Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 5, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 5, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 5. 1847. pivc some assurance to Mexico, tint von want tmncof her territory demand of her n fulfilment of her foitucr treaty obligations a recognition and provision lor the Uncharge of her Indebtedness to our citizens. Indi cate a line of boundary, not along the Hio G ramie, nor nloijlha Nii;cc5,lutnj.i;i th coiiine pointed out by the honorable chairman ol the Committee on foreign Allairs, (Mr. C. .1. Ingcrsoll,) on n former occasion, when he slid: " The stupendous deserts betieeen the piueces and the Rio Gi antic rivers are theitutural boundaries between the Anglo-Saxon and the Man ritnman races. Thereenth the Valley of the West. There. Mexico beams. While peace is cherished, that bounlaryuillbe tiered. A of till the spit it of conquest ragctftcill the people on either side molest or mix tcitheach other." 1) this i be just to your selves nnd to Mexico j nnd I have little doubt that peace will be restored, nnd the national honor saved trom reproach. Hut, unhappily, and doubtless much sooner linn the honorable chairman, nt the time he uttered this language, anticipated, the spirit of "con quest now rages," and opens before us, in reference to the termination of the war.only a dark and uncertain future, the end whereof no man can foresee. The "still s.nali voice" of reason and hummity Isnhnostunheed cd and unheard nmidit the clangor of arms. The blessings of peace may be restored to our country, when, and not till when, the spirit ol conquest sha'll cease to rule the hour, nnd shall be abandoned i and when the demoniac idea of vindicating or precring the nations! honor, by committingnnilunal robbery up on a feeble neighboring sister Uepublic, shall be lorev erdiscarded. Mr. Chairman, my opposition to taking nny territo ry from Mexico arises, not more from the consideration of its injustice to her, than because I believe it would proven curse and not a blcs3ing to our own country. And thi, afierall, is the paramount and all-impoilaut consideration growing out of the whole question of the Mexican war. However jut you may claim the war with her to be, and however jnt lint in nny peaceful nrraugament she shoul I indemnify us for its expenses, in whole or in part, It would be infinitely better for us to yield it all, than to receive as an indemnilv that xv Inch in reality would prove tube a bane lo us. 'What iJiotie madness, then, is it to wane n war for the mn. quest ol possessions which, if granted to us peacefully and gratuitously would forever lest upon the heart of tlits nation like the incubus of demh. Tlie fie mil.! linn of territory from Mexico, upon whatever terms, of pence nroi war, would lorevcr oc a soutcc ol toiuoii turn and strife with us, if not, sooner or hler, fatal lo the integrity of the Union itself. This Ilnll has nl ready witnessed the lorebodmgs of those oils, which ore sure to come of the ncccssion of new territory, in the excited discussion nnd wrangling which lnsarien in relation to the division of the expected acquisitions. You are despoiling a neighboring republic ol its pos fssions.aiuyet, belbru the priie is in your grasp, while you are yet in hot pursuit, ami paining in the chis, you are warring among yourselves about the ul timate condition upon which jour anticipated con quests shall be incorporated into tins Guv eminent, mid the pledgeu.ioa either side is noihiug less than a dis soluiion of the Union. You arc rushing headlong nnd blm.ll ikbd upon appalling dangers, before which the stout li"irt sinks, and bravejn-n turn pale. You nre rekindling the slumbering fires ol n olcano, which, whncter they shall bur.-t forth, will consume all the plain JIeaen (brefeiid, that the happiness nnd the hopes of twenty millionsof Irccmen shall be made the sport nnd llie Kierilice of a miserable ambition for tcr ritoiial aggrandizement. The only guaranty ol our safety and salvation is, to keep the ship of state fioni the rock upon width our unskillfu' pilots nie fast driving it. Take no territory Irom .Mexico, cither by treaty or by conquest, and you will have no strile about the condi tions of its annexation. Sir, I am opposed to taking one foot of territory from Mexico, either by force or by consent: or upon nny con htion, whether bonder free, with slavery orwith out silvery. And let me warn thepeoplcoi the North not to deceive themselves, nor be deceived, with the idea that tic territory we may acquire Irom .Mexico will remain freeterritoiy. And let me tell them, in nil frankness, that, let attach what conditions we may to its acquisition, incorporate into these preliminary nets ns many "Wihnot provisoes" ns we please, they xv.U be otii'i practical in lil in the en 1, an I will not be legarded ortreatedas of any binding obligation upon future legislativcor tieaty action upon the sulnect. Ami let me tell them, furthermore, that, Willi the Texas let son befuie them, the only guarantee upon which they can rely against the indefinite extension of slave terri tory is to take none nt all. Tins new nnd slmnge horror of the extension of slavery, which lias fo sud denly come over a certain portion of the northern De mocracy upon this floor, is, to say the least of it, in sin Rular contrast witli their recent action upon the Texas question. I hope this new born zeal, which they ex lubii of late, may prove to be the fruit of sincere lepen tancc; that it may prove to be the result ol pti iciple rather than pjliticalcalculutiou of ineie party advan tage. Hal they will pardon us il we are n little doubt ful of their sincerity, while their bauds are yet unwash ed of (he foulness of their Texas voies. "Timeo Dinaos, ct dona f 'rentes." Mr. Chairman there nre other nnd formidable grounds of on to this spirit ol national ag-ran Itzement by territorial extension. Suppose that .Mexico were to yirui u-r reluctant assent 10 oar possession o all the country of winch you now claim III- military occupa tion With ill - territory you must take its mixed nnd fini-birharrin population a distinct and dissimilar race of people .it different habits, and of dilf-ient lau gingebom us, nnd feeling no interests in common with us, and having no sympathies witli us but to hate us. You could hold authority over such a people on ly by the same lorce with which you conquered them. Ojedicnce to your laws an I respect for your magis trates must be enforced at the point of the sword .Standing armies must be stationed mnl kept around their borders, to keep m subjection thse seaitered ami turbule it peopcj, unused to tlie restraints ol law. Willi the civil and military government ol these new prov inces comes a vast extension of the already over-Town power ol Lxecutivc patronage n power w Inch already ouershadowsall llie other departments of your Govern ment a power which, xviih the commaii.1 of armies nod navies, has, in more than one instance in the his tory ot rcpuuncs, iiecn made the passpurt of bold and uiu men u, nop'-rim uesponsni. What political right habilantsol these new provinces, suited and nppropri . I ironri- " " i uiiuiih.ui, null uicir 1HW ,. ,-.. ! lion to our Government I Unite ,,nlv iin ..i 1 not to enlarge upon, suggiMuMs like these They are finught, nexeitheless, with lenilul import, nnJ address themselves with irresistible lorce to the seriousand earnest retl-clion of nil AuiTican siates- n,eO find n:itri(itS. Look lit lllHiihieel n. ,f. ....... I. presents lo our solemn consideration innumerable' if not lusunnouniauic, uuii.