Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 30, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 30, 1847 Page 2
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BUR-f X nilciiiii.ii of the public In the following !iick- cj-k TEIV Yoiik and Hosto.v Boot and his store, on Church strccl. would respectfull"- call il... MA!Vltfjlfmiufnenn ........ - ...It... ..f.t 11!......' ...II I "v.umawvf U.lllVU I.MroRTEItS' 's DYE-STViTS.O' ,. -m;, liarmsseil by nn MANII'pcratioin impeded by Jtivcrnmctit in the rear. Andrew it 'Vi-suingoil I'm'-mlia . K"'K ""V clnrify' I'M, and In, .var"! Now wo icarn Z, Bn.TiiWrOIT FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 30, 1847. Limns', It mrs nitil .Sunn, " ('titer lt.mi, of every IX'S'-lipiii.'l, " I r II i'iiiH,itcst ty. " bid " do " IVllMcl.l" do " Unit ('.niter. " French, " i:n?(Wi Kid .1... " irriich Silin Slippers, nil colors. " O dd Bronzed ilo " Home il. ruin-ieu Kuhuers, I-igurcdand plain do 'v"'f. J1"t ami Shot , ti (.ailcr Boots, .. .rt:"il',ra1bcslqunllly Itl.skfns " Prunella .Slippers, nil ;; " Buskins, nil colors, clout ."Morocco ntul . Call Hoots, " It.iM.,.- .,11 Chitdre n't limit and Shoes Waterproof Dootstnnd "HOCS, " Fine French Calf do " do do do sowed ilo ilo browns, " .Morocco do " Stout Crilf and KIp Olines, " Cloth Gaiters buttoned Prunella dancing Gal ters. 11 Dancing, Pumps, " Morocco Slippers, " Calf do " Cnlfshocs.all kinds. " Knbbcrs with leather l Soles 1 " do do Buckles, " do tig'tland plain. Hoys' Boot ami Shoes " Fine Calf Boots, " do Kip do " do Calf and KIp Broimns. " Stout shoes, nil kind. rrnnella Gaiters anil .1 ! I. F, w,ii,, iiiiim iiiii I .imps, rciicli Gaiter Boots, lWis' Boot, and Shot,. .M ' , " Fine Cnif Boots sevvcii .Morocco Gaiters and pegged. "" inntl lace, , " do Kip do do "-"y - suppers Stockton tf- I. ., Conslnntly ol BuftinVisto, General Molar. Pivot im lor fiom the ar he- Gold and Tin Fo'-'K n,f October '. '"' ,ll,c .Moulds, Mirror,"'"1 Information lie l ien March 5 1817 ituient to commind in . Scott himcll from Hfnnt TV-cm il November, which If J. Llano nn. IL, 1 finger-rings, and . studiously anil just received hy B' rrngmcnts oil' Unwritten History. TRAITS OA IRISH CltAnACTER. etJian allen. Wc are under oliligations to our friend, He.t.y Stevens, E-i., ft llunct, for the interesting records winch w f publish, with Ms letter, below. .Mr. Sinu'ssapi iMarcli4tli 1847 Impresses from, jf himself! II itliotit n moment's '.oiumaiKl without t, if ever a Gen victories in sidle concealed oppositlvn ol his Govern Seal ond G:nient, that man ia (ieneral Taylor. It was mm. .. .t..Ai .- . .. ..V"h ',"nu-' -crmu-iiycnn- , . ... , fl. r unit ribaldry of this kind, "" "t;"'"H ww - roniern i ..nfrh wv!:.itiereil n entiful v llirouh the book,) inJieatc ith suilicint clearness the miall extent to which he has been iniliatid into that mummy, (In con finite his tipire,) in wliiih such materials ns the cnl rufii's aniljluiiont are used. Hut we ore wi ll owarf tlint we h already t;ien the work much more nt fntio'i than it deH-Vies. It i, ns a whole, a most .banE'hip perlonnance. To our n 1 prehension it docs noteoutain n,sm.le aruuineut or illut'ttation, which i clerlj'e.)iri'S3ed. While writing ii""i niatU'rs which are Hirciy inathematieal, he seems t.o-havc vciy im perlrct notions of the nature of nntlifimiicnl reasoning- . He npp.'im, moreover, tobecutirtly destitute p thai nioJesty which micht make some amends lor igloranc;. lie boldly donntiies upon su'ijecls which he due- not understand, and he strives to vilify and ohiHi' those, who have been real benefactors ol science. Such nnogniirc wc have ihonght deserves, rebukv ; and while ve have feltealled upon to ndiiiitti'lerit in the vindication ol truth, wc have done it with no oth er frchiu towardi our author than those of kindness ud fricmltliip It'ia teally painful to see. m many pjrsontof repcc tnble native lilents wasting them Moo B0"d puiliose, merely because thev are lesolied to build upon their own independent foundation, and not to prolit by the labors and exjierieneeid othets wbohave cone beloic them. nsjo as the yiur 1T7S, nialhemalicians bad so Mtislactorily ilenmn-trateil the impoK-ibility ot the quadiatuie oi the cilcie, the trieeliun of an nn Rle, the duplication of the cube, ntul discovery of the iwrnetunl motion, that tli, Aeadetnv ol Sciences of Pans announced publicly to the world, that lliey j would in fututc examine no papeis on tho'e subjicts ; andsliorily nlterwanUllic Kojtd Society "f Uni'land, i adopted the same resolution.' And ) f t we find per-i s-inispnnuiiiix up almost every year, v. ho make ihem Hvc believe that they either have ccioniphvhcd, or . cm accomplish, some one of these imp isdiiltties Hut they are always found am mi those, w ho ' n" thorough knowledge of the srience. Vc have kjiown a linnol'tjo'ij "mteilcctiial acq'iiremenls, v. In ' spent not only 1m substiuce, but the greater part of( life ofloirr s'eore years, in contriving u self-movin;' machiur, or, in oilier wouU a p.'ip:tual motion, and , we hav-' s.'-n linn, i.i his own e:iniation, often up , onthevery poiutofsueceedin, and vet, niter nil, dy I i'lg with liii object unatfiiiied nna histntli in itsprac , ti-bihty unabated. And tl-.e work belore us mils an r.tiier to the melancholy caiiilogue ol uuaaihng la bors. Had Mr. Y 011113, ir.t"ad ol ainly icliing up rn his o."n powtrs and d 'spi-ing tlie hbuis ol otners, devoted a few months to 11 systematic study ol math ematics and the mtinal sciences, lie inigiiiwith very little labor, satisfied himseif that th, quadrature cl the circle is impracticable, that the Newtonian law of gravity is The true law, and thai tiie alienation of the fixed stars njfuids salisJnetory proof of the piogrcs rive motion of li'it; and thus he miyht avi'd.for tome useful purpose, the S3 best years of Ins life, uhich hae teen devoted to the election of litis tnonumer.t to his folly. ,t " Hiiemi Vista, and whilo tl Mexicans were riil- dlin; his clothes with bullfls, that Iicofocos in Congress were (leiiouncinj him in partisan speeches, and-'ensuring hili in rcsoUilions for the capitulation of Montiyi-y ! And it was after that b.ittle, in whichJic ainccd nil the qualities of the most conuinmat.i generalship, that Polk wrote his whining letter to lienton cxpies.