Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 9, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 9, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 9, 1847 Whig Nominations. For Governor, HORACE EATON, Of Enosburgh. For Lieutenant Governor, LEONARD SARGEANT, Of Manchester. For Trcasuicr, GEORGE HOWES, Of Montpclier. voy was able to roach itt destination doci not yet appear. Gen. Taylor remains at Monterey. Tho cor respondent of the N. O. Picayune, writing from that city, nays : It seems there ij Mill a lure nossibililv of our coins to San Luis at a more advanced period lhan was con templated by ucn, Taylor at first, but all depends upon whether troops can be had. ARRIVAL AT BOSTON OF THE STRAMKIt CALEDONIA. The Caledonia reached Boston on the morning of the 4th,. bringing foreign news to the 18th ult. The political mill general news is of no particular Interest or importance. The commercial news will be looked for with much Interest, nnd it presents some points which will have nuehjcifccl upon markets here. Tlic cotton market, Willi a lew tluctunlions ana pretty large sales, exhibits no marked chanae. The ciain market lor the fort night, on the other hand, oiler much variation, closes vith n decided fall. American Hour had, since the last advices, fallen over four shillings per barrel; In dian corn more than 10 shillings ; and Indian meal 6 shillings per barrel ; and wheat about a shilling a bushel. The money market hod experienced decided relief. Trade in the manufacturing districts continues in the same dull state as forme ly. Much disappoint ment is manifested at the very limited extent of orders for the Uu.ted States. Ibe'.sxd F.tmint Ferer The Crops Murders, tr Tue accounts from IrejnnJ are.( not.tavorab'e. We have now to add to the li -st of famine and fever, freauent deeds of m irder. The potato crop, too, it is said, is diseased, The nllliclion? ef unfortunate Ire laud appear to prostrate all classes. ' . I'lrst Concert of the Burlington Handel mid Itnyiln Society 4ttctrkct0. BRIGHTON MARKET. Our Report of this Cattle Market publish ed lf o:ek is of the same date (June S3) as that published generally as the paper in the Slate Ml tetek. The Travtltr has failed as and we can give no later dates. BosroN, July 2. Provisions Prices remain firm, with a brisk retail trade, but no speculative operations. Flour Market firm, with a fair demand. Sales ol Genesee, common brands, ol 7 271 ! Ohio and Michi- nnn.7 lai. cosh ! 1300 hhls Ohio lor shiDtncnt to L ver pool, on private terms. Corn There is but I ttle doing except by auction. Yellow flat is held at USc3 SI white, SO. 98c. cosh. WOOL. Diifw. 30 tier rt. July 5. There coutinues to be a fair demand for the various grades of American fleece and pulled Wool. The wool of last year's clin has been nearly all sold, ond but little of the new clip has yet come to market. vve hear that some woollen manuiaciurers from this vicinity are buying in the country at a large advance over last year's prices, and considerably above the present market value of wool in this city. rnme saxony fleeces, washed - American full blood do. - do 3-4 do. do 1-2 do. - - - do l-4&comdo. . . Smyrna, unwashed liueuos Ayres, unpicked, Extra Norlh'n pulled lamb, Sup. North'n pulled lamb - - No, 1 do do do - 2 do do d - 3 do do do Twenty-live Years Ago. INSTEAD of then ns by Waggons, afterwards Ca nals, Goods ore Boon to come on Railroads. Hales were then on credit a part only ever paid, others ran away or were immersed in prison. Now ench need pay only for his own Goods, without being taxed as an insurance for bad debts. Then the slow, expen sive mail now the quickly received and cheapened communications. Then only electric Rhotks, now In tellectual intelligence arriving by Magnetic lcle- rrrnnhir linen with lirrhtnliirt.ltlc,. enppd. condensed into a gem of knowledge equal to the saving of myriads of nours lormeny spent m reading ami prosing. purely inc reopie cannot nowanorii 10 p.ivucnr lor Goods, nor need they, if bought of the People's Agent, where there is the greatest known variety m HOWARD'S. Burlington, July 7, 1817. 2w3 PATENT, PORTABLE, CARBONATED CREAM MEAD. rTHfl SUBSCRIBER WOl LD RESPECT- X fully Inform the inhabitants of Burlington and of inc country generally, mat ne uougm me exclusive right ol the town nf Burlington to manufacture and vend the above article afewvears since, and that he is manufacturing the Sarsuimrillu and Lemon to sell at 45 iP SO 40 V 45 36 t 3i 3i 0 33 23 It 30 8 '9 13 6 U 33 ti 40 33 0 33 23 & 30 l'J ti 20 14 V 15 Our readers will perceive that the handf.l &. HAYDN P0C1ETV of Burlington propose to give their First Concert, at the H iptit Church, on Wednesday evening next. The ladies and gen tlemen who compose this Musical Association are entitled to great credit for the unwearied ef forts they have been, and arc, making to elevate the standard and refine the character of musical taste among ns. It has fallen in our way to know something of the systematic and persever ing labor they have voluntercd to perform in oiming to acquire kill and scientific accuracy In the execution of their various parts. The citizens of our village are under the trongct honorable obligations to co-operate in carrying forward so creditable an enterprise, and to res pond generously to such inconsiderable ilcinnn Is as are made upon them by the Handel &. Iludn Society's Notice in another column. A com munity that fails to encourage and aid all efforts nude by a portion of its members after mufical excellence, certainly neglect's a duty, anJ de prives itself of a source of refined and elegant enjoyment, if it does not place itself under the anathema of the Poet againt thoe who " have no music in their souls," and come to be con sidered as 'Tit for tieasons, stiatagems & spoils!" V should be sorry not to see, what we con fidently expect to fee, a h'li. audience at the JJaptNt Church on Wednesday evening. Indigestion, Weak Hervt.s, Lowness or SnniTS, &.C. Wiignt's Indian Vegetable Pills are a natural, and therefore a certain cure for all kinds of nervous diseases J because they completely cleanse the stomach ami bowels of those bilious and corrupt humors which not only paralyze and weaken the digestive organs, but are the cause of weak nerves, low spirits, oic. Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills arc also a direct puri fier ol the blood, ondlhcrcfore not only impart health and cheerfulness to the mind, but also give new life and vigor to the whole frame. Beware or Coe.NTERrEiTs The public are caution rd ugamsl the many spurious medicines, which, in or der to deceive arc called by name, similar to Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills. N. 11. Counterfeit Pills have been found in a store In Second Street below South, Philadelphia. Avoid Wnlnonln E. z inn irch and College streets, pr at the lute street, Burlington, t. WASHINGTON VAUGHN. and warranted superior to any other beverage of the I.1...I no It la nnl inmriAlit 1.11, nCiililMllP tit lira 111. For sale at II. II. MITCHELLS Saloon, South East Corner of Church Manufacturers, White Burlington, June 24, 1847. 2wl LOST. VESTERDAY MORNING, between Mrs. I WalkfiV nn Pearl street and the Seminary, a large gold Pencil, with a yellow stone in the head of it. The lincler aliail oe nanusomeiy rewarded uy leaving itwith J. K. CONVERSE. July 8, 1847. aw i Austin, Levi R ? Allen, David W Ale, Andre Artninpton, Saroh Allen, George A1cn,lro ii Allen, J II W Andrews, Leonard is Barrett, Marcus Barrett, John ilrannan, Robert Drown, Levi Brown, Frances Mrs. llrown, Abel Brown, James M 2 Beaupre, Olivier Burt, John Burr, Mary Bush, Lewis jlourdry, Edward Burhank, Silos jr Boule, Mary Ann Bedoyer, Don Curloi llecbe, Bertram Brewster, Loring Iluker, holomon Battels, Joseph llaltersby. Joliu Ballard, Udgerc IlurdicK.U vv Byron, Francis Burns, Thomas Bryan, Harmon Bowers, Maria Buckland, Roxana Bnukman.Mr liutler. Ilannali Boyd, William Human, iienry t Burr, Wellington Bull, Francis A Urnoks, C S Burke, Margaret Batron, Stephen Hillings, uiarics lleele, Ilcniy Baldwin. I' 11 13 flLASSES koii Ldics who are nnsmous J of accomplishing themselves in Crayon Drawing will be formed, to commence the middle ol Julv at Air. the Di ug Stuies, and purchase only from the Reuular Badger's room in Harrington's Building. The loom jr.rTS. is ti tiit:.i!i.i ll uue. eii-v ui illness, (iiiu uuiuiiiiii, uu- The onlv original a.ndgenvine Indian Veoitaile mcrous Studies in Chalk from the bestmabteis. lhe Piles have the sihnatcre or William Wright opportunity for forming and cultivating a correct stjle writti x with a ten on the top LAUEt.or each iiox. ol drawing is a good one. At the close of the 1'eriu Nunc other is genuine, and la counteifeit this is the pupil will be presented with her Portrait, done in rOKGERY. uic uriiM a iie&l iiiiiuiier. (Jlliccs devoted exclusively to the sale of H'right's Mr. Badger's room is open at all times, and thow Indian Vegetable 1 ills, wholesale and retail, 10'J desirous to ovaii tncmseivcs ol ins semccs, as an ;i Race Street, I'hiladelphia ; 'US Greenwich Street New i orK j and i'J3 1 remont street Uuston.nnd by 1 ueo. A. Peck, Apothecary and wholesale Druggist. The Celebration oftlie 1th. The Tribe of Rechabiles celebrated the4th (on the 3d) in a spirited and pleasant manner. Their procession was formed, under tho direc tion nf the Chief Marshall, Ciias. C. Follett Esq. at about 11 o'clock, on the square, whence It preceded to the MethoJist Church. Tho ex ercises at the church were introduced by an ap propriate and fervent prayer by the Rev. Mr. Di'NN. Tho Declaration of independence was read by I,. U.ndeiuvood Esq., after which ani mated and interested cxein;)oraiicoi(S addresses were made by Messrs. J. S. Adams, A. Cr.oo ieii, E. A. 'Stassblt.y and G. Backus. We did not intend to particularize where all did well, hut cannot refrain from the expression of th.' pleasure with which wc listened to the untrain ed but vigorous and fiery eloquence of Mr. Crookek's invective against the blasting vice of intemperance. lie lias an intellect which, with early cultivation, would have given him controlling power among men. As it is, his weapon, if it has not the keenness and poli-h- of the D imiscus blade, has the pondcrjus swing of the battle-axe. We like such orators. From the church the procession marched to the Colleirc Green, where a most bountiful and well-prepared and tastfully arranged Dinner was set forth by Mr. Cole, of the I'earl Street House, to whoso nkill and liberality and good taste the tables bore ample testimony. After the cloth was removed a number of volunteer toasts were proposed and drank (in good cold water of course) amid the discharge of cannon. Of the toastn we have been able to lay our hands upon but one, which we takothe liberty to give to our readers : By Alex. Catlin. The Ti ineiyles of Reelialism : The Great Elec tric Telegraph of 'temperance, whose puits are com posed of " lleoits of Oak," ond whose wires are the strings and cords tint magnetically vibrate in the great cause of Humanity. The Wnr. Our readers will hear us witness that wc rmblished, last week, the rumor that a Mex ican delegation had met Gen. Scott at Rio Frio with propositions for peace, with a caicat. Wo eaid " important, if true." It turns out to be not true. And what is true of the thousand and one reports that aro greedily swallowed by the Sentinel, and put forth with no subsequent con tradiction to its abused readers, it is impossible t0 gay We will try not to get caught again, Tho Sentinel prefers to follow the Gazelle's lead in giving Mexican fables, rather than ours. We presume it docs, ll is mucu easier; ii requires neither judgment nor thought ; though w hether it is equally respectful to its deluded readers we leave it to determine. Wo have only now to say of the war move, meuts, that tho latest apparently authentic ac counts show Gen. Scott to bo moving on the Mexican capital. Complete anarchy prevails in thit distructed city and Hepu'ilic. Gen. Scott will mako an easy conquest of " the Halls of the Montezumas.' Pnebla has been evacuated. Tho sick were amoved to Peroto. It is remarkable that the ut,st arrival from Vera Cruz, the Fashion, ...Mr.h arrived at N. 0. on tho 23d ult., brought no news from Gen. Scott. Tho last intelligence we have I. of the disaster that bofel the wagon train ith monev and food. Whether this con- Who will suffer from that painful disease, Liver Complaint, when immediate relief, if