Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 7, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 7, 1847 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 7, 1847. nboul lliirlv mile from Vera Cruz, N fureK .e. and Is nl-o spanned hy woocloh bridge, called Vnoiilc del llov, (the KingV.'P-rii'ge,) nnd -also tin. n uiirnl bridge. NinrMt, on the right, is tin eminence ,r about riity h.r 1,011 which Is n lort, rouipletolv cnitiilr.biling llio approach ami Ilia bridge. Itettvcet- tboo bridges ami Jalapa, tlio rtBulptrtfE several height, from winch tlio native-, tan annoy invaders on tlio road. HTV or JALAPA. (lent l.tick ! . The last .Sentinel ) Ihmncrnt discoursed! Tu tins wise : Giml forltiiu. Those lio v ill cnn fully cxitmiiie tlio policy of flic present Adininiral,on and the manner in v.liirli it In been earned Inlo clR-ct,s ill coiiii11l'iI to admit that it ha been one of the mot successful adnihiislia Hon tlio country has ever been liti"vd with, since tl.n l.mii-il in,, nl llie to.-si.nt tntm iif inn el limpnt. binds on this elevated ground, -yet i What wu contemplated when it came into power, rnon sense will make tlio following lnteretiug dieovcric tu justify tlio piaiso bestowed upon it by its yunkee endorser : ht. 'Phi administration foiiml tlio Unilcil States in profonml peace with the whole world, and in less linn twelve months thereafter it iniultl have involied.the Country in a useless and of Ihe .Montc..umas. t intorn ami its cattle. At the bate ol a high monritain, bearing the same name, some dUtntire lioi.i the rind on the loft, i a cluster ol lmiuc-5 wtill. u church, filled IVlVfcV- (fypwifj', nk'liw ught t.t the ri'inl, and commanding it in livery direction. stands the c.i-tle. It is up Jii e. Ibt -andy plain, strongly Imlit of stone, and ci;"irch-d by a deep dry fosse or ditch. The i.viin entiance is by going over u -h i itiue ilc :" by a side, do-cowling some twenty-live or thirty'stone steps to the bottom of the fin't'. and cins-ing it to the ante?, which are on a level with the bottom. The poinlation of IVrnte i- estimated at 3,000 souls ; it is a line little city, the hun-o are generally of one story, built of' Mime and covered with terraces : the priiicip.i! street i- lemarkably line, the other, are wide and paved. On a market day it i lr.illv ii-tniiMiiinr 'o see the variety of the ii--l"lruits of llnropo and ol the tiopic, pilutl round the scpiare. On lir mjr IV role yon p:i Ihiongh e-Mcu-ivo plantations ufMnguo, (Aloes.) Thi city for tinny miles tlio ascent is fpiite gradual. , turn lint not nccii ottauicii, aim what inipoitnut nicii 1'roin the city Vera Cruz .is viible, in is al-o has been unsuccessful 1 the sea, ninety mile ditar.t. The Ity itself is , Now we look upon this as irry rich indeed! upon a high hill-highest in the centre, so that rX3m-mt!, jr,, lho p()icy ()flll0 ires. that no w l.eeled vehicle can p-iss along any of cut luhnnistratiou and the way it has been car then' tweent tho main street or road, w Inch has nud into filed, a person of good ordinary coin u cMihfiilornblc iio iwil de-cent. J he city n uirrnundcd hv n vail, and his a strongly biti.t church near the v tstetn pite, which could bo r.invertehinlo v. citadel. The streets are pined. Tho houfo-s, as in other Mexican tovns, me of ploiie, .Willi Iht roofs and iron bi'rred window.-. ()rpo.lo the citv, on the luft ofthe road, is a hll', from which the road might beannt'jed.nnil fl.i-.Mt., Il.n t.i. llin rntul .1 ll.UiU- I Mane and siibnanliiil slriiclnre of checkered j bloody war Willi Croat llrilian, on the Oregon iMAomeiit, and nuut have been ery cotly. , tpie-tion, hut for the firmness and wisdom and This city is to be immediately occnp'ud by onr ,,.1ti0ism f t1H b'dmic. Hs blundcrinir. vacil- troops am is tu be the l, ol ;7"'t ! lutinjj and nndignillc.l diplunncy tonchimr Scott, till bc tukes tip his m.ucli lor .the llull " " v J ...f l.l'UIV V-'ILp.ll V.I . Ill ILIILIVI 1,11. I'olk's reign ridiculous as lonj as it ja remem bered . II. In lo-s thin twelve lmnlhs. il.u fin-lun'itr administration Dili nnoic iif in a useless and Woody war with a ticighb.irim,' 11 ipublic, which still conHiiucf, and the cnl whereof no man cm see. And this was done hy an act (oc cupying the left lunk ol tho l!io (Ir.inJe ) that Mr. Denton declaied to Ik'" AN' ACT OF 1)1 lti:CT ACdllllSSlOX ON MKNICO tor. At.i. Tin: ( nM-gt;r.i-i. of which the L'mteh' .Sl'A ltS WOLI.II I1C l!EsroSIIU E." 111. Aflrr lho conmieucemeutof this ueles and unneciessiry War, an.l ufar tlio battles ol JVIn Alto and lte.-aca do 1 1 l'.ilm.i in which the AloMCi'.u luico.s wcie totally routed, this frln i.i.v administration, (apparently apjircheiiMve that the war would be broughtto a clote t o spec ddj) granted to lho Mexican (ieneral, SastA A..., a Safe Conduct, by means of which he wassiiHercd, without hiiideranco or molestation, to p.isr through the American blockading stpiad ron at Vera Cruz, and to assuniu tho comunnd ofthe Ale;:icau Aiuiy, ui'J by his influence Mid energy to Snipirt vigor to tho councils and ef forts of "the enemy." This proceeding is en tirely nnpiralleled in the hi-tory of nil wars, an cieit or uiodern, and is incapable of tho flight-c-t ju-tilicatum or eycu.-e. It convict- the Pro dent uf tho United .Stales of tint species of con- ttructi.vo treason which re.-ults fiom " "iviniT , .... i . . , . . .. ... . " um nun coinion to tne enemy. ' Jn ihe mo.-t I C f I J I c Fl IH'Itl.lM.'TOX, Vt. flilDAY .MOKNIN';, MAY ' 00, , 1817 ' In tui: n.vr.K and iituunu.u mhittiiat is ito.v w, TtiEiiK I no Staii acovktui: uoi:ion TO filVE fx A OI.r.AM or l.tOHI, i:UClTIMI HIE iTt:!.uiit:xT, I'ATlL'one Whiu i aihv of tub United .State-.'' . Pawl lVAcr. its Head, has il,iceil the executive veto upon a bill having for its object tlio improvement of the Kivcre nnil Harbors of the country, mainly for tlw.rcason (distinctly nvowed in tiie Veto Mes sagti) that all tho resources of the nation arc required to carry on an unnecessary and aggres sive War a war of connuot and subjugation ! And, further, when tho People's Heprcentativcs subsequently passed n similar bill, inodilied In those respects Hiipposed to bo objectionable to tho President, and greatly reduced in lho amount of its appropriations, this fortunate Administration, not haing tho manliness again to return it to Congress with tho "amstitiilinnitl n'ljtctltmi" contemplated as the only proper foundation for the cxcrcio optho llxecullvo Veto, meanly and sneakingly placed it in its pocket, thus adding insult to the injury such a proceeding was in flicting upon great business interests uf the People ! Hut wo incline to think tho li.