Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 2, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 2, 1847 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 2, 1847. "till nro in tlic process tif being Invented. Un restrained liooily and great success lime attend cd, far a, long time, such it people. (God grant tli it they may not ntiderinira? their pricelcs- lib urty by attempting to inlp'nso their ppctitiar tcu h tip m those in iii'Uhur latitude, who nre confed erate" with litem for no other purpose, but that In union there might be Luting strength pit on to liberty.) Is It strange tint such a people should p?sC this one other trait, an absolute persua sion their principles me destined to lcnovate this whole earth ? When did ever a people pneei1 ofnich at tribute" iwi-t before? Holy Writ alone describe whit they deem thoiitelvcs to be 'A clincn generation, n rnvul priesthood, an holy nation, a people,' It is such a morality as this which is invading the rights of the sovereign cu ple of more one-half of the territorial limits oftltis Union. In.lopondency became the prevailing religion of New Kliglatid. It was a bold deviation from the previously received maxims of Chriti m na tions. There was nothing to prevent It1 full de velopment in New Hngl.ind. It has had two centuries of det elopm "nt the results arc u.tant. Aa nor forel ithois invented a st'stem of rrliinon. tve, their son, have not acknowledged their su-1 Dillingham! We lire nfrnid .Mr. Us health will be to talk about limiting the responsibility of an' repiesentativc to the bounds of a Congressiona District. lJut ttoare nti.xlnus that our readers shotili see precisely how the Locofoco papers treat tid matter of a grave default on the part of n Iico Ibco representative. They will observe, that li m case, is there any attempt to excuse, or ac count for, the default mentioned j on the con trary tlic common chorus Is that the Tree Prcf Irts abused Mr. Dillingham I And the St Al bans penny whistle goes so far as to say that vv have a" personal grudge" against that gentle man, and that we " hate" him ! Dear me, how dieadftil ! The following nre the comments of our sen sitive, friends. Do I'icy not for the dodging of a ynnkec representative In the clear est possible manner ! l'rom lbs Vt. ralriot. Too Hlllll. I'll? Iliuliimtnn Free 1'irM i too severe upon Mr. porionly in this power of originality, but have g ine on inventing. The New Khgland people are not more distill g.tihed for their invention in mechanics, by which your Patent Oilico i replenished vv ilh mod vU, than are they for their Inventions in morals, tndc "d the idea that the true notion of u cliurch miy remain yet to be di-coveied from tliu Ilihlc, is a prevailing sentiment imbibed in infancy in Ni v Knglaud. Toee two idias are the leading ones from which I propi-e to solve the mysteries which aio involved in the part which New England is ta king pn the subject of .Slavery, mutely, that ilb'ir morality uni-t progress ; a'nd that morality adonis an open liehl for di-covery. The New England people nie not a pric-l-riil-il-n people. They have a people-ridden clergy. However, in all the phase which human foci ty assumes, Hod "magnifies bis word above all bis n tine,' and it htppens th it there is "like people, like pric.-t. J help are- no more Millers, anil nil...-,..,) l.e cn.-li cruel cYroii-itinn The people of the Uli Ivtiii regret, extremely li'Sict, that their representatives do not please the liar-lin-'ioii l-'icc I'rcss, nn-J we b'S that paper to deal as merciluil.v wiib tl.cni os proper attention to its own business will fallow. l-'io.-n the Rcnningtcii Gazette, i'.iul Dilliiulmin, -Ir. " The editor of ihe llurlington l-'rce lVs, could not sillier this gentleman to retire tiom bis tluttis ns n member ol the House ol Representatives, vvilhoul a chamctcristie di'plny of i's sp'cen It ispnfMiigntid wuiidcmus trniun- tint Mr. Dillingham should not hive conducted hims'lf to the neilect satislnctton of lh whi party in Vi-rmont ! Ho is under so many n tid great obligations to llieni lur their support nt cvciy i-leeiion in which he has come belore the peonlc : nnd t!n-u too, his having ever been a firm and consistent d -iiioeiut would so naturally incline linn to favor their Mews I ' From the Sf Albass Rrpnblicnn. " After bestowing a cotumn or two ot the stalest t-.iiiil nf witticisms ttooit Mc-srs. I.-titon and MTr.-r- ! son, th"- editor of tlu l'l'-e i'rcss I. ills to belaboring Mr ' Dillingham His abuse ot Mr I) wec.iu tmdeisiutid ' liver since tins tuodern Quixotic mounted the ltoin Mormon priest-", than the public ta-te retpiir. s. - nnic. ol (1C. -. iVss, ,e has gone so often out of his It is the state of the public taste which causes . way to attack thisg.'nilenian, that nothing short ol a them to aii-e. peisunril grudg-. can account for such conduct. .So Thn lnritin u-Vi li.i.t.,1 nn !! IK-inniitli bitter i-- tins It tired, tint even after lr. l)ilbu'hani 1 le 1 untan, too lauded on the lit mouth . hl, r,.tiro,,yl)m n,,blic life, he bants up an excuse to v i.v -.........! r. pursue inm into ins reiireineui.- t.. i mil .- '(.IL-l V I'l IIIU IN irvill "l in IKlb it might be expected to be ; it beats Miong liu eaments of -'the Rock whence it was hewn.'' Tne morality of the Puritans, such us it was, Ins b:en carried into effect. It surmounted ob stacles; it "has been -tinugnnd done exploits." It has triumphed. Moral tiews which could no tvhe c else give law , b ive there giv en law. New England molality is u-cd to doing as it please, and to accompli-h vvh-tt it undertakes. Itsci roei Ins been marked hy-iicccs; it has iti'crib ( d victory on its banners. In the name ol God, it treads down all its fixn. Its wont is to -attack tverv thing wlikh it dislikes. It is true it struck nt Sunday mails, and it "truck a rock. Hut then it assaulted f.-eenia-onry, and it fell. Over the And, l.t-tly. we lay before our readers, with groitsati-.faction. one ofthc llurlington Senli nil's remarkable illustrations diawn from its co pious ami recondite knowledge of natural hlsto rv. " It hath an ancient and a JUh-like smell,1 to be sure, but is ten, ten severe on us.besides furnishing so complete & triumphant a vindica tion of Mr. Dillingham! The wit of our neijth- b'jr is very keen if it is drawn from the gutter. Read ! " i'Natttrall-is tell us that a certain sp"eies of i-iif.uT wiii-n iiit-y nun ine i-oiiiciiuv ui larger o-o uu pleasant, siit iruiti their Inoulli a quantity ol daili Deal (ictttly iixnln. 