-inp his regret that ho had not the constitutional power to disgrace old Rough anj Heady anil apfvint him (lienton) to tic stijremi command rf the Army! ! Lot' the people strain their imnyi natrons ant! conccive-of Turn IlDnihtip; lienton issuing- orders to Taylor and Scott, anil then let tl.cin make one Imlhor effort, and picture to themselves that same' Benton, in a blue clonk lined with red, fighting the battle of Uuena Vis. tt! What a pity it "is that I'olk couldn't have hail his way ! ars, by the success that crowns jfvee 3vc00, m'RMMJTOX, VI. KB II) AY MOKNINO. APUIL3J, 1S17. " In THE DARK AND TROUIII.ED MOIITTMIT UPON US, V1IERE H NuStAK ABOVE TIIE HORIZON TOCIVE USA GLEAM OF LIOIIT, EXCEPTING Tltr UTEtLICENT, t'ATKIOTIC WlIIC TARTY OF TIIE United States." Daniel W'tbster. Th; iVur mill tli3 illuminations. In neveriil cities in the Union bonfires and il lumination!, have been got up to celebrate the iftorles achieved by General Taylor and I fcicoTT. Our own opinion is, that, under the J circumstances, these things are m bid tifle. The I.nlic. Tor more than a quarter 0 a century the lake has been open for nmigalion earlier than the 1st of May. During 28 years past the time litis varied from the 11th of February (18J1), to the "3th of April, (18.17), and the average period during which navigation has been s'cr peil is S I days and a fraction. liefnro our next number is issued, however, business will have fully commenced. The ice disappeared from the broad lake on the 2 tth Inst and on Wednesd ty last a Slciiner, (supposed to be the Jas. H. lb okcr.) was seen going pa--' ISnrlington sotilhwanls. Wlicncc shi: canio or whither she was going, wo have no means of knowing. Wo give her the credit, how e.r. of brsng ha first limit t ut. Wc hope she had "a pleasant journey and a profitable job.'' 1 l'.very thing is in rradincss, we understand, at the Harbor. The, Whitehall, Saranac, and WlNoosKi.have been put in apple- pie order, tinder Iho superintendence of their gen itlemanly and popular Commanders, Captain I Davis, Latiirop, and CinrJiAN. j Whenever the elements will permit, these stenm 1 era will lake their places for the season, and j demonstrate to the tra oiling community what I is meant by the word ecuifurt. The Company's splendid now Steamer, the ' L'MTcn SrATfcs," yas. l.iunched,wc, yesterday. She will be placed upon the line at the culie.-t practicable moment. Her model j and appointments warrant us in predicting that ( she. will give all competitors "Jesse!" I On the whole we nippoco arrangements were never so extensive and complete for the public , accommodation on ihu Iike us they are now. his efforts, to bu in the diligent prosecution of the dutiu-s imposl'il upon him by the commission worthily conferred by (ov. Laion, under the authority of the legislature, to collect from all available soiirccstsuch neglected, unnoticed, or forgotten dncutncVits ns may tend to elucidate the Karly HistorV of Vermont, and illustrate the characters of hjr old Patriots and Defenders. Hut the "stray leaves" with winch lio lias sup plied us below do more than to throw light on the sufl'erinL's.and privations, " 1 he oppressors wrong, the proud man's contumely" endured by the patriot Allen ntul Ins lellow captives they show us that it was Irish s)tn nlliv and Irish generosity that first came, warm-hcnrteil and open-handed, to the rebel ol prisoners. hen the people of this country were held and treated as " Rebels " by the llritish (Internment, when we were feeble except in the invincible consciousness of a good caue, whcn.wc were "stele and m j rivm, Irish 2eal and Iri-h liberality "visited" its, and ad ministered to our relief. This fact appeals strongly to vthcr sentiments than those cf hu manity, (if it wero necessary,) to urge the American people to a largo exercise of benevo lence for Ireland in this dark day of her deepest want and woe. Kvcry town in Vermont should repay to the oppressed and famine-stricken in habitants of- Ireland the " hundred and fifty pounds'' which was so opportunely contributed in Dublin and Cork to relieve the necessities of citizens if ottr Stale. Wc should thus beauti fully illustrate the truth of that Divine promise which assures those who " cast their bread upon the waters" that " after mam days it shall return unto their." overplus of a snit throughout, eight fine Holland shirts and stocks ready made, Willi a number ol pairs of silk ami woisteil hose, two pair ol shoes, two beaver hats, one of which was sent me richly laced with gold, by James llonwell. The Irish gentlemen furthermore made a large gratuity of wines of the best rott.spitits, pin, lonf nml brown su.rar, tea and chocolate, with n large niunu ot picKlcil uecl.nuil n nutimer 01 mi iuik les, with many other articles, for my sea stoics, too tedioiM to iiienliou here. To the privates they be stowed on each man two pounds of ten, anil six pounds 01 onmu sugar. 1 peso articles wcie uiuuu ni board at a time when the captain nnd first lieutenant w re gone oh shore, by the permission of the second lieutenant, n handsome yivng gentleman, who was then under twenty years of age ; his name was l)oug Inss.ton of Admiral I)ouala-s,ns I was informed. as tins miiuiticeiice was so unexpected aim plenti ful, I liny add needful, it impnssed oil my mind the highest sense ol gratitude towards inybenelaclorsi for I was not only supplied witli the necessaries nud con veniences of file, but with the grandeurs and superflui ties of it. .Mr. Ha) s, one of the donatois before men tioned, came on board, and helmed in the most oblig ing manner, telling inethnl he hoped my troubles w-ere past) for that the gentlemen of Cork determined to make my sea stores equal to those ol the captain ol the Solebayj be made nn ofil-rof live stock nnd w here with to support them i but 1 knew this would be de nied. And to crown nil, did send another per son, fifty guineas, but I could not reconcile receiving the whole to my own Icelings. as it might Imc the appearance of nvar'ce j and therefore teceived but sev en guineas only, and am confident, not only from, the exercise of the present well-timeil generosity, but from a laroe neniiaiotiim-f. iblt itin iroiiileineii ot this na tion, that ns a people they excel in liberality and bravery. Two days afier the receipt of the aforesaid dona tions, Cnpt. Symonds came on board, full of envy In wards Ibe prisoners, and swore by all that is good, that the damned American rebels should not be feasted nt this rate, by the damned icbels ol Ireland! lie there fore took awav all my liquors belore mentioned, except some of the wine which was secreted, and n to gal lon jug ol old spirits winch was reserved lor me per favor of I.feut Douglass. The Inking ol my liquors was abominable in his -Ight j lie therefore spoke in my belnlf, till the captain was angry with him; and, in consequence, proceeded and took nwny all the tea and sugar, which had been given lo the prisoners, nnd con 1:. - 1 : i. 1 .1.- ..... ..l.;... i.-c.ii'-u 11 10 uie ii-e 01 iii" nip? ic . v... ii.