Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 7, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 7, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 7, 1847. METEOROLOGICAL REGISTER, FOR APRIL, 1047. HuiiMSuTux, 1 mtlo K ist'of I-tiKc Chani.1niii and lifiO feet above It. 18 17 TIII'.RM. VVINtis. rr.iirTLn. lAlt.alrr ivATLt;'nrH I) 1) Si 1 II Sill '.' ! r,5l-"',Y" ir ! ,. H Wll rM'i-Mi It rMinch. Inch inch. Hi" , S I 1 II r M 'KjlMFM Til r,7 inches llie' n e m a i: i; s ti-nr cloudy all 07 1 0.1(1 IcIomlyfiiiWTI novv ra(nr; 1 1 "(I'll i"- .v '.vw s !3 ) (H III) (H 2'.).IH clear clear - h an to '' I 1 '2:uv2.io2 2Joinovv miw 1 ? ! II Ml s . . (2Llnil2.)o.V2'.l72cloudv.lnir J ' .... r.i I r-. Ji.Mielear '.-lonr - I 15 '"13 n N a v2J 01 'i'.lVi J'.Ui.'i cloudy clear clear Ii3iiu71 0.13 !' T 'U II ItJ s r. L" s" '- MWfi'J .Viclenr ruin rnin I'i27(l7(l - 'i "u IT 13 i vv 1 ' 2J.I72'.I .! 2'.),7i"i rain Irani .cloudy ."S C.. 7(1 I ; ; . , 2'Jl'..-2D.-,J2J f.'l.iir ir 'fair C. lily 73 n.l'.l I f, 3712 ' ' rw .nw2'J372U5I 2'J,fi3raln 'clear .clear i;M,7i"i o.Sfi 111 7 'M 17 3'" s' s N 2X13 2.127 "J ti ennui) clear ciouuj- o.) nun 1 tended. 1 .A little- rain sleighing Little snow in the night. 1r:!r):,Jv N k -.MM iJ .17 ill fill clear clear clear .1i ,07 ,M III 31 s Nw'iJ!W3J.:MS11.52cloiiilj cloudy clear W'fi-'M !ii 3 2:;!3;i'MV?2J7JS0 2JWclenr clear' clear M J770 1 .- it 'ill 3) xvv vw nvv !.' ' i ' a'J-S'J 'I'""1!' '1"u,,' c!cnr fi-'Tll 31 mvvvw nh-2.1 01 211 70 21! 70 clear clear c ear 5 r." ft :J " ;" " m 2.1 .1.1 J.) 1l cloudy lair dear H ( 2.133 il tt'Mv' srt-2.)iU2J8'.V3HUtair .clear clear III 2 III 13 HI ' ' 3 IIM 31) 07 30.1)1) clear clear Hitir M 3 3ti.11l .1 I s !1 I I3.1l H s. 3)30 37 IV N 23 0 33 I1) 2J w X 7 2J 13 31 X X 3,l'i M s s" 2 13 03 11 s 3 13 3.1 3.1 s x I 21 13 37 nvv . Ii 31 12 37 s 6 3i 111 :l.i v v 33 2H .O111V.1 08 03 07 711 53 03 07 .11,03 72 I 57 01) 03 I7l71fif. 0101173 01 711 711 0 311 1 02 70 711 li:il I.I 02 3 ).i)3 2.1 llllclear clear 'clear s 3.1.70 2J 00 2J OS rnin icloudy fair 11V '.!. 70 2.1 s ' loii'J rnin Irnm K 2.1 l 2.1 in J 1112 now civiiny clear im .11 - i-n x 3 )IW 3 1.07 3.1,0.1 clear clear clear On 00 73 s- 3)01 II J HI) 2'J 80 clear .denr cloadv 5.1 71) 72 2J j.l2J.I'J2J.U loiidylair .clear 02 0.108 X 2.1 OJ 2.1 21 2J..10 cloudy lair lair 07 08 71 w 2.l.12 2'.i.j-2D.'0, clear cloudy 03 03 011 3 J E2 2.) 23 2.) 23 cloudy cloudy cloud) 511 08 71 xv 2J.33 3.1.23 2J.I5!eluudy clear .air 03 03 08 0.23 'Seeral lialit fbncr.. ''cry kiggj ground lialf I hare. lcc continue plrongoii ( , the lake. .Snow epulis. riiiow squall. i do. Smoliy ice on the ill- iSmoky. iToi;!;). 1 ilii Tliiiuderin A.M. 3 I'ain nil night snow in llr. lake oii'ii A.M. .Meadow l.nlii ! (.'Iiin- luni; Spairma. White Inlleil swallow boat.-4 out Ml lake. 2 Steamer j. it. n passed. 'llnr.Siliel luylullofiee ISi'in'r S.iltin went S'th. run i BAKERS '! nPrlv-r'V'V'iit., ":"'1'.A UAKlllt, MKH.J.C. llAKIllt, SIHH.15.U. llAKCU. W1M. civi: A VOCAL CONCERT On Jlonday .May Hlili lH17,nt Strong Hnll on hiili neenvion they will iiitioduce n inouiiiiiiiiie, cihkwiI Iiy tlicmptc anions llio llillsof New- 'I'lcKc't 'J5 ocii("i Cbildrcn 131 cent", il aceoiuimuied by Tareim or (tuardians. l.nrge IiiiiIIicd will rccicen lilicnd rc iluction. lloors orlbn nt 71, Concert to commence at 8 O'clock. nii: Mrsia nf tlic Hakcrsii pulili'.licd and for pale Iiy ihem inline dialely ntiercaeli Concert. One lenlni; Only. .May Till 1818. li 1.11 11 37 37.13 2J.013U.j5 211.011 menu 2 J.G0 3.15 Inched of Miow. 'I'll ui"Hi ti'mn-rnture of April, 1810. win 17 7, and the mean nf the lat II years 1 1 1" by which it ap ii up. bat Aiinl, tin year ha? heen mnaiknhly cold, lieing more tlian 111" colder tlnn lift year.nii.l 7- colder ii in' lie mean ol the Int II yeais. The u e continued t-iumi uioii the lake up to the BJJ. nh llie execp m ol tin h iy?. the hike was nearly clear of ice on the 27th,hnt r-helbuine hay and the south partol lluthus diiI av were tilled with lloutni" iee'up to the lirt of May. The bill ol water thi month hus hceii uu.iually Lr 'at tin nM-iage lor April ot the lnt'J yeuis bcini? only about 2 incho. Althongh the snow lias not nt any T,ne eoirma Die pn-t w niter heen remaikahly deep, ct the ,iinntiiy which ha lull, n has been imu-ualiy great. . menurl imiiieilialely alter it lelt, it amounted to 1 10 inches, cental to J leet mid 2 unhes, n k-ieiiler depth Iuhii Ii inn any one of the Sjeais next pKccdmg. And 1 lunc to in'truel yoe to take every opporliinily oi ".iiiim liow irmtefu) her Majiiy's government, uiiel i .e linn ji ii moil nt large, leed for tliH kind und lion- j orn'ili mauM ,tationof sympathy hv llie cilivensolihei I in d S'atu lor the sull'eiing of Oie Iri'h people-. Il HI inileeil nac been etpecH'ii, n geiu'ions nun 4Havkct0. l!ii;,'liton .Iliiihi't.-JIoniliiy, Stay H At mnrkei, 300 Heel Cattle, 20 yokes working o.en, xo'i'i c n. njMin Coi'.UTM'.i!Miii' iinisirroroui: i:ist- R. Ui'i hetHi'i'ii the vihscriheis tinder the firm of 1'. . 11. 11. DOOLn 11,1; was, hy muliial e'ein-ent, tlissoUril em the tint day ol April la!. 'J'lic beiiin'sa ol the Into linn w ill he willed hy 1' Djomtti n, lo whom all payments are to he made, mid wbo will ue iiiciiameoi inn sani linn in iiiiiiii.iiiuii. An early settlement of nil accounts due is icipieMed i'. miui.i i i H. II. DOOLITTU;. Ilurlington, lib May, 1817. -ljC D I) OOlil 'I' T L H wim, to.vTiM-i: thi: m lllercanllli! husilifs oil liis own nrnnnl nl liU old stand, where may he found a geneinl aortmeiit of Hoods mlaptcd to the trade of the countiy, which lie is iii'te'iiumeil to sell nt the lowest rales. liuilmgtou, .May llh, 1507. Ijuii p D 0 0 L I r T L ) n.sroirs.uj7A ir.w lL llimdred hailS hest Noa Seolia l'lrieli-r. lm Im- US can he had nt uny tlore in (own. .uay i, ioi. j.,Mo sfofiiTA t mxdbsKi TamTiiEKriw. rHUIi: l.ntlnnp V Polwin Store, now occupied H- hy James l'latt,lohe re'lited lor one or more j ears. Ann'v to S. Winoo-ki or (1. U. Shaw. llnr. lingloii. May 1, 18 17. 15 !) cKf,nmTHi T.Miim and Patrick's J Vr.OVUWi for sale by , .May 0, 18 17 J.rj.I. H VV.CK l( Ci: JONES, 13A1X& P00.," io.i2:iWAsiiiiT,TOA-sri!i:!;ri().sTox InilHiitcrsofAt M'lmlfntlt! Drnlrrs In Wutclics, Jewelry, .Ullltltry Comls, ,Vc. MAVI3 itix'r.ivni iiv iti:ct:xT aiiuiva t-s fuojj Ihiglaiid and rratice. a large and i'Xtenic as. sortinent el the fillowingilescrihed (iood, with many other kinds too numerous to be mentioned, seleeted e. pitssly for their wholesale trade, t'tul comprising the gientest variety of nrlieli-oto he found hi the city, to niLii me: iiiit'iiuoii oi oi'iiier is on ue.ei els in liiveriiool, I,ou-l Iroin the eclehrnie'd tin. don, und Iioele in Suisse nulaeliirei-sof Sheffield, .iiaiiue, liosewood nndi Koilgers, Urookc. Wos- in. ii iiiiudi d nation would eleeply con'miseiate ihe 58 Cows V Cnlii's. 3.11) Sheep, and nh ut 1 ilii) Smc. ill i urs winch an awlul silation of Providence has ltrrf ('utile Ultra, OH.'tl; Jit iinlity 87,50 j so- oli il mifiit mi n ooiiitlntioti. ili'St'eliileil liolll eolld and lllird olialilles. flom sO.DO lo tl.0,7.1 tin s-iine nnee'.toias theuii-lves. Hut the active nnd ( U'vtkins Orcu Sale's noticed at 87'J, 681, $9.1, i lieu tie iis-istanee which the people ot Ihe I'niteel gn.i anil s me thus nll'ordiug to the iioor lri-h, while it re-' Coin initl (ilecs Sales noticed at 21, 23, and i. 