-uun's. Mr. Foot thus concludes his excellent speech: Mr. Chairman, I do not underestimate llie skill and nroxvess of American nnns. Inm nut undcriatin" ibe strengili and power ol this notion. Although we may be omnipotent for sel-defeuce, we yet may not be strong enough lo subjugate a foreign, through n be a tccblcr nation. We may conquer ami subjugate Mex ico ; but instead of its being n six-months' holiday ex ercise, as sonic facemed to luncy it in the rnu't be the long nnd blooJy xvoik of jcars, nnJ at an incalculable waste of treasure and of life. The con current testimony ol nil whoure best acquainted xith the physical und geographical cliaiacterauj lonnitiou of Mexico, renrcsenl it us a country, ntoueeino-t cny to defend, nnd most dillieult to conquer, ltisdefeiid el from the nppioach of an enemy, on the whole hue of its eastern border, by a periodical pestilence " more terrible than nil nimywiih banners," which sweeps over it with fearful fatality one-half of the jear. It is defended by loll!" lines ol mountain barriers and desert plains, impassable for armies. Its capital is accessible only through mountain passes and deep defiles, whro an hundred men can resist a thousand. A population of eight millions of inhabitants, surrounded by nil inesenaiuraio -,u.- u.,,,. .,, ji iib. uneni.unveii i" orei ci o.-ui in .u-rcii,-.; j,uiiimoie nattalion, xvas u cd close to the r ol their altars and their iresides, .,, defence of the guard ; being first shot and Ihen lanced in the lma "i grnvos of their fathers, and ol their very existence ns a At per month there nrent leaM 1W MeSni nation, may he conriered ; Imt that conquest must ;J working;,,, the louifi.aiioi here, and fiom ihe'ina -most deaily bought, und mo-t dearly inainiained. It . ner m winch they nre being con,trucled. one wo ild inusibe n conquest unto death. Who shall count us think that they had not llie Casi Intention of cicr sur' millions ol cost 1 Yx ho shall measure its rivets ul blood rendering the place ngain. ond its rivers of tears I And when you shall have Tamcico, Mexico, Jan TOth 1317 Rained it, tell me. e who glory in the deeds ol wnr, 1 csterday was quite u busy ,..,.. m Tampieo, and tell me what it will be xvoilht When you shall havo ' ex cry thing in the military line wore an nclue ni'pea nonquered Mexico, il that lime hlnll ever be, what ranee. Ile-tdes the numeious wii"ons tliat weie mov xvill you do witli it j or how will you govern it ! f low lng to and Iro about the lornge and Commissary De- will you hold in submission toyournuinoriiy.ncriierce nnd untutored people, exasperated nnd leveng. hi in llie remembrance of pal detents nn.l piesenl huuu.ia - lion I Ipiitittothcndvoentesolthisxvarolconqui-t to answer these qieauons belore (.udand their couu- And now let me nsk, Mr. Chairman.wlnt becomes was 01, the Plaza. w'henihe head ol PillowW of our own country 111 the inean lime this noble pa-1 liinni x ere passingly il, nnd 1 do not believe mv mix,i'...,ra v,d.Ie!i we. inherited from our fathsrs f 1 iele to pr.k, tl... , V . ' ' (iiiiiui. v. ,'".",:-"'-':-"-- -, , , , r eign connucts. 1 lie you. 5. "., ' ; nope 01 u.e Lo iiiuj, 1.1s " ..s. ........ .... . ...... ... and tlie workshop", am! Irom the niultn.lioiJ noca nnu ine w r vsuops, oni , fiu inns nfr v lie In in euro ed 111 our nrillles of IllV'n. toon, and i.ianyf lliein to lay down their lives upon a ,i.ir1K ,. v-s..,i ... order of the day. The finances of the Government must be broken down, the country cast in bankrupt, v. nnd public credit nnd public, confidence destroyed The claiuisofprivnte justice ore denied, und tii.m-.iuJs of our feliovv-cilizens, who nre culling upon tlie Gov ernment for lb." payment of their just and long-d ) ayeil demands, y et call in vain, and nre turned iiwayupon the plea ofan empty treasury. The navigable waters of our mighty nvers.nnd the harhorsot our ocean lL-..a nr.. in be lelt uiiimi.rovcd. nil. I nronerlv nnd hie upon mem cu jiwet-uir, uosik iiu u. ,..i r,. m. I in ihe ronnuestof foreign lands, nnd other upon them left insecure, because nil our lueaiisare e .11 ......... ... . - , - . - ... ,,ur inerchaiu ships converted into men of war. The people are lo be led aside from the nvqcations nn.l in. '.....V,;.r,..r,.l..!lnnd social I.I. tn lean, ll.e ,,. r.e war and bloodshed -.and the integrity of Ihe Union i, to b put in peril before the fell spirit tint lustcth after doin.n.oii nnd connuesl. 1 he country halts in its c. Jts vasl ond varied inleresis nre neglected.oyerlooked, when I estimated thetime of iheirinssmni iiii hour i , ',,tltu' ' " ltnv. A. Finxuxo, at almost forgotlen in the hot pursuit of war. llsresour- n half The 'I'en.iessee ,-nvnlry were in from, iiuin- UeV' J' k-' School-room. Vht-l Lec ccs nre to be exhausted and drained to Iheir very, regs' beringover7W men, and Ihey seemed lo stietch out t,lr0 "'i" evening (I J.2 o'clock Second on a heavy an Jaccu.nuatinz national d.b to bee,, milTd o the length of two mil. a , the,, the two reguneii L of , Wednesday Hve APircl lOfli upon it, nnd the millions, who earn heirdaily bread infantry from Ihe same State, and in llie rear ," , , ' ' MrC" 1U1"' by their daily toil, must be taxed to their utmost endu-, Keguuent of Illinois Volunteers. The place K-lccte " " ranee, to Funnly the" unews' of foreign warn nnd for- for ih encampment ol ihisdin.ion is nl.,,,,, 1 And nre . 1...1.1 i.i.i " . . recr of prosperity " to look on blood and carnage." Daiknud f'arful ns It the prospect befoie us In the pro longed duration of this xvur, it is only aggravated nnd made more rex oiling by the reflection, that we might be saved from nil tins national dishonor, nnd from nil these threatened calamities, by one just nnd righteous net on the part of those who, by the judgment of Pro vidence upon our beloved country, nre permitted to bold its honor in their hands. From the N. Y, Tribune. Highly Important from Mexico. Detachment nf Kentucky Cavalry taken Priso ners C. M. Clay nndiUnj. Gutties Captured Capture of Lieut. Hitchiontid Ins Dragoons Confirmed Loss of Gen. bcult's Dispatches Our Whole Plan of Operations Kxposed to the L'ncmy Cruel Death of Lieut. Kitchic Lieut. Miller .Murdered .Movements of Gen. Scott Volunteers of the Omliaka Sickness of the Mississippi Vovuiiteers Death of Liettt. Gibson Santa Anna not Assassinated Capture of Chihuahua 100 Mexicans Kil led. Wasiiivrton-, Feb. 25, 1817. By arrivals at New-Orleans wo have Tcinpico dates to the Sth inst. lirazos to the Glh Inst, Ma tatnoras to the Atli, Camarpo nnd Vera Cruz dates to the 2d inst. the city of Mexico to the 29th ultimo. A detachment compoml of ciphty Kentucky and Arkansas cavalry wis cut oil' when thirty miles beyond Sallillo, by Gen. Minon. They formed an outpost, ami xvoie surprised and taken prisoners without resistance. Maj. Borland, C. M. day mid Maj. Gaines were captured. The capture of Lieut. Kilcliicnnd 10 dragoons, with dispalcl.05 from Gel-. Scott to Gen. Taylor, is confirmed. Ono account says they were cut ofl'bctvvcru Monterey and Victoria, nnd were all killed. Thedispalclies are said toluvu contain ed the whole plan of our operations. Another account says that ten dragoons had reached Vic toria, in safety, but there is no doubt of the death of Lieut. Kitchic. Young Ritchie, xvas lassoed and dragged across n corn field. An ollicerof Iho Ohio Kegiment, supposed