Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 30, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 30, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 30. 1847v The new Volunteer Regiments thnt may arrive at Camargn, under the orders ul Maj. (Sen, Scott, will nut move beyond that point without further orders. By order nl Major GcneralTaylor. V. W BLISS. A. A. General, rront t'lillforniii. (Magne tic Telegraph Report to New York 1 1'im.ADEi iiiia, April aa, IS 17. Lieut. Gray, from Caliloiiila.lias arrived in the city, on hi9 way to Washington, with despatches, lie re port that, on the 9th ol Jnnuiiy.Coiiiiiiodoic Stockton and General Kearney, with a force ol 5!)U men, nu t the enemy's artillery and dragoons at San Gabiiel, under General Florcs, nutnberiiiif 700 or 800 men. A never? co Ucst ensued, hut the Americans charged the battery with spirit, and captured it, with considciablc loss to the enemy I lie comiici wasreneweu at .ncsa,on hie wuuihe ::&TE.,n.!: pikes and cutlasses ; but our men gallantry repelled mem, altera severe contest. 1 ue .iic.ican un.ia I. ml.,, mill,. llirv ueie C baiUCi I I'V OUT mounted i ill.-iu mi wall gr.-at success thci-nciiy suller ingsevercly, wliich gamed a decided sicwry tor our anus. . , t Wc lost sixteen, kil'ed and wounded. Lt. Rowan, who whs sligntly wounded, was the only oilier ut all '"J"?.!. ,, , Alter mis uiscomutsre. ucncnii iiuin um . negotiate, but Coininodoie Stockton rchiseil, and u... ........ I ... .I...... I.:... ... n vhrreiiiin ! lores tiiuuiriKii iu ,iuui linn ,t,j ,, , , discreetly surrendered to Col. Fremont, promising fidelity and obedience to the American authorities ot the place. New .Mexico SnntR To. The insurrection (as it is called) in this pnr ti of our conquered territory, which was com menced by the assassination of Gov. Kent and several others, lias been suppressed. The Union gives a long and detailed despatch of Col. Price, commanding the U. S. forces in Now Mc.icoi giving account of I hp operations of his detach ment and of three spirited battles in which, as usual, the Americans were victorious the lat, at Puebla, being holly contorted !y GOO or "00 Mexicans against some -ISO Americans. The Mexican loss is tuted at 150 killed the Amer killed (among whom was Capt. Burg win 1st. Dragoons) and -15 wounded. Col. Price says in conclusion : The principal leaders in this insurrection were Tt foya, Pablo Cliavis, Pablo Montoya. Corlez, and Io nian, a Pueblo Indian. Of these, l'ufoa was Killed at Canada j Chavis was killed at Pueblo ; .Moiilnyn was hanged at Dan Fernando on the 7th in-t , and 'I owns was shot by a private while in the guard room at the tatter town. Cortez is Mill at large. This person was at the head of lire rebels in the valley ol the .Mora. 1 or the operations in that quarter, 1 refer Jou to the sub joined letteis of Captains Henley, separate battalion Missouri mounted volunteers, and Murphy, of the in fantry, and Lieut. Mcltaincy, second regiment Mis- fouii mounted volunteers. In Ihebattlcsof Cund'a, Embudo, and Puebla dc j Taos. the nnd men behaved admirably.' Where all conducted thcmsrlirs gallantly, 1 consider It improper to distinguish in.lnidirilsns such discrimi nations might ope, ate prejudicially ngiiust the ju-t claims of others. I h.ive the honor to be.verv rep"clfully. your obc sJieuts.Ti.iNt, S'fF.RLlNG I'ltlCU, Col conminding the Army in New .Mexico. The AiucTANr Genliui. of the Army, ( Washington, D, C. $ A Washington correspondent of the Pennfvl- v in fan writes tint N. P. Tr.isT, F.sq., Chief Clerk of the Stale Department, has gone to Mexico with dospatches supposed to embrace the ultimate demands of our government, with full instructions to our coiniimidars. lt is fiit ther stated that Almoitc succeeds Santa Anna in actual command of the Mexican forces. -Y. Y. Co..r. i- lUiq. I.ocofoco Agonies. Kince thn popular demonstration in favor of General TiVtou for tho 1'rcidency, tlio I)Co foco journals have been in danger of losing tlieir senses through chagrin. A portion of tlicin say tbst it is tit Ltd to connect the old Hero vvitli politics, thereby admitting, that in their experi ence, at least, there is something degrading in the way politics are managed ! Another por tion, foreseeing the end, ate dlaiining the Gen eral as a modern " democrat." If lie is that nondescript, amphibious and undefined concern that goes by the name of 'democrat," wo would like respectfully to ask why Ids brother "demo crats" in Congress did not ilefen.l him from the scurrilous attacks of those tadpoles, of "democ racy," I'iMin, Thompson, &c. &c. t But it won't do. The unfortunate Mr. I'oll;, in his zeal to become the head of tho " War Parly" in thin country, has kindled a fiamo that will con- eutno himself! The .V. I'. Sun (Locofoco) says : n-n is said, is a Democrat, instead ofa Whig : his nruthcr is one of the oldest Democratic Republicans in Kentucky. To which the Louistille (Ay.) Journal makes reply as folio- " Cven the editor of the Sun, shameless as he is in his m-mbicity, would not haiard such n lalschood m KeutucKV w.i;re u.'.i 1 ,i)ior ana ui l . W.. ,1,. u.f.n l.r I...U. tntr i.i hut Willi' tricnu. Maior jusenli T.ivlor will feel atli.i.h.ig hiuiiclt call.'d one of the oldest Locofooos in Ken.ucky !" Ths Seir-Sacriricin; llentou. Tftomiit llnrl B:ntim, of Missouri, the ma who thinks himself beyond all comparison I greatest iicrsonage in the country, us a state man, diplomatist, politician, and general ; the man who wouldn't accept tho office of Major General because ho couldn't suiiersede Tayi.oii and Scott, and every other General iu the army the man whose brains. General Jackson said were blown out hy the explosion of the Peace maker, this tremendous man lias written a letter to a Missouri tvewspaier declining to be the Lo cofoco candidate for President m 1818! Hi presume, under these circumstances, the people u 't Jhsi's on olectins Tim. Benton showed himself willin? to inako great " sacrifices that .Major General, but this is asking too much of him. i:icgiiut Kxlrucln. The following paragraphs occur in the last Sentinel f- Democrat: Gen Zaehary Taylor is to be the nit President of the United Slates. The Free Pirss has said so ld us all then be silent. ... What does the editor of the Free Press do with the shallow hiic-w ash of abolitionism, ilh which he has to frequently bedaubed himself, during the laM six months I Will he still persist in calling the i ree Press n 'Abolition paper)' Gen. Taylor is a Kentucky lavediolder." Jf tlio Sentinel doos'nt desist from theso ex tremely severe and savory attacks upon us wc think ivcliall inovoout of town. To bo sure, tho Free Press rwrr sail that General Taylor " is to ho tho next President," nor is the Mid General Taylor "a Kentucky alave-holdrr." But that makes no difference ; the Sentinel is