Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 12, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 12, 1847 Page 3
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B U11LI Nl TO'N "FllEE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH IS, 1847. Th 2 I'nrmcn 1 Of Chittenden and ottisr Counties, nra re minJoJ thoscason U approtchinj; when ma ny among them will rcqliire Agricullmiil Im plomentd, of which n great variety of the Litest and most npproved inventions may bo founit at onr neighbors', Ira tshattuck &. Co., on College Street. For a ljst of articles which may be found at their store, bco advertisement in an other column. iilnvrici). In White Creek, on ttie 1st nil., by Dyer Pierce Dtvld M. Hack nuJ Jane ti. Uillmglnm, of Johnstown, N. Y. In Whitehall, N. Y. nn the 2X1 Teh.. by Bishop 1- bill Mr. Low-Aim Wili.iims to .MisslLvr.nitT Clakk both oflliiiMaurg'l Vt. C Itroniele. EHcb, METEOROLOGICAL REGISTER, FOR FEBRUARY XOV. lluitLixoiw, 1 mile Hat oCLnhp C'hniii.1ain and 2.10 feet above It. 1317 UlLtM.' WtNOT. lHr.MMI.lMl. 'All T,t-r WFATItrtli WATE I) DS S 1W lt'ri ra' l( 1 I 'J S II 1 r M .1 v .m S 1 1 1 U 'MTMillcll. lll-ll Milch jit jCM f-VI Pill lllsa 1 r m r. e m A r. k s i v m Inches IncV Notice, For tlio purpose of facilitating the transac tion of business with the Select Men of this town, they will hold regular meetings at the office if John iY. Pumcrmj, on the Kt and 3d Mondays of each month, during the year, at !l o clock A. M. The several Surveyors of Highways are rc quested to attend to the settlement of their ac counts at the first meeting, under this notice, on the third mo'.id.iy, (15th of this month.) Jonx N. 1'omekov, "1 Selectmen Samul. Nichols, of 11. li. Stacv, ) Burlington. Burlington 9 .March, 1817. 37w3 B. M. I. The next Lecture before the Mechanics' In stitute will be delivered on Friday l'.e. Marc! 19th, at Strongs' Hall, I!y Ucv. James Docoit IRTV. Subject the causes of Ireland's sufferings and the Remedies. There will be no Lecture this eve different arrangements having bicn made since the no tice was given in thoG.izettc. ittcivUcts. Brighton Mnrk-jt ..lloi.ib.y, .Hiirch 8. At tnirkt. 310 Beef yokes Winking 0en S6 Cows an I Calves, 13 I) tj ieep, about SO Swine Bed Cattle Kvtru.f. SJ ; liist quality ill 23 ) second $5 23 ; third do. $ 1 2a to SI J- Woihing Oxen Sales weie made at S32,S91ond ftim Cows and Calves Sales notiecd at 2d, 23. 2J mid I S3 1. , I Sheep Sales of lots at 03 53, 73, $3 53, and SI j Swine S.iles were not noticed, there being but few in market. Hoston ."Inrkct .Unicli 8, IS 17. GRAIN. Duly llp'eTTe'nt. Tiic arrivals or llie wet kale about Cj.OOO bw-liels Corn, and another lleet being dniiv expected, xvuh as i,ti,.l, i,,r. li-iti. rpn.ln-,l the ,n:llkt-L V ere 1 lllt'llld. sad prices lower ; rales southern while M proficiency when the und latal dhca-.e (Coii tTHMcpcr bushel, measutc ; an.l nnrtlieiu round, at sumption) which was about to arrest his caieei in the railroad depot, at $1 per bushel, measure, equal to . . 53 .CHus Vbu-iiel. North Uivcr Oats 10 17c ! "miiing of it, promise, ngun admonished bun that dodo Noexpoit hueisol Coin at present piices. he nmt abandon a favorite pnr.-uit. lie letiirned to AVIUM,. Only, 30 per ct. Ilmeidjurgli in the hope to find returning health, in Moderate u laiitui--, ,f lleeee and pulled Wool have ilm,!i,nSqo,,,i ,t ,.,,,,. .,-,... , , , i ....... I,,..,,,. iI.a ....... I- .................. v.l.U Ifl ins i.iiuci r. nuiisc, uerit ,ct-i cu nuiii inv ...'.iijiij i.ui,i. u ....... and hive been readily taken by in.inu.aclurers at our quote.! rates. In this village on Monday the 8th instant, Misallar- rlet Uatkus, ol'consuniptlon, age J il jear3. In Arlington, on the 11th ult., Silvester lX-ming, aged hi years. Also in Ailington.on the same day, Mrs. LIUa bcth baker, aged U3 years. At HruviUon, of Scailet Fever, rn the 3.1 lnt. Lydia Jane, ngej 7 years, and on the Sih hist. Chailes Dmiel, aged II years, children of Chiton and Su.-nn bpojiier. In Manchester, Jan. 13. Molly Smith, nged 100 yeais and 1 dayt one of the mothers of the revolu tion. At Anton Hill, Canada, Jan. 19, flrn. Sir Mar tin Hunter, aged He was the oldest officer in the BiitMi service, and was the last ol the li.itis'.i offi cers tlnts.irvive 1 thjlmtlj of Hanker Hill. Died at llincsburgh on theS'Jih of January, at the residence ofhis lather, John Wheclock Esq , IlLNnv Hamilton Wiicelocb, of the Ciiy of Boston, in the 'ii' year ofhis age. Mr WiiuLotc was n young mm of bright prom ise, and his tally death has thrown into deep ailllc lion a family to whom, as a son and a brother, he was an object of the waii'MUillectioii, ond sundeied aunther lie which, though not fully couniiiiuatF-d, had given his lite a precious vahi'- to one whose J outh ful heait is Hum made to feel almost its fhst certainty its hitteiett toiiovv. The real jet unollrus'.te excellences of Mr. Wiilelock's ihiroctcr lender it difficult to i-peak of him in the terms which surviving fticiid'hip and love would dictate, lie aimed Lut to do his duly, and in this claimed no praise. At the age of lC,he nnde public his profession of religious laiih and hope, and connected himself with the Congregational Church in Ilniesbtirgh, and with the I'pi-jcopa! Chuieh in Motion to which he transfer ed his connection ioo:i afier bis reinov al to tint City, he leui.iiued to the end ofhis life a consistent and cx emplaiy member. Heentcred Middlebury Colleg- in 1313, whete he reinained 111 anient and suecs-lul peiFuit ol knowl edge until the impaired condition ol his hialih com pelled linn to his collegiate comic. Hav ing su'vs'TMly in a great m.-as ire 'recovered his health, he J to Bo-ton and commenced the Huly of Livv, in which he had nude, mo't coditablo 1 a -Sal Isi.svv s Jj.iJ-i.l.iii'JJnoJ.r.Jfilelear clear clear a' 32737 31, s 1 s s"2.M I, i.l.sW 1.1 S iW 7i! 71 f it r 'elear fair t i'.;.'i3j1 s 1 s Is n2J.rl i.i.27'i j'J li") I clou Iv r iln ruin .1 5 1912 C' w NW tiwli.-U i) 211 2J.1J,II 7.llUnow liir clear 5 0 Tilllll.v n I x 2J 111 2jrii'.!.l.r.3iil7l7.leouJy'cloudy clou I; r - tl'n'iiu1 i v k- v JJiil 21 in 'J IH 07 7(1 7." If Ir icluir eliuub t i- 2ilo' hl'i r m r1 s 2J fii 2.1 11 J 2J.3J lil'C.i 7licliui ly cloudy ,tlcir i,' ;t3li!.U' s' s;:72t oidyeeir li)' 4 3' tl t:ii r. s I s 2J"),iiU '.-l '.lelou ly fair l' 1 2.1'M IUnw vv vv 2J.l72Ml iJ.7o.)lli'J7.lHear Jclear ,., r. l7T,r ic'w 1 w I vv i J.7 1 2.1 fl 1 1 .i 'ii7 lilfair eleir n 7 HTvlSwvsvv s 2J.SJ2J 75 2J 113113 'iOJiluii ly lair tl r ool I v i; IN t: s E 4-.- I-' ' - " 'i1'.' " 'i.i"'i.ij - ... .. '2lTfi( 'Is ,v , .. -J51 29 7.3J.l.M17,lHrHiiiiw clear i'rs 5lllf.lV n!n s 3).33J2I 2J.H.-.iiJ(!.ilV.I clear tiir -' . .W.i 1 .. I .. .j 1 -,1 1 ill 1 T.i iS 1ITI T.i plmiilt- (nir .'. ITr-:'1:., ' I I. .ii.iiniii'niiKil'.'