Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 25, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 25, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 25, 1847. Incidental expenses, 18J69 71 Suspense account, due from delinquent stockholders, on 8tilc rf stock on their ac count, S,W1 3S I907.44S 33 51.JM 01 Amount on hand, , , 9959,001 35 In my last annual report it waa atated that more than 18,000 shares were secured though at that time much fewer number had been paid upon. The first awmnent has been paid upon 18,03-J shares, and since '".y "Oth upon others j besides these are the aharea which are to be issned In payment for cnaira and E 'j usei' m completing the superstructure of iv iviui There am offset of land damages. Some shares have not been I paid upon at all. The parties have been notified that they will be sold unless the assessmenls due ahall be P forthwith. It is proposed that these shares be old in July next, so far. at least, as the parties reside in Massachusetts s the delinquent sharca in Vermont Will be sold subsequently. Nearly every stockholder In Massachusetts who has paid his first assessment has paid other assessments, some more and some less ; and two-thirds, at least, of the deficit, (carried to suspense account,! occasioned by the sale of delinquent stock, will be paid in a short time. On the whole, the result will be that about two mil. u " clli,i'1 w'" be paid in, upon the slock already subscribed, if the subscribers in Vermont nav the -Amount due from them. Eighty-five per cent, has airrsuy ueen assessed, ami tne oainnce will be called in during the months of June and August. It should be observed, that of the amount of assess ments due and unnsld f stockholder, a larue nrn. portion will be grilled by the issue of slock to contrac tors for work upon the road, and for equipment for the use of the road, which is delivered from time to time lull paid, as the work progresses. Ail w hich is respectfully submitted , lly your obedient servant, SAM'L II. WALLEY.Jr., Treasurer. Literary Notice. Tut Avtobiooraniy or GotTiir. Tacrn and Poets. v : From my Lire Ediltd by 2"ar irodirin. German Literature has slowly but steadily been making its way in our country, and several volumes of able translations, containing selections from the moil distinguished of the German Authors, have been for some time before the public. But nothing hss hitherto nppeared of such general value and solid; inte rest as the Autobiography of Goethe. Of all the great minds who have, during the last hundred years, illu mined the horizon of German Literature, Goethe is, by general consent, considered the bright particular star. And in this work he has not only portrayed the gradual growth of his own wonderful powers, lie lias not only pictured the sunnv, yet varied scenes of his infancy and childhood, confessed the budding passions, the mistakes and fault, of his youth, and the perplex ing changes through which his gifted intellect worked Its way tutlie clearness, strength and beauty of manly maturity i hut he has with kindly confidence, led us into his domestic circle, made us acquainted with his lather and niothcr.and his sister and the family friends, until their characters seem like " old familiar faces," which we, loo, have known and loved. His teachers ani acinintances, every mind that helped to give a new direction, however transitory, or waked within him a new train of thought, however slight, has here been embalmed by hand of afliction and loe. Not oily so ; hut, at every turning point of the interest ing tale, the master pen ol the ripe and finished Artist, su.ns up in a few deep sentences the philosophy of the transition ; or if the question be one ol criticism or art, I,- nr,.!,.-i ibt- nroblein to the bollum with a thorough an I s;a e'linj analysi,wh.e i proves 1'iai the object co.i ttantlv belore Ins mind in the composition of nis work waa not w much the history of his own individual and personal exigence, but that he regarded this merely as the leading-thread to guide him amidst the involved ma;es tlirnurli which the present greatness of his na tion il literature has worked its way. This, without th? interest nf his personal history, without the epi tales of lua loves an 1 sorrows, his sickness and trials, his joys and temptation, would necessarily hnyebe conie dry and technical, as nil the Histories ol Litera ture r. lilt here, how tenderly anJ gracefully he armri th; rcito ics ol liu Jiy b.-fore lUu reader's eyr 1 flow minutely he delineates the features and rnaiks the expression of their loved countenances! luw. faithfully he give them lull and overflowing crcJitfur all their liig'1 drs;rts! How w.t'i an impar tial jet frienJIy hand he mentions the mistakes, yet with all th: in'enu.ty of geouine. love, invents excu e lor them all 1 yet, throughout the whole ol the voluT.-s,l!i? reader sees not tin- art, and maiks not the working of the in liter's binJ. So skilfully is the tale drawn out, sj constantly does the untlagmg inter tit ot the narrative and its delightful episodes diawthe attention n.i'jrJ, tint il is lint until the book is laid down, and the stuJcnt's mind revolves its substance within himself, that lie-finds he has not only learned the life of Goethe, but has insensibly gained a more thorough and complete acquaintance with the growth ofUimiin Literature nnd a uul.' intimate and almost prsonai acquaintance with its great men than can be loan 1 in any other woik whatever. Vet allthia is done so quietly and unpretendingly. Scene after scene pass-a belore you, personage alter personage ia intro duceJ, Irom the cradle to manhood, from the hangers on of a French Thatic up to the Emperor himself allia told and described lull and freely, yet without bombast or boasting, mr, uuhout apparent eflon. Th-re reigns throughout tlie work the rich yet subdued harmonious lone hich lends an indescribable charm to the pictures of the old masters. All the skill ol the sr- tin is here, all ihe light and shade, all the boldness of outline, aim tenderness or touch, yet over the whole broods the petmve mellow ness of nge. Yet the candid critic cannot gue unqualified ap probation to all the sentiments embodied in this ex tensive woik The plulosoiihv is sometimes false, the Religion and rh-ology often mischievously so. Yet this mast he. saij uf the Author, that he seldom or iirir, uuginai'7rs. ue depicts what were at certain times the "'t's of his own mind, the modes and e tinge. oHns own belief, hut without ever endorsing taeinashis u.u ul.i naie conclusions. He suggests, aiJj'U Ins readers to thinking for themselves, with out their b-inj able to siy, for Ihe most part, what the realoiiiinoi oi the Author was. Where hedeviatea from this rule, n will generally be found that it is only in considering such i subjects, Iroma particular point ui tit'-. 