' Oh, my lady i murdered !' I lie then ran into the wardrobe, ind took up tho strong box-, which being heavy, he said, "She j ha not been robbed ; how is thii I . .. . 1 1 . , 1 -!. 1 A surgeon men examincu ti.e oony, which ir;.c,,,i.,,r, , . 1 1 I ULUU Ullll 111. ,11.11, .-..,. they found in tho bed, which wis full of blood, a scrap of a cravat of coarse l-.ce, uud u nap kin made into a nightcap, wYirli was bloody and had the family mark on it; and from the The Little Mutch Cnl. A Christmas Kiory. r.y Tiir. hanisii ioct, ANDnr.sox. It was so terribly cold it snowed, and tho evening b"gan to be dark ; it was also thu last evening in the jear New Year's live. On this cold, d irk evening a poor little girl went 'into the street with bare head and naked feet. , It is true -he hud shoes on when sue went from 1 Lome, but ofvvhut use were t'fj ? They were 'very largo sho"-, her mother' had last worn ! tb"in, they were too largo ; and tho little one In -t them in hurrying over the street as two car-liage- pi ed quickly by. One shoe was not to , be found, and ihe other a hoy ran away with, -av ing lb it he could u-e it lor a cradle when he got children him-olf. The little girl now went on her small naked feet, which were red and b'tiewkh fold; sho carried a number'of match es ia an old apron, and held one bundle in her Mr. day, being at New Orleam on the lth 1 hand. No one had bought of bertha whole litis), was invited lo altend thoineetiiiL' held them .day, no one hadgiteii a farthing. Poor in aid of -uHering Ireland, and hi ing loudly ral-' fhi'ng ! she was hungry and benumbed with 1 led for by tho-e present, addressed them a', Jul-' cold, and looked so downca-t ! Tho snow flakes 1 lows: " ' fell on her jelhuy hair, which curled o prettily j Mr. I'rrsltl-nl ait.I lUoif-C'ilh"i round her lieck, hut -lie did not heed that. I I hesitated to uccept Ihe iiivitition wliich has The lights .-hone out from all the windows, 1 brought me here being a mere sojourner and and there was such a delicious smell of rout 1 not a member of thi- community. I doubted the , b-of in the street ; it was New Year's Vac, and propriety of my presence and parlicip ition in the she thought ol that ! it this mooting, and apprehended .sue sai uowu 111 11 corner nruvecn iwo iiouc; story, tho reader will perceive how filliblehu 111 in rea-nii i vvli"ii appli 'd to rircnmi'iiiir" ; and thehu'iittr will agr."1, thit in such cafes even improbabilities- ought tub" admitted, rather th in :i in in s.'ioiild be con leinned who may pos sibly be innocent. Mr. ('l.j)'s Speech nt Hew Oilrnns. Ihe one stood n little more forwaid in the street 1 1 in the other ; and drew her leg- up under her to warm her-clf. but sho was still colder, and he dur-t not go home ; sho had not sold any by thu fire, which h id biini'd off 1 Mood tint h id ever been finn It , - , . I the clumber was gone nom tne seac oy mo door; but no marks of v olento appeared en anv of the door., nor w ere there any si;;u of a robbery, as a largo sun of money, nnd all j the lady'-jewel-, were found in the strong box I an 1 other place-. I.e Brun li'dii" eximiueil. said, tint 'after ;ht me, that the lie-t re-pon-e our-i sue oinv uraw uuu out 01 me iiiinuie, and mi-repie-entatiou is the'-trike it on tho wall, and warm her lingers, ful di-chiro-o of duty, in all Ihe She drew one out, ritcli ! how it burnt! it wai tno-nl culture. lint lor want of decision, tixedne-s of he left the maids on the stairs he wont dow 11 iu purpose, nnd resolute preseteranee, they do conipara-I (n the kitchen ; he laid ids li lt and the key ol in civ nothing that is 10 nny purpose. I hoc who nre the street door on Ihe table, and sittuv prompt in deciding on their plans ol operation, au-l energetic ia the execution i! itieirplans, itiougli they nny be guilty of some iinsiahcs, unii-ually do more welland succeed much belter, than the hesitating, limed, and loo camions. iu eloquent w ruer says that deci-ion of character, wasthe ' destiny and long sword ol Napoleon ; the key by which most of those men, whom hi-tcry has lenomin ued great, and euuV js.a on l.r pn , opp lied the temple 01 lame.