.lrliiu.le'e f, l'-'23 H .N 7 3l 0 .v c 1 11)1 9 N 2 '?,1C II N 3 -'if.. 2 m 1-711 -3 17 fi -921 r r. s 5 x r. x 1 1 1 r. vv 27, 7 lS23,3is L 23 c 3J3f. 3. " lelear Ion Iv eloielv elmi'lvl clou ly clou.iy fiir jclear ,fll iw 'cloudv londvcloitdv X N 2 I JJ II.' i. I'J ' 1 1 o eioiiuy riouuy i ilmi x . x 3J01 3J.2) 3l2lliH7Hfi'Mlrar fur flenr X x 3M12 J. ml 2 J .' ( t Ortclotuly MHv elnudy 2J.0.J -J.iiJ -a o ' ti-01 1 1 cuiuoy "'inw 4 1 .- 1 1 S VI ' 1.1 -a..' oa o ' 'o ii'eieur ji ie.ii ,i 11 in n 31 a I 31.17 3.l,12l.")'7fifi3clear clear clear X 3 I.I I 3 J.I.I 3 1 0j'.Vi7l 7i cloudy clear clear K 3 1. 1 I .1 1,1 I ilj.n J . no 1 1 clear uienr t" "I ' 2J j.'i 2.) Ifi oi fi 1 07 cloii.H' "now smovv w- 2.lJ22JyC2j.9i:o:i7G71.clouJyfa.r fair x N 0.11 0.05 012 0.03 0.31 0.93 iSleighing 1oVt.-it.1y good. I,nhc nenily ieed over. I Wet snow inoitlyditlvd 1 Like open. Very Icy and slippery. Very cnlin. Wat"r in the streets. Sleighs a wagons ruii'g. riroad Inkefioieu over. Snow lluutliigs !f Tree Sparrows. t'ctitlmi lo mil I.UIIll, STATR Or VUU.MUNT.J A T11 1'rnbile Court l),"-lii( t nl Chiltcti leu, n. $ r heldiit I) lrlingl 111 vi'illim na I I ir sii I dlt let 01 Ohilleu l.'it, on Hie 2 lib tiny ol reaiirny.A n lSl7,coiiu.s Miuy llo.hiesgaiir ihmi ol l.eiiigi .1 Ibi.lges, a minor son nl Oeoige Hodges, late ol Wiilt-l.iu, deceiisud,aud Ides in said Court her petition in willing, filing forlh that her snld watd i i-eli'd in hisiiwn light ill lee ol niie iindivi hd sixth pirt ol'thefollowingileseribdl parcel ol ingpaitly in lllchnlou.l, 111 pud diMricl, a id irily m saiil Willi'ton, bounded as follows: IlaMciiy by Oi.-on (Jondrieh'eliind.noithby Viuooki Turiiiiike,wetef. lv by JoivhTIioiiiiiioii's I in 1. and sontheily by John "v'illiniiB'l,ind,an,l lind ol ll'illiavv.iy Hlieiiiian,be ingiill the lilid ol vvhii-h the said (Jeoige HodKe'ide c Msed, died seized, lying on the soiilheily tide nl s lid Turnpike, eontiiuiiii'i about one huiidicd iinlmiuiy live aeiesof land , mat a sale ol nil her sanlwanls iuteirst In slid I m.l would be ben 'licial to bun by Inv ing the pioceeds ol s leh sale put at niliiefl, or invest ed in pin luclive Muck", and she pinya n.l coU't to giant her license lu sell all her s lid ward's inten H in said p 1 reel ol land lor the p'l.posj 11lorej.11 1 ngieeaLly 10 tie- Statute In-ucli case madeaiid luuvl led Il7irifii;;i, the coiiit nloiesiid doth iiipoinl the 1th Wi'dne-i I ly 111 Much. IS17, lor healing .t deriding 011 said petition, at tin" ollije of the It"g .-ler nl nul coiitt itisai I Ituthngtoii, and ilotli nnicr unit all i'r 12 Kaovv light like frost. Tree Snarrows. Iirgc flork". 1 sul, iiueiesleilbeli.itili'd imliheatioii 1 1 tins Bantings U Spirrows 111 urd(-r, cnniaiiiing the sub-Mance of Mid ;l.tinii, llnee weeks suceesMVeiy ill me uiiiirigina j-iee j ie.. n ii-'Wi-pip-rprniled 111 said Biiihngloii, the list nj p ihliea lions to be previous to the said lourih Wednes day in iMuich, 1317. , . , liiven 1111 ler my Inn I at said Barlinglon laisSith day ol I'cbiuaiy.A. u. 1 ii7. 3JwJ W.M. WLSTON, Hcsisttr. Tree Spirrovvs, Su.olvy. Halo round the moon. Snow diiftca. 13.7 21.3 17d-13 02J,G'J 29.71 2972-29.7o3 I 1.8S I 25 ri. r.i.i. ,.,nii. l.,o t.nnn 1 t'lnur ilifin ibo menn ofilie lnd9 vears. ami 3 5 b'icher than r.f 'Ir.!.. ill i Tl... .-r. fil... 'I'liori.irinirlerl.nal.h limn .rilunliuVC to 1 l't clow vern. The columns rebrua'V id IG Th" rnni" of llu Thermometer hasheeli lioin 51" above to 1 1 I clow mo. '1 in the above tible li.-i,led"Alt Titer.." th-vv the tunpeialinc ol the Baloinder whuh l- lti-doo hive co'Uinued tn tun more oriels d I im: lh whole month, and the slcishmg has been tolerably half of th.1 time, and duiipg tome portions ol the other half it has been quite oor.. ooi. hlcighs good about WKi?Mimi, niEi'ininiiiiiauiiijij.jt IVI.wlnw Qi.cli U?AXTHDlHMEI)lATELy,A iiovimM llillUH O(loll) ''D 15 to 10 veins of age, as an apprentice to the Ai-nti tt.. or WW,,,. 'Tailoinig Ba 'in fs. One tinm the enuntiy would be CL I XPil' will I "'.'Pieleried. llnquue ol the tulscnber, Chnirh Si. S lh nl all biz, w ill lie Kept ' 1A vli'S OI1I! constantly on In'id. and fl r -nli tinilio.fton. Match 9. 1H17. 37vG ox s.ti;p.d Hum ftMtOM Tim Si'iisciuiir.r.. ' v!..i.. i.,.i n. mii'iiaiii. i: In lenlcl Appi enlicr lo the Glim Hlinriin luiiiirsi. 1 ins i" in ...... n.. .i.a,i4 in. 1 ui that I shall i-liim any 'wages he may cam in tin cniplovnicntofany other peon. Burliiigipn Gli Wuiks,) Iluilington, March 11, 1317 37wl Isliil a r.vmi ron sale. I'ltM fiiiWrl!ier wieliiii.-? tn rcmoc V'at will (lis Iqs? of tht1 place wlit re li" now lives, ctn$iaihu of 10U ich") ol In 1 1, nf wYidi 7."i ncriM aru im ler iiiijmne- T 4 ,, ..I (lirillHlll 11 "II J I 1 I'M', t Oil I -S.I 1 1 iuii, ii xiruir LA, aged i .lout 10 , , , . . ,. ., ,,,..., ,' ,.,';, .... 1 V i ll' .1 .1 I II ! "Ifll t Sil'IIilMI3 H ' I If ItrOilUL'tMl 'I I I.I 11 III- I I'M This I-to notify tin- public tint Ulnll not, l!,n11,2"f.llln ilt ylal . vmi!llP1 a m,P, ),. liny eomraet on inj aecooni. , , (. , , . I.riPi111 ci,.r in Undelhlll Tilt I'nmcMion given the 1st of April. Tor lUkthcrpirtiLuhrs enouiii' ofth" sabcri!ier. Jeiu-ho, Maivli S, 1 317. I'. I). VAUUIIAN. March 9, 1317. TiK'Jissii Tobacco. 37w3' washed - Am-rican full blood do, do 3-1 do. do 1-2 do. do 1-KV.comdo. Kxtra pulled - - - Sup .N orth'n pulled lamb No. 1 do do do 2 do do do 3 do do do LIVUR COMPLAINT is g-nerally accompanied with pain in the rig it si Je, esten Jing up to the top of the s'loal ler ; vanaale opjvtite, occasionally o disor dered stumaeh, vouow ling-ofthe ikin anJ ty,und often a sa dliujover th; regio'i ol the liver, together with ininy otar symptoms of a loaded and Loriupt tat'- of the bloo I III y ifj Li lian VcgrtMt rill will be found one oflhr everv l.e.l uhJiciiii's in lh- world lor the c lire of all dessaststtj Vie Limr; because they expel fn.iii ( me uoay i:us' morula nu.uors wiuon, wnen nrpoaiitu up n th.s impirtiut uig in, a re the cause of every va riety ol Liver Complain. Trimi three to six nt the above naai '.I Indian Vegetable lilis, taken even mghl on going to bed, wid, in u s.'ioit lime, givesaeh m uu fet rebel, t'nt na urgi iimt nrp:rai5ia.i vvnl neees Riryt' inlu:ea pTs-verauce in th.'ir ui?, until th" liver is testored to a healthy action, and puiu or dis trcsiof every ki i 1 i driven from th-- body. H'ng'it's Indian Vtgttal'.t 1'illa al-unnl and im prove dig-tlon, uud purity the blood ; aud, theiefoie, notonly retmte ettiy ccstisc of t'te I.her Com iiiut, but, at tlicJine tune give new lile and vigor to the whole lrame- Bivvakcof Ci cxTEnrfiTS The public are caution ed agunt the many spurious uiediciiiei, which, m or der to dceive aie called by name, similar to Wuhl'b In liati Veg-table Pills. TllE OXLV ontulVAL AXO OtVt'tXC I.NTiIAN VLoCTAEI.r 1'n.i.siuvt niLsioxAiLT.nor Wn i.iam Wr.ianr TES VVMU A I'LN OX 1 HE T A' I ACLt. OT EACH llnX Sone alh'r is geuii'tte, and tt cou.itcrjeit 'is m rur.oLKV O.iijei i'Vi.ted exelu-ively 1 1 lu silent Il0l,t Inlua V.'setuV.e J'tlli, wiiole,ile and retail, 102 ltice Stieet, rnili'lel.ihn j 281 Greenwich Sircel, New-Voik ; a.U IJj rilreel Boston, and by J'ECK &. Sl'UAIl, Builmgtoii, Vt. But alas! the "golden bowl" was liou'-ht to louiitambut to be "breken!'1 He has been called from his buef trials on earth, asvvvmay humbly be lieve to nil iinp-ri.hable crown in Heaven ! As the un sink- to ret at the clotina; of day, And leaven blight glow on the calm evening tly, bit hi- pa-ed in the olnoni ol his niaiihoo.l aw ay, 1 o the Llt .