Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 14, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 14, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 14, 1847. 2T " " moftnlty Wounded i Lieut. Johnson iv '" ll,rce l''"''."!''! tlilsli ninpntulcd -.Urn. Kott, l roman niul Mnltiiy, wounded. !. . tb.Vl.'"'' ('.'"' i,cotl '"'" "riliTnf the ITlli.inn. k ni; known the plu, ol (.thick, nls,, llie lit of .M.xtrnti ?, e'c"iavl, U(,,,.;,k,,.l'Ut rclmcd tog.vctheirpa. role. 1 lwe ns prisoners ot war, under the charge ol t;pt. Oeora. Hulica, Coins nl 'lVpo.'iaphical r.neincers, arm cd nt cm Cruz on the Sift inst.Aibuut one boor previous to the dcpaiiuicofth" McKmi. It has been eft to tlicir election hy (leu. Sjott vvtie. tlier they shoull remain close prisons in the ensile uf r-an Juan . e Ullua or proceed to New Orleans, where they should be allowed such prsonal liberty ns their condition and conduct might seem to require of the coininniulam ol that post. It UniiJ rsiou.l lint nil ol the lore ;oing cnptuicil ol!iccislinvcopresscd n desire to be trniileire.l to the United Suite,, mid that Col. M i sou, Governor of Vera Cruz, had acc-ded to Ih -ir wishes, and had directed that n vessel should be held lnieadmesj tosail.lor their accommodation, tiboiil llie, iotli April, , , T,nti!r. It is reported, by n letter from Vera Cruz, that Ge neral Shields is d, ad. LvPicsip.;iit llsrrern nnl twenty-three Colonels are among llie prisoue is. '1'he specie taken in Simla Mn arrusj niuoiiute.l to 870,0). Col Jos3 Uonndu.cliL'IU artillery, was killed. No accounts published by the Mexicans put tlicir army below l-.'.twi) men and 'J I pieces of cannon. Hume, accounts put our hit of killed and wounded as low as 3JU. 1'ive thousand of the nicmy (instead of C00O, as be fore stated,) Wrie made prhoneis. petals Patterson nii.l Smith arc blclt. . EJv 1 ne Governor of Ljjisiam has received oid'rs fiom the (..encmi Government for five mote companies oHohu.tecis. MUllVAI. Ol'THF. TEAM SHIP j CAM2I10.M.V. 1 1 days i,ati:ii ritor.i runoi'i:. IMt'ft OVUM i;, T i Fin i:a d.hti ws. Tin steam ship Caledonia arrived at Iloston on llie oih lust. 1 be advices show a decided buojaney in mark""0" "'a a" i"lrluu'mc,!t the Corn The. proceedings of Parliament since the bailing of the last steamer, possess but little inieiCFt. Airiirs in Poiiii,'el are approaching the climax 1 lie tedious, uiwtisi.i. ton-inis;sie between thcinur F.5.111 ",lJ '.he Q leeu s Jorees, is duwir.g to a close 1 lie Queen s troops Feeni unable lo meet the emer gency, mid the piotection of Oieat L'l it.iin has been HlllCll-'d. The PruMim Kenernl Diet was opened bv a spocch from the lung, nt Uerlm, on the lllli. 'I'he King onue n e.viiaorumary speccli, and as lelvihly us il vsas Howl. 1 ,. V"' '''00l, of war Jonestown, Catain II. II. 1 orb;'s. laden will, bicnd-stiill's mid piovisions foi the rebel ol i,ie the distressed liish, aimed at Coik on ,i i cn her inUsion of in-rey. ijiel.idyof Mi. lljiicrolt dined with the Queen, at lW"kmnham Palace, on ihe 15th n It. The West 1 1.I11 lioynl Mnil stea.n packet company have purchased the (Jiuit W'tMcrn lor i.'tU.l'Uil. O ir advices from P.irisaie to llie I11I1. by which ve learn that the contemplated c.lensin ihe pre H'litbysiem ol Free Trade 10 ihe :ilst of July, lit ,S, is now all butcenntn. Death and its concomitants, "content and disoider, are increasing in Fiance. M l.onie w.n undiTgoing a uiouili'.- iinprisunincnt nl Hrcslnu, for prcutliin wilhout pciiiii.-iion of the mithonties. The late of nffiirs in Ireland is improving. Mat ters .have r. aeh"d tiiir worst, and ale now minding I he last accounts of Ml. 0'Conneli-s health uic eiy II iatisinetoiy. Tne Calcdo.i'm is said lo hai c brought out 2,-iD0,000 in spfcr. Operiiuons 111 Ion in wueji modi'iate, but -.1 uu.aueoig 1 ' nos 01 11 neiii lmuiy inconseqiience ol more ineouiagin lepoiia Jiom jirovini'ial m 11 Lit'. American is 111 ileeid.'illy impioied lequest. tiood brands ssleable taS7 :)Ss. p .r barirl. Dnritij tlie week cuJiu j the l.'ih, naiiaaeiioiis in all aiticUs weie to a nuJt aie an .I'lvance. n'her p,i-es ,ir K -u -tally .aid 0:1 the Klh 11e.1t r Jvauc. J 'J to 'Jt per ipiauer. l'lour met e.-rellentd-iuaiid at lull rate'. Lorn quiet bultleady. A laither advance if Is lor wliat on the I lib, Lorn in d'Minnd, th,. supp'y almo't e.viiaiisted.tind in Amer ican i ,0111, the dm. mutton of ftotk Lwuig so consider able, prici) ui best brands aJvanceJ full Is. above pri teMo.i Ihe U1I1. The con 1. 1011 of th- liink of Lnglan I excites some jitt-ctitp am 'iig commercial men, uuJ nolillle ."farm. IIjiIio.i rapidij ihsippjariuj lale of iutere.t raii.'d to counteract Ionian exchangis. Tho I'a'nsrs. A cpr.ik'il andiciicc ntlenduil the concert of tlii'i t; vocilisis on Mnndii;,- evening, and, wo be liw , were wall tatiaTcd with their perform unci. Tiipy plvo am.tliur Ccincurt on S.Uurdjv (toinorrov,; evenini;, and l.ave limited tho num ber uf tick 't- to bo sold, ko that who may attend will r.iA be incoininnJc'd by tho pic-snic ot'a crowd teo (;rcal for tlie rocm. Wo doubt not the tickets are all sold before this notice will reach our p a lew. They were left at the A 31KUICAN I'll'! at IlAr.;iiMj ion's. nv York was hiillianlly illimiinatid, cn I'ridiiy wiling of last week, in honor uf tin' le- eent brilliant victorias achieved by l!,o A.nerican Armies in Mexico. On Saturday (here v,n a folenin slinv.-, in honor of tho dead of ra in Alto, Urrnca !e I'.dma, Montory, liuer.a ist i, and Yen Cruz. " Tne paths of glory lend but to the -.rave 1" UdUle. of f'rno CortSu, It'is now said tint S.nita Anna escaped tl.o ( captuie nt the late ntnjjiiiimry bUlu of Cerro Oordo hy e.xhibi'injj tl.o 1'asj of I'ic.-i dent 1V1U. Wo don't believe it. 3 "The I'oi'" oj thinks tlie Iike will be bridged. J'crhaps it will ; and pcrlia s too, t.'ioOjd.'n-hurpli load will be constructed m such a nin'.o as shall r:iclin!u the liiitl.ind from an equal and fair participation in U bn.-i-neis, nsis contci:i'latcd end roccmnietnlci in Air. IlaywavdV Itopoit. "Xoits icrrons ." Th- DoslonPost s-esinu'-h to admire in Mr Day ward's (-wit on ih'! ()glenV.ugh mil Ciiamplam ItadA-ay It strikes us nsm many ie-pects 11 very ab-i-ard doium-nt. Mr. Ilayward may be a very pool Fiicmeer, blithe liasumih 10 learn .is a slatieian nnd financier. So at least we infer fiom Ins st lection ol tlie ro'il" til Rou-e's Point, in pief.'ienee lo the rhttiburh route. Tlie iron region li;s iar south of the former route. Albany Statesman. Reduction ofl'mnilies. The large handbill of tho Hikers contains a notice lint ' . ' "J '"'3 " recf "e " "Jf t-duriwn." U'-fhy duires ih to Bay that he took his wife and eleven children to tho Concert the other evening, but does not find the family reduced in-conscqueiico, either in sizo or num-1,,-rs. He thinl--' tliero must ba home ' catch " -about it. A.lditionul roiitrili'ition to tlie Jri-li Relief AUUii"""" . . Jericho. The Commiftco neknowlcdgo the receipt of -0I lbs. of Cum by 1110 nanus 111 .view, uju.' &. I'eck, from tho generous Inhabitants of Jeri cho, in addition to the 0110 !l. heretofore con tributed by them, for the relief of tho Irih. Thee people have drawn tlicir notions of cn tu rn', ? 