Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 28, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 28, 1847 Page 3
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' 1 IVUU LI (; TON I R KE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 28, 1847. Tim Wnr. Our usual summary of V.r news i crowded out this week. Nothing orcpecl il iiiiport.inco, in the movements of the Army, however, his transpired siitco our lust, (iciiunit 'J'avloi: is compelled to see his lnrce molt nuay by t tic -1'ir.itimi of tlio terms nfi-erviocnl' the Volunteers in his rommiinl. nnil it is itpprolieiiil.'il lliat lie will be lull in u p.-rilhiiit rendition. Nothing: more likely. 'J'ho tiling has occurred vl on lm was much nearer homo, thinks to our ino-t clli clout A hniiiMratiou. 'I'lio fullowing paragraph, lcspi'itinj; tlic gallant old ('s liillicnltiis ntnl trimlilcjocciirsiiitlie I liberty (! tittle's siim- nury of War news : " Pur every laity nf the matci ial nf tear the gciier til must kecp'hiscucainpinent per lorn'." This is very mysterious, and though not en tirely intelligible, forebodes, we fear, some dreadful disaster! (ion. Kiorr is at Jalapa. Con-iderablo sick ness nrevails in Vera Cruz anil the Castle of San Juan. Several ruses of tomiln had occurred, mo .Mexican ftalas lias issued Ins proclamation 'uniting the formation of guerrilla, or marauding, piratical and cut throat parties. .l .Mexicans bad been massacred by a party of American troops. (en. Tu'i.oit, will not move on Kan Luis at present for war.t of a sufficient force. J.iiMitcimttl Richardson. The Third Ji"tirimcntt U. S. llif.iiitry. lm, at ffh...i M(.riiV...1fi;ri. .111.1 In- ifin l.rilllinf ' luct of its Odicord and mop, covered iUclf with j,flory in tills Mtwicati War. Auion il brave and accomplished oincers i-? Jdctit. Hit u.niwot a mm tjfJ, 1. KtctUKOMiv JJmj. dC our Vil lage Of the rnndtiPt of this gallant 'oimij Vern'onter, on the ldcwdy (ioW of Cerro (i'ord, liis couiinatidin ollicer thus pjicmI;- in his offi cial dti'-pilch ; Th" otlj.'L-r nm irtd t my pniml nliirvation, I n 1 tli"ir Cin hi t ile(rvi,'4 the Inylievt pinise I can tie it. In til-' attack mi lli.' Infill, two c inipinn" of iih rririiKrnt, t'-apt (.'ordon'' and Lieut Kh'InrdMHi's Itf't'inic o.n 'ulrit ''jnratcd(iiu)iii iirnijinl with id' ' Tdittf tbe vjijoitc iie( the hill, tit'tt I cannot p".ik -sit pirtiettlny of 1 It (.mil It l-, however, in mv kaowiedi' tint as oon a-itlic hei'ht ua.t carri" il, I.i -ut It 'hnr.U n nunat'd o n; of th, captured j tin with in 'ii ot Iih my, an J liied u;u:i tlic Mexican (1 1M(l.'ll I I.i'ut Mc-Co'inelhftf Lieut Iliclnrdm' cnnipTiiy, in reported to inetohave enndueted hiin-elf with a jfre U d -at ul cillantry, hem artive 111 ai-tin hunt. ilieliirUun in woikin tlin captured i:an 1; it. Ai.i:xA.i)r:i!, Cant ('oinnnmlm '.li liegt I' S. Inf. Colonel W.S II vkvlv, Coia'tl l-t Untitle. iU avlicti. 1 llrijbtmi fiiiilc .HarKct. ! Th isfi-i T'iif'crtorilH' -.'nb il"s not contiin j usual Uns;htoii Market (jr the 21. W iberefjic t t j?jjlitu . ihc M. Y. Muki't "f o week earlier : N'nv York C'Airi.i. Mirkit, Mnv IT At market ' l'J3J I'juk iilimit '.urn Irorn" lli'- Swill :iihl nliout IIWi) .Shicjinii.l Ininln. jiocf ( 'alile As tin-riijiptri's- roiue m niort' fre. !;, pnets are nulually !, Rliiliiili; M (jive way, ami Tins week we note it euie-i-ileialile reiluctmn intheiati's rjiiotnl in nur ht lirukel nieiae now alnmt 7 ua 2, rrewt Alio'it l.Vlh-:iil leltover. Slierp ami I,iiiibss.'llin MeaJily ut SJ,3 W n 1 jl), at ulnvli bujerscleaivil tli maiket. llnirov, May 22. l'rovi-ions The retail trade is verybrisk at lull priors. Holders are not mixinus to ell in Ure the toeks areiiinri' th'iiuue want ed for die daily dein mil. Tallow Sale ul I2.W His at ye, eah. 1' Tlie market conimiii'S linn, itli a jio'i 1 ileiinn J ; sales nf t!eue see, rnmuiou luatuls, at 8 87 ifiSDI. (Jlsii, iiikI .Muhignn, S Mr cash. So ltliern K-Mi.T.illy sells qiiek at 9'J, ntnl j-omc pireels of (lenrjietown whl at X'J 2" The nreipts du. rilis the week h ue heen liy NS'esiern Itailroail, 20,23 lis,21fl Inlfb'jN.iiuJ hy pickets only tHJbbl. Corn Silt's ol white at 1 IU, an. I Noitheiii jeltowaithe depot at 1 25 per bu, cash. .u jelluw llat in liie tnarkcl. .Win. Huston .llarhft Mnyl, 1IT. The demand for tins arliele Iris been gool ijiirin the iiT-t week, an I laresiles ol hoth I'leeee aihl I'iii leil (me heen in i,le at lates previously obtaiueil. The Moek in urirkfi i-. ij lit-' 1 ttit, as well asm New Ymk mi I I'.nl.i.Ieiplna inaikfts. Ahout2tm b lies Siujrna weresjij at auction, on Tuesjay, at prices ruiryin bnllltj , !C lie p,-r lb, it line. cr. Viil.. iJutii.'.iJ'rrct. I'ruue .si-ixonv I'lei-e.-w, w:i)t Amr i an lull bluujilo. - - . ilo ilo. . . . . lo 1-2 il.i. - - - . ilo enin do - - - - S-nvrin . iriw.isii -il, . . - - . Jill ts V !. UUplfk'-d. - - - - l.rra ,N i ih'n p'nl ',1 I iiu'i, - - - S if ! I'np joe I i.l nh - - - . iSo I do do do - - - - 2 do do do . . . - i ilo iIj do - - 1.1 .ff 51 II) 1.1 111, 4? II, :ii ft :n 2-1 ot. a i S 13 I'. 't 1 1 "i ft 12 3.1 ft 3.1 21 3J l'J 'i 2 ll it J.1 I.'n.Ui:.NZA AND CONStMlPTION. It is hi b-e I a iii.'lanelioly irutli tint thousands fall viet ,,s to .'onsiiiiioii..n every jear, limn no other cam ilnu iiegleciej Colds- jet w ,- tin. hundreds, nay, u.j., tr.'.it such coiuplaints with the i:ai-ii. -i niilillen n, e, and let them run on for weeks unJ ewn mouths, w iib.nit thinking ol the ,1 m"r tu l y u Inu- joii coiisnlcr a slight cTdd or i ouli . you allow bua.ness, plcisure, or carelessu.".s topicvcut yoi Iroin giving it any attention ; it tlcn ix-iili s up hi jour breast you become hoarse, lute iiiin in y...n side r chest, 'expectorate large ipiauti ties ol in itter, peilnips uiivd with blood ; a dillieiil lyofbr ailitii eii-ites, and th.-n ou lind jour loohs!, ueK'leei has biought on this c plaint. Il, ihen jou falue hi.- or h.-alin, be warned in tune ami don't mile uitliinureold, or trust i any quack no-irittii to cure ymi ; but linmi'ihnli'ly proeiir,' a bottle or iwonl lint Uiiioiis remedy, l)r Wisfir". 11 dsain of Wild Cherry , which is well known lo he the most sp y cure ever' known, as thousands will testily whose lives hate iieeu Kiveil by it. I l'or inllueiita it H the very best medicine in the worlJ. I None genuine, unless signed I lll'TTS on the wioppcr. l'or tale by Tin. usjiu. A Pu.k. i KtAsoNAiii.t Ul mfiiv During the warm Frn,n of I ihe jear, di-ordeis ,,t ihe bilharv and dig, .ivi organs oqcur gem . illy unparalleled nu.l ex lent Some lelliedy ol 11 h lie, easy and ell'.