-i.nii. Was not taken away, but the privates were forced to do duly on boanl. Soon alter this there came a boat to the side of the ship, nnd Cnpt, Pyinonds nked a gentleman in it, in my hearing, what his business wast who ans.vcred that he was sent to deliver sonic sea stores to Col. Allen, which, if I remember right, lie said were sent I10111 Dublin, but the captain damned him heartily, ordering him away from the ship, and would not sillier him to deliver the stores. I fur Iheimore informed tiat the gntleincii in Cork re quested ol Capl. Fynonds that I might be allowed to eome into the city, and that they would be responsible I should return to tin frigate at a gicn tune, which was denied them." Col. I.thnn Allen nml tho generosity or Ireland. Fr,tr:;n Clarki : I herewith send you an extract of n letter ftom 0 gentleman nt Coik, Ireland, to a gentleman in Phila delphia, January, l"tj. 1 also ei:eloc an extract of a letter, dated Bristol, Kngland, IVbruary, 1C, 17TG. I feel it to be my duty to request you to publish in your paper as soon ns convenient, the said extiacts. You will also publish Col. Allen's acknowledgment of the favor received fiom the good people of Coik. (see page CI to CI inclusive, of his Nairative, as published by John-oil Si Co., Burlington, 1SC3.) I.verymothci's son nnd daughter in Veniiont cannot but be thankful tint so much Minims'- was manifested by the inhabit ants of Coik and Dublin, to one of our Political I'a theis, in a time of sore nfllirticn. 1 do believe that the Gleen Mountain boysand giris will now acknowledge this dibt rl giaiitude.and con tribute generously lo relieve the wants of the needy in lieland. " lie that wnleieth shall be watered himself." Yours oud the afilietcd's Humble Servant, IIenrv Stevens. Buret, April 12, 1317. N. B. 1 have the mines of those belonging to Cell neclicut.who were taken prisoners with Alien, Sept. -5, 1775, near Montreal, nnd catried-to I'ngland ; and 011 their return, confined in gpol in Ilartiord. Oic ot those woithtes jet survives on.l now resides in Salis bury, Ct. Inelo-ed you have the list ol names. These manuscripts you will return, os they consti tute a poition of my Historical collection. ICO rods. They began at the South Hast cor ner of the town nnd after taking tho course of the river at that place, measured back ICO rods, nnd then ran ns they supposed parallel to the river 23 rods for each lot and made corner biunils ; but after proceeding in this way a mile or two they found themselves close upon the river. They than took a new course nnd boro o(T from the river until they had gone more than three miles. They then sent some of their number to sec how far they were from the river, who returned after some time nnd said they could not find it.and that endeJ the surveying for that time. My father came tip in August and spent several days in tracing this line, which he said ended near where I now live, which is about two miles from the river. The river lots were laid out by Esq. Hatch, in 17CI, and bounded on the river only. A part of the Hund red aero lots wero laid out in 17CS by Esq. Hutch, surveyor, and Jacob Burton nnd John Slaflrrwcrc clminmen. In Juno 17C3, Jumcs Hovoy, a brother to my mother, Ebenezer Smith nml John Shifter came together to Norwich. When they got to No. -1, Shifter proposed to buy a peck of potatoes to plant, but Hovcy and Smith declined. Shifter took the potatoes in his pack and they came through the woods about 30 miles by marked trees. Jnrob Fonton came up shortly after wards and rode up his 01 marc. lie probably came with Edmund freeman, who began in Hanover nearly opposite to my father's place. Fonton was uncle to my father. I have no rec ord of Fenton's death, but he must have died in 17C3, as I have heard my father relate the circumstances repeatedly. They started to go to Lcliition to work. Mansfield In Conncticut. Bv this memorandum Wlnooskl Talis, April20,'17. t p 1.1 ..1 11 .. t '1 mrotlniJ To tub editor or rnr. iMi., I find that they nil went to hobinon mtctinf, ( 8omcwhM re. July 17th, and on nearly all thebibbilln down n)cJ -rom ,he ,eat of news.nnd ns onxious to hint to Saturday tho 27th of August, when my fath- .1(J , alesl- from Mexico os our neighbors, and belie- or wrought on a "rave stone', and " Sabb.itli, no, xjllg jou to be the man to impart tlie most aumennc, Ebenezer Haiti." Samuel Fonton, llenjamin permit me, in the name f the balance of our popula. ' . ., , - , ... Hon to innk lie fu owing enquire Is it true that, Fonton, Ebenezer Smith nml I kept meeting t " ',,, ,:.,., ourselves, In Norwich, In New Hampshire."- . j"clcj.. nm,mantu proceed tc the city with a flag This was probably the first "icligious meeting f tpmctl dfering terms, &c. 1 Is it true that a held in Norwich 011 tho Sabbath. 1 tnnllsquab of our " calvary ' had a squirnush with From the above it is certain that Jacob Fen- 10,001) " Mexicos" and took twice their number pn have no doubt onetsl WGfn.Tyfer'' that E. Smith nml J. Hovcy, were with him - when ho died, nnd that instead of going to I-eb- dt r Sn; .arrot" hcrc Mi IVii,ina:i Rogers is noon to hoe corn, they went to the lower part of coim("" & .. flccd" with "impunity" to the desolate Hanover 011 Mink llrook, which Mr. Goodrich j.. r'nnchcro3 of the island of Mexico I Rush reports says was, in early timis, suppoc.l to be in I.eb- ....... . . .-.--... anon. jun. i3iwifiE.iv. Norwich, January, 1815. Tor the Tree Tress. The Aprlctilliiinl Society. Mr. Editor' I nm aware thnt one who places him self in nn altitude id opposition to the regulations of a public body, is liable to receive but little sympathy from the public. I know ihnt I labor under great dis advantage fn this respecl. Tor nine out of ten who would answer one pulling bims if in such a position, would do it, liecnue a smUic lotly is attacked, nnd would set oside, as of no importance, the truth or fal sity of the gtottmls of opposition, taking it for granted that a public body can do nn wrong. Hence 1 am not surpiised at the numh-r or character cf the replies to my former communication. I do not say that nine out cf ten would uphold a public body when they kno v it to be in the wrong, but that they would uphold it without thorough investigation of the charges, nnd the grounds of tlie charges, brought against it. It is a fair supposition, I am ready to admit, that a public They hud only one canoe body is less likely to err, than nn individual, Tor the in which thov all crossed over and swam Eon- rcftiilalions of n society, or of any body of men, are are in circulation beie, and if true please say so m ournext Free Press. nnd oblige youte, In moderate circumstances, William. Canalea. On receiving tho foregoing communication, wc Iniulcd it over to our friend Darby, who, artoran