always just as severe upon us when it lies as when it tells tho truth. Aa to the "abolitionism" of tho Free Press, we shall try to keep it alive as. long as Polk's pro-tlavery war lasts, at any rale. Murder in Sharon. We learn from the W'tmhinrl Mercury that an Irishman, named Jeremiah I.ucy, was killed in Sharon (Windsor Co.) on Sunday night, the 18th inst., by three of his countrymen, with whom he got Into nn altercation. They wero nil laborers on tho Knilroad.nnd the three often dors were intoxicated. Two of them have been arretted and lodged in jail for trial. The Mer cury doi s not give their nam". Notice. Our friends in tin- village who wish anything Insert cd in the Patriot must always hand it in early Tues day morning. Pf. 1'aUiot. Wo really trust tlml our ncifrliW will find his "friends" In Montpclicr sulliciently active nmi Interested in the cause to procure something to lie inserted In his paper every week hereafter. Printing a paper without " anything" in it mutt get to bo iliscournging ! O There arc two parsonages of con.iileraliln public prominence, (though from widely differ ent c.inses), cacli of wlioiti nppears desirous to with studied ami rarcful reserve of Go- llcra TXvt.oit. One is General Taylor Mm self, and the other is the government organ, the Kditorof tho IV.inVitriin Union. To Corii'spoiiiti'iits. V Inve received u crnnmnninlinn from "Ci!:t i.l-n County" Itv reply to ' A M-tnticr," an I - .ul insert it next week. Tho articlo of our c. rrospnndcnt " J." wliich will bo round in another column, was in typo last week, hut was crowded out. ID" Tho I'ikc Couniij (Illinois) '? I'rctn comes to us in tho habiliments of mourning for the death of Col. Joitx J. Haiidin on the bloody field of Buena Vista. " Tor the life of such a in.m as Col. Hardin," fays the Free Press, "the brave, talented 'and generous soldier, statesman and Chrirtian, tho lives and territory of Mtrxi cans are a poor equivalent." MECHANIC'S INSTITUTE. Meeting at Town Hall, Friday evening, 7 o'clock, for admission of members and transac tion of other business. JOHN LEWIS, Sfc'y. ittnrkcts. The mails arc so behind tholr usual time that wc have not recoiled our report of Brigh'on market. Ilostim Market-April 0, 1817. WOOL. Duly, SO per ct Wc hear of no important silesof American dining the wick past. P.itt ofa recent impoitation ot Chil ian sola, wc understand, at about iujc per lb. Ontos, j,rjmc Saxony Fleeces, washed 45 40 36 32 V3 C 33 31 30 10 11 ? 5a V 45 & :h a 33 et 3u r.r 11 a i-i at 37 American lull blood do. - do 3-1 do. do 1-S do. - do I-1& com do. - Iluenos Ayres, uupiikcd, -llxtra Norih'n ptilkd lamb, Sup. Noitli'npulledlanib - No. 1 do do do - V! do do do - 3 do do !o itf 3 ' I ? 20 lit 15 -r-n vivrin ntaTilt'-3nf mi tin. I hclhcr1 ..r ' i. ,.o... i u..i,.. i:,l,.,ln ft. ,.tl r ' kind cl'ache, is iu a'd discs iti'u-ed bv impure liunnirs ' ol the blood, which haie lodp-d upon the parts, nnd' wliich 110111111" save legctable p'ap'inir.lpurilnii" can reinnie, becniT by no oilier melius can s.aid impurity , be ihivcti Iipiii the ImhIv Il'i i"liC Indian Vegetalle I'i'.ii have no superior, I ifind.'ed they haie an tonal, in reiuovini! every lies- cri'itiniiof inin : because thev earrv oil', bv the lo- ' . ,f f ,1. I 11. I . ' .1 - inacll anu.ooweis, an moioiil aim corrnpi Humors, me iiisc iliie' socasy an I natural a inaim,r, that our or once m trom ihe t-wein, ami reMore the butlv to n stile oi otiml health, ihe l!uni atul nthfr tluids will be en etniuilctelv tiunlied, that newhfe uml vior ill be given to the whole trame. U'waie of Couiuerhits of all kinds! Some are ctmi-d with wiffrir. others nr nmil- tu rfsmUi in nnt ward annearanee th oricmal medicine. Tli wilfM course if, to purchae ol tlie reuIaro'iiH only, one or more 01 wnom may oe louna in every vni.ign auu iow it in me ciaie. I he Genuine for sn e bv 1 Ui.O A. rl.CK.whoi the yoleogfiit lor lmiliiit;tcn. New Kngland ollicc, rj3 Tremont btreet. Iloton' - " , Dr. John3on baid that in mcknet?3 tliere were three things that were material: the phiieian, the diwase anJlhe pnlicnl; ond if any two ot tliest,-joined, then t ii-v tfft lit viritirv; mr. a p i lerrttie auiarm ran i ,lou,. II tho pnysician and paiient join, then down . the disease ; tor .hen the patient recovers. It tlie plirieiiiu unit me uivas; join, u.-ii is u strons 1 J,s, physician iitak,n? the cure, down a,..-s l ie ii ue paiicni an, uie u -ease on , hen down soes the phy-ieiau ; ior he s .li-cicdited. , 1 1 1 '"J' 'f " '" inj eruu aiiicie, niu,.oc ,sii. blii to the toilet Jon- a I intr lie-tointue, Italian Chp.nical Soan.and Ambt-r Tooth Paste, l'unmlilels with diicctionslbmidut Apotlieciuies Hall. . . , . . . ..... liAnr.i.soTON. I'rcpnetor. Cankeu This disease, in a mild form, appears in small wlute ulcers upon the tongue, gums, and uiou id the lips and pnlale. tiore violeiil canker is apt to en- len.l inrougli tlie wiiole alimentary c inai, ami to ex cite the must severe flatulencies, and other distressing lympioms. In llus lurin it olien ptoies l.ital. Li fi-rlv neonle and iulanis aic most liable to us attacks. which geu.'.rally c.vliiu't ihe strength. anJ pioduce eoiisiieralileem iciatiun ol the whole bo ly. In gm-j enl mill pirgiliu-s of a conritive or lu'iitmhing ' i ra' ti'r. liki-the Saisipanlii an I il.l C.ieiry Bit. n-esuHirieiit. We are pi'imutcd loieler lo nuli-t- ui Pi-'tr i-it-st tr'ifuahihtv. w!ui fivnk iu i!i. h gSest terms of this ,M .'d.cncis a cur.-l )r Hi s liiuress- . iluplailil. ..H'loeis, miu in ijuci.oi suiiei so K' vei - hum Ihisiliscasi' liisiliscase.wdllind tiie leniedyoliered to value. For sale by Tiu-opoki. A. PtcK. be oi inlimtc la.vv Uaskenridge, N. J., Oct. 10, IS 15. Mr. Setii V. Towll, Boston : D.'arA'ir: I percent, by nil the newspapers, that you are tne i..eneini .geni oi mat vir iisctui ami fii'ddy popular .Medicine called Wistars Bals.iin ofj Wild C'nerry. Allow me lo inforin ou, sir, lliat I have used that medicine in my lainity witli decided success. Last fall my wife wus cpiite suk j had n veiy bad cough. I consulted n phisitian, wlio li-itcd her,' and prescribed some niediciiie, winch did not remove her eousli. At last he urdered Dr Wistar's B ilsam of Wild Cherry. 