Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 4, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 4, 1847 Page 3
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BURLTNGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 4, 1847. 1817 l77) MW 3 7 10 11 3 li 15 16 17 l'J S0 ail r. si S3 St' 25' 3 20 4 S7 5 23 C 29 7, 3J 311 '-' Hi 1 ,'.) II Irani METEOROLOGICAL REGISTER, FOR MAY, 1047. UmiU.Ncmre, 1 mile Un."t of l.nUc Clianiiilaltt and 250 feet above It. wrATitrn. Att.HfTtfATni UL'MAUKS. 31,53, IS 35 45 3-1 K, 13 12 37 r.i ir. s l ' tt 1 rM t i-.mI H rjiincli.jlnch.inch.j Hi-i' . 1 1 -I- ... w . 57 C,7 2'J.7fi clear U hi r. L2J.7l2Mi;2'X7olair VV NVV TJ Oil -J W I I " " W w ,2tl.30 '-'If '-''.UW clear clear 35 CI 53s i-wswa'J.'.i5 3ii.iii m c ",,r s t.t s s !:;'. ..-' u .it-. ... se' i: n J'J. in ay.jjllai.3tl l' "r V V N I.' 111.'.'" -.f.'',Mr .v it x 21l.7o2'.l.7o.2o.7jclcar ESI: X , S :t7 r.7 fin II 7hfil in ni 55 15, 1)0 5 ijj c 5 si l'J, 7(1 01, 5l,75fi 511, 73 B 17 71' 511 H'7I fid 51) 70 01 31 71 fil 13 3 5 53 Is 17.03 I 43 70 55 17 73 0s 51.011 03 01 f.7Cl 5s'7ior, 5J, 72 0s 01 03 51 10 71 0,1 l'J r7' a ll 51' 03 17 15. or 50 1 1 CJ 53 winds. HAnnir.Tr.R. 1 r m a r M S I 1 1 U It I'M TM Indies fair rain hir fair 030t)7l), .Much ice ill llm linnlon Hay. cloudy jG,(i,3 117. 0.11 ,lo. A hltlc hail, 'clear 5S 03 7O do. Iloats go N. only to clear Vicar tear clear (clear char clear rain fair clear clear 51) 7110s, HI 71 2'J 0'J '.) 05 Hear '211 05 211.70 2H.70 clea r 71. ia-7:i21I.S3 clear s i tv.vvv 2H.70 2H.7'.f2'.' SO clear se w tv 2.l.7li2'.IWI2'JS3ilear s e s s n.i ou -.."j.nwu'-ar h e 2J.7 1 23.70 211 00 clear sfcxvv X M Iclear clear 57,01011, itnir fair ;02,7i)70, I I X In. II. swallows, ITl'tsbg, I.i ISt. Johns. 157,05,71 lio. Duals rencheil 511,011 Til I lee nearly pone I rum the hay. fill (WW) 0.18 (inostbciry leaves show. 113,70 (HI i ,May hectics on the ttmg. iciiiuhy. ilu. !i. do. Aurora 11 -t.ooscb'y ..V cur rant blossoms vhuw Heil plum blossoming l.akc highest SiunkyCuri a nts in lull hlo""')!!!, Itcd ilutns in full blossom. 0.50 X X X X S E S clear clear 00 72 70 Iclear clear 03,70 03, .clear clear 01 fififiS clear clear llll7O70 clear clear 03,03 73, 'clear clear (12,7171 K 2J d.)21i.i.l SJ.SIclouiiy rain nun ,n.i n'JO'.i x 2'J 53 23 07 211 OS clouily.lair clear ,(1100 07' x 211 (111 211 7 1129 73 clear lelenr clear 153,71711 s" 29.71 29 Oil 2'J Oilclear 'clear cloud), fill 7072, s" i!J..H '! 5(1 J 55 flmiili- liiir Iclnnilv 01 (17 09 s '23.0'J29fi9 29 0y-louilyeloiuly,cli)u1ly05 0SfiS, 0.11 jVcry smoky. clear (iii 1 7" II.2U , clear 010003 O.10 Siljcria crah apple in fall bios, 'clear 5GOD0G' Tliini and cheny hlos'ms olf, clear nO(VJ7l .Apple in full lihwiuii. rain 02 Oil 071 Thunder, reach m tullblos-,-lear 57.07 07 O.ll sum. cloudy 57 f3 72 0.3'J Main in the evening. Com. cherry ami plum in full IUIOM4UU1. 2J.07,2'.I 00 29 uo'cloudv'clcar' w 2J 55,2.1 02 29.7l,chiuilj lair s ,29.79,29.79,29 bl) clear ,clear X 29 80 29.78,23 8H,clear clear ' N 29 71129 (13,29 07 cloiuly fair , x '2'J 03 29 78,23 32 cloudy dear s ,29 8J29.82 'Jttl lair cloud) 1700 50 Mean temperature 2J.7029.03 23.70 mean 29.70 1.85 of Mav for the lat nine years 51.7, liv hicli it appears that Mnv this vear wn nhove the average. The rane of the thcrinoineter has been fioin 3lJ to .O, ennil to I2J. The navi. as l.7a HVIJ.Itloll of the l.akc was imp-ile.l hy lee later this spring than Ins been known in the last 30 jcars. The sti amboats were unable to reieh rit .lohns before the 0h ot .May, and then only by cum.i tlirutifjh ?trony lee for two miles in the ieinny oi we. isie la .none ice was seen at ju.iees aimifr the hhiio lis ute us Hie toih. i ne iivcraK.- tall of . iter in M ly for the lat nine yeais was 2 Uj inches, by which it appeals the lall in .May this j ear was much hds thuu the tneuji. The baiumcter has been subject to ciy lutie lluctuatiuu during the munth. To t'oricspmiilcnts. Our pencrott'! correspondents, to whom wo nru imltlitcd fur iiitimiicruhlo Tutors (especially in the way of Poetry,) must praclico thu (food ohl-fasliioned virtue, patience. Some that we have nn hand shall bo ititerted, t'lid Wliers we must decline. l'lin is fun. hut fcarinir people to death, a thcautlior of the " Domlicy" doctimciit lias at tempted to do with in, is unconstitutional. A Letter liuin Ceneial Ttiylor. A valued friend, and who is aloa ilislins'iished ci tiien of tins State, has jorwarded tons the lullimiiig cuiinnunicalioii, uhich.nt the pi cent moment, will, uu doubt, be peiuse, I uith eelieral interest. Tue letter inuu (iciieral Tavlur is uriitrn with the same inudcty and ilelicacv o'l feelins, which hnvesu eminently characterised even thins we hucsceu Irom Iiih ji-n. , , , liir. siiflieient wchopetosf-t at restall the ilnnbtsns t lua r..fiil-niri n( tin 11,1111111 itionfor the Presidenev. which have been expressed by tho"e in whom " ilr ,WnulJ prelTt) put the dee xvish was father to th, llmajlit N. O l!ulletin,2J r.illox mss u lestiou . Wl: ii li . li . 1 . l -..I. XI.. .. I U I? V . I . ' t- . . . i Ir EXT HXTO.X HOI ,.E. JA., IJUI .H.l, " 1 I'.l . IharSn: I fend ji. aiim-xed, anext.aet of a , )r. Wiwd's Svns.xrAr.tu.A an.l Wn.n Cur.Rr.v IiiT leuer Ihaxe reieutly leeeixe. ho.o ';;" 'TrR, .,,, PU.,.lent remedv is now ollVrcl to the T.ivlor ; and as,t s,a ,,h forth t he f, eh it., ai ,1 t stamiaed .Mr.ntci.Nt lot its use, and the vuw.ol the (.iiiontl,.. n h-H.bjeet utile ii. r. h hn. attained with the community, maun, r ca.i do no u 'J'1 .Hi7ms tint it merits ilml title. It lias alieadv been fciluiss of any one. I Inxe d.-lern tied to Inx p ibli-1- , , , , frCmAet f. tlrit porti.m ot 1 whuli relates to a sulyct in b .. . , i),f)l;t... ;,eu- winch us ininetiasiioen xery generally ..-;.e a,e . . ilrai,,he. S. foffulmts Allectums, etc., etc Xotlimn can be afer or mule certain m its ojv.'ration. i or sale tiy take the liel.l nuainst llhek Itawk under mch condi tions. , . . , We should be lnppv, hoxxevcr, to meet him xx itli .Sir Inn .," and would not object to Hoing to New York lor the sake of companion, proxided any tea mmiblc condiliiins call be uitreed upon. We have been aecu "tunic I to consider tiie prime requisites in a stock lioiseto be 1st. Suynimily nf which wemem thus? ji tints which con luce to ftrti'in, vtrmnth. no. I rntimancr. so senuuetiieallv and per fectly combined ns to s icrilice neither of these, and t, result in the (ireaO'st benuty. 