interview witli Col. Brick, desires us to say in his name that the " reports" referred to by our correspondent are all authentic, and that 'the balance" of the population of Winooski may set their minds at rest. Darby is perfectly c!c ir in the op nion, also, that throwing ' bungs' into Santa Cruz Is perfectly justifiable on tho g-outid of commercial rcciimicily as hogsheads and birrels, bungs and all, have liccn thrown in'.o this country from Santa Cruz from tima I ntnemorial. Virginia Election. Tlit election in Virginia took placi on tho 2jd Inst. the most So far as received tho returns are of cheering character. John Minor ton's mare over. Fonton then mounted her, 1 " u f XM """ ll'e concei ve w suom m liuri!h ,ll0 lUunch and ,trr,ng wing, the icr- the individual members. Hut rrom this it aiiI not do , rQr of poj-,ica cvil-JocH, "the man that slept to nrgue that such public body cannct do wronj, or I. ... ,.,.p..iii t, i,,i : ,i, tn-l,,nn,l I cannot adopt, egulaons, ha. will be injurious. " -"P""" . ' " but they had gone only a short distance, when Teuton, in passim tinder a tree which had nart- lv fallen and lodired. was cam-lit between the 1 Me lir.t nliw,n u-n. il.ia- il.e Wrirnltn-.-l Sneieiv district by COO majority ! nnd Iho fnrr. nii-t nf l,w end tin I it Ins no riehla have a bad character. It lias no rich! narv effiirts were made to defeat Mr. BoTTS. I'lithcr Jlnthcvv. Tho following Irief but glowing letter from this distinguished Iricnd of Temperance in lie land, expressing tie gratitude of his suffering countrymen for the generous and timely contri butions of Food tint ha.e been sent Irom Amer ica, was rereitec hy the Editor of the A4 my Uicning Journal by tho Cambria. It will bj teen that its iiithor intends to visit the United States the coming summer. H will be warmly welcomed. Cork, 31st March, 1317. -Vy Dearest Vtiind , The muiiil.uiii lummiiy evinced by nurb'loved Bielbren 111 the Statei.for the stiff-ring Irish, .has 111 was an old fashioned saddle with a high pommel) thrown oil' and so badly hurt that he fainted. Some water was brought him in a hat nnd he vomited a quantity of blood, and it was foarcd t j adopt such rules as will tend to diminish the conli deuce of community in it. My second position was, that, if the Society did not aw ord premiums to the most meritorious, to the ley, it would pursue a course tend ing to diminish confidence in it, to destroy its charac- for a time that ho would die on tho spot. After a w hile they got htm on to his mire and returned with him to my father's camp whore they left James Ilovey an Ebjnczer Smith, to take cire of him. They gave him butternut nhyic,whicli was atl they could set, but could get nothing to pss his boweK. He died Prid-ty niglit and by morning was very much bloated. Ilovey pro- 1 . e.:.i. .1... r.l. .l...l.t ,..! P""c pnei. 10 ..,11,... in... one-. 1. uicii. -o,..ufal,i...... miJ(, i() is;,)olanc. rf fucl m(M(i m t,at again-d. Lebanon, and try to get help to bury him, imp1rtialiiy could not be exrected under su.-h cireum- (the canoe being on the other side of the river,) stances. I do not sec as my first positions have Ik en ter, and to create new and strengthen old prejudices against it And thirdly, that it was apparent from the rule in regard to hoises, that the best brood mares were liable to be cut i.fT from competition, from the fact that the farm-rsof the County generally povsessso little information respecting pedigrees; fiom the rule concerning "farm implements," that the best imple ments tr-ic cut oil , and that from the absence of the owners and the lack of information concerning im- spired every bean in tins I-hind with anient gtatitude. hut Smith would neither go nor slay alone wot, 1,1 ever reiau America ns our ieinercrui ., , ., . , , ,. the hour ol bitter eil.ui.ty The immense supply ol mey uotu woni uown. inu urn 1101 succceu 111 tins.-t bv cither of the lliri-e renin's to nil- eomniuiiie.l lion Nor have my conclusions been condemned as i Mr. Poll; or to the Government Editor. His district had been shamefully gerrymandered ( for the rxpress purpose of ousting him, and ho 1 was openly declared by the Richmond Enquirer, edited by tho Government editor s sons, to bo "'e on the slavery question.' He refused to plelgo himself net to vote for any man for President who should be in favor of tho Wihnot Proviso, saying, like an honest and honorablo mm : " I expect to vote for the candidate of the Whig par ty ng.imst any nnd nil the candidates of the Loentoco piny, anu will one no nxiwi: that will ir-rnti e ME of THIS PRIVILEGE " Wc look upon hi-, election, thercfire, ns a signal"triii'iiph of Whig principles in Virginia alike honorable to him and his district. The election of no man could be more distasteful to He de-'i.t r.nrn. w.nft.-.l into the Cove of Cork. Ibe hist d.ivs, mid tlie l'lei-O'ill Cargoes, daily expected. have bail an e.l'-ct on the Corn .Maize has fallen fiom A' ID to -CIO the tun. In thcdaikesl hour of calamity wesboidd nut despair. The mercies ot the Lord are nb.ireoii His wondrous vvoikB. I am icsulvid, tied wiling, to have lieland lor the states next summer. Itsl.all be my constant, anxious pray- Ihnt the I.oid may leinove every ( bstaelc, and w The Hon.. Hi. Young's Hook. suppose it ii tolerably well understood, . 1 , .1. , lrn..,u-er-.n-n,rl i n u-nr will, n nrr-i.t nnd m"Ilg rCTIJ ICTIieu m"n, l.ui Lie iruu q.i.l..- .. - ralnrn ot Iho circle n simn e u;i:i ,.-.-ioie. c-oir.p littir irom Cork (Ireland) to , IN PlIILAUtLrillA, dated Jan. I77C.'irf..l naltntt. -nil if lie ivimi (Vintendinir for our national ibrhts. our national honor, or our mcn l"vcvcr, like tocxercise llicir brain upon " ' ..r 1 i M'. fii 1 . r territory if it were a war for the maintenance pracuca. impo-snmmes. n.ey invc a son o. if anv great principle of freedom or hu-nanitv,- , proclivity for and rash undertakings, w. would go as far in rucli manifestation's of Sometime last fall we published it, the Free nstional joy as he who goes farthest. Hut when ress un announcement copied from the A. O. . , , . . ,, , Tropic, of a Mr. Ludlow, formerly Surveyor nvIooK upon Mexico poor, miserable, pover- . ," , . ... , . ,., ... ,. . .(iC-neraloftheStateof Mississippi, tint he had tv-stneken, convulsed witli civil dissensions, 1 ,. , . . , . ..... , . . succeeded in solving the problem of the quadra- her ignorant and ibbased people oppressed bv, ,,. . , ,,,,,, ,,. , , , .fie . .1 . .1 ' tore of the circle, apd should "piibhsti " forth- tho vorv worst kind of government that tlie per-1 ... , , '. . . .r.e ingenuity of pettv tyrants 'can form-a sort ".I'T 7 "T,nC'',;M WM ' ,0ok of military oliarchy-when we reflect that this . 