Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 18, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 18, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 18, 1847. 4ttatkct0. Brighton Cattle Market, .Hominy, JmieU. tReportcd for the Traveller. Arnirkei, 470 Beef Cattle, (Including 90 head left J0 k""s. Wo'king Oxen, 40 Cows and Calves, 1300 Sheep nnd Limbs, anil about 1150 Swine. Beef Cattle Extra, 97 23 ; first quality ?G 75 ! se cond and thinl qualities, frotn $5 to $ii. L,2C'"' 0 Sales varying Ironi $76 iff 81, up Co 137. CoictniKiCoIte. Sales notlcedat $23,21,20,21), 31 and $3(5. Sheep Sales of old Sheep, In lots, nt 3 07, and 100 t4 5 j Lambs from $1 75 to 2 13 to 3 51). Sieine nt wholesale, 5Jc for Sows, and 6 it 7c for Barrows. At retail, 6J to 71 Skt 8c. Pig weighing 30 lbs, iiilols,at8cperlbs. N. 11. Market very dull, and a large number of cattle remained unsold at 4 o'clock. WOOI,. Duty, 30 perct. The Wool market remains the same as at our last report, The stock of fleece is very light, and manu facturer) buy but just enough to keep their nulls in ope ration, it the expectation ol the new clip coming to rnirket soctt. Some sales of pulled have been made during thcast week at a trifle below quoted rates. INme Saxony Fleeces, washfl - American full blood do. - - . dj 3-4 do. . do 1-2 do. . . . . do l-4ifcconido. Smyrna, unwashed, - - - - Buenos Ayres, unpicked, - - - Extra Nonh'n pulled lamb, Sup. North'n pulled lamb JVo. 1 do do do - - - 2 do do do - 3 do do do - - . - 45 tf 50 40 it 45 30 if? 33 32 f 33 23 9 30 H 13 6 W 14 33 tt 42 33 it 35 23 U 30 19 J 20 It & 15 A CcE AMD No Mistake. Let it speak for it self: Dr. Wiioht : I haveolten wished to inform yon ofthe betletits derived from the tisenf vonr Tmlinn Ve getable Pills, not lor the purpose ol" gratifying you, wu ore stranger io me, out wnn me nope mat oiner fellow beings, who might be similarly allhcted, may be induced to lly to the same resort. In the Fall of 181 1,1 was persuaded to use your Pills; beare I had uied one box Ifelt encouraged in conti nue, and did continue, until Iliad used twelve boxes, having stopped nt intervals and commenced again. The result was, that in the Spring following llejt the let ltd and room to which I had been cnltrrly.cnn Anedfor iioiit years, during which long period I had recourse to the skill ol the hen physician could be obtained, and who did all in their power j but nil their efforts were in vain. Indeed, I never del i led the least benefit. My complaint was originally Rheumatic, which was afterwards aggravated by a cold. The two combined became seated in my h hole system. I became help less ; my legs and arms were ol House to me, dining that long time, in wliicli 1 hate suffered beyond toy powerlo describe, and if I were to attempt description, it might appear to others an exaggeration. Nor will I attempt io tell you how much money I paid to doc tors. I may mention that in these eight years I did not take more lood than a healthy man would use in lour months. The eating of victuals had much the ellect the swallowing of a bumingcoal might have. I will not be too lengthy' but conclude by saying that old age is the only hindrance to performing labor. My appetite has been ever since uniiiteruptedly good and 1 enjoy my night rest fully. I live in Moore Township, Northampton county, Pa.; ant a farmer ; am71 yearsof age ; and though you are unknown to me, I conceive you the greatest Lenetactor the earth ever nllbrded me. (Signed,) . Jons Frack. Petersville.Pa., May 4, 1317. The original document may be seen at the Princi pal otlice and General Depot, No. 103 Race St., Phi ladelphia. For sale by Tiieo. A. Peck, Apothecary and wholesale Druggist. 43w3 THE PARLOR MAGAZINE. J. T. II e able y, Kditor. This Magnilne, formely under the care of D. Mead, commences its Fourth Volatile under the editorship ol J. T. lleadly, author of " Napoleon and his Mar shals," " Washington and his (Scncrals," " Letters from Italy " fee. Jfc. Wc hazard nothing in imying that this Magazine is destined to till a large place in public estimation j that it will not only maintain its present enviable reputation, but earn to Itself n far higher popularity, and become the companion of ma ny n circle to which It is now a slrnnger.glnddctungby its presence, while it exerts an Influence pure, eleva ting and hcnllhlul. The editor will bend his energies to make this the tasr rom.Ait Magazine of the day, and while availing himself ol assistance Ironi the best writers, he will ifraw freely from his own cxhansilcss store. it w ill continue to maintain Its high moral tone, nnd nothing will bo admitted intuits columns winch will minister to the corrupt passions and tcn.lences ol youth, or which the author "dying would wish to blot." The deign is to offer to the public a Magazine con taining all the attraction and interest of the lighter periodicals, while it moves in a different path, and is notexposed tothe satnr! objections. It is issued monthly, commencing with "ay, con taining 32 pages of original matter, printed on line pa per, in handsome cover, with a splendcd steel engrav ing, nd colored flower, in each number, with occa sional music, nnd is got up In every respect In the best slvleof the art, making a yearly volume of Ml pages, full ol choice illustrations, and lorining an elegant or nameiit to the patlor lablc.or a rich and valuable pres ent to a friend. Hack numbers nnd volumes always on hand. t Price only $2 per year, if in advance. 3 copies for $5. 8 copies for $12. The Press ami the public nrc daily awarding usthe very highest testimonials of the editorial ability ol our Magazine, nnd the beauty nnd taste with which it is embellished, placing it in the very firl rank in every respect, among the thousands ol winch wc select the lonowing : "Mr. I lea diey'a lively nnd versatile pell is admi rably fitted to give a charm to a work like this." X. 1. Evangelist " Under the editorial chaTge of J. T. Headlcy, the most popular writer ol the age, we predict a still srong cr interest will be taken in this already well-known and valuable Magazine. The name of Ilcadtey alone is a sure guaranty of success." Farmer and Me, chanir. " The new editor has infixed that intense and ah sorhing interest into its pages for which his writings arc rematkablc. The woik has gained in the power which enchains the sympathies and nveis the atten tion, without losing anything of its former chaste nnd elcwitcd morals and sty le." iVindham County Vein octat.t " We wNh this Magizine much success under its present gii.irih.