Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 16, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 16, 1847 Page 3
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1 JL'JEiJJBgy BURLINGTON FREE PRESSrFRlDAY MORNING, APRIL 10. 3847. notice of S.vxc'a fino Satire, "l'iiotiiii:s," as fol lows : "And Willi a few extracts wo draw ta a clow our notice of"l nuu- It ESS " "Hatlier-liitc-ln-tlic-ilay" beyond a lobt, but "Carhjlchh"! Oh, Major ! 1 HTWclnivo received the lal number, April 7th of the "Vermont Autograph and" for which its intelligent and ingenious editor and artist will please accept ourtliank". tfouvt iHalcnimr. cmrrtxtiEN county. County Court Itcportcd tor llie Free Press. MnrchS3J,IB(S7. SrEriit.NS r Hisbv Hobota This was an ac tion' of assumpsit, lo recover for the use and occupa tion ofn brick t lore in Richmond. T he defence re led on was that the rent had been paid, but ill the acciden tal absence "I ilncsses and papers, in; cv idenec was oik-red, nnJa verdict was taken for the plamlill for KAMONAoCuiTTENBErrforplalntlfr. II...,,,.. t- lKrirr.wnnn.nnd MAVNARD for def t. t ,ti ii Smith r The Vt. Cen. It. It. Co. This was an appeal from the decision of the Commissioners to appraise damages for lands taken for the purposcs of the road The case now came up on an application by the plaintiff, for a jury trial on the assessment of uainaccs. .huivis nuc " v. c.. ...... standing for trial, the motion was heard as for all the CAhr nrcniment hv Smaller & riielns for the plain tiir nn.l A lVck ftl'latt lor llie defendantthe Court intimated an opinion that the general statute ot 13 1G .riving n i irv trml where damaires were to be assessed and where no other mode of trial was provided by law, did not aficct the qestion many way. necause il no other mode of trial was tirouded bv law. the party would be entitled to a trial by jury independent ot that statute. And on thegeneral question wnellicr any oili er mn.te nl trial is Drovided bv law in these cases, the court declined expressing an opinion, but said that as mere wasn liuuiucr 01 coses, uie iron oi wiiicn wouio necessarily be attended with a good deal ol expense, it was desirable that the question should be deh'nitcly settled belore the trials were had. And that in that xiew the application would be denied pro forma and the cases continued to gie an opportunity to bring a petition to the Supreme Court for a mandamus. This course wus accordinglyndoptcd. .March Sllli. J ,t J. II. Pece fc Co. r Asa Sawyer. This was nn action on the case to recover damages (or an alleged fraudulent representation in writing, made by tiie de fendant, as to llie pecuniary responsibility of one Gates, to enable him to obtain credit. It appeared that Gales resided m Keeseville, N. Y .where he was doingbusi ness. The plaintiffs hail sold him some Roods, and on misapplying for more nked references whereupon (talcs luwardcd a general letter of recommendation front the defendant, stating in effect (hat he had known Gates fora number of cars, and believed him safe to be trusted. The plaintills subsequently sold Gales goods to the amount of several hundred dollars, which were never paid for, (Sites having fiilcd soon after. The plaintiffs claimed that the goods had been ob tained on the faith of defendant's recommendation, and that it was false within defendant's knowledge, For the defence it wa claimed that the goods were not de livered on the faith of the representation, and that Ihc repp seniation was made by llie defendant in good faith, he bclicv in:? it to be true. "During the trial certain dep-1 csitions taken bya magistiatein Alabama were olTer e J by the phintilfs and objected to. The court ruled that when depositions taken in a foreign Stale arc of fered, it must be shown that the authority taking them, has power under the laws of such Stale, to lake deposi tions to be used in 'heir courts. But upon examination of the statute of Alabama, the court decided that n jus tice of the peace inthat Stale hasuiithotity tntakesuch trr,tjnwny and accordingly admitted the depositions. Verdict for defendant. Mirex !( Wir.r.s and Platt 5( Peck for plaintiffs. A Peck fv' Lewi. nvonTii, for defendant. 1). D, & J. I1. Howard Ri..N'A5iiN Lr.Avr.vs This was an action of assumpsit upon a promise by defendant to oav certain notes piven bv one Ilutler of Underbill to the plaintiffs while proprietors of the Howard House in New York. The consideration cf the promise was Mated in different counts lobe the dis charge ol Butler from debt by the plaintiffs and llie fiving up of the note by plaintiffs to tie defendant. 'or the defendant it was objected that this undertaking not being in writing was void by the statute of frauds. The court held that being upon an independent consid eration, it was an original undertaking and not within the statute. Thcdclcndant subsequently obtained a continuance. Smaeiev it TiiEErs for plaintifTs. P eatt c Pit K lor defendant. Wm. It. Terrr.r. r S.vjiuli. K. I:u;i. This was an action on nn alleged false wairaniy ol a horse sold by defendant to plainlill'for $15'J, and claimed to have been unsound. The defence was that the horse was not warranted, and was perfectly sound at the lime ot the sale About seventy witnesses were examined. aud the cause occupied the Court until the evening of l. ,T.l. I , .1.. . I . . i.iini vnu iii.ii ijiiv iti uie pi.iiiiiiii s wit nesses was enquired of on the part ol the defenJant whether he had not given a different relation of cer tain facts to another individual, naming him. The witness having denied this, the defendant's cnun-cl sub sequently called the individual mentioned, for the pur pose of proving the statement denied by the witness. On objection, the Court ruled, that as the attention ol the witness sought to be impeached had nol been cal led to the time and place, ol making the statement de nted, as well as to the person to whom it was made, evidence to contradict him in th'il particular was not pcinissible ; and added that this rule was sanctioned by the recent English decisions and would be adopted i:i this circuit. erdict for the defendant. Kassov it IIucki.ey Ai SiHiTUt for plaint'ff. A 1'lck, Sm vi.i.ey t for defendant. S S. Smith r Keller.. This was an action i assumpsit to recover a balance claimed to be due up on a contract to clear land. The case had been tried before, and the defendant had obtained n new trial at the lasi term ol llie Supreme Court. The defence was tint the woik was improperly done, and that the con. tract was made by the plaintiff jointly with one Sam' I .,,MMi h'i - nu irive oeen juaue a pany in xne 1 verdict forplamtill, for b-ilmce claimed. CAiirisTi.ii and Smali.ey . Piielts for plaintiff. ax Sicklkx Jj .Mai.ckS( Wirls lor delendant. Iia!rr Voii Vera Vrur.. AJmnre if (irn'ral (uitmiin mi Alvarndo (cn. V'ci'irirs' adiance r,n Mexico 'I'aylur in pursuit cf Vrren. 