Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 19, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 19, 1847 Page 3
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J BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 19, 1847. Sowing liis seed in hope, may rcnp hi4, harvest with abundant jo). Let us pray, nlso, that there he no dearth among ofspiritual blcsfings, hut that nil our churches may be visited witli rich effusions of Heavenly grace i thai the Gospel may be embraced by multitudes who now re fuse obedience to its holy requirements s and that reli gion, pure and undclilcd, may take root and thrive m nil our hcarts.ttud exert its benign and sacred Influence upon all our conduct. , , ...,, Let us pray that nil our valuable inlitutionma I c preserved nnd prospered, and that the cherished prl vilges mid blessings liich How from them ma) , not only k pcrpituatcdto Us, but be difhucd and extended - -11 -...I L '-.I 1 .1.- l! .... ...a. iu "iiuur orciureii 01 uie num. in n.n . . , And linally, let us pray that war nnd strife, that in justice and oppression, and imnioiality nnd vice ot very name and character, may bo driven rroin our land, and that w c may become, in nil our ways, such a people ns the Lord will eicr delight to own, to prosper nnd to hle-is. , Given under my hand nt I.riosburgh, tlustemh day of March, in the ycarol our Lord one thou i..s. Band eiirlit hundred andtortv-sevcn.and of the In dependence ol the United States the seventy first. ltOIlACF. EATON. 11 the Governor, Fni.lLHI.K Dilli.nrs Scc'iy. vJlouvt Qtalcnbav. Supreme Court. Armf.os rotrsTV. rti'pnrted for the MiJJlebury Galaxy. Xnthan Mvirch. r. Francis Slaseon it nls. This una nn action of flock AcCounti The t.flilies had entered into a contract under seal, by which th plantilf agreed to open n quarry of the delcndants, and deliver at their null blocks of niaibleof n certain mea sure and quality, nt so much per cubic foot. The claim n mis case was lor noor oxnenueu unucr sum con' tract, though the contract had not been performed nc rorili'i!? lo us terms, and no marble answerinc its re- eiyirctuents. excriit a small block of 20 feet, had been delivered. The plaintiff however had deducted mar ble frouis.iiil quarry difTiringfrom that agreed on, nnd a part of it had been sawed by the defendants. The marble, so far ns worked, was full ol natural seams nnJsullicieul marble, answering to the description in the contract, could not have been obtained in snid quarry to satisfy the contract by tiny reasonable omcunt eil" labor during the quarrying season. It appears that inc ucuciit actually received oy tne ucieniiani irom uie p'.alnlifl's for services sva3 not more than the profit they failed to receive from the contract not being performed so asto produce nimble ncconling to its terms. After argument by llaiber 5( l'hclps for the phntiff, nnd by C. Linlcy for the defendant, the Court pcrKod fUld J. held, tint as the piantilT sen ices had been per lonned uiicr the contract, though not according toils Urnis, and the contract had not been rescinded, the proper remedy was nn action of covenant. And Qucrc, wh.Mli-r even In covenant the plaintiff not ha ving performed the contract on his part according to its terms (as he was liound to no, unless absolutely impossible) could recover tiny thing I And even grnn tni.!li' might recover what his services were reasona bly worth to the defendant, as they might offset the loss they had sustained by his iion-perlurinanccof the contract according to Ins agreement, he would not under the circumstances of the ca3c, be entitled to any thing. William V Ripley r.s. Harvey Yale. Tins was nn action of rjectmcnt. It appeared that in l'ebruiry 1S3J, one lily, by a parol contract sold to the def nd.'int, nt so much per acre, the land in dispute (cs. muled at 3d ncics,) and that the defendant paid elownnpart of the purchase money, and went into p isses.ioit, nnd ever since had remained in posses sion At the time of the purchase it was agreed that the dcfe'tdanttnijlit tak? the land as It was estimated (30 nrrc or have it measured nt his option ; and that when he ii nl made his election mid had given Illy se- runiy lor the balance of the p.irc!ias,! money , tin' latter to execute two ucciis, on? 10 uie eicieueiani, ot si -h part of the premises ns he might choose, and the other of the residue to the dcictidauCs brother. Some tun" sit-r Yale made his election nnd Itiniished secu rity ior tiie p-rciia.; money acMrdmg to the contract. Uiv then ten lered him a deed of the entire 30 acres. v.mch he declined to leceive on the ground that there should be two deeds one to hnnset, nnd one to his Mother, ami 1 ale at tuis tim: grave liiy notice lie should hold the land nsliisown. Aflerthis(Yale re maining in posv.sion and claiming title) illy executed u deed to the plant)! of the premises in question. Affr armient by Starr it linggs fr the plantiff, pnd bv Lin-lev ,t lfarbcr lor the deiendmt, the Court p r Had .1 held, that after notice to Illy that h' should hold on to I he 1 md.the nossesnon o tl e de fendant, 'uuo befoicunsa more leinnt nt will) be- c me ndv to lily, ni.d the deed ol the piaiutili'was Hituior miner our statute. ,( i. Tiu ns A. HiMUDND. i'. Iltr.A Howe. . This an action on a promissory note, for two thousand live bundled dollsis dated September 1st Hl'j.anJ payable to the order of one Thomas D. JliinmoiJ in one vcar Irom date, with interest. nnd r.idoisd to the plaintiff. Til? defendant, on the trial, uiE-Ted in evidence, three small notes payable in the mid T. I). Hammond, ami in his hand-writing, and ng. led bysiid Howe tone of sjid notes for $150 dated August a Jtu 1310, anil payable in one year liom date j one lor SIM dated Oct. 3J 1537, and payable on the i.-i cepi. ; ami one iur fuo uaied sepl.otli lsJ1t nnj payable one halMn one jear, and one hall in two )vuis, iio.ii o.iie. i iiere was uis'j evjuence to snow that sai l T. i) Himmoud, in a case where he loaned inoriev Iur l'J n?r cut. took n note for the ainniint hem. cl.nnd a senaiate note for the extia G percent. and nt the tune -aicl tint that" was his way of doing bu michs" The question in this cav; to the cicif--riisi ulity and rffect of such evidence to prov e a rou tine! to pay, and a payment of, usury upon said $-,5X) note, After argument by Iiriggs & Hale for the plaintill", nnd by II. .Seymour (J I.msley for the defendant, the Court, per Koyce, C. J. held that the production of lie three small notes was not conpetcnt evidence to .rove tint Ih were given for usurious interest j that the ,ti f possession ot them by the defendant wns not v denee to prove that they hud been paid by Howe, with, ,m bhuvttnga dilirery to Hammond. 'Oruneo risu, v. Hamel Nichols Trustos of Samvel , I'. 