1 lus tin liur-e luinseti tniistfrhow 2 1 The power uftran-nilllili this sup' riority to his oH.prin. This his flock mu-t fhow If the proprietors ot llhek llawkiye willing m submit ibe deeision to siiell a test, we will not tumble ihelil to count ofVcriuont to find n competitor. Tube sure ' Kir llenrv" has won xietoties eiiouaht allhe?x.i State rair.'and a fourth triumph xvould be of no ureal consequence ; s that, tlioueh we slionlil preter to meet tillCKItawK Home, wnvre people uie more directlv interef ted saw fur instance, at Montpelir, in October next, where the whole Stale will lie lemcsent- ,-d x-et we will not obiect to any reasunable arrange- menlsas to time ami pnee. e uupe 10 genu jou .ui engiatmt; ot Nr Henry lielore Ions. x ciy icspei iiiuiy, l.i i irs stMii.n.nv K Co. Y P. Perhaps the proprietor of Itlnek Hawk ileeision on me ansxveriu uie WIhi h is the Ist horse us a ijetlerof road.-teis !" Ifso.xxc xvould not object. to tub: ruiiLnc. tx co.vstofrx'cE or the CHEAT PAIR r To HE HEM! BV 1 HE Massachusetls Meclninics' ASSOCIATION'. 'iiiKriiiisiiNT hi:a!-()N.tiii:i)NI)i:uhk.n-i;d n.wi: to iir.i.iMjt'iriii tiii;iii SPACIOU8 HALL roUTHISl'l!trorfi;,(.-()NTAINlN(iNnARIiY ,L VKS ' wonTtt OF KIIADY MAHi: CI.OTHIJ 1 . , Tin: bxiuinsT, cnoicr.sT ciii'.ArnsT stock of clotiiim; uvi:u oi'i'i:ui:i) IN IIOSTON. TIIOI'SAXI'S Of IIAKMEXTS Wit. I, I1E SOt.t) rod LESS TttAX THE OIltOIXXI.COSTOt THE mW .XIATLUIAI. iinmcnse Stuck of rnxi? roosts, Thatxvill ,c sold by the l'At'lx (!II. rilTI'.. or Ki:TAlL,althc!.mVT.ST ,M AKKKT 1'KILI.. CUSTOM WOliK Made in the most rASIIIOXAIU.i: STYI.I.h. at thou liotiee, from the choicest Ihigli'h. rrencli and American nnnufaclures Itll'II l'L'llISIll.V(i i(Mtl)S In any uuanlitics. The (Juodsurc nil marked and laid upon Counters, and a selectiuu can be made in lialflhe time usually occupied. e't't? A Vlll.'I.St toil, nr. Ito.lon. mid 1)1 AI.IjIIS t IICAUY-.MADU Cl.O TillNC., xxilllind it tor ii,..;,. i i. -i nil M.I. Wore iiuikini' their selection' ns the entile 'lock imet be cleared out, and the prices made satisfnctmy. , JOILN SIMMON'S & COMPANY, Ql IM'V 11AM., OVUIt Ql'lNC'Y MARKET ! mj22is BOSTON. BOOTS &, SHOES VllEAl' FUH CASJ I. SAM. DANIELS & CO, MANUF.V 1 rrtEES AM) IKILC SALU llCALCfib IX LOOTS M)sl()r..s, 1171 Pearl Mtrccf, (Co, i.rr i I'm :) N H V V O R K. Ilaxc just received, nnd are noxv olferiiiR a com plete and extensive assortment of .Men's, llojs, Voutbs, Ladies, Misses' mid Children's Uoots and Shot's, uf ei ery xariety and stjle in the market luanulaeiuieil to older Irmu thehext oiftock, und will be sold nt the lowist uiarket juices. .Meichaiiisxisiiiiif. the city ale iepcctfully united to call and examine our stock befuie purebasnif;, ns L'leat iilJii.-cniriili will b" oliered t ) those buyinj; for cash. SAM l)ANli;i.S .tCO. 171 1'earl street, cuiuer ot Pine, N. Y. .May 27, 1917. IJll St'lionl for Hoynttrt (Jlrls. I T. HUNT.DICT, wii.r. ni'i-.v a srnnni. ! n.i il.n 1... slniilelnber next, lor those In our public schools i who wish to obtain a thorough busi- ncsis Liiirjisli i; mention. Tuition fur l.nahsh blanches 3,5'). Ilielier " 91,'W. Those who propose to nllend xx ill please cull upon meat my room. uu COTTON AND LINISN TIIRIIAI). KKfl LUS. Ooltnn Thronil, wltile tittil colons!; 151) do I.inen Thread i lOui) dozen Spools Thread j 5301) Skeins American Scwiti(s 25110 Sihks American Twin, for sale by June 1, 1817 19 VH.AS .V NOYI1S. 500 BUTTONS. (Sross Coat Ilutloiis: SOO do. Vest llulloln ! 15'K) do I'.lllt llilttons ! 300 do Coat nnd Vest Moulds, lor file by June I, 1817. 19 I'AS tt NHYIIS. Writing Ac Wi'.'ipiiinp: la'iir. Zfl Renin Cup 1'itpcr ; U75 do letter I'JyJ n,,rr . soO do Wrapping Taper, for sale bv June 1, Id 17. 19 Vll.AS -V NOYIIS. OX rWJ ISoolx :iiii .hoeM. CASIW, fur solo l.v June I, 1HI7. -19 Vll.AS Ac NOYCS. WElSIM'Jltlt'J'S. Oflrt Dot-.. '( I) iSiispi.tnlcivs : ,"0 do Ulas- ifvJ lin Siiuncndcrs. for Bale by L-1.ISI7. l'J V1I.AS NOYKS. If AS Received Itis usual oxlcttsivo tissort II incut of Spritm dm It, couiistiuc In part of Printed lawns, (jiunhams, tuiisliiis, eiiiliioidereil.mus liu cinnliams, nnd barege. Also, linen tpnghaiiH a new article. AMHItlCAN AND KNOMSlt TKINTS, ylii Kxtcntivc Aiiorlmcnl, New Patterns S II A V L S. Mntinlr (shawls, rich printed cn1inicr do, xvoulen net, linen net, black nnd hucy silk do,n varicy searls, cravats, l.incv silk, and linen likfs. umbrellas, parasols, and sun shades, RimiON.S, &(!., fie. Hound, ran. satin and talf'ta ribbons, zenhvr xvorst- cd, puifre twist on spools mid bticks, steel beads, hag clasps, steel rings und tassels, also, seperate rins ir tacseis, kuniutg cotton, tiuy eoiiou nnu neeuies, nne unblencheii knilliir; threm'l, marshal's linen thread, spool do, cotton fringe, cotton ribbon, mark'niii cnttou. l'ineCl linen sheeting, pillow-case linen, 81 linen damask, shirting, drilling, bleached ami brown, bucka luick, russia and scotch diaper, crash, birds eye linen, lusaia sheeting, jacket linen, burlaps .V.c. llroad cloth, cassetnere, nnd tweeds. Illenclied cotton sheeting and hirting. l'ine inerrimack, Simcook and Dixisville sheeting, liiruiers, nrmcheslrr, tnonadnotk nnd oilier siieeling nnd cheese cloth. I'aucy piiinmer sniff, mariners shirting, Carlisle, hamilton, shaker tick, ilrilling bleached nnd brown, nnrsails quilts 101112 quarters, cribquilts, corded skirts, drub iiiorcenaud diurisk.xic. V. I. COODS. Molasses, sugar, tea. colf.-c, sjiices, wolseys crush' it sle-lls, Sinn liiUiorcrK Wanted ! II, AXTI2I) o. Tin: Ciiamplm.v and Coy iii.,.ii,iii Diver 1? n it lluai .on that norliou of the nnd east i,l Ml Holly, to Section I In llockiuglnin, I lie lluii, lie, I l, moling .lien, lo xxnom u nuei u ii.c will bo paid, it application be made immediately. i)i:c,Ki:u k wauni:k. Chester, Vt. May 20, 1817, N. II. Ihiipluymenl wilt he continue nre taiinmi tor two yenrs. N II. DiLki.n. John Warxer. Hw I STOCKS, COl.t.Altx. lll)SOMS,SlllltTS.V Miisi'i:i)i:us. A good asaoitmentof Satin Slocks of vnrious lengths V and widths, together with Cravats, Coll rs Shuts, Ilosoins,snspenders,Hiid suspender ends, Vest -leathers, Itucklusuniiersnud other (.noils in this line, reuiew- I ntteution will be Given to this deiiartiiient nnd n good assortment of such goods us we have kept for u lecuxo.irs pn-i m uii uue win ue niwajsiiii iiniio, those wishing neat and good guudsure invited to luuk ours betore tHtichnsmn .May, 20, ltltlN.SMAIO.S lirtOTIIlIKS. SiMtn, nils, Cs'las, cVc. , K TON'S Siiui:-sh mm:, vitioi;s sizes'; 5 'lo; Scroll trout ID do. Hand do; 50 do? Itottnd nil I Sf)iinre,:i-IOiindupwnrdi f.doO.S. do j 3do2aitd 3 inch" Hanks" best do ; 1(1 do Ameiican Tue do j 2 do Hammond's do dot 2 do lloopdo.nll mi-s j 2 do Kus.ia N'nil I tods; 1 do Norway do t 1 do Crow Hits; 3 .1,. Stem,.. Stleel to... ...... u... . 