3 O'clock P. M. Just as we are (,'ning to Press the Southern mail li:is arrived bringing late intelligence from the scut of War, though nothing itficial. The Albany Argus contains a telegraphic lpspatch from N'ew York, dated " .Monday April 12th, 7 I. M." from which we giilier the fol lowing particulars : During the bombardment of Vera Cruz our army threw C,700 bhells and shot, weighing 103,51)0 lbs. Gen. Quitman's brigade tool; up it3 line of march for Alvnrado 01) the 3(Mh March, and Gen. Twiggs will move In column on the Na tional Hridgo, 30 miles f)rm Vera Crtu, where resistance is looked for. The health of the army is go-d. The Mex icans estimate tiieir locs at 1 ,6'JO or 2,000 killed and wounded, "but all agree that tholuss among the soldiers is comparatively f mall, and the des truction among the teamen and children is cry great." Among the killed is (icn. Valdez. The American los, killed and wounded, is as before staled, about G5. The principal terms of capitulation are that the garrison thould lay down their arms as pris oners of war; officers retaining their swords that tho troops should bo dispersed to their homes tinder parole-tlU; a yuUic pro)crt.. tiiouhl becomo tho property of tho U. H prj. vate property to be inviohte-Lu,0 religion of llie inhabitants, its institutions, am ceremonies to lie guaranteed, and that officers and men under parole may remain in tho City 5 diy to settle their affairs, &.C.. There is a rumor that Santa Anna had reach ed Mexico, and had joined the Church I'caco Party. Ho reached San I.tiis I'otosi on tho 26th I'cb. with a fragment of his Army, (icn. Tavuir was scouring tho country bc tvveon Monterey and Camargo to ferret out and fight (!cn. IJrrea. (Ion. Urrca was not to bo found, and would not be, jirobtbly. METEOROLOGICAL REGISTER, FOR MARCH, 1847. HunuxoTov, 1 mile Kast of Lake Clmniplaln nnd 250 feet above it. !Si7 THERM. J VV't.NPS. llAHOMLTER. (Att.llrr I) I) Hi 1 1 'J S I 1 I U ' r m,U r :.t,S 1 J Sun M WlrirM' ltlrMlrjyuch. Inch inch. ,R rant Rise 1 -1 1124 s'vv vv ' m 'a''J.a'J2'J.iriC:il71r,y,cloudvcloiidyelcar 2, 3 823'12'w1 N 'N E2'J.5r, 2U r,U2'J.H2fillf.7r,T clear' clear 'clear 3, tl 131127 e I s s !2y.y7 2'J.yS2y.8yf.l 7f, 7(1 clear clear fair t, .'i2y3'J 2V s s Nia3.8l2y.'.l2 2y.yi7IHI7fifnir (clear 'cloudy 7 1 S 32 !2 1 ! n sis '302D 30 ail 30 'art (,11C. tU i-1,. r uii os es a ou o -y.,o "ij ou ii(,u rjcicar 2 3i H 2SI s s !.vw2yG12'JI',7 2'J87f,7 72 7c.lnir y, 10, u 12 13 11 15 3 1021 17 jj I ,v ; n 30.10 30.K. 30,10 617271 clear 1 1B2'J2'JI s 1 s .Niv2y.7'J2y (i:);.".!,' 02 OS 72 cloudy ft 1427 I5 .vw.wvl N 2y07'W.74ay.7ICI7lfiyfair ri 14 27 IS .vw 1 N N 2y.70 2'J.07 2'J 07'VJ 05 lis elenr 7.1028l15, s s,s ,29.00 29.70 29.7333,70 7(1 fair c' 03:.;23s e; n 2a.0S2'J-732y.35.'i7ir.8clear 2 1330,17 s , s s 2y.T02y.702y.7G.Vs7l,7aclcar 3la:iiV15 s 1 Nvva9r.j,','i'i7tr'.()0-jTiioin. ir, I .1 lHril a.t1 w 'v-l k 'on on mi 011 no r.'ir.-, re. Coir 18, r!l23f,'32l r :.." -.w. ,,..ull s 1 s ay.'J3 29.90 29.90 .it OS 09 clear 19 0 30 11,30 uWV .NVV 29.90 29.99 30.03 05 73 73 lair 7 23 15, 39! s s"'3l).(Hia3.82ay.5005 71 71 clear V '30 33 25 n x 2 23 37 '32 .svv nw 29.50 29.79 29.B8.0S 73 08 ra It 29.8i 29.82 29.80 03,70 71 rain 333 13 30 ,n s ' s 29.07290U2y.iy0177C8cloudyfair i 'O la oo vv xw .nvv i j j.oi -i-ji-i ou i,y o, clouity r.30l'in! s s" s ,29 00 29.55 29 5702 71172 char C 35 39,32Lve.,.e N 29.51 29.57 2'J 3S 50 00 72 cloudv 7 27 30 ,22 jj'", N 2S.79 23.73 29.1'J 07 C308snow c 1228,19 .Nvv.wl'w29.iy,2y.5y2y.70l53 72CSclear 2l22ll5s E's Ei n '29.00 29.35 2J 32 50 01 70 lair 3 531 1C x N .N 29 50 29.70 29.72 51 09,73 clear 12231 10. .1 I N i2'J.C3 29.05 29.8 1 03 jC272 snow ll'J 31 21-25.73! 129.70 29.7 1'29.72'29.71 I The temperature of this month was 51 colder than the mean of the last 9ycars, and about 8 colder than JIarcli, 1810. Up to the 19lh the weather wns, for the most part, fair nnd very calm for March. The snow storm ml Ibe 20lh nnil 27,h. wlneh nor nlilrxt luhiililntiim nu Bn;.l tn l.. .1..-I 1 . 1 .1 . . . , ' , -, V . "'s ,s ,,.,- livbiuiru lu lie inc crcillest lliev everknew.wasn ptrtty sever,. one swely. Jjut I tldnk n record of the hist 30yearsould show eral prece dents cipially reinaikablc. .Noloilgcr ago than 1813 we had 38 inches of snow fall in March', lBuiclics of it at one tune, nnd the denlli of snow on . st.ii,s, ol. tl AntUAjaild ton. 1 lie lake wasnot clcaroi ice sleighing continued tolerably good this year up to March 10th, and sleighs ran, where pailis were suificicnilv beaten, during the last four days ol this month. I he snow on the 27th was more remarkable on account of its weight, or quantity ol water than its depth J mid the drilts were so deep and heavy as to delay the arriva of the mails for two davs. ' I'rom the National Hra. To I)i:i, v ARC. Thrice welcome to thy sisters of the East, To the brown tillers of a rocky home, With spray-wet locks to Northern winds released, And hardy feet o'erswepl by ocean foam : And to ihejoung nymphs ol llie golden Wet, Whose harvest inantles.fringed witli prairie bloom, Trail in the sunset ! Oh I redeemed and blest, To the warm welcome of liiy sisters come I Let the weak chains which bind lliee fallapatt, At the strong swell of thy awakened heart. llroad Pennsylvania, down thy rail-white bay, Shall give thee joy, and Jersey from her plains, And the great lakes whose echoes, frcc alway, .Moaned nev er shoreward with the clank ol chains, Shall weave new sunbovvsin (heir tossing spray, And with their waves keep cheerful hoi day. And, smiling on thee through her mountain rains, Vermont, shall bless thee, and the Granite peaks And vast Katahdin, o'er his woods, shall wear Their snow crow lis brighter in the cold, keen air. And .Massachusetts, with her rugged cheeks O'errun with gratilul tears, shall turn tu thee. When at thy impulse the electric wire Shall tremble northward with Us words of fire : G lory to Freedom's God ! A sister State is ! J. G. W. The latest Wnr Prediction. D.trby says that in consequence of the lalo brilliant sucf esses of the American arms at .S'.ni ta Cm: there is scarcely any doubt that Ucn. .S'ltm I.cicis l'utusi will surrender without f:rin;j a gun ! We bhoiild'nt wonder. Geserai. Taylor's thanks nit 1:1s Victory. The follow mg is the general order issued by (Jen. Taylor after the battle ol Uuena Vista. It contains a modest, and nt the same time a satislactory account of the suc cess united with a proper and cordial expression of graiuuoe 10 uiose who secureu tne victory : Headquarters Army ok Occucatio.