Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 2, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 2, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 2, 1847. Wllta STATE CONVENTION. The Whigs ol VermonTare invited lo meet In Stole Convention by delegates, nt MoNTriLIEB ps Wtran DAvor Jut-y next, nt 10 o'clock, A. IM., for the purpose oliioniinatinga ticket for Suite ollicers, nd taking oil other measures necessary, preparatory for Uie next election. IIAtlllY imADt.KY, ANDREW TRACY. E. !'. WALTON. Jr.. State SOLOMON FOOT. V Central A. L. MINER, I Committee. GEO. W. COLLAMER, ELIJAH CLEVELAND, June 'J, 1S47. Ladies Fair, The Ladies connected with the Universalist Church In this town purpose holding a Fair on the 3d of July nest, the d ty of the Rcchabite Celebration, at Strongs Hall, to raise means to furnish their Chutch when completed. A variety of good things will be served up, consisting of fancy articles, suitable for all classes, an.1 food and drink. The public are respect fully invited to give them a call. Per Order Jiine 11, 1317. 5lw3 JOHN GREGORY. iUarkcta. vere made at $75, 80, and Ilrlshtnti Cnttlc Market. Mnndnr. June 3 At mukct. 510 B.-ef Cattle. 12 vokes Worklnir Oien,'JS Cowhand Calves, 1500 Sheep and Lambs, and about 500 Swine. htef Cjlt'.el irst quality $7 25 j second quality, o D J ; mi. I mini quiuiy, o, Woilting Oxin bales w 05. Cjitj and Calves Poles at $10,21, S6,3?and 810. i'Ase, Sales ol lots at $i,-i 13,275 and 3 50 to 75. Sicinc At wholesale, 5: lor Sows and 61c for Bar rows. Atrctail, 6J to7nc. WOOL. Duly, 30 rtrct. The market remains without any change since our our last report, and sales arc freely made as wanted at the quoted rate". Prime Sixony Hceces, vvushed . American lull blood do. do 3-1 do. do 1-2 do. do l-4.fccomdo. Smyrna, unwashed, - Humus Ayres, unpicked, -Extra Xonh'n pulled lamb, isup. Noith'n pulled Iamb -No, 1 do do do 2 do do do 3 do do do - From the Cincinnati Daily Times, of May 20th. Whtnr'i Daltnm ofWild Cherry. Wf wnnl.1 advise our readers who are lahorlnrtun- deran affection of the lungs, lomnke immediate trial ol this truly excellent medicine. , The most intelligent ami respectatue families oi our city nave auopteu tins a lavorite family medicine i and persons predisposed to Consumption t who have used it, speak in the high est terms of its efficacy. .... Scores of individuals have been cured ol Asthma, it.- t.. -1 r in 11,,,. f ma cany singes ui csoiiBuiiipuini, hiccuiiiu v, ...v. lungs, obstinate coughs, etc. by this Balsam, after hope hadwell n'leh yielded to despair. We say this in all om.uor. II 13 tiiinrvu iiiciiinenvii nun. ...... i.iuu- un,l, fnll vlrtim inCnnsumntioii every vear.froin no other cause than neglected Colds i Jet we find hun dreds, and thousands, wno treat sucn compiaiuis wiui the greatest Indifference, and let them run on lor weeks, and even months, without thinking of the ')! None genuine unless signed 1 uuna on in' wrapper. For sale by Theo. A. lt, Apothecary and Wholesale Druggist. Special Notirn rTiu extraordinary GRAEFENBCRO PILLS, which are achieving unparelleled triumphs in various sections of this country, are now introduced Into this vicinity. Let every sick person read the advertisement nf th r2rnr,tihertr Cntnnaiiv. whirh will he found ill another column, tor sale at Sherwood's, West side Court House Square. 45 S0 40 it 45 36 : 3i i' 33 21 t 3J 8 tt 13 C 1 14 3a iff 40 33 ft 35 2 It 30 111 V 20 14 V 15 SIR 1IE.VRY AND IIL.1CK HAWK. ittamcb. In Middlebury, on the SSth Inst., by Rer. Dr, Mer- rill, Julius A. Deckwith, Esq. and Miss Abby Matilda, daughter of Rufus Wainwright, Esq , all of that place. In this village on the ,25th Inst, George Amu, of Eastport, Mass. H' was visiting his Iriends In this place and died very suddenly, aged 35 years. In Kccscville, N. Y. on the 22d inst , Mr. J. Janes Conkli.v, aged 21 years. In this town on the 15th inst., Mxtildx Adeua Daughter of Cassius and Mary L. Castle, aged 10 months and 18 days. In Charlotte, on the 23d Inst. AVERY MEECH, aged CJ years. At the residence of his brother, in Danby Vt., on the 3utli inst., Moses Edward Vail, in the 2Cth year of his age. The deceased was a member of the class which graduated at the University of Vermont, In 1816. Always possessed of an earnest purpose to make him' self useful, his plans, freely communicated to the writer whose happiness itwas to enjoy his most in ti male friendship, were early matured and resolutely entered upon, boon alter leaving college, lie cum menced, in this place, the study of the Law ; a pro'. fession which he was peculiarly fitted to adorn, not so much by the brilliancy of his oratorical powers, as by the dignity of his character, an almost unerring judg I he effect Mr. David Hill A notes that Sir Henry was never firnlie in li:imts.i : lirsl. Iwrnuse wp expressly state it in oar circular, and. secondly, because lie would never ment, and an ever active love of justice. have olp'red' alter reqieciinn Between sjuunnu siouv ol Ins too close application, aggravated by a severe for my-horse, as we haie prool til our powsion liat coW which lie contracted lathe month ot Nov. lest tiou us tu the horse and his stock. A man who has ' led him lo visit home, where he thought by a short ued a t imes to so good purpose as Mr. Hill has stay with his fi lends to regain his health. Alas! they wnce he became the proprietor ol lllackllawk.couia wrcumvJ lim 10,ne iui t0 piepaic him for his hardly have overlooked sj important a detect in air . . , , ' ' , . Henry .Mr llill'schallcugcs.thercfore, both of which final change. It was soon but too apparent both to contain the condition that the trotting shall be "in his liicitdsund hiinsell that his recovery was hopeless. I.iru'ss," (.o I ir as we are concerned, amount to noin. , j j, lamp ol life continued to burn, feebly but flicker ing, an I sj ..r as the breeding public are Jrned, j , mil 1C mor o ,hc .,,.durinc whichl cannot aspire even to the dignity ol successful impost- ' , , , , , . , turn. Tn iirt rhnlleii,,e (see Cultivator for .Mav. IS 17) feeling bomcw hat better than usual, he twice rode out, iss.inplyiidiculous, such, we venture to say, as none 111 l"e ulleriiuon, however, a change came over but the ".Messrs. Hill eer made, and such certainly as him, and towards night-fall, feeling that Ins end no on.