-ed abode of the iiinsoined on high. nut not as the sun's pacing ny fades from v ievv, Will his memory ladeln.iii the sorrowing heart j And the path he has trod we will strive to ."pursue, I ill wcnicet Imii whole Mends never sonow nor I'-1". c'jih. Tapers in Mass and N. Y. please ron'ce. In Woodstock, Feb. Consumption Thomas U. Cailtcn.agcd I'C. In Chester, on the Ltofrebruarr.Mary I diughtcr ofticorge end Marairt ili-on, i.gedin jenis " III IVaeham, I'tb. 27, nfa lingering conuinption, Nancy Jaket Uiiiokd, daughter cf .Mr Cl.ailcs I'lif. lord, aged 17 cais. Anullior Hsvohitioiiiiry Tatriot Cone. fJAVP.'f iu:rv.ivi:n rm:su supply ni Q th- Oeiniine Turkish Tolnrco we are enabled U mipply th'Win want with a snpeiior aiticle at (lie low raii-nlil.n perl1. Il.vr.r.i.vuTox, Aptl 'marics, Ih'.l, ISurlmstJn, 1 t. BUI'.LINCITON AGRICULTURAL WARE-HOUSE and si:i:irvroHi:. NATIONAL LOAN FUND urn assiji:.vnci: sociinv or A Savings Bank for the benefit of the Widovr and the Orphan." (DvtrnvvEr.EU i:v act o.- ) CAPITA L,X'l(l().o,'l(if.tei hut:, or !.l2..-tv:),no- Beside a rcs.'rvefund (from saiplusircmiuim) ol about KIN.i.llllll, T. LAMin MUKIiA V, 1 George st. Iliinover-snuare. Chairman of the Cam t nf li'n rrtors in Tendon. VhynnmS. M.LIOTSON. M 1) , 1'. I! 1. A-liuiy-W B. WO.lLIIOUrsE.Usq F.U. .' .S. bcciclaiy-Y. F.CAMKOL'X, Usq. relitioii tn sell Tamil. STATE OF VF.K.MONT, I T a session the Pro DiMrict ol Chittenden, ss. f .rV bate, held at Biiilington, within and lor tue District of (ylulti-ndeii, on the Hill day of February, IS 17, comes Guy Ttaey, who i" g'liribau nf Amanda Louisa Hickok, Henry Ihekok and Nathnmtl I In. 'ml., minor en nt Na thaniel H.ekok, lite nl D-lioit,in the .fate of Mitlu gan.ileceined.aii.l hies m "nd Couit Ins petition, m w riling, MM ling but b 'hat lilssrud waids rue seized in then own ri.'ht and fee ol one undivided lilteeiilh put ol a lot ol land s.tuated In Charlotte, in said distiict, containing about nne bundled and lhiiiyaeiesil'l..iid, !. the s mi mure nf les,bi'iug the I innol which Ainoi Ihekok, lute o: sail Clnilolte, deceased, died seied an I puss ,;sed, one ihnd pi, t nf, in vilue, has been '! imii to the widow of the said Amo-j Itiekok, os her dower therein , thatsaid land is iripio luclive to si nl witriN.and that a --lie ofth -ir intniet th.'iein.iu- i ehi hug th revcisioii nfdower, v.ould be b-neiieial to i tliem and conduce to lh"ir interest by hiving the pro ' cedso! Raeh sale put at inteietor mve-tcd tu produc tive stoiKs.anil piiiying sii I conn to giant linn li ccii! tns.'d th: wlio.enlsiil virds iuieiest hiMiJ lind, ineliiding t'l'1 reversinu of dower, for the purpoe iiloresiid,!igieen!ilv to the statute in such ca-v nnde and provl led , II'"anew;.ai,lhe mult nloiesiid doth appoint tlii1 lo'iilh Weilni's lay in .Much, IJ17, lor healing and deci ling on sn.l petition, at theollieenl the Keg, -tor nhuud com I, in s ii.1 Baihnglon.aiid doth older nil persnns interested be untitled Ihcieol by piiblicatinii ol tliis order, com lining the snb-tanee nl said pititinn, tluec veeksu,' in the Burling ton 1'iee Pie-", a newpapertiritiled msaid llurhnglon the lna ol wIulIi pubhcatiiiiH lo bu previoui to said louith Wodneslny m .Maich, ly IT. Given under inv baud ut said Burlington this lSlh dayol February, )S17. W.M. WLbTOX, 30 w 3 Vegistcr. Aniili Uuialifs I.Mntr. YJ H the Fuberibers, hiving been appointed by the llonoiable the Probate Coil. t lor the District of Chilten len, conuiii'S, oners to receive, cvanim.- and h- iion-re-iilotit propiicttiM nf tho Town of Ilimtititmi, in Iho Cmtiitv or Chillctidtfr, arr pby tntilhl tlif'tiMH.Kvosie.lh su.l imvn within tho throj vi-iim'ii -xt nroccdino thij , rtfin tin cither in whole unit pirl unpiid on tha fol.,vvins duscribsd land in snid'i'ovvn, to 'I'll lerpbV lute wit : i -1 t No .of i Lots. 5 Proprietors. Namei of I i j I'crscns Owiu;; Tuxes .a'ail . ?),,! 'ContilvlTowii ' U'J'J 23 1 '2(11 L'Ud laii Lll 1S7 1!IJ ma lilt 1S3 IUJ nil 108 21- 213 til 1 ".15 C(J7 L'Oo 210 11)3 1!)3 211 218 201 1G7 il3. lamiicl C ruwlbrd, I; r lo!i n Livvri'iirui li'l.i'cpli Coruill, jr. ia 'Mwin lliirlinn;, ri'l.tcoh Co'ntati', !i!frw(.plt ('.irnilhjr. 11,1 lines Fowler, I lliliMij-iinin ForiN, 1 1 1 lain"" Fouler, I h l.ihdj firlllin, I li f im-s I'erri', ir. 1 1' In' (iirnill. jr. I I William Cnrnill, irl rii'.m is Oaklov and 1 ' I irun hike Palmer, II- l imes I' inv ler and J Petnr llug-golord, ( If, J.tvid (, i .L'tiyamin Idown?, l! 'siac Oakley, : I inr-'s Atitaiic, If 1 1 coll Coutunt, 1 1 ?itmiicl Troadwcll, I; lee L'lwrrnct'i If I'diii A iiiivin,. IH riionvis i'livvtic no undivided fourth ofi iiiicte?n Iiiiuiied acres' r.viieikby .b'toh WacckiS: I vtVMfi"r Duhy, l-lset I: AVt t-iit Stin'i Avorill U Inn. Win. Sample, h I 'h ii lei Hunt, lib ,'lurles IIiui', S II Damin2 Irigratn; Wing Itoi;gers, Henry V. Janc, Io'e h Culver, l.cnndjr Hutchins, rimmm Dlid, I n Lidd, Win. Hill, Win. Allen, Tnhn Ilowden, nvner mil known, do do (.'o dn d do 17 10 t,: CI 3 I Ci 4V 12 11 0 8". All U 16 13 A 2 lcj 3 2 1 1 1 Z 1 1 ' i ' cu 2 1 5'J 32 7 3d 12 Si 20 171 . 33 27 ' D 1 1 83 01 An 1 n much of said land" will bo snld at public Auction, at tho Inn rf Noble Cn fi'in .alii Hiin'ii j on, on the'jnih day of March. 181", nt nine o'clock, A. 11., as shall be lcrjuisitc to dis' charge (Hid 'J'HXcf, ),), COfl) wcrn pr, v otitly nl.l. v acu uiiiunliiijjtuii, this 2 1th dayol Felinuiiy, 1017. fcia.AH, 35v : NOTICE. TVSOI.UTION OF COPAltTNnilKinr.-The U eopartners'iii. heretofore cxi'tma. under the iiaint nl W.M tiU At.M Ai.SON.vvas di-solved onthi-aiM o! .Inly h-t. bv th" decease of tin- ail I W m. bwaim and the ln-iii'es n now, an I will be in Inline, conduct ed exclusively by th suVenber, who has had the ok eharg-nith.-'niinutaciuiiimnl the Panacea and er iiulii lor th- last l.ui. teen years, 'ii... !r.,. .,-,11 1. nut no os usual in round Lot- tie., iluted longitu'lniiilly, with the lollovvinglelteif blownon the glass " iiraiii" Vanacea, I In ada, and tin; only change inude n tne name m .i.a SWAIM liio s-aiing wax, and tcntcn on the label covering the colli, and a new label lor the side ot the bottle, co.upxu I ol geoimtnc lathe vvoik. comprising nine ihlpientdies, winch have been turned lor ma exciu-ivc u-e oi iim iiiyuny",, .v ,n. .o ,,l I'lil I'll 1,- ,1, 111 1 Ul 11 of dili'.Tcnt pitteiiislorin the body ot the won;, aim m ACADEMICAL IfJSTiTUTIOfi J. fj H.aiildii.g, A. It ) . C. C. Iiishee, A. Jl ( Associate Pnueipals. Mm .1 R Mi's Ik M. Fpinildini, I Oil ITS, Pieceptress, As.