-i, Or.nrr.s Nu. 12.1 1!ca.a Vistv. l'eb. 20 1SI7 1. i he UOllimandlU'r (lenera has the nratelu tns!f of congratulating the troops upon the brmant success wnicn aticnneii ineit arms in we conflicts 01 the .ail and 23d. Confident in the immense superiority of numbers, and stimulated by the pres nee of a distin guished leader, the .Mexican Hoops were yet repulsed in every effort to force our hues, and iinally vv iuidicvv with immense loss from th field 2. The General would express his obligations to the officers nnd men engaged for the cordial support vv hich they rendered throughout the nction. It will be his I highest pride to bring to the notice ol the Government ' the cou-picuoiH gallantry ol particular odiceis and icorps. whose unwavering steadiness more than once 1 saved the fortunes of the day. He would also express nit ingn stiiisiuciion wnu me eoiiuuei 01 uie small com mand Iclt to hold Saltillo. Though not so seiiouly engiged as their conuades, their serv ices were very important and elliciently rendered. While bestowing tins just tribute lu the good conduct of the troops, the General deeply regrets to say that there were not a lew exceptions He trusisshat those vv ho lied inglorious lo Uuena Vista, and even to .Silullo, will seek an op. portunily to retrieve their reputation audio emulate the bravery of their comrades, who bore the brunt i f the battle, and sustained again.-l I'eatfu! odds the honor of the flag. The exultation of succe.s is checked by the heavy sacrifice ol hie which il basciM, embracing many ol licers ol high rank and rare merit. While the sympa thies ol a grateful country will bo given to the bereaved lumihcs and iriends of those who nobly fell, their illus trious example will leniaiu for the benefit and admira tion ot the armv. Bv order of .Major General Taylor : Hr. II'. 'S. BLISS, Assistant Atlt Ctnnal. To Tcnchcrs. The Superintendents of Common Schools, will hold on adjourned meeting for examining teachers at tho House of llcv. .Mr. Parker, this afternoon, at 1! O'clock. April Hi, 1817. iHiuiicts. TCo Brighton .Alaiket Iteport receive J. Iloston .Mnrket-April 13, 1817. IGH AIN. Duty 20 per cent. The news per Washington Irving has put a check lo I operations in bread stulls for the day ; nol a single transaction m Grain has come to our knowledge, -'I here has been during the wet k something like -10,-I 000 tie 50,000 bushels Corn soldril t-Cic per bushel, for expoit, measure, for while ; nnd U7 '' Kki do do, yellow I do, at which lange we quote the article us nominal at j the close, fs'nrthcrn, louiid, nt rail-road, has ranged i from lo;t .7 103c per bushel, measure, usually equal lo ii 'i 00 Ms to the bushel' I heien more inquiry lor Oats, and sales Canal, 50c per bushel. WOOf,. Duty,30p7ret. We hear of no important sales of American Wool, The stock is light, and foimc r-prices sustained : V-0 bales Smyrna sold lo a nianulactiirer, at about the range ols u 13e, as to quality. Vriuie Saxony l'leeccs, washed & 50 American full blood do. .10 tt 45 do 3-1 do, 30 4 38 do 1-3 ' ihv 3J 33 do 1-lvtcoindo. 2i 0t 30 Hxtra pulled 33 (fr .) Sup. iNortli'iipulled lamb 31 J 37 JNo. 1 do do do 30 a 3'J 2 do do do l'J it VO 3 do do do 11 H 15 Ta It full of life one must be full ol health, and to be full ul health he mu-t have a tree, unob-tructtd circulation of tlic blood. A disordered liver will blunt the mental peiceptions, and a disorded stomach will sour the sweetest temper. To be gloriously ' blue ' and lo be sulferiug fiom a ileinngeineut of the diges tive functions, are the same thing. Peional quarrels mid social unhappmess, originate in this cause to a greater extent ilian people Irate any loea oi. iteiorm Hie slomacheandyou lelonn llie vvorhl, for this is llie Inundation of the relorms. To this end lake a dose or u.w.l WiHrhl'a Indian v em table Pills. At this sea son they would do much good, nnd All) be the menus II uireclly useu ol Keeping uie sytieni in o"'" ouimg the tear. And while ihey drive pain of nil kindii awav, they will remove depression of spirits, sourness of temper, undue exciteubilny, and the whole legion of ' devils blues" and substitute therefur coniloit, cheerfulness, happiness. Jiricaicvf Counterfeits. The public are cautioned against the many spurious medicines which, in order to deeeive are called by names similar to Wiighl's In dian Vegetable Pills. For sale by 1'UK fi i'iXAU. t" The government lias purchased a new weap. pn, shaped somewhat like a rocket, that can lie used by one niun, yet is capabln ol doing execution nt a distance ol twu miles. II the representation ot this in strument lie rcrrer. il iu .t.,l,.a.l l.,.M t. ...u.i I eireenve agent to our forces, against the Mexicansnid is equaled only by Jones' Hair restorative, the mre and certain remedy lor persons troubled with lliilr fall ing out, ilnndrufr, or any disease of the Head, for slf 1 at the Aputhccsrics Hall, IIaiiinotoii, piojinelor. 'WATEl.fmolil 'luetics IncV, t r m REMARKS, ' ..!.. . C i..L Smoky. 'cleur 'i Uln. I Jclondy uo do lair 'cloudy clear Aurora Borcalii. cloudv'clear clear clear !clear clear Iclear clear clear clear clear clear Zodiacal Light. fair lair clear clear lair clear fair fair cloudy Snow Buntings. clear cloudy' fair .cloudy 0.0G ivorora norcalu, splendid. very 0.00 rain 0.13 jratn cloudy; 0.10 lair 'clear Ulue biros seen. snow 'snow lair Iltobins seen. ISnovv Huntings. 17 Diivinp storm. I much drifted. 1 snow !fair I 'clear 'clear Isnow Ifair clear cloudy, 'clear jclcar ' ' 1.75 001 Snow 0 00 2 Song Sparrows seen. 2.10 1 22 Inches of snow. A.ptil 'car wn' fu" a ft'ct 0,1 0,1 average in Hurling- the stenin honk iv.Mmf,nrn.t ..,..;, m. .i.n ir.i. rtrV It is impossible for us to compiess into our narrow limits even a brief allusion to all of the numerous cures that have been effected by Dr. Wistar's Ualsam. We cfiicacy rtler ' " V"y ieW 0Sfllcci"len9"1 its general A few days ago, a lady called at the office in fine health, rind looking as robust as if though she never knew vv hat sickness was. To our surpi ise, she stated that until recently, she had been lor between three and four ) ears with what was supposed lo be con sumption that she had a violent cough, night sweats Willi alternate chills and fever, and every usual symp tom of continued consumption. The result was that sh became so emaciated as to present more the ap pearance ol a skeleton than a liv ing being. Providen tially, she al this time, heard of the wonderful cures performed by Dr. VS islnr'sllnlsam of Wild Cherry and commenced using il hersell The ellect was, that she began to c-t better nt once, lly degrees the cough left her, the chills and lever disappeaied, and in two months she found herself in perfect health Ione genuine, unless signed 1. DUTTri on tie wrapper, l or sale by I'eck t.SrEAR. iHarricb. In Starksboro April lihbyR. T. Bates, nsq.Mr. Ira Hollock to Miss L'lua i'wain all of.?. In Milton, on the 2'Jih nit., Dck.sis Rood, og"d S9 yea is. Notvvithst.mJing the unremitting attention of two skilful phvsicians, Mr. Itood.'vvas brought, in thirteen da s from a state of perfect health to dealha death, which, when 11 was announced, produced a strong sen sation . in the cominunity. H,s 0Ss is deeply felt, and we will be very fortunate if we see it very soon repair ed. .Mr.Uoodhasleftiio.hildren.andiii the broken hearted wife that survives him.wc have a very touch ing exemplification of the word vvnow. Com. At is residence i n Whiting, March SS, 19 17, Hon. Josri'ii Smoxm, aged SI years. to'j:i:nt. CONVENIENT DWELLING HOUSE .1 situated on the road leading to Winooki Falls April l3.lSt7. -ASi 4t YOUNG CATTLE. OQ THREE AND FOUR YEAR OLD . HrJy salc hy VILAS noyl's. April 1.1, ljl7. 