Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 21, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 21, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FRUE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 21, 1847. tupt was vmhlishcd three wecki successively, the last I id which publication ni twenty days prior to the time set for hearing, ThiM.lca n traversed. On trial the dclendant produced the record'. Irom wlilcli It appeared that the first of the tlnee publication" wu more than t venty days before the time set lor henf iiift, but the last was not. The county cniiit hi d.lhat the proof showed a suHiciciil compliance w itli the law, nnd rendered judgment for the dilendaiit. Lxccplioii" by plaintiir. Armitneiit by A. I' Jhtulm, and .1. Tiacy for plainlill', mid by 11. Walker ntnl O. 1 Chandler for dclciidant. , ,. ., The Court, Per K'l u..(i,.t.,-lAVIs,.T.,ih.entius, held, that there I" n distinction between nn iiiinccc.. wry mid mi impertinent nlleitation j, that the alter need not be prosed J tint the former is the H W ofnn unnecessary pal lienlar ns decriplite ol w h.i Is essential i that the nil. irati.m m this case, ns I n the time of pidilicatioii, was descnptne or he p roe ccdu c, nnd sown" ncccss.nv to be proved, nllliouiili nnneccs. eary to have been alleged Ju.lLMtn;nt tcu'ipc. I. SotjnioN Dou-m n v IIakiiw.v loii.tit'.nitd IIam.s nnd IlLAKCHAnn. Tm'tecs. Aikcns, t Immant. It appeared, in r-'feiciice to the trustees, that 1 !t'. us principal, ami lllanchard, ns snicty. executed n bond to indenmily the debtor, 1 ophll, lor lit- ....,,,. Me oil II Wilt 111 .llor ol HntCS ncainst one C-hamueriain, ami uiai jmiuiciu iiluuhmi recovered mjiln-l Topliir, in nn nction of trespass ! brought by a third person, lor takiua the property Aiken" claimed by virtue of nn nssiniimont of the 1 bond, executed by TophlF previous to the semee ol this trustee process; and lllanchard disclosed, that he received notice ot the ns-ignincnt pnor 10 tins process, nnd nlo that he gave notice thereof In Hayes at Aikens' request j but there was nn other eiidcnce that llnes received such notice. The county court de cided that notice to lllanchard wnspullicicnt.nnd ten dered nidsinent in favor of the claimant. Inceptions by iihinllir. Argument by .1 Convene lbr plitintili', nnd by V. Unlrhinmn for claimant. Thet'ouit, I'er Kovce, .1., held, that nltlioitgli the f lalni iiin the Imnd was eoiitmgent until judgment had lieen obtained against Toplill. et that 1 lit- leeov eryot that ludgment gave Tnplifl' 11 claim upon the bond, which might be attached by trustee ptoccss; that it was necessary, howeier, lor the claimant to show, that Hayes lecened noiice of the n-ignui"Ut prior to the commencement ol this action, inasmuch ns theic was no identity ol'intcrcst between Hayes nnd lllan chard ; that lllatithiird might haie been called and rworii, ns an ordinary w itnes-, to prove this tact ; but that the disclosure of lllanJrard was not evidence oganist Hayes. Judgment reicrsed. E7"John II. Oough has submiued his head to Phrenological examination by Tiofessor Towler, and the facts will be published. Tioy l'ust- Wiut facts 1 iWavlitts. tirU-litnn .IIiiil.rl.MoiHlny, Jlny 1 7 . At inaiNet, 5'W Heel ( altle, - yokes woikuigoven fitli oA (.'ahes. 1311 Shi'ep.nnd about Hood wine. ISert VatllrWwm, tj7.?S : lir-t qu ihtv St7,j.); sc toiul and llllld quallllis, fiom tijo m 5.1. II o)Luig (lien Sales made nt i'Ji, S'JO, liO nnd 113. I oin and Culrta Kales noticed at ?21 EG, "J'J to U3 and J 13 each. .S'Vr;, All sold la-t Saturday prices noi known int,r Sales nt w liolesale, jj for Sovs,mid fijior lkirwws. At ritail.lioinCJeto H it" perlb. H.A very fen line U.un left out at the close say I o'clock. Host. 111 Miul.'t-t 3In 17, 1317. M'OOI.. ;(, 3.1 jitcI. The market is imw pn Ity well nirplu d wilh flceie nnd pulled Wool, nearly nil of the lat mid picuous cups h mug been si 111 lorivnrd for svtp 'J'lie amoimi uf Wuul in iom coaiuiy is not its large as 11-iial 111 this f a- 1 ..I lli.. ejr, iiinl ii il the old Wool will be wanted I tore tu lleiv cilji" ea.l eome to luaiket. We helir i'l no luii want sal. s during the past wctk. 1 nine ixony j-ieeees. washed 15 II) 38 :u 8 i'i Si M SH l'J 11 American lu'l bluod do. - do 3-1 i'.i. - do J-S do. . do l-l&coindo. - Sinyrin, mmaslied. - - IltU'llos yre, impteked, -Turn S'onh'n pulled lamb, S.iji. .Vonh'njiulled lamb - Io. I do do do . " do do do y do do do M n.D Cnritnv. umlt-r ilif gallows nre ccnpniilyhniliMl wiili Mti-firiioH, mul tin mine mnv w siid of r. Wi'tur'h KaNnm of WiM Clurrv, which Iwyond all Juult i;i irpriocil innnv from 1 ni(t -Mpiaily iirc death hy Inn- com plu't nts. Mr. i-owlc, wlj. ilij-iiii fh iirticlf pietty lnr(t''ly, wo ht-lit-e lor pLTph will Imy more and inure ol it st-inls u tin following note which he hasjuu ucvivt-din the wayul'lu-j huaintw : InAnrr.GiT, Vt., TVlay 5, 1817. Mr. S. W. Fowi.u 1) ur Hir 1 uni nearly out of the Hitt-nm ot Wild CiK'-rry, Youm-iy torwnnl il vou plcapf, two or thrrp dozen more. The intMlitiue ilivcs belter atisf.ictioii heietn nuhnonnrv coniiilaiiiu tlnnany otlicrtlnt I Inve knt. I hae tried it with period MtiMlacmm upon inyell ha in been troubled with a wre couch for more than n year, and havinn pru.Mi- niijht sweats frthe la-t month. I bail tried anou9iioimliir renu'dics without nnv inatfi ial lnm (It at It'iisth I tried Wistai's HaKim ol Wild Chniy, miii neiure i ii;ni iiuiMieti utv iitm ooiue i louiui jreui reiiei, i wouoiues iiaCTwrouni a cure. Yours reaped fully, ik'UBArai ilAbTLNCiS Seaso.vahle Hemedv Dining the warm season o the ear, disorders ot tho hilhary and digestive ormn occur generiiuj loan unparaueie.i an.i niires-in;,c,x- teut. Sonic remedy ot a sale, i asy and 1 lk-ciie ope ration, has long is en n uct-iiieiatuin among tnose so allhcied, and which i now olil ridin Dr's Sarsapardlaand W ild (. herry Hitters, a carefully pre pared nud substantial remedy ot willcstnhiUhcd ! nu tation wherever it has been ued. To those in need of a tonic or aperient during the present season, we say (rive it a trial. J!e particular and nk for Dr. Wood's Sarsapa riila and Wild Cheiry Hitters, uuj receive no oilier. For talc Uy Tiifo. A. I'cck. Kwi The TiMK-noxor.rn Ccsto.m of taking n litlle open ing medicine in the Spring of the enr, is toiiu.leil in coimuon sense nnd sound philosophy, Lvery one is sen-ible ol ihe incoiivcnieiiee expeiunced on the re currence of n wnnn sjs'll, alieraseason of col. I weaiii ir. A leehng of lassiiude, drowsiutss, soiueiiuie a fiwiinuiiug ol the head and head ache, a sense ol full ness, nmia host of unpleasant symptoms, are the general lesults The morbid accumulations ol winter are set loose bv warm weather, and lloat in llie cu culaliuii or lodge in tome part ol the body. Hence it isiwrhaps, hat Spriug is solatal to coii-umpnvcsaiid uiiiers. For the puipose of purifying the blood, and other llu ids, there is no medicine superior to Wright's Indian Vegetable Till", and it is sirongly recommended ns a Spring .Medicine. These Fills act upon the whole system, and not on one part ol i' merely, as other pillsdo. Hence if disease is present 111 any pan, it must be driven forth. Ilrware of counterfeits of all Kinds' Some nrc coat ed Willi sugar; others nre made to resemble 111 out ward appearance llie original medicine. 