1 immediately procured n buttle of your agent in this place, .Mr. Dinu'l W. Doty; she took it, and it cured her cough entirely. During the winter 1 had a lever myself, which lelt inevery weak and fee ble; I had a severe cough, winch troubled nie some time. 1 had recourse to your Balsam, and found it highly benctieial. I was obliged, how ever, to lake two bottles oeiore I was enure jy wen. aii who nave nau colds, seven coughs, or diseased lungs, would nd ise to try Dr. Wistar's Balsam ol Wild c lu iry at once, Signed, Lavid Avers. I am personally acquainted with Art Ayers, and be lieve his statement lolie true, nnd entitled to the con fidence of the public .Signed by Itev. Oscar Harris, Pastor of ihe 1st Presbyterian Church , Baskenridge. None genuine unless signed 1. Bulls on the wrapper. For sate by Theodore A. PrcK. itlnvvicl). At Sabula.Iown, April 1st, at the residence of Wnde II. Lldiidge, Dr. 11. W .Iexvint.s, ol .Miss Marv A. Peisete, of Uurlinglon. In Jericho, on (lie fith inst., by Ilev, .M, N. Stenms, .Mr. Ciiittenpen Gale'sua to Miss llisuor. Also, by the same, on the !0tli in-t., .Mr. Fiiwim II Pratt to Miss IIanmaii Hii-ooodII of Jericho. In riainfield, 1st inst , Mis Abigail Stone, aged fi9 In Carolton, Ga, of consumption, Kjlvnnus Hunlon, M. I), son of Dr. A. Ilunton.of Hydepark, In West Brookfield, in the monilmf march uli.lbe following children of A. 11. and Sally Hutchinson ; On the IVih, Swain (J., 13; on ihe 85th, Amos, 4 ;on the SGih George I) 9 ; and on the 2ih, Betsey 1). (only daughter) 11 yeais ol ago. Tlieir disease was called by their physicians n species of croup. Thf lluce last were buried al one tune in one grave. In Leicester, Mr. John Waite, nnd on the next day his wile, both 97. In Highgatc, 19th ult. Susannah, wife of r.lkena Albec,fi3. In Colchester, 1st inst. at the residence of her son, Dr. John 15. Websier, Sarah, wife of David Webster, aged 7. In Chelsea, 9lh ult. II. H. O. McLaughlin, F.sq. 75 In Pulney, ?7ih ult DrcemBnj K)nolds.l ; body is aclually rcstornl to health as if by maple Ut' uieieascu in vaiiie. Incut s ml Indian Vegetable fills, tauen , . 'n, "V. tw.-ntv-loiir liouis, onp;jin''tobed, will in a ' Rouse s Point, town ol Cbaniplain, ni,.iKii.iiilv,lr!ipi.:iiiiiir,lisi-ii.s,.f pverv kiiul I Imion County, N. l , March, ISli 1 NOTICE. TUB ANNUAL MCBTINO of the StocUiolders ol the Winooskl .Mill Company will be held on the 11th day of May nett, at S o'clock, 1'. M.,at the olhce of the Company at Winooskl Foils, lor the choice of throe diiccloni for ihc ensuing year. ,. . J. D. AI.LUN, J'rMi'icnf. Burlington, April 30, 1817. 4twl nun; vm:r. 200 llI!SIir.I,Slck Wheat for W. forsaleby IliirlinBtoii,S7 Apiil. C. MThllSOX. 'M HUNT, the Ilasrmentof Harrington's build- ing, lately occupied by II. Buttcifield it Co. Possession (ilven the 1st of May. Apply to April 20, 1817. 41 W. C. llAllllhXGTOX. Coiiiiiiimicr of Dcctl F011 TUB STATU OF MICHIGAN. I '1115 Su'iscrib-r breby gives notice that he has been ap,i unli'd C immitshntr in this Slate, for the State "1 .Michigan, to take acknowledgment and pn of of DocJann iMlwr instruments of writing, un der seal, to be used mi I icenrdcil in the Slate of lirh. Igau. an I to a 'miu.ster nnllH ami alfiinaliom, under an act of the Icj.s! Hire o. tint State, ent t e I" an act " to cnutimie in force nn ail to authorize the appoint " nient of Commissioners to take the acknonlegineut "of Deeds ami instruments ol writing, under Seal, nut " of the Stale," approved .March 15, id 17. nml will be ready and pbas..t,at all proper times, to transact any business witbiu tiie scope of his commission, at this place. AMltlltTC. WlUTTK.MOlti;. West Milton, 23tli April, 1817. 4lwl N0TICK. Till: rill.M OF STIIONKS it Co. was, by mu tual consent, dissolved on ihe 1st day of April init. 'I'iie business of the lirm will be closed by their suc cessors, Mesa-s. Srr.o.vj, Dooi.itti.k it Co , with whom an rary lijuiilathn of u 11 unsettled business, is requested and expected. T V. STRONG. W. 1.. STItONd, Uurlinglon, April 23, '17. A. TIIOMPiiON. r III! undersigned, having firmed n Co-partner-i- ship under the name and stileol Strong, DooUT Tr.l. Sr. Co , will continue the buBiness ol the late linn ol Stiongs&Co.,trom the 1st April, instant, llailinglon, April, 1317. W. I, Strong, II II. Dojuttie, 4lw3 A. TuojirsoN. SALE POSTPOXBO. IVoticc. riMlK Sl'ItSCItMKR WILL SKLL AT Pt'BLIC J. Auction, on the iitli il.iy of April next, at ten o'clock, A. M. on tlie preimV's occupied by the late lirm ot N. Webb ifc Co , in this place, the lutlo in propei ty, a signed to him by said lirm, if not Fold nl private ale previous to that date, to wit : A lot of one acre ot IjDihI, ith dwelling houc nnd barn, a large cut Stone Store, Store I lue8, Dock and other hu pi o tnietiti thereon, occupifd by said lirm, where the Steamboat? running through Lake Chum plain make their tegular landing several tunrs daily, dining the sens-un ol navig-itioii, AI-hj, a lut ol one ha.l acre of laud, with duelling liouc and tut building' fionting im tlie lake tho re, in thH plnce, and near the U, S. I'nrtilicniion5. A!, three tarms with dwelling hou-t.s nnd out buudin::'. twool which (jrmiioiu the Lak near said toiiihcatinu?, and th; otlcr lying n little laither west, on tti- hi 'hwaviunniiilM'twpcn this ii lag.; nnd the vill.igf nl Clnninlam, containing in all near .r'JO neiv ot bind, wvll watered, and the gre'tier j part ninlern yuou state ol cultivation, Having a suiiaoie nortion of tuiiDcr nnj woou, together wan ine siora 01 'Cattle, Horses, Sheep, nud tariuui, ulcnsiis, wall which thes- farms are well supplied. AIo, several other small dwelling houses and lots, ami bmMin:! lots, in tne central part ol ttns village Aiso.scv il Lake and Canal Boats together with la- , riousollier i ersonal mt ii?tlv It i deonu-d unnece"bary to go into farther particu- lais, us peisons dirou ol punlmiug will naturally examine mr lueiiisvivesueiorciiieiiayui saie.iowiiom tin-reTiis.le information will lie -iven. The property , will l.-sold in lots to suit purciweisasfar as possible, and the terms accommodatinu II is now ihe prevail- "H opinion tliat the Luki- Champlaiii nnd Si. Law- renceor Oj-densburKh Kailroad willinteisectthe 1 last- ..( - 11 llflllp.'l.t l.lf ,.r.,l.u;,,., ll.o , (Lis t.ln.. ...,'.-. ',, '!v ". ohohui uns ui-iv.uil-u,uii-o'.ivic huiucu ih.'ij-.-ii ii tr The senron of navinatiun, &.c. Ueinc later this Fpnu tlnn was exacted, tlie above sale h pustumeJ tuthe bih liiyul June next. F. KAWDU.N'. CHAMI'LAIN CANAL. vnoi' i.i.vii t NEW BOATS ! PA CKE rs. 1 S 17. MLmt '-2k 1817. li.U. lIi;iKY, UAl T. J. It. HiAiN IJA IjI, II. " A. (V f.()VIIJ,. FASHION, " 1. IC. SCOVlLb ro.nMD(.k iv(C...a on .t... Chann.lain Canal .., ... . ., . ? f ,n , 'run Iwm'ua.rf tf ., . ..nkM n,,,.. ...7m ,,nnJ11. lti, i.:; fa",; hVmnJ. ilnd a to t , , a . . . , , t ri , . .... ,. . ' , , . . ..,,..;,,.,.,, (.,. , h , , , T) . ,; , ., llrs,,,',. mm.-...!, m.. i f .. i .it- .i - ". 4 Vu. ' f ' ' ' .V'."?. vumi , Lu L'llt ail 1 1 ! ilL 1 IfJl 1 III I II IT II il 1 f travehni' nun ie. N Ii. Look fur Boats. 1 U. ill. .Ml l , II. .MA- TUCK and FASHION. P.COMSTOCI April 21, 1317. Agent, 41 (isIutioii. 'IIII. Copntii 'isliip bitheito exsistin under the firm of ilituj s; Stone is this day dissolved by muluil co..s.'.it. OULIN ROOD, N. D. STONU Jciicho, Apiil J!,Hi7. 