- 11 is neeoiiii ill etery wain of life, and it is surprising linn much it accompli-hes, hen accompanied with energy ot execution An inexperienced miiiil enn hate no ju-t cunceptionsnf what may lie achieved in any walk, by the steady direction of an untiring industry towards adesired nd. down bv I the tire to warm hlin-elf, he fell n-leep : that he slept, as he thought about an hour, and go- ii" to nek hostieel door lie loiinu 11 open j that ho locked it, and took the key with him to camber. On scarcluug linn tney inuiu . - . 1 f t.. , . .1 -.1 . ..f .. 1. r. .'. . 111 ills pocKei a Kt'v, iiiu tt iius in ,.uii. ''' 1 1 inland mm-ersed a much longer period .1, ,n ju-t stated, ! fur lnan. j ,Jirs. .1,,- labored",! the Antil .'weltj , I en I i "i U"-' K,,"'B "'y 1 1''-' Jy. " H'ft "cqnisiiions were made ie uoJiiced bv iniiuer-(in ill a s rou" so ution , . 1 , 1 7 r , , .fsalt; h it in' tins ca-e thev requiiosoakitig in l;lunrsr1'' ui , T'l"? ' '"V5 , -eypr il siieees-h iifoilnn. .r ,i..r ,,. r,..!".,-r. kmd of pnsinne. 1 hose hours which he employed ninr.'ar till the hull in iv b separated by ami iraiom process in prep ire it 111 tins m inner, t'lough vvheti tho excellencn of the article is known, it will not In nivon up on this lecmnt. Mr. lle.acntha- 1 nii'l in operation at his 'Three HilK" farm, which reduces corn to various do-1 greesof by being pi-ed llirnugh civ, s ofdiU'erent coii-tructiou, it is hid cither in the shape and size of ".s inip" or hoinmitiy, as is wished. In 1 iiiir throiiL'h the mill, mn-t of .... .. , I tli" liulls are taken oil', and by putting the cru-h- 1 of this meeting bo Ulnn , wateranlstirrini it, before the rook-ssr-Mottandlllau-U , eomtii'Miced, the looo hulls lloit, and upon tins meeting , 1Li,,,i ,.,! vv.. 1 ,.:.! ........ ..c .l ,1... t.nnr,:it!t llilorill lIlOll 1 lOV llUVO lOtl'II .t I ; ... .. .1, in w.v ' , " I mis iinminiiiy, nun uuu u equally a- on , l-i ,., ,l,n tFiin niilif.ii nn. n! llui ., . . .. 1 . . r in iciaut.u - ... .. i-'-.v, I iiiai iiiiueny pa wool growers in tins section 01 tne country. S. II. JIINISON, i'mi'Jent. iho salt. Il is -luted, that potatoes treated with t'uuueiitsucces.s,in storing lusinind ttiihu-c- immoui i, were kept ten mouths in a warm hitch- lul the lime increasing iinuieimdy his eu closet, and when itscJ were found perfectly , resources nt happiness nnd his means of good ; good. 'J vtcie by olheis of the tame age, nnd ill the same cm- . ' ployinent .spent in v irtoai w lys ; such ns tavern lnun- IIo'.imivv. This artiulo is u-u illy prepared nng, indolent loafing, novel reading. cards, billiards, by scalding thn hinle-t ami lliutie-t corn, and l' ',&.. The mnn you know by repuruiou ; he is fa- iltenv.irds pouiiiliiig and hreakiii" it in a"i nuharly called ihe" Learned Blaek-unth" of Worccs Haevev lletx, Secretary. Curing limn. I take it for granted that everyone knows that irniudniL'. oxcentim :iie a clear of hulls. lie so loosened that they ter, Mass.; and is now making the tourof I'.urnpe on .. : t f. . . J I I .1..... I ..I tt iiiiiow nig, it is a slow , , "i .iiii(.i.tij. ''.. u.. nt vs oeicvcrne consents lo lecture. ' Whit others have done in this respect, ynua iii-u in llarhu'jton may do. 1 dj t!: .ay II.ji ml rise to the high eminence of n Franklin, an Alkw right, or a llarntl. II is not a name thai you are to seek Such an object usually defeats it-elf. Seek know I- edge aa souicc of Inppiuess and a means ul useful uess. i no oniy ruies mat ran ne given lor b"gmingn course of telf culture, m to Ivgiu vt here we K li oil ; if