- it a tool would accept, uut Dciuse we gave wasnear, he directed his liiends to be called one by one siuiriciu re.ison lor ueciiiiing, uiui oi a nunureu e ,. . .... ,. . that might Imc-bcen given,) Mr. Hill, atlecting to 0:"' ,of lloln' nllir fult"l dir;c "'B ', en on s ippow this the only i.lwctioii, comes nut wilh a new wordsof admonition, he successively look leave, und chJ.leiij.. in the 1'ice l'resi ol June 25th, nnd biavely then, ever true lo that anxious solicitude for otheis omit tlu condiiioii to winch we objected, f guard, v,hichso distinguished his character, having breathed huntslf ng,irist the passi'jilitynf an acceptance vnnur . . . . ,. e .. purl by cfiiiLMU to the troiiini'-in-AarneM condi- B P"-ylor the temporal and eternal welfare of those lion, and in ignaniiiriuly ollVrs three minutes advan- , he was aboutto leave behind him, he leaned back up tae in ten nnles ! Does Mr Hill mean to jockey the on his pillow and expiied, without a struggle and ap . rannol iieevnt if we would I In truth. lest tint portion ot the breeding puUic who have never seen the two horses may be misled by Mr. Hill's challenges into the belief that Sir Henry may properly he put in competition with Hlack Hawk, we liny n well state h.'re that &uch is by uu means the case. He is not such a horse. In the opinion of some, w ho ju Ige according to one standard, he is as inferior ot, n llie opinion of others, who jude by quite a dif ferent stm.'ard, he is superior to Black Hawii. We knoA- of no points of similarity except that both are offered for the iinp-oieinetit ot toaditcrt. In other ipecl". they are at least totally ditR-iciit os dillerent im is the noble, quiet, high bred charger whose cour- ngeand staiiiitia, irAei icanttd, ore equal to tue ser patently without a pang, " Sustained and soothed By an unfaltering IruEt, Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams, He died just as he was beginning to live j not how ever, without the most satisfactory mid consoling evidence of his willingness to obey the summons. I he calm resolution with which he awaited the hour ul dissolution proves that Death had no terrors for him, To B.-cak ol his character in detail were without the design of this notice. All eulogy would be unoppre rice to which they are called, from the diminutive but ciateJ by strangers who knew nim not, while, lo rSWw&.r.llh .TowWm'M b". v,him; 'T l"a",T w-! b.V1,e hnlfalonii. fircumnfldhiinio nostijone half his iour- rccollfctiou of that benevolence winch guided him, ncy. Sir Jleurv dilli'rs from iJlack Hnwk as a thor- whether in ihe relation of eon, brother or friend, and o iSh-JjiJ iro.ii'onu that is not. Nor in other resects fragrant will be the memory oi his many virtues, dots he ditr-r les. His alue m the fetud was not so CoM( feiidJi'iiIy disrovereJ. Jl took him years to win his 1 ai nnm ri'pumioii, nnd now Hi fit lie has won it, it is Dt-si he is btt-t known, better nt home than abroad. Tli'iuuh a poincwhat larger horse, his newspaper pre tendons are by no means correspondingly great. He rannoi, Mr iniiance, like ih.ick uawK, iruin nine II. Book Agents. MANSFIELD, Hook Pi'DLIshkii, New Haven Cl. 131 Yolk St., will employ not in unv Hook Stores New Haven Ct. June 22, 1817. Iw3 Vm.-TJs tctthnnt Uaintvc. tuul. for June. ISIa. though u,,mi men f nond rhoracter. to solicit like Old .Messenger whose blood Hows in his veins he subscriptions in the several counties or the State of is a gi tter ol trotiers. He will not thrive, like IJlack Vermont, tor" Taylor's Voyage Kound the World, of I lawk, on " three quarts of oatsand three of bran pex the United sjiates tjquadron," a very popular work (I iv. and between live and six noiiuds of hav daily." ns h,, -i tn . with enrravins. The O i the contrary our hills give ample testimony that terms which are liberal will be given on implication .Sir Henry wants something nearer the ajj lbs. ol lor- hy mail, l'ost paid. Tliis woik, winch is copy-right ag ulucii I'rnl Low puuduwn as the average allow- iccured, will be sold exclusively to substnbeis, and mi.C .1,1 It l.UiS''. V.uitic i.ipvi., UU ,1,9 BIUVA, liii.ft of them, nut-do their tire in size " as lllnck Hawk's do. (Cultivator for May, 1817.) Sir lleniy's slock, on the contrary, have a gieater respect for lite t laws of ph)siology, und for the most part are like their sire in size as well as oilier respects. Nor does he difier so much nowfium what he was in 1815 as lllack Hawk does. (Compile ihe two engravings ot Black Hawk in the two numbers ol the Cultivator relerred in V Nor does nuv dam lint has been bred lo Sir Henry, or ony that she has produced, bear so sinking a ri seinhlanee to the dmn and foal represent- , ed in the l'Jth volume of the Naturalist's Library, as " Lady Messenger" and her Mack Hawk colt." Mor- fan MesMiger," do. (Cult tator lor Feb. 1817 ) Sir leury has no such faculty of procreation alter a pat-1 lern, with an inese ponus oi uiiicicinr n ia civi that Sir Henry is no competitor with lllack Hnwk, Agents Wauled. milE SUHsCRIHEk is dksirois or ex- JL gaging a number ol men of good address and business habits, with $30 to $35 ready cash, to sell and use Ins new improved Sulphur lume, or itas bath A profit ol $5 to $i5 u week may be realized. All l'ost paid letters promptly answereJ. O. S- BLISS. No. Cohocton, Steuben Co. N. Y. June Ii3, '47. NEW GOODS. V. RANDALL, has just ncri'BXED mlm from New Vnrlt. with n larire assortment of u h,i i,nii I m sin. l.oii ihe road, or 111 tne newsnaoers. W atches. Jewe erv. tnnev Articles and lovs. con- We should not, therefore, linve noticed either ol the usting in part ol" gold English levers, gold anchors, Messrs. Ilili'i challenges but for their too obvious and lepines, silver levers lull jewelled, anchors and ns it kr.nw in n. iltinirenuoua uumose to ttis leonus. and verie watrhps nl nil kinds, cold mima- oarai'e a horse which they once coveted, and whose ture cases and lockets, gold spects, pencils and pens, l:..i" .1 I : ........I ... r.. V. I,,l. mi!- ..t.l .UI...1.I i .?J I . Li. ' ...,. riV UirV lliey nuve JUSI kiuuiiu iu k,i . .... .v I"" Su'u itnntutcB, uuu u.acTiria, mill, w unu a, v.... liely ofl.'red tu meet Black Hawk and his stoi k, with puis ol all kinds, diamond rings, plain and cli Sir Henry ond his stock, at Saratoga or Monipelier : ( rings, chums, slides, gold snaps, hearts and crosses, tim nu-.irii in im mm m tn I ii til norse which, micr u uur ear noun., n , n n.i tnnp sniiiiKr. cem einen s bcuri . j examination ol bun and Ins stock, tne -lunges snail pins, gold guilt and pearl studs, arl and sliell card , l-..ib:i, rot roadsters, instead oi cases, shell Dack and side combs, bead and aim purses, P,? l' i.. .. - ii i it i . ii. .,...,.. :!.., r'yii, r. Austin, Levi RS Allen, David W Ale, Andre Arminglon, Sarah Allen, (icorge Allen, Geo 11 Allr, J II W Andrews, Leonard u tinned, Marcus Barrett, John Brannan, riooen Brown, Levi Brown, Frances Mn. Brown, Abel Brown, James a Benupre. uuvier Burt, John Burr, Mary Bush, Lewis Bourdry, t,dwsru Burhank, Silas jr Boule, Mary Ann Bedoyer, Don Carlo Heche, uertrnm Brewster, Loring Bnker, Solomon Batters, Joseph Ilattersby. Jonn Billard.Udgera Burdick.GW Byron, Francis Burns, Thomas Bryan, Harmon Bowers, Maria Buckland, Roxana Bruckman.Mr Butler, Hannah Boyd, William Burhank, Henry A Burr, Wellington Bull, Francis A Brooks, C S Burke, Margaret Batron, Stephen Billings, Charles Beele, Henry Baldwin, r II 9 Bradin. Mr Barry, Jane Barse, Mary Brcesee, Sophroma J d Conkey, James H Costello, Patrick Callan, .Michael I Conelie. Antoine Caslien, Michael Chandler, Griswold Callanan, Michael Callanan, Maty 2 Case, Bob't L Carroll, John Chase, J B Mrs Chnse, Laura F Chittenden, George Cook, N a Hi 1 Chellis, Stephen 3 Come, H C Child, William II Cole, Harvey N Cornell, Elizabeth Chickery, C A Clapp. 