Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 28, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 28, 1847 Page 4
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY J28, 1847. JOHN S, WARE, Mloragc nml rorwnrilhi" Morchniit. NORTH WHAUF, n uitLi v a t o x, v r. nm : The North Wlinrf olfcrs cveiv Incilitv for the safe keeping nnd prompt delivery ol trciulit, niul nil bti-l-ncsa addressed tn the cure of J. S. VAKE shall lc icivc prumpt attention. The Steam Piopeller, James II. Honker, the Stea mers Burlington, Whitehall, Francis S.iltiH, .Montreal, and the l'crry Boat Winooski and the different lines ' reach of long hunts and vessels carrying height on Like ,iiaiiiMiiiMi luutii ui nits v nan, I. U UICHARDSONS ENGLISH MCTION'AllY. two vol.. m.,Anro,S3(i0i'iiii.s. PRIOB . 1 58,00. RICHARDSON'S ENGLISH DICTIONA II Y w-ns originally published as a part ol the En. cyclopaedia .Mcttopnlituun. Like tno-l ol the articles eoiitriluiteil in Hint buddy scientific, wolk. it was im mediately called lor m a separate iomi, nnd was in lact liubhshcil separately in repeated cihlions, both in England nnd America, bclorc its completion as a patt of flic Encyclopaedia. The price nt which fhl great work Is now offered to me 1847. merchant' Line. LAKE B0AT8 l'or the Trnnsportntfon of Property Uctwccn I.AKK CHAMPLAIN, TROY, ALUANY, NEW YORK & HOSTON. The Proprietors ol this Line ill run, during the pre- rent Season, SIXTEEN FIRST CLASS LAKE NORTHERN TIIANKPOUTATIOX mm:. 1817J IIXSI 18IiJ. 18-ir J.VNIA II. IIloKLR AMI, rnOrRILTORS. Fui irni dine to nntl (torn llortnn, Anr- York, Albany, Jroy, Montreal, tjtlclcr, and all port' tm I.nLr Champlain, ami the dijTcicnt landings an the Chnnivlnin canal. a '11 KM and well known SOUTHERN Til ANS P0RTAT10N LlNEiipieparid with increased laeilities, to forward all kinds ol piopeily with the greatest care and des-puuh. The new stcuin propel ler, JA.MES II. :W Ions burden, Cnpt. SILAS HINKI.EY, habocti n.Ued to the line, nnd w ill run on Lake ('lianiphiin, making two trips eneh Week, leaving Whitehall on .Mondays and Thursdajs, touching at Bitilingtnn, 1'orl Douglass, I'ort Kentnnd Flattsburgh, Tii'isilnys anil I'rid.ijs. Ill-turning will have St. Albans on Siilurdii)s and Fl.iltsburgh anil Burlington on Wcdncsdiiv'imdSaliirdavs. This lint' will liie rirriir.x cax.yi. hoats, a tiixt.akn, CAX.VL.V ItlVlilt IIOATS, nil of which run dav and niaht. It is nbo connected with the iWmiO'LDTROY TOW liOAT LINK mi the Hudson Itiver, mid steam hoats on Lake Cliniitntain.lhus nllbrdiu." their iiiciuls and the imhlic generally an nppoitiuiitv nt shipping by Lake Hunts iroing through toiciut; ly strain an the Late nnd 'lirrr,) or by Propeller on the Lake to Whitehall, thence hv bnih direct to Ncw-Ynik,or bv Tow Hunts on the River and Steam Hoats un the Lake lis they lime elmose. A large number of sail vessels on Luke Chaniphln hclonir to tins Line All good weiu'lied at the tine' ol shipment, and will be lorwanieii w nit promptness and despau n, Debenture and Wuuhousihg prnnmily allcnded In, One boal of t.iie above I. on. lerin-s New- ol ntfivel'. .M.nud tlnee or inuie have Alhati) and lroy, ilaily. Tor Freight apply to MAS. I). JAXKS, T Co cs' Slip v Ymk row catlix, : j'Nlwll"k LMlft'&VB. ( lOll'ier, Albany. AA''i!AUlWa''!' IMlliu-rStrtO.Troy, iiisia.v.r mh iiay, t:. v.. OI.IVKIl IIAMVM, Whitehiill, GUI. I1EXT,, A". Willi II. .V fn l(.niMsI,,.int.N. Y. COM'IXH 'Vi'.l;.;. Pott, Kent.J VcwYnrk II. II. IIAII.I-:. PlalMuiigh, oik, J Act. Ji. miUhJ.I., lioMon. Address as Agents. ur.lVi:! llAbfttM, WhUihall, A.J). J.AIJD.TifY. . Itetereltee .;.&.. ;. riTh xco, JOIlX.s. l'AI!i:, Ihirlingion, I I I Is lili.UH.J.) ) j.AWiir.xci: iii;aixahi), MfllOl.StdU U' t.X. S. II'.SN .V. JU:Vi:s. lliuhatnc J. UAXCS. I.'i I ii Wbnil. ll.i-ton. Miiri'cit oc pitmti.ti: taki: aoi ic i:. On the arriuil of the Pn peller .lames II. Ilmker nt Whitehall, boats ol the NoMhein Trani-portntion Line willleae direct lor New Votk, taking herlreight through without landing. O, 11ASC0.M, Agent. Whin hall, April, K.ih 117. ljfm HOATS. mid nto tirnnrpil In ctrrntn tirntntitlv nil till onlmotcery TlitM.oRrnpir1Cnl accu- sincss wit i winch tlicy may hv ciitru? cd. ;,r' nicy 01 i no cuiiion may ne rnicu on, ns u w nimi-u . vv t i -- , si..fnntvn,. nlntrsr-rist In Cnl.-in.!. thn nroola of w ncli liatroiiage witli wlucli llic Line has licrelofurc been ia- wcip ii-uilliv Air. Uicliardoti liimtir. rurnuie uv vtfe n n 1 v C. (JOODKIUU, Acent Tor Vermont ami Canadc IlnrliiiKtoiifMny Ttti 1317. HEARTT &Too. M'in.ssons to J. C. Itt-mtt, Utu. A- Co., 181 Hinr St. Troy. IMPORTERS op English ami Gpiijian 1 Hardware, and dealer" in all kinds of l)onietie. Agents lor the sale ol rent and 1 roy ails, j-tnuc", oise Shoes, and Iron, nt Factory prices. Hunt", minions-, nnd While A. Olintend's Axes, alo eery 't'lielr nrrniKTement fir towiinf on I tndsnn Iti cr nnd Lake Lliamplam will enable tlicm to gue goon ileMiak It to properly. l'roiicrty lorwanleil by this Line is nctunlly nnd nc ruraleiy weighed nt the titneol shipment. The Dual' nrc injured, niul property not subjected to the occa ilelae and iniiirv ini itlent to trniiilihimeltt. Proiierty to nnd troni HOSTON torwarded by WESTEltN UA1LK0AU or VESSEL. ACiNirrs, L. A..10HNSOX.9CoentiesSlin.Ncw York. CORNELIUS LOVELL, New York and lliMott I'ncket OHicc, Long hatr, Hoston. PROPRIETORS. roil THE REMOVAL ANU, PERMANENT CL'REOr ALL DISEASES A US N i 1 ROM AN IMPURE STATE OP THE 1 1 LOO U OR 1IAHIT OK THE SYSTEM, i' Scmnta, or Jtmj'n rn7, JllicninatiiinMitinrtteenla- nrnn rinpiain, inniie8,ar iniKtuu i J'yy Untchcu. latex, ehuirne mie ryes, ring irrirm or let ter, rraidheiid, enlmgrmeut and vain of the bonet and joint', stnlUm nicer, typhiUla, nyiM'tonf, neiatiea,orlamljtiga I and tUeatetmiHt)1 " inindiciwis niroj mercury, anitr,or diupny, ex imsmeor imprudence in life; also, chiomc con ttitutional dtmrJett. ec. In il.u nrenn ration nre Ftroiiirlv concentrated all Ihe it. i:;.. ..t cc....nrillfi. (oinliilied with .IIL'OlLIOill liM'l" I III". Ol I'UI.-" ,l the most ellecliial aids Ihe tnost salutary proiluctiiin", the most notent sunn e. ol the U'gnnuic 1 ' .v. ( eervi-'""'' AIM,I,1 .vo.w ,,,, v. Mirietvol Ihe Si. Lawrence County Hay and Manure , sueessiirsto ioi.i.ktt & nn.rt.i.y. S " It ... M I1,.,,,,.' i,ri,.,-y l'i uL X n Mil Ilfi.m fit t jitnttnftiin-t-n l'he nileiitionol RAIL ROAD CONTRACTORS ipariicu'atly called Ion lervsiuieiiorCast Steel Mioy el mailee.pies-.y lor Hail Road purposes, the quality of which, and the terms will be louiid unexceptionable. inn i NICHOLS, ltl'RTON &. Co., St. Albans, Vt. Diirlmgion, April, liith 1H17. i-iiu: iNsi'HANfj:. FARME'S INSURAX CCOMl'ANY, nt (iriiinillr, Wink'uipnn Cn., .Y. Y. .f .HiilioiiH Ieimii'oiI :tml IVo A"icsi,iiirii' ! ! T'HIS COMPANY was ebaitered by the Legisla ture, April --M, They commenced doing I,,,.;,,. t . ii mi went lllltiloveil htFtelil, on II is ir, f Hiirlin .V ' Nt. Alhni CHAJIRERS, HEISER & CO. W llot.l sm.i; M.M I III IN Fui'otii am! SHonu-sJic 43 Liberty DKY liOODS, Street, oppoviie to the iNi'iv l oik rosl Jlliee, MESSRS. U. II. & 10. 