there has eter Lcen a lcatiug oil' wilh us The coin luon eleineniary branches he, necessarily, at the foun dation ol any symmetric il structure we may rear. They cannot he neglected with impunity, lie that tvouldsafi-lynnd pleasantly climb the lull of f-cience 1 11 ul ascend Hep by step. The greniest difficulty is tobegiu. The hoise uuiiccu-touied to ihe harness is restive, ami applies his strength reluctantly The mind unused to close application hesitates, h inu-t ulfnsl be goaded to the la-k. Illlbn is p-iiufid. I'ro tlacled eoucelllialioll of Its potters impossible. No thing will overcome llus hesitating, faltering, reluc tance ; and git e loa man the complete mastery over that it is not From ihe National Ilia, A l)i ram ol .viinnicr. Blind as the moiuing breath of June The -outlttte-t lueees p;iy ; And, throiiL'h itslm.e, the winter noon Heems wnnii ns -u:inii's day The suotv.pliiiued Angel of the' North lliisdropped hi jet; Again ihe iiio-y earih looks forth, Again the stream gu-h lorih. Th" fox his lull-side ,t. forsakes, t The niii-l.rat leaves his nook, Tliebbiebudiu ihe uieadotvbrakej lssmglllgwilh the brook, "ll. ar up, oh .Mother Nature !" cry Biid,lneee, a iJ streamlet free, "Our winter voices prophecy Ul'su.umer da v lo thee !" So in lliose winters of the soul, By fuller blasts nnd drear OVr-ttiepfrom uicmor)'s Irozen pole, Will sunny days appear. Bevitiug Hope mid l aith, they show Th soul its lit in ' power, Dud bow benealh the winter's snotv Lie germs ofsuimucr (lowers! The night is .Mother of the f)iy, The VS'inter of ihe ."spring, And eter upon old Decay The greenest Behind the cloud the star-light link", Through shutters ihe lubeamsfall; For llod. whototeih nil his works, III- lelt his Hope, with all! J. G. W. till 1st mouth, 1317. that my motive iniglii be tiuundersooil. But on consulting my pillow, nnd considering that the humanity of the object of Ibis as-einbly is by no latitude nor locality, and nu'dlt to 1. .,.,...... ...:,l. , I. .. 1.. .1.. I.. r I.. t.iilebc-. fir irnt u -il.,b. I'ntbilwrl llnrfilliee , . , ,i,,u iin-Aiui-i V ,,1111 I1HI ill o ii inn in , ii,i, , --. p. .-- . .....w. wound, in the lady s hands, it appeared she... ,, ..n ; i. .., f.,:.i:. .. ,, 1, ..,i l.r nnd ii u o. nt,l .., in , , , , , . . I IL .Lllll'll III lllv lllilt .III Il1s.. ... ..v . , v. b..............., had struggled hard with the .mirderrer, VV'"YJ , Ji-- tleliov fiu.l etiquette should lie wiive I nnd they had only the root directly over them, and ohhdged him to cut the mii'ces before be roi.tu m,,r,.( ;, ;l on,;r. , , i.rnaniinous cIi'tI there ihe wind wbi-tled in, although -traw and di-engagc himself. Tho hell -Iriugs were twi- (n Cot.tpil,u!t-. to tl.e relief of thoMiliiiings vv hieh rags were slulVcd in the I tr-.-0st crevice, ted round tho frame of the tt-ter, so that they . . , reidiim. If I l-hm 1 1 be mi--1 llerlitlle hind- wero ahno-t benumbed with were out of reach, and could not ring. A clap-1 C0lict,jvi,, r mi-repiesented, the experience of n rold; Ah ! a little match might do -nine good, knife was found inthoa-he" almost consumed . , . iri , . ,i . .i !,., ,l..,x)n.o she only draw one out of the bundle. a inarvs oi . . .. , . . :. .!...'.,.. :, , . ,. io mi-conce .nun nun mo hey oi , r,.,. ,,,...,,,.,, ,,. condition ofhfe in which we nny lie placed warm clear name like that ol u little candle, and the an-wer to traduction nnd" calumny, i 1 w hen she held her hand round it; it was a consent:., rectitude and the approbation uf one's1 strange light ! own heart. 1 'J'ho little girl thought she at by a largo iron Mr. l-re-iik-nt If wo were to hear tint large stove with bia-s bill-on the top; the firo burn numbers of the inhabitants of A -i i, or Afiira or, ed so nicely and -.