42 liroirn .Sheeting. fi nu.ns mtowN shklting?, April 13, IS 17. ' ' tut .i r ii v vilas !$ no y;:s. i'i UP AND DOING sT,,if"h1clii!!1 r Sprins is nt linnd IV I ""-' -ulh successive year has the sine in J. s dicdlion ol the Spring of business perceptibly commenced m our illage on llie return home if the 1 cople a Agent vvhoanived from Boston , New York at one ...Vlock this morning with his Tnuiks and Uoxes ol Inch .Merchandize for Springsalesit is there fore expected that cold looks Mill soon be waned away ami give place to glndened countenances as the People begin to assume i he material for their new gaibs w here they are now so richly displayed ul ""tlinS"". ThursMorn. O'clockApriHa": GREEN &. CRAMER, os. 231 and L32 Hirer-Street, Troy Opposite thn Troy House, Importers rind Dealers in Hardware, Cutlery, Sad dlery, Iron Steel, Nails, Spikes. Anv ils, Vices, Chains, Bellows, Bar and Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe, Jtc, Alc. AGKNTS lor "Fairbanks" Celebrated Platform, Counter, Hay ond Rud-Rood Depot Scales. Blauchard's Ifej llies. April, Ifilh 1SI7. 40 .MERRILL, DEUEL &, CO. .Yo. 5 Pint Street, near Uroadivay.l NEW-YORK, PEALCIls IN DRV MOODS, CON'SISTlNtJ in partol Cloths, Cassimeres and testings; Tweeils, Satinetts, Domestic Brown Goods, Ticks, Linens, White Goods, I'l.mnels, Sum mer Stulls, Bombazines, Meiinos, Alpaccas.and other Dress Goods ; Velvets, Cambrics, Crash, Diapers ivc. FRLDURICK A. SL1YMUUR. April, lCth 1817. Rcinovnl LOO.MIS A- TUTTLi:, Wholesale Deolcrsin l oreign it Domestic Dry Goods. Hate removed Iroin N 5 G William Si. loNc8 Pine St. (i lew doors Irom Brodway) Wliere they res pecting inv ite the attention of .Merchants Visiting the City to their Intensive Stock of Sta. le t Fancy Dry l.oods.which will be sold at the lowcttmaikct prices for cash or o months Credit. New York March J, 1817. 12 C1LU1RERS, HEISER & CO. WIIOIXSILE dcai rr.s I.t I orcin ami Domestic DM tiOODS, 13 Lihcrty Slri'Cl. otinoyite to tri rrnr nf tli llIESSRS. C. II. & CO i 1 Oik l OM IJJIlCt, hand und additions to iheir slock of Dry floods, which comprises every nriicle renuired by the trade. .Messrs. C It ct Co., respectfully request the favor request the favor the iiierihants of ... u.. . auii.iiiuiiuii ui ii.eir ciock oy t eruiont. N. Y. March I, 1117. JOHN P. KELLOC.G, IMTORTCR AND PEAI.rK IN WINES AND LIQUORS, U ,"u5 '" s'i Tro, N, V. ' ham) wmxa the present season, a large supply of Foreign II ines.and Ijauois of vaiiousdescnplions : H,me of which ote, yn irn impoitalioii. Having made arrangements with several Distillers, for his supplies of Iloston Hum and oilier Domestic l.i-iwirs, he vvillat nil linus be enabled to furnish his customers vviihmch urliclea nl the lowest prices. 1 roy, April IS, 1817. ,g tVHE Suiisntiniiits havk iiuiovcd tiii ir J. wholesale CASH DRYUOODS business to No U Cedar H . N. Y.. wliere ihey im,,, ,le nttention'of 111110111 Merehants. All who wish to rrnli7e il,- greatilillereiiee between Credit nnd Cash prices will do well 10 look at our goods nt Cash nrirei fill Alll.'llllli v. New Votk, Mureh S? IMJ7, bL'RD.S'A .L. I'.'mS WEATHER. GENTLEMEN'S' 1 Furnishing Warehouse, 72 .Mniden T.nne, New York t DAVI1) A. 1IEKHICK, would nrsrncT fully Invite the the attention ofthc ATc7init of llurlinstnn and vicinity, to his cxtoisirc assortment of goodsln the nlravc line. Hhiuts, CoLt.vns, Hosotis arocKS, URAVATS, caris, uiiuvr-nuis nun iiiinriB, self adjusting Sloeks and Cravats, Clloves,butnilers, Umbrellas, lldkf.s. Hosiery, Opera Ties, Drc&slug Kobes, Satin-, Si'ks, Iloinbanies, andn large arie tyof articles too numerous to mention, whichlwill be soldat the tery loictst prices- l'leasc call niid exam ine, DAwUA. 1II.HKIL.K. 72 Maiden Lane and 7 Liberty is, i. I. 'wo iGDICI"pAINTS & DYE-STUFFS. REBD (CtJTI.r.R, late Hcjil, Wing & Cutler, ofier at the lowest market prices,", large anil com plete asorlmcnt of Taints, Drugs and Dyc-sttills, among which are 30,000 lbs. White Lead, 'ISM Gal lons Dutch, Knglish and American Linseed Oil, 30 Casks KreiichYe'low, 15 llarrels Copal Varnish, 100 birrels Alum, 250 Carlays Oil Vitriol, 8 Cases Indigo, 8000 lbs Madder, 25 barrels Alcohol, I SO barrels i;psom Salts, Sit) barrels Coniphor, 150 cases Hhubarb Ited, 100 Boxes Castile Soap, Sc. f(e. Druggists, Merchants, Manufacturers, Dyers, and Physicians are invited to call before purchasing. KUHD & CUTLEIl. 51 Chatham St., Iloston. 184 IflcrchnntV jLinc. LAKE BOATS For the Transportation of Property Between LAKL CIIAMI'LAIN, TROY, ALBANY, NEW YORK & BOSTON. The Proprietors ol this Line will run, during the pre sent Season, SIXTEK SIRST CLASS LAKK BOATS, and arcprepnred to execute promptly all bu siness with which they may be entrusted. No exer tions shall be wanting to merit a continuance of that patronage with which the Line has heretofore been fa vored Their arrangements for towing on Hudson River and Lake Ctiamplain will enable them to give good despatch to properly. l'roperty lorwnrded by this Line is actually and ac curately vv eighed at the time ol shipment. The Boats are insured, und property not subjected to the occa sional delay and injury incident lu transhipment. l'roperty to anil from BOSTON forwarded by WHSTKUN RAILROAD or VLSStlL. AG.ET.S, I, A. JOHNSON', OCoenties Slip, New York. CORNHDUi LOVKLL, New York and Boston Packet Ollice, Long Wliarl, Boston. PROPRILTOR3. JOHN B!I.VDI,I;Y A Co., )n ,. , ... succssorsio foi.i.ett &. nnvDEEY. ) Burlington, v t. NICHOLS, BURTON &Co.,St. Albans, Vt. Burlington, April, lCth 1417. 4S JOHN S, WARE, Storage nnd TonvnrdlnR Merchant, NORTH WHARF, D VULISO TO A, VT. itrirctNCL : VILAS & NOYKS, i ,..., 3. vt .1. II. PIXK & CO. I B"''1"" The North Wlmrl oilers every facility for llie safe Keeping and prompt delivery of freights, nnd nil busi ness addressed to the care of J. S. WAIUJ shall re ceive prompt attention. The Steam Propeller, James II. Hooker, the Stea mers Burlington, Whitehall, I'rancis Sallus. Montreal, nnd the Perry Boat Winooski and the dillerent lines cf long boats and vessels carrying Ircight on Lake Clmniplain touch at this Wharf. liCm NORTHERN TIl.VNSPOItTATION LINK. 1817 IXSl'KEl). 1817 James 11. IIcoKEn akd oninns, rnoraicTons. Voricadinz to and from Eoston, iVcm- VoiA',.l(i(iny, lrotj, Montreal, Quebec, mid all ports on Lake Champlain, und the different landings on the Chaniplain canal. T ,1f,J';,l;1.',l.1."!,Me11 !(nmvn ORTHHRN TRANS 1 OR I ATION LINE is prepared with increased facilities, to forward nil kinds of property with the greatest care and despatch. The new steam propel &f! JA', W.U 2M tons burden, Capt. SILAS II I.N KLEJ , has been added to the line, and . i! I u-i "f 1R' mnl!lng two trips each Vlnbne,';!!, i.'1?iIi,"'l:l)'sI1'!il 'r,'Vr9d")s. ' fuSv I'anj Vri!!,?1." S3'i11V.'.'