1IAVK CONSTANTLY on band and are receiving by everr nrri al, flesh additions to iheirt-ioek ot Drylloods, which comprises .wrv ftrllrle rLOIlired he Ihe trade. Messrs. O. II. iV. Co., lespectlully request ihe fawir of nn examination of their Stock by the iiierchants of A erinont. N. Y. March 1, 111' I.'hIi ol Miiv. 1ft I.'i, smee which lime they liuc in-im-it propel ly to 111" nmoiintol out I ivi. millions or mu. i.u:. .MAhh mi Ast.Mi.r, and hac now m the tren- k ihiilv ' sal with which to pay losses, six tiioi--M) not.i.Ai.s, ami Hie lllll'l i-oo-iioinj on o .iih i.-". to'o ji iid in hv new applicant". All kws hae hull ,,!,; ,.,,,..:,. ,01.0,1,.. I-'akklkmiI" the country, being designed lor their ln'- nelit. The very low price at winch they insure pro perty, and Ihe fact that no asses-meiils have ji t In en Hindi1, anil plolianiy will inn oeior many y iir,n ex i, on aeeouul of the large and ineiensing loud now in the treasury to meet any love- that inn) cur, and ihe peculiar cnuiion they adopt m insuring properly in large villages nnd other plaee where it I" eoiuulered ei"' leinrdon, it is helieed, by thus.; acquainted will: their principles and tnelhod ol doing business, that it olleis the giealest iudueeinent- lo the commu nity generally to loin Iheill, ol nny itisuinnee roior.nit in tin- Slnte'of Veiinniit or New Ymk. l'hey are proh bited fn in taking insurance upon any kiihl ol mill-, l.ieiori-", inai bin. ry, enbinei makers' jnnieis or coopers 'ho., and Irom taking more than twothoii dollar" in any one re-,ii". The plnee of doing bu siness of thwCom'pany is ut East Giunville, N. on llieMuge road Irom Hurlingtoii Vt to I my, N. l , ( nnd about one huiuliul roils from ihe eriuoni Line) on which there is a daily mail, l'or lurlher iiilorma- , lion nteieiice is made lo the sew ral agents ol 1 rank J r ii nnd Lamoille counties, Vt ,whonte authori.ed to ( take npplieiilions lor iiisiitanee , and ihe I oinpany . gu irnntee that nil Mirvejs taken personally by either ol said agents hlinll be binding on ihe Conipany. I.e iniltanees lor all losses in the comities of I'miiklm and Lamoille, willl tade in eheiks on either of tie- Banks ol Hiuhnglonor Si. Albans, at the election ol the per. sou su-taining the loss, immediately alter the loss, is Miti-ljclurily shown : and in i ase ol any disagreement heiween Ihe Company and lie- insured, it may, at the election ol the iii-ureii.tie siriiunieo io inoiii.uoi?. mu luallv clinsrii in ihe eonniy where the loss happens. A. slravi lll nuent w ho, ll IS e.xpecieu, will call on Ihe fanneis geiieiiilly at their residences, niul lecehe uppllcaliolis. 1 he elhcllMSOl becoming liuurruiur me jeuia uie as follow : 1 or ? iUtl, or nnd' " fioo, " " noil, " MUX), " " PJIS), " " IMH), " " ami). " HENRY CIIA.MPLAIN CANAL. PliOI'I.KS LINK I NEW BOATS ! l'A ckk r.s. is 17. gsfejasV R.C. HENRY, CAPT.J. Ii. OANDALL, II. .MATMEK, " A. V. SCOVILL, CASIIION, " E. K. SCOVILL. The Coinsloik Packets on the Champlain Canal will commence their regular irips at the opinio'' ol mi Miration, nnd willeolltinue to lull belweill WTll'I'I II ALL and TROY, lorming two Daily Lines during the ores, nt season. They will connect with the Rail- Road at the Ilorongb, and form, with the Steauiboals on Like 1 Irimptaiii.uconlinunit' line to the t auadas, t lie r.'KKeis win ne innmiiii oy eiperietieeu iap tains and tiands. They are new- and newly furnished The table will be well snpplii d, and ewry dibit made to uive.sutisinctiuit to the travt huj pnh ic. N. It. Look lor lloat-, It. C. HENRY, II MA THER and PASlllUN. P.COMSTOCK.Agent, April 21, 1817. II TRAVIS &, C'S NORTHERN LINK. 1847. The Proprietors ol'this Line will eiintiline to run n Siv Dny Lino of Hoats daring the pres ent season of Navigation, lor the Transportation "I all Property chunked to litem, with safely and de pnlth, lietween xi:i'.yoi:a; ami si joiixs r v.. The Proprieiors have arranged with the Chain plain Tiansporialion Company to ship daily, iSun dajsexicpted.) by Steamets IIUIiLIAUTO.N AM) WHITEHALL ami its unprecedented success in the restoration to icaiin oi inose who nan long pmeo ,i.... h-trcssing chronic maladies, hasgivinlt anexanu chatacler, furnishing as it docs evidence ol lis own intrinsic viine-. , . , The following ) an extract from n letter recen tit from Rev. W illiam (ialnslu : . . .. , o. ...... i i..!. ..'i...., itlirt,..! with a severe ,UIS3lis, . l nil,"- i,tn '" i i- . i" ,1.- in ill in my sule, occaioneii oy a oise.isco nut, last iwcmy jears , siiiieriug i noi-f - h i cannot eomey, but since taking jour Saisaparilla 1 l,-,vnl-pii irrentlv relieved, so nine hi so that I have heen able lo attend to my business, nnd preai h oeeasionally lui on; nisi iimui iiii'imiis. t. other medicine, and thoroughly tried the fcaraparilla, which 1 call recommend m trutu nno mucciiij m ilins.. vilin lire hi line vnv allheled w lib any species ot scrohilouscotiiplaims. 'I'hete liae been some remark' . . ..o. i.t...i os n ill i ins vienuii . .mi-. , Shaw, oy llio ue ol hiv iioiues, was iiuiui i- lleallliuian me nau neiore eiuoji-n 101 o.u t...- Mrs. w. Stevens, who hail hecii i-eveieiy inmn w iih Er, w as i ntircly mred by the use ol a lew """!'- V .....W WM.ISA1.HHUA Tl... r..ll.....lM., i..Ji..i,.ninl Imm the A eeilt t" tll'I valued the in a ease of leprosy w ill be Jeadwitliiuieiesiiiynii similarly niincieu : Hi-wr.n, Pike t.'o. Ohio, hen. i, ISIO' .l-.i -I. ;. .X I). Sand : Oents A man near l,,.,,. i,.,., I .1 hollies oi your valuable Sarsanarilla the lepiosy.and has received more benefit from it than all oilier remedies combined lor sit jcars past It lesiored ii hand, leg and loot lioui n situation that no person would have known they belonged to a human iioilv, ius all appeared tube one mass ol putriliiitg sore. Ilis'haiiil ami oilier diseased parts tire all resloied to Iheir natuial Me nnd leclir. g I arc enliiely liealul over, and bis b prixy cured lie intends u-mgalcw more hotibs lo peruinuently establish his health. Yotus,uio-t ii-,, nlully, O. W. RAYNOLDS. l'or l.ittlier tultltiilars. and eoiielusive elidcueeof its siipetior ii hi- aad ellicacy, see pamphlets, which may I blained of Agents gratis. Prepared and sold by A. H. .V. D. SANDS. Drug gists, Kin I'ultou-st corner ol William, New-York. .sold iiiwi hy ri.i. u .V M'i;.l(, liuriington ; H P (loss, Waterlniry , S. IC. Collins, Montpelier ; I. L D.itcherSl Albans ; M. K. Piatt it Co., Plans liurg, and by Druggists gi nt rally throughout the Uni ted Sillies. ' Price tl perbolll.' Six botiles for . Hurlingtoii, It! 1'ib. s 17. ly. THE I!AXX1N(i LACE." DIt. Smilli, Hi' -l rcspi'ctfiilly informs the public of Dr. Kinerv. the rielit lo 1 tiiaiiiilni.liirc ami sell Dr. ilamiing's highly celebrated tilld invaluable I i vn.xT L.vri:, wbidi firstirpassns every thing ofthekiml in market. And knowing that the article which has ,ecii ued in lhi stetioit lias In in ol an inferior quality, causing I many a luilute, win n as, if a good article had been I laiih'liilly ai'iihed. a cine wouldhave been the result I he has made ari.iuirmonis for a supply Irom the ori- Prlnlrrs' Ink Kstiilillshmciil. OLIVER HURll, MANUPAtTPiint of print ingliik.iienrthe Globe Mills, Troy, N. Y. res pcctlully announces lliat he niauufactures and keeps constantly on band for sale, all kinds ol Jllack, Illne, Green and Jlcd ranting Ink, ofn superior quality, which he will furnish to order, with promptitude, and on reasonable terms. Also, all kinds of WKITING LNK, ol a superior quality. ,, , in . u. i.ampoiacK onu vyaicmcu j,,v"fiaisii. ly on hand. All orders will he promptly attended to, and sent to any distance required. This Ink is kept for sale by .Aiessrs. lingar n Arthur, iiurnngion, vi., nio ii pi n Wm. II HilUt Co., 3'JCornhill, Hoston, Mass. SAMUEL PERRY; CtimmiMtiim Merchant, IV 5 . it V r o ii t Street, Nr.w Yoiik, A. JI. FREEMAN'. II T hihcrtil mhances nn Comignmcnts. iM:ri:it7:N'i:s. AIcss, Siiydam, Sageec Co. cw ork " .lolin .lolinsfin's Son, " " P. A- W. Marlin, " l'reeland. Stuart eV eo. " " E P & A Woodruli; " " Stanton fc 1'rost, ", , , . ' .1 Palmer .t co. Plnlailelphin, " Win. Taylor f& cn. " " roilett Av Hradley, Uiirlinctnn, ermont Hon. Era Mcech, Shelbiirne, " Lawrence llrainerd.Pres't.St. Albans, " Joseph Warner, Cash'r, Middli bury, " A L. Catlin, Pii s't, Orwell, " John A. Conant, Eq., Hrandon, " (SeorgeT Hodges, Pres't, Rutland, " Hon, .Myron Clnrk, .Vanchesler, " September, 11th 1810. lltl Hurlingtoii, Vt , February T 35mC KLOniANS. 1 IVK DIFI'KtlKNT KINDS OK Melodians roiiiul ami lint keyefl .sold bv HRINSMAlDidlROTirERS ri;u;i fs. x siirjciiAX, p it o i) u r e iHommissicm ittcvcljants, io. Il l Wntvr Street, NEW YORK. Jas. S. Fj.r. ii'so.N. (SARtiiNr.r. Sherman. TO Messrs. Draper, Aldrich Frink, ) " Tow nsend.S.iyre Jj Clink, ! New York. " .1. ( .1 F. Seyi'noiir, ) " Phillips if (Jtiyler Albany, 123" .I..SJ.II.Pei'k,(iCo Hurlingtoii, Vt. JEWELL, HARRISON &. Co. o in in i n s i o ii .11 e r e Ii a n t , And Dealers in PRODUCE AND PROVISIONS, Nn. 30 Watrr Street, Heiween Coenlies Slip and Hroad street, Abiu.S Jewell, 1 S. I). Harrison. C. 1). Van Wagcneii. ) NI1W A (IKK, in Messrs. I'ollett ( Hradley, riurlington, J & J II. Peck JtCo. " ji:ntli:mi:n-s FINE BOOTS. Ijidles' Culler Hoots, Hull Hoots, Ilnsklns, both kid mill cloth, Low Ties mill Mips, OK ALL KINDS, MAM! TO UtOM TIIC best selected Stock, and W'AOAN-miiMrntonTu j City nmnuficture, in point olstvle, workman. Will rriiiti r..., siopor it l HATCH, UlIN S.MITII, WOl'M) IN srongV building, College St., Sign of the red top I'orm Ins customers, that he has einiiloveaim Hoot. experienced workman lioin the south, nnd intends to keep, constantly on hand, (, better and cheaper i than ntiv ever oiicrui in mis marKci. , rvrSboo one door soul h o the Jail, Lliurch Street. Plea-e call. Hutlingtnn,. Inly Kl, ISIO. ItlJST I'Uflor'lKON. Foit Rooi ino. Window Siiiittkiis, &c. ritlll: SirilS'ltllti:itM beg to call the .mention JL ol all those interested in roofing, to their GAL VANIZED TIN PLATES, nnd to the many ad vantages winch they possess over all mitahc nnd other siiiisiniid s miiierto used lor mis pmposo, pus sessiii'f nsthevdo. ihe slienuh nnd liL'htness ol iron without its liability to rust, having now been te'tid fBHIP I XHEItSlltlM'll) IIAVT Tlt'I'V several years, both in this country and in I.urope. S iwn .,. ..,.. , oti i .V TI,eynn'nl-o ..s subject to expansion and conlrat- U'.H ' . "T1 V?'v , Jf 1,10 tioifion. sudden thanges olihe atmosp,,re, ,,a .Vj ViVnM, 1 u e y;;::v;it,!-.l:;i::g,dv rcp'a!;!:; , 5s S J! rbe subsi-ribers Would also call the attention of alt , r , ' ? , ' ilealersund workeu in the manyollnr imr- lliuil I i ' ' ij i, tioses to winch Iron Huts protected, can be applied. I i lire. 1 ,...'.. .' Ingenernl termttis applicable lo till arliclcsol iron, which it is desirable to troteet from the action of the nlinospliere. And they would esineially call tie' at tention of those interested ill TELEGRAPHIC LINES, to their Galvanized Wins which is now nl inost entirely Used ri Europe, and which answers every ' ; o 5Sla SCTM 55-iS!r& i'ffl Having lately erected works in this city for the purpose of galvanizing mils, spikes, bolls, wire, e. c., they will be able to furnish any articles which may be desired A simply of Plates (inaniilaetiired in Europe,) coiiataiiily on hand, from lit lo '.Vi wire guaue. GEO. II. MOItEWOOl) it CO. Nos. 11 and Hi Reaver st. New York The Patent Right lor this article has been secured for the 1'nilcd Slates as well as (J rent Hrilain, and oiher European countries, and all legal measures will he taken to prevent uiiy infriugineiit by importation AVIIOLESA LI! Ilarilnnre IStalilislniieiit. WARItllNS, IIART& LES LI, 77. or, V. 1'. FOR THE SPRING TRADE, o miiitrv lienlerv. f Lj Ellg Hlister 'benH 1 (ierinnn, (nil kinds) I Ca't.d viry shaie it Spring. i:. nituis t in. ii., Russian, I Ame i t.. i.. i. . . lino J "cuisii, I lui, ,r"" iNoiwegian, Nails j Wrought, tAin'-rican, f Horse. Togeilur vvith all shapes of Nutt, Scroll, and Staka Imn i best quality . Round and Square Iron, (.ill siea) .Sheet Iron on Lake Champlain, which with their Line of first ginal laclory of Dr n.mii'iig, that every Lace m.iy hi WsmIs, Canal and Lake Hoats, willlormn perlect and every pdieut benelitled by it. The Doeto Line misiiipatsed j taeiliiies tor the Transportation ol therelore invites uli who need anj thing of the kind, ti Priijuity, Willi despatch and sal.'tv. give him a call. AGAR & ARTHUR are nowreeeivinirnevv siuipliesoi riAlJUldJlli , Uotiih nnd istiell llAlil) S ARE, in all its varieties. Abo, Drugs and Midi cities, Pamls, Oils, Varnishes, etc. lliirlingtun, IS IC. or ot herw ise Oet. :m is us, ityl UAVINC JUST ARRIVE!) ERO.M NEW Vorkt willi a lurw nmt ia-liiniinMe ii-xuttiuriil ol Viitrlif,.Iiwt'ry niul I 'miry Artu It-f, wlucli lit-oilers lor -nv :il cry"lc(v jirursnl lim i .i'u Jeui'li.'rN Shop, lit trims J'uil.liiii;, CulU-ni slnt't, dirt'clly oppoitp Cclc !t Itulmifuii'i! Sliirc. Tlif ritiftis I'l'ltnrliutmi niul vicinity nrr rrwrtfiil-! l iiivik-.l tn mil niul I'MiiniiH- hi yiltnr tlu-in'U es. I Uisuortint'lit cou-i-l1, in part, us follows : i Watrln, 1 (iolil, lliiili-li Vntftit IifViTii. Anthor.CvIiiitl-r.nii(l i.ipiius ; Mit-r, tJiuic-n'is AiKiior, L.)inuiirii 1 Ii'iiin-" mul f ouinmii, i (Jolt! I'cnciU A Priis. (tultl ijix'kct.diinril C'lmin", K' niul St'iil-, Siirrtn- 'K'.