-armed s well ! Nay, what Au-trali i, or the remotest pirt ol'liie globe, were wasthat .' The little girl -tretched out her feet d lily dting with hunger and fitiene no milter ' to warm thorn, too; when the II imo went out, what their color, whit their religion, or what the -love v.iui-Iied he sat with a stump of the their civilization we -liould deeply lam -nt tin ir burnt in itch in her hand. Another was struck, condition, nnd be irre-i-lihly pronipted. if i- it burnt, it shone ; and where the light fell on hie, tomitigite their surf-ring-. But ii i-not the wall it became us transparent a crapo; sho the distre-osnf any such di-tapt regions that 1 inked directly into th- room, where the roasted have summoned ii to-retheron this occasion. go j-e -tuUM with apples and prunes steamed so Tle appilliug and heait-rending di-tre-es of chirnnnglv oitlie time which was laid oat, id mid lii.bmon fur,,, th,. r.h eel of our nre-- an 1 covered witliu sinning white flotli and Imo new filed, and undo remarkably laroo ; and on . i,.,,; mm,.,, i,..i,,i i,i,., luwo inrcelain ervicA. Whit was -till more snleti- trial it was found to open tho street l'""r "u i all the vifi--ilude.s of our national exi-tence did. the gon-e sprung oil' the di-h and waddled iiutechainber. and bulb the doors in I-idy .ti.i; onr frieud, an Hi is ever exb-nJed tnu-.h',r warm- along the flour tt ith knife uud lurk in it hick; zel's chamber. On try ing the bloody nightcap on i e vnl,lt,v,0 Irishmen, who, in every it c imo directly up to the poor girl. Then tho war in which we have been engaged, on every iiiitch went out, and there was only the thick biltle-lield,fiomCiuebeelo.Mont'rey,hato-too'd co'd will to be seen. by ns, shoulder to shoulder, and shared in all tho She struck another match. Then she sat im perils and foilnnes of theconllict. dor the mo-t charming Chri-tmas-lree it was Tho imploring appeal com- to us from the still larger and more orn iniental than that she Iri-h nation, v.ldi'h i -n idetitilieil tt itlinin own had - mmi through the gl.i door at the rich mor as to lie nlmn-t put an 1 pi reel of our bmie of chant'-, the 1 i-t Chri-tma- ; u Ihou-und caudles our bone an I lle-'i of our lles'i. Nor i it any b imt on the green branches; and motley pic ordinary ca-e of hum in mi ry, or a few i-o!.ited fire, like tho-e which ornament the shop win-ei-esoi death liy starvation, tint we aro filled d iw, looked down at her. The little girl lifted ipnti to fon-i.l-r. Fa u'.ue is ,-t liking abroad 11,1 her h md then the in itch was extinguish throughout Irclan I whole town, coittitie el the in my Chri-tma candles ro-e higher counties human being-, of evpryageaud of both and higher ; -he -aw that they wero bright stars .sexes, at Ibis vol v moment are" -tarviiiL', or in one of them fell and in ido a f'orv .-tripe in tho danger of -l.irving lo death for bread. Ofailkv. "Now one dies ' said tho poor girl, for the Tonus of di olutioti of hum in life, tl.e pangs- ill grandmother, who hid alone been kind to ami agony of that which proceed Irom fiiinue her, but who was now dead, had told her that are the in'o-t dreadlnl. If one die lighting gb- . when a .-tar fill, a -mil goe- up to Cod ! riou-ly for his country, he i- cheered in In-e.t-1 Sho again struck a match against tho wall, pirin''inonien:by tliepatiiotic iiiturenf In -ac- it -hone all atonnd, and her old grandmother rilice. Ho know-that his -uniting lelalmu- m the lu-tro, so shining, so mild and bli and friend, while lunenting hi lo., willb. ratified ind honored bv his devotion to hi conn .0 Brun'sheid it wi fjunltolit him exactly, whereupon ho was rominitteed to pri-on. On In- trial it appeared as II tho lady was murdered by some per-on who hid been let in by .c Brun" for th it purpo-c.unil had afterwards lied. It couiu not no none nv iiiiu-eii, iicc.ui-c i no blood was upon his clothe", nor any scratch! on his body, which niu-t have been on the murderer fi'iun the