not a positive cure, may be elfected by the timely use of WISTAR'S BALSAM ; for proof of which read the following : Waterford, N. Y May 7, 1815. Djar Sir: In the year 1311, 1 was so severely at tacked with Liver Complaint as to be entirely unable to aitend to my busine18. I consulted w-ith the be-t physicians in our place, but they gave me iu relief. In t'le inter ol 18 1-', 1 procured a bottle of WISTARV5 BVLsA.M OK WILD CHERRY, auJ beioic 1 had used one halt of it, I was able to re sume my business as usual. I have since that time nscd.two boltles of the Wild Chtrry Balsam, and haic been entirely free from pain : and, with the exception of a bad cold in February last, have enjoved Letter health than I ever did before. W.m. C Potter. We are all well acquainted with Mr. Win. C. Pot ter, know that he was allhctcd in the manner he de scutes, and that his statement is entitled to full credit. Scott 4. Waldron, Merchants. None genuine unless signed 1. BUTTS on the wrapper. For sale by Tueo. A. Peck, Apothecary ana Wholesale Druggist. Wllllnm Wood's ICstntc. STATE OF VERMONT.) The Hon. the Probate District of Chittenden, ss. S Court for the District of Chittenden : To all persons concerned in the Estate of William Wood, late ol westiord, msaid District, rleeensetl. fireetine. Wiiercas. ilannali Wood, administratrix of the es tate of said deceased, proposes to render on account of her administration, and( present ner account against said estate for examination and allowance ot a session of the Court of Probate, to be holden ot the Register's office, in Burlington, in said district, on the fourth Wednesday ol July, lai. Therefore. You ore hereby notified to omcar be fore said court at the time and place aforesaid, and show cause, if any you have, why the account. ulore said should not be ollownd. Given under my hand at Burlinston this third Jav oi Juiy, a. v. ion. 23 WM. WESTON. TJrcirtcr. llradin. .Mr Harry, Jane Borse, Mary Urcesec,Sophronia 3 U Conkey, James II Cotello, Patiick Callau, Michael 3 Caspclle. Antoiuc Cashen, Michael Chandler, UribWoM Callanau, Michael t'allanan, Mary 2 Case, Rob'l L Carroll, John Chase, J E Mm Chase, Lnura F Chittenden. George Cook.Naih'l jjook Agents. Sr:wi,Yiam h YT MA Venn n U, D.-t.cim-ti r.i.u Ilnrvev N . New Haven Cl. 131 Yolk St.. will employ Cornell, Lhzabcth several responsible men of good charocter, to solicit I J In cKery, v v subscriptions in the several counties of the State of i tjlaj'P. u Vermont, lor" Taylor's Vooge Round the Woild.of Co laghan, W lliam the United States Squadron," o very popular woik, "'"."v1! I n' G5D pages, large la mo., with engravings. The C odwck cCo terms which orenuerai win ue given on flppuumuii - -- -. ... In-mml. Post naid. This work, which is conv-riglil Chandler, w secured, will be bold exclusively to substnbers, and not in any Book Stores' New Haven Ct. June 22, 1817. Mw3 list or an Instructor, arc respectfully invited to cu and examine both his studies anil hiswoik. Terms for Eleven ceks two lessons a week 810,00. Drawing materials will be found. 52w3 Dr. Woou's Sarsatarilla and Wild Ciierrv Bit ters Among the great variety ol medicines which are. continually coining before the public, there has Agent Wanted. THE SUBSCKIBElt is nKsinovs of en gaging a number of men of good oddress and business habits, with $30 to 935 ready cash, to sell ond use his new improved Sulphur fume, or cas bath. A profit of 5 togi5 a week may be realized. All Post paid letters promptly answered. O. fa' lll.lo. No. Cohocton, Steuben Co. N. Y. June 83, '47. OFFICIAL. Ijint ol Letters, advertised in the r rer tress nv skcia!. ArronaMitNT and remaining In the Post Oflicc at Burlington, Vt. July 1, 1817. MS. Ani he it further enacted, And all advertisements made- under the orders of the oi icuers UUUHIU.-U i . -, -- -- seited in the paper or papers, of the town or place where the oliice auveriisiug umy uv ii the largest circulation. ,n ..muff fnr onv of the undermentioned Letters will picasc"(lcsiguate them as "Ad vtrtittd." Hall Horace, P Hallinau, Halt. Hunter, Win S Hoyt, A W Hitchcock, Horac Hosford, Eunice Hunt, Ursula M 2 Hill, E J J Johnson, Alva Johnson Philura 2 Johnson Amelia 2 Johnson Peter Johnson John L. 2 Judson Leman Jordan John JcfK-rson Roswell Jones Thomas Johnston Edward Joseph Charles 2 Johnson Sarah L. Judd Fidelia Jcncks John II. K Keeler Josenli Jr. Kmloch Charles 3 Kiley iuoiy Knight Daniel Knapp Jos. Kcenan Connor Kimball Sarah F. Kennedy Marina Kelm Patrick R. Kiinbal D. A. Keane Bridsct Kennison N. Kellcy Johunnah Li Lapointe Joseph London Naney Levy Ilirseh 2 Loveland R. W. Lavallc Autoine Ltpicrre Moyse Lapalm Samuel Law David LecSanil. Rev. Lynch Mary Lawler Thomas 2 Lewis Alexander Liscum John Loudon Orange A. Livingston Horoco Lavelle Austin Loveland R. II. 2 Laler, John M Maddcn.lames 2 Slcntiy Daniel McNeehs Jolm AHxcey A. E. lcSwcncy Jomea Vinson J. L. Marsh Almerin larchloin Mary Meader Clarissa F. Mo ton William Modigan Jeremiah McGaivy Patrick Mark John Mickomue Jano Mitchel M. Moore Iienry Myrra Felix Moore Georgo Morel Henry lose Saml. C Monjeau .Mntildc Morse A. W. Moss Alexander Mitchell James 2 Murray Iienry Viner Nathan .Vorrison Ilellen jVurelu'ud William 2 Jtoss Alexander P .Ifurdick Nathaniel Jims George C J. iVJS IK GOODS. V. RANDALL, has just mrrunNED from Iw orK with a large assortment of Cadv.D. Cnrhon, William Corey, John Currier, Frederick Cully, Williim Churchill, Gilbert Cliesley, Amanda P Corning, A E Coming, Willard Cross, Luther Clough, Elynh 3 Cosurave, Juhn Cooke. Charlotte P Colver, Cordelia Connors Eliiohcth Crt'ssman, M L Colicn, M , Connor, Moody Cros,man, kuius none found o more extensive use, in coses of scrofula, s,vntcilf, Jewellery, Fancy Articles and Tojs, con- j Cofl'rey, James djspepsia, liver complaint, costiveness, morbid hu-. 