1 Thrj author of the following communication 'tititles it'" Deal Gently ' answered." So ar as an "answer" to nn argument is tiudcr tood to bo a refutation of it, wc are constrain d to say that the "answer" of" N lu teal! of refuting tends strongly to confirm the correctness of the position we havo taken. The writer below Fays the language of our trticlo of last week " Is in a spirit of censure''; md "of a character to encourage men In break ing over all rules, obligations and principles o, our Society," It may be so; but our corres pondent will observe that tho ruling question with us was not at all what effect the publica tion or non-publica'lnn ot tho re-olution might have upon the" rules &c. &c." of the Ilecha bite Society, but what would be its legitimate in- llucncc uponacow bang. e thought, ami wc still think, that Its inlliienco upon the offend ing brother (whatever power it might exercise in restraining rWicrs) would bo unmitigated evil. This is all we had to do with tho matter. In our judgment, and wc believe in the judg ment of our friend below, the publication in our columns of a resolution of expulsion would havo a tendency to nicvest the reformation of the person against whom it might be aimed. Tins being tho cae are we to stop and enquire'uJiof tho resolution might have on tho rules, obligation", or princi ples of a " Society "I Arc we to bo called on to place one of our neighbors in an opprobrious and painful position before tho public, without regard to hisowii feelings or those of his friends. b;causc if vvu do not do so a " Society " may idler In the integrity of its " rules and obliga tions 2" We think not. Wc must be excused for saying that neither to us, nor to any other man, or voluntary association of men, is com mitted the fearful prerogative of saeriti'.ing n fellow being for the benefit of others. Our correspondent propounds several ques tions tous. He asks it, after the second trans gression, " forghensts has not reached its limit .'" person to do any thinn? It would be so much the worse, for an example of this kind would have a pow erful hnluencc upon yaunntr men those whose char acters nre just forming who need the good examples and iullueiic of those of more mature years. You admit, Mr. Editor,tltat "your friends the I! celt abites.mredone nnd are doing m(i good In Socie ty." I think this cannot begainsnycd.ns many hearts can testify to its truth. Look about in our town and vicinity ! Cannot the good Influences of our beloved order bp men and nre they not felt! How tunny ncblng h:arts have been made glad! How many tears have b.-cn dried, mill how many homes have been blessed wilhpeace, happiness and plenty I All, whether they : Hecbabites or not, concede the creat amount of good that has been done, nnd is doing. Shall this glorious work go on 1 1 hear many voices mndc chectliil and itlad by its Influence, say "go on, go on," or ngain wc may be made soirowful nnd brought to want. Now will youcontend, .Mr. Editor, that this great wotk con ro on, if members who compose It, ntc al lowed time nnd time ngniuor in our language "ct cnty timet scccn" (lour hundred nnd ninety !) to break over their pledge, and all honorable nnd bindins obli gations 1 1 do not think your liberality nnd sphit ol lot ben ranee would go thus far, especially II by so doing the tr.Wc influence of the Socirt) was to be destroyed the preat good they bad "done and were doing," frustrated and the streams of intemperance and sorrow left agnin to flow- unchecked and uncared for. You, I must think , would say that it would be lar better to lose nue member than nil should be Ion I u ould it not bi belter that on individuaHulUrth-loss olan arm, than tbntlns ichule IvJtj should perieh by retaining it I Would it not be prefernUe to be deprived ol an eye than to W life bv our desire to keep it 1 Will it bo contended that a community can exist without laws ottd regulations, and in having these obeyed 1 Con u Soci'-ty continue to prosper and carry onn glorious re form, if theynllow, with imliffct rue r , the great fundn mental principles the very lieuit of its existence nnd prosperity mbe trilled with, broken over and en tirely set at nought 1 In conclusion, I must sty, in "kindness," that bnd you "known all lite facts ill the case," ns doe the wri ter of this, I do not Micct lliat you would have pen ned th article you did one very much calculated to destroy the influence of our Ttibr.und thereby prevent lite great good it has in store for mankind. Asregnids the ineiiibercjpellcd, I would add lam sincerely his Ineiid, and v ou Mr. IMtlor.cannot regret more than I do.tlte seclssitv of the course ol the Ti ibe nor is there an individual inourcomitiiinily who would and once t...rr..U.. ,.n.l n illinrde do him rood. II lieilestres our ansvver.wo s.ty: uertamiy not : , lur(, n.or(, hm ,0p,,ieM in his own mind, and Again he aks if, "this great work cm go on if re,ieclability among his fellow men. N'"'. members are allowed time and time ngain or in your own language " seventy times seven," (four hundred and ninety !)"' to violate tho rules of tho " Society." And again, if he desires our tnsvvcr, we say: Certainly wo ilo ! Does not i ,.,ore ntticlil v taken than it is in the following A monstioti"lo I" lor n small colt. Wo do not remember ever to have seen the step " from " the sublime to the ridiculous" Urtil Uoabs. The llutlanil Itonil. The work on this road Is steadily progressing. Wo are informed by tho contractor that several pits have been sunk tit tho crossing of the Creek in .Shelburne, preparatory to the coiuinenc.ptnont of tho work of constructing tho piers for the bndgo at that place. Wo nro glad to learn that, bv an arrange ment between the parties,Mcssis. CilAHiiiEitLAlx, Wok iut.l &. Walker hate become partners: with .Messrs. J. IIradlev and T. F. Strong, I u the contract for tho construction of tho road from llurlington to Brandon. Messrs. Cham and Conpnny h.tvo been enga ge! on tho Public Works in Pennsylvania, and are now constructing the Ship Can lis on t'10 St. Lawrence in Canada. Th"ir reputation as accomplished and thorough-going business men, and their well-known experience and abi lity, afford the best guaranty for tho speedy and successful prosecution of the work on tho North en Division of tho Rutland Road. A contract has been entered into with Horace Gray, Esq. of Ronton, for the rails for thn whole roid from Hollows Falls to llurlington. Mr. Gray tikes Stick to ths amratit of SI 10,000, in addition to his subscription of 20,000, and furnishes rails (of GUlbs. to the yard), on terms more favorable, as wo arc informid, than havo heretofore been made with him. Tho assessment of 5 ;?r ccn(., on both the Boston and the Country Stock has been prompt ly paid into the Treasury, and the work will bo prosecuted with all practicable de-pitch. Tho Verimnt Central. Tho Montpelicr Wnlchmm, alluding to cer tain tolerably free strictures ou the affairs of tit's road, that appeared last week in an anonymous communication to tho Green Mountain I'rc:- mtn, says : W will warrant any stockholder to receive verv tromr encouragement" as tn ili. linnnpr- ..f ,li.. Company, on "uchan application : and we will venture to say mine putmcnow, tint me resources ol tit" Coin-nam- have Is-t-n oflnte s fir bevon.l tin- sum renn t in u in-; i n ii-mi i Ni-jii-v i.m-11 .urn uu tor u por tion of theiioit in advance of the tune named in tlic contract, the contractor allovvtu the Louipaiiy nue The Wnr. intemperate m-o of ardent spirits, it Ins si.rnallv I 'l'w;"'i bquid un wlndi imluie lunu-hes ilietn ,- 'lt t, ,,, , , ' ,. r ,.