lady's struggling ; but that it was I.e Brun that let him in -eeined very rleir. None of the lock were forced ; and In own torv of finding the street door open, the cir cumstance ol the key and the nightcap, al-o older ol ropes being lound in me iinu-e. which might be siippo-ed to belaid there by 1.0 Brun to take oil the attention Irom himsoll.wcre all interpreted a strong pioofsof u guilt ; and tint he had an accomplice was inferred, hecau-e partol tho cravat lonud in tne tied wis in-covered not to be like hi; but tho iniids depo-ed thev had washed such a cravit lor one Berry, who had been a fintmin to th" lady and wa turned away annul lour iiionins ueioro ior rubbing her. There was al-o found in the loft at the top of tho hoit-e, under some straw, a shirt very bloody, but which was not like the shirt of l.o llruti, nor would it lit him. I," Brun had notion" to nnpo-e to those strong ' ful. oh (irandiuother," exrluimed the little girl, take me with vnu ! I know von will bo try. culn'.or-, bi-toiiins will , gnno away when tho match goe out like the 1 . . . .. i! ': ...... .1.. 11...:... . . 1.1.. Poet-, niiuter record Iii-deed-of valor and perpetuate hi re- warm -tove, the ibdiciou roist goo-o, and tho uowu. If ho die- by the -u Idencxplo-inu ol ike (. hri.-tin i-tree- ! and .-he struck in boiler of n-tenin'io'it, or bv a -torui at ea,d ilh In-te tho whole lemainder of mitche- that was i-quiet and ee.-y,ati,l -non' perform-its mi ion J in the bundle he would net lo-o sight of "Us aro ut'er a . h" -mi;- ne- L'rinuni l ier, nun me in ncne uono wun siicu still and silent. But 1 1 r.llanev that it wi clearer than in broad day slow, lingering and light, tiratidinolher li id never before looked exeruti.iting. From diy l.i day the so pretty, o great; -he lilted Ihe poor lime girt xictini feel hi !le-h dvviiidhne'. his siieecli -ink- up iti in arm, and they flow so high, in cd to put him to the torture, in order to di-coter . ig, hi friend filling around him, and ho final-; p!eui"r and joy, there was no cold, no bun- Ins accomplices, 'l his was done vvtlli such -e- ly expires in hornb! pii'ieiug siiri" circumstance hut a unilormly good character, v i,n. which ho Ind maintained during twenty-inn" . nealli the surlice, uud all i years he had served Ins lady; and that Im was i ., ,al1 i,v turrttm ,.,, generally esteemed a good hii-buiil, a good lath or. and ii good servant. It wa theiofore le-olv Sorr. ICmiLT. A per.-on who is familiar with the miniifarluroof tin article, so much esteem ed by the Dutch and other ieople, who-o ta-to Il ls liei'OUl" ll.l'litll lied In il. In. furnished lis in curing pork the in lin point is to pnl in a great with thn following, in reg ml to its preparation : abundance of good silt. There need be no feir ,s decl sound rabiges which after hiving been of applying too ch. If not required in cu- dive.-tedof iheiroufsiile leaves ; mu-t bo riit line; ring tho meat, it will reiuiin ill tho cask, aid is , place in the button of tho hirrel or tub designed his inetii.ilficulii-s.butsevere.protracted.pervvering as good as ever lo Do applied again, in curing ; t., receive it, u layer of about six inches in thick- UfKirt This power once invaluable beet, salt snnuiu no iiseu more suariugiy. x ne-, spniililing on Imo salt, at tho ratu of about pounds of lino salt, four oiinros of saltpetre, one'u pint to tha hirrel; then piunl it down with a and a quarter pounds of brown sugar, mike n i(c; prepired for tho purpose, and add another ;ood proportion oi ingreuieui.s ior iou p iniiu oi :1yer, aiul poiin I ilowu a lielore, and so on till !eef. In ttveiitv-fourhonrs a picklo that will the vessel i full Put a weight on tho top to bear an egg cnilwie should be applied, I Irving iri..s u de.yti. The c ib'ngu will form liquor heef should rem iii. in the picklo about ten liy. which will cover it. It is lit for u-o in foiiror To ciirohanis thoroughly, so as to hivolhein fuu days, an I will keep through tho winter. It (tullicietttly salt to keep, an I yet not too sail, and ( H pal011 ur ltMtl.J through, and a little- viu to give them tho real Jersey- Il ivor, is a mure ' (,,rar added. delicate operation, and requires a medium. 