Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 16, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 16, 1847 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY JO, 1847. Thoro was ono thine very remarkable, nud which put nil tlio throne of tin" Doctors about infection to the nonplus, iz : I hat neither tiliysj r.imu, nurses, nor washerwomen in tlic hospi tals caught tho liifec.tion;thn boatmcn,ton,bclong Ingtotiro Uo.iltli Office, win) wore engaged day nml night In C4)iivcyiiift tlio sick (rum lite cltv nml .shipping, mid who entered the hospital at nil times, enjoyed it uniform stato of good liculth, tlio same wan tlio ca-'o with the drivers nf the dead-hearse, (so named) ami their business was to rcinovo tlio corpse from moms and cellars in nil part nf tho city, nml often tlio subjects were in a high state of decomposition beftuu liener cd they also escaped. The only death tint occurred among the assistants a in tho rac of Dr. D.)itl.ig4 : he slept In the city one night, In a virry inlecled part, and near a houo tvhrrc the ieslilenco had swt p' oil every inmate ; in two days thciealier he was seuod with tliis plague. From these facts one thins is certain, either that God wrought a miracle, in preserving the lives of them whine duty it was to attend to tlio sick ami bury the dead ;or, that tills fevor Is not infectious in tho country, or where the air i pure; mo Doctors were about equally iiiuucu on tins subject. James I (antic, once a profes'-or in Coliinib'in College, and an assistant in the Marine Hospi tal on Staton Ishnd in 1709, informed pie that, during tho months of July, August and Septem ber, there were, in all, two hundred and fifty per rons sick of vi-llow fever, in t lit) Marino Hospi tal; a grcatpart of whom were from the-shippiug the rest from the city. There wcreVnf Phvsi- cians, imrc, washerwomen, boatmen, and HartlieVs wifn nhd tin or p.hllilrnn. in nil th'utv- teven persons, not one of whom, although daily and hourly among the sick, experienced the least Indisposition, From this ho felt aured, viz. : that the disease was not contagious in a pure air. 'nnvention and ttint committee consisted nf Jntncs' MoM. Hhnl'ter.of Burlington! John W. Moore, or Hcllows l-'nllsj Oiln Smith, of .Uonlpchcr owl r red crick Hillings, if Woodstock. 'l'hc cntniiiillec appointed lor tlio purpose or nomi nating ulliceis lor the pciinniicnt orgnniallou ol llie Contention, reported llie names of the following gen tlemen ns nniccrs lor mo tiny. I'or Vicsident, John Jj. Dick, of Washington County. Par Vire Pi esidents, Luther C'AnruNi ER,nf Orange County ! CtiAiti.Es Sunt v. of Oi leans County l J am is nn.l,, nt uucuouia iuuiity, nuu i. iilukick, oi Lamoille Lounty. 1 or Mac tunes, John w. iViooke nnu Ij. it. t iiir IMI. Mr. Walton now crave notice of hivlns in his pos session n lcllcr fioin II. 1'. Jewell, Sta'c Treasurer, niitl read to the Convention lis follows t .Motitpclicr.July 7ih, 1817. Harrv Utum.r.v, Esg., iViniimmiof 11 7; i it Stale Committee. UFtK cm : A Dn ndtul Picture. Somo months ago tho radical pro-alavcry branch or tho New Hampshire Iirofocos, under tho appropriate leading of Isaac Hill, who grow suddenly ricli on Government pap under tho " blank-paper and twine" contracts of tlio Van Huron dynasty, put foith a most mournful pam phlet, containing '' 95 Instance! ol Wanton Murder, Robbery, Aggression and Outrage, per petrated by Mexican authorities upon tlio per sons and property of American citizens." This bloody pamphlet was extensively circulated in Now Hampshire, nnd operated, as it was in tended to operate, on the elections In that State, and then died and was buried this particular i species of indignation being somewhat lublo to Phe oilier of Trensnrer of the State was last venr tltlr-tlil-1-l...lll,,l li.n nn.l t ti..t,l...t In I hl Sittl. cilnlioiwol'lnemls to fnrnsto accept it lor the pii-seut evaporate with tho occasion that provokes its vrur. tv line graiciui ior me couuueucc wuicu uhs , ,.,. 00, JTvcc Dec lftIU.INCTOX, Vt. FRIDAY MORNING, JI'I.Y 10, H17, " In the luitKAsn tkouhlkii .mmittiiat is uton us, niniiK is mi Stau aiiuvf. Titr. nmtiziiN TORIVE USA Ol.l-.AM Or LtUIIT, KXCF.ITIM5 THE XTEU.IUENT, I'ATISIOTIC Willi? l'Al: TV or Till: Ukited States." Daniel Wtbslcr. Whig IVttDiiiiialioiii. Tor Governor, HORACE EATON, Of llnosburgh. For Lieutenant Governor, LEONARD SARGEANT, Of Manchester. For Treasurer, GEORGE HOWES, Of MnnljKlier. Senatorial .Nominations. Addison County. William Nash, Ii:a Stewakt. Orange Cminty. Geo. V. I'r.tciiAKi), Chas. I). Chandler, LollENZO 1), HERItlCK. Whis Senatorial Convention! Tho Whigs of Chittenden County arc notified to meet in Convention at Fhench's Hotel i ViLi.tsTO.i,on SATURDAY, tlicTIllHTinTil OF JULY, insf. at 10 o'clock A. M. for the purpose of nominating their candidates for Sen ator! in tho State Legislature. By order of tho County Committee. thus Ix-cn icpiised in me, 1 mil conslinuied to say, alter the experience ulrcaily had, that a further con- miiu nice in me ouice wouui oe nu'oiisi-icui won u proper teg.iril to my own hiwines4. Permit me thcrc i'oie rcf-pcclhilly to decline another