6s,n m'pliri 0f gold English levels, gold anchois, Crabtree, Caroline niois.uiKi oiner iiupuitiy u, mc wwu, iii.ui me nuuic i n nj L.nines silver levers lull jewelled, oncnors iniu . unine, jmn; popular remedy. By the operation of the one, the i,.nin..n,,d vercc watches of all kinds, gold minia- Chamberlain, P B 11HHUU1 iK'nuii 13 uiuMcru, i,tu iiiu i mt uuiri lure casc9 mid lockets, gold SpCCtS, pencils U11U pens, and bracelets, cameo auu none iniond rings, plain aim cnascu cold snaiis. hearts and crosses, ear"hoops, plain ond stone setting, gentlemen's scorl pins, gold guilt olid pearl MUllS, pi-uu unit un it cases, shell back ond side combs, bead and silk purses, .....i n,.,i Knn rltiLiis nnrf. silk and twist, silver i .nA. n...l n,iUent:pisnts imil colubsand teclions of this country, are now introduced into this brushes, silver plated and biass candle sticks, castors. VlClIUiy. ijei every Bltr. ptrtsitii iniu inc au ritiaciiicii jd, i.Ct. All of which lie will sell as low as any iniporier or any one that pretends to import. Burlington, July 2. 1 morbid oclion is changed, while by that ol the oilier lu,e casc9 nnd lockets the irritation is allayed, ond tone and vigor imparted w ,nnlblcs, chajn9 to the debilitated pa. is f or sale by I uio. A. Ucr, ; o kinda di!ll Aputhecary and Wholesale Druggist. Iw , 'j chains, slides, ( Spccinl Notice. rVThe extraordinary GRAEFENBERG PILLS, which are achieving unparclleled triumphs in various oi the Graelcnberg Company, which will be found in another column. For6jeat Sherwood's, West side Couit House Square. iltarticb. At Hinesburgh, on the 3d insl., by Wm. J. Doug lass, Esq , Mr. Samvel M. Norton to Miss Amanda L. Joh.sson, both of Starksboro'. dicb. In Burlington, on Saturday the 3d instant, Colonel IIENRY THOMAS, in llie 51ft yeor of his ge. On Monday, the 5th inst., at the residence of his UfATCHES, JEWELLERY, CLOCKS cleaned and repaired to order, ond in as good style as con be done elsewhere. July J. V. RANDALL. Arrival IVo. 3, I BIXBY & CO. have this day received ! a splendid assortment of iummer Goods. July 2, 1817. Fourth ol July. FADIES who wish something very Nice A ii,1 Ph.,. fnr n Jnlv tlav or for Evenimr Dresses brother, Cms. F. Warner, Esq , Copt. WILLIAM will do well to see the stock of Gingham, Ihrage I issues ond jtiusun uoous which i, uiAujtt-i.u., have received today. Burlington July 2, 1817. 1 HARRISON WARNER, in the 35th year of his oge. In Moira, Franklin Co., N. Y., June 25th, Mr, William P. Rcsseli., formerly of Shelbume, Vt., son of Elisha ond Motilda Russell, aged 29 years. He had been in a declining state for nearly thret years. All efforts lo arrest the disease proved fruit less. But though a wife, two children and a numerous circle of friends are left to mourn their loss, they mourn not os those who have no hope. Early in the spring, he was made acquainted with the grace of God in the salvation of his soul, since which time he was peace ful, patient and happy, enjoying an asaorance of a blessed immortality, and declared to his friends that he was willing to leave all for God, and was ready to go. Triumphant Grace! how rich! Com. CONCERT OF VOCAL & INSTmiMFNTAL MUSIC. rPHE first Concert of the Burlington Handel ond I Haydn Society will be given on Wednesdoy July llih.atthe Baptist Church. A variety ot Music, both sacred and secular, will be performed. Doors open ot 7, Concert to commence ot 8 o'clock. Tickets -" Cents, to be had ot Edwards' Book Store and at the door, Per order, C. T. HOPKINS, Secretary. Scotch Pi? Iron STRONG, DOOLITTLE &. Co. Jnlv 1. '47. 1 to Jntt Itcccivrcl AT SHERWOOD'S AUCTION ROOM, a first rate lot of Snfn ond C'huirs. consisting of .Maple, Ifosewootl C( Mahogany, togetherwith Lhoinj and Rocking Chairs of every description, which will be sold VtRV CIIFAT. Burlington, July 8, 1817. 2w3 NEW ARRIVAL. IUST RECEIVED AND FOR SALE, CHEAP, A ti lorge ond rich assortment of dress Goods, consist ing inpartof fine Linen Ginghams, fine Trench Gmghsms, " Scotch do ' American do " Muslin do " French Muslin, LodiescmbroideredCaps," Organda do " " Collais and Cuffs, Rich Baroge Shawls and Scarfs, " Parasols, and Parasoletts j also a general assortment of Domestic Goods ond Gro ceries tfe. DANIEL KERN. June 27, 1817. Uw , DESCRIPTIONS J. V. RANDALL'S. Burlington June -J, 1817. I JANS OF ALL DESC ) For sale Bl 1 LARGE ASSORTMENT OP Carved and Im Ivory headed Canes for sjle at June 29, J. V. RANDALL'S. BONNET BLEACHING. MRS. LANGWORTHY has purchased the Tuscan and Straw Bonnet Press lately used by Messrs Hast, inss Si. Co., of Bo'ton, ond will continue to fulfill all orders for Blenching and Pressing Bonnets on the lornier terms. A liberal discount allowed Milliners. Mrs. L has her usuol oupplv of Fancy Dry Gooda and Millinery. I2w3 July8,'47. 3IUSIC! THE UNDERSIGNED, PROFESSOR OF Ml'SIC, respectfully informs the inhabitants of Burlington that he intends tn give Instructions' on the Piano Forte, Organ, Violin, Guitar and Flute, He is a German bv birth, has had experience four and a half veais in this country, ami many years in his native land. Particular cue will be taken with his pupils, and music taught thoioughly. He also at tends to tuning Piano Foites He likewise gives noiice ihnt he will shortly be pre pared lo give Lessons in the Grrninn Language. For particulars please apply at his Lodgings, Tear) Street House. W. WEIGAND. Burlington, June 22, 1817. 5iw3 FARM FOR SALE. THE SUBSCRIBER offers for sale the Farm on which he now lives, consisting of 100 seres of good land, 30 acres under good improvement, the rest in spruce ond hard wood. There is a good house and bom and other outbuildings ; also a augar ond apple orchard. Said farm is well watered, and if one of the best grazing farmoin the Stat. Situated twn mil t frnm th union ViUace. Far funl Ipariiculanilncjuireofthawbacriber. I' . H, InHAM, UndrWU. June JMB17. !' NEW GOODS, CF. STAMFORD, & CO. have opened this morning another lot of New Goods among whichorcsome Elegant Parasols. Parasoletts, Fringes, Silks, muslins, Ginghams, etc, &c. which they ore oi ferine at Great bargains. June 21, 1817. 52 SEED Buck Wheat, For sale by Burlington, June 18.1817. H WHEELER, Jlwo FRESH CANARY SEED. ALSO Yellow Bird Seed, Hemp Seed, and Cutila Fl'h Bon-, al w HARRINGTON'S. f!nrtis. Eliza Curtis, Lydia S Curtis. MS Curtis, Sophia (Jurtis, Abrom ll. Downes. Michael Daley, Patrick Hooting, Michael Davis, John Uutton, Susm 2 Darson, John Delibac, Louis Dodge, W A Rcr l)ojle, Mailiu Donellev, John Dyon, David Donly, Hainan! Dearborn, Jacob Doxey, Edward Dje, Betsey Downer, Eniflina Drake, Emily L Dojle, Eliza E Danlorth. Harry 5 2 biuau, Bndael Deane, II W R K. Eastman, M J Mra Emery, Plulista Emery, Amos lllliolt, William Everts, Miles A 2 F. Friend, Mayer Frich, Samuel Flinn, John Foot, Levi B Fugere, Isaac Fowler, Sarah 3 Flood, Edward Fitzgibbon, Putrick Flyn, Ellen Fountain, Hinman J Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Forrell, Michael Fletcher, Thomas Ferrin, George Fletcher, Harry Forrest, John R Finnegan, Michael Fisher, Eleanor Follelt, John Fish, David Fallen, Peier 2 Fihoney, Thomas Frcfiiun, Michael Fuiifield, Joseph Goff, Geo W 3 Gleason, Louisa Gunn, Chs Gales, Ilirom