4lw3 VHv ' il'if FOR SALE 'Mill Norton house on the Corner of the New1 i!o id and Noilh Street. Applvtu II. LKAVCNWOKTII. uutlingion, apriiii, uu. siwj The Crnefi'tilierK Vegctnble Pills. riO.OOO IIOXUS SOLI) EACH AND UVKIl V W1.KK ! ! Tin: cn.vuruxHuiu: cmpaxy Hereby give notice, that their GI.NLKAL Agent lor the Staleot' Veiuinut nnu the Northern and Casteru Counties ot New-York is (ii:o. J.FF.KKIS, Burlington Vt. Tlie General Agents ine fully prep lied to nppnint sub-Ag-'iits wheieier there is no branch ol the Com-ii-in.' . eiiber on ruinlicalion or bv mail. nan. paid. The rapid sab of Ihesecelebriited pills, and the eMraorduiary l ines they are constantly ell;cting, ren der them, by far, the most popular pill ul the age. An Agency will consequently be very valuable. The Gracfeiiberg Pillsare inconeeivably superior to nuv ever lielore il l.seol eretl All rill Olliuus co l liaims : 111 gelierill ilerungeiiieiuoi ine s-jmcui ,tiiuii msuroers w bieli result troin n lad state oi the blood, these mils nre n soiereign ifinedy. , . , liulie clnsnulilcM'iise caueu ciirome, ine uranen berg 1'illsnihieve iheirhighest triumphs. Here they dely all coiiipcliiiou. Filtering within the hidden re cesses ul Ihe system, they q lietly but surely punly the blood, loot out disease, and gne tone und vigor to the body. Cures uro Coiislnntly Uflecletl By these Pills, in nen where every other means hnd utterly tailed. 'Flu- most abundant proof of llus could lie given, bul a trial ol one box will convince the patient. Thee emi lie oidereil nnd sent bv uinil.nt trillim? ex pense. The price is 'ij cents n box. W'hei e tu-o'.dottais ,virA me. order nl nud the moiieu i emitted, the Com painju-llt pinj lite pottage on lie ims. i.ciuiiiiiiisvn ut tne Latmpuuv sriK. vv ncrever uieic is uuugeucy 01. V ! M "T. " '.T" ' Vah no neisan should be wii out them. lUicel 'ia. freer : . . .... . . ....- in .firiie. Ilrndtirbe. .Ittundtrc. Liter L'iniiidaiiils. l!ks,i.itt,li.,t, .ill Stimmrh Cimniliiinla. til mt SirL. iirsr, cir .Sc., j ieidnt once lo these Pills. They purge nwav oHeiisie humours. arresl the nroiiressnt disease andatllie same I Hie restore lone nud vigor to the sisieui. Iu eases of geneial derungement ol health, theyaie SOVL'RL'IGN. II Y THEIR USE, The weak will be made strong ; the pale nnd billious complexion he restored to i-eileclly Irish and healthy color ; and ihebadsyiiiploins willouebyonedisapienr. In shun, these I'diaure nn inconceivable ndtiime upon nny oilier medicine ever nllerrd lo the public A Tr.lAI. WILL SATISfY ANY OXU Or THIS. 131118 CiODPlSH, Mackerix, No. 1 & F,tebaiif?e Buildinir. liuilington, April 11 18-17. -Ilwl IIUMPKIN SEEDS for sal.: bv I I3f. CAT LIN A. STKAR YOUNG CATTLE. OQ TIIKEG AND FOUR RJ! OLD 55 Steei.fjrleby VILAS i. NOYL.8, April 13, 1817. 42 rKTlTlOXTO SELL LAXD. STATE f)-' VERMONT, I 'pHU Probate Court Ditliict of Chittenden.. I I In nnd for said dis triet, Toall persons to whom it may concern, Greeting. Wheieas, Horace I,. .Moore, ol Uurlington, in said District, Guardian of the projierty and estate or Will iainlienns, ol said Uurlinglon, a male Infant, under the ag of 21 years, os such guardian hath filed Ins petition in writing in said inuit, staling that Ins said ward Issei7ed ill Ins own riiiht, In lee simple, or n cer tain parcel of laud, situate irTB.iid liuilington, on the south side of the road lending fiom the head ol 1 carl street to the budge at Onion Idler Lower l alls, de scribed and bounded as follows, to wit: On the north by said road and laud iccrnlly occupied by John U. .McDermolt and wile, and eouvejed to onv ivillinm Warner, on the east by land soconvrjed to said Har rier ami the westerly hue of the school house lot in s.-hool district No 1 1, on the south by land of the Cor poration ol Ihe University of Vermont, ond on the wet by land occupied by Johnson Wadsworlh, con taining nbout one-third of an acie, Willi a building now us;, ns n linusc of religious worship. standing tliereoa J and further stating that a sale of said parcel of land with all the privileges nnd appurtenances thereof, and the avails ol such sale invested in oilier real estate or put nut at Interest, would be for the best interest of his said ward, and praying said court to grant him license and toncitlimuc antf empower him to sell and comey said premises ngreably to ihe statule iu such case proMiled. Tliereforc tlie said lourtdolb beieby appoint thecigh'hilayolMay, A. D. 1317, at 10o,clock A. M. at the cilice of the Heg'slcr of taid couit in Uurlinglon lor lu-aiiug and ik-ciding upon said petition, and doth fulljicr older that all peisous intetesteil therein be nolilie,! to appear befoie said couit at the time and plaicnloresaid and then anJ there show caiw if any they have, why the piajer of said petition should not be granted, by publishing the sub stance of tail! petition together with this older three weeks successively in the Fiee Pi ess, a newspaper printed in Uurlinglon insaid DeMJict, the last of which tiublications Bhallbe before the dav set lor bearinc liiveu under my hand at liuilington insaid Distiict of i.nittenuen tins Xlst Uav oi April A ti. 131. 13w3 CIIAS- KUSSKLL, Jedc, CHA5IBERS, IIEISEU & CO. WHOLESALE riEAl T.RS I.t Forvifvn and Donir.slic DRY GOODS, Liberty Sticct, ornopitc to the tear of the New York Yoht Ofiice. ill JESSIIS. C. JI.& CO. 1IAVK CONSTANTLY riiliJiltrtmi In itiAirtilnr-l: .if IVt- i lunAtt i i-ii.tinriaiMi ' every article lermiied by tlie trade. Mes.-s. C. If. Co., refpeclfully request the favor of nn examination of ihcir Stock by the incrchauts of Vermont. N. Y. March 1 1117. JOHN P. KELLOGG, iMroninr. a:.t ct.iLrr. is WINES AND LIQUORS. 205 lllver Street Troy, J,'. Y. e, 1FILLki:i:pco.staxti.yo.v iia.nd mmixc c ly the present season, a lari;e supply of ltcign - 'ims,nnd Liiwjri ofiariousdcariptions ; some ol which are, 7 virn importation. Having mails.' nrinugiiiciUf- wilh fevcrnl Distiller! ir umsunpiieH ol lhinn Hum tmd otlipr Domestic jAqmrs , he wniat all tmifs becnibled to furnish his cu: iMomers with such articles at the lowitt piicis. Proy, April 15, HI" .12; mC UP AND DOING ror the hitrn of Sprint; is til bnnd jV",V fr ''ie sc,l successive jear has the sure in i1" dieatitm ol the Hpiing of busin.'ss perceplihlj i-ummirnci-u in our village on me relurn Home ol the 1 cople s Arjent who arrived liom Boston .N New Yoik at one oclock this inormin; with his Trunks and B 'Xes ol liieh Mercliamlre lor Spriiifsales il is iheie- .ore i-Api'ttrd tint rold looks will soon be wafted away and cueplaccto cladencd countenances as the People llPUm 111 n4.l1lllH lll.ifnrlnl (,.