0'J, for '"s '"' , 1 "l Mr; "S 9 , . , r .. . . r . vvercsafe! Ilo li.n already done tho deed His war-was brought on fur Ihe basest of party pur- , , , , .. . p e. bv an act of executive .,urPition-when rbook wns . ' ' "lrdme, and the ig we reflect that the accursed spirit of conquest is 'I""? of "Miciaw, frr.n. Archimi directly encouragidby such a war, we admit ,1-,toNe"',nn' erc fully and triumphantly ex that wo have not the heart to burn a locofoco 1 llu,wl "flcr 1,10 i"t approved style of Dr. I'anp mitch on the occasion ! Our generals and our I W ,,l,t' ah for lrc-y "f eartlily tii armis s in Mexico are obeying the orders of their ' """1' 1 Wa are compelled, to day, to be the superiors in earning nn this war and they 1 of upsetting the m ithematical "apple arc doing their military duty with incredible val-jMrt" of our yankco saian Our readers will or and skill. The brilliant achievements of una on me out sine, a complete ana thorougl Generals Taylor and Scott will doubtless ! exposure, by a competent hand, of the nigrum ba'tcn the period, so much to be desired, when giving any notice. 1 lie ni"ii wiin had been nt work at Lebanon got back in the dusk of the evening and not thinking much about uncle Ja cob, were in a fine frolic when they landed, but what a change when they reached the hut and found a dead man, who was so bloated that But my conclusions allow me 10 mditlg.; this dailmg desiu; of my hear . tht.v cm,!d recognize, lum onlv by his grav hairs. As soon ns the expected Biead-stutl ussels w.llar- I ,", rive in Coik, 1 shall have Ibe plcasuie o writing to , Hovcy and Smith soon returned, and having you ngnm, expressing my thanks. Presenting kindest icmembraiice to all my tiieuJs, 1 nave the potior to lie, D-ar .Mr. Weed, yours nlll-ctionitely, TlH-UllOLD MATHLAV. Exttuct or a Gentleman ' The following occurrence must give satisfaction to the friends of suffering America ; When Col. Ethan Allen, with about UO other prisoners, arrived in Sole bay, two gentlemen went on board to inquire into their situation, and to assure them ol the disposition ol sev eral gcnteinen in this city to alleviate their distresses. Colonel Allen wns so affected with this instance of un expected generosity, that the expression of hisgtati rade coiil J hardly find utterance. His treatment on board the Solchay is far different from the baibarous treatment nnd cruel usage he expe rienced in his passage Irom Quebec, being then hand- cufi'ed and ironed in the most dreary pari of the ves sel, and basely insulted with cruel and unmanly re flections by some of the officers of the ship, whom he challenged in Cornwall, without receiving satisfac tion. A subscription was begun this morning among some friends of the cause, and near fifty guineas collected to buy clothes for his men, nnd necessaries for himself; and if liberty can be got of Capt, Williams to put live Hock on board, 1 can assure you Col, Allen will be xceedingly well provided. We this day sent a ham per of wine, sugar, fruit, chocolate, eVc. on board for anil to-morrow intend to prepare not following fiom my premises. none have been denied. In regard to the rule concerning horses, " Chittenden County" s-i)s, "I iiave ottended every exhibition of the Society since in organization, an J am fully per suade 1 that in every case the letter and spirit of the requisition could, and, had il b'-cn required, would have been complied w iih." He. is " fully persuaded," but am not. Tlie reason irijf 1 am not can be found in niv fotnier aitiele. I am somewhat ot a loss to pealed liasswood hark for a cofiin, they buried , know how be comes to lie so" fully persuaded," since !..., -.Irrbi ! ini-Mi.Hrrl.t liis iicAt sentence coucct mil:? litis same rule is. Old Mr. .Mo-sengerand wife came into town " Whether it may 1 proper ornot can only be settled , .-.-p , , .ii : 1 br it-j.iiii ticnl 1 pciiilion.' Ilo ,-ccni-10 l.c " fu v-l.or- 11 1705, and -Mrs. M. was the only woman n - , ., '. .. ,. , , .' ' ' . 1 . suaded ' ronterning hewotkmgofa ru e. the pro. lor the Press. town that summer. She was not apreat bentty , ilm,ropric,v of which he is at present unable 1 Mr- Editor : In my Gazetteer of Vermon .yet she often boasted that sue was once the t0 determine. I should suppose, from the tone of the 1 published in 18J I, I give upon the authority of handsomest woman in Norwich. John Hutch- answers to my communication, that I had condemned llczekiah Goodricii Esq. of Norwich, some sic-' iuson came into Norwich in tlie spring of 1770, pedigiees as useless. I did 110 such ihing. I plainly count of the settlement of that town nnd of ibe death ' as stilted bv Dr. Burton to Mr. Powers. "sseited that pedigiees must be known nnd preserved, In l'meer's llhlerlnl Sl-elel,-. 11.". it it good llorCS W OUl.l lie bred. Hence Oil that h." fallacies ol Mr. oung's " Unity of Purpose : and it must be said of .Mr. Young, ns Junius said of Horr.o Tooko.that " his situation docs not correspond with Ids intentions this needless and lamentable war fIuiII cease. And while wc should not, nnd are nut likely to, fail to award due praise to those who, even in such a war, sustain the national arms with he roic valor and energy fearful numeri cal odds, it evinces, in our ponr'jmlgment, any thing but a magnanimous spirit for the people of this great nnd pow erful Itepublic to shout them selves hoarse, or set the Union in a blaze, with hurrahs and illuminations whenever a battle is won. If it is true, as we believe it is, that "ho ., . ... ,, . . . . i musiuave-i imru ami vviciieu Heart muceil Wliot ,;ilo,i -,, ,,, n i ,., .,.,' r ,i, does ntt let fall a tear for every drop of blood j Uni(llli we cnlmot douU thnl tKJ. nrn evm. that shed in a public struggle, however just ' wortiy of libcral patronar,e. Tho ciizcn; uiu qu ,ci, now -.,. me ,ciuro oi m,n-. nf Trr)V ,iave ,,.... ci Inir them overfloivinr? nnd . The HnKcrs. We have' learnejl.Vith much satisfaction that " the Ilakcr Family" propose very shortly togUr one or moro of their popular Concerts in our village. We have never had the pleaBiiio to hear them, but from tho concurrent voice warm admiration which their performances have of Mr. Jacob Teuton one ol the first sstthrs. In i 1311, a w ork entitled Historical Sketches ol the Coos Countr, and written hy Rev. Giant Poweis, was publislicJ at ll ivcihill.N. II. In tliis woik Mr. P la bors bird to slnw tint the stilem.'