-t long enough for present purposes. It might bo extended. Thus fir, however, wo flatter ourselves that it furnishes a charming illustration of lho " fw Vortintcv that the Ntntinrl ascribes to " ono of tho iiio-.t xnccerful administrations that the country has ever been blessed with " ! To be sure, it imputes these extraordinary successes to (iood Fortune, or Luck, rather than to statesman-hip or diplomatic ability. l!at it had made up its mind to "go it blind,'' and ought not to be expected to pay any t-pecial attention to nicely-adjusted phracs. Tho rub in such a ca-e is simply to " go ahead :" Yo arc willing to admit that wo rather like our touchy friend's 'whole hog glorification of Polkery. There is a spice of reckless and chivalrous gcuerositv about it that is enchanting. It is above the cold, cautious and calculating spirit of scllish- ne.-s. It smacks of that self-saciilicing devotion which Tom Moore infuses into tho romantic hearts of his love-tick girls. H turns !( " dreamy eyes" to this "successful admini-tia. lion,'1 and with one hand pressed upon its dia phrngm, and tho other extended towards the " bine vault of heaven, exclaims, ' I know not, 1 n-k not, if guilt' in that heart ; 1 but hitoic thilt I lore thee, ichatcrcr tlitut ml ."' A new view ol the License I.nw. Wo have it frum unquestionable authority that our estimable friend, the Captain of tho U inooslii, declines to bring people that jro iJniousltj drunk, from tho New York tide into Vermont, on the ground that bringing 11- TbeSpiiit of Slavery. charitable view that can he taken of it, it will C! O. ......... I... . t... I - i. . ...! . 1. .'.. , . t . oiuiooi.jni.iii nas nan a "great nayiniai ; neiuaner ue iookcu lipid as an act uf tho tno.-t War"' waged in it- behalf by the prcf?nt pro- unprecedented folly ;uiJ t-tupiditv, leadii"' to s'avery Killers of our Country, and has seen all ) di.-a-lrous aud bloody coiifequences for iviiich allemptsto curtail it.- growth by means of Wil- Ni.-tory will hold this f.rlunalc Administration mot Provi-os ami the like promptly put down by rc-poii:ible. n nt.,1 tt-lt..t.-!inn. l...,.fn,. .nl-t,.. I' IV V..I.. til... . .."..v ... v..,..,,,; ....v.ii.i... i,.jviu i. , ... .iui.iiiii-i.iiiiiiiig mo arrogant tnu un- ( ongress, it naturally grows arrogant nd ag- warrantable assumption of authority, by which gres.-ive. Tl o ' Pee-entjiem" was (Jen. Taylor was ordered from Corpus Chri-ti m mo try tlio Oi-ao.l Jury ol Accomac Louu'y, ' to tho Kio (irandevm I into teriitory in Mexican Virginia, on tho i'Mx ulto.: " We the rnnd Jury, ujion our oalhs ilo pve'iu, that'l'lie New Yoik (iiri.-luiii Ailvoeate qii1 Jinirniil, n newsiiaiier jiubUdi' rf in the t'ttv ot Kew York, is n jmper uuui i urtulaeti Jiirwuli Hie po-t-..ii'i,.f.u ,.r tins County, inul ndi' and i calcn'titcJ uiitl iu tr niled tiipeisiiade jiciwhs uf adiir, icilltin thin Cum m'niieeiiltfi,tii iwiLc iimtircctiii,'ii' itbel, mul deni.-s the riyiit ol nin?teis tuiiojii ity in lluir slaves, nutl in culcfites tiie duty ol re-j-tauee toMieia rmlit, eoiutary to tiie statute ill such ease inaile and j.ruwJed. 1 " 'riiisjire-entnieni i-uu.'ido ujhjii theeA:uiimau'oiiif theinjier itM'If. , LHYVJSL. S.NT.AU, I'urciuaii." Accomac County, Virginia, is the re-idonce of Mr. WjcC, who once boai-led that there was not a new i-H per publi-hcd within its limits ! 1 What nrolicieu,cy in EE.uuvi tlio flares in such i a county are likely to have made, may ho cal culate! with souie t'ppruaeji to accuracy Iroin , Mr. WUo'a boa-t, and from the forcgiMi;; jire cioti- " presentment (irand Juries ! poscsiiou aud occiipition , this fortunate Ad niinittration displayed the tnol complete imbe cility and inefficiency in the further "manage ment nfl'io war." 0 'Pav,.. r..j self totally uuprovi-Jed with tho ordin.irv icean- of pur.-iiiiiLMho ndiatrlage.-which hi- victnrioit- cncounlcr with the enemy " had given him. lie had no jionton train to enable him to cross the I!io tlramle, and no provision ir.tis wado in other neces.-ary respects t. enable him to follow iii tho retreating foe. From the 'Jth f .May till .September Iw wis delayed at .MatainoraC. waiting to be supplied with the common mean of following up his success,-,. !y tlji delay 'the enemy were allowed lime, by lUUf.rtu. wie aumini-iralion, loreeimt his broken and Cuncspondencc cf ihe Free Press. Wixri-xm CVjxtv. Mav 1st. 18 17. Mr. I'ihior: VeriuoiU seem destined to share In the clorv of (laliting the Mexican, niter oil. 1 have recently bad a conversation .itli Col.T. II. Hansom, nf the "bloody nnitii, wiiointorms me that he is expecting to i;ct the. Company of (iiccn Mountain Ilovs from Port Ad. tuns about the Gib iu-t. There arc now about sceenlij tit Nonwicit,ciililed forthe v.-nr nt.d there w ill.prob- nlilybe over scrcntii-Jii-c in two or three days, when they leave for Port Adam. Captain Kimball, ol the Wood-Mock "Age," i, after all. to command them! 11 air .uarcy Knew lime much poor Iumball siiuered , , . , , r,, , ,. r... -ifMr. Polk niul the Cabinet knew the sall-rinss of 11 ""'JrJ 0 tllp" ". V"I- poor Kimbairs friends, bcreatioals.nnd the keen anxiety ol tlie democracy," especially that part of them be longing to the Vermont company, to get rid ol the Age Captain, they certainly could not hesitate to call a lull meeting ol the Cabinet, maturely weu;h Ihe important nlf.iir, and accept his resipiation, which lias so long been pressed upon tbetn, and which they have filially refused to accept, to the great grief and alalia of Ciijitain lumlall, and to the equally great disap pointment and muitificaliouoflicn. 