1'ii.ld. In this case it appeared that said Fi-h being (for some reason not disclosed) very anxious to raise money to pay a 1,000 debt which he owed the Orwell Hank, applied to said Nichols to assist him, and otl'eicdtn give him a bonus of JU0 for his trouble ; that snid Nichols accepted the oiler, raised the money, and paid the debt ;thai Field thereupon gavcsiid trustee his note lor 81-00 payable on demand jand that said note had been paid. The question was, whether said Ni eiob) could be made chargeable us trustee for said Alter argument by H. I) Woodbridgc nnd Tier poiut lor the plant ill', and by I. C. Tucker, for Truc tce; the Court per Hedfiefd J., held that thiscase eomc will; the principle of the deci-ion made at this term, in liarkcr r. GravesTru-tee ol Hstjs iimd that the SJ00, not usury (there being no rate vr cent,) being evidently moncv obtained imlrr circuutanees, could not under the construction given" in that case to the llh Section of the TruMre Act nnd the Statute ol made the subject of the Truster process. Asa Ciuraiv.r. David H. Hover This was an nction o tiespassou tliclreehotd. The main question in the case was one of title ; and that depended upon whether the land in dispute (a piece of about l'i acres) was included in ndee.1 Irom unoChurles Hooker to the nlaintill' The deed, in set. ting out the boundaries of the land com eyed, described itnsl")unded,on the west by lauds of one Severance ; nnd also described it ns the larm on which the grantor then hied, and still furtherns th lauds willed by H. Hooker lo said C Hooker, except 'i'l acres deeded to nun uy one i.iuos ; saying noiuingm particular auoui lue piece in dispute, and which was purchased by said C Hooker of one Case, and is not part of the land willed, by II. Hooker, or of the land deeded by Gibbs, The land in dispute is nt the west1 end of the land so -oiive)ed, and cast of the lands owned by said Seve rance, and ndjoining the same, or with only a narrow strip owned by some third person between. It was "I"", nt the time of the execution of said deep, a part of the farms on which said C. Hooker ihen Ined. Alter argument by II. Sewnour nnd Ifarber lor the I'lamtllT, and by I.inley ,t Heck with lor thu defeii- inl, the Court per Itcdfi. Id J. held that the land in dilute was included in Ihcdeedtu the plaintiff jnnd . ..V i'J . ,hb,l"nJm in the particular riiiimerotion ol Jhl.wn's Mf"" '"'""not mentioned and that . miru I L U?C"- ?t""ral dcscril lio11 '' controled b, "pccihcwordsotlimitMio,, following. KlTLAsn Cou.nv. Kerotedfor the Voice of Freedom The Supreme Court for this County commenced its K-s-ion nt Kullnnd on Tuenlay, the 1st m.t Present, Hon. Htlpiies Hovce, Chief Jo in. nn.i Hon Milo I, HeliliM o Hdandllall aBd'," Charles Daws.ossistallt Judges. The causes on the docket were disposed of in the Mlowing manner: rt. Warren, vs. Norton ct Slnsnn. This ns a petition of Francis Slnson, oua of the clcfclidanls, lor a new trial on the above caw, which was 0 suit ill chancery in which o dual decree had i . I mr.iiiist ihe defendants. Ihe nriiwl. nal ground of the application was the discovery ol new '.:T..... 'fi... i. ii of the Court was itiven Lv i ' .. t, r,..,,riit.e,l Hiibscanliallvits follows! The lirst question raised, is, whether this is the proper tri buna for iillbrdiug the rebel for which the petition and this is lo be deiermiiied by the provisions ol he l "v Statutes. Under ihein a Court of Chancery i" constituted with the powers c.f the Court ol Cha -. '. I.. M'hi K,ii,r.-in Court, as now roil- flilut-d, 'isiiot o w.urt ol chancery, but only an up pcalc court, withocrs niilaKulo those ocrcis edby thtSltousc of Lords In Kngland. In the Lng-1 lish Chancery practice there arc but two modes of ob tniningsuch relief ni Is here nsked lor. 1st, byn pe tition for n re-hearing 2d, hyn bill cd review, which may be founded on new discovered facts. In this state the Court of Chancery can grant relief under ci ther of these modes, but the Supreme Court cannot bv virtue of any bf their ordinary powers. This Court has no tiower to errant new lip.nrinrrs In t .HSnee- ry under the 33d chap, ofjtev. Slnt., the language of won. 1 1 iipjioenoniy io icuiii, nnu not to cuancery pro ceedings. Under these views, a consideration 4f the merits of the present application becomes necessary. The petition is dismissed with cost. Strong it Buck, vs. James T. Phelps. irustceol i;iiab. Mitchell, The trustee disclosed sundry elfectsand credits of the principal defendant in his linnds, and among other .la...n..,t. 1 ,..l.:-t. .1 L i... i..iiuu- '.'.!, .xiiiii lorn- nusii.i Ulsjmil", lis ii.iuii- ed that he should be allowed in olfset one half of the amount nc una bccnobligej to payns surety lor A lanon Mitchell on a note toone Checvcr, which the cicicnunni nan also signed ns co-surety with lum. 1 he note signed by A. Mitchell, as principal, and by the ueii-iiuuni unu imsicc as Fureues lor nun, wns given before the commencement of this suit, but did not be come due until after : but it became due nnd was paid ny tne trustee tietore lie made Ins tint t disclosure in tne county court. 1 lie County Court decided mat the amount so paid by the trustee, or a pottion oi it, could not be deducted ; to this decision exceptions were taiten ny me trustee. i ne opinion oi tne supreme Court wns given ny Hr.N.rTT J., in which it was held that See. 35 ol the Trustee actextended ton case like the present, where the iinbilitv wns nssUmed bv siiruinff the note as co surety bclorc the commencement ot the suit; though tne navnicnt bv tliesurctv and consentient nerlcetion ot disclaim auainsl his co-surctv wns not until after that time ; that the ense above stated was anuhigous to that of a payment by a surety for his principal, which it had been decided in Massachusetts should be deducted, though the note upon which he was surety had not not become due, nud was not paid by the trustee until niter the commencement of the trus tee action against him. Judgment of the County Court rcvcised. larkct0. lirltjhtDn Mnrkct.'-Momlny, Mnrch in. At market, 3fla Ileef Cnttle, tOvokesworklng'xen, 03 Cows and Cnlvcs.800 Sheep.nnd alioiil 11100 hw Inc. Heef Cattle F.xtra, 87 ; first quality G 60; second quality, S3 50 to 80. , Working Oxen Sales wcrcinadc nt 8i3.8l,92, 100. nnd 8 1 20. Cowsnnd Calves Sale wercnoticeunt8'ii,-o,30, 33, nnd one nt 310. . ,,, Sheep Sales cf lotsnt 91 89,2 13,2 07,320 and J 50. Swine At wholesale, 5c lor Sows, nnd Ce lor Har rows. At retail, Irom 0 loccper lb". , N. U. About 200 head ol the cattle came over the Western Railroad from Albany. Iloston Jtlnrkct-OInrch 15. IB IT. GTI AIN. Duty 20 per cent. Tb. j Corn market during the week nasi his been very dull J sales for export not exceeding 10,00(1 bilshel.,and about 10,000 bushels northern round, brought nt 'J7c pcrbushcl.nt railroad, supposed for null nt Last Ilns loll : Ihe trade have taken tw o or three cargoes hi 88c i..- ...i.;, nn.1 iWn r..How lint, measure . Oats are n little belter, the receipts having somewhat fallen off; sales Kilstern 4i!e per bushel, it J c, nortUcMii 3 ff 80c tlo do, nnd III limited demand M'OOf.. Duty, 30 per r7. , , , , Prices still have an Upward tendency, nnd sales have been made at our highest quoted rates. The stock in market continues to uc small, and manufacturers arc looking to the country for a supply. i oiui; kj.iAoi.y a nil , washed - -- -- -- - American full blood do. - - - - do .1-1 do. - - ' do 1-2 do. - - - - do l-l&comdo. - - - - Kxtra pulled Sup. North'n pulled lamb - - - - No. 1 do do do - - - - 2 do do do - - - 3 do do do - - - - FOR. SALE. AVAt-UAtll-K TAVKKW STAND, with 23 ncrcs of land and good fruit, about two tniles South tif Hurlington Vil lage, on iw.tshclbHrnc itonu Called the (ice place. Inquire of I). A. SMALI.F.Y.or Moonv, oil the premises. Hurllnglori, March, 17, 1817. 3S0 STWICKES, 12'27 iiiier ,S'rcc, Troy, opjmsite the Troy HaiM, Wholesale Di'uggist anu tir.Ai.rn tK Inotici:. 1 Lfj PKUSONS INHflllTKl) TO TIIH lrAl C 11 of ..r i. i. UTMNII-V Int of TlurliufTtotl. deceased nreitivlte'dtocnlUnd settle before the 15th of AllriJ nexl. All book nccouius nnu nines o u i-.u. w.v.t that limctvillbe colli-ctr.l nmnr.ltr IuffiiriMiiai"r Hnrlingioili Iarcll IS, 18l7i ?liWiri.i!.il,llliri b Vermont Centini Huilionil, AN tissessnicnt of ten dollars on n Share lnsls-cn u'nlered by the dsrectors of the Vermont Central Railroad Companv. payable on the fifth day of April next. I'liy'neiil maybe made, nt the Fanners eV .Me , i.niii. s itni.if I t trlin.'itjti. nt tin- II mk of Mnntnelicr. tl llnuli nf fit tlir 'lrmtttr'ri,M ullif!. - ; I 17 Tremont Hoslon. i it i , . .. c..i. .ii mis uvm ti ti'itt.v r. IIOSlOIl, l IO. . lull u.l.', ll. ..'i,'. ,.'