to b? Lieut. .Miller, his Inen murdered near Chi huahua, and awfully mutilated by the Mexicans. (Jen. Scott was to immediately on his destination to Lobos. u distance of 7.rinilcs from Vera Cruz. The attack on Vera Cruz, it xvas supposed, would tuko pl.ico about the first of March. Col. Harney xvas sentenced to bo reprimanded, but Gen. Scott remitted his sentetico and ordered him on duty. News in recrnrd to the x-nlnntrersnn hnnr.lthn Ondiaka is less favorable than xvas expected. A ueiacnmcm scnilouicir assistance, is said to have been made prisoner?, and all the Volunteers ofCapt. Magruder's forces had started for the wreck, and tho whole brigade were said lo haxo followed. Tho main badv of the volunteers who were xvtccked, bad e.crtiiiily not reached Taut- pico ;anu at last accounts Irom them, were en gaged in conflict with a body of Mexicans, far superior in numbers and cpiipmcnts. The V. S. ships Statesman, Prentice and Ca tharine, were ofl'lho at Tamp'ico on the Dili inst. filled with troops. The Mississippi Volun teers were on board of tho Statesman, suffering terribly by sicklies?, and dying daily in great numbers. Tho New-Yorkers on beard of the Catharine were in good health. About 7,000 troops xverc at Tamj ico, of regular!, an 1 volunteers. Lieut. Gibson, of the second artillery, died on the Gth of fexcr, Tho rumored assassination of Santa Anna turns out In bo unfounded, so also does his nctlio opposition to secure the Church nrnpcrtv, though 1 he daily appears to boa dead letter. " lml ac-1 counts state tint he had kit for Tula at tho head of tho in tin In Iv of forces. Gen. La Vega had been appointed to command Veia Cruz. The Congress of the Slate of Vera Cruz bad called on its people to rcsi-t stall ha zards any invasion of tho Americans. The C ingress of the Shta of Sin Luis passed a decree a iill.iirizing the Governor to negotiate a loan in forty-eight horn by force or xolunta- 'ihcro are some further accounts of the cap ture of Chihuahua. The .Mexicans admit that oxer ono hundred of their numbers were killed. Another account mentions that the action took place in tho Immediate vicinity of Kl Passu Del Norte, in which our troops were entirely suc cessful. This is the Mexican report, and it states that the Americans were in possession of LI Passu with 000 cavalry and 400 infintry, on the 27th lilt. Tho loss on each Mo is not sta ted. The Vera Cruz Indicadornf the "1st ultimo says Gen. Savage meditates an attack. on Tam pico, and xet ll.c .Mexican troons arn oil room. tented to be in a deplorable situation. The same paper contains a communication from Santa a. .i.i . i.t ... . . "iiini, iieciaring mai aitiiougli no lias enliiely renounced tho Presidency, ho will oppose with all his strength, any attempt to disturb tho peace able btate of things in any State in tho Uepub lic. The latest from the Volunteers of Iho Ondiaka is that Gen. Cos ariived oll'tho xvrcck w ith 1000 troops fioni Tiispan Tinigu.i, niinmoncd Do hussy tt, surrender, xvhich was refused. An engagement took nlace. lasting till io,,vWk at night- result unknown, and Cos had stationed advance cavalry and infantry to prevent rein forcement. Pillow's brigade has been sent by Patteroon to their relief. 1'ItO.U TJIIJAH.UY. Correspondence of the New Orleans Delta. n 11 . 1 , . Tasii'ico, as, I S IT. l..ntr .was assassmaied nt Villa (iraude, bv a Mexi- comiJ,,!1 r"r"" v'n.' ,v'"ia. fscoite.l by a compa. y o Kentucky Cuxalry. lien. Tvor en camped there lor tl.e.ugh,,,,dhe 1.,'ut. w,,s snt," l , ,M '"' "w" " ''T'1," '"Piqued. The morn- i,.7, 1 , 1 "'feoieii me ntealde. but I haxc not . ' i ie perpeiratorol the outrage had division tinted to mcye.ter.lay, that the Mexic valry were in biirbt 1,1' tin Til itr .1..... I.. oitii lOvl-ll. WIICOl t in 11 iceisr.l r:,. II..... icauca- i la''e.'1 beiooii'i:':!:' xYrui !" oi i o e, uiu xveic imi ed Uy thcin. One.n member o The prtnieiits, the. hundreds ol Mexicnu curls that were 1 Inu ingthe public stores Irom llie whurxes, the ditisiou ' , oft, en. Pillow Inoxed through the tow 11,011 their new i encaiiqiincm, tilings toclher it was' withgunt diiricuhy thai .ither n Horseman orVdea. I .I mi-, 11 nie 10 exaggerate. s I Irom the town, on the edL.e ol . ,LV , .1 1 irom me lovvn, on the edge ol a hike, und near ton i.,..-,,-,,uus niuie nouse, vvliicli call be seen fiom nil lsinsoi iiieiown, lien, tju iman hnsn so moved 111 , III ,.,,UU'.. ... , , . . . V' ." 1 . n mile in the rear ol ( ienV Tw iggs. ,.r-iia,ioiueiaicr news roiiitie c lynfAIexico brought by land. The nevvsof ihe gieat lialit of Co' IXlav.XVII llhu rnilelierns in tl.n .....j .. s.'....... bad been ,.I..T V ... Tl '"" l..'., " .V"""' U "aJ I i ... . ..s..,u., uiu v,iiuiuocr 01 iiepuues nail 1 been convened ,1 extra session to uceive iht report of he couiier. lherei wvui 011 to mte lhati, vahnnt citizens ol the great Ilcpul l.eof Mes ico, seeing 151) or VUU Ameiicans go through llie nns, immediately resolved tint they should never Muni from their during adventure, nnd or ihis reason, is seiiibleil themselves 111 ihe narrovvesr nan of the ,fe. Ue,niiu xv lien Ihe r enitnizas were relrucin" the sieos m..n ,1 1 :n 1 . ' 1 , 1 '""S'ug ine sieps, . .......... .un .mm. r.uieu il iiinnier..i...i Tin . ssfi'liilgall tho";, , U o' ho'en, anl td hey no I made Such unod ilm,. , ,,. . .'. .11' X . . . ." " .' ...ii ... nc pas-srs. A X o . ol Z "n( Z x S,"w "'Hl.eros.and Ibe- Tj.-re are riunors,e?e that Gen. Taylor's re.rcuard bad (wen ar Linare.. , d iht h. h.5 l"t n numberor wagons and mules, hull will not believe tt unlit I hear something mole. lligelow-, the llcef contractor, xxhoxvns Bhotbytlie Mexicans n day or two since, has been brought into Tnmpico, nnd will get xvcll without n lecoit to iimpu tation. 1 learned last night, tint an Illinois volunteer was killed on tin first day's much of IJ iitmaii's divi sion, this side of Chicoy, lie had lagged behind the rear guard, an I n parly of liners ni'licd upon hiiii, shot and lanced him, lie xxns found riming the day, nnd nt night his company returned and buried hint. Gen. Worth, Willi the 8th nnd !)th infantry, has been some time on llie load to this plnce, nnd may be looked for here in n very shoit time. When heariives, all thengular force, as Scott desired, will be oil the sen board. TtrSDAY Fell. 23 Senate. Mr. Corxvin of Ohio offered a resolution to refund to the seveial Slates such sums ns they may have ndviinccd lor the purpose of cipiipiiiug the volunteers for the .Mexican war. The bill providing for the appointment of the field ofliccrsforlhe new ten regiments was passed to be en grossed. The bill providing for the establishment of mail routes in Oregon was passed, ThcTliice. Million Dill was taken up, ami Mr. Lvansol .Maine made a strung speech against the fur ther prosecution of the war. The&'iiate xvent into Executive session, nnd aflcr xvarils ndourned. The Jlanic took up the " Morris Corruption Charge," (alluded toby .Mr. .McClernard,) nnd con-i-derable discussion nuiicd. Mr. Hum of Michigan (not Collamer) is charged xxith corruption. Finally .Mr. Morns suid lie did not intend ma king smcli cliargo, ami Ihc maltcr xvas dropped. We cannot mideivtnnd tl.o above until the arrival of the mails i-liall Inform tis what xv.ts the nature of the charges. J lie Army Appropriation Hill xvas taken tip i Committee of the Whole. Mr. .Morris defen- ded tho pio-ecution of the war. Mr. Carroll denounced the couise of the President, and xvas followed