'k he highest honor upon our tiaiwillaulic lueth- .20. up in ir...iO. u . imi'-i I 'lid to draw closer, nnd lo render stronger ,Sirr;i Veiy I -w ntjuaikel, and prices advanced ninl more lasting, those tie ot liii'iieMiin nnd mutual Lots taken nl si2.7.1. 3,7.1 nnd 1') to SO. . m, which her Majesty's f ioveriuneiit trusts will tiriur Sales at wholesale, Iroin 5 .e lo 0,e ; nt le--i iiil conlmm to exist hetvvecn the two great launches tail, lioni Ojc lo 7e and 8 eK per ih. an advance ot iin uglo-.-a.ou family separated, mde-eel, horn horn list wei k s ptiees. ni-li iiiIiit I iv eeii Trah deal oosiliou. hut nil leel teiire'th- X II It will he noticed licit all kinds ofsior-kshnv r Iiy common intcre-ts, to which every suceeedinir risen Itir the past 3 werks. We notice a disposition car iuu'.i uutt iiiciea-iug e-xieiisiou aim iorce. uiuongsi ouieuers 10 rise l am.evc. i i.i;i i ei.v 'I'd the Kight Hon. Kiehard rakenhaiii, etc. -Vc. vCouvt iCnlcniinv. I lioolmi .llnrki't.IJay iCIl V1X. Until 20 nor rmt. There isnu im.-ual sc.ireity of vidlovy mealing Corn, and with an increased eh iimu.I for Kaslein maikets, purrs nave iiutii'-r aelv nnci-il. r-Hes jellow tint , 103 a 1 103c ; nr.d Noithern iinuid, lfOe per hu-hel ; white Corn, which is niori nleiitv. nnd m les deioanil. tut-. Isents nn im imi il dill' reiiee in price something like ilu ti'-r Imshel. Sales to el.iy ei prune heuv v'liaiecisnt 1'Oe ; out ai tuc linueeinte Close, some lloiuers relu-eil to rfJTr well known tavern stand in the; Center ol - Charlotte on the Singe load generully known as the llirnes riaee Immediate possession given, tenns Aloderate. sa.mui;l h. haum:s, Clnilolte May 3d 1817. 15w3 ro ui:.vr. flll' Htirsi: at tin; Coit.i:n opMuxaxi) Jl Chainplain Streets, vvilh bain nod oulhoti-es at Inched also a large room on the second story e.f the huildingon Writer St. Known as the l'oundry, suila hle lorstotnge fc. rossession given iuunediate-ly. Apply to t-ii.vs. 11. I'oi.iF.rr. Ilurlington May I, 1817. 153 YOUNG CATTLE. 9Q TIIUIIIJ AND 1'OlTlt VHAIl OLD 0 Sieas, for sale hy VIIAH et NOYIIS. April 13, 1817. 13 VV.TITIOX TO SKU. LAX1). STAT, ()' I'JitlMOXV, I rplll'.'I'rohate Court District of Ciitlni(lcii,!H. S J in nnd lor said dis trict, Tonllpersotislo wfioni II iiinyconeein,(irettin!r. Wle'rens, Horace Ii. Mooie,ol llarhnglon, in said Disirirt, Ouaiihaiiof the propeity nndesiate of Will iam Helms, of said lluihngton, n male inlanl, under the age nl 21 unis, lis puch guardian hath lileel his petition In writing In said eoiilt, slating Ihat his said ward is seized ill his iivvn right, in lee pimple-, of a cer tain parcel of laud, situate In said llurhtigton, on Ihe south side ol Ihe road leading Iroin the head ol 1'entl stieel to the bridge nt Onion liivcr Lower I'nlls, dc si'nlii.,t f, ti.l liiiniifleil as follows, to V.'it' Oil the north Hold und Silver Wnlches, Jnpanned Tea Trays, In by mid road nnd land recently occupied hy John tl. of Lever, L'Lpine, An-i FelsorM'ngle,ol all; McD-nnutt nnd wile, nnd conveyed lo one WiOinni rlinr, lloruontnl mull Cnrd Tiays, 'Hiead, i Warner, oil thecnsl hy land so conveyed to said War eige capeinents, of 1'iuit nnd Knife Trays, tier and the westerly line of the sihool house lot hi an ipiauiies an.i prices.' I alilo nnd I'oeket Cutlery, ' school elistnet in 11, on llie sontii ny i.inei oi me ut troin tlit-f-t-lcbintt-et nink-' Seizor", Itnzors, e've. I peirnlion of the t'nive'rsily of Vermont, and on the1 west i,y land occupied ny .lonnsou vvansworin, rnn lannug ahout oue-lhird of nn acre, wilhn huilehng now used ns n hou-e of religious worship, minding that ii sale ol sani pawei nnd npimrtenanei's i de invested in other I (iold Jewelry, of nil eles-l hone horn nnd cuco.i I real estate or put tint nt interest, would he feir the he't ciiptions. l'nis, Kings, wood linndies. interest of Ins said wind, nnd prnying snid court to , llraeelels, and Clasps 'Steel Hag nnd I'uss,. , grant bun lie'cnse and to aulhoiie nnd enitmwer linu j itoni iieau, i.,uani i jasiis, vest and 1 oh io sennuu e'ouvey sain preunse-s nuieiioij uns ....... IT.. I I I At .- 1 ' ' , ...!... t ... s:il. I'fltlM i 111 I ni iVolirn 1 ivrii. that the siihscrihers'Will rrwnrd to ,New Voik nil grain, proviions, nnd other nnleles ih sillied for the 1 oor ol Ireland nml Seotlaud, hntht Sif 1"" UltADLLY & CO. Ilurlington, April 11, If 17 '(!1V 'M!d. TUST li:Ci;iVi:i), a i im: lot Diamond fl'l'oinleiltioldl'etis.rurse ltingsnliITni-ls, Stone llricclef, l'islol nnd tlnn Tulss, Pagneireotype (.n ses, nnd n lot ol line Silver l.cpiiic Wn'ches uitid oiher new Goods. 111UNSMAII) IlUOTHr.lbS. 13 LOST, J?,' the small biuldirrg nenr Skinner's Stable, on the . 20th Inst , a silver iruniticr WATCH, to which n silverfoh-chaiiiiiiiddog'lnd key were attached. Any person who limy have found "aid vvnteh, nnd will return It to tin; fuhtcriber shall he liberally lewur-d-,1 JiAVlU Gl.MlliN. llurhit'?tou April 20, 1S17. i:i3 GREEN ft CRAMER, Aim. 231 tivd 2.11! Iliier-Strttt, Troy Opitsiti Hit! Tiny House, bnpeirtersnnd D.-nleis in llardvvare, Cutler)',',' djerv, li. Sn,. , Nni!., Spikes. Anvil-. Vices, ChaltH, 1'i lliiwsj, llur oiul Khe 1 1 L-nd. Leud l'lpc, .tc.&c lor " 1 nirlauks" tVlrlmited Plntfotm, CiuiU'f, Hay nnd llud-Uoild Uepot Stales. HlanUiardu sc)th..s. , 1 Aptil, 10th 1317. VI Lhony Cloi'k", Olliee. tenholui, etc. Willi many thereon j and further suiting that a s Clocks! nnd Uijtlit lJjy, chenper kinds of 'J'ul.le of laud vvilh nil the privileges nn Timepiece. I K'nivesnud Fork', vvilh ' theicof, and ihe nvnils ol such sale Chainr, Keys, Gold and Chains nnd Mountings, in such case provided Ihou'll Shei'tliu. im i:s nnows siiLMirixcs, tor sale bv VILAS, S XOVHS, pril 13, lnt7. rifttj im u.v'vcr:. Si'iis(:iiiiii:is invi: hi:.movi:i) Tiir.iit U wholesale CASH Lit VO'ltlD.-lhiislueAtto No. 'J. i-darn ,N. Y., where lli. y unite the nlletition 0' v.rtunnt All wltt wish t-j renlie tit gtent dillereu'e. heiweeii Creeht nnd tn-li prices vvitl do well lo look nl our gooels nt fV'M ;,Vr, IIILl)l'()ltD!j!.'i:i),ALL. . Xe-v Yoik, March 27' 1817. i3mS rAi!M!:ir.s insukanck (ran'ANV, itt (Irani ic, H'e.iiir'oit Co., .V. V. f OOMIS .' TC'lTLi:. Wholesale Dcnleis lb 1-J 1'oreign it I'oineslie Dry Goods. Have lemnvi'd twin N 1 0 William St. toN'M I'me St ( i leevdoors Irl'iu Hiodvvny) Where they rei-K-e tlullv invite the nttell'ievi of .Men hunts Visitintf the 12 I'ny to their llxlensivi' Stock ol Sia Ic l'nney Div Goods, will he sold' .it the lotvestmaiket prices lureasli or 0 mouihsCiedit. New York Mare-h I, Hl7. -f- slik-.T l,.i.,u s;, .,.,. sj i i . .i ,r. ' I t.rt,,. ,.,., ,,i it,,. il., I, iv nl Mav. A. 1). 