-ciive ope ration, hail long been n desideratum among those nflbcied, and uliu-li is now oll 'reil in Dr Wood's Sarwiparill.iand Wild Cherry llilteis.n carefully pre pi red ami remedy of well established repu tation wherever it has b'en used To those in need of n ionic or aperient during the present season, wctay give il a trial t yi'e pariiciilar and ask for Dr. Wood's Sampa rilla and Wild Cheny Ihlters, and receive no oilier fur tale Hy Turn. A I'm. ' w2 A Cuke ami No Mistake Let it speak for it tell' , , . , Da Wmr.irr: I have ollen wished lo inform you of lh heneliis derived Iroin the use of your Indian c petable Pill-, not lor the puri-e ol gratitiliiiif )"U, who are a 'it In nie.lmt with tlie hope tint utliri fellow beings who might be similarly ntlhclcil, limy be induced lolly to Ihe same result. In the lull id 1111,1 was persuaded tnuwyourl ills; irfare I hail until une lui If'lt rnriiiiraarit to cuiiti iiur.anddid continue, until I h id used twelve h"cs, bavin" slopped at intervals nuJ commenced again Tlie rc-ult w'as.ihn in the Spring hollowing Ml the tick bed ami loam to whici I had been entirely cnii tinnl fur fir-ur ve.hs, during which longiieriod I had recoure ! lh-' pl,'lcl'",, ,l,,"t c'",','1',1 '"' l, and wliodid till in ibcir power ; hut all their fllotU were, in vain. Indeed, I never denvcd ihe 'rMy"ni'l'iiiit was originally Kheiimniic, which was jft'erwards ng'-ravatcd by n cold The two i ibiued became waieil in my whole fyslein. 1 b. came help less my legs and arms were of no use to me, during that long liuie, in wlmhlhave mlleicd b'yonil my nowerlii describe, nnd 11 I were toultcuipidcM-riptinii, it might apis-nr to nlhcrs rut exaggeration. Nor will I nlteiupl I" I'" uu ',uw money 1 paid to doc '"I'iuay inention that in these eight years I did not take more bd thin n licnllhy man w ould use in lour months. The eiiling of victuals had much the i licet the swallowing of ii l,urii.ugc.ul might have. I wj t Is' loo length) but conclude by wiymgihal old age is the only hindrance luiwiloriuuig labor. My nppctite baslK i n ever since uiiiuteiupledly good and l enjoy my nighl rcstbllly- . I live in Moore rovvuslup, Nortliaiiiiln I county, I'Uj ant a lanuer ; am 71 Ji'Oisof ai;e.;aiid though on are unknown to toe, 1 conceive you thegrcntcst (s'ticlnctor the earth ever nllhidcd inc. (Signed,) John 1'iuck. IVipmill", I'n , May I, 1817. Tin- original ilix-iniK'iit may be seen nt llie Princi Pil ullici; nud (SeiKltil D.pul.No UV.I Kate U., Phi ladelphia. ISwll i 1 ivvicu. In ibis village, n:i t Converse, Mr. II, ; in i uM , by the licv. J. K. DUULlTTLi: to Miss IlLIZA C. MAYO. In Ibis ilhic, on the "i'ilb Inst., by the ltcv. .1. K. Converse, Mr. S 1'. IC t,'''.WIS, of Itouse's Point, N. Y.,ln.MisrAlt.!l ""' "ViVi,vi Huihugluii. InCornbliN II ' -v. A. Sp-iuliling, Mr. 1'lidi Hark, w -l.VVIMA l'l.uun.i;. i . 'lass., to .Miss S. P t c b At Chimnpy Point, on iw 1 1th inM., Apaii Str.tNi, s ife tf iWlid H.iriH'fSjr. ngeil 'i jrnr. Wiilutim tinn rrfiKiKitinii (.lirliowi'tl in the stroke ihnt wmcil the tk'H ot enrlh, hu 1114 Her triM in IlimvJioKHth "1 am tin resurrect inn mid the Lile." In On.ell, mi ih ilOih int., llninUM Hum., n revolutionary jiriiMuner, ngnl H7 ymh. .Mr. H. vn for fiftrt-n jenrs roinu" t( lite tlniih, totally Mtii'l, li:i nig hail liotli t-ji k kicked out hy a horse. In .Milton mi the UOth hwt., Amos IIamcmn, in the 8U1I1 year ofhis ngo. In this town on the Hth in.n Mrs. Klziah, Uts mix, 77. Thi-i vein tahlc latly was the widow of Hon. Di- viil n.isc)l, who (lictl ahoul fmir cars unce, well woven ami limiiiy npcctml in th connnamty, nt a Ketitleinan of inlluenee and worth, hc rt licrclf n resident of lhiiliutoti for llie space of more than forty jeai, diiiinc w Inch period she intruded ntnl re tained ihedeep and titlecliouate regard of a Iaroe cir cle ol hmiharlrien I", nnd the tcpcct and conlidi'iire ol all. There were sonic Iraits in her cbaniLtir which (iae her an uniHually tron bold upon the hearts of those around her She combined the iacity uf jotiih, with the thoughtful wisdom of ape. 'J'he in firmities of her decliiiiu jcais, impaired not in the (buhtesi dejjieebi'r intereM in fociul enjoyment, and thi" wcllate of her many friends who were always met with a sunle of cordial welcome. Her cbeerlul ness was the natural expression ot n mind in peace. Iler Fyiuiiatluis were cur active, alike, with llie moiirniui; and the Inppy, and many an act nf kind ness hole witness to' lor the lelief of nil who fullered. '1'hoiiih her senihihtii s were keen, they were unattended with any tainl orstain nl hard ships ; no one could U- mote kind, or more lenient tn the faults or mfumitii s of others. To these cnirafiinK ipiahlii'.s, she added ihe f,ir higher imc.ul' rttict lideh ty in duly, uiiln-iuliiiLr piiuciileaud earnest rehsinns fuilb. Iler death was the appropriate close of a jr tuoiis lii, the christian". hope sntaim'd her in her cloiini; hours ; and ber metuoiy will lomi snnlu. jn tin' iKMielieent inllucnce ol an elevated character, and of n holy and beautiful example. rolH'LAH A.VATOMY. . II. iMM.SO.V. trill Mirer a course ur of '.1 Ifciure.s on the above science, eurv ec tuna, at 7 o'chu k. in Siiongs' Hall. l.adiesun.l Oentlein..u are reipnted to call nnd ex amine the p niiiiiiirs, preparations !$e , from 2 to .1 P 11 , at which tune the Dr. will be in attendance nnd give any explanaiion reipureil. Singl'' I.cLlute 2.1eents. tine l.adynn 1 (lentlennu to th. course ?21U. One petsou $1,5'). Children ballpr lluihnglon May 21, HI7. rVfv-Vor!i & E2oton BOOT KilOB ST01IB. KtJ AT IMlATnii:id)i:ilS,in Church etrfrt, f S may hi- found tin largest tnek f Hxirs and W Snor,s tint IrneuT hern oIKthJ in lJurlmfftmt. lie has Hpared impninhi hi- sdcrtiin, both in re gard tn fluidity and Ptyle, and with email prolits feed- bun it"i;iviniiati-fartnm locmy customer. Anionn his t-tuck, in part, may he found the follow- inj? ortiels : ljipirsMVxrrs and ihum " tlaitfr Ilimts, of every (tle-criptifin, i " IV In-kiiiH( latest ne " K'l.l " do I " I'mnelln" do 1 ' IJ-ill (iaiiert, j " Krerjrh SJiimer", " ijn'i-'i Kid tin. " Vi-u h S iiin Shj'irs. all ( olnrs, " Ci"U Ihuii.eil do ' Hun-e do j " Stout IJ.Mns Ilti'-kim ' S'liiped l!ul)tiei, " I'ltire 1 -rid pin in flA ltffw' iuott a ut .S 'to-, j 1 " ( j llt'T Jl.iotS " I'M J ut '! q i " " Itllj-khlsl. ' lVmiHU .Siippf.h. rolo'ii. " Watrrprouf Hoots and Shoes, " riuo Trench Calf do " tlo ilo do -si-wcd " do do, ' .Morocco ilo ' Sintit Calf and Kip Shoes, " ('loth (iaitcributtoned ' I'limeli.i d.mciuy liai-Ii-m " I) incing Pumps, " .Morocco SJipptM, " fail do ' C'dl Vri'-s ail kind, " Kr!rs witu le.ii.ier ri h ' l 1. Ila-kips, a, id Shoes pi.nn I .JMt, . ' iv.p do do Gulf and " M Itinkni", all culun,! " Stut Morocco and1 Kii lln'aiH, Stout hhocn, all kind, JYirvd! i (I ti(ei nnd ; l'auii, I t lint S'wrs, i 'ts hewed J i f am pej tl , m't inand Kip M I 11,'iM Uooti and 1 i lki-kns I'me (i. liters ) mciui; Pumps nnd Call Hoot, "t IiuhlierftfallkiiKl-t. Ciitiliru'jtii'titu and Shot " 1'ieneh (iaitcr Hj all t'f.liHi, " " .Mohmto Oa:t huttori :nid laci. " ' Ihi-kms .V Sho.i " I ml nil I Ankle Tn ot all color-'. Crntlcmi n'n Hunts and. S'wfn, I " Napoleo'i !oot, with' and wiihuul tops, I I I lefcol all Kinds. Alo, flallnon" of all colors, and hint k und hyhtfrilk yaiter net", cotton, Arc. Patent Congress Jools. 