by Mr. Dromgoolo in his ibfcucc. Several Senate bills xvcro read twice and re ferred. The House agreed that 10 o'clock, A. M., should be Iho meeting hereafter, and ad journed. TnUKMiAX-, Fr.n. 21. Senile. Air. Critten den gax-o notice that he should offer a llill for the ltelief of Ireland. The Three Million Rill xvas then taken up, and Mr. llentou spoke upon it. The Senate x-as crowded. Mr. Calhoun leplied xvith much saverity to .Mr. llentou, and that gentleman re joined. The Committee on Commerce reported the Uiver and Harbor Hill, ns it came from the House, xvithoiit amendments. Mr. Dix presented a petition akiii" that a public chip might bo furnished to carrvgraiii to Ireland. The iiitw adopted the resolution for tho pur chase of copiesof Distnrnells Map of Mexico. The I louse went into Committee of the Whole on the bill making additional post roads in the tcriitories, xvhich xx as reported and passed ; a:, was the hill extending the franking privilege of pos'ma-tcrs. 0 The House refused to suspend the rules to permit Mr. Charles J. lngersoll to introduce a resolution proxiding that the U. S. ship Penn sylvania, and other United States vessels not employed, should he sent to Ireland, for tho nur-po-e ofearrjing grain. Tho F.migr.uit bill passed. TiR-nsUAY, Fen. "5, Snial-. The Naval Cominitteo reporlcd a joint resolution, placing the U. S. fiigate Macedonian at the disposal of Capt. DeKay, for the transjiortation of contribu tions for the iclief of Ireland. The civil and diplomatic appropriation bill xvas taken up, and an amendment was adonted im propriating 850,000 for sending a Commissioner ' -Mexico, in the event of peace bein The Three Million Hill then en declared. C hit, tin 1 n.l Mr. J)avis spoko upon itat length. Mr. Cal htinn replied, and the bill was then laid over without a question being taken. The House wont into Committee of tho Wholo and took up the bills making appropriations for the service of the PostO.lico Department. An amendment xvas adopted to the Post office appropriation bill, by a vote of 77 to ! I, giving to the several Po-tmasters the right ofselecliii'" the newspaper--, in xvhich the lists of letters re maining in their olliees s-lull bo ad.-citiscil. Fuiu.xv, Fr.n. 2(i, Ntnatc Mr. Crittenden introduced a bill approm-iatiny five hundred tho... s.iuii Hollars to no e.vnen. ed 111 nrovisimw. under the direction of tho President, and in transport ing the same to the famishing poor of Ireland and Scotland, in a national vessel. Mr. Crit tenden supported tho bill xxith great and force. Messrs. .1. M. Clayton and Cass followed 011 tho same side. Mr. Niles opposed the bill, ns felting a dan gerous precedent ; xvhen on motion of .Mr. liag by, it postponed until tomorrow. The bill from Iho House extendingtho frank ing privilege was pas-ed. Tho Three Million Hill was taken up, and M. I I.ttinegan addressed theSenatu in favor of the bill u tho Wiltnot proviso. Mr. Ktink prccnteda resolution from the Le gislature of Nexv Jersey against tho extension of slavery to new territories, Mr. Iloyd, from the Military Committee, re ported the Senate bill organizfng the ten regi ments into brigades and divisions, and mai.iTi" provis-iou for an udditional iiuinber of general olliccrs, with amendments 0110 giving the Pre sident power to assign tho chief command of the Army, until the expiration of the xvar, to any General, Major or lirigadier, regularly coinmis'. sinned, nf the regulars orlho volunteers, without regard to dale of commission. On .Mr. lloyds motion, tho House proceeded immediately to its consideration, and several amendments were agreed to. Mr. Garrett Davis moved to go into Commits too of tho Whole. Mr. Sim. in mured the previous question. Mr. Aslimun moved to lav tho bill on the table. Negatived, yeas, 17 ; nayslOO. Tho previous quos-lion was then si.i-lnined, veas, 102;u,ivs, 70. mo suggestion 01 .nr. isoyii, the Ifo.iso by (-eneral consent reconsidered Iho last xc to, nnil ' wenl '"t0 !l c;,0!l"lli11 nflhe Whole on the bill. l'he tommilleo was mmiiteo was addressed ,y Messrs Ga ', lliinkerhofl', .Smith, Treadvvell, Ncvv- rclt Davisj ton, h'chenck anil Cocke, The committee roso and tho Ilonso nrnenoded to vote on tho amendments. , ,V'e af'."c' ",c,"H,sV'.Cre0 Y'Mcd, that relating 10 HIO l mnor.i 1.1 n.f -lin.r !.-.:.... I c..i , . : --...i, niiiujj oocii inriiicr auiendeil. It roiiilmie.sthe ollico not rnly duriii" the war with .Mexico, but until tho ratification of n treaty of peace. This amendment was agreed to, 112 to 87. The other amendment-, were aNo a"rccd' to and Iho bill finally passed, 121 to70. " ' B. M. I. ,'1Vo If ctnrps on the subject of Chemistry if hlectro Magnetism, will bo deliveied boluro tho 1 .r , ' 1 " your Hair red or y.nv 7 Does dandruff choke the life or roots 1 or does the scalp decay I .,T :!!",""'' "ff Bestoraiive itsrjualilies von know, 1 will lorce the growth on any pale where hair was lucaiil logrow. Jintiliii'rs l'rrvcnlcd, L sr Hundreds nftiersntw iii nil .,n.i. r .i.. li.'' ll;'n,'"ere t-utir.-ly :bald have had tlic-ir i, J. ..fV i t i i i I ,, ""Sinai perie. iim- oni, s G, hi nil ciVs where the ha r I ills niii u fcvv'antihcntuins lil iMs ItMsoir.n ii-. !. iii t.i.. t. ..ic!?. t.nlly.nnd in ,os,cars h ,he liead T emiud; who use it. It dresses the Hair be. i 11. 'SM iSl9- irice usl AroTiicc. MKLODKANS I'ivno and ki.v Jvlelodenns, on consignment liy ih msniiriciu. lor sal' by STF.VKNS WOODS. Burlington, February SA, 3S Itlicuinatism. This Is one of tl.o most painful maladies kuow.and lis origin or cause remains 11 inaivel lo physicians. Mosijio-.vever h n e united in in no small ilegrcetomoibid humors of the blood. These become deposited n.noug the membrane nnd the nm-cles, e,.iu-liigliilliiiini.itinn. Tliediseaso whether chionie or none, ennuot be cured removing this gen eral iullamination. To do this iuhas been customa ry with the faculty to employ bleeding. I lu, how ever Is 110 longer necessary, except peilnis in cases reouiri.i" instantaneous lebel, ns Ihc hAllrJAl'A It II 'l,A"ANIJ WILD CIIIIIIUY IIITTKIW wil carry ofl'nll morbid humors with equal certainty, nnd w thn less wi s coftlu strength of the constitution. In ibis disease, also, this remedy is extremely useful in producing regular dady ex-acuatioi.s, xyithout which no cure can be effected, l or sale by Pl.Mv i-SPIJAK. Has, TiiEOr.nvx AfTitnr. or NAT em; provided us with no icmedy lor Consumption an I the diseases lead ing therein which nre so fearfully common in our countiy 1 Has He Iclt us to lhd reliel from that fatal scourge by ransacking oilier lands I No, il is not so. The best-Nalu.e's own remedy is ready 01 our hand. The Wild Cherry and llie Pine furnish us witli n cure, xx here nereis possible. Dr. Wistar's Balsam ol Wild Cherry, formed by chemical cxtiacts from Wild Cherry balk and tar, icheves nil cases of Consumption, and effectually cures il where it has not progressed solar as lo be b-yond cure sub lues the most inveterate cases of Asthma, even ol Hit and 10 years standing slops raising of blood, niter other remedies tail and removes eveiy kind ufalleclion of the Lungs and Liver w hich our climate induces. The remarkable ellicncy ol ihis wondcrlul medicine, in many diseases hitherto deemed ineumble, has excited physicians great curiosity ns lo llie prccisci nature ol its ingredients. L"l purchasers beware ol imitations and countcrf.ils. None genuine, unless signed I. IJUTTrf on the wrapper. For srie by Pick it Sri;.xa. Spccinl Notice. 