- iidiitudnntly. I he Lditni ol the 1 ice l'n-cs hastienied . ,...... "..- ... .i, iii-iii i I., uu-. tir. Dillingham maeli in the sjuie manner m his last i av.-ry ui 1110 oouiu as nut game, atiu n.ts com-' paper, incnecu its aunit"). It is n spirit intoxicatid from ilidebitich on libdtv and univerMl tolera tion, which n to I e met and rebuked. The .Sentinel courM", that Mr. dcites to bo understood, of D. i "a whale," though tho So philophical is tne .-tructiiie ol New Eni . extreme mod-sty of that paper prevented its say- land society, so perl.'Ctly h trnioniim- and nl'a tngso. Verily, that punlleitiM) Ins occasion piece is it, so strictly do all the phenomena which j t0 exclaim :"Eavo me from tnv jYt-nds .'" it exhibits result Irmn causes which nre known to exist, th it to iirj none of the p!ia--es which it is putting on, ncci.-ion siirpri-e. This is ii sample of the true Lorofoco tactics. L'icofocoism out ot Congicss is at all times pre- Still 1 maintain that New England character ' pared to tliro'v up its rap and hurrah, foi ls a t-vrlect enigma to Southern society. This I trua will not appear so very strange, while I of fer some remark s ou Southern society. ThU I must defer to a luturo occasion, Meanwhile, I have the honor to be, Your friend and fellow natriot. A Northern Man wmt SocntEKxCtTizcNsim the malfeasances. ances of Eocofocoism lie enquiry and investigation into its iniquities by a stale jest, or a "nauseating" nimile! our friend understand that the command to for tjiic (not by any means in our words !) " seven ty times seven," was given to a 'Society,' and probably a much smaller, certainly a less worldly pro-perous 'Society' than tho one whose welfare he is so zealous to guard ? Ah, my friend, let us beware how vte attempt to imnrme on the doctrines ol the bible! If the little "Society, "eighteen linn 1 red years ago, struggling against piincipulitiis nnd povCets, the evil passions and the corrupt hearts of men, scoffed at by ' the million ' and reviled by the 'upper ten thousand' of tbos-o d.iys, were in structed to forgive nn cilTcniling brother 'four i hundred and ninety times!" can yon asl; m ill l,--bnir, if a modern 'Society.' Strom in public paragraph Irom a letter ofthc Washington cor respondent of the N. 1. Lcemng i'ost, a staunch Eocolocn paper: " Tliorrsult nfihe New Hampshire election is re " ceivc-d here with meat Triolein-'. The decisive news " r. Ilurke the Commissioner of r.itenls. by " telegraphic expte. and was iiumi-dntely column " nie.-oi-if lit bun to the cabinet, which h ipoened tube "in session' Tlu- ineiubets ot thnt auu-t council " wen- greaily insptritc-i nv ni" iiiu-iugeni-e, ami im " mediately ic3!ced, it is mid, upon suae energt tic " mensuiejm Uu.giiig the Mrxicaiitto terms, iclnch " hiilbccn iejure lonj hcsilttlca aitf : : We are anxious loi an opportunity to send to that 'august council our Nt e suppese President Polk will enclose a copy of Hill Patriot, containing " the result of the New Hampshire election," tn ' tho Mexicans " forth with. We certainly can think of nothing more sc "otit-ido birbiriaus" I misfeasances, and nonfeaf- approval, powerful in numbers, and assured in ",' ? certainly ta im ; rni..Tms,n.ul M ol.1.," ...... r... t...:i :r . r.....;.. likely to frifhten tho: ino carrecin-si m us iiun-ipn.-, n iis""-' -, . . ,. .,!.,. -.. n...Trj niiin , , , , -. i- t, ,t l ,t..--7 lliail inu iinciiiij.iisv .ti n.- ""t;'-"". Ills not reacucu us nmu uu uiu w u, ,,ii,.f!n frr, rm..,, m. If thcrr is really dinger in ex- ' ' ,... ,, nf S,1VP tI,rrilor. .,, ' of tho " tigorous prosecution "of a war to pro mote that extension ! The Oldest Inhabitant. JTvcc 3rc05 DURLINGTOX, VI. FRIDAY MOIiNING, AFiilL 1317 rather inclined to take to be the tcrit.ible "Wan dering .few," has fivorrd us with the privilege of a biief interiiew. His btitiness had reference, of course, to the recent "uiprcccdenl d" storm, which commenced on 1'ridiy last, and termina- l.-il wilh i rnlinlr f f rnrlieil nn Tnnrl-iv nml " I.v Ti.n darx and iBOfEtco night T..AT is Wcilnet Jjv or,li3 wcc!i. 0ur venerable tisi uroN us, there is no Star alove the horizon- , wavf- tIat hcre nrfcr TO GIVE USA GLrAM Of LIMIT, E.tCEfTIXO THE .(ripm. , . ,, ,n, , , . ... I and his chief purpose in calling was to prevent ! thocirculitii-n cftho nntnrrotis errors that he ! apprehended would be put forth undjr the tin- tratisgresaion cislnga mare evtended cbarity fbr ilii infirmi ties of our fellovv-men, If a larger spirit of for- Tliis extraordinary personage, whom wp arc I giveness is incompatible with tho well-being of wether ivtelliss.vt, I'ATRiort: Wni'i tartv of tIie United Siatls." DtiH Webber. I.OUufUv'U AlSUllli'IliS. the ' Society,' is it not wise to cnquin the fault is with tho Society or the principle ? Is it not fair to suspect that an association whoso mean3 of doing good are jenpird ized by a too liberal cxeicise of Move and charity ' is built upon an unstable foundation? Or, at least that some of tho 'fundamental prin ciples 'of which our friend speak", might be changed to tho mutual advantage of till its mem bers ? 'Dctil flentl) Aiisttcrnil. Mr. Editor: In the last uumb-r of your p-ipr, you stoiitliisadvaiiceinvment. It'isnow exiieitedibat ' publiu iiiitul, in relation to the present situation ol (Jen one ttiotis.tnti tons ul the. lion win lie nrouirht up by boats, dariiti th-j luii'i water lit Gou.iecticut river. The Walclimin aUo says of tho Concord Road : Niw Stock Ins b?ea created in ths Concord road to lay n second track. The business ol the Northern road Ins far exceeded th; hin.iest expectations . it will be opened to Andover m July." Ch"liiic. Tho Keene I'hilanlhropitt, says : " The Directors of the Cheshire RniURoid Co. hive voted to create no.v stock, increasing the capital 5) per cent jattd the ltrt asses-mcnt on the same is made payable on 15th April next." 0,'deu-ljur:,' Itoail. Tho Report of the Engineer, Mr. Ilayward, is to tho route of this roid from the St. Law- Mice tn Lake Champl.iin, will bo made early in lis month to tho meeting of the Directors in Utstoi. We incline to think it advisable to sus- iend farther discussion on tho topic, until that Report-shall be published. Correspondence nl'tlic I'rre I'rcss. Hanover, N. II.,Mnrch 