1 .... H I f..Kf .1,1 il to such ns do do j 2 Cases ol Axi s do ; 5 ilo nssoitul do j 2 do. 1). & W. Anvils i 2 do ices ( I ,0 Mill Clanks j HHJdo'Aines' Shovels; 25 do " I'list-r's" do; 75 do " I'nirbatiks" Jtoes ; too io " Kinnchard s' i nst nml tieruuin ntccl Scilhes: 15 do do Cradlis. Tor sale by ' J. hiiaii,i:y .t CO. llurliugton, Mny 25. 4S South Wlmif. June edand iiowdctil cocoa tini xvicKwaru i.iuiiiiugs, .3111 may, ii I''eat!airs. VflOO!) stiptilv of n,n's ntid Cirrsc rcatbeis. by ' Vll.AS A- NUYl'.S. June 1, 117. 5 (!!U)SS p:(y 1tiits rnn si.i: to " the trade nt ltnpttcn prices : nt IIarm.xutox's. pCOIiUC I'OISOX: I J for these nniunls ; at a waiii:ti:i) cum: lttnr.t.viTov's Diiir.n criniAxrs, Do Citcr.RtcstS.MVr.XA,) Citron "1 xermicella I Macninni j Cassia J Ttcceived nnd f.rsalc nt June -tlh. IS 17 Kt Vcthena xnnilla Vanilla lleau i:.t I.elnnn .e. HAUKINGTON'S, Coiist:uilly tn hand VI.l. t'ie pop il ir Patent .Medccietn of the dayxvar riintcd genuine, Pure I.inuorsnnd Wine, lor Medecinal Mechnnicnl and Chemical purposes only WinoosU Palls. June. 1-t IS17. 4Jlf Ihroii.'hoiit the counirv lor some tune p i-t. tdoso.i with the more readiness, because it is eminently cal culated to give a proper insight into the teal chaiacler of this eminent man. Please let it Invea place in your columns. Yours, xcry sincerely nnJ respecfally. ' In regard to the Presidency, 1 will not say that I would not si the goo I people ul the country weie to require tue to do so, however much it is opp.ised to niv wishes, lor I am Ircelosiy, that 1 haxc no nspiia tiun fur the .situation. .My greatest, perhapsonly xvjsli, has been U bring, or aid m bringing, lliis War to a speedy nnd honorable close. It h is exer been, nnd f till is, my huxiuus wis'.i, that some one of the nio-t ex perienced, talented, and xiiluous statesmen ul tin count rv, slioalJ be chosen, lo tint high place at the next election.. 1 am s,itii'l th it, if our liiends will do their dutv. sil 'h a tltl.Ml 'iriv be ilei'led I most, li.i.t-etef. be allotted to Sil V. tin t 1 llU VC not the vanity to consider injself qualili -d lor so high I9w2 TttLODORr. A. Peck. Let Incls hpcnl; tor themsuhes. nil I responsible a st'itio'i.rtn.l etnillellt nod desert 111 ' lian should prefer tostand aside, if one of them could hi raised to the first cilice, ju the gift ul a lice people. Mr SethW. 1'owle, Dear Sir: I am happy to sign my name to the f illowmgceililieate, hoping that other's may receixe benefit iioiu the same imaluahle medicine : Oxlord, Oxford Co, Me.,. Nov. 12, 1315. This may certify tint in Augu-t of this present jear, 1 wnstakeu bleeding at lie- lungs, und had m allsexenteell dlll'.'rcnt spells, bleeding on tin cxerage liom hall'u glass to halt u pint ut n tune. 1 applied lo ,oiie ut the luusiskilllut plisieiaus m the Cnunty, an 1 received bill p nil ll relltl dining bis atlendan.e. 1 was all tins tune siitlenun with a sevele eon 'Ii. s-int- no.. I.loo.l .X-e. I ll ied tariuos teittedies but all w lib- outsueos, until, liytne nimceol tuv irieuus, i men NOTICE. fFUlIS may nrrlifv tltat I lmvn jjiven my 1 son HITMAN UUlt.N'S his time ditiini' the re turn ler ol his mummy, nnd that I shall pay no debts (iaflor ut this ollicc, shall hen icon lecumpensed ot ms couirucuug nor claim any ni ms earnings finer i this date JOHN lll'KNS. llollon, .May 20, 1817. MJa3 SHEETINGS, &c. TX Rales Rio. Hltt-pting, vnrious stvlos. j,J ., .. .. 2 " Strips.l S. lining. 5 Caes Tisltings, tor sale hv June 1, 1817. l'J Vll.AS tt NOYP.S. Strayed or Stolon, X I'miii lliis sijierlli"r. on tho 27th ult., 'f iV. a two year old Hal lumnt Marr Cult, cJs-Zl- xviiha St.,,- in tin- giey hairs in the mane nnd tail. Whocvcrwill give inloriualion respeciiug s-iid co!t to tiie subscriber, near the Toll Jl.liL.MIAIl POTTKIl. l'J All SUMMKIl WEAR, .J-c. X Cases SJunmicr Stull's. 15') P.s. " Vestings. 25 " llro-.d Cloths. 5J " " Cassitnetcs, for sale bv June I, 1817. 19 Vll.AS t'c NOYKS. RAZORS, KNIVES, &c. S Afi lJoxcii Razors, nssorted. iu" 200 " Knixes, Uu) Scissors, 25" Sbeiirb. Tor sale by June 1,1817. 19 VILAS .t NOYI'.t. , . . (iiu mirn1?", uiuii. i iin- ui in ilium', i iium IwluUtwelmefirmorc ,)r wtSTAItS 11AI.SAM OF WILD CllllliliY, - COM11S. JftOft tloz.. Shlc Combs; 101) hz. cap ji.JO 1n . :,M ltoi ,0(.k,.t ,i . ioo),o7. Ivory Jo. loisiieny aim i.n. ciniueiit and deserting names belure the cuuiitrv, I , ,...., ...i., ,iir,.e .K,-.' .,,., ,m- cma.h v was so loosened, that I rui-ed xxit llh pel if it ease, the I go for the country, the whole country and it i ' fJomilt, n( uUs. "i nm now taking iny -cond lltliiuni ...-,,. I i ,, .. im,v.iir o.te since lidden thiny-liie miles by stage, and attended to the puieli!iiug ul a stuck ol goods, with xcry lillle lliconxeinenee. .-isneii, .fUlLII.ONCIIADDOl'ltNi:, Jr. Oxford Me. . None ginume unlets signed 1 HUTTrf on the wrapper, l or sale by Tiilo. A. Pick. nit- nriteot nnd sincere xtlsh. to nee the Mil olneed at llie head of the llJllult. xxho. bva )Ic( ob fervanee of tie- coiiflitutiun the he whom he may, can make us most ptospcruu ut home, as well ns must respected abroad. " The Ninth Keoiment. The following are the of ficers uf the Ninth Regiment, xxhich xvas raised in New lhigland.and the greater part of which is now on the Hay to Vera Ciuz : Colonel, Truman 11 It'insom, of Vt. J.ieui Col., Aimer 11 Thomp'oin, Mass. 1st .Major, Thos 51 Seyntuur, Conn. 2.1 .Major.irolliotT Lilly. N. V. Surgeon, Justin ), Stexens, Mnss. Aw l Surgeon. John 11. Walker, N. II- ilo do Prancis L. Whcatotiftt. I. Acting Adj t, Lieut Thos. J. WhippKN. II. Serg't Major, Mc.Sab. Company Ix consists of grenadiers, selected from the whole regiment, and all Mvteetur oxer ni height. Captain, Clris. N. Ilodli-h, Me. 1st Lieut,, Justin llode, Ct. 2d Lieut., Itobert Hopkins, Ix'y. 3d Lieut., Henry DeWull, It. 1. The It.trtford Times wtys ; " Old nnd e.ieiienced ollicer", xxho have sren this regiment, .-peak ut i; as being composed of the Ik'fI they tier saw. All tile haidv, lieahln men, reiuaikable for their gisjd dejMuttuent The rrmoiii and llauiphiie tceruiis patiiculaily ure fiiokeu of, as unusually siuul men, capable of meeting the greatest euduiauceaud setcrnt tests The rem liicnt is assigned lo ( S, oti's counu'itiil.xMll tit direct to Veta Cruz, but will not letiiam there a single day. It will at once march to the highlands, whne It is ns healthy as in any part ol .New Lhigland." Vi:UMONT AdAINST Till; WOULD. Wl!, the undersigned, owners of the hurte" lllaek ILwk," do hereby olfer to exhibit said Stallion at Saratoga Springs, dmtng the bow ol the JXcw York State Aguculturul Society in S 'pteiuber next, mraiust nv entire hoise that mnv be nrodueej on the lotlow'iug conditions : Five Judges shall be selected, two bx the accepting party nnd txvo by iis.nnil then' four sh'ill haxe the power lo select the tlllh. Wewill place 9.