'c!l " " u"u ll,oir tuw"' r0!" the IIidlc. The Vreniics Vennoiiter isaiiximwto know if we .n Ceii.rT.iy or and llie gallant Kihlieisol ourunuy S weVak' of ' Metienu wh.Ks." No nr! Ily Vtexican wtii-s we mean such lueii us Ihe editor ol the Veruiontir, vVhow cjiupalliies, in, ihe f-tiuggle, aie om'HJf their own countiy. und lur the ,Meienns who revile ihe country, condemn 1I10 war, ami do all in their power to prevent men Iioiii eiihsiing, and le fusc to rejoice over ourwctuiiis. It is mull kind of TKAlTOItS asiliesi', that we menu Dois llie er iiiouier uiulcrttanJ it now ! l'l. I'aliwl. We hopo the edilor of tlio Vtrumnter will understand hU position hereafter ! Tho above paragraph '"u'1' "s Sc'r,(' " ''"Tort for him to .Mcxicd as Polk ,'avo Santa Anna. We liavo liocn trembling' lct the Patriot should -et v.s down ns a '''JliAITOIl." It would he Ireadl'ul ! i From the Tallahassee Sentinel. April 20. Dfatii of a DisTixouisnui CirizEV-Priucc Charles Napoleon Aclullo .Mtuat expired nt Ids residence ill .lid Hs'in county, in this state, on Thursday iai, the lothiiist lie wns llie son of Joachim niul Caroline Ilotiapiute .Muiiit, lung and Ojiecti of Naples, Ihe loinier Ihe cclelirnt-d luaislcil ol Napoleon, the minor of chivahy and valor the lnttcr,tin-ior of the Immor tal Lmperor. Alter tlie expulsion of his family fiom Il.ily, Piineo Alurut lesided in Aii'triii until 1SM1, wIkii lie removed to l'loriibi, whore he has since s'pent llie whole ol Ins dajs ill all the quiet niul retncnieiit of a country geiiileinan. lie jns bin ne to the grave in this city Saturday, at tended by his iiinonic bn-lhii'ii nl Jackson Lodge, nnd by a concouise of citizens. .Minnie cans were find during Ihe Moving of the piocession, and he vvnsin teired with all the solemn ceremonies of ihe masonic order. J'r. WrnsTcn left lids city companieil by his l.ady, on Ins long.proiecu d tour I to New (.Means, mid ,e Wi stern couniry, in- tluougli the houlliein Stntea lllence up Ilia M minm lo 1 he Wi slern ronnirv tendms t" return home by the hakes. Nalbmil In telliscnctr oj (Ac Jf7i tilt. Am and Comiokt.'' (!en. Taylok cnl forly lnule loads of provisions o llie wouiub'd Mexinnsiu Lueainaeioii, niter hebniile ot'llueiu Vista Should not the hoeo loco journals castigate the liencrn! for thus contributing to the " nidandcoinloit of llie ene my I" It Iheydonotdo something lo biing him into di'repute, he will not only bale i-hcii Ico I to the wounded Mexi cans, but will soon have taken the choi cesl" f pods ol nflice'' anyliomiIie I.oco Focos ! Allany J.iemug Jvmiinl. iHovkcts. IJi-ishton .1I;iil.ct..;joiidny, 3Iny 10. At inaiKet, ICO lleef Callle, lOyi keswoikm"oxcn (OCowr cv Calves, 13JJ ShcepjinJ about Swine Jicef Cattle ilxtin, S7,7.r) ; liiM (jualily &7,'2j : sc condand third rpialilhs, fiom filiO to y.,7.i it' Vxcn Saie3 noticed at 071, 833, S90, 113 and elSC. Cjicj ami Cukes Sales noticed at S'-f, Cli, nnd up to Ol'J Sheri, Sales lots at 2,13 $i", 3, ."0 nudl,C:i c'lciie Sulis at wholesale, 3 J foi Sows, nnd CJior Ilirrows. At ictuil, fiomCjo to ben, Old llojs 04 aim o. lioslon .timl.i'l .ifny 10, 1817. Vnoi",. Duty, SO per rl I'here has been a lair demand for the various grades of Ameri'vin Fleece and Pulled Wool, ait J pi lies arc on,) siisiaincu. Prune Saxony riecces. v.-ashid .... Anieinan full blood i!o. do S-l do. do 1-2 do. do 1-f&com do. Stu) ma, unwashed, . llncno Avies, unpicked, -llxtra Nurih'u pulled lamb Suji. North'npiilled lamb i'. .? 10 it M ,Tf Ml ti 8 it 0 : e? :u & ai :a lu 11 at jj . .lo do dj do do do do ih: not dkckivi:d. 13; nat deceived with vain hope laynot ihe flatter- ncciauv 11 una t a rate , ( ,i,ism., . H t Conii.Iamt. II you would be lcrtoicd lo benlili mi ,m.i ii' the means which ben, nli.i.r-ii f,i,,i .. i.;...t i,.".. idencc have placed wjiliiu vour each. The irreat and iiiinersaliv popular remedy f,)r Co'isuinpt.on, and ell Chrome diseases, is now for sale in eteiv city nnd im poitant t iwn in Ihe country, nnd nt a price loo.lhat any oneenn afiord u buy. You Im e no exe.isj. iherefoi" lor negitctingto ave your hi" nod henlili. Beimi .! -ceo-ej w ith i,u 11 k iiorinm,.or nnv luntanonsef tlusin valiinble medicine. An mdnidual 'it CI1.1 rU -oii. S Cn"1' eeentlypiue!mse,l four boitb " ot a doubtful kind one of tiieiiio.icelsbinted plusiein'is inth.'ciiv, told the decern .lpuiie'it,h"inusts.!i,lilntiiitirlebacf;, ,"s- ' sell inge it for D.-.W istai's I! il-m,, of U iM Che riy. He notdcci'ived reniem'.'.i ibai il is Dr.Wi-ta.-'s l!u som thai cures it ,s Dr. Willi's that brings back ihe bloom of h. ahh to lb- check, lustra in il 1,. ir,.,vrili loth"sstem, joy and glndncss to the soul, and ha'p- 1 SKh " ,! o'"r' : i ., ,.'.' 1 , , ," "." """" Its eileets, and is leeonuiieildej bv till best libv-i-oins I throughout ibn land. He 1101. 1, Hgue.l 1.11 ills on the wraoo-r.thi dM'.i.imy none unless , nuiiie anJ original Dr. istar'K, w inch is for sale by 1 itu. A. l'cu. Sedentary Pnreuiis, or those ofa c!os? an.leonfininr nature produce from llie want of suHieiont nlivme.-ii exeieise, a long eatnlo r i" of diseases, to enunierair' luch v. ould iejiiiiea lohini". They ausek al ke fie 1 l.iwu'rnnd tle'cleuymniKilie artisan in the noik-hoo. 1111J leunlo,i"intivesm our factories. Whiti-wr form ih-yiniiy assuui-, deinngeineut of the digest ennd biliary organs.w ill be found 10 be the muni oiig'm of 1 lue:n all The sjst..m needs to I- streniiheo.'d nod natu, e to be insisted 111 h"reffoit-to overcome tbe il s- 1 adautagi'3 of an imnaunal slate of e-.isieuce. The ! llicu'eof some mild andearelully piepared tonic, niuti be n stored to their wonted iicliuiv.und the acrid humors which have laken posiession ot many of tlie most iinpoitnnt org 1113 of the sj'-teni.the stomal h, I the bowel-", and ihe liver, In e.vpelb'd thcn'froui by a gentle y 'tell.-ctive purgntue ; taken in moderate doses, in n sullieieul quantity to lehevedady die stomach nod b nvils, tbeS nsaperill.i ami Wild (. Iwrry liitii'ishive been litlendeij wilh ill" h.'lipiest ru ills. WeliiMiiey i.nv hate ioia all a lair tiial, as we are con!i I m ih irus wo! rtli ve much uuueLi-sa-iry su'leriiig 111 tne study, the couniing-huuo, ami ibelieore. fur a.Us: uy J llkUJJUUB A. l'l.CX. A I)iiLoiiO'j. (Jood morning, A, bow are you ! A. Hot veiy vm.I1. 