'I he safest course is, 10 purchase fiom the legular agenisonly.oue or more of whom may be lound 111 eveiy village and town in the Slate. Frincipul Office, 1CJ Uatu street, I'hilndeh.liia. The genuine for sale by THF.ODOI!n A. FLCK, the solengent for Hurhnglon and vicuniy. iUarvtcb. In Ilnliimore, on the 12th inst., by the IIcv Dr. Johns, Mr. James 1). Moose lu Miss Clekixpa A. rix.iou.v, both of this place. In Shelbiirne, 10th inst., nt the residence of his son, Levi Comstock, Ki.. a venerable patriot of the Kevo lution, aged 81 years. He was nmoiigrt the first set tiers of this town, nud was much respected by nil who had the pleasure of his iiciiuaiuinnce. NEW GOODS. Messrs Iliisiimiil .V Iliothi is urn opening the most extensive nnd beautiful useortineiit ol COLD & WATCIWS, r.l..ln. LV. Pens. IVtieils. and other foods ill tlie (Sold and Silver hue, nnd of new nnd line styles of 1 arlor, .More, iviiurcu, nun common viosw. ,iei-i tloods nnd Hags, Fan", Woik Hotes ; Dressing Cn ses fine I'nit Folios, Hackgaiiimou Hoards, visiting nn.! playing Cards, line Cigar Cases, l'ipes nml Tubes, line Tobacco nnd i'uuli Hoxcsand Is.xis for nil puriKises, nnd the most beautiful r.ssortinent ol Amer ican, Lii"lish, Oeruian nnd Fans fancy nrlules which welnve ever had the pleasure ofoll'ering to our rusiomers; nnd what is very iiuittaut to customers nnd ouisclvcs (mutually as we think ) our iincis shall be low 11K1N.SMAID&. llKO'l'ULKS. May 17. Yiichl CI11I1. III I ill EMIlEltS OF Members Till: ItUItLINfiTON I VarhtCluh, are rcnuesteil loineet at the Count t llnoin 1.1 John Ilrudley .tCo., on Saturday, to. otrow, at lUidockA. l. Hy order of the I rcsidt nt. JAMES OUR, DRAPER AND TAILOR, HAS removed hi" shop In ColIcRe street, under tlic l'icc l'lcss ollice, vthcic he will wail Ukii his culoim't at nil lime". Ik' hasjutt lctiirned from New ork with n mpc rior uwoiltnent of oil articles for ciitliimiiH wear, of the latest tljlcsand heft qiialille", ti.. Lnnli"-h, Trench ntnl tlcriuaii ilioadclolhs, Cassiiuerc" of nil kind", Vesting", Bnsoni", Cratats, Neckcloths, Hntnlkrr duels, (llovcs, nil kinds of Tiiiiiiiiins lor Cialiuents, Ac Ac. 1'ar.ticular attention will be given to cutting for otlii'is In iiinke up. IIiilliitKlun, May , 1817. 17 W1U.IST0N HIGH SCHOOL .wo Fn- II M.1 miii: HriiNAnv. The Slimmer Term of this Iustitulion will commence on Wednesday, .luue!!d, under the charge, ns heretofore, of .1. Iajiax, A. M. 'i'he condilion of tins si hool is pro-peroii, nnd tlic prospect for tlic future flattering. The Instiiielion is belieied to be efficient and thorough. It la nn essen tial peculiarity of the Institution to lend the pupil, so us pruciiciinic, ooiu in instruct ii i in uvi-iii iiiiii-ii-. Tins lender" his Mudies plenmit and ensures success, The lacihlits lor the ticiiuition of naturiil science arc uncommonly good. Special nttentiou is (jhcti to the study of Ilotmiy diinuix the summer term. t ili"s,M. II. '1 iiomi-min, 11 teacher of taste anil skill, will be cm- pioyeu 10 gitc lessons in .iiusic. 1 ue 1 ruicipiu pos sesses 11 largo llerschelian Ti-le"cope of superior rjunl ity, wilh other excellent npparalin, lately enlarged, which he will use lor the Item lit of the student. TliTlo.v l'or the l'rhuniy blanches, 8 n,(H) " lliejier'brunchvs, -i H.) " Languages, V'11 " iluic, with uc of piano, lO.iX) Hmnn can be obtained nt fioiu Qlf)0 to 1,50 per week, including washing, Ve. N II. It istery desirable thai those whoanticip-ttc mending should commence at the beginning ol tlie quarter. W1IIH011, May S, 1817. Ia Taylor iiinl his Gciicinls, Ist Ildilion -3 cents. A Iliiwrapliv of .Mni (Sen. ZACIIAI T.W -I,()lt nnri Sketches..! iliclncsofWOllTH, WOOL, mid TWKltiS: with " nccount ol 1I10 various actions of lIicii-diwMons 111 .Mcvieoup to the pic.-ent time - together with n history 01 the liombardmcnt nt Vem VriTz. nud a Sketch of the life of .Muj. Cell. WIM'IKI.D SCOTT. tmMlishcd tcitli Put li rtif mid Jingratmgt. 1 l'oilrait oftJenernl T.ilor, in full regimentals ; the only ncfiirnle likeness et 1 ngraied. J. (Jeneial Tailor, cij.u ftrian figllie. ; " We are 1 ominaiided to take ihal battery Fol- 'low !" (Aln)'s Charge.) I. Charge of the Infantry at Monterey. 5. Charge ol Worth's illusion nt Monterey. (',. l)r.ig..oti""ahitiug (Ion. nil Tailor, ns they ad vanced to the charge of lluena ista. 7. l'oilrait ol'Cen. Worth, 111 full regimentals. 8, I'ortrait of lien. Seoit, in full regimentals. 'J. Mapof Vera Cruz mid its vicinity. Comt.!et"in one inluuie, ol JJ'JO naires. duodceinin. printed on good paper nud neatly put up in paper bind- This day received by May 18, IM7. 17w2 C. OOODUICH. i A I! I) iS I U'S I' iumi:hs Dimo.v.M! v. a X Compli'ii ('iinii-nliniii f Acricnlture nnd llor ticnlh.iv, IniplfiiuiilM, f ,,Vc , willi nuinciuus t-n-jraMiiL", hTit jnfa, m I'lt-rint Ifnilicr bunlin. ASll,lilL AJ AUiiiVi l.i I'm, 11 complete ss- tftn u rrnrtirn 1 nnmiiir. I'V It 1. ALr.rN. Tills FRUIT CULTUHST. hv J. J TiirtMA. atiantctl to the rsorlliTii Millie. 1 Im H Itrmiriilarlv n-ci'inninnleil to nil w ho cultivnto n tire ur thruh, us the best Pinall pittctinil wvik puhlMictl, lormleltv .;. (iUUWItlLII, Ai;rnt Pr lIorticultLiriM, mcntlilv, hv A. .1, Down tug, AtfiH'iiltuiiM. moiitlilv, ti A. li. Allen: Culti utrrt liHiiuliiy, by 1 uckr uiu Howard. May is. 1 1 j A7-;ir GJWCJCUJES. DIIWHY it s nr.n:ivj: ins Srnixn f-tot k ol (Ir.fw Lntif. and U now nrenaied to sun- ply rii.-toitH r wilh (lood. in his briinch uf trade, of the brst 'iitultltt. Person tindhiL' it convenient to trntl for their hip pliewjll liml no oicrchaigc, nnd any uiticle which on trial iUn-s not fuit, can in all cases be teturncd, and the pay will ue. relumkil liiirliiiKton, .Mav SO, 1S17. 17 ALL iieron1 are betchy cautioned aninM dieting pits for luif, clay, C' '.(.', or nny other ptiip-fv-.m the ftret tt of tin- town, under the penalty ot the Hat- in Mich cne made .nn1 rided i us H -"nch cnes cuiunii' to our Ivtiowledue w ill he iirottcuti 'l without fail, .). N. l'UMKUOY, ) Selectmen KAMUlil, NICHOLS, of 11. It. STACY, ) tiuilumtmt, nurlington, May 17, 1817. 17w:t S1XGINU CLASSIX NICHOLS will ruinimnce on Satur.lav JAPnc next, n I 1 o'clock. 1'. .M..nt the Venn-of il... Uongregailonal Chiirch, u cla's in Kiv.iv;. The ele menis ol mu-ie, the An of leading torrci tly, Musical Ailieiilatinu and ilxpiessiou will he taught, til) les sons lor 1 ,50 the scholar. Also, another teim of Ins .Iiivcnile School will be gin at :i o'clock. Terms for SO lesions. Uuilington, May SI, 1817. 17 ON HAND n f.-wewt. of (11101) Clir.V.SV.; nnd arrangements have been made lor a constant sup ply ol choice UlJT'i'Ll! Ihrougli the season. .May SO.JIL 17 A. S. DLWF.Y. AFLW HAMS of iny ovn curing, wacranied pood ; and a few Ncats Tongues, city smoked, ju-t reciivcd A. S. DLWLY. .Ma SO, 1817. 