11 a Cnllnchan. illiam Caldwell, Win A Chadwick et Co Chndwkk, ti M Chandler, W W Cady, D. Carson, William Carey, John Currier, Frederick Cully, William Churchill, Gilbert Chesley, Amanda r Corning, A E Corning, Willard Cross. Luther Clough, Klnsh 3 Coscrave, John Cooke. Charlotte P Colver. Cordelia Connors ElwaUth Crnssman, M L Cohen, M , Connor, Moody Cros'inan. Huluj I'nflrev. James Crabtree.Carolms Caine, Jane Chamberlain, P B Curtis, Eliza Curtis, I.viiia o Curtis, M S Curtis, Sophia , Curtis, Abrani U. Downes. Michael Daley. Patrick Doolmg. Michael l).ivis, John Dutton, Susan 2 Daison, John Dchbac, Louis Dodge, W A. RcT Doyle, Martin Donellev, John Dyon, David Donly, Barnard Deartiorn, Jacob Doxey. Ldnard Dye, Betey Downer, Eineline Drake, Emily L Dojle, Eliza E Danfortb, Harry S 3 Dinan, llridcet Deane, II W R K. Eastman. M J Mrs Emery, Philista Eniery, Amos lllliott, William Everts, Miles A 2 K. Friend, Mayer Frich, Samuel Flinn, John Foot, Levi B Fuirere. Isaac Fowler, Sarah nrononnce best as n rrette accepting or declining or in ony way noticing this etcel beads ond bng clasps, purse silk and twist, silver j.'.fnn'tai'n Hinman J proposition, the proprietors of the Blncii Hawk come spects and pencils, scissois ond knives, hair coinbsund -nzicrnl J , Elizabeth cul Willi u new Li.illien.ic, insiaiuiK " buiiuiiiun uins.ii-p, oiitn uiiu uih, v.ihiic .iiviu, m.ui, qtl. .cl. All ol w inch he will sell as low as any importer or any one that pretends to import. uuriington, juiy i. i which they know before hand canntit be accepted. we must, inereiore, ue exeuseu noiu any no tice ol them or their challenges, unless another like covert ellbrt to disparage Sir Henry should require ipo.iire. LUCIUS SANDERSON CO. West Milton, Vt.. June i), 1817. roi-BTit or Jtxv, On this day of festivity and joy, when we are oil prone lo indulge in the good things ol this life, ond not unfrequently to excess, let us not forgel thatoverloading the system, either food or drink, especially lit this season ol the year; is olten attended with the most serious consequences. If any, however, ehoulil inadvertently overstep the bounds ol prudence, they should bear in mind that Wright's Indian Vegeta ble Pills ore certain to prevent all evil results from im propriety ot diet ; because they thoroughly cleanse the otoiuaeh and bowels Irom those biliousand corrupt hu mors which a re the cause of colic pains.dysentery, cho jera morbus, and other disordersof the bowels; Wriuht.s Indian vegeiauie i in mu am nuu WATCH I5S, JHWULLEIIY, CLOCKS cleaned and repaired to order, and ill as good ty le as can be done elsewhere. July 2. I J. V. RANDALL. Arrival IVo. 2, IBIXBY & CO. HAVE THIS DAY RECEIVED a splendid assortment of i'umnier Goods. July 2, 1817. I Scotch Pip Iron STRONG, DOOLITTLE 4. Co. July 1, '17. Fourth ol July, LADIES who wish somctliiti" very Nico and Fine for a July day or for Evening Dresses will do well to see the stock of Ginaham. Darace prove digestion, ond llierelorc give heolth ond vigor la Tissues and uslin Goods which I, D. Ullby ii Co. , the whole well as drive disease of every kind . have received to day. from the body. ,, . bs""1"" "'t 'o'. UtWAttr. OF CoUMtltrtlTS 1 he puonc ore cauuon ed against ihe many spurious medicines, which, m or der to deceive lire colled by name, similar to V right a Indian Vegetable Pills. . N. Ii CouiiteilWt Pills have been found in a store in Slcoxd Street l:ow South, Philadelphia Avoid the Viug Stoi ti, and purchase only Irom the UtuutA ATllEOXLT ORIOINAI. AND 0ENCINE InWAN VEGETABLE Tills have the sionatlbe or illiam W riuiit WRim-N WITH A TtN ON TIIETOPLABEI.Of EACH BOX. JW other it e;iume, and to counterfeit tltu tt r0IOllis devoted exclusively to the sale of 'righ fli Indtan VegelMe I'M; who esole and reta I, IM Race Street;Ph.ladelph.a : Street New York ; and IM Tren.ont Street lloston.ond by luxo. A. Peck, Apothecary and wholesale liruggist. IfruSy - ''u,'licv"icr,fulo" none found n more extensive use, in ea-sof scrofu a, Hisoe,.io. liver coinploint, cosiiveness morbid im ."ond'otheriinpurityof the M, lU thebo mar,, i:r ... f, , populi mihe dehl ltatea pari"- i. "' ' morbid action is changed, wnne Dy tiiai "t lis tated parta. rorsaieojrj Iw2 NEW ARRIVAL. SUST ItECKIVED AND FOR SALE, CHEAP, A Urge and rich assortment of dress Goods, consist ing in part of , . , fine Linen Ginghams, fine Hench tjinghams, ' Scotch do " American do " Muslin do " Fieneh Muslin, Ladies embroidered Caps," Orcanda do " Collais and Culls, Rich Baroge Sliawls ond Scarfs, " Parasols, and Parasoleits ; also a general assortment ol Domestic Goods i anil 1 Gro. June 27, 1817. n I 'C nf ii i. nssrniPTloxs h n"" K" mW , j. v. RANDALL'S. .. , no IBIS uutiingioiijunc , I4w A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CARVED AND, Ml. . RANDAfjL.8. OPFICIAt. Ijist ol'Ijcttcrs, advertised t.t Tilt free tresj bt srtxm. AfroistTMisT and remaining in the Post OITice at Burlington, Vt. July 1, 1817. W, And be it further enacted, And all advertisements made under the orders of the Postmaster-General. In a newspaper or newspapers, of letters uncalled for in any Post Office, shall he in setted in the paper or papers, of the town or place where the office advertising may be situated, Sating the largett circulation. Persons colling for any of the undermentioned Letters, will please designate themas'dcertised." Hall Horace. P Hallinan, Batt. Hunter, Wm 8 Hoyt, A W Hitchcock, Horace Hosford, Eunice Hunt, Ursula M 3 Hill, E J J ohnson. Alva Johnson Philura 2 Johnson Amelia 2 Johnson Peter Johnson John L. 2 Judson Lemon Jordan John JetTerson Roswell Jones Thomas Johnston Edward Joseph Charles'i Johnson Sarah L. Judd Fidelia JencksJohn II. K Keeler Joseph Jr. Kinloch Chariest Kiley Jlary Knight Daniel Knapp Jos. Keenan Connor Kimball Sarah F Kennedy Martha Kelm