181.. cles, Thiinbles," Lvi1 SpeelHele Caes, ' Silk' 10n,eloi I; A. M. nt llieolheeof llie l!ciplerof said rjHIS COMPANY teas chartered by the Leg',Ia Glues, (iold reu.i l'utsf", Guard Chains, Locket", witu a ge-unali Wuteh Gl.isse's, Specta- assoriuieui oi vioi.i, rsii- e-ie ijyes, i,utup vv le'U, Tin and Shell .Mnsie llite, Jewel Hoxes, bnined nnd Inciiueieil Tlieiinoinelers, I'uhle ti.'lis, eve. ver nnd Gilt lanej, Goods. I I'latcd Cake II iskels Cnn dlesiieks, Cn-tors, rin teil and Hritnnmn Table nii.l Tea Spoons, l'oiks, Wntch Tools ofcvciy des- iiuuer ivnive's, eve. cnption, Uritaunin Ten nnd t'olfee Tiles, Gravers, nn.l nil Pot, Sugar und Crenm kiudsof Wntch Alnle- l'.Ks. tials, both Luglish uud Ceimhinnioii Wore, tf nil. Swiss mnnulaetuic. kinds. Purchasers liny br assured lint every thing ill our lino will lie- furnished on nslavoiablc teliusus cuube pioeureil fiom any source. Dealeis ale invited lo call and examine. GKO.l). .KINKS, TltL'HM. HALL, iNATHL.C. POOR. lowlyll 0r7A'RK,"FISK & '"cbT" aH nihTo.v NTHiiirr. s. youic, I.I AVI", on Irind, md oII't lor sale a thoice n ice coint in llurliugtoii lor ln aiing and deciding upon . 1. tare, Apnl V'id, 1831. They commenced do, tig ..;.! r...,l ,,or iti.lnr till t.ersoll ' Lnili.. sa mi ll.cir l.rr'ufi.t In.iii nv nl seslfiii. ,,n ll... tiull Ot l'l pru-iiu,' u i ctu'sts nml Windsor Coiwrv. Htiprcnif Court, .llnrcli 18IT. IleporledlortherreePreM. t-eli uny more ai tliis line, lorur.igo 1000 hushels , ', 1 , ,., . . La-tern (Kits, there were sev el a I oilers ol jle, cash ; f vie-It 1osjf.i: r. K11.J.V I)hMisa-.uiip-.lks(,, ,u.rdo, 57c. No Southern in mark, t! . p , nissory notes. It appewed tint the. u. - t is sl, yi.nm . nollP ,, mii,,neat the rail- I ' - ,mr year.-since, lnaue a gejiemi nssigi niemi ro1 Small sales Northern, 105.' per bushel. The s p. ny unrest lr t ie b.-ti. fil ol his creditors, ,viees le.-the ship Sarnh S inds, two dav Inter than an a, 1 ,iu agreement, hull was signed .v t' , Cnint'jnn,nii,i.- ineh'in 3s ' Is'per u.niter, I 11 ill and either cie,litors.vvnsapp.m Jed to iIk- !0,.ril, pr.-i-d sale of the preeeedm,. eek-lnrge , ,. nt and ev.ismth'3.-words. - W e- hereby ne- ()rdcra h.JU, ,,, ,,,,,,.,1 , produced the rct.ct.ou. cc 1' of lite provi-1011 made tor us 111 the foregoing " iiimciit. an I agre-e to leeeive th- dividends winch WOrtf,. lhitv.Wvrrrt r. iy accnie loin atler a tinhlul accoiinimg u lliesnd 1 Nothing doing 1 f any importance in cither desctip- s. nn.l aie.iu inesimr, anu ine 1 111 i s- tion.nnd loriner tiriccs continued. I rrimc r-a.ony 1'ieeir si:li:ct school. MISS L. II STACY, will commence her summer leinion Alonday.liie 17th of May, Scholars un expected to enter at the commencement of the term. Tcino.N. lluglish, $3 to 4.00 I tench, 1,00 Drawing. 3,00 4311 101) 173 37 28 27.1 t-o .17 3.13 do do do do 1 Teas liom the Kile uinvals, coin- ilf 1'hests Hyson Skin, do do elo do do elo elo elo elo do Yotin J ilVsUl', O.el lhsoll, TwaiiK.iy, Gunpowder, Imperial, 1'iowery Pi cco, Poiicho'ug, Nuigyong, Orange Pecco, Souchong 131 caddies ol various oinlitles. Also, 20 Hull paeknges To'iacco, eomprisiug vanoiis luaiids and iiualuii's: Pipes uud Segns; .Mncoouy and Seoich Sinillj iNe-vv Oilcans, Porto llieo, SL C'r"i and Il-i-vnna Coffee, crushed ; Loaf nnd Povvdeied Sugar ; , , 'i , r it, ,,. ,, . iew e eas, reirio uieo, .Mie veins, c e.ioi., 1 .111- ihool room one door west of Mrs. l.angvvorthy s ( ,, Ml,.,se ' !ov;, UilK ,, said petition, and doth luither older that all person iiilerccte'irtherem he uotili.'d In appear before; ;nd court nt the tun" nnd place nloie Mil nnd then nnd there show cause ifnny they have, why the prayer of said petition should not he gianti d, hy puWi-lung the sub stance ofsnid petition together with this older thiee weeks Mieee"ively ill llie lice Press, a newspaper printed in llvuling'lun in said District, thela-t ol winch ivihiications shnll lie helore tlie .lay set for hearing Given uhiIt my linndnt lleirlniiii.m in said District ol Cliuteiieleu th.s 2!"t div of Apnl A I) 1817 I33 CII S. UL'SSLLL, Jmlsc. CHAMIJKUS, IIi:iSEIt Ji CO, t noi.rij. ii:t i rs in dm GOODS, !IJ Libcity Street, opposite to the lear of the iM'W 1 oik l ost inure. t HSSIIS. C.U.& CO. ham: coxsT.wn.v L'u 011 hand nnd me receiving hy everv ntrivnl, fresh ndiiitions to tle'irslock of DiyGooel, whicli comprises eve'ry nrliele leiiuucd by Ihe trade. Mts-rs C. II. A-. I o., lespectlully request Ihe lavor nn exiill Veimont. N. Y. March 1, 1117 liiisiii.s on tlii-ir iiresent iumiovcd svstem. em ihe i fit it of May, 113, since V. hie-h tnu" thev linve insiueel jiroperty indie nmountof over HVF .viii.i.ions nf imt, I.AKS. MAUI. XO ASM.SSMt.XT, nnd li ne now in the tren suiv with which to pny losse, six Tftot saxd 1 oi.t.Atis, and the lund eonsinntly incicning iroin the itejc-.-nt-age ii'iidm Iiy new applicants. All luese'shrve hteu Iiroinpllv pnid. '1 In Lol.inlllV nddre0-e itse-lf ti'lllieulallv to tin ,, . - . , 1 ,r ,L 1 1 , nnir. v, ,in ,1,111 ,1 mi-, ,11,1, i- e nil il-ee-11. ivo exer lAii.Mi.rsol Hi- country, being elesigned for tht-ir 1.0- , t(Mt,slinlt bo wanting to 11 nun cmiiinunnce of that lift II 1847. 5It'vr!i:.i!f(' Ijinc. LAKE BOATS roriheTrnnspiirtultoii oft'iopcity Ilctwct-ii LAKH CH VMI'I.MN, TU0V. A I.IiANY, AEW Y0I5K & BOSTON'. Tli" Piopnetors i, this Line will run. during the pre', sent Season, SIXTLLN MUST CLASl? LAKH IK IATS, and are prepared 1.1 e.xeeule prompily Jll Im siuesswuh which 1 hey may lie cntiii-teii. No c.xer shoo, nn slair. Huilmt,ton, May. 7th 181' 1.1 wl 11 s tn ,j-ii d, that the iiccomiiiug by Ihe niguees had Ii '. 11 irea.-iMialiiy and unneeessiiily delajed at the Km mis netien was comuieli.ied. Ihe d 'lend Hit 1 .limed lint the temporuiy har.ereated by th" uceept. 1111, and agr-emcul of the pliiiuldl', was not removed. Judgment hy the county court lor plinnilf. Lvecp tiomhv tie ileienelaiu. Aigum-nt hy I. W. (liciiAitn . . uud N 1! mr.uvix lor, nud by P. 'I . W iin lur plaiutilf. 'I'll C jurt, 7'er Davii. J.,h 1 1, thai, if the account nig iiv the ns-ignees w.n unuee'e's-.irily dela-e-.l, the phi.iMli' 1111j.1l pursue his rcunlyagiiii-t llie nsog lor, liotwithsi.iudmg the agreement contained in his ac ci ntani e Judgment allirmed. .In; Lit.l r C.vt.r.u I'. M VTTitnvv.' - XtinipU for VMiod sold ll nnlieared thai lhooks, the plain- till' de-puty, ntt.iched the woei.l in question n tin washed American full blood do. -do 3.1 elo. . do 1-2 do. - elo l-I.Vcoiudo. - Smyrna, unwashed, - -II11.-11.K Avrcs, unpick, d, Cvtra Noith'n uilled lamb, Sup Nortli'nitilled lamb -No.1 do elo do 2 d t eht l'l.) 3 elo elo elo lil'ItLINfiTOX raiALD SKMIXAKV. rgMIil xi:t (juAr.TKu ix tiih Ixstiihtio.v H will commence 011 the 1 HI It tiny of .liny. Tl r.vs ball payable in advance Tririo, in Lnghsli luaneli's iind'Iiim. per epinrtcr, i1 ; I'reneh Lan guag,', 3.5') : Drawing, OL0' Mu6jc, b.tio. Hovni', including 1'u.d, Lig'it. Washing, .Vc c.21 luusinsi St Dommuo. Cubu. leio. L'iuuuu. Siuualia and .lain Colle'c ; Piinento; Pepper, Ginger, Nutmegs. Clove, .Musinrd, Cassia, Kancy and liar Snap. Sperm nn.l Mould l.'andles. Wiiiternn.lSimiliier Oils. Maek- erei. Salmon, Shad, Herring, Pieklen and Dry Cod, and a lull nn.l general n.-soitiicMit ol Groceries, we eilfer for sol" at the very lowest market priers, and to which we invito llie attention of the country mer chnut. CLAHK, KISK .t CO. N li. Liberal advances made upon consignment. .!oi in i'. ki:li.o:;g, iMror.i'ir. AM) nr.AU it in WINES AND LIQUOPcS, J:itr Siu t'l 'J iuj-, 4. V. 55T!LLici:i;pcr)sTvrM'o.v iim unuxii l llit r "flit v.i.'