1 lie W1UK retlOtreS in iw r..n.l wt . it warn the Aamonean kings to the present day, fills a blank in English literature. Beginning with a resume of Jo sephus, and accompanying it with an account of the Jews out of Palestine at this epoch, he gives a reci tal of all the subsequent vicissitudes of Isrcal.- -The composition and issue of the several parts of the Talmud, the rise of the Matoretic philosophy and the Cabbalistic schools, are among the interesting subjects treated at large. The accounts of the great Rabbis are exceedingly rich and full, and the history follows the dispersed remnant through almost all the king doms of the known world, and,sadto say, their his tory almost every where is but the record of their suf ferings and their patience, One very interesting point of thia work is where the author, lumsolf a prolessed Jew, speaks of Christ and the rise ol his religion ; and he does this in a manner so impartial and so candid that the reader is tempted to believe him " almost a Christian." We predict for thia work great success. In Brsttleboro', on Tuesday, the 8th Inst., 0 H. PL ATT Esq., of New York, to Miss STELLA M., daughter of Hon. Calvin TowNsmr.of Braltlaboro. Latir Newt from Europe. DEATH OP MR. O'CONNELL AND OP DR. CHALMERS. Decline of Breadstuff's. The Steamer Cambria arrived at Boston on Thursday last. The news is Interesting and im portant. Breadstuff's have declined in the Liverpool market. The quotations of that market on the 4th inst.. were : Flour had declined to 40s, but on the day of the failing of the steamer it was bringing 4Us. Hour average from 37 to as per barrel. American Wheat 10s Cd to 12s per 70 lbs. Indian Corn was steady at 62s for prime yeiiow, ana in some instances white has com manded 3s more than yellow. Corn Meal ranges between 28 and 31s, with a tendency to the higher quotation. ; The Provision market was languid. Beef scarce and not much in demand. Butter and Cheese maintained fair prices, and the consump tion has been unusually great during tho last three months. Hams were also dull. Money Mnrket. Financial pmsp?cts are animated the crisis is over the Bank discounts more freely the Bullion increased three-quarters of a million in the week. Part of the Russian loan had arrived. Exchange 10G 1-2 a 100. Prices of Iron are supported. Death or O'Coxmell. Mr. O'Cimnell died at Genoa on the ISlh May Dr. Chalmers died on the 31st May. The weather for some time past has been fa vorable, and the crops look remarkably well, but the potato rot has again made its appearance. Referring to the deaths of Mr. O'Connell and Dr. Chalmers, the Albany Evening Journal says : . The steamer Cambria brings the not unlookcd for, but nevertheless painful intelligence that D.iniel O'Connell, the Orator, Statesman and Patriot to whom Ireland, and the friends of Irc land scattered through the wide world, were looking for deliverance to that wronged, oppres sed, suffering and enslaved Nation, has " shuf fled off this modal coil," and Is at rest " where the wicked cease from fronbling." Mr. O'Connell having filled a wide space in the af fections of his countrymen, bis death will lease an aching void in their hearts. Now that he has gone, there being no motive for maligning him, justice will be done to his principles and Ins character. And we venture to predict that even in England he will be nc klowl;Jgel auj vin licat.-d as a consistent, fearless and incorruptible Advocate and Champion of his Country's Rights and Liberties. The friends of Free dom throughout the World will cherish n grntrlul re membrance ol Ins uncompromising resistance to Op presion mid Shvery. Nor is this the only bright lamp of life extinguished. The Key. Dr. Thomas Chalmers is ilcnd. The tame ol this urent mid trifled Divine this cood and truly pious man, fills the Universe. In the death of uanicl uuonnell and I nomas Chalmers, IrehinJ mourns a Patriot and Scotland n Divine, whose mem ories will lue through all coming time. In Charlotte, June 3d, Samuel L. Naramoue, aged 41 years. Thus has been taken one who has been a kind husband and a tender and alfecllonalo father ; and as a Christian, he was firm in his faith and a constant attendant upon the ministry of Reconcilia tion. An unusually large concourse of People manifested their respect for the deceased and sym pathy for the mournera by their attendance at his fu neral. May God bless, comfort, and save the afflicted widow and her fntherlcss children. NEW WOODS, CP. STAMFORD, & CO. havk opened this morning another lot of New Goods among which arc some Elegant I'arasols. t arnsoietts, r ringes, Silks, muslins, Oinuli.iins, &c, lenngnt urcat bargains. June VII, 1HI7. itc. which they arc of. 5S SEED Buck Wheat, For sale by ilurlingtnn, June 18, 1817. II. WHEELER, :.lw3 THE PARLOR MAGAZINE. J. T. Heaolly, Editor. TliUMnirminp. fnrmplv nndcrtlie care of D. Mead commences Its Fourth Volume-under the editorship of J. T. Head y. author of " rsopoieon nnu ms .unr- shals," " Washington and Ins Generals," Letters nig in Buying Washington and Ins Genera rrnm ttnll. " Av. hit. We ImZaril llOtlll "' 1 1 . -I--' , , ' Hint Ibis Magazine is destined lo mi a large place in Block Hawk. Mr. EntTML ! Sir " Lucius fsnnderann A- C.n have not accepted our challenge, as they would have it annear bv tne hcadiniz ol their article in the Smrit of the Times of the S9th May, a paper printed in the City of New York. Neithercan they decoy us nwoy from the New York State Show In Sept. It is our intention to exhibit " Black Hawk" at Saratoga Fair, and will oiler to meet the " Sir Henry " on " reasonable conditions. ' The noints of excellence heretofore named to be ao led upon by the Judges were 4, vii : 1st. rjuierioriiy oi lorni. 2nd. Ease and elegance of action. 3d. The best and most perfect broke in harness . 4th. Fastest trotting in hsmess. In every point but the third Messrs. " Sanderson f( Co" insinuate that " Sir Henry" is far superior lo " Hlack Hawk," therelore wc will leave out the 3d point nam-d, and request the gentlemen to meet us on the remaining, and it" Sir Henry" excclls " lilack Hawk ina majorityot the three points named, then they shall be entitled to the premium fund of one thousand dollars. Yes, we will go farther in our " reasonable conditions." Viz : at the time of trial and commencement of the exhibition, their speed in trot shall be tested in a distance of ten miles, which will give the Judges a chance to consider their" prime requisitesof action. sfrengiAnnd endurance" wc will allow the " Sir Henry" three minutes the start. The Viewing Committee or Judges, we shall expect them to be disinterested in any enure horse. Now, Messrs Sanderson t Co., let us have no boy's play, but deposite the premium fund in the hands of the Treasurer, as heretofore proposed, and the amount shall be covered by us. This challenge is open three weeks. D. E. &. N. II. HILL. Uridport.Vt. June SI, 1817. FAIR. ON THE 3D OF JULY OUR STORES, which are well filled with new and handsome Goods, and a door made for visitors to pass from one into the other, will be open to those who wish to call to see the Stores and their contents, or to purchase. Our Stores and our assortment being very much en larged and improved, and goods selling very low, rcndeisa call cry inviting at the Jewelry Store ol !i Uri.nsmaid & IIkotuers. lockfl. 