-niship '' Advocate and Joitrnnl. " The editor is well knuwn as one of the most brilliant writers of the day." .4m. Agrietulmalist. " Their iimito is to mingle the beautiful with the trend." A, E. Iieticir. "Mr. Heaili.-ycnutiihutes to the present Mav num ber liberally in Ins usual pleasing style." A'. Y. Tribune. Ills t.l cuts W ill add PTcntlv In ihr interest of the piililieiition. and have gnat influence ill extending its circulation," Christian I.teltigencir. " This very neat monthly is gaining favor, refining atld softenill'f the roilnlillf R4 nl lift. nr., I 111,. f.iimly where it alights, 'Esto periietua.'" Massa- (,iur(ff Xiiffie. " This is unquestionably the bet Magazine of its kind in the country.' Nantucket Enquirer. iicauiiiui us it is vuiinblc. Lutheran Observer. A few cood resnousible Aeents wanted, to circulate this woik, to whom the best inducements will be oitercd. i; K. MILKS. 5Iw2 Publisher 151 Nassau St. N- V. Arclillmld W. IlyitoV Ilstntc. WK the snhcriliers, having liecn appointed bv the Honorable the Probate Court lor the District ol Chittenden, Commissioners to receive, examine and adjust the claims nnd demands of all persons against the estate of Archd. V. Hyde, late of Burlington in said Distiict, deceased, represented Insolvent, and alo all claims nnd demands exhibited 111 ollsct thereto and six months from the day of the dale licrcol, being allowed by said Court lor that purpose, we do there fore hereby give notice, that we will attend tothe bu siness of iiur npiHiintnietit, nt the oliicc ol Charles Russell ill Huilingtoii In said District, on the 4th Monday of Octolicr and November next, at 10 o'clock, A. At., on each ol said days. Dated, this Ulhdny of June A. D. 1817. J. McM. SHAFTER. ) HENRY WHITNEY, Commi. 51w2 HUN II Y P. H1CKOK, ) C1ARPETINC, Oil Cloth, Paper Hangings, am J Transparent Window Shades just received and forsalc chenp for cash at June io, law. HOWARDS. NEANDERS History of the Christian Religion and Church, Translated from the German by Prof. Torrey. Vol. 1 Price $3,00 for sale by. June, 10, 1817. 51 C. 11. EDWARDS. w OOD nnd Urass Clocks for sale low by June io, si L-AU.t.N n, silau. A good assortment of Ready Made Clothes such ns I 1. Coats, Pants, Vests, Overalls, Shirts, and Drawers, ifc, Ac. CATLIN &. SPEAR. June 10, 1817. 51 Fish, Mackerel, Salmon, N WANDER'S Gkskral History op the Christian Religion and the Church, translated by Professor Tokkey, Vol. 1, lurge Bui,, lor wile by June 'J. 50w3 C.GOODRICH. JIOKSUS ) CAltUIAaUS. 1IERS0NS wisiiixo Horses & Carriages, can be accommodated nt the Pearl St. Houc. 50 VILAS J( NOYKS. liicil 'l-Iiplc. 1()00 L1JS. Dried Apples LJ Jr :lI5t rcccived and for sale by 50 VILAS & f NOYES. Tin Plait &c. yK botes Tin l'lnte, aborted, I O 10(1 rolls Iron Wire do do Wire cloth, Rivets, Copper cVc, also a large assort ment ui i i.-v ai;i:. lluilingtoti June 7. ror sale liv VILAS &. NOYLS. Sword fish, TVTOS. 1. and 2'. ' I'irltlfl.nnd Arv llorrimr. mul rlrv f.nt Hsli. 01 UA'ILllN !J51'KAII. Special Notice. ryThectlraordinary CIIAKFENBEUG PILLS, whicli re achieving uupnrcllt'd triumphs in various ctions of thu country, nrc now introduce J into this vicinity. Let every mck person read the advertisement ofthe GreafcnbercConipany, which will Le found in another column, fursuleut Shkrwoou's, West side Court House Square. Dr. Wood's Sarsnparilla nnd wild Cherry Hitters containing all the sanative qualities of those most val uable articles of the Materia Medica, combined with other valuable Remedial Agents, Jurnish the Falest and most effective medicine tor Jaundice, occasioned by an obstruction ofthe billiary pissages Dyspepsia, a distressing and almost indeoribfible compUmt Scrofula, prevailmc to th preatest extent when the reasons nre variible rinip'oa on the face, whieh cause no much anxiety on account of their unsightly auDcaranee Uheumitis.n . Sick-headnch'. IMes.tfcc. vr r'otTtfredto the public. Tursile byTiiEo. A. 1'llk, Apothecary nnJ wnole.saic urugtn. oirt'J Ano the r, restored in Kcuncbcck Co. Ic East Livcnnore, Aug. 1815. Dear Sir: You mav publish this letter, or make use oi l i rh you think bcM, A year ago Ian fall I wns takn pick witu a wvcre rougii, mas very much pr'-j'd for breath, lo-t my appetite, and became ve ry much reduced in my general health, Mvent profuse. Iv. nmi ebuH nut sleen nmhts. I nnnlied to a nhvui- cian, wh done all in his power to relieve nnd restore me, but did not succeed, I was confined to the house most of the winter, often having loni; epells of cough ing, raitiiiu; mmic blood, iioiuc lime m the spring I roiiunruccd taking. WWTAR'S BU.SAX OF WILD CHERRY. Ocfyre 1 had tiuished one liottle I was relieed ; my ohl'Ii removed : luv si ecu reiored : 1 bled no more I hare taken four bottles the jnst season. Mystrength and general health is now goo.i t attnhute it to WliSTAir.S liALSAM OF WIMJ CIIEKRV. Signed. N. WELLINGTON. I am personally acquattited with Mr. Wellington and believe his statement above to be true. SitfneJ. S C. MOULTON. None f-uutne unlei ftioned I. HUTTS en the wrapper. For sale by Tuto. A. I'sc. Apothecary and wnoifsaie uruggist. . A. II. Gale & Co.' PIANO-FORTES. THE U.XDKRSIRXEl), HAVING LATKLY SI'KXT several davs in examining ierw)nallv the Piano I' ottOS of all the nrinrinnl tactnnca iti New Ynik. Ims concluded, niter a candid and thorough invcMigation, to introduce into this market those made by there in genious Vermonters, as lcing, according to liisjudg- meiii, nearer to iicnecuon man any ouier wnaiever tic has met with. The experience acquired by the man ufacture ol nearly 2000 instruments ; the employment of CO of the most skilful workmen ; the adoption of all the real improvements of th? day, nnd the use oi steam power, hac gained for them throughout the United Slates a reputation so high that ten instruments a week (their present product) cannot Mipnly their