'Plus t ring weather affects me. 1!. The seeing weather aliens eierv bo,!e. mm. cricss. v, ny iimi t you take a Uo-eor Iwo of Wnebts Indian oguuMe Till- I ,. I don't believe in them. 1 ui"Jieine can cme every timiE. ou 1 o-'iicve one jl. I don't he!. eve one medicine can cure everv 1 imgciiner, intiiewav voulooki.t 11. lli.t xn Li heve 11 is po i!)le lopiepme 11 medicine in s.ieh a way as to be iiiipiie ihje to tie- human system 10 all e.i, I lie . I ti.ili ., .. it. ,1 . . III V , j'iy - "e ij.rsiuiiiiv oi aii- llung, liow-a diiyr. ,0 il , '1 n' 1 1 5"" '", a,lmU; SM. Indian egeialue Tills lo try on, and il you don't pin nnancethe midieiue the best ion ever ire,. I ,, .a "... ,i ,iuse l'l ,,IU'1I jou wdlthn be aole toesii.nate my opunon ne.t time us it deserves. A. Thank you, friend II. I will try any thins "t your leeommendation. llvit sever, illy llew.ire oi'couiileifeiisol'all kinds 1 Some are coal ed Willi sugar; othels are made lo leseni'.le in 0111 ward appearance ihe oiigmal mi'diiiue. The lat-n coarse 1-, lo piirclmsi' from the tegular ageiiisonly.oue or moie ol whom may be found m cycy --e and town 111 the Suite, Olhce, IGJ Race"ureel, 1 liiladelphia. The yenuine for sale by TIH'.OPORi: A. PIXIC, th- 'jIc agent fur Ciiiluiglon and v icimtv. D i c b , At the residence of Guy Cat'.i.i, Ih-. on ihe 3d i isi , Elizabeth l'.illou, i."!. St Albans papers please copy. At Winooski Pulls, on ilia ith, Juliana, daughter uf Philip nnd Mary Iv-miada, 13. 111 vv iniston on the 0th met., Alfred I.ueien. only son of btuatt A. and I.ucinda W. l!li"s. n"ed S! vear and six months. I Puniers in N Y. an Jill pl-a-cope. NEW GOODS. J I), I!IX1!V k CO., iiwi: jL'sriu:n:ivi:n t fiom New Ymk and llosiui n spl utded nwrt nvntol spin.j and summer goods, of cvny vaneiy viz. Dress f.'oii Is. M, d Lines, Pool de Soi Silk, Pool! de Sole Plaid, Mohair I'nid, Orgiuihc Plaid; .lln-liirs, Tnilion, I'ink, llhic ami while, 1'ieneli do i;ing!irinis. 1'ieneli Pink, llhie, and, S'oteli do Plaid do I'lench Lawns, an 1 Shawbiot nil ki id'ts. S,iM-r Silk Hxeeltic, Chun Peail, Coboig, Florence i.c- French l'lowers, I'nr aso!", S'lniiui rSiulls, C ijis. Pnper llaiigings, also 11 good assortment ul I'annlv liiocerus The nbove 11 lined goods, with a large nssorlmentof even vaie ty lor tiieioumiv tiaj". mil be sold ntmc ;m 1 a lor cn h or ready pay lfl lU.llllgloll .'lay IV!' ISI7. nnm .madi" clotiiincjs. i. d. til I1IX11 iSiCU., now have their luruishmgiooni wen iiiieu w on eveiy vaneiy 01 mollis, V e-sls, , und l'anis. lorineiiimdbos. P,,,i,m;r eetuo i,n I ranis-, lor l ie una ones. livedollais. Cull and s .. y . , ... w 1 . v . J 11 W C tl O 1) S . The subscriber has just leceived Iron, New,York. a .vy ,! ce,? a. (isi niri iissortnient ol prnig l,oo,.i, l idniobl every viiiiely, whieh will be sold as (.heap as the cheapest. Those wishing to purchase wnl do well lo call and examine beloie purchasing el-ewlu re. DAXIT.l. hhllX. jiuriiiigiou. .nay 1., inn. iowl UIIH, 31 V, IE IC I TT Has just itluiiicil 1J. Iioiii Nevv-Yoik with her usual vaiieiv ol Millineiy Sin ing Hoods, comprising all ailieles lido, lolore kept in her shop, together with ihe lalest styles and paiterns. rriie pas in Her employ .vuss of ihe iuol lasly and linishi d Drew Jlaicrt, which enables her to warrant woik done in yo"dije liurlingioii,.nay 11, m. u,,v,i MOTIOI'. The lnnk lor receiving subscriptions to the capital slockoi .lev ermoiitnnd Cnund.i Railroad Ootnpa- tiy.will be open for tlint the oilier of .1. If .t. (.. .S'milh In .S't. Albans, on the Hlli day of June 18 17, n tone o'clock P, SI. i at ihe dwelling house of the Hon. Joseph Clark, in .Milton on the 'Jib day ol June ink, aioneoclo( k r. .M : ol John Knights lj. in North Hero on the luili day of June 1817, at three oV-loik P. M. J. SMITH, Ch'ttiman of Vnjaid of Cam. St. Albans May 8, 1817. ' 'lGif Vviiiiont Central Kuiliond. AsrsrstMircr nr ti'v nnr.t.tnQ nv 1 is share, lias been ordered be ihe diieciois of the Vermont Cenlinl Knihoud Company, pijable on tlie l.'lli da) of June next! piyninits may l mad- at the Faiiii"is,t.Mieir, Itmlinelun, at the Hank n! ' Monlpelier, at the Wood'lock llink, oral I 1 Trensiuei's ollice, No. ai U misters, Hall, Co ! 'l'"'"-' Hosion. SAM I,. II. WAIil.UV, Jn the Couit Jit. Iloston .May 10, 1317. 405 SVrMsmcr. 77xcitA:fi: on London, i.ivintpnni,, J-J DIJ11I.1N and CUINHURGH. in nuns losuit piirclinteis. uin .iny, 1S17. .r. j,- j. n. n:cKHc. u itic i:ni Ms. 1 f llhds St. Croix and Poito ltico Sugars, XJ To llbls. New -Llugland 10 lloxes J.iunp ' 13 lilils. Powdered and Crushed " 50 llhds Molasses lfii) Half Chests Young Hyson Teas, "00 Caddies K'J Clitsls II)'son Skin " 40 IJags H10 Coflee, 1j " Java " "O " Pepper, i!j " Pnneiito, Son Mas('usin, :ulljs. Sal Kratm, -10 Kegs pure timger, Uoo lloxes liar Soaii, 5'J " Pipes, J. c; J, It. VV.CK if Co nvi! STUrrs, f? (( UM. Campeaeliv Logwood. 231 bbl. St. Do fjtt mingo do., '.'On Mils. Nicar.'imnv. S30 bids. I'usuc, l.iO bills. Camwood, .10 bids. Madder. 50 bbls, liim, 73 bills Coppeias.'.Ol bis. Dice Vitnol.50 D I inijolms Od of Vitriol. J f( J. 11 VlCCKlf fa. CtUT TO I! A CCO AND SSI'IT... -10 llbls. Loirillard's Chewing Tobacco. 50 bbls. do Smoking do, 500 liladdeis Scotch Snuff, Sou Jala 1 Maecoboy Suulf. 10 X J. 11. 1'LCK h Co. NEW GOODS! CC 1U1 ARR NOW V from New Yoik and Ib'sinn their nnci.n i.vr. prmgsuply 17 cf uieieiiaudise, 1 011s ung ol a gieat vatiely of 321 AJI IIUK'A.V I'ltlNTS, Printed T.awns, Miitius, De I.aines, Summer Vt ar, , 'Picks, Drills, Shi'etmgs, Cuimis, l'addiugs, Cas-i-meres, Dioad Clollis, Ciiinbiies, Siii(.ias, sce. .Vc. ALSO. Pitting, Cotton Yarn, Wool Tivine, Rots and Shoes, and a gieat vnriety ol oilier aiuclo. MucTi pains has biCii taken m t'tornughlif examin ing the niaikets; and as our cnlue pureh.ises have b"eii iiri'le uiih t.-ii, we fi el ronjrdcnt that our (foods weie obiaiut-d nt suJi puces as to enable Us to give lull S'ttiifactwn to bueis. .May 10, is 17. 