.lu'ma! touching at Pittsburgh leave St. A leave SlVlbapspitwrJavsn id PhYiD a, Burlington on will have WeJiicSEjK nTiH 'iC : i Firxi:i :!:Y,.V-lT'.n'VTS& TIINLAKE,1 CAN.VL.V Kit i;i IIOATN, i all of which run day nnd night. It is nl-o connected with the insured OLD TltnV TnlV iiiia'P r.ivi' on the Hudson Rtver, end steam boats on Lake .m..,,, . nu, iiiusuiiuiuiiifruicir menus ami llie puimc generally an oiipouuniiv ol s iinoni by Like Boats' going through lowing iy steam on the Lake and y.irrrjorby Propeller on the Lake to Whitehall, thence by both direct to New-York, or by Tow Boats on the River and Steam Boats on the Lake as they may choose. A large nuinber of sail vessels ou Lake Chainplaiu belong to Ibis Line. All goods weighed nt the time ol shipment, and will be forwarded with promptness and despatch. Debenture and Warehousing promptly attended to. une noat t ol the above Line leaves New-York daily M. and three or more leave Albany and at five I Troy daily. For Freight apply to CIIAS. B. JANHS, 7Coenties'Slip I v , POPCCAT1.1N, 33 " 'JNeWVorh. GLO. 1';. GAY. ,.. ... II. A. HOLCOMB, ( 101 1 '" A'Ln'. JAS. 11. HOOKUK,) ,,. n. a. . . A. 1). I. ADD. j I5- River Street, Iroy, J. C. PlllliCF. 5SUN', o, . r W. COOTIl. j St. Johns, C. E. LEVI 1IINKLEY Mis. Bay, C. V.. OLIVER BA.S'COM, Whitehall, GEO BENT, Montreal, In'. WEBB.X; Co. Houses Point, N. Y. COLVIN J TRIMBLE.Poit, Kent, v , H H. HAII.E, Plattsbureli, j -New ork JAS. II. HOOKER, B0.-1011. Address as Agents, OLIVER BAAf.YJM, Whitehall, A. D. I. ADD, Troy. References, J. H J. II. PECK It Co. i JOHN S. WARE, Burlington FOLLETT MIRADLY. K ' LAWRANCE BltAlNARD, c, ... NICHOLS' .S BURTON, St' Albans, i'. W- S KEYE.V. Highgate, J. BANCS'. 15 Long Wharf, Boston. Mlll'l'JJltS Ol' I'HODl'CC TIKI! NOTlL'i:. On theonivol of the Propeller James II. Whitehall, boats of the Northern Transportation Line ' pcrntion, Bass viol bridges nnd other goods just re will leave direct for New York, taking her freight 1 reived. Bkixsmaid ff Bkothi ns. through without landing. O. BASCOM, Agent. Whitehall, April, lfith 1817i Worn Aliiiison Burroughs' IMiilc. 1'ETJTIOX TO SELL LAXD. STA Ti: OF VE11MOXT, ) At a session of the Pro. District ot Chittenden, ss. j bate couit held nt Bur lington, wiilun and lor the District of Chittenden, on the ISlh day nt A,'aiT. comes Hosea .Spalding adinmistrntorol tlieestateof Alanson Burroughs, late of Union .Mills, iu the slate of Pensylvaiiia, deceased who died seized of real estate in said district, conies' nnd files in said court his petition, iu writing, setting forth that the only estate ol which the said Burrou.dis UKUPtwni ,1, un: rwir vi irii,iu l'41lllte1 fi t (.e. tourthsol on acre ot loml, with n sum dwelliii,rh0; and blnck'iiiiih'sshonthereon.lvin.. on lb. v . ? e. and blackmiih's shop thereon, 1 ing on Browii'g rju.r in v.iiuriiiiu, ii.nvui mr L inoii .vieeung House aiu oiie-hallncre of land, with a white house and out li'iila in Undeilnll, Vt near the Union Meeting House and l.l.' I V I... .1,. ...... y 01 uie pnineinoi ceiiaiii ciiimw iigaint the said Burroughs nnd 111 lavor of said 1 1, ui.t,.i. 1 ... ... . . J ' WI 1 i ndjusted nnd allowed by the eoini iiMoncis on , the estate ot the said decravd.ns follows; bala icedue said llosia irom sani (slate, on Look, 1 ,11.,, m, a rcceiut ol the deceased for n note, 811,83, nnd in note ncainst 'JT-M';1 ":i:r"'f" VJJifiJ, auioiintmg to the sum of 811J,, I, which sum is now due from said estate los'd Hosea, the payment ol which issecuud to the said liosru u, miu uv" "".ill)' ; nun me nmouiii of claims allowed by llie coniniissu,neis ngnin-t said es tate, including the nbov e claims in lav or of said Hosea is S.il3,fi3,,nud that a sale ol nil the i,iteretl o said estate in said paicelscl land is necessary lor thenar-. Iiienl ol the debts allowed against said estate and praying said court to grant him lio-nsc lo sell nil ibe inlerist of said (Hate in snul two parcels of innd for the purpose nloiesnid, ngreeably to sinlute in such case niadeniidjirovided. II lieieupon, llie court aforesaid dolh npKHiil thefiift day of .May, 1817, for hearing ami deciding on said petition, al ibe oflke of the Re. pister of said court, in said Burlington nt ti n o'clock in the loriuoon.aiid dolh order thai all perrons inter, csted, t notified lliereot, by publication of this order containing llie substance o mid lilioii,t,reevveeks' succesEively.intlie Burlington l,n Press, a iievvsoa. per primed in said Burluigion.ihe last which publics, lions to In- previous lo the day appointed, as uiorcsaid for hearing. ' Given under mv hand ihi, ISil, dv nf Apri ,S7 i- WILLIAM WESl'o.V, J,Vctfr. thesaidllurrouKhs.inhis hie lime, lov our pe itio 1 T y''. J'i'N ','lA!'0L,'1UnV1l V t 11','?-1 :i,.at, bv a deed of warranty, but in trust 'Bni 1, J l.f' h'u''t. I or the Committee. JOSIAH (JU1NC Yjr. COPARTNERSHIP. rpilf! undersigned have this day formcdn Copait I tiership under the names of Robinson & Gould for the transaction of the mercantile business, at the store formerly occupied by Messrs.Colennd Itohinson, JOUXS. GOULD. Burlington, April 9, 1817. vv NOTICE. 'HIT; Civil Authority of the Town ofllurlitigtoti Ji arc hereby requested to meet nt the Town Room on Monday the 12th Inst, nt 2 o'clock r. M. for the purpose ol approlmting such persons ns they may ilccm proper to Sell distilled Spirituous Liquors, w inc. ale or beer for Medical, Chemical and Mechanical purposes, only nnd for the purpose of licensing suit able iersoii3 lo keep Victualing houses, shops, cel lars or inns in said town Also to approbate suitable bui dings lor ouicnenng. J. A'. mUEROY ft. yiCIMLS, Selectmen. II. D. ST.ICLY, Burlington, 5th Adrd 1817. Wholesale Druggists, 305 Ulvcr Street Troy, New York. GENERAL assoiitmkxt op West Ix- il ilia nnd South American Drugs, constantly on baud of their own importation. CHEMICALS, from the most celebrated Luropenn Manufactures, received direct. Paints, Oils, Dve Stuffs, Glass, Soaps, Perfumery, Brushes, Patent Medicines, Naval Store;, &c. &c. Importers of Panalela, Wandering Jew and La. l'o tria Cigars. Agents of New England nnd Philadelphia Glass Co.'s, for sale of Druggist s and Chemist's Glass Wore. HEARTT &, Co. SUCCESSORS TO J. C. Ilenrtt, Ilro. & Co., 181 ii'icr &7. Trmj. IJIP0RTERS or Exnusii and German M. Ilaruwaie, nnd dealers in nil kinds ol uomc5tic Agents for the sale of Peru and Troy Nails, Spikes, orse chocs, nnu iron, at i nciory nrices. limit's. Simmons', und White it Ohnstead's Axes, also ever variety of the St. Lawrence County Hay and Manure Forks and Hoes, at Manufacturers prices. The attention of RAIL ROAD CONTRACTORS is particularly culled to a very superior Cast Steel Shov el made expressly for Rail Road purposes, the quality of which, and the terms will be lound unexceptionable. Unil EMERALD MILLS FLOUR. THE SunscitiiiKit WOULD ItESriXTFUIXY IX fortn his friends, and the public generally, that he will continue to manufacture the above well known Brand of FLOUR, and will also be alwns supplied with a full and complete assortment of Fish, Salt, Grass Seeds, Mill Feed and all articles u-ually found in u general Milling nnd Produce Establishment. He is also prepared to receive consignments of Grain, Polk, Beet, Butter, Cheese, Wool and indeed