1r BRASS Clocks in beautiful Rosewood, UU Gill and Mahogony Cases for sale at w hole ialc by the case or at retail very low. bight day t VC'y BttlffsMAID St BROTHERS. . Void Chains &:PcncIlii, A large assortment of Gold Chains price lion 7i and of Gold I'enclla of nil prices and of Gold Pens Iron, 1 HSiWff&l! June 10 OiUiiot'irtii''' ui.whmiii Archibald W Hyde's folate. 12 . DAGUERREOTYPE. GROSS Scovills No. 1 Platks. SO gross best French Plates. do Velvet, Satin and HHK cases, do Mailings and Preservers, do assorted Colcra. lbs. Distilled Mercury, do Hyph. Sulph, of Soda, yds. Daguerreotype Flannel, doz. Ilut-k Skins. Voichtlnnder dt Son. and American Cnmeras : i;armcra nmnas, uonung uoxes, rinic vices, .sier- ... fi..i... n.i iiui, i ii' imuiiKiri .uiii iiv.iu-icrn. Kouge, Iodine, Bromine, Snble Pencils, prepared Cotton, Rotten Stone, Show frames beautiiully fin 10 10 t 16 10 50 1 . li& hiMn ttv 1h. llie HUUCnuriS, vuuuili hwikii wiuiii, uiiu- ........ a ui ui ..u.i j ,i. Honorable the Probate Court lor the District of jshed for 1.2. 3. 4. fi and 9 pictures extra Glasses. Chittenden, Commissioners to receive, examine nnu chloride of Gold, Blenching fluid, MuicK-siull and odiust the claims and demands of all persons agninst every article used in the line, the estate of Archd. W. Hyde, late of Burlington In , We sell ns low as Scovill and other extensive siiid District, deceased, represented insolvent, nnd also tensive dealers sell. Our stock will be full at nil -it t I tiihtlpit ill nttaet Inerptn ! 1 rtmvsxf.ln A ttnnTlir tin an ennuis nnu uciuoi. ........... ... -.. , .a,.a, .w. ....... Fourth of July. The birth day of our National Independence, will be celebrated at Huntingtrm North Village, on Saturday the 3d of July. -The inhabitants of the adjacent Towns and vicinity are respect fully invited to join the exercises of the day. Bv order of the committee of arrangements. E. M. FARGO, Secy. written by a deeply thoughtful mind, nr it cannot be lolly understood or appreciated. To comnlete the study, however, it will be absolutely necewarv that the plan of the zealous Kditor be fully carried out, nrnf u.irL .U. t .t ... Ihecarecrof Goei resiffenee at Wei orlsere wniie'i subtequenily.and the Author has comi:i,d his Autobiography in the Tag and Jahres 1 ,i ? ,. '"" 1"clof the present work.and should by all means follow. His travels in Italy and Germany would give still further completeness to a character well worth studying. As 10 the transators,they have for the most part done their wo.k well. e are sorry to see in Mr. God win. portion, however, evident marks of haste and earelrssnees, and even numerous vulgirismsaud slang,p0nn1' "pr.f,u i-"'" matchlea. stile in Eugluh. 1 he verb ' gef . inelegantly used so often that it.aeein. habitual. ' Can?t, Wt: didn t.' couldu t,' and to on are repeatedly employ, ed. without the .slightest excuse. Had irrammi? CMionally si ips in. huth phrases as in a jiffy,' 'streak of lizhtnme.' 'wouldn't cive a .nun ' .' ' as bad, are painfully undigii.fied. To this may b? ad ded an occasional wrong use of Kuglish words, and not a few positive mistranslations. It is ludicrous for instance, luaee llie (lernisn wj n,.,.. . r..i...i'ui. Uanalated by the English word Dome, and lhat, loo. with regard lo the Cathedral at Kranklort, ing an old Gothic structure, has miihiniF .k.t .i... could be, wiih any dung but gross architectural igno ranoe, miscalled Dome. Tlitse blemishes we hope to see all corrected ui a future edition. Mr. Hopkins' portion is more correct, and is fiee from all such 7 . . . " ,uc ,uve ; out ins style might be improv edbvlosimv soiiieihinv Of the (,.., i;,... i r,i.ui..l.. whose Germanism is occaaionally more strongly marked than is necessary. A little more raav and natural flow would make his translations all that could be desired. , tV e ehall Jouk with no small interest for the conducing half of tins interesting work, the pub lieation of which has unaccountably been delayed ISf.!,'1 111 ''"rlicial either to the interest of the Joha II. Hopkins, Jr. 4Harkct0. BOSTON MARKET Moxday Afternoon, June 21 Cotton There is more inquiry, and prices arc firm, but the sales are principally to manufacturers, for im mediate use. Provisions There is a good retail de mand, but no speculative opera tions.andprices remain without change. FlourEverything is dull to day j the weather is dull, the holders are duller, and Ihe market ia dullest. Genesee, common brands, is held nominally at iSaS.SS ; Ohio and Michigan, $7,'Jlo, cash ; little or noiliing doing. As to Southern, mere ia hardly enough heieto makes price ; some few sales arc making to bakers for immediate use, at $U,S5a9,75, according lo quality. Com Little or nothing doing; yellow flat is held attl.10al.lS) ; while, North ern round, $l,15al,H, cash. Sugar-The.inarket is im proving, with a go..d demand ; BO boxes good brown and yellow sold at i .8 Jc, 6 mo. drighto.Tmarket. We have failed to receive our report of Rrighton market, for the Ulstinst.J u'rirvr n..M ! ... s.v U U . , w If CI b.I The demmd durinz the cast week lias been very good, and sales have been hiade to a large extent. rtie market ia almost entirely bare of flcccv wool, and what little remains on hand is held at urices which manufacturera do not aeem willing to givers they are expecting the new clip to come ' in soon. No new wool hasyei arrived, and owing to the great quantity of other freight coming forward, which pay s better man wool, considerable time will yet elapse ueiore any is received. We learn Irom various sections of the country, that the wool is being bought at about last year a prices ; though in some quartersexiremeiy nigu prices nave been nam, which must rrsun in a great ioa to Durchasers. There ia nothine to warrant a higher price in the country than was paid last season. Pulled wool remains about the same aa at our last report ; sales to a large extent have been'made during the ween, at prev ious rates. Weticarot no large tran saction in foreign. Prime Saxony Fleeces, wssnea - - - -American full blood do. oo 3-4 do. do 1-i do. . do l-l&comdo. - Smyrna, unwashed, . Buenos Ayres, unpickad, Extra Nonh'n pulled lamb, Sup. North'n pulled lamb No, 1 do do do . do do do . 