-oii, 11 l.iri wippiy of Vmcisn W'tnrt, tinil ftiqwnx oi !Hinn(lL'scrilition3 ; i-uine nf wlnrh nrt, Jit (itt'it imjifti tuttott. IIjuimj; iitntk' iinniiin-nviilH with Ffcinl I itillc r , for Ins Fiipplii" t f Italian Hum nml ntlu-r Jhtmrstic lAqwox, lie ill at (ill l!MH' be enabled to larinfcli liis cutomcM with eiu!i nrtidc nt :h. luv.ctt puctn. Thjv, Apnl C 117 4iJmt I'or the Sign nl' Spring i at IimnI iYTOM' fir the 20th successive jenr has the sure in it dicution ot the Sunn', of business nerceniihlv comtnenceel in our Village 011 he return home of the I People's Agent wlioiirriveel liom Ili'ston ft New Yoik at one ocloek this tnorniug with hi 1 Minks and B ixesof I'leh .llerchnn. live Jut Spiiuirsalesit isthere- ,ore expecteei inaicoiti iooks will soon he vvaiteei away 'l'l... verv loin oriee lit wlileh lliev insole urn perly, nnd the fact ili-.i no r.ssesnientshove jet Kn maile, nml probably vili ro be tjrmnuy years, if ever, on ae'connt ol the large and increasing lund now in tlie l.ensuryto meet tiny lovcs that may occur, nud the iieculnr caution lin y aelopl in insuring piopi-ny m large v illages and other plae-cs where it is e-oiisulercil veiy hnardou, it is beheveei, by those ne-ipninteel vv'.tl. their principles and method of eloing biisnii s, liial it otli'is I'.e gient.'si inducements to the coimnu. luty generallv In 10111 iliem, oi any uisnrniice coinpiiny in ihe State' ol Vermont or Ni'vv Yoik. Tlry nre tiroturnted from taking niMirniiee mion nnv 1-iiul ol nulls, I'letorie'. tuaehitury, cabinet luakets' jeuners" or ceniK'rsshois, titttl Irom 'taking moie than tvvolliou sand dollaism:'iiyonensiue. The place of domy bu suV's ci tliisConipnuv is nt PiM G.anville, N. . on .1 .l ....... "!..! ....V. ... IM..... V V se.iie- iuiii 110, .1 ,,1.1 iiutoii 1 e. 10 ,', ... . , ( nml about one bundled luil trout the Vermont Lmej oil A'lii' h tirre i a daily mail. 1'or further informa tion reference is made lo the several ngenta e.f 1'iank iiu aid Lamoille count!, s, Vt., who are authorized to take applications tor insurance ; anel th" Company gu'iiTWcc that all snr eyf taken personally by cither olsntL ngeif.s si all he bottling 011 the Cetnipany. Ue tutttai e. lor nil loses ill tlie 'ounties of rrnnklin and Lr, will he ninde in check on either of the Hanks ol llurliuutoii or St Alban-, nt tlie election of tlie per son su'tuimug the lor-, immediately ntter the loss is satisfactorily shown: and in cnseol uny ehsagreemetii hetwe-en the Contpnny and the insured, it may, nt the .lectio! of th" insured, he submitted to nibitrnlor mu tually elms mi 111 the county where the lost happens. A. W. Si-vns, i traveling ngent who, it is expected, widenl. on the farmers geieuully ut their residences, nud icrvive npiihenttons. The ev peuscsut becoming insured forfive years are us follow. : 1'or t500, or imiler, $3 id patrounijo with which the heretofore been fa- vore-et. 'l'heir nrinnr-meni fhr towing on Hudson l!ivr and Lake l liamjMi'iu will enable them to give getud'ity. Pioperly forwarded hy this Line is actually nnd ne cnruteiv weighed nt th" iiuieol hipineiit. The Hoau are insured, and propeily not suhjeeted to thwca Hioiialelelay nnd nijurv incub ut to Imnshipmcm. Proieity to nud "liom HUS'I ON loiunrde-d Ire WITt'.llN KA1LIIOAD or Vl.SaLL. AliMiTS, L A Jt)IIVON,lK'oenties Slip, New Yoik. COliNLI.rU LOVKI.L. New 1 oik nnd Ilostiil. Packet Odiec, Long Wliail, llnaton lT.OPIMKTaiiS. .mux hk.uli:y a- o.,) . , . . UCCSSensto I'll LETT .V nnvi)i.Lv. ' " Bl "' NICHOLS. IIL'IL TON & Co., Si. Albans, Vt. Hulint"o.i, Aoril, 10th H17. 12 (IK), ISIH), 1IHX), 12.K), lVKI, 2.HKI, oer.iuaiter 1J the small deduciion is in.ule. I N1:V .IIH.VT .UAItliiri'. mnl give place to glaelened eountenaiicesa the Peopfc bz:";r!;: won.,. ,x.-o.Ui sen-ecAcVpt in case olprott acted sickne--.. J fnendand the people of Huilingt m t.cetnliy, llu ate now o m hlv ,l..,lnv,dnt Alny li, 1S17. that he has opened 1 w MllAT MAKKLT, under nriiIttnn 'i'u nu, r'..,,ek ,,.,l i-i 11'?' ,f7vw v- ii .. . . . .77ri77i7xr tllt' W'cftv.uiii of the " American Hotel," where be ''"r'"igton, ' 1ml. Mom. c dock, Apnl 13. 1SI i:iI!l.N .'CIA 1 UAll.ItOAI) t O.II. j .,i r,iunvbeon hand to wait on Ins cu-te.niers- ZLVT..n.. ' .10 11 :n 33 3el ' A.Ni . j He elMsins 1.1 keep the be-st thecounry iill'jrds.anJ 13 TVTOTICr. i hereby given ihat tin- second Annual would uiviteall to give I11111 a call. 11 ii .Meeting of tlie sloekliolderse.f ihe Vi'miont Ceil-1 Ilurlington May 7, 1817. Amaia Dr.r.vv. 3s ft -12 I tml Itudroad Company, for the el.ctiou ol seven Di- I :j4 :ii tacts 'i (j ni: i:i:mi:mhi:i!i:l). I hat Co: s impti'iu i almost alwa).pioelue' eti 37 I re-i'teir lor the 5 ear ensuing, und ihe nntis'iction of nil 1 it Wl ' oliier bnsilU'S which may lie pie k'llteil, will be holill'll J 21) I at the Court House 111 Montpclier, on l'ndny, the .llh ' it 1.1 day of June newt, at ten o'clock, A. M. J1V or.ll r I me lJir'Tii'tH, 11. P. WALTON, Jr.., Clerk. , 1S17. Hwl I by a nrooertv ol one Cvnns. nnd that Hvaiis nit the wood .cold that miLdit easily h. cured Thai v istar's Halsniu upon a firm, winch he had mortgaged, alter a decree of Wild Cheny wdlcuie nny Cough or matter of fori woe had been nnde against him, and In-fore ol how long st'nnding. That the milder form of Con th" tine lived lor redemption had txp.rvd. The farm, sumption itself is also cured by this Ilakmi. That it was not redeemed, nnd il.e woenl was sold by Hrook. is coneede-el by many lawyeis, clergjinen nml i,liysi bv ngreeineiit between I Ivans and llie nttnehing cred- idans that this has never been equaled tor al itor, "nnd the dejendnnt b"cnme the purchaser, tlie fectum of the Lung nnd Liver Tint scons now w .od then remaining upon tlie farm, where it was lirst rejoice in the possesion ol good health who, hut lor p d The moitg-igee took poss'iMcn of ll.e weiod this Hal-am, whoul. I have been in lli.'irgrave ; having und prohibited the detl ndaiitfroni leiuoving it, and lie . been given iii to die by ilie-ir liit-itd r.ud phj-icians did 1101 r.tuove it 'I'he county couil rendeie'd judg- Mioveall, reineteher that this invaluable medicine 111 ntlor tin plaintiff, exception by del"inlant. Ar- lialieen imitated under vanou names, nnd tint 1)11 gum. utbyC Coolik.i for defendant, and by . I. Co.- WlSTAIi'S GCM'IM: HALSAM Or' WILD v -1. tor p aintdf 'CIILIIIIY only can be iclied 011 to (rilH. It Ins '1' '.. I nut 1'tr Krr.t.oo, J., held, that the sale hy he-en warrantee! 10 cure Asihma in every stage what Li n. evu though it were a regular sale ttron e.e- no physician ha-ever aehievTel and has never b"cn )". ,1, would pass only the tit'.- which Kvans hsd to known 10 fail, rorilehcale lieahh in young lemale', Ii w'iu.I. nud would inJ lonclude ihe rights ol thud it stands umivaled as it docs for all dise-ascs of tins -in, that the iuertgngee, ntter condition btoken, climate. - . c 1.1. I.. ..1 . : 1 . , , 1HT...T., .1. - tile OWtler Ol Ule premises, ;ill.l llir le-ioe-.ij ui iune yeioinie', mill's Slglieu I j,e' 1 1 n oil .lie IV Aprit 1 Chitmplaln .V Connect lent Uiver Itailioiul NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS notici:. 'ri'in ANNl'1. MHirJl.NG ofthe SiorUiollers I of til- Wmo i-ki .Mill Compiuy will be het.l on ihe 11th day of May next, ut 2 o'i l.yk, P. 11., at the olliee of the Company tit WinoeisKi I "all, for tne choic of three eliicctor's for tlie ensuing year. .1. 