tioiuiiKition, and to renne-t thai ton will nnke tins ueteriuiuaiioii i . : l. tlO.:.. t-.. -. imiu.iii in i iiu lug cjitiit; juii, i iiiiuii. ( ltespcclliilly ours, lh.lsllA 1'. Jewett. l"ofi! That when this convention ndiourn, it nd- journ to no-el at ibis place, at half pint two o'clock in me iniernnon. On million of Mr. Flmfler of nurlinglon, voted that when this Conveulion iidjotirn, this innriiini;, the del egates trom ench County meet and appoint a Coin imttee corresoondin to its quota of St-ite .Senators-, iiiul that such Committee meet immediately alter tlieii appointment in the Lecture Room of this Church, for the tmrnose or noiuiiiatiui: tu this Convention a siiilaMe ticket tor the Hiate otiicers. Ailjouilied to - o clock I . M. AFTUItNOON. The Convention met ot half past two o'clock, nc- corduu; lo adjournment, ami was called to order by tlie I lesulent. 'llie Committee appointed for the purpose, tlironah their Chairman. Ilt.vav Stlvlns, renoilvd fr the eonBiderntion of the Convention, tlie mines of the lollowing Reiulemeii as suitable candidates to lie sup ported hy llie Whigs of Vermont, at the next annual election, as State otlicera: J or Uoicrnor, IlOltACP, F.ATON, of Unolmrirh. Ihr l.ieul Gorcinor, LCONAItU SAUOUANT, of .Miiuchester. lor Tuasuur, GUOUGU HOWKS, of Montpc lier. Which report was accepted, and the sctctal nomi nations iiliaiuinouly aijieed to. The Committee on lesohitions reported the follow hi, w hk-h rejiort was aeceplcd, and after renin I Us hy several yt-ntU-nu n present, the resolutions were scv eially adopted. Jusvivcd, 1 tint llie tt nips ol tiTiuont sun sicu fastly adhere to the policy which they hehcte to be p-.s,-titial to the uellare of the nation ; to n sound National Currency : a Tarilf iroilncing an adequate revenue, Willi full I'lotection to American lndu-try; tojut lestrainls upon Rvccutive Power, einliiacing a hiriher restriction on the exercise of the Veto; to a laiihfd! administration of tlie Public Domain, with an equitable distribution of the proceeds or it ainoni; all tlie .States ; to an honest and economical oiliiuuistra tion ot the tteueral Ctot eminent, leaving public olli- ccrs pcrlect Irecdom of thought and the rifihl of suf frage, but with suitable restrictions agniun improper interference iu elections ; to one Picsuleutial Term; and to nil wise and just measures to restrain the en croachments of Slavery upon the rights and interests of the Free States, nnd to relieve our country from .1.... .......... .. i. i. : - ... .i... &in. . a crushing curse to the Master, anj the foulest blot upon our national t scutcheon. Ucmlred, That while readily admitting that for the b-ie pciiod in which the Toriif of ' Ifi and the Sub Treasury have been in opeiaiiou, tlie business ol the country Ins not sulleud to the extent which was justly appirhcmled, we belinte the result is solely due to the extraordinary circumstances which h-iie de manded our productions for l.urope at exceeding high prices, and bountifully supplied us with specie m re turn. llrxohed, That by the enlarged importations of foreign goods under the Tarifl' ol 1810, and the with, drawal of immense amounts ol specie from the Atlan tic States under the Sub-Tieasury act, we are warned that the legitimate tendencies ol this system of reve nue and finance arc to stimulate foreign liade nl lhe eeiise of our own, nnd to disturb the currency of the country ; theretore, we renevveilly declare our uncoin- Well ', in process of time an election ap proaches in tho staunch old Whig Stato of Vemiont, where Slavery, and this miserable and d.islardly War for its extension and per petuity, tiro held in utter abomination, and its author has no friends beyond the wire-workers of parly and tho Incumbents of his offices, (and at heart lulio-warm friends at that). Hut fo,w thing inut be done to sustain tlio filling for tunes of Lncofocoism among us, Desperate cases rerpiiro desperate remedies. And so llie Vermont I'atrinl, plating tlio game of a soil of political rcsiirrcctioni-t, goes otcr into New Hampshire, exhumes tho bones of this poor par tison pamphlet that his once " had its day," and with a tremendous flourish of rhetorical trum pets a week before) hand, transfers it bodily to its suffering columns In teork nut what effect it may vn the approaching election in our Slate. It is one of tlio poorest cards we ever saw played for political effect. Why wail till just before the election, if Micro were any thing in tins " gal tMiiizcd corpse" of a thricc-u-ed political stalking-horse 1 Why has not tho Patriot published tlieo "95 wanton murders, robberies, etc. &c." long In-fore, when they wcru brought to light, (accouling to its own statement at the head of its columns,) "on the '2d if December, 1837,' NEARLY TEX VEAHS A0(l! Why Wait till just before the annual State election in Vermont, to parade before its bewildered readers wh it calls " Tiif. Causes and Jlvhce of the Mexi can- Wau." I lint let us copy a few of theso " 95 instances,' and sec how fur they will "jusmv" tho hor , lors and barbarities of WAR. Will our readers pleaso read tho following, and calcnlato, if pos sible, tlio exlnmitu to