- llmir .1 ...I ...... ,n ' "i .uvu m utu3 miir uv.iimni) u.ft.ivuiii , IIIJIVAUUH. Buihnjton, Thurs. .Morn, o'clock, April 13, Id 17. TRAVIS &, CD'S NORTH EHN LINE. Ths Proprietors ofthis T.lnri will i-nntliiue to run hSiv Dnv Line: ofll.mis .lurmrr thn cut n?nson ol Xuwgitiun. fur the Trnii'.porntitm of nil I'rnniTtv f-ntrnsN-,1 tn llitn tLitls diCi.. r..,A patch, litMwcpn r xi:ir-YOKKt ami sr jaiws c r.. ihe l rotinrtors ime nrrnn'Teil win ihc iTlmm- fc i;r M thi" du lSun- III ni l I i "iviv i vi ,,.,,, , r T HUH 1.1 .Mi 1 (1.1 j A I) IV Jill hllALIi, oi Like Uh nupl Tin, which with tlieir Line of first rtais Vessi s, Cm ;, ,,,., Boats, will form a Line unsiupascd in taeilities tor the Transportation of rropeny, nun iiespnieli anil siil-ty. ALE, Ull!)s, Mliri'hl) II V Till- LIVE ARC INsfKHD. W. A TiiAVIS, Azcnt. Whitehall ; O F BLOL'NT, .Ice.,, Troy ; L .1 U S'I'AKK', Ascot, New-York. .."',"!,!!'" Line L-ave NHW YOKK. ALBA NY and 'IliOY Diilv. Sundnis F.veeiited. .s ii why ouun-trus Aeic-1 uiinnd Tn.y Line TuwEontt, For E'lU'iyht aiplv lo L J. N'. SI'Mviv. .,) c.ieiitie, blip, N. Y. ; II', .1 TA'.ll'i', Whitehall; A. A TUHIIS. Sihnu'errtllt t t). I' llUilSST. ItCI ll.rer-tliett, T.oy; 1). CU.i:.MI'ier A'tiauu; A. CLARK, Comstock's Landing; CURTIS MANX. Mann's Landing; NICHOLS .N Kfj'RTOX. St. Altnin't ; II. II II A I LIT, rinttsbursh; CtU.l'IXXTKIMHLi:, J'oit Kent; I IF 7 .SUA., Cliazv; ll-OLI.KTTXllRAULr.Y, 1 1 J. .1 J. II I'l'.CK. il CO.. .' Burlington ; J S H'.li.'. ) .V H'Llill f CO . Rome's t'oint ; ll'.V. DURHAM. r:hamnUiin ; j 11.11,1 i. ij i ... r.i.... f I MATIIl.WSOX .N SINCLAIR, Montreal; . ii . r, jil.ijl.i,ow., vfact ,- TRAVIS it CO. N B All Goods shipped by this Line will be ac curately weighed an 1 eiiieiully handltd. ,Mutk Goods-Cure TRAVIS &. CO. 13 tr Climnpiitiii A: Coiinccliciit Itivcr Ilnilrcmd, An nssensineiit of live dollars, on each share of the Capital Slock of the Champlain and Connecticut Riv er Railroad Company, has been oideied by the direc tor, nnd made piyable on llie'.'idi day of Alny next. Payment nny be made nl the Hanks of Burlington, Vergennes, M.JlUburv. Rutland. Black River. Bel lows Fills, or Chi-shue Bunk, lieeiie N. II , at the ollieeol l.dwurd Pukcring V,v , No.OJ Stale Stteel, Boston, or ut tlie office of the Treasurer. 43iv3 SA.ML. SWIFT, Middlebury April 15, IS 17 Tieasurer. , NEIV SABBATH SCHOOL LIBRARY OF 100 VOLS, ron 810. TIIH American Sumbiv School Union will nnblish. I on the VHIth inst.. No. of tlie cbenp Library of iu l. orarv oi KM volumes, for 810. The Iwoks will he of Hie 1 inn. sie, well printed on good paiier siili.tnniinlle fhitind. and vary iu size ii-iiie- lor cueapness ana ii.iiipieiiuess . . 7 , .. i.. . i ilns l.ibrarv will have no iqnl in ihi: - I ..(.nntiv. Tlie biree sales wine h have al tended No. 1 tiv. Ine large sales which nave aitended No. 1, ihe coniiiicndaiions bestowed upon it by th.w best ble of judging ot il, merits, is sullicieni saving that ihe furlh-co.ning s-i will he still - nnil the cniiii I 1 ,0L. " . e is- Y nccepiable lo those wtiose wants it is designed lo , lVenis. Siinerintendentsol Sabbalh S.-bonls. -i Pnrenis. Siinerintendents ol Sabbalh Schools. i : -. - . c i- .1 i . d Principals of coininon K-hools und nendemies, nre lened to uu ndverlieineiil in the N Y Observer of P Isih.andlhe N Y i:;anSel,s, of ll,e'..d of, ' f... n .nii1.,mie of ibe iHloks. "I'be General Catalogue of ihe Society, to which ndditions nre constantly inn Ring, now embraces mine than fire hundred bound i,exjressy prepared for Sabbalh School Libraries. An examiuaiionof llie catalogue (which is lurnished gratuitously on applica tion) lasolielteiio. uiosenuimi fiurciiasmg. Orders received by J. O. MI.L'KS, 433 11", Nassau Street, N. Y. April 15. 13 17. MERRILL, DEUEL & CO. No. nireri. incur ilroadivay, NEW-YORK, rjlALCRS IV 1I1CY GOODS, CtOXSlSTIN'i in paru-l Cloths. Cnssiinerci nnd Vesiings ; Twifds, batinrtts. Domestic Brown Goods, Tirki, Linens, W lute Gooils, Flannels, Sum mer Stufhi. Uomba lints. Mr linos, Aleras.anl other Dress Goods ; Velvets, Cambrics, Crash. Diapers Jie. FRLDLRICK A SUV.MflUR 1117 Notice IS hcrcW gi'en, that the subscribers will fcard tn New Voik n(l grain, provisions, and mber aniclrs destined for the Poor of Ireland nnd Scotland, freight free. JOHN UKAUI.EY St. CO. llurlinglnn, April IC, 1817. ICH' UuOllsi. IUST RECEIVED, a ii.nk vtt Diamond t" i'uintrd Hold Pens, Purse Kings and Tassels.Stone Bracilcls, Pistol and tfun Tubes, Oaf nencoljpe Ca ses, and a lot of line Silver lepine V niches, nnd other new Goods. UKINS.MAIO UUOTHliUS. 43 LOST, IN the small building near Skinner's Sfable, on the MiU Inst . a tliver uuartier WATCH, to wliich a siller lob-chain and dogs head key were attached Any person wiioinay nave lounil saui watcn. nnu will relurn it to the subscriber shall lie hbernllv rewar ded Iherelor. DAVID G It KEN. Burlington April 20, 1BI7. I33 llroivn .Sheeting. 1 fi n.i.r.s niton'.v miixtixus .. J for sal' by VILAS SjNOYrS. April 13. 1817. 12 I'lUU lMIIUA.C'i:. FARMER'S INSURANCE COMPANY, at (Sraniille, Washington Co., iV. J'. S Millions Insured and rVo AMsCScnieiilN ! ! THIS COMPANY was chartcied by the I.egisla Jl tare, April --M, 1B3I. They coniineiiceil domp husinrss on tin ir present impioied S)sleiu, on the lilli of .May, lSl.'i.nNte whiib tune theyliaie insuud prop"ity to ihe amount of ou-r the .millions or dol lars, .mauv o aslssmfnt, and have now ill the trea sury wilh vihidito pay lowcs, mx tiiovsisd iollaps, auilt'.ic land constantly increatiui; Ikuii the perrent age paid iu by new applicants. All losses have been promptly paid. Tins Company addresses Itself particularly to thJ TAnM-ns of the country, beini: desiirncd lor their be nefit. Theieiyiow price nt wjiiclt they instirelMO' peril', and the fact that no osst's-i.iieiits have let ben I made, and probably will not tie for niaiiy jears.ifever, Ireasurv to meet unv losses that iniiv occur, and tlie peculiar caution iheyndoptiu insuring property in larRe villages and other pluccc where it is considered verv hazardous, it is believed, by those acquainted will: their principles and method of doins business, that it offers the greatest inducements to the commu nity geneially to join them, of any insurance company in tlie Stale of Vermont or New Yoik. They are prohibited from taking insurance upon any kind ol inill, lactones, machinery, cabinet makers' joiners' or cuoers shops, and Irom takum more lliau iwo thou sand dollars in any one risque. The place of doing bu siness id ibis Company is at Uast (Jiamillc, N. . an the stage road Irom Burlington Vt. to Troy, N. Y , ( and about onc huiidieil lodsfrom the Vcrmoiil l.iiie) on wliich there is a ilaily mail, l-'or biltlier informa tion reieieuce is made to the several agents of l-'iank-iin and Lamoille counties, Yt , who arc authorized to take applications for insurance ; and the Company guarantee that all survevs taken personally by either olsaid agents shall be binding on thf Company. Ue iiiittauees lor all los-cs iu tin' counties of rrautlin and Lamoille, will be made iu checks on eith?r of the Banks ol'liiirhnglonor St. Albans, at the election of the per son sustaining the