0. II. Nicuoi.,of White U'uer, who has for some tunc been arranging his nlf.iirs and preparing himself fur fields of glory in Mexico, under nsuiances that Kimball's resignation nlvruin.' Mr, Siixc's I'oem. Wo arc glad, though by no mean surprised, to see that u second edition of Mr. Saxk's fine satire, "-PitisiiiKss," has been demanded. Our readers know that, in our opinion, it is decidedly tho best production of this piolific era of " Hebdomadal (!aettesnnd Daily New, t!uy Magazines nnd Quarterly He-views j" and we arc gratified to lind the .public taste In so complete accordance wilh our own in this respect. Mr. Haxe has some of the esyenlial qualities of a true i'oet, and that Is a good deal more than can be said ol nineteen of every twenty Will not tho Magistracy look to it ? I in (Jri-wold's collection, llo has a feeling heart ddllion to the fence nnd ran as though ho rcnlly supposed we Intended to compromise our self-respect hy chas ing him ! What a fool a looe hop; is I Wo commenced this arliclo with the view of tulliiig'tho attention of the gentlemen who, by the popular stiffiagc, have been elevated to the po.-t of IIoj ll.iyw.irds in Darlington, to their "constitutional obligations." If hogs can defy tho laws, it seems 'to us there Is'nt much use in having law s. That they do it, and do it openly, is a matter of public notouely. Wo bolievo our energetic Li iters have got something less than I'olk "iiiitlioritutivel)"' withdrawn. Tho Washington Union has tho following piiagraph, italics and all : Again, we repeat, in the molt aiithorilntii e mini nrr, that .Mr. Polk positively di-cliiiin, ns he has uni formly done, evety idea of the succession," This "idea" has not been "disclaimed"' by any body else in tho country, owing to tho awkward littlo circumstance that nobody ever entertained it. The people of the United States woiiui ne acccpteil, a u l ail no wouiu suceeeu nun : tin,..,..-. , .1. - ,1 . . -n .si, ,, ,, . i ,1 ,. . ,. , ,, i iWillnavoas much as they will want of Po le, lint alas, and alas poor " Captain Kimball" has no ' , ' ' dispo-ition to light .Mexicam-modcstty but solemnly lor ,llG "l w J'0"-"' 111 I1!1.ving his debt or a avows bis incapacity to command a company is ex-1 hundred millions of dollars. They Will consent tlemely anxious to keep his Post Ollice.imd yet he has recently uceived a letter from the War Department, in which lie is told that he cannot hack out that the office is one of his own p-clang, and that he must " stand up to the lack, fodJer or no fodder"' Hiery body here, locofoco as well as whig, knows that Kim ball lias never had liny military experience, nnd, us be himclf finnkly confesses, knows nothing about mili tary matters. Hut because be was silly inougli to n-k for a commission, be is foiced to retain it ngainl his own wishes, against his owncon-cioii inability to cx-crci-e. its trust, and ngainst the known and exprc."ed wi-licsof cl! his friends, and of all those in the company who know him ! Cull you this democracy ! or blind infatuation 1 such as bus marked the whole course ol to his retiring from "the cares of stale" wilh great unanimity, as they mean to have a "-Mexican Whig" lor next President. 'i'lio JUuLpis CoiH-rit. be glad to ltnvc him g to Mexico. The company is now drilling under Lieut. Jesse A. quor into tho Stale in .log-sheads would bo an I (Juvr.u cadet of the nuluaiy institution tit Norwich, evasion of the License Law. We think ho is ' nd who is every way qualified to (ill his place. Lieut. light about it. For the Free Press. Our readers will not bo likely, we tru-it, to forget the Hakeks. Their reputation as vocal-i-ts) ought to ensure them a full house at Strongs' I fall, on Monday evening. We arc assured by ii friend who listened to their singing in Troy, a few evenings siuce,that their iniprovementsiuce they were la-t at Darlington, (some two years ago.) is surprising. And tlio Troy pipers the administration through this miserable and chs- Lppafc of them in tho highest terms of prai-e and giaeelal war. If you have any friends at llurlington, romlncmiationi mkilu, them before the Hutch who have any inlhience wilh the magnates at tish- . . , . , -in. . , , . . , .i . . r i inon, w ho have acquired a considerable trans- nigtoii, I trust v on will persuade them to interfere he-j ' 1 iwecn the Department and Captain Kimball. If the ( athmlic notoriety ami fame. Let us judge for tact should be nil known at Washington, as they are ourselves. known bete, nothing but a wicked and determined i - - purpose to blast the l.iir fame of the Orccn Mountain A w i-c resolution, llojs, could induce llie authoiitics there to persist in! ,, . , - . .. , - ,..ii !,, k- ri-,.,,ini., 'ft!.. ,,-ii,ii flic erinnnt I at not quotes an article from cations ol Oneral Nichols to command the Company l1"-' cc Pres in which wo announced very, no one question. Unscrupulous as he is in In politics, frankly, as usual, our detestation of tho exist-1 be Ins military meiits, winch his bitterett enemies do ing unnecessary and infamous war with Mexi- not deny him ; and I know of no one who would not 1 co and of its authors, and says it shall not "c- mraii itelf by indicting inditing ? a reply to it." Wo tru-t tho editor will take "a hasty plate of soup "'and reconsider this d t-rmination, Quito a lively cttrio-ity is felt to know in what way a person who hao editod tiie Wood-tock Age, and who, living in Vermont, hurrahs for 1T . . ... - ,r. , , . . lbec-oiimiandoftbetditorofthc"SpiritoftheAge u u.c- ,c.j- ,o see out csuoro menu so uir mis- , , I.lluI,J to nJ ou .0lciinng ,-lse than coiiune.i 'ake us us tosuppo-c there is any M All in the Agri-' urics aml complaints about Capt. Kimball and his O ciuuinu rocieiv. vuiiqucii facn nties iim own norsc, nmt who h rvery way (U3liiicd to till liispht'c. Lieut. IUtkixs, ol' Uutlanil.rccciuly pi"t'tl ihruugli Norwich i for Uoion a nulcmaii wiius-ccins to lie will t-poken of Ity tlio?o who know iiiiu. tntli ofiiccra, with a company oiL.rcfn.uoiimanutojsgmng to war mmcr 101I; Teias tiud tin War. would maii!?o far- e : . . v. Iiether he has liny pedigire or not, we are all ar good natured us a lot of boys at a husking fiulic. We are also sorry to itc be is a little entity. We have net insinuated that J. told an uu'rutli, are ready to ad mit that dame nature has furnished him the be-: pair of natural trotters in llie county, and cue very r.kul tu lind he is c-o good a ClirNliau as to be thanklul for them still we claim the jankee privilege of gucs-ing, nnd we still guess he has liis eye on the old mare be fore alluded to Vrnuoiu has raised more hor.