-, 'HumMi-M, llt-ncH, Kur Onminciits. I'nnmrllf.l iiti-I with Sltuiu srttini;', (Jold JlrircrlcN, Cla-!, llcHrt-4, Cro-s, I-o! mi itl t-tt Clinmcs, and a Mirirty of'nni 1 iiitier J(ihl"j, jnnnl Hriwcli's, (if the l.itr-t Mvlf tor Intli- nml renr of thy Hrowu Sliouliii1,; "I fi n.Lns iiuowA siu:irnr.s, X. Vf for mli hy Vi April 13, 1817 to i:xt I CONVENIENT DWELLING HOUSE eiluited 011 the road hading lo inoieki I alls. VILAS .V NOYE April 13, 1817. -IS CLARK, FiSK & CO-j 228 ruiiTtiv stui:i:t, .V. VOItK TT AVE on baud, aad oil! r lor sale a choice selee- XX tiou ol l'Vesli 'leas ttom ihe lale arrivals, omi prising chests anil inn chests nyson Mvin, 4'JT IS'J Its) 17.1 am. (.nuns siiii-i'i.i) itv this lim: aim: inlt.i:i) W. A. TRAVIS, Aveut, Whinhall ; O. P. HLOl'NT, Agent, Tioy ; L. .1. X. STARK, Anent, New-Yolk. Hoats of ibis Line L-.-u,. ,N;v YORK, ALHA 1 NY f.:i,n). y,:ii). II.'.HI. ' " !(). :,it). ' " fi.lH). ' 7.V1. HI'LKLEY.Pniv'r. .Mull. li'Mior, M.iee y, Oranvilie.N'. Y.,Ib. 13.1SI7. vvO and 1R0 Djily, Snndavs I'.xeepied. Kjur ji v (;j;ii-j-itjis Afir- Yorkaml Troy Line Ttixe-Ilualt, Vav Treilil :iily lo JOHN P. KEELOGG, im rur.xnn. is WINES AND LIQUORS, 2()." ICivrr Stteot Tiny, .V. V. UtILLki:i:p co.nst.wtlv ox ii xd hhiuxo the present se.-iMui, a large supply of J'oicign Wine, and .nimm ol variousde.-criptions ; some ol which are Itisiarn imputation. lim in., in. uli- arraiii'emeuts with sevcrnl Distillers, I'irliHsuppliis of llottnn Hum and oile r Ihmcnltr cur.ilily weighed and eardnlly handled. l.iquu, 1,. .1. N. STAilK. :i:t Cncnties Slip, X. V. If I Til A VIS. Whitehall: A. A. TrilllS. Schuylrrvillr ; t). I' lll.OL'XT. VXi tiicci-trect, Tioy ; 1). tVU:.W I'itr Alhany; A. fl.AHK, foniKtnch's Jji'tdinz; I'l'HTISMAXX. Maun J.nidms: t xrilDI.s l IIUIITOX. St. Albunt: 11 II. llAll.f.. l'latttbmgh; t-OIA'IX HTlilMliUi, J'ort Kent; , II'. . SAX II, fhazy; , roi.j.r.TTnnAtii.r.Y, ; I 7. S J. II. I'l.CK, ti t:0., J llui Huston ; j. s n m .;, ) 1 X. ll'J'.llll , IV , Hnurc's l'oint; I MM. UI'l.'llAM, Llmmphiin; J c J'J. I fi; HSU., I ... ... ., MATIIi: ll'SOX ii SIXCJ.Ali:, Mutual; II' V lli:Xl)i:i!SUX,(Jiubec; TRAVIS A- CO. ,N 1!. All tioods shipped hy this will be lie be willat alltiuies beeniibled to lurlusli l.n n-loiiieis willisuih lillieks at ihe lovvc.-l pints. Tmy, April 15, lit". Mail; t'.ood.s-Cure TRAVIS .V. CO. 13 if tor to I Lei the invalid consider thnt the Lace is for the re lielalid nireol the Inllowing diseases, vvhieh come of n displacement or weakness ol the organs of the body vi : of the breast shortness ol brealh ; cough and spitting ol blood ; palpitation of ihe heart; weaklier ol ihe side and Mtomach ;d)s pepsia ; co-!ivenss ami piles ;pain in the hack Willi eurvaiurejheiir iug il iw 11 with weakness of tlielupsand lower e. til inilies; and dioop ing of the body es pei tally in vohng The above and other analogous affections, have hilheilo hnllledall eoiistittilionat trctituu ut : but since tlieyhave been viewed as' Mechanical' and liavebeen treated by the ' LiuV Ihey have been easily ourcd and we can nowee a liol of east's seeiniiigly well or hall well, or combined with real disease, leqinring medi cine, vv ho cannot en iv life or be cured upon common iirineinles ol lieu mem , and why I because their tilth pains van .h,and allieaey to internal icnn'diesn Iheiih) given. . i i. nu . exauiiuai ion oi i v, oumuiiee oi in iiieni meilii'iil nu n, app inieil by the Ameiiean Institute, n I Piemiiiiii DijiIoiiii was awarded to this nirtru I Inellt. 5!7tl". i j JN. II. Tiiosenpphed by thedoetor, he warrant to !yiaiul to In neil tlie patient ; hut the same maybe had . at llnriiigiou's.wh'i also has an assortment ol.nrf fa i Medicine, at tie' lowest ca.-h pneis. AUCTION SALES. i. sin:nvoon. Will continue hU Auction Sales on the ' l nlternoon- of vi:uni:suays AND satpudays. A lartif (innntity of 1IihiHi.iI.I Fiirtiiturp of ilill-Ti-iit iIfM.;riition will be oflcml, tngftlifr with Muvcs mm ripe. -uo, ury ouou-, umu-ry, iooi." and Shoos t hich will likt'wi b ohl nt privntc nlf chenpur than can be purchawil any whcic i'N. Hurlinj,'t(in, ISI7. 'Mmti T .ll:u-!iiiic .lamilai-lory. WW, Subscriber is uiamifaeiuring, and is prepared to build to older, all kinds ,, Woolen .'Inehinciy, fcllch us Carding Machines Condensers, Pickers, J uks, app.r, tilgs, l.eis, Li tubers, Itruthmg Machines, itegiiiaturs, ,ve. :..nti i s;,t.(.r s:,u,..t.,,.i..a 'n.;..,i.i..s i...i..iis Mlver I ooth-pieks, Silver llutter Knives, U1 llh. hTIlAXtiKKS VIMTIXR iHtSTO.V.A.VD nil silver, t earl or ivory tianuies, n Ml ver poous, Warranledns eood as the Coin. Pearl and Shell Card Cases, Steel Hags and Purse Clasps, Steel Heads, ur-e limes, witu liars aim nisseis. pnver riaied aim iermaii Mlver .Spoons, (ieriuan .Silver Spectacles, and .S'lei ITw eeers, Cheap ,S'ii el S'pectueles, Key Rings, uid a luige asaortiueiit of Ciitlcry, ers' Razors, Knifi s and .Scissors, Wade and Hutch Ra.ors, warranted, Chapman's Razor Strops. shaving Soap, Dear's Oil, and lViiiiiiiery, Various patterns of .Shell, Horn and Ivory 'mibs. .'oral Heads and Necklaces. Cloth. Hat. Hair, and l'oolh Itriislies, Music ilo.v VeiKii". Hass Viol and Violin i'trings of lie be-t oirilpy, Cl.inoiittle Rieds, ele. All kinds of Watches, Clocks. Musie-Hoxes and Jewelry, ('bailed and Repaired at the shortest Notice. Old Oold and .Silver taken iuechauee lor eoods or woik. November lllb, 1310. 20tl 37 1!S

875 Wi 57 3.Vi 431 raddi packages Tobi tlu il) do Voiin ' 1 l l.i UM llvvi.n, lift ilo 'I'aiiMiy, do di ( Iiiiitiuw licr, tls do, i J luw ry t rci, .lo 1 nicli iiir, 1 Ui Ninoiiir, tlu ( )ra!i. IVceo, ilo K mt'liuii, ar:oiH qualitn-. AK, 'i(),(HK) ci.niiniuit' various br.nnU aiu! innliiiiH: I'll - mid n ; .M..mibn aiiil Scnirli hnutl; rsc t)rltan-t l'omi llicu, St. l'im nml l!.i una I'liHi-i', cruhfil ; mul I'tiwdcn il Sm!it; fivw Orlt'inis, Turin Itint, Nncivi-la-'. St ('rni., Trin idjil ami Cuba Mula-. j Unit lit', !o mid K K aiins ; St. Dumi'in, Cuba, lltn, I. iuiin, Snnititra nnd Java Cutli-i ; l'lim-ulo, l'cpji-T, !inr, Nutinr, Cluvi, .MiMnrd, Caia, J i u ait I 11 ir Snap, Hikmu nnd .Mmild Candles, Wmtfr find Summer O.K AlaiK irrl.S.iliimii, Shad, Ih nin, I'jtMi d andDry Cud, mid a full und cii'ial uorlim lit id irort iit, which we oliVi fur nb at the vny l". bt nrukft price-, anl to ulncli vvc unite ihe atlt liii'in d the ouii.try mer chant. Cl( IIK. i 1SK te CO. N. H. Liberal ndvmucs made upon ci-ni linnet it.