()0tn the Inndsofthe Ircasurerol the ew- iUarlicto. Huston Mtirltct Jlity "ja, 1HI7. UosTO.v, Mav 29. Cotton Provision Hut link' doing beyond the usual retail tiade ; prime Poiktiriu at 1 1 50 ; mess 17 50, and clear 19 50, I inns ; Hams 1 lc, cash, with a good demand Lard. 10 ' lojc. I i,i.. I'lonr There is a belter dem in.l to-day, mid the sales h..xe been pretty large C.encscc, cotnuinii 8021 ; Michigan 8 5 ), cash j Southern, lin stock being limited, "ells freely at 9 lor common nnd tw. r..r,.tira Corn White is scarce and selling homstorcat 1121; ell..w is held at I I Land Northern round at the depot at 1 25, cash The re ceipts this week h ix e been 117,095 bus. Hides Sales ilUOJ XXeSierilUl IUJC ; .i lew to i.uun iti;. 11 i.. , SOJllrazilut 12c per lb. Cuius. .It(u. , There continues lo he a goo I demand for fleece nnd pulled wool, nnd h ilea to some extent haxe been made the p.i-t xxcek tit quoted rates. WOOL. J)ut,'Ml"rcl. Prime ?n.ony I lecccs, washed - American lull blood do. - - - do 3-1 do. - do 1-2 do. - - - - do 1-Lt coin do. - - - - Sin) run,. imxnshed, - - - - - ttueiios Ayies, unpicked, - - - - Cxtra N'orth'n pulled lamb, - - - Sup. Noith'n pulled lamb - - - . No. 1 do do do - - 2 do do do - - - a do ilo do - - . - Hrightoti ,M.irl.rt,.-JonJuy, ."tiny 1817. Reported for the Daily Advertiser. MATCHES. fjft Gross Mutches lursaleh June 1, 1317. .by Vilas it Nuvls. 500 June J100KS,- EYES,C. Gro. card Hooks A. Eyes : '-.'(10 doz. Poxes do ; 1000 do Shaving 1 ,18 17. Tor Kile by ilas Novrs. PINS &i NEEDLES. 1 i ''"r'''4' American J'ins No. !l c$. I. J .l.t.J im - K-wmg uct dies, 175 gross knitinig needles, l'orsale by June 1, 1817. Vilas f, Novns. IlurlmL'ton..lune 3, 1817 Vork ?c ISosltin BOOT SIIOH .STORE. rs&J AT II nATCIIi:LDi:R' Church 1 SiinnsUiat hnrifrh'-fii nfllrftl in Hurl: rch .trcrt, iits nii"I li.irliniitim He has s-part'il no pnins in hi s-eh ctnn, both in rt H-'irJ to quality ntut Myl'( nnd with i-ninH pruhta led sure nf (jiving pnti-ljctiim Xocrciy cihiohht. Aiihuiix hn stock, 1:1 lurt.inny hv luiiml the follow mi nrticle' " liaitt-r I loot of every Ji'soiiptinn, t " Vr HukiiH,l nest Pthv Kid .lo' 1 " rnniclh" ilo I " llalfdiiteri. " l'rriich Sltppcr, " IJnish Kid ilo " l'ifiith SjIiii rflippcr. nil c otort'i " Gold Itninzi'd ih. " Ho.)sM .) ( " Kiuut HuotH V UuAm " Klinpt-d iinliln-rs, " l'lared and plun do JlissrJ lUinis and &'nct ' ( lahrr llouts. , nil' is u :ir x ji v :o ii4 at1 8 & 13 (i c 1 1 3-i (9 1- :u f a y- 6 J'' l'J v Vi? U tt ij Solah .llunnj's INlutn. th' suW'ribin', having bcfiinppointrdhylht' lluuurublc llu I'lubiiU' Cimrt tor thii DiMrict uf ('IdHoiiden, coimniKMineito reenvc, rviniinu mul adjust the t'l-iim nnd denntuN ol all pen-tni', iijf'inist Ihu L-tatL' ofSi:iiAl! .MURRAY, hit;1 id" Willwuti in mul iJMncU ili'mwi'il, irprrsviiu-il tii'joiu-ni, ami aiao all claim and di'inandn iliibitid 111 ull"'t tli'Ti-to ; nndu inonth- Irom tli daj id the d.iie ln-Ti-ftf, bring alluwrd by slid Cumt for tint pmposc, u do their fore hereby (jif notitv, that we will attend to the l.iint" uluiii upp jintni MU,nt lurollireol Cliauncey Rrowtiell in Wiliittuii, in said DNtiict, 01 tiie l.iit Si turd i y of August anil Ud t;atnrd.iy ol Nuvrinhcr neit, iiuhivuVIulKI. .M.. 011 racli ui jidil3)9. Utled, Uusuth .lav f Mty, A. D. IS 17. JOHN RROWNJr. r R It. TAY. ommu " lVuii"lli rilippei CO(..H, 1 " " IhiTikin, all color1, " Ptoni Moiocco and! Calf Roots ' Uubli" ot nil kinds. ' ChiUheiCslUtitts and S'nte.i " rrrnrh (Jaitcr Root, alt colors, 1 " " .MortH'co ( tnitcis billion nnd lace, . " " llukins iV Sliptvpi " Roots and Ankle Tien of all colors. Gentlemen's Jhwts am! S'toeji, 41 Napoleon Roof, with und without lop-, " Water proof Roots air Shoert, " I'lno rienchCulf do " do do do sowed " ilii do RroaiH, " .Morocco do " irtonl Calf and Kip 44 Cloth CuiterM buttoned ' rruuella ikineing (jui tl'IM. I) Hiring Rump-, " .Morocco Slippers, " Cilf do Culfflhoe.all kiuda. " Rubber1" with leather " lo do RurkW to tigMand plain, I liuvs' Ho its and Shoes Wool Orpol. Hi; pn1rriber baMiiitde arrangement"; to optna brant b ol the Kindeihook Wool Detmt in llie Mi lage ot Shtnehnm 17.. A ppacioim building ha been piocureu as a siore nou"e, nr uie preseui sen -ton, snua teii on 111c puiittc pqnare in nan 1 village, lie win nreivired to receive wool ii(ttr the It mil ol .time. l ne iieeees win oe 1 111 own uuo hiim, nun inose v 110 f-ne it efiu hao (heir el in tent seiurale: and sold when orderr.l. A ilH.'riminntion will be mailf, between w nol in n f(HM or UAPcomhtiou. alcwill lie mmfe ma rubly tor tJnsi, 1 be charges, will lie one rent per pound lor reeeiMiig, Muring nnd selling, ainl the inu- iinee.w uc 1 w ur twe 1 v nc ce n on one uuuureu Jollnri for a lenn of three nionlln. Advances in rush will be nridc on (he delivery ot wool it rcniK'slcd, Hdi k will be furnisheil to thoe who w Mi, hy llieir

pnyiug the expanse ot traniortatton aiu iz I cw cacn, lortiKir use. rVKclerenre can be had to I Jr. J 1'. liecknian Kindeihook N. Y.. 8. II. Jeiiniton. Hhoreliaiii ;M Iliit!'!inin. Cornwal : H. W. .lewut. Wevbridirc : 11 Hell. .Mhldlebnrv : I.. H ill. Shelhuru. Vt. Ijeiters niMiesil 10 tm MitHclincr at Miorenam, in relation lo the Wool Depot nt that place w ill receive immediate. Inhin abstenee .Mr. H. Kvcrts wilt be there to receive wool, and give any requisite imorina tion 011 the subject. 11. lH.rstsIl.ULJ, May Vi, 1817. IS The S'Siyioloy oi IifiesHo:t. lllttotrnftd bit ItXirriniatts, hit William, Surgeon in . .S'. Anit, I" I1II e.peiiinents which make thisb-mk InviltnhU' l. tor settling many (piestiun- nmmg Irom the prin inles of dmestjon weie made on Aixxis .St. .Map.tix who was wounded bv a dwell iw from a fowtm-. niece, and llie wound healed hi such a manner a to leave an npeitme to the stomach through which hi lootl could he introduced or extracted, and bnisore nnined lor more than twvntvlhrce vcar-. nre iitui: the remaik-ible vuu of a robust healthy man who can take hi lood in that manner. One L hiion ot tins book was nub i-lied bv thenulhor at $'2 00, but wl- not jenerally circulated. It in inn publUlied iin lnnd-ome Volume of more thanltDLt page.- 111 Clotti Rinding at the low price ol 1 j ceuti. i nit uay pifjitsiioil hv C. IIOODRICII May 2, 1917. Hw3 lO'IV ci topra, J. RRADhl.Y.Cn. South 'Vftttrf. 1 ft Codpish, 10 Wins. No. J-r'T 1 Mockrrrel, 1(1 Mo do, 20 No. 2, do, 1r 1 do do. 10 1 1 repan I .i.l o'jI. and i iin Sal mon, 100 otH Herring ; Cats n moKcil hnlmon, I-'or-nleby J. RRADMIY tVCO, litiilington Aiay -j. ouin n natj. ' LI CAD i'll'K, fl X CASKS 1 1-litiL'li 1 do 3. 