--s linn any otlic-r tate in the Union in proiottiou to her jsipulutiun, OU.I tl.uip rnj,...u,;ut. IJsiuil, l'lill.lUciill.a mill liltiei markets has Leeii higher than horses liom any other company ; but my sheet is getting full, and 1 must postpone other mattets for aiuihcr occasion. Ltuax. This popular Admiui-tHition, Rod its popular lucnsuics, Tho Washington t'ninn has been making a de-perate effbit with certain rather intractable lignres, to cipher out a small majoiity in the next Congress for Polk, it thinks thero is but little doubt ( at least it S'lyt so) that the adminis tration will have a majority in tho next House of Hepre-entalHc. In tho tal Congress thor to " demean " himself! .Vow llnmp-hiic. A correspondent of the llostnn Atlas commu nicates tho following statistics re.-pecting the recent election in Xew llainp-hiro : cattcred forces, to reanimate their couiafrcaiid bv ono ol its enlightened I"'110 iu "10 "ca" 1,1 H"c lho most ca- p.iijio ami eliicient ami influential of his (,'ener- 1 ..l . :.. .1 ... . .... The ChrUlian Aihnrate i an able, calm end ' , ,' " ''l r na Anm 'aa cn temperate pajier, taking r.o u'.tr.i ground on anv , ! '"" M P-ilir' ls'ly by irttlo of .'xcitintr topic ofthe d-.v. It i Mi by tho f..'- 1 'l"S t'"1"1 tu ''' 4' 1'residont Polk! naticaUpirits of the North who have breathed a , Administration, having nut of (ialvanJzed life into the Liberty Party'" as a jirn-fUi.'r.j paper, and at the .South, as we sec, it i-denounced a-an incendiary paper! These signlicant frets coji-titute in our judg ment the be-t proof thai it- course is Wg;( and jurt in tlio rational uiniiitm track, lietween fiery and fooli-li fitutii-ui on the one hanJ, and cold iti.lilll-rence to wrong and emtrni'.. ou the other. The Advorate is tlio orifin of the Methodist Lpi.-cop-tl Dc-nomination, and espe cially of that portion of it, we believe, who are n it making an olilirt, ( iindrr the namo of Come-oute.-," or Trim Wesb-yan-," or so-no other eqiully er,iiiielieul designation.) to reform and improve) Jbe (.'hri-tiau religion. lis tone and temper, under ihe ablo editorial manigment of Dr. Do.vp, ttrcomciliating, conservalive, chris tian ; and to ntlitui that its circulation s lavi-s, not ri:)o of wom , it i- fair to jircsiime, can read, " jscslctilalrd and jiesiuxed " lo stir up a penile insurrection or rebellion," is merely an ellertcsieiico of pro-slavery inilice and spleen. It is getting to b high time lint the arrogant and overbearing and exacting spirit of Slavery intliisltepulilic should Im iustfiicled to know tlio length and breadth of it.- rights and priiile pes. The Noitli understands it, constitutional obligations,' and the ' constitutional rolls' ol tho .South, touching the 'triple cur.-o'or .Slavery completely. .Slavery is Kifo enough fiom 'northern fmitics"iis these .Southorn Hot. rpiirn choii-o to call those wbu do not, Iiko Mr. Calk.un, regard it us "tlio palladium of our Liliorties " (!;so long as it coutcnl.s it,t.f t ,c. main within its cruisitutional limits. When it w-.iges war it will lind that it has provoked a contest in wbjcb " thero arc blows toghe as well as blows tu receive," Let it remain within its State entrenchiiitfnts and the North claims no right to legislate ipr it. lint when it seeks to wrest the Constitulioi; inlo an instrument for promoting its unliuulf-jl extension, it will bo tho part of wisdom and pru;Icicoin its advocates and defenders to " look out for breakers !" Statrs. Any one who travelled from New York to eiecieu siinuuKneoii-iy vriui roiK aim i exas Philadelphia, Ualtimore, i c. iX-c, twenty yeais since ! tho Locofoco mijoiity in tho lower House inu-t l.aii; known tin, by which we suspect oar j was about SEVENTY. Sixty of that magnificent Westlord fiiend is either quite a young man, or ha I arrav been ulrealdv lo-t, and tho I'nion finds been too busy.,,, his farm to have tiaielled much. fur r.joicillg tia it i, ikc.. tImt Mr. .Nineteen years since v.e met, in Philadelphia, the .,, , ..,-,... Ian- Col. l.'ecside ; fmnharly know n from New Yoik wl" 0 n lmr0 "laJonl.v ol 8 "r ' The -to Washington as Admiral ltecside ; a man who , "'' of this admini-tration and its Warisab owued more horses and carriages thrill any other hie -olutely astounding 1 ! Commencing' operalbins men in ihe I'uited situlcs, and accepted an invitation ' with a majority of 70, two years finds it, by the to visit bis sjahlcs in Philadelphia. He said he had' confession of its orgin, in d mger of los'in;; tin iiuiiie re -.Ueo jour, e - to . erm, lit lor llie purpose ol v,!tn!e . 10i,: U Jrwt aml lUlMi; ; hj Ijiiung horses had lint season bought horsn m ihis , , 1 county, i.c. &e. lie said most of his horses were fiom Veimont ; that he bad procured and proved' horses (rom all pans i.l the I.'nion, ond lound that foi I slrenglli, Fpeed, and power ol endurance, with stmdiy llighgutu Hpiings. It will be Ecen bv reference to an advertise- To correspoudents " Chittenden County in rejdy to ' J."wili ho inserted next week. (ieueiul Taylor's Desputcli. ( )ur readers will find nn our first pige, lho detailed despatch of Gen. Tavloi:, giving u circumstantial acco int of tliu battle of JIueva Vista. Thu Despatch, like the battle, is his JuiigesJ. and Ms '' a large m.ijoniy 01 its political friend.-in both llou-es of Congress, aud clolU-d with all the p-rsuasivo clrxjuenco that icsides in the A linling i'uiter, rich in political patror.agn and entirely niiscrupuluusin its exercise, exhausted its uku'e. injlurne? in several attempts to gel it-elf clothed with authority to siiR-recdo both nenerii JAiLoi! ami Ueneral Si ott, in the I Chief Command of tho Army. It lct Mf0 ' J-VcWint, its 'I'liomjisnn.- audits I'arans, to as sail lho military capacity an I the coujuct of OenerarPAVLoit, an ! t avvakon and cxaepcr iit9mereywr;,i;i auim sities agiin,t him al most ut the very nionifnt when ho wa- en-a-ed in penlhnghis life in its sorvie-e, on Wood stained lield of UM Vhta ! Here, again, tho Indecent, and tho mean ami discreditable- pilitlcaljoilousies, of .u LxecuPve were signally iebiik,-d by tha (inr.uess and 'the patriotism cf tho A.ueuhan Sexate, which b n. -nine .linencan renjfc from tlio reproach ... .si ui i.iu - uiouung scliomeii cf iHihjvnuiia'e Administration won hi havo fa-l- en-.-d iipun their name. Mr. ''; was ' routed and scattered, Imr-o, foot and dragoons," in tho imeuqii io casi ii,-iinnor on tho inme or General Tavloi!, and Thom.iii Hurt Jionton, tho arcb-m-iuageroflhodiity plot, will 'm'o to ,U !,. I mortality " as a mililaiy r.borlion. Ln-n alter tne Ignominious Luliirc of this darling measure of thUortuiMf Administratiou, Ilenton, in the plenitudci of his alMur.l vanity, thinks the House of Uenrosentatlves " for Its il, r.... : ... Kill. IIII1U. viitual election of Mi: (Ilenton) to ho tho Com-inindc-r-iu-Ciiiefof tho Armv in Mexico" and I oik, front the profound depths of his political toadyism, Itmitin,," that ' tho power has not been confened upon Ml'." Polk to conf.rm that election! And jet the Sentinel jfrms