which Locofocoism h driven ! And first for NU.MHL1R ONE : I .Yd. 1. -t. 7'. Cehitenn and J. Mc?luti. These persons, who were chiefs of n hunting expedition, weie, with their companion, arrested bv authorities of .Mexico in nnd testified to the Tacts above tinted. He states that the .Mexican clliccrs divided llie unntnuiB i " jey between tlicin. He thinks that he bad 3 or 1 fM) dol. And this trumpery, of a man charged with the very crime which he charges on others, is gravely brought forward as tho sole Instance to sustain tho outcry of '95 WANTON MURDKHS &c.' with which a paper claiming to ho respectable alms to nu.Miiuei. its readers! Was ever such trash, such utter, unmitigated trash, addressed to the common senso of the readers of a yankec newspaper? Wo allirm that the samples wo have given above aro faiorahlc ones. We se lected them, in a running survey of tho whole, because they are brief. Tho specifications that aro longer aro only tho more silly. If Vermont- crs aro misled by them, the power to deceive! and cheat mankind is illimitable ! Rut wo havo one question to ask of tho Pa triot. President Folk affirms and re-affirms from ton to twenty time's, in his last message, that Mexico commenced this war upon in. This is the burden of the whole of that part of his mes sage which discusses tho topic. Utcrylocofoco p:iver in the Union liolds tlio same language. Notwithstanding these " 95 Wanton Murders, Robberies, &c. etc. of American Citizens," we havo commenced no war on Mexico, say Mr. Folk and locofocoi-m generally Mexico has capped tho climax of insolence nml atrocity by " commexcixo tub tt'Ait" after all! Will tho Patriot plcpjso if-iin us when before in tlie nstory of tho world, a nation has found it ne cessary to " justify" a uei ensue war by show- ing how grossly she was insulted before the was kickcu The Southern Terminus of the Vermont imel Ciinudii Itullroad, Thoo nf our readers who take nn Interest in tho matter will remember that Mr. Ilayward's Report contains hut twoalliisionstotlieiunctlnn Ceorge. This Like contains one of the mot beautiful sheets of water on the Continent of America, It Is 3fl miles long and from 12 to 'J wide. Its tvntcrs are ele vatcJ 313 feet nbote those of the Hndsoii. Its In- oftheOirdciisburirroad din tho Vt. iV.Ciinudul dian nnnieis llorhon, and the 1 rench, Iromlhe pu- with those that havo a common terminus at llur- "f 'J,, wn,fr'' , ; s"r"'- t!..i 'i'i. ci t. t .1 . .i n. ii . , '""if. I he scenery around tins I.nkc Is universally lington. J ho first I, In that portion of In, Report ,,,,,, M VIUM , 1)icuit,,que ,,,, which discusses, and rrjrcls,Uo routo tw Cum- m decked with more than 300 Islands of almost borlatidllcad, and the second is mado In con-1 CVery form and size. This Like nnd vicinity have ncction tvith the approved and selected roulo been the scene'ofunny important battles connected I'M Rouses Point. In both ca'es tlio phraseolo- with tlie old French .t Revolutionary wars, No one CV Is precisely the same, and rnntotniil.ttcn a . u!'" ti-it these memorable spots without having re union tu tlio Ogdcnsburgh and tho Vt. and Canada with " the Central Railroad near llur lington." This peculiar phraseology, wo feci at liberty tu Fay, was used by Mr. I iayward lie cause ho was Informed, and therefore assumed, that it is not practicable to bring tho Vt. anil tived in bis mind the moot Interesting reminiscences. Tlic writer of this keleh enjoyed this oppoituuity a few days since with much satisfaction, and f-els a pleasutc ill e-ouunending the route to thoc interested in the past history ol our own beloved country. The whole length ol this ndinuable Lake maybe trnveisi d nnd all it" delightsome propects witnessed Canada to a connection with the Central and the ''' pn-hig from .Montreal, Ht. John, Plattsburg nnd Rutland Ruilicids ,,t their common terminus on ""'''"S'0" Bala"' l'y i..any nnei I i. . i - . if t- . , . . r i one ov ai iniig in i icouue oga. nc e tney win the Lake shore in lliirhngton. Such a point or i-t ,t,"i. ,,.,,,, ;;,. i,, , i ., m, uii ,,.! ji.ocuon is so maniioMiyiorinuiiuercvloi aiuno ,P i.e , vi,.w the reniain, of the celebrated Fort of Corporations concerned, (as it secures to them Tieondcrogn. At the bend or this Lake they wilt their thmugli business over tho entire line of 1 reach the hale House kept by .Mr. Sherrili, nnd each ro.ul ), and Is of such obvious consenuence survey the ruins ofFott (ieorge nnd William Henry. Ship I'eicr. Wo aro sorry to be obliged to say that the accounts of tlio spread, and tho fatality, of this malignant disease, in .Montreal, aro of the most painful character. The Ihrald complains, nnd doubtless tvith great justice, that tlio sanitary regulations adopted hy tlio (iovcrnment aro al together inadequate to tho distressing emergen cy, ami expresses serious apprehensions that "the fearful mortality now going on among tlic emigrants will extend to the .settled residents of tho city." The dcalli of the Rev. Messrs. Morgan, ar.d Montininy, Lieut. Loyd R. N. Mr. Crispo, and others, is announced, and the life of the Rev. .Mr. Willoughby of Trinity Church " is considered in tho gie itost