111', has also purchased the right of Itiirhugtoii to ni'iuuficluic Day's Pahat ('osfiniss Himii, IhsiTlls ntnl Suois, whnh are adinuti'd to be iMHimt ami moitt tartly ani. I. ol lb" kind ever got up. The lollowing eAtr.ict. is lrom ilie 1 driller an I .Mcvlianic, ill ruatiou . tbro'igb theeeulrat pi" ol llie (.rccn .Moiiutaius liar to llns Uool . neaileil ns they were with einbaukmenls ol Mlovy, and "In llurope the 'Congress Hoot' has come into ex- iok botli lloslou and New Yotk iiiaiki Is by niriuis.. lei'sive ns.. ; it ispntrnnizcd by '1'nglau.l's (.iucen' by 1 on tlie 1-t April and cupum-d lrom them a selection ol the nobility, an 1 by 1 idles of Literary fun-. In tact, tbeir n-.hinuahlc good which, on arriving at Yeriuont it is roiisulered an indispensable ariule ol lahioii, as . was inusomcd with a piolinible bouuiy ihit so uicrcri well n ot condor! " s,,! again the money I. trees as to induce an iillempl at TbeCongiess Itoots, Cri-ncl, Cnlfll'sits, nnd every second attack on New Ymk the 1st May wlm Is'illg Klll.l ot wink in lus line, ma mil. ictill eil to oriler, as lie tinploy, in connection with lm e&tabh-tlimi'tu tin' ln.'!t wojkniPii. ki;l'ih:.v luTCiini.niiu. Hurlinaton, May H17. :,tI ROBINSON & GOULD, OW OITKU to the puMie.u fupcnornortintTiit l'AXCV AM) STAlMii: DIlV (iOOl)S, at Wh.itenalr and lletail, also, n good assortment of t-Attms, p.m'ir llANUtM.s-.aiut l,l;.l 1UI.S. Maj'27, lsl7 TOY AM)" SCHOOIhuOiW good assortment at S lll'NTINUTON'S. STATIONERY 'Olisaleby S Ill'.N TINCTON, Strongs' Jluilding, cor ut Church ( College. ts. lA-pQ rtAno n M I O Cli OMrOi Vftt sh supply ol New Yolk I bits ol a superior oiiablv . also Mats of my own in mill. ictiiie. and n large and splendid assortment of line nlk and cloth! APS lor men mid hovsol lio-loii an.l N York .Manufacture, which will Is' sold unu-iially low rpay. V. A SHY MUl K. Comer of Strongs lluilding, on the S.juare, llurlingloii,.Miiy25, IS 17. H NICW liOO'J' AND SIIOU STOKi:, rPIll Kiibsrrili'r lias lut r turiuj frotii Nfvv York, J. vmiIi n laigi'inul (ttiu-ral iiMMiiiinrut ol UuIh-h nnd fifntlniii'iis Mi-iM anil CluMrcnn Iluotf tinitt rn lln-ktiii nmt Hlioi'o.nrlri'tul wall arml vnxe Iroin tin lift-t inanufncturnii; Sliopn in tlici-ity. lie ulr-opur-i-li;i-s.-,! lasH ami t-cry iicilrrial (or tin' inamitaiiuif ol lloot.4 inu) SiiocH.uliu h willf liable linn toivc Ihhi'ii--uintTi n l'nt ratf nrtii'K. Ilflian irtiitly t itkir-d In liiisMm'Mj toniabU' tiiiu to nut l tin umwiin; wauls ol hiHniloiniT unit lu looks with, uonlult'iicc tu tlu-ir laor ami pntrmmgi' to piHtaiu tiim. jtuinuLfitin.nuicn ninct, - uoora iionuiii it inu, I t MI'C II PI l I'M JA.MKS II. I'LATT. .Maj'27, 1817, 15WH '21 -JYJ; 1 .'i sLTM-Vit fll Ah Hi'ociviMi ins usual extensive, iissni't 1 1 lnllt fif Snrhtrr (Ivitl. rnitstUlIm tn tiirt ir I'rint"il lawin, yiimlniiM, imi'ltn, fin!iroiilcml(mii lm mnijlniin, ami biiu'Rc. AUo: linen lf'iiichaimu new uriicle. ,Mj:illrAN AMI KNUMSU PRINTS, An Extensive Assortment, New Patterns S If A W 1iS. !lt)liairlnvN, rich prmteil cn.liuicre ilo, vo')lrn lift, Intel) net, M ick an-l hncy filk do, a vnrmty senh, cr.nat-., I nicy f ilk, and linen likl'-.uiiibieUa paiasulH, an 1 nun idiado, llnnnrt.rjip, sitiil aul tall'-la nhhoin, yrphyr vort cd pur."t twht mi 1-jmiuI-i and ftick1, Fleel b'ad-s lnj cl.ikp-, "led rms and la el?, also, operate r'mi- or t:i--( h, kiiiltinir coltnii, tidv cotton an I iu'edle. line imMi-ichi'il kiiitliii' tlip'iil, inaMi il.- linen thread, frpuol dn,cnttnii Inngi'i (.otlull rilthnn, tuaikini: cnttnn. I'me linen fheetm, pillnw.cae hiK'ii, Hl linen l;iin,i-k. stiiilni1'. 1I1 il I in hleai hed and hrnwn.liui'k-i- buik, ru-i.i and -cnuh di iper, t-rn-!)) InuUeje linen, liw-ia Mieelin, j'H Ket inn n, imiiap- .vc. Ilinad rlnlh, fa"i'inerc, and tweed-. Hleached rnttn t ln -mid !t)iitini. Vuv nieriitnaLk. 'tmk and I) HHvitlc Mieetina, .iniier( inanclit --tsr, iiionadnuek and other hlieetiu and cheese cloth. I'aney Miminer Mull", imtiners shirtiTIg, Carlisle: I I..... ...t .l.ll..... 1.1 I l.r,...-.. llitHlint'll, il ) I lltlt til I II II I IMt'ilLlli II mill inmin, nnisul- iiiills hi 1 1 I j ijiHirtfHjcribtjmU1, corded i-kirt", urab niorcen nni tinii iMivt;. i. coons. Molac, Fanr, tea, colV'f, fpicc! wnlopy cruh- ru and pnwdenl siitj-i r coena ami hmmI, v., tvc. W1ckw.1t c building, -Mh may, 1817. Wool JJt jiol. I 111. suliscriber has made aiiangcmenls to open a L bianiholthe Kinderbook Wool l)"ot in the vil lage ol Shinrliitm Vt.. A spacious building has been procuied ns a stole house, lor Ihe present seii-on, situa ted on the public siuiare in said village. II.. will be prepared to leceive wool nltel the ti'ltlll ol Julie. The II e.s w ill be thrown into sons, and those wl desiie il call have their clip kept separate and sold when ordered. A dHetliuin ition will be made, between wool in a (iUllllw ll.M'i'onuiiioii. siUenwill be mnile una lor l ilin 1 lie cliariri's. wi be one icnlnei pound lor rcci uing, Hornig and w lluig. and the in-u- lance, wlm h will ! twenty-live cents on one hundred dollars lor a term ul three inontbs. Advances in cash will be mad.' nil tie' delivery ol wool if reiptesteil. Sick" will be furnished lolling who wish, bylluir p-i)iug the evp.'iise of Uousportalion and 12" i cts. curb, lor their use. t v Uel. rence can be bad to Dr. J P. Il.-cknian, bm.leihook .. 