3?" The extraordinary AIU'CNIinitn riLLS, winch nie iichiexing uuparnllcd iuxar.ous sections oftlns oountiy,,o now introduced into this vicinity. Iiet; p' rson read the ndveitK.eiueut ol the lin.nfei.berg Co'iipuny, which will be found In another column. For bi'.e 3.1 SiiLnwouDS, West side Court House Square. (fitS TO RENT, a r.MiM with 12 cows. -st- March 1,1817. II. LIIAVCNWOIITII. a Yoi sali:. m Til II stibscriber wishing to remove West xvill dis pose of the place xxhere he now lives, consisting of 100 acres of laud, of which 73 acres mc under improve ment, nnd n gool lIous, Wood-sli"d, Hum, a large Apple Drchard nnd Cider Mill ; likewise one cf tlie best Sugar Orchnrds to be pioduced,and it is llie best grazing farm in tlie Slate. .Situated 3 miles from .lericlio Corners on the load fiom Jericho Center to Undeihill Phi, Possession given the 1st of April. For further particulars enq nre of llie subscriber. Jericho, March 5, 1317. F. II. VAUG1IAN. Vermont Central Ituilroutl, AN assessment of ten dollaisona Share Ins been or.lered by the ds.eciors ol the Vermont Central Itailroad Company, payable o.i the fifth day of April next. Pnjinent maybe made nt llie I'.inners Sc. Me chanics Hank. Iiuihngtoii, at the Hank ol Montpelier, nt the Woodstock Hank or nt the Treiisurei's ollice, I7J Tiemont Itow, lloston. lloston, Feb. 'J 11317. SAM. II. WALLY, Jr. 3ovj Ticasmcr. AIiF.Ki"S Paitvt 6 H.wmi:r, Pi-tols, lor Sale nt 5wJ J. V. RANDALL'S. To Dcmij.-sJ's. istochlon ij- Cn's I).pl fur the mlerf Mineral le'in, liitr;inlm, eri.T:M. Constantly reeeiving supplies of Uicnpid Gum, lolar, Pivot nn I Plate Teeth. Also Forceps, Files, (fold nnd 'I'm Foils, llxcaxnto.s, Seniors, llurrs, Diills .Moulds, Mirro.s, llrushes, Calc'd Plaster, .to at March3I3l7. ly Pl'.CIv' & SPLAIfis. Mom: Nihv G'odd?. Sninr, Fm.vr.KS, Clasns nnd Heads. Gold Vm'js. Cam mi Pun linger-nngs, nnd still nnoiber lot ol Parlor Lamps, ju-i received by HIILN'S.MAID DKOTIICIiS. Marchlt!i J8J7 M'nLoni.vxs. 1'ivi: imTi::tn.T ki.vds op Melodiaiu roan I nnd llal k yed., s ,1.1 by HlilNS.MAH) .S- HKOTIICKS. J. V. randallT, LTsVS just leceied fjyai New Vork a new nssort TX loent of WATCIfrJS, Ji;Vi;i,liY nnd fancy A. tides, (told Pins ol the lutest fiishinii. fl.d.l stin.lj (toll ('bains. Cold Pincils nnd Pens, Silver Ourts, Silver ll.rds, Cold and S.lvcr Tooth Picks, Shell Side Combs, Shell Hack Combs with high lops, Steel Heads MIags,Clnsa, Steel Purse Hings 'PnsseU f the nr gest size, II 'ad and Silk Purses, Ivory Combs, Cuitar Smugs ol tli-ibestqu liny, linger' Pocket Knives and Sensors ; and he will keepconstantlyou hand n good nssurmeiu of guods that come laiily in a Jeweler's line ot business. bti vugs' r.iiildinz, College st . ) lluilingtuu, .Mauli, 1317. i THK Srnsn:ini:;t ;vir.i, s::r,i, at Vvnuv Auction, on the 23th day of Ap.ll next, nt ten o'clock A. ji , on the premise . occupied by the late linn of K. Wi lib & Co., in this place, the following propeny, ns. signed to him by saidlirm, if not sold it i private Kile pievious w thai dale, to wit: A lot of one acre ol Laud, vyiih dwelling house and barn, a large cut Stone Store, Stoic Houses, dock nnd other iuipiovcinents thereon, occupied by said linn, where the Sicamboais riiuniug through Lake Chaniplaiu make their regular landings several times daily, daring the season ol Navigation. .vi.vj.uioi 01 one uiu ucie 01 i,ana vvnti dwelling house und out hmlihugs Ironting on the hake Shore in this place, und near the U S. Foitiliealious. Auso, threelarius with dwtllmg houses and out buildings, two ofwludi latins join llie Lake near said Fottiliea tions, und llie other Ivingn hille farther West, on the higliway riiuuiug l tweeii this village nnd the village (d Clnmplaiit, containing in ull near 5011 acres of hand, well ivateicd and the gieater part under a good state ofculiivnlion.havinga suitable portion of iiiuberaud wood, together witli the flock ol Cattle, Horses, Sheep, nnd (arming utensils, with which these fauns are well supjiliul. A Is. SO Seveial ollicrsmall dwelling houses nnd lots, nnd budding lots in the central part of this village. Also, several hake nnd Canal Boats, together x.ith various other personal properly. It is deemed unnecessary to go into farther partial bus, nspertons desu'ous ol will i aturally xaniuie lor thciu.scn. beloie llie d.i j ofhile, to w horn the rerun le inlbmutiou will b giv. n The iropeily will be sold iniott to suit puicluiM rs as far ns po-mlde, nnd the terms nccommmliuing. It im.ow the prevail ing opinion that tliehakeClniiip'uiiii.ndSt Lawrence or () ' lellsbliriTli Ilntlnci.l lull inlc, ,1... I'.. ....... Itailroad by crossing ibe hake nt this plan-. Should i o this be realized ihc befme named lUOTll'lll' Will 1... .rr...,,. I iucieased in xulue. rt ,., i . . . R-vVnv)N,'tiffife. Cl.uiou County.'N. Y., .Maieh.Vs 7 ' ' ' 3i)wS inst: on ao nisi: 111 Shoes and J3oo(s ! That is thu ti.i. stion j rnilOS. (J. WALKS is i)irri:itj:i.i:rxoTTO i raise the price ol SI 10! iS if he can possibly help it, although ull Ihe dealctsonncdit.Me paying undask 1112a iim-in consequence i.flcnihcr and woik havui niiced Iron. 11) lo '.'J jier cem-but the Heady Cash will do wonders. Lome on, nil ye Cis'i buyers, and Ihe is ii(isni,.o in v.noAD srmu'v cony mi of ci:.ti;al sriiiuir. 0,oJfvrl-'VJ!wV,'!i'.l',fsor,ll,'l',rfi';andeoin. inun BUG 1 ,t SllOLS nt how Prices. f,.'jm AlbiinyAgriciiIt'il Waicliouss .V Seed store. XVUOUJXI.I; JIM, EEMtl, Nos. 10 it 13 GItllllN St., ALBANY, N. Y. IlKSi'iisciunpit having iii:co.mktiii:sou: 1. proprietor of the above establishment, Ins moved Ihc same to tho spacious Store Nos III t Vi Green st , Albany.iind now nfiers ihe, best collection nnd nssort inenl lo be lound i.i the country, including every lliiarr used bvtbe l-iiriner nn.l i:nr.l..,.n. u'l ....ft Vi ' U 1 ""wi aKm " Phreshers, li,,., Mdls, 1 '.iK.Kakes.P knid.,as ,h,Wol liug- MinitTiono :ss ernli.ih- v.irieiyoiiiei.l,l,rnss,Gnrdeii, Herb nn.l Ilower Seeds, rill warranted of ihe grovvihol lSlC.niid genuine and true lo their nnuie. ; the attention of Pealers. Purmers ST,' .iflMi'T"1.'""110"''!1' " 'b prices re uniform nd all nicies wurtanierj siiiWartoiy. Ll'THKR TL'CKnrt. ..ulilully.nuJ kee rK'iVn. ' 7 Z f Vif? rutting llii 1n', l,''cr,"-.v,rulv.k "d, aU" Shovels line,, Spades. rur.CAi.iu, llAu., ii V j lot ks, Chains. Yokes, Bows, Arc . &c. Also rverv 1'ctition to sail r,timl. STATU OF VLIt.MONT.J A Tn Probilc Court District ol Chittenden, 83. J r. heldnt IJurliuglon vvilhin nn I lor said district ol Chittenden, on tlie !i 1th day ol February, A. n. 1317, comes Maty I tod jp, guar dian ol George .1. Hodges, n minor son ol George Hodges, late of Wilhsloii, deceased, nnd files in said court her petition In writing.setiing forth tint her said xvnrd Issei7edin his ow n right In lee ol one undivided sixth part of the following described parcel of Iand,ly Ingpartlyin llichmond, in said ili'lricl.nnd partly m sii I Willistou, bounded as follows' Fasterlyby Orson Goodricli'sland,notth by Wiunoski Turnpike, wester Iv by Julias Thompson's Intnl, nnd southerly by John Williams' land, nnd laud of llnthaxvay Sherman, be ing nil Ihc land ol which llie naid George Hodges, de ceased, died seized, Ijing on the southerly side of said Turnpike, containing one hundred nnd ninety fiveucrcsol land ; iliat n sale ol nil her said wards inteiest ill said land would be benef.cinl to him l.yhav. ioir the nroccedsof such sale nut nt interest, or invest' cd in productive slocks, nnd she prays said coutt to grant her hcens.' lo sell nil her tnld ward's interest in said parcel of land for the purpose aforesaid ngieeably tonic ft ta lute in sucn case mane aim piox itieti. 