loss, immediately afp'r the Ion is saiisl.ictorily shown ' nnd in case ol any disagreement between the Company and the insured, it ma) , al tlio election of the submitted to mbitratot mu tually choiMi in the county where the Ion happens. .1. iv . c-ur.i is tiiiitimg ngeni who, u is c.Xncteu, wid call on the fanners ieiicnillv al their rcskitiiccs. and leceive applications. I ne c.vpetistsoi Dccoming uisureil lor live years ale as loliovvi : I or S300, or under, S3.0-). ' O'J'J, ' " " kw, " " auu. 1000, " " 4,'i0. " liOO, " " "i.lo. " 15'J0, " " 0,00. " SOOl), " " 7,W. I1I.NKY BULKLtlY, l'r.r.s'T. Amu. Bisiior. Hec'v. firanville.N. Y-.Teb. 13,1317. kiC TO ItHXT. I CONVENIENT DWELLING HOUSE ,fl situated on the load lending to Winmiski Falls. VILAS &.NOYLS. Apiil 13, 1317. i-i Wanted ! FrtO.M 30 to 50 acres of good Pnturagi.hy VILAS it NO YES. uuritititni. rtpin t, io-t. W. linker's ' Ani'rican, Homeopathic an I I'r-virh Chocolate, frcparcd Cojoa, Cocon I'mlc, llroma, Locua Ol. .11. .1.. rwm . t ! ? .htoduc, i c.oa:r adulP'ration, more nutrilious than tea or coffee, and m rpnlity unsurpassed, the subscriber recomiii.'inls ihe "bow ailicles manuhctured by biiuseit. His Broiu-i ' and Coeon Paste, as delicate, palatable nnd salutary drinks for invau I-, conialescuns, and oiheis.uie pro'- i nouueeu, py me n:o-t etmneiti piiyMeuu, superior to any oth-'r prcpn rations. Hismauuiiictuus are uiwais on sale, in any quantity, by tlie most irsnei table w hole sale g o'ers in the L isicrn cities, and by lu- agents, .Messrs IIawes, Gray & Co, llostou ; James w. Bunco .V Co., llaitford, Ct : IIush v t .Murray, N, V ; tliiuit is Stone, l'iiiladelphia ; Tliomas V Ifrun dige, Balaniore, and Kellogg ! K'eum ll, Citieiiiuaii, Olpo. WAI.TllIt BAKFll, I3ini Doi chetter, Mass. Apple Scions, iVf. C GOODRICH ins i'RocuRi:i) nto.M Cam- bridge, .Massithiiseits.n q laniuy ol rjs'ionsof the Baldwin nnd Uoiucrv RcssEr An lis, for sale nt Boston prices. Also, Porter, Hi'IIUirhston No.v sicii.and Dasvirs Winter Sweet. Scions for hiidJmg in Augu-t, or (or grafting next spring, can be furnished ol the Northern Si'V, pro cured from IliM'hester, New York. Also on hand a q lantity of Scions of various apples, cut lioin healthy lienriug trees. Piuuis, do. mruius sorts. G railing Wax for sale. April 32. 43J HlaiiU Hooks. EGERS, U.vv IJooks, .Ioprwls. kc. &c. i for sale bv C GOODRICH j April i-i. 4:iw3 ItooliN al ICediii't'd Prices. ! fi GOODRICH ins for sim: a liri: i J collection of Books, at lower piices than can be ound at any oilier place in Vermont, Call and see, as it can cost nothing to look at lliem. AprtlSJ. 43h3 Spring In upon us. HvJOW ON HANI) axd p.)R sti.c, 11 tiirdell Seeds nl' Veil- llfiinkl,l v... -...t. and Weslern growth. Also a L'ood n'ssnrimeni of Lxchauge Budding, Wuter Stieef 3wf, IP J w!I-lli: st CO'S CaMStcITTiuwel, temperril Does, a suicrior ninelc. s 1M CATL1N & SPCAR. ApriFC3, IS 17 rM 1'iyriTION TO SCLL LAND. STATU OF mil MONT. I T a session of the Distift of Chittenden, ss Probate Couit held at Biirlingion, wnhin and lor the D.striel of Chitten den, on the 10ih dav of Anril. ISI7 i ll,.i.... P , .r r . ........... !,"?""" """"ruaugner, Julia M. iri-n 1 T .: . ..,, , ,,. 1? , "''i'1 ' ' "f" 'lurty-one ncifj ol the , " , P,,, if n e sM ' Ni 1 ' ", ,h ','r" 'll4';'","' ' ' "J? ", t ,p "l'J-t l the right of dower of tlie " I d Betsey II ls,;,w,dow nl'joh, lrl.8.l li te I r " i';., i "' '"l""".. . " "'".. uecensen mat a sale ol nil Her said warn m mieresi in s-iii .sn .1 ...... ...... ... 1.... 1 J, I ,. ; ' V, " a 'co' i J&B praying sal 1 court to grant lier license to tell and convey nil her Mid ward's interest insaid lnnd, inelu ding the eveision of dower therein, for tlie purpose 1 nforesaiil, agreeably tostatule in such cum' made and provided. lVhetciumn the court afoiesaid doth np. jioint the second II ednesday iu May, 1SI7, for hear- ' ine and deciding on said petition, nt the otliee of th Register of said court, in Burlington, nt ten oVii-rk .1... l,re.,.... .,.! .I...K .1... .11 .... .- llnilorenoiin,nnddothorderthaiall)etsonsinleif.ted be notified thereof by publication of ihii order con mining th- substance of said petilion, three weeks ueceM.'ielyt in llie Biirlingion Flee Prcss.n newspn. lr Printed in slid Burlington, Ibe last ol which to I previous to the day appointed as aforesaid for healing, Given under my hand at said Burlington, this loin dal'of April, 1817. WM. WKSTON. : - -7 s.and Darning T.'NITTING Pl.NK.Sewing Needles, Needles, warranted the besi analitv ,"?.!". . . - 25 i if n , en i r ,,, r . ..11tIlA.A.-o. GOLD PHNS. Ilrown's, Benedict t Barney's Victoria, Congress, Smith ft Fsroam'aanH Psid A Brothers 'H at V RANDALLS. GREEN &. CRAMER, 1 IS'os. 1131 and 23- Hiicr-.Strttt, Troy Opposite tho Troy House, Importemnd Dealers In Hardware, Cutlery, Sad. dlery, Iron, Steel, Nails, Spikes, Anvils, Vicrs, Chains, Bellows, Uar and Sheet Lead, Lead Pije,.&c , &c. agi:nts ! 'Talrbanks" Celebrated Platform, Counter, Itay nnd Uail-Hoad Depot Scales. Illancbard's Scythes. April, lf.ili 1817. 42 TIIE Sunatim:ns have rkmovkd tiiciii wholesale CASH DRY GOOPS business to No. J. Cedarst.N. Y., where they Invite the attention ot Vermont .Merchants. All who wish to realize the Rtcat difference between Credit and Cash piices will do well w look at our coods at Cnah iricci. UlfADKOIlD if llUKOSALL. New otk, .March .7- 1817. Urn's ICeniovnl LOOMIS TUTTI.i:, Wlwlesale Dealers in Foreign ,fc Domestic DrvO'wds Hove renmied liom N e'G Wilii-m St. toN'S Pine St. (a lew doors Irom Urod ay) W'ttn tliey res pccihilly invite the attention iJ .Merclian'.s VrMliug the City to tlieir Kxtetnivc Stock olSw le iV. 1'nney Dry O-.'ds, which will besoMatthc lowest market prices lorca&ii r I? inoiilhsCredit. New York March 1, l!)!7. 42 1847. ITIcrehanlsi' Line. LAKE BOATS I'ortbcTiiinsportntlmi nl'Prnprrty IJctTCecn LAKE CHAMI'LAIN, TROY, ALUANY. NEW YORK & R0STON. The Propllc'.rrs nt hh Line will tun, during the pre sent Season, SIXTKh'N I'lllST CLASS LAKL' BOATS, and alcpicpared to ejecute pioiuptly all bu siness with which they may be; ;iitruteil. .No exer tions shall lie wnntin-to merit a continuance ol'that palronagi; v itli which the Line baa heretofore been la- ! 1 TlK:ir nrrnntrcmcnts for lowing on Hudson Ulvcr Chamnlain will enable them to i.ive rood desiiatch to properly. 1'roiieitv InrwarUed bv this Line is actuallvand ac curately weighed at the tuneot shipment. The Boats ore iiisureu, auu properly noi suojt'cieu lo ine occa sioualdelay and injury iiieidi ut to transhipment. Propi-iiy to and liom BOSTON foiwarded b) V,KS l i;il. KAll.ltOAU orVLSSLL. AtJ.S KTN, I. A..TOIIVSON'.0CorntiesSlip,New Yotk. COK.S'DL V i LOVKLL. New YoiL and ll,i,i Packet Ollue, Long H'bait, Boston. PUOl'KILTOUS. .mux & Co., i ,.. , Vl surcssorslo rou.ETT ec luiADI.tY. s ' -MCIIU1.S UUHTUN .V Co.. Si. Albans, Vt. liuilington. April, lCth 13 17. 