3 do do do Classes for Ladies in Crayon Drawing. flLASSES FOR LtDIES WHO ARE DESIROUS J of accomplishing themselves In Crayon Drawing will be formed, to commence the first ol Jnlv at Mr Badger's room in Harrington's Building. The room is apicasanione, easy ot access, and contains nu merous Studies in chalk from the bes t masters The opportunity for forming and cultivating a correct style ot drawing is a good one. At the close of the Term the pupil will be presented with her portrait, done in the artist'a best manner. Mr. Btdger's room is open at all times, and those desirous lo nvnil themselves of Ins services, aa an ar tist or nn Instructor, are respectfully invited to call and examine bolh his studies and his woik. 52w3 MUSIC! rnilE uxnrnsiGXED, Priorr-win or Music, a. respecllully Inlorms the inhabitants oriJurlington that lie intends to give Imdjuciinns oil the Piano Forte, Organ, Violin, Guitar and Flute. i He is a German by birth, has had experience four ' nnd a half years in this country, and ninny years in i his native land. Particular care will be tnkin with his pupils, and music taught thoroughly. He also at-1 tends to tuning Piano Foitea. I He likewise gives notice that he will shortly be pre-1 pared ta give Lessons in the German Language. 1 For particulars please apply at his Lodgings, Pearl Street House. W. WL'IG AND. Burlington, JuneS?, 1817. 5Uiv3 HUNTERS AND FISHERMEN. IJMSII BASKKTS, Multiplying Reels, Lines, Poles, Hooks, Swivels, Flies, I-'ish, Bugs, Spoon and other Bait, Drinking Flasks, 1 and fi Barrel Pis tols, itirles, Double and Single Guns, Caps, Powder Flasks, Gun Cotton, and oilier fixings. ii BR1NS.MAID & BROTHERS. BRISTOL MUCK, 1 NICE ARTICLE, for snlc nt public estimation J that it will hot only maintain its present enviable reputation, but earn to itself a far higher popularity, and become llie compnnion of ma ny a circle to which it Is now n strnnger.alnddeningby it. nrM.n... wltiln it evert, an influence nure. eleva- iiti.rni,.l inlilirnl The pdiiur will bend his enemies to make this tiik most rort UR Magazine of the day, nnd while availing himself ol assistance Irom the best writers, he will draw freely from his own exhaustlcss " Twill continue to maintain its high moral tone, and nntliiiKf i-ill mltnltfe.l IhtOltS COlUUlllS wllicll Will minister to the corrupt passions and tciidences of youm, or wnicti the author uyniu. wouiu wish io blot." . The ile.iirn la to nfW m the nublic a Magazine con tfiiniiiiT nil Tin. fittraetinti nnd interest ol the lighter prriodTcnl., while it moves in a different path, and is notexposcd tothc same objections. It i ;iiied monthly, (-nt)iineiicinir with Mav. con taininir 3'2 nnire. nrririirinnj ni.atter. urillled Oil tillC tin- pcr, in handsome covcr.with a -.plended steel engrav ing, ml rnlnrril flnwi-r. in enell liuillber. with occa sional music, and isgot up inevcty respect in the, best I style of the art, making a yearly volume of Ml pages, lull ol choice illustrations, ami lomiuig an cieeaui r lament to the parlor tablc.or a rich and valuable pres ent to a Iriend. , , , Back numbers and volumes always on nana. Price only $2 per year, if in advance. 3 copies for $5. 8 copies tor 81. The Prcssnnd the public are daily awarding us the very highest testinionuls of the editorial ability uf our Magazine, and the beauty nnd taste with which it is embellished, placing it in the very first rank ill every respect, among the thousands ol which wc select the following : "Mr. Hcadley's lively nnd versatile pen is admi rably fined lo give a charm to a work like this." .V. 1. r.tangelitV " Under the editorial charge of J. T. lleadley, the most popular writer offheng, we predicts still sroug er interest will be taken in this already well-known and valuable Magazine. The name of lleadley alone is a sure guaranty of success." 1'armcr and Me chanic. . , " The new editor has infused that intense nnd ab sorbing interest into its pages for which his writings nre reinarkable. Thewoik has gained in the power w hich enchains the sympathies and nveis the atten tion, without losing an thing f its former chaste and elevated morals and style." ll?nMam Count) Democrat. " We w ish this .Magazine much success under its present guardianship." Advocate and Journal. "The editor is well knuwn us one of the most brilliant writers of the day." Am, Aurictuluialitt. "Their motto is to mingle the beautiful with ihe good." A", ii. lletieie. .Mr, ileadiey contributes to the present May num her liberally in his usual pleasing style." X. I". 7Vi lune. "His talents will add irreatlv In llie inlereft of the publication, and have great influence in extending its circulation." Christian Intelligencer " This Very lient monthly i. imininrr foi-nr. rpnniniT and solteniug the ruughness of life, and blessing the family where it alights, 'tto perpetua.' "Massa chuKflts Logic. this is unquestionably the best Magazine of us kind in the country.' Suiituck't Enquirer. " Beautiful ns it is valuable." Lutheran Observer. d" A lew good responsible Agents wanted, to ciicuinte this woik, lo whom the best inducements will be oirered. E B. MILKS, 51w2 Publisher 151 Nassau St. N. Y. and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court lor inai purpose, wc uo mere fore hcrcbv give notice, that wc will attend to the bu siness of our appointment, at the office ol Charles Russell in Uurhngton in saio uisinci, on u c tm Monday of October nnd November 10 o clock, A.M., on ench id said dnys. Djied. this 9th day of June A. D. 1817. J. MeM. SHAFTER, HENRY WHITNEY, ! Comml. 51vv2 HENRY P. HICKOK, C CARPETING, Oil Clolh, Paper Hangings, and J Transparent Window Shades just received and for sale cheap for cash at . na June 10, 1817. HOWARDS. N EANDERS History of the Christian Religion and Church, Translated from the German by Prof. Torrey. Vol. 1 Price 3,00 for sale by. June, 10, 1817. 31 CD. EDWARDS. June 17, 1817. LndicM Fair, rPHE Ladies connected with the Univennlist Church 1 BOUND BOOKS FOR TKN CI'.NTN a volume. THE FOLLOWIXn iS A CATALOOUE OF Till! Books embraced lii the Cheap Library, No. -i, 1 1 One Hundred Volumes for 910, just issued by tin American Sunday Suiom, Union. No cheaper li'l of books has ever brm got up in thisr or any ntliT country. I he books are well printed on good paper, neatly and substantially bound, and in site vary frLiu 72 to 470 pnges. 1 The Sisters. S The Good Son. 3 Christ our Saviour. 4 The Reformed family. 5 The Beautiful City. 6 Louisa Curtis. 7 'I h Anchor, 8 Memoir of an American Officer. 9 Jnnc C. Ju lon. 10 Juln Chase. II The Itniny Afternoon, lit The Patmlw of Children. 13 Florence Kidder. II Alfred Gih ham. 15 Arthur. 1G Susan De Groot. 17 Anso'i 11. Dnniels. 18 Elennor Vnnner. IS Howard Ltwm SO Ann Ray. 21 Select Poetry. SS Harriet nnd her Schnlnrs. S3 Juliana Onkley. St Lite ol Christian F. Swartz. S5 Susannah, or the Three Guardians SO The Story id Isaac. S7 Lite and Prophecies if Jeremiah. Se) Lillle Theodore. 2'J Sketches of lli Lives of Andrew Fuller's Children. 30 A Sketch uf rnend's l-niiiily. 31 l.miinn. 32 The Broken in this town nurnose holdmirn rair on the Jd ot J July next, Ihe diydf the Rcchnhite Celebration, at '"'"': j" ropuiar stip. rstitiom. t i einnn Strongs Hall, to raise means to furnish their Chinch 3j. The Lilo of John the Baptist. Jf; and . when completed. A variety or pood things will be lmvels about Home. 33 Ellen Halt. 3'J The Sen. served up, consisting of fancy articles, suitnble lor all sons. 10 Black Jacob, or the Life of Jacob Hodge, classes, and food niid drink. The public arc respect- 4' ,Clnra s Chi Itlhood. 