17 CJT. CltOlX Molasses of the li i-st ipialilv nt S. UHWLY'S. sJ May , 1817 DitiL'D fi:acih:s .May SO, ls!7. A. S. DCWi:Y'S. 17 CASH PAID FOR PUTTER. 0. IIIXIIV & CO. WILL I'AYCVSH i, n lew Tons of nice lluttcr, delivered soon. May l'.l, 1817. 17 FOIt FA JS'C Y CA SSIMERES. 1'ILCF.S New Stvles, iu-l received at i:UiiiSMx h auuurs. 50 May SI, 1817. 17if IV'" !)!l4. S 0 1! I X SO X & G 0 U L I) Mti: itiTEivi.vo Bl their Arie (.oods, to winch they respectfully in vile )our attention, lluilinglon. May SI, 1817. ISrefs-s SilEtS. ALAIUli: assortment ol llirh Sill. , bv UOW.XiO.X If UOVI.D. May SI, 1817. SILK SUA U'LS. FHW heavy Cliinn Ciaw. nlso benvv Hlack Silk llawls.'bv IIOIIIXSOX .N (iOl l.1). A May SI, 1817. I'liiinurs nml .tlrchmilcs ISuuh sincL. A I'niY MI.MII'.S F0II SlI.E. Al'l'I.V TO 47 Jjhs HnADi.EY .t Co. li;iM)S GitAss ami) Ci.ovnt si:i:d, nv J. ifj. 11. I'LCK if Co. Di'inits Ituoil's Lstnto. VY7T! the snbseril.ers, having been appointed by the Honorable the l'rul.uie Couil for the District ol Chittenden, Coiiiiuissiotieis to receive, exapuue nud ndjufct the claims and demands of all persons against tlie csiale of DF.NNIS HOOD, late ol Milton, in said District, deceased, rt prewnii d insolvent, nud nl-o all claims nud demands cxlubited in olP-et theieto; and six months iiom the ttay ol the tlatc tierei.t irimg allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do there, fore herebv mve notice, that we will attend to the business ot our appointment at Svlvcster Waid'sinn, 111 .Vinton III said ilistnel.ou ll.e lust .viomia)s 01 July and November next, ut 10o'clock,A .M.,011 each ol said days Dated ihisSsihdav of Apiil, A I) 1817. lit A WITTFKS, j Cammi;an, I7w3 ALFIiUl) LAUD, Itin l ('s IMnlo. STA TE OF VEHMOXT, T N Trobatc Court LmiuiiUr lliklrirt.s.l X holdeii at Hid park, wiibin and for said disiiict, on the l'.'lli day of Muy, A D. 1817, l,al.iyette Lady, Adimni.liiiior on the estate of Duel Cudy, late of C.uuhiidge, in said district deceased, oreriellts Ills aduuuislmlloll llCeoUllt fur settlement Whereuisin it is ordi red that llie same he lelerred In the full d.iy of June uext.nt the 1'iobate Ollice ill said llvdepiik, for examination ami nllow unce ; nud that all concerned Is' noiilied hereof, hy llie publication of this order in the Hurlington Free 1'iess, u newspaper primed ut Huihuglou, Vl , three vieeks successively, ns sewn nsuiaj be, ihut they maynpiK-ar, and at said lime and place, if ihey sec cause, object thereto. Ily order of Court. Atinsi, HAKLOW I'. SMITH, VcSittr. A true copy of record, 17w3 Attest, H. I'. SMITH, Register. u Itrl PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. J. Sc. J. It. 1'ECKti O). llinlington May 1817. AlftM. IKON AM) MAILS. A C Toih IhiplMi Tire lion. J' I II) Tim Old Sabie I!ns.-ia Iron. li Ton' Swede" " 1.1 " Ilme Shoe " "0 " Hnund and Square " 15 ' Haine and Scroll " 11) " Hand " 5 " Ilnnp " IS " l S. I and Norway Nail Hod. Naylnr" Om.'k Cast Steel. IViipon's Sprins do (crinaii do Swede" d.) Knulih Blister do 2IKII) Keg" ICccFeville Nails and Ilrad". 330 Do.. Ita? i and I'lhs. Uy ,.,.. 17 J. If J. If. l'l.CK If CO. Oil. O 4i i "jilhn wintrr nml Avvv -priiijj bleached Sperm, I not) " " Whale, S3 " " Lard 10 " American T,ineed, hyX ifj 11. mCKfc Cn. ilass. UXCM lhirlnlon Extra, Il.trlinixtr.n, Veiniont, lkex, and Lake, " Ilcdford Crown, J. fJ. II. VLCKScCd. 230 CO Do. lahhanki' line". 10 di.z. do and Van Ornam's Hay Turks. in " ?c ine r-naine". 73 " Heddinclon's Scjthcs. 3D " I'areuelrs " 5'J ' lllnod's ' Ily . If J. II. Vr.CK if CO. LUMBER. "I ff M. l'pet Spruce Honnl". X J J 3D JI. " " Claphoard "U0 " Spruce and Pine Shinnlc. ))y J. if J. II. 1'LCIC if CO. CARPETING. 1500 vis. 15) do. l'loor Oil Cloth can 1." found at May C. R SVAXl-OHD if Co. CROCKERY. T7LOWINC. IlLIT,, Light Ithicnnd White Granile I Ware; alio, China nnd (ilas Ware. now opeu hiL' at C. V. STAXirOltll if CO. iliirlingion, May SO, 1817. 17 TOIIAtTO. K( 1I0XKS IIAIMtlS' CAVKNDISII .J-y Tohacco. 7D " IVirce's ' -3 11 Dade's ' J. if J. 11. VEC1C if Cn. rCfTMti KllfiS I'OWDKU, JJJ mo Hags Shot, 150 do.. Corn 1 (room", I ails, i.y .. . rr.cic j cn. 1! rXAA 1IHLS. HL0UK, ww 1 1 if. hy j. rr.cic if Co. Novn.Ncotin l'lnlrr. 1 "AGS; ri!i:SH R ROUND, nv Jl iOli .. if j. n. rr.cK if co. NEW GOODS. r D, DIXHY&C0.. have .m'st iti:ri:ivrn 2 irom New York nn.l Hostou a splendid nsort mentof spring nnd smimier goods, ot cviry vaiiety viz. Dross C.nods. .M.ile l,nne, I'oul de S.ue Silk, uilldcSoie 1'iaid, Molinir I'laid, Organdie I'laid ; Muslin's. Tnriton, Fink, Illuc nnd white, French 1,1 ifliiiulinins. 1 reneli rink, ll.ue. and vl.iie. Scotch do I'laid do French Lawns, and Shaw Is of all kinds; lliinni'ts. Super Silk Lvceltic, China irl, ( oburg, I lorence cce: I reneh 1 lowers, I'ar- asol", SuininerStulls, Cniw, Faiier Hangings, also 11 iionii nssortineut of 1-amilv t.roeeries. The above named goods, w-ith a large assortment of evcrv vnrieiv lor 1 ue eoumrv iruue. win ue soio 111 101c jirires foreasli or ready pav: -1G nurlington .viay 1. law. BI2AI)Y JIADK CLOTHINGS. I. I). 31 lMXItY iV-Cl)., now have tlieir furni1iins rrumi well filliM with ccry ori'ty of Conts Wt-, nnd Pait, for rncn nnii hnys. Coats ttom 75 cents tijt to fie tlullarw. Cult and s-ee. ati:m- i- " rcceiv (IOOIIS. The subscriber has iust received from New-York, n new and elegant nssi.rtiuent of Spring tZoods, ot nlmosi every variety, whkh will be sold us thenp us the cheapest. Those wishing to purchase will do well to call nu.l examine Uelore purchasing elsewhere. DASIEl. hEUX. liuiliugton. .May IS, 1 , 1817. low 1 ill l!S. M II It 1C ITT Hits just rrtiirucd ij I. Iiom New-Yoik wiili her uinl variety of ?lilltiirry Spring Gondii, comprising nil nitieles here, tofore kept in her shop, together w ith the latest sijles ami patterns. She has in her employ Miss Cook, one of tlie most tasty and fnu-lied Dies .1.lArrs, which enahhs her to warrant woik dune in good sijle. Hurlington. May 11,1817. 10w3 iVotici:. The hooks for receiving subset ipt ions to the capital slock 01 'he Vermont and Cnnada Hailroadt'ompa. ny.VMll be open lor that purpose ,at the ollice ol J. .(. (. Siniih in St. Albans, on the 81I1 day of June 1817, at one o'cloi k F. M. ; at the dwelling house of the lion. Joseph Clark, in -Milton on the '.Mli day of June 1S17, nt one o'cloi k F. .M ; and nt the dwelling house of.b.liu Knights lis in N'orth Hero on the loili day of June 1817, at three o'clock 1 M. J. SMITH, Clmirman of lloaid of Com. Mbnns.May 8, 1817. lrtif Ft. Vci mont C't'iitinl ICnilroiul. AR'si'.s.sMKXT or ti:. Dni.bvns nv ilN It sh hare, has lsen ordered hv the direeturs of the Vermont Central Kuilroad Company, priyable on the 15th day of June next : pam.uns may he made at 'the Tanners ,V. Mech' ll.iuk, liurhngiou, ut the Hank of Monlpelier. at the Woodstock I! ink, or nt the ireasuiers ollice, iNo. ui ti.irriciers Court Square IloMou. H MI,. II WAI.I.HV, Jit. Ilusion .May 10, 1817 I8w5 Ticasuier. Fy XCJl A,!i: on LONDON, MVnitl'OOI.. Drill. I.N and l.DlMIUHfill. 