. SC.i Tirmmn. (ji:.vri,i:iii.v'r) FINE BOOTS. I.niilos' Gnilcr Hoots, Hull' Hoots, llusldns, lioth kill nil" cioiii, ii i ics nun mips. Window Sash. IffitllSKRf i A l;TlIi MpnV. sif Window , r"7lff3sffl A SuSli 0l dll sires, w 111 lie kept i ''""HHiTinTjisONr6 ll,.,tli Mo rrh'J. 1817. StwO Pi t Itlmi lo sell Lnnil. , ,, . STATU OF VHItMONT.J A T n Probalc Coit-t IbFtticI olChillenieii,ss. $ f hcldat Hur ingl" i within ami lor said district ol CJiillertdcn, on the. all i day of l'rbrunrv, t n HI7,comes.Vlaty Hodges, guni biJii ! lleotpir .1 Hodges, a minor S.U1 M , Hodgrt.lati. of Willisiou, deceased, nml fiTca Jrf ni I courtlier Ktition in writiiig,ettnig forili rrrVtt Ml ti j M aul is si lrrd in Ins own rigid in lee of (nKinVdiViiii d ivthpati of the follow iugdcserilicd parcel tH land.l'),-, inHiNttly lit Itiehiuond, in said district! n id patl I said Wlltisto", Imunded ns follows. l',nsterlyby (r.we; tioodiith'slnii.t I'oitb by VVuiouskl Turnpike, wesb i' ' Iv by .loiiasTboih'iisoii slatid. nud southerly by Jolio illiri in-' t'lTnl , nrM 'ml ol Hnthiiway Shennati, le. ini! nil the laud ol whirl! the sai, George llodg"S, d ceased, died seized, Ifhirj on Hie sbhlW-tly side ol sni.l Turnpike, contniiiiii.'nLO'll bne bUnilit'd nnd nlin-iv live ncrcs ol bind .- that n file ol nil b.-r said "rd . 0 FABM FOR SALK 42 (f 17 30 V 41 33 tt 37 30 it 3J 25 iff 2S 38 9 42 31 1 30 29 St 31 17 ! Ill 12 V 13 Driigsj nnil aiciliitinrs, l'ulnts, (Ills. Dyes, C'hciiiiciils, V iirnishcs, Ac, FPK'ltS to 3ti:nniANT3 jiakixii tiikih Snrini? nurcliaes n eoinplele assortment of eoods I t...l.-.n...r irr for sale n larm Conlninma in the Drug lincrwhich he warrants lo be of the frst , -innl W facrr's a larde bortioil tif which is good plain gun'.ity nnd nt the lowest maiket prices. land mill bn which is a comfiirtablc house, wondhouse , HIEKCHAVTS, H1ANI FACTU11LKS unu OTIims Vlsllll g I . . . ,, jn 00j rrnair, and uie lurm 111 goon the South rorliicpurrlneofgoods,nre invited Mcnll. i "",' r "i i.niionnni sniiated within one mile of the '1' -vlnl. 11 iqi7 og..o) l sinie Ol cuuniiiion' ' . r ... , .... , .ni i lf,M,,if inll ""' I llourisliiiit' village oi .wiuoi'i""" I, ... ......... ii,i, fn ,ii, !, t.,i ,, lllleresl iinhi. hm wmi i I.e hr-lierfetsl In l.ori I.v h.-i. 1 illlll'l,'i. I r nil, , '. I J l. .ei.rted Stock, nnd 1 l".'. dsol .,!, sale pui nt In'erest, or nun- ;,0Mlv ol City nnnulaclure, ill pijii shipor durn'liilitv.iit ., VV . ointnl'stv'le.' i ' 1,'fodiietive slocks, and she lirais said couit t . N MAItTIN'S grant her licensi. to sell all Iter said want a imeiest i i Stroi v4 buildingi College St., Sign ol the red top ' n';' tor the purpose aiwrsiM -pram. uuiiT n n i -0 . s rttnti. in uiii'li i n inriilcntid firm lilic. Troy, March 13,1317. DAGUERhEOTYPE MINIATURES, at $1,50. SUl'F.iUOIt to nny ever produced in this plncc, nnd as good ns can be had in any other. There is ii,.,., Hurlington, Vl., February !7. 33 nO DISSOLUTION. .Vol ice. IV the! mifnosc of f.icililrttinc the transac tion ofliuiincssj with the .Select Men of this town, they will hold regular nicotines nt the office of John A'. I'omeroy, nil thu 1st nntl 3d Mond.iys of each month, during the year, at U o'clock A. 51. The several Surveyors of Highways aro re quested to attend to the scttlvmcnt of their ac counts nt the first meeting, under this notice, on llio third inonday, (IStliof this month.) Joii.n N. I'omekoy, Selectmen Samul. Nichols, of II. II, (Stacv, JBurlinglon. Burlinpton t March, 1817. 37w3 about the matter Ladies and Gcntlcmcll tire invited to call and exatn ine specimens and judge for theiiiselVcs. . Hooms opened in the I homas Hlilbino tor a snort time. T. M. l'AHKr.U. 3J3 Slrong, vs. lilchardson Action of Account. The declaration alleged that the parties were joint owners of land in .Mendoii, ec, the defendant plead ed that he was not bailiff A judgment to accounts wns rendered in the County Court lo which excep tions were taken by the defendant. The opinion of the Supreme Court was given by Davis J,, who re marked that the dclcndant relied principally upon two delects in the plaintiff's declaration, 1st, that there wns no sufficient nllecntioit of a tenancy in common between the parties 2d, that it was not suf ficiently nlleged that defendant had received more than his just share of the products nnd profits ol the land : tlint thouirh the declaration was manifcstlv in. fluil'tcicnt in these respects, and would have been so neid upon general demurer, yet tuc court tiiougtit they Were defects which were cured by n verdict. i ne ngnt ot tne planum to nn account wns omy im iierfectlv stated, and after n trial unon this ouestion. in which the issue wa9 found ngaiust the defendant, this court must presume that the necessary lacts were proved, lu entitle the planum to the judgment winch he obtained. Judemeiit of the Couutv Court affirm ed. I'nwlcl. v. Kunert. This was an appeal from nn order of removal of Chandler Porter and his family from the town ol I'aivlct to the town of ltupert. inceptions were ta ken by the plaintiirtown to a decision of the county court allowing the defendant to file a motion to quash tnenrocvcdiiiirs ns to l ie nauoers lanu v. niter t ic regular tune ior tiling sucn motions nau pissed. ispccini AO! ice. lncfcunrcmc Court in their decision, which wast frjsTi.i.i.MAhi:M,.MoiMri.'esinpiir. h,i,n nronounced bv Itovm. Cb'i J.. held thatns the mo- , JKXi. l. r.: '.""n"i'.i;'YJ lion to quash alleged matters which wsnt to the mcr- sections of this country.are now introduced into this B. M. I. The last Lecture before the Mechanics)' In stituto will be delivered this Kvcning, March loth, at btrongs' Hall, By Hev. JAMts Pouch Ekty. Subject -the causes of Ireland's sttfierings nnd the Ilctnedies. Butlington, March 17.ISI7. VASlinURN, NICHOLS & CO, ImiiortciM V .Ilbcr.i. HI Kilhy Street, llnstnn, TNV'lTi: the nttentiort ol COllNTllY MliR 1 C11ANTS to n complete assortment of FIIUXCH, r.Ul,lSl, GKUMAXAXI) 1U)RIV1S DICY CiOODS Htiitfrl !n llip w.-infa nf tin nnmiinr npfison. 1 VmL niirrl Meri.'hiiinftlii9icinilvnrc nsurcd that whatever ! to make hrfie discount frmuthc cuttomary pricts. .1 !-..... M' -L. e. r., i Mlt H,,;!,l,,lrr iiiiiiiiilUj;i.-3 i inniuii t ll rri J -v. J UHI "IIP.I3 I I IU 11 miuii o umiu may ucioutKiat ims estnuiishinent. accommodating "'V UN A i itcJl II I.l Milton, March, 10th, 1817. s)7w3 APOTHECARIES' HALL, " " Comer of Church nnd Colkgc St. Hurltnglun. Gr.o. H. H.tnnixcTON, Pitoi-niETOii. lirltOLlSALll AND UKTAIL DEALCIt Drugs, Cheilllerils, Oils, l.'ttlitpliciie, Djc stuli's l.lqliors, sVi!., tVci,tL. .SO General dealer in rATi.vT, Dotamc and Tnostso ma.n Its.Mrtift-sj. " oiiiiiiimoii Arnt in ti.A unl Itv-vTT's. Cnvs pock's, and Sher man's Medicines, ns also lor nil the popular Patent Medicine of the day. Hole Agent lor the sale bf rubMsoVs UTthiNE bt.rror.iiR aim ujus umu HVirrrinflH. the rontt nioresaid doth nnnoiri' lb 1th Wednesday in .March. l!l7, lor hearing ,fcdeeidii" I I'd 'aid iie'it' llie olhce ol (he Register ol sai.l Im........iiu..i: i ....! l..r.i.n, ..ll -"PHK Cni'.MlTXmSIIl' lll'.hirroroni: i:ISr- , sous interested be notified Ihereol, by pubhin'tiotielthH I. iug under the firm of Spauldmg iV. Ktiwll is this order.eontainiug the subsume e of said petition, thn day dmolve.l by liiul ial consent. All persons having I weeks stieei ssin-ly in the Hiirlingtoii Free Press, n unsettled accounts, are earnestly requested In cilj and newspaper printed iuiid llnrhiiglun, the Inst rf ".lii'-'i settle forthwith. H (. SI' U'l.l.IN"!, publications to b" .rcsious to the said tomtit WcdneJ r- ll. liursst.1,1.. ; day in .tlareh, HI7. lidrliuglbll, rebnmry 1st., 1Q!' linen under my hand nt said Hurliiigtoit ilfis 2 It'.-f All ..t.i,j lis Will meet '. Illl ttrnhltlt hp i..un., t.,.nr.r.iirt.',1 hurl warrantee .ha vllllt HlC . largest nnd best nssorled stock to be foilhd short ol New Yolk purchased exclusively for enfh we nre enabled rielticci Tlir. nnilersi'iTiied having taken the shon lleielnriiir OCCIipietl oy rpaill'llllji is, jsii-t o,nn.