demand, n...... i Y: i. i. - ' I.. i lie;; i luuun uwiii phiii urt nt' CUll lUHM-U'llllUUSiy recommend, the undersigned will constantly keep on hand one or more lor sale, and from the bunerioritv of their touch, tone, tiuMi and (idle notes, as u ell as their standing in time and durability in all other re spects, he will warrant them to give satisfaction, or the money tctll be returned. Walker's Harmonic Attachment, n cheap and delightful addition, will be supplied, if required. (This is entirely ditlerent from t ic r.uiinn Atincnineiit.) i tic soitnuiu insttuniriu now used by the Handel and Haydn Society, which is acknowledged by all who have seen It to he tar the beat in town. I tor sale, and mav he seen at the Con gregationnl Vestry by application to Mr. Coi.hcrn, the sexton, at Merrill's fchop, corner ol College and White streets. ror terms, Sec opply through the rot Otlice to 51tf 0. T. HOPKINS. Truman HobcrU' Estate. WH the subscribers, hning been appointed by the Honorable the Probate Court fur llie District ol Chittenden, Commissioners to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of all persons agiinst ill estate of Tkumin Koiifrts. late of Iiurliii"tou in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, an 1 also an cl.unis ana uemanus exluhitea in uii-ei thereto ; and sW months from the day ol the date hereof being allowed by said Court for that purpose, wc do there- lore nercny give nonce, thai wc win aitend to me busiiif-H c-f our atmointment at the dwellinc of Re becca linberls in Shelburne in baid distiict, on the lili- teenth day of September next, at JOuVlock, A. M L.iteu, tms i mi day ol April a. i;, in IA l UiiAls l UCh. Jr., JOHNATHAN LYON, J j tw J Commissioners, June 16, LAUD and Candles. June in, 51 CATLIN & SPEAR. IlESH ground Oat Meal. June 10, SI CATLIN St'hiAK. F CARPET Hags and Satchels, June 10, 51 CATLIN if SrCAK. LOST. ON SUNDAY MORNING LAST, RE liclHcen the PostOHicf and St. Pauls Church, a small Gold Walch-Scnl. It contains a white stone in one end, and a key for winding llie. watch at the other. As the owner values it alunc its actual worth, she will l graerul to. and ill liberally reward, any person who may return it to the Fiec Press Oflicc. iiuriingtou June is. ai House Fiuiliiii. MINKKAI, Knubs, full plate, and japd. trininiings Mottice locks ami latches, mortice locks, mor tice latches, cotttiKc locks, lalchcs, Dlakes latches, cuphoanl locks am! ketches, hell pullsand trimmings wm'tand cast Iron narrow nndhrund Hulls, itiudow springs, axle pnllics, ward robe honks, hat pins. Sli ding door way nnd a.lcs, Miilitu:door locks, fluh bolts, siher plate, bronzed and ,npd. key hole cs. cutchions.wiiulow blind hanrjing; and Instenings, with probably eicry olhcr article ttquircd in bouse liiiishing iimniig which ale many A ir, Cheap, Unefulani de sirable nitidis, which" Yankee ingenuity" lins pro duced, at wondrously cheap rates niay be lound with, wpiinvi: nnni itti v June, 10 1817. ' 00 KITCHEN, IpNAMUI.KD presening kettles, tancc pans J bowls, hrnss kettles, fry pans, tea kettles, shovt Is and tongs, toasting irons and forks, jew caudle sticks, inpd. lamps, grid irons, srt.1 irons, Sic. STUO.VU, DOOLITTLE, k Co. June, 10 18 IT. 50 JOSE.S SASH-LOCK $ PASTE XEIt, IIIIj safest, cheapest, and ntot reliable sash lock in use, universally approved lor all ordinary sashes, and designed to supercede all others. Tor sale by fcri'llfW,- hrUII fl"ll L HVUIt.VIJMC CKJIKNT, STRONG DOOLITTLE & Co., have ox hand and will continue to receive, the Uosmdate Cement, of the !et nuahtv. with full direetioiiM fi.r use in building Cisterns, nnd laying walls, which are io dc cxposeu to water. June io. Dl fl ROUND ROCK SALT, V BacKHU. a i KUH June 18. 51 and Liverpool DOOLITTLE &. Co. Tin Plate, Iron Wire, Ac. MIS' 1-3Xani' 100 Iluinlles Iron Wire, assorted numbers. 26 do Hussia and English Sheet Iron. Sheet Conner. Conner Holt. Iliveis. Ears. Sheet Zinc, &r., by STItONU, UOOL1TTLE cfc CO. June 10, 1817. 51 1IUMPS and LesD Pipe of v.uuous sizes, by STRONG, DOOLITTLE & CO. June, IS 17. 51 ANVILS, Vises, Rlicksmith Rellows, Sledges, Horse Nails, Hasps and Files, etc. etc. June 10, 1817. STRONU, DOOLITTLE At CO. 51 4lII'X' Slinrri c ivn SiiinrQ SnrirrT ivn ift Long Handle Spades, Hoes. Manure and Hay Folks. (,rass and drain Scvlhes. (Ttindstones. Cranks and Hollers. Ior? and Trace Chains. Post and Well do., with a full assortment of Agricultural Implements, upon vety reasonable terms, ny 31 Sl KUMi, UUULl l I LK Oi CI). WASTED, OX THE RUTLAND RAIL ROAD immediately, tin the 2d &. (ith SecliolH, 5 double Icain nggons nutl Drivers, and 10 horses and carts, for which good wages, nnd cash, once a month paid. Apply at the Hail Road Oliicc under the American. CIIAMIIEKLAIN, STRONG &. CO. Burlington, IS June, 1817. 51 June 10, 1817, SADLERY.&e. STRONG, DOOLITTLE ! CO., have received a O large stock comprising a lull assortment and ex tensive variety of Sarflery' tind harness trimmings, wiih sadlcrs tools; and which ureoflercd on reasonable terms. June 10, 1817. CUTLERY, TA11LE desert knives and folks, carvers, steels, shears, scissors, pen and pocket knives, razors, lieef slicers, cooks kuics, butcher and shoe do in great aricty. STRONG, DOOLITTLE. ! CO. June 10, 1817. 50 BOUND BOOKS I'OIl TUN CENTS A VOLUME. THE F0M.0W1N0 IS A CATALOOUE OF THE Hooka embraced in the Cheap Library, No. S, o One Hundred Volumes for 810, just issued by the AMi.nicAX Su.vnAV Sctmoi. Union. No cheaper list of hooks has ever been got up m this or any other country. The hooks are well printed on good paper, tieally and substantially bound, and in size vary Ironi 'V'v 'sistVr's. 2 The Good Son. 3 Chri't our Saviour, i The Reformed Family, fl The Heauiihil City. 6 Louisa Curtis. 7 1 he Anchor. 8 .Memoir ofan American Officer. 'J Jane C. JiuNon. 10 Julia Chase. 11 The Hainy Afternoon. 12 The Paradise of Children. 13 Florence Kidder. 11 Alfied Gia ham. 15 Arihur. 10 Suau IV Grool. 17 Anson II. Daniels. 18 Eleanor Vanncr. Ill Howard Eiwin. SO Ann Ray. 21 Select Poetry, 'ii llaniet and her Scholars. 2.1 Juliana Oakley. 21 Lite of Chri'limi F. Sartz. 25 Susannah, or the Three Guardians. 2n The Story ol Isane. 27 Life nnd Propliprirs ol Jeremiah. 28 Little Theodore. 