41i JOHN S, WARE, Storage nml ."onvntillna Merrlmnt. NORTH WHARF, ; uu Lisa to .v, vt. Tsrirr.r:.cT. : VLAS&NOYLtS. .. J. &. J II P1.CK&CO. ""fiington. Th-North M'lmrl olleis ciery lacility for thesafe ki.'pinganU prompt dehieivof Ireiglits, r.nd ail busi liesa addressed to the cure c'fj. S. WAIlIj sliall re ccile prompt attenuori. The Sieam Propeller, .lames II. Hooker, the Stea mers Burlington, whin-hall, Francis Sailus, .Montreal, and the Ferry Boat WiniKV-ki and the different lines of long boats nnd vessels carrying freight on Lake Clisninlaiii touch atllm Whail. la.Cm NORTHERN TUAXSI'OHPATION WiV. 18-17 I.SiJKI'.D. 1817 J.iMrs II. llama anb others, rRornitToss. I orieai ding to and from It wton, Artr York, Albany. mcat ding to and from Baton, New- York, Albany, " " mg Ink, near the l.lolrf .Mills, Troy, N.J. rr Tn,,, Vn,,t,t t,..i n., M .... t i . nee! u iv annouiiei'S that lie manufactures and cfi Champlain, and lite different landings on ' the Cli'imy'.ain eanal. ,f.!'!TV1nv'TvTNOI'IIPMTR 1 OK 1 A 1 ION LIN I', is prepared with increased faculties, to forward all kiims of proreity wilh the cicatcst care nnd desnntch. The new steam nrone I ler.JAMESH HOOKF.Ii.ot ajOtons burden, Capt. SILAS IILS'KLCY, has been aJJed to the line, and will run mi Lake t'liaiiiplain, making two trips each week, leai uig Whitehall on.woti.laysand Thursdais, touching at ISurlmuron, Port Douglass, l''i Ki.ia"i..l n-i..i-..6i., -nusJays ana Hidajs." Itetunung will leave St. Albans on Saturdays and Plattsburgti and Burlington on WedncsdajsiindSaturdajs. 'Iliislme will liaie i riITHi: C.VX.VL IIOATS, A TUX I. VKi;, I ...... .... . ' C.VXAI.s-c K1VI: IIOATS, allof which rmi day nml mglit. It is also connected with the insuied OLD TROY TOW BOAT LINK On the Hudson River, mil steam boats on Lake Champlain, llius affording their friends an I tlie public gencrullyail nppoi tunny ol shipping by Lake Boats going ihiough Uotcing tat strain on tut L-tke and i .icer,) or by l'rop. ller on tlie L ike tu Wluteliall, thence by Imth direct to New-York, or byTow lloais on the Riier and Steam Boats on the Like as the may choose. I A large number cf sail vctscl on Lake Cliainplnin belong to llus Line I All goods weighed at tlie time ol shipment, and will 1 be lorwar.led wilh promptness and despatch, ! Debenture nnd Wap-hoiisms ptomptly nttended to. j One boat ol the above Line leaves New-Yoik dailv I at live P. .M.and time or more leave Albany and i ri.y. u.n y, For Freight apply to CIIAS B XIAXKCovnties'SIi lip! J.N'ew Yotk ;''; CAT1.1N, GLO. IC GA V. , - A HOLCOMB. jas ii.nooKi:i:, A I). LA III). I IMI t ier, Alcany. 155 River Street, Troy, j c riiiRCi! jj sun. ) si, .,,, r .. LEVI IIINKLKY M.-s ',dv, C. K. ULIVr.ll llAbCOM. Whitehall, GUI. HUNT, .Montrcul, iV n'LHIi.X Co. Reuse. Point. N Y. COLl'lNiiTJllMRLU.Vun, Kent. J . v ,. 11. II IIAILli, Plait-buuh, ( ew JAS. II. HOOKUll, Boston. Address as Agents. OLIVni! BASC-OM, Whilehill. .1. u. J..IUU, i n y Ilrlerenees, J.XJ.ll IT.CKbCo. 1 JOHNS IF.-IA7-:. liuilington, MI.U.rTHHRAULEY) LAWitr.Nci: ..'. u.v.i ;, ...,n NICHOLS BUR'TON. iu Alb!"u sS'. II' .N.S'. -V K UVl.S, liighgate. J BANGS, 15 Long hail. Boston. Mlll'I'lilCS Ol' I'ltODLCi: taki: notjci:. On the arrival of the Piopeller Jnines II. Hmkerat Wlutelnll, boats of ihe Ni)itliein Tinnsjiorlatiou Line will leave direct for New Yoik, Inking her height through without landing, O. BASCOM, Agent. .VhitchMUVpril.Jflih 1S17 ii Cm .Vliliison" Ilurr Jil tlis' IStntn. TUTIT10N TO SELL LAND. STATU OF VERMONT;) At a session of the Pro District ol Chilteudeii, ss. S Imle eonri held at Bur lington, within and li-r the District of Ciuttenden, on tlx 15th day of April, ISI7. comes Hosea .Vpnldmg, ndministralortd the cstnteof Ala neon Burroughs, late of Union Mills, iu the state nf I'cnsjlianin, deceas, d, who died seized ol real estate In wiiil di-liicl, comes nud files insaid court Ins petition, in writing, selling fmlh that the only estate ot which ihe said Burroughs died seized ill the state. of Vermont consists of three- fourths of an acre of land, with n small dwelling house I iron lis river House, and nnd out build i i... , rT!ln, ii.aiu in; the said tuiroughs. in I l,v a "' Karr0"l;v' iv oi ill. pa..ieut of i a life time. tmour petitioner. till. Ill (111, nnk- Inr llie sfenri. lertniu Iniins ngninst the said P.. bs'auJ in lavor ot said Hosea. which have lieeu ailjustn an. 11 low-en ,y ine -commissioners uu . ..1 . ... .-! , . .-e...nM.i.n. in nu-s ..tmn, . .... ' i ttttl the snid deceased (J'JJ.U, amounting to the sum oft 6113,71, which sum is now due from said estate to s'd Hosea, the pajineiit ol wliub i. s-cured tu ihe said I IliLsen by said deed ol vvananly ; that the amount ol I chiins allowed by the eoiuniis.sioners against said es. j tale, ineliiJiiiglhe nlKiieelaiuis in fnor ol snid llosen, ' s .tii:Mi'J. nnd that n sale nl nil tbe itiiei.,s, ,.;, 1 1 in estate in said parcels ot laud is necessaiy lor the nav I .1. .1-1. .11.... .. I .-... 1 1 ' inent i.f the debts allowed again! baid esla'e, and prnjing tiid court to gram him license to tell all the inleiesi of said estate in saidlwn parcel, of land, for the purpose uforesaid.ncie. ubly lu siatute ill suih case made and provided. H7.riroii, the cou.t nfo.esHid doth appoint the tiltt day of May, HI7 for bearing and deciding un said pennon, nt the ollicc of the He- gisier of said couit. in said liuilington, nt ten o'ebx-k in ine loreiioou, nnu uoi l oriler that a 1 nersous liuer- notified thereof, by publication of this order, containing the substance cf raid nelition, three weeks , successively in the Burllnalon Free Pres,anrwsia. per printed in said Burlington, Ihc last winch puotics lions to he previous to ihr day appointed, as tiorcsaid, for hearing. Given uu Jrr mr hand ibis 15th dsv of April. HI"' i: WILLlAMlWKSTON. Aitfr IVFAVCO.lin &. WARREiV, Wholesale Druggists 80 lir street Troy, New Yorls. A GENERAL ASsomMirvT or West Iv din and South American Dru,censwntly on tisti I 01 'hrir own Impoitation. ClILMICAUS.Iroin tl most cekUntvd European Alam.hcutes(received direct. 