11 Ni:v,' ;ooi)s axd j'i.kxty oi'rnr.M. Nov. n eeiv ing fi oui New-V01 K, tie gicatestva liely ol KBW (iOODS, all of wiiuh we shall e. lubit Willi much pleasure and sau-l.iLtion to biirrs. lu f I'. .S'PAXII'Ulil) is Co. Rurlington, AIny, 13, 1817. MERCHANT TAILORS' 2, t.'eiitlcnirii's riirnisliin;; filnre. ft3 u. KAiiiiiUiN x lu.. mvi: ni:- .lji etived their i-pnng stock nfClotiis, VeslingsinulTnmuimgs, andaie piepared .0 Jin..h aim 11 mi, e ija rn ici iis ill 1 ic atest stle. A 1 ,,..'" I , ir.ll . o,.:... Gloves, Suspendeis. Silk and Woolen Cn.ler Shirn,. Collais, A'houldeibrace.s, nifrhoitall arntles ot (Jen tlenien--' dres3 may b" loiiud at Ao 2 Peck's Dlock. Aim Tailors' ( ravous, .Measures ,1c. ,M. (i RATHlil'.N, C. F. V.'ARD. Huiliiigton .May IS, 1S17. is TUL cirv or nlw oxk, was 1x1 by tiil I LLoi.i.vri.r.1: or si w Yoiiii ion the j I'Ro.Mu'i'ioi or Tin: ii.k arts I in Tiic i:niti:dstati:s. 1 I T is lvnnaged by ceulleinen who are chosen annii ' X ally, by the membeis,ai,.'l receive nocompensaiion. To ncciiiip!ish u truly national object, uniting great public good with priinte gratification at 'small individual expense, in a manner best sailed to the situ itiou and institutions ol our country, and the 1 wants, halm-and last. -sof our people, the Couuuiiuc havcadepied tae fol:owt"g I P Ij A X ' I Hvery mbscriVrof f,ie d"i,.i.s is n member of ihe A 1 1 -1 ii.ou loi ti.e jiar.and is umtlcd to alius r.ii :e s. I I'll'' money thus obtained, (after paj ing necessary e'.ji' 'Uii'j is .;.! '.I. t'l.l'r To tt.c I'ndiicthn of a latge and rustly lofijiiKu turau.ig irooi an .uucncuu pamiing, ol whieh the plate nnd eopyruht lelong to the Insiiiu tion, and aie used solely lor us benetii. ui 11113 t.iv'rnvin eveiy member Hccivcs a copy r.o , v,.,vfiv,..llln, 1,1 ! n.i 1 M,.mhe ,!e,fi dn,,li, ,.1... . , in-,... ... ieel irom ll.e eiiginvingsoi iiuviousyiais v iieiievernieiunisju-l ly i:,an evira engiaviiigor Work ot Ail isnlro Imiii-hed tot veiy mtmlsT. Hu'ry member iiiso n cues a lull Annual Report ol the proceul ngs, &c., of the ln-ftution. ssv..,,. im yuti ("l'l j 1 o,,(t,T tria JCU'! rmc oy name or restueni aiu-ts. '1'lieso paintings and si'ulptun s ore publicly cvhibi- 1 t: '""I' "I" "'e Ait.l.'moi, nil , ""mil 1 1 inciting in December, when tlu-y tire ;.Wir,'; distut- oulc.l (.1 lot iiinong tbe menrs'is, each iii.-nilier ha- 1 ving one snare lor every tie ilollai-spaid by bun. 1 l.aeh iiKinber is thus ceilaiu ot leeeivu'ig in return I the value of ihclive doll irs paid, and may, also, ie ccivea painting orolh.r woik ot an of great vulue. Tiiii.ii 'I lie institution lueps an I'lbee and fife I I'tetvie (j"j(fii(,al,va)sop"ii,wi llnilcuded.aii'.l hmi" Willi line pniniiu;s,ai 'Jl'l Pro d.vnv, in ihe Cty 01 New V01K, where members 111 the Cty ol .New Yoik, receive their cngiavings, painum;- and reports, and wheie the busimts of llie Insniulma is nansaeted. I The business ot the Iiiitiiiiiiou out cf llie Cily of New Yoikisir.iimcteJby I1UNO,! AR Y StlCRtl- I AklLb, v.ho leeiiveaud remit subss-riptioiis and deliver lu the member!, in their vicinity, the Repoits, llngraviugs mid W inks of Ait idler exhibiting them a lew days ubi'-ct w which right tliey be disir.bnie.l Ti.ey aie forwarded at the cvpuise of the Insinution. A hi-l ol ihe 1 1 0110 0 1 y SecielurM. will be found m the PlillU'd " Tiu.isjeliolis." 'l'lj"iin.oiue of the Ait-l'iiion the last jcar was I it! PAINTINGS, r.icui.v rra-ir.ti, varvingin nriee from 815 loviO), were disinbnied lie alsonceives a copy ol ihe large line 111 'raving, ,ui untune, oie oil iiioeis, 11110 i iiLii loemoer 01 inai v ear Sir Wultrr Ruleigli jiiiilius with his Wife. 1 he following engravings have been published by the Aineiiean Arl-Lniiou : I lslO, Ueneral .Munoii inviiing a Uritlsli officer lo dinner. I Idll, The Anici's Dream. I lrtu, (Jams M'iriunon the Rui'is of Carthage . Idl3, 'ihe i'aiiuer'h Nooning, j ISII, Spuikmg. " '1 he i'.uipe of Captnin Wharton. I ISI"), The Cuiiiiiie ol Major Andre. ' lHId, Sir Waller Releigh paiiing iih Ids wile. , the ConiiinlUe have ulreudy 111 progiess tor lb? iiiciuocis 01 iius jear.Tivo bACoLiiMiRiviMis: TEu; ,5Jy E'3:U fEonluicn, Tu lw engraved by Doney, after ihe picture by Iliiighaiu and The fSjhii, To be enjraved by Cnsdear, after the picture by Hunt ington.oi boiiiol which, cveiy uiiinbi r will meive a copy 1 and llie iiumbiroi panilnifs, eve ,n, be disinbu tul w ill probably be iniiili greater than l.i-t y, or. 1 helitimiid met tin" no, I,.,. .. ,11 . .1 1 this jear oil ihe 'Jlllulnyfii D.-ieiulx'r. t Itia ceiy deniable lml the duet iij Ihe viembe,, hmldt,i p.nd,ailyin the year, titut tlie Coi.iMiltrr ........... .i ... , ' Vr, mat tlieCumMillr, liiiiu ifitjAc nit 11 inn ruiist't hi i 1,0 ,i ..t.. . ..i.. ofiln IIunoraiy(SttHiuiir!4tnrUi (J. raatn.Cor- o,eVw o ,'. k. n.SZZ""''.1!? leeiorlor tlie City of f.cvv Yoik.' liiiiuiiuncesniiu nil icttets slioul.l Isi ttddress-d to ihe Ciiiespouding Secieiary. IJialln, p,i, die in Xric I, h k lo the older of ( i. W. Ai s'u., 'I'liusuni, should be tent when piuiiicable JOHN II PUCK. ,. . lloxoiuuy Seactuiy. Iliirhngton, lCih Apiil, 18 17. ij 'HI RK.VP. JMIF: 1. Mini: ritOXT HO0.M o run pit- I ond lloorofihc Free Pitks budding. Possession given immediately. Applj nt this offke. I MAKHnSFIKLl) AC.VnilMICAt, I.NSTITUTION'. I ) 'Vho Summer Term coininences on Wednesday, Junc'Jd. .1. H. SrAfi.ti'Mi, A. n. ,, , i (j c. llistnr, am. itnripnis. 1 asilcd by ntlicrroinpelfiit teachers. Lecturcs.lerms aini Hooks llie Fame as heretofore. Ibird, l.lij to per week, ineludiuj room an. uns ibv. XL.TU IJAKhs. IlakerslLId, May 10,1317. S'ti ctary. EUST PUHLISIIKD, " I'r.onunss : A 0 Sallre," second edition. A few copies neatly bound in bo.ilils, just received und for sale nt .May 10, 47. HOWARDS'. 17 iiiss"i:. si'unchr" H?! . WU.1XKK AM) M' V V ,n eS'-ctfully JtfCsP hifonn the 1 ,ad ies of "J''JM i'&y.'flr Il.uliuglon and iis VJ W,K.Tr' J.'"" fi! J"" if urned fiom If I !d W-yA eVolk withn will-se-r Jf X lectedasso.'inieiital.Spim ; own 01 Hie liili'-l IOKI liie most npjiioveil stvles, con tislny of Hals, Caps. Silks, l.acis, llibbon-,Aitilid,ils, .Vc. Repairing and llleaebing Strnws done on shuit no ticennd in ihe most approved style. ,;,;?" Shop on Cliuieh Slleel, opposite llie Hank. Alay II, lt!17. -103 school-books" pUni.lSIIKI) by JUNKS, PALMIIR ,t CO., J- No. Ii;i Washiiiglou Street Uoatuii, and lor sale by the Uooksclleis gencially. Impiovcil Merles of The attention ol Oorviv S oo'.r., Ti.Aciar.s, ami oiheis ininiMedin HJu catioii, is rnjui Med t t ic lollowing books : Woncr-siui's 1'r.i.Mi.r., or First Uook,7 pages, 18 Wonci-sir.r.'s Sr.eo.ND Book fjr Reading and Spel ling, 113S pages. IH mo. Worn-tin r.'s h.TKorrcTio.v to tiiirii Hook, .nh Rules and Insiuieiions, wges, lfft, WoRci.siia's Tiiir.n hook, lor Keading and Spel- ,. .1,1 lnL,,.a i-',,,,, Worclsilu's I'oL iiui Rooic. for Reading. -villi Rules and lutiuct oils, by Rev. Samuel Woiccsicr, I'jo pages lvino. '1'he aboveform a conipletcseriesofReadingllooki, which aieml suipas-ed by any other woiks fjr this I puipo-e now ueiore llie public. 1 lie series lias recent 1 ly been cnliirgcd and wii'tored by th.