.its i.i my Gazetteer, ' witlnegard to these matleis are generally false ; and taking advantage of an error, which he must hive known lo be tjpographieol, and at the same tune making a palpable blunder himself, he endeavors lo make my account a subject of ridicule. When I published a new edition of my Gezetteer in 1512, 1 was aware that my statements had been controverted in the work obove mentioned, bul not being oble to get anything more satisfactory, even frcm that woik, I retained the original nccourt, odding only a short note. Mr. I', having died picvious 10 Hint time, and wishing to tread lightly on the ashes of ibe dead, I refrained from any expression of cpiniou with regarJ to the cause of his apparent hostility to my Gazet teer, and from exposing by way of retaliation, the numerous errors in his own work. About two years after the publication of the new edition of my Gazetteer, I received the following communication fiom Mr. John Shfter of Norwich, spUcs the political kn ivery of the one as heartily as he docs the fawning sycophancy of the other tnd they will find it out! We would respect fully inquire of Father RitcMc if the ".Mother of President-." knows that her son Botts is IX ? Tlie fallowing arc tlie returns as far as re ceived : New Yor.K. April 25, 11 1-2 o'clock Liter pom Vuginia 1-t district. Walls (W 100 alt-ad Sussex Co. to hear trom. which will wuoabiy elect Atkinson, (lem 1 till Close ; Irving (Whig) prob ibly elected. SibOne return elects Goggm (W j ; another elects I.'-ake '.Uem - tih -IScrrs, (Whig) six nrvTr.tD majority ! 7 ih Ihilev (l)etn ! re-elected. 6ih Uenle (l).Mii ) elected. .th Pendleton (Whig, re-elected. lOili Bedingcr (Uem ) chosen. Mr. Pendleton was the only Whig in tho last delegation. 11.9 lUlllieuiilie urc, ..nil iii-iiiu. in, titii-uu to i..r.".ir ... - , , , i r . . - , , ., r i-ui ..- . . who is a son of the Mr. John Sifter mentioned m the sundry articles of w hich lie sent a h-t. 1 enclose 1 " ' , . , ,. . . vou a rough copy of his answer to our letter. Should drrds of innocent women and children slain in delighted nndienccs within the las', few days, " . . . .v.." lemiver n.e vo- wo b k for them a bumper in Hurling- .f that City, in such a tear as this 1 1 rrWe havo received a communication signed Burlington" in which tlie writer complains, with a good deal tf rrnion, Ihnt our tuwn is over-run witli a class of itinerant traders, whom he calls " Jew l'edlers," and who, contributing nothing to tho public expenses, operate injurious. y upon tho interests of llioso who are tax payers among us. Wo will givo our corres poiident a hearing next week. V. iscoiisin. We learn from the MilieauUe Sentinel that tho people of Wisconsin have rejected tho radical locofoco constitution proposed for their accept ance by more than 5000 majority. he hav e permission to come on shore, he w ill be enter tained by some of the first gentlemen of this city. 1 have not been refused by a single person on the sub scription." Corv or Colonel Allen's Note. " Gentlemen: 1 received your generous present this lay with a joyful heart. Thanks to God, there are still the feelings of humanity in the worthy citizens of Coik, towards those of your bone nnd flesh, who, through misfortune from the present broils in the em pire, ore needy prisoners." Dated Cove, Jan, 21, 177(5." Extract or a Letter, dated Bristol, (Exolaxd,) Fin. 16, 1770. " The bearer of this will, I hope, deliver it into your own hands, nnd furnish jou with a full account of his reception here. Happily for him, il was very different from his expectations. Col. Allen, and tlie prisoners with him, who were brought over with Brook Watson, remained sometime nt Pendennis Castle, in Cornwall. Administration were embarrassed. They have at length ordered them back in the Solitary man-of-war She has arrived, from whence she goes direct to Bos ton. The people of I ubliu collected upwnrds of one bundled pounds for their relief, ond it was sent to Cork for them, Our friends in London attended to their case while here, and would hove exeited every nerve to effect their release had they not been so unexpect edly removed. Tho following is tho rough-and-ready ac knowledgment of Col. Allus for the timely 'aid and comfort" that ho and his fellow-prisoners received from the warni-heatted island ers : " Nothing of material consequence happened till the hm ren.levousi-d at the cove of Cork, except a vio lent siorm which brought otd hardy sailors to their prayers. It was soon rumoreu m Lorn tnai i wns on it said that Otis Freeman came with his brother Edmund, being only 17 years old, in 17C5, which i probably correct, and if Otis was not , hero until 17G5, Ilovey and Smith, when Fen ton died, would have found Messenger about 1 j miles below, or ut the west end of where IIiu over bridge now is j but I am confident that Otis Freeman never meant to tell Powers that he was present when Fonton died. It is probable , that Edmund Trceman was in tho company that went to Lebanon, and Zcbulon L-calso, as he was here that summer. settled in Hartlind, where he died at a good old age. llezekiah Goodrich Esq., who is now living, says that 1 his communication to Josiah Dunham, (and which vvaaftcrwards printed in your Gazetteer) was made from recollections of what he heard my father say in vears gone by, and that he w..s not very crrtain that he was correct excepting thed ite of Fenton's death which wa on his gravestone, and which was July 15, 17C3 The grave being on his land, where he had ob served the stone for more than -10 years, lie has said on this top.c will not apply to me. I would state, by the way, that the case of my supposing, w Inch he says is not likely to occur, is not exactly a supposa Us, but an actual case, to toy certain knowledge, and that, too, in more cases than one. I might have quoted the whole of the rule, as " O." suggests, but the objectionable put was nil I hid nny .1.;,. . ... ..... -.i rri.n. .. I....I. r .i..i ..... i,-- no direct benrin - on what I di-i mote. I suppose the ! object of the rule tol.eas he si)s,,t tint the committee shall have all the information they can, ami make ai full a report as possible." I would be leave to cill ibe ntteniion of" O." to n pint of this rule onee nnrc. It is the expression "will be icjuired to furnish, fvv ' If this means nny thing it means whit it siys, anJ it " cuts off the best hoise from a piemium if he 'cannot tell who his father was." " But " O." sajs that it does not cut off the best horse, if no one can give his pedi gree. Then the lule means nothing. Tlie tcquisii ion ii merely nominal. "Tiuly we are a great and en lightened people," nnd advance wonderfully in making rules, as well ns in explaining them lifter they ate made. " O," limy rest nssured thnt no one will accuse him ofgiing " too fast or too far." If the sale of th. Tin- War. Nothing of special interest or importance iiaa transpired on the theitrcof the opeiations of Cencral Pcott ai.d Taylor tince our last. The following is from the X. O. Vkayun; of the 1 1th in.