- ineimreo lo r- eeute all kinds ol i'uinting. Paper Hanging, ire. ite , witli neatness mid despatch, cheap lor Lnsu, and trom well known experience, trust to give entire salislucliou to all who may give them n eiill. ii. uceniiiio, J l.YMAN SPAL'I.HINT.. Hurlington, Februaiy 1st, 1H17. :,v!niil TVoiUMili.ati Iloimcfs. nATTISON. Co.. Pntentces nnd Mann X lacturers,S3 U.hncy Street, New oik dav of Febiuaiv.A. n 1817. Sfm 3 VM WESTON, Jlrgitttr. ilANTll!) lMJlHDIATKr.Y. nnv i n VV 13 to ltijfuts of age, as an np,renlire lo I'i'tition tn sell I. nnd. CTATKOF VEUMONT.I A Tn se-Jtou the Pro. IV'rict ol'Chilli' n bate Court, held nc Hiirlinglou, "ithin and lor the District of Chiltcndel . on I lie I "'ih day February, IS 17, eoines (,uy Trnci , who is giiariliiiu id Apaiiiiu Louisa Hickok.Henti lltckok and Nathaniel liiiuo, minor children ol Nn thainel Hickok.lile ol Detroit, in lire State of Mich gan, deceased, and tiles In said Court hl petition, it writing, selling lorth that lussaid wards arc seized I ' theirown riglitnnd fee of one undivided fifteenth pn-. of a lot ol land situated in Charlotte, in said distiicl. enntaming alsiut one hundred and tliirty acres of land, be the saute more or lcsd.beinr? the (arm of which Amnr HOM Hickok.lateot snid Charlotte, deceased, died seiici and poessud, one ihird part of which, in value, be ' 3jiii'J A S. WASHBURN, F K. NICHOLS, I.C. SMITH, hi. II. SCOT 1 . .Uin1 P. S. Dr. II. J.Hrt.Nr.crRowillbein attendance on Saturday's and Wednesday's Irom 10 A. M..til l o clock P. M., at Apothecaries' Hall, comer ol t hure i end Collefre streets, when thoe who wish toeon"tilt liim shoulei cull, J'" potash inrrnxs. March 1th, 1317. sfitAWliEURIES IN SUCCESSION rroni May to Oe'tiibur, from (bur Viiricties, 7Vic Iloston I'm?, otei's SeetHing, The Com-' lb .,.,. t.i ii-..,..; ..'. vi...i,;,'i-r .v.-.;. ! ...... .... .j.l. l,..l M. IV n.Li fill' "".s, i'"s. MM,iiMi i,,i,ivunll'VTl..nt. I 11 A V ri .llilllb AliliAlxirjiiiiii i.iii 1 1 ii 1 'I'lilli.rlim ltnsmess. One Irom the fountiv troll. d be i been s -l n'lt tothe widow o the said Amos Hickok lirtierivdl Cnquitc ol the subscriber, I 'hutch Si her dower therein ; ihntnid land is unproduclivu i JA.MI-JS UUK. ni!rlinioii,Mai-itiIl,13l7. m . ... .... . l.e.i tirehnri s to be tircie ueei . an. 1 it is t ie tiesl t ie enisier o s,n, i conn, in s.uu liuniii'Moii. nn.n rll0 LA ltd L rOlAall hhl 1 lihn. FOIt , .,;,, r.rm i., the sitati-. .Situated 3 miles from I order mat nil neroiis interested be notified therein I ysln I.v IIF.O. PETERSON. inr;..l. f '.onirrs on llie rond from Jericho Center to I tiiihlienlioii ol this order, containinc; tin itllngtoiii Mnri'll0, 1917. 37w3 . 'Cndcriiill Flit. Pi,ieion given th" Istof April. i said petition, three wee-kssuecessuely in . - l-'or- Inrilier tnrtienlios eiiiluire of the s.iliscri'ier. ion Fine Press, a new.soaiiernrinted in sa rpiIE PLANTS ARE FOR SALE UY P. I 'e he b b lPWX"'- J-Bml 1CCK Pniis ami Tidll mne"e it hi- Fm-torj- at WbitsU City. information itireln- I ' ?S SSSX t rlLfVSSWS . .." " V . "'s. n biea bi'.il eonstnilt V on hnllll. nzute ol Horticulture, I lorticnliurist, and other period-1 r ' GEO FtiTHRSON icals, is funiNhcd gratuitously witli lb" plants sobl ii,n..,., irnrAl, n 191- ' '"iTud Also, at wholesale and n-iail, Bird, 'Field, Flower' IJmlimrlon, March 9, PJl.j -"w and (Jardeii Seeds. 35wo 7T'X -1 WAV JlOllSl'.S WAXTUD. 11 WSl tub SimvTiiinEii. o.v Satckd.w 1' Ni; 1' V1..II, !, MICH A P . r.t.A nm-. nhoiil If, mtTT. r,Tin,fiin.i . rilelr ii.h.iii'ir.."... ..w........ ....... . h ...i. ..,i.. .,. vicinity, every sick person read ttic advertisement I 'lUlli UliMltllH.ll WII.I, VW CASH roil jeirs, an In IrntcU Awi cutter to the- Lilas lilamng were not l ie legal wile, or legitimate cln elren of he of the Oreafenberg Company, which will be found in ' 1 u few good HOUSES suitable for ; tusinc. This is to notify the public that 1 shall not said Chander porter, ll wan matter within the dis- another column. For sale nt Sherwood's, West side! nfrf or sin-in- pay nny debts that he may contract on my account, crelion of the Coun y Court, on. the iitotion w-ns Court House .Square. . ,. . U. ' r hm,n- but that I shall claim nny wages he may earn in the properly granted by them, thoug.i thc.rcgular tunc Tor delivered at my fetablcs in Burlington. I enioloinienlofcilv oilier tieMoiii tiling it had p-iw.-ef, nnd the jndg.nint ol . the Cojtuy . S. SKINNHM. I U'n l0' U ' S 1 JOHN M.SliKB. Couit was nllirmed. Humored KiiKngcment. March 15,1817. J3 n,i:lm m...V.. 1 ' ""wvn The renort of an enfat'einenl between flsn. TWIor ' I March 'J. 1317. 37wS The report of an engagement between Ren. Taylor Walker, vs. Hitchcock. and Mnm Anna is coniradieted ; there has, as )et, lir.x.i.TT J. e e ivered the opinion ol the Court. oecn no omciui reporioia conuici. now eiiiureni tne This wasan action of trespass vuaie clautum fie- stateinentswehcnroccnsionalljaboutlliesuccesswliich I ?i'l for breaking and entering the house ol the plaiutilf, Jones Hair UestoraUet n) ways meets with jit may ana carrying away llie tioors, itc. it appeare d that . w mcrari.im5 i?. ii noi omy the phiiitiiTrecoieiedtlieseiziu and possession of the increases the growth ot the Hair.but fn-cs it entirely i premises in nn .action of ejectment in his favor nt the also produces n silky curling beauli- j April term ot llie L.OUIHV LOlirt ill tins COUlltV ill 1M1J, ";"" so .. .o. ii in n .m m niuui unu iaijje uuiues and that the ease was continued for the asse'ssinent of 10 suit customers, by the Agent tit . . damages which wasdone ntthe Srpt. tcrmofs'd court . ArorurcARtl. s Ham., 111 I3IJ. i nc eninagcs ior wuicn uie piaimiu now : -v" vui.vuininiim.ui,.;w. seeks lo recover were done between! he said Antil nnd ' September. Upon the trial in the County Court a FOR SALE. A SECOND hand ONE HORSE WAGONS - Also, 3 second hand Men's Saddles, all in good condition. Fanners pioduce received in pa nie-nt. S. S. SKINNER.

March 15, 1317. 3jw3 Truniriii Huberts' INtnte. BTATI. OF VERMONT, A Tn Probate Court District ol'Chittendeii, J t bolden at Burling ton, within and tor the Wistriet nioresaid on tlie"'tli Tiii'Iiish I'ohncco. H ING itix'invrn a I nnsii supply oi4 the Genuine Turkish Tuldrea wc are enabled to supply those in want with n superior article nt the low rule per lb. IlAitRtNuTtjVi I'toprietor. ApithecarieS, Hall, Burlin;Un, t. BURLINGTON AGRICULTURAL WARE-HOUStt AND SHKDSTOKi:. ssi'i ward.. am i naiii STe oi trieir i merest t icni'i.m 37wt eluding the reversion ,t driver: rtoelhl b benrfieial Hi 1 thiii an I conduce to their iiilehtbv IMtirtg hie it A V I!VI V'fHl SfiH. fSPi ceedsofsiichsjle: put nt interest or iti"reie'l hi brodue A 1,111.11 rWH .1.1 Ull 15? I . ,,i nn.loVnlhli. said court to tenon hl, I, .ILlJj. "" cense tosi-ll tic wiiole ni said Aards interest in sai 'I'HIl subscriber wishing to teniove West willelis i latlil ii'eluJing the leversion of dower, lor the purp. e' pos" of the place where he now lives, consist jnj of 100 nldresiid. Agreeably to the statute in such case. ma,, pe'ret of landi of which 75 ncrcs arc unJer improve- and provided : ItVirrfifA-o.tbe court ntoie'said doi1' incut, and n good liom-, WouJ-sheel, Him, a lirg" .appoint the fonth Wednesday in March, HI", lo, Apple Orchard nnd Cider Mill; hltewi:,- o'v of the lie-nrlng and ib'i I liu e"l s.iid petition, ot the office ot lotn I I.v i substance ii, the Hurhng id llelrliuctoii the list olwb'uh publications to be presluirs to said lutuli Wednesday in March, 1817. (JiVeit under my bandat wild Hilrlirfgton this lyi'i davolFeLrirarv,ldl7 WM. WESTON, 3 J 3 ilr fitter. Atiith Hnight's IMiite. J E the SuWnbers, having been appointed by tli VV llnnore ble the Probate Court lor the Distrist ot Chittenden, coniuii-ssoiiers to receive, examine nnd ndju-t the claims and ileiiiandsof nil persons ngain; tt, rs'ste of nah Hai.uht, late of Berlineen tn llaisl Dislnci. dee.'