- mseition ola I course of lessons ill IhiuticMtiou and Ariiciiiatioi, in catu booit ol ibeseiies, t.d.ipled to tbe capacity of ihe shokirsfor whose use the seveial vvoiks are nilendid, prepared by Wit.i.utt l!,a distiugui-h-d leaeher ol llloculiun. , The piouiiiient th.iiaclciistics ol llie seues aie as follows, viz : Kxcellcnrc oj Selections, boih in grad itlon and eha racier, pasloial auduselul subjecH together with ilea ciiplions of natural pcenery and ob.eeis, Muling to luouiote a fondiHss t, agiieulliiial hie, being chovjn, Hither than ihoso ot a wiuhkc spuit. They aie designed to make Reading a ,SVu7,niid a!o, to make Launciation an nnpoilant jiait ol lear ning 10 rind. Rules r good reading, adapted to each lesson, and a lt ot cnois lo be avoided, together with a fp.'ihug lesson, ol words selected fiom the rending lesson Tuey ale piipjied by a radical and inteliig.'iit country ttaiher, and ale consequently belter adapied than most oiheis lo Ihe Use of country slIiooIs. The imiroved editions can be used with all nthc". 'i'lstimoiiy fiom tencherf, who have used the book, uml'oimly lavor.ible one ol whom f.ajs, " lint hi.-, scl.olais learn more m one lniuth's use ol this aims Ihiiii in llirice the time Irom any 1 'I r Nunn'iui: lecoiniiien.lutions have been recited by th" publish rs bin a I'W only are eppeoded aswe ul, upon the mer.lsof theboo'ts, and iei.'3tloi Hum a cand.d -x-iiuunaiio.i. Tne books are prinfd on good paper, substantially bound and are furnished at as low rules as any of too less meritorious woiks. They aiein cteunc us; in iiearlyallpaitsolthe I'uited rfiati. Uccoihmc.tdalions of the above H'oj.s George li. Hiii'isou, nj.,nn eminent teaeherr.nd member ol llie Public School Comunttie.ol Uostoii, one ol Ihe authors ol the' School and Schoolmaster,' remarks, in a letter to the Piibh-hers : " liver sinee I became ncipi'iinted with Mr. Wor cester's books, they have seemed to tne belter tulapted 111.111 any ouier s-i lea mat lias come 10 my knowledge. I to th paciiiesami wants both ot learners and tench erot Llemeiitary Schools. Tnevarenot, like most otiiers intetuled lor this puipce, a mere conipdntiui ; loa gieat extent they aie original. Th- lemarksto leacheis, the 11 it ees il errois to be avoided, and the qjesiioiisio aid llie uiidersunduiul tbe learner, ore all ol great value " Irom Amliosc U'cllingtni, Piincipjl of the Snilh Sc'wnl, Ihalun. ' UorccstcPs Ke.'ulmg II,, ks havebc-n uvd in the sihoo under my charge lor severnl momhs pit. I consider them decide superior (u.suy oilier books ol Ihe kind that I have e.vnimi.ed." April K, ISI7. 111 I. itvu-l, Teacher of a Inter to ihe publl'..ils, reinaiks, " 1 consider ibeoi ihe be.-l adapt ed ol any 10 youthlul renders. They nie more simple in mailer und sijle, and more iiileri&iiiigiu clublieu, than any oilier that Ibave tried, uuJ finely suued, in panieiiiir,tomaiernal in-tiiiiiiouat home." i:beii"z"r lliiley, author of the 'fining Ladies Class liook.' 11:' 1 First 1,"sSoi,s 111 Algebia',' tnjs " I h'.ve used Woteeslei's erie nl l.'en.h,. - II,., ,1 t .1. my ichooi ever s-iuec they were puhli-hed, and lepuii them as among ihe m , 1 veluabie vvoiks ol the ki,: vvitit wlncn I ti 111 acnuaiiited tlwi'son's Ai ubmeiii' (in throe parts.) '.Fart I com uus Has) Lessons lor 1kg, is. P.irt conlitii e L --ons fur all .Scholars. i'.ut 3comai:t.s the hiehi st iijieliilioiis. Ivey lo P.aitsand3. Ques tions to Pint lb 'Plus si lies of Arithmetic is in use 111 the Selli o.s of New Yoik, Pod idilplua, and llo-.'.o'.i, and 111 otfier institutions v.heic ihe modem nnpiovs mepts are a luptcd. I'uiley'.s liisioiies for Common Schools. Pulley's First Rook of History. P.irlej's Second Rook ol Ili-toiy. Parley ' Thud liook ol liio.v Pulley P.i'k id thi- Foiled Slates The Ilisloln's co.iiinns Tdaph end Hn.nv ui)t-, nnd hi ing iii;eiitr.i use in the Schools and Ae'ideme sin ourcoiimiy, may becoisid-'i -il as suoJanI books lor toe iieirtietiori ui' V until 111 Ilietov. 'Pb-j fust and second If. toks nie

brotnl.idjvvu to iiie present time in .Maps uudj.uur PlCsl. railiivs Ai.t:i:i:K v. Uailry's Fust l."tsops in Algebra, for Aeadenii -s and Common Selim I. Key to th" abo,e,fur 'I'eacheis. The above Algebi.i is on tu- inductive pinn,an.l is ile-e;iieil tor iuoe not versed 111 the science. It has long bten used us a C ass liook in the Public S -booe. of lo .too, mid is introducHl into various .s.-iioolsniid Ac'idei.uesof lugli charucier in all parts olthj I nned Stales. t.'ODDiucirs r.vrri:!) ktat;:s. floodiieh's IIitor oi the Un.ted States, adapted to the capacity ol youth. Kev ised and eul ired t-0111 llie one huniliedlh edition, and biought diunto ls7, (loodiii h's nnd linier.-on's tjie-uous toiheabove The above lusiorv ol ih-Foiled Slates is among ihe most popular vvoiks, 1 iii- kind, ills in use m ihe llo-tuii tfvhoois, and has a high ami e.tleiibive'- ,. V tlHWle'll iiil ,i IUOIIO.I .lsil',hj, Worcester's Hlemeuiary, adapted for use Pi Selioo' and Acadeiiue.s, ciiiti.iiiung uenily y,000 more v. ords Ihan any other School Di tionuiy. Do. C'omprehensive, (Piououiiciag and Hxpl.iua loiy,) designed lor lb- same, and lorg.-ueral reference, coni.iiuuig over 17,000 vvoids. 'Phis Dalioiuit) is lecouunended l.y perseisof iifinry merit, as" combining advantages naPio- nouncing D.ctioinrv, suiienor to ad oibers,' ami being " a mutt comprehensive, correct, and useful cuiiiiieinu'oii IkUintSD.I'.SSl'r.I.MNfJ HOOKS. Ilmerion'.i Naiionnl Spelling Rook and Pronoun cing Tutor, on an unpioved plan, wiih Reading Les sons, tine hundred siuicth edition. lntrndiieiiou to the above, tor )ounger llie wine, i iiese woiivsiue uigui) itcommi'it leu oy lea cheisaud others, a re used in llie Rosion l'ublieS 'hool 1, and also (Xteiisivcly 111 the various schools in the Uni ted Stales. IlIkSSHLIS ELOCUTIONARY Nllltir.S. 1. Rus'eil's Lessons in Ilunneiaiion, 'J. I. Ruh nients of Ifcslure 3. IK). Hveictses in llloeutioii Also, Rus.sell's lllocutioiiist.u new vv oik, combining all the above .iirsic hooks ron schools. 'Ph- Link S mgeter, nn Hlemeiii.irv Singing Rook for Prini.iiy Si lion's, bv (I. J. Webb, IWt ot II lll.lei and Haydn Soc.ity, llilitorot Mass. Coll, Ch. Music, The Co'iimo'i .sehool Songster, forndvntieil ine. iers ; l.y tle'sauic Published under the direction of ill'" llostnli jVCiltlctliy oi .viu-ie. 