1 ., S. 11. Jfimison, Shonhani ; M. Ilingb.nii, Cornwall ; S W. Jeeit, Weihiidge : li. llell.Mnldl.lniryil.. Hall. Shelburn, Vt Letters ad.liesvd to the subscriber at Shorehatu, in relation lu the Wool Depol at pbee will receive muiiedi.ite. In his absccnee .Mr S. Kverts will be there lo leceive woot. unit gtu-uny requisite tnlbtma lion on llie subject. II. W.ANXMIAUI). May 12, IS 17. is The EMiyiSology'or BDit-slKus, Hhntrulcd hi Hxjirrimrnl, Inj 'ii.i.i.M Ili:,t'.Mor, Surstunin V. S. Arum, 1111'. experiments which make llushook invaluable forteitluv inany ipiesliotis arising from the prin ciples ot digestion were made on AtAXtsSr. .llAnri.v, vshowas wounded hy a discharge from a lowliug pieee, and lb. wound healed ill such a manner as to leave an aperture to the stomach through which his lood could lu inlrndui ed or extracted, ami has so re in. lined for more than twenty. three jean, pii-seniing the reiinihahlc case of a robust healthy m in who can take bis f..i.d in that manner. ( hie li lition nl tiii-book was published by the author at 2 ml, but w isjiioi generally emulated. i h ,,,. published ma hiiiilsiuii Volume ol mine than IIU'I pages in Llotn llui'li-ig at lie' low prteeol 7.1 cents. J li.s .lay publlslieil by U, OOODIIICII. .May 27, 1317. Js3 I'L'Uli .SATP I'OU HUTTKU. Hjiii: (jrr-srio.v moiti:.v aski:i) nv Vi:k- Ht inoni whose cltrcvr rxTls in whatever olicred. .should be so Car behind the times in the ar ticle ol bulli-r. Tlr answer invariably given by those well inform ed r.n Ih subject is lst, i,at i. butter is not sulli cientlv worked to the bniler-inilk, and an ad dition i and silishetory cause (were nothing cle winning) is lound m ihe unpuie character ol the suli used To obviate this last dillienlly, as fir as pos-i-hie I have liroeured II ilil'llltily ol " Acinous rt.ii Is Salt" which is ihe kind used lu the Drango I'ouuty Dairies, nnii is recommeinieit witu enure conn ienCUi 2-ilh .May, IS .1. A'. VIS WIS V. u Live and Lot Live." SAML'KI, ilt'NTlNli VOS, TTAS resumed the bnsme.s- IliKj.v' fs.'l,j,ixn i i l!I.NI.r.i.,. 111, Mi HDD i M K Mi, in WOllId I. ill.' litis ,,p') e II, v .. ..'III U ! llSJ Ill'llll j k kii..v i .1 .in- u- t . .i,- mi ui-liii'ii I- u 1 1 p iir ion -o plume j:.'iiei,iiij ior iuc ve y m my tavors, -t.'ii.le , hmi an. I dopes by di' . tit attenlion lo I.h business lo ri'inu a i...,n .n of i , ir patronage, l'or ol I'biireh and Coll ' II irluigioii. .May 2jh, IS 17. l'.IW. IlIil.N'SMAII) A. P.ltOTI IUS deirc . 1 L lo c..tu9 tiieir thanks to i i'ir Irifii is and cu-to- nmsvlor then er ruMui which has le n pini ih"in in days p-ist an I haw the plenum ol in lo'uiiu' tlif-m their stork of Vic!n'. Clock-. I .hwoJty and l'uicj (1fnih, u ther with the arioin oiuci Kino oi tiuiKtH, wntcti e ileal in, will lie InnuU mure cMt-iiMM-jinoic .iiicd, tnoiu heLUtiiul mid ciy loc. I) iraini tn keep our nwwrtnn nt at all times, to j-'ll Mich fnid-f and at ncli prire- ns mnd cutoin cr will he perinaijenlly pleaded with ir Spring n-i-NUlitietil we are now fpenmy and nil per-oiit an mu led to look through our mote and examine our ipod and prices. imixsMAiiKt iii:(vnii:us. Itarlinmon, Maj 17, 1317. IS ' WI'OHS .Ve fl()01) iissoitm nt ot line lliiianma revolving Cisiors, to'ther with Pi.teil and Ihit.iniua .Metal Wate ill loi silc at alow prices as at any oilier ctaubtisluucni, ALSO Plated Spoins plated wilh pure silver nu Merman Silver, nu I good leriu-in Silver, Iron. plated, and oiler Spoons, als, Woollcr Sjioons and i'nikslitr I S lllad nnil n gieal ailely ot iisetnl bouse keeping ar ticles e cool. I call 'iltcnlioll toour new slvlcallil new 'pattei ns o I l!iiitlcrStiiiu)is, P.itt) l'.in iiml toour new SliH'kgcninlly, which is yiieliclilarged,aud ol .Jered at ery low prices May 2", IS 17. Ilnissvuin .S llnoTiu.n:, Kitat Virt !. rIIII! inonev ill (oininaiui of Ihe Pentile's Agent I i was pu-bed lorwurd with woudeilul ih-patih victorious brought nway llie ereatest array ot I rot. lues th'itcv. r gb-t. n.'d in ( iiurcli Street, where they arc now arra)edfor redemption by the People ut their .Store kept by -jr.thJVl i HIT. w2 IIOWAUD )Ai;ri:i:ii;)TYi'E goods. OWAl TOUSnrc inforniftl tint wvliavp p'irrhn . i'tl u fir Hipi'rior t-lotk of (Joods in tint uu' ihau Ii.t tM'r lit'i-n sMii ncil nt tlnNorth ami we -lt all m-II L (i-riu'in nnil Amcririin ('tiiM?rot. SciviIIh nnil IVf Hi ll ri.itfsniul nil kuiiUol Cnsc-. poh k ummaiiH (ii hi ihriinniN, nil-lull iliinjis wuutctl will ho on IianJ at Svw uk pruvs IIKINSMAII) & imoTiu:us. May IT.lrtlT. H CIIA.MI'I.AI.V .V rOXMUTIflJT UIVIMI ICAII. HOAI). A. nses.snieiit of leu dollars on each shite of the caiiiial stock ol the Cb iiiiplaui and Conn, client liivcr nan i oniiany nas ihcii oniercii liy tlie Dinct. i ors, rind made ten able on ihe hVt day ol July nevt Pa)iurnl may be nrule to the Itiuksol llnrhngtoii, VcrL'enness. Aliddlchurv. Kutliiid. ill.ick lluir. or II, Hows Calls, llie Cheshne Ihnk, Keeue, N II , to l.uwarii riciviTiug, i.! , .so on, ,-Maic sircct, uotou, or lo the Treasurer, Tn asnicr's t mice, Muldlchiuy. SA.ML1.L SWIIT, Tieamicr. May 23, 1S17. IS Yl'.iiitfil. it YOUXl! PAndiirric n p..maiii!Ii:i)ma of good t'ourtitutinii. maslir meilriuie, who is ot Mui'-itiiii-u.iiugtne couMriieiiou ot saw uuu iMistiiiills. and a u uniuj nun lime if neitsisiry. Sm h a one w nh good recoiiiiui'iidalioiis and not unwilling tugiioiit ol the riiitcl Mute, may hear ol ail opi'lling I j grimly his mo-t sanguine autlcipatioiih in ri levy years, hynpil, atuui ellher peisnially or by letlerSMi'.lntil Ihw (dill e. -lwM MACKEREL. T0S. I Mi.MicKi:in:i."i.iw., 50i.iis, nnd KXilb- I'm kages, Ihiihe by llie kin, I mid lb May. W A. S5. DKWUY. flllglc Kiuild. I1 fi:l)oters( "Wauled ! MNTKD n tiii: (!ii.mi'I.i ami Oox- I nerlli'nl llitnr llnil t!i,n,l. . ,.,irtino(r till rind on.t nl ,Mt I lollv. to Section I in liockinehaiii, I i ye lliindred lnhoiiii!; Men, In whom a liberal price will be paid, il application he made iniineibalely. 1)i:cki:ii t waiincii. Cbencr, Vt. May 2(1, 1 17. N. II. r.inplojtneiit will be continued to pihIi ns are faiihful r two yeais. 1). Si W. N M. DllKUt, Jonv Waiisi.r. .3 I STOCKS', COM.AUS. IIIISO.IIN. SI 1 1 It TS A M'Sl'I'.vlllKs;. A good anrlinentofSaliii Stocks nf various leiiiitbs r. and Whllh-.touelb'r with Crauils, Coll rsShuU, Iosnins,upiuiders, and Mi'pendcr ends, Vest-lenthers, Ullckles..tliroiTnn.l ,llr l!,,.t. i II. . .,.,..u. cd iiltentioii will be jjnen to this department and n on..-, i, ,i, euen pilous as wu nave hcpunr li teen e irs pit in this line will be alwais on haml, those wishing n,.at and good goods are Invited to look ul ours IHre,. .Muy, 2h, UltlN.SMAH) .( nROTIII'.US. DYH HTUl'I'S iVo. B fStf I '"" Camwmuiv Loo Wood ir ri tiiii.l . 12.1 do IVtic, M do Itedwood, W) do Nicwood, 10 do Camwood, S!3 do Alum, 1'orsale by lliirlingtoii, Jlny,2j. in Dhls Illne Vitriol, l.lo l.n r Dye, 5 (Jasi'H Indigo, HJCegs Criarn Tartar, 10 Tieics t on -rns, J. llltADl.llY.Co. SwIli 'X'harJ. 1 ;() Qt'l.NT.M.S CoilI IMI, 10 lll!T.S. No. 1 Maikerrel, 10 do do, 20 No. 2, do, 1.1 di do. 10 Tierces ami a Jbhls and j ilo Sal lnon, 100 1'oxes IKrring : Casi's of smoked Salmon. 