-. ll.t liast'ineul of IlarruiL'tonV build. .iini.-d by Ii llutti rticid it Cu." l'iibi-"ii'n uitii tb' l-l ot May Applv tn Ap ii -x, i. n ir. r JiAUJuycrox. m:n:ivi:i) iold Pills. Pulse Rlllgsalld 1 asses,Moile Hrnet b is, Pisiol and tinu l ul-, D.igm nenijpe t a scs, and a lot ol line Silver l.i pine Wi.ielu s. and oilier new Ooods. 1IRINS.MAID HROTIIERS. 13 WARD &. BOOTT, Suecfsstii to June, Denny Wnnl,) fi'ST in: I Pointed t. l&ot'j. .9. Smilli V be ei'iisiilii d at Ins re-idenee on Cherry ........ tin In.... II'. .1 ..I lli.. I 'i.'ii.n i.i .'I A I'lXi: LOT lm.MOXI) '.""""" ....'"... iii.nuu., t'luueh, at any lime, when not pri.l.ssionally en VII leork entrusted to llllll. will be svetuted vvitl iitness and desiritih. Ills Machine Shop is titua. bone islilhng down," and by binding llieiu up, ' ted in MoiitK'licr, three nnles Irom the village,on the rim 1 1 in on esier llllll .i. .1 unite. Thesiibsi'riber is confident that he can build as good n Card or Jack, as can be procured in New England. Those running his Machinery pronounce u to run as well as any in use. MIWAU W1UGI1T, .; Moiiipelu r, Dee. 12, lSld. 'J5i ' notici:. 'Pill! Storm;', I'orwanhn iV Commii-sinn bii"i- m. hfr' t"jtTe cirricd mi by M p.m. 1 iillrtt 5 UmdlfV. will h-'l'Mlter h tran-ac i by the mbcn -v C. n Hi. v.'.r.y. N vim. A Ti ' Kin, Tin . II. CiMiiui. nn. m:xT. J ilig, hilely i SIR HENRY. fill I IS Tiumorai 1 lilt'ED horse will colulileliee Ills season, April l-l, 1-117, and may be louiid at the Stable of the I'roprie tors.Wesi Milion. un til Monday, the second nf.Mnv After that lime un til July :ilM he will Slilllil.i'lH'fl VVI'.k.lll iviMr.Trr.s ami us is 1) Yi:-STL'1TS, OILS, SUM'S, t 'ULWirA l.S, A lid i .II.VXl'I'AC'Tritr.ltS' AUTU'LES, I i .11 ilk Sired, I AMlIir.W II. W.MIH, Jit. Ittiftim. ' kick lisilT. i.linll itntolil:iii Itomtcls. pATTISON, N'OE, A. Co., l'.iienlees and Mann X lrfciiuers,'j;t Delam-y Slreel.Ncvv Voik U'uiot t I'NTTTIN'O PINS, Sewing N.edl.s.and D.irnin J V ,i' dk s, warranted the best niality. at 1! A XI) ALL'S. nrr.i.iNiiro. Al the Siaba ol ihe Prank Im House, Thuisilajs1 l-'iibi)s and Salurdavs. InsiiniiiecngiiM'ii mi. The Unit li'iiberg rurliililr rill.. ir2o.ououoxi:ssoLi) eai ii am. j: vi:it v WEEK ! ! Tin. :ii vi:ri:st!i:itt: fjii'..v ll.rety glveiioiiee, that their d'ENERAL Ap-nt lor iue f-oiii.-oi vtioini'i i i in .voiiueiii anu i.asiem Couiiiii sol New-Ymk h (1EO. J I'T.RRIS, Hurlingtoii Vt. The Oeneral Ageuls are lully prepred lo npiminl mih-Ageiits wluiever there is n blanch ol ihe Com pany jeiihir iiii-isnmiUpplicai!i,n or by mail,in. puid. The rapids. ! ol tin t-l. pills, an 1 t,e ulraorduiary i uies iliey ute i oii.tautly ( It--iiu,ien. iler theiu.hy fiir.lheinosi popula- all oli. Agency will con ipa nil) bevir) v.iluuble. vriieOriiefenln rir PdUaie nu unit ivablv .mu..i... ... ny ever Is nivoveied luall bihoiistompidium . In general ileinn) ineiil of ihe sjfieiu j in nil disordenl vhieli remit nun ' isui tune oi iue uioou, these pills ure n sovereign leini dy. In the class ot d rel'Si-s called i hrotue, ihetfraefeii. berg Pills achieve thcirlughtM llliinihs. iltieihey ilely nil couipeiition. Eiiiuiiiguiihiu i!,e 1,1,1,1, ,, u.. res--fs ol the s)sieiu, they quit ily but Mirel) purilj ihe bb-od, root out disv ase, and giv e tone mnt v Igor to the body. Cures urn Constantly EMi eted Hy these Pills, ill cases where every oilier means had uiirrly failed. I he most abundant prnnl ol linn could lie given, but n inai oione oo wiiicinivmee the .Mil. ION I AI.I.S, Al the Sialdeof S. Ward, Mond'vs, 'Piusd'js, and U'eJllesiIays. Leon iss. Sciisim RIO, luniirtimv will l? cliiiimd on maim, di'osat In lore the lime ij lu'iliii. i'i:i)i(ii!i:i: and i)i:scitii'T:o. Sill Iir.NI! Y bred by .lam.- IJ iHiaic, C.-ij , ofl.oim lIand,- -tin brer dcrfd" MrdiN, Midas !yp 8yand nthcr Jlori-.-, di-tinuiMicil in the annfilsid thr Tmf. lb has taken iiioic pn 111111111". nhvr tinker compftition than any other American llnrw ; Iriv- ill-; rfCeed,b--lde- IMIiil' li'Ut ccillll) pU'lillUin, ihe .iiitpieinium fur the U-l blond Ih'Im-, iw S V St.tte Arieultural I'nir, s(.ent dilleii-m jearc, the la-t, at Aulmin.S' pt. 17, Hill, hut upwardi- id fifty CMnipetiUire, admit teil tohae bu-n the line.-! -buw tt hordes cut wit'll 111 New Ymk lie wfull 'utei 11 haihUbih, and u ry imi-'-ul ir; weight. eb-ven hundred and a half inordinary condition, tsut a bright ( lieMnut color win iieu r in the li.u no-, or on the 'I'uil.ia nnnikablv mi- foal ticr, p-tl t tly HHind nn 1 healthy, an. I in tV vior ol (if.. He war ot by JJi-nry (.m'eoiiijir inor 01 m. ijciipn 111 tlie Kicat ruce 1111 oii; UKind) be by Sir Ait by, and beb) im ported Dunned, Slli lll.'NII YS d.nn the dam of ru-pect, Nr liovcllniul lA Inlantry waiiot byini- pned all the - tiit mint ion find vttc rifnjtera t'vni id" ccrtiuu Kmliw if tlie f.ttnert ami ('nfatiicl, io the contrary notlivutbMamlin, and he wi-hc-4 Inn luehil-Mind pttinns to undetand, that lie i- not in tlie lea-t diippoiiili'd or di-coitrai;ed on nrcmiitt ofj any uppQtti'H "i i'ii juirtnutfm be may jeeeivc 1 at llic hands of old hool l'h -ician-f foi tlVy know ' their rjdf is 111 iKiiiit It nut ftran'e that more 1 than three thou-and dulhrs w nrih ol Kelectie, Iatro b'ptic and .Majrnetie medicine, which he has dealt out to In- numctoiM patient- in tin- uemity, in Ic 1 th in tour vcar tiiriiur tmiltitiid' sof ca-i s-'iUMimer by th" Medical bieulij, a- wholly xnrumblc by all their "fullttrh," should excite thej'r Jrais ainf eall birth their 1'ittrttht tiuhsimttun lint let the "galled jade wmcc " Ttue, they, by calling to their aid oltl ojiuUmx, oltl nhimtinintt I'lrmicci, nml j'Ji.i tttrrH, excited ami kept up in the mind- ot the people bytbeyjr rntiitwz nmlrmft ol a swarm of lmiiiy iWtoiN who-. biend and butter is in dani," r, taken some thirr vr J-mr Jem patients from him, lit a , m.m yeaiH, with no other iipmad elb'ct, than to , hurry them to their urnveH . but in un ntsr,ut itc y ( been able to i-how the htjiriwnty of their treatment, by rutins H patieiti whuh lie could not. To piou l".ond allcontroeiv ami nuhe entire ' U.t. .,.,. ..I f I... .1....'..! I . n .!.) I !aUie it true, the Doctor olfcrs the tolluwiim te-ti- inoiiy of II II llubbill, i;-i , which will not lf j doubled by miy who know Imn, as n j-pecnuen id 1 hundiid-t muie winch he miht uddtict. were it tie ' ccA-ary. ciiiiTjncATi:. ' 'l Iih nny ct rlily that D.n-t. Smith, nf Huiliiifiton Vt., his made a eiy iinHrt:itit ritir upon one ol the niembcis of my i.iimly-ln-in an i'hci inui iiiLr the t 1.. ( i.T .1 1. t . i- ... .. 1... r. lie is If, hands hi"h. firmly built, will, exnanded 1 u . " , . " V "V 1 , " ,. " " , '. chesi , finest oi l, es, and .heiiio-t aeiive and easy nm fr v,,irs, during vviueh lime the Vlcrr eon- "'" ht". His colons the lieh.