'I'll" Young Lilly's Vocal Class Rook, design, fjr f undies nnd Ihe In.jherfcchools, by the same. Publish ed as above. The aboveform a progressive series, for die use of families mid bchools. .HISCHI.LANIIOIN. firnna't C omeiry, pail 1 and 't. ( ' Philoso phy,! iiuud s Cheinisiry, Liiuud's Arilhmelie. (irund s Algebiu. Suhivan'sCiusj Uook3,, Moral, and Hisioiienl. Frost'slJiiiiinii ir. Jlossii"i's Fteiub lMir.ise nuns., jioiuioon w 1,1-ooiruj. .Vliooil s Jallle I'ndo- H'pher. Noyes's Peiimnship. Iludietli's FuiiedStu les. lI'ilisL'-ctuicsiu 'Peaehi'is. Ihair's Ouiliues ol 1 Itoiy, biought ilo,v 11 lopri''iit n.ue. .loliusoii'saud iiiivi, w oeiiJtti i.tciiouuiy, 1 no fluids lloluuv Parley's Aiiihiui tie. '' .School Coiuuuttecs, Teachers, ,Vc., dcsiiousof ex nniiiiinguny ol llie ubove, will be supplied vviihul,i charge. In uddition to llu above, nlwavsfor ,! , ...:,r. loiypiicti'.n coniplei,. atsoriniem of N-hoel, .M',' and Miscellaneous IK.k-, Slulioiurv, ,V. Ivy lfl I Hl'R.VY COAV. CJtiiaviid rito.M tiiij MiincitniKii n.v on 15 about the 3.1 intt. a llrinjle Cow. oflnll middling sur.", some eeveii or eight years old, limns small and rather turning i whoever will return ald cow', or give information where ishc may be found, hall lie suitably lewarded. Ik P. I1NUS. Jliirlmgtoii Afay 13, 1317. 1 C'EVI'RAIiri.vncows. Bxtiumn at H.mi- L ) rimitun's Drug Store. -1311 Asn WiHV'd islnte. STATr.Ol'VliHilOXT,) A 'Pa Probate Couit Ihstiirt of Chittenden,. S holden nt lliiihng ton, widiin and lor the Disliict nloiesaid oil the odi day ol May, A. 1). 131", an Instrument puiporlinglo hi the last will and Testament of Asa Wrayol Hill's hurgin saidDl'aiict deceiised, was prcsonlcd to llie Court here for Probnt", by Itoxnii'i Winy the Lvcu tn.t,lheiiiu naiui'd, Therelorc il is ordeicd by said Co'irl.lliil public lioiicc lie given tu all peiioiisintcli st ed iheiem loappearbilorcsaid Coiut,atas ssiou there o' 1 1 be jioldennl ihe Register's ollice in lliitliugloiion the fourth wcdiies lay of .May A. D. 1317, and coolest th probate of tuid will j mid it oiilered thai Uus order be published tluec vveiks sueces lively 111 111" jijiluigton Ficc Pies!i new" p'ip"r pilule I nl liui-lmg-bin, in Ibis Slate, the la-tolvvlnch shall be previous to ih day rssigued,as afoienaid for hearing (iivenundermy hand at th" Register's OlTiee, this 5;h dav of .May A. D. 1317. W.M. WKSTON, ;,''j,lrr. X O'f 1 C. V. . TUH Cni-AttTXRiisiiit' URiinrorop.i: rxist- fi. ing between the ii'il.seribers under the linn of P. A. 11. II DLIOLlT'l'Li; vva", hy muliial con-ent, dissolved on the lirst day of April last. The bodiless ol the lute linn will be settled by P. Diot.irTt.L. to whom all pnymeut are to be lunde, and who will ice Iheinincol the said hrm in li'pddatiun. An eiuly settlement ol all accounts due is 11 11 le-ted. P. DOOLITTI.H, 11. II. DUOLlTI Li;. Ruilhigton, ith May, 131", 45,vS P DOOM T T I, "v.-ili, comi.m'R thi: mircautilc bu,-iues 011 Ins own account at his old stand, wheie may be louud a g"iieral asuitineut of (Jooils adapt al to llie trade of the couuliv, winch he is determined to sdl nl tlw lowest ratis. l)urbugton, Alay llh.JMoT. '15"n s'lOUi: A T W'lXOllSKl To Hi: IIEXTEI). rn tin: t,ntliron& I'otwln Stoic, now occupied -i iiiy .lames nan, 10 lie leiueii lor oi.e or more years ipp'v'to S. Hallow, id Wmoi ski or (i. 1). Shaw, Ilur- A i' lutgiju May 1, liil7 ''0 E2cui. Hplir, well known tavern tan 1 in the Center of a Charlotte on the Siagj road g.'iierally known as the liarn-s Place. Iinniedrite pos.ession given, t"rnn Mod.'rat. SA.MULL II. IIAIt.MiS. Charlolte .May 3d 1317. 15vlf to i:i::vi'. rmm It. -r r a "i 1 1 , 111 11 ,v; . i' Tin. umi.M.u .11 it Chjin'jl'un KtireK with Ii-un and oullmua?. lnrlu'! a No a iurt ruom on the second story of th'.' 1 tilhnj;oi Wnicrfrl. kiiuttii cs th luundiy, y'lita turbtorno Jjv. rowo-ion f;ivi:i knmr-duk ly. An.lyto Ciias II, 1'umiit. Iiitrlinfrton M:iy 1, la JT. 4'jw'i s::i,::ct school. It. STACY, will commence lrr summer i yiss l. 1 b rm c on .Monday, the 17ih of .May, Seholaisnre evpecte I lo enter at th" commencement of the term. Ti'ncj.s. F.r.glUh, $-n to 1,00 liei.ih, l.MJ D.-awm- 'JM S.diool room one door west of .Mis. Lang'.vorthv's sliop, up nans, Hi lin,!ion,.May, Tdi 1317. I3.v I i)LnLiNTrro:rMAJ:MT;Au " i 'until KIAT QUMlTIlIl I.VTRIS IxSII ll'TIO.V 9. will comm. nee on the l!)l!i day of Jim. Ti.itvs lialf payable in advance. TilTM'i, in Fnghsli braueiiis and Latin, per quarter, t i French Lan guage, 5'J.j'); Dravvmg.Sl.iK); Jlmie, &,IW. Hoauo, including Fuel, Lights, Washing, ic. 0j per quarter. Ily the year a suiaii deduction ts made. None are nduiitled ordinarily lor Ic-s than one Te.m or two Quarters, an J no deductions aie m i de ir ab-scn'-e eveept in ias- ol piotiacled sickness. MayC. 1317. vijitjiorvi ci:.ti:a r. co.-.n I'ANV. jVJf'TICi: is hereby given that the second Annual - N M'Tling i f lb- .siockholdiis. t ihe Veiinont Cen tral Raihoad Company, lor the diction of seven Di-r.-'-t jrs t jr tir y."tr ensuing, and Ihe Iransai I'm i of ail o'her bnsinesi which may be presentid, will be hoi leu el the Couit Hcu-e- in .Monipeher, on FnJay, ihe 1 th day of June, at ten o'clock, A. .M. Py order of tbe Duectors, 11. P. WALTON, Jr., Cirri: April C7, 1SI7. Ijw! C'liiiuiplniii .'v: t'mtiiri'tii'iil lliicr Kailrond. tiOTlCE TO CONTRACTORS. JISKOI'OSALS u'lt.r, ni: i:i:ci:iVKii u.vtilhii: j! 1st day of June 1317, tor lb" autdinv, rwioniy, and bjidpinz ot that part ol the Cliampbiiti ,',' I'oii'l. River Railroad eMending linm the wisl snjo of tbe ' disianee ,,f nbout 31 miles and being the whole imcou sj'iuu.t at Mount Holly to tne vnlag- ot It'undon. t:a. I. .1 l Jttn u o: .-aid uad .vi'i,,-, loliita u.,d spe, ilie.aliol'.s mr.y be foiri I sf t 'i - , ul 'day uist , at tbe odi.'c ot Uu Hug ,ieer m R uii,id v,in.ic cVviy i.eciso'trj inloriiutlo,! win bo g.v ,u , Tie line will be divided into sections of convenient ieiu'lh lor eo'ttiueiio'i, and bom ihos. to whmn the v. ..k may be awarded, tJti.l-ictoiy s'cunty will be Illl.llll'tl. " 1 I'li'l osals may be left w it'.i the undersigned at Uur- 1 lia'ton, with (leorge 'P. Hodces 1!m it RutlauJ.or wnli v i.lii'in lleiny K-q at liellows Falls. 'i he woik v ill be.awaidid ut Rutland as soon after ! the 1st id' June as the necissaiy cvtminatioi s of the ' bids can b.-maJe. Ily older ol ihe 1 oaid 'P. FOLLLTP 1'iesident. O.Tice Ch. ,t Conn Re. r Railroad Co I liuili'iglon .May I, 1S17. S ' HiliHGATI Sl'KLXGS 1I0T1-!, TO LET. 11I.YT large r.nd conmio.ho'.is Hotel known as the " Fi iiikiin Hon.-.'," at llig'igate Siin.ig'.h.isbeeii filled up and n.'wiy l.irniihed ihro n'uo.u, and will be let, lor one or moie j ears, to u good ten on, at a mod ei.ite rent. The bu mes-, of ih.s house is very large, and rapidly inerea .nig, and will allbrd lo n p'raeiicai i. ill-Is eper a reinuu.'rum u. As the bu-i-n, ss sea-o.i is fast appioaehi. g, apili.