1). ALLCN, 1'ieMfttt. Ilurlington, April 3J, 1SI7. Hvvl iirci: viii:at. 3.31). 3.1W. lj'l. i.ln (''. 70. JOHX S. WAKE, .Sloiiisunnil I'onviiriling .Hcrchiint, A011TII wii.viir, li t" H I, I (,' T'l A, I' 7'. 1 1 1 1 iii.M t : VII AS.V Nov, I.S, . J.H PCrKetCO. 5 "iibnlti. The Xoilli Vt hurl i.fleisev. iy facility rortle-safe keening nnd preinp' tlellverv of heights, and all busi ness address , to the care e)l J S. WAIUI shall tc ceive tirompt nttentioii. The Si, am Projicilcr. James H. Hooker, the Stea mer Hurnngton, vvhit 'hull, Francis Saitus, .Montreal, nud tlie Perry Hunt Win mski and the ehlferctit lines of long boats and vi ss, Is cnrrjing tieight on Laky Chamiilain toucli r.tiiii Wl.nit 12 Cm Il:;NItY P.ULKLLY.Pnrs'r Alien. Ili-siior, SeVy ft -II. v - ll. l'l lul- . i iranviiie, i.,ii. 13wC SHOI'OSALS will m: iii:ci:ivi:d i'xtil thi: i 9w i"'siii:i,s iiueh whem a Srri tv-,y 1st day ol June IM7, lortheriw.lg, mammy, llinlington,27 April. (.. 1 LI null ui M Ol mat p in en llie uiiaiopiiiin e e. olio. ,,,,..,.,., , . r . . 1 11 li ver ladriTad c.Meiidmg limn the we-t side of Ihe HI NT. the l!-ei:,eu of laning on s build, summit at Mount I lolly to th" villag" ol P.raiidon, n H'2. lately ...enpied by L. l!u tier held f:U-iliM-ince ol about 31 miles nnd being the whole imcun- IWs-ion given the 1-t n 11 1) . Aiiplv traded portion ol said road I April 2o, ISh. II II . f i OA. .llnps, tuolil. s and spei ilieaiioiis may be lonnd nf- r . ter'J.nhof May iii-t., nttlieotli I llie Lngmeer m I Va 511 JESSFfianiat'S' lS JtrffSltl liutlnnd where every necessary inloruialioii will be PHI! ''li; STATU OP JIFCIfKiAX o'etl. ,. .our- si,.t.c, .r l.r,.t.v ii.t.,4 11. .tie., linn he hus 1 he hue will he diyu ed imosee..onsol conveme,,, ' ;.,, (,',,,. lu 1H s;,,,,,, fir woik may be uw length lor eosiiueiio:., nun iioni ii.ose x v.n, ,e i , . '.,,.,,,., . ., ,. ..chnovvledgmeni nnd won; may be uwareieei, saiu-uciury sccun.) win oe , iwil ( f nJulh,.r 1,K., wr,,ig. ,.. n ., , , ... 1 1 .. ikr ma . lo he n-ed and li'eoreled 111 the Mate ol .licit I roposn siiiav : ,e w. ' 'UU"S- 'j" ! ' ig.,,,, n, d lo ndmiuiMer ..all, nnd nlKmntio,,., uud -r ling oil, lib rg. I . Hodge Uq at KiillJtid.or l,g,s! ,t,e of lint Stnte.eim I" an net "ll!", L' ':. , - n nfler " " co,',e in lolee a,, tie, ,o authonve llle a, ,,. the 1st of June ns the ueres.snry e:,aininutioiis of the huls eun he maile. Iiy order ol llie. t.onrei 'P. roLLLTT l'inident. O.Tice ("i .t Conn Rive r It ulroiJ Co ( Hurhugtoti May 1, IS 17. S llHilKlATUSI'IMXfiS II0TUU TO LUT, ' ir.'in of Commissioners to tnke the ni'knove leguieut ' ol D Is und in-linuielits of wining, tulderSe'lil.nut "ol the State," approved .Maich 11, lsu.and will he ri'inly and pen.-d,ni all proper tunes, to tratianct nny I business within the seope rl his this pla,e ALHl'li'l' G. WHITTIMIOUH. west viiiton,stii .vprn, iie. nsi TRAVIS & CO'3 NORTHERN LIME, 184 7. Ud Tin; l'ronrirlor ol'lhi Line will i iHitiniii' lo i nn n Si lay Lint; eit Hoaisilarmg the pies cut season of Xavigiliou. lor the Transportation of ail Proii. rty entrusted to them, with i-aiety and des patch, betwee'ti Av;ir-ro,7ir. and st jnit.vs r i: The Proprietors have nrraimed with tin- Chnni plaui 'l'inn-porlnlion Compau) to slui daily, (Sun day excepted.) hy Stfaluei to im:nt. 4 'ONVUNIUNT DWULLIXC H0USU Jl situated on ihe road leading to Winooski I'all. VILAS etNOYKS. April 13, liir '- FUOM 3D to W) ocresof gesid Pasturage, bv c. noyi:s. Hai lingtoii. A prii LJ 0 17. XV. I3:5hci" Am'r'.eiin, thiwri.jialYte mil i'renA Chocolate, I'rt-fHiri ii Cumt, L'oou I'usU; llrmaa, ('ocou M.,7, i c. 'I'll Mir.iiivxis .xn Coxsr.vtr.ns, who would pur--1- chase the hest pioduet of tlie cocon, free Irom ndulteiation. more nutritious than tea orcollee, und N0UTIIKKN TI5 AoM'DHTATIO.V L1X IL 2 S-;yj EA'SsJJ'?. !S'l7 .Iwirs II. Hcoklr l'urirmdiiin tn anil Irani lUiton, Xeir- York, Allan, 7 .itv, Montreal, QueUr, and all pints on Lake ("uimidaii, and tlie tlijcicnt laiidii.s's on thr Vhiiinplain canal. ) ' 1 1 1. ..Id ,ind well known N'ORTIIL'ItN TIIANS 1 PUI'TATION LIN L i piepared v ith incre-ased faciiitit ,to lorwaid all hunts ol propeity with the gri'titesi care and despatch The new steam propel-i.-r.JAMUSH. IliltJKLIt.ol 3M tons harden, Capt. SILAS HINKLLY, luis I n added to the line', nnd will run on Lake' l'!i nep'iim, making two tnjis ench week, leaving Whitehall on Mouday.sand Thtits,l.iv, inuehiiiff at HiM-lini'ton Port Douglass, Port Ketilund Plattshurgh, Tne-sJ'o and rrid'ij. Heturniug wili leave t'l Allmns on 'S tjir.luvs nnj Plattsburgli und Iluiliugtoii on Wcdiicsd.'ivsaiid.Satur.injs. 'J'liishne will liave I'll ti;i:x ;. vt i. no vir., a l.vkf, C.V.N" A I. A. Kl Lit IIOATS, nllof which run daynn.I night It Is also connected witli the iH'iiWOI.DTIlOY TOWHOAT LINK on llie Ilu.isiti Ihver, mil si.nm hoal on Lake IfUliLlAI. I OA AaU U IUTUIIALIj, I ill quality uusminssed, the siiliserilierreeommend the I lianin nm.tnus ntroruing tueir tii. nds ami llie pulilic t . . ni . - .. . I . i ' - I i... I.:...... .it II... I l...,n iri.tifinlle no ooiiiirtiioilv i I s humiiit tie l.iil.-,. It,,nij Oil l.aii" Uliauipuilll, VVIIICIl Willi tlieir l.llie ot lirst lioove nuie-ies omiiuiucuo.-ei i.j iiiinpt-ii. ...n -1 i- - i . -v .. ..... w ein' Vessels, Ctinnl t.n.1 Like He.nt, will lorin u and Coee.a Paste, a delicate, palnlnble and salutary I going through 'toains l) on the Lake and Line utiurpass.-il in la. iluies lor the Trunspuitationot i ibinksfor iiivahds.cemvnlescenis.niid othei-,nre pro- i Liter,) or hy 1 inpeher on th,. Lake to IMntehall, Proin itv, Willi desp.itcli andsaf -iy , nomieed, b) the most eiuiueiit phvsi -inns, sup-i lor lo Ihencehy hoth direct to -New-1 oik.orbv l ow Hoats ALL i.i it ipi. Miiri i n i:v -jiii- t i-.r vrr inmted any other pi. iarulious. His mnnuiactiires i le i.lvvnj , on th- lliver imd .-leiu.i Huuls on the Lane ns they the mortgagor is in equity ; tin' llviin was n wrong wrapper. I'or sde by TntonoiiF A I'm. doer, win ii lie cut the, nml guuicil tnerei.y no' . tint to the wood, us ngain-t Ihe UiortRegee j und liial j Sedentary Pursuit, or tho.e of n do" an Irnnftfiin" the del-nd'int would have I n restruiiii'ii, ll ne uau inaiure piouuce irom tne want oi siiuicieiu pnjsicai ii" united to remove the wood Irom the piemise in je.ere-ie, n long ontalngue of diseases, to einuuerate pui-uaiiei ol the sale lo linn by ll.e she'rllf. Judgment which woiilel require n volume. They nttneknl ke the r,.u.rf, , 'lawyernud llie eiergyiuuu, lie' artiaiiiu the ,orhhop, V. it Wi.Ttir.r.iiv r. At run s Li.ijson Trespass nml tem'ile op ratives in our factories W hue. er form f. i- leiiniv nig 'manure Tne del- ii.hiul vvn tenant ol tliey may assume, derangement ol the digest ive nnd ul riu. of which the plamtiir, during the tenancy, he- Inhary oigaus.will hi' found to be tlie mm. i origin ol earn, llie purchaser; and the eh pile'd up the them till. The sjs'em tu-eels to be urengihf lu-d nud manure which was made during the wm'er, in the nature to lie ussMcd in her ell'oiL to overcome the elis- . e.-,il. ii... nitxiiiiiio nt ri-ioovnie il. The manure iidvnutnites ol nil minimal slate of .'