31th 1917. We ore in th inrlst of scen-s that remind us of War. Our Iriend, Gen. T li. It osom, of Norwich, Ins recit ed his official appointment of Colonel vt the New England Regiment, and Col Seymour, of Con atilhomu! iniiclirn of Ids mmo. lie siy if , call to account the doings of the Tiibe of Rcchibites any paper nsseil that tho late storm is the sf- in this place, nnd ue some "harshness" ton aids their vcre-t within his "memory," that paper is deci- proceedings relative to one of its members. Yom Ian- W.. ivii,l tin .,1,1 , t,m'8'"s-' is in a s.urit oi cewiiie, atiu well calculated to 33"A correspondent requests us, iftltocollec tion is not full, to deposit tho following raritie in tho " .Museum" : Tho pectoral I'm of a " gone sucker f Tho bines of a ' dead certainty"; A portrait of tho first " skipper" that reached EiiL'Iand in an ' American bottom" having made the t ot age in a rcrrisbuigli cheese. A fine specimen of butter, tho product of a quan.3iVv. A probability of tho tho termination of the Mexican War, as teen through a powerful so lar Microscope. Letters lo Ceo. V. Marsh, Two or three weeks ago, we charged that Mr. Dillinaham. lute one r.f tho representatives nf Vermont in Congress, do Iged the vote on tlic , ee-lly "green bill giving Tlnco Millions of dollars of the peo ple's money to the President for pitipOiCS Coil- nee ten wtt i t in .uitiTin nr. vn suunoson sr turnout i ir.ii ms visit siiuu a imoiv mat i.-c are i ojr soctciv. v leweu iu ui.s u - u, auu iia,i.vni i iai i .!.... i;.l, .iiintnr',,,.i i.r..tio,t i ' in tin- custom of cxo amraiin ? such minor evils' your columns nre alw-nvs opened to those who may appearing in the Xeio York Courier and Vn know ho,c thev are rome'enled. or why thev are '. Our readers will bc-ai us w itness that the itnnu- i C01,"J" tlieu.slvcs aggrieved, I w sh to made some quircr, and as they are written by one evidently ".s.r r. r .i. i.. w on injury w me l uno,-uiues uis.unintentionai. uv nnr Hrst nnrrn. thn nub lien out Willi a pniiiLT tuLiiti ui rtiiuuuc mr iu- i i , r j,,,...., : " ' ; ' " ' ' teution to us, though with a half-feeling of re-' breakimr ot e nil rule-, obltotions and nrineiules of lio-of a series of letters addressed to our town ..... . . ' 1 l.-A T- . ... .. " ,ni- .tr.t v.. .v. u.l ... I m . 1. . i, ,..! l.n. . Ill ill ,tllU I OOI Uf l tll.ll" ..' I .' i.k 4. 71 1. AOV,... n-jt repie-eritcd, when im.toilunt measures are tation is scandalous ! itdcpted in the National Councils. We said, ! And so, in all roberncs, wc inform our rerd r.tid wc say, that l.'ir.'c of tho representatives of ers that a tnow storm of unprece this Stat.) voted both in f ivor of tbo Wilmot Pro- j iccre about to sav of unprecedented severity, after vivo, uud against the bill when that irov iso was j all ! wo mean a very severe and pertinacious ll, and .Mr. Ddlinghitu, tho fourth, t o-, suovv storm commenced on Friday tho 25th inst., tid lor the proviso, but Jul nut answer when his , anj continued without iutet mission till Saturday nisi: IMS allied, iiiitoedi.tlely after, on the pas. night, by which limo a larger amount of snow reply to your n-maiks: but I would here have it dis- competrnt to discuss, philosophically nnd tvi tmctly undcistood that t speak as nn imlindual, hold- t1Q illtcre.tin l0,ic 0f the cnnrtitiitioinl differ. 1113 nnonice nor in any way uicinieii or uircctcu in . . ,. . , ,i. vr,i. .,,t ,i, ..,i, tliom 1 nnllnr 1.1- tin. M',ih. nr nn,- nfl,. 1, ... n. l..ISlHIJi ULI..SVII mi. t.n, t .nt, ...;!t i. a .. i ttieir causes aim ciiecis, auu 10 ut-uouu loL-ieiioin W..IIC- IIIIUI 1D..J mil u., u.l, lull , 1IJ-UII 1IIUII 1 1 1 hook," and I shall bold myself responsible for it. I valuable conclusions, calculated, if rightly con- I must sty that I am pleased with the general tenor sidered, to allay prejudice and strengthen good oi your article, as it is conceived m the right fp'uit feeling, we shall lav them before our readers. that ol kindness, love and forbearance towards our fd- The lirst of the series, which we publish lo-d.iv low men. miner man liarHincss, seterny and unkind. , i,...!.. ...ri,.n tl,nnol,tfnl ndniincrsalbnro,t,rh ' v ! (i o" rl,,. l.ill V.i .'.!. I nti.I u-i-t wv I hit i I 1.1., .i.-r... .i i ipi....i:,-.,..i,-.,i....... i .1 .t. this dodging an important responsibility which ' f,,en at any one time baforc during the past win-1 ll,lve -",uk-d '"X ac,ion' m,J ns 1 'boucht. the only " ' !,s a:' r 0 a.'''a '!!" , ,ac Mr. D. ar-i.m,dwi,'n he was honored by a ! tcr The roads were comnletelv blocked up for ?-.liy. to carry forward nny rea. work of q-r.m "ico w,,h tl.o org,it,i, of New-L,,g- 1 IU.tll.ll i.-JU.. ,ul.,,.l.l,a. U. UIIVII 13 II lUUia : ....... .".....J. . . L. ...,v V lll.ll PUM pottion ofthc treemen of tlutite with aseauu j time twenty four hours. We understand that Congress. Andweiibo taid, and we say, that ' a good many sheep, in our vicinity, perithed in this is a common trl in Congress. ;k tf Northern, Locofocos tho storm, it being utterly impruclicablu to re lieve them. Tho mailt were thrown iuto"nn?t Now wo t ike it that in all this we have not In , a-Jtniri'tl ttinorJcr." fnn evil, bv the way. that the slighte.-t degree departed from the sphere ,3np!o nro leirning to with christian fortl- that appropriately belong- to us. II it was .nr. j tude Nostige-, nor mails, reached Hurling. Dillingham's duty tn vote rn a bill throwing j t0I from tK. Sol,hi aUor 'pimrs.y ctviiinK, till Thuee Millions more ol the people'- money in- j SllI1()jJ. wi. u,u mjil.jluo on Today r tothetortcx will be loiitid.has alieady , riu,ji The Extern Mail due S.tturd ij-arrited swallowed up (ink HUNDr.r.n millions, it is our j on Hlll,lv evening, without tho ltostoii packa rightund, we hnnibly imagine, our duty, tocn-l,,. all'llp t0 this writing (Wednesday, p.m.) quire why he did not vote. Ik- was, or hould , ,,, dclnllllt muil.bags ntq not all received