20 Sketches of the Liics id' Andrew Fuller's Children. 30 A Sketch of my Friend's Family. 31 Ermina. 32 The llroken llvaciutli. 33 Popular Superstitions. 31 The Infidel Clas. 35 The Lile of John the Baptist. 'M and 37 Travis about Home. 38 Ellen Hart. 39 The Sea sons. 10 lllai k Jacob, or the Life of Jacob Hodges. II Clara's Childhood. 12 Scripture Prints. 43 The Soldier's Daughter. 41 Kindness to Animals. 45 The Dairyman's D.nigbthcr. 10 Wild Flowers. 17 Con versations on Prayer. 48 and 411 Scripture lllusira lions. 50 The Gilt, or True and False Charily di tinguMied. 51 Hailassnh, the Jewish Orphan, ii, 53, 51 and 55 Evening Recreations. 5B l'be Mid. shipinan in China. 5, The Lile of President Ed wnr.l Mrmnir ol'llev. Tims. Socncer. 59 Life ol John Frederio Olierlin. CO Alcinoir of Catharine Hrown, n Christinu Indian, ol Anecilotcs. m Me- inoirs ol Philip James Siicner. 03 Lime John. 01 J,lieoi jonn riliox. o.l llioie inroiioiogy. , or llruised Reed. C7 The Eaily Saxons. 08 Anna Ross. 09 History ofthe Patriarchs. 70 The Helmed l)iciple. 71 Annie Sherwood. 72 Memoir of Rev. Smiuel Pearcc. 73 Lite ol John Newton. 71 The pnng Morning. 75 A Peep at .My .Neighbors, ii l Mother's Journal. 77 Scrinture lliogrnnhies. 78 Delaware and Iroouois Indians. 79 The HiiiHleader 89 Missionary Stories. 81 The Home of llie Gi'.ead ite. si History ol fuan I'.llinnRer. .i I lie no- erhs. 81 Curio-ities ol Envnt. 85 En'.v Intnnluc- tion to the Know lcd;c ol Nature. W, Lile ol Elisha 87 U mil Ie. 88 Lile andTraielsol St. Paul. .89 The Jew at Home and Abroad. 90 Life ol Elijah. 91 Leiterson EcclcsiaMical History, Century 1 to 12. 92 Du , Century 13 to 18. 93 Do , Century 19. 91 VimuMus Herman rrancke. 95 Life of Leuh Rich mond, 90 Scripture Biographical Dictionary. 97 Destruction ol Jeriwi em. 98 Si' ect Biographies. 99 1 1 i-toryot the Sandwich Islands. 100 Life ol Henry Marlyn. AUo lor sale, No. 1 ofthe same series, in price and binding the same, but composed of entirely dillcrcnt books. I lie Chilli s Cnliinet I.llirnrv. eonitinr ol .0 volumes ol the 32mo sre, neatly bound in half leather, lettered and numbered, and sold nt $2,50 the set, or oiily!re renf a totiime. This set is designed fir the younger ctniiiren in Minuay sciioois ami tainines. urucrs, coermg tnc money, may ii Strayed. IROM the suBscitmnii about tub 3d J. inst. a young, small. Imhl brindled, line hacked cow, together with a gaunt, Ion" legged, black cow, belonging to llie ;Iate .Mrs. Kusscll. Whoever will re turn them or give information where they may be found, shall be handsomely rewarded. Hurlington June 10, 1817. CHAS. HALL. Plain Hair & Curls. IILAIN HAIR OF VARIOUS SIZES, I widths and nriees. nlso Curls on Combs, nnd a great wiricty ol Combs, Shell Silver, Iioryand bom. 1' or sale uy iikissmaid uiwriiERs. FANS, FANS. I Large assortment and variety of FANS 1 of neat and pretty Patterns of nil prices. 50 l or sale by Brinmiaiu fc Urotiisrs- IIASKETS, rpRAVELLINO, Markef, Clothes, School and X. work llaskclsand lotsot work Hoxes for sale by BHINS.MA1D ex BROTHERS, June 10.1817. 50 GRAND EXHIUITION of tiih MEXICAN ELEPHANT AND OF THE CAITUntD COUK IXK OF (i EX SAXTA A XX A AT WINOOSKl CI TV, JULV i, 1817. THE ABOVE KXHiniTIO.V WILL TAKI2 PUCE aiUt'tliseJ, provijfd no failure prevents it. Should n lailurc nrt'VCiit.pcdeMriaus uml tra t-Uer, by other modes will bo miinlv recouueii-ed for their journey, time, and trouble by calling ut the Store of MUXSOX FOLUVn nnd exainininj; their Stock of (Toods where mnybe fiuind nlmo&t eery tiling, from a pinch of pnuff to n building lot. It heii) nlnuist impossible for to tell whnt we have not yot, nrav dont ask us to tell what we hae pot, for it would take a month to " put it down" besides the risk ot dislocating the epinc ot the rrintera deil, by petting up so ninny type. I1. S. Crackers 50 cents a hundred. June 11, 1347. "Live and Let Live," HAMUKL HUNTINGTON, TTAS retimed the tmsm..,-nf HOOK SKLLINU ITI lilNl.lN(;.MlI.Ak HOOK MAKING. ami would take this opportunity of retuniinu hif;tnteful ackiiowIedKnient1 to his nuHerousfriend- and patrons and ihi nublic iMMit-rnllv fur the ltv rnnov fuurnex- tndedto litui and hopes by ddint attention to hU business to rtveie a ixrtiqn tf. their pnlronaije. Uor. ol t hurt' n nni ijoii';c-i,j, Ituiltuton, Alayjdi, Ibl ClfA.1IPJ.AIX T illarricu. In this village on WcdnesJay evening, the 16th insl.nt, at St. I'aul's Church, by the Rinht Reverend llnaor lloriixs, Ciurles Euwbo Follitt, to MlBlDill Redmond, both of l!arlin;tmi. j D x c u, In SniibriJjte may 27, after ati illness or til and thirty houra, IIinnih, wife ot David Smith, aged CC years. A worthy member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church lor many years, and much esteemed for her domestic virtuea.die has finished her course in peace, relying exclusively on the merita of the great atone ment for the justification of her soul in the sight of God. Printer in Vermont are requested to copy. Com. In this Village, on Saturday the 12, inst, Captain MALACIIl CORNING, aged 71 years. Captain CotxiNO wat native of East Hartford, Conn, and one ,f our oldest and most respectable inhabitant!. In the wirof 1811, lie commanded a Company in the re nowned ind Woody battle! ot Chippewa and Bridge wter. Pipen in Conn, ind Wertern N. Y. pleaae wnlchcM, 6D0Z. Nkw Gold & Silver Watciiks of the most fashionable fctyle of cases, in good run uiiiK order, hich will be sold at the lowest market prices, bavin;; "old ery many of the most accurate time kieping Winches carried in this Town and vici nity, we are prcpaied to supply " a lew more ofthe sune sort." at lower prices. June M, HR1NSMAID H BROTHERS. 12 DAGUEKREOTYPE. GROSS Scovills No. 1 Plates. 20 ros.s best French I'latei 10 do Velvet, atiu and Silk eases 10 do Malting! and 1'reservera. 1 do assorted Colers. 16 lbs. Distilled Mercury. 10 do llyph. Sulph. of Soil!. SO yda. Daguerreotype Flannel. I do2. Ilurlf Sltins. Voighilinder &. Son, and American Cnmerai j firmer, numas, Uoating limes, riate Vices, .Mer cury U.ibt, Tlirrmomrter Tuliea. Ilead-resis, Rouge, Iodine, llroniine. Sable IVncils, prepared Cotton, Rotten Stone, Show Frames lieautiliilly fin ished for 1. 2. 3. I". .n.l u ............ ..... Chloride of (iold, llleaehing fluid, Quick-stulf and tverv article u-d in the line. weie im mi ko i. 1 -late, at 2,75 per do.; French .ti,i and 2,M h,-8i ; Case, irom j,25 "I'""' . or leases are lak at onetime , we sell as low as ScoviU and oilier r teniive dealer! leu. uur Mock, will be full at all"' .t ia wimu ec llnoriitRs. June 17, 1817, liadicM Fair, THE Lad'" CO"""'"1 wh 'he Uniyersalist Church in thia town purose holding a I o,r n the 3J of Julv next, the day of the Rechabiie Celehration. at juijr , r.' means to funnel the r fl..,.,.i. when completed. A variety of good things will be -wed up, consisting ;f fcy suitable lor all ?II7i iid food aifl drink. The public aie respect, invited to give them call. i 11 1817. Mw3 JOHN (jRKGOHY. ClockM. ItHR.SS Clocks iu beautiful Rosewood, V. J.l (lilt and Mahogony Casvs for sale at whole- le bv the case or at retail very low. Light day Brass Clocks very cheap. June la, uiii;n.ii.ui ..v. imu i CJold Chains & PeiicilM, A large assortment of Cold Chains ptice tlO to l 87 and ot i in id I'enci s 01 aunricea and 01 iom rensTrom $i and upwards, will be kept for sale by i iu ii iiuuuiini, iiiirvi'H I'risi June in, uivui.'iniMu. uiwi iiuiiij. Wool, ClASII paid for Wool. ; bv JOHN BRADLEY CO. Hurlington, June Mtli 1817. 31tt iVolicc, rT,HR Sinekholdera in the Vermont and Canada L Railroad Company, ate hercbv notified to meet at the ollice of J. &. J. O. Smith, in fc't. Albans on thehtli day ol July 1817, at 111 u clock in the lorenoon, lor tnc puipose ol choofing Direclore for the ensuing year. UV OlUd VI liir u ipiiniiinnir,, J. SMITH. Chairman. St. Albany June 15, 1317. Mw3 WK have received Samples ofthe celebrated Prtam Air tight Cooking Stotefrom the manufactory of A. T. Dunham h Co. Trov. N. Y. and are now prepared to furnish them to u 11 who want a Cooking Stove, which will do business right and in ebon metre wm: a very little luel. We almor blarney una shall cnnvqnently skip nil big worils in endeavouring toprotude the lame merit ol thee iStoves before the miblie.but we will bare v intimate that in hot weaih such as we may exHet in or about Dog Days these Htovef will ainioM cook witnoui ttie uso ol any tuel N. Winooski City, June 'Jth IB 17. 5U M. OSTEIN, Liberty Street, New York, IiniOLESALEGnocER & I)eleu iv Im- If ported Liquors, & Wines, St Segars; Foreign Preserves, and (Jennaii Kissinger .Mineral Water. June Uth 1817. 50tf. Statu I'risioii. rpHE committee appointed by resolution of llie I Aa'oihlv. aliu last session." Io nicer- tain whether a more nutalJe location can Ik-selected for the State Prison," invite their lellow.cituctis, hav ing the melius of information oiithatmbject. to coin, inunicnte the same by lelHTiiddreeN il to D.M.Camp, Derbv.nnorll'ire the 15diduy ol Julyiiest.iiiasfull n,,.l ilie u manner asinuv lie roiivellient. I lie committer expect to meet on the 3d day ol August next, at the I'uunon, .iiouipener mai; , raiwi any information ihey m.iy then have received and to de. tprmine urjoll theexnediency ol visiting such bullions for a New State 1'""' ('."j j"'"" ""Sgetted. NATHAN ij.MlLUJ, COM. AA LOWE, n ) The Vl.Potriot, Vl. Chronicle and Rutland Herald will please publish the aboie lime weiks anilet'iul their bills tu the Cour, at their proposed inceliiiL', lor payment. I. M. OA.MI , June 10,1817. 5lw3 (;itoci:nii:s. lOO CHESTS HYSON, 11. S. YOUNG Hyson and Souchong Teas Io "aifoy J?ya and Laguira Coffee. m hU' 1C""I P. It. Sugar. i ? Mol'!i"lNueiiaSirup. r Bugaf"' C,utlu;J "lJ P"ded"Wool-

eer K , "",i?,.C,oJllh' MKrel. Salmon, Rice. Clin, ger, Spices, Tobacco, Snuir, with fu S ofgroeeru-,, InquamiHe. lu .'u Vrel a. ' MUNSON &. FOLLETT IRE AGENTS AT WINOOSKl CITY for il the sale of the justly celebrated and highly rec onimended URAEFENHER U I' ILL S, AM) Crcen .loiiiiliiiii VczcIrIiIr Ointment: the use of either of which ensures to the partaker, a long prosiierous and nappy lite, and a complete ex emotion from all the ills llesh is heir to. Recomnien dniionsbullicient in numlier to cove a len ucre lot proving the truth ofthe above assertions can be shown at the Agents Oliicc in N. V. The Doctor will be always on hand and good ad. ice ill be given gratis. June 9, 1817. 50. A Vai'iiifcli. NUPEItlOH article of Coach, also Furniture for sale at HAHRINOTON'S. Tu DnifftfistN. fTWIlNTY ounces .Morphine, in dram bottles, for X sale at .'Sew 1 uik prices at 50 HARRINCTO.V.S 51 FANCY EXTHACTS: Haiiilkercluef Perfumes: Colognes, I'mith, EnjlUh and American; Toi. let Hollies: Pertuuied Soans : Houne and Prttmrcil Chalk : Pull's and Putl Powder: llru-hes. Hat. 'IVclli and Hair: l-'lct-h llruhes and llnir .Mittens; Cigar Lighter mid Wax lapcrs; India Rubber Halls and Rings ; Shaving Soap; Court Piaster ; Caehons; Hair tins oi uu iicK-'iipiious: iiitii-iuiie hik, wnn or witnoui preparation; l ink and lllue Saucers; riuelliug raid ill a finely ol Muipes, iVc. iVc. c, tor sale at 50 llARHlN(.Tt)N'S. icw GuudM. HIXRY&CO. IIAVEREC'D THIS D. r 1. day another assortment ol New Clouds, which they Mian sell very low lorcasii. June 10. 1817. I.llll'll t'OUtS, 1- 1). I1IXI1Y hi CO., hove just ree.d fifty Linen I. Coats , Sack and Drcas, which they bell at low nriees. June 10, 1817. Washington and his fciicrnli, 1 BY .1. T. HEADLY.coitiptcteln'J Volumes, price flM. Received at EDWARDS, June 10, 1817. 51 Hook Store,- to tiik pjjiiiiic." is rnxsmrtxcEor Ttir. GREAT FAIR TO HE TV THE Miissaclmsclts Mechiiiilcs' ASSOCIATION, THE PRESENT SEASON. THE UNDERSIGN ED HAVE TO RELINQI'ISH THEIR SPACiOUS HALL FORTH! SPURPOSE.CONTAIMNIi NEARIi 100,000 DOIiliARK ' wnn'rn of IIKAOV MAUI! t'LOTIIINtl ! THE LSROEST, CHOICI'.ST CIIEAIT.ST STOCK OF CI.OTI1INO EVER OFFERED IN BOSTON. TiiorsAxns of mnMl.Ms will lit tntn mn 'MAX THL ORI(it.VAt.C0-,T0- TIIC RAW JIATLRlAt. AIo, nil Immense Stock or pii:c;i: os, That will be sold by the PACKAlji:, I MECE, or Made in the mon FASHION AI1I.E STYLES, at shoit notice, from tliediaicestJ.ngliMi, 1-reni.h on.l American innmil.icliires. men I'uiiNisiiiNd r.mim In any quantities. The Goods are all marked and laidupon CiinniersTnmlrrHeciimi can be made in halflhe time ii'inlly occupied STRANGERS Mriug HfMAn, and DF AI.ERS IV iip.ahv.MAIiP. CLOTHING, will find it loi lln-ir int,.rel CALL larhite miikillg their selections, as the entire stock must be cleared out, and the prices made s'iti!.ictory. , JOHN SIMMONS '&XOJU An V, tJlUNCV II ALL, OVER QCIKCV 'MARKET ! IVcwiVorlr A;-EItistoU' . BOOT A.l) SHOE STORE, . 