Patrick R. Kimbal D. A. Keane Bridget Kennison N. Kelley Johannah h Lapointe Joseph l.sndon isancjr Levy Hirsch tt Loveland R. W. Lavalle Antoine Ltpicrre Moyse Lapalm Samuel jjaw uaviu LeeSanil. Rev. Lynch Mary Lawler Thomas 2 Lewis Alexander Liscum John London Orange A. Livingston Horace Lavelle Austin Love and It. H. 2 Lawler, John ModdenJames 2 Meany Daniel McNeelis John .Moxcey A. E. McSweney James Mason J. L. Marsh Almerin Marchlom Mary Meader Clarissa F. .Maison William Madigan Jeremiah .McGaivy Patrick Mark John Mickonnie Jane Mitchel M. Moore Henry Myres Felix .vtoore ccorge Morel Henry Morse Sami. C Monjeau Matilda Morse A. W. Moss Alexander Mitchell James 2 Murray Henry .1 iner Nathan .Vorri'on Hellen Vorehead William 2 .loss Alexander P .Vurdick Nathaniel .Villa George C -Voran .Vaiy .Vc.Vahon Thoma. Jli ,ey S C jTorey Jane .VcWilliams M VcGregor John -Vclvcimn Hugh Aears A S .Vc.Villen Allen .Votse S R N Noble Enoch Negus Enos Nosh Honors Norris .Vartha North Samuel Nixon John 3 Nolan James Noiton Helmer Nutting Amarinta D Nicliols Edward O O'Care Joseph U Kane Undgeil O'Rieley Thomas 2 O'Connor Nancy O'Brien John 1'. Powell, Sarah Putman, l.ucy Peach Lucia L Plait, I, 1; Poole, Thomas Parsons, A C 2 Palmer, Loomis I'apmeaii, Francis 2 rowers, Liewis 11 Paikhurst, S Pierce, Betsey Prentis, Frederick l'erngo, llenry 1 Peck, Jennette U Potter, Jeremiah Paige, Timothy Quintal, Joseph it. Rice, II Roudeau, Pierre Runy, Moryr Itobertsnn, Nancy Kyon, .vneiiaei Roireau, Pierre Richard, Louis Reed, II A Rebouks, Sarah Richardson, Sarah W ltofl'erty, John Rice, Daniel Ryan, James Robinson, Abigail A Rogen, Samuel Roberts, Mary Russell, Edward Roebui k, Jonas 2 Russegue, Dan! M itobiiison, Edwin S. Scott, William Shoemaker, Joseph II Strong, Win L Stone, Edward Sloan, Catherine Skyne, P.itrifk Sinclair. D Smith, Anson Smith, Elas Sheridan Patrick Stevens, Benjamin Sheighan Patrick Shelly, Margaret Sherman, Albert Sheehon, Dennis Spear Richard S'avy, Geo W Slade, Hon Wm Staiibury, E A Seoit, Robt Seymour, Sarah E Sjiear Nelson Siencer, Osliorn Stevens, Benjamin Smedley, I'.lia Speor, i.ilas Severonce, Harriet Sneor, Geo N Sherwood, Burke Sietixin, John Sutton, George L 2 Stockwell, Albert M Ntnw, Loroln Scully, Hugh Stone, 'l'ryphenia Storrs, John Smith, Colonel Stocy, R P Sawyer, George Sprogue, Charles M Sawyer, J M Pprague Burditt Scoheld. E F Smith William T Edward on, Patrick lien Kartell. Michael Fletcher, Thomas Ferrin, George Fleleher, Harry Forrest, Jolin R Finnegan, Michael Fisher, Eleanor Follett, John Fish. David Fullen, Peter 2 Fihonev. 'Phomas Freeman, Michael Foitfield, Joseph ti. GofT. Gto W 3 Gleoson, Louisa Gunn, Clis Gates, Hiram Gallaghan, Matthew Grisel, Rodney Gibson, Harriet Greenough, John Golden, Patrick Goulder, David Gallagher, Joseph 2 Griswold, D E Gregorv Elizabeth Geer, Patrick Gilliek, Patrick Gookin, Samuel W Gregg, William Galvin, Patrick Gunn, Mary Ulynn Peter II. Hogan, James Howard, Lucy Howard, Hannah Hopkins, Enos D Huilbut, Edwin 2 Hogal, George. II") t, Henry K. Hall, Rev Mr Hayes, Joinea Derrick, John R Hewitt, Charles Hawkins, Susan derrick, Wm T Harmon, Nanry A Hoight, Elkanah Harrington, William Harrington, W B Heath, Wiilism H Trr Knlffht CJ Thompson Phebe Terrill Saml. Thatcher Josephine Thayer ,Vartin ,11 Tonguos Rosalie Todd Elizabeth Tau Jomes u Tntnmena Jtnrv To any person wno n Terrell TUalona Tcague Patrick Thatcher Willard Travessy Jame. M T.-nney John Tucker Betty l eague iuatnevr Thompson William Tibbets Shepherd 1 nomas LiymanA V W.lsh Joseph Weed Adaline M WogstofT Robert 2 Wheeler Lucius II Wells William Walden Gustavus Waterman Hsrry 2 Wolsh Patrick Webster Dr Ware Olivia White J O Whitney Don. C White Levi S , Williams Christopher C Woodward R. J Wright E M . Wood Truman J Wilder J C Rev Whitcomb James H Withetbee R L Willard Levi II Wilkinson John D Wardlnw John Wait Louisa Warner George u W. NOBLE, V. M. DAGUERREAN GALLERY! Datdeldtr's Brick Block, up stairs, Church Sired, directly opposite Kern's Store. BH. Mace has the pleasure op a- nouncing to the citizens of Burlington, that he 11.19 inauc a permanent csiaonsnnient 111 mis place, where he is practising the Daguerreotype art in the highest style of perfection. For this purpose and for the reception of visitors, he has been to much lalior and greatexpense In lurnislung his rooms. Having practiced theartfor a great length of time, andovaiP NEW GOODS, CP. STAMFORD, & CO. it we opened this morning another lot of New Goods 1 among which ore some Elegant Porasok Porasoletts, I- rinircs, Silks,muslii,s,C:tiglinms, &C, otc. which they arc of fering at Ureal bargains. June 21, 1817. 12 HUNTERS AND FISHERMEN. IpiSIt IIANKRTM, Multiplying Reels, Lines, Poles, Hooks, Swivels, Plies, Fish, Hugs, Spoon nnd other Bait, Drinking Pla'ks, I ond 6 Barrel l'is tols, Rifles, Double and Single (inns, Caps, Powder Flasks, Gun Cotton, an I other firing.. VI lllllB.MAlU ,U imilllll.UM. SEED Buck Wheat, For sole by Burlington, June 19,1317. n. wiiEELr.n, ilw3 FRESH CAN Alt Y SEED. 1LSO Yellow Mrd Seed, Hemp Seed, 11 at and Cuttle Fish Bone, at Si HARRINGTON'S. FLOUR, RECEIVED every day from Sholburne Mill, fresh ground, for sale at reduced prices, ot the Mill Store on Water street. ... ., June al, 1817. 12 H. Illnnk Hooks. TOWN RECORDS, Ledoers & Journals, Day ond Cash Books j Invoice ond Hill Books; Bank and Pass Books, Albums, in. For sale by 5J S. HUNTINGTON. METHODIST Sunday School Hymn Books. For sale by Si. HUNTINGTON. Snmnel F. llollistcr's IMntc STATE OF VHRMONT.) 'I'lIE Hon. the Pro ,, ...... .1.;.. I I i-. . , r. .1.. I ui lr e-n .t I .1 - iyuirici 01 C'Uliruuerr, 93. 1 - uiue vouu iu. im- jl-wi.lLfnJ!.,,,:,ml)rov,,,mt.n,.!'e 'erl?w0," 1 Districl of Chittenden, to nil persons concerned in the uinn.j in... i.c van uive universal sausinci 01. 