'I'be followin" receipt is a good one, and m ly bo ,, . , . , , . . . ..,. t'd n for u. kirn' a fiM rate lam. Tu b ) DnA.xiNei -Imperfect .,n; ..rdra,,n..g is vr- y nuiid " i am, tako" I ounces of brown sugar. 3 ?''"', . ' " I Iill-ronlil. ne t ' pounds oi iiaiu, , . r.. .,- 'gives the following L'ond rub: II vyater stands Ulllll-IBIII ....... v , ---- , , vcruoanc c I , ,!v ihe nlhorou-Thly. rub tlie haun1"'' Iho surf ico ol a liol l Ihreo liours aner r.u.iiias we lull o ve r nor cularlv on tlio flesh side, and i. ' ' ..U.c.omiy v ,1 ,. n , i oards for 30 or 18 hours, then pack tho cultivation of grams. .. .1 I, .r.U f.irMfi l'A ' lllTlll if Ii miuni - - . them in c isks, adding two qu irts ol lino su i to every 80 pound of bam. In f.Ueen or eigh ecu day they miy be hung up to Bi.ioke.-.r-m'er's Cabinet. Life to tho vnutiir. is a fiirv talo iut opened to tho old, it is a talo jut through, ending with deatli. Labor, intellectual cllbrt, one paiulul, becomes in. tensely pleasurable. "Books-are iudi-petisible auxiliaries lo self improve ment. Through them we commune with the choicest spirits oi mi p-i-i nine. Lircuinnuces may From Chamber's Fdlnburg Miscellany. of C'ircuiiistuiititil litldence. LAUV ji.vzr.i.. In the year 1CS9 there lived in Paris a wo man of fashion, called l.idy .Mazel. 1 Ior houe wa capacioii-, ami four stories high ; on the ground floor was a servant!' hall, in which was i grand staircase, and a clipboard where the pl.ito wns locked up, of which one of tho cham bermaids kept the key. In a small room par titioned oil' from tho hall slept Ihe valet-de-cham-lire, n line was ,c Brun : tho rest of this floor con-isied of appirlments in which tho la dy saw company, which was very fiequent and numcrou-, a sho kept public nights for play. In thn floor up one pair of stairs was the i ids', own clumber, which was in front of the house, and wis the inneruio-t of Ihreo room from the grand stiircao. Tho key of this clumber was usually taken out oftho'door and laid on a cli lir by the servant who was lat wilh ho 1 uly, and who, pulling tho door after her, it shut with a spring, so tint it could not be opened from without. In this chamber, al-o, were two doors ; one coinmunicaliiig with a back staircase, the other with a wardrobe, vt Inch opened to the back stairs also. On the second floor slept tho Abbo Poulard, in tho only room lliat was fiirtiilied on that lloor. On the third story wore two chambers, which elude us from much intercourse will, living ine.i of contaiiieil two cnamiier.i aiu ami mo loot ixiys; cultitated minds, high attainments, and illustrious 1 '" " y books these ,u""."'" I name; but "to ihe making of many is' no end ;" and so cheap nre now the best books, that none need be excluded from communion through their wolks, wilh ihe liunoad d-ad, vtho-e bociety, when living, vtai courted by ihe rich and ereai. Associations like tours, bring within ihe nd granaries, 1 he cook lept below in a place vthcro I ho wood was kept, an old woman in tho kitchen, and the coachman in the stable. O.i tho "Tib of Nov ember, being Sunday, the two d lughtcrs of l,o Brun, tho valet who' were eminent milliners, waited on the lady, and reach of all, labored and interesting ptoduciionsot j wrr0 kindly received ; but as she was going to minds, the greatest and the best. (Lithe sheltcs of j church to afternoon service, sho pressed them tour own library nre reting books.iu the useof wliich to come iitiain. when -bo could have more ol you nny line uuiuierrup ed