. ned Snd ab" all claims and demand evliibited in oll'-i't thereto ; an I six months Irom thu day ni the elate hercol. being allowed by said court lor that purpos-, we do thcrelorc hereby give notice, that wc will attend to llie business ol our appointment, nt the ol'ice ol Sunlley : Phelps in Burlington, in sn.l Distnct.on thcljurtlt lues.tayot .prit nest, at mo- ick.A . .... Dated, lliia 1th elay ol Januarv A V. IS 17, . Jlr'.MAN LOWRY.J Commis 0Cw3 liEO.B. SHAW. j sioneis lurlher mrtlelllars ellduire e Jericho, March 5, 1317 1 11. VAUWIAN. NATIONAL LOAW FUND lAri: assuiIaxc'i: soenrrv or I.ONDD.V. ' A Savings Bank for the benefit Of the Widow and the Orphan." (r.Ml'OWFREtl J1V AIT OF rARUAVrXT ) CAI'lTAL. JL.'.ilM).OtMI sterling, or ?-J,r(l(,Kir Tlesiil'. a reservefund (from snnilusprciuiuinsl of abjut A I .",()( H). T. I.AMIU Mt'KI'.AY, Esij. Ccorgcst. Hanovcr stjuare. Chairman of the fo'.'tl nf Diteetort in Imdon. l'hvwiah-S. ELI.Iti l'SON. M. D . F. 1! S. J-iiierry-W S B.W(50IiHOUSi:,E. F.R.A.1-. .Vccrelfliy-F. F.CAMROUX, Esej. yiUS INSTITUTION embraces imporljnl ami 'clo.;' A J. snl.stantiai nnvaniages wiui rc-peci io uie assu rance1 and deferred annuities. The nuircil has, on all occasions, the power lo borrow, without ecpenseor forfeiture of Ihe policy, two-thinlsnl the premiums jiaid ; Mso Ihe option of 'electing beiielits, and the em version 6f Ills interests to litccl other com cnicnccs or necessity. So'nnieiu Stroii!;si l-StrttP. IVi llie Sniiseribers.hnvingbeen appointed by tb ' V Ilonornble llv Probate Court for the District ol luu L a T. i .i f ,, , . - - .... , . . .... . ...... , oin r Ul. record of th above recovery wns introduced, and that t f ,7. 3 r 1.7 V" v V ls ' v". d , ' of 1 e-bruary, A. 1). Isil7,an inslruinent pumorting TTV, SUHSCRlbliKS HA VK TaKLA TUB d in cast' court held that it wasa Oar to planum m present claim :,. f .Vi ih,'. .- joire ne u si w in nnu ie-iaoi-.ii . i rum in uooens, i y Thomas Stobe on College sti Assliraiiccs for tortus of years at the low est possible Cliiltcnden.coinmissioners to receivexamine and ad- Person's Insurri for life, ran. at once, hortow half , e!t': l SMoinon htrong la e of Hincsburgh. in said an,.lutofannualnremiunilorlivesucccss.vejinr.,oii I .strict, deceased rcpresei.te, insolvent, ,,d alsoa their own natc and deposit of pohev ehmis and demands exlnbi ed in oh-et I hereto ;!.! Part or the Caihal is ri.itMAvc.vti.Y tsvisrn. m ni.mths from the -lay ol the date bere.jf, behipj ) tile L'mted States, in the names of three of the Local I wed by. said court for tint Pmpo'.e. we do therelore Dirrclors -a and the correctness of that efecisiun is the question now oeiute oi. ii is iiuc i.rn uui muiulo iio. iucs i Hope never dies... rtfl. . I . nr. . I :r .i t!...!jr :....--.;-.....:; ' i CAirQuruinnrv vinues oi wi-jiari iinMsam he shall recover as well his damages as llie seizin and "''--"erry. in the cure of pulmonary complaints. ,t is ordered by said Court, that public notice be given possession of the premise,. We Think that the damn- ,';L1,cJ'n?"f.dl,y fLTV 'u'm" ,1"l whA 10 al1 ''erMns foncerned therein to npiear heldrd said nes which nlainti fmav tliusrccovernrc oulr such ns doubtsits ellicacy mulbc in truth a vcr)' sceptic. A court.atn s.-ssion lliereol to beholden al the Register's could be recovered in England in their action of trcs- , P". 5 r T cure o .Konsuniption lias recently Been el- , ir,ce m said liurlmgtpn on the second Wcelne-d-iv in Cron. e.l'n .lr.i.ra , ..v niliAru'lcf .air oi ...niioR...,.,..! oji., av.m..n.- ura.-, w.m lira- ulst, ct the tnt rrcss Ulticc, and oner totne farmers The payment ot premiums, nau-yenny or qanrteriyi 1 sented lo the Court here lorl tdbate, by Rebecca ltob- I of Chittenden, and the ailjiiiiiins counties, a general nt a tiillin ' advance upon '.lie annual late, of ens, one of the devisees, therein named. 1 ntntroRE . ajiortment of Agricultural Implement, consisting ol No charge lor stump duty. rrouty and .vcais' ucntre-cjrail 1 lougiu. i 'rinity d:isanowcd aitercacii paymenioi premium Ruggles. Nourae and Mason's tlo I be.-onics due, witliout forfeiture ol policy. Biiusoii no 1 raveling leave extensive mm uuc.rni, anuciira s'lec ? ofdirputcd claims tsliould any such re " . ... .... . c i ii... .i. ....... ...i.:t. ism" ui inn ti i u it 1 1 iv i i niu lumi ui jtui liiiiii i . ii i Aiirii ii .nnu miiipsi inc nmn.iif ni imiii ii pralVtiil'liere complains of w ere of a wanton c iarric- I Cou,"'.' aad Y1"?1. " asielatrel to us by Dr. Her- ! 'd it is further onlered that (his order be published er. and lint the injury which he sustained Irom them ' '"''" "ntnetit physician of that town, to whom we three weeks successively in the Burlington Free Press could not have b 'V " iy.niss,o to reler. A young lady who had Ion- , n newspaper printed at Hurlington, in this State, the for mesne tirofus ai d ihcre abored under an afrection of the lungs, and who had , last of winch publications to be previous tothe day ns- ' f. March and May licit, at 1U o'clock, A. M., mci;!i of .said elms . , lJJtcd, mis Oih day of Fibrin ry, A. D. 1817. NELSON A. BURKITT, ! Conuni.. sjfl-3 LliVl F BENEDICT. t siuners.. orouis. n uu luiTeiure ca unoi oe l no in u io . . .i . . . . a ... i i..." ! .i I.-f. .i neeii unuer uie care oi several tuivsicians wit tout ex him fo3 m n CL o 3 in e. If so l.'Tieneing any relief, was considered by her friends ns a' ' ui"Tr V.'i . J.c.a 1" ..if" beyond the reach of medicine, and she was informed hen the record of hi lornicr recou-ry in ejectment H?""' T "TuTl was no bar to the i)hintill nresent oction Judi- y her nicilicalnitendaiit that she must die. All her memo CoumJ co ?e erscd1 0Ct'O" "w n premonitions, a , o, .pointed. o the giave. For- lunaiely sue was inducc.l to scud to the Mnderhook Uookstorc lo.- a bottle of mcntoflhi; County Court reversed. Graves .t nl. VS. Weeks. -n,' 0l,inio" ol the Court was delivered by Hall J . wistar's balsam or Wild ciierrv. 1 bis is nrl action on book in w Inch a judgment was , . .... ... c rendered by the County Court for the plaintill', and is f lsst" her critical situation. Before its con biought here upon exception by the eldenJan . The u' Vs i wereexhaustcd.tlieyouilsladyexper.encedgiea accomit accrued in 1833. the picsent suit was not relief, nnd two niore bottles were sucees-ive y commenced until 18 llboth patties resided in Gran- nnd administered. She is now liappv in the res tora ville in the State e.f New York when thcaccount nc- I'ou of health, and blesses the day wf,e,, yxc fir.i rc crued, nnd theyboth continued toreside there at the , BOr"''1 ' ,hc.u,e ol ,,hl9 "S ., comincnccment of the suit. Then lestion nt is.sue is I one Benuine. unless signed I. BUI on the whether the statute of limitations of I7J7, is applicable . wrol'l'cr' lor sale by l eck tin in. Without a regular and sufficient digestion, health is out of llie ejui stion. Tins is the great point to be ob tained. V ithout this there is no one organnfiliesjs tem that cah pusiain itself.nnd no otic sense that does not suiter, iv itn it there is Hint lu-edont Irom nl un siiued. as nforcsaid for hearin; Given under my hand at the Register's Oflicc, this 2ilh day ol February A. D. 1SI7. 3S3 WM. WESTON, Register. IVtitiim to Sell Laud. Cultivators, Sraw cutters, Kendall's Cjlindcr premiums on the most moderate scale. Churns. I Division of Pnonrs Tne reui'irkab.e s Com sliellcrs, Seed planters, Hush pullersi Garden increased prosperity of the Society has enabled the Di- -' copartnership hcre-tofoi 'Pools. rectors, at the last annual investigation, to declare a 1 ol Wm S AIM iS SON, V-,,;. 