-t. : I.ntrr fiom Vern Cruz. V S. steamship Edith, Cap. Couiliard, from Vera Cruz, evening ot the Cth hist , arrived at the Bihze on the morning of the 11th, Alvarado was taken by lb; n ivy. without a biltle, on the till inst. O 1 the Jill i,tt , Col. II irney, m command ot the 2.1 ilragoi lisond a detachment Irom Gen Twiggs' divi sinii, took p usesno.i nt Antigua, capturing one officer and ctgl.t .Mexican lanctrs. The army to move on the 7th inst. in the direc tion ot Jalapa by divisions. Gen. Twiggs leading the advance, toll. iwej by Gen. Patteism with volunteers, nnd Gen. Woilh, with the first divis.on of regulars! bringing up the rear. Tlie health ot tlie omiy so far was g M.d. TheU S. steamships Virginia, Mch'im ond Eudo ra left ntanchor neni ihe c i,Mle San Juan de Ulloa the Hudom soon to leave for the United Slates. i nc two ports repotted lo have been taken by cur my account of the settlement of that town. As it fixes the true date of Fenton's death, confirming sub stantially the statement in my Gazetteer, and throws much light upon the customs ol those early times, I thought lie could not be mistaken with regtrd hive thought it might be.r sufficient interest lo de- (oll.cdate. The gravestones were erected ly Chittenden County" and " IC." will hold good in regard lo farming implements- But if progtcss in agricultural improve ment is what the Sjeicty mainly seeks, then they ore An, ..-m-.c r-.-.... n...i i . , ....... my father, but they are now gone and the place well as slock, but inmlenients hive none, onlv so f-, of the grave is not exactly known. 1 as a particular implement is best fitted for a particular An anecdote is related by Ebenezer Smith, sail. Each improved implement is a means of im which goes to confirm the statement already provement, n vehicleof information, sofarus its supe made with regard to his courage. In 17C3 as riorily goes. And this is not confined by county lines il. John Slalter and others 1C as coming up Connecticut river in a canoe, mwr ., a, avau-n. e asa means X' .lri,,n ,,m,n.r iU ,, . " ',, , , .. , of improvement , os n vehicle ol information, a thous- - i aim in passing an isianu auoui iwu nuns .mum . ar. it t:ie sale ot the i e '"- 3 . i.c uccu ny cur mechanical production, of the County is the main , So" '1 llaT "ftH nT'y ob.ect of Ihe Socielv.then the positions of" Chittenden iii-..mnni ...... ..,.,,..! . k. ....... ' serve a place in your piper, From oil the statements taken in connexion it op pearsto be ceitain that some surveys were made in Norwich in 17C2 that in 17C3 several men spent the summer-ill clearing lands, but without their fimilics, one oi whom, Jacob rrnton, died on the 15lh cf July of that year that in hoi labored on their larms in Untile of Uuenii Vista. General Tavlok's official despatch, giving a detailed account of this obstinate nnd sanguina- , ry contest, has been received and published. Il is written witli great clearness, perspicuity and i-legance : and is a narratiye, both in method and ' manner, worthy to convey to posterity a ' true record of the greatest Initio over won by American arms. Wo shall ciidciiur to itmeit it next week. WThe MontpehVr Patriot is very sure thnt "Col. Caleb Cuhlng ha thrown lipids com mission and gone to parts unknown,", in conse qucneo of our" attacks" upon Mm ! If all Mr. Polk's new appointments nie of this chicken- hearted charaeter they won't do for old Ifough-and-ISeadj's Army. Tho I'atrivlHho speaks in quite high terms of what it is pleased to cull our "satire," and deprecates thoincniitious publication of it. Wc hope it'U Hot tlie Major's intention, i'n caro wc pro.ii.-inse!isjble"to.hisOTi.l .advice,"1 to treat us' as ho did .S'.-ar. It requires keener" powers of satire " than ire "isi.s In w ithstuhd a " Car bjhiih i'Ai;e." hoard the Solebay, with a number rf prinneis Irom America: upon which .Messrs. Uark . Hays, many, and a number ol other benevo. d I'enilemen. contributed lamely to the reliel oncf suppoit of ihe prisoners, who were thirty four in number, and in very needy circumstance. A suit of clothes from head lo foot, including an overcoat or suiloul, and two shirts were bestowed upon eoch ol .1,...,.. M.- suit 1 received ill supeitine broadcloths. sullicient tor two jackets and twu pair of breeches, " December 20. 1775. Sailed from port, Sir Peter Pniker and Earl Cornwollis, with the Aetenn l)--al Castle, and Thunder-bomb, for Coik, to convoy the troops and transports there to America. Tlie Adroit put in at Falmouth, and took on bonrd Colonel lltlinn Allen and hisIVIIow.prisoneis, w ho had been confined jji irons in.Pejideimi Casile, in order- to carry then iAck:iurAVnerieji. No assistance was given to Allen in England, but when the ship arrived at Cork, a nib scripuon for him was begun in Ireland, and. nn ample supply of ne.esMnes given tolinn, ol which he snd lilt luemls wflf 111 glfttt need in 1765, Mr, .Mes'enger moved his finiilv into N. 1 which was the fust family settled in the town, and that in 1770, John Hutchinson moved his family into Norwich, which was the second tamily settled their. Yours truly, Burlington Apr. S, 1317. Z. THOMPSON, Mr. TuoMrso, Sir: Having recently read your lat valuable Gazetteer of Vermont, and having compired with it tho account Grant Powers gives with re gard to tl to early settlement of Norwich, I thought it my duty to wrilo you on the subject, not expecting however to write qnito so much lit praise of my father as he did of his ; but hope I shall not mako a greater blunder than ho did on page 139 of his sketches, where ho makes three vears from 1703 to 17C5. I irst, I will give you n ropy of my father, John Slaflcr's ' memorandum in his own words. " August in the year 1702, 1 went from Mans field to Norwich Returned to Mansfield Sept. 5th 1702. "Juno 7, 1703 1 went from Mansfield toXor wicli, Returned to Mansfield In Sept. "May 1701, I went to Norwich, Returned to Mansfield Oct. 1701. I went to Norwich in April 1705, Returned to Mancslield in Oct. April 1700 I went to Norwich Returned to Man-diold Nfivctntior 1770. " March iCtli 1707 I was married to Eliza beth Hovcv Set out from Mansfield to move lo Norwich April 23d Arrived at Norwich .May 10th." My father told mo that tho Proprietors of .Norwich (wlmhe.ld their melting in. Mnnsfield, Ct.,) sent a surveyor and help to layout a river lot of 25 acres to each proprietor, each lot to be 25 r h wide en the liver and to exli-nd bark sand miles fiom the place ol" its origin, as it is on the land of the manufacturer. It this policy is to govern whero Hanover bridge is, he discovered a young woman upon it. Ho immediately pad dled olTwith all speed and came to my father's p-imn tw-nmil,.. s.ltm-.