all kinds ol country produce, and will make the most liberal ad vances in Cash. He will nlso receive nnd forward Goods, Furniture, &ic.,&c., to all parts of the Union. Ollicc and Warehouse, No. 1 17 River St. Troy, N. V. JNO.N. WILLAUD. Refer to Messrs. J. i J. II. Peck &. Co., Burling ton. CLOVER SEED. TIIE Sunscniitnit has One Ton of good Clover Seed, which he will sell nl wholesale or rc ' lail.ehenn for Cash. TIIOS. II. CANFIHLD. I Willision, April 1,1317. -lllf Printers' Ink establishment. OLIVER BURR, MAXUFACTUItKIl OFI'Itl.VT ing Ink, near the Globe Mills, Troy, N. Y. res pectfully announces that he manufactures and keep3 constantly on hand fur sale, all kinds ol Black, Ulue, Green and J!cd Printing Ink, of a superior quality, which he will furnish to order, with promptitude. and on reasonable terms. Also, all kinds of WRITING INK, of a superior II. Lampblack and Calcined Lampblack. constant ly on hand. All orders will be promptly attended to, and sent to any distance required. This Ink is kept for sale by Messrs. Hagar if Arthur, Burlington, Vt , olso kept by Wm. II. Hill &. Co., 34 Cornhih, Boston, Mass. DISSOLUTION. -THE Co-PAKT.VERSIIIP TAISTIXB BRT1VEE.V A COLi: and ROBINSON, wa, dissolved by li- "".K !??' S.1"1?. si' VS.'; , mewww, mui UKvauua 01 me lau- eoiieeill, will remain for the present, at their former place ol business. All accounts nnd Notes due the said concern, must be settled immediately, 'J MORTON COLE, 41w3 JOHN II. ROBINSON. IJonncl Bleaching and Pressing llooms, I isr i'i)iimTi:f n i.iinn i o iilii.iii.mi, CUItAKIl VF 101,- I'J. lege street and Collin's Lane, entrance oil the iNorllisiue, All Bonnets limshed by the subscribers, vv ill be done in a si le not to be surpassed. .llllliiicrs supplied with the latest stiles of Blocks; Also : Thread and Braids lor alterni".' D. J. HASTINGS J( Co. L llV!i"i Durlington. April 9, 1317. Cm. lionsi'.x it'.i vri'n . rpim subscribers will purchase twenty good horses i I suitable for working on the Kail Knad if olfereJ . It UUAMULRL.UX, STUOXG j Co. XOTH'i:. rr,IIi; Co-partnership heretofore exisling under the X firm Folletwfc Bradley, is this day dissolved by mutual const nt. The books of the concern will re main for the present ot the old stand on Water Street, and nil persons having unsettled accounts ore inform ed that nn immediate adjustment is expected. Either member of the late tirni has authority to use the part nership noinr, as far as may be necessary to wind up Its aflaus. TIMOTHY FOLLETT, JOHN BRADLEY. Burlington April 1, IS 17, I!w3 NOTICE. 'I'll I! Storage, Forwarding it Commission busi- ness, heretofore carried on by Messrs. Follelt f Bradley, will hereafter be transacted by the subscri ber, under the tiriuof Joim Bindley .t Co. Jons Br.APLcv, Nathl. A Tecum, ,. Tuos. 11. Canhild. Burlington April 1, 1817. miiaiiT cm.niis. Pl'lisn Silk of brilliant colors, also, blue nn.l dtnb colored silk j cigar eases, gilt embossed and steel muse I'lns.?,. iu.leli!,!.. itilr It), .. , .,1... April Cth. ?s. HORSES FOR SALE. 11,31. 0. Barker, ormts 14 fihst hate II oung Horns for sale ; ages rnngmg Irom I to 0 tins spring. Iteing prevented by business liom going to mallet, he will sell ihem at cost. Any one wish ing to purchase will please call nt the Baptist four cor ners, Lhnrlottc. April H. 1817. 41vv3 Itclicf or Irrlnnit nnd Ncotliind, TVOTICE is liereby given that the Relief Cominit i tee will desnatch a shin liir Iielnn.l uiil.m.t .1. !.... . , , ,,, '.a r , 7', ' ' """" " jiom og can iv lor ' "arded free ot frcigh . Railroad and other expens-! 4,'.' 'l! ivKSS !" 1 . i'i.'.V-IU,t lt..,.l"0P' v:... .......... .1 .... L ',..', '. s.hiiu,iicc. Clninnan. Boston, March C, 18-17. 413 Dennis Hood's Esliitc. STATE OF VERMONT, A Ta Probate Court I ton, within mid for "the Dist 1 day of April A. D. 1817, I to be the last will and U iisirici 01 v,niiienucn, ss. v ixtioljeii at Hurling istnet aforesaid on the 1st, un insliumeiit purporting tetlililellt nf Itetitiiu Itnru late of .Milloll.iu said District deceas,'.!. s-n, nrum ed to the Court here lor Probate, by Nathan Lincoln jr. the executor, therein mined. TitLnrioRC, it isordered by said Court, that public notice be given.lo all crsons concerned therein to opcar U'lore s.nd court, at a session thereof to be hoi. den at llieRegister'solfiee in said Burlington on the fourth Wednesday in April, A. 1). HI7, and contest the probate of said Will, and il is further ordered that this order be published three weiks successively in llie llurlinglon 1 rec Press, a newspajier printed at Bur lington, in this Slate, the last ol which publications to lie previous to the day assigned, as aforesaid 1 for hearing. Given under my hand at the Register's OlTicc.this 1st day of April, A. D. 1817, '"'v3 WM. WESTON, Register. fPO RENT. A roxviixiKXT Shop just J below our slore and now occupied bvj. Kins nun. Possewiiingivtiibylhe ISihApul. .Maul, i5, IS!;. vjLAS A .NOYUis PEARL STUEpTT HOUSE. i Iliirllncton Vt, 1IY VILAS it orci. Circumstances having rendered the control cf the above prcmUesneceie'ary, we would give notice, to the public thai the Pearl St. House is Uuw open for the accommodation of travellers and others who may calk Being localed in oneof the pltusantest palls of onr village, and commanding as if docs n fine view of Lake Chainplaiu and the scenery about Burlington, nnd nlso being near the University of Vermont, we think il can scarcely fall tu pleas" the scatthcr lor pleasure and recreation, while at the same time it nf lords ihosc upon business n cotnloitnble home. Mr' 11. N. Cole and Mr. II. G. Mason, late of Itighgate Springs, will manage the House for os, and lo those who are acquainted with them as CxTLIirns, It would ire unnecessary to say u single woru In com mendation. Suffice to sny that ccerv thing w ill be none io iiiitive il ngrveuoie iiuu ivnsuui iu uu who may wish to make it n ttoniiiinr place. ltelieviiiL' 1 1 in t the tale ol intoxicatim; drinks ns n beverage tube injurious tolhelu who use or do not use them, nnd detrimental to the well being ol society, 1 as also in hostility to the law of the Slate, and the i strongly expressed wishes of a inajonty of the Free- men inereoi, wi: snail iieiiuer Keep ii puunciy nor i clantlcstineht to be sold orcirei nwav. A suitable carriage will be provided to take passen gers to nnd tiotn the Su am, Boats. All Stages will cull at this House. Win. R. Vilas, March, 1317. Moiiit.ui Novel " PEIRCE t KELLOGG, IMPOIlTL'RSOF CHINA, GLA8S, EARTHEN WARE, Lookiuj Glnss?s, Ten Trnys, Girandoles, Lamps, Cnstors, Kk. 230 UIVLH HTRT.r.T, 010. VV. KELLOOG. j 33 ' JTC Mnishnrs Notice. UxiTtn SiATts of Amlrica, j pUUSUAN'T to n Vermont District, to wit. I warrant issued out of the Honorable District Court of the United Slates, lor the Vermont District, I do hereby give public no tice, that nn HiforroatHin for tho" violation ol the Rev enue Laws of the United States', has been filed in said Court by Charles Linsley, Lsq., uistnct Attorney lor the Uuited States, tor said District, against the follow- ing described goods, wares, and merchandize, to wit: 1 dark grey Horse, 1 sorrel Horse, 1 Wagon, 800 lbs. 1 i i.ui - i t : i ti!..i. hoon Iron. mul 1U0 nounds rouniJ Iron,9ei7fd nt inv (Tfitn. in hntd District, on llie 33t.Ii flav of Sentcmher, . . : ... . i . ii. Burlington, in said District, on the 43d day of Decern- lierl816;nndtrialwillbeliadontheforegoingsei.ures, and the same will be condemned, agreeably to the ' prayer of said information, at the next staled term of said District Court, to be holden nt Windsor, within and for said District, on the 'Jllh day of May, nextcii- suing, unless a claim or claims shall lie interposed on I i.