1t AT It HATCH ELIIERM. In Clmrclif tier t, l '""y lound the laigest toek of Horns tin I it I ""oFAlhat has ever lieen ollered in Hurlhietin. in msspiri-,1 no pains iu his selmions, both ill T. -gird to quality and stylo, and wiih unall pi edits feeN sure of giving satiMaeilon tnerri j ciistonior. InrVnrtlcl ,' ' ' ml'",aV bc lu"nJ foll'v- tny22is 50w3 nddreed to .1. C. A1EEKS. Anent. 147 Nassau street, New York. School Tor Hois nnd (.iris. f T, BENEDICT, wii.t oi-k a snioni, v on the lt September next, lor those in our public schools , who wish tu obtain a thorough busi ncs.s-1 Lnglili nmicntion. Hunouiur ini!liMi branches " Unifier " SlJUO. riiooc who nropose to otteiid will nlensc cnli upon nic niiuy room, uu COTTON AND LINEN THREAD. XXA LI3S. Cotton Tliread, wliite nnd colored; 150 do Linen Thread; 1000 dozen Spools Thread ; 5000 Skeins American Sewings; uti rjticKs American 1 wist, lor sale by Jllllt 1,111, 4'J 1II.AS A' Miir,s. BUTTONS. dross Coat Jluttons; 800 ilo. Vrst Huttous : 151K) do Pant Bullous : 300 do Coal ami est .Moulds, lor sale uy June I, lW. iJ V1L.AS 6C AU1 L,f). Writingr & Wrapping Paprr Roiinis Cap l'nricr ; '27.") do Lrttcr VJU I'oper : 2'JO do Wrappinu Paper, for sale bv June 1, 1817. 41) VILAS J NOYKS. 25 Ilootsi and Shoes. CASES, for sale by 1817. 49 VILAS & NOY1.S. I, Suspender. Doz. Wt'b Suspenders ; ."0 do Elas- jy' lie rtnsiienUers, lor Bale ty June 1.1S17. 4'J VILAS & NOYES. iV CONNECTICUT JtlVEl! It AIL KOA1). AN assessment of ten ilollars on each (-hare, of the canital tock ot the Chamiilaiii and Connecticut Kicr Kail company nas neeii pmercii iy llie uirect- ors, aim made puwiblc on the hist day ol July next Pavnieiit mav be made to the Hanks of Hnrhimtuit Vergennes, .Middlebury, Rutland, Hlack River, oi Hellows Fulls, the Cheshire Hank, Keene, N. II., In Edward Pickerimr. Esn . No. CO, Slate street. Huston. or to the Treasurer, Treasurer's Ollice, Middlebury. SA.MUlil. SWIFT, Tieasurer. May 23, 18 17. 48 PURE SALT FOR HUTTER. tin quhstiox is oitf..v aski: whv Vi:it- monl whoso clicete rxeel ill whatever market nllered, should be so far behind the limes iu llie ar ticle ol builer. The answ er invariably given by those well intorm ed on III: subject is l.t. that the bulter is not snlh eienilv woikcd to e.xix-1 the builer.tnilk, and an ad Ulllotial uuu sailliiciory cnue i eic iiohiih.. eist uaiitui"! is lound in the impure ciiaracier ol llie sun iiaed. Tu obviate this last dilhcnliy, as far as pos.M lile I have procured a quantity ol " Arhtuiis Sack Salt" which is the kind ucd iu the lirange Lounti Dairies, and is recommended with entire ; continence Sill .May, 13 .1. -"'in in . Woo Depot. THE subscrilier has made arraiigenients to open a Iminchol the Kindeihook Wool l)eKit in the vil lage ol Shoreham Vt., A spacious building lias beei procured an store house, lor the present si'iisou, silua ted on the public square in said village. He will b, prepared to receive wool after the tenth ol June. The fleeces will be thrown into wuts, and lliote win desire it can have their clip kept separate and soli when ordered. . A discrimination will he made, hetween wool m a GOOD or HAD condition. Sales will Iw made inva riably for Cath. The charges, will be one cent pe pound for receiving, Horipg and selling, nnd the inm. ranee, vvmcii win neiweiiiy.iiveciiiis on one iiuuoieu dollars for a term of three iiioiilhs. Advances in casl will lie made on the delivery of wool it requeued Saikswilluc luruulieil IdIIiom.- who i,u, uy inei paying the expense ot transportation and r ) els. each, lor their um;. E.ty Itelerence can lie hud to nr. J. 1'. tk-ekman Kindeihook N. Y., S.. 11. Jeniii-on, Shoreham ; ,M. Hingbam, Cornwall ; S. W. Jew it, Wr) bridge i H Hell, .Middlebury ; L. Hall. Slielburn, Vt. Letters aildressed lo the .ubsenber at Shoreham. ii. relation to the Wool Depo at that place will reeeivi iumiediaie. In his abscenrc Mr. S. Everts will la there to receive woo.1, and give any requisite informa tiou on t he suuject. , May 14, 1817. ,, f 4.'- Fcatlicroi. A GOOD supiilv of Hen's and Ghese Feathers, by ' T1LAS & NOYES. June 1, 1317 43 2 BOSTON. BOOTS & SHOES CHEAP FUH CASH. SAM. DANIELS & CO. MASCFACTCT.Er.S AMI WIIO'.K SALE I1EAI.E11S I Its ITS AM) sllor.s. .171 Pearl s.reet, ( J'in-.) N E y V O R K. Have just received, and nfe now offering a coni ilete and extensive assortment of .Men's, Hoys 1. a T.rwlirs. MUsesnnd Children's Hoots and Shoes, of every variety nnd stvle in the market manufactured lo order Ironi the best ol slock, and will lie sold at the lowest market prices. .Merchants veiling llie city are rcspeciiiuiy invneii to call and examine- ournotk belore purchasing, as great inducciiieiiHwill be nliered to thnx- billing lor cash. SA.M. DANIELS & CO. 171 Pcatl street, corner ol I nie, N. . May 27, 1817. 4'Jli NOTICE. THIS may cortifv that I have ;ivcn my son IIE.MAN HURNS his time during the re mainder of his minnritv. and that I shall liav no debts of his contracting hbr'cluim any of his earnings alter tun uaie. , . juu.i iuiv...3. Holton, .May 20, 1817. "ijwj LADirs', Ihjrrrs and Riini.s.i " Onlter jloois, of everv dcselintmii. " Fr lliiskms, latest sijle ' Kid " do " Prunella" do " Hall (Jailers, " 1'rciicli ShpiH'rs. " Engis.'i Kid do. ! all folors, " (iolil llronzed do " Himf ,U " Stout Roots ,tl!u-kiil " Shaped Rubbers, " I'lguiedniid plain do .Vmr.' limit and Shorn, " (jailer Hoots, " l'rtlaiters.bestqunlity " " Hukins, " I'runell i Slippers, alll COIOIf . " " Hiiskms, all colors,! " Stunt Morocco audi Calf Hoots, ! Rubbers ol all kinds. Childicn'sHotiti and S'ine.i " I'lencb (Jailer Uoot, all colors, i " " Muroeen (laitcrsi hilttoli and Inee, , " " Hu'-kitis Jfc. Slitmer. ' Boon and Ankle Tics' of all colors, i Gentlemen' Hoots anil Shoet, " Napoleon Hoots, with and without tops, Water proof Doots an J Shoes, I inel'ienchCalf do do do Jo sew 1 1 do J,j Hrogans, .Morocco Jo Stout Calf and Kip Shoes, Cliuh (Jailers Imiio'neJ 1 iiinella dancing Uai- ii-rs. " Dancing Pmnjn, " .Morocco Slippers, " (J.ilf do " Calfshoes.all kinds, " Rubbers with leulhee . SoIl'S " do do Ruckles', " do lij'dand plain. ,'';y' Ihuts and .Sboei I me t.nlt Uoots, " do Kip do " do Calf and Ki t Hrogans, " Stout shoes, all kind, " Prunella ('niters tiiut dancing Pumps, Youths' llunti and Shoe', " I'ine Calf Houis sewed and pegged, do Kip do do " Seal and Oram 0'' 1 " Calf Hiog.iusiind Kip sewed slioes, ' , " Moiocco HouU aii.I Ullskilis, " T'me Gaiters, ' " D.mcilig Piimirt' firvl' Ties of all kinds. ' SHEETINGS, &e. Hales Bro. Sheetings, various styles. " Drills, Slrined Sliirtinf?. 