-aiij.i sjiouU be l.t.i le Willi nit tl. lav to llie p nineim I Sl'JpihJN rf. KHYF.S. I IIig:,'ile, "lay."), H17 i .nj j iuiiiiuio.i Ma i'i, HI lUClIAUDSO.V.S E.VtUilSH DICTIONARY TWO vof.. qCARTO, "iX'O I'AOI S. illlilJ,UA h UAUiilMl UR 1 1UAA- B.t RY iv.isorigiiinllypnblisiied as n pail ol the H11-' cyclopaedii M 'tiopohlana. Ink- most ol the duicIc- co.iiiibiiled 10 that highly tcieniilic was mi- inc.iai'l) called lor in a irepiriilr form, and was in i.ici pii jiimi"U sipiiriiiciy l'l ii'iieatetl eiluioiis, belli 111 , Hi gland and Aineiic.i.bclore its co.iipktiou as a pail .11 il,.. I!.i-ieli,.ne,l., ' i 'Phepiiee nuv Inch this great work is now ollereil to ' Ih" Anieriian public, is Midi as lo put il wiihm ihe I ri.auhof.ihno.-.i every body, 'Pile ivi'o 'rapbical nccu- I racy ol the edition may lie relied on, as n is prune.! o 1 Hcicotype plates uatt 111 proob 01 which ck uudbv .Ml. Richardson Inur-clf. I ' For sale bv ! ,- iiiiiiimiiii . . v . lisiil'ltll 11, IKf 1. Ace nt. For Ycuuoiii and Lanadn. Hiirlingto.i, May ih hi;. j:-, " "a U Q ii U i,.',' inn- i.-ao mile limit niul .Shoes, PsOO.lSi.v iiiDMis a rnv cous''gMlh .Spniciiinai v,;u, ih:v.. r Vvuuc P ( lODiUCii ins PB.;ri.-Rc ina-i Ctv- tl. Last ol Ch.irch St. , i Auciion. on the '."-ib ,1 ,y , f April ,.,.jt, ,,t t, ,, I ludg.'. M.,rsicl.u-etis.a inoiiiyoftn.Wiisof Ali.ust lies lei, 5Jinclu.ini;-good c.-se. i;c. n-l.. A Al., o.i the preuns.' oi lUu.'d by the Die Hai-uwia hi.I Riaiicav Rcsir Ai. ixs. for i-al.' i.t Lidns.i 1 1 (, uliciii -ii aie invited tocinl and eam-' Iniu cf N ebb V Co., in tins pl.nv, liie t illowiiu: f'oslon prices. Ai, Poitrai. Usair,itostii,i Nu me .p.eiiuens . pioj.e.ty, n-iigned to him by ni 1 i.iin. il nni ",,. nt un. ,1.11.1 Wi::na Kimr. a m especially 10 inn'i irtio it car lem. "ilu ii'"'"1 iiecouuiio'i.iiiiig 11 now inr p,ev d- .1IP iinni; ni' 'I'll!' IiM"n. 11 innpimon thi.t the Ixle ClisniplMin and !m tlllj liOOn 01' Illl. I IAjV; 1 llsJTOItY rvtK-r it t.j.l.-ndurtfli KHittna.t w ill iiilfH.-k-t m- Kbm -ol llools and Siloes, Willi illu-trnlions ol ihe f.isb- cm Railroad bv ironinir iIk- ljiVe r.i ib,s ,,! 1 ions of die llviypii'ins, llebii'ivs, Pernau-, tiirtks n.,d , Hi in e, ns nii.f I ttret iiiIii,.. ,1,'li.d llti.ei.rl....,, !....... iiiiruu liie uiliiuie lines, uovvil lo ue nreselll '.lenn. ' vijo, nuns 10 ,'isi-iuaht-rs, auii lemetiies .or corn1 .to. ilv J. SPARKHS HALL, l'aleni I'msii,. It.,. corn-. : 1S.uh Mwa. I lUKt r 10 nir .viiijesi) me vtueeu, ine i;u(tn IXivva - ti-r. .'. e " " Air. Hill is the most fashionable, among tlteVon. ' tlon lioi.l-inak' is - and lusbiKik I'ssbceiirei eiv, tl walk ( tleeidi il lavor in llie bigiiercirues ".ke,,j m, I the lanslone blioin.t be guileful. , i.i c ivil i-i'.,n nu- tijv io:it.i;ii ? o " 'I lie sous ot Cn-i'iii. and every man who has a soul, bhotild reward tne piiUislvei' eiilerpust in ihe prcpiraliouol volume." Litnary lloitl. " livery lady who wishes n neat loot auda cootl Ih wtouiii cany uus wJv wiih iyr lo uer siitteniaiter. ' 'I'u persons I'lijaiyetl in ihe bool and shoe Irude ibis woik will prove ol great value, while lo ihe gin erul render 11 will lie louud more than usually ink-ict. nij yie hui n'tl. First American front ih' la'l Hnglisli rthlion. Price SiJcents New York: Published bv J. S. RHDFIF.LI) nntl W. H. liRAHA.M. u I 5 DOOLtTTM. n rnitNU.r.A rav 1 bundled bags best ,'o i Seuti Pii'trr, ns low 11s cm be had at any store in lowu. JI.IV 1, 1311. :r..r, r'ioiit',h4. HMW, (:f:f,ri!itTi:i) Taiiou and Patuiciv's JS '7.f)7.'W for sale ly .M.iyii, 1H17. II rilCKIjU " JONES, BALL & POOR, ' i0. 1 23 WASHING'I'ON BOSTON. Jmimrtnisof V V!n!l!c DenUr i:i Vntelics. .Tcwjlry, .IH.itary (InoJs, .c. Bf A VI2nr:c::tvi:i) nv p.ixkvt auiuv.wa ppmm liii llnyliiiul Mid Frnnc, n 1 irr nnl . m ,c n.1--sorlitimt oJ'Uir fijlln,.ril'"'f,ril)''tl (JrKidft.wi.liUHiriy ollvt kindd too runu'i'm to iniiili wn t,, tx prvWy lor lii- ir wlrjlff"'-" l:r"! 'm-l ri'nj.riinn hi 1 t:tft tnii'My cil urti'-lt-tT io,til in Ij: tuy, to which t!i" nttiMiliiiiiof 'li'tiir'! 1- inv t I. Uoi I nnj frilvor W.ifli'.Jumii"!! 'iVa Trnyt,, ia of Ii"VLr, JKpit.1, ftti'i tJi'nl'Stf Hli sis'-rfi, il iiiz uu.ii Mt' (. ir I rirnv, ft-eal, Vi )iv iii"ni?iutf ol )'nit niul Kuirn Tnus. fill ('nliti"-i tin 1 jpnci-y.l tthle iitMl uckt-t luiUiy( Irom ih CIS III JiiveriKt'il, Irt Irom the oi'Icbrilftl tir don. and ,oe e m Suisse li'ilacinreMof Mullii'll, .Marble, Rosewood and; Hboiiy Clock", Ollie", Ro'U'rs, Crook.--, Woi - t'lilinlrn.&c. with iti'iny . IJoCh. Hill l.I'lllt LMV! cieni! it kinds ot l'abie I ini-'pieces. Knives an I i'oibs, with Cold .feweliy, cf all des 1 bone lioiu and coi u.i cnptio'is: Pius, 1 i i 1 -s . v,ood !i tmlics. Rraeeli't', and C'n"in'Sirel liaa and Piss- (mi l)"n' . liivinu (. 'fill. et and Fob I'll 11113, Key i. Hold nnl Chains and ,Ioii;ilhn;s, Miver t'eiicil", fperpt- r-t"cl l.Tads, (specticl' el'", lluinbles, l.i'e Classes, Cold P. u-1 Locki H, vvitu a geneial I-Vctaclc Ci'S.'", Silk iiises, Ciard (.hams, , uteh t,i. sses, Sriecll r.ssoriiii"ui 01 itoiu. 1 1 !e i.ees, 1,-itn:) 1 'it, '1 111 'anJ Shed Music llox-s, Jewel IloM'S, I n -iz'd end lacipiered 'I ii.'.m iniiers, Pablo Hells. ,V.'. r.-'teti Tuols of every des- niul Cilt F.iiuv Cood. Plale,lC-ik-I!i.!.-!s Can dl"slliks, Castors, Pift ted .nvi Itrit-iuma Teuie an I 'pea Spoons. I o:ks, V Hotter Kuivr-s. A. llritamui 'Pea and Colfee F.lei, (lsivi, and rll l'ots, Sugar and kmdsol Wnteh .Mate ,1'ots. I rinls, boih l.nghili and Conuii'iiiion Ware, of all. !5iv:ss i.nuu.act.ue. i"iji'i"i I'llrebssera ,' be I ,1 v, ,! In .., ,. i i "''' " -" ','"' " ," line will be luin..-hc.l on 1.3 burnable ii-inisiis canbe '"'.T'.'r'J a"5' "i'"'"-''n I '?Vrm'"'U''UaA'rTriny, t-,LU. II., I Rut. Al. BALL, NATHf, C. POOit i-owlyij CLAHK iSK p. 06 CO 19 1 ;ei v v i, . u .' run:'; FI li ! j 1 .'.VI. on hand, ind oT r lor ' 1 ;i rlivi vt't c- "lire.b I .us f.ou th pri.inp U7i !ieli anJ half chests Hvvn Skin, l."J 10') 171! do di You-ig l(,,jii, o d itvs.,;,, 'P'.vaiikay, (iinipowier, Im; ei ml, Flowery Peeeo, I'nicho'ni, Ntnpj opj, O.ange t'ecco. do do do do do do do do do do do do ri) do do do :jouenong, I ,-ldl eail'hes of varo-is tiiI.ii-s. Also, O.d'.O paeageH 'Pohaee i. e.eup.,-1 ig various bitui Is cud iqi'hii'.; l'i,i.s and S.'g'irs; Mnco'ioy u) ,-; ;rll bn.irli N"W O.'lean;, Poilo Rico, S'. Croi.v cr.d ili vana Coffee, crushed ; Loef and PowdeieJ Sa.'nrs j Niw O.'leans, Pono Rico, Nueivi'tr.s, Sr Crnix, Tun i lad and Cuba .Mi.luss.-. : Hull lio -s. Box and Keg'is; ,it. 1) kiihv'i, uulia, Rio, L'lgunu, Sumatra 1 uiciiini ol the Spmig of busine.