Us leader-, in a patagruph that is quito acctt-ratc-ly h .lanced between blind mistateuicnt and bad grammar, that",,,, measure of the Administration lM fuiMi unJ ; moa they (.') have been elll-ctcd in the nreche manner rectmumntlrd l,j the rxeeuthe " .' VI. This fortunate Adu.lnUt'iation has in voiieil tlio iialiun In u jtfU, uf lint In. a tlfin .i iirannEji ji'luox- or wm,-,, ,or 10 of earning on u war for the extension and per potuation cf SLAVLIt V in a Itepublic claiu'in. lo bo tho mo-t libaral nnd enlightened i,:lt c-vc"r existed ou the face of lho globe j ThU " -reat measure" has undoubtedly " been (-m-cted h, the pret-lsn manner recommended by the llxecu- liin"! oilier trcwu qualities united, no ;.,( the, rorW;.ro- ,ncnt j,, our columns to dav, that tho well im .,r!,,(,),to,1,,w,,f,l(1,,(. commodious llos at Iligbgate Is it not a sorry comjihraciu to our formers, who ., . , , , ,, ,, i have iaise.1 so many line liorses, to sui.p.wc.thev know1 hPrl""S' known a- the "1 IlAMU.IX Ili.rsr., and nothing ofth.-ir breeds or pedigrees 1 Put we'utu-ily i fo, mol.v li0P'. and well kept, hy Mr. Cole now and totally deny that any such condition as thai com-' ofthe Pearl Street House in Jltirlington, is to plained rt cxisis in ihe conditions annexed to premi-1 ho let. I'rom tho growing popularity of tho-o musolli-redbythe Agrieuliural Society. West- Springs as a place of resort during lho sum- ,,m iMc-uu a snauovv, c,u, n. a me.-ineric ier lmmtllS) w ehnM jm!g0 ,0 oi,portlmit , ...v ... ...s-,uiii,,iiuer ruling from Madawasca lo .Mexico, valiantly nttai ks it. Wo have no time utprewm to give him the history bo de sires, and, il so, fear it may occupy too much spice for , ...:n , r. .... , .. .... .j.w , imi .nil nncam-i yill llllll U IHStOrV CJ aileeirablo one for a good Landlntd, That 3:i,llO(),JO(). ihe boise and llie various treed, &c. ivc.,iro,iJed it One of the items in tho list of appropriation- The present voto ithe larg-stevereast in the State, and will not vary much from ilL'tOO. The largest pre v ou cote was tint ot 110, which ft mounted to 5.1,10(1. The Locofoco vote was iheu HiMHi, now about I) l,:hM), aio-ol 13JU in a total vote of -100 larger ' The 0,i- po-ition vole ol that year vva Ci,UlH)1nowohoiitaJ,,Jir), ' a oetx of nearly 1000. The Locofneo niajoritv in HIO and an understanding head, In quick and sonsitivo perception of those delicate iclalions of things their contrasts and their similitudes that cnabV's hirn to apply tho " ac tual cautery" of wit and the "cinolicilt cata plasm" of humor, to the follies and weaknesses which lie would eradicate. Wo hardly imagjne, for instance, that it is pos-llile to surpass tho following pasago in Mr. S.vxr.'s poem, for deli cate beauty and grace of sarcastic point, an 1 fur keenness and point of satirical severity. It is the sciinetar of Saladin severing the gossamer veil of human pride and folly at the foot of tho altar ! " Whit inipioti mockery, when w ith soulless art, IVIiion, intrusive, see-!is to rule the hcnit ; Directs how- Unci may taste-lull be borne. ; Instruct lli-reuvemenljust bow long to mourn j Show Sorrow how liy nice dce'rees totade, And marks lis measure in a ntihon's shade ! More iinptoii still, w rr-i, through her wanton laws, She desecrate llellgl.'n's sacred cnu ; Shows how" the narrow load" is easiest trod, And bow genti-elesl, -a onus may v:or!up tiod ; llow sacred I lies may hear a worldly grace, And selt-iihasemcnt vv-ara haughty lace t How snmei, long in Poll)' mazes w hilled, With pomp ami splendor may " icnouucethe world;" How-" Willi all s nuts h -realter to appear," l ei quite e scape 1110 v uigar pouion nere : Now wo incline to think that thero is nothing liner than this in the whole range of wholesome satire. It is better than the best pas-sago in Holmes' ' Urania," ami that is a little archi pelago of wit and humor. Mr. S.vxn has availed him-elf of tho occasion furnished hy the demand for a second edition of his write the following neat and modest "Preface": I'rcfnce, Poa the favor which this little book has received at the hands of the public, o evinced in the sal-ot a large ediuon. and in the numerous and very indulgent criticism of il,-periodical Pre-, the outhor'is sincerely grateful. Ot the entire poem eon-i-tingof fair hun dred and eighty cei-es more than lour hundred dif ferent line have been quoted, with evpres-ions ol np prohation.m ' swchnen pis-riges ' To an obscure wil ier submitting to the p,ib.iv-u n venture ,and w itli tnueh misgiving, his 1-tess.iy at satirical vers.-, ih-e marks ot hvor are lit the Inchest degree gratifying, a allbrd i2 evidence ot at f.-a-t partial suci-.-s in a department ot lellea-lettitf, which, though it ha latterly (alien into comparative neglect, wilt never want oifnurers. 'I'he modern satirist is, indeed, denied the u-e ot tho-e tiiuu int personalities which etave etlce and ornament to the mat-tetly invective ot Pope, Drydc-n and Garth ; but be may st, tind l.-gttitintc themes (or laughter in the abundant and ever-clungiiig lollies of mankind. Highgate, Vt., March 15th, HIT. Tho now edition is a beautiful reprint of tho old, with slight emendations, and i- publi-hcd by Me.