1'orsnlcby J. JlltADI.i:YCO. Ilurllugtou.Miij 2.1. Sunlit Wharf. li:au imi'h, g K CASKS l 1-iindi 1 ilo a. i ilo l. a ilo. J I'orsalehv J. 111! A hl.r.V. Iluiliugton, May, 2.1. IS Smth Wharf. BJYSO.W Hsn.v m;i., kiiixo iivw.v, Vat- ty llu.xeepre'ly for l.iniily iw, orange How cry Peeco. l'or .lle by .May 25, JOHN IlliADLr.Y A- CO. swilA Wharf. sua A IIS. poU'i'O Iliro. St. Citoix, Ni:u- Oiimmxs 1 C l iullei . X. I) M I...,,,-, 1.. r'....l..l i... cd and lout' double and single, l'or ;,,. ,..' ,. . J. IIUADLI.Y v. CO .M,ulA ll'ni). SOiv7ln ynflfi'V-"' lln "''I' -"" ! bbls. blasting pW .r,MMjbr. KM kegs Kitle ,t Snoitin.' do. 10 Hands " Safit) IW .May 2.1, i or sale nv J. llUADI.I'.Y .V CO. South II7,i. Sialic (aiaiaplaiii AVinc. lil'IMI WIXi; M.M i'.(irui:i) i itoM I!i,ck J Ibigli-h, and lied Ciurants, may b had at the llwelllll 'dlOlls,. f,riie s., 1, , r..e.,i.,i,.o,le.l hy Phvsiciaiis lor all invalids winning wine. .Mayvu. is-j (j GOODRICH. MILL STORE. C1.S I'Mii (ion A., KI.NDS OP GllAIX. I Hour titul Meal for sale by lluiliuglon, ,Ma 2.1, 1817 II. WHinjI.I'.Il. 'cV.iti cc! ! S fiOOD.Ivnc. 'mikA.ti:i) rou.-cin'Ti:ii : ill address the siibsciiber, post paid, Mating age, price ,vc. , II. .N. lllil.'.-lll .viaiotic 1 raiiKim i:o. i. Sa jioxxwric'iiT iiivmi'siiAiT axd J North Shore Sainton, by the half bbl. and single pound. 2Sth may. s. vr.wr.Y- JMl HSU I.AIU), at

I 2 nh may. is .1. X. );ii7.T. 1'LOUll. 111 I ll!L mil'ir. II extrrn nisi rc- icivcd nod for sale at Troy prices, Iinrlington .May 25, by J. IIH I)I,i: Y st CO. i,i:atiii:!j. 7HH Hole Leather, J'orsaleby II. O. LOO.MIS. .May 25th Is IT. MSvv3 ) ANI, Sknlins, Ihriic-, Hrhlle, Top, Lace Up I p.-r I. sillier, Cuhskius. I'ornnlehy j;. c. i.oo.mis, Mn 'J'jtli HIT, MSwS 1 t hi)tJ' ', Ki , hmi i ', Hi i lm , Tn in 'inns' il S.iecp, li.ilidli Stivers an I S i mmio!" SkiiH, r.,i s.i e '.v J.. (J. hUU.MIS laj -JOi.i M-iw3 CJIIt HI XI ikeis TouU. n hue, Iia,-t', Il')"t Trees O imlTm -kltouis. I'orKilehy II 0. I.OU.MIS, May-J.'uh ISIT. MSw3 rpANNCHS (id li.- ihe Hhl. C.I. Qt 1 May25, 1S17. 'lswll II. C l'or sale by LOO MIS, NEW GOODS. " I rssrs I!ri-nmiil ,V llnithers lire opening 1 the mot cMliisivc and ln'iiiililul assoitnunt ol lioi.D .v. sn.vint W'ATCI i r.s. Chains, les. Peiw, Penci!sJ and "th.-r g ods in the ( lold an I .Nilvi r hue, mil ot m w and line si) its ol Parlor, .More, ( bureb, and Cl.-eks. ,s'tei I Coods an 1 1! U-, I'.iiw, Wnik Il.nes; Dics-uig Ca se", line Poll 1 oh. is, 11-iekg tiuniou ltoards. vi-iung and iilavin t'aids, lui" Cigar Cases, Pipes nn.l I'l.. I, . 'I'l.:.,,.,..l .s.'m !.,v..IU,e-l.,r,ill iuipos,'s, iiii line most heautiliii iissoiuncnt 1 1 Amer ican, digits i, (oTiuau nud Pans 1 iney articles w hich vve I av ever bad lie pleasure ol ollering I" our cu-t. liners, and is v tv iuip.iii.iut to customeis and on.s -ly. s Cuiulii ill) as vv r think 'our juices M all low III.I.NCl.Vl.UD.V. lllill 1 Ill.UiS May 17 JAMES OUR, DRAPER AND TAILOR, I T AS remove 1 his shop In College street, under the olliee, where he will wait upon Ins I 1 I'ree Pics ciictoiueis at all times lie has ju-t iciuriieil lrom .evy orK witu n supe rior assortment oi nil articles lm (ientlemeu s wear, ol llie l.iic-i st) lis and Ik'sI ipi.ilities viz Cnglisb, 1'rench and Cerin.iu llroadclollis, Cas.imcrcs ol all kinds, Vestlllgs, llosoliis, Cnvats, .NceUeloths, llau.lKer- i bids, I. loves, all kinds oi illinium;" lor i ..iriiuius, .e, Arc. Particular attention will be given lo cutting lor others to make up Ilurlingtoll, .May il), It 17. 17 MI.MST0.V IIKill SCHOOL AM) Fk- .mvi.e St.MixAi;v The Summer 'Icrm ol ibis Institution will c'oinincnee on Wednesday. Juue'Jd, uinliT llie clurge, as hcretoliire, of .1. Iivmav, A. .M. The coudiiiou ol this si'hool is pio-,'vrniis, nml ihe tiro-puts lor the Inline tl.itteriug The ln-liik-lioii is f . -I .-v. d lo be clhcicnt and thorough. It is an cssen. inl peeuliariiy ol Ihe In-tituliou lo lead the pupil, so I ir us practicable, both to instruct and govern biinsell. This renders his studies pleasant and ensiucs success. 'I'he lacihlica lor the iienuisition ol natural science are' good Ss'cial attention is Kivcn lo the stilly ot llotauy during the summer term. .Miss .M. M TnnMi'sijN', n timber ot taste and skill, will lie em ployed to give lessons in Music. The Principal pos. sc-fccs a huge licrsclieluu Ti lescope ol ,;in. ily, with other iwcillnit npiaratii, lately enlarged, whnh be will use lor the Is'iielit ol ihe student, TirinoN l'or the Primary hianvhes, $3.1X1 ' Higher branches, I.IKI ' Languages, -lti " .Music, with ue nf piano, ll),H0 Il.-ivnti can Is- olipiine.l at lioiu i 1,011 tu SI, f) ier w eck, including vv alnng, A e N II i is yiy desirable that those whoauticipue ntteiidiug should commence at ihe bcnuiiiing ,, tu. una iter. ' .,, .. st ,a - o VVIIIIslon, liaj' .', mo. Mir anoci:im:s. I S. DIIWIIY ins iii:ci:ivi:i ins Si-iiixii il t FtiH-k of (litis H'.li-s, and is now pn pared in sup. ply cu-loiners with tioods, 111 Ins brjn h of tiade, of ihe brut quality. Pcimiiis liudiiig ll ruuvciucnl tn rmi lor their sup. plies will I'uid nu iircichaixe, ami any artiile whnh oil trial diss pot mil, inn m all casis be relumed, and the pay will be riliui.lcd. Il'itlington, May .. I'?- 47 A'olirc. LL persons are hereby cautioned against digging V. pus lor lutl, fUy, gravel, or any oim't pun it... sl.eels ot this loWII, llllder llie ii-naliy ol ihe U. ute 111 such ense made and prov id. us an sucii's ciiiiiiug 10 our kiic ,now ledge i w ill I I"' proMcuied wiihout '.' 'si 1 i'l i? 'mi i'l si j Mecl""" lad. SAMI'IIL NICHOLS, nl II. II STACY, Jiuihii2li'n,May l'i ll 17. liuilniflnn. I7vvii Iron, IValN, la, Arc. fX TONS Siiok-simit.. VAinni.s siis ! it tlo. J - . in,, c-..n ... , ' Siiuute,:t.r,atiil tinwardst 5 do (i.S. do's ndoSand '!'!"., H-iiiks" Issldoj Id do American Tire do J 2 do Ilaiuuion.l's dodo j 2 do I loop do, all sins; 2 do Jtiissia .Nail Rods ; I do Norway do 1 1 do Crow liars i J do Spring Steel, various oien j 1 do Uound Cnst do do do j 2 Cases o Axes do ; .', do assorted do j 2 do.. Anvils; 2 do Vices. I do Mill Clanks j lim do Anns' Shovels j 2.1 do " 1 osier's" do) 7.'i do " l'aiibaiiks" Hoes ; 10(1 do" IllaiicbarilV' (Vt and tierinan Steel bcthcs; 13 do do Cradles. Fur Nile by J. llltADI.KY &. CO. llnilIngton,.May25. 18 ibmth HVrnt. OPi 11AOS Siiniiitru ; f0 do Lneuira ; ".1 do .tuva t KMldo OldCov. Jnn J 73 llo.xes 1'ciu and Fieidi Oiound, lor wile by J. IHtADLr.Y ,t CO. Ibirbnglou, May 2.1. 