42 fccriptuie Prints The e them l Call. kJv.nKioiyniiiv,, i.i..u.iL-ra l milium:. M fully invited to giv June 14, 1817. Per Order 51w3 JOHN GREGORY. June 10, 51 CATL1N s SPEAR. II700D und Brass Clocks for sale low by J A good assortment of Ready Made Clothes such ns Coats, Pants, Vcsts.Overalls, Shirts,and Drawers, itc, &.c. CATLIN &. SPEAR. June 1C, 1817. SI Fish, fsJOS. 1, nnd 2, Mackerel, Salmon, Sword fish 1 ' Pickled, nnd dry Herring, and dry Cod fish. June 10, 5l CATLIN t SPEAR. LARD and Candles. June 10, 51 MEANDER'S (Jenkrai. History of the IJ Christian Religion nnd the Church, translated by Professor Turkey, Vol. 1, large 8vo., for snlc by June 9. 50w3 C GOODRICH. HORSES 4- CARRIAGES. PERSONS wishing Horses & Carriages, can be accommodated at the Pearl St. House. 50 VILAS If NOYES. Dried Apple. Iflflfl LI5S- Dried Apples-. 1VUU just revived and for sale by VILAS &. NOYES. CATLIN & SPEAR. IiRESH ground Oat Meal. ' June 16, 51 CATLIN Jf SPEAR. House Finishing. MINERAL Knobs, fall plate, and japd. trimmings Mortice locks and latches, mortice locks, mor tice latches, cottage locks, latches, Blokes latches, cupboard locks and ketches, hell pulls and trimmings wro'tnnd cast Iron narrow and broad Butts, window springs, axle pujhes, wnrd robe hooks, hat pins, oil ding door way and axles, sliding door locks, fl ush "CARPET Bags and Satchels,' v June 10, bolts, silver rdate. bronzed and land, key hole cutcliions.window blind hangings and lastenings, w ith .vlnrtvu. 51 CATLIN t( SPEAR. LOST ON SUNDAY MORNING LAST, RE between the Post OIRcc and St. Pauls Church, a small Gold Watch-Seal. It contains a while stone In one end. and a kev for windine the watch nt the other. As the owner values it above its actual worth, she will be graeful to. and will liberally reward, any person w ho may return it lo tne r rce rress Uliicc. Burlington June 18. 51 IIYOIt.VUMC CEMKNT. CTRONG DOOLITTLE & Co.. have on s.9 band and will continue to receive, the Rosindalc Cement, of the best quality, witli full directions for use in building Culcrns, nnd laying walls, which arc to he exposed to water. juna 18. 31 ri ROUND ROCK SALT, and Liverpool M Sack do. STRUNG, DUULl l TLE &. Co. June 13. 51 Tin Plates, Iron Wire, &c T fivfft BOXES TIN l'LATES, 1-3 X and fajs, -i extra sizes. 100 Bundles Iron Wire, assorted numbers. SS do Russia and English Sheet Iron. Sheet Copper, Copper Boll, Rivets, Ears, Sheet Zinc, Ate., by STRONG, DOOLI TTLE &. CO. June 10, 1817. M 52 HARRINGTON'S. WISTA1TS BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY, I FKESH nnd nice article, fotsalc by 52 HARRINGTON. SAND'S SARSAPARILLA. COMSTOCK'S do.; Bull's do.; Nine, burgh's do. for purifying the blood , for Kale at Ji ll.MUM.Mj l u.i a. FRESH CANARY SEED. ILSO Yellow- Bird Seed, Hump Seed, and Cuttle Fish Bone, 02 A. 11. Cinlc A: Co.'s PIANO-FORTES. rpilE Undersigned, iiwixolxtely spent JL sevcra davs in examining ners-onallv the Piano Fortes of nil the tirincitml taclonea in New-York, has concluded, after a candid and thorough investigation, to introduce into this market thow made by these in genious Veriuunteis, ns being, acrording to his judg ment, neap r lotiei feet ion than nny other whatever he lias met wnh. The exnerience acquired bv the man ufacture nt nearly 2000 instruments ; the employment of CO of the most akllful woikmeu ; Ihe adoption of all the reif improvements of ihe day, raid the nw f steam liower, have gained for them throughout the United States n reputation so high ihnl ten instruments n week (their present product) cannot, supply llieiri demand. These Pianos baing such ns he can conscientiously recommend, the undersigned will constantly keep on hand one or more for sale, ond from the superiority of their touch, tone, finish and treble notes, as well as their standing in tune and durability in nil other re spects, he will warrant them to give salifrl.action, or the money cill be ittnrncd. Walker's Harmonic Attachment, n cnenp una ueiigiiitui nniiuioti, win uu suppliei, if required. (This is entirely different from the Eolinn Attachment.) The splendid instrument now used by the Handel and Haydn Society, which is acknowledged by nil who have seen it to be lar the i ... : .7. :.. i.. i . I... ....... -t .i.u r.. Uebl ill lOlvil, l. tui enlir, tlllu III" in. enroll u. ... wu..- gregalional Vestry by application to Mr. Cor.m'riN,the sexton, at Merlin's shop, corner of College and White streets. Another Fine Instrument may be seen at the Book Store ol .Mr. u. u. buwarus. For terms, &c. apply through the Post Office lo 5ltf O. T. HOPKINS. HUMPS and Lead Pipe of various sizes M. by STKUIVli, UUUi.l l I LK iV i-U. June, 1817. 51 Dairyman's lJ.iughther. 4G Wild i'lowers. 47 Con versations on l'tnver. IS and 49 Scripture Illustr-a lions. 50 The Gill, or True and Falte Chnsit) di" tiiigiiisbed. 51 lltitlassnh, the Jewish Orphan. 5!, 53, 51 and 55 Evening Itectentiuns. 5G The Mid shipman in China. 57 The Life of President E1-. wards, 5S Memoir ol Rev. Thus. Spencer. 59 Lil" of John Frederic Oberlin. GO Memoir of Cathaiiie Brown, a Christian Indian. Gl Anecdolcs. Gil Me-. moirs ol Piiilip Jamr. Spener. 63 Lnnie John. 61 Life of John Knox. G5 Bible Chronology. 65 Th Bruised Reed. 07 The Enrly Saxons. G5 Anna Ross. Gil History ol'lhe Pnlrinrchs. 70 The Beloved Disciple. 71 Annie Sherwood 72 Memoirs of R.-v Samuel Penrce. 73 Lite of John .Newton. . 74 Tl.. Spring .oming. 75 A Peep at My Neighbors. 76 A Mother's Journal. 77 Scripture Biogrnplucs. ii Delaware and Iroquois Indians. 79 The lliilglcac'i r. 80 Missionary Stories. 81 The Home of ihe Gilead itc. 82 History or Susan Ellmaker. 83 The Pi. verbs. 81 Curiosities ol Egypt. 85 Easy Introduc tion to the Knowlcdce of Nature. 8G L'f- of Elishu 87 Ruth Lee. 88 Life nnd Travels ol St. Paul. 8 The Jew at Home nnd Abroad. J0 I.ile ol Elijah. 91 Letters on Ecclesiastical History, Century 1 to 12. 92 Do , Century 13 lo 18. 93 Do , Century 19. 91 Augustus Herman Francke. 95 Life of Legh Rich mond. UG Scripture Biographical Dictionary. V7 Destruction ol Jeiuanlcm. 98 Select Bmeraphies. W History ol the Sandwich Islands. 100 Life of Henry probnblveverv other aniclc rcouired in house imitliiue among are many Xew, Cluap, Useful nnd de sirable articles, which" Yankee iiiertiuiiv" has nro- duced , at wondrously clirnii rotes may lie lound with. SlllU.Mi, LIUUiil l IL.U, l-0. June, 10 1817. 50 KirciiEX vilixslf.s' TrNAMELED. preserving kettles, sauce pans u lmu s. hrnss nellies, irv nans, tea ketl es. shovels and longs, toasting irons and folks, jew candle sticks, japd. lumps, gnu irons, sail irons, etc. June. 10 1847. 50 JONES SASH LOCK it- FASTENER, 'IMIE safest, cheapest, nnd must reliable sash lock in s. use. untversa iv onnroveuior anoru unrv sanes. and designed to supercede all others. For sale by allium., i i.e. iw. June 10. 1817. 50 AIo for sale. No. 1 of the same series, in orice ond binding the sjine, but composed of entirely dificnnt book?. 