danger." We make these statements not to awaken un necessary alarm, but as a matter of public duty, to the public, (who aro entitled to tho advanta ges that will result from free and fair competi tion.) that tho simple statement of these f.icts would justify us in imputing to Mr. lltiyward llie motive for recommending tho single connec tion " near I'urlington," if we had not (as wo have) other warranty for so doing. It has boon well understood, however, in llur lington, and probably elsewhere, that a railroad cancaiily ho constructed, witii unobjectionable grades and curvatures, from the wharves in Rurlington to St. Alban. A survey of the lino was made, some time ago, under tlie direc tion or skillful and competent Lnginecrs, and its feasibility established. Tho Report of the F.iiginccr,hnwcver, for some reason or other, lias not been made public ; and under this state of tilings, Mr., tlio Chief Lngiiur of the Rutland Road has been directed to make a new survey. Wo havo great pleasure in lay ing before our readers tho result of Mr Oil kekt's examination, tv'hich will be found be- llotlioi these Ilousesnro kept in excellent style, arid nic visited by numerous parties of pleasure. The above is a tour of iimth intctestaud no travel er will regiilhatiii;r taken it. VIATOR. "The Democratic Association" of Washing ton City celebrated the recent National Anni versary tvith an unusual display ol eloquence and latin. Mr. Renj. II. French, tlio Demo cratic Clerk of tho Houp, was tlio Orator, and ho commenced his oration (which wo find in full in the I'nion) in tlio follow ing highly origi nal and impressive manner. We remember nothing like it since wo weie a school-boy. It makes its think of "turning over the classic page, and taking a retrospective glance into futurity'' : "As the sun roe upon the morning of this day, the thanks of 'U,iiU0,0nil of p-ople ascended to Ib-ten m I token of their grniilude to Hod that lhy were citieus ol' the ipVuti'?t, the rreest, the happiest countiy on e-nith. 1 rom Maine to Texn from the hay ol Fundy lo the llio del None from the Atlantic to the Pacific, t the echoes hate litis morning been awakened by the toiees of leu thousin 1 cannon, bv the rill2llii? ol the if every city and tillage of tins tast republic, and Progress. OTWc nro credibly informed that It Is in contemplation to get up a class in Phonography (or bail spelling) nt Winoosut t.ity forthwith the special oQect of the enterprise being to teach young gentlemen and ladies in that thriving neighborhood to spell "tlio wurd. that tha employ in making luv lo ccch tither, so Infurnl bully, thattha can noethr bo red nor understttd by enny pursun but lliowun to boom ilia ar dt reklid. Axiduntz bay hapend In knmckwens of the want of a nolej of the lawz of fonografe. Our inforiniint ml, that this is a grato kountro and tbaltbaro ar a grate inonny pccpl lo the akcr." JX.Mr. Polk's General Pillow is making prodi gious havoc in Mexico, only tho misfortune is tliat ho minagcs to get his own men killed in stead of the enemy's ! Those whom ho did not sicrilico at Cerro Gordo through his profound ignorance of tlio art of War, he is in a fur way lodispo-c of through his equally profound igno rance of tho laws of Suture. Let our readers look at tlie followit g : fltt. Pn.r)tf. 'V,'S-X2f cd by n gentlemen who came passenger tn the iNew" Orleans, and one who has done good service to his country, that lien Pillow, who left Vera Cruz with a large force to join (Jen. Scott, selected the middle, of theihy forimrcliin.'n part of the road, winch is tlie dread of even old soldiers. Tlie sand between Vera t'lu. nnd Sin Juan isover ankle d'-en, and the rajs orthe sun in iuidd:iy arc terrilie rlhe result of llus experiment ai raw ricruitswns the d-rUb nfsix men. who were mi stiuck, and the disabling of near a hundred and filtv more. At Sin Jinn so many r !.1m low. It ilemon-lrates the entire practicability or by the shouts ol miliions ol Tree voices. And why? uniting at their termini the several important KSlJrSI rauroaus inai ine energy 01 t ermoni, amen uy j vcrsaiy ot in. n uay wncii the capital and enterprise or Huston, has devised for tlio promotion of tho common interest of all. The following is Mr. Gilbert's Report: and to caution travellers for mere pleasure . Hon. T. Folmtt, Pieshtenl nf the Clmmplain and J, against avoidable nvposure to a disease that is Conn. Hirer Unit Koad. ,,,,, In compliance vvitli your instructions, a survey has manifestly infectious. Th 11 War. No further advices, of consequence, from the Armies. Reports render it doubtful whether Freedom, from her mountain height, Lnlurli'd her banner to the air'" that day wbi-n a stern band of patriots solemnly de clared "that these united colonies are. and of right ought to be, free n:ui independent States." " And tor tie- support of this declaration, tvith a firm reliance on jtioiecuou 01 iit me rrovuienee, mey " inutuatiy net to eaeti other t leir lives, their fortunes, anj llieir sacreil honor: the troops were u-ed up that it was projjosed to send them back to Santa I e and establish n hospital there. Alter i'onnltaiion, nml ns mere was no adequate. loice to protect such n hospital, it was decided tos-nd them back lo Vera Cm.. Th- Vera Cnu F.agle ot tlie'i3diust says tint tliirfy or them had then reached ttiere. Ill this encounter tviih the sun tie poor soldiers had Wss chance than Hnskel's command ut Cerro Ooido enjoyed A. O. Pic, of 3J7.. It is a d.sgraco to tlio Army and an outrage on humanity that such a miserable military mountebank s.hould be continued in the public service. The great Kivcr. Ar Harbor Contention nt tnicago Accounts begin to reach us of the action of ii great assemblage of American Citizens to f-viso means to rid the country of the.