-srs. John Allen, New York, and Jordan cfc Wiley, Iioiton. It can bo obtained at J'.o- WAr.tis'. leg of n pair of trowser, or it will not go safely!' And If .Mr. IIiiigus should take these precautions tho cirtwcrsnre that the "coin" will bo sifted old ou tho -way, nnd he, of tourfc, siiflers tho loss, .Mr. Ilurko knows nothing nhout it till "when received." Thero is really no safe and certain way to complete (his little business transaction with our sublime Sub-Trcaury Govcrnmcn, but for Mr. Unions to hire a trusty man to carry on this ,'25, paying lllin 825 or 830 to hear his expenses ! Who icmitJ'nt bo a hard-money locofoco ' Apropos to this pleasant nfKiir, will our read crs look at the following extract from the CVii cnirn Dnnoerat ofthe 10th ult. : " Sin-Tnr.ser.Y Uiisas.Chirago. April 10. The Iteeeiver ol this place left on Wednesday morning lor St. Louis with two hundred nnd ninety thousand Hol lars In sp-cic for land in this district. Seven stage verechurteicd of .(. Prink st Co , for the conveyance, and a sufficient guard Was taken to ensure the saf.-ly ofthe funds." Under the good old Wnir. system this 829",- 000 would have been sent to St. Louis without the cx ease if a farthing lo tho Government. Under the reign of modern Democracy it co-ts the expense of " SL'VLW STAGLS AM) A SUITICIklNT GUARD" ! ! ! We should think Democracy" first saw tho light on the first of April. It certainly does'ntdo much else hut play the fool !" WtW The Co-ton Atlas. Mr. William IIavden-, who, in connection with Dr. Thomas M. JlsnvER, has conducted the Notion Atlas with much energy and ability since the death of tho lamented ILifGinov, makes a graceful valedictory to tho readers of that journal in its columns of tho 1st inst,, hav ing disposed of his interest therein. Wo under stand that the editorial management ofthe Atlas will bo in the chatge, principally, of Colonel SutouLEit, lato of the Lowell Courier, a gentle man of large experience and of line attainments. "The War, In other ,i .i. : . . r .i. n . words, the Locoloc-os the, cast S.". Wi percent, of the "il ''I""'S l-ru-pc-cis oi uio ccc-us- w as 15300, now about 1 100, a loss of 5 UK) vvitrils.lhe I.oeoloeos then cist .V" 1.-' whole vote now, W 1-4. The Opposition then cait burgh Itoad, 15 1-2, now I'J per cent. And this is tho kind of" democratic triumph" that threw tho Cabinet at Washington into con vulsions of joy! Will the Vt. P&triot oblige the I'nion by piibli-hing the nbovo extract .' The Ogilenslitirgh Ilallrou.l. The MiJilleliury (la'txy congratulates its rea- ? pros ml savs : The editor of the Philadelphia P. S. fiaette, speuKingofa late singular appearance in the heavens, sav s : Asil could not fiil to have arrested the attention of our astronomers, we shall doubtless hear something . road lie ir Nurlimrton.''from ic.'i.-'i iw'n.('in'i:sc .--ruing it hum them. I rtl , ., .: , . .. ,' s,,,iuu. o,uc- tun j iic- inionii- ino.-e w no niav " '.Ve can see no reason why the Utttland is not to receive its full -haie ot tie- immense business which it will bring upon the Vermont Koads." If onr friend will cathis eye over Mr. Il.iy ward's Koport ho will perceive that that gentle man contemplates no such thing whatc ver as a connection between tho Ogden-hiirgh and llul l ind Koads. I lis proposition is to bring the Og densburgh from Itou.-c's Pt "to the Central Rail. cone-rniiiir The Cruiunnr King should inve said tv aritst m-tead ol" ti hnec inieted." It his majesty commit many sucboutraees ugain-t the dignity ofthe llnghsh langinge, we shall have him depo-t'd and assume the sceptre ourself. J.iuiirille Journal 'The Louisville critic ought to have given the Grammar King the chance of an alternative, at least. Tho " King's" cngli.-h is wrong without doubt; but it might bo rectified by saying "As itci;i not fail lo hivo arrested s-c."aswell as bv Cloiious N'ew fiom Virginia ! Tho .Mother of Pro-idonts" has given a most feel an interest in knowing that there is a f-.i--ib!e route, "of course, into the Village." Aii-1 ho " th 'rfire, consider.! tho question of HriJginz the lu'n; settle 1" ! Wo believe l.oiv evcr, that it is contemplated to build a branch from the great (jTdonsburgh and I'o.-ton Rail road via Montnclter and Concord, into our Vil lage, lo ena bio us to send to the Depot in Lsex such freight and passenger as wo may havo to go in cither direction. Wo trust llurlington wiil bo always prepared to show herself grat elul for the smallest favors. Itnt what conceivable I e lefit will accrue to the Rutland, Chc-hire or I-'itchburg Roads, from the con-traction of the Ogdensburgh as rocoinm.i.led by Mr. Wayward , wo are not bright enough to see. No now? of special interest from tho armies, since our last. Gen. Scott remains at Vera Cruz and is engaged in hastening forward his troops "in tlio direction of Jalapa, as fust as tho means of transportation can be furnished." A letter to the N. O. Dolta says : , , , , Vera, April 1S1T As I stated m my letter of tin morning, the bri"itdc ol (i-nerul ortb look up lb.- line ol march for Jalapa, but Irom rather sudden nidi-position the General did not leave with them. About one o'clock an express reached the General, with important information, which stated that the column under lien. Twicgs had hllenin with a large lorce ol ihe enemy at Ccrro (iordo, a strong position beyond I uenta National and that o skirinisli had taken place between I'wiL'gs's advanced guard and llie ene my, m which Capt. Johnson, topographical engineer, was sev erely wounded, nnd ev era! other. In hall mi hour alter the rece ption ot this news Ceil vv pi tii nail mounted hi horse and was otl'so suddenly, indeed, that I missed linn, notwithstanding I repaired to his quarters to gather the particulars as soon as 1 heard ol U. There is no doubt at all hut that Santa Ana, with Iruiu twelve to lilteeu thousand men, is Ik tvveen us pud Julani. It is conceded on nil side, that if Cell, lwigg does not whip him, he will at least keephini m check ;u!ld";n- Scott, ho left yesterday, reaches him, which will be to-morrow ni-hl Major General Patterson left here w ith twobrigade? ol volunteers on 1 riday, and heluj no doubt reached the advance belure tin hour. General Twiggs hid b-tween SOOand 2,,u0incn underlies coiiuuand, and I entertain liltlc liar for his balely. ueneral interon marched with Phields' and Pil low brigades, and all the lorce except the garrisons ofthe town s and Quitnuns brigade is either at the scene ol action or on the road to it. A terrible Imtrle wit be fought at Cerro Gordo, or there will be little erno fighting. An intelligent Mexican tcJil me to-night that there w ould be no light, and that ."Santa Ana had with him tour prominent member of the National Congress with ihe aid ot whom lie lii.ned to negotiate a r-m-.