Gallaglian, Matthew Grist I, Rodney Gibson, Harriet Grecnougii, John Golden, Patrick Goulder, David Gallagher, Joseph 2 Griswidd, D E Gregorv Elizabeth Geer, Patrick Gilhck, Patrick Gookin, Samuel W Gregg, William Golwn, Patrick Gunu, Maiy Glynn Peter II. Hogan, Jsmea Howard, Lucy Howard, Hannah Hopkins, Enos D Hurlbut, Edwin 3 Hogal, George. Iloyl, Iienry K. Holl, Rev Mr Hayes, James Hiirick, John R Hewitt, Charles Hawkins, Susan Herrick. Wm T Harmon, Nancy A Haight, Elkanah Harrington, Willitra Harrington, W B Hesih, William H Terry Knight C8 Thompson Phebc Terrill Saml. Thatcher Josephine Thayer' Martin H Tongnas Rosalie Todd Elizabeth ran James !J I'tiinmens Jlarv To any person who has lost a leg Terrell JUalona Tcague Patrick 1 listener vviuarn Travessy James .V T.'nucy John Tucker Belly l eague iuoinew Thompson William Tibbctsi'liepherd i nomas i.ymanA W Walsh Joseph Weed Adallne M Wagslaff Robert Wheeler Lucius II Wells William Walden Guslavua Waterman Harry 3 Walsh Patrick Webster Dr Ware Olivia White J O Whitney Don, C While Levi S Williams Christopher C Woodword R. 1 W light E ill Wood Truman J Wilder J C Rev Whitcomb .tomes H Wilherbee R L Willard Levi II Wilkinson John B Wardlow John Wait Louisa ' Warner George L W. NOBLE, P. M. CANES, JUNE 23d. ANEW LOT OF FINE FINISHED, CARVED and Ivory headed and Crook Canes just received. 52 Brinsmaid a; Brothers. .uuinn -Wry .1c.Vaht-n Thomas .Uassey S C Murcy Jane -UcWilliams .V .McGregor John .1cKcuiia Hugh Wears A S .Vc.lJillen Allen Vorse S R N Noble Enoch Negus Enos Nash Honora Norris ilfartha North Samuel Nixon John 3 Nolan James Norton Hclmer Nutting Amariuta D Nichols Edward O O'Core Joseph O'Kane Bndgett O'Kieley 'I'homas2 O'Connor Nancy O Urien John 1. Towell, Sarah Puiinan, Lucy Peach Lucia L Plait, L E Poole, Thomas Parsons, A C 2 Palmer, Loomis Piipiucau, Fiancis 2 Powers, Lewis II PaiMiuist, S Pierce, llelsey Preniis, Fiederick Perrigo, Henry I Peck, Jenneite B Putter, Jeremiah Paige, Timothy Quintal, Joseph H. Rice. H Roudeau, Pierre Runy, Mary Robeitson, Nancy Ryan, .Michael Roireau, Pierre Richard, Louis Reed, II A Rebauks, Sarah lUchsrdson, Sarah W Rafleity, John RiceJjoniel H).aru James Robinsnii, Abigail A Rogers, Samuel Roberts, Mary RnwrJl, Ednard Ruebutk, Jonas 2 Riissegue, Hani M Jtubiuauu, Edwin S. Scott, William Shoemaker, Joseph 11 Strong, Win L Stone, Edward Sloan, Catherine Skyne, P.uritk Sinclair. D Smith, Auson Smith, Elas Sheridan Patrick Stevens, Benjamin Sheighan Patrick Shelly, Margaret Sherman, Albert Sheehan, Dennis Spear Richard Seavy, Geo W Sl.ide, Hon Wm Siansbury, E A Scoit, Kubl Seymour, Sarah E Spear Nelson Saucer, Osborn Sicvens, Benjamin Smedley, Eliza Spear, Lilas Severance, Harriet Snear, Geo N Sherwood, fiutke Stetson, John Sutton, George L 2 Stockwell, Albert M Stow, Lorain Scully, Hugh Stone, Tryphrnia Storrs, John Smith, Colonel Stacy, R P Sawyer, George Sprogue, CharleaM Sawyer, J M Sprague Burditt Scoheld. E F Smith Wiiium T DAGUEUREAN GALLERY ! Datcheldcr's prick Ilhck, up stairs, Church Street, directly opposite Kern's Store. B1I. Mace has the pleasure of an- nouncing to the citizens of Burlington, that he has made a permanent establishment in this place, where he is practising the Daguerreotype art in the highest style of perfection. Fortius purpose and for the reception of visitors, he has been to much labor and great expense in lurnishing his rooms. Having practiced the ortfor a great length of time, and avail cd himself of all the late improvements, he feels con fident that he can give universal satisfaction to all who mav favor him with their natronape. ilinialurea ta ken any weather, with or without colors, in a superior style, ana neatly set m L,ockels, I'ins, Kings, Draco lets. Cases. Frames, nr in from 4 tn 12 I'lntu Pntnilv uarus, sunk in splendid Mahogany ond Rosewood frames. The Public oic respectfully invited to coll and examine specimens. Perfect aatislaction given in all cases or no charge. Instructions eivcn in the ort for 850, embracing all the chemical manipulations nertaimtlf? thereto, and evert lirinriiileectilninetl nnd illustrated by experiments firan the tirst discoveriss of .ti. Ayjueiie ui i-j.iucci uoHii 10 me laiesr, jieun grapmc Drawings ol Germany, ond success guaran Iced. To Artists he would give notice that he has on hand German and American Cnmcrn. nf nil aura, a large and beautiful assortment ol Gold plated Lockets, Plates, Cases, Frames, Chemicals, Polishing materi al, itc, lor sale ot wholesale and retail, at the low est cosii prices. U. ii. MACE. Burlington June 25, 19 17 ltf Wllllnm A. tlrlswolil's IMntc. STA TE OF VERMONT, j A Ti Probate Court District of Chittenden, ss. A holden ot Burling ton, within ond for Raid district of Chittenden on the 23d davof June. 1817. comes Win. F. Griswold.nne oftlie heiis to the eslole of Wm. A. Griswold, laic of saici uuriington, deceased, Intestate and hies in said court his petition in writing setting forth that he holds one undivided third part of said estate, in common with the other heirs, and being desirous of having his share of the personal estate set out to him, requests said couit to ascertain the persons who arc legally en titled to said estate and to decree the same tn ihem in the proportions to which they are severally entitled. and to appoint commissioners to make partition of said personal estate. Whereupon, the court oforesaid (loin appoint nie second Wednesday in July, 1817, for mating ut. uxi-iumg wit Btttu itvillluii ill me OIIICC OI 1I1C Registerof said court In said Burlington, and dolh or der that all persons interested in said estate be notified thereof by publication ot this order, containing the substance ol said petition llirce weeks successively, in the Burlington free Press a news paper printed in said Burlington, the last of which Dublicaiions to be levious lo the day appointed asoloresaid lor hearing. Given under my hand, at said Builingion, this 23d ;av oi june, iok, win, vl,s 1 june xi, ion, vi Uegnter. HUNTERS AND FISHERMEN. Ill ilANKICT.S, Multiplying Reels, Liii-i, 'iiles llnnl. Stvliels. KlieJ. Flsll. BuilS. bPUOl' anil other Bait, Drinking Flasks, 1 nnd G Uirnl IV lols, Rifles, Double ami Single Guns, Caps, l'owdtr iosrs, Gun Cotton, and oilier fixings. . , bl iiiiirouMAiii .. utmTttF.'ts-.. ONS BRISTOL URICK. I NICE ARTICLE, for sulo nt 11 HARRINGT SAND'S SAIISAPAR1LLA. nOMSTOCK'S do.; Bull's do.; Iltn. J biirglisdo. lor purifying the blood, for sale at HAUIilNGTOiVri. I nO Clocks In beautiful Roscwc-J, I V'V UiltBiidAluhuiroDvCascsftirsalratwlHtii' tale by the tose or at retail very low. Eight it) Brass Clocks very cheap. june is, iiuu.