.M-teiii-e'. Th" , '.le from the produi e ol ih i.inn, and vvn re- f.iculiies.l.y tlieu'i'-.uiie mild andcirreliilly prepaicd jJr ',M ur moie veais, to n i;oo.l truant, nt a mod ii v ,. oy i in-oeii nu nn u, iu me- ,i,.,.sj . v., ... .. ..v. .. , e'rnie rein i in on -iiil ns ,. ,.. .,. .s.j .... , -- . ,. i. '1 ..uny court reiiilen el judgment f.irtht deleiiilant. acrid I lors wlneli have taken penwcs.-i.iu ot many ol , n!11i rn,nd!y increasing, and will aliord to n pruetienl c ssois, .uroit cihilxi, ixiuirkt, -"."" 1 e ii in hy nlnintilf Arauun-ntliyS 1'i' lor the most iinportnui organ ol the ayti'tii.the slomaedi, , ,,.i,. ,.,.; hnu.l-oiue reimm.-ran n. As Ihe lmi- , whom an tin i lnjiiidntma ol all unwilled mmiikw, HAT large and commodious Hotel known as the i i.-mki.ii House," nt lliglnnte .spring", linni'en X0T1CK. 'I . - iia.n i. .. .us.-, "."'" -. '--.' rrilK 1'IBM HP S.'l'lh INI IS .1- fo vvns.hvmi, iitteil im and uewiy lurnisneei imouBiioiii, Huei win oe i . .- ,- , , , . i , : it,., .( ... t ' , , i . ,.ii-,. in .,..1 ,ii t ii Ui dnv .il .von nist. Tin- husuiew otihe tirni will he i-losed ny nieirsiii'", Mav .1. 117 T. .11. STLPHLN ki:yi:s. llvvl prni ii.ll ,ud by O. P. lor deiendnn'.. the bowel, nnd llie liver, Im e-xpi'lled tlu-relroin hy a 1 !K.n.,,1 , ,,t uipro-u lung, npplieatioii should be I ii I it, ler IvtLLoue., .1 , nelel lll'ii 11 nmn" imi genue jee eii'-eeiv e piirguuve ; iuu"ii in inenie-run- iinst-s, ; JirJtt. without delay to til" p npn.-lor -11 , , Hill Tence, W lieiuer IIUIIIIIH ill ill" .ii. ill ,i soon ii-iii ijuainii io ii-ne-i .- uii.i .ur pi,mii,ii n .inn yurl oi ,ispih'd up ut th"!e winilovvs,or in the 'hovvels, the S.irsnpnrillu nud Wild Cheny l!utcihnvc slain, since, in either cue, il would be iippuileliaut Ih'cii attended wiih lb" happii-st ii'suhs. We tiust the-y t-i the freehold, and wou'd pa vvilh it; that the de- may have "rom all ,-i lair Innl, n we are e ouli I, -nt Ihat feudJiit could not claim the right to remove tlie ma- their use will rein ve much imiiecesury sufli-img m nur . in the grouuel Ihat n vv as made Irom liay owned the sludv, the couutiti-hou-e, an 1 thef.ctory. I'or by him, lor the tint the case sh.nv.-d that the .jk hy ' TllLOIlOM. A I'LCK. hay was cut upon ilie farm, nnd ii vvoiiM lie .-outiaiy to th" rule oi g.ioit iiusounuiy io remove tti,. mniiuic 1 uvrn.i I In iiistr ssmg compi-i.nt i a w-eoi.- AUh'ClI, DjdlEiillE.lN ARTIST. T P. STUONG, W. 1. STUONG, A. TIIOWPSON. gM)0MS ix Tnn.Ms Hl'ildixij a n:w doous SI Hast ol Chun ll St Mllllliluies : j'lmclu ling good ense. Ladies nuJGeiitleineii nre invited to call anil evaiu- uiade Irom il ; thai the phiiniilfH rights could not be lies. ol llie digi-siive organs, uud like eveiv oiler elis iilli ct' d by th" intention of the defendant, m p.lmg up .mis.-, h cnii.-d by impurity ol llie blood. Tlie g.istne the iTinurc, rules. that intention was mamiesi.-el by juice, a fluid pe'i-tiliar lo 'the stomach, when secreted Kiine uet calculated to put the plnintiii upon impui). rum bad biood, is deficient ill those won lerlul esilvent Ju.lgfiieiU4cvelne.el. oionenies which nie of such vital lliiliojfiue.. to dlge- InTtoFii v lovy.N oi Ap- lion Cousi que-ntly, the iood, instead ol I., nig speed- .Tj.,,, . .m.(.Vo I' VIM KI I lllC'I'ION' It V ordered removal of Sophia c, lmd ijy l,s,.lved, often becomes absolutely -polled or puin- lvllllAIlUsOAh 1..M.LIMI UICMUAAUi TWO VOL Qt'Al!rO,.-.IOO I'VOL. is ri'q'iested and csiwrted. fiurlmglon, April 23, "-17 'jllll! undersigned, liaying firmed a Co-p-irtner-1 shmimdei ihe name and sitleof Stkoxi., Djoi it- tle it Co., w ill ceintmiie the buiui'ss ol Ihe IjIc linn ol Strong & Co , liom the 1st Apnl, instant. Huiluigion, April, 1SI7. W. L Srnoxo, Jl. II. DsjuriLC, llw3 A. Titovtisox W. A TliAVIS, .Ice,,, Whil.ha: O. I . lil.Ol M , Asml, Tioy ; L .1. N. S'I'MMv, .Is. r. N.w-Yeek Iloatse.f this Line Leave MAV MJlilv, ALHA NY and'I'iiOV Duly. Simdavs I'.veepted. .".' nv anii-i-mrs Aeic- Yuih and Tny Line Ttne-Iloats. Var V'rctiiht npjsSv St I, .1. : STAUK. ,i,l t'ni'iiticj ftliii, N. V. j II' .1 TL'A I'lS, Whitehall; A A TCI'llS, S.-!iMj',irdlr; O f. lil.tll'XT. IWi L.iei-tlieet, Titnj ; I). COl.L, imi I'i'r Aioanu; A L'LAUK, ( ''(e-i s Lauding; (UI! I'lS .l.I.Y.Y, Mann's J.andius ; SIVIIOI.S :ti IllJllTdX. St. Alian's ; ll II IIAILl'., lUatt-biirsh; COlA'IX ' HTHIMUUi, J'ail Kent; W. II. SAXi:. Chain; rou.r.rrs., i . c; J'l.CK, H CO. lluiliiigtun ; j s iim ;;.', ) .V. WIAUl X CO: i.'o!if's I'oint; WM. liri'JIAM, rhnmiduut; MAT1ILWSUXU SIXCf.Ali:, Montreal; II'. V. Ul.XDUlXOX, Quebec ; TH A VIS .t CO. N. II All Goods shinned by this Line will K- nc- cmuleiy weiglied and caietully hnudled. Maik Goods. -Care TliAVIS -V CO. 13 if Chtimlilain sN- Ciiiinectlciit 1:ivi.t I'liilui.-ul. 1.. .. , n,,c ..n .1 t ll,.. r..ano.i.nll., l 111. .'- niaVCiriC- I file B'oceis in the L'l-iern cine,' nii.i by lus agent, I A lai;'.'ii-im'irr of sailve'Sels on Like Chainplain i Il.,.i- i:.,,i A--'n I!...,..... I,i,..s .VI. , be n'lg to lli.s Li io. ilutice .t Co . llartlo' il, Ct.; Ileiev it Murray, N. All good weigh, d at l'u-time ol shipment, and will lie inrwurei" I vino pruiupiuesi, nun ilespnicu, jvoemure anu vv nreuousliig promptly atu-ndeel lo. Y : Grant iV Stone. Pmladeliihia : Thomas V. Hiun- dige, llattimore, und Kellogj :,- Keiineii, Cmcuuiuli, Ohio. W LTLI! HA KKlt. 13iii2 VaThetter, Mum. fl (.OOD.liX'K ins puocniini) pkoii Utir- J bridge , Aln.-wtchus-'tts, n quaintly ol Seions of t lie ISvLiivvi.v hud lioxroRV lltssr.r A fi-lk,--tor .-ale nt Huston prices. Also, Poptlii, IliUHAnws-rox Nos Bt'cn.und Daxvli: Wintfk Swixr. Scion for budding in August, or for grafting next spring, 1'Oti he funuslied ot the -N'oKTUEBX Sr, pio curedfruin liochester, New Yoik. Also on hnn I n q-nntiiy ot Scions of various npple, out from henlthv he-iii'ig Ire-is. P'ums, do vuri.iua I soil. Gmltiii" Wjx lor sale. I April 2.'. j I SJcnEi:' ::1 ISt'iIncc'.! i'rlco.-. j S' (JOODltll'H nv) poit sm.i: v i.tRtii. tluin can lie louud ut nny otle-r place in Vt rnionl. Coll oi'.J sec, us il cnn c..t iioiiiu.y lo tool; at liu-in. ApuUi ISvv'.l III.- specilllelH Uuiimgioii M-iyd, HI. 31 S.L): l'OSTl'O.NUl). tienl Inn, I an liiurcliililren, ns paupers. Issue was i,ik.-impn puos K., m ,lt. stomach : hence lmd breath, -our be lching, as to the seiili iiieut ol the p.iuieis, nnd vilieiln r ihey i nsuveuee?, priiis in the a uaeh, colic, dysentery,! -w.-rc cimrgeiinie in ' i". "iim- eiioiei.t nioiuiia, anil olli. r elre.lillill ceilllpl Hills. mem .ii-vKiuiieii upon questions us io in,- ri-wiiei.i-e oi Wright's ill, loin Vt-winUu Pills nr.- a certain cure I ' "' " ', " ,, ', , ,-, ' "V "'s- wie(. nsi:i, necHiise tliey c cause llie slumncu nnu iiient win. in llnilland, miles he h.i.1 gamed one in how-els i,um u bilious humors, nud nutily the blood. Hnrtford by se'ven years residence. I he county coent l'',.ur or live of said Pills, iiiken nt n uhl on going lo rem ered pidgi.icnt lor plamtills. L.vce , ,. by de- bed, will m all can s give some rel .", 2nd it continued endnnis. Arimmeutliy J Hai'.i-.i t r uud o, 1' tllvb- l.,r n hnri ii. n-m. i .. '...",'".. ... LLif lor p!aii..ills,an, byj t ..jui le.y. or d.