10 u m" , r.;statP 0f Samuel F. Ilolliter, late of HinesburE mav lavor him with their tiatronatre. Miniatures ta ken any weather, with or without colors, in a superior style, nnd neatly set 111 Lockets, Pins, Rings, Brace lets, Cases, Frames, or in Irom 4 to 12 Plate Family Oards, sunk tn splendid .Mahogany and Kosevvood frames. The Public are respecllully invited to call and examine 8iecimens. Perfect satisfaction given in all cases or nochnrf-r. Instructions given in the art for $j0, embracing all the chemical manipulations pertaining thereto, and every principle explained ond illustrated by experiments from the first discoveries of M. Daguerre of France, down to the latest Helio graphic Drawings ol Germany, and success guaran teed. To Artists he would give notice that he has on hand German ond American Cameras of all sizes, a large and beautiful assortment ofGold ploted Lockets, Plates, Cases, Frames. Chemicals, Polishing nioteri als, Ate, for saleat wliolesalcand retail, at the low est cash prices. B. H. MACE. Burlington June 25, 1847 ltf MORE NEW QOOD8. June 2W, 1847. VILAS & NOYES have recently re ceived a large odjition to their former stock of goods, consisting of iu part, American Prints, Ginghams and Lawns, M. de Laiues, Broad cloths, Cassimers, Summer wear, Ticks !j Drillings, Silk J( Fancy Shawls, and a great variety of other goods, making our as sortment complete. As our iiurchasesore oil made with cash, ond as sufficient time is taken to examine the Ma-ket close ly, we feel conlident that our goods are obtained at me must auvuiuageous rates. Norman W. Blossom's IMnte. WE the? subscribers, having been appointed by the Honorable the Probate Conn fur th l)icmrf nf lnlttelK!cn. commissioners to receive, .tnmin, nml adjust the claims and demands of all persons, against ine esiaie oi nonniii tt.uiossom late ol Hiciimond in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claim and demaujs exhibited in ollse! thereto ; and six months from the dav ol the dale thereof, beinc allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do there- iuic ne.eoy pivc nonce, mat we will attend to tne dii siness of our appointment, at the dwelling of C. M. iiuiiiington iu uiciimoiid in said District, on the last Mondays of July and October next, at 10 o'clock, A. on eucu oi Miuiuays. Dated, thiaSGth. day of May, A. D. 1317. KUI.1..V UIjI.ABUN, 1 V. M. HUNTINGTON, Commiu IW3 WILLIAM RHODES Jr., nesburch, in said District, deceased. Greeting. Wiilucas Lyman Hall, administrator of the Estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account ol his administration, and present account against said estate tor examination and allowance at n session oi tne Com t ol Probate, to be holden at the Register's office in Burlington on the second Wcdnes lay of July next. Thereioiie. You are hereby notified to appear be fore soid cnuit at the timeund place aforesaid, ond shew cause, if any vou have, w hy the accuunt aforesaid should not be allowed. GWcn tinder my hand at Burlincton this23dday of June, A. u. law. UI1AS kussui.l., Juuge, CANES, JUNE 23d. ANEW LOT of fine finished, Carved and Ivory headed and Crook Canes just received. S2 Brins.maid H Brothers. MAGAZINES FOR JULY. nRAIIAM'S MAGAZINi: lor July contains a sJ mngnifioent mezzotint Portrait of ' OEXEI1AL TA YLOlt, sniEle number, 23 cents. Columbian Magazine, 25 " (Jodey'i Lady's Book, 25 " Ladies' National .Magazine, 19 " June 25. For sale at EDWARDS'. 1IRISTOL 1IRICK, A NICE ARTICLE, for snlc nt 5J HARRINGTON'S. 12 10 10 1 IC 10 53 1 WISTAUS II.VI.SAM OF WILD CIIlHtltY, FRESH nnd nice article, for snle by 1 52 I1AUU1NGT0N. SAND'S SARSAPARILLA. riOMSTOCK'S do. : Bull's do. ; Ilinc- J burgh's do. for purifying the blood, for sale ot ii HARRINGTON'S. Clocks. I v.fTiBRAS3 Clocks in beautiful Rosewood, I K.JK.' Gilt and MahogonyCaseslorsaleatwlinle sale hy the case or ot retail very low. Eiht day Brass Clocks Very cheap. June 18, B1UNSMA1D U BROTHERS. oll Chains cV Pencils, A large orsortment nf Gold Chains price .10 to JTV $75 ond of (iold Pencils of all prices ond of Gold Pens from ii and upwards, will be kept for sale by June 13, BRINS.MAID vt BROTHERS. DAGUERREOTYPE. GROSS Scnvn.M No. 1 ruTf. 20 gross best French l'la es. do Velvet, Satin and aim do SlotlinjM and Preservers, do assorted CoIcK. lbs. Distilled Mercury, do Ilyph. Sulph. ol hods, yds. Daguerreotype Hannel. .1 II. .-I. Cl.!..i uut, i,ui; ljhiii.. . Voltrhilsnil..f Snn. and American Cnmerss, Cnr.ncra Stands. CoalitiL' Boxes. Plate Vices, M enry Baths, Thermometer Tubes, ,"a'r',7 Kouge, Iodine, Bromine, Sable l enciis, P Cotton, Rotten Stone, Show Frames beuuttlul y In is'.ied Tor 1.2. 3. 4. 0 and a pictures t extra GIjsj. , Chloride of Gold, Bleachmi fluid, Quick-stuif a every otticle used in the line. We sell as low as Scovill nnd other extetis ve tensive dealers will. Oar stnek will be full at limes. Brimmaid ei Brothi t June 17, 1317. jiuusas if- cAunixons I1ERS0NS wisiitxo Honsia & Carriaoi , con be accommodated ot the Pearl St. Hoos--50 VILAS fiNOYLS. Arcliibnld W. Hyde's JMnlc. WE the aubenbers, having been appointed hv the Ilunorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, Commissioners to receive, examine and adjust the claims ond demands ol oil persons against tl.e estate of Archd. W. Hyde, late of Burlington iu said District, deceased, represented insolvent, nml olso all cloims and demands exhibited in oll'sct thereto j and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do there fore hercbv give notice, tint we will attend to the bu siness of our appointment, nt the office of Charles Russell in Burlington in said District, on the 4th Mouduy of Ostober and November next, ot 10 o'clock, A. M., on each ol said davs. Dated, this 'Jlh day ol June , w. lai. Dried Apples. innn lbs. dried apples lvuu just received and for sail by VILAS & NOVEi lw2 I Mn.M. SHAFT F. t. HENRY WHITNEY, HENRY P. H1CKOK. Commt. C CARPETING, Oil Cloth, Paper Hangings, and J Transparent Window Shades just received ond for sale cheap lorcosliot ,,,,, ,nna June 10, 1317. IKWARDS. f LANDERS History or the Christian Religion i ond Church, Translated from the German by Prof. Torrey. Vol. 1 Price S3.00 for sole by. . June, 16, 1817. 51 C. B. EDWARDS. T700D und Brass Clocks for sale low by V June 10, 51 CATLIN J( SPEAR. A good assortment of Ready Made Clothes such ns Coals. Pants, Veits.Overalls, Shirts.and Drawers, J,c, -tc. CATLIN cc SPEAR. June 1G, 1317. 51 Iloiisc riiiishin. MINERAL Knobs, full p'.ate.anJ japd. trimmio, Mortice locks and latches, mortice locks, tie tice latches, cottage locks, latches, Blukcs lutein cupboard locks nnd ketches, hell pulls and triinmi'.' wro't ond cast lion narrow and broad Butts, wind, springs, axle pu'lies, word robe hooks, hat pins. I" ding door way ond nxlcs, sliding door locks, II i. bolts, silver tilate. bronzed ond iapd. kev hole cutcliions.window blind baiigiiigs ond lostenings, v every ether ottiele required in bouse imiii' omong which arc many Yetr, Cheap, V'srful and i sirable articles, which" Yankee irgenuilv" ho. duccd,ot woiidrously cheap rates may be found vwi' STRONG, DOOLITTLE, !(Ct. June, 10 1317. I,i Fish, TVOS. I, and 2, Mackerel, Salmon, Swon Pickled, ond dry Herring, ond drv Cod fish June 10, 51 CATLIN if SPE Sword fish, Alt. Windsor Itiflcw. 