-l.llHll. Mr. H. I'ik. Teacher ol French, .Mr. b. M Bassctt, Teacher cl Organ ond .'occl u H.- t' Pr1"50,"' 'f'?" of ri"!' Melodian. M - is I ' I I'!U-I".',V1' mch" of Painting, . 'ml"y... uieb-r of Phoiorri,i,b . Mr. i.. d i).,ur'ivJ , :" 7 ' t IIIIIHIIMIIM, . . lerin cnmHfA3 on rrlnr'-fffflv jciuifsaii.l Inituiti no ,i;tnri Books VuucimU. It. ,,u. qi S Mmrh UnI tiinu-hftl by IIIS ISTmTTIC.V I'mbrnccs impuiant nnJ sultMantifil nvlvnnt:i:!PS wit!i n'eppct u Uta n??u- mncc ntitl ik-K'in'U iinnuitit's. i lie n-s'itrd ha. on ;i I 1Iuon-OCcn'.un11', t!is power to borrow, without expense or Proutv mul leui.-' CVnirc-uiiilt rioughs. Hulk's, Nomse nii'l Alusnn a i o " " truboil no Cultivators, Kraw cutinii, ICenJalla CjlinJci CltUttl3. . :. . , , , .. ' . ni i i TiMit t i-itt ninti nieinmi' niKi iii'iii.'innsoi iv iiwjih ngTitmi.. it tntV.'iti Swniin. sena the istiteol An, ,11, hit, latent Buihnglon in iid ejf u',Vthe borde.sbv twoinchs ol lathe vvo.k. Mttiirt.ileccntfil, mul also all ilaiius mil ibnuands ,,,,,' '.:,,; p neei" are cin'raved con- exhibited in olivet ih-n tu ; and six mouths Iron, me 1 " wor'u ':?,,.', Id n arV'. ni-circu- d,y oflhe date herent. being allowed by s-,id eon,, tor ' ' , ' ' , ! , 'icZ. tnitmrpoM weuoii,eieiorei,ereiy give notice, in ' 0,ksi,,H,ouisi.le otwhiehisen vow ii 'ii. w i' ii t"" i Oi r n no K' . ni1' , . . .i . .:. mn.nlU-A- PI.oI.ij,,. Hnrl.i rlil I,-. I i 111 Ut!tiut,o!i tu.Mouiui ia?-Jayot April nc.t,ut iuu- v-w., m utt . ...... I. .,. : At . illnMi h;iw Hr.n J.. ... .i. i i i it . , ufc iu im- jftimoi roonii, mill pea il Uiorts are being mad.- by the citirens touita-- i..i. . '.: i V. . . ..'! " vviio may a nr. i cloeli.A M Uited.thu lthdayol.TinuirvA I) 1317 II.:MAN'I.OWItY,( Commis M.v3 Gi;0. 11. iSIIAW. J sioneis. Twenty years hence, not one of those Kevolution aiy Patriotsof the eonliiientnlaimu that achieved o ir independence will bo left on eaith, their dun will have returned todut,and the Spirit to God who gave it. We have been ca'led t'le present week to foilow to the haven appointed l.rall the living, nunthc Ilerfolu tion.iryi'alnot .STIIPIIL'N Itl' eighty two years, who died at his roi fence in ibis town on the Sdi inst. J!r. Paisscll was a nitive of Ahlbrd, Con. At the age nf -ixteeu jeais lie enlisted into the service ol h.s counliy in 17dl, and coiitiniied in the l.iiihhd di.-eh.iigeof his daly until the peace of when he was honorably di-eharged at West Point. Mr. Itu-scll composed one of the valient band who mill bed to Philadelphia toquUl an insuriectiou which Ihrcnlem d the existence of ihe Comucss while sitting in tint city. After leaving the ormy he Suborns "t this coii.ii y returncit to Cnunecticut, mul ill UVi be mined his Itll-'llltlUltSIII. miii:suitsciiii!i;us ilu k iakla thi R rp r..1l ctr.Tt IXC,", door. jl a in, v ...I.. . r ,i ,. ,.tt..,. ,,...iiiJ.,i ,i i;a't o the I ice Prei-s ijiiiec.nnu ou.t mine i uunei- ............ ... ............................. ,t ,, ofCh llendeii and the ud.nmini! eounlics, u iruieinl pud ;al-o lie option ol selecting benefits, and the con-os-oitnieiunf Agiicultiirtillmpl'MiicnK-consistHigoi veiHniiotliisiulpictlsilu meet oilier conveniences or A'suiunccofor terms of years at the lowest possible runs Pcimjus insured for life, can, nt onrc. bonow half amount of annual niemiiitu lor live successive veais.oti , ' .i.ii, c,.i .. P.ntS iv.ll.-rs. f lardeii thei r own note an I deniwit ol nohev. ... . ' I I'ir.T iir Tin. Cvi'irAl. m i'i uxi x ve vrt.x IVVrTni III , ... fjrn, Vi vr finoscherrv Ba-bes. Gardui die United Male-, in th - nani'-s nl thme ol the Local e!iui, and demands exhibited in olliei therein; and . . i i'i .. .Vi . ...L ,.r .,n I , ,1,1s IDilectoir 1 liileef avmlalile alw.ns lo ll.c li'-su- "i inoutliIroi.i me nay nt me ilalc lielenl, liemg nl I'liev Invc made aiiaio'emenis for nblaining Fniil .ed in uise nl disputed ehiims Uiould any such aiNe) owed by tuid couit tor i!unijrp.w., x.e ,1., i ,.,vire 1 lie) nave mum "''a , ... , ,.. ,,,l,,.rwi"e. helebv l!ir liollee. that we will intend to 1 he bll-ini-s I lees, olllie sevi-iui wu ii " 1 'n r "'i ... ' i'0t,):l. Tiie n iun.-nt nl pieiiiiiuns, lulf-j eaily or quarterly, 1 "I our appointment, nt toe dwelling nf Widow Mnrv .Nmsen.s, I y which they can tu,.,,ly oulcisou Ehort atu t, a,P.anee uj n,e annual .ate. " TI,Vv'a.e!i"rAg'tr!or'the Albany Cultivator.1, Tlmly .!.. s allowed auereich payment of premium it.- A.i..nllori-l.lbi' loltli ullllli'l.tlie lloHoIl I lllvlie iiiuei. line, nn.iu... un- . , i . j xator.niid the New-Ymk 1 miner M, cl.ame I '1 ravelitii cave ex eiiMve aiui n 'II 1 I. ... I I . i n , ... V l P 1 1 rilllll", I. Ill in I't. ' ' - ...... i ) . ,. ... .' r. , i., I. . I,,, U. VISION of Pa ur loilowmg vur i-iie-, x'.nuu , ,.,,.,.,.., a ,.. .,. basioiM I. tl,. ' "rib'l i..M lie.', lluigim.'v. White Sweet Water i'i t ' s. at tl.e laM annuil invi-tigaiion, todeelaiea a it riie-.alli.r which weie iui-ed in Bai-iom lb bonus, vi.iyiug ion. A. tort, p. recti . on the iii,"lon lilid a.e ot course.well acclimated. l re.n.u,,,, paid on each pchey etleclcd on the piol.t 1 S51IAT1UCIC& Co. ,ci'le i... .n... Mnrrb in 1417 a7tt UxiTtn b tates B o.vr.D or I,nc,v t. Dir.aTons (rhn f Philadei ill 1 tie ihia, Aug . ih, iivol the coov-llllllt. IS 10. JAMU'i E.WA1M. Bakeisli.-ld, Feb. Gihl317. lio mav ntiTijfl SLTII OAKS. beet etury. awAiMS cci.ih: 'rr.i) panacla. von riu: vviw.av S:infula, Genera! Jte'jiHty, II lute Stcclling, ll.'ienmatism, Dcscanei nf the l.iverand Hhi n, a ml a ll llrse-lscs ui usiiiS "' linpitritintif t'tc 7.V'io',tr the rircctj nf Mcicuiij- SWAIM'S PANACEA Ins l,"en f.r more than i imstun, 1'vb. 10. twentv-hve. years eclebraUil m inn coumi) aim w SELLING OFF AT COST. HH Snisci his bu-ii.i s- n;i:i!. .miolt to rLnsf; rp ,t Wilhs,on. nll.TS fnr cnl 1,1. . .II..I..IHH .-.ui.i m (j.iuuf iii cost. Having as nreat s vanetyiH tiny ttoie ill the county, the pie'ciit is a rare opportunity lor laiiiiiies to si.pj h th, in.t Iv.s ot w ho.e'ale pnee;. I o hi" ol I eiininer. in Williston, Kiehinond and .leucho, In- would paiticuliiili sav that iiowm the nine lor great bargains. Xi ' leutuiociii una cxiiuinc lor you-i'lvc'. Jill i IIS 11. CANFIKLD. Ko.omoii .Strong's lSlale. T H the Subscribers having been appointed by the Honorable the Piobnte Cult for the District of ChitteiiJen.Louiniia-ionerNtnieceivc.c.xuiniueaud ad just the claims and deimnds ol all prs ,ih, ngiiiiM the I i:r,;,. rit, extraoidi.i-uy eures-lor the cerlibcalei V.VLL'.VIU.r. ULAI. KST 7V Var iitrr e-lateol Solomon Htmug I He ot lluie.