1 do 1.2 do. J J Iorwleby J. RRADI.r.Y. Ruilinton,May(2j. H Suth Wharf. M YSOX, Ihsnx mux. vnrxn rvsox, Ct- 1)8 tv Roei expressly for tamilr uw, oranee flow ery I'ccco. 1'or huIc bv May25, JOHN RRADhuY .V. CO. Sutith What, Willi SALT FOll H UTTER . Jrk (jprstiox is orn:x askrd why Vn: 1 niont wbov cheese exeeli in whatever innrki otl'-red. b'uld be o fir btluud the time1! in the nr tide of butler. The runu'cr invnmhlv ffiven hv thne well inform ed nil tlu subject is Im that the bulUT h not snlll cieritly workeil toexnel the Imiter-niilk. and nn ad ditioual and siti"'aciory cauv (were nothing e-w wnntmii) it louiiil m tin impure clnracter nt llie ilt iiM-d IitoOMite thiH h.t dilticultv. as f ir nv no bit 1 have procured n iuintny of " Ahlons Hjck Mil winrhHtnc kind ued in the Orange Couniy 1 ' 1 . i i ",I " icc.immeiiikM witn cntite eotiti lence Vine Calf Routs, " do Km do " do Calf and Kip UTOJIW, 44 Ptoiil shoe-, all kind' " l'nnielh (J, liter1 and dancing I uuip, Vouths' ihot ttiid S'ios, Kin Calf Houtd sewed and pcged, " ilo Kip do do " Seal and dram p'a'd ' Call Ricganaiid Kip sewed slifM'f, " Morocco Rooti cnJ Rii-Itins, " Cuie (inih'p, ' 1) meiiig I'ump4 anl Tiesid all knidn. A!-o, (JnllooiT of all color-, an 1 black and light silk rgnter laces, cottun hcc;, fcr. Live und Let Live." . WII'IM, iii'XTivr.'rn.v. I I AS ri-imi.'il ih.. liMMiii..i.t IKiOlv sji.-i.i.ivr: I I lll.Nl.l.Sd.MlI.AMC HOOK AlAKINti.nml Hiiulil tiiki- tin iiiiiiitunitj-nl n'tiiiiiinu hiauiai-l'ul ..vnii...i.-iiiiiiis in ins iiuiiHTuiwiri.'iMs and p-iiri mul tin- iiiililio i-cni'inllv I'ur tin- nv nmnv ti'iiJi'J tu linn attil lions by ihhwnt iitti'iitmii tu lua nus iit-i id rcL'i'ivt- n ikmiiiiii ut ilii-iriiauoiiniri!. lijiliiiKtiMi, Mnyijtli,lnT York State Soi-n-ty, nn orlnfurt- llu- lirbi At market. 5fl IVcrCnltV.r.Ojnira ; U mkm? 0cn dovoi Snnnulier imu nml ln-wr mve-nt'" tin. J" ws niiuv.iilrH,MX Miprp una I .im awtite ulk-rnnii i nlr-pi into the runiiKtilion, f-hiilf ilo llie I r.nt.s llril t. attle 1 1 frame, nn.l uUn (rie notice of thi'ir acceptance through the " Cultivator," ami any other penoiltcal they hi fit, in the timnth of Jm. e next The Jiulm Inllij'ne the awanl ol SI,1""' to the hor.e Hack llauk, iiiiUfi. another animal cntereil Plnll, id the opinion ot sam Juilep, or a majority oi'thein,ecel luiii in conip'ira tive merits on all of the lour following ioint, vi Ut rerfectnes).nf r-yniinetry ; -J. Ilase anJ i-letrancc of action : 3.1 IkH anJ most ju-rfect hroUe in liar iieM Ith The fastest trotting in liatncKi. The iil'ice time ami Uie length ol the tnniiliK course lo be deter initeil by w, near the show (.'round dunnt; thel iir the diKianre ink not u than three nor over ten ""jTi ' " "ln"llt llnk ill not at that time by fitted and in proper condition for trottina. In case we ale beaten, we reserve the riht to put him in train and i!'.1r K'n' '""'sh, tow huh c-aeli patty hhall add IOUiiioretoih-,,ri.,,iiiim fund. Thencond inatcli IS C'i'!1!;i ulr.w"1'"' "X weck attic Mine place.1 .Should there 1. inorc ih-noira horse entered to coin. TiieT," the wt'le0.u,.,,"! ""''"-' Pridport, Vt April 0--,. " & II. Tlte N. Y. NiVi' of the limes, of tho 20 till. in reference to tlio foregoing challcngo in tiie Cultivator, fays : Thft pditOM of " The Cultivator." nl t.t received the follovvlnc accept nice of iliac k Hawk's challenge, which icuiihu uh-iu iuu iaie ior their June numiier: conseqiicnuy uiey nuve very Kinuiy luruuli til us with the lollowina ropy of it : llenLi.MiioN.Vl., May21, 1BI7. Jilttnt. I'.Aitott Our ntteution won called by n friend n day or two the advertisement in your Mnv No. headed" Vermont agnimt the U'oiW" The conditions ol that challenge are such thai ive pre ........ itip Messrs Iln.i. do notexnect lo find a connie- litor on the day nnined : for the competitor M to he The tu ices of lis' week were mil Mistiiiii.-d. nml wi icdiiep mir niioliitions A small number extra 7 Ml ; lirst quality $7 7-J.')j incund C'. a fi"3 : thinl 5. Ml ' fi, (l'i Jli!f Oxoii Sali sat o5, .'J0, &13J, $1HI and 4115 T.iirt .in J Cairo Sales at $i 1 $3 J, j3, $ U, $ 15, nnd 450, Mir;i Fair not public Sirii.c Lctstn pi diile fJ and fi ; old IIogs5!e. At retail from 55 to 7c iUnvvtcb. I., it.ta Villniti on Wednesday cvenini?. thp IPt'i ult., by the Rev J; K nnverf, Wm M. .'lot'I.- TON, Ot iMmnilCIU H W ll .MLHll.l-A I t-iOKi. 'i this tow n. D i c b, This mornitic. June Itli, Travis J. eldest daiiBlite'' of James I). Ilriiifiuaid, nged lllj jears. ii:n nov to si:j.i. i,.y.i. STATU Ol' Vrj.'VtlXTA At " r',vi of ihe JJ.ttiiit ij CittleriJen.iuj. i 1' Conn, In I.I at lljilmcl willini and lor s.u.1 disliief of th llenden. mi tin- tiist div ol June, A. I). Id 17. conns Ultiirr IWh-r.iia.irdianof llojl I'- li iy. ot llmeo'iiuli, m slid distill i, a ininor son of Calvin Hay, hit ol said lliiic.Viiir.rli. d 'ceased, ami tiled in slid court hn peti tion, in writing, setting forth that his snl ward is wted ill hnowurii;htlill' eol ill ' luiiovvmg iiescniR'U pircelsnl lanJ, situate I iuntd llmis'iurli,vu a p ir eel ot I iii.l described a- billow silx-giiiiuui at the south east coiner ol lot .u. ni, in tue scconu uivisimi, iuuuin SO wot, N. 13 chains ; thence west SJ 15' north lorty clums , llieucu south -JJ ea-t, thirteen chillis, thence ea"fJJ 15' s will, lurly chains ; thence )Uth,S0 nisi, forty chillis, tu the place ol lieKUininu, containing 51 acres j ami n laicel ol land called the " timber Kit," being the noitfi halt of twenty acres, taken oirthevvesl end of lot No.H, in .heliist division, being the same land pun based by Calvin liny of 1 red crick V llaldwin, which said parcels ol bind were ml out to the said ward as his shine of the said Calvin Kay's estate , that it would be fur the benefit ol wild waul to have slid iareels of land sold, and the pro cecds ol siuh sale put at interest ; and playing said Couit tu grant bun liceue to Fell and convey said par eels ol laud lor the purpose utoicsjid, agreeably tu the statute in suih case made and provided; 11 hereupon the Court aforesaid nppuuit the louilh Wednes day in June, IS 17, lor hearing and deciding on said petition, at the olliee of the Kcginer ot said Court in said lluilinglon.nn.l iloth order that all persons inter ...i...l I... mi.l il, iinblieatloli ul this order. containing the substance of said -lilioii, three weeks succcs-ively, in the Ihirliiiglon i'ree 1'ress, a newspa tier piloted in said Huilingtou, the la-t id which pub. Iicatioiis to be previous to the said fourth educsjay ill June, Ul!. . , . r (iiveu under my hand at said llurliugton tins hrsl day ol June, UI7. . t Mnj W.M. Vt:STON, Keshttr, Patent Congress Roots. IIIl Ins niso purchased the right of Iliirhnttton lo manufacture Dvy's I'vTBVr Hoots, ltoim-s and Sums, winch are admitted to be liunett ami nnxt incttu artiel ol the kiit.l evvr g 'I up. lie- l.iluiwnig e.vtrict. is Iromlhi' rarmer a.tJ .Mcihanie, in relation to this Hoot ! "In Hurope the 'Congress lluot' lias come into ex tensive ue : it is patronised by llngljud's CJu en' by .1 L.i.... I I... I . I. .. I ,..