1D0Z. & MORE or Windsor Rifles and a few English single ond Double bairel Guns, 1 For sale by Brinsmaid hf Ur.oTiitr.s. FIRE INSURANCE. FARMER'S INS'JKANCE COMPANY, ut Oiu,::. itun'ioii uuniy rr. r. 5 Millions Insured nn4 No Assc-ements ! I THIS WAS cimrtehed nv the Legislature, April 22nd, 1331. They commenc ed doing business on the r present improved svstem, on the 15th of .May, IS 15, since which tune ihev hive insured property to the ainuuiit ol over Jite million Willintn A. Gnsvvold's 1'stntc STA TE OF VCUMOXT, ) A T a Probate Court District of Chittenden. J. I ft holden at Bur inc. ton. within and for said district of Chittenden on the VJd davot June. 131,. comes v in. 1-. Griswold, one of the heirs to the estate of Wm. A. Griswold, late of said Burlington, deceased, intestate and hies tn said court his petition in writing setting foith that lie holds one undivided third part of said estate, in common with the other heirs, and being desirous ol having his share of the personal estate set out to him, reqnebis said couit lo ascertain the persons who arc legally en titled to said estate and to decree the same to them iu the nronortious to which thev areseveioliv entitled. andlo uppoint commissioners to make paitition of - iaRTFT Uint and "atchets said personal estate. Whereupon, tl.e court ofoiesaid , Juue 1G " K M " CATLIN if SPEAR. hearing &. deciding on said petition at the office ot the ucgisternt said court lit said llurlingtoii, ond doth or T ARD and Candles L-l June 16, 51 CATLIN it SPEAR. KITCHEN VTE XMLS, ENAMELED preserving kettles, sauce f bowls, brass kettlei, fry pans, tea kettles, shov ,4 and longs, toasting irons and folks, jew candle stick., iapd. Ijuiiis, grid irons, sad irons, &c. STRONG, D00L1TTLH, t Cc. June, 10 1317. 5) Tones sash luck f fastener, rpiIE safest, cheap;st, onJ most reliable sash lock in. 1 use, universally approvedfor all ordinary sasbet. and designed to sun-rcede all others. For sale by STRONG, DOOLIT'I LE, 5( CO. June 10, 1917. 1) .SM DLEIIY, etc. O TRONG, DOOLl'I TLE ! CO.. have received O large slock comprising a lull ossortinent and ex tensive variety of S idlery ond harness trimmiiic.. with ssdlers tools; and which ore offered on reatgtisbii terms. June 10, 1317. TTctleiTy, TABLE if defit knives ond forks, carvcrs.sfe shears, scissois, p;u anlpoket knivei, razj.-.. beef sheers, cooks knives, butcher and shoe do in grc.t variety. STRONG, DOOLITTLE, !( CO. June 10, 1317. ii THRESH ground Oat Meal. x June 10, 51 CATLIN ! SPEAR. Strayed. FROM THE SUnSCRIUER ADOL'T THE 3f inst. nvomi". small. Iiolit brindled, line backed cow, together with agaunt.long legged, black cow. HYDRAULIC CCMKXT, be-longingiomc late; .Mrs. nu5eii. vvnoeverwiiire- lecgisieroi saiu couri in saiu liuriingiou, onu noiu or- rinnr nvrr li c n liirnineill or give iiuoriiiiiuoii wneie uiey der that all persons inleiested in said estate be noiilied CTROaG D0ULI 1 I lib & LO.. II WE ON found, shall be handsomelv reworded. thereof by publication of this order, containing the , ij hand nnd will continue to receive, the Rosindale ! Burlington June 10, 1347. CHAS. HALL. substance of said petition three weeks successively, in , Cement, of the best quality, with lull directions for the lluilington Flee Press a news paper printed in use in building Cisterns, and laying walls, which ore PlnJn IFllir fPlir1S saiu uniiiiimiMi, me- i.ibi oi w.i.cii puuiicnuous io oc to oc exuosed to water. June ia. ii - pieviousloiliecloyorrontidrsoloiisaiUforbearimi., I flT.AIV II III ()V VARIOUS SIZEs Given iin,l..rn,j liiiml. m .nl,l H.,,l;,,ion it,;. ": A einnnen iwvril.' cum f M1""-' il.llll JI AniUUO Ol.r, , ,............ . IlltlJUAU IltJejrV ."V.Ujl. .1.M IjH lilll'UUA, 1 wirfl h.nni nr ees. nso Cur Is on Combs, and IV Iff Sack do. STRONG, DOOLITTLE i. Co. greot variety of Combs, Sliell Silver, Ivory ond horn. day ol June, 1847. June VI, Id 17. 5 W.M. WtSTON. Register. June 13. A. II. Gale A: Co.'sj PIANO-FORTES. 1MIE Undlrsicned, having lvtelyspknt several da s in examining rsonally the Piano Fortes of all the piincipal lactones in New Yolk, has I...I-.I ,. .. I.j .... J .1 L : r ivi.ciuu'ju, a.irr u :um llloruui:!. ,uvviiuiiun, to introduce into this market those made by th'se in. I S-nious Verinomets, p beinir. nccnrJinq to hi-ju.l lent, neater to pneciH'n .liuu n,,7 vil.r wliatever he 1 has met with. Tbe experience acquired by the man- ulacturc of nearly "OtHj instruments ; the employment . oi on oi tne most skiuui woiKinen ; the adoption ol oil the reaf improvements of ill? day, and the line of steam power, have gamed lor them ihiouglwut the United Stales a reputation so high lhat ten instruments a week (their present product) cannot supply their demand. 1 nese 1 nnos being snen as lie c.iu con-H.'iemious'y o d'Hlart, made no astetiment, and have now in the r, coiununJ, the utnl;i signed will constantly keep on treasury wiiii which io pay losses, six thousand do!.- , nand one or more ur sale, an.i irom tne superiority oi tueir tniiLii,, i.iiisu uihi ,,ri,c nu.r, (i- cn u- their standing in tune and durability ill all other re spects, he will warrant them to give satisfaction, or the money will be returned. Walker's Harmonic Attachment, a cheap ond delightful addition, will be supplies', if required. (This is entirely different fiom tlie i.o!ian Atiaeiimeiil.) 1 lie spieium instrument now used by the Handel and Haydn Society, which is acknowledged by all who have seen it to'be far the btsi m town, is lor sale, and may be seen at the Con gregational Vestry by application lo Mr. Coi.i:i'kn, the sexton, at Merlin's shop, coiner of College und White streets. Tin Plate, Iron Wire, &c. ft '(f BOXES TIN PLATES, 1-3 X and 100 Bundles Iron Wire, n.sorted numbers. 20 do Russia and English Sheet Iron. June 10, 1317. ITD.MPS and Lead Pipe of vmiiocs sizes, bv STRONG, DOOLITTLE i. CO- i....". ion 51 1 YANTED, vOTX OX TI1I3 RUTLAND HAIL iiuih ROAD iniiiiclHtcly. on tho "d ct litli sec-lions, .'nlonlile team waggons onu unvers, nnu For sale by Bm.vsmaid ! Brotiiebs. FANS, FANS. Large nsscrlmcnt and variety of FANS of neat and pretty Patterns of all prices. ue uy For Br.tXSMVlD .V tten-'trrgg Lars, and tne lund constantly incieasing fiom the percentage paid in by new applicants. AH loses have been promptly paid. I his company addresses itself particularly to the Farmers of the country, being designed lor their ben- tit. i De very low price at which iliey insure prop, rtv. and the tact that no ossesstnentii have vet hi-i-n mode, and probably will not be for many j ears, il c- r, on account oime large anu incieasing fund now n the treasurv lo meet ony looses that mav oceur. nml the peculiar caution they adopt in insuring property in argevuioges ana oiner places wnere It is very haz ardous, it is believed, bv those acouainted wnli ib,.i. nrincinles and method of doini! business, that it offers the greatest inducements lo the community generally VO loin 11. villi oi uu, insula. ice cull qmuy ill tue Elate of Vermont or New York. They ore prohibited from taking insurance upon ony kind ol mills, factories, machinery, cabinetmakers ioiners' or Conner .Imnu ond from taking more ih n two thousand dollars at any one risque. 