1 aints, Dve S-uIT., Class, Soaps, Perfumer) -Brushes, Patent Medicims. Naval itores, ie.V. .''"jjortersof PanaMa.Waicrini; Jew ofld U. ln Apliti cf New Eng'and and Philadelphia Obs. Co. s. tet sal- url)raKEin s and Cheinisi's Gkivi Vt H E A CO. t'P:t?soRs to J. C. Ifenrtt, Ilro. & Co., 181 Kutr St. 7Vo. IMPORTERS cf English ami (Jfjuhs 1 Mardwori-.oiiddeali'rsin all kinds of Domestic. Agents fur thf wile of l'cru and Troy Nails, Spik.t, Hoise Shoes, and Iron, at Factory prius: llunf., Sraimitis'.and White & Ohnslead s Axc.s.nlso.fv.r. vatletycfth-St. Lawrence CArfinty Hay nnS Mmu I'oiksnnd Uoes,at .Miinufaeturi re prices. The attentionol KAIL KOAU CONTKACTORr Hparlieuiailycalkd toa ierysupetiorCittrcI Shoi el Hindi- expressly fi,r liosd purposes, the qualii of which, Mid the terms will fce rennu uneiceptiunab'c, 41m t EMERALD MILL8 FLOUR. . . TIIE SuilSCRIUKIi WOULD I'.IJSPlXTPt lXV ! form his frii-nds, and the p-iblis gen-rally. lliaHiv will continue to niaiiufacture Ihe above weli known Brand of l'LOUlt, ml will tl, be nlwnjs suppliet wilh a full and complete assortment of pish, Sail, lm'4 Seeds, .Mill peed nnd all articles usually found iti a gi'tioial .Milling and Produce establishment.' Ilf ulsoprppared to receive consignments ot Grain, Poiky Beef, liutler. Cheese, Wool and indeed all klndu m country prJuce, and will make the itiosi fit?til ad vancen m Cah. He will also receive olid lorwnrJ Goods, Furniture,. Ve ,stc, to all parts of the Union. Ollicc and Wniehouse, No. 1 17 lliver St. Trov. N' Y. JNO N WILLAK1J. Refer to Mcfsrs.J. i J. II. Peck &. Co., Buihnj- ' ton GENTLEMEN'S' Furnishing Warehouse, 72 Muiden Ijinc, Men- Vork: DAVID A. HERRICK, xmvj.n REsrso-. fully iniite tlii the attention of the Merchant cj liuilington and vicinity, to his cxtt'ieire nssoitmel.t ofgoodsiu the above line. SlitiiTS, Coli.aki, Bosos s Stocks, Cravats, Svarl's, undershirts nnd draw-cir,-He'fndjusting Slocks and Cravats, Gloves, Suspendeir, Umbrellas, lliikfs. Hosiery, Opera Tics. Drcssm: Uobes, Satins. Si'k", Dombazmcs, and a lanr; vari, Iv of articles too numerous to ui-ntion. which.will le 1 soldat the rery Invert pricer Phase call nnd clam. line. DAVID A. IinilltlCK. i .tlaiueu L.ane mil i Liberty fits. N. 1. riv.0 MEDICINES, PA1NTS& DYE-STUFFS. REED i(CUTLBIt, Ian-, Wing Ct Cutler, off-r at the lowest market prices, a large and con piete nsorlinciit ot ramts. Drugs ami U)C.stul,s, I among which me 30,00'J lbs. While Lead, VSJOGal ' lens Dutch, Lngli'li ond American Lmsced Oil, Ui CisksFreiithYe low. 13 Barrels Copal Varnish, 100 1 barrels Al rn.'ijJ Carlays Oil Vitriol, 8 Cases Indigo, SOOOIbs .Madder, as barn-is Alcohol, 50 bands L'psom Sails, CO battels Coniphor, 150 cants Khubarb lied; 100 Boxes Cnstilo Soap, .c ifc. Druggists, .Merchants,' .'Mauuiaiturers. I))ers, and Plijsicians nre invited to' call belore purdiasing. 1UJLD st CUTI.UIl. 3i Ltiauiam st., CLOVER SEED. THE Sl'iiscrircr has O.Nr.Tox crr.oon Clover Seed, whithhe will sell nt whohsiiieor re lor Cash. THUS. Ii. CANF1ELP. Wilhston. April 1,1817. -tlif I'i intern' Ink I.sliibllshnieiit. ALIVER I5URR, MANt'FACTLUER ori'iti.vr- constantly on hand lor silc, all kinds ol . BUek,Dltr,Grttn and Red Pitntinglnk, "fa superior qnalitv, whieb b.- will furnish, lo order. ,ilh plfomj, on .'nsonabl terms - i,j.'r nlilTINfl INK. of a miner or quality. N B LinipUack ond Calcined Lampblack, constant ly on band. All orders will be promptly attended to, and sent to nny distance required. This Ink is kept for sale by Messrs ""c-r t A riluy nmlinr.tun. Vt.. ol jo kept by Win. II. ILlli Co ,5i Cornlnh, Boston, Mass.' Elomict Blenching nnd I'KLSSIXG 11C.0MS, MERRITT'S corm;r op coi. lege street nnd Cathn's Lane, entrance on the North side. All Bonnets finished by the subscribers, will be done in a siile not to be suipnsscd .llilliueis sjpphcd wuli the l.-uest stjles of Blocks t Also ; Thrtad and Biauis fur nlterin D. J. HASTINGS Co. "'. HA"rLTiN:t-'i''( ""'I'nS"", April 0, 1,17. Cm. COPARTNERSHIP. rpiIU undersigned have this dav forniedn Copart I nership under the mmes of Robinson .'s. (inul I' lor the transaction i.i the m-rcintiie business, nt, the store formeily occupied bv Mes.srs.Cole and Robinso.t joh.v ii. nnnrxsoN, ,. JOHNS. COULD. Iiimingtou, April 0, 1117. 43w Vl'I'fW.' 'P1.1.1' Co-partiieis!iip heretofore ; existing under tl,f i ii .s. i.i nine, isuusuay tllssuiruil ly mutual consent. The bocks of the umceru wdPri , main ior ine present at me eld statid un. yk tiler Street, j and all persons having unsettled accounts are inform. I cd that an immediate adjustment is ..ipectej. -Either member of Ihe late linn lias authority to use the part nership name, as 'laf as m;,y be necessary to wuid On Its aflans. '.as TIMOTHY rnl.LETT. . . JOHN BRADLCY. Uurlington April 1, 1517. Ilwl i , , wnvti. I 'I'lII-. Storage, Forwarding e Cemniisjinn hu.i I ,, V,'"rf' "l'r,'l",,,re carried on bv Mrsirs. Follctt ) I Bindley, will hereafter be traiiaih-d by the sub- vi. j beis, under tlie lirm of John llnullev ,V C... Jsias Braieiv, Natiil A. Trcur. ,. Tnos. 11. Ca.vfiiut. Hurhngtivti Apiil 1. I5i7 nttiairr colors. PUIISH Silk ot brilliant colors , nlso, blue nnd diabcolored silk ; cigar cases, ,. ,nihneed and steel pnise clas, indelible ink with or without pre Iteration, Bass v.ol budges nud otjter goods jusi re ceiled.' (I'llRuntiRj. 6th. 41 . fl'0 RENT. A Ci'WR.Mi vT Kitop jfsr 1 lA'Iowours-tore nnd now oiviipicd ly'j. A. Kins inau Possession gitetil-i tlie I5I, i .tird Maich !i5. 1817. VILAS ,t NO YES. THE IMPORTED HORSE. Vol' MI FLYING CHILDERS. Ts;lFAfv. AR ION, and brought tn Ametka in uV ju I The Subscrilier obtained him of the imiwitcr nt great Curt, ami w.iul.1 iulorm tbo. who are interes ted in .improving the blood of Aiueiicau Dor,-., that be will be found nt Ins Snd I.. m s;l,,i..,,.. m. .. tunes ready to be examine,! nnd enninared with - ' "ny """' "i Ibe i-lnlc.iu iisk-sI to speed, Uuod. lorin He s lb bands h ub. ,,!,- l,;'i .. ,,i. .. j i ' ebesl. linot of limUs, and llie 11101 active nud ensv IllOVeilieiltS. H IS Color Is the 111 h. s. ... I.s . II. 1.... 'P 'uet eieiyiiiiahtienttoii Hint eonstitutrs ' beaiitilid, I'"' "l.8-l bn.toined ho,e. Fie.y lrniij.f- is an '" " u.Kn c. auu saows mm to is.- ol uic ve- ' The Yon,, XcJl .1 ot si n. last luieting ol me Chillendrii louniy Agnc.ilinrnl ociet), und came off with u couielele triumph over '"'ier I'0"' present. The fub-crilicr, anxious ihni his htrc should eslab I'su " reputation uion his actual nuriis, will now comtiare hun limit) ns n wuh the lust borsi s thai can lie nroducctl. the tlr llemv. tr liiiirl llauk. lioi exceoiiu, nnu iiuicuntiii viiu rega.u iu oeaj.v, ..i. ... n v l- -l.i , fn acltllt) audsiK-ed. Tho Young Filing Chddels will bell )enr ol.fnexi July, nnd weighs 1.I5U lbs I Il ls of the Old Fuglmlt Sunk, beuimg thi. name, which will be obvious at n single glnnee to anv ioniieieiit judge of horses. We solicit suih tj call and sat, ,iy llieniss'lvit by olss-lialion, also asbare of piuionngi TF.RMS: Anv one who wi-hes to Ininrcve b giiod n horse, nuj ast heap a rate ns was cur olieied in rtine.ica, im; win ne tneiri pportunity. The Young 1 1) in Childeis w ill stand for ?7,00 tl e Season, mauiunev ngrrril upon. .Mares thai are in sured, itdisposed of b.'lorc l.silirig tune, the iiivurnnc must he paid. Good iMsturing will be provided tor Mnr Irom distsnce, accrdnits and rK'apes at the risk of the . Sssmu tu end in Aurin-t. rie.tbuiK, M.rehl, 1617. OiwJ. Baltwii-,

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