have been, in his seat when tho .p.i-.tion w is la. Wo th M hmk witl lu,xi,., fl)r tll(J ituigCnce ken, because bis naino appears in tho list of from tho Kca Coa.l, ulivre it is nrj.rclicttded nu yeas nnd nay immediately previous. He, theio- ncnlU( dl,.Hlt.r3 lml!t ,aNofJCC1,rred. Utxa rnuaio rit', ami uius rt'iueti cillicr to or t ittilliilil t!ll PatirllOIl ofllmt nirtirvn .(' ;..,1nl,..,ftl,is state whom he retires..,,,,,!. t I Mmenger and the M.ddlebury Galaxy have ,"- r-- r- .matter of grave consequence. A courso of conduct net only indefensible, but such as no Whig repreieiitative of this .Sate did, or would, pursue If it is the doctrine of Iiocofoeoisni that our representatives huve a right to avoid their most considerable roimnsibilities in this way, wo hope Locofoco newspapers will bate the man liness to say so. The 1'. I'alrivt, however, disposes of tho caso by the Intimation that is no business of outs to enquire Into thn conduct of a representative "f Ho Hit District. Wo b-g the I'alriot lo uberu that, on questions in which the whole, people o Vermont are lutcres. ltd, wo do not know where the imaginary lino commences that separates tho 1th from any oth orCongressioiul District. When a representa tive from tho tth is called mi timet In Congress exclusively f"r lliat District, vvn i-hall bo tho last to interfere in any way ; but when the whole (.tuto Ui-quiilly Intero-led in tho defeat ,.r tieccss ofa iiH-usiiif, it is tcr)' -illy twaddle P. S; Since writing the above, tlic St. Albans Galaxy hav put the foot in! kind word or died will win the confidence ol nn erring a discussion, so conducted, will hi productive of monai, ana resioie iiiui iu uiai 11111 ioaiiiou in morals' result vvorlli nnd happiness tint wirscontcmplated by his ma. I her 1 Upon the oiher hand. dictation and unkindness Jj-The Lacofoco papers call tho Whigs "Mex : . I'-'"5' Tho witoltho thing is better under- Hat there nre "Mentions to cu-rv Kcncral rule."- H""'! when wc reflect that the Whigs furnis itt me siipposea case : ivauors lor tne American Army, and . A society is formed for the amelioration ofthc un. furnishes them for the Moxicaus. farutaaie. A Consiiiuiion, Uf.L-iws, nnd a system o' rules nnu regulations arc nuopieu, os mey oie necefsa. " The Burlineton Free Pre-s talks about" a flutter ryluits orRamzation ana us existence, ceciett arc oi exciiement Here at me t nils, occasioned by the ar. interwoven with these for pood and sufficient reasons, ri.vnl ol a cettain or Correspondent, " fat nnd ftio risuZkuowaiuUnderstandwlioaieacquuintedwith l tliom: but the Constitution of tins bnciciy wvoseciet I'rcta Iuih imainlv nut ullnyni it at Ubvnllouiiisthe as Jt is published to th" world, nnd every one enn read nrmal of Colonel Jemir.n Hrick ' Nothing isliow .. i. . Vn... D i ,n .... I iiraiu put iuc rnniiirv " u m .t lir.rk " w. ualwhojoins tins Society, doe, so undemanduigly. ! 'lj?, S.V""'' INot know Colonel Dkick ! llless your heart come to hand. They have both Tho Messenger s iy the storm "Continued for thiily Fix hours with such severity ihatnuruifit iViitifurjf, n;cd S3, say he has seen nothing like it." And tho Galaxy, that "The oldtst nconle cannot recollect a more sivert snow storm." Dear friends, yon nro mistaken. We have seen the old gentleman in person I a ii J he Ins certainly no moral right to trample upon or let ut nought its re;ulntions. Hut should he so lar foiget his duly his sense of honor and bis standing os a man, and his obligations, si rnn! and biuJinj as men can nnketliem should he, I say, fjrget all of these, what should be done I Why your nnswi-r 1 enn nn- lio is a near relative of tho Tylen, of wh Teddy and John arc widely known ! Of cow you know who "Teddy the Tiler "and John Ijlerare.' Well; Colonel flnVA is smother. JTTho Vt. '.riv quotes along article from a New Orleans iro-slavvry, pro-annexalioti, pro- i'.Meiisiou.oi.iiie.'area.ol.tet-dom" naticr, lo prove that the War was commenced by Mexico. The 'lWi ctidently thinks Mr. pro-slavery rolk s Mng and lahon il argument to provo tho same Hung is iiicoticliiuvo and unsatisfactory Sudo wo. lint wo really don't tl ink tho test! luony of .Slaveholders help-, the mutter xnie.H. How tho anxiety to shift the terrible responsi. hilily of this ery popular war from tln lruwu shniiM.'rs slicks to our nortliorn L'.rrif eos ! ticipalefroin the durilol your nrticlc, you would say Hon t refer peoplo tons,' Kitty body knny leal uenllt ' wim linn, insieau Piceiisutennanninn. dilonel Ilr.icC II,. t,o... t v .... v -i ..... C..l,,.,n" n.,.ln,.l.r.lin.i .. ,.,.,1,1 ,m . .rin iv...i ... .i.i.. ""!m.mi.ilho clarct-colored coat,"in l!os and persuasion of what you thought n'gil, rather than ""'lit'"" A. I'eep," in Cincinnati, as denunciation otvvhai you ilioujilitiriori", '-""""""l uogg stales," anil in Washin I ouree with you in tins but let us go a little turtiier. ion, as "ine man ill a cocked-hat." Wn kh,inl,l Dverj thing in the way of kindness, love, forbcaiance like to seen man ciirinirin " who is fnl,io..l ami persuuf ion is isjM.. it uuo no ........ ui iiricli i while, but alas! poor frail man is not enough to with, i stand the shock. He iigam Jatlt! Kindness is ogam f.T"If geilfma .. ..... ,,,,,.. ... ris-JHed lo.and lora while it mcceeds: lie is ngain ') iue on a n.irruw tide-walk, ought one lady to step , !.. l.n .. j a........ IMIII1I ll'tl IITIH N I. ...Ill restorco mailer ha on unu ncain ue is iom iguuirjaiu. .. .......l.i .,- ... ness here reocbed its limits I Has "loiUarnncc here ') wo rcpt-ctrtilty Ftijr-C.t" U.a,, in 8llch cen.'d to be a tiitue"! Musi the Tiibe be trijted cacs, tne should climb tho 1 imp pott with I .Must such fjamples, lliougu cuiiiiiiKirom m old iiiunuf unobtrusive diporniieut," and )on might add.lroina kind hearted man mutt, 1 say, such ex. tiiiitiI-H im iint.titienl A tiinn nmv be tenerable in )eniH, witli hoary iiend nnd Willi a kind lu-urt, tet would it le dun-iidi d that this wo s'i-'h Tho exciting, yet contradictory and unau thentic, " news " that is dally arriving from the scat of war, keeps the public mind in it ferment. Among the numerous reports wo hardly know what to choose ns nearest the truth. We still adhere to tho opinion that Gen. Taylor has en countered Santa Asst., though vte nro inclin ed (o think there lias been no " pitched battle " between them. We presume Old Hough and Heady is safely entrenched at Monterey. The conduct of the two Attorneys in Washing ton, Mr. Polls and Mr. Marc.y, In withdrawing almost the entire regular force from Gen. Tay lor's command, and leaving him with a small army composed almost exclusively of volunteers, in the interior of an enemy's territory, sur rounded try a bcmi-baibarous people exasperated ngainst their " invaders to the highest degree. is exciting warm nnd indignant comments. Il evinces a wih, if not a design, to sacrifice the gallant old hero," vvhoo brilliant achievement" have alone saved the administration Irom the contempt its ignorant and imbecile course, in the prosecution of tho war, so richly merits. A correspondent of the N . l . Journal of Com merce, al'olk pipor,docs not hesitate to express the opinion that it is the evident purpose or the Administration to Involve Gen. TayloU in in extricable difficulty. I he " latest intelligence is that Gen. Tay lor has had three brushes with the Mexicans, repulsing them each time, and himself retreat ing all tho tiitu, " by easy stages, " towards Monterey. Tho account needs confirmation, and tve will not burden our columns with it. When the truth reaches us.autl,cntically,ourrea deis shall have full details. In the mean time wo give below the latct ofiicial and authentic account from Gen. Taylor, which is dated the day before the fighting, of which wo have heard so much, is said to have begun : l.ATP.ST l'HO.M GKNI.HAL TAYLOR'S AHM V. Ol'l'ICIAI. AND ACTHLWTIC. At n late hour this evenini; we received the follow ing otli-iald.