- curse of Executive Vetoes upon measures designed by congress for the improvement of Rivers and Har bors. Wo shall give in our outside columns, next week, as full a statemeut of the proceed ings of the convention as practicable. c are sure thev will be read witii interest and satis- fictie.ii. iok, carrieu to o'liitu 1 e.wneie tney weie imprisoned ,(;,,,, .Scott bis vet loft I'nohli T-ivlnr is nt and otherw in-maltreated. 'I'he value ol'the properly ' C U 111 ; 1CU 1 "el"'u lJlor ls 1,1 IojI by them was ii-juesenied lo be s3U,33u,8l J. Monterey. And the prospects ol Peace are ap- A". 7. pirently more remote than cter. The ino-t John A'. II est and ntttris. Tlie claim in this eae ..t.i,,,,, ,i ,.,:Ji.:., i. . -i. ,i . is for a bill ol exchange drawn by Don Jos. M. de , lLtol"t "i"' astonilung inefficiency marks the llerrern as agent of the Mexican government, and lor inc.i-ures of the Administration for the pros-ecu- suppucs scut oj nis iio of tho War, and were it not for the exceed- Schoonrr l'e Ux andrnrio This vessel sailed from ' littlenecs of the minds that compose that New Orleans in Aug. lAi:, nnd on the 7lh of Sept. Administration, it tt-milil be imonssibln not In been made from the northern termination of the I I rom the Atlantic to the Specific, as Davy Champlain and Connecticut ltiter Railroad, at llur-1 Crockett u-ed to say, there was duo observance, lington, norilieily to the head ot .tiallctts liay-a dis- according to Mr. Renj. li. French, of " the S.ib ,a ce oic nines, rom nuiungion bath day of liberty," becatl- it is " the annual 1 nn survey wa crmumu'ii ns i;ir norm 01 imnins . , ., - .1 . 1 , . inn ns Waneiirv ton-cr.tani illt! .mtnro nn.l fraM. Jl,b,Icc f a m,-rhty nnJ powerful people. - lility vt a line if roiul that ImuM connect wtli, or farrect," Ucnjatniii ! but then thW t( mitjhty and form n part of, the 111.1 hi line from Hutliimton powerful people ' hao been fnncil, lVr more to St. Alhnn. Thu nnrthnly termination nt Mallett'3 than a your, in an attempt to "compter a peace' IJ-iy ts in a lawwb'.e pu?ition to be corttinup.l 1101th to j-ro:n .1 e woai.p,t ln0st tlUtractcJ neonle the The Stat': Convention nroniisinr uunosition to this fvMimii. Ilcsutred. I'lint we accord to the Amu n nil Xnvv the merit of nchicxeincnw which wnuM have liouou-il nncliortd in the Soto h .Miirina roail or harbor, where the waa taken poeion of on the tame dav, hy the le.xir-ati esel Tampic She was ccmdciimed on the ground that she had articles on hoard of h?pameh ori ' yin. Her insurance win S'J0,(HX). And who s to Fay be was not vroperhi con- the heroes of any land or tune ; mid for t!Hr vignrom, ' demncd, under tlic Uwa of Mexico ? uarim:, and lugnly succeifilul u) of the ?eanty meani i ullowfil them lor conducting the war with Mexico, we ield jh'tn honor cij'ial to the measure of unr nb horienre of a war prooked by the Ivecutive without necessity, presented for the twtrn-ion ot Slave 'I'eiri lory, and which the author H-em tn have done hU best to protnici hy (urruhmg a leader to the enemy nnd attempting to super. de the ellieient ami e.pen enced eomiiiauders of the Amciican Army ty u law ucruit. Urmlved, That while tho pnri taken by the execu tive in oiiginatniff thu war witliout the Ivimvsleilge or consent ot CongrefsS, and the nppnent uurighttotis purpo-e lor which it was imdeiiaken, call tor seveie repiehension, we pledge him a he rty npproval in ev ery w-i-e measure tending to" a t-pecdy and liouorable peace." AV.vjirJ, That it i with nation ns wiili individ ual. belter to sutler wioug than in do wioitg ; tint the true policy ol the American Republic i- rucL, nnd that war should uecr be resorted to except us n mentis of M-It-deleiice, Jies'dved, That we regard Slavery as th most dan gerous element, existing m the nation, which it would he unwise to strengthen or extend ; mid threfme that our alternative ns to any teiritoiy to be acquired from Mexico must bf Vnth Ttnrtiroav or None- JirwU-cd, That this Contention does heirhv com mend Horace IJaton, LLONAiitSAiu,LNr aud(ii.o.oF. IIowis to the confidence, and supimit of the 1'ret'nien of Wnnont, as men who will honor the olliccb to Andreirs' claim for the seizure of War at Aham (o. This claim an-e? Irotu the seture hy the .Mexi eiu government of l,fi;il,15 worth of wax, on the pretenic that it was ot Spanish or.gin. And wa it not of Spani.-h urtyin, and brnuulit into a Mexican port in violation of her Kevcnuc ' Laws ? An 22. IVlUt rtrotheis, of New York, chim damigcs for llie destruction id a press and type at Tampico, by the Spaniards! ! ! ! X). 