'I lie Child s Cnliiiict T.ilirnrr. consisting ol b) volumes ol the 32mo size, neatly bound in half leather, lettered and numbered, nnd solJ nt i'ifif) the set, or outyitf cr( a volume. I Mi wt is designed lor inn younger children in Sunday schools nnd families. uruers, covering ine money, may he addressed to J. C. MEEKS, Agent, 50w3 117 Nussau street. New Yolk. School for I)s nnd Girls. T, BENEDICT, will open a school on the 1st Semember next, for those in our public schools , who wish to obtain a thorough busi ness cngiisn truncation. iuitionlor rmghsh branches tJ,-iO. " Hioher " Those who propose to attend will 'please call upnn mc utmy room. 49ii SADUiRY.Sic. CTRONG. DOOLITTLE ! CO., hove received a O large Hock coinprisin, a lull assortment and ex in.ivp variety nl Sndlerv and haniess trimmings. w ith sadlcrs tools; and which arc offered on reasonable terms. June 10, 1817. COTTON AND LINI2N XXO LBS. Cotton Tl THREAD. Iirpntl, M'liitr mm coloicd : 151 do Linen Thread : 100 doztn -noo s i nteati t ;iasi Rkeius A merican Rewiuirsi 2HKI Slicks American Twist, for sale by June 1, 1817. 19 VILAS .V NOYES. CVTI.ER Y. TABLED deceit knives and folks, carvers, steels, Oienr.. u-iois. nen and nocket knives. rnztrs. beef sheets, cooks knives, butcher and shoe do in great STRONG, DOOLITTLE, t( CO. BUTTONS. droii Coat Buttons; POI) lo. Vot 3X1 do Coat variety. June 10, Bullous : l.'ifHI do Pant Buttons and est .Moulds, lor wile by June I, tali. -tJ 1 Ui.s ei .wi t.n 1817 WANTED, ON THE RUTLAND RAIL ItOAI) immediately, on the 2d fc fitli I Sect tuns, 5 double Team Waggons and Diivers, and 111 horses and carts, for which good wages, and rash, nnee a mouth paid. Apply at the Rail Road Ollicc CHAMBERLAIN, STRONG St. CO. Burlington, 18 June, 1847. 51 Strayed. rW)M the sunscitiiJEit about the 3d J. ini. n young, ainnll, light brili lied, line backed n... ini.iliir wit i n fTniml.loiirr leered, black cow. Iieloncinctothe laic Mrs. Russell. .Whoever w ill re turn them or civ e information where they may be f. I I.. I.ii.l...m,.v rewnrded. Burlington June 10, IS47. Lii.ia. iiai.i.. Writing tV "Vrai"fs Taper. Reams Cap I'npr-r ; 27."i do Letter lOVJ I'nper : 200 do Wr.appirz Paper, for "ale by June 1, 1317. 19 VILAS v ."sin L.S. Hoots, and Slioex. fS," flCI.V r,.- cln t,V HARRINGTON'S. FLOUR, RECEIVED every tiny from Sliollmriie Mill, fresh ground, for sale at reduced prices, at II. WHEELER. Books. the Mill Store on Water street. June SI, 1817. 52 Blank Trumnn Roberts' Estntc. WE the subscribers, having been appointed by llie Honorable the Probate Courl for the District ol Chittenden. Conimissioneis to receive, examine ond adjust the claims and demands ol" all pet.ous against the estute of Tkcman Rouirts, late of Burlington m . i . .1 ...1 I :n,,l.viil nnd altin GRAND EXHIBITION or the MEXICAN ELEPHANT AND OK THE CAFTCflED COKK LEO Of 7i7.V. SANTA ANNA AT YVTNOOSKl CITY, JULY I, 1S17. THE ABOVE KXIIIIIITIOV WILL TAKE PLACE ns advertised, provided no failure prevents it. Should a failure prevciit.ede.striniis und travellers, by oilier modes will be aiiiuly recouiuensed for their journey, lime, and trouble by calling at the Store of Ml'NSON if- FOU.ETT, and examining their Stock of Goods where may be lound nlinont every thing, from a pinch of snulf to a building lot. It being nlmost impossible for us to tell what we have noi got, pray dont ask us to tell what we have got, for it would lake us a mouth tu " put it down" besides the risk of dislocating the spine ot the Printers devil, by setting up so many type. P. S. Crackers 50 cents a hundred. June 11, 1817. 50. Plain Hair & Curls-. ULAIN HAIR OF VARIOUS SIZES, A widihsand nrices. also Curls on lomus, and variety of Combs, che great v WE have received Samples of the celebrated Priam Air tiitht Cookiuc Stove from the maiiulaclory mOWN RECORDS. Ledgers & Journals. 1 Day and Cash Books ; Invoice and Bill Books; business ot our appointment ot the dwelling ot il ,Uank aiid Pass Books, Albums, &c. For sale by ' becca Roberts in Shelburne m said district, on the h 52 S. HUNTINGTON. teenth day of .September nexl, , at 10 o clock, A. M METHODIST Sunday School Hvmn Books. For sale by S. HUNTINGTON. fsnmurl F. Ilollister's Eslntc. STATE OF VERMONT, 'THE Hon. the Pro District of Chittenden, st. 1 bate Court for the District of Chittenden, to all persons concerned in the Estate of Samuel F. Hollisier, late of Hinesburgh, in ..1.1 ILalrint ..n.l llwvHnn Wiiireas Lyman Hall, adinimstretor of lbs Esiale niiy, we arc prepared to supply of ca d deceased, nronoses to render anaccouni oi nn same son. ui lower prieea. cl A. l.UuuhamciLo. Irov. ft. l. and arc now nreparedto furnish them to all who want a Cookmc said Disiricl, deceased, represented insolvent, and also' Siove, which will do business right and in short all cl.iuns and demands ejiunueu in onsei im u io i i " "'i . ' and six iiioiiiIh from the day of the dale hereof liemg shall conscqnently skip all big words inendeavounng allowed by said Courl lor that purpose, we do there-1 loprotude llie large merit oi these Stoves belore the fore hereby give notice, that vve will attend to llie ' pu!lic,but we will barely intimate that in hot weaiher business ot our appointment ot the dwelling ol Re-1 such as we may expert in or aboul Dog Days these i.unnn ij :.. oi.u...Pn.. :.. ..-li fn the nit. i Moves w ui uliuosl coon wiuioutllie usti ol anv luel D.ned, this I tih day of April A. D. 1817. 1.L.VI LU.Viaiulylv Jr., rmmissioi,rrs JOIINATHAN LYON. t"""'f"- diw J waleliesi, 6 DOZ. Jim- Gold & Silvi Watches op the most fashionable ttle of cases, in good run ning order, which will be sold at Ihe lowest market prices, having sold very many of the most accuiute time keeping Watches carried in this Town and viei- a lew iiiuic oi tut; . i . fl 50 . . . 40 45 ... 36 (j 38 . . 33 ti 33 - - . as 30 . . . 8 13 . . . 6 it 14 ... 38 St 40 . . . 33 d 35 . '. . 28 tt 30 . . ., in a so . . . H (i 11 The subjoined notice of the literary labors iir.... i J . lown"nan, Joiw Hexrv ;7V" "n1 N. Y. Evening Ex nrMi. and tali. r1o j. , '"aaure in tranrn:. ! our column. It show, that tlie n.erary and ... - ... .. . "TWnsarealrea. uj vi.rr, ,.ig, uruer, and are winning for him an enviable rank among the learned and useful men of our age. We are reminded, in this connection, that Mr. Hopkins is to deliver the Poem befora fl.. Literary Societies of our University at tlie ap proaching Commencement. Literary iNTEM-lorNcr. We are pleased to Lam thai 7ol' History of the Jews is about to be Iranala". ted from the German, by Mr. John Henry Hopkins fr . mi of llifi rraiislatnra of Goethe's AlitohinffrMnkH1 IL-if I II J I'. . 