-burgli, in slid '. ' i. r(....,...,ej is nude to thediieclionsand bn, ks auaui.i, I uu ."j.VI,E . i-' i .-1 1 .,1,111 ii lu iisnix-iii, iiiu .ii-oni (,,.,.,., mav be LU rots accompanviug uio i u- rrrn SnWiber. b, r.l..,. ,., - i liiirlmglon. nbe,s fur sale tin- lollovving .ro- i ana near Die village ol Vil- eial, end CAtia I'.u real irkibb r, i-c-is and It lnl.?n used in ho'pitiUn I pnvate practice, am, t-, m;iJU.j bish.idi'i? sinii'ilar f.iriu-ie olbiing rccoiiiiiiendidl.) ;f to-i vi. , 'I'lie lln.k Hto-e, formeily nceupied bv Nichols. tromi lliie-',uruhiiis,ilU.i u-i.on th,.2..ili,l-,v,.tJVr. ,""''-,, '."."i.e... r i, it,,;.' V ",,lL"l,u o winch is i,tt,, Inn,-stoie olMi7LliandM.,yu'.xt,allUoc.oelt.A. M.,..., each I , ,V'"5U;'' ""'-"'"' ""'"' ' ;"-e, ,., . snmi.c l,c-e, A c . and i Ticc of of-nl'livi I v .1 In'n M oi M n P,ofe3or or ur-etv N V ''m'.'1'"-' """''now hard ,t, aid s-ore. Dated. hl 0,1. dm-..fTHbrnir.. X II 1,17 V,ll 'lit. IK" Motl, .ll D, I lOkSSOr nl HrCtV,.x 1 , Alsi-lhe il.e.-l',,. M.,. ,,,r, , hv MILSOXA 111 it'll ITT.) r.iminU. ! L:!,.'i,'.r.".7' .... ..r... xi. ... r..... n, i',,i. ';l' meu.en, i!,... i..n bi.i.dmL ami lOaeics 1.11 1 ! . Bi.Nr.DIC'P. S ,,iouei 2G-3 on i xmi eiee rt I ITU 1? ., . , iirclai , l.. .VNew ;.-amnir iu in.' i-ug n.i '""o"-.'-1, 0nh, if. l.V .'O-Litl ll. cn.-..tjLt.i:, r.ij , .'ii.!- if the fn l-.l S. i.v Citz.ll: PUICi: :icts. Tins Wor.K is now m ta; bn Is of the sfreotyp-r, "x1!. ,,!L T , V. , M, Si,i'.i' .1, bta.i, (.uieiai Agent, and F. Iward T L.i,.m nl P.n !,.! I i.auhiiui. ll lat.l-' I to the l.ielia d coil III o.l ol nor language, and to llie wants nl III llld l-i lesiue.l, liol loill,.-u ;i.vtm:.ii::ns F I J E BOOTS. r.nilir' (fsiilrr Hoo!-, Hull' Uuot-x, I!ii-hins, lintli l.i.l mi 1 c.'olh, I.nvv Ties ii.ul Slip,, A K m.l KIM)-:. jiMii: T3 titiiii: ! mint nt!' il irvey. Lm , Cliiuunaii ; John .1. Palmer, F-i ,.Io- ) best eleeied Hio-U, and w.vr.n.v.'ir.t. t.srr.r.tor. To n ithaii Uoo ihue, li-ij , James Boot man, lq , (leore noxi: nl City miiiiil ictu.e, in p'.ini m sti te, wiukutiii ,'e lor Auienea, 7 1 Wall'.-i ) .Veic- Foi. .locnb Fh Cloiieiiilcn, Th,.. ol l-i-i I th'-'i-m ud.i.niii,,. , c . X t.i,,. - ...:l.- .1 . 'ii.ioi 1 ri 11 ,wl m.l, l.s.1 , mi him. A ri i.iiiiiI .M. IV,, l.'ii , William an Hook, . an I C li Iward llnbicbi, 1! J',ii.ii y hia-C e.iuni 0 Bui. he, I. , Louis A. Go lev, .Ceoige ile.x t.rahaiu, Ll-ij , Vi, Ham Joins, ti dthnoir Jonnlhan Meredith, U'q .Samuel Ilcff- maa, txi ,lli .1 11. AULulloti. hipordur.,').! W N. .MVH'INri .Strong,' budding, College St , Sign ui th- red top Hoot. "j nl Builiugton, I .Febrmry '17. I,- i , lie,, end Accouutiut, for the L'nue.1 . anJ lllilal, .x Lnlonte4.. ; x.i.iii.e.n. New-ink J. ICe.iinyl'ol- ,M I) 110 llnecUei-sl : AlcxiuderK. lloMick, D.lul Frunl.tiii-ti : S. S. hecne, M. D., 2.W F.,aiili-st (Vl.i'i al l.xim neriaiten.l nt 1 1 vvau-t mm.n. T.lis 19 one of the most piinful miladies know,and its ong.ii or cnu-e minim a maivei to pliynicians Mo.t, li .w'ver hive u nied in .Keribingil lu no small degree to in jrl.i.l,-3 cl the blood. These become deilOStled aillOnir the in,.ii'.rf.n n,,.t ihr. ,n,iu., a causing mil munition. 'J'he disne whether chiouie or acute, cannot be cured vv thout removing this gen rnl lntlammation To do this it lias been eu-toma- ry Willi th,-1 acuity to employ bleeding. This, how CVCT 13 llvj Will! r iifcesi'iiy. fifpt tn'ilnna in uascfi t Riib.vrt nl ijus ohituitv noilct. but iim,. i..., K?LhT AND UMLDl'S,-' V ' ' moie lamented by those , won, carry oiiuu moioi 1 llulnits vv fi equal certainty, ard T ' .", "'""e oi i cngm oi me const. tation. ilte I S. in, n,4 i.l this enn.a"v. mid is leu .me. I, liol to di,cu-., -W' tue subject with the leather, bill hit name Inn, lo e.uil-gel biollicr Davulltu-scll.eiq .late oHhis town, who un- 1H p,,,,, 'Puy... , ,CV, miiii-d w.t!. Mi lor Vermont In 18011 he uianied M, Mary Simp -"' nd. iinpoitant ji.uunl,, not l,e,,i,,te to 131 lve y at J oclock I . M.d.u.y. I ee pa, with whom be lived in uninterrupted! CoHe.'-W.lliam Van Hook, happiner-s until her death, for the spice ol Ibm -lour 1 mat it in iv be esn.-cie.l lo be a K.ndaid wok i. it, Wiill-M. , , tli-pillu.i-iil. ioneoi t-uiiiieni s.-ivic: la i.u- mis m ."....- - - --- t ,., t ,,,M,.r ,.n i ...i. hii-ni. .-.iiiiinii ...iiii iiuiu-, i.-u niiiii '. laie ot Ami'iica THO 11 AS, COWPF.UTII WAIT .'i- Co. I l'a'iii-i.i ec l( ..'U-. ll.-is, 2Vd Mji.ict Sticet, V.ii.adc.p'iia. February 13, 1.117. a7w-l I ESJiwttSutiosa. I cDiMitr.viptsiiii' iii:iii:r.ipoiii: i:i,t- 1 A i igu . ler th lir.i.o. Ziitnnn .x: II irringoi i isi'.is thy d,.-i dved bv in im ileoa- -nt Ail p. ,.!,-. hvnug it'll -tiled . iccou. Its,;., e leu le-te I to call nil Ih -tl.e to.tll with. 11 ;.i! V .() I' P AN, (.cl) HAItltlNtlTOX , The Ibolitan laccou.i!..rei.i the hands ol ll.-nry I 7, maim lor c-iile.nent. M D, I University. . .. . r . WPDewees, MD Protestor Vli tvvne.y, ra. i. ui xcrsitv P pv.,1, 1 li, n.l V.i!t. Prnfesrir M '.lieine. Havana Jos-Loitienco di L-i, Protestor Sargery, Lisbon. J Chi,.iiin, Mem'a.-r Iloyal Codege Sarg.-ous Loii'l.ui. ('. W living. 1 He Mir.i'ler ti Spain. Sir Thomas PeaiS"!,. Major Geneial Biitish Army l.lltjeil Itolielt'on, l.tlli-ll i.o.i-ei, .xuixc. An I al-n. lb wonJ.-rlul out el.eeted by Swaim", Pauiei-a m.uv ei.i in i.le it an invaluable rein-dy. Tin- Pan ice.i d,v, not cut im mercuiy in any to.-in, an I being an innocent p.epiralion it may li .ri.-i-n In tin. niMW, O'lid.-i 111 .-1 ll TlKllillTAII.PiilL't; IIAft 1!.... UI.UUL l.U -itii-.i. .1 nl i two mil.-, no th ,, ,,w nt. 0 tle t) O . D'l i. u . I l' 0-i.t-p-i liiiltl-.l.-olilaming mad leading in the .,i,ih,,f Win ,. ,, 1 lt cotl nan pro.) n, I omue, u. - .. i.i. .ictt-, uiuicr gum. in tilnvcilli-ut 111 N C np-inn.M I), Frofexsor Paysic 1 a. u nverniy t ,u . , ; ','; ;, M D, President l.o.legj 1 nsicians, ,lon ttt. fcnr.n t ,.., . i ; , 7. ,,' ;, "'' r. , '"' "" i.--"-'iry i,p;i-iiieiiiiicis tor cativ iiiJ in the l.iriniiig L.i'.u.... theit on 'iii.alcd. I 1 he above propeny will be sold together ci in e jPtnte p-iieel,, to s-ut pim-liaseis. xx-u, imply to th uberibr at UM - . I'lS. H CA.M'IIvLD. I " ilhston, T b. la, 1317. Slit 1 . . ... ... ; A UUVAT BARGAI.V. 'Till: .Subscriber now-i ti -is f.,r .il b;,r",, 1..,. m-:lv .viupid by Mr Anus Iil,,.l,.,-i M.,l 1,,',,, F' ll ,,lai. Al.-sO i.u vi y v 1,1; xi ji Li,r, ki-ii, -r win, .-, nun. , ilu.u' bou,.-, plemi ,1 water A vul irai l-'nmly .Medici . I.-, ig-i lug dy appro- an I a line or liiril.vvhi.-h l.e vvnl m-H. as above men X--.I' lv foral, . I -s-a--s ari-.n? D -t.,1. IX n, the Iniie a g eat hnrL-a..! I'-.r farther ml.irinr.ilnn 1) g- Iivel) gun,.-i.-'i 11s Worm', Ch lera ..loi .a", t u;i me nt lus -lore, opim-ite ihe Old 11. 11 1, Chu'ih t ycurt, rcating up a laige and ii-fpcctnble lainily. It has been our melinehuly duty for months past, 10 ic-' cord th-.