23. B,R2f) dollars in dmiages aie claimed by the owners of the brigfiencrnl .Mnrolos ftir her eiure nnd deten tion nt era Cru. in l"3il, whereMie went trom New Orleans to he fitted out as n pmnteer under Mexican nuthciuty, Tin Mexican coml-s alterward oideicd the restoiatiou ot the urf-vl. I And tins i alleil as illtistratinj; the " Cause 1 and Jit-slice of tho .Mexican War I ! " I r Ao. 31. I TheSchnonrr Willinm A. Tuintrmt intoSi'-nl in dirties", on thefftliof .May, 131, when she and her cargo were seized. Tlny were directed to be rettored bv the th-trici indue, hut in con-enuence of the nm- wlrrh ihey hae been rehpcctiely uominatfil. iitmueiamento ol" 5th Julv, all communication with Notice hiving been giwu Senator uriMM was the low cr court was tut oil", in town, the Convention voted to extend to him an ,, , .1 t iinitution m address ihem. .Mr. Unn-i fr J i,t! Mex-"" Authorities on the very of alifiut an hour upon matteis coniit ( I ith the An- the Matement, did nil thev could do to hccure nex-iti"ii ol lexas nnd upon the can- t ot iheWnr .... " .r 1 w it u ,ie ii o, 11c was nsietietMo wi: 1 m'lt uetl ntten- j"1-- n. unm-i, mm hi um u, u;uri

1 11.:.. . 1 - c i . 1.1? . 1 in n'm.-, Xln, in """ I C"rUiclM U"' t00' !" 11 " C;lllPU of W" " ! ! ! I I otetl, I hat Hi- thanks ut tins Couycminn be ten-1 AV 3S. ih-ri-il to thi- 1 n-siilt-iit, lur tin- nlili-.impirtiil nml ill--- ! This claim is fur lifillruil exiirtion of iloubb-lnnnaw nilioil iinnuiT jtli lnth be lias in-si,li-cl mer itsil-. iluties mi the l!ii Winun, in .'Mn. iilaii, hither she Of our rnmliilatri for (Joyernor anil Lieut. 1 niauly nml highly inu-n-stiMK n-uiaiks iiiuohin the thaw. Tho nuiouni rxactcil was &35j,TS Rnwrnnr. Ilnmrr. P. nm nn, I.r.nvAun Sap.- . la,'"v" ""ri'l"'."'. " 1 "' "r. ". " geait, vc nccil nut tny a vonl r. 1 . 1 . I tl ,.1 t , ..f men anu i iuhj, wW,.. u,. .(.,..... s.. , wui. ,. . , . , rn(..riiin, (,;. rnn..,.,: l, citiicnsof ill.? Unitoil Stit.-s un.l.-rlaus f U- ll tlic people, to need any pmejjyric nf ottr.s. rignrd hy llie Pri-t'ulcnt anil Srcictiiiics.nuJ published t iinn l!i"iuhh-nutliuriziuj! firccil loans, ample indent IllilCUUUU iii ui; UCHlillHietl. This body assembled at Mnntpelicr on Wed nesday of last week, and, us our reader are already aware, nominated IIoitAcr. Uaton, I.eos; Anu .Sakgeant and (Ieiiiioe llmvi for the of fices of Governor, Lieut. Governor and Treasur-1 cr, for the ensuing year. The ticket i.s the same one presented fur the niilTr.iges of the freemen last year, with tlio ex ception of Mr. Umvcs, m received the no mination for Treasurer in place of the present competent and faithful incumbent, I'j.I'.Jewktt, Kq-, who declined a re-nomination, in conse quence of the pressing nature of his own Inii-i-ncss engagements. Ifo retires with hut a brief experience in tiie cares and perplexities of office, but enough, probably, to satisfy him tint that of Treasurer, at lea-t, is no sinecure. .Mr. Ilowns will bring to the discharge of bis responsible du ties, business habits and abilities of a rare order, lion, and his speech wjs one nf yn-at fuice, dcliu-rcd chronicles and such as will do credit to the discernment of ( the Convention that his placed him in Humilia tion. I On milium. tr,il, 'I'li'il tliis t)-inl.c ,.l (tiii r'.iiiion They have too tinu he tendered to tlie .Methodist society lor llie use , ot ineir uouse Do tell ! Ao. Sfi. Tor nil ructions lucl may have been mule from believe that it entertains a set lo sacri fice both Scott an 1 Taylor and their until ar mies ! The world never saw madness, stupidity, and folly in high p'.ices. rucIi as illustrates tho reign of Janw .'. Vt.' History of tlic Win with .tlciico, liv "G" Ue I,"." Ve lake iileasure in nnnouneiniT tint Cam. V S! Hr.vitv, ol llie 3d infantry, tin- writer nf llie popular ielter.s triun the Army in ihe "rvniit nt' ijn- 'i'mu-s," mer Ihe ti.jnv.iirc of " (I" nn I."," is deMitni all ! iiis lei.stiie to ihi- couuiil'itiiiu of an aiulieiiiic and ilior- ouijli hi-tory of tlie Mexic-m U'nr. Tlie work will I pro-janiy ctruit to iwo tare octivn ynluuu-s.auil will lie illiisttnted with enruvins from original designs. The whole woik will lie puMinhcil Irom origin ii, Ihe author hiving determined to nuke it per fect in nil its details. U'e aie conlilent this announcement will lie re ceived with the hih'-t (;r.itiliealiiiii hy tho; who hive lead Ihe letters of" ti" nr. I."," which urn ne know ledjji-d on all hinds lo in-1 nn- ih-- most sjurited and luteiestiii,' of any dial liive been pu'jh.shed trom the rmy. Our contemporaries will do us a personal fivorand o'jlnje a s;ill mi utik-er, by copying ur nuiicuu llie aiiuoiiuceineiil nbme X 1'. .yin of the Times. W'o transfer the foregoing announcement to our columns with much pleaure. Wo hive known for sometime that Captain llcsuv, who. as many of our readers ure aware, is very suc cessfully employed in tlio Itecruiting service at llurlington anil its vicinity, was engiged in pre piriug the history alluded toby the ,Vii'nV of the Times. Of its entire authenticity none can doubt who remember tint its gallant ami meri torious author