-t m : huh i iJUJi uim v uictt; in urui. luns.r'i' t-u ul orbeloresanl day, ol winch all persons interesieu win toke due notice, and govern themselves accordingly. 1 Given under my hand, at New bury, in saiJ District, th s'JilJUavo .March. A V. 1317. IUw3 JACOB Ki:."T, jr., Marshal THE IMPORTED HORSE. Yorr.v. FLYING CHILDERS. rnillS sii.rnt:n aximat. was I'tntriiAsm 1 in Hneland bv IXSUBi: LAUNTO, of D. .. WAIITON, and brought to America in the fall of ISI.'i. The Subscriber obtained him of the importer at great Cost, nn.l would inform thoj: who are interes- ted in improving the blood of American llot'cs, that he will be found at his Stable in Shelburne Villjge.nt all times ready to be examined and compared witli anv horse in the State, iu respect to speed, blood, form nnil carriage. lie is 10 hands high, firmly built, with expanded chest, finest oflimbcs, and the most active and easy moveinents. His color is the richest ol bay. II- Ins in fact every qualification that constitutes a beautiful, fleet and good bottomed horn:. Hvery feature is nu index to his Pedigree, and shows hint to be of the ve ry best oi rnglisli i:trnction. The 17,1ne- Flying ChiUlers, was exhibited at the last meeting of the Chittenden County Agricultural Society, nnd came off with a complete triumph over every other horae present. J The Subscriber, anxious that his horse should eslab lish u reputation upon his actual merits, will now compare him in nny respect with the best horses that can be produced, the Sir Henry, or Black Hawk, not excepted, and particularly vv ith regard to beauty, I activity nnd sneed. The Young Flving Childers will be G years old next July, and weighs lJWI lbs. He1 isofthe Oid English Stork, bearing this name, which will be obvious at a single gnince to ony competent judge of horses. We solicit such to call and satisfy themselves by observation, nlso a share of patronage. TERMS : Any one who wiehes to improve by as good a horse, anJnscheap n rate ns was ever oflercd in America, this will bv their opportunity. '1 he Young Flyin; Childers wilUtand for 9" ,00 ihc reason, insurance nreru ujKtu. .huii inu. are l.l- sureu. iitusposeu oj oeiore loanng nine, me insurance must be paid. Good pasturing will be provided lor Marcs Irom distance, accidents and escapes at the risk of the owners. Season to end in August. Sheibunie, Marchl, 1S17. Or.i.o J. iIalpwin. Witrruii .llnmiv's IMntc. ATTE the subcribers. having been appointed bv the V Honorable the Probate Conn for the District of Chittenden, Coimnisioners to leceive, examine and adjust tlic claims and demands of all persons against the e.tnte of Warren Murray, late ot Burlington, in sai.l District, deceased, represented mvolvent, and also all ilainis und demands exhibited in oflV't thtrun ; nnd six months from llieday of the dale hereof, lieing allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do there- f)re hereby given notice, that vvu will attend to the li'isinessoi our appointment, nt the dwelling of .Mrs. llets..f Mnrt-nv i: Itnrlii.eti.n in Kr.1,1 ,lil,i,-t lb first .Monday of June und September next, nl 111 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, this 10th day of March A. M. 18 IS' I.MIk' I.' - l ' V 33w3 Wll. IAM D. .MERRELL. Coinuus SIR HENRY. rrins Tiionoi'fiii 1 BRED horse will commence his season, April 1st, 1817, and may be found nt the Stable of the Proprie tors, Wet Milton, un til Monday, the second ofMay, Alter that time un til July 31st he will stand, each week, iu .MII.TOV FALLS, llUnLINQTOV At the Stable of S. Ward. Mond'ys, Tue-d'ys, and Wednesilav s. Lenti f S. Sen'soiifin At llie Smbleof the Frank lin Hou-e, Thursda!, Fridays and Saturdays, Instil mice ttgrrt'tl ou. Insurance will he claimed on i.xares disputed if brorcllie liin'nl lia'tnti. PEDIGREE AM) DESCRIPTION. Slit HENRY was bred by James Bathgate, E-q . of Long Hand. the hieederof Medoe, Midas, Gvp seynim other Horses, dislingui-hed in llie annuls of llie 'I'nrf He lm ti.L. ,,,.,te I .rettii nii.w. n Tier fl. ... r coiiipetilion, than any other merican Horse : iinv- ing icccilcd.bcsljt's numerous countv premiuiiis, the r(preinium for the beet blood horse, ol ihe N Y. State Agricultural Fair, several diflermt years, the Inst, at Auburn, Sept. 17, lHlti, over upwards of fifty coinpeiitors, udmitled lo have been llie finest show of horses ever witnessed, etii inNew York. He isfull sixteen liandshigh, nnd very muscular; weighs eleven hundred and a hall inordinary condition; is of a bright liestuut color; was never in the harness or ou the Turljisa remarkably sure foal getter, perfectly sound nn I henlthv. and in the vicor of life. He wns cot be lie was g Henry (llie competitor of Am. Eclipse in the great race nn I.omr lalnmh he hv SirArchv. and hehvim. porieu uioniexi. cnwiuv4su x a nam me nam oi l'rosB-ct,Sir Lovcll nnd Lt. Infantry was goi byim- pomd Lt. Inf.iutry, (a son of English Eci.irsr.) ; cr. dam imp. old MtssEtsrn, (llie sire ol thedamofAM. Ei'MCsc, and celebrated as a getter of trotters); g. gr. until IJ.isiiaw ; j. g. gr. nam imp. I r.t'Elir.iTTO.v.sniil lobe the ureot theonginal".Morgan." Impoited Lt. Infantry was bred bv Richard Giilston. Io.. of Clan- donin Suncy.and was got by Eng lklipse; his dam by Feather; gr dim 1'lmso Ciuinras. I lieiipovepeuigrce may oe vermeil ny anyone wno desires, by relcienee lo llie Eng Stud Book, cr Am. Turl Register.bolh in possiwiof ihe proprietors. Sir. IlLXBV'scoltsnre unrivalled for speed, bottom, and st leolaclionindconiniaiulliigher prices ns rood - Bters,inlheuiaiketsofTioy,Alb.iny and New York, than iho.