1 1 'hereupon, the cou.t nlorcsaid doth appoint the Ith Wednesday in March. 1317, for hearing .t deciding on said petition, ai the ollice of tiie Ilegistcr of said court in said Hiulington, nnd doth order that nil per sons interested lw notified thereof, by publication ot this order, containing the tubstance of laid petition, three weeks successively in the Darlington Free Press, n newspaperprinted in said Burlington, the last of ninth publications to be previous to the raid fourth Wednes day in March, 1817. Given under my hand nt said Burlington tlns'-lih day of February, A. v. 1 S IT. fowl) W.M. WESTON, 7frier. 1'ctltluu to sell I.uml. STATU Or Vt;!l.MONT, I A T n session the Tro District ol Chittenden, ss. 1 jTV bate Court, held at Iln.h.ifrio.i. w-i.litn and lor the District of Chittenden. on tlie 13th day of February, 1317, comes Guy Trncy, who is guaroian o Atirinn i i, iiickok, nenry ll.ckokand Nnthaniel Hickok, minor rh.lihen of Na thaniel 1 lie '-ok, late of Detroit, in the State of Alichi gon, deceased, nnd files in said Conit Ins petition, in writing.setling forth that lussaid wards nre seized in theirown light nnd ice of one undivided fifteenth part ol a lot ot laud situated in Charlotte, in suld district, containing about one hundred nnd thirty acres of land, be the same more or less, being the (arm of which Amos Hickok, late ol said Charlotte, deceased, died seized and possessed, one ilurd part of which, in value, has been set out to the widow of the said Amos Hickok, ns her dower therein ; that said land is unproductive to said wards, nnd that a sale of their interest therein, in cluding the reversion of dower, would be beneficial lo then, und conduce to their interest by hav ing the pro cecds of such sale put nt interest or invested in produc tive slocks, nnd prnjmg said court to giant him li ccnso tosell the whole ol said varifs interest in said land, including tlie reversion of dower, for the purpose aforesaid, ngrecably to the statute i. such ense made nnd provided; llVierrwwi.thc caint nlbicsald doth appoint the fourth Wednesday i.i March, 1317, lor hearing ami deciding on said petition, nt the ollice of the Register of said touit, in s.nd tbuhnglnti, and doth order that nil persons iuteicsted b- notified thereof by publication ol this order, containing tlie substance ol saiil petition, thicc vveekc successively in .he Hulling lou I 'ice 1'iesfl, a newspnperprimed in said Burlington the last o which publications lobe previous to said fourth Wednesday in March, 1317. Given tinder my hand nt butd Burlington this 18ih day ol I'ebruary, 1317. IV .VI. vv I'.ft l U.x J.JVV If llesistcr. An.'ili IlnightS Hstntc. WF. the Subscribers, hav ing been appointed by the Honorable the Probate Cou.t lor the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine and nd.u-t theclauusnud tlemamlsof nil persons against the eMnte of Aunh II.iiL'ht.late of HirlniL'ton in said D.stritt, tlccer-st'il, and also all claims and demands exhibited in otiset thereto; nnd six" months Irom the d.iv ol the date hercol. being allowed bv said court lor tint purpose, we do therefore hcieby give notice, that we willntten I to the business ol our appointment, nt the ollice ol Smalley Sc. Phelpa in Hurlmglou, in said District, on the burth Tuesday of April next, at 10 o' clock, A. M. Dated, this 1th ilav f January A 1) HI". "HUMAN I.OWItV,? Commis- 3fl3 GLO. 11. SHAW. siouers. J-.Dlonion Strong tislnle. V'I! llie Subscribers, hav ing been appointed by the Honorable the Probate Court for llie District of ..... ,1... .1 n...l3 ..r..ll .. ..o i. j...-i i.n x i, ........ ... ... s'nte ol Solomon hironglale ol lliiKsburgli, m said Di-trict. deeeasi'il, renresentcd insolvent, and nln till claims and demands exhibited in otiset iheielo; and six nionlhslroin llie day ol the date hereof, being al lowed by said coutt for thatpurpos, we do llierclorc hereby give notice, that we will attend to the lui-iner-s of our appointment, at the dwelling of Widow Mary Stiong in Hiiii'sburgh ill snd D.stuei.on the 23thdas of March and May next, tit 10 o'clock, A. .XL, on each of said il lys. Dated, this Olh day of Februarv, .I). IS 17. NKLSON A. HL'IIUITT.J Commis. 2J-3 LLVIF BIIVI'.DICT. J sioneis. i:-.s FINE BOOTS. Ladies' (.'niter Hoots, Ilulf Hoots, Iiiisfiius, bolli khl und clotli, r.oxv Ties unit Mips, eP AM, KIM)?, MADIl TO Oltnr.It I'liOM Till: best selected Stock, and WAaitANTinisiniionTo .nosu of City manufacture, hi point otstvle, woikmati W N. .M.VIl'l'hN'.S. Strongs' builJmg, College St., Sign ol llie red top Hoot. 33.nt! Burlington, Vi., February ' 17. 5trs'H.:!ti.::i:3. nnill ('oi'MtT.Mntsiiip iiintinoroitn i:ist H ing under the firmol'Zoitmau it Harrington is this day dissolved by mutual cons-nt All persons having unsettled uccounts,urc reiriestcd to call nndsetiletorih- Willi. lili.NKY .Ul l'ilAN, tii:o. ii.i:i:iN(iTON. The Hooks anil accounts are in the hands of Henry Zottmuu for settlement. M0TICI'. Tin: p.i)i::isin.i:n iiwixriTA- lxl ken t)ie Shop heretofore oe"uj;ied by 'A iiiman it ii.u iiogioo, is prepiircu lutijuii hums oi joooing lor luerly done by said linn. IIFNIIY ZOTT.MAN. Burlington, Feb. 21, 1817. iVill' ARTICLES. Mrisns. !!i; & IluoTiiKits, p.pcnivi: nearly every week additions to their assortment. jxtnongst the artie es received the pasi week, may be lound, i-hcll nnd pen rl card cases, silver pocket truii knives, love-knot mnl other patterns silver butter kmyes. ngale brooches, fans nu I line gold polished guard chains. Our ussortnunt u ever varying auJ ex cr new, A In vv lot of lamps received the past week . more on the way, also, violin nnd bass violin stung and Imiws. 33 FAHAl WANTED. ,4 xv oxi: pnssixsivd paidi itt from liliy to one hundred ncres of good hud, pro perty divided, with good buddings, plenty ol pare waier, ffc , well situated vvilhin leu or ti leen miles ol ihc village of Buihngtou, can hear o( an oppo.tumty to dispoi. ot the same, if the terms ire icusonnble, by applying at the Odiee ol th" Free Press. XiwU AlMTIIHCAItVS HALT,. FJKMOVAL. Aw oxi: who m.w nvvi: ll occasion to use any thing in the Drug and Medi cine line, will llu 1 a large nnd excellent nssoiimeut of the same nl the corner ol Churih and College Sis., Il irimuton building Having removed to the corner, we are prepared to serve up all lb delc-icies required lor llie preservauon of the healths nl our Neighbors nn 1 Fellow Citizens. GF.O. 11. llAPilUNGTON. Buihugton, Feb. JI 'Jjn'.l WHIiilin Wood's. Ilslute. WI! ihe subscribers having bru appointed by the lloiioiable the Ihobate Couu tor the 1) -tricl ol Chiltendcli, L'nmimssiuivers. to receive. r.xau.u,r nnd ndjiist the claim,, nnd demands of nil persons ..gainst ll.e esmteof William Wood late of Wcvitoid, iiiwiiiiiUsiriei,uecenfeii,reprcseiiieitins,iventlanuaso all claim and demands e.xhibilc.1 inotNct thereto ; nnd six months fiom the day of lie dale hereol, being allowed, by said t'omt, lorthatu pone, we do there fore lieu by give notice thai we wihnlteiiil to the bu-i-iie.ssoournppouitineut,nt the dwelhn got' ihe widow Hannah Wood, in Wotlord in sud dismel, on the PJlh day of April next nl It) o'clock, A. .M. on said day. Dated, thi 21st day of D-ecmbcr,A. H., lSlrt. ANSDN SOt'LH, xroo.oiis 35w3 DAVID S. HASKLTON. Lum'"- B1SSOTAJTION. milV. Cop.utTXP.RSiiii' ni:iiirrorni!i: kist- Jl ing under the linn of Spaulding it Bussell u this day dissolved by mutual consent. All persons having un--etlled nccouiits, are earnestly rcpirsied lo call and settle forthwith. K- SP.U I.niNtl, S II. UUSShhh. Hurlington, Tebmary 1st., 1817. Notice. TI IF undersigned hav ing taken the shop heretofore occupied by Spaulding it Bi.