4 tiuuth Wlmrf. Tobacco. Ml f,,OZ' eiM:WIN;, vnrlntw brandsj 2.1n I tJFJ Hove.s do do ; ItMl II ill llovisdodo: l.iil One (junrlrr limes do dot Km Canisters of J. Ander son's Premium 1'ine Cut Chewing, ol linesl ninthly, rorsaleby J. HIIADI.IIV , CD. lutlingtou,May2.'. IS tiinth 117,-1), i7Iolas;s. POHTO IlICO, Trinidad, NcwOrlenns.St.Crois nnd .Sugar House tiviup, for sale by J. HUADI.IIV .t CO, Iinrlington, .May 23, is Hmth Wharf. EBaitils nnd Oils. 100 Kl'('tf l'uri! Snrat'itips Wliitn I.rml (in Oil) i n do Kxt'ra do do i .VI do No I, do do in p ukaues of'J.'), Wl and lll lbs t o Ions White Lead (drv) ; 2il Kigs Preiicb Vi How; oil do Rod Lead; Kido Litharge; 25 hhls. Linseed Oil, (N'oilh ctn) lor sale by J. IIUA DI.I'.Y .V CO. Burlington, .May 2.',. IS .Soul', Whnif. LA.M11 OIL. MU. Pure Sprnu ; do ICIrplinnt ; 30 do Refined hale, for -n!e hv J. IIKADLKY V '. Hurlinston, May 23. 4 &uth Wharf. II If 10 111 tl-i V',d 'l1u-Min For sale bv J. UKADI.llY .V Co. Iinrlington, .May 25. 4S Snntli half. RAISINS. f IM "0XKSM. II. ; 1UU 1-4 do do : 51) Kegs l.'J ilo ilo ; 7." Tor sale by UKALLHY Co. .Sii,, Wharf. J. Iinrlington, May 4S SO A IV ft K. llOXKS COMJATK S,7.) tlo Jlorgim's S 75 do r.iniy l-'nr k:iIi hv j. uitAin.i:y Co. ii Smith Whaif. liurliiiRton, May DOMIiSTICS. 'HKCTIX(JS, l." Imlcs UiK'lvlimil ; 10 tin. 11 New York ; 11) do New Jersey 1 do Walpole ; 15 ll.l VI. .VI. L. SII1U I INCS, '2 bales fine brown ; 1 do lo New Yolli Mill". I II ll.l.., I'tlM'S KOHPll, .1 ll.lics Lowell A II bales Atlakapas uiiMutes ; a cases "J.og Cabin" piutalooii stnJI'; j Jciles ol l'lald ioik ircoiitiis .jo.jpuii-.-u no o" , o., ,i.iiii no do; 15 do Hull. ; 1U do Wickilig; 10 do Aliluskrag drills; 10 do lllobe do. I'orsilc bv , jiiii.n 1jU.mii. l.l ,v v tj. flu lingion, May 25th. H Smt'i Whaif. Jaix ".-h m,s. 3 l'or ale by Ihirlington, May, 25 vi:sTi:i(x." " J. lilt ADLKY, '- C(l. H At.iiA Wharf. NEW GOODS, I) DOOUTTLi:. ins just ki:u:it.i full assoittnellt ol Dry (tiKds (Iroceries which will he sold at the lowest price for Cash or Credit. ( .viay -oni, mi. ISwfi Taylor anil his (tcnoruls. Uest IMitloii 25 cents. . iiioeniio ii .Hi,,. .,n. I', , lliogrnpby ol .Maj. (Jin. ZACIIAItY TAY- l.viu lino .sKi'ienc!,,', inc uvea in oimtii, oouh, ) t and Sskrlebesol the lives nl U Oil I II, OOI i -I'vi't, . ...;,i. - ,..ii , ,i... action, ofilniriiivisioii. in .Mexico up lo the present I tune: together with a history nl the bombardment at' ,'.... ,. s;l...i... ,.l',l.liU ..I Mm lii'ii ' Wl.NKILLD S(,'OTI'. V.m'jcUilhtil in(A 1'urtitiit anil I'.nfratingt 1. I'otirait oflienernl T.i)lor, in lull regimentals ; tl nly accurate hkeuiss)ct .engraved. 2. Ueiieial Ta)lor, ciiuestriau figure. ;i. " Wenie i nded to take that battery Fol low '" t.May's Charge ) I Charge ot'tlie Inlaulry at Monterey. 5. Charge ol Worth's division nl Monterey. G. Dragoons saluting (ieiicial Tailor, as they ad vanced to the charge of llucna Vista. 7. l'ortiatt ol (Jen. Worth, ill full regimentals. 8, Portrait oKieu. Scott, in lull rvgimeiiials. '.I. Mitpnl Vera Ciuand it" vicinity Coiiiph te ill one volume, of 1120 pages, duodecimo, printed on good paper and neat!) put up m paicr bind ing. Thisdavrrrclvcd bv May Is, lalT. I7'w2 C COODKICII. Aricul.urt V ISorlictiSiio'i'. ,1 A l!l)l'i:irs 1'hmi;iin" Dktio.vaiiv. a fi Complete Coiniieiiilium of Agriculture and llor- iieuliure. luuilenicnis, .Ve. e , wilh niiuu rous giavings. .s7i". pages, m eleu'iut leather binding. AMI lilt AX AH llll t 7.777.7.', u complcie ss tcin if Pi.icnial l.i i in. by li L. Amis. Till: 1-III' IT ft.'l.Tl'ltlSi: by J. J. Thomas, adapted to the Northern States. This i- pnrticulaily I ', , ,, ..i- ,,i.i,.i.,i reeoiiiiilelhleil loan win, cooimiii- i hc oi riou..,us "' "" "'" '"'". ' rrs.iiei,v c. commit'!!. Agent for llorliciilliiri-t.inoiiililv, b) A. J. Down iiu; Agriculiun-I mlhly. by A. II Allen; Culti vator, monthly, b Tuiker and llowaid. .May R SlXUIXfi CLASSIX " 1 It. NICHOLS will commence onSaturlay iM next, lit I o'clock, I' .M ,at Ihe Vistry ol the , .,.,... . . I. ..... I I'll, ,,, I, ii i lav. in Simiino. I be ele ments oi tniisic, ihe Ait of rinding eoncitly, Arllelllallon an.! l,Aiicsiou win oe uumiii. i.p - sons tor silo ilieniiot.'.r, t Also, another term of his Juvenile N-liool will be gin nl 11 nYlis-k. 'IVrms il,oil lor IWbssoni. lliirliuglon, .May 'Jl, 1317. ON HANI) afewewt of GOOD ClirXSK; and arrangement, have been made for 11 constant nip. ply of cl.oiie IICTTIUI through the sc-win Mayai, 1SI7. 17 A. S. DllWUY. AI'i:W HAMS of my own curing, warranted good ; and 11 few Meats Tongue., city smoked, jut received. A. S, D1WLY. MayW, ISI7. 47 wjT. CIIOIX Molasses ol the tiuct quality nt O .May SO, IM17. 47 A. S. DIIw IJY'S. Dkild pi:.chi:s nt .Mav -Ji), 1817. a. s. i)i:wi:Y's. C.I.S7 PAID FOR IIUTTJCR. fl). ItlXIiV &('(). wim, l'wnsii roil a few Tons of nice Duller, delivered soon. May l'J, 1317. 17 i xc v ca ssimi:ri:s. X( PILCLS New Stvles, inst received nt OV) llillllXSOX H CiOVl.DS. May 21, 1SI7. 47tf i'M I.IIOlll, U0 It IN SOX & (JOU Ll) Am: KKmvntJ their AVir tiu'id, to which they rcpcclfully in. vile jour niteiiiion, lluthngtoii, .May 'Jl, 1817, Dress HilkS. ALAUCi: nssoitment ol llirh .SVln.hy llOUIXMIX UOCI.l). May SI, 1317. ' sJ'lYsiia 'ls. A I'l.W heavy China Craje. also heavy Illack t Mlk .MaySI. 1817. liomxsox !( aol'i.n. I'll r me r nml .Mi elmiiics 1 1 mi U Slock. VViW MIM1IXS FOR SW.i:. AlTIA TO Jons Hit.vpt.r.v A Co. HKIIDS (iitss ami) Ci.ovi:it si:i:i, nv J .NJ. . I'lTli . I '.. TVJ i:V (i(IOI)S, The mbsertber has just ll received hoin New Yoik, a new nnd Megant nssottuienl of Spring Hoods, ol nlniosi en ly vnrniy. Iwlnchwillb Id as , heap as the chei,M-.i Those wishimi to tiurchase will do well lo call and ex.iiniue before pun hanug elvw here. D AX ILL liL'HX lluibngtou. May 1'.', 1SI7, 4f.n I A HOOK Atlilrcssnl tn tlmsr uho wAc llmh ami Short, ami csirctiilli to tlmc uho iiruf them. tyV. HOOK OV Till: FBCT: a Hmoitv J. nf lionls ntnl Shoes, with Illustrations ol Ihe fash. Ions of llie ilgjiiliatis, Hebrews Persians, d'rtiks and Komans, nnd the prevailing st)ies tbroughout Ibtrope during Ihe middle age", down In the present period. AID, Hints to Last. makers, and remedies lor corns, .te. Ily .1 SPAItKIW II l,l Patent Klastlc llool Maker to ln.r Majesty ihe Uuecn, the (luccti Uowa ger, A'.c. " Mr. Hall is the most fashionable among the I.nn. dun hoot-maker ami his book has been received with decided I'avtir in the higher ciiclcs.". AohiVih Timia. " l'or siicIm i'iotis as these llie disciples ol the lapstone shnnhl ! grateful. " The sons of (!rinio. no.l pi'rri mm, ulio lias n s"ii, Miouin rewaril the plililisiiels enteiprisc pii'jmniuou oi iniseiegant volume i.ilniiiy " I. very lady who wishes a neat loot and a should carry this book with ber to herehoemaker. I in iir-oiis engigid in tin; hoot and shoe trnde , this wotk will prove nl great value, while to ihe gen- eral reader it will he lound more than usually interest- ig;" Joihi(. I irs Aiiiericim Iroin the last lbiglicb rdilion. Price .'iiicents .Newlork. Published bv J.S.Iti;L)rii:i, I) , and W, II, (MAHA.M. aroiti: at wixiioski to tin ur.xrr.n 'I'lll! I.nllirp,v I'nlulii IStoie, now oiciipicd liV.lainesl'lalt.tobeicllti'1 or one or more v i ars I App'v tu ri. l!.tilow,ut Wiiiooski or G. 11. Shaw, llur- liuglon. Mayl,lS17. 