-sjnt -h fro-n (lensral Taylor's he.-tdiiu-ir. t'js, together with other aulli'-ntic communications, which we hasten to lav before our readers, ns i-nlnii. Inleil in a gteat degiee to relnvc the anxiety nf the Skctrli of Mr. Ashinnii's Iti noiil.s, o.x the last Mairr or the susio.v. The Ilcport hnving bcu made in the House of Re presentatives, from the Committer of Conference o i the disagreeing votes ol the two Houses upon amend ments to the Military Appropriation 11.11 Mr. Asiimi N to--. lie said, thnt os he unders'ooJ the report ol the committee ol conference, (with wtncii it was now proposed that the House should cone ur,) it was that the fcenate should recede. Irom its dissent to the project of npisiinting n hcutitnnt general The House had put n cl'mse hi the bill empowering the IVesident to put a new man a newly created general olficer, a military commander, created for political purposes, over the heads of all our brave geuertlsin the li'ld men who had by their bravery hut only won lor themselves an immortality oflime.'but who had ele vated the character nnd military itlory of the country in the eyes of foreign nations ami ol the world Tuts was the only important point in the dilli encc between the two Houses ; the rest were mere trilk-s in compa rison, mere nnke-w-eishts, thrown into the scale to se cure this principal poinl It seemed to be n malt'-r m the hiqhcst degree desirable to the Administration to put over the heads of Scotttind Taylora new tnan,th! creature of the Hxi-cutive, selected either front th balls ol Congress; or from among the interior officers of tlic army, and that was ihi-purpose and aim ol this recommendation ofthc committee of conference. Be loresucli nn iniquity was accomplished, .Mr A want ed the House to understand distinctly what they were going to do At this last hour, in the expiring mom?nu of Congress, gentlemen wire called on thus, by a t-jte ol coucurience, to ncquisce In u mcasurt. winch had three several tunes b'-en thrust upon the Hous, nni tnree several tiiites kiiicii oy cnipnauc voies oi rejec tion. The delorriied corpse, lliricc dead, had now bf-en once more galvanized into III.., nnd it had lyen distinctly announced in very high quartets that the ad ministration had pationngc enough still to get ft through both Houses. And did they calculate without lensun nu such a result! What had operated lechingo the viewsof the Military Committee tn regard to this thing ! When it was first presented to them, they had ut one, and with a smrjle exception, Lii-ituniousiy rc p"rtvl that it was inexpedient to make such an ap pointment. What, Mr. A. again asked, bad changed their views 1 Kurely sonic very cogent arguments mustbave been addressed totheni. Mr. A. meant to charge nothing improper :bnt it might be a somewhat interesting mquiiy whether none ot Ihe g-nttem-n placed on that committee had not nceived.ordtd lie expect to receiv, a military appointment under till Ojtenimcnt 1 Mr A imputed nothing of nn oir.-t. five kind to any body ; the committee, it seemed, had changed their minds ; tint was all Mr Carroll (a member of the .Military Committee) here obtained leave lo explain, "nnd rose to say that there was nt least a portion of the committee who were ns much opposed lo the proposal now as ever they had ben. I li'-y were still opposed to giving aid and comlort to the cncinv by the appointment ot ntn to the chief command ol the army who were incontp. -lent to tne sptttou ; thy desired now. as they nU-as bad desired, to sec such npost occupied by men of pro-li-ssional ep'-ricnc- and military skill. Mr Ashmuu rcsuuv-d. II" had no ground tochargc any imhv ida-ii m.-mber with having tuns been influen ced since the ver extraoriltna-y nnnm r m wlrr-i some g-nuVni'-n had suddenly changed then opinion in regard to this nntter of a lieutenant general. He dtd not certainly know that any inemU-r so situated lin.l r.....ii...l n i Ii.itn.o l.nt lio .liil linnft'thntcier I'iivlor's COimnnud. The folluwitll' di-sit.itf-h Irmn sinrn till. ,ifwc.-itfi. r.t il, ,,-! reironi-nt tiill.wtiieh OUt L.en. 1 aylor, is the late-t communication received into the hinds of the C.vcutive so larue an amount oi from bun ut tV War Department . ' patronage, the t-lT- tt of tint patronage had been very Or.trr.s, ) 1 1 CAtiQC v r.Tt r.s A r.M v or Occitvtion, nbnuiHy felt in tint House ;and he further knew that Noll tj Agua Nti'.-va, l-'eh. t!l, 1S17. this very dav two m-mbers ol tint House Indreceived Colonel -lorg-m's reguuert, (J.I Ohio.) will coiiccti- noimiiations'to placvauf very high trut nndimpor- tmtea. (.errnlvo, nud move forward to .1outerey, tanee. with ns hilledeiny ns practicable. Colonel CuitU's Voices " Who arc they 1 Names nnines "J regiment (3d Ohio,) will be relieved at Camargo, by A good deal of sensation was d in thi tin- In st regiment ol the new voliinteeis that may have House, and the conversation became veiy luud-1 arrived nt that point, when it will move lorwaidin Mr A proceed-d. Th")' had had some very in. lik'-inaniier to .1o'iterey Coluuel D.ake's regiment terestingcuestions rais-d heie, which touched ou sec- (Nt Indiana,) wnl be relieved at .liataiuoras, hy the tiotnl nuereets and feelings ; nnd the breasts of lieprc- lirst lit oidc of arrival of the new leguneiits that may sentatnes Irom the flee afitcs had l-en thrihed by be there, at the mouth ol the river, or lb" Urams.ou declarations of gentlemen Irom the South that on tire the receipt ol this order, when it will likewise come settl incut ol those questions m a particular wiyth forwmd 11S llboVC. Tit'.- remainim? foot remiiientsol' Vert. e.Vlsletie,. ni' the I'nin.i .l.