'F . el tlI . l,. rf..l.... 1 I. I ......1.... f.... (,.. k-. l. nl r,,le Inst lie tie decease . luii , in?, . ii.iie; .ovffj oui'viuwij uin.iis, u.iuin . jyu. 01 iwnu'i -njm;i nun. . iu t-.- , 11.. wi. in-. . .. ... j .-. ., - -- 1 l.'i - . r .11 i::.. t. ' l.j- 1 J.. . T.l. ....K eC.......l I .:. i 1 ,V.. l.. i,l. a nnw nn. U'dl ls 111 tltniTO. eondect scn, i "d exclusively by the subscriber, who b-s h-id the so'.t I.'MTtD States Hoard of Ijcai. Directors (Chief charge ofthe ininul'acturing ot llie Panacts ui Vei- r.TiTirn. . t.-ninl' T r.e-ill t 1 s tr K- r U I i i ti TL..' 1, copartnerb.lip hcrt,tt'roreexisiiny(imcrerin'; nnmr . VMM UlOlVCU Ull 11JC l"l . ,r w w, c. n;.s. and Flower Seeds of nil hiin!.-. They hue nnile nrranijements for oblnining Kruit Trees, ut the Bevcrul nrietit's of nppIe-,eHr", plums, (Jherri-f, pouches, &c. from tli3 Allianynnil llo-t.i Nunjrn..s hy which they can supply urdcru uu &hort' ami nt reasonable prices. 'I'hey nre nlso ARcn'.s for the Alhanv Cultivnlnr, ths Aripulturi5t,the IIorticL.Ilunst,the lio-tuti Culli vator, nnJ the Xevv-York Tarnier nnd Mechanic, They have oi hand (irapc Vine-, well runteil.of the jtMnminu viineiie, vviiitll uiu hiiuiiuhivii iu uo Hiiii's- to n case like tne nresent. ii this were nn open oues Hon, the construction contended for by the defendant, might perhaps with propriety he adopted but the duel line that these btntutea of limitation, do not extend to persons residing out of the hjtate-, has been too lonp Ju'iil in this nnu other Mates to be now ditturhetl, and PTATH OK VKUMONT, ? AT a Probate Court DNtrict of Cliittenden. fa. S hfld nt Hiirlingtoii. within nnd for Mid district ot Chittenden on the IOih dav of March. HIT. t)rcscnt the Hon. Chailfs Ivus-M-li. I tdinited tliis Sniini- Judge of paid Court, cornea lJeiimmiu Kaircliild, of! IsibelN, MilleiJa llurgitndy, White Sweet Water Milton, in said district, j'J'irdtan of the estate of James 1 and Lyman (5rape,all ol which Wltc tniul in IJur Al'T, Jane An-i AlijCr, Julia Aler, nnd lleis-ey 12. i lmcton, and are, of course, well acclimated. Aljicr.all of Sherman, in the State of Michigan, who I. rfHATTUCKA. Co. artMiiinor children ot AmamK Alger, deceased, nnd Hurlington, Mircli 10 1817, .tTtl tiioiwii the rule may and undoume.ny does operate ( plcaKintMition, that elacticilv, that vigor and ener hnrshly and unjustly In the present cas., this is a mat- I .,r ,..ia nn, i i ,..u:-i. rt i :r i now can tnis oe ou nature of the dinestivc 'tance may atlect them files in said court his petition in writing, (-citing forth that the said James, Jane Ann, Julia tuid Itetvy K.j arc seized in their own right in fee, as tenants in com mon, of the following described ptrccl of land, situate ' in (Icorgia, in ihe County of Franklin, viz; about four- teen acred and ten rods of hnd, being the same land i set out to them hy the coinmi-im.crH of partition ap pointed by haid l'Vobate Couil, as their bnre of the eatate ol Philip Wheeler, late if. siid Milton deceased; ilmt iliii'nr. nlsc u-rrd in tliftr nwn rlnlit in f... ' ciiandli:r's (jh.ulmai!. moo AN'civ C.rnmmtr ul'tlit! 1 uy joiEiti i: n';lili Lnnxiingr. CJIAMiLLII, I.M,'., l.httt of Ihe I'nited Slttta UunIU: PIUCll 3Set. Tins Work is now in tin hands' of the ktrreotvn.-r. R. tenants ill commoii ol one iindiwdeil sctemlt part and Hill be issued by the f ib??riliers in the1 month ot r . .i ... i.. i I :.. .! I ., i i, I . . :i . I. :.. . i i .. .1. . , .1 . .i...r.,,, ...... u.u..o,,, ... r I j . , , 1 """ cv ol muni and tioely which ma te-r for the consideration of hi- I.ecislature and not for Seit. The next question is h Court who are bound o lay down the- law ns tinl, for such is the delicate 1 they find it. 1 he result is, tin-juJgnK-nt of Ihe Coun- ,,. ,,,. .,, . ,!,.,.. ty oourt isaiiirmcd. , ut.lavo ablv. Ifbv a cold, imnrudence hi catimr.ora I W to l ani aii I en.iens,,,, .oriner w.w I 10:1 i ffifr" rtaiiulS ! irrK. TO.Til'! I K of two oarceis ot land situated inlaid littoiu Ikmiiit all 1 Aim! next. It is a plain, familiar, bat Ihorc'di t'x the land set out to Hannah Henderson, former widow ' portion of llnglish (tnimmar, ndipted to the present Winchell, vs. TonJ. 1 he opinion o( the Court was delivered by Davis 'ondilion ot our laniruac:e. and to tli? wants tf th i tnis country, and ndcsigned, not to dicics t with the leaeher. tmt to enable him to com municate an accurate knowledsc ot it witli ficilitv t Peacand brought. o the County CeinAbya tS ..tira I l$XtiV&aJL?ktMblt f t " "'ceedsor.ucl-j.nte I culated and importam ioirnid, sitai- to i i iiri'ii. unu u v ii ii: euiu uutin lu tzuiiii 111111 i uuiisl uuii uuw.n. iiiav 11 uiua uc iiiiiu-uii iu inm 11 iiL.aJti utriiri j"in!.'. i I"t v V-.. ... t inifn.t.r, feirllif tn.l fonrleen Veatt". U iru-y, r.t.i., I John J. Palmer, I'wi , Jo- 1 Th Panares will be out up as usual m round hot inthanliooilliue, C-q , James Uoornian, i:q Cieorpj 1 ties, tinted loneitudmally, ith the lollowmclettcr; llarclay, i;-q. , Hanun I S llowlanj, liej . (inrliam. A. I blown em the (;lass" iicuVjt Panacea, Philada. Worth. i:q, r-ainu. I M. Vol, l,?q . William Van and llie wily change models the iiameol JAM Hook, i:-q . and C K iward Ilabicht, Ksq. SVV'AIM -tamtHilon the waling wax, and iriiMfn on Viiiiilc;7iiu-Clei.ieiitC lliddle,i:s..,I..iuisA. Co- Ihe Ubcl coumU the cork, and a new lalicl lor th. dey, liq , (JeorLC lte'x tirahain, lq , Villiam Jknl, eil ('" heitlle, e mipo- 'd ol geomelric lathe work. JJsj I rnuij'ri.slnxtiini eliii'MTiitdics.i.hichliave been turned Udllimore Jonathan Meredith, fr1 .Samuel Hoff- tor (lie ..cln-iic ns of the pruprietor. by Draper s mail, li.i ,l)r..l. Ii Jkl'tilloh. I Co., bank note eimrniers ol Philadelphia rourdits. J. Leander Starr. I leneinl Airent. and IMw.ird T ol dilierent patterns ii rm body ol the woik.and in l!ieliard-on. Iifq . Hcneral Accountant, for the 1'nited lite rentre is a iortrait nl ll.c late in. hwatni, sc fctiitesand llritihN. A folonies. ' riled the Iwrelersby two elides ol lathe work Medical Lxamiuru. Ne-Veirli J. h'earnv I'bd- The- words ' hwaim'H P.ui'ucn. are cmrraved con Rfti. M I). 110 Itle-ecker-st.j Alexander li. HoSaik. -piemly on two turned sinp-Jjaisl l senii-circii-Si. I)..111 Krunkhn-Et ; S. J-. Keene, .M. 11 , .-.M birdie lonm. the m.rinari!iii. I fte toilers JtecMri-Ko'irth-st p,isedofi.aiul.ithfviurktrips,outide nl winch rirlw (Medical r.xnniiiiersott-iid nt?l Wall.t.hnd .o. artiicd in b-tleis llie intryof the eew-risht. Ul Ilowery at a o'clock P.M. daily. Vee paid bv ill-- ' Philadelphia, Aiy li.o. JA.AIhb ft,AI.M. society ) Minding Wall-si. llinkeis The Merchan'"' I'anlt Couutcl William Van Hook, I'sq 3J iS'ii'ifur5-Jolm Hone. lt 11 Pinc-n. Crtsdifi Hetiry U. Ib'thp. Kej An Act in resp. ct to i'i;urai.ce for lives for the be. lielit ol'iunrtied wom?u, pay'i'd by the Legislature of .N'ew-Votk, 1st April, Hid. swAi.Mf Ci'.i.nmATnn panacea. run run ciw.K ot' S-rnfu'a, (iieiei! Hchility, White SiceVing, It'ieun'.itin i. Dexeate of the Liter and Js.ii.1, rind all lletcasc alisinn lewt lilipurUiett of the UUfnt.or ttic i frets' of MeicutiJ. t'W'AIM"? P VNAC'CA h is been fr nfore IIi.ti tHenty-livf years celebrated in this country and in n motion to dismiss on the banie account wa. made in the bounty Court, and Hint Coitrt iI.fiiUss it. To this elrcisinn cxceiiiens nre taken, nnd flic only fiUetliolt belore u, is whether the fact that the constable who s-rved the writ made it, is a sullicie'tit Ground for abatement or dumiisMil. in stippnit ol this position the SO sec. ofthe XI Chap, ofthe Key. Statutes is re- ucu on ; tnis seeiton is e()resw as io Mieruis aim their eleiuties ; but constable-H are not there named, nnd the question is whether the pros isioit is i0 be ex- lenueu bo as to tnem. I Here is no reason lor ibis prohibition which dues not ektend lo constables as wellns siiienfl's; theyboth bcius execulire ollice-rs suuje ci toiiicsame iiauuiiieB ami iii-nalties, nr.ei nay Dtcu, nmhority towfi the-samc, agreeably to the Statute in suited to the task of preparing such a treatise ; and Mich case made and nrowded : 'Whkhlliun. the Uhal it nnv be exifcted to be u Piandard work ii its court alorcsaid dotll appoint the second Wednesday in tlepartmcnt. to be of eminent sr ice to the cause tf I 4 i i-jit ..