-.r.. I...... Ii. fi.-t it is coiisideiedan indisiiensable aiticle ol la.liion, as i er, an I gun I Oernnu Silver, Irun.tilatrd, mul A :.iii'.!. i:s?I!S llIM.NS.MAlUst llUOTHCIlS desi 1,1 Jo express their thinks to tlu-ir friends nml custi merslor their very liberal custom which has l-i given them m d i)s past an I have the pleasure ol in lorinilig them that their stm k of Watches. Clocks Jewciry nnd 1' .nicy (ioods, together with the various oilier klll.1 ol I', which we deal in, will be tiiund inure eiieiisivc.mure varied, inure beautiful and very O ir aiin istn keep nur assortment good at all times, i" si ui-niii giiiiiisauu at such prices as good eii-lum "in".- peiiu iiiemiy pieaseil with our rirntjas. suiiiii.-iii me now i.pemugan.i all p-rsunsare ntvi in, iin iiiiuuii our siuiu una cAaiiiine our gooils and prices. niUNsMAii) it fii:oTiii:us. lliirlington, May 17, IS 17, u 'ASTOItS .Vr. A V'H" assortment of Iin? Hritannh revolving , '"'lo". together with 1'l.ited nnd ilriianma .Metal Ware in g-n-ra! lor sale at a low prices as at any other cstabhsbmcnt, ALSO l'lated Spoons plaled with pure silver on fierimn 14 DYU STUl't-'.S vVu. lfllliS Cajipkalhv Loo ground. Wooii llu I'llstic. du lleil.vtHid, do Nicwood. dn Camwood, do Alum, I or pile by Burlington, May, .. 5') 50 10 '2j 10 llhie Vitriol, 5 do 1,1 c l)ve, 5 Caes Inrlieo, 15 Ivegs Cn am T JPC HAGS Siitinitrn; Till do Lnmtirn ; i3 75dn.lavni Uf) do Old Cov. Java ; 75 lioxn l'eru and Flesh (Jround, for ?ale bv J. imADI.flY .t CO. nurlingtnn, Mny 25. U S-mlh Whtrf. nrtar, 'lli:VlXc:, various brands j t'Vi i'MI lloves do doj too M ill H(im do do; 15) One Qitaiter llusis dn do. KM Canister? ul J. Anler fuii's I'leiniuiii l'ine Cut Chcwiutj, of finest quality, mrsaeby J. lIKAUlil.i .v. I.U. liiltllllgton, .nay tj. -. ssimii iim; Molassc. TJOin'O llll'O, Trinidad.Xew'Oilenns.St.CioIr X nnd sugar House ftjtup, tor sale ny J. IlllAIJl.IlV it CO. Burlington, May 25. n iuulh IHinr. :..! 1. lo do in packai'rs ol il, .V) and 1() lbs ; 5 Ions hit.; Lead (di); ) Kegs riench ellow ; j0 do lid Lend ; lo do I.ithaigo ; ij bbW- LiiiM-ril Oil. (North. Ill) lor sale uy a uu.idi.i. i .. . w. lliirlington, .May 'ii. is ,mi n iniij SUGARS. EJOUTO Kirn. Sr. Cumx. Nkw Orti,i;s (. Iarcli"d, N. O, Muveovado, Crusheil, powder- .i uii.i .out uuuuie ana single, t or snie nv J. DllADI.r.Y .t CO .M.iy2.", Xjuth Wharf. rwilrr. 7) n f I Kegs, loi) llhls ,Vi 1 bWs. bln-tingpow-"'"' ilrr, loo kegs Itille it Spoiling do, 10 Hands " Sality Fuse May'JS, Tor sale bv .1. HliADI.r.Y .V CO. 6V.iii Wharf. liiilii ('ha:njtl:iin Wisu:. IWWV. VIXi:M.MT.CTnti:i)ri:()M lir.vnc A I.nglish. and lied Cuiinnts, liny be had at the liv-ehing-hous" of die Fubsciiber It is reeoinmciuled y I hvsicians lur all invalids requiring wine. MayW). -lsw3 C (iOODUICII. rASH ixm finit xj Hour nnd Meil fur il, llurliugton, .May ,, 1817. bj- II MILL STORE. .i.r. uixns or uiiaix vnnr.i,i:i!. Vaitted I (iOOD .1 civ. v ni( .vti:i) rn r.-r.T7rrai 1 aii.iress llie suusciiiier, tiopt mil. staling nge price iVe. .... II. . UliLSIt. .viaionc i rauKiin v.o. .1. l . iswa noxxKcncLT wvmt shad axu J Xoiih .Shore Salmon, by llie hall" Mil. nnd rniL'l pOMUIt. -TIO 111.1 . t"l 1. .1, J't, M ij I S.MlF.Sn LAUD, nt i iiihiniy. H .1 S. DKWEY FLOUR. OrtUJ) lflHX .Siirr. Western just re e ceived nnd for sale at Troy prices, lluilington .May lij, by J. I.KADI.t.V it CO. " " LP.ATHIK t ( ( SlUl'.S Sole Uathcr, l'or sale hv I ' "U ll. C. LOOM IS, .Mav 25ih 1317. Hiv3 Ton. Lace L'p 1 or sam ny i:.c. i.oo.Mi.- Pninli and Oils. t Ofi KUGS l'tirr- Karfrr rtios Wliito I.r ;n i.Jt 0l)). 73 lio iun rtodoi 09 do No. 1 LAMP OIL. Tj (X Itlils. Pur Sif-nn; an tin liilmnt; M 3 :i')do UifincJ Whali ,lor sale by j it fu. flurlingto:i, May 25. -IS .South Wharf. ClIUHSU CLOTH. X HALLS. 10 Hull s Wool 'J'vvinp ' J lor lle bv .1. IIKAHI.KY it to. lliirlington. May 25. H South Wharf. raisins. 75 t r.oxF.s m. is. : 7,-. i.m Ho .lo JK.J'U' l.l,li)do;5Jlvgs. Kurslleby .1. liliAl.I.KY f Cn. llurliugton, May 25. H South Wharf. SO.M', mu irvv t' not t i 'Mnv ,i t. ijuol amy Ilurlingtnn, Mny J Tor snle bv J. Ill.ADl.l2Y ! Co. ii S.wth Wharf. DOMESTICS. CMIKirriN'fiS. bnli s ltocklnntl ; 10 dn. I? New York; 10 do New Jersey : 10 do Walpole , 15 do AI M C SII1HTINGS, '-! bales fine brown ; 1 do do New York Mills. I'lCklNGS, ' rates Lowell, 5 bales I.owill A ALSO 3 I alts Atinkapns miitures j 3 ciscs ' l.'.j t. iiiiir pani.iiuoii stun ; J luies ot t'laia oik Ktfiillnis j oil., slrijM d do do ; 5 do plain du In, 15 du Hums : lOilu Uickiug; 10 da Ainoskvaj bills; ll) Jo tllobedo. I'nrsale bv JOHN IIKADl.KY.feCO. lluilington. May25!h. W Sjuth Wharf. MA ll'. r,nn UK. VJ for sale by llurliugton. May, 2j. "Vn the su1,f N Ilonora'.i I AND, Skirling, II iiness, llrldl. J- per Leather , Callskim .Mav 25th HI7. MOliOCLO, Kid, Lining, llin hnj, Tnmmiug, . Sheen. Ilnjlish Akivcrs anJ .Siiainin.iis Skms. l'or sale bv 11. C. l.OO.MIrt, .May23i!i 1317. -ISvv3 CiJlIOi; Makers Tools, rindings, Lasts, Hoot Trees O and Tlnrk Hoots. 1'orsale by 11. 0. l.OOMIS, May25ih IS 17. Id.vS 'nANNIIKS.Oil Hy thellbl. (11. Ql Tors-ileby 1 .May 25, 1SI7. -sw3 ll. C. l.OOMIS, Slop, A T Winno-Ui Tails, and examine a well selected l. assortment ot I1AIEI WAICIL DItUtiS AND ) l'AI.NTS .mi:di:cini:s. ! oils, (inoci:itn:s, ) dvustuit AVbich are oiler fur sale ns low ns can lie biuught in Ilurliugion.oruny while in the Slate bv WM. ft. HATCH. June, 1st 1817. I'jft ANNATTO. 2DASKETSIi,IU.Mi:nits,n A.vvmo. l'or sale at HARfiiNGinN'fi Aintheearie Hall. (uperturto mac iiawn iiiniiine res ..