'I. HQ puuil?ltru liy liaipci unu piviucib, i nr IlirrilS 01 Hpeciaulr.Votiea. tJpThe extraordinary GR AEFENBEHG TIU, which are achieving unparelleled Iriuumiis in various sections of this country, are now ihiroduce d into this vicinity. Letevcry sick person rend the advertisement of tlie Graefenberg Company, w Inch will be found in another column, rorsaleat Siamvoou's, West side Court House Square, OPINION OF THE PRESS. From the Senlinel and Reformer, Worcester, Mass., June, 1815. WIKTARH BALSAM OP WIT.D CHERRY. The beneficial effects of this remedial composition are astonishing to the world, and make it one of the moai popular medicines now known, for Coughs, administration, and present account against said estate lor examination ana allowance ai a session ui mc Coutt of Probate, to be holden at the Register's oflice in Burlington on the second Wednesday of July next. I iiEREroKC, x ou are nereoy iiuuucu m "weai w foresaid court at the lime and place aforesaid, and shew cause, il any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. ,.,, , Given under my hand si Burlington lhn23d day of June, A.. D. 1847. CHAS. RUSSELL, Judge. CANES, JUNE 23d. ANEW LOT OF FINE FINISHED, CARVED and Ivory headed and Crook Canes just received. 52 Brinsmaid tl Brothers. MAGAZINES FOR JULY. GRAHAM'S MAG AZINE for July contains a magnificent mezzotint Portrait of " GENI'.IIAL TA YHtli," single number, 25 cents. Columbian Magazine, 25 " Godey's Lady's Book, 25 " Indies' National Magazine, 19 " June 25. For sale at EDWARDS'. William A. Gnswold's Kstnte. STA TE OF VERMONT, I ATi Probate Court District of t holden at Burling ton, within and for said district of Chittenden on the Colds, and Consumptive cases, its etirstive powers are , 23d day of June, 1847, comes Wm. F. eatahri.KJ h i. r .u. I.I..I . ' r .;.. ... .u 1" urm A nri.wnl.l .,1 June 18, BR1NSMAID !( -BROTHERS. Wool, fASH paid for Wool. I,., JOIIV ItRADLEYiCO Burlineton. June llth 1817. ' 51wif IVotice, THE Stockholders in the Vermont and Canada Railroad Company, are hereby notified to meet ot the oflice of J. .t J. G. Siniih, in St. Albans on Ihe 8th day ol July 18 17, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the ' i I ' - t"' . f... . I. u u.l. inn ...... . ' purpose oi cnoosmg im-num iui .. ,i..-u. .SJ.u.. Ily order of the Commissioner, ' J. SMITH. Chairman Sl. Allmns. June 15. 1817. 51w3 Statu 1'rixou. THE committee appointed by resolution of the Genetnl As-vmbly, at its last session, " to nicer tain whether a more suitable location can be selected for the State Prison," invite their lellow-citizens, hav ing Ihe means of information on thai sutuecl. to com ...?...:. l,v leiieroddrcssed lolJ..l.Laiiui Derby.on or before the 15-ii cluy of Julynext, inns lull and specific a manner as may be convenient. Ihe '...., ..n.r m inri't on the d.1 day of Auuuat , next, at the Pavilion, Montpelier Village, to consider 1 any inhumation they may men nave reiTiveu uuu m ue ' ter'nine upon the expediency ol visiiingsuch locauoni MUNSON &. FOLLETT, , yiii i hi:. .v) Winooski City, June 'Jih 181' M. OSTEM, Liberia Street, New York, 1FII0LESALE Grocer & Dealer in Im- If ported Liquors, ec Wines, Ai Segars: Foreign i reserves, aim iieriuau rvisstuger iiiincrai water. June l nil 131.. nun. MUNSON &. FOLLETT RE AGENTS AT WINOOSKI CITVfor il the sale of the nisilv celebrated and hiirhlv rec ommended URA EFENHERG PH.LS, AND Green Mountain Vvselnble Ointment t the uveof either of which ensures to the partaker, a long prosperous aim nappy me. aim a complete ex emulioii Irom all the ills Iknh is heir to. Recoumien dnlioussullicient in number to cove a ten acre lot proving the truth of the above assertions can be shown at Ihe Agents Ultiee 111 J. X. The Doctor will be always on hand and good nd' v ice w ill l giv en gratis. June!), 1817. 50 Varnili. t SUPERIOR article of Coach, also Furniture "i for sale at HARRINGTON'S To Druggit. rT,M'KNTY ounces Morphine, in dram bottles, for jl sale i 50 : at New Yiuk prices at IliMUUIM. I U.VS. established by numerous leaiimnnbil. of ii hhrheai ! of die heir, io the mate of Wm. A.Griswold.laleof. foraNcwSiatc Prison as may nave oecn suggested cnaracter. in the firat stagea of disease, termed" Ca- said Burlington, deceased, intestate and hies in said niiai ionsumpuon, vuiua.u naa oeen used wiui undeviating success, and one undivided third hundreds acknowledge they owe the restor lion of I with the oilier hrirs their health t ikla I... tr. I . r .L . .-.....luauic mruiGiiir. I snare PI llie pciauum r.s m won genuine unless signed L BUTTS on Ihe said court to ascertain ihe persons who are legally en-1 th r.'.rfl'r- rorsalebv Tuta. A. Prrr. Arviiheearvatid ,iii.. I m r.uiui and lo decree the same to lliem in rvavmeut. Wholeaale Druggiat. r I .i Dropoilions to which they are severally entitled, June 10, 1817, originating from neglected court his petition In writing selling foiih ibat he holds with undeviating success, and ' one undivided third part of said estate, in common and beina' desirous ofhavinetna personal estate set uut tu him, requests Com. iv t CAMP. NATHAN SMIL1E, LOWE. The Vt. Patriot, VI. Chronicle anu iiuiinnn ijeraiu will please publish the above inrec weehs anu senu icir bills to the liur, si men is-i ,".": ,,u' ivmellt. ' V'A.Ml , coma! uable other and to appoint commissioners to nnikt paitition of Cherry Bitters 1 s.aid personal estate. t Hereupon, ine couri am esam r .i. ' ' . ..TT .iil. .mwvint i he second Wednesday ill Ju v. 1817. for '"l,c !f ,of Materii Medical coi.hi ,,1 Zuh hearinir Jt deciding on said iietition nl the iffice of llie ,11. '.?. Km"!ial Agenu. furmah the safest Regislerol said court m said Burlington, and doth or mtalnlnBsIl the sanative qualities of Me articles of the MsieriJ M .d,,?' ana puunnwu ny iiaiiei anu uiunici.. ue nirriis 01 and most efleeli.. n j "f-"'."' 'U'nian llie sales! nrjwivii ""i" " . - thia work are almost entirely unknown in thia coun- byan ohsir,VeiLm!mJ!!! ,,jr '"''dice, occaaioned der that nil persons interested in snidesiole be notified try, and but liltie morcso in England, and it isno lit- a diatreaain. .2 .1' blll'ry passages Dywiiin. thereof by publication of this order, continuing llie tie source of gratification to us in this case, ss in that , Scrofula orev.,1,?, Indescribable complaini substance olsaid peiilton Ihtce vv eeks succissiv ely, in of Goethe's Autobiography, translations lonf deman- seasons are vmrilif.1. ? u- K'r,l" ent when the the Builmgion Free Press a news pawr printed in ca ui mc Buiic ui iiic jitxrauuc ui ihc witumxm ire i ciQMiamurh m.;.... r-i mm ii in be UDnlifd bv American traUiklatora. and their ranslttiooa republished in England. This work of Pf t Hittoiy of the chosen people from the timr of IS" 5 J 5,.wr on accounfof iheh "uT previous to the dsy appointed as aforesaid lor besting. Givan under my hand, at said Burlington, thiaS3d dsy ol June. 1817. WM. WESTON,, june si, i7. j-: tte"r. 5lw3 nitOCKRIEH. lOO CUV&TS HYSON, H. S. YOUNG Hyson and Souchong Teas. 40 Bagsold Java and Ijiguira Coilee. 10 hhds. St. Cioixand P. R. b"l;'ar. 10 do Molars and Nueviias .syrup SO jiackages, Loaf. Crushed and powcrded"ool- ''W'qmntuis Codfish, Msckercl,Salmon.Rice. Gin ger. Spices, Tobacco, SnufT, with a fiill aawrtment SfgiocVries, miuaniiliesloauitihe P"yhsers. 