intercourse wilh spirits, their coinpiny, I Brun attended his lady to the puicst and lofties, wilh scholars, the acutcat, ripest, church, and then went to auotiier Himself ; al- exinres in horiiii e :m'oiiv. verity, on I-ebruary i.i, Hi'.w, that he men me Behold the wretched Iri-h mother with Ing- week alter of the injuries l.o received, declaring j-urd (,l;s nnd streaming eye her fimished Iii innocence with his dying breath. children fliiigingto her tattered garments, nnd About a month afler, untice w.i.ent from tho gtzing piteou-ly ill her face, begging for food ! provo-t of Sen that a dealer In hor-cs hid lately And -ee the di-'tncted husliind-lalher, with pal- et up there by the name of John (iarlet, but hi lid cheek, standing by. horror and de-pair do- true n line wu found to bo Berry, nil I that he had picted in Iii fount-uiiiice tortured vvitli the if- been a footmin in Paris. In co"iiequencoofthis ll-ction that he can allbrd no succor or relief to he was tiken im, and the su-picion of his guilt tho de.ire.-t olnei't of hi heart, about lo ! was increa-ed by Iii attempting to bribe the ofii- -pitched forever fiom him by thu mo-t cruel of cer. On searching linn i goldwateli wa lound all death. which proved to be l. idy .Mazel'. Being brot'1 Tin is Wo fancy picluie; lint, if vvc nre to tu Paris, a per-on swore to-eeing him go out of ciedn tho terrible accounts which reach ii- fiom ImW .Mazel s tho night she was murdered, and a th it theatre of nil-cry and wretehodnes, i one b.irlier swore tosh ivinuhiin next moiuing, when, f. .iK- oeciirrenco. 'Indeed, no imagination c m nil oh-emng tho hands of his customer tolm conceive no tongue oNpn no petieil piint very much scratched, Berry said ho had been tho horrors of tho scene v. inch are tneir iiant killing a cat. exhibited. Ireland, m iep"ct to loci. I oilier- On these circumstances he wa condemned to imtly situated from all the coitnlrios of the world. tho torture, and afterwards to lie broken ulivo on 1 A-ia lusher abiindint -up!y ot nee; Alric.i. the wheel. On being tortured, ho coule-cd her dates, yams and nee; i.urop-, nor oreau in tint, by the direction and order of M id line do wheat, rvo" and o it; Aim rie.i.ndniibio re-inrcc Smimeiu (Lidy .Mazel's daughter,) lie and Le in iho sni ill grains, and a I lihng and abiin ltriii h id undertaken lo rob and murder Lidy d nit supply ol'lndi ill com that great support. ! .M.izel.and that Lo Brun murdered lier wliilt ho ofnnimil life, for which we are not h ilfgr m lul stood at tho door to prevent siirpne, In the enough loa h mntifnl and merciful I'rovidinee truth ol'this declaration he persisted till lie wa But the staple food of tlm larg" iartso p,or Ire brought to theplicoofexecution, when, lagging land i the itatoe, and when it f ii!.s, piiu-bi'-g to speak with onu of the judge, ha recanted want and f imine follow. It i ain.mgllioin-cru-whit lie hid said agiin-t Le Brun an I .Mad imo tab'o dispensations ol Providence, that tho crop de Snonieie. and confessed "lint ho came to h is b 'en blighted the two 1 it vear ; nnd hence Paris on the Wedned iv lmfore tho murder was the privation id too 1, and this a;iioal to tho -t m rouimitled. O.i tlie Friday evening ho went in- pithy of American heart, tn the house, and, uuperfeived, got into one ofl Slnll it bom v.tiu 1 Shall starving Ireland tlio lofts, where ho lay nil .Sunday morning, sub-1 tho young uml tho old living ivuineu and f hil slstingou apples and broad which ho h id in his , dren ,tri.tch nut their liand-to lis for bread, um pockels; that about eleven o'clock imSimdiy find no relief; Wnl not this great city, tl.e morning, when lie know Iho lady had gone to world's store-hou-o of an e.hati-lles supply ol in iss, ho stole ilowu to her chamber, and tho all kinds of foul, homo to its overflew ing ware door being open, he tried to get