possesses the rare advantage of relating, to a ery considerable extent, tho'e events which he saw, and quorum pars wwgnu fait." Hut, in addition to its cardinil merit of authenticity, we an'icip tle a wide popularity fur the promised work, arising from tlie spirit and graphic power to ho expected in a n irr.itive from the pen of ihe writer of the letiers of G do L. rit. Albans. In fact no other line can be selected, passing tlie bead of Mailt tl's li.iy, tint will not be common, to the present location. IVuin the carc-lul examination that I hat e made, I feel confident in say ing that no line can be selected enst of that indicated world ever saw, and wo are as far from mccess as ever! Our situation does not correspond with our intentions, does it lienjitniu ? The following toast given on the occasion by this survey ,by which the St. Albans road can rench is full as good, if not quite a- original, as llunja- its southern termination al Uurliugtuii upon nsutor- i mn'$ speech : abl- ground The only point upon the line where w-oik of much magnitude will be reu'iired Is ,at the crossing of the valley ot O.iion ritcr, four miles north of 1'uilim-ton. The line surveyed coniinences nt the depot toutid of the Chaniplaiu nnd Connecticut Kiver Kadroad nt liuilinton, and is thence continued along, and near, the margin of the Like by a let el grade, hill" a mile from its commencement. 1'roni tins point nn ascend ing grade of feet per mile will be icquired for '2 i miles, in passing ihe ridge of land lliul extends From llie willey of Onion liver to the I.-ike. The general direction ol tins ridge is nenily nt light nugjes to the line of the road With a guide of J." feet per mile, nn exeat rititin will be required, near ihe tesidence ol Iiishop Hopkins, of 20 feet in depth at the deepest point I!v Alfred J. Ilizirin. of Va Svui Anni: Si cotiliientol hit skill in running, lie g.ite Scott thiec le -s lo ms one. . (.'lent .Hen. A correspondent ol the New York Journal of Commerce, twiting from Ilallowell, Maine and speaking of the President s visit to a portion of that State, s iys j rortunately the last two or Ihree days, particularly to-day, presented ns fine a specimen of weather as our climate olten nllbid- i'ie nir clear, nnd although warm, not so otK-nsivens summer tlajs often are. On the wliuie, the occasion has been rather a plen-antone to our people, who inhabit, m fact, the iillimi thule of the United Stiles, wheie it isst ldom we see or are Tlu excitation will be nhout 21)00 feet long, seen by any great men except such ns we " raise.' nml wi.i -it t rage less man to led. 1 rom mis summit we ascend to, and cross, Onion river, (near the fann house of Hairy Iliadley, ll-q ,) by a grade of 10 fctt per mile. The crossing of ihe t alley of Onion river will require an eiuliinknieut 270'J feet long, of an average lu-ighi of 2It feet This will icquiie 123 .000 cubic yards of Yes j and we rather incline to the opinion that they '-raise" somo men in tint respectable ultima 'P'nule in comparison with whom James K. Poll; is not a tcry fearful looking giant! There, is moro of true, enlarged, coniprehen-ite and slate-nvin-like ability in tlie little linger of enrth excavation. The matt rial can be conveniently Geokge 11v.. than over sprung from the loins obtained from each side of the tnlley. The work nt this point is much hcaiier thin will be encountered upon nny other put of the line from Uurlington to the head of ,M alien's Hay. After crossing Onion river we ascend, by n grade of 10 feet per mile, upon a uniform and favuiublc sur face for a road, to the head of tlie liiy. The soil, throughout the whole distance of 8 miles, is dry nnd undy, and the land may be considered highly faturable for grades, curt es, and cheapness of 1 construction. ltispeelfully submitted, w. ii. oii.m:kt. nnginer's Office Cinm. & ft I.. J of nil the I'oll.s that ever liied, from the I'evn lutionary Tory, Hzehiel, down to the lea-and- cotlee-laxing and war-making James IC. The ChicHSO Contention. Thocorrcsponnent of tlie New York Herald, writing from Chicago, Iris tlio billowing upon the views of I'residtntial a-pirants upon the subjects which are to cotnu before tlie conven tion : rtreainrenratioas are miking for the nsmMa; of the conwntion. nnd d-legatcs aie already lii i- ing to pour m. I here being no iimuiingoicxiem sun- cient to nccommouatc tins uouy, n w in u orgiiuueu under a tent capable ot Holding two tnous.inu i'rsou.s, in ihe public square, oppo-ite the Sherman Hotel l.-iii-rs nave ueen receitcu uy ine itirispi,ntviiig cnmunltee from lleury l. lay, .tiarun tan uurcn. (leu. Cii-s, nntl s-Uns llg'.lt. .Mr. t'lay, ma short letter, states tint he regrets cannot ntlend the contention, bin hopes t'ml it will proeurt the nceomplisiuiient of nil th n is d irett tlen. Unss, in a very shoil rep.y, merely s'ys that he cannot attend, without expressing any tiewsasto th- oh.eet ol the couventiou. Sila-. VVrigbt hns written two letters, sent together the ti ink owl'-di.ig the iecelit of Ihc Jetler ol theeornuiimv.ut which he rt ters to the second ns con taining h.s ti-ws relatite to the contention. This occitpi.