-si otbay II- has ,11.t . :,'...... .l .,... l l .,. i, t.. that, in my opinion ihe cute would ilo tumor lo any ALLEN'S I'atkxt 0 1!.miiii:i, Iti: oi.vixc Pis...,lorSale at :.- J.V KAM)AI,I,'S. tjii: i.mi'oiitki) hursi:. urMi FLYING CHILDERS. 'I'liiM si'i.i:.i)i:i), was pt'itciisi:ii I in Euelaud hv ErSEHE EAl'NTO, ol I). W MITON, mul brought lo Ameiiea in the lull 1-41.1. 1 lie isnbseriber nbiauud htm ol the importer at interes' g'e it Cost, and vvo'ilil luform tliosi.' who are al in nuiirov iug ihe blood of American II"i he will Is found at bis Stable in Shelbunie Village, at all limes ready lo be examined and compared with any horse in the Stale, ill r speet to speed, blood, form in l.n I evcryqiiiililicalion that constitutes a beautiful fleet mid ijood boiiomed horse. Every l-'aiure is an inde.v to his Ptdigree, and shows hint tube ol the vciu ry l st of llnglisli llvlriietinii, 77ir Youus riuiim t'htltUt. was eibibited nl the last iiieiimg o ihe L'hiiii'iiilen ('iiimly Agriiiiltutal ported 1.1. Inl.iiiliy,(a s I'.isii Eii.ii-si) ; gr S' ily, andeanieoll witli a complete triumph over dam imp. old .Mi.sslmii.k, (the nre ot lie' ilatuol Am I 1 V'",' "'her horse picscut. ... Ei Mi-si., mid celebrated asa getter ol trotters); g gr. ,. '"' hulwrilc-r. iiiiMuustliat hi.hiirseshouhl estab d.iin llishaw; g. g. gr d.iinimp. Ti'.LT.I!i!innv,said i"'1 " repiiialioii upon his aclual inerns, will now tub- the ireol'ilieorigiu.i".Morgiiii." Inipoited l.t. I '""'pare him many rcspt el Willi the Ust horses thai lllfalllrvwa.shledbv!lellarlll:llTsloll,:s,'''l produced, the f-ir Henry, or Illack Hawk, ih.iiinSirrev.andvv.i. .u bv Eiil'. I A'hnse: his dam , ptid, mid parlicularly with legard to Uajly, il.j I'caiheritrr 1'i.UAu Ciiii.ih lis. aeitvily andsi-ed 1 he i oiuig 1 lying Llnlders will the above iiedigicc may ! verihed bv anyone who , !" ",' ."'f V" "'.'' i , ue cbsires. by ri leii-m to ihe Eiil' Slnd llook. or Am 1 'so tlie f)M l.ngb-h Mis k, beaimg this name, wlni h l'ml lteg'i-ter.boih in possession ol ihe proprieiors. t vv ill be ohv ions ut a single glance to any eouipeleni w-... (I . .... 1 ' . 1 iii. I. im i.t c W.i si.lli II sin li In e:i I inn .'ill. i- .-ml in vr,v .seoiiM an- minvaiieii lor sih eii. iHiitotu. jv-n- r. , , i and stv le o action jiml I'oium.iud limber nnees as road jers. in Iheniiikeis ofl'roy, Alb-iuy and New York, I loose oi nny n.r horse. ' lie lollovvlug llolice ol Mr Henry is , ,,e h No. ol the Anii'inan Agriculturist, edited by A II Allen, Es,, , w ho is wi II ai ipiauited w uli , ,. m!rv ,, ,,.k Mil JIi.miv We have received a eiieular from ui ins r-iiiiiersou itl o..ol Wist Ml loll. Vl Xl.,.1-i-ini be ordered and sent by oi.'iil 1,1 ii,. ...... 11...1. " : "'" "" " norse, win siainl rsrns'-. The priceis'j.'.cenlsa hov llV,r,e tiro dolla,.-Ue, sev.-nd . V. ." r'.'.r. ''". 'a .,H-fA arm ,,,-drrrd and the Ultl.tril lem,llr.t tl.-l I I' e...... ..' s.- . .. ms iioililil r. leliilttanei-s imnu trill nan the 1'iutnne 011 the I'M I the Coinpunv'sio-k. v n-irver lliere is iioageuey of the C'lnji iny llu-y can be ordered by mail. Thtse Puis lire taking the plflcv ol nil others, and no person should Is without mem. ALL UIJ.LItirs t OMI'LAIXTS; liovel Complaint; Cimilnutttwi, 'i"''i, 1'ieei and Asue, lie idache. Jaundice, Lirrr fwidainl, llhtumatuiu, all Stomach ('vmplnnt; t.'irrn Sicl,. nm, e. tvv-, yield at once to ihese IMU, 'p.j. ,,,,,,. iiwayoliensive humours, arrest the progress ol disease, and at the same t ine restore tone ami vigor lo ihe H-jteiu. In cases ol gincral iltraiitiuriit o hiahli. thfyireSOVEltElliN. ' II Y TI HU 11 USK, The weak will lie made urong ; ihe pale and billions romplexion lie restored to ieiieclly iresh nnd henlihy eolor; and the badsyiuploms willonebyiinedis-ipi.-iir In tihort, tliese Pihs ore nu ineoueeivable ndvanie opon any thrr inedien e ever fie 'd 111 tho public. Atrial wiihaiutv emor rnn. Mm V. St ile Ag hoe, Celebiatei, 1 1. ...... ne.. e i.i.. .i.., .:..l .r.1.1.. ... .' r luilse will leuvea u,, k Iwlinul, vvhieh will add Mill more lotheir ieiuinion as roaiNirni " .Mr llodge, of Camliiidge, N y ' .....nn,,,.,..! and obliging groi who has taken care i, Sir Henry forM-veral jeurs, will have charge ol l,lm ,w s.-aiin tiojilpa-iuragevvill be provided lor males from a distance, but theproprieiois will not be uii,ntilile r aeeidi-uts or ewiis-s Kel'-r lo Mahloii Coitnll, E-. of .Mont,elii.r, IM waul l.oug. Esi O'liubridee. N Viri 'P. Pun', , Esi Editor ot ihe Spirit ol Ihe Times, New VoikCny i.iiiiiiva iiiiiifi, , il;.-iiiii-9 .1. UVIL'S SAN'DIMiSON' C, N. II. A primed circular contaiuint: Sir 1Ii.xu's tM'diice mid itrK-riplion inoreril tciiiflli. with nn nc coiiut n bi-'MocK, and c ilitiealei- nt their character, anu inepnctn rauymi; nniu iniin vi'i ut winrh numbers rd them Imr hern vd I, may be had by cab lina 011 the proprifloiG or rtd.liryfiii'; v:ipjtt jwrfal ftvininoui, themselves by id-tTuHon, al-o nt-haie of patioiiafje TKItMS ' Any one who wMics to improve by nn yomla hon-e, an lasdieiip a nite as was ever ollercd tn America, this will Ik their opportunily. The Younu l'lm CluldtTH will Hand lor $7,-l the Searsin, insurance nmicd njion. .Maris that ore in sured, ilihhpo-cd of U'lbreloabn tint", the inurauce must be paid. ( !ood jiasturin will be provided t'T .tiaicii irom iit-iance, acctucins anu i-K'aps'H ui mc nk of the owiieiH. Senwui tocml in August Hiehurne, Mai hi, 1SI7 OuuiJ. i!.vi.nwjN. Spring Is upon us, mVi OX HAXI) AM) nut su:, rmn ll (I irdcii Seeds of New llainihtre, New Vurlv, and Wttcni crow ill, Al-s ! liood iit-Kiitmcnt ol Mow cr Suds. CATMN vt SriIAIl. Dm limine lluildin', Water Stucf l3wo j. wn.urji ro'.s cast stccirruwd lemjicrcu iiocH. n (.uiicrior article. CAT1.1N Sl'ilAIt. April 23, 1S17, I3vb JH-Mlii.iou. I 'III; Coparinerslup hilheilo cxsisiing under th, tirinof tv Stone is this day dissolved te luuiun rouseiit. Jciicho,Apillt!l,181?. OKl.IN ROOD, . ll. ftlll.Mi. ll3 Phvsieiau or Surgeon. II. II. 11U1I11EI.I.. r.iiii.ix, Vt ug. j: 'ir.. t.V X II ll lor Slllllll keeps eonsUlllly oil hand a large Slock ol Eeli'ctic, lalioleptie and '.Magnetie .Mi-diciut &, and most n spiLltully nivin-s invalids and those who need, lo call. ,7 it TO COUNTRY TRADERsT THE hiilisc-rils-rs, at their store eorm-rot Pulton and Kichnioiid strei ts, llosion, keep eonsiaiitly on hand, and olll-r fur sale, on the most tavnrabjc ten'ns, a large and w II selei n-d assortment ot " iiiiA (;ot)i)s ,v .KO('i:uii:.s, .ls, Ul'l'Elt AM) SOLE I.EATIIEIt, from the best T.iuuerii sin Xevv Engl 1 and New- toils tlu-y also receive, and si-ll 011 eoutmi-Jiiou, iiuu yProdiiie Traders, visiting the 1 ily iue 11 Cl'eiiiull) reiiiested to eall ami cjoinnne belore mak V'K !!r" J. J-,- Kt fer to M'-n-t. I'ollell .V Hradley, , HEXTElt, llAlilll.VflTO.V.t CO. llosion, July an, is, k;. liuriington April 1, 11T AVliolcsalc Dnig'ft'isls, :tl)." Itiver Stii-et Troy, .i-H' Vol I.'