under her bed ; liou-oby Iho Father of Water, act on thi oc but it being too low, ho relumed to tho lofl, pill- cu-iun in a manner w orthy ol its high de-tiny, lee oil' liiscoat niid vvaitco:it, and returned to and obey .tlio noble impulses of the genoroii tho clumber a second time in his shirt ; ho then hearts o'fil' blessed inhabitants ? Wo are com got under tho bed, where ho continued till the tn I'lded. by the common Sat io-ir of Ireland and afternoon, when Lidy Mazel went to church; of u,lo love ono another a our-elvcs; an! on thai, Knowing sue would not come pick soon, ne 1 mis, t igetner tv itii ono ingiior oniig.iuoi my eer. no anxuty thev wero with (Jod. But the litile girl sat in tho corner by the hou-e, in tho rnld morning hour, wilh rod cheeks, and with a smile round her mouth dead frozen to death, Ihe but evening of tho old year. New year's, morning rose over the little core as it sat with the m items, of which a bundle wi- burnt. She bad been trying to waim her self, said they ! Hut no rile knew vv hat beanti fid liiiuy-s'ij lia.l seen in what splendor and gl.idno." she bad emend with her old grand uiotlicr into New year'- Joys. It'll hi hiding place, and bein ' iiicoiumo led with Ids hat, ho threw it under tho bed, and undo a canofa n ipkin which lay on a chair, secured all the law and nronhets of our holv religion We know, that of.ill the forms of h'liininity and benetolenee. none is mnre acceptable, 111 liu nn,i most iimfouud Iter which he vv entto play ut uotvls, us was cus- into tho court-yard, when ho again got under tho 1 tudo to 1 Inn, by a liberal communion hmuv" uuu iiiws I . ... 1 . J I f i I , . , f j . i . . - I . 11 ,:er t -...v:: !:..!. .1.11.1 mn " Why ihen should you repine I Why sink down toniary ai inai time, aim uuu iiio oownug. ia, ana renmnru uiere, um uiuy .tiazei nav- uui m in siiiienug ui-u the iiell-strings, and then sat down by the lire, sight of (iod, than tlio practice of clurity. I1 wlicro Iiecontiiiucu till ho heard her coacn drive in demonstrate our low, our uuiy aim um k""' A .Mililnry Kclic. Mr. Thorpe, the editor of tho Tiiton Ilogiia Conservator, whoha been a viiter to tlio battle fields nf the llio (ir.uide, rei.Ues that among tha cnuimi-sion with which ho was charged was ono of a lemirkableand interesting character. It was to present tnlieneral Tujlor a snh which hid oiicelHdougeil to ( Bruddock. and was worn bv him on the d iv of his incinurublc defeat nd death. It hi l roino into tlio xve-ion of Me r. Utile and (loodrich.of New WI- by them fonlid.'d to (iencral (i iine, vvitli .1 request th it he would Im-tnvv it on any ierm o igiged in the Mexican war whom be thought in )-t worthy to ref civ e sitfh a gilt; in rompli luco wit i wh c'i request lien. (Saines sent it lo (1 -neril Tujlor. .Mr. Tiiorp.' -ay tho Fiisli is unusually I irge, iU dim mi-iuiis when extended being equal to t io-e of an or.bniry haunnoek; and this was accounted for bt (i-t- Wmlh.who was pre-ent at tl.e do iverv ol tho gilt, saying lb it in am-lent tune ill! tiis'h vv:isu-,d u- a blanket to bear aw iv the ovv tier, if wounded, fiom the Held. Tin sash i made of red silk, and has wrought in its meshes tl.e lijjuic ol the dale at which it wa m tde. 17J7. Mr Tlmrpc s.iv s that iinttt ill. standing it ago is 1 10 years, it co or ami tcx tiiio Imo mum the least deteriorated but tha It Ins, , some places, tho d irk si .in of bljKH I flowing from the wound of vv Inch I; died. (iencral Taylor at first rol'ii-ed to accept tho I'ifl savin" that warriors should nut receive "reenU until tlio end of tlio campaign lieforo their work is all dene but finally, at the urgent instance of all present , be agreed to receives it conditionally, to bo ackuovv lodged or returned at the end of his service in tlie war. A. 1 . Com. Adv.

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