-leudaiiis Dyspe,,,,,, l,m will usaured.y dmc p in or dwreU ol The Court, J'ei liovi held, thai Paleli eoiild eveiy ilesttiptioii I , il. bi'.k ".".i" no. e-oiiiiiii-iiiT.-K.ii iii.6 i.-s . . r. oieiii o, iisuie ne e, lie-ware oi coimtei kits ol all kinds' Some nre coat i,nl,l alter he Cad iiri.vcd nt tin- nge ol ivv.-uiy-one e.l wuli sugar ; oiheis ie , 1,. ,, r,mhleTn m -years even though 1.,- had been Is-tor- ein.iucipited ;' ward apVHarnne'e tin- original . ,. ,1, -, m !l V A ,,,..1 Jhai, iiiasuiuch us it iq peared that will,,,, h-vci. couise- U, ,o purehnse from ll,,' , ",, , , mM, filv lie year iium in; iiiue, " ............ iiooi i .inioru io or tnore ol whom may I ,,i,d m nv villiiei. nn.l I,euanon, n. ll., Willi ins un n y .in i mi ins en, el, luwn 111 the State. PiiiiliiuI Dilkv If J Huti sire l I l.i un .-. "l,..-ir iiiti.rriii.llnll .. lis ti-si. ,.iii 1. 1.111 .il,. . IM..U. I-I..I. .- i.niqiul Wlliee, U,J luce fclreil,' standing he iniirht liave lemming bnik The genuine for sale l,v TlirnnntH' V vri-I.- puii,ii i,i r... it..., . . ....... .v.., fEll!; S'nMT.IhTI! Vi'IM. SllI.I. AT 1'l' 3 Auction, on the 2iili el iy of April next, nl ten o'clock, A M , on the premises occupied by the hue firm ef V Webb it Co., 111 this place, the following p-opcrty, unsigned to hun by said firm, II not sold ut liou' and bin 11, n large mediately cnllcel for in a w-parnie lorin. nnd was in .)rm,.nl,.ms thi'icou, occupied Iiy wild fit m, where the ' ' Stennil oats running through i.ahe e. u.inip .1111 make' I('IIA MWOX'S ,ISII Ult llUAA ti HY was origmnlly published as a port ol the l.n. ' ineviou, lo that date, eyclopaedi'i Metropohluua Lik" luosl ol the orlicles j n, . mlh ,lvl.mtf ,ou conltibuled loihul highly scieiitihc was im- ru( jtotl(. jji),Cl Stole Houses, ! New Yor, All as-, iwiiieut ot live doiltns, on e-nch sliareof the . Capital Stock ol llie Lhuuiplaiu nnd Cotiucctieoi U iv- I er H.iriremd Comp my, has been oreleie-d hvllie direc- I tois, nnd made p.iyuble on the2jihdiiyei .May next. Payment may lie made nt the Hanks ol Huilingioii, Verg. lines, Middle hury, Uutlinid, Hlaek liner, IM- i lows Kills, orClie-lnie Hank. K-eiie N. II , at the olliee ol llJvvnrd Pi keinig K , No. C 1 Slate Slice. 1 H .slow, or ut llie olliee ol the '1're.isuier 1'Jvv.t KAMI. S MI 1. .Middleburv April l. lli. Jicunirn. , Srjii'iis;;" n uatt ut. MOW OS HAM) and rou svi.i:. lT.nsii Garden Seed of New llamp-hire, New Yoik, uud Western growth. Ai-o n c "'J Bssoitni.'iit 01 l'lovver S',il ("ATI. IN it Si'llAlt. Lm Ikiiil'! Huildin;, Water Stree t- '"JwC champLaTn (XAL ij:ori.t:s' mm: i f 18 17 IS11 tact published nqinmlely in n iieuted riiiii',111 .... e ..i.B U..111 ,ii.. genuine lor sulc bv TIIrODniM' to Hurllord at some Inture iienod, and did 111 fuel re- tlie sole uget for Hui hngtoii it ,1 1 ,, niii ' turn there will 1 lew mouths. h t '- ""- iHavvicb. Hnginnd nnd Aiueiiea.biioie its compktiuu as a patt 1(,lr tegj,nr lauduig seveinl lums d.uly, dining llie ol Ihe Hiie-yeloji-icJi.-j . 1 sensemol navigation. Also, a lot ejf oin-had ncie of The lim e at vv Inch tin grent work unow otlered to . , , dwelling house and out buildings flouting tne niiierii-nii piu.1111 ,p'"l,,,"3 1 , reach of nlmusi every body. I he typoetmph racy ol the edition may lie relie-d on, i. tt is slercotvts' plan Ji-asi 111 Knglnnd, the piuot vviic itadby .Mr. Hichardson luiuelt. 1'or sale by Agents only 0 GOODIIlCII, I hioti ihe mie-suou w heiher the iiauris vv ere chnrue. nble, the Court Icld, that, th" winnau bung 111 feeble' l...ntili nn.l u-.ili li.iir 1 1111IO, ehlldlell. sli,, un, in.,t,. i lly reiiioved, even though she iiugiii ti.ive been piM- in Jo 111011 Apr. 2'Jili by H.T. Smiii, Mr seased ol mean, which might h ue sui,iu d li. r und ' " Hblw ol Ilurlington, lu.Misa Cv.STinv Pinji her children for a short tune longer, 1 specially as it "t-'ltv olthe lonnerpldie. ill.) not uppeur inni meie couiu nave been oti,ee.t lor the American imblic, is such ns lo tint it vyithin llie . , . ki.or.. m i,u n.ire.nnd nenr tin1 1'. S reach of almost every body. 'I lie lypoetiiiphical nccu- i.-miicatmns. Also, ihri-t- larin with dwclhiM ImuseTi racy ol ihe edition may lie relied on, i. tt is printed on ,m( oul hU,hngs, two of which tiirms join the Lake slercotvts' plan Ji-asi 111 r.nginiiu, nie pie)i 01 .....n. jj orti,-,-iii..ns, mid llie oilier lying tittle I lattlier west, 011 the iiigiivvuy runinngiK iweeii inn v 11 1 u..- ,....1 .I.- nlIn.T" nl t'li 111111I11111. eeililaiiniK. in all .cent. 1 ".;,:, . i"...i ,,-in i.,..,.r,.,t iiii.i it,., r, ,. .r i near oisi iH-ii-s ui iiu", ... 1. .... . lor crinoiit nnd Lunada. ,.,, ,,,,,, rn i.,,o,l,.nte ol t-u tiialion. havitm a suitab e Hiirliugtoii, May 7lh 1317. 'J .H,rneiu ol tuiiljer nnd wood.leigether with ilie Mesk e( I .ittle. Horses, Mli'cp, nnu laniuiij lllensilH, Willi iolluioii. Judgment ullirmed, I El i c b , Am WmjV IMnle, ....I!!.f:1-. Albans on (lie )th ult the lion 11 VTI1 ILI.M.K, htrmely u Jude otth. Sumciiic Court of A T 11 Probate f.. '".nioiit ''iihee.tli)?.ir.,t hwage -- ' . .. 1 . ? . - - v --". 111 .niti tt :it't nil 1 rtiiii t iin.riiiii.. 1 011 ..h 11 . 1. .ui- .... 1 . v yenis T'i 1 iZ l: ill and Testament i A. v ..v',,7 . " i 1 " 1 ("atfe em ihe 3 1 ini. Mis Jini'siiA I.A.xr hurg 111 said Di'ist dec. a.'d, wa pte-s. nted to the nj, Cciurl h're tor I'lohale, by lojana lay the i:cu-, a de ot the late Hvmi.v I.axl, 111 llie tCtli .-ur ol her J. Yiit therein tianied. Therclore it 1 ..rde-ie-.l 1,'y I At Winoo-ki Palis, on the 3d lnt., Amy Inria i'ourt tliat nuUie notice be given to all letsoiHinniest. 1 ,,u1"". oiteusJ Jears. Mie was an iiiniaiue gni nnu xnw 1 which ihesi lilrm are well supplied. FJ E VV BOATS J' .1 CKK VS. 11. C lir.NUY, ("PT.J. K. HAMULI,, II. M Vl'tlLlt, '" A '. Si'oVILL, 1 ASHIO.N, " ll K. SCOVH.L Tlie Conisioek I'aeliets on the Cliamplnlu Canal wilt e i.uuienee tlv -ir reg liar trip at the eipuii'ig ohin- I v igntiou, nu I w ill continue to 11111 iM-iweeiivv in 1 u- i .in ihe 201 1 inn . X'. VS.ol ihe cheap Librnry ol , , ,., ..,, Thev will conu.'ci wuli the liinl- 100 volumes, for 81". 'I he hooks will be ot the IS Honntgh, and form, witli the Slenmbools 1110. sue, well primed on good paper ; he neatly and u(1 1,. (Jh tiiiiilam, .1 cuntui'j mshiic to ihe Caiuda. substintially bound, ami vary in sie troin .2 'IV P.ukels will be iimnn.'d by eiierienee.l lap- tmges. I or cnenpiies- nun uo, o.i, u... . ..- ie . j,,, alU minis l lu-y are in w uou iie..ij 1.11.11-...... ibis Library will have no eqn il 111 this, or nny other, ul),. wlU y, w,.8iipp!ied, and every elloitmade eoimlry. Thelarge sules vviiieh hive' J No. 1, , Kut.wllWneti..n to the inivehnit iiub li-ninlth!-coniti.eiidiiti.iii-!etiivvediiiK)nitliytluis.-Besl j ..i..k ..r ll Ii C.lliiMt1,II MA- . , . , .. ......... u.,rti. .1,1 unrrntlt1 , i.'ilil,,-J P.COM.STOCIv, Asent, Ulle Imal ol Lie nixivc lane leuves Jiew- enk dflllv nttiveP. M.and thice or moie li-nvc Albany nud 1 1 ' ...ii j . for freight npplv to ('HAS II .LI.7;.S',)7Coe.iii'e'Slip v. v.l- ran:, 33 ' pe oit. at' noiriiMii. 1111 1"'" Alb:"''' LLl'l ItlMrr.EY Mi-s. Huv, C 11. (ilAVl.i: r.ASCOM, Whitehuil, CLO T, Mo'iitenl, a- n-i. :. v r it. I..!... v v citLYIsk TJtlMULi:, Poit.'Kent,) 11. 11. ii.iu.r-, i iniisoiirijii, .IAS Jl. HOOKLi:. Huston. Address ns Aqent. OLIVER IIASCl.M, Wh.iehnll, A I) Tioy Heiereui..''