. I (iT,Xi:i!.lj .ssoitTMi::.T cir Wi:st I- i diaaudSoiilh American Driigs,eoii-Iani!) on I11110 ol iheir own nuporrilioii CllE.MICAl.S.lroin the most celebrated I'.uropeai .via mil idiiri s.iei'i ived din 1 1 Points, Oils. D.e Siull'-. til-is., s.eips, lVrhimcrv . Putt nt Mi'ihi 1111 s Vmii .S'i.m. s X,- r jnilioilersiit i'anatt la, iiuileiiu ' .b vv and l.a T'a tria 1'ig-iis As'i-nls of ,evv EliLdaud and Philndelplun Ola C'o.'s, lor sjle o' llriui-ts and flu imsi'st.l.isij art Apolhi-cark."' EEhII, Corner of Chun-'i mid I', lluilnitoii (ii:o. 11. IIi::iif,'io.Y. riiopiiiiiioii. iriioL!:sAi,i: .m uiitaii. di:ali:ii ... Drugs, ('heniienls. Oils, i'miiplieiK', !) sliills I, iiinnis, v,, I'lieiVc. l,SO fleneral dealer 111 Pin.M', II "I'.vmi and Thomso mas l! wis. (i'oiiiiilio-ion Auciil l'or ihe sale of Ji.w-i.rr'.s. (o.vis-i i.-k's, audSiiFR viv .Midieines, as. abo lor all the popular Patent Medicines ol ihe day Sole Agent lor the sale o Tuo.MsoVi. L'niii.M. Si'II-omlii and t! all's I'rEin iiu:. All orders a, IdlessiiJ us will meet with nromiit at teiition.heearelullv nai ked mid vv arranied. hav tnir the largest andliesta-soitedsUK k tobetoiind short ot .N'evv Voik piitcliaw-d exclusively lor inslt we are enabl lo make large discounts trnin the custoinury pnte. " llnrruieloirs 1 till 111 til " l'.S. Dr. II. J. HiiMuimiwilllHMi! nltendaiiceon Saliirilav'sand Wednesday's Irom 111 .M..I1II0' cIin k P. .M, at Aioibeeani ' Hall, comer td t'hurch and College streets, when ihose whowish toeonsuli him should mil. Jill Tin- IVpk At. siH'ar nu im; jist.v 11,1, 1 sii. 11 i:.t, i;i:i:i.ixnrox, vt. rjlIIEsubsenlier is constantly supplied with, and of. 1 era at vilu.le.nle 111..I .... .;, 1 .- ....1:1. ncnchandlnd,:, fc ' ,., DltUCS- t'"w V.'!'.'"''''1'''1 'ceeliis; Surgical liistrnnienls : Mineral l eeii.,n, Denial atiieh-s; Saline or .Mineral aiersj l) iguerreotyieariues; (leiiuine Patent and 1 lionisoiuaii .Medicines j I'm,. ,inrs and Wines: Soda 1 iiiiiit-iui,, ,nd Svrups; Ilis,.s. v, lumes.Soaiw, uks, llljekiiii!-. 1 aiu-v and Donienie ailu les; (l.iU Wine; Dye Stall, I aniphiue, Ihrd, 1'i.ld, Plower Ulldi(..irdell .Seeds, u. iVe. I'loiu Ihe milage of reeeiviuj. Mineral waters, (.auipbeiie, l-oi lies, A, e .periodieally, pun hasers tan rely upon their lieslmess. Individu ils wishing Trusses, U-eehes. .te , will al wavs hud a p. twin in attendance toui ply them. .Medicines dispensed audi hours ot night. 21 TIIEODOItE A IM:CK. PUAII'KIN Si:i:i)S koii st 1.1: itv" I I3w CATI.I.N . PEAK. .MOTHER'S KKI.IEl'. rPO MARKir.l) LADIES, the Mother's Relief, t medieine wim 11 soothes (lie ilisagret-able sensa (ion ot t'emali-s alMiut to lieeome mothers. nnd iiisiir." a safe delivery ill all cases where uiaj loriuatioii or sotiieiiuualural i itcmnstauees do not prevent. The reputation otibisiitiule, ihou.'h silent, has liccoiuc so eMendeil as to produce an immense demand. pamphlet intended only for Ihe eyeof those directly iiiii-u-sirti nun uieir iii)sieiaus, 1-4 ortiaieii lor gra tuitous distribution where the lieliel is torsale. O.A'IIAUTIIOEIC .V. CO.. liiuhesier, N V Porsileby PECK .t SPEAK, the authorized agents for this place and vicinity, who can also supply Druggists at ihe l'ropriclora Whole sale price. October tllh ISIS. 13 Slop Spikes, and Horse Sboei (at laclory tirieca); v rougiii ami maieatii'- irun- are ot all ilescriiitiorw; Kussuin, I I. ( Iron tall sizes) EnglishPin I X Wire J Hras, Amer. f Extras. f Steel " Tiiiiiiimi's C.'noils, W. I, ,aru agents for th sale ol Tinmen's tools, bliect Brass, Pig, liar, and Sheet Lead, and l-ndpipe. Puint-s, of the most approved nttenis Slym-ln, Seyibes, I'orksand Axestrniu the bebtiuaiinfacturcrs. Hoe ."v. Co.'s and other .Mill,(iang, Circular and , cut saws ; Coach, Saddler's and Harni ss trmiuunss . I-'iles of various manufacture and ot best rjtnlily, sV c , iS.e.,c, Comprising a very large and general as sornnent ol pancy and Heavy Hardware suitid to ihe Tiade. WAKIIENS'.H M1TA. LESLEY, Sign ol Ihe Anvil and Sledge, ?'.iinl i!ll and -Jill Kiver St. Troy, N. Y. BO TING CLOTHS AX1 UUltU MILL STOXKS. 11. r. wiiiti:. No. f Morton Itloeti, Milk street, riosio.-r, f 10.TIXL'I:S TO LMl'OUT AM) KKKPS J loustanll for sale, an extensive as-sirlment oi llolting Cloths of the most approved Patterns'. Prom longexpericnru in lb" .Maunlattiire and sale ol this article, the Ad vertiser is enabled to liirni-h Vlllers with more p-rt-ct and durable Cloths than can be found elswbere and at ver) low- priur. ,tl.--(i. 1'inicli Itlirr .Hill Moni's of nil sii-y, tnana-fictui'-d at Ihe Massachusi Its State Piison. Sept 1 1SIC. llpl 'l- I'NINC. rOUICS, Violin and Iki-w Viol Siring of L the best quality, iut received by Express, at J. I'. HAXIlALL'S. To E)ciiIe1. S'i'irluii i(- ('" l)')Kd forth m'eif Minna' Tirlh, lliir. 'nolmi, Virmnil. Constantly reeeivini! suonlies of niciir)id tlum. Molar. Pivot and l'l ile Teeth. Also i'oreeps, 1'iies, id ami 1 111 I oil-. Excavators, Seniors. Burrs. Drills tloiilils Mirrors. llrushis. ('jile'd l'l.i-ter. iVe at .March.-! HIT. ly THEODORE A. PECK. Ilipit-sso limn Xi'vr-'.'in k iiiiiI llosion to -Mniitri'iil. VIROI1.& RICE'S AVir- York and Monti eal J'spie, insni: . 1:1: vi.i..vit. r. PIIE EXPRESS WACONS for heavy freight, 1 leave liuriington lor .New-York, and interiuedi-t- iilaci s. every Mmidav inorning The .Mess'iiger for money ii.iek'ines, nnd Ii-rhter nr. 'teles, will leave lliuhll 'ton lor New-Yolk. c every Uednisday moiiimg, and every l'rid.iy inorning lor Montreal. CHENEY i.COS. VntMoit and Monlieal 1'xpic, Will leave liuriington for Bo-ton, ami lor .Montreal v-rv l-rlda liiornmg Wdl i ave It 1st, m tor Burlington and .Monirenl, Werx Tu. -dav Mii'iuniL' . and Moutieal Im Burlin ton and ll'i-i'in i v 'i v M011d.1v moiniiiir. P.-u k-iei-s iml hi let-sh,,i, . en ll( t!i Olhee the day pu- viniis to ar- i-a o 1,1 i..xiiiiss Eioisjicl Ep.tchtii'; aiol I'HI.SSISt; IUjIIMS, ill. ism 1 r. liiii.iiivti. coiiMiit or coi.- .11 l-'j' sin ' 1 nml ( athn's Lane. 1 utiinii N011I1 side. Ad Piomiits lim-lieil by the suliserun is, 1 1 be done in a siv le not to be surpass, d. .Cilliiu is Mijipin d with the luu-st si) bs of Blocks, Also Thriad and Braids tor alieiin.' D. .1 HASTINliS , Co. i!:.:'! is.7 cm. EMERALD MILLS FLOUR. 