- ' l.en Seott top,-,l r,t night nine miles Irom this. I ) night be w ill fueli lien Tvucg' position. .via 'Sa"tai iA"a I" ai tIr!," 0-' '"' H fvprevnte d, be will propably not be ottacked bdore two or lluic das. 'Tho Vera Cruz Ragle says : The IToniitaU. Many of our soldiers are now pro-trated by di-oase, and the ho-pitals are tilled lo overflowing with them. 'I'he di-ca-e most prevalent isdi.irilioa, which, in many cases, has proved fatal. 'Tlio latest accounts front Gen. Taylor are as follows : is thought worthy a place in your paper. I maUe al 11,0 rei-'ciit .'JOssion of Congress, us our v e thuili it quite time, ufiei three exhibitions far i H' lders will rcinetnuar, is " I or concluding peace our Agricultuial Soeieiy to have some sjstem that 'cith Mexico 8:1,1)00,000." We bhottld like to may give some value lo their reports. II they are not know when nnd bow- ti'aco is t hn concluded i.ady to U-gii, then it is clear they never will .,-;,. ,,:, lnonp,. , (;0), S,0TT is slli,.,r ilU be, and ihe sooner it is abandoned the licitcr. Put we are glad lo sec an increasing interest in this valuable As-ochtioii, and think lie- Manaacnhave nc-tej iudi. ciou-ly in inserting tiie condit oils for premiums gen- C-fllMl . We Cud no fault in the report and nrcmium here. lofou- made in llie Society. It was to be ci peeled, I uim jieiiiiii was Dcti lor a Sisjiely ju,t slartpig, and the only sale couiso to adopt. Hut have we not crept long enough to begin to walk I We trust so j ictd liehevc the conditions complained of will not only liuie caul money army towards tho Hills of Montozumis," nnd Tayi.oi: is Hogging the Mexican, wherever ho can find them. When is tho 3.000,000 to come in .' And how 1 Loose Suine. Hogs are very useful animals beyond a ques tion, and lird llyron. in his fiinous controver sy with Rowlos touching poetical I'oierii, mi- good elll-ct in showing pedigrees of horses. 1 derlook to prove that a ' hoe? in a Iiitrli wind " tlieep and swine, but will Hot again nllow- u . I no nllMr. lint looye committee to give n pre-miun, t(, a merchant who lat is , , ,.,, lirL, llwn , takes a piece of ll.miu-1 from lii store unJ exhibit., 1 , i i -.- 'e rr n -,i . excluding superior domestic fi.nnel as the u,rm cold charities of all linfeehl.g world without used by the Society -,-to cow- c-abbagi, (as known ' la,llcr or moll"'r alld compelled to glean a nmoiig gnrdeneis,) and mangel wurtzel, as brat vaiie. "unty subsistence by tho way-side, are neither ties of cabbage and heels lor '-table u-e" ; to Mjuashe useful nor ornamental. They then become siin too coaise for catlle, merely because ihey weiehrgej ply nuisances. They bring undeserved reproach ... ...... u.,u (miopH.-weci apples ns -usi lor , upon the iinno of ling. Rverybody dislikes . , .v, ullllll iiu,,,c I mil. .v( .n. .-sue, emphatic exprossiun of her dissati-faction with tlio ineasuies and policy of Mr. Polk's adminis tration ! Her experience in Tylorism has given her a di-tasto for small rulers in general, and i fuuith-rate Presidents In particular. Tlio con-1 Tho Great I'imim-inl Humbug of the Mi;c- sequence is that the has elected at lea-t SIX Whigs to the next Congro-s! In tho last, she elected but one. Honor to 'Old Virginia!"! Tho following are tlio members elect as far as 1 evils mast necessarily exut in any new -iocieiy, hut can be corrected, which we are happy to see the Man. ogcis me judiciously endeavoring to Jo. April 2(5,1917. Cmuw.tenr, VII, This fm-tuitult t y The " Prce Cilucu," a well conducted " Lib erty I ail)" paper in Perry, Wvomiug county, has heed disc-onlmued. .1(4, Juurnai. We know of one or two very ioorly conduc ted ones that will follow tho example ono of those pleasant days-dying of over-wrought C'lllptillCaS. Tho legislature of Massacliuelts ad joiirned on tho "Cth ult. after a sossion of 111 days, laving passed USO Acta and 1011 Rc.-olves. Adiiiiniclraliun, through 3 r'J'ho Shitebinan is Iholillo ofu Whig dal ly paper jut established in Albany. Wix-i.ow M, Watwiv a gentleman of much edilo. rial expcridice and unquestioned ability, is it editor, 'I'he Statesman proposes to light in the next presidential campaign, under tho banner of General Tavi.ou. His pUiin that .Mr. W,u sox does'nt mean to be beaten this time. them in dour-yards and streets, and public oblo quy falls upon tho whole raco as a matter of course. People iron' discriminate between the innocent and the guilty between looso hogs and those that remain reputably at home. Now wo believe it is in ' violation of the con? titution " of our Village for hogs to bo per mitted to bj vagrants. In addition to this it i.-iinquestion-ibly in violation of public decency and commit. It is well Known that hogs when they aro looso are perfectly lawless, They know nothing ofthe distinction between 'liberty and licentiousness.' They root up roses aud millions witli the sanio blundering indifference. Wo saw a largo gaunt tiuisler-lookiug fellow, last Saturday, shaped a good deal like a sun-fish Willi a poor apology for it caudal fin, grubbing through the pretty door jard of one of our cili zons witli his nose at least two and u half inch- es under the ground ! Wo opened tho gate ascertained : Wjiius 3d Dist. Titos. S. IYovrnoy, gain; .V.h William L. Gcwoiv, gain ; (ith. John M. JJott--, g lin ; 9th. J.S. Pendleton, re-eleclod ; 12th. William 11. Pr.EsTox, gain; 13th. A. S, 1'ei.To.N-, guin ! Locofoco-i 1st )ist, A. Atkinson ; 2d. Geo. C. Dromgoole ; 1th. Tin. S. llocock; 7th. T. II. I!.i)ly, 8th. It. '', L. Rcale; 11th. James McDowell; 15th, Win. G. Drown. r-'ix Whigs lo seven Locofoco, and two dis trict to be beard from. L-ist year the delega tion stood I t Locos to one Whig! teciith Century Illiistiute-il ! We hopo nobody will laugh on reading the following letter. It would'ut bo respectful to the ''government." Tho Sub-Treasury is "a fixed fact," nnd it becomes all true Americans to treat it witli solemn respect. The Hon. R, X. Rkiugs, of Rutland Co., lo whom this missive of Mr. llurke J'JmunJ Iiurhe (tho great Kngii-hman would sleep un- New-York, Pund.iy, ) MnvS, 11 M. P. i RPIiO.M llKAZUsj. j ' I LATI t'w-Ur tnnt nmpru .1... ... . ' n .he .dih ult. tei! 