15 1 . i . I 10 itr.vr. I'll III'. 'I' . - - ...... . . . yVi llni sn at tiii: CniiNr.n or M.i axd Chatniilain Stint", with ham nnd outhouses nt- tached also a laige room oil the sieond story of the building on Water St. known us the J'nundiy, suila hie lorbtotage Jv;c. I'iism'ssiou givt 11 iuiinedialely. A). ply to Ciias. 11. 1'ui.iUT. Purllngtoti May 1, 1817. tb3 IJ Ki:ilMTl:i.l ATMIKMICAI. IXSTITI TIO.V. Elf The Snnniirr Trrm commences on Wednesday, June 2.1. .1 S. hl', A. II ( .,,,, assisted hyithi'rroni)ioicnt n achers. Lecturi8,terr.i" anil Hook's the same us hen tototc. II iird, sl,lil to ?l,25 per vvck, including room and vvasln'ng. ifl.Tll UAK1. llakersliehl, May in, IS 17. Sen clary VIMOIONT CKNTIIAI. ll.VlM.OAI CO.11. AS iV V OTICi: is hereby gi?cn thai the second Annual is .Milling of lie' Mm kholili-rsof the ciinont ten- tral Company, lor llie . lection ol "even l)l- 1 re tors for llie jear c nig, and the traiisaetiou ol all i .,il,erl,.,s,e.s -vvhich .nay be presented, will beholden attlie('ourillous.'iii.Moiiipelicr, on I'nJay, Ihe lib J'Ju''e'7,'!X:M,",I; I), oidjri; 'ft-'j CJetk April 27 ia(- iiumcATi: si'iiixcs hoti:l to utt. 'IMIAT large and coiiunodioui Hotel known as tl e JL " rraiikhn Hons,.,'' at llighuate Spiing'.hashe, u lilted up and newly luruisheil throiighoiit, am will be let, lor one or more )ears, to a good tenant, nt a mod crate rent. The bu-iucss of llns lions,, is very largo, and rapi.ll) llieieasing, and will nllord lo a practical inii'keeper a handsome remuneration. .s the bu-i-ti' ss s,.,is,,n tsta-t approadung, application should be made without delay lo the proiui.'ior. , .STLTIIL.V S. KT.Yr.ri. ! Iligbgate, MayS, 1SI7. I5wl Dennis Itdod's llstnlr. I VT7"I, the subscribers, having been appointed hy the V II,,,,,,..,,!,. . 'rl,ate I'onrt for the Di.tlli t ol ' ' lb Cbittcinlci!, Coiiiuu.-sioni'is lo reei ive, exaiiune ami ndjiisi ihe claims and delii-inds ol all js-rsons against hip ,an oi tji..sio ivinri, laic oi .viiiion, in mid ll"lncl, decea-ed, lepics.'iited msolvenl, ami nbo all cliitns and demands eshihiied in ol'-i t thereto ; nnd six nioiiths lrom the day ol ihe date hereol iK ing nllovve.l by said Couit lor that tiurnose. vve do there- tore hert by give notice, lhai vve will aii.'inl to llie bil-mess ot otil apliollllllietlt at I-vlve-ler Waril.lllll, in .Milton in Mid di-uict,on the lii.-l .Mo'id.ijs of duly and November ne.t, ut 10 o'clock, A M.,on each ol sal.l days ' Daleil iius'jsin iiavoi .nrn, A. u ittii. A ... , V ,'riMii i I'm,' Cinnmi'shnnt. 1MO .11,1 l.t.l' J Itni l I'ailv's Kstnto. .S-T.IT; OF W.HMOXT, 1 N I'mlnt- Court 1 Laiiwillr 1 Imldeii at Hyde tnik, within and fir .iid di-itiet, on the 12tb day of AIay,A. I HI7, Lafnette Cady, Adininistrator on tlie etati- ol lluel Cinly, I.He ol Camliriilge, ill said ; tlistlll t, ileci Jl,.,,, ,. I, is n,liioisir,ni,i j . .v. ; ......ii'rrrsUHii'rtii t ut r..-same be referred tn the 5th day of June, at the I'lohale Olbce in said llvdcpaik, lor examination anil I allow. ..,... . n.l tl.n, ll ooccnied be untitled the pillUieatloll ol tins orner in in'' imuniui.-n i i.s- u s-, a ni wsp.ipi-r printed nt llutbngien, t , three weeks MiccesMvcly, a" soon ainay be. that the' may appear. and at said tune and place, il tlicy see cause, object thereto. Ily order of t'onri. Ainu, HAULOW 1. SMITH, Kcgtitcr. A true copy of recotd, s": J Am st II. P. HJMmt, Ilcsi'Jtr Kr.fis i'nvi)i:u, KHl Hags Shot, 15udoi. Corn lirootns, 75 " I'ails. by ItJ. 11. PUCK ii, Co. 500 S5ST& '"?"'' by J. S Tfv'.S Cj. .va Sroliu I'litstrr iia(;s: ri!i:sn caiorm nv J. .S . . i'i.C'v- Jv Co. NEW GOODS. 8D, IIIXIIV & f'O.. Hi:.ii sTiirn:ivn) lrom New York and Huston a splendid assort, tneiil of spring and summer goods, ol cvciy variety VI. l)rov (inn l M de Lanes, Poul de Soie Silk, Poiill de Sole Plaid, M. b-iir Plaid, Organdie Ptaid ; .Muslin's. Tarlton, Pink, IPue nml white, I'r, neh do ;iii'jli:iins. l'reneh Pink, Hlue, and while, Scotch do Plaid do IVeuch lAvvtw nu.l Shaw Is ol all kind' lloniii'ls Super Sdk Cxult.e, Cliiuj Pearl, Cobiirg, I'loicnce .Vi" rreueh Kiovvers, Par asols, SumiuerStulls, Cap., Paper llauguigs, also a good assortment ol 1'nmilv lirocettes The above triineil go"ds, with a large assortment ol cverv variety lor tin: country trade, will be sold atoir jaim lor cash or ready pay. , ituiuugion ..lay n- isi HF.ADV .'MA 1)12 CI.O'l'IMXCS. I. I).' 11IXI1Y A' CO . iiovvhave Ibeir furtiisM v room well lillid With eveiy vnrlely of Coals, '.s(4, and Pants, tor tucnaiid ho)s Coats ftoni 75 cents up to live uoiiars. v,au aim see. M "iro MHIt It ITT llns .itt relnrnrl lrom New-otk with her us-tal variety ol i;,;.S',, ,;,;. eomnr, all arliele. here. kept ,1 lu-r .hop, tngetllerwi.h the l ues, s,je, , and p'H.enis. She ha. in her employ Miss ' rl" " . ' ' ., i . ' 1 ''i1',''1 !" 1"lrlln--ol .lie most ,a-,y and finished I'.eMaUii. which S,,lffv,S; L t ,3 l' . 1"'UOU,U cnahl. ber lo warrant wmk done in good. Die llurhngion..May 11, HI7. If,w3 Noiui:. rT' he books for receivingsu'is.-iiption. to the capital 1 stis'ko.''lie Veriuout and Cauad'l liailroadCoiupn. Iiy, will lie open (or that pursise;, thei llieeol J .N .1 i ('. SuiiihinSl. Albans, on the 3ib day ol June s7,' at one o'clock P M ; nl the duelling house of the 1 Hon. Joseph Clnrk, in Milton on the Vih day of June 1817. nt oneoVhn k P M ; nndni ihedwelhug bouse ofjoh'i Knights IN in North Hero on the lUth day of June 1317, at three o'clock P. M. J. SMITH, Chairman of Hoard nf Com. St. Albans MayR, 13 17. Ifitf Vciiiiont i cnlritl Itnilrond. IN assissmkat or ti: niuLins o a I share, lias Ikcii ordered by the directors rl the Yeriuont Ccntrnl Knilroad Company, pit able on the I5lh diy id .liinenevt: sijiuenis may oe inane nt the rattnersA- Mech 11 ink, Iinrlington. nt the Hank ..i M. ....... I,... m l, V'o,uUl,u'k It.iol. or nl ihe I Treasurer's olliee, No 21 ll.irn-lers Hill, Court Suuare lloston. SAML II. WALI.IIY, Jr.. lloston May III, 1817 Ifiwo- 'I iiamncr. T?"l'll A .VI! 1! on LONDON. LIYLL'POOL, IV Dl'llI.IN and LDINIIl'KCH, in sums tnsuit purchnscis. ri-.s. 13ib May, 1317 J Is J 11 Tl.Ch H'"- iicoci:itii:s. 1 ( Hints St. Cioix and I'm to Hiro u1r, IU 7. Itbls Nevy-lbigland ltl IIom s Lump 15 l!!il Powdered and Criislicd 3.) llhds .Molusu's 10 1 Half Chests ouug H)son lens. SIHI Caddies " . ' 8ll Chesls lljson .'