-ei inviniuiir.i, . . fsiiir I nnl'lin rils."l'Hi ..rlllaeU Hawk takes the nrie. Suturas we know, I 'A.lll l.Al.lll lAlliU. I UM l(. Black Hawk is" tiie last nnd ino-t -rfect broke fen. V .Vicwoo. , Itcdwood, fllndder tire liotwliii linrness" in the world. He would llicre-j generally neu. fore take lliepriieon this ground alone ov er any horsc that inighl bo oliered, though inferior to his competi-l 111 torinthe otlierpttiuilau. We presume no one will! -1.1 and Diewood lit II.V!U'.INUT'IV,S CAKUOYS OIL OF VlTliOL. at IUkri.mjio.i's CONG!lS WATiat, IUST I11XT.1. LI) Ai itLMi M ITI.Y ort'o.v -) gitss Vater,nnd lor sale by Uuilingion, June, 2 1317. C. l'LTLItPON, 4'J pitLSII LUGS, STL.VAl.rKMnAuiiora: M. Alolassiw, choice old Jov a cofli-e. Tomato ( 'at- sup, iteysl'epper s.iuee, Durbaiii Aliislaid, i.iouiiil Sjuces, rupiuca, Alaccaroiu etc. June I, ISI7. A. S. DI'AVin'. Aiiu-i-icaii I'riitls. riMin LAIUUJST Slock of I'uney Prints 1 this side of New Yoik. Our nssomneni is kipt up ut all limes, und we urM sell at a mi ndvunee Juuu 1, 1HI7. Ii) VILAS V NOYLS. Itadin. tVc. in ,ta1c,H HutlinL': 15 do Cotton Yarn ; 5 do Wool Twin., for s-le by June 1, 1317. l'J VILAS iV Jv'OYKB. well as ol eonilot I The Cung css Hoots, Trench Calf Hoots, ami every kind of oik in his line, tiunulaeliired to order, as be employs, m comicction with his establishment the best woikmeii. i:!:l'bi:n h.vtciiuldt.ii. Ilurlingtoi), May IS 17. aaif .......... -I .. 11 . ,ll.. L" I I ... I . I . I . :. . I " "oiii-r cpuoiis mil juiKsitir Ml ,1.1 fin. I , l I I .... .... ' ' " I-t' ii lulu ij ul isi-,iii nuiisi- Ki-i-puig iii- ticles. WecoulJ cilliitlention toiiurnew slyleand new piiterns of Hutiler Stamps, Tatty Tans ami loour new Stock generally.-w luch is lunch enlarged, and of fered at very low prices MaytfS 1317. Hrixsvaid Si I' ROBINSON &. GOULD, OW OTi'i;il to the public, n superior assortment PAXCV AM) STAPLL DHV GOODS, at Wholesale nnd I.etail, also, a guo,l assortment of CAiirLTs. Taitb 11 VNoiv.s.and ( May 27, 1317 TOV AND SCHOOL HOOKS. A good nssoitmeiit at . S Hl'NTINfi TON'S. STATIONERY 70l!salehy X. IIUNTINdTON, 1 Stioiigs' lliiilding, cor. ofChureh i College-sis. 7 HATS & CAPS. 51 V fresh supiily ol New ork Hats ill a superior V (iiahly; iilsu Hits ol my own niiimtacturc, and a lirge ami splendid assortment of line silk and cluihCATS lor men nml bnvsol II, i. ion and New York Alauufactuie, which will be sold unusually (HV tor par ,, C A SllY.MOL'li. t omer of Strongs lluililmg, on the Sipiure, lluilington, May 25, 1317. 13 NKW HOOT AND SIlOH STOUU. 'pill: subsi-nher Ins just returned from New York, I wiih a large and (.eiieial assoitiuent ol Ladies and (Jeiitlciuens, Missi-s and Clnl,!ris Iloois (iaiters Iluskms and Slnss.silected with gn at cure fioin the last inaniificliiriiig Shops in theciiy He ns.ipur clnsed lasts aim every uiateiial lor llie niuiiufji tine of lliiois and Shin's, vv Inch vv illcnablc him tu give his ens. miners a first rate aiticle. lie bus gnally enlarged Ins business to enable him to meet the glowing wants ol Ins ciirloineia and he looks with conlidellce to their lavor nnd patronage to sii-staui Hint. llurliugton, Church Street, 2 doors noiih 0, hnk JAMLS II. TLATT .May27, 1317 H3 (Srcnt Victory. 'PHI! money in cuiuuiand of the Tcople's Ag"iit I was pushed forwnid with wondiTlul ill-ilili through tln'ceiiliiil pissofthe Oieeu Aloiiutanis bar ricaded as they were with embankments uf snow, und took both Huston and New Yoik muikcts bv suioiise on the 1st April nnd cnpiured Irom ilieiu a selection of llieir tasiiion.iiiie guujs vvlncli, uu arriving at eniioiit was inu-.iiiied with a prolitahle bounty th it so inerea wl again tile nionev forces as to nnhiee an nll-mjil at a second attack on New Yoik the 1st At ay when being victorious bi ought aw a v the gi cutest array ol trophies lllltever ghslined in Church Street, vv hele ihey are now nnajedtor redemption by the Teoplc at their Store kent bv. 2Cih .May 1317. HOW A 111). Agriculture & Elorticcilturc. f 1 A It I) N UK'S Paumtiis' Dictioaahv, a H Complete Cotnpeiidiiim ol Agriculture mid Hor ticulture, Implements, tVc iVc , with numerous cn irruvmgs.nTti pages, in elegant leaiber biiiiling AMi:itW.L AdltirCJI.Tl ;;,a conipTclesvs. tem of Traelical run"'gi,,,.;,,A!,' Aui.v. tiii: riw it cri.nitisT. uy j j. thouaj. adapted lo the .Soithern Stales. Tins is recommended tu all who cultivate a tree or shrub, as the Ubt small piaeticat woik published Torsaleby C. (iOODUICII, Agent fir lloitieulluri-t, iiiunthly, l.y A J, Down h'Si Agiieultuiist. monthly, by A. II. Allen; Culti. vator, inunihly, by Tucker ad HnwMtd, May R 17vvJ DA GVERREOTYPE GOODS. OTLUATOItS are infunned that vveliave pun has. id u tar suK'iior stuck ol (ioods in this hue than hasiver ls eu opened at the .Noiih and we shall sell low iCerutaii and American Cameros, Scavills ami Trench Tlaicsaud all kinds of Cases, stock appaialus and i hemic. ils, and all things wanted will be on hand at New Yoik prices. lllllNSMAIl) it HKOTHLUS. May 17, 1317. H CI I AAJl'I.AI. .V COV.MK'TICI'T ICIVIMt It. VII. HOAI). N assessment of ten dollars on eacli shire of llie cajiital stoik ol the Chimplaiu and Connecticut Hiver 1'ail Compiny has bei n oidcred by the Direct ors, and ma Ie niyable on th" Ihst day of July neit. T.imi'iit may he mule tu tbe Hanks ol Iliiiliugtuu, Vclgelllless, Allddlebury, Itutllllld, lll.lck Kiver, or ll 'llows Tails, the Cheshire llauk, Kecne, N II , to l'.dwunl Tirkcring, Ts. , No CO, Slate sireet, lioston, or tu the Treasurer, Tieasurei's Ollim', Muldiebuiy SAMUKL SWI1X Titutmtr May 23, 1317. H lVautril. t YOUNG iixnittiirriu and t..mai!iiii:i) m s il of good constituiiuii, master mechanic, vv tin is capable ol superintending llie ivusliiiclioii of saw ami gust mills, and a planing machine it necessary. Such a one with guud recuiiiiiiendatious ntut not uiiw illnig topuout olihe I 'luted States, may hear ol an opening tu giatily his must sanguine aiiucipiliiui. in u lew yens, byapplicatiuit tilher icrsunally or by letler'UJ paid to this olliee, 13wil V M AC K ICR EL. T0S. 1 am)JMa('ki:iii:i, in -J.-lds., 11 and Itijtibs. Tarkages, liauhe by Ihe barrel ami single pound. 2sih, May, i ,, sj ui;vcy, ' NEW GOODS. Mews lltisiniiiil A Ilintli"r nn1 opening the most extensive and beautiful assortment of COLD iV. .Slt.VLIl WATCIIKS, Clnins, ICeys, Tens, lVncds. and ntlwr goods in the (iold and Silver hue, and of new and tue' sijlis t,f Tarlor, .N'loie, Church, and common Clocks. .Vied (Ioods an 1 11 ig.. Tans, Work T.oes j Dressing Ca ses, line Toit Tohos, ltaikgunuiotl ll.iards, visiting and phi) nig Curd', line Cigir Ca-cs. Tipes and Tubes, line Tobacco and .s'uull llo.vesaiul Inaes tor all purposes, nnd the most bciiinliil n.orliiu'iitof Amer ican, lluglis!i, (icrinau and Tan- l.iney articles which we I uve ever had the nleasure of tillering tu our customers; is veiy important to eiistoineis and ourselves (mtitti-itly us w r think ) our prices shall be low. lUUNiVMAlDiV HliOTIILKS. Alay 17. hiMEs mm, DRAPER AND TAILOR, HAS removed Ins shop to College strei t, under the Tiec Tress olfne, where be will vvjit upon Ins customers at all tun.