'TaVi "C anatJceti'itP.;1'1'" (.en ool vva with the main body of the armv ot Agu-i.Nueva. Rverj Hung was quiet, ui the "aini healthy. The wounded were recovering Ti en" a Ou-hmgwasut.Matamoros. " A correspondent ofthe New-Orleans JJel'a, writin fruiii i Monterey. Alaich S-ih, 6ay """" ' ' '"l''1,?.t I''"'"1 noniovei'.ieiit of troops in this qaarter Ihe twelvemonths volunteer ore- loc'lsiui. kirward to the tune ol i their dinharge w,d, ..K-aMaeaR. '.a'"1u' """"Slitby many here ll,ai "lGc ham will have lo hold out greal indueeme is to nr, -cure men lo volunteer or cnl,'., lor live je'auor iLniig Two 11,-t) Iaiter from Ilnglima. The steamship Sarah .Sands arrived at New York on'l huisday about C 1- .VI n. 3 davsfr" mllu-rpool. which port she left on the fill, u ller ad ,lTre two d.i)s ier than the Cambria's. siwe'e. 'tfa'ldsbri,'"'S a 'JeraMe amount in Money was e-omparativelyea-ym llie U,nJon Hloek LNchange, and out ot doors also there w as ",, "bnee XrT,; !"1 ? 'wdent.lromthe.'", ho Z if. ', a' 1 '.e s'shWil mma f demand w ould be ........ .. ii. -.- i - . . . . . :., .i, i ... i . .: v . . -."missaiy ipiieuy in ins grave u no Knew ins name was uoc-m irom Hirtiadoes, l,a brought, in connected with such a miserable piece of finan cial loin-foolery as the American Sub-Trea. ury !) was addres-ed, enclosed to the said .Mi. Durke a B- Now York city bill which is worth in Washington a little mim- than ,yJ in specie, being at a premium. Rut tlio conscience of this ... ... In addition to the gains bove mentioned, says the 'transplanted rvew Hampshire Locoloco would Notional iiilelhgencer, it is worthy of remaik that ' not permit him to touch lho bank ra". So he three oilier disiiieis have been lost bv majorities hi ., ,, , a meiigie as lo niuounl lit the oggicgaie tu hut little writes to Air. Unions lis tollows : more ihau n hundred voles, u. Mr. D.-ouigoole u i'.Tr..nrr. . m , -i elected hy only U vote,.Mr. lloc-ock by IS, and .Mr. ' c v r.i 1r-),TEST,rr,111 10 April, 1317 lkin-oii by 73- Ma : ars of the 5i!i inst enelo-mg a 'Two Dollar ... .e n -. , . , i ''ill tor ol spei ilieations.e-aine lo hand this morn- o respectrulJy invito tho attention ofthe ing. The act of Congress c.uiblishmg the lu.leiK-n-.Sentinel and Democrat tu this evidence of the ,leIU Treasury prevents me receiving Hank llillsiu ,.,,.,. , pav ment c.l lees, and 1 therefore return tne bill reuiil- grow nig popularity o! this " fortunate adiuiuis-, ted. tr.ltion ! " j 1 do not di-eovcr nny palent to Ilush .N Lobdell, but one to " llonuey Hush !j Lobdell," dated 17 March, 'I'he i ehmoil. inner nnnranic it, .,An. .,r . '. I"? Gen. Ukojiuoolk since the eleclion. fe fur 0 COI1V of this encnticntmn will, tint of Mr. Ilddj'solthe-y.ih Dee ISIS, will Iw S3. I which, when received, IN COIN, will Ik- preinred I and transmitted. 1 am very re-ieclfully )ours, ic. ,, r ,, RfMi-xo IIcrki-, Cum. Patents. L. N. Uninos, Lsq , Urandou, Vt. &Lte7T!!-' " "7-ved addiiiou to a cargo of VesV m". Sk',' oiVle7K'a"rfl0Ur' Tl"s is S'S ihe Weindief ' f rf'-mcnen .lour, via' lnIve"R,m!?,LT'W!"',l', of ('erman "'usrants nave, vitlun the last loitnight, po.ed ilirou-ih Co. where thev will take tlu-.r depaiture for Amenra 1 he greater port ot then, seemei lo be rather well otr It i, culeuluted ,l,a, l-:u,000 (lennan, will emigrate tins 5,.ar. i he de-,re to emigrate has extended to Uietiii ts in Germany where it wan never before felt, and amongst oihen to the rich and lertile Saxon prov nice ot 1 rus-ia. The NureinlH-rg Porreswudeiu states that tne whole ol the inliohiinnts (Com ol the villoge ol AKiuibreNwn, in Uleciorul Hewe, are about to i-im-grate to America. 1RL1.VM1 I Iron, oil pansol the country oeeedsai a runi.l nace. 'I'l... n.,1.1 ' blc the haliing.piuce of an lloiu-in'iaravon l'r,.vvdj ol e-migroiits, w ith their separate allotment, ol lug-o.-e. stud every available spot. " ' 1 ever holds on it, way unchecked. In Donegal the workhou-e hospital is crowded, and fever and dv sen. very lo un alarming extent. In Nenogli the ev er bos ,iu contains INS tieius, and the hcsfutal of J he woik lou-e. vvnh -J17 patients, has 130 ,11 ,' (ever vl-.'" 'ihc UKe y,h '"miber last This pieeious Sub-Treasnry law is another ofthe "great measure." of the Administration ' on the " eucces," ol vv hich the Uurliivj-ton .V n. The I'latltburgh Republican is quito Mistress ed by our notion- of .Mr. Polk's War, and give, in reply to them, quite a lucid exposition of lho I several causos tho United States justly had fur, commeiluiil" war on Mevicn !,,.,. mn,., il,., . llepublicanhoUi that Mexico commenced tho 'fTl 'K'T,7' lC0"Srat"Ia, iN readers and Mr. I'.dl.- nnd ltd. .,r M. I'.l I 1..-,. . war ou its, wo don't seo that his argument '.. 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V.cM "''"''''toikare attack, d with lever m .heApm!,ll:uTols,.Ut'1,0,l Wki a lare LeVb ."'Tm '"S ul"n" ""I'1 nis'i"'ion created ot Rome ? Jr, I a",h"!,'"',u! ,lle 'i'wrilup have Ikch cm Olderubly t annul hied hv , ... ..1. . r.i ,.. .1 wU. 10 c-('rc'' 'I" fuiic-lious. Contiary to what wseMv?cted the Iwanl is composvd ehirlfy ot llie laity au. ot individuals known lur ibeir enlight enect and miKlerute opinions. They are llie Moiquis ill 1 Ii' 1 C"fl''' "I'd Mil. lk-iiiand Vuunu. .... m,,,, ,;iw)i-r. wilh unusual civilitv. and invited him out : J. , . I "'b S "I Will ..-bn., rtnr st.isiiwr ..I ,1 IVirn tninlitii wilh thn 1 readers who iliillllfro in tlio litvnt-io nf lu.t .t- ' the chan.-n of llu, r..ii,,n...... 1.: , . .1 l'nniriAv Ortiri:. Atareb 31. HI7 di-inaje-d look of a criminal caught in the act J thoes to an adveitiseiuent in our eoltuus hay. leu ! Of couro the " coin" cannot bo t-ont hi ' 1 -' 'ihwmg ih he ubioliitcly bolted btraiglit through the picket, ng special rel'c'ience to such thing-. i"' 'it inu-t be enclosed in i dim I,. purpii-e oi lai-mg a subscnptiou in the t'liiu-d r-tuu t 1 ' ' ' ' 1,1 ' 'iiot-iMgor tl e tor ihc relict of me disutute lii-h p'Hir