111 sums to suit purchasers. Klih May, 1817. J. if J. 11. PECK if Co. v. hoc r. it 1 i:s. 1 ( Ft. Croi and l'orto Itieo Sugars, 1J "illlbls.New-lhtgland II) lloves I.illup " 15 111,1s. 1'owdered and Crushed " 30 II Ink .Molar s 15') Half Chesis Young Hyson Tcn, Sim Cuddies ' N) Cbtsis Hyson Skin " 111 Hags KioCollee, 15 " Java St) " Pepper, .'. " I'unento, 31H) .MalsCnssia, M I Ibis. Fal Hratus, 41) Kegs pure (linger, 'Jul IIoms liar Foap, 51) " I'ipes, J if J. II. PECK if Co. Sliriu of I SIT. NEW GOODS! SHjAS & iNOYP.S aui: now itneinvixr. t from New York and Ilosiou their spring supply of mcahaudise, cousisinig ol 11 great variety of A. II 11 It I CAN I' HINTS, 1'iinted Lawns, Mu-hns, )e Laiuis, Fuiunier Wear, Ticks, Drills, Sheetings, Cunvass, I'udJings, Cns.-. nicies, llioad Cloilis, L., Sihcias, A.c. ,Vc. ALSO. Hatting, Cotton Ynrii.Wnul Twine, Hoots and Shoes, and u ureal variety of othtr articles Much tiins lias Ik en taken ill tlioioushly examin ing the inuikets; and as our entire punhasrs have lieen made witlt cash, we feel eonjident that our floods weir oblaincd at such prices ns to enable us to give full sijtitfnethn to buyers. May 1, 1T. HI IlYIJ NTDl'I'H, qnfl IW.J". Camptnchy Logwood, a.j0 l.l.N. St. Do. tnlllQO no., "' ic.ii.imiiiy, nui-.. Nicaraqnay, t!5l) Mil". Madder, 50 l'ltMic. 150 Mil". Camwood) .1(1 llil. .Madder. 30 ,hnii. 75 hU". ('oi.peraii.'-Ohl.l, llhio Vitiii.1,50 Dc- mlj' nhohns Oil of Vitriol. .. If J. 11. l'LCh if Co. tifi 'nn ha ceo ani sxiirr... J tl) llhl. Lorrillard's Chenine Tohacco, 50 blil. tin Smoking do, 5U0 llladdcm Scotch Snnir, IlllO Jars .Vaccohoy Snuli; v J. f J. u. J'iiLi r.o. Agents. Nvay )ois Axn rr.nxTV oi'riir.M. Now reeeitinB fn"" New-Yotli.the giealet a- liety of Ni;V tiutii'ni nn oi wnien we fiian c. liihit with much plcasinc and salii-fn lion to hnjerfl. If, i r Jj',iiiroi.iii, Ilnrlinpton, Ma) '3, 1817 MERCHANT TAILORS' &, JcnJIfn'f I'liinUliliis Store. MG, HATlimTN & CO., invi: m ceiled llieirpprinij stock i.rtlotlis, CassiniereH, Vestiiif!" andTriiuiniiifr'", andare piepared to lurnish and make fiarmeiils hi the lalict Mle. A lame asoilmciit of Ciauits, Hdkl" , Shirl", (?, Suspender", Silk and Woolen Under Sliii 19, Collai?, Ahouldeil.raeei", iiifhort all mtidenot (Sen tlcnieii.s' diess may he loiind at No. 2 l'ei k's lllotk. Aim Tailor"' t ravoiis, .Measure." c. m. t: itATimi'N. C. I WAKU. Iliirlingion May li, 1317 TO HUNT. THi: i.Mtfii: FItONT ROOM o.v tiiij sr.c ond tloorof the Tree l'ress hiiildins. Possession Ritcn iinmedialely. Apply at tins ollice. For &:U.'.vs. IImjuhuj at IIaii ringlon'sDiug Slorc, J5tf Tlic Aiiifi'it'nii Art-SJtiinit, in the city or xi vv yohk. w vs m D bv the Li..M.Aifr.E or saw vor.K ion Tim pitoiOTioN of tjh: nxu ARTS IN TI I nTNITHD STATUS. IT is mntnccil ly t-ntl-'incn who nn clioscti nnnu ally, by tlic im'inbcij.niiil icccivc uuconijifiifrnduii. To nccdinplivh n truly iiitlioitnl ithjccl, uniting great putilic p"0l wall jHIc yrntiHcation at fimill niiliNiilml cxpi'im'tin a manner hest wjitcd to tlic pitmtKin nml )ntitulioiis rf ourconntiv, ami the want", habit1 ami iubW ot our p'ople, the Committee liae aduplctl lac fullowini Hj AN: Uvrry suhcrihcr uf (He dollais n member of the AitUnioit tor the ycar,und is cntitlcil to nllitsjimi- Tlic mnncy thus oblaincd, (after paying necessary rxnnnBcj applied. l'litsi To the j-iQihirlion of a latac ttmt costly Oiiyintil Eitnutvwg irom nu American paintini;t ul which tlic plate and copynubt belong to the InMitu 11011, aim are ueu suiciy Mr ic oriicm. Ofthi Ungraiii4 every meinber receives a copy for every five dollarn paid by him. Alt'iiibera entitled lo duplicates n at libeity to se lect fiom the engrn innt preiou jcars. Whenever the lumUjii'-t fy it, an exti a engraving or Woik of Art i-snlso luniieluil to every meinhtT. Kvciy iiiemher aiso receives a lull Annual lUpoit of the proceedings the In.-titution. lotitppurchuxe nr J awttnggjnid sculji ttur by native or resident arli-ttt". These p'lintiugsatid sculpt un-a arc publicly exhibi ted at the (J.illeryoJ the Art-Union till llie annual meeting in DecenuVr, win u tln-y are publicly rfistru Luted tji lot among the m tutu-it., endi iru'inbrr ha ving one i-hare luri.ver (iv- dollars paid by him. Uach member i" thin cvrtmu nt teeming in ictuili tlic value of the live dollar uaid, and may, 11N0, re ceive a painting or other work ol ait ut great value. Third The Institution kcpan oilice and firr Ftcturc (iitttciif, alvvaj s open, vv ell attended, and bunur with tine paintings nl'Al-l Uroidwav, in th City ol New York, where memU'rh in the City ut New Voik. teceivc tlieir engraving'-, p iintiuns and repot t, ulid vvheie llie bu-iueN of the liiistitution is tranicled. The bu-iut fs oi tlie luftimiirui out t tlie Citv ol New Voik is by 1IONOIIAKY .SllClti: TAiUUS, who receive and remit subscriptions and deliver to tlie members in their vicinity, the Kepurts Uugraving and Works of Art alter exhibiting thtma k w daf uhjeet to which ri'ht they lie di-tnbuied. They are iorvvorded at th" eAjttneof the Institution. A Iim ot the Honorary Seeretanea will be lound in the printed " Trans-aetioii"." The income of the Art-Union the last year was and 110 PAINTINGS, nintiA' rs.ttlu. vr-rjitifiin price fiom u wete tli-tnieittJ by lot iinioni! tlic niciubus.ouil.a.hiuciulicr ollhat yciil nlso receives n copy of the lmge line cnuruwiif;, Sir WiiIIlt Iliilomli imitiiii; with his Wire. The follow ini; ensrnvings have been publishtil bv the American Ait-Union : into, Ucucrul Marion iuviliiii; a UrilUh officer to (liltller. 1811, The Artist's Drenm. ISP.', Cuius Mnrius 011 the Uuins of Carthago. It 13, The I'liinier's Nooning. Id 1 1, Snaikin. The I'.-cnpe of Cnptnin Wharton. 1815, The Capture ol Major An.lre. 1HIC, Sn Waller l!elci!;l. patting viith his will'. The Lonnnlltec have ill progress tor the inenihers ot this car,Tvvo I.AR..K IInuuavixus: 'G'?h' .Jo!3y S'l.-ii Eo::3:Lifn, To be cnr.'ivcJ by Doiiey, nfier the 'icture by lhnghaui ainl Tlie SyliiJ, To be cniinivc.l by Casilear.nlUT the picture hy Hunt IllKton, ol both ol vi Inch, eveiy uielllbcr il leecne u cony ; nu.l llie niuuberoi ji 1 in 1 1 . .if. be distribu te. will probably be much greater ihtni la-i year. The annual meeting an, I cliMiil.un.iu will take place litis jear 011 the !illh day o! Deonibcr. Il in 1 tin dmiiiMe Hint the ilut of the member should le jwiil curly in the year. Hint the Connnillic mny mnhc their imrchimes at the Oat adraiitugr. fnib-criptions aiul payments may be mini,, tu cither of the HouoMiyix'crctarie.s.orto II 1". I'iiascb, Cor responding sjecietaiy, at the Alt-Union Hoouis, by leltei oroihenvw, orlo Mr.Juiif liini.VKur, the Col lector lor the City ol New Voik. Keiniitanetsiind all letters sliould be addressed to llie Corresponding tfecietnrj' Ihnjti, jmyiiUe tn Xeie Ytnk to the order nl ti. W. AisrbX, Tuasurer, should bi' sent when practicable. :lt)IIN II I'KCh, HuxoKAKV Sccietaiy, lluilinglon, IC1I1 April, IS 17. 12 Aa AVim's INIntc ) v hihiiiri nf (V holdeii at nurling ton, within and for the Disliut atoie.