-D.n aiij .v i.m,u MORE NEW GOODS. June 2H, 1817. 1ILAS iNUihS HAVE RECE.VTLY RE- j ceived a large addition to their former stock ol goods, consisting oi in pari, American Prints, Ginghams and Lawns, M. de Laines, Broad cloths, Cassimers, Summer wear. Ticks it Drillings, Silk Jx Fancy Shawls. and a gisat variety ol other goods, making our as s.irtment romtilete. As our nurchascsflre oil made with cash, cud os ufiicicnt time is taken lo examine the Ma'ket close ly, we feci confident that our goods arc obtained at ttie moat advantageous rates. Normnn W. lilossom's Hslntc. T7F. the subscribers, having been onDointed bv the VV Honorable the Probate Court for llie District of Chittenden, comtiussioneis to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demands ot oil persons, against lilt VSiatt; ii ii ui iii.iii tt jjiuts'jlll 1111C Ol JUCIllllOnU tn said iJit-trict, deceased, lepresented lnstilvent, ain aiso an ciaun and demands exiiimted in onset thereto ; ond six mouths from the doy ol the date thcieof, being auoweu uy miu twuuri lor mai purpose, we do mere lore hereby nve notice, that we will attend to the bu siness of our appointment, at the dwelling of C. M. Huntington in Richmond m said District, on the last Mondays of July and October next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each ol said tlas. Kino, inis'.uin, nay oi .May, A. V. 1317, O. M. HUNTINGTON. 5 Cummin. IWJ W.L-L.IA.U KHUUES Jr.. A. II. Gale Sc. Co.'s PIANO-FORTES. THE Undersigned, having lately spent several days in examining personally the Piano Fortes of all the Drincinal lactones in New York, has concluded, alter a candid and thorough investigation to introduce into tms msraei tnose made by tiiese in geuiou9 Vertnonters, as being, according to lusjudg ment, nearer topericcnon man onyotnerwiiiitcvcriu has met with. The experience acquired bv the man ufacture ot nearly 2000 instruments; the employment of GO of the most skilful workmen ; the adoption of all the real improvements of the day, and the use of steam power, have gamed for them throughout the United states a reputation so nign inai ten instruments a week (their present product) cannot supply their demand. These Pianos being such as he can cont-cienttouslv recommend, the undersigned will constantly keep on nanu one or more ior sate, onu iro n me superiority oi their touch, tone, finish and tirble notes, as well as their standing in tune ond durability in all other re spects, tie will warrant tnem lo give satisfaction, or the money xcM be returned. Walker's Harmonic Attachment, a cheap ond delightful addition, will be supplie.', if required. (This is entirely diflercnt fiom the t,oiian Attachment.) 1 he splendid instrument now ued hy the Handel and Haydn society, which i acKtiowicugeu ova who nave s-en it to De lar tii best in town, is lor sale, and may be seen at the Con gregational Vesirv bv aoulicaiiou to .Mr. Coliiurn. tin sexton, al Merrill's shop, comer of College and White sirecis. Another Fine Instrument moy be seen at the Bool more oi .nr. u. u. udwarus. For terms, ioc. apply through the Post Office to Dltf 0. T. HOPKINS. Wool, IMMI PAID FOR WOOL, HORSES cj- CAHRlAUns. PERSONS wishing Horses Si Carmau). can be accommodated at llie Pearl St. Jltm. 00 Vil.AfJ n rtu I i-.-i Dried Apples innfi LRS. Dried Apples 50 just received and for sale by VILAS &.NOYF.H Hoiisjc Finishing'. MINERAL Knobs, full platc.and jopd. trimrni! " Mnrtire locks and latches, mortice locks, rnoi ticc latches, cottage locks, latches, Blakes latches, cupboard locks anuketches, bell pulls nnd trimniiiii s wio't and cast Iron narrow and broad Bulla, windo springs, axle pulties, word robe hooks, hat pins. Hi ding door way ond oxlis, sliding door locks, fju.i nous, silver piaic, oronzca aim japu. ucy nuiu t cutclilons.winilow blind hangings ond fastenings, Willi probably every other orticle rtquiicd in house liiii'hii'-: among which ore many New, Cheap, Ciscnfand u siroble articles, which" l'nr.Ace Ingcnuiiy" hos prr wondrously ciicbp rates may t;e inunu wnn S'l'RONG, DOOLITTLE, SsCo. June. 10 1317. ' paL KITC1WN VTESSILS, TTrs AaIIjI.LD nrcservni!? ketlh. sauce JLi bols, brass kettles, fiy pans, pu kettles, fhoviu and longs, tua-ting irons and fork", jew candle stick", jopd. kunps, grid irons, s-id Iron", &c. Ol IIUIMJ, UUUL.1 1 1 LtC, AC. L.0 June,10 1BI7. 5-1 JOS'ES SASH LOCK .f FASTENER, 'plIEsafct, cheapest, nml mon reliable sash kVi in L use, universally approved for all oidnmy sashrf, and designed to supcicetlc all otli.-rs. For sale by STRONG, DOOLITTLE, .'( CO. June 10, 1317. Si by JOHN BRADLEY i CO, Burlington, June 11th 1817. 51w WISTAR'S IIAI.SAM Or WILD Clf EltRV, AFRESH and nico article, for sale by S HARRINGTON. watches. 6P0Z. New Gold & Silver Watches or the most laliionable style of cases, in good run ning order, which will be sold ot4 the lowest inaikct prices, having sold very many of the most accurate time Keeping vv atclies carried m this l own and vici nity, wc ore prepared to supply " a few more of the same sort." al lower prices. June 10, BRINSMAID !( BROTHERS. Windsor Kiflcs. DOZ. & MORE of Windsor Rifles and A a few English single and Double bairel Gum. 1 For sale by Bp.issjiaid !( Br.uriiins. FIRE INSURANCE. FARMER'S INSURANCE COMPANY, at Gramillc Washington County A". Y. 5 .Millions IiiMircil nnd No Assessments t I rpHIS Companv WAS CHARTERED BV THE ML l.eglt-lature. Annl Z'Jlltl. 