-kill III Hags Hlo ColU e, 15 " J.iv-1 " Vil " P.'IT, 25 " 1 inieulo, 3vH) .MulsCusHa, 3d llbls. Sal l.nilus. ltl Ivcgs pure (linger, Cim ltos liar Soap. ;,J " l'ir, J- 'S J- ll- Ci:CIi !s Co 1 PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. . st J. 11. 1'ECKU Oi. Aftm. linrlinglon May IS 17. vi: sti: isc in Ihe Of IH DM.. Campracby Logwood, 210 bblt. St. Ro il Win U. ' JWI iningo do., SIM bids Nicaragua', 2M bbls. a good lit TuMic, I.V bbls. ( .iiniwood, 30 bids. Madder. 50 bbl. Alum, 7.1 bids Cuppi-rus.aibbls. Hlue Vitriol, 51) Ih - mijohns Oil ul Vitriol. J. f J. 11. PliCh tl to. - . l It 'l' 'I'llll t I'l'n A V II N V It r I' KJ -n Itbls. Lorrillard's Cheing Tobacco, S bbl. ,l mokm.t do. SOU IH.ulders Scotch SnulT. ax) Jam lr,,,l. ,,, , t v ; it I'IjUkU Co. Agent'- at i: v :oois ,lv rt.r.XTV oi'Tiir.M. i iNovv reee vingliom .S'evv.Votk.lhcgreatestvii. nclv ot ,M.H lil)01J.-s. nil ol whirl wc snail ! Inbil wilh much plcu.surc nnd Mil fn Hon In Lurrs. 10 V STASU'OIW f? Co- ,,.i: .. .. , ,u, Duriingiou, .liny, i.) ion. MERCHANT TAILOR8' &, (ientli men's I 'm tilshin? Store. II (I. 11 ATI IISUX fc CO., mvn nt:- ill reived their -pritii; stock ofClothi, Caiinerrf VetitiK tiudTriuinulii;-, andare prepnred to iurnlHli nnil make gnnneiHs 111 llie lntet Mle. A hrue avoitinent ol Craat, lldkts, Shirty fllow, riupeiidcr,,( Silk and Woolen Under Sliirin, Collnre, Mioukleiuiaa in Miort nil niti'lenol Gen tleniciiH'dre'-H may he lound nl No. Z I'cck'K Block. Attn Tailor' (nionl .Mtaaure; A.c. M. (i UATIIIU N, C. 1 WAUD. - ltmlinton M.iy 1J. 117 TO hi:xt. riMIi: Litr:i; FltOXT ItOOM o Tim six- 1 nun tloorol llie 1 rcM Pres. building. rosscsiiioii C'Vcn iimii' iliately. Aji.ily at this olbce. B' or ale. CMi I, rii:i (liyv; I'mii-ipi' it Hvf- , ,, , ., ,Vs ore ,"CJL,R'' " JUI'" ,J r'"-"'u s n iij, hiore. iJtf l DOOLITTLK ins rnu mm: rar 1 . I,,,,, red bags I..., Nov, Seotia Vla,er, low -t in uc 0111 it i uiiy More in luwn. I'lOllll-s. fPIM i:u:iiitvn:i T.u;m ad I'atiuck'.s Jl ri.ttl'tJUS for sal- by .Mnyfi, 1317 J. S J II l'CCICSCu. gl'ST PUULISIICO, " lto'iss: A i Satire," seaiid eilitimi A few copies neatly bound in boards, just received and for sale tit May HI, 17. HOWARDS'. IltO.V .VXD .V.VII.S. A ( Tons Ibigbsh Tire linn. 111 Tons Old ,-jabic liussia Iron, 12 Tons Swedes " 15 " I bus,. Shoe " 2U " Knnti.l and Sipuro " 15 ' 1 lame nnd Seioll " ID " lliml 5 " I i 12 " I' S I and N'orvvay Nail Uodj. Navlors oV Co 's Cast Steel. IVnson's spring do (leriuiu do Swedes do Lnglish lllisfcr do 2'hiti Kegs Keesexille Nails and Hrads. 'doll l)o. Hasps and 1'iles. Ily 17 J. ( J. 11. PECK tj CO. 1 Oils.. Gallons winter and Vr J s Miring bleached sptirin, lnon wnnie. Lard American Linseed, 25 Ilbls. to " OAOA IJoxt'S liurlitf'ton Extra mJJJ Ilurlinilon. Ihirlington, v eriuoni, Ks-.'V, and Lake, Hcdlord, J. HJ. II. I'LCKScCo. CO Do. I'airbanks' lines. ID dm. do and an Ornam s Hav I orki.' 10 Sc the Snathes. , Heddiugloii's Sc)thcs. 1'arewelrs Hlood's iiy . .s- ;. . co. LUMIIKU. . . ,M. I'Yi'l Spnico lld.'irds, .''I M. " " Clatihoards. '.'UO ;pruee and Pine Mungle. iiy J. j. ii. rr.u K ix. co. c.i.'';v7.Y(;. 1500 Yvl.s. C.-:r tinr, 150 il). I'l ,,,r lid Cloth can he found at .MayW. ( ' STAXirOlll) -S Co. ciiocki:i:y. I7I.OWINC. IIU'I:. Light r.lue,an.l White Cranio 1 Ware i 11U0, Cluoa and (Has- Ware, now-opening at C ' Sl'AXIIVHV .1 t (). llinlington. May VJ), 1S7. 17 TOII I CCO. 1!0XILS IIAIlllb' CAVi:XDlSII TolslCCO, 70 " I'eirce's 25 " Dade's " J . J ii- bf Co. Vs.'i H inv's Csriiic. STA 77: Of rr.'l.ViiXT, ) v T a I'robate Court Dittitct tij Chittenden. ai ( V h dden nl H'irlin ion, wiilun and lor the D..-iriet nloi.'siid on the .'mi ih ol May. A D. sl7, an liiM.unn in puipoiiiiigi i In the last will nud Testament of Am Wr.iv ol llinr. burg 111 s'll.l Di-lllcl ileoe:ne,l, was pliscnlcd lo tha Couil bsie lor Piobate. by Uoxaua rny llie Lxccu- UlV.tiieiclU llllllllil. 'I'llelelote Ills tirdertd l')' v out 1, in 11 p.inuc in-1 ice oe given to au persons Intel est. 1 cd therein 11. appear heloiesu,,! Cmn t a se-uou thetc nl to be 11.. 1.1 11 he j, j st, r sollice m liiihuxiou on theloultll wednes.l.i) ol M.iv I) s7, and COI1U81 ! im"-" . . . . . ' '1 'l"lllicr Olvlcrcl that oven l.-rniy hind it the Ue.-L-ti r thia 5ihd.iyol .May A. D. 1317 W.M. WCSTON. llcqihtcr. eiiniiipltiiii Ar Cmincelietit Itivor Iliiilioml. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. 1")I!0I'0SAI.S vii.i, in:iii:ti:ivi:i) 1'ntii.tiii: Ut day ot June 1I7. lor the guiding, masainy, and budding ol that pan ol the Champlam If Coin,,' Uiver Hailroad I'Meuiluig flom the Wcsl side of thu siunnul nt .Mouni Holly t the village of Ilraudoii, a distance of alsuii 31 miles nud being the whole uucmv tracted iHirliou ot sind road Maps, prolilis nnd cilicstions may lie lound af. ter '.Mill ol May m-l , nt the olliee ol the Engineer nv Kiiil.iud where ever) mcessary information will bo gi111 The line will Is-divided into sections of convenient length lor costrueiion, and lrom those tu whom tliu vv oik may lie awarded, sjlislactory security will t rtijuucd. proposals run) be left wilh the undersigned at Bur lingion, wilh (."enrg" T llodgesR.i .at Uutland.or ..oil ilbain llenrv l.sil III 111 ilows Fslls. Tlie w oik will lie awarded nt Ivuilaud us soon after the 1st of June as the necessary evaminatiouk ol th bids mil Is' made. II) older ol the Isiard. 'I'. I'OLI.LTT President. OdiceCh. Si Conn Kiver Unihuad Co. ) Darlington May 1, 1317. " N o r i e i: . TIIK CniMiiTMiiiMiip UKHirnuoRK r.usr- i. "i'f ii ii'rrn'p unil'r ,he lir" "f P X 11 II 1 OOI.ll ILL was, by mutual consent. dissolved on the lust day nl April la.t T,e l.,)v,noM; ol ihe late linn will bo is lu,, I ,) P. ittle lo whom nil payments ate to . ni.ule, nnd who will n, the name ol the said lirui m liquidation. An curly Hllletnent of nil accounts due is icqinsied r IniOLITTM:. u,l,uS,on,lihMay,lSI7'1 " UUU n ' j) DOOMTTLi: WH.r.rorvTin:THK 1 litticautile bu.n c-w nn In .v,t., old nand. where may tw found n geneial assortmtm ...,.., .. , ,r ,i rt, lllr couniry, whic be itdeieimiued toffll at the lovvc.'t latrt. h I l.lllllll.iuil, .HMJ HO, 1?D, 134

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