- i..n.t.... nn.i .1 .m:... :.i...:..... ..! ... i .... 4i.- 1 1 1... In Ppritlgfield Vl., on the 27th IYbrunry, Mr Sic phen l)yer,aged'J5 years, a revolutionary wddier. EW York and IIostox Hoot am SHOE STOK E. I he subscriber havimr received a new Minnlvol Hoots fllid HUoch ni hia store. on ('hurch street, would reuectlhllv calllhti inK the Kime powers ; we regard the word then if as attention of the public to the following ttotk iwti in uiia reel 1011 nt the stat 111 c nc a iwmcn eotecii ' IMto recri ri. nnnlicabli" to the whole cla-s. Were a nenaltv amicxed to the act, we might lie elisposed to fiile the statute a more limited consl rucli on, in ae-coi dance with llio cenrral rule that penal r-iatutcs nrc ,0 con" Mrued btriclly. We do not rcirnrd the circumstance mat tne constaoies were partially named in me oiu . statute, and not in this as of nny partieftlar imjior-1 tance; tney luiaiit nave oe'cn omitted irom inauier-1 tance. eir Irom the rcvisors lliinkiuc it iinueccssary to . i-pecily all who would be included under u class. The I object ofthe statute cudently includes constables and all execuliic olliccr!. Judgment of the County Court affirmed' IIesnetT J. eliMentiiu;. Lancludcd nest Keek. St'nilCN CllANfir.S There is nnihin more trying tn the human constitution than midden cholines ol Aiii.osobere. Heat rareiies the blood. nUiekens the ' circulation, and increasea the iieriira.tioii ; but when ueidenly checked, those humors which thould paw olf i by llie (Kill arc thrown off inwardly, causing roughs, cold.., consumption! difficulty of breathing, watery and I lllliameu r)is, esjre inroiii, ir.ers, riieuumiic pnms 111 various part nl llie body, nud many other coinplainuv the Usual synijitoiiis of cali hlnue old. 1 irri'W,!' Indian VrnrlaUr Villi aM ft delinblful medicine for carrying olf a cold because they exKl from the body those humors which are the cause not etnlyof the above coiiipUiutii, but eif every malady uu- ner nearen. four or tueoi team iniliau cgelatile I i iu taken every nicnton Koiug lo lie el will, in a lew days.rarnr oir the most obstinate rold :ot the some tune the digestive organs will be restored to a hesllhy lone, and the blood bo rompletily purified, that new life and vigor will be given lu the whole lrame. eiUn".? 0.rfccraTtRrEiTS. The public are cmuiou. eu aKam,t ,b many Kjmnou. medicines, which. in or. TEH W1TI, x re.M ON THF.TUr label or EACH Box E rm'rLBV''"'''l ia.t.teit this U roMw, Onice. elivotrel exclusively to he Mle of H'riifr. Itnee Ktreet. Phila.b dphin ; UHH tireenwiel, sj,rtel tee. i Jn s.,r' Moon, and by Pl.Ch &i f-IT.AH, nurl.ngtoii, Vt. IiAt'tEs', Boots and Shols, " (Jailer Boots, of every descrintion. "' Fr Buskiiw.latest style " Mil " no " Prunella" do " llulf Gaiters, rreneh Wippers, " Ihiglish Kiel do. " French Satin .Slippers, all colors, " (!old Bronzed do ' " House elo . ' tieint Boots it !lukins " Slianed Itubbers. " Figured and plain do Mimes' Hunts and Shoes, " (,'aitet Boots. " Frtiaiters.beiitqualityl " 44 Buskins, 44 Prunella Slippers, all! colors, ; 44 44 Buskins, all colors, Mout .ilores'co ami Call Boots. 14 Rubbers eil all kinds. Childi fn'sllovts and Shoes 44 1 rench daiter Boots, all coletrs. 44 44 MoreK'cn flailers button and lace. 44 44 IluFkins it Slippers! 44 Boots and Ancle 'l'iesl ol all colors. ClentUmen'i Hunts and Ckhoes. " Naioleou Hoots, with ami without toia, 41 Water proof Bootstnnd Hhoes, 41 Fine French Calf do 44 do ilo ilo tcweel elo do Brogans, 44 .Morocco do 44 Etoul Calf and Kip Shoes, 44 Cloth Clititfrs buttoned 41 Prunella dutidug Gai- terH. 44 IHincing rtlnipsi 44 .Morocco ."lit'lx'rs, 44 Calf do 41 Calfrhoes, all kinds, 44 Itubbers with leather soles 44 do elo Buckles, 44 elo lig'd and plain. tloyt' limits and Shots " Fine Calf Boots, 44 tlo Kin elo 41 do Calf and Kip Brogans, 44 Rout shews, all kinds, 44 Prunella Gaiters and dancinz Puuins. Youths' Hoots and Sioest " rine Lall Boeits sewed and cgged, " do Kip elo do 44 Sehl and (Irahl lied'el 44 Calf BroMiiSand Kip sewed slies'S, 44 Morocco Boots and Buskins, A.... I 1.117 hnrll,., nn.l il..ii.)ili.r mm : i.l ,n,I, ..., ' ,..tilTliln niltl til rotti.. Iimmmp m.i tli u.i..i1 lili.rn. nt the' office of the Kesnter of said court, in sJid llur-' lure of America. IIIU.UAH, UllWl'KliTUWArf.V Lo. Publislicrs it Booksellers, 553 .1aiArr Mutt, Philadelphia. February IS. 1SI7. J7wl iiuglnn, and diith order lint all persons iuterevted be ....ri. . i .i r i 1. 1:... i.:. llullllt'U 111. It ui, i, piiuiiiti.ii'ii im iiiiauiuu, iiiiiiuiii. ing the substance otsaid ilihoii, ilin-e wee ks t.ueces siiely in the Burlington tree Press a newspaper print ed in said Bur'lngton, ihe last of which ,uliliiaiionsio be previous to the ea.d second Wednesday in April. 1HI7. Given under nlv hand at raid Duilingtoni this 1 Dili ehyeif March) 1SI7. SHw 3 WM. WUrsTON, Kegister. I'ctitioii to Ke lt I.tlll.l. 1JWKMS MEDICAL CO.MrANIO.V. TENTH UIMTION, T. C t Co. will also publish this spring Tut. MlMr.ti. Comi'ANIos, or Family I'll) -iciau . Heating I f the Diseases of the I'micel r-tates,with their svnip touls, e'auses, cure, and iiieans of prevention . e'oiii ntoii cases in Surgery, as fractures, disles'ations, (o. j STA'IT. OF VKUMDNT.) A'!' n Mint, m-Hi District ol t liittenilen, ss. ) rroliale C ourt held at me iinnacjciiteni nun Diseases ot u omen ami i,tu. Burlui''on wiihin it foresaid district of Cliitti'iielem, on ' 'Inn. A dispensatory torire'parmg Family Medicines, the lOtli day of March, 1817, comes Benjainiu Beers Bl,d a Glossary explaining technical lenns. Towhicli of (.'harlotle iu s,iid district, guardian nl the estate nl are added, u hricl Anatomy and Phismlogy of the Sarali Ami Gillett) Iznna CiiNett nnd Wm, Jonnthan Ilummi Body, shuwing, on rational principle's, the Gilletl, minor children id Shelelon Gillctt, of Raid cause and rure of Diseases , a.i I'ssay on llvgieiiie, Charlotte, and files in said court his petition in writ. ' or 'lie ol prcserimg Health wiihoui the .Me inirhi'itinirfurih iliat his said wards aresei7, ;,, ,i1Ml. elicine . an American Mnteri.i Mcdica. nointing out own rifihl in fee olihree undivided tenth pans ofthirty Ills .ittues and doses if our Medie-al Plants. Also, nine and one half acres o latiel l)-iiie in imiel Clmrlotte "'e4 Nurse's Guide. By James iiwell, Pbiie iau ill being all ol the home fann ol the late Jonathan Gil-1 Washington, lonnerly id iiaiaunah, The Ten h let, late ol saw i. uarioiie, nccenseei, excepting sixteen i.utiiou, rt iiseu, e iiiiirgeu, nnu vi r iiiiisuu i ioi) nn acre tliercof which has heeuscteilf tothe widow of the protcd; embracing a Tlcatise em Ilydmpiilby, Ho wiid elecca-d as a pan of her dower in his real estate, myopathy, mid ihe Clironothermal system, and also excepting I7J acres id taij nri which has I Vv llooksellers.aud biberspurcl.asini; Books, nre been sold by the executor of the last will ol the raid I hinted to call and examine our tftesk belore purrlias deceased under an order of send probate court ind ing eU-where : they will Imd it more extensive than Pamphlets, blank forms, table of rates. hstsofngi-nts, , Europe iur iti extraoiilinary cure' -for the certificate etc. .te obtained at the Chief Office 71 Wall-st. 131 ' (,.ich reference is made in tliediri-rlihnsand hen ks Bowery, or from either of the Agents ihrouhouulie4 (which may be gratis) tic-onir'snjiiVj the Pa- tjmteii Mates. mill tirilisu oritiiMiiericau ioioiues. jiai-ea Jmls W. Die koK, Agent lor Burliugioii and Vi- j( nbeen ise,lin hospital attJ pri'dte practie-e.and ciuily. has had the singular lortiine ofbritfg reoiinmeniled b) litoNinn Marsh, M I) Medical Examiner tlie nusst celebrated hisieiaiu and other eniiiient pel- llarhuton, lilb Fibruary IS IT 3lni3 Si.4 Aniougi'lhi'isby - W Gibson, M D, Piofcssorof Surgery, Fa, iritis' 1-TAS jnecYffi.vPAhbw aiwrl. "vle'mine Moll,- M D. Profit nf Sf. N V LI mint of WATCHHS, JliWIU.KY and Fancy L tmer .. . ,.. . t . v. . Ariieles, Gold Pins of the latest fashion. Gold .