1S3I. '1 liev eommene. ed doing business on their present improved system, on the 15.hof.May, 1U15, since which time they have msureu property to the amount ol over fire millions oj uuuars. maue no assessment, anunave now in the treasury with which to nav losses, sir Timrstvn nnt . Lxns, asm ine iuuu constantly increasing from the percentage poid in by new applicants. All loses nave oecn prompuy paid. This comnanv atldresses itself nartirnlnrltf in ti,. r;i... t. i.... . e i . "w .ttwiii.i ..I ttic I.UU111I) , ueiu; ucsigucu ior tncir Deiv efit. The very low nnce at which iheir insur trty, ond the fact thatrm asst'smetlts hove yet been uiuuv, tiiui piuuiiiHv win not oc ior many years, ll e' er, on account of the lame nnd increasing fnA nnw in the treasury to meetany losses lhat may occur, and nit; pri.iiii.ii Lauuuii uiey uuopi in insuring properly in large villages and other nlaces where it is vert. h,. ardou", it is believed, by those acquainted with their principles ond method of doing business, that it oilers the greatest inducements to the community generally to join them, ol any insurance company in the State of Vermont or New Yoik. They are nmlnhn.,! r,nr taking insurance upon any kind of mills, factories, mui-miK-! , i-.iuinri inuKCT jiuners or coopersshops una irom laniug more ill n two thousand dollars ot any one risque. The plac- of doing business of this Company is at East Granville, N. Y. on the stage road Irom Burlington Vt. to Troy, N. Y., (and one hundred rods from the Vermont line) on which there is a daily moil. For further iiifoimation relerence is made to the several ogents of Franklin ond Lamoille counties', Vt., who ore outhorized to toke applica tions lor insurance ; and the Company guarantee that all survejs taken personally by either of said agents shall be binding on the Company. Remittances for all losses in the counties of Franklin and Lamoille, will he made in checks on cilherof the Banks of Bur lington or Si, Albans, ot the election of the person Mistaiuing llie loss, immediately nlicrthe loss is Balis fac.orinlly shown j and in case of any disagreement between the Company ond the insured, it may, at llie election of the insured, be submitted to arbitrators mu tually chosen in the county where the loss happens. A. V. Seaiis is traveling agent who, it is expec ted, will call on the formers generally at their residen ces, nnd receive applications. j nc expense ol becoming insured for fi os follows: For 8500, or under, $3.00. jV EANDERS History of the Christian Religion is and Church, Translated from the German by Prof. Torrey. Vol. 1 Price S3.00 for sale by. June,lC,1817. 51 C. B. EDWARDS. SA I) I, Ell Y, &r. QTRONG, D00L11 TLE it, CO., 1 avj received a O largu slock comprising a lull rissoitmciit and e. teii-ivc anely ol Sadlery and harm-s trimuiin;', with sadlcrs tools; and w Inch are oflcicd on rcasynclti lerms. June 10, 1317. CUTLERY, rT ABLE i$ de.ert knives ond folks, c'irvers.steels, I. bhears, scissors, pjn anJpuket knives, rnz'tn. heef shceis, cooks knives, butcher and shoe do in grci.t variety. STRONG, DOOLITTLE, !j CO. June 10, 1317. 01 A good assortment of Ready Made Clothes such o Coats, Pauls, Vests, Overall", Shirts.and Diower he . ttc. June 10, 1317. CATLIN cc SPEAR. J OOD und Brass Clocks for sale low by i June lb, 51 CATLIN i SPEAR. ARD and Candles. June 1C, 51 CATLIN i, SPEAR. IRESH ground Oat Mc ' June 10, 51 ol. CATLIN if STEAR. Fish, TVrOS. 1, and 2, Mackerel, Salmon, Sword fi-h, i' Pickled, and dry Herring, and dry Cod fMi. June 1G, 51 CATLIN' t( SPEAR. Plain Hair & Curls. PLAIN HAIR OF VARIOUS SIZLS, uiftthsnttrl nrires. olsn Curls on Combs, ond 'l great variety of Combs, Shell Silver, Ivory and horn, For tale by Br.issMAin .Brothers. FANS, FANS, I Ltirgo ii'iortint-'iit nnd variety, il of neat and p-etty Pattern j of all prii dj lor sale tiy of FAN rices. Brinsmaid &. BRrrrncr.s- CARPET Bags and Satchels, June 16, 51 CATLIN It SPEAR. Tin Plates, Iron Wire, A:c. 100 Bundles Iron Wire, assorted numbers. 6 do Russia and English Sheet Iron. Sheet Copper, Copper Bolt, Rivets. Ears, Sheet Zinc, &c, by STRONG, DOOLITTLE cc CO. June 10, 1317. 51 11UMPS and Lead Pipe of various sizes, by STRONG, DOOLITTLE Si CO. June, 1347. 51 years is 600, BOO, 1000, 1200, 1500. SOOO. 3.30. 3,90. 1,50. 5,10. 0,00. r.50. HENRY BULKLEY. prt. . - . . Arch- Bisuor, Sec'y. Granville, N. V Teb. 13, 1317. Iuii FLOUR, RECKIVED every tluv from Shelbun Mill, fresh .round, for sale al reduced prices, the Mill Store on Wotcr stieet. urne at June'-!., 1317. II. WHEELER. Blank Book). TOWN RECORDS, Ledoers & Journals, Day and Cavh Books; Invoice and Bill Books; Bonk ond Pass Books, Album", iVc. For hale by 51 S. HUNTINGTON. METHODIST ll Books. Su.vdav School Hymn For sale by S. HUNTINGTON. IIYIJK.WJMC CEMENT, STRONG DOOLITTLE & Co., have ox hand ond will continue lo receive, the Rosindalc Cement, of the bet-t quality, wnh lull directions for use in building Cisterns, and laying walls, which are to be exposed to water. June 13. 51 GROUND ROCK SALT, and Liverpool Sack do. STRONG, DOOLITTLE & Co. June 19. 51 Sntnncl F. Ilollisfer'a Emnte. STATE OF VERMONT. "PIIE Hon. the Tro. Distiictof Chittenden, ss. ( 1 bote Court for the District of Chittenden, to oil persons concerned in the Estate of Samuel F. Holli6tcr, late of Hinetburgh, in said District, deceased, Greeting. Whereas Lyman Hall, administrator of the Etate of said deceased, proposes to render on account of his administration, and present account against said estate for examination and allowance ot a session of the Court of Probate, to be holden at the Register's office m Burlington on the second Wednesday ot July next. Theseiore, You ara hereby notified to appear be fore eaid court tilts time and place aforesaid, and rhtw cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should sot be allowed. Gien under my hand at Burlington this 23d day i f June. A. P. 117 CHAS RUSSELL, Judge GRAND EXHIBITION of the MEXICAN ELEPHANT AND Or THE CAPTURED COHK LEG Of CB.V. SANTA ANNA AT WlNOOSKl CITY, JULV 4, IS 17. THE ABOVE EXHIBITION WILL TAKF. r-LC!. as advertised, provided no failure prejent. it. Should a failure prevent. pedestrians and