-s three tu.i pages, in winch lie expicsscs hiui s -if us pleased with ihe assemblage of the contention tor the cxpres-ion nnd disFemination ol the opinions of the people, nnd nvows bihi--ll in fivor ol npp o priations by Congress for the lniproteinent ot all such ha-bors on the likesns nre tiec ary tor irs mam navigiuou, but not extending such iipiirorriition-lo jtippii at ons tjr iniproveinciils m many ot the small creeKsanii rituieis tuai nave neretoiure ueen asKen ior. lie scptrntis the improtemeiit of harbors from that of nters, nn.l expresses n doubl as to the constitutional Hv ol the Inter, nlihough in some instances, he ad mits th il it would be just and proper. Mi: tin liureu's letter is very, short, and cm be so constru-d asto s,istun the views ot his oltl friend Silns Wright .Mr Helium's letter Ins notarrived, but willpro'Kt bly lie briiught by the St. l.oms ddegition His let ter will nlso su-taiu the position of Silas Wright, and lli'-n you see my views in my letter ilited &t. ulair, willtiilullysu-tiuied, ami that Silas Wright now is the contemplated nominee ot the liunton uy of tb .teinocrauc party. Mr. Webster's letter is cxnected to-morrow. It will contain u constitutional argument in tavor of ap pronri itious. 'Ihe letter of General Taylor ha not yet Iven received. 1 lomis Lorwm ol Ohio. John C. SDeneer and Win. II Seward ol New York, and Wm. .M llnll ot ltulljlo, will address the contention at length on topics tu be brought before it. Goternor Uatos'is fidelity to the public trusts that hive heretofore been conferred upon him, the eminent ability witii which he has performed the dervices connected witii them, mid tho popu lar approbation that ho has received from all parlies, constitute tlio best argument that can bo framed, in f.tvor of his re-election. His un flinching attachment to and distinctive principles of tho Whig ptity is as universally conceded as arc the kindness of hit heart and the urbanity of hi official deportment. Mr. .Saiigeant is also well known to tlie peo ple of Vermont both as an enlightened and ju dicious legislator, and as tho courteous and im partial Presiding officer of their Senate. Tho emphatic, judgment of Vermont in con demnation of this nefarious and detestable war, and of the measures and policy nf thu adminis tration who thrust it upon the Cuunlry, will be pronounced in tlio triumphant election of these gentlemen, unless it is prciented by that portion of the freemen who claim to bj tho special friends of rreedoin and I'eaco! The following is the official account of the proceedings of thu ftato Convention as we tint it in the llellows I'aUs (lazette, whoso Kditor, J, V. Moore, IJsij. was ono of tho Secreta ries : Whig Stale Convention, Pursuant to a cnll from the Whig Stale Committee .u tt-i.!,.a .,1 Wnnont. lit- their delegates, met illCou- Ttnlion, at Ihe .Melbodist Chapel, m Montpelier, on Wednenluy tlie7lhtliiyuf July, IHI7,for the puipose of nomiintiug .Stole olliccislor ihe year ensuing. At Irieu n'cloiU, the Convention was culled lo order by B. 1'. Walton, Jr. and for the tune nigaiiued by llie appointment or Jolin Ij. UucK, ot rtoritlicltl, Ulair man. find John W. .Moore. Secretary. On motion, a committee of live vvns selected hy the rhnir lo reiwrl ofltecrs tor the iiennnueut organization nl the Convention. Thecouinuttre cunsisted ol I,'. V. Walton, Jr.. I!. Cleatrlimd, C, Caipcmer, i'rede- IIC Hillings nuu Jlillll is. UUXlCr. Oniiioiiou,aConuiiittce of one from each Congres rerijl Uitlnel waa appointed by ihe Chair, to piepore and prtiKnt KcsolutioiB ler tin- voiisiileraiiun rf Ihc in all Ihc Whig tinners in llie Slate. Uu motion, the Contention niljounieil witbont diy, JOHN 1.. BUCK, Piesideut. tt 1 ' i: Jonv W. MoonE, (..,., ... . 1). Wumr.o, j"""-""- Glorious Nevis fiom A'etv Iltunpshirc I THi: GOOD CAUSE THIUMl'HAXT 1 ! Pull; and his miserable war signally rcbuhed ! The Whigs ami Independents of New Hamp shire have bearded the lion in his den. We cannot e.voress the satisfaction wo feel in hem" able to announce that James Wilmiv nml Ajios ''"""j1".'1 '.'.V '"." ml ,lie oi1k for " fol-d loa.rat I ftau i.uis t otosi. i fCK, tlic regular nominees or the Wings, liate been TUiu.uniANTLY electkii in the 1st. ami 3d Why, how you talk I What Ins become of the 3,000,000 with which .Mr. l'olk was to purchase a peace ? Xo. 53. Thomas Tblv h lir.. of .Ycir Orein! claim a rrrtitutiun ofjiWHn), for goods captured iiud eoiidem netl under llie same circumstances ns in No. 1. Our readers will please recur to No. 1. and aeo this " cause for war " ! I No. CO. John He Iden has two claims against the Mexican Gov eminent, one for $1,300 on account of damages Kivcr Kail lioatl, June 10, lilT Congressional Districts. All honor to tho gal lant Whigs and consistent and practical " liberty men" of tlie granite State! The flying visit of President l'olk to Ills retainers in New Hamp shire, was j ti -t " in the nick of time." It need ed but tho hpiniel-liko servility and the black guard discourtesy of Lx-Gov. Hubbard, ttho in the presence of Whigs as well us locofocos who had met to show proper respect to the Pre sidential office, introduced Gov. Williams to