5 Cases Tickings, lor sale by June 1, 1817. ID VILAS ct NOYES. 25? SUMMER WE All, cj-c. X Cases Summer StulTs. 'J 150 Ps. " Vestings. 25 " " llro id Cloths. 50 " " Cassiuieres, for s-ile by Also, Oallnons nf all colors, and black and light i'k liter laces, cotton laces, Sex. Patent Congress Boots"'. HE has also purchased the riVit of Hurlington to manufacture Day's P.vTi.r Hoof.' HuoTF.cs and Snoii, which a'p adniittcd to be Kasirst and tnoit pretty article ol the kind ever got up. The billowing -extract, is Iroiiithe I'anucr and Mechanic, ill -relation to this Hoot : . "In Europe the 'Congress Boot' has come into, ex, tensive u--e ; it ispatronizedby'England's Queen'-by the nobility, and by j-ulies ol Literary fame. In fuel, it is considered an iudisiicnsablc article of fashion, as well ns of conilort." .The Congress Hoots. French Calf Boots, and every kind of w ork in his line, manufactured lo order, as he employs, n connection with ids establishment the bott workmen. REUBEN BATCIIELDER. Burlington, May 1HI7. oitf Iron, ailsi, iVtIas-ijC. 5 TONS Snon-sitAPK, v.wtiors sizes ; 5 do. Scroll Iron: 10 do Band do; 51) do. Round and Square, 3-lf, and upwards ; 5 do O. S. do; 3 do 2 and 3 inch " Hanks" be-tdo; 10 do American Tire do; 2 do Hammond's dodo; 2 do Hoop do.all sizes ; 3 do Russia Nail Rods ; 1 do Norw ay do ; 1 do Crow B in, ; 3 do Spring Steel, various sizes ; 1 do Round Cast di do do ; 2 Cases ol Aes do ; 5 do uoitcd do ; 2 'do. Anvils ; 2 do Vices , j Jo Mill Cranks ; 100 do 'Allies'. Shovels; 2.i do " Foster's" do; 73 do "raiibanks" Hoes ; 100 do " Blanch-mi's" Cat and Gentian Sleet Scythes; 1j do do Cradles. For sale by J. BRADLtlY & CO. Burlington, May 23. IJ 6uufA .Wharf, June 1, 1317. 49 VILAS Jv. NOYES. RAZORS, KNIVES, &c. 1 (Tin Bf'Ken Rnznrs, assorted. jlsjv .200 KnivV,t lii " Seizors, 2.", " Shears. For sale by June 1,181". ' I'J VILAS Si NOYES. 1000 do. GOMISS. do;. Siilr. Cnmln ; 1011 tin;, rvri do : 5aodoz. nocket do : 1000 do, ivory For sale by VILAS Jfc. NOYES. T. 31. P.VIUf EI5, via niii) ROOMS ix Thom is' Building a rtw doors East ol Church St. Miniatures SI ,3'J including good case. Ladies and (ientleiiien are invited to call and exam ine specimens. ' iiuriiugiuu .viayo, ion. SIXGIXG CLASSES. It. NICHOLS will commence on Saturdiy FOR GROSS FAXCV KTll.CTS FOR SLK TO the traile at Importers prices : at Ilvr.itlxiiros's. MATCHES. 0(( Gross Matches f"'' For sale by Vilas Jfc. Novts. June 1, 1317. 47 BHD RUG P0IS0X; for these nuiinals ; at A WAIIinXTED CURE Hvnr.iX'iTox's l4ndvr. Oftlin Kegs, 100 Dbb.ISM J hbls. blastingpow JjUUU der. l(K),keg Ititle vt Sporting do, It Hands" SalelyKuse."' May 25, For sale bv J. BRADLEY Jfc CO. uuA Wharf. Waiiled ! 1 GOOD Jack, w.utitANTKi) foaiwicttek ; ji Maloiie Franklin Co. N. BddriBs the subsctiber, Ht Iiaid. Hating age orli-e cVc. - ""lJt "j tlONMiCTICl'T HIVliK SHAD AiMJ I North Shore Salmon, by the half bbl. onl single pound. XStll may, in AAKaaor IRHSII LARD, at ' Mil, may. 13 A. S. DEWEY. FLOUR. QOOO fillLS. Super. Western just re. rrrJ nnj fr snleat Troy prices, Butlington May 25, by J. BRADLEY Jfc CO. Tea: HYSON, Hvso.v SKIN. YOUNO I1YSO.V, Cat ty lloieseiprcssly for iarnily use, orange flow- ery Pecco JOHN BRADLEY .t CO. South Wharf. SUGARS. 110RT0 Riro, Sr. Croix, Nkw Oiileaw 1 Clarehed, t. .ium-ovbuo cyruMieo, puwuei- ed and loaf iloulilc aim w fc CQ May 25, . ,n"f- DRIE O C VR RA NTS, Do Circuities (SxiiiNA,) Citron " Eit Verliena Vermicella I " Vamlla Macatoni f Vanilla Bean Cassia J Ect Lemon .Sc. Received and forsalc nt HAURINOTON'S, June till. 1817. W (Jonslaiilly on hand VLL the popular Patent Med.'ciens of the day war ranted genuine, Aicjrv Pure Llnuors and Wine, lor Me Jf cilia! Mechanical n...l ,-l.n. ..!...! ,..La,M,lL. iiiuv.mnui i ..... n II c'P'ir WinnnsLI Krdls. June. lt 1817. I'Jtf V T rx. Sinn. Wlnonski Fills, and examine a well selected assoitment of El Aid) WAKi:, DRUOS AND ) PAINTS Mt-MllCIVI'S. OILS. OROIT.RIES. ) DVESTUFF.iv Which are oliered for Bile as low ns can be bought ill Harliogiou, or any wherein the State by June, lsl 1817. ANNATTO. J) HASKHTSPRIAIKpiush Axxatto. u For sale at Harrinciton Alithrcarie iL nVMPIMfllY LOGWOOD. FUSTIC. U Niewiwd, Redwood, 'Madder and Dvewood tenerally used. at lURni.M)Tox.s CARBOYS OIL OF VITROL. at HARRIiGTOX'S Foot- TO PGG IJOIL'RS, Coiree, l'iltcrcrs, I i 11,,1. Cl,n,l,..r I'nil. mill Metal e Drinking cups and Siiit ciqis for the sick, Metal and bed pins, .-suriing-nouics ami nines. Sold by Briivsviaiii Jfc Urotihrs. ROBINSON Si. GOULD, T OW OFFER to the public, u superior assortment FANCY AND STAl'LU DRY GOODS, it Wholesale and AVMi'Lalso, a good assortment of Oari-i.ts. Patir llA.sat.Mis.and tmoctRits. May 27, 1S47. TOY AND SCHOOL HOOKS. good assortment at S. III'NTINCTONS. 'OR.,,, 6TAT,0SN.l,.,NC.TON. Sloreon cor. of Church it College-sis. HATS & CAPS. JlM 4 fresh supply ol New Yotk Hals ot a siiH-rior V ouuiiiy; inso "a" o" '"y md a large and silendid assoiimenl of line silk and eloih CAPS tor me.. - . ' " """" C.A SEYMOUR. Y Corner of Strongs HuilJiug, on the Square, HiirlinL-loii.May25, 1HI7. 43 CHIFKTIXGS. 13 brtU-s Rocklanil; IU tlo. kj New ork DO.MliSTICS 10 do New Jersey j 10 do Vt alpole. j sIlIRTINfiS, t! bales fino brow n ; 1 do do New York Mills. TICKINGS, 2 cases Lowell, 0 bnlos 1,,11 A ALSO .3 bales Attakanas mittures ; 3 ""'If' ii uiialoou null-. 5 bales of Plaid Yoik K.eniiiim-, 5 do striped do do; .'; do plain do do- lidollutis; 10 do Wickiup; 10 do Anioskeag .Iril'ls 10 do Globe do. For sale by dnlla , u a J0(N BKAW EV & rQ Durhnglcn,MayS3th.-19 South Wiarf. HOOKS $ EYES, Grn. eard Hooks , .1,,-, .ll..