1 lie piac ot doing business of this Company is at East Granville. N. Y. on the stag road from Burlincton Vt. to Troy. N. Y.. (and one hundred rods Irom the Vermont line) on which there is Another Fine Instrument may he seen at the Book Store ol Mr. C. B. Edwards. For terms, etc. apply through the Post Office to 5Itf C. T. HOPKINS. Trtiniiiit Huberts' Estnte. XT TE the subscribers, hav ilia been appointed by the V Honorable llie Prnbale Court for the District ol Chittemlpn. Cintinssioneis to receive, examine and tlid .lm...L nn.l ,I..iii.t . Ib .if nil liMrknil. fll'-ill,vf t.llltlti nllllllst PlTfl' thill a daily mail. For further information reference is ' the estate ol TiawA.v Roberts, late of Burlington in building lot. It being almost impossible lor us to tell made to the several agents of Franklin and Lsmoille said Diatricl, deceased, lepreaemed insolvent, and also vvhat we have not got, nriiy dont nsk us to tell wlni counties. Vt.. who are outhorized lo take nnnhea-! all claiins ond demands exhibited in offset thereto ; vve hove cot, for it would take us a month lo " put it i . I .1. r. ' . . I I i . .. i. .1 1 . I .(.-.I lions tor insurance ; ar.u ine company guarantee that and siA luoiiuis irom llie uay ui me u.iie nc-irTi uvin II survevs taken nersonolly bv either of said neent. olluwed by said Court for that purpose, vve do there shall be binding on the Company, Remittances for lore hereby give noiice, lhat we will attend to the all losses in the counties ot riaiiKiin am w ill he made in check, on either of the Banks of Bur hngton or ot, Albans, ot the election ol the person sustaining the loss, iininedutelyotterthe loss is satis fac.orially thovvn ; and in ;ose ol any disogreeui.-nt between llie Company ond ihe insured, it may, olihe election of the insured, be submitted to arbitiators mu tually chosn in the county where the loss happens. A. W. Sears is traveling agent who, it is expec ted, will call on the farmers generally it their residen ces, nnd receive applications. 'IM... -u.,n y.,ninm,;n.u.l r.. i;... I I,.- r.jiciw u..vnnufiiiHuiiuiui ill i vats ,9 as follows: l-or -"o, or under, 3.0Q. 'd Lamoille, ' business ol our appointment at the dwelling ol Re do, soil, lorn), " 120J. ' 15 W, JllUel, 3.30, 3,9D. W 5.10. 0.00. 70. HENRY BULiaEJ'. Preit. 7?Z lllsnor, A'.ey. Oranville, N. V., Fif 13. I4l7 Iui5 FAIR. ON THE 31) OF JULY OUR STORES, which ore well filled with new ond handsome Goods, and a door made for visitors to pass from one into the other, will be on to those who wish lo call to see the amies ami meir contents, or to purchase. Our Stores and our assortment beini? verv much en Urged and improved and goods selling very low. renders a can very .11 tne jewelry otore 01 53 1SRINSMAID & liKOTIltRS. Classes Tar Ladies in Crayon Drawing- riLASSES Fon Ltnins who auk nr.smtrs J nt accomplishing tnemseives 111 Crayon Drawing will be formed, to commence llie first ol July at Mr. Badger's room iu Harrington's Building. The room is a pleasant one, easy 01 access, ond contains nu merous Studies lit Chalk Irom the best masters. The opportunity for forming and cultivating a correct M)le of drawing is 0 good one. At the clew of the Term the pupil will be presented with her portrait, done ill the nrto-t'slK fl manner. Mr. Ilsdger's mom is open at oil times, and those it-.irnus to avail themselves of his services, as an ar tist or an instructor, .arc respectfully invited to call ami examine 00111 ins numes aim ms woik. Terms for Eleven weeks two hssons o week, 10,00. Drawing materials will be found. 5'iwJ becca Roberts in dhelbume in said district, on the tilt- teetilli ifay ot September next, ot lOoclock, A..U. Dated, tins 1 lih day of April A. D. 1S17. i,i; tuna uuKJr, ',,,,..,. JdilNATHAN LYON, 5Iw3 wnfehea, 6D0Z. Xi:w Gold & Silvkii Watches op the most (ashionable style of eases, in nood run- ning order, v, huh will be sold at the lowest market prices, having sold very many ol th- most occuiote tune keeping Watches earned in this Town and vici nity, vve aie prepared lo supply " a lew more tf llie same sort." at lower prices. June IS, BKINSMAID !( BROTHERS. l'oiis.;uitiy on hand 4 LI, the popular Patent Medeciens of the day war V ranted genuine, Pure Liquorsond Wine, for Mfchatii'.l and Chemical only -jj j HATCH. Winooki Falls. Jav, 1st IS 17 4V't PLTvC SALT FOR BUTTER. TUB QUESTION IS OFTEN ASKED WHY Yf.H mniit hIhiqi. rheetp pxreU ill whatever market 10 liorses and carls, lor which gooa wages, anu casn,, should be so tar belium u:e limes 111 tue .. once a month paid. Apply at the Rail Road Ollice tic!e of butter. the answer invoriatuv given uy inose wen 11 .mim ed 011 tit: subject ! 1st that the butter is not sulli cient'.y worked to e.pel the buiter-milk, and an ad ditional and satisiactory cause (were nothing ci--wanting) is found in th impure character ot the salt used To obviate this last difficulty, as far as pi.. b!e I have procured a quantity ol " Ashton.s Sack Ss!i" which is the kind 11-e.l pi the Orange Couir.; D.uries, and is recoinniended wilh entire ennn lehec 23th May, IS A. S DKU Li ' Wool Wi'jiot. THE subscriber has made ntrnngements to opens branch ol the Kinderhook Wool Deput in the v 1! Inge ot MmriMi 11., A spacious building has be-i procured as a store houe, for the pre-ent season, Mill' ted on lite puuuc square 10 sn.u nii-iii-. ,..n. prepared to receive wool after the tenth ol June. The fleeces will beilnown into sorts, ond thewe wl.. desire 11 can have their clip kept separate undse I when ordered. A discrimination will he made, between wool 111 k fiOODoi BAD condition. Soles will be made inva riablyfor Cah. The charges, will be one cent per I pound for icceiv in,', storing and selling, nnd the imn ranee, which will be twenij -live cents 011 one hundred 1 dollars for a term of three months. Advances in catlv 1 will be m-tdeon tl.e delivery of wool if requestec! I Sack, will be furnished to those who wish, by 1I1.1,- paying the expense ol transportation nnd l'i J cn. each. loriheir use. ... I rri'-Ilelerence can be had to Dr. J P. Beektna-i. I Kindeihock N. Y., S. II. Jcnnisen, Shorehain , M. Bingham, Cornwall ; S. W. Jevvi tt, Wevbridge ; 11 I Bell Middlebury i L Hall Slu-lburn, Vt. I Letters addressed to the subscriber ot Shoreham, i:x 1 relalion to the Voj U.