-m-mleil . nnil thev bad j ihe new voliinteeis will proceed with ns hub- dehy as si, u tneiul.eis here desetting toe mteiesuu tne frco tiraciiciuic lo .nonierey. in inarciuiig irom Lannrgo, ct-ites on tlu s" qii'-tious. air rsims.ul a. mill Carolina. " oann mom vv no ine uoops win in no move in less nunitier th in a regiment, and will hoi I themselves ready to repel nt tacl up jii the road, their cotutnuideis etercisiug lite greate-t vigilance, pailirulaily in the camps at inghl piikinglhetr v.igous lor delence. They will take, caic to be well supplied with ainiuunition'bcfurc leav ing Cumatgo. j U) order of .Viior General Taylor: W. W S i!LIrf,Asst Adjt. General. r.udorsemei ton the abort oidcr. C.lUt Crossni,in Will ok-nse turnish enmes nf tbia order to such ot thenevv volunteer regiments asmay rut ses-ion, in regard mslaveiy, which he lud nut al- uiii.v .i. uiuiiMiu. i ii-, 'oiriionu'i iiuu utiiiorniiy i .tiiess-u i Certalvois lobe broken up for thr present. Col. I .Mr. Ashmuu nd. timed that on the suVit of slavery .Votg in Ins been instructed to destiny such stoics as that geiilb man bad been umlormly subset vieiit to tho nv V.U11UU. 1.I14C Willi HUH. Ufttt UI lije C'lUlll. t-u o. Wy order- W. W. S. HI.I8S It will be pcrcuve.t from th" above, General Ta)lor,noihavmg lelt Agni Nueva on the 'Jin, was atv tin v .Mr. Ashmuu said he had no ob,ection lo name them, fur he never would be found saying indirectly what he was uttw illmg to say dni-cily. A member Irom r'tinsylvania opposite i.vlr. C. i Ingetsulh had recited the nuiuiiiatiuii. as he understood, ot Monster to I'tniee Mm h sensation lr Inyly here rose and inquired whether lliat niemucriiiu nuviinceo any opinions, tturiog ine ores. moving up turcis irom the Kin Grande to .1onterey necticut, lias rece veil the appointment of Major, rice on it, make any mention ol the advance ofthc .Vcxi Gen. Hansom. A recruiting office has been opened in cans, nor of an expected engagement. Norwiih, Vt., where some ten or twelve have already j 'J"jie s;cmnlu.r j joln0 nrrivcit a. v o.. on the enlisted, with a p.ospect of about ns many more, in a .c., (,.,. .. ...rn..nU frmn .,.:, side ol the ball .1.. If.,... i. r ..tne. I... n,...n.iil.. .,11 " w" ' tlr 1 1 . . . further.and Vcmion. must ,,art,c.pate in the strife and , 'J"5 m0st Important and surprising of which is, hardships of the lield, no better appointment than that tli;lt 111 tl"! """-I ol a foreign war, anotiicii civ of Gen. Hansom could, perhaps, be made. And what- IL r.r.tOLUTION K ts taken I'I.ace in Mexico, and ever wc think ol his political crrots, (and they arc that Gu.-ilv. 1'ARtAb is expelled ri'.ott rotVLR ! neither fivv nor small), nnd whatever wc may think of the origin and management of the war, it is certainly to be hoped that General itan"oni will not s-ifii-r, so fir as he is concerned, the fair finie of the Green .Mountain Slate to be tarnished. If Colonel Hansom hasnny solid merit, it is in a military capacity and his position as Colonel will afford a f lir opportunity to t his friends and the w orld know of what material he is made, We omit our correspondent's account of the late Stage accident near Hoyalton, as it contains milling in addition to what was published in the free I'rcss last week. The locofoco victory has been deatly and hi'ey purchased in New llimpshire. More than S-a.DUO. The liaston Alias' account says : a he most important Icntiire ot the nsws bv this ar- H're.Mr C J Iiuerv,ll. under very great ex-ae- . . .li, h-illnnlh. H.....1.I.I in. ' and, crossing over withfiiisiy m-is, npprunrhed Mr' A s seat '-xclaunmir." I) ton uu- I lim.. h... n m .t.... vient! hell I here 1 In wliil have IU.Lnsuoser. vient !" The Chnir called Mr Ingersoll to order. I There was mueli s-ns-ition in the liouo S-veral gentlenieu lett ihir seat- : oilu-rs called tn nriler nml alter a lew minutes Mr. Ingersoll returned to tl.e other it- oi tne nnu. .Mr liiviy resumed. II" would a-k the m-ntl- i.n to specie, o.icvote which had been Riven bt tin te,i tleman Irom rinnsjlvania tins scs.on,vvhu'h v-ns ni t in fiiu-t, conlornnty with his uniiurmand weii-km-wit s.'iiti.'iieutsand principle. Vlr Ashmuu said he had listened with greit re. ct to the gentleman Irom Virginia, and woulu now Mr. i-mis.ot south Carolina, called on Mr AMiinun tos-iy v.heincrany other member ot the Hui.. u , re- rival, says the 1 Vnyune, tire lirat, the retieat ol Gen "-'j-'i's'" noininations, in consequence ot which ti. y Taylor upon .altulu ami .Vonterey, without a gener- clianged tVirseiiiimenis. ul action ; and secondly, a icrolution in Mexico,' ,11r A-hmun, without noticing this iiit'-rr,..a'o v. triA the expulsion ot Gomez l oi iai from tnu-er. went on to say that he had iiwn caned ou s- . . t The News ot the reheat ol Gen 'I'avlor r..ts ..mire, tlemanfroin irgima over the wnv (Mr. 11a-. to sav I i tat ii y S'S It i or t. whether th-.' member from lVnn-vlvann. Ingersoll) had recently given any voles u t w. tn his previously avowed opnuoiis I In i , would say that he did not know that he h i i -subject ot s! tury. On that sub,ecl he had 1 1, t expressed opinions which went to sustain tin-, otslav-ry As he u-i-letstood from tne Instor, i fieiuie-nati's public lite, he had iinitorm!) bten . ot sustaining the slave nower m ibis' l,oert, I be Icrcts of 1 J P'rn-ipstiie gentleman Irom irgiui-i nin, t that was the best thing he wua doing in c sji f A laugh 1 It the centleitnn Irom l'ennsw.w , . A No intelligence vet of tho cnUure of Vera no other merit than that, .Mr. A would i o p ' c ,t , , . i . . the judgment ot the country. II-had not c i collected in ihe Custom Hous.'s along the -bore nnd I ,- , Z, lo raise a storm a. to the merit, ul that inJivau.. c. ul from other official sources, were di-ttibuied tlnough 1 !'' PrPSss,ng. Old Lnudy s bine vv ill do , of - rn w , . ., " ' tint Mr A. had rt-lerred to other individuals us u..v.i " been iiitlu.-need bv nomination. The liilcr bit ! The Chair called to order .ui.cuits. iv:i ine iiiemocrs ne auuueu to t-e na ly upun .Vcxiruii reports. Tumpico has been overrun with ruinorsol nil k. nds, in rtg.ird lo a collision be tween the lorces oi .N'jtita Alma and Gen Taj lor .Vr Kendall, in the postscript lo a letter o his, dated the fiih the poft-ciipt being written early on the morn of the ?th announces in u verv conlideutial manner, ih it Gen Tuywr has Ijiieii back, aud without an action. I he .Veticnii papers, however, siv tint 5inta An in uao tut nit litis retreat by interposal, Gcu .Viiionand Totrcjoti. the State just on the eve of the election. The loco press through the State, proclaimed that the Wilmot proviso was a pirely democratic measure, and oppos ed by the Whigs ! Gag Allierton and bis associates were proclaimed os the champions of Liberty ! Uu1 notvvithstnn ling, the Whig vote has licen increased abont 1000 since last tear, while the Independent vote Ins fallen olfsome ISttO or 20M, Here was the eif-ct ol Itadical denngoginsm I lie Whigs have acted their part nobly so much so, tint the prospect i bright for next year. Radical locnfocoism cannot endure such nnoiuer struggle as ln-cn witnessed among th. granite lulls ol Nov Hampshire ins.stcd on the prescrv .u i f out c lt- i. r S?,-on.s ti.Ilwe.nn tt :.. I lit t lllt-d. ii"i--sihi.iihii ,ii 1..1IIIIJIUI- umiciioou, Chair n-ain 111 this week's .S7 Albiins Messenger, toooko fun order. -r ll.r. c ..'!'!.., r.t... . Ill ', .. 1 ' .Mr liavlv. Djcs ibe Ph-iir r,,l if tr I. u. ..I. iiiiiiiiii ni i m- vuioti ii.iter vvtioso lint.. . . I .- - . ...j.. .itiviins uii.iiuvM cnu, iiu-iiiuri no is aiiiires-siti ine lluuse, viit-u t i.