-.nd on the 5ih tiny ol .May, A. D. 1817, an Iii'i.inneut puiporungto U the last will and Testament nl Ast Wrayol Dines burg in said Distnct dcciased, was presenied to the Court lire for 1'iobate, by Hovana ray the Ilvcu iri., therein named, Theielore it is ordered by said Courl.that public notice be given lonll 'soiisinteicst e,l therein loams'ar beloiesai.l n session there ol to be holden at llie licgUier's ollice 111 Hurlington on the lourtll wednesdu) ol .May A 1). 181, , and conlest the pn.bJte of s-iid w ill ; and 11 is timber onlered thai this order he published tlnee wc.k successively 111 the lluilinglon 1'iee l'ressuiiewsaii rnnied ut Hm hug ton, 111 this Slate, tlio Just ut which shall be previous to llie day assigned, as afoicsaid lor hearing tliven uu.lermy hand at the Itegi-ter's Office, this 3th day of May A. D. 1817. WM WKSTUN, l'f lister Cliiiinplnii) .V Coniit't'lit'iit It iter Itniliond, NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. EiUOroA LS wn.i. 111: nra:ivi:i) r.vni. Tin: Jl 1st day ol .lime 1817, lorth.' iiiig, masonry, and li tdgtitg ol tint p'irt of tlie CUaiupUiiu Conn. Uivcr Ilailload e.Melidlllg Iiom the west side ol the siununt at Mount Holly to llie village of Hraudoii, n distance of about 'M miles and U .nj the whole uncoil trailed portion ol slid load. Map", profiles and specifications may be found uf ter SO1I1 ol .May inst., ut the ofuee ol the Ihigineer in Kutland where every ueccsscry inforuratioii will be given. The line will he divided intoscetionsof convenient length lor cosirueiioti, and troui tbose to whom the work may be awarded, satisfactory security will bo minimi. rri-po-als may be It A with the undersigned ot Hur. hugton, with (ieorge T. lludgesK-q at Ituiland.or with William Henry V. nt llellows 1'alls. The work will be awarded nt Kutland us soon after the 1st of June us the necessary examinations of the bids can be made. Hy order o( the Isinrd T. roi.LLTl' Piesidcnt. Ollice Ch. .tConn. Kiver Kailroad Co. ) l!iiiliiignni May 1, 1817 j NOTICIl. I1A1I1 Coi1 MtTNi-itsiui- iii:iii;rnrniii: i:ist. 1 ing between the suhsciihcrs under the linn of I'. & II II DOOLITTI.I. was, by consent dissolved on the first day ot April Ium The business ol the lale lino will be scltlcd by " 1) jumttle, to vviioin 1111 payments aie 10 ne an.l wliu will use llie name 01 me sain linn 111 l('inl.'iliu. 4tt eatly sctllcim.iit of ull accounts due isiu,i. sir. I. I' DOOLlTTLi:. II- 11. DOOl.lTTl.K Hurlington, Itli .May, 181, I) 1)00 LITT1.I: wiLiTro.NTiMiii niT: 1 mercantile biisinesi on his own aeeoutit ot his old stand, where may lw found ti ei-iienil assortment ofdonds adnpte I to the trade of the country, which he i" dueriuiui d to sell at llie lowest talcs, lluilinglon, .May lib, 1G7. liS iIKn AKnitSFIEI.t) ACADEMICAL ISTITim()'. If T,c I'lici'iimmfi' I mil cotninenees oil Wednesday, Jimciid. .1. S. SrAUt.inxn.A. n. ) iiri,;, 0. C. IIimii-i:, A. n. ' rl"e,l"'' asised l.y other coniieient teachers. Lecture", terms nml Hooks the Fame as heretofore. lloard, 9L14I to 91"J I1" week, Including room and uasiihiL'. Sl.Tll OA KI.S, llakertiurd, May 10, 18 17. XccittitrtJ. BUST PUBUSIIIJI),"T,'"i;Bonuis9 : A ti Salire," nrrontl edition. A few copies neatly bound In hoards, just recehed and fcr "ale at .May 10, 17. LDWAHDS . miss n. spi:(.'i:it Mii.i.txr.n AXD Diths .11 u k ' r , WO I' LI) rciiectlully Inloini the Ladies of IliirliiiHlon and its vu mity tliatflie m-t returned Irom New Yolk wilh a well-se- lected Rsorlmentaf Sptim; tiuods of llie latest and the most approved stles, coll-H-l inn of Hats, Cans. Silks. 1 .acts, Uilihuns, A rlilicials, A P. llennirhiir and HleachiitB Straws done onrhorllin ticeand in thcinostapprine.lsljle. I 'r?"Shnp on Chuich Sliect, opposite the. Dank. May II, 1817. Ifi3 SCHOOL BOOKS pi'IlI,!SIIi:i) by .IHNKrf, l'AI.Ml'.ll .t CO., 1 No. Kll Washington Slicgt Uoston, uud lor sale by the Uookjcjlers generally. Impioveil Series oT The aUcntiou ol Cocxty St rcr.LN i tnih n is, ? n nr. Covimitti.ds, 'I'i Acnuts. nnd oibcis niteref-udin Ldn cntiou, is reiucfted to the tollovvin IidoLh WoiictiTLp.'s 1'm.MLii, or i'lra Iluolw.TJ pnyes, 18 mo. U''s Hrcosn Book forlUading and Spel ling, IGdpatfcs, 1H mo. Wor.i hurra's lAti;onrcTtoN to Tinr.n Uooir, with Utiles and Instructions, piis, lmo. Woi:ciTEn's tiiikd i.ook( tor llendm and Spel ling, wilh Uulesand Instructions fur avoiding cuimnuii eriors, "S3 pn(c4, l'Jino. Wonu.sThn's' 1 uunTit Book, for Uemtini!, .v itli Utiles nnd Imtiuct.oiis, by Itcv. fciainuel Woicefter, -iO pareis Unto. The uboveform a complctct'eric'fofUcndinsBook'', vvbith are not purpi'wed ty any other vorlv iur this purpose now beture llie public. The t-erieha- recent ly been riilaigcd nnd im'itn td by the niM itioti ufn course ot hsuiw in Kiiuucijtiun uuJ Aiticululiun, in each bouk ol the feiie, adapted to the capacity ot the Hiolais Ijr vsluisc ns-c the n-veral Winki aie inUlid d, pr paied b Wir.MAM KrsvLi.L(udiitinnuu-lied teacher of IJIocution. The. prominent ibaraueiulics ot the K'l ies nic as fohowp, iz: F.xccltenee uf Sclrttmut, both in gradation and cha ncier, piMornl and uctal MibjecH toother with de ciiptions oi natural scenery and object, tending to piomote a fondnosot aiictiltnrul lite, bcin' cboen, ruiherthau ttioe of a warlike Fjniit. They aicdti-iiicii to make Keadiiif a Study, nml a l.-o, tu maUc Vitunciatfon an important pattot lear ning to read. Utiles for good reading, adapted to ench lesson, and a ht ol eriuis to Ite avoidid, together with a spelling lesion, of words selected hum theieadnig !efcoii. 'i 'hey are prepJled by a practical and intelligent country leacle-r, andare cuntetjueutly better a Jataed than iiioet others to the u-eot euimtry sehouU. I'he improved editions can Ik- ued with all olheM. Totimony from tiatlici", who hnw ued the hook, uuiforinly favorable one of whom f-ay-, " that hi whohiii. learn more in one month's u-e otthis penes than 111 thrice the time Irom any other. Xuiiieiuii lecomiiiciidalious have been n'ceivcd li the publi-"!i''rs but a lew only are appended as vu iel upon the uurttsofthebooLsrind request for ihema candid c. amiuntion. The boolean." i-rint'd on cood iiancr.Rub'inntiallv bonii'l and are furnished at low r.itt.n usau) ul the le-H meritonoiH work-. Tbev arem eiteiiaivc use in neatly nil juris ottlio Unhid rfiatcs. JircfH.imrndtittoiis nf the above IVorls (Icoijje 11. Kuieron, llMj.,an ctumtut teathernnJ member ol the Public bLbl Coiuiuittte.ot Uottou, one ol the authors (.ftbe SlIjooI and .Stllooliuaater,' remarks, in 11 letter to the l'uhhicrs I "Jlversiueel became acijuamtej with Mr. Wor cester's bookt they have seemed to iuc Lelier ndapttd than any other sern stbal has come t) uiy LnovU dge, to the ctipacitiesaud wants both ot learners an.l trail.