travellers, by other modes will be a.nply recompensed for their journey, time, and trouble by calling al the Slore of MUXSOX ct- FOI.LETT. and examining their Siock nf Good, where may be I d"ire 11 kUV l-t separate and sola l,.J l., .; i - t-.n..n-'.. . ( Constantly oiiliaml ALL the popular Patent Medcciens of the day war ranted genuine, ALSO Pure Liquorsond Wine, for Mcchankil and Chemical purposes only WM. B. HATCH, Winooski Falls, June, ltt 1317. i PURE SALT FOR BUTTER. THE QUESTION IS OFTE.V ASKED WHY Vl'lt mont whose cheese excels in whatevrr mark'l nficred, should be so far behind the times ill the ar ticle ot butter. The answer invariably given by, those well inform ed on thv subject is 1st. that the butler is not sail! ciently worked to expel the butter-nut!;, nnd nn ad rlilional and sattslactoiy cause (were nothing cis-t wanting) is found in the impure character of the sj',1 used l'o obviate this last difficulty, as far as possi ble I have procured a ipnntity of " Ashtons Sack Salt" which is the kind ued iii the Orange County Dairies, ond is recommended with entire confi lent 23th May, A. S. DEWEY THE subscriber has made oirangements to open a. brunch of llie Kmdcihook W'ocl Depot in the v i laue ol ishorcltain Vt , A spacious building has Ic 'i procured as a stoic house, for the present season, snus ted on the public square in said ullage. He will bo prepaied to receive wool alter the tenth of June. 1 nf tivt i.i t "ill ltf uiiun ii t iiiu auits, uuu ,uvaw . . -J found almost every thing, from a pinch of snuff lo a 1 1.1 1. T. t T i" : :Lt t- ...ll uunuiii tut. ii ucing almost liuposttioie ior us iu icu what we have not gol, pray dont ask us lo tell what we have got, for it would take us a month to " put it down" besides the risk of dislocating the spine ol the Printers devil, by setting up so many type. P. S. Crackers 50 cents a hundred. June 11, 1917. 50. UI E have received Samples of the celebrated Priam Air tight Cooking Stove from llie manufactory of A. T. Dunham S( Co. Troy, N. Y. ond arc now prepared to furnish them to all who want o Cooking Stove, which will do business right ond in shoir metre with a very little fuel. We abhor Blarney and shall consequently skip oil big words in endeavouring toprotude the large merit ot these Stoves before the public, but we will barely ultimate that in hot weather such as we may expect in or about Uog Dajs these Stoves w ill almost cook without the us-; of any fuel N. S. MUNSON & FOLLETT, Winooski City, June '.'th 1S47. 50 M. OSTHEIDI, Liberty Street, New York, U WHOLESALE Guooi:n & Dealer i Im ported Liquors, Sc. Wines, &. Stgars ; Foreign rves, and tiennon Ivissinger .viincrai v ater. DOtl. Prcse June Ulh 1817 hen ordered. A discrimination will be made, between wool r s GOOD or BAD condition. Saleswill be made invi liablyfor Cash. The charges, will be one ccntp-r pound fur receiving, stoiing and selling, and tin. lina ronce, which will be twenty-five cents on one htindrr J dollars for a lerm of three months. Advances in cns'i will be made on the delivery of vootif rcqutstcii Sackswillbe furnished to those who wish, bytlieir paving the expense of tiamponation and I-1 'Is. each, lor their use. tSRcference can be had to Dr. J P. Beeknm i. Kimlerhook N. Y., S II. Jenm-on, Shoreham ; M. Bingham, Cornwall ; S. W. Jeett, Wej bridge ; H Bell, MiJJlebury ; L. H.ill. Shelburn, Vt. Letters addros-cd to the sulwcnbcr at Shorehom, m rclauon lo the Wool Depot ot that place wi.l receive immediate. In his ubscence Mr. S. Everts will bo there torecehe woul. and give any requisite itiforu.a tiou on the subject, H. BLANCHAIiD. MnylS. 1817. H MUNSON &. FOLLETT I RE AGENTS AT WINOOSKI CITY roit il the sale of the justly celebrated and highly rec ommended UUAEFEiXDERG PILLS, AND Green Mountnin Vccctnhle Ointment ; the use of either of which ensures lo the partaker, a long prosperous and happy hie, and a complete ex cmption Irom all the ills lie th is heir to. Rccommcn dalionssuflicicnt in number lo cove a ten acre lot, proving the truth of the above assertions can be shown at the Agents Ollicc in N. Y. The Doctor will be always on hand and good ad v ice will lie given gratis. Junet). 1817. 50 Yni'iiifcli. t SlirKHIOIl article of Coach, olo Furniture, for sale. ot HARRINGTON'S. To Druggists. TWENTY ounces Morphine, in drom bottles, for oale at New York prices ot 50 HARRINGTON'S. I7ANCV EXTRACTS : Handkerchief Perfumes; I' r.l..r... f.-l. P., .I,.l. ...I a :...o.. ' fivtllt. tvi., ui, IM oillu .VlllCl lini! , U- let Bottles: Perfumed Soaps; Rouge ond Prrparcd ilk J Puffs ond Puff Powder; Brushes, Hot, 'Perth Chall and Hair; Flesh Brushes and Hair Mittens; Cigar Lighters and Wax Tapers; India Rubber Balls and Rings ; Shaving Soap ; Court Plaster ; Cschons : Hair Oils ol oil desciipUona: indelible Ink, with or without preparation; Pink and Blue Saucers; Smelling Salts in a variety o shapes, ic. cVc. Sic., for sale at M HARRINGTON'S. New Goods. I D. BIXBV& CO. HAVE REC'D THIS la day another siaortment of Net Ge-Ms, "hi-h they shsll sell very ! f;r rish, June in, 1M7 I'owdt'P. ?fllU1Kt'B3- 1,10 Bbls,2j0bbls. blasting now JJ() ,ler, loo ktgs Rule v: Spomng do, H Bands " Safety Fust-." For talc by J. BltAHI.Y CO May 25, .Su.,fAII7ior jhos n I'.ctic i " r nivuR shad and J Nonh Shore Salmon, by the h'df bbl. and smglo pound, Mill may. A. S. DEiVF. " IMIESU LARD, ut Ssilimoy. IS A. S. DEWEY FLOUR O000 RRLS. Super. Western just ciii'ed and fir sale at Troy piiccs, Burlington Moy 85, by UIIADLEY .V. CO erv I eceo. May 5, For sale by Teas: family use, orange I IYS0N, Hvso.v skin, or.r; nvso, ('.r- 1J ty llo,es expressly for tain; flow 'JOHN' BRADLEY .V CO. &un IrAorf SUGARS. - PORTO Rico, St. Croix, New Ohle Clarefitl, N. O, Miwuvado, Crii'lied, powdc ea ana loai uouulc ana tingle, ror tale Pv J BRADLEY A- CO. May 25, Siuth Whaif. Linen Cents. ID. BIXBY e; CO , have just rec.d fifty Linen Coats, Sack and Drts?,. which ihey sell at iov prices. June 10, 1817, 200 LBS. WOOL TWINE for sale nv I. D! BIXBY ! CO. Stop, A T Winooski Falls, and f lamine a well oeleer.i t aeaoronent of HARD WARE, DRUGS AND ) PAINTS MEDICINES, ( OILS, GROCERIES. DYE STUFF Whiehaie fffsred for sl tslo"orsnbebc,ij1nn Burlington, or aw "hetr m rh Stst" bv WM B HATCH. Jute, 1-t HI" tf