- . r were narrated in the poet's corner ofthc Tree "Mi"" wi.lingnestliat the que5uon thouidc-p : . i r t .r.i , . and is willing to nnswvr il I I ress a lew weeks ago. J he Doctor aforei-aid The Chair reoucd tii-n ihe retvaied imrrpntionj e I wrote certain verses, and nrntti- n-m-,,1 vr...L i..n i and pcrvinal conversatmus were nil ui ol oi ler ' ' . . ' 'i .Mr Aslmiuu s.ud hehad no obicciioiis that ci nt.e .Meetings for Irish relief have hen held n Hmovcr 'intimating that the aforesaid author (on whom men shouidput tneir inqjiiKstu nun, Uu wasu ,.u ia Did tho editor of the Vatrht get very muddy 1 3"jWhy is a bridge like it man under a crim In ilh di tinent ? ' 11 f ii i it is to bi tried by it yuri. and Norwich Ahnilt tbri-e . I .-.1 1 -l rm no I tie.. hundred buihels ol grain. have been collected, and a prospect for more. In haste,) ours truly. Wo are sorry to hear of Custom House cor ruption Funds in New Hampshire, and rer-rct still more that New Kngland principle was not found uncorruptible by it. We hoped that New ork locofoco political tactic might never bo in troduced among us the tactics that are based on the degrading assumption that "every man' has his price." Huf'democr.icy is progressive,' though we trust New England locofocoi-m is till far behind its rougher brother in New Vork in the looseness of its political morality. In Mm ion it illegally opens the doors of penc- tcntiaries and prisons, and lets out felons upon community upon the ulc condition that they snail ijoiiow tneir instincts perhaps, and) tote the locofoco ticket ! Wp hopo it will be many lotv; years before such a disgraceful record can bo undo of any portion of New- L'ligl.iud. Hut, after all, the outrage of setting felons loose to vitiate the ballot box and defeat the pop nlarwill, is scarcely greater than the impudence and mendacity ih;ilclim tho Wilmot proviso as a "democratic" measure, and hold up Alherton tho author of the famous, or rather infamous, 'gag rule" in the House of Uepresentatives, us a "Champion of Liberty"! Tho distance between the lesser enormity and the greater is easily traversed by unscrupulous men it is nothing more th m the obscure interval between the plot tinz of treason and the overt net, between tl o suppression of the truth and the suggestion ' 'j,iei fr0, the pen of the Author of the lie. The steady incrcaso of WHW strengui I'llot-opliy and the dissemination of Whig principle"' -iw 1 tieaiitirul von Hampshire, afford us tho best assignee that this 1 "Jeep philosophy interval will never bn pass,,) ther. " u.-ioqurnce an-t,sVsy . n im. noma-piame ei t n iowniy ) 'Mr' ,,ns.ol S,,u,h Carolina, stid it vva.due a, w-.l is not much of a chap after all ; that, to quote 'o the gentleman rtlerrcd to, whoever ibey n.unt be, one nf bis v, . as 10 miters, that, as a la-ion had !fen pub. in) made out. oi ins verses . t hf taitjeeti fhuaU u, pubu.-ly Ik- named "He'lldofor Quips, or Donccrrl, 1 Mr As.inun aid iii Ik Wk-vcJ he n nor ns. Or mutters ul thai sort- taken as lo the object ot ill" gentleman from tfouth The 'I.vduu .Mea-ure ; Tim can't fill. Cnro iin That gentleman had rclereiice, probably, And li-illad snot his folic." i l a military nomination. Mr. A would here, with Well, tho fun of the thing is that the Doctor's SOT n!M verses are published on the nusnc of the Mes- 'tt senger, n copy of which falling into the hands j,j hP believe thn his course ol polmcal nctiou had oi Tim, gave him an opportunity to give "tit for m '',"5 Slii .... ... uv .iiio U lliv raillC; JkllHT i .VI1U II1IS (u ((HOW llle geilUCIHSU ll.-ui noiim.. ... h nuill ne a. is the way the Doctor catches it for daring "Tobenrd the lion in his den. The .Sjxjii in his hall '' the "oiiosTTLAVni" to tiie "rHYtn's ghost A riiysicinn who'd heard wht no our discards) That Apollo vas patron nf doctors and turds. Conceived luuisell, os a mailer ofeourse, Was endowed by the god wtih a duplicate lorce. And licensed to dabble, wheucVr he thought til, In mercury, metaphors, jalap ai u vvu. luded.luo.lelsluoil tooe .ur 1 luuuus.j uiti naj O0 r . ...i I.... ite.toriiiient here to be marked bv umlorm i... ! sunnlcouriesy.uoless than bypouiical inde, en ien-c , And Mr A hadniluded lothe nommatiun.iMtas uu. 1 piling any thing injurious or discreditable to thai gen. ; iletiiau, bat merely on general grounds as one uisiaueo Ola lll'si lierniviuus iummr, ujwuicu tat .1 e,. .c of the Cuvutive could be brought to beur Willi Uan -c. rous hjw .-r iqion Ihe Houses ol Congress. Mr. A went on to tav that he had been questioned by ihe gentleman Ironi Virginia (ur Uaylynu avery n..niieil .l.itmer. Nor Old be wniiiler n i.. .i.:..i...'..V.m' r.i. i.i'..i.',. luhn knows ill a trice, ,. h .l,.l im... '. '""'Ko; What Ins sons are about) "hoic; a bit ol f""1' . Ih sensitive on suuh a subject. In reniv lo "Dju'I uiisiuke your viK-a lion j l ve heard )ou rencor.c (hi gtll,i..mau-squeries,he h id replied that hebelic.ed '.Must equivocal sense in niofi horriMe versj , t)ic m)11 M.e vl , ,aj K.t. unitornl ,or ,ne t ' I've seen ) ou play dm lor and bardliULi w ,"'' I two ) rat s (and he did not go beyond thai period of 'Now mending a leg, and now marring a lo'i. ) (j,,,,,, on fu,jccl ol slavery. Hut the getiilemau's "Now talking ol "U". V.' J.!."rjS 1 q""y ""V .J ",Ure ErUml- 11 l,aJ Now-cu.iiignc.Vd.aiK iiowiuurdcin j general He lud asked Mr- A vvl.eiher that muivi. -Nay don i Is- ollended !-" 'm ,row" , dual had evinced n charge m any sentiment on public Tlieresiril-licrpiv.sicianiuiow ,.:,. 1 mattcis which he had previously maintained I Mr "lIutthedwtriiicisMiiie A. would now uy tint he had. There had been lit "One may iukca good iwultic. and n Uk h ipoet , . .. , , diciiion m reganl to the true boundaries ol Texas al the time ! wiieuber iinnexaiion was proposed. When the pic. fc.'iitnoiiunei'to I'rancc made his speech ou that tub. jeel on lliat floor he had announced to the woild that I the vast desert l)mg between the N'ueccsnud the Ktc. lirande bad been mterinsej by the bandol the Al luigluy himself to Ironi n barrier between the Anglo i Saxot. an Ithe tspanish races; and that wbtchev rof 1 tliems. o i.d ever alleiitnl to pass it, would llier. -vine. tliably bring on n war Thai nunc opinion of his wis t-nibodied m his ollicial rciHiit ns chairman o lb which, by tho way, is a loitHic of Comtiiuu-s- nn rorcigti Ail urs. I lu te n stood It , , was ol record. Il could nriilierbe b.oltedoui.ortalk. sl'i a"'1 1 cd oui.nor sworn out. Yet now that same person h id 1 iieciarcu reccnii) , m me ite ui nc uvusc una ot ttie I world, thai 'he firnnde it-,- srid not the ,r ( Vu "'". ".r. a".,.,;'.,., ftila, nerfumer May know much of liuinors.auJ uotuing ol Hu.nor "Thus I own von're a inatch lor corporeal ills, "lint doctor! tinKPocTO".' uuVSTiCkTOtoiRriLLs! !. '1 IM. Attic sail" of course. March ST, IHIS. 13-Therc are sonio beautiful verses on the out-1 I'roverlial