-sell, nre prepared to ex. ecute nil kinds of Panning. Pnper Hanging, fee. fee., vv nil neatness nnd despatch, cheap for Lnsh, nnd well known cxH'iicnee, trust to give entire satislaction lonlltth0,1,3y'V'tHjfuLELL. J. L Y.MAN SPAULDING. Burling'en, February 1ft, 1517. Sim1) Tho non-resident proprietors of tho Town or Huntington, in tho County of Chittenden, nra hereby nolllied tit it lw titosasisssal by said town with! II tlot VH.IN nnvl Mrncnitifti, ttitu dale, remain cither in whole or in part unpaid on Will . No .of Lots 51 Original Proprietors. t'crsons 203 221 Jfll t!-"l 133 lot 187 19J 10:i Hit 18.1 1!)0 101 103 o2 213 211 215 207 205 210 108 100 211 213 l3,Samuel Crawford, la'lohn Irivvrenco, ISltii'oph Cornill, jr. I3!l'.ilvvin Hurling, 8 Jacob Contant, 0.focpli Cornill, jr, 1 1' Limes Fowler, I l.lienjatniii Ferlij I I lames Fowler, 11 ;.'aleb Grilliii, I I James Ferris, jr. I II lospph Cornill, jr. II William Cornill, I II Doming Ingram, Wing Ilogfjers, Henry F. lil.'l'homas Oakley and Si jMarmailuke Palmer, 13 amos Fowler and ) Peter lluggeford, . 13 David Gnioin, 13'lloiij'ainill llovvne, 13 lfIsaac Oakley, 1 2i lames Aulanes, 1 3j laciib Contant, 1 1 Samuel Treadvvcll, 12Iesso Lawrence, 13'fnliti Aniaivin, Jo'cpli Culver, Lcatider Htitchins, Thomas Bird, Ira La.ld, Wm. Hill, V m. Allen, lo! rinunas Unvviie, me uiulivided fourth of nineteen hundred acre ivvned bv Jacob .MaeckcV Sylvester Darby, 1-lset. lohn Hovvden, 201 112 West part Saml Averill. owner net liiillon. Wc. Sample !(iCharlc linn!, Il3iJharles liui.t, do do do 103 107 AlH so much of said lands will be sold at public Anrticn, at the Inn of Nob'o Croffin taij Huntington, on the 23th day of .March, 1817, at nine o'clock, A, M,, 111 shall be ro-jniaitc to dik charge said Taxes xxith cost, unless previously paid. Uatctl atlluntington, this. 2-ltli day ol ! y, 30vv3 kotici:. DISOLUTIUN nr COPAItTNLRSHIP.-The copartnership herctoforecxisting.undertlie name ol Wm. S WA1.M Sc SON, was cIismjIvciI on the 21st of July last, by the decease of llie said Wm. Swann. and llie business is now, nnd will be In fulmc, conduct ed exclusively by the subscriber, who has had the sue charge of the manufacturing ot the Panacea and Vcr luittie (orthe last fourteen years. 'PI." Panacea will be nut un as usual in round bot tles, fluted longitudinally, with the following letters blown , n the glass: " Sicaiu's 1 and the onlv chance made is 'caiu's Panacea, l'tilada:' ado is the nniueol JAS I SWAIM naiupedon llie sealing wax.nnd irrittcn oni the label covering the coik.nudn new label lor tli-t side ol the b itlle, composed ol gjoinetrie lathe vvoikj iinosed olgjoineirientue wuik,i. coinnnsmgnme il.llereutuies.wiiiciiliax-e oeen tunieui lor .lie exclusive use ,11 mi; jiufjii iviui , u) w f'.i Imnlr iml. pii' nl Plulllilelollia 1 our tiles of different patterns lorm the body ol llie woik.nud iii the centre is npoilraitof the lute Win. rsaiin,sepri - nilCU IIOIU IOC OO.IieiUV ni'KllU'S Ol I.uiei "sin- The winds " Swaim's Panacea." are engraved con spicuously on two turned stripsand a large semi-circu-l.irdie tonus the upper margin. The boidersnrecom l.osed of plain lathe woikstiips, ot vvhnhiscii gtaved in small letters the entry of the copy-right. Philadelphia, Aug. ldlC. JA.MLS SWA1M. SWAIM'S CllhLilltATCD PANACFA. ran ran wnr. tw S.-roMa, Genet nl Debility, H hite Sicellina, Jlheiiumtisiii. Destines of the .iter and Skin, und all Dcscascs hisi'ii? from Impurities of the lllood.or the effect of Mcicury. SWATM'S PAN'ACILVhas been for more than ,t..n,i,i..ti..i f.-it-u ,...,.i.r!itril iii tins roimtrv and m . . . ... . i...i . q n jnu tcleieuce is mane to nie oirecuuns to the directions and books'.... ' ' 7f .', . J . ".7? '"r rc' I (.il.iM, ,,iav be liad cratis) accomiianvin he Pa - nacca in hosnital and private practice, and' It has been used has had the singular fortune ol b ing recoinnieiided by the most celelnated physicians and other eminent per- sans. Among otheisbv- . W Gibson, MD, Professor or Surgery, l'a.Um- versitv, xalentine Mott, M D, rrofesjor of Surgery, 1 University. . I W P Devvces,.AI D Professor Midwifery, Fa. Uni versity. N Chapman. M. D, Professor Physic Pa. University. T P.ilke, AI D, President College Physicians, Piiilad. Dr Del Valle, Professor Medicine, Havana. Jose hourenco da huz, Professor Surgery, Lisbon. J Chipinan, Member liuyal College Surgeons, London. tl XX' Irvitor. late Afinisier to Snain. Sir Thomas Pearson, Major (ieiieri.l British Army. tiiinerl liooeitson, uriti.-u consei, ivc .vc .Vn.1,.1... ll,. I'liri'S elli-cteil liV Swni.n's! Panacea have for many years made it an invaluable eeiitamiii" N5 nei.-a ol laud in a high state of cultiva remedy. The Panacea doe- not contain meicury in "'" well fenced and waliied.a good dwelling house, any form, nnd being an innocent prcpauitiou it may barn and nil the necessary npou.tcnanct's, tor carry be given to the mosi tender infant. I1"?,.1," Iarl11111 uuim ss, tli'-n on -itumcil. Tlir.lill'l'AILPUlCi; HAS Iir.r.N IinmiCIU) I he above propeiiy will he solJ together or in ssj to Djllarand i ill y Cents per bottle, (containing llircc half pints.) or thicelHittles lor Pour Dolla.s. Ai.MJ svv.xi.vr.s- x i.ii.iiu uiii.. A xaluable I'nimly .Medicine, beluga higlily appm v d remedy all des-uses a: :emg Irom Debility o ihe Digestive Organs, such ns Worms, Chnlein .Vlorbus, Dy.sentery, Fever and Agun, Bleeding Piles, Sick Hea dache iVe itc. Snc ihe 'kiu.phlet (which may be had gratia) nccompanving the Vermifuge. ACCNTS. New York-II II S.hiellehn ,t Co. Liverpool, ling James Watson. Havana L IS Mclizct. Valparaiso Alex Cross. Buenos Ayrcs () .1 llacs it Co. St Thouia A II liie. Canton J S.xoids, 1 IshndsK L Benson. Calcutta llulluaglc it Co. Slthl'cb. 1SI0. C5mS ?c:.pi)5iJ:in H(iie(. n.VTTISO.V. NO!!. L: Co.. Patentees nnd Manu J. tact.ireis.SU JWancy Street, New York MaiU tL':.;ito;3?s. I FKLLOW, V.'liOSi: .WJIi: W'B inVII, IK harls-loreKiidCouit, alttsessio-ithereoliolholdi-n il travehn.' cleaning Clocks, und Hating 01 the hegisiers olbec m sn,, Burlington on the to. .rAI.Si:hy)"thathe haswoiked lorus.nndclenne.l "nd cduculay in M inh. A 1) HI?, and contrst C locks for us,'. te. ; if no couiplaiuH were mad.ol the 1 rnbate ol said v ill, and it i- further ord-red th .t Ins work we should not notice him. No one who lins( ' "3 order be published three w, ks intha vvoiked witli us is travelling around cl.aiung Clinks. ; I 'u ingio.i I ice freso,.i news p-,p,r printed nt llur--I. Caution. Ins of veiy l"rr..ji nt occuircncc thai, ",'- ,' ; '' '-"";' ",10 ''' K,'.eh publictiioes Watches nre sold on the strength of fahe Haieiueiiis J'I"''. Pilots to the day ctMgned, as aturt-sid for ''they xv ere .urcli..s.Moriis,''"cauiefroiii our Shoi ,"".'.'" .to" 31 Caution. Pootlv made and poor quality ol 111 mW my hand at the Registei's OlTice.tlm Sliver Spoons are often sold to the uiu-u-s-cling imdl "'.S1''1.1) of I'ebruary A . 