-s iciceplibly 1 and Java Co! e ; I'imei.i'i, Pepper, Cinder, Numiegs, commenced in our Vill ige c u i: return home of tin; Coves-, Mustard, C..e,n, 1 on ) an I ll.n Soap, Sperm Pe.ipb 'n Ag. nt who ari.v.'d I'.. mi Rieton ; New Yotk r.nd .Mould Cantbi-.i, Wintera.idr'.mi'ner O.iu, .Mack- m tme o' 'i,-et tb-s i u iinng w.ih hi. Tiunks and t rel, S ibnon, SliuJ, Hen ing, Piek'ed nnl D.y Cod, P, mes ol Rich Me el '"u'rze u,r Sitin 'sales it is tliere aud ajull an 1 gi n iisso.tineul ol Croeins, winch e expected ihniet.iJ ioi r.s vv.l. ion be v-afied awa we i it -r lor sh, ..i lie: very l jvv.'i,t prues.aiui in wi.icn we i.ivue i.u- aiienuon ol nie emu y in; clinut. CLRK, I IS.v Ai CO. n. li. tebcinl advances nude upon ccijijumeir.s. ni:v ."i:.vt':.iaiik;:t. III .suihininriii vroi Li) i,vpor.:-i nr- 5 lniudscnd tlie penult of It lrhngio'i gt-nerallv, that be has opened .1 n-..' .MCA'P MAltKF. ', under th' West wing of ll e " Ameiieiiil H'.lel,'' where lie will always b" on baud to wait on his ciuomets He designs to kicp thebisi the couniy all'jrds.anJ wool I iiiv teel, ij five n.m a irll. II i . o.". n M 'v 'i , l.i ,7 Amasa lit rw. ?i-e , I't- V 'V" VliraV'.'JVV,'-'',,r.,;?V-lj' ilingun.'J, Ai il. G. Vl.l htt.YJX. ew Ullllill: riW Ui:.VT, the Ris-mcat of .ll-uiingto.i's build- , S ing, lately oeiup.ed by 11. Hutt-rtj- U i Cu.- ! 1 osje.ssioll given 111" ist ol .Vlsy. At.l: lo Apiil -d, 1317. 11 li' V .'.!.. '.'I'ACrO.V. i-'tisitjiii'sintsfi' of S'upiln I F0K T1IC S'i'ATJ; OT AIICUKJ A X. I 'I'JIJ: Sjb-erib.T be,v! y nonce lint be has I Leeu appointed Cj.ninneio.rrr in t.ji.s tint-, fjr' the Slate ol M eh" ae to i 'be .-.-'.no'i leiL-.nent and , proof of Denis nnd til itfi ni-,iii'e,.t' ol vv.llliig, un-' J;r seal, to be n- d and iccoided in i'' S:-'te of .Mieb igau, .'ui 1 to tiJmiui' i t oa.'ii v id rii, i i: ji:, u'.der . an a t o! the leg., nan- of that Sr.i",i.r.,i;ed" a.i a.; " i" coniini'.' in . ice an a:i to nui' tb i ,,p, m. " l.l.'lll of Cui'liUISMorcrs tO tul.e l';e S. k'U'V't'i ,'."I't "ot D.'ed.-n.i.l iii.-tnunenis ol vvipi ig, uiulir Seal, out i " of the Suile," approved Mnrch I, Ib 7, an I vciil l ' riady nml pi ns.'.i.nt all proper times, t tinnsaet any b'l-m.'ss Wllliiu tlie s.-ope oi his coii. lis-on, rt l',i s place. ALUr.KTC WHIT T.-.' HuRC. V. et .Milton. "J.hApuf, Id 17 in 1 NOTICE. rri!i: FIRM CF SPRoNCS A. re. was,byin'.i I tunl eousei't.dwiel.i.' loii the si dav of April mst. I l-e b.i-.i"tv, of til" lit in wnl be cliisc-l'h t.ic;ru'. c.s'its. Aiesso.. Sr,t ,, Dj-jlii-J'.i; it' Co., with whom mi early l:.;ui-la!.o:i oi all u.isellivd butia?s, is ntj iealed mid ex.'CteJ, T V STf'ONfS, lbir!mg!en,Arril';s,'l7. A. 'i'HtJ.-lP.SON. I k'lsig-ied, hiving firmel a (v-partner- ship under the name tin I sijle of,Srr.omi. Doot.1T tu. .t Lo , will contmae the b'nme.a oi the lata fi.ui ot Slrongs.'cl'o ,lroin ih- let Ap'il, i.i-i rn. liailuyiou, Apiil, lii!7. V.. L Sii.i-,g, ., H II D.i'buiu:, A. "J'i.or,:,'.o.'i rMA) I'0,T!'0.i:D. r5)dico. puvai side prev ion- to thin date, lu w .i : A loi oi one I aeieol Lan I. villi dweltm;. I,,,,,.,, ,, i ..,. ,, i,.,.,. cm Stone mdic, Store lli'tmes, Do. k nml othei ioi- ' Iirovem.'iits thereon, ocenp'ed bv slid firm, whe.e I'u , -'viso m b.od a q isniit) i f tv lo-ui of various apple lunmii.t ibroiinn leik' Chsmpl-iiii make ''Ul liealiU b.iiicg i-ec. P'cjus. do. vurituu tbeir ti .rne.r Init.lni , i ... . .. .I...1. .1..-.. .1 ' ... , , t .vi... VI. 1.. ...1. fV""""-1"-'""""' Aw. n loi oi one In.l acre . . lall'h y'11'1 dwilniig lieiw-and .'Ut Iniildiitesm'iii'. '?" ''" s1k".S' 1 ', ''' I'"" 8,1,1 '"'nl l!l1' ', ''"'td'eaiioo'.. Also, thr, e Linos vnh ilwvlhuni us -s , B,,J out -s. iwo t.l wbi, h Uio.s j,, -ne .. 1 , "", " , '" ' in i- i .ng a 1 ,'ie aribervvef.i, on the h-ghway mailing heivci, ihl,:. lane und tne vul ige ol 1 hiimn am. nan um. in nl. "c'" 'e."i'' o, Imd, well waicred, and tbe (."cnier part uiidern g"od slate ot cu.i,vat, jn. lu.vie.e 11 m table , l'.""',"" ol limber and wood, loeihei wiih t:.e sto. k of. 11 ' ,iioises, .-.i..vp, win firinitig nt.-i s .s. v.uh , Iloise, '"'K' ''",'" . rc "'-'l'l"-''''' -'',u',,1'u '"' ",,,t;r 1';1';'l 'I'vcllng Iioiiik.s mid Sots a"d build. .ig lots, in the ceniral n n t ol' lais villain. in.s lire .tel et.t.,.1.,1 - land L111LL.1.. lois. in the iwitml 11V.1 of i!.i v,ll... v I. 1 1 . st , iiiiiii. .v 1 1 1 11 i.anj o.iw ,ui, ., 1. 1, . . ---"',,-,. ,lvu. ,., I ,,r, Ul ,,K, J It is dciTied unneeri-s'ty to 30 into farther pnrtlcu-' ".amine lot theni-elvei.betoicthedaj ofsnlr.t.) Anon, I ,i,uiniri,in ui t'i,isn-,il,u Mil IMIU.Ull.' tbe reoll ..lie on, .rtniilini, will lie inn n. ,r...wP,. wnlbt nidd 111 bus to suit pu.chueiusi'ii i. ,h,t. Slmuld ihw Is- realized, t!t. beture naiuid uioueiiy wi ' 1, ....... ,1.- ...... ... L...l I... re ' F. UAWDON. .lw.'js.irc. House's PoiiW, town i t Chainpiaiii. ) Cluiio'i County, N. Y., .Mulch, 1S17 The Miwm of novignit n, ,Ve i, 1 I lie e. nw.ii ot navigun n, ,Ve i,,-n- lain lb s 1st , I, ,i ii .. ..... i..l .1. . ..i i . to Ihe H'.h da) ol Ju.U' mil. ' lvVi Dt'lN.'1' - - - - ' L luiilip.ulli vfe Cuiinectii iit IJivor Itnil... ,i i ' tin iv- I 'cc- - vt- e - .llltiSH'HMiiiuloi tl,,,. nota.-li l,ie,j- nipitai .-'o. s. ol ihi L baiin Inn, mid L'.uim . o, m Itiv. er lluilrisid 1 inn mi l,. I . i ... , i . lors, an I ni.iue p iy aole on ib,. , ,0, f ,,B y ,M ' . ..,,..,,1 ,,,,, mnue at tlie Hanks of lluilui'ion U'leeiin. ., MiddUbury. lluilniid, IlUck llher.lbl. lows 1 i Is, or Cheliiic Ikink. JvVcm N. II . at the y bee of Ldvv in lhclv ring llso , No, M State Sti liion, or at the office id the 'I'rfiitsuer. lellll SA vll, SV 111. I Aliddleliiny April IS, HI?. CIIA.MinJKS. IWMaI b CO. wtom vt. i-, ttts 11 "osvkris mail titPtCMiic OR1 (;00DSt- I" I.iuer'y ft'ire!. 1 1 the rear of tiv Y' I'. OHiee WilffiRS. ('. ILL CO. iui: coxsTArn i.v I'll on he lend mi. iar,., . ,4 l,v rvei v arrivid, lies.' au lilions to tb..irii'l( 1,1 l)rei'i,,'j.( which eompri-e ' everv an fllesans nfnn e a Veruiotit. N. i l-i F. II .(;.; uiitjiiii.i ,t''t ' e'lllily reqllesl ll'C flivoi' k I) tlie merchant-. en rch 1, 11.7 I't'oBTIR ! vsxunui, i" 1 : vi 1 a i ! ' AND UQUOFIS.J ".r Yiny, ff. v. STi till'.; rib 1 biiMKPi- wT'.r.rn ox nu dv.iwo ij the I'-ese,,, s, a y, a la.-.; .upp.y ,f L viej.ttud , .:nw; 1 -Ivan i.-divciiptions ; rol..o uf winch sre, ll'imai! ii.'pmtiil-'Hi. Itsviiig made errni'v -niei'is vm'Ii several Disliilet,, for Ids supplies of ton Unit and other Ooirmiir Liquid , h- wi lal 1.I1 ties bei tevhled to fnrnHi hyi -TtT . cu-toirfrs with siieli ni'.i' . s at the luvti-t pncis. I iroy.Apru 1:., 111. ,r.r. Furnishing Warehouse, "i: ."Ka d-u Cnu. Nov.' Varl:: 1 !j All) A. tlF.HHU'H. trntttii i.tsi.rr-i- VJ fully illt lie ill" ihe lilt ! Hull of the Mnrh,it , 1' tiU.'tWLtO.I atltl VIC -M!V. 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