- er-oI Ulementary behoold. iheyareuut, like mo-t othern intended lor this nurnose. a mere cotum atiou to a greut extent they arc original. Tlie remaiUato teacher!, the notices ol errors to be avoided, and tlie questions to aid the uudi-rstiimiins ol the learner, are all ot great value " Iroui Ambiosc II cllinztnn, rriuctpul of the Smith Sdio'd. Huston. Worcester Heading Hooks bavebeni ?ed in the sriioni under 111 v charire tor seferal niontlis na'-t. 1 con-iiler them decidedlv superior to nny other book ot the kind that I have " Avtd IS. Iri IT. Win. Uu'l, Teacher of Elocution, ma letter lolhe publi-heis, rcni-ul- " I consider th in the best ad.n.t- edotanyto vuuthlul readers. They aie more simple 111 nutter ami si)te, and more interesting lo childien, than auyoiher thatlliave tried, ami linely suited, in maternal in-lruclioiiat home." lihtnerer Itailey, author of the ' Voting Lidits Llas-s IJuok. and ' I irt I.esous in Aim br.i." h.ivs " 1 hav e used W'orce-ier's be net of Ue.idiu Books m inv si hoi il ever suue tbev vseie nubli.hed. and repaid tliem as among the uot valuable wotks ot the kind wnu wnien 1 amac'iuamte.i. Kiner-oii's At iibmclic--i:i thicc pints. ill'ait 1 contains Ilay Les-uii for Ikginuers, I 'art icoiitaiiu-. I,es-oiH lor all Slnlars. l'arl contaiin (tic highest operations. Key to rart-" ancf J. tiuis. lions to I'art d. This seriesid Anthtm tie n in u in llie tcbooH o ?vew oik, rlnUuh Iphia, nud Boston niul 111 other institutions wheiuthe modem miprovc tuents are adopted. I'arlr)- IlKlutirs for Common School-, 1 atb')s First Book ol Ili-tory. I'arh'T's Secmitl nook el History, lailtv s lluidliookot llitti) I'ariev's Bonk ol the United State. The Hi-lorit! contains Abp-j and Kngiavings, and liun mg- iienil iim; 111 me uiioiiiiuu .icaut inn sin our coumiy, m Itecon-itleted as standard bonks tor the in-lruetioti Voutll in Ilisluiv. 'I'he f irt-t and sei-uiid Books nie brought down to the pretcnt time in Maps and Letter h.viu:vs am:i:isha. Bailcys 1'irst Ijc-soih in Algebra, for Academies and Common hchool. Key to the above. tor Teache The above Algebra is on the inductive plan, nnd is deHgned for lhVse not versed m the mmi-iicp. It has long been u'il as u Llas.s Hook m the ru'rlu- Sehon ol lJo-ton. aiul is mirudueed tutu iinoiit Si'lmnis mu Academies of high character tn ull parts ot the United ClilU'H. (;o(H)mcirs i;mtki) static, Coodrich's HMnry of the United Htute-i, adapted to the capacity ot jmith Uevi-edand culatged from the one minorcum I'ditiou, aim brought ilownto Jil. (ioodneh'a and lniers"nrt O'les-tions to i he above The ubove hi.-tory ot the United States U among llir popular woiMin tlie iviiui, . it is in tfe in the llotouiehools,audhasa high and extensive popula my. 'orceter's IIieiinntarv'. ndittted for iisp in Schools and Acadeiutes, containing nearly y.omt more words I s"..l 1 I I D1.1. Coumn lieiine. (l'runuunein and Uxnlana tory.) deHgued lor ihe same, and tor gciu'ial ri-ieienoe containing overo,(KK) vvonU. 1 ins uietionaiv is iei rmnieni!c(l hy persona ol literary merit, ns" combining roivantag nsnl io noiuieing IKciiunaiy, Mijseimr tu nil others, piul bemu "a most cnmiirtiuiisive. correct. and usetjl compendium. ininitsovssi'KLMsr. uooks Inter--on's Nlnual Spelling Book anil Pronoun ring Tutor, on an improv ed plan, w ah Uendin Les suns. Due tiuniln il si.vtivUieUiiion. Introduction to the above, lor younger the same, i hcm" vvoiKsare hiirtuv reconnnenie,! bv tei- 1 beisand otherc.aie u-eii m the J!o-.toii I'ubnc S -uools and also eiteuivcly in the various schools in the Utii ted Mates, m .Nsi:i,is i:i.()i;uth).ahv skuiks I Itua-rll's Ltt'Aonsin Iutmciauon. i ! UuJi ments ol liehture. J. 1K. l.emesin l(UM'uiiun AUo, Uhm-lU's new woik, combining all the ubove .ursir hooks rim schools, The Kittle Songeter, an I.lementaty Sinking Book for l iunary School, h tJ J. ebb, I res t ot il tmie and IIadn Society, Cditor o Ma. Coll. Ch. .Muse, .c. Tin' rnmiiKin Sebnnl Soiitrtpr. for advanced Icnr nets ; by thes uue. TublMied under the direction of the Boston Academy td Music. The Young hud) "a Vocal Clavi BckiK, ilesmned fo families and tho htulier schools, bv thesame. 1'ublMi- ...1 The above form n progtcwive wirics, for die uic of families and chouU. .ihsoi:llai:oits. Orunu's Oeometry, part land-. Oruivl'it 1'hdoso nhv.liaiudsChemMiy.lIrund'b Arithmetic tiiutid'i Aluebrii' Sulhvun'sClass Books, 1'ulitieal, Aloml.auil Misuirieal. rrosl'stirnnunir. Buel Ireuelt rhrase Book- Ilolbiook's Oeomeiry" Abbott lattlerinlo .....iw.r IVniiKirliin. iiildiclh'ft UuilciISti let llallai.ecturelo Teiicheis. Blair w Oj times ,t lliBtotv.biou -lit down topic-ut tune. Jubnson'H ami W'ulkei'H Stluwl I)iCtlouury. ihe Child Botany l'arle'v AiubmetlC. c va..t ('iiiiiiniitfes. leacliets. Arx-. uesirouiiit ov oiuiuingnny ol ihe above, will be enppliod without charge. in nd.hiion to lhn above, nlvvavsfor nle, nt itifir. lory price, a complete nMoiiineiit of .Vhovl, Muwc and Miscellaneou Books, htaliuneij , c. t-v lb II D 0 0 h I T T ti K ins rnit s i.k a few hundred Lues host Nova Scotia Piaster, ns low ns can he hail at nny slorc in town. ,May i, 1317. 15B I'lOilllH. mill fi'.i.EnnATED Taiioii and Patiiick's JONES, BALL&POOK, NO. 12.'i WASIHN'r,T()XSTJli:iTIi0ST0N. Iniiorlcr ol' Af M'hiilu)tlp Dcitlcr" in IVntcliC", Jewelry, .'Mllitnry Cmitls, A c. HA VMitr:ri:ivi:i) nv imxbxt .viimvALsntoji Ihigl'iu.l nnd IViince, n large and extensive as sortmejit of the followin!d.,oerihed (toods.wilhmany other kinds too nuinerrjus to he mentioned, M-lcctcd ex pressly for th.'ir wliolt-s.ile trade, and comprising llie grealc.t nneiyof nrtiehsto lie found m iIr cny, to whi'h the nttentiou r deal, rsisinvited. (li.ld and Silver W'ntcli.'s.Jnpiniied Tea Tras, in of Lever, L'llpine, An-i sets or single, ol nil chor, Hoii.onlnl mil1 Caul Tiavs, llread, Verge i:eap.'iu.'iit". of! Fruit nnd Kind; Tr.iys. nl n.n htie" and pilces,ri nijje ntnl I oeKet tntiery, i '.i ...i i u.. ......... p.. from the relehtated mnk Heinri. UnoM. itc et( in l.iv'eit'ool, I"" ilou. nnd hoele in Snc-e from the celebrated ma nufacturers ol ShefTh'hl, Uodger. Cioxike, Wos- Ienh(ihn,'c. with tunny rheftper klml" ot 'I'abte Knives nud I'oiki, wnh bn:v.' hnrn nml cocoa wood bandies. Marble, KiHcwiio.l niiil: lihony Clock, Ollice Clock, and Kighl Ua Tiiih inccce. (lold Jewelry, of nil dc ciiption-: I'ma, Hmy! Bracelet, nnd Chsi's Meel B'lg and l'ltsfic (jold Beads, Ouird Chains, Keys, Uold and Cnps( rt nnd I ob ( hams nud Mouutint", Stet'l (Vails, Sleit'icle, HpeCtltk ClIS-'S, Silk l'ltrsefs, ftinrd Ch uns, Wnteh fJhissi-.s, Si)ecta cle l'c, Iaini) Viek, Tin nn.l Shell Music Boxes, Jewel Bo.XCfi, broircd and laciguercd Thermoiucters, Tabic Silver I eiieus, k-cM c les, Tliuubb's., Cy (ifaspe?, Iitld ioi'kft, with a genera, nssoitmetit of (told, Sil- vcr ami dilt I ancv toods. Inted Cnk Bnkrts Can flbsliik. Castor, lM.i-, ted nnd Biitanma Table UfH,A&C. nud TeaSH)u,is, l'urks, Wntch TooU of every des- iu ter ivtuves. kVc. cimtiou. Britannia Tea nud Coifee Cilcj, Jravers, and nil rot, hugar nud Cicum kindsof Watch Male l'ots. rials, both I ai il Mi nud Conmmnion Wate, of oil Svvis.s nrJi.ulat.ture. kimh. I I'tirchaT"" mav be nsined tint cvciv thinr? in our line will be- furm-iied on us lavoirible teriasits uanU; procured from uuy sooicc. uediers nie iiivUMti iu call nud exnimn. Gi:0. B. JONIX TUUC M. BAKU iNATIIL C.rOOU. tow 1)15 'Oil Till STATU OF AlinillUAN. 