51 rtTRONG, DOOL11 TLB & CO. FANCY EXTRACTS; Handkerchief Perfumes; Colouurs. French. Ene hsh and American : Toi let Bottlea; Perfumed Soaps: Rouse and Prt pared Chalk ; Pulls and Pull Powder; Brushes, Hat, teeth ond 1 la i r ; Flesh Brushes and Hair Mittens; Cigar Liuhlrrs and Wax Tapers: India Hubln-r Bulls and Rings; Shaving Soap; Court Plaster; Cachotis; Hair Uitsoialldesenplions: Indelible Ink, with or without preparation ; rina and Ulue saucers; Smelling Salt in u vuneiy oi snaiics, die. CCC. etc., lor sale SI 50 HARRINGTON'S. NcwGoodd. f D. BIXRY&CO. HAVEREC'I) THIS Is day another assortment ol New Goods, which they shall sell very low for cash. JUI1C IO, 1311, I.inen Conls. IH. lilXHY l CO., have just ree.d filly Linen Coals , Sack aud Dress, which they sell at low prices. June 10, 1617. June I, 1SI7. 43 VILAS & NOYES. Siiipciiflcrs. 900 Doz' Wl'l SuspenikTs j &J yJ tit. tliienon.ter. l',r snle hv 1L..IO or ,iui SO do Elnt June 1, la 17. 49 For sale by II Silver. Ivorv nnd horn. UKixsjiAtn n HitoTiinrts. FANS. FANS. LnrL'e assortment nnd vnrictv of FANS ia - o . .. XI ol neat and pretty ratterns ot nil prices. 50 For sale by 1Irixmxidi. ijrotiiers. BASKETS, rr RAVELLING. Mnikcl, Clothes. School and I I l.t n..,t I.. ..( II. ....a I... l, .a. wuin uusftviK'nin i"" ....... ... BR1NS.MA1D fl BROTHERS. June 10.1817. 5 PURE SALT FOR UUTTER. rllE QUISTION IS OFTK.Y ASKED M'llV VER montwhox: cheese excels in whatever market Ill-red. should be so lar behind the limes ill the at- licle of butler. The nuswer invariably siven by those well mlorm ed on th.- subject ii 1st. lhat ihe butter is not sulli cienlly worked to e.iel the butter-milk, and nn nd iinioiuii iimi kiiiis aeiorv cause ivvere iiouum: e s wnming) is found ill tlie impure character of the kii us.'d To olivinte this last difficulty, as far as pos I have procured a quantity ol ' Ashious tiacl S.ali" which is the kind u-ed in the Oranire Count Dairies, and la recommended with entire cnnii ience 3ih .May, is A. a. m.n ju. "Wool Depot. Till! subscriber has made arrangements lo open r I .i. .i .i... L-:...i.i.rti. u'.Ji it ;,. .i... ..;i S. OrUUCIl Ol llie Ilimeiiuwi inn ,rr . ,i. lage ol Mioreham Vt.. A spacious building has beei nr,H.iir..ltisii store bouse, for the presenl sehson . silun led on the public square in said village. He will l. nrenared to receive wool after tlieteiil i of June. 'I'he lleeces will be thrown into sou, and those w)i desireiicau have their clip kept separate and sol u-lieii ordered. diserimitiation will be made, between wool ill r GOOD or HAD condition. Soles will be made inin rialilvfur Cash. 1 he charnes. wi lie one 'cent pe pouilil iui iiLi liniKi pii'iihk "iiu ps iiiuki '"' 1 1 ...en rnnce, WHICH will lie iwciliy-live ceilis on one imimm dollars for a term of three months. Advnnccs in casi will be made on the delivery of wool if requested sack will be iurnisiieu lo inose wno wish, uyiuei paying the expense of transportation and IS i cis ..m'h litrlheir lis,'. ti'Mtelerence can be had lo Wr. J.i . lieehman Kinderhook N. Y., S. II. Jenuiwin, Shoreham ; M Bingham, Cornwall j S. W. Jewell, We)bridgc ; ii Bell. Middlchury ;L. Hull. Shelhnrn, V.. Letter, nddressed 10 the sutsscriber nl rshoreham. ii rel.niiou io the Wool Depot at lhat iJaee will rceein iiuinediate. In his abseence Mr, S, Evils willb Jhere to receive wool, and givc.any.,reiuif ite julunnii' tionontiiesut-ject. H. lil..S'ClIAI'il). Mav 12. 1817. 4! Fcallierx. 4 GOOD siinulv of H'ti's and leathers, by VILAS & N OYES. June 1, 1317 i GROSS FANCY 1atucts for sale to i the trade nt Importers prices : at Harkisgton's cure IUrri:.-3to.Vs DED RUG POISON: AW.umvvrED 19 for these animals ; nt DRIED (.'Villi i .V''S, Do CuritniEs (smvrv.v.) Citron Vermicella Mncaroni Cnsia Received and for sale June 4th. H17 Ext Verbena " Vanilla Vanilla Bean Ext Lemon ic. HARRINGTON'S C'oiivtaiillv ou hand VLL the iKipular Patent Medeciens of the day war ranted genuine, ' Al.cU Pure Liiiuorsnnd Wine, lor Medecinal Mechamctl nd Chemical purposes only , .-.. Winooski Falls, June, M 1H17 T Winoo'ki roll . V i and examine a well seiectca assortment of w ' II. VIC II Willi,; DRUGS AND 1 PAlNTS MEDICINES, Sl'-'St-rrTrr GROCERIES. i Di E STUFF f Whleh me niK-red lor sa e as low as can be bought in 3urliug!on,orany where in ihe iBij bv HATCH. June. 1st' 1817 latf ANNATTO. . r RASKETS PRIME fresh Anwatto. ml For sale nt HxtiRIKOTOs's . ipotacfaiira iiau- iviiiniMiitiv i nnivnnn imiktip. I S.l.lll L.'Vl.Il 1 1J " syvl, aiu.av, 17 Xicwnod. Redwood. Madder and Dvewoo.1 nt HarrinoVon lenerally uvd. CARR0YS OIL OF YITR0L. so at Harrinston's HGG ROIL'RS. Colleo, FilttTors", Foot U Itaihs Chamber. Pails and Metal cliambeiK, t)ruikiiit!i'u alt hern bed pn Sold by nnd Spit cups ns, A fur the sick. Metal and ursing-lkiilles and lules. IIRINS.MAII'.V ItROTHtr.S. POwdcr. OfilU'iKegs, 100 I!bls.,25l) I bbls. blasting pnw JiUUU iU,, UK) kegs Ritle &. Sporting do, II Bands " isalcty l itsc." May 25, For sale bv J..HRADLEY &.CO. &HA Wharf. Wauled 1 GOOD J CK, WARRANTED FO tL-OinTEU: 1 address the suun-iiuer, poi P"".. """;' 11, .1, wiii .ni Malone Franklin Co. N. Y. N, Bill ROBINSON Sl GOULD, TOV Ol'l'ER to the publb, a superior assortment i. of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS, it Wholesale and 'Retail, alo, n good assortment of ari'ets. I ai'fr ftAxoixos.ntid tiitoctinrs. May 27. 1S17. TOY AND SCHOOL 1UJ0KS. Vgood as6orlmcut at S. lH'NTINGTON'S. 48 w-3 nONNECTICl'T RIVER SHAD ANI J North Shore Salmon, by the half bhh and snil, pound. 2ih may. 4a .1.0. vc r.i L1RESII LARD, ut iORsaleby 6TATIOSN.U,NGTONV i Store oil cor. of Church F 28th may. 48 .4. 5. DEWEY. 1 a t-o 0. N A DO . U I J-SI CV. UB JM 4 fresh supply ol New Yoikllstsol a iierior FLOUR. QOfiil DHLS. Surer. Western just re- w""" reived and tor Builington May 25, by quail y; aw iinis n , , . .... . ind n lame and spiemmi nwiufji.. loth CAPS "or men and bovsol 1 oslon and New Vork Manufacture, w hit h .1 he jmVyUm. eeived and for sale at 1 rov prices. J, UUADI.I.l oc CO. '"dolner of Strongs Building, oiuhe Square, Burlington. .May .j, wii IS Team HYSON, IIvso.v skin, voitxa nvso.v, Cat ty lloxesexpressly for lamily use, orange flow ery Peccn. MaySJ, For sale by 'mils; IHlAni.F.YitCO. Smth Wharf. Onn Lf- 'OOL TWINE for ialc bt ""u . I. D. BlXBy SCO. SUGARS. PORTO Rico, St. Croix, NkwOwmw Clatefied, N. 0. Muscuvsdo, Crushed, powder ed snd loaf double and single. For "Is Or. n MaySJ, ;;ii(A IVhitrf, DOMESTICS. ClIKETINGS, IS bales Kocklitiul; 10 do. N New Yoik ; 10 do New- Jersey ; 10 do Walpole ; I5s1dHTIXGS, a bulcs fmu brown ; 1 do lo New Yotk Mills. TICKINGS. 'J cases Lowell, 5 bales Lowell A. ALSO .'3 bales Attaknpns mixturrs ;;3 ases " Log Cabin" vantaloon stuff; 5 bales of Plaid i'ork Kremlins; 5 do striped do do;5do plain d' lo; 15 do Butts; 10 do Wicking; 10 do Amockesg Irllle ; 10 do Globe do.- For sals bv JOHN BRA PLEY .t CO. rurlingten,MayI5th 15 South H'ssr.t. I .s.i

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