- In fri'.ht. Ho slid ,. ' .,ii..,ii.,i...ii,.,i,-i.i.,,,iimi. 1 li'hea In Hie County, and ihe former is not. The rea , , , .. ', ., . sonisthatlliefornierisonagriculturalpaper.whereas for lie had seen a captive girl there, bu he fear- cd togo toher rescue lest they should shoot him 1 farn.r,, far as improvement in farming iseoncerned. in the attempt. It turned out that this girl be-1 Belter implements are manufactured out'el the County . . - .. .. . .... , ... 1 .1 I.. .'. . . - . ' longed lo a family men moving to v.oo, w inen , man mu ; nun ns im-iiusoi improvement to the farm are important points, situjted upon the line inlan.l w. ters which liuvcth-ir outlet lo the Hull at Alvarado. Mr Kendall informs us in a piiscupt to one ot hs letters that Com Perry is about stilting with all ins vessels with the intci.tion ot capiuring every on t pin on the entire .Mexican coast. Tlie very latest report nt Vera Cruz was that Sinta Anna would dispute the passage of onr trcs-ps to Mex ico wilh an army of twenty thousand men, but it was anindifinite rumor, to which Mr Kendall attached little importance Con eepon Jenee of the ricayune. ,, , Verv Crvz, April 5, 1517 Alvarado, as every one anticipated, as taken with out tiring a gun, and thesquadion has returned to tin ploce Capt. Majo has been lelt Governor cl tho town with a small force, while Copt Tntnall, m the the Society, why is the Cultivator recommen.le.l ,n ,1. i ? R a.r,"er u.u ,bf. n4e.10 'k in t the e r r. . . . I iilliereui lov. us. lanncrs ci me v-onuiy, msieou oi tne 1 rce I ress, the Sentinel, or the Gazette! Tlie last three are nub. I Icarn tint Gen Quitman' briuade returns t. -morrow, and that Lieut Hunter, ol tha Scourge ih" first vessel in ot Alvarado has been ar rested by Com Perry for going ahead of bw uminic lions, or on some charge ol the kind. A great number of cannon and other military store werecopturedat Alvarado, for there were no less than s -veil forts and batteries on the water side li is said that Com. Perry has brought otfevery thing ol volue. It is now thought that the army will move forward in the course of a week ot fsrthest, although without a had stopped at tho island to rest and refresh 08 improvements for tlie farmer, they ore valuable, I 'uflletenej of itanswruitwiiiu take mauy of what mijr 11 .... . .. . in.lene.i.lent of wher .I,, n.r... i.-.. . i l be uceiued the indispenables ot a march Ih-creat themselves, and which spent tho following 'n,r"-t "I "I'"' "J "' chance o have oeen Ules of the winter, the immense number ot wreck, - - " ...s- uuuc, ii is news to me tint yankee ingenuity demands protection ug.uiiM cuinjK.-iii.ui. on nor aim equal grounds Builington, ArrilSo, 1317. j night at my father s camp. rrom this circum stance the island has since been called " Gall Island." Since writing tho foregoing I have found an old book of accounts and memorandums of my father's, which I had not seen for more than twenty years, and In it I find the following rec ords "Monday, 11th July, Edmund 1'recmin, Zalmon Aspenwell, John Slaftcr, we did work for Ebenezer Smith. "Tuesday 12, 17C3, Eb. S. (Ebenezer Smith ) 55. A. (55ilmon Aspenwell) and I work ed for Edmund rrecmin. "Wednesday, 13, it did rain. "Tuesday I went with 55. A. to Mink llrook (a little below Hanover Plain nnd near E-Uinon north line) to boo corn wo tinhhed Saturday noon and wo come to I r rce iraite or no tree trade, it is news and the hoses of mules nnd wouoiis nticnd.mi i,...' General Tii)lor mid the Presidency. General Taylor has written a long letter to General E. G. W. Butler de-criptivo of the Battle of Uuena Vista. It contains interesting details, though nothing, of course, essentially difi'erent from tho authentic accounts nlreuds beforo our readers One passage of the letter however, is wortly of all commendation. Iti in the highest degree credilablo to his gooj taste and sound judgment and will tend to elevate it author still higher, if possible, in tho respect of the people. He says : depart ment ton most nunoijing extent. (-W K Gen Tavior's Armv The Matamoros Floe of has the following To the politeness of nnctlicer of the nrmv here we are mdel led lor the perusal cfa letter from'nn oriicer in camp at Buena Visio, doted 12ili lust The letter assures us that all was quut that the wounded were memlmg fast, and givesthe soui-inspinng inlnrmation that according to instructions fiom Gen Tailor be! tore leaving, upwards ot foity mule loads of provision, had bee' trom our camp to lncarnacion, lor ihe use ol the wounJed Mexicans who were n the hiwi.i. tal Ihere. nnd starving from hunger The humanity 'of such an net is bci nnJai ...n, a.u.j oi By Ih - annexed order it would no nppe.r thai Gen Scott Wa " "lg r'ffarations to join General HtAPQrAr.Ttr.s, Army oi OccirATio.s, ) :(,tl NlTVl Mnrr-I, '1 I..-' 'I I. O.ibisariival0tIi.iiieiey.Col Ctlit.s, wniihi Uegitnent. (Jd Ohio) will relieve the Umsvill Ugion, which vviiliheti join the heod-quaitere ot Gen Mor shalls Bugadeat AeuaNuevn Thn 1.. u.t-'A rihi- " I ninv obseive that I have been KiM nam,) a. Uegunenu will the andidiite for that bluh olliee (die Piel.,.v i,.. . I under the order of Col Curtis " S. house, and Jacob " newspaper I'Mtorjand othrts, te Urh has lien I ,, '"0c0Pnieot the 2d Ohio Begiment under Fentonwusdeail. Joeoh Fenton died July ye CONS.-Vl" ' l&r M 15th 1703. lfilh at night wo buried him. "i iln subject a ssunug them Ihnt 1 had no ospuo-! u'i ."or". will b reported to Brig (ien Wool, .iK.l.1,,,1. l Til, i.i..nnl. .i. I lions lyr that or ony oiherriri olliee .thot niv wl..,!. I he hentiicky Cavalry will be held reodv to " -" '" " ....u uicic i enermes. tnenta anJ i. usiea . un n.,.i 1...1 1 nian-h os s-.on n. ii.l.n..-. .(.nil 1- ......I awe.. , v. . . ...... in-ri. nn- . 1 .. . ....... , v- that (night) monday I washed (he things and dried them in tho night. William Denny car ried themawuy tucsday morning," &c. My father kept a niemnrandnm almost daily tnthfantli o Sept. wlien thev sll ct for sorbed in such a way as 1 thought best calculated to '""'will estabhvh his headquarters, wilh tour coiupa. bring this war to a pcdy and honorable close V. I 'iV' "I Cvialvo ; Ivvo Ciuiipinies will be posted ol heviiig it wus lor ihe iii(ere 0 both eouiitiiei I '""nil twoai Punta Aquda. Tho d.stiIion of that tor our nw-.i rnuiuiy, the sooner this was done 1 5 reiiiauiing comiuiuies will be hereofier Ueiermined Ihelsstlrr ;.n. that at any rnte PitrstuiLT.viv.v., "lf Ihgunent will Ik- charged ith the duty of proiec- sitori p pi losr unit ef istii this is tmuiri ,. 1 ""S 'he i-omiiuiiileaiioits below .Monterey- -Its Lolo. tie; re.N'iviug .ferial iiisirueiions trc-m head-pi-ntcr

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