11 II Suiisenb r heieby gives iiotieu tint he has been niu unti d L'itiitmiitniirr in this Slate, for the State ol .Michigan, to take acknowledgment and proot ot UeciM nn.l otlier in numeiitsot writing, tin ier seal, 10 ue im'U ami t corneu in me oiaie oi .viicu iiran, and tonduiimter oaths and animation, undt r nnmt of the leiie-latuie ot that State, entitled" an act to continue m Lute nn net to autlion.e the appoint meiit ot Comimssifttii'is to take the acknowlegm nt o Deeds ami iusttumeitts of writing, uudei Seal, out of the State." unmoved .March 13. IS 17. and will be ready nnd pleas'd,ai all proper limes, t transact nny bu-iness within the m ope of his Cunniu'ion, at tins place. AI.BLUTO. WIUTTUMOBi: win .vtiiion.'iii .April, jiii. 111 x'Min: (' ii-vii.r.; Tn nr. ;.'. "rr.n SIIi; faillnop V I'olv in Store, tiov oecupied i thy Jaim a riatt, to he ant d tur one or more v'rs. App!v to S. Bailow.nt Vmoo"kiur C B. Sluw.Bur- hngton. May 1, ltu. 15 rV p:i53t. i t, ..,,! ,i - -.,.,,. r - kiinwn litem stand in the Center of TWM1K we .1 Charlotte on the Stage toad generally known as the Ha i ties Place. Immediate possession given, terms vionerate. Ciiaitotte May 3d 1SI7. M3w3 to i:i:.t. THIi Ilorsi: at Tin: Cor.xim ok Jiaix ami Champlain Stieets, with hnrn nnd outhouses nt-tach.-d al-o a large room on the second story of the budding on Water St. known as the l'oun.lry, suita ble lorsloiage tfc. l'0-.n'ssiou glulliumicdialely. A'Sy tO CUiS. 1,. IOI.I.I.TT. Hurlington Mny 1 ,IS 17. -I5w3 SIILF.t'T SCHOOL. t ISS L. H S'l'ACV, will eennneuce her sumin-r 1 1 term nn Mon.luv. the 17lh of .Mav. Scholars are expected to enter ut the eoliinieueenietii ol the Itnu. I'.nglish, $3 to -1,00 Trench, 1,W Drawinir. 3.0.) School loom one door west of .Mrs. Langworthy's shop, up stairs. liuruiigion, .nay, ,m i?n. uwi iTl It LI NCITOraiALK SnUWAKYT fVW .KT QUMtTlIU l.V Tills I.vsnruTio.v 1 will (iiiniuenee on the lillli iluy r May. Tm: half pitahli- In advance Knjhsh luailelies nun l,aun. pir ipnn.-r, ; inncu i,uu- guage, s;.i.:iii : tir.iwing. wusie, -?s,(,. lion.!!, including l'uel, Li.'liis. Washing, ic. s-r ipi liter, iiy t 'ic ye ir a - -i ill dcluciion isinule Noil- are ndinili. d imlin iri'y t..r h-s than one Trim or two Qunilcrs, and no dedm lions are made forub senee i .-ept III case ol prolrdeltd olckuesS. .Mn 0, 1S17. VilUMOST CJl.Vl'It VI. U.VILIIOAU CO.1I- I'A.s V. TOTICIl is hereby g-v.-n that tlie second Annual is Aleeiiui' ot tin' stu. khol.l -r.soi the Vi-iinout Cen tral Kailroad Conipaii), lor tie-. I-ction ot .-etell Di rectors lor llie )ear rti-Jiiug, nud llie tiali-ictiou of ail oilu-r business which mav be pr. '-.-uied, vv ill he holden nt tlie t'ouit Hou-e in Monip. h r, uii 1'nday, the Ith ilat ol June Ill'Jli, at tell o i-l.s k. A -M. Hy oi.l, r 1 1 ihe D re, tors, II. I'. WALTON, Jk , Clerk April 27, H17 !.'. I NirsHCATi: simiN'tJs iiotll to i.irr. ' I Ml AT lar;e and couimodious Hotel known as ihe 1 " I'lnnkllll Ho.lW at HlL'lu-i'e Sirlli::s.liusb.-. 11 tilt.-d up and newlt luiuis'i-d tlironuhout, an 1 be let, lor one or mole tens, lo u 1 t.'ll.illt. at a lu..d- ernie rent. The Im-ine. of this li.m- is t. ly larue, nnd rapidly ineo a-mg, and w.ll ntlurd to n praetieal Itlll-UL-t pt r a 11.1111" -o'lle remuti. r n -u .s nte '"' iii'ss s. asoil is Ijsl ai.ino.ici.i u. ai,,.iic.itlon should be undo without delat to ine n. ,. . mr o t'l IMIl'V k pv N Sl'Ll'HLN i Hiligate,May 5, 1917 43 1 T. M. I'.VKKl.'R, DAGUEllllEAX ARTIST. K00.MS iv Timji ts' IJuilm.vo a n:w doohs I'.a-tol Chur. h St. Mioiaiiiies 6.1,)'Jinehidiiig (roo.1 ease. L'ldi.'saudt! 'nileineii are united lo call and exam ine specimens Burlington M.i) C, 1817 American, nmeoiaf.iti: ami J'nnrh Chocolate, Prt iart J Cocmt, Ciicua Push; Hroina, Cocua .Vo., iv. I'D AlmuuvTs ami Cossi :tins, who would pur A ,hase the Isst ploihlels of the coiol, tree Iiom adulteration, more liuirnious thitii tea or collee. nud in ounliiy iiusuiass."d,llie siiSw nlx r n coiiim.-nds the nlxne aitielts manutactured by liims.ii I lis I tenia and Cocoa l'aste, as delicate, palatable, and saluiart drinks lor inwihds, eoiiviilesc-enl-s.niid other., nie pio nouiued, l.y the most eminent phtsieiaiis.fuperior to inn oilier pt. palatums. His niniiul.ii lures me alwiits on"sde, in any the most respectable y .hole salegiicers in the La-iein; cities, and by h." agent Ml.... lUwts. ti RAV Co l)o.ton I . ! Iluuc-.V Co., llaiiloid.Ct : ll'iwy i .Murrat. .N. V (Irani U Stone, l'luladefpliia ; '1 homas . Brun dige. llaltmiore, and Kc.ll"M it ';V'" ',.',S,."?!imau' ALTLI! BAKLi:. Ohio. Ill.n'J lhichettcr. Ma t Ul,he.t.l let thi1 '" """" Shoes, nml especially to those trlio in ar tlism, m. HOOK 0i' TUB I'I:KT: a Histoid J ol Boots nnJ Shoes, with illnsiiaiions ol the tn-li -Ions of the Kgypuaiw, llebiews, l'eisuns, tireek" and linnmiis.nnd the prevailing si)les ihr.iugliout lhiroie during the middle ages, down to the piisctil jierio.1 Uso.hnin to LiM-niakers, and remedies lor eom. Ac. By J. Sl'AllKLS HALL, Patent Llnstie Booi Maker to Iter Mnjc-ty the Queen, the (jueeii Dowa ger, .Vc ' .Mi Hall is the must fnhioimhle among the I.011 il.,n hoot-niukeit and his book has been re, eit ed wuh d.-eid.-d l.itor 111 the high, r eiielcs " bmduH Tinus " l-'or such ttsi.nis ns these the disciphs ol the hpslone sliould bo grnteltil. "Thes.ui.ol Crispin, anil every mail who has 11 soul, sliould reward the publislien' enterprise 111 ill p,eiunitioii ol tlnselegunl tolunie "Lilciary World " iltery lady who wishes a neat loot and u ttood hi sliould i-urty this book vtith her to lier shoemaker. " To lK'tHiiw eiig iged in the boot mid sliue trade this work will prote ot irat talus, wlitle lo ilw geu crul tender 11 will lw lound nunc than usual!) ulleresl nig" Home Jtiiwil. . Ptnu Aineticaii 1'rinii ihe Ut ,?1 sfli-riit New Voik : r.iblislml hy J- S. KV.Vl II LD and W. 11. C111AHA.M. IS CLARK, PISK & CO.j UI.TO.V HT III! 1ST. X. VOItlf, I I AVi.niilym.i, nn.l olH-r hir piIl- n tlioiru scire . .r; """ Ul 1 rc!" I""" hum tlw Lite ntmals Irom tlw Lite nrmals, com' pntm, JJ7 cli-sts and liilfchrMs llysoil Rkln, ir.J. Voini!. llison UK) Voilllff I U 8011, .1.) .lo Ol.l Ihsou, Twankny, t .uiipowilcr, Itn-tml, l'lorry lVceo, I oiuliong, Nmgjoim, Oraniji. IVci-o, 173 7.i :i7 !it J7.1 nr, :.7 3j'i it., ilo ilo i. lo .io llo .lo ilu ilo lo ilo I.) lo lo lo O.lCllOIl end lie" ol vnrioit" qnnlitirs. Also, 20.IHO Iiarkni's Tohnrt-o, roin.ri"iiii arions uu.l i'inlillrsi I'ipr-H tin. S-'irirsi .Iacohoy iiu.l Scotch Niiill; New ()rpim, l'mlo Uico, Ht. Croix im.i H-i-nnn t'oli;.,., riiihc.l ; Inf ttnil l'os.Icrr,l Fumirs j New Oilenns, l'orto Ilico, Nii.'ivctu, Ht. Croix, 'I'riii i.lail im.i Cuba Mol.'i"".'" ; Half lloxfp, Box nuj Ke 1 In i."iiio j St Domingo, Culn, llin, I ,-inuini , Somalia iiu.l Java t'ollrc ; I'lincnto, I't'iipcr, (finger,utiiirgs, Clor", .Mulanl, Cas-ia, 1 niicy nnd Ilir Sonp, Sirm nu.l .'Moulil Candles, Winter nn.l Summer t);s, AtneL irel, Salmon, Slia.l, 1 Ifrntii?, I'likhd n ml Dry Co.1, and a lull nml yen-'riil nsoitment ol (Jrot'erie", winch we oITt lor sile nt the very lowest maikct prices, and to which we invite tlic attention of the'country iner ilnnt. CI.AUK, I'lriK .t C(J. N. H. I.iheral udvaiicea made upon comijjunicntt. Mnv mii.vt MAitKirri Till! M ll:i llllli:it WULMi imoiim his friends and the eole of Ihirhnuton irencrnlly, llnthe has op. ne.1 a new .MIl.Vl' .MAIIKI3T, under tlie winu of the "Aiiuncaii Hotel," where h will filw:i)lie on hand to wait on his customer lie ilesiytw to k.