-pot ot that place will receive I immediate. In Ills nbeene-e Mr. S. Everts vvn.V lliere to receive wool, and giveiinv lequisite inlorma,- under th, Anienenn. CHAMBERLAIN, STRONC. &. CO. Burlington, 13 June, ldt7. 51 GRAND EXIIimTION of tup. MEXICAN' PHAN AND OF TIIC CAlTtrnCD COKK LEG Or (;:.Y. .S.I.Y7VI A.V.YA AT WINOOSKI CITY, JULY 4, IS 17. rjpHE .vriovE i:inniTio.v will take rLcr. JL as odvertised, provided no lailure prevent.' it. Should n lailure prevcnt.pedestrians and travellers, by oth'r modes will be amply recoinpensd for tli-ir journey, time, and trouble by colling at the Store of ML'NSON ' FOLLETT, and examining their Stock of Goods where maybe from a pinch ot suull lo n down" besides the risk of dislocating the spine ot the Printers devil, by setting up sn mini iipe. P. S. Cniekers 5J cents a bundled. June 11, 1317. 50. Wool, C'ASII paid ron Wool. ' by JOHN BRADLEY A CO. Burlington, June II ill 1317. 5lvvif IVolicc, THE Stockholders in the Vermont and Canada Railroad Company, are hereby notified to meet at the otliee ot J A: J O, Smith, in f?t. Albans on the c-lh day ol July 1317, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose ol choosing Directors for the ensuing year. By order of llie Commissioner. J. SMITH. Chaiiman. St. Albans, June 15, 1917. 5tvv3 MUSIC! THE usoF.nsifiNEi. Professor of Mpsic, resiectfully informs the inhabitants of Burlington that he intends tn give Instructions on the Piano Forte, Organ, Violin, (luitar ond Flute. He is a Cerman by birth, has had experience four and a half vears in this country, and many jeara in his native land. Particular care will lie taken with his pupils, and music taught thoroughly. He alto at tends lo tuning Piano Fortes. He likewise gives notice that he will shortly be pre pared tu give Lessons in the German Language. For particulate please apply at his Lodgings, Pearl Street House. W. WEH.AND. Burlin;ion, June it, HIT, 53w Slate Prison. rTMIE committee appoitued by resolution of the J. General Assembly, at its last session, " to orcer tain whether o more suitable location can Ik-selected for the Mate Prison," invite their fellow. citizens, hav ing llie means of information on lhat subtect, to coin hiiiniente the same hy letter addressed toD.M Camp, Derby, on or before the 15Uiday ol July next, in oslull nnd sieeilica manner os may lie convenient. The committee exivei-t to meet on the 3d day of August next, nt the Pavilion, Monipelier Village, tu consider any intotiiiatio:! they may then lnv e reeeiv ed and toele termine lqion iheeipediency ot visitmgsuch locations lor u New Slute Pnon as may have been suggested. D. : M.CAMP. 1 NATHAN SMIL1E,! Com. AA LOWE, ) The Vt. Patriot, Vt. Chronicle and Rutland Herald will please publish the above three weeks and se'hd their bills to the Cour, at their proposed nieeiini!, lor pavhient. D.M.CAMP. June 10.1317. 5lv3 ;iioci:kii:m. 100 CHESTS HYSON, II. S. YOUNG Hyson and Souchong Teas. 10 Bacsold Java and Lncinra rofU-e. 10 Si. Croix and P. R. Sugar. 10 do Molasses and Nueutas Svrup. 90 gaekages, Loaf, Cruhed and povverded"ool- "00 nnmlais Codfish, Mackerel, Salmon. Rice, Gin ger, Spiees, Tobacco, Snuir, with a full assortment of arpeerl-s. in quantities to stilt the purchasers. "B j" Strong, ikxm.ittle v co. WE have received Samples of the celebrated Priam Air tight Cooking Moveliom the manufactory ol A. P. Dunham !t Co. Troy, N. Y. ond me now prepared to furnish llieiu toallwho want n Cocking Siove, which will do business right and 111 shoit metre with n very little fuel. We nl.lior Warney and shall consequently skip nllbig words meiideavouiing toprotude the large merit ol these Stoves btlore the I ....II I......I.. ,l,, II, I,,,, ll(.!lllllr su-haswe may rxiieeiiii or about Dog Davs these ' lion on the subject. Stoves will almost cook without the use ol any luel ' ' &- Ml'NSON efc TOLLETT, Winooski City, June 'Jlh J3 17. 50 M. OSTIIEfM, Liberlu Street, New ork, riini.lNAL lliniiri'ii it I)i:ti.i:tt iv Im- liorted Liquors, & Wines, Sl Segars; Foreign Preseiv -s, ond German Kissinger .Mineral 11 ater. June llth 1317. 50tf. w MUNSON Sl FOLLETT I HE AGENTS AT WINOOSKI CITY tor il the sole of the justly celebrated and highly rec ommended (.' KA EFENBEH 0 I' ILLS, AMI Cirecn Moiintniii Veselnbln Ointment; ihe tise ol either of which ensures to the partaker, a long pio.jierous and happy lil, and 0 complete ex einpnon troin all the tllsllesli is heir to. Recommen ,'niimissuirieieiit ill pui.iOer to cove 0 ten acre lot. proving ihe tiulh of llie above assertions can be shown ot Ihe Agents Olhce in N. Y. The Doctor will beolwajs on hand ond good od vice w ill be given giat'n. June 'J. I S7. 50 Varliili. t SITIiniOIl article of Coach, nlso Furniture, for sol.-ot HARRINGTON'S. To DriiKixtM. fTsAVnNTV ounces Morphine, in dram bottles, for 1 Mle 0, New Yoik prices VIAI!I!IX(1T0N'S. May li!. 1317. II. BLANCH.EJ, I'owdtpr. nnMfl liegs. 100 llb!i.,2M'i bb!s. Kcsijjw. ZXJUV) der. 100 kegs llllle .fc Sjwiuag do. 10 Hands " Safety Fuse.' May 55, tor sale by J. Hit. MM. BY .t CO. Suuth Wharf. flONNKCTICL'T UIVKR SHAD AND North Shore Salmon, by the Mil, pound. 'iith may .1. A'. Dr.n'r.Y- VRESII LAUD, nt r ii"th may. a. s. dewfa: re- IANt'Y IlXTItACTS; llandkerrhief Perfumes; Coloi:ius,'Frencb, Enfflish and American ; loi- erfumed fcoops-, i"He . ' . Chalk i Pun-sand Pull Powder i 1.1 ; '" and Hair; Flesh Brushes ond Hair Mittens Ligar 1 gh "rs nnd Wx Tltsi Im ';u;h,,f":Jt Rm-s 1 Shaving Soapi Couit Plaster i Caehons flair O i'oi olhl sorptions Indelible Ink. w.ilh or without preparauoi. i Pink anJ Blue Sa.u-er. J mc hmg ! variety ot sl..,,. ic. iiVs. Acw Goods. f D. IHXBY& CO. HAVEHEC'D THIS I, jay snmher sssoriment ol New Goods, which thev ihsll sell veiy low f.n cosh. June H. H17. FLOUR. OAQfi RRLS. Saner. H'cefe-m just rlVtVr ceivfj anj ft,, ., at Troy prices, Burlington May S5. by J.HRADl.Ki sV CO. 'IVsis: HYSON, lhsox skin, vorxo iuson, Cvt ty Boxesexpresslyforlatnily use, orange flows erv Peccn. Ma) i5, c,-1 .1-1,.. JOHN BRADLEY vt CO. Suuth U'Urr SUGARS. II0RT0 Rico, St. Ckoi, Nr.w Orleass Clarcfied, N O. Mitseoiado, Crivhed, powders ed and loaf double and single, p'p)' . C() s,lsy z ' South H'sur I.iueu fonts. D. BIXBY ft CO. have just lee.d fifty Lircn Coats, Sack and Dress, vv hich thej sell at low prices. June 10, 1M7. OR SU.E B BIXBY ti CO, OHft WOOL TWINE n I. DI BI Stop, AT Winotoki Falls, and examitw welt octected OKsoiinient of II All D W ARK drugs AND 1 PAlNTfl MEDICINES, I OILS, GROCERIES. ) DYESTCFT Which are offered for sale tslowoscanbebtughtln Burlington, or ony "here in the State bv WM t HATCH June, 1st W. tn Aoothecary and Wholesale v rt'.

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