1). IS 17. . oihers, by lalsi-ly Hating "that they came Irom our "'" .M. l.slON, Heei'ler. Shop, tire as good ttsouts," or "cheain'r than we sill' .t .tc. If purchasers will find out llie tiuth ol Nniii'ii Mtinny's ristnlci such statements before they buy. and know by r. per-STA IT. 01 LI.'MGNT. I AT a Probate Court sonal examination ol weigliLpunly and workmanship,' D.-inct of holdcn nt Ilurlineion they can the better judge, unavailing i egrets ujtcr pur., within and (or the Distrh t iilnrcsnid on the Ifuhiiiiv of chase, can he Kivcd by common p.udence, and eiam-' 1 ebruarv A. 1) 181, . nn instrument pun-ouinc to tlm inat.ou of oer. silver before purihn-e last II ill nnd 7e(,,mf t ra,ren Mnnavhleol It is not true that any one undersells , m Silverware,. Ba. l.ngton, in tn,d Disti ,et deem d, w as i n U ii.rf ii ..i ..i . ...... , :.u,.lu mi Oir us we nw vet n i? ( nnrl lirr I... !..... .... " . ' v a.i tie?, i. locus oi oiuv, t - asce.iaitied. IUi.ssmaiu & BaoriitKv leb.'l7. Sniuuel Hlln's Hstnle. i.. . 1. 1 i . . ... . . i . ... -i. . A'. I. ST XTCOr VI.KAIU. I , t sX I n i rooaie uouri , . I)i ri-i ol Chillendeu. ks. i be d nt il.u iiigton, .i.i,' ",", '""!." V'V " 1 or.ieiru that wat n : n.l lo mi dislru l o. Ch.ltende.t on theSSihte d iv of Februlry, 1DI7, comes Koy Blm nnd,l ?' ' f' I"l'r printed,,: Bur 1 l Iro'vu. wdeol Samuel It. Biown, nnd tile insaid 1 1M ' .'nl " ,,0V,',"',e b""" lch l nhlicnoiu ou I Ktmon in writing, selling foul, that li.ev, t "'' P'"""" !' day n,o.ned,0s alorrw.dfor S n url Blm.lare ol Shelburne. n sai.l district de- If. V 1 'uarv X 'n"' t'sr"" Re-,sx' ie.iw.1, incoin..ioiiw.ihiheotlierh..rstl.e,eolithai! ' -by A D. HI, . ihey wish to have their shares set out to theui m se. vx M. XX t.ST OcS, J.ezister. veruliy, nnd pn.)iugsanl court to order paititioii o! saiJc.taleto be made among ihe sxeial jk-ihhis en-1 INVA Ll. III.i: FAMILY CO.UIWXIOX, titled Ihereto t Wheieuiwn, the coutt nfoies ml ,i,l QIX UXTFllllS on the USCSOFTHC HING.sI ;i.point the Ilurd Wednesday in. Match, 1SI7, loriO Cnus.-.., Prevention nnd Cure of Con.ntrrlicn heiiring nnd deciding on said petition, nt the oilice ol ll.e liegLterol said coutt in snd Burliuemn. nml doih older that all iersom interested Ik! iiolili-dliicrc-ot by publicnlion ol llus older, coutaium the sub stance in sou petition, tiuee xvceks nienss.vcly me iiiiiiiHgiuu i ice rress, a newp.i-r prnm-.l in tan! Builiiiglon, tho last of which puiili.ntions to be piexioui lo ihc said third Wednesday In Mau-h, H17 Given under iny hand ihisih day of l'cbiuarv 1317. a. WM. ULSTON, Jlesistci FOIt which Cash will lw paid on delivery, S.W Cubic feel IJ x lit W " 8 x lJiP,ork.Mple,l!ed Beech or Koek Kim timber, delivered nt Sbelbumc Harbor vv ithlii ten days Item date. Apply to P. DOOLITTLE..liit CtomWin Train. Co. Feb. ISA 15JT. w3 tho following described land in said Town, to Namea of tnviu - '1 axes. ta!e School Countv Town 17 10 33 51 37 3 Cu 40 H 13 Janes, 17t 33 87 5 1 1 4 10 8 1 21 S3 known, do do do i 50 32 SI I IS 17. EFLAH AalliLnn, Vint Constable. ACADEMICAL INSTITUTION. J. S. Spaulding, A. II ) . . . . . C. C. linbee, A. M. j '"SC-crib: Pnncipall. I1.' pPi"Jil'3. Preceptress, Miss H, M. Powers, AsMstant, M,r' y,"k.; '''cacherof fiench, .Mr. H. MJIasnelt, Teacher of Organ nnd Vocal iMtiin. j5- -M. Jlassett. Teacher of Piano ,t Meloiian. ', Ml""'1''"1' Teacher nf Paintim', "ss a. .1. tai.ey, cadier ol , " .' 1)aV1"' lenchercf I he Spring Term commei xt L i i, ; 1?"" "I Phonography, .Mr. h. D. Dav.s. ... .r p ,?i ' " . S lllllllf J1, in- .-priug icrm commences nn xv,..1-r...i i.oi ii mi i,"cturcsond 'I union as usual, Books ....... ... , iiui.jji-is, jjouru, including room. Wood nn.l 11- ......... , per week, Addinons me been made to'th'sehool room, nn.l 'pecial ell insure I, mg imnti- bv the citizens tosuila. u' J 7' t ',ul nuiril CillXMlOlunVa ujKers iji.:. i. i ii s t L'c i'ii Vi . sum oAks. Secretary. 31 Tho Hiulington nn.iwi.xG book of flowers piiOGIlhSSIVCLY APillANGCDrom a singls leaf uu tij I'iet rri-i,.. i.- coloured., nairnc-loV;; lies nii.j scliools ; by John Il-nry Hopkins, Jr sal',. !,V,'.,n:''S. ''".Ltlr'i. nre for Ji'joh Store. SELLING OFF AT COST. miir f V I i ', "l-"vlHI"t:i!" noiT to cr.osr: .vnrii - .yas nny store u, th-Vocmx .I o't, ? XBS1"';!?';!1:" '"rfbes at lI.,mon,! ,, d terkho be v I I" ' e.. 1. ""l,0"' Ilow til;' r. for g, eat bat o ns1 CUlarl)' ,lat ! ., y.., tn,.n;i,,,i vn?, '. . Wiflistoii ,Ib. 10. 3iif iHS II Cr i'l n . . ' ' -'s'1 ii-isiA VALir.vm.n iivh statk ron salk. (ft TIIi: Subsiiiber, being nbout to remove to WSi'l Burlington, oilers for sale the following pro ,. ferty, situated in, and mar the village of Wil listen: viz. The Brick Store, formerly occrpied by Nichols, ChittenHen and Co., to which is attached a large store house, wood hed, moke ho..e, itc , and 1 acre of land also the goods now- on hand in said store. "Y dv.vlhn' house brin-rly occupied by I.I. C ..Item en. with the nn, I..,!.. I I...TU ...a 'in I of land lliei-eto udjOimrg. e sISO. . hrill Iv VV1 OIIC lllile Soilllt nf ,ke vlll-. I" J" Ia i", .o sun pureiiaseis. For larther partnulais apply 'to tl ','tn. im. li. ( Xillu-ton, Feb. 10, 1317. Itltf me suo'cnher at CAM'ICLD. A GI!i:.VT IIAH(JAIi. ML 'I'lIH Subscriber novvrlT-rs r,rn'. i,i.r- inerly occupied by .Mr. Allies Blodget Said faim u sitintedalK.uttv.o times no.ili i this village, on tl.c rna.l leading to the im.uih of Wiu, osvi Ihver; it con tarns about si.xiyncns,llm!,.r good improvcnietit, lo gaher vviih n ,r k dvxe ling ho.ise, pl.-niy nter and a line orchard, which he will self, ns above men turned, at a great bargain. For enquire nt his store, opposite the Old l),m., Church st Uuihngton, Vt. I it.y, 1S17. CJ II J PAY Archiliiilil Y. Utile's Ksinto. sTnorvi:itMONn.yi; Co,,;t nisirict..lCh.iiendeu,s.. j loUenm ltiirlineton, within ami mr the ,itrict nl.irs.iiil on the ICih dnv 1 1 I ebruarv A 1). 1S17 an in.inn.,, n, n.n..,i:.. ,:. v. the last II innd Testament,,' An 'maid IP. lllds lale ot llurlmiou, in n.l ibeea-ed, wn-iue- sented to the L I here lor I'mbate, by Charles Uussril llie Lxecutur, therein named. Tiicncior.c It is ordered by tnid Coart. that rublio late of Burling u- Kiii-n ii, uu per.-ous cniiceiiieu n.erein lonp. r Isore s.'i.,l t'oiii, .ti t, cu..... it.A.n..i ... i.. 1...1.1. . i ,, ; , ; ie-i'ji7,i'v ill nrv .viurtar luo Lxecutor, therein named. ' ' notice he ,en' n nrd"e'1 V? fai'' Cou' '!"trbli3 rs-arbeVbrH tt r " rCrK,n'' wuccmed tberein o np- Kn nl be P J- (,-'.U''1 n f,81"" ,t"?"01 be hol- icoo I U'e i G'.tn "ft" "' Uofhaf on on tha second XX edncs,hv in , x n Li.. ,rnhn,n.,l.l.l XV o '':'''.'.,'''":" i..irnii Asllni.n, nnd Discusi set (be Ilenit. On ibe I jiws t,f l.n.iLrevitv. nnd mode of lirescmmr mule nn.l i.,,...t. hraltTi, symmetry and beauty exposing causrsm.d cure of tliose dess-nss-s that pinlnle Coi.siuiipiion, or in;shotteu shorten nie.ns Atiecitons el i;ie rMn Spine. Siomacir Bowels. Kidnejs, I. ver, Seioluln, Pibs. Gisvel.r.nd' Feinl Complaints Itsiulrs, easy, t.rncncsl rn.l Anv Person rcminini! filtr rents. Iie ni one ropy, by mail, to nnj pan. 'ITje tradc (UnPi,f, January, 1817. " j3mj linn , inun a uuiui- iu iieiiei i Hi-nun nun long tile, fjs Cngmrints 31 pagea 50 cents Postage 1 l,s,'.mt BySAMUt;!. SilHLDON 1'1TCH,". M M l) at7u71IUOAD-WAY.N!;V VOIIK' '' 1 " ' T01 1CL thi: rAr.T.ratsiup iintin-opnitB 1. 1 existinj imder the name and firm of Wm. .Ionian and Co.. uss dissolved on llie litb of IVbrntrv imt by in.iMal corsent. WM. JOROAN W irontki FHs. J THO? F. HOL'511 lish Feb. Ib47.. atu3 ' 'WL""-

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