-ep tl,i- l"--t the couury aliords, and would invite nil to mve hun u Chll, iJiirliiirtuii .May 7, H17 Amija Drtnr. HI CK M7;.1V. gin tirsni:i,'tl),i.k Wheat for NcrJ,foralel,y 4 llurhiii;ton,-J7 Apnl (1. PETEltSOX. rjtO Ii!:M the Ilasetnent of Harrington's huil I- ini;, hlely n . iipu d l.y 11 liuttrrliehl .t Co. Possession pi en llw 1ft of May. Apply to Apni !;, iM7. it w.c liAitnixorox. SALE POSTI'ONKD. b'X -c- fVUK SinscmiiKn wh.i. Sni.r. at Puiii.ic J Auction, n the iih day of April nejt, nt ten o'clock, A. ."VI., on ihe preliiis.-stK.-Llipie.lhy ihe laic lil in ot S. Wtl.b Co., iu tins place, the lolloviinir piopi-rtv , i-.nziied to hun l.y mid linn, il not pold nt puvate :.le prt vio'iu to that date, to wit : A lot of one m-ie ol lnitd, with ilv.'elliu house and hnrn, a larga cut St. -ue Store, Store Hoiis.-s, Dock and other iiu-proM-meiiLs thereon, iwcupied by paid lirni, wliere tlio Sbaiul.o'ns ruiiimi,. tlronirh Lake Champlain make Ihc-ir reuiar Inuilimis ."-veial tunes daily, durinir tli.: m aon ol timeaii'in Aleo, n lot of one had acre ol hind, with dwelling Ihu.c nnd out t.ui1dine fronting on llie jke i-hore, in tins place, nnd near the U. S. I orlilieations Al-i, three laruib with dwelling hou-ssi and out tiiuidinii?, two ot winch farms join the Laku near paid loiiili'entiona, nnd the other lyin n littlo f.irtlier west, on the highway running N-tween this vil lase and the tillage ol Champlain, containing in all near 5011 acres ol land, well watered, and the irreater part under a goodttaie ofcullitnlion, hating a suitable portion of limber and wood, together with the stock of Cattle, Horsta, Sheep, and tannin;; utensils, wilh which ilics'hiriiH nru well supplied. Al-o, several olli.-r small dwelling hou's and Iclfl, ana btuliluiu lots, in the c-enuai pait ot tins village, j Also, seteral I, ike and Canal Boats, together with ta 1 nous other personal piopeity. j It is deemed uuntCL?s-iry to go into farther partieu I lars, as persons desirous ot imrehainir will naturally ei'aumie lor iliciiiselvisbelorothed.iyolsale,tnulintn th" requisite mloriuation will be given. Thcproperty ,,,,,' .i , ,,.,,. .,,,5- r,r nnd the terms accommodating It is now the prevail ing opinion that the Lake Champlain and St. Law rence or Ogden-btirgh llailroad will intersect the. Last em Uailioad hy crowing tlie Lake at this place. Should this he ruihcd,lhc l.eloie named (iroperiy will he greatly increased m value. I". n.VWDO.N, Assignee. House's 1 oiut, town ol l. Irilnplain, I Clinton County . N V., Alaich, H17 ( J The sea-on of navipatiou, .to. Is?ing Intel thU fpring than was exK'cted, the above sile is ixlponcil tu the lath dayol'June next. 1'. ItAWDON. JOHN S, WARE, iSloragcnnd rorwnrdim; -Mci t, KOltTII WHAltt " 11 C li 1, I A (l T O A, V T. nriLnns. c : I-jnJcKfco.!1'"'"""' The .nth l Inn I oilers ev. ry facility for thosnfa keeping and prompt delivery ol heights, and all busi ness addressed lo ihe cate of J. j. WAUL shall re qeite prompt an. ntiori. The Steam 1'iopellcr, Janus II. Hooker, the Stea mers Hurlington, v. hit. bill, 1'ranci" S.iltus. Montrenl, mid the l'erry Boat and tlie ditl'eient lined ot lung boats and vts-eU cunyiug height on Lak-j ClMiuplaiu touch atlu. Winn. l'J.Cin Noirnir.itN tu.vspoiit vtjov li.m:. !S'7 .?a EIS'S). 8817 .1 amts U. Hi r. am) ortiLi;, rnorRinTons, Fqi icardinz to and Jnnn lUmtnit, A, Yui k, Albany Tnrtjt Montreal, QvtUr, and ull p.its on Lute Chtitttjdani, and t.'ie dijftrtnt landings on the Chumidam canal r ililnldnndwellknownNOUTHr.nXTBAN.S- I l'()UTATIt)N I,LNhnpret.-iadMtiiincriaH-d ficiiitK'.io tuiwuid til kni'l-- ut irnperty with tlw Uit-alf't care nnd dc-pitcU. The new steam nropel I. r, JA Ml.S II. II()tiKi;U,t.f aw tons burden, Cupt. SlI.ASllIMM:Y,Imleu ml led to the line, and will run on hnke ( 'Ininpluin, milking tu triiwench week, lea v mi U hit Inll un Nlnndavs nnd Thursday, loueiiin nt Btirhni'ton, l'ort Doutass, Port Kent and I'l itt-bmii, Tii-".Jas and l'nda3. Itcuirnin will Ifa w St AHiti"n H.ilunfns nnd I'lnttsburuli nml Btiibiiylou on ' uhd .Saturda)-. This line will hu'te i'ii'tkkv v vvai. nn vts. a- ti:vt.aki:. I'VX l A Kit i; IUATS, all of which nmd.tyimd n it It i nNu connected with the iiY'(LL)Tf.U TOW BOAT MNI2 on tin I hid-hi Biver. and st'-nin boat cm hnke. Clmnipbun,thu ntlurdin ibt-ir tin nd and the public U'!iTii tly an nnpmttinity ut fhippiti, by hnke Bonn lining through itui'titg th t-tt.i on the I. -tie awl I!nertU TropilUT on ihv Lnke to Whitehall thenrt'l Uithdirftt to N-w-Yoil .tr bv Tow Boat on llie Bivt-r nd Steam Huiu un tlw Lake as tluy tnnvctiooe. A Inijp rnm!cr of Mil ve-eU on U'iktf tlininiilnm lielnnj to th'rt I.iue All uo.l wi'ti!b. d at the tunc ol thipnieM, itnd wt.i he foiwnnb'd w tih imimpiiH'Mt nd dpatch, 1) beinurc nnd Vuihufuic puniptly nttcndtd to. One il the nboc Line Uar New-Yitk dailv nttiveP l.und three or inore have Albany nud Troy, ill ily. . . I or Fri'iuht nppiv tn CIIAS B .IA7J.V,pCotn;WSIipU- w y .k FAK F. 6M1, J fOLfoMtl, 101 Tier, Albany. LEVI UIXK1.EY M s llav, C. V.. 01.1 ri: i: v. i scom, w hitchali, (?;() lll.XT, Montrenl, X H7.'i!.i Co. Houses Point. N. Y. COIA'lXif TlllMlil.t:. I'ort, Kent, v , ; yLU.L'.riiiibursh, .N.ioik. JAS. 11. 11UUKEI!, llosion. Address as Agents. ssfe 0L1 Vr.K I1ASCOM, Whiulull. W A. I).I.AV1. Troy. Uetetclices, j hj n peck if a. i JOllXS WAIIE, Burlington, mi.f.KTTis r.HAPl.F.Y) l.AU'UEXCE lUlAIXAtil), v, xiciioESifiiriridx. Si Allan. S, It' .N.S .v 1 1. 1 J.S, lliglmate, J 1IAXIIS. 151x.iiKVhlf. Ikvtui. Min'i'Kits or I'lftiDi t i; takii notici:. On the nrrival of the l'npeller .Unit II. Hoi ker nt Whit, h.ill,lsai of the Noiiiietn TiHo-,"Htiiiioii Line wnlbate direct lor New Yoik, taking her detain through without landing O. BASCO.M, Agent. Whitehall, April, ICth HIT I'-'f"" GREEN &, CRAMER. .Vim. ii3I d 21J liner-Street, 'Iny Opi ositn the Tioy llouw, Iiiiportersnnd Dealers in Har.lHnre, Culler)', Sad dlert. Iron, Steel. Nulls, Splk.s. Ant lis. lees, Lhallij, Ih'lluws, Bar and Sheet L-ud Iad rie,c.,.Vc. AIlEJtTS 1'or " I'airltfinki" CrUhraled I'latlonn, Coiuitrr, Hay and Uail-Koad Depot Scales. Blaueliaid's S.) tin's April, ldth HIT. .Srnsniim:i;s iiwk isii.movkk iniiiit 1 wboUW.eCASIl lH!YtiOOI)Slmsine.,io.o i) Ccdai n , N Y . wli ie ill, ) unite the attrtuiuji of Veimoni Merchnuis AH who wish la u-alue the irestdiHereme ltwren Credit and I nth pticts will Jo ttfll to look at our 0kU at Cai ;riet. lUtAPfOKU .S lU'KDS'AI.L. Nf w Ywk, .Match '.'" HIT. liuii v

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