'iiiii.N'i!M'nini:it uoi-Li) nrsi'ixTFn.i.vix- J lo all olhers III want of L'ood readv-made elolhili''. are invited to examine the IMMENSE STOCK or GENTLEMEN'S WEARING APPMEL! -VI Simmons & CoVs 0x1: ritit 1: CLOTHING DEPOT! Jlndo Ikimi ri-eent Iiupnrtittiiins.iiml the b(tt st) lo of Anii rienii .Mnniiliieluu's, con sisting dt'iiver A l'.VRT OP VVIIICH ARZ .'no Surlouts 58to2(l l'roeks 3to6 fsiO Over Sacks, 3tolr Ou(l Dress Coats, 3 to IS ' SHlSiberiantindCod- UK) I'roek do 5 to In inglou ?s.ieks, f, tol." .'jOtHI p'rs I'ants, 1,'OtoG Wsi 111 inket Sacks .t Sur- 1WH) Vests, 51'c to 5 I ti -it. 5 to 1( JdUU Shirts, W'eto'JVI ton Pilot do do V. 73 to in -Wtlprs Draw'rs HTctol CO I assi Tweed l'roeks am' StKSI l'ndtrShittj.3Ttoli'J S-";k. a lot- MOO line Cloih Clonks, 5'Jtl I e.tnigSntksand Sur- 7 o'A) 1 touts, .') to 8 .'iWO prs. overalls p-r iloz i!tm S hi. Sacks and 1 5;i t0 50-, HOYS'JAt'KETS.l'AXTs. VKSTS, SAIKS AM) SI ItTOI TS, In large of every kind with an end. I b-ss, vara tv ol RICH n-'KMSlllMi GOODS l.M) CHEAP WEARING APPAREL! ALL OI-' WHICH WILL BE SOLD Il THE PCKA(iEOR AT RLT ML AT UNUSUALLY LOW .MUCIN! A u miuttlf.'ir out our w i.iUTftuck to mak" ronm l'r ptniK .Manufictiirfi-. niul liii('oii;it., u s , n iy rt't t i- a,ve:irf nr.iare4.l to cIu.u a Itttcratut m $cr tl'-Mlltllll'tlt ol Ready Made Clotliinjr ! And at L'lvvi.u 1'r.lir.sllnn can lie found at any es. labll-buielit ill tins city I h tli. Ca-siiue s and Vesiiugs, by tin- package or at r-tail 1 r lueins made lo older. 111 the 1110-1 la-hu li able manner, wmk, slvle and lit 11. suriiass,.,) Denlers '111 Clutluiig will liiu! 11 for their interval to examine this stoi k, iK-foreiiiakinsiheir selections, as we will giv them HAROALNS JOHN SIMMONS AND COMPANY tn'i.fv iai:ii:t, Bos pon n.i, SUR VE yTn G (lone hv .1. t. ni:xi:nicT. Rooms over II I-avciivvorih s ollicc IM'i-iiiiiiiii IMoh. 10 l.l.l l.- i. rui his Ineuds. and the tmbhe. een.-rallv. ibat4,e I LN -' - -. 'I1 1 M"l!"n:illi:it J1A.M willcouliuiie to inanufarture the above well known .. VVv l-'clures and keeps cunt.intl lliainlot 1 i.ui It, till will also be alwajs supplied with 11 lull and complete assortment of rVh, Salt, tirass Seeds, .Mul I Veil and all artie'es itstrilly fouud 111 a geiieial Milling and Protluee Establishment, He is alsii on ii-ireil to receive ciiusiemnents ol t iraui. l'ork. Beet, llutter. Cheese, Wool anil indeed all kinds of and will make the most liberal ad ounlry liroduce vauces 111 Cash, lie will also receive and forward tioods, rurniiiire,,v;p.t e..toalliarls ol ihe Ihiion Olliee and Warehouse, .No. 1 IT River St. Troy. V Y. JNO. N H ILLARD Referio .Messrs, J. ,t J. II. Vck fc Co., Burlington. SSKLI.IM! OKK AT COST. rWllK Stiuscitiiint, AnoitT to closk vv 1 his biisiiuM at Williston, offers for sale his re inainnig sloi k ol goods at cost. Having as great 11 vanelyas any sloie in the. county, (he picsent is a rare oppoitumty torfumihes to supply themselves at wholesale prices. To his old customers in Witliston, Rit huiond and Jericho, he would particulaily bay that now- is ihe time for great bargains. T"" Please in rail and eiamiue for yoursidves. Wilhsion, l-'eh. If.. 31if l'HS. II. CANI'IELD. G'OLD IM1NS Bnivvn's, Benedict A. Parney' Victoria, Congress, Smilh .V parnam'a and Hard llrolher's iir t J. V. UAXOALL'S. CLOVER SEED. 'VUK Sib;uiiku has One Ton ofgood llove r Seed, whivhhe will sell at wholesale or re. (.nl. cheap for Cash TIIOS, II. CANI'IELD Wilhsion, Apnl l,tt. I Iff J. V. RANDALL, r.TASjul reeeivi d from Xew York a new assort Ll nu 111 of WATCHES, JEWELRY and I'aney Articles, Cold Pills ol llie latest fashion, (iold Sluds, (iold Chaiiis. Cold Pencils and Pens, Silver Dans, Sliver Birds, (iold and Silver Tooth Puks, Shell Side Combs, Shell Back Combs with high iops,.Viecl Ik-ads .Slings, Clasps, Sleel Purse Rings iv Tassels ol the lar gesi sue, Bead and Silk Purses, Ivory Combs, Cmlar Smugs o! ihe Is-st iiiah(y, Rogers' Pinket Knives and Scissors ; and he will keep constantly 011 hand a good a.ssormi'iit 01 goods that come faiily 111 a Jewcltt't, line of business, Stiougi,' lluildiut!. College et ,1 Burlington, .March, Is IT i M VAi.UAiii.E itii vi. iivnvri: rousTv1.1T. 'PI1E SuhiH-iiber, Is-ing alsnit 10 remove to .1. . .. r .. .1.. .11 iii' iiuriiiieiou, ontrs tor sine iue louowing pro 'sk iM-nv. situated ill and near the villaeent 'i1. liston vu. The Brivk Store, formerly ocetipied by Nichols Chiileiidin and Co , to which is attacheda large tuore hous.1, woodshed, smoke house, ,Ve., and acre ol laud also the goods now on hand ill said fiore. Also. The dwelling house formerly oietipied ly Eh Cbilleiiden, with the outbuilding, and lUacrcs of land thereto adjoining. Aln Afiirnil)ingoiieiniloSoulh of the village roiiiainnig Mi acres ol laud in a high Hale of rultiia' lion, well leneed and watered.a C"'d dwelling ,ous. barn and all the necessary nppiirieiiauces. for carry ing in the larnnng business, thereon situated " IheabovepreiKMty will he sold together 'or in se. rs rale parcels, to suit nurclmseiF. l'or further narnenlnrs .nnli- ,n u. ...1 . Ml,.,,.. ' .,' ,. ".'.'"i .-mferiner at ,1s. sa,K - - a. i en s,ue m ms residence in jer. -ho Plows ol ihliereut sia-s, winch he oilers lo Parmer, of Chillenueii and oilier Counties They are tin- sainu paient that took the premium at the Agricultural pair ol Cluiiendeii Co. in 18tti,nnd the wood woik is war. ralllid lobe the best of Massachusetts Osk This-e m want ot a good article will do well toexamnie tlua .MILTO.N F0HH Jeiicho, April IS 17 pirns PinilCIJ & h'l'LLOd'G, IMPORTERS OI" CHINA, GLASS, EARTHEN WARE, Looking CIii-m', Ton Tni). (iiiitinluios, I.lllllps, ('llstl)ls. Al-, -aa i:u sTiir.jyr, )l TKOY.X Y. Aurr.n ll. rnai e, ) liUI. VV, KCl IA.I0. PEARL STREET HOUSE, Itiirlington VI, ' ItV VILAS, ifc Novrs. Circumstance, having rendered t,e cf uUive pienusisneeessary, we would "ive no, . . . 1 public .hat. he Pearl St I louse i. ,.0 for" he aeeoni..i.latio.... travellers ,,.! others wb,. ",.v 1 Hemp located in oneo the iiltasuntrsi , village, and eonunamling s VKi' 'fi K"; Iike I hainplam and the seenerv nls,,,. 1 V 1 and also being m ar the Un7, M..t ?o v l!urll"B""'' think 1. can scatcely t.,1 W S p easure and recreation while m it,, v. farviur lor lords thoK. ms.n llitttfi'tt " oth,. xvhoarc aemiaimed with ,!,", as L '! "Kieeaoie and peasant to uli win. may w, si, to ,ake It a nopninB plaw. ' '"' a? a Use . ihe ir 01 intoveaiini, ,l..t. beveraSe lol lujuriou, to,,e.ii who i.e or d, ' not .......... ..e.iiiii.mai totlie vt U-lllg oi society as a so m hosuhiv to H. b.... r .1... .r. .'".' strongly eXitssed vvisl,rofa inatet.ty oi i" ", mentliereol ,, thall neither k.ep it ,'ubli, ly Wilhston. Willpton, Feb. Id IIT 'I lie II. CAVh'IPl 11 3lif and tits cUudt.un.tu ok.. 1.1 UUI" -i A suitable carriage will be movidfif to take gets tn and Horn the Steam Boats. ' cn All Stages will call at this House. Match, HIT. ,' R Viu, I"l!ltlo.Voxn