-s. He Insjusi ictutued from New York wiih n supe rior assuriinent of all articles lur (ietitleuii'n's wear, ot the laiest stylisanj test qualities, vi.. Ihubsh. Treinh anil (ierinm llro.idcloths, Cav-iiueres ol ah kinds, Vcsllllgs, Jlusuuis, (iavats, Neekclplhs, Ilalldkit duels, (.lutes, till kinds of Tiiiuuiings lur (iaimenls, sl-c. ie. Turticulnr ntteution will be given tu cutting for others to make up. lliirlington, Mo SO. 1317. IT ILLISTOX HIGH SCHOOL ami Pi:- vi;.sti:i!.." j. hiadi.i:y,.vco 13 Siuth Wharf NEW GOODS, p DOOLITTLL. ins jtst iiixnivrn a 0 full nssoitinenl 1 1 Dry Ooods ,V( Groceries which will be sold nl the lovvitt price ior Cash or Credit. May 2oth, 1317 43w Demits HomTs Kstnto. i' .-rs. lint ing hi en appointed by the the Trolei;,' Court for the Di-tnct of Chittcoileu. Coiiuni.ssii.n -is to receive, examine and adjust tbe i Linns nn.l d n.inds of all persons ogniud the" ot DCVNIS HOOD, late of Milton, in said Disinci, d.-i-eiist,, i, piesented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in ofT-ei therein , and sit inonllis troin the day of the date beteol be.fij nlowcil iiysaid Court lor that purpose, we do there fore hereby give nonce, that we will attend to the business ct our appointment at Sylvester Ward's inn, in Milton in said district, on the lir-t Mondats cl July and November next, at 10 o'clock, A" M , on each ot said davs. Dated this 23th dnv of pril. A I) 1317. V , VuL-'iTT'Cm I Cowaiwone, 1. KA.) .11.1 lll.l" H IL I'. J ititt'l ('lull's JMntc. STATU OF VTJlMiiXT, ) I N Trobite Court I.imoille Ihtut,s S - hold n it Hv" -. jinik, within and P,r sii.l distiiit, on the l'.'tli dij ot .May, A I) 1317. LaCivette Cndy. Admimnrator en the estate of Unci Cail'v. late ol Cnnibiidge, m s- i district, deceased, prrsenls Ins administration account lor s, lllem. ut . U lieu upon ll isuldered lliat thefalil. be releired to the fuh div ol June nett, at the Troba. -Olliee ill sml llvdepark, tor etmiinatiou and nllow anee ; and that all concerned Im netilied hereol.hy the publication ol this order in the Uiiilmgtou Kiee Tu -, a newspaper pruned at Ibirhngten, Vt , three week? sueces-ivcly, as soon ns ma he. tint they nnv appear, and at said tune and plaic, it the) see cause, objtct thereto. Ily order ol Court. Atle-t, IIAULOW T. SMITH, RcgKtcr A tnie ct'tiy ol recunl, 17vt Attest H. T. SMITH, H'gittjr t'l niont iVnti.'il Ititiltond. 8X ASSrSSMHXT 0T TLX 1101.1.1113 O.V V ii. share, has been ordered by the dilcitois of t',e Vermont Central llailroad t'ouijiany. juvuble on i1 15ih du) of June nett; t -mucin, maj "be made at the Tumi, is.v Meeir I'.iiik, Iturlinti'ii. fit the Vnnk ul Muntpi her, at the WihkIsii i k or at th Treasiiier's olliee, No. 21 llarri-lers' llafl, Cuutt s..pnre l-i-ioii SA.ML II. WALI.LY, Ja Huston Ma) 10, HI7. sliwS Tmmrei SIXGLXG CLASS I N. Mil. NICHOLS will cumiueiice on Saturday next, at 1 o'chvk.T M.. at the Ve.try olihe I ongregailoiial Church, a class in Sisoi-.g. The cl. -limits ot iiuisie, the An ol reading correctly. Music!.! Aitieiilatiuiiaud lltpr.ssiou win U- taught. 20 les sons for fclJiD tin-scholar. Also, another term ol his Juvenile Scbtsil will K gin at :t o'cl.s k Terms ftl.'H) loi 20 lectins. Itiuliiigion. Ma) 21, 1317 47 (S HAM) a few cvvt o U(tOI) t'ltKliSK; and v uriaiigeiiieuis pat,. Dc,"ii niil.le lor a i olisianl tun- w Illstltllllou vvill coiumellce uu Wednesday, June 2d, under tbe ch irge, as beietolore, ol .1. LtMVN, A M The condition ol this school is pros'ii,us, and the pruspeiis lor the Inline tlattering. The lustiiiclion is b'heved to be ellicient and thorough. It is uu cssen Hat pecuhariiy ot the lustiiutinii tu lend the pupil, su f.iras pmcticable, both tu instruct and gofetn hmtsell This renders his studies pleasant and ensures success 'The facilities tor the acquisition ol natural science ate uncommonly good. Special attention is given in the sin Iv ot llo'laiiy during the summer leim. Miss M 11 Tiiovirsos, a teacher ol taste and skill, will Is. em ployed tu give lessons in .Music The Tiiucipal pos ikwsa lame I Tclescoie ol superior ily, wnli other excellent apparatus, latelv enlirged, which lie will use lor the licuttit ol the student Tvition Tor the Tiiuiaiy branches, $3,00 " Higher branches, " Lmgiiages, -litj ' Music, with use of pinno. lOJiO Iljir.n can be obtained ut Irom $1,00 tu $1,50 per week, including wnsliiug. ic N- Il It is veiy desirable ihat those whaanticimte attending should commence ut the beginning of the pi liter. Wtiliston, May 5, 1817. 473 NEW GROCERIES. 1 S. DLWLY ins iu:ct:ivi:i) ms Simiimi tit stock ol (iKmrnili", and i now prepaied tn sup ply customers with (ioods, in his branch of trade, ol the lest lu.ilitu. Teisoiis lindiug it convenient to teml for their sup plies will llmd nu aerretame, and any arnele which on mul dues not suit, can in all cases be relumed, and the pay will b. reluuded Turlington, Ma) 20, 1317. 47 oticr. I.I. p-rsons are hereb) cautioned acnint digging pits lor turf, clay, gravel, or any other puiiwfe,iii the streets of thin town, under the penally ul the stat ute in such case made and provided ; as ail such casts enming tu our kuuvv ledge vvill be luusicuted without fail. J. N. TOMLIiOY. ) Selectmen HAMULI. NICHOLS,? of H. P. STACY, ) I'imlwgton. T,iirliii3lon, May 17, 1317. 47v-3 'uu. di:wt,y plv ot chi iee ) "TTI'.l! through tin' s.ii .May 20, 1317. 17 A S. 1 ATIIW HAMS ol my uwn curing, wairanted gins! ; and a few Neats 'Tongn... env smoked, ju-t reciived . S. DtlWKY." .May 20, 1317. 17 t'T. CliOIX Molasses ol Ihe tim st uiialily at O .May 2J, 1317. -17 A. S. DISNEY'S DUITD TUACIILS at A. S DT.WEY'S. .May 20, lal?. 47 CASH PAID FOR Ul'TEiL' 1. 1S1XI1Y &C0. wiu. p.wcxsii ran It a few 'Tons of mce Hutlcr, delivered soon. .Mat -Ii), 1317. 47 1 NC Y CA SslllERES. XC T1T.CTS New St) lis, lust received at JW IIUSIXSOX ! GOCLlJS. May 21, 1317. . 47tf Aciv (oo:l. 0 III XSOX (! 0 U Ll) Am: i.ixnvivrj il their .Ycf (loads, to which they respectfully in vite )oiir am niion. Ilurlnigton, .Muy 21, 1317. Urcss SilkS. AI.AIiOU assottment ol Itirh Silks, by JiOISIXSOX Jj GOVW. Alay 21, 1317. " SILK SHAWJS. Al'llff tteavv China Ciape, also luatv lllaik Silk Shaw Is, by H01HXSOX , (luVLI), May 21, 1317 XOTICK. fY, Copartxi:iiiiit m.itirrorofJK nisr- I. 1114 lictw t-ii the suLK'tils-rs under the tinn of T. & II 11 DOOLI TTLL' was. hy cotuvat, dissolved on the first day of Apiil last. The business ot the late firm will be settled by T. Duo! ittle. tn whom all payinuits are to be made, and who wdl u ihe name ot tbe said linn in liquidation. An eariy settlement ot all aecounu duo i icqm sled T. DOOL1TTLE. H. H. DOOL1TTI.E Hurluisten, llh May, 1FI7. . 6