- of any other horse. The lollovv inr notice ol Sir Hriirv istioiu the March No. of the American Agriculturist, ediu d bv A. B. Allen, E-q , who is well acquainted with both the horse and his Flock. rsllt 11F.NRY. VVe linve received n i-iren nr fr.m . Messrs. Lucius Sanderson it t'o.,ol West Milinn, Vt. inlormimi us that this fine, well bred horse, will smn.l at Buihiigton ihe ensuing season. Sir Henry basin. i.cnecvci.11 jiiciiuuins ni uie annual Minws oi uie .x. Y Stile A. Soc, Celebrated as the Vermont Hoik s already are, we think, if duly patronized, this superb horse will leave n stock behind, which will add still more lomeir reputation as roausteis, ' Mr. Hodge, of Cambridge, N. Y. nn experienced and obliging groom, who has taken care ol Sir Henry for several years, will have charge ol him this Season , Good pastutage will be provided lor mires fiom a distance, but ihe proprietor will not be responsible for aceidetilsor chiik's. Refer to Mahlon Cottrill, Fj". of Montjielier, Ed- ward!niH',i:sq Caml.tidge, N. Y , Win. T Porter, Lq. Editor of the SjvuitolilivTinH's.New Yoik,City, Charles Everest, Vi-rgennes Vt. I LUCIUS SANDERSON .t Co. N. B. A printed circular containini Sir Henky's 1 pedigree and description morent length, with an nc ' count of his stock, and ceilificatrs ol their character, j and the rieev ranging from s-JiKllo 31000 at which numbers otthem have been s.vl.1, may bo. had bycal. I ling on ih propriclu 01 dde sin;'ihcin put raid ot ' B'tilirtton, official LIST OF LETTERS', AuvrrffisjoDtTiii: rntErnt'isrv3rr.ciii.xrroixTMfi''' mid reiixvining in1 the Pos; OUicsst Burlington, Ayiil 1, 1817, W. And ht it further tmttedt ' ' ' And i'lradvcMie!i.ei,is mo de under the orders of W 1 ost-mratcr-lien'rol, in a newspaper or nevospTjers, of Ieitcrs vAicalled lor in any Post Ulriee, shall be ii. serted in tlie'tsipcr or piiirs, ol the town or place where the oilicv niiv'ertrang mpy be s-tiaite i hatinn Ihc largest eirculttlUn. 2rw J'oit Ojjite Artie, primal March 3' lftt' Persons cnlliiie tor lh': Pillowing Letiers,- willpluei name them as advertised, A. Kee'er Eliia Anfl . , fr, I Anderson. I hcoucma rvilcy .Vlniy Kenned Thornm eTeiitiltf, Mrirv Aubrey Almlr.i Athcrton kmiM Aubrcv Cornelia Allc" "eu- . ai'Iiii Patrick R .e!!y Thomas rvelly John KJlog Charles Vt Baiber Geo H IllaU'Win W Barstow Martha Barnard Heman A. Bnsselt llezckiab: Barstow lllisha Barron James Bascoin Triplicna Bascomb C II Babcock Nathan Baker Charles P Bamcs A J &. G F Bennett Win 11 liettis John Benoit Wm Beaufort Olivier Benedict G G Bevins John L Bean Lucia M Blin L'dwin Hi 'hop Joel Bishop Seth llrigjs O W Blin Sophia Baxter D C I.. Lawrence Ann Itrivetie rraucaiM Lawrence Elizabeth Lapoiute rianeots Mwience Wm K UChlre Piiilije: lieCIare rrntisu.s lA'invrisse Ainabls LcanicJ Mrs M Luvelaud Arm Lov eland Doruih A Lynch James Lynch -Mary tit. McCabe Julia McCarthy C M " Call Ali'n " Clusky Henry " Dermott Mis J O " Donald John " Colley John " Collutn A Lvoy Henry v Kown Marv H" . ?i t 2" ostwick J b lirown () Butlank Henry A Maq'nl Jonn care cf Jsmea Lirown OVar Burr Ths S Unrulle Joseph .uajucr Manone Antoino Mahor Patrirk ... r. .Mason Cfcoiles Mason George Mason George L Mason J L Mears Ainlirosc I .Mills James W Milelle Nareisss Mcniillen Allen Morehouse Elnclinis Morrel Charles Murray Cynthia .Moss Alexr X. Newell pclly Nixon John j""15 '.i;11!1 j'rown ''''win "' i j."uuBr,I. n j r" 11 ( sf p ta'f' r2fK",r,;t ... jiuruaiiK ..teplien vv - ( Capron Maria L warron joim Crain Noble J. Claike Sarah 1. ! Clarke Susannah I Chapman Louisa I Chamberlain S Noiton Widow Aminda U. Chamberlain Joseph Cnvin Patrick O'Clnire Etiene O'Brien John Carpenter Joseph L Champaigne 'Ierrew ! i Catty John Cant Itolhn Carieton I. P Conoiy Robert Connor Cdmuiid Coots Isaac Cloiigh I' P Coniiurcc Dennis Crowner I'.mily Corbtiilo Motn. Chirn Lucrctia Conway Michael Crossinan Rufus M I VV..-.I 11, r. leim .MclitJ O Clair James Jncko I'. Palridge Worrcu I aqti'ite Louis Palmer Harry Dr I'.ilmcr Lvrha M Page Joseph i ac sejmnnr or hnuy Padehttt .Mary June l'asia Joseph Parsons Chesterfield Piatt F Junr I'armalce S N I'rctitissLueretia I'etliugall Wm 1'eirce Harriet Proctor Ralph Poller L H 3 Pownrtglit John Conncll Matthew Cochran Matikla Comstock Geo 2 Coudre James Camming Alisc Curtis Wm Church Tin A Cutler Silas 2 Cashen Michael Couant Eugene I). Dal y Jeremiah 2 Dole Rose Doile .Matilda David James Dervignon Heuatin Donnelley Michael Dillelte Louis Potter Jeremiah Powell Mary Poiier .Mercello f'utnairt Lucy Puthier Louis CI. Quick John H It. Rankin James Ray Oren L RedfieldWm.13 Drew Homer l)rury Lucius H. Uuinond Fiuncois Mad. I Divoll J Daran .Margaret Reiiolds .Vanin Reynolds .IJatia Reily -Vichliel Head Jane Richer John Richardson Caleb Richards Lewis Richmond Job Rockwell Lcamon F ucum; Pulriik iioote .Varia L Rolle ClmrUs Rooney -Vary Uobinsot James If Uoach John Runnels George JJ, Edwards James Everld Wm A 1". ritzsimmons John Fowler Sarah A l'uhav Andrew Fawn Martha A l'iugerald Michael l'ltycernld Ths farli II . j'0,. jt.iin j ' 1'arrel llridect Ford Iarcy A 2 l'orbe's James D . J'oote Louisa ' 1'crris Geo S 1 (l. uyan sicpnen S. Spalding James M iabin Abigail Slavm Catlicrino Saxe.1 G Sl'irr Timothy Straw Elvira Stcvvaltll Sieanis Aenath Sheldon Sanh A Severance Darius Sexton Bri.ljett Oilfllhn D W I Geer T S Grav es & Ro Root Goodrich C ! (ilcasoii Wnllacs , Gochee John Godar JoM-ph i Golden Patrick Gardner Fruneis Gooduiati Nathan Gates N il Graham Olive Gale Dr W J Greene .V () Grren Mary Gatlbois Geitrge Godlrey John W, I tiilberi Join, W (reely Joel I II. Harlhey .Mrs L Harlsliorn C'hnrles 1 lleiideisnii Fred. W Heath Lorinda llal-cy C I Haihorn John llayden Danl W i llewtii Laura P. Harrington E Sherman 1 C Sneor GeN Slcbbings Hoiact R 3 Sweet Phillip A Slurds William S low C B .Vim Slorrs -Virilla JJ Storrs J S Story C&thtfihio Scott J Stone S B unbuiv H B Spurr Edward Soar Charily mith S S " 'trick'au 1 Mr Sinclair Orvilli .iniili XVilliutts .miili John .Vikcs i'rinai.lhs 'P. Towsler Eliia Trvon Julia P Thnjer Sieph.i liam t rank ' Hawkins 't t ravis nnu 1 l'liavcr Ehi.i'i Hand t.harles jjart .Vary jja ey R. Hawley J N Haines -1aty jjotf-h John Hatch B jjiekcy Bridget j'ayfor Kiheila Treadvvsy Tilion Francis T.vler David Tcnncy B J inggaru jonnttiaa rhaver Joel I'odJ C J Iter. I'eague Patrick ijiooaru .Hiss tl II Howard Chailrs llickok John N Hodges .1rs 1 Inula Alonto Urann Clio II V. Vaughan Julis K nign jumes i Hutchinson Samuel Hiues and Newman Hurd Lvdia A Vail M i: Vaughan Cbnr!e ! Vanillin John i Vundervvakcr, Fisher S C iau Wagner James V Whitcman Clark . Wlnie'Darius .Wires S H Wood William Wood Alice j Winslow Don A I Williams Homes i While Calvin iWillhms .I11 iha .1 Wheeler Aldea .Ward iValilifs IWheclivk Henry H 1 Wheelock Samuel Wheelork Asabcl Wheeler Daniel , Wheat Horuic i heat Horatio N t Wagner LavvremeS Walker A A Co NOBLE. J'wl .Vn.rrr. Hibbard Alonzo D Hogan Tinioibu Huuijilirey Nichnjas Howard Holland 8 . Hamilton Kokit nowam u v cl.b I I 1 , .... ' i i ' J,:'"ureau Abram 1 '"'"soil Sarah .1 J'""" A,lfl ' Jo uison J-iephen Johnson I, 11 Jeiuks John II I J'wt '.J815 ' Judsm John Jewell Jesse Jewell Joshua K. h'iik Ann Wm, SURVEYING done bv J. T. RENEDKT. Knonisover II. Ix'avenvvoiih's olTiff. " Prriiiiiiiii I'ltnv. 'IMlli; sinsiiiirrnt itr- J facluris nnd keeps constantly for saleat his rfsidmicein Jerkho. Plows ofdilferent sizes, which bcoffcrsto srniersof ei' i ...1 SA n . ... , , -.. VlUIieiUICU SOU OlIlVI V-WUIIIHT ur, lift witw patent that took the premium t the Agricultuial Fair of Chittenden IHIfi.snd ihe wood vvoik is war ranted to be the best of Msssachuselts Oak. These m want ol a good article wvll do well loevamine th" ,sILlU I Ol, li Jcileho, April IM. "i

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