-studs. Dv-tTifi, .M D 1 ndior .ii,lv.try, Fa. Lm- Gold Chains, Gold Pencil and Pens, Mher Darts, scr-i J: it..,... Mil ir... i.i.u.:p. iTMi..nrit.. "J'i!,1!;,1'"1;11. S if.T. T K S' tf' Prdem'iego i'hV;,e,n',; -Ml-H ilill'lt lviJilUI-4 MUli"iv:il H'l's-i .' s- - it ;i I ra W Vrdle. i . I.avanj Str,u.'s. f t ie ' ,t q.n y It.-' s Pocket Kmiesa.ul Jo-e Uuir-.,co da U...l ,1-sr hnTp-ry, I.islsir,. SassGrs;i,ndhe wqiffi . J, M'''! Uo!l1 L'AWK ,urfo.,', a-sorineiit nfirooila, thai come faiilv in " Jeweler's line . o"u" . , .. .. . 44 Fine Gaiters, 41 Dancing I'iniijw and Ties of all kinds. Also, Galloons nf all colors, and black and light silk gaiter lactsi rotton laces, etc. The subscriber lerls assured that all who wish io make good bargains in the alsive mentioned articles, w ill not go aw ay from bis shop dissatisfied. N. U. All kinds of Hoots, Hhnrs, Gaiters, Slippers, etc.. ensile te older, The kuiunlier has constantly iu lu empty the ben workmen, and all work made by liim.wurrsnieil, ' ii.n.. . ,. , "r.iinnN hatciif.i,I)kk. Hurlington, March H7. asif .lint Ins said wards ale ulsusej.edof three iMiditt.....! temli pints of two and one hall acres ol llie wood lot of the said deccoscdi lying in said C'hatlottei being nil of said wood lot except two and oni lintf .... ilhereol which dias also lie.-n set out to the wtelow of llit- said deceased as a lurther poition ol her dower In his estate: And that said winds are also eviied iu their own nglil in lee ol tnree unilunlcil tenth parts ofthe reversion ul dower in said lands so set out lu lis? widow of the said Jonathan Gillrtt decease il; that a sale ofallliis said ward's interest insaidlaiids.includmg snid leversion of duweri would conduce lo tlieir lst iuteresti by baling llie proceeds of such sale put at interest, and praying said couit to lice-nse him to sell ull his said ward's inlcicst lit said lands, including said reretsion of dower, for llie putinse aforesaid, agreea bly lu the statute in such case made and provided . bereusin, llie court aforesaid doth apiioini the lirst Wednesday iu Aprili ISO. Ir hearing and ilceiihng on said ln-tilion, at ihe olhce of the Kegisier of said court in (lurlinK'on. and eloth order Ihat all ersons interested lie notified lliereol by publication of this or- elcr, containing llie substance ol said pclilion, Ihree weeks succetsiiiely in ihe Hurlington Free Press, a news(enier priuitei in nuu uurungion, ine lasi oi wblili publications to be previous to said lirst Wed nesday in April, 1817. Given under m hand this 10th day of March, 111". 3Hw3 VM. WKSTON, Kegittcr. that of any other establishment in the Cejunjiyi and we wills. ll al the luwcst prices. i . s. . Il6oTTmil HOl", illEXS' CALF AND COWHIDE, ALSO ill FarwrllVt Sh, Walking .Shoes, Buskins and Gaiter's, Children's tsho..,, .,. aewi No. 1 & Bdriingioii! March 10, 1917, flOD'riSIt. SI,mox. MKr.iti:i., I I .. j....l,:' I. .,,.1 1, LUI 11,-iniii' v " " CATIeIN it SPIIAK Exchange Building, j Builington, March 10, 17. 1 Wniitod lo PiirflinHt'. 4Ilrrfdiim Mares. Apply lo ihis Olhce. March II IHI7. 37wl .... . " ' e triiiifr. ate ,,tiii srer ro r-uani. "lousiness. ..tu......7 l..u.: M. i:.,..l Brl.UI. 1.- Zlinilmi . VnV5h lh.7'""i f 1 Gilbe tK,.l.-risM,-; ItViWi CoTitl,-Jfccft " Biiigt..n.JjarclUbl7. i ifrrs ftlecicdby Rwaim's 4s. TYjlliCP. lS Taiiaera bre Or rntrnv years inaik- it an invaluahle i ' ' "r1 1 remedy. The Panaea eloes UM contain mercniy in . ., ' any Im ol, ami being nn irniot i-iil preparation it may TlIE StlllSnilHKIt W'll.t. SrXr. AT I I'llUC k gi.t'n to the most lender infant. Auction, on the 2 jib elay of April net, nt ten o'clock , THU K rl'.tll e PI! 1CP. HAS" I'I'.EN HEDFCED i m .on the premise's occupied hyibelate nrm ol N. i MtMe Dollar nnd Fitly l'entsi'f bottle, (containing We bb .t Co., ill tins place, the lullow ins property, a- three half finfs.l or tliiee bollle-'" lor Four Dollars, signed to him hy said lint!, if not sold al prnate sale . AESt) Sv AIM'S EKMIFFGE. - .itevi".." in thai dnte.m wit A lot of ope acre ol Land 1 A valuable Family Medicine, being a highly appro- with dnclhiiit ho.""4 andbaru.ahrgecut Sioneftleirev veil remedy for all ile-scuscsurwug Irom IVbilityoftrr Store and other .niyuou'iiiints thereon, i Digestive Orgaris, soc11 as Wnnns, Cholera Mo.bus-,. is-cuiui'd by said linn, where ihu htcaniboats rimmiv D)scntery, Fever and Ague.Blee-ding Piles.Piifc Hear through Lake Chaiiiplaiu make their regular lauding elache itc.Ve rVe the pamphlet (which may be hail .leralliulesilaily.d.iriugtheHe'asein ol Naiigatton. grutis) iicronipnuying the Veniiil'uge. ol t,anu iiwellini; , AGE.N IS. A.jaonloiof ene half acre . and out builehngs fronting on the Iike Shore lit tins place, anil near the L4. S I'nrtilk-atioivs. Also, ihree farms wilh dwelling houses and oi bmlduigs; two of which farms join the l.nke rfearsanl Forlilica lions.and the other King a little f.irtlH-r West, em the highway running between this villag.- and the tillage ol Chaiiiplaiu, coutuiuiug in cllnt ar 5M ucrrs of land, well watered and the greater part under a good state of ciillitalion.lii.Miig a suitable imrtiori of runberonel wood, together with ils?iock of Cattle, Hots-s,SlKep, and larming uteusilst with which llu'setanns an- well supplied, A 1 S 0 Several other nnall dwclliiii! houses and lots, and builebug lots ul (Ik central pan ol Ilns ullage., severai wise nuu uanut iiuats, logemer Willi vatlous other s,rsoT4iilproierty ll is eleemi'd iniiu cessarv to go into farther particu lars, as persons .humus ot purchasing, will naturally examiiV lor ihems.dves Iwfore the ilay of sale, to whom lue irrpns te llliontiuiieill weiioc i lie- pieipi-i i) will lie HoUl in lots to suit purchasers as far Ss possible. unu llie teims nccrnnmoeiaimg. it isikiw llie prevail i in)4 opinion that the lnkeChump'qlh'and Si. Lawrence ... , tln.lrMn.l mil llilnu.. .1. l-'n.ttfr " ALLEN'S PATT-NT Ii MaUIIIX ItKVOLVIXr, I Kailroail by crossing the lynke al Ihis place. Sliould Pistols, lor Sale at 3Gw5 J V. KANliAl.l.V. this be realized the belore named property will begreat- ' ' ' 1 Iv i,i,rrn.ed ill VllIeTe. ilIi:r,oi)MNs. Five iukferkxt kixus ok, . F.i!,vyDpN,.iir. ill Meliidians round and llat keyed., sold bv IlltlNriMAID Ix UUOl'HERS. I llnu-e's Point, tow n of Ohamplain, I I Clmtoii County, N. V , March, 1817. J New York II II S-hielfebii.t Co. Liverpool, Eug James Watson. IfaTima l.G Mrlitet alparaiso Alex Cnss. Buenos Avrer O J llnyes .t Co. St Thoma A II life Caulou J Swords. Sandwich Isan,K-U Ii !enoil. Calci.tta--iliilfuale t (,'bi SlthFeh 1-316 35mS BOLTlNla CLOTHS " lAJ ilL'Itll MILL STOXIJ. ii. r. iViiiTU, No. ti Morton Hloel, MiH ."(icet. Bosiox. fiO.STINL'IN TO IMI'OKT AND KEEPS J constantly for sale, rrft exlensiic assortment of Hulling Cloths of ihe most approved f'aitenis. From longexfiefierlce in the Manuiuciafe ami sale of this arti'V, the Ad vrrtwrn ensi J-d lo lurnish Vlllers wifh more perfe.-' andelnrubV Cloths than can he found vefy UWftiecs. ALM'. frmch llurr .'I ill fUeinrs ofallsArs, msnu' laclnred at the Ma-Ml-husetts fStote Piison. SfM I ISlti. Ilsil