-dealh ol several ol our valued caucus some nf whom may have been more generally known than tl .1 by the , MOTiCi, Tin: u.vni: :sn::n t- , , j-I k" 1 th.' S'l p h -r.'t i.u e o.' I by Z Htiirm .t in tins tlisene?. alia. 1 na ri-m-.l.- u ,Mir,.u ...n.i in pruducmg regular dnilv evacu itit.i.i, wiihuiii Y'V.1.?? f," ca" U" c"ted. For sale Ly PF.UK itbl'LAH. 3Gw2 Npecinl Ni.llee. CyThecMroordinoryOUAF.FINBr.nG PILLS, Wlucn aie iicnit-xnu iinpartilli ' ii, ,a, ui, urn) in .pi-iinii-u m me caity senlemi ut ol tins t.vvn Mi Unwell was active .111 1 trust wonhy in the diselnrge tl ihe duties ol Constable and Collec tor.Selettinnn, &c. settling down upon his farm, he wiis ever found uinong llieboi.csi nnd indu-irioiiknor. ft;., tl .inv l..t:,it 10. i-.u.i An Act 111 ri-ip--ct to m-,aranee for lives for the be neluo, in lined women, p-i-scd by ihe L.'givlaiuie of fxcw-ioiK, lelApul. 1010, llaiunmon. i-t nn-iiire.l to d all .m,u ,a i.eaa , 1.... merly done by ud lir.n. ,. IICNUVl'.OTl'MAN. Baili.iglon.Feb 21, 1317. wvr.u.s mi:dical co.ui'AXiox. TENTH FD1TION. T. C. .'jT Co. will nl. publ.-.'.! this Tr;t'':i',,,DAlAns,,,M u I MR Alt LU.UI A. Ml 'A. I'I 1 Itllhll 1 IIJ ell n nn jNVifi' ARTICLES. 1 ItTrasns. HmxsMMi) U:tnnn:!is. itrcnvi: ilc nearly every week r.d btions to th -ir n,xoit.,i-iii. I Pamphle.s.blank forms tibl" of rates.liatsofajjnt', ' Atnon-t thenit.o c nv-ived the pa,; week, may be 'Sc. .Ve. obiamed ut ihe Cbiei Oliice 7 1 Wadtt. ldl I .a id, i-hell aid penile ml cne, sii.-er p .eket I, ait llowei), or lioin ti.hernl the Agents throughout the knives, ln.e-ki.ot nnd other pattern Mlver butter L'11111-ii States, and llrilMi N011I1 Ainciican Ci.lonie. knijes. ague b.iiocli"8, (ins mil ti .e g .1 1 pi'.is'tc I I Jauls W. Hickok, Agent for Builniglon Hid Vi- g lard clnins. Oar asuiitnient is evel varjinganl ev.-r luw . A new lot of 1 inipx received the pist vveik fj more loiof cjininuuity until ill-health compelled him to ' lb ' Dea-ts 01 Ihe I'n.le.l Sinti-f.wiia tlie.rsjmp- lon,-, t.nti-i-h, t ine, an. 1 iiii-.ins ni t.-... moa ca- -s 1 1 li 1, a- i.uciuie, i-, tx- Medicil U.taimncr. Barhngio.i, 12ih I't-biuary lifi. Kclioiikultlus coantiy.iiR. nuw iiuiodutcd n-.n, '"-u'T'"'d,ni Ihe lull hopes ola blessed i, vicinity. relinqu.h.1 us lil.onous pursuit, ho lived lu thaw the 1 cmiou dueluni on the lib ol Mnnh. ami m. il.n r.ili iinmoitiiliM-. l.-t evcrysit-u person rend the mlveitise.n.-iit 1 m recive the higher Petition aienrileil la fie tine and faithful, in the Kingdom. -if Heaven The fu neral solemnities weie intended by l!ev. M -. Cord tier of Montreal on ihe 8th and a large concourse ol mourning friends and fellow citizens, attended his re mains to its last rtMing place. Com. SIhiJ on the way, also, xinhn and bass xiolm strings and nows. FAllM WASTED. of the Ureafenberg Company, which wilt be found mother column. For sale at Sutuwooa's, West si Lourt House bquarc. ' WIIILLTHlTuU IS L1FL TUI'.UDIS IIOl'i:." Insiunccs like the following ate id... on of daily oc. currrnce. anil render nipeilbious all taither coiumeut upon the etlicaey of Wistar's Biilsniu. Poughkeepw.N. Y Sei t H. ISI5 Mr. Seth W, Fowle Dear Sir, The t haincter of W.sta.'s Balsam of Wild Cherry isso well established thinughout Ihe country, nu J i-peially 111 ihe Hate ol New oik, that any tesi.innny vvoul I seem .0 be unuxceiM-aiy, Yet I have derived so much advantage Irani it, that 1 urn hippy to communicate through you lo ih-'sii k and alllicted. what it has done lor me, and I eon-ider it n privilege and duty to do so I hive been troubled with weak lungs four years had a cough moie or les every winter. Twos conlined to the house nil Inst winter xvitha seveie cough, pain iu iheside and hit-nst, tailed bloml several tiines, 1 consulted a pli) -icinn, but have never laken any medicine which has dome me so much goed ns tAJs PAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CIIF.UIIY. I consider it the beet Medicine m the world for Coughs, Bolds, and Pulmonary complaints. WILLIAM It SWAItTS None genuine unless signed I. BUTTS on the wrapper. For sale by 1' Si. Sl-EAK. 15?.llevieiiii War! ! JJ While some nre bilteib nppoing the Mexican nd others aie nsiniitli in favor ofita coiiiiuiiance. it is'univeitnlly odmilttd that uoihi.ig has jet bom dis coveied erjual to"Jiuies'Coinl llnir restorative " lor renovating and lestui ing Unit that is d.y t,x falling out from MikneFs or any oilier cause '1'he small tuii. of liity cents will insure unytiiieiin i-iillent hind of hair, luxuriantly dnik. and bee from d.ind. rnfl' Only ag-nt lor Vcriiioni, Old. II. IIabiiimiion Apothecaries Hall. " Harrington's lluilduig. APOTHECARIES' HALL, Corner rf Chure'i ami College St. lliirlington. Cr.o. I, Iltmti.vRTO.v,'iiiBTcn. JljOLESALi; AND ItCTAIL DEALER Diugs, riiomicn's, f)i', Cmiiplirnc, Die. slulls Linuors, cjc, cVc.,.Vc. ALSO Generol tlealer ill Patc.vt, Botanic and Tuoxso man Ku.xiriJii.s- xl'OItS!!D!NMt(ltl AVOtt For the Nile of Jmvlti's. Cos stock's, nnd P.iru man's Medicniis, as also lor all the roiiulnr Patent Medicines id the day Sole Ag.-i t for the sale of 1 hum son s u ilium: ccitoetlk anu i.alls Utliii- NATOR. All nidets otldrefR,! us will meet will, prompt nt teiiiiMi.beiaielully pntked nnd unnamed bnvit gtl.e largest und b'Ha-soiied nock m belinin.l thoitil Ni vv Yolk puichased e.xi lu.-ivtly lor eath we nie t-mil ltd to make large discounts fiom tl.e iiistouiuiy putt s. "Ilniimgions Building ' I' S Dr Il.J HciNcurr.n will he in attendance on Saturdnj'snnd Wednesday's In in 10 A. M-, till 1 o' clock P M-, at A potheen ties' Hall, cottier nfChunh and College meets, when those who wish to consult linn should call. 27tl V. RANDALL, th ' 11. 111:1 'em -111 nil.. ll.h'.-.l-s.-a ol txnn.-.i 1,1,,, x,;,,,- 1 .1 xo lii-t icct-it.-u no,,, ixexv iui die.,- A tb-.i.-nsitoiy I irp.vpiinu 1 iiiuly .vle.liciaei., Li in -nt nt WAIl.Hl, im I f, t.i. ...,it .-vul nani'. i.-li ,1-11 . -rint. 1 a w Inch A, tie es.l.otJ 1 111., o. the n e n.l l-il. 11 lir.i i A . Homy an I P.iyMiilojy i.l th liol I Chains, l.'ohl Pent i.s mid Peas, Sdver Diii. p',ly dm l.-d, with U'-il h i Uiil 11 11. 1 ,!,w-,i,.. 1,1 raiio.,1,1 onueiiile-.. tl, SiiV-i-r llirtH. Gold and S.lver Tooth Picks, shell Si. 1 .wuer. vv t-iite I w-.thi 1 1 -1 or 11 1 and t-ure 01 U.-K-.n-es- 11 1 1 :-iy on ilygieiiie,i.'n!uti-,Slii 11 lluih Cnmbs with high top!., it, cl jl.-t.tls 1 the vdl ig.- nl Baihngto i, c m hear ot tin oppo, tunny or lb1 tut ot iiii-'ivini' Ib-altli vvithoui ii.e ai.t tu ale-.-i igs, L.I i.-ps, ei. i-i riirw-lliugM .x- 1 u,tet, ot the I ir- 1 to a,nnt' tu tu - .-a 11 . 11 tn.- l-ruii ae teasoiai.i, tliciue an Auu-iicaii .Vlaien. .Wetlica, poiiitmg nul ge-t iie, 11 Mil nn 1 ma I'u b-s.ivo y Cohi'is, t.ailnr the viitues und ,los nt t.ur .Medical Pi.uits. AI.-o,Mimg.ot la bei n 1 iluy, Bogera' Pocket lC-uves and lie purses l.uide. lly .l.inies l.wcll, riuaiciuu 11. r-c.