-,lo i.looo do.. Shaving June 1,1517. For sate by. Vilas fj N c. Eyes ; 2(10 VINSk NEEDLES. t Ptieks American J tits io. .1 1)- A, 2u0 .vL M'wmg knillitig needles, For bale by. June 1, 1317. cdles, 1,5 gross Vilas i Novts. Selnli Jliiriitj.'i JMiite Wf E the subscribers, having been appointed by the T lloiiouil. e me I'l-ilbale-couri lor Hie wiiuici of ChitteiiJen, coinuiKsiiiierslo receive, examine and ndiii-i the claiuis nnd demands ol all persons, ngamst i... ,i.. nf ril'.I.AII MURRAY, laic of Will-ton said Di-lrict, deceasi'd, represellieu insolvent, uuu aUo all claim and exlnblled ill oliset theirlo; nnd six inonihsiioin the nayoi nie u.ue neieoi, ueing allowed by caidCouil lor that purpose, wc do Uieie lore heicby give notice, we will ntlend lo the business ol'ournnpi)iutnieui,iit the ollieecd Clnuneey Hiownell iu Wille-ion, in -am ui-iuci, oi uu.- um Saturday of Augu-t nnd Mil Saturday ol .November llexl, nloneociccki,. .!., Dated, tlus.oih day ol .viay, a. l. bo. JOHN HROWN Jr. R. H. FAY. Congregational Church, a c-las in Si.nbimi. 1 he ele ments ot iniiric, the Ait of reading correctly. Musical Articulation and Errc;-ston will be taught, J le suus lor 51 .ri0 die sttioliir. . - AIo, another term of his Juvenile School vviille rr'in at 'J u'cluck. Tenns .00 loi 'M lessons. .' Burlington, .May 21, 1317. '47 CASH PAID FOR B UTTER. f D. MXHY & CO. will r.iv cash l, a few Tons of nice Butter, delivered soon May IU, 1317. IKON AND NAILS. A Tons English Tire lion. li I 10 Tons Old Sabie Ruaia Iron. 1-Tons Swedes " 15 " Horse Shoe " ) " Round nnd Square " 15 Ilaine and Scioll " 10 " Baud " 5 " Hoop ..'!, , 12 " P S.I nnd Norway Nail Rodj, Navlors Jv Co.'s Lusl Steel. . . . IVi'ison's Spring do ' ' (teunaii do y Swedes do - - . .J-; Engh-h Hiistcr do 20H0 Kegs Keet-cville Nails and Urnii. 350 Doi. IUfps and Files Hv 1 ' 47 J. J. It. PECK if CO: Oils Comnis. PETITION TO SELl. I..V.M. STATF. OF'YERMONT, At a session ofthe District of Chittenden, 3S. Vl'robnte Court, held at Huilinglou, within and tor said district oi Chittenden, on the first day of June, A. D. 13 IT, comes tuner Beecher, guardian-of Hoyt IlineJiurgli, in said di-tii(t, a minor son of Calvin Ray, late of said llmebiirgh,ileceus'd,and meu in sam c-oun ins w-u-lion, in writing, wlitug Unth that his said waul is seized iu his own right in PCol the lollowiiigiiescnoeu unreels ol land, situated lasaid llme-burgu, u. a iinr eel of land ilesctilwd. as lollows.; beginnmir nt the south east corner of lot' No. Si, in the second division, ruiinil!" 20-west, N. 13 c-rauia; incnee mi-u north lorty chains tkueiv mlh 20 cast, thirteen ; thence easts- j3-8ouiii,iuriycu.ui., o.v soi'ilh,20-ea,l, iiir!y rliam-, tic thf place of beginn r.,t ,...PUd nn.l.n iiareel of laild e.'lLled c-oiiiiiiiun I r-,-; - j , ,w ,. ., .., "t mber lot, nemg nie noun inn ...v.... taken oil' the west end of lot thejiiet diiision, , heiii" the same land purchased by Calvin hay of 1 red crick W. lialdwiiir'whicih said parcels ot laud were set cm tothetaidwatd Rb,, tUarc ol the m Ulvm llav's estate that ll vVooldtve tor the benelit ol wild ward to have said pareoui'of .land sold,-and the pro ceeds ot such sale ,' ft inlesl;-and praying said Court to grant him license t. sell andconvey sai par eels c I isnd lorlhe putpW afinrsa.d.iigieeably lo llie "anile in su h case made ami. provided ;- I here upon the Coi l aforesaid doih npH,nit the lourih W cdues- lav in June. 1317, tor liearurg and deciding on tali. ,?,i . ii i at Ihi ollice of .the Jiegi-ler of nnd Courl in LT l fh. o." n J doth order that all pe,.-o,.s luier e. ed T- lied Itlieieot by pul. hcalmn oi llns older, era ta ning the wt(iV o(.la.d IKlinon, lliiee weeks Micc.ssiv.dy. hi the'Riirl.ngton lice Press, a new-pa-per pr i i tied in s.nd H.irhug.on, the lart ol w h,c I, pub- cat . us lo k- picvious u the wid louuh ednet.lay ill June, 131 biv ol June, 1017... 4'Jwa inning the . , ..I. t, ... (liven under my'liaiW'uc m uumugiou uu him 'Wm. WESTON, RegiUer. CONGRESS WATER, JUST RECEIVED afiush supply orCox gress Wulcraiud lorale by , k O. PETERSON, Huilingtoit,June,2 1817, I'J IMIESH EGGS, STEWART S ugar housi: Molames, choice old Java conec, '1'oinaui Cat sup, Revs!Vpier sauce, Dutliam .Musiard, Ground Spices, Tapioca, Maccaroui trie. ,..,. J une i, 13 17. . A S. DIAM.Y. Aiiirl'ii'an Priiils. . milE LA ROUST Stocti of I'linoy Prints I ibis side of New Yo.k. Our as-ilinciit is kepi Juntl.lsli. ' 19 ULAS -V OAAA C.allons winter .pring bleached Sperm, and Whale. . " " Lard ' " American Linseed, byj H J. II i'J.C'A'Jfc Co: s'J:itH. OA A A Boxes Burlington Extra,. Ihirlingion, eiuiont, EiM'i, and Lake, Kedfurd Cron-ii, J. M . II. VLCKfi-C). fif rz- Fniihank-' IIes. '' UU 40do. do' and Van Ornauis Hay rotks. 10 " Sc) the Snathes. 75 " Reddiuglon's Selhcs. 50 " Farewell's " Ml " Blood's " ' ' By . ! j. ii. rrxi: i CO. LUMBER. 1 HA I'et Spruce Hoards.- : XW50M. " " Clapboards. 2U0 " Spruce and Tine Shingle. By J. it , VIX'K If. po. TOIIACt'O. t XA HARRIS' CAVENDISH itJU Tobacco, 70 " . Peirce'n 25 Dade's . If J: II. ri'.CK H Co. LAMP Oil -j X Bids. Pure Sperm; U0 do Klciiliant ; X J 30 do Kcfined hale, for sale by ' . . Burlington, May 25 J. URAULEY .t CO. South Wharf. WESTERN," J. BHADLEY, A- CO. 43 South ll'Aui. 500 ALT, 500 liLS. 3 Fur sale by Burlington, May, 25. Toliaeeo. DO. CIIEWIM.', various brand.; S50 Boxes do do; UKI Hill Boxes do do; 150 One quarter Boies do do; 100 Canisters of J. Ander bon's Premium Fine Cut Chewing, ol tinesl.tiuiiliiy, for sale by J HRADI.I 'V.L0- , Burlington, May 25. 43 South llir. jtlolaen. POHTO IlICO, Trinidad, New; Oilcans. Si. Croix nnd Sugar Hou Sjrujj. hf,", y & c0 Butli..gton, May 2J. 43 Sth Wharf. Paint "! O'1"- 1 Ah KHOS Pure Sarpcrtics Wblto lieail XlIU lin ()di; 75 do Exin dodo; 5'Jd.f No. 1, do do in packnurs of 25 50 and 100 bs i 5 tons lute 10 do Litharge ; ern) for sale by Burlington. May 2a. 25 bbls. Linseed Oil, (Noilh- J. BRADLEY Jv. l-O. 43 &nfi Whaif. RAISINS. t A A BOXES .M. H. ; .ri 1-2 do do ; 75 XvfVf 1-4 do do ;W Kegs. j. ButlinEton,.My.C5. I For fate by J. BKALLcCY -S Co. .SjwA. W-hor TAr0il'"CATlN -1 SPEAR. e2i(i UJS. WOOL TWINE ron sale iiv 1. V. HIXUY bjCO. rjinvwii, UOOL1TTLK t CO.