. j ,s-.f. ; riTk'biCo. ) JtillXS WAIIK, . Burlington, J-o.r.ETTn HltAlrf.CY ) LAWIIBXCL UUMXALlhX o, mi, XlCIl()J.Sa lll tira.. AlUint s. ii'.iSN iS. ki;y:. iiigiigute, J I1AXGS, IS Long hint. Huston. . tiiir:i:icK or rito:)i ci; taici: xorift:. On 'the arrival of the Propeili-r James II. Uoflkeril Whitehall, boat, olthe Noiihern Trans(iHUUun Iiin.) v ill leave direct lor New Ymk, lukuii, Uertrelglit tluough vvUhout lauding O. HA tCOM, Ar-nt. Whitehall, April, lfnh 1317 12, GA33ATK SCHOOL LIDRARY or mo voi... I'outjio. TIIIJ Amerienu Sunijny School Union will piiMisli, ,L lind TKOY, tiirmmg twoDjily Lines during ... .... , . .. Alwi . a-n-ia other Slllll 111 vvelllll' Houses nnu OS Addressed lo Ham- trim w . ""-i., 'l , Ins. in the central unit nl Hns v.llnue I " . ..'.., s,.,.,l. nnd t, and esjHCKtllij lo Ihote who near Ihem. .v,Kli s,,cral 1ike mid Ciiml llouls.toge ther with v. , ,., , udveniK-ineiit in llie N eni.i.l e e I juui'iiig oi in iuiii.-, I-........-... : ,- ' .i.,,i i ,.. i,.n I, ,,ii,. l wi be still nieue ac.eplul.le lo those whose. wuiitMl isd-sigiied lo meet Puient. Siipelllltelldellls ot NlLbatll Se hools, tie imi nu- OMerver ol :J of April, d Therein loiipiienr helore said Coutt,iiu Mull limc, fespecied hy ull who knew her. The object ol her oil" be ddei it ihe Itegrsicr'solhce in lluthngtono,, u bope-stood l,y her dying bee and saw her hill , fourth wc. uesday of .May A. 1). 117, and unit"", ' 1 " "r3 f ,J" i be ; loed her eyes m death ; "I" - "d w ill ; nnef ll is liiriher ordered iha -', ' r. trurkltrU down her tlieck : it was llie last lear ns order be li.rcc weeks successively , the " v.','Av"1" l"' h.M K"e 1 V1"" Til lt,.rlMi"u.ii l-'icc 1'iesisa IK.-WS .inne.l ul Iturlii.g- J'1'1" all l.-uis are wiie.l away. , es, she is t ni in ill is S ate, he last ol vv Inch shall l prcviousTo V'"' ,m "be hvvth in lb. boson, of many un iirdent ton, il lliis r-i ne. '"e " . f .. nrill , Inend und in the realm ol bhssnhuv.-. ll r N. thel.iyawjinc ."s afo cl l Oi tus.unpgoii on the tihinsi.nt the residence ol Given under iny hand ut the J.'ff'Ijs.l.'yv' Cl. J.eph Ustchol thi, Village, Mi. Sainh G. Dihdayol May A. 0. IS17. ' " ''j;1, r l"Jjgll. ol llolton Vln,;ed 17 j?a . I'r Illicit in In" mill' linnif (lie 'Pill: rl. VP- v lluninv nousoihei iieimnal luopeiiy. 1 .1,.. t.h nnd the N. 1 . iivangeiisi in tne .u ii .j ..i.w.. i.i ..... , . I...,,, .,l nni."rsuiiri- lo un into farlher nnrlieii. , . i , . V .I, L.i,,Li. 1 "! ilTvliSi ' lars, a ierptins desirous ol pu,chas,g v laimnlly '".fli" "iSSSl Catalogue of the Society, to whirl. ".Mr. Hall is llie most fashionable among the Lon- .'ill Itailrond by . rossnitf llie Lake nt this pine- ,3vj Ui ,A.iw tee,, .v j. n.. i i i..i ., .. i, s urn .1 1 ns be reaiieu, neoeioie uaiueiiiuii K'liywiii Ami is. si.. 4. I -- ' . T11LU mid I'ASHloN April 21.1317 yi ,t .1. WILlir.U .t tii'ri Cist Steel, Trqvvcl li temiK-red Hues, B SUtienor siliele. t- A I l.l.S it SPCAlt. April 23, IS: Jon hoot-muki-t.1 ; decided liivor in the higher circles Undaa Timm. U- gieatly uureaed in vuhie. ' 1'or null visions ns these the disciples ol ,, ' ;',., , lh lnpsione slioul.l be gintelul. I liouts-'s Point, lovvn nl Chaiiiplain, ) " Tlie sons ol Crispin, and every inni who has a 1 Clinton County, N. l . Aluit h, II7 J soul, should lewnrd tlie pubtisheis' enterprise in llie I r ' The se'nton of niivigintoii, ite. being later ibis prt parutlou in lliiseirgnnl volume "IJleiary ll mid. spring (hull was expected, Ihe ubuve sale l postponed " Lv-cry laely vvhowi-rei-8 ncal loot and a good fn l0lhe lull day ol June ne.vt. I". KAWDoN. hiiwmii. . un j una iiwn Ill, 111'. l, (lef MilK-llliliier. I ., i rou sai.i: '11111 Nottew, house on the Comer ofthe New- - Hoad nud Notlh blreri, ,p.iyin To nersons encueed in the Ivml no, I sb,u. im,L. this woik will pruve of great vnlus, while to the gen. nul render it will he lounel more llun utunlly inierwt. mg." 7i.i.h- Jntinuil. I'lrit Aineriinii Irom the Inbt nnglssh r ditinn Price &il n itl. New York: I'liblhcdby J.S. I'.i'.lU'll'.LI) nnd W. II. GKAIIAM. 15 Iluiluislon, AHil2l,lSl7, 11. LUaV'LN W0HTII- llv3 v.i a i'.'i' s"'w. l,'''ir !''d'ljH'jy'J i.iAirr.! r, 19KY 505Jf. -.flNSISTIMi m Cloths, Cawtnieies nnd ( ! Viuigs ; I'vv cds. Salin.lts Donieslie Hn.vv.i April, IStblBiT. VKTITIUX 'J SELL LAXl STATU Ol- VEIIMOXT.) T a iVasion of the Umtnit ui Chittenden, S3 V IV'mte Conn held nt llurlulgion. vv.i'ulii and loi th - D.nnct of Chllteti. ilen, on the ltlth day ul Apnl, 1817, comes Hetsey H, Irish, guvdian of Iter muiur dai'Rhter, Julia M. Irish, and l;le-sin raid mint her petition, ni writing, settinj forth that the said Julia M is se'izej in her ovv n riijlit in tee of one u.idivuled hall ol the toliovv desenbe'd parcel ol land, situated in Milton, ui the county pi" t'hiitendcn, to wit the soulh hall ol lot No. Is1, hi the liit division, and about tluriy-one acres of tie south west corner ol lot No. in ihe first division, which lands aie suheei to the rijjht of dotvt-r if I Ik said Het v C hish, a widow ot John lri-h, 2.1, late ot snid Milton, ileeei.s.ii. llun a sah' ot ull her wkl vvurd's inlercst in s.i.d laud, v.nild louduce Io Iter best interest, hy having the tiriK-ei-u ui Ui-li sale ill- I vi-siedaunte-rest.orin itevks crcllieru al estate, and -.- i .:,... I'mimti "'J cuuit to giant her in sell aint 34lll3lliel. couvev all her said wind's mien-si uiskid lauds, Inchi. ri'Ili: Cepnilncrship hitheito essistinij under the ding the leveismii ol dmver thn in, kw the purpose C ... . .1 l C..,,. I. ll.ld .till- .lida. .111.,. I hi UI..,.ISI.I r. .,....1.1. I. ... ....u a.l IV rill Ol Itooii .y -.v.,i .i-.j .-m... n"."",aii' ,ii;i) ..iri..eiic id an, u mj uwu. maiuil eoiiseiil. piovided. li-reiipon tlie couit nioiesaid detth ap isiiiii the serund II ednesdaii in Mag, 1S17, for hear- OliLIN HOOD, K 1) STvl.Ni: Jcllcho,.pil2l,lt7 4lw3 H EAR TY a C o7 St ' I LSSA'Sb 10 J. ('. Ucilltt, Bio. iV Co., 1H1 yji'ier Si. V'.'.V. JMI'OUTITvS 01 KXCUSH X1) fin.jnx day of Apul.l-tf 1 Hardvvnie, and dealers in ml kinds ol IVinc-i.c. Simion',iin,l White iVOImstends Axes, also every - IV Needles, vvar.auted the bt qui. li v.nt variety of th' 11 hawieiice County Hay and Manure 2S ' ' J."'"a.LiV r"oiks and Hoes, ut Manufiictuiers prices j " i7s..... .. TlientieiiiionofUAlLUOADCO.NTHArTpi.S, Iti.lliU liIOKt iiwtliliiilyi-ulled ton veryuperieMOiMSleel Shov. ,Y.nijv; ). ItryiV! lniinti Str te rl'm.deexpiessjy for Kail llead ii) lli quality '',lll.i,1 10",',' ' ' i'nXK.iiiPhii ' olvvhkll.JIMlllw wmWwlUkfevd.lJlll(C.U-.lUe.lWej j 1 L' 1,O0lml ' i .i.i.. ....... . - ... .i... . t. r .1... lllt oo. ..ecHimg ou saiu peiiiiou, .it itiv i...m i-. .u. Kegisier ol said court, m llurlnitou, al tin o'clock ill iho lou-iumn, and doili ordi-r that ull isfrton" mtercste A he ifillueil iliertot by puhii. nttou ct this order coiU iinuina th- sutwian -e ol mul pelitto-', three vveeki suce the Hull ngteii pee l'ress.n newffw ler iiiuie.l'iii sad Hu In '"ii.ibe laitol which to 1st ... , . h.. .I... iiiMii niie I ns nioie said lei heutiug t;,veu uii l.-r iny hand nt ealJ nuihiiioii. this IC'ta !e;ii'er.

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