-sois ; aiui lie w 11. Keepcou-'iaiitly tin h-ind ngnn! vv iiMungio 1 , .oiiueriy n. o ixiiuuiii. 1 lie 1 en ihi,-,iiih-ih n, ynuas tiiai conic -uiriy 1:1 a jewelers line 1. iiuoii, lev i,o.i, i-i.iarir -u, an . ve.y eiiH,iaeiaoiy .111 01 nu-iuo,, pitived; t-inbiat-nig a Ttenlisj 11,1 lIy,lioiathy, Ho- i)' Vuililii'g, College St., lua-i-p-uhy, an I the hasten, Buihugiou, .uul., la.7. j iiiiuKs.-iier-,nua tiiueis pari-ir.Milg hooks, ale 1) ixt-w ion. n .-w ns-orl- 1 11-.1. A ih-.i.-t.iloiv I .rli.c .lliui 1 an-aiciaci., j- ut -ut ni . -v 1 ciije-, at... 1 una 1 11111 v ,F, ' " 1 .,'....ji..v. .111.11 v.... . 11,.. .i. X- l.iltri I ir-iiiuu, 1.1,14 r-lll.IS, I J iin.iiittj lit 11 1; 114 liit.1 .icit.-. hi u ,, by appl)ing at l'l.' O.Ii.'e ol lit- 1'iee P,cs. UjaJ llvt.'iit.. '..t,.i .-ml A,. inej. a. ' I'lles.sic ; 11 ili.-h' .V -.Me. S-e.!i- pinip'alet (which may be had gratis) accj.npanviag the Veimi.uge. AGUNI'S New York II II Schielllbn Si Co. L veipool, t'ig I unc-s Wutaon. II ivinia 1, G Mcuzi-t. Valpi in- Al'.x Cios. II I -n is Ay 11OJ lliyes i: Co. St Tim,,,-, A II Hue. Canto" I S.void., Si 1 l.v ,e 1 1st 1-1 1 J I. B;n3on. Calculi '.lutfungle cc Co. 21th Feb. U 10. C3;u3 S3 II. .1. FAY. IVcRj!::ii Kisinicla. PATTIS0N, NO.':, .L Co.. Patentees and Mnnu-lacta.-e.s,2J D.-Ijuey Street, New Yolk 0aui3 l.u.hui'ton, Vt. Fib V, In ST. INVAI.UUM.i: FAMILY ( Oall'ANIO.Y. vi.'Li:cTiji!i;Boihci'si.soi-Tin:LU.r.s i-v (.aosts, Pit-v.m.(.iiiii-d Cme of Consumption. Arth ...i.nnd Di-e.s, st il.,. I,.:,it. () . w Longevity, mid mode nf preening mule ni tl tt-mnle btailh, t-yimnelryniid kaiuv ;e.pcsi'ig cai.e. and cure ol tin tl.-si-i,,es that p t.hale ('01 ruii-i t.on.or saoiten hie, as Alli-c-tions ,. n. -kin Spine. fctomnch. Lowe shi.lueva, L.ver, Seiolula, Piles, Uluvel, nnd I'e.ui.l-.- Ciniipiiiinti. li,uic, ecsj, p.ctt tnl, and pure.lorma guide to pe.lect l.t nlih nnd loiif hie. ii l.y .--AMlJr.l, hitiJ.UDX 'l''. . A. M., M. D.. ni ,J. BKuau-W.x , NivW iui!h. Any poisj-i n.uiiimg li tj cent-, fire, will leceive one copy, by any p,.it. Tue imdesupiilied. .liu-any, Id 17. S3,i,3 ClJltiSHliS. 4 FELL0.V, tvnnsi: ia ti'aveuii urou 1 1 clear .Albany Agt'icult'rl V. uiehoav,' Seed Mole. VVI.OIIXllF A.M. SI TAIL, Nos, lo.t 12 GUFLN St., ALBANY, N. V. ?xHf ice. iuviu-.I to call mid t-xamii.e our Stuck bciore p t.t-ti.-is-- -x nig eUcwheie : they w ill li id it moie exteu-ive thin Mjlji that ot any other e.-tiihli-hn.enl iu lac Com 1 v, iind---'- e lowest pi lees, 1. L cc Co. I! atail W152':. a"i'! LF AX1) COWHIDE, A 10 iiips, Wiilkiuf fiat's, JIjs!;iii3 amlp fviuii ii tliut U.itf ,t w.t . A lui i! on,' am n I, m I, u'a tiWtf, iVe, wu!i itwi'lim Imuvt? niitl bnru, it hrei-ut Sto.n Slun-, CATLIX it SWIAU. Swre lloui"-, tUu-W an.l oiht-r iiniuuKMuvnts thert'on, we wilUt'il ;it thtf luwvst niKvs. J . C MBNS' CALF IIJl 1 a well's S, Uatici b, Children Buriington, March 10, 1317. co Co. i ul huiixnimm will sbll at I'ihilip Aneliun, on the 2 llhil ly nl April iie.x.., nt leu o'clock A M.nn ihe jiieinncs ucciiju.-d by the iite linn ,, ,. v t on ec io ,iu tins pi tee, me ii.iiowiug propel t v. as- AI'OPin:L'AUY!S IIAI.I,. l'i REMOVAL Aw (i.i:v,'ii) jiw li'.vi: 'l tieea-ion t.i ti-seany thing In the 1"H nn.l Medi cine hue, vv.ll ti id atarg- u-i I e.xeelleut natoitui.-nt nl lb- villi" at the corner ol Chinch and Co.lege S.,., II irnugioii bail bag II ivnig removed to the corner, w are p I to s -rve up all ih d -he ,cies reipiue.l for Ihe iuestrvalinn of ihe 1. -alt'.s ot our Noiguhoi. an I l-'euow CitiA -us. ULO. C. IIAIUIINU 1'ON. 11 n!i. i 'ion, Feb 2u . ,,,,' ti-" ti.t-r. It t. .XXUI. tit. " 1 ".! '' .,, nnm . L-k.. ana stun ir ' u -t " -'t ot i.,ii,ai nivi.vii i in xii:tlil: s.r,r.rr (l'ALS.Ol.Vi "lhathc In, woik -tl clennedl Si propiletur .! th iil.nve cstiibbsluuejt. I.ntiut.,l id lind. nro-, Clinki tor iH.'ec-! : if no i-oiiii.liiiiiis wire iiiiiilenl'irn;".!,!,.' tu ihe Mni inSiiueNt HI . 12 tin in ti. plenty ol pmc j h,i woik we shuul I not uoliee Inui. Ko one who le s Aih ,e ,u I now ob.-m the Ikh.-iiIi. m, n ,m I i, nun- in xx oiiv -a xviiu us is i rave nil'' a on in no a 1"1 , "i ,l' " i",i i in iu- t-ou-nrv . mc u- no. t-x-t-i v tlii-t 2 I Cau.iu... ft is of ve y in .j l mt oceiiiienct- tliai .s.M l.y l.'ii- 1 iim-r an I t.iiid.-nt-r. iiu.oti xx'n.'th xvid Wap-his a.e sol I uu .he H f.igi.i "I ms-' slat, til 'HI- be ioun 1 1 ilo.t,. Powe.s and Tu,el.e.;x, Tl.i.i .x,., that "In y w.-.epiuch.'i-d ol n,'"cauie linuioui Saoi ILum llul,,-.,, Pluw, st-vernl kinds. , ihtse tl Ku - .Ve." dl. Ctiitui,. Pooil) i le an.l pooripattii n, gu-s, tvmw .Vln.-.m,iin-l I'irtiiyoc Mems, ol Muss . r-aver repuon-aleti.ti-H t-oi , iu tor ,,-i!-.i-iki...ip ,v iniiiini.iii i ei i.-mk, i .ntlil sexeiattlh- tiia-r-. 'iv iiL-v sta ni' --11111 in-y can,.- titi.ii int. S .mall,.,.!,.. IU "L,,-,iel til-Ill ' X M 11 ' VV 111. I , ' i . ece it piicHif-.s i j.i'i ii "" '" ;;V"J.,"""' i.vver ; i aiimtig kts, u -h stateinems tVWi they buy, in. J know l.y a pel- Lrndli -..btjllii-,. llnnnw-i.Cuhivato.s.Seedi.H I Com aiwinceupiea oy ku , ,ii,, wui-it- tue i-ieamooais riinuaij tiirougn i.-...e uiniiipiaiu iu-ikh ti. -'ir regular la'idii."s T5-'jT.,Sf s-veral liiiv-sdiily.tluimgllie a-iw,.i ot Navigm.,?. annvKu c...7e.,7Y,.' v , t.V"2'" 'V "(. ' .'a' ,!!:!i' 'r..."' 1,,!.'!h. '"s im Jit! ij ii u' i.i in iiixiiHi-us iiif. i i, ii-.u"f iiuvi mi I'liiiinnii' """"'i "ii nu- ii lut r-riori 1 XJ J, SwDitliW'.i nuJ IVKleii II -rriii j in UiN l nv, mul neiir tlif U .S I'lirliliealiims. Aiao, 11 unit 'tun, M.irch h, CATL1N & SI'EAR. 'A iilinui Wood's IJstiile. WF. the fubsenbers having U-eii nptointed by ihe llonornble the Probate Court Im' Ihe D.s'mci nl Chittenden, Ciiinmu-ioneis, to leceive, mil mku-t tae claims mil demands of all ieii.Hs ngiui't the estiteof William Wood late ol entlord, l'l - it 1 dl-lr,ct, deceased ,rt pres -ntetl ent, nudlii-tt n II cl .im ..ud d "il in Is exhibited molliet theieio ; mid si inoiilhs it oni ihe day til ihe dale hereof, being allowed, by raid Ouurt, for thai u-ittee, we do thete- lo.e liertny give nonce ui.ii we vx.iiii.ieiiii m tne nil'. tirco farms with dwelling hou,es and out builduiii. : uessolour the dvvellm gnl .be widow Itvo of which lariHsjoin the Like near kii I Foinliea- II i.mali Wood, iu Wertlonl m mid tli-tnet, tut the FARM FOU SALE I'lin S.ibcrlber offers for i-ale n fnrm Containinrr Iwtut 97 acres, n lnree nortion nf which is eond nlnin land and on which is a eomforlnble liouie, wordh use nd barn all iu good repair, nnd tl.e farm iu rood cute of cullivntii.u and situated within one mile of ihe flourishing village of Milton Falls which will betoldon accommodating tern,"- UBNJAMIN FA1UCI1II.D. Mihon, March. I0th, 1617. 37w-3 potash hi:ttu:s. TWO LA lid' E I'OTASII KITn'MS. rou 1 "'le by 0110. l'LTKUSON Iluilington, March 9, 1817, 37vv'J Pill I I'nclory nt WliinosM Cily, I HAVE MADE AHHAXGEM E.NTSWITII l Mr. I bntcher, to bnxe the entire mle of all tl.e i "i M'!' ' "' mail'"l his Fnrtorynt WinoctkiCity. I shall have n full supply of 1'nils at nil limes, at my bl'.re,iii ft'JUwriloi. Ch. tw and Wash Tubs of ull sues kept comtnntlyon hand. nr. l GF.O.rF.TKRSON. Burhnjtoii, March ?,1S17 S7w6. Wnntcil tn Eui'ctisi. A IJieedmg Maics. Apply to this Olbce. Mnieh II IH17 37wili"iis,nnllhetilhirl) little luther Wit, u'l .he Iitgliw-ay .nnningoeiweei, tuii viing. unit tl.e village ol Ch',niilain, containing iu all near 3J lucres of Loud, ivvi-ll watered nn.l tl.e gitnler put under it good stale nl cultivation, having u toitnble .oi.ion of limhernnd xx-ood.loif.-lher xvllh lhestiK-k ol Cutlle. IIoisi-r .S...... -'iCl. V5iKrC.3 Cli- C'Tii C5Itw3 "l,J (iriHiiiguieiiiiswitlivxhich theielaims arc well EilSffH T-tr7,Tfk-' 'l-'rTT'-'r-i-cSv wJfeigrJ. fipplicd, -n liaU- Venn mt fen im inn.,,, I S vcial othersnnll dwelling huuses nnd lots, and ceil i a. i.t, ',,i,,,g lots in the ceiitial p ut t,n village., A N assessment ol ten tluliaisnn n f-lnre Ins bee. nweial Like and Canal Baals, together will, various r ordered by the di-eetors oft',- enuont (Vntrn! ither personal p,oicr.y. Itailro.d Cniiipitiv, .iyableon th,- tilth day of April li is deemed i.aueccsiry logo into farther pirticn iiexl. Pn)u,eni iinybe nride at the Fanners tt Me.'.nrs, nspcrtoas ib-Mroin ol purtbnt-inc, will iii.tmally ehanics Biuk. ihe Biuk ol Mo.ilvher,exiiiiiiie i,rthe.Helvcsbeloietliedayoi sale, low ho... in uie tt i.i. i-io -it t.aiox or ut tue i icavaie. t oiiicerine reirns le iiHoru. uioa xx in o. given l lie iircit.eriv l-l M'.A. ....... tin... Il.,.,n.i t ... 1 1 I III ....... I. n.. .... f.- 1 ' .x ill nt- mui i tu it'i. iiiiiwn iB nr tar 111 possaue, 171 Tieii.nnt How. Buslon Boston, Feb 21 1817. SAM. II WALI.Y.Jr, 3Gwa 'Vietsaier. and the terms neeoinuuKiniiug, n isnovv thn prevnib img opinion tlir-t ll.e LiKeuniiiup'niunndSt. Lnvrcnce r Oi leiwuii a. .... I,,,,,. ...n :... . ..... t,':. air i'vt it n it B 1 x-'a i.i-i"i'tii nir i.tsteiii ALL1.A S r.iTIWT G ImIIIII I, lti:Vf LVIXUKmlmul l.y ciitesng Ihe Like nt this phre. Should I'i'lol-i.lorSalent 3f.wS J V RANDALL'S, this be renh.ed the heroic named projierty will begieat- M ly tncica ei in tiuue. Illll.l.VNS. 1 E DUITIUNT KI.N'IM OF I HAWDON,.lMn(f. Melodious roun 1 nnd fiat'keyed , nold bv Rnuss'a Point, town of Champion!, ) Lrvii.!.tiAiP it tutu j I1L.K.1 Liiiiunx-euniy, .x i , .-mien, ion v afti-n l.'ili day of April nc.t mill o'cluck, A. .M. on said day. Dated, lhi 21fi day of D'eember. A. D., lSifl. ANSON SOFLU, J cvm,i, 3J.v-3 DAVID S HASJI.TON. Lullm"3- DISSOLUTION. IIWU) C.iPUIT.NBItSMIP UBUBTOPOIli: PAIST 1 ing under the firm of Spaulding.t Kusv-ll is this d ly diioKvd by m itail coasenl. AH perMiu, bat imr in s-ttled accounts, tue carnc-ily icii.eied lo ea'l and stttleforlhwit'i. It. O. SPAUI.l.lNiJ, S II.BUSSLLli, B.itlington, February 1st-, Iil7. Nntieo. Till! undetsi'gncd having token the shop heretofore nceupied by Spud bug .t l!usell,nre ,n pared lo ex e niie all kinds nl Puuitiuz, Paper Hanntim. .Ve Ae . xx ith neatness and despatch, cheap tor Cash, and fiom well known experience, lrui to give entire satisfaction lu ull who may give iw ii t. S. II b USSbLL, J. LV'.MAN SPAL'LDING. Bnrlin(rton,rrrary 1st, 1617 iirrf Samuel lilln's IMutt.. ) AT a Probaf Court S held at hurlingt s and Sit xi-iw' Spnal liny Ci.tteis, tint sail I tUlu-.i. . Com sin lieu. band, n villi inr ii.ew l.vver; lalimtlg kts, ?t Villi-,. Ilnrti.tttf I 't,!i. u I ... I i ' s m ilex liiiin ilio-i ot i.-cuht.pJriiy and woil.m intliii. Pi iniers.sereial kind-, nU. Slioxt is,' llwSiod'S, they can UistiiUerjaJg-. uunvuuiiin i--i5i'""j"' I""- i',x,n', i cms, u iws, ,x.e , .e. AI-, iveiy eha-te.ein uo saved by common p uJi-nce,uud vniiei) ol 1 ield,(lia,-,t;iii,e,i, lb ibaud Flower Stub-,'fofr.nlv.rbei.irepuith'tse. all wanaiited of the growth of Hill, an 1 gemnne and It is not true that any c.aetiiiJeis.-lltus.u.S.lverxvare, true to iheir names ; I'l.-biumiun of Dealer, Furuien W atehes, Clocks,, so tar iir j.-i ti,u t iruciieisjsM.uci ,t, ns the i. icti mc uudoiiu sei-i lamed. iviu.taMAii) ,v- ukouilui. aua an n. inns wntrauled satie.a.tiuy Feb. -17. I Mul- I.UTilcUl TC'CKKR. 1EI.OI)EAXS-In.o ami kiipad kkv At Mi'luJcaiis, cm conti gii.-neiil by llie manLficm icrs. FoisiU-by S IV.Vi.NS WOODS. Burlington, Fcbtuaty 20, pi idtfi: uii .o hlsT: 111 Shoes and Boots ! That is thcl(urst;cii I 10Z. C. WAL1.S is pruTjiLvrnxcTTO 1 race Ih- oriceol SllOi.rtil l.e help it, although ull ilu- i.VinViio..i-ic..' , mt- p-junr iindiisk- i:i ii rise int-oiiK-n-e-1 Iln.ib r aid xxniL taxing atfvoi.ccd In iu ll'tn-ii i i ti-. - '-ut the BenigCdt'i a.U do vxon.lcis, ('i.uii cu, rdi ye Ct tuy.'K, und s'e lor vourxlvi-s, rt the Onlv S:ialiro Cnnli mior.KSALLAyn juiiiuxg sunKsrarn J l ,SlVy.,u 1'.' IWOAD STliVLV. i'Vcr.XTJtA l stxzlt. On llnml, A splendid nsoilirx'Bt of finennifeoin aion BOOTS A. SHOES al Loxv Piices. l"C-2.u fonv. Nnv (ioons. Stitl riu(ii:!, .ilciipsonill)ead. fiold Far Knobs. Oamen Pins, 'iner-rincs, and mil mother lot ol Bailor Lumps, u.-t reie.v. i bv BKLNS.M AID & BltO'l lIF.US. Mardijlih 1317. CASH FOR GUALX. 1511 mm fob Rm:. C n, yr Oats. J. S7th 31. ty Fouatt it Iriiutk-T. ST ATI! OF VF.UMONT, ll i t i:i,itle,l.lell. s-i. ... .'i I i . n 1 ditr.el tU Clint -ndt-ll nu ihe 25tl tiny ol Febiuaty, HI7, cotiii-s Hoy Blui mid Ilannah I, llfowa, win-nl Samuel It. llruxvn, audtlte lns-iid c-tiiut ili.-ir p.-tuicin in vviu'mg. N-ttmg forth that the) each own one undivided eleventh pail ol ll.e e.taie oi Siuiuel Bun, laic ot Saelburne, m sud di-trnt tle-eoas.-d, i.i eom.i. in with ll.e other heir- ll.ereol . that lhy wish to have iheir shares s.-t out lo ihini m te veinlty. and prayim; Kiid t-oiiit to order pinlitiou o. si. 1 e-iate to be iti .de imiong the seveiat peisons en- t.l ed thereto . XV Hereupon, me cou.l l.lor.'K.H. uolli apiM.i.u ihe ihiul Wt-dnxe I.i) in March, lsi., loi bet. ...gaud deciding on w,,d petition, at the oliice ol the liege-tor ot sud couit m sill 1! uhngion, und doth ortlTtlr.tallp'r-tm,mt'-rei.ted be n .t.ti -tl there nl republication nt this oitl -r, co'itauung the sub- I' ,.n,l lu'lilimt. tbri-t xx.ikit Slieei smvi le in the llarli .gioii I'.ee l'lt-ss, a uewspaiier p.iutt-ii in ,aid tliuluigtoii, tue insi oi which punHi-auuiia to ot prev ions lo Ihe said third Wcilncday in Ma'ch, 1317. tiivcn under my hand llus25l'i dayol FebiuM) 1317. 3S W.M. Wt:SI'oN. A'ffitfei To Briilisls. StochtMl it- (;' Hyd JarlM taleif Mmcra Teeth, Hurti'iit,; Venn "I. Constnntly leceixinu fnjvlii'' of ficu-pi I :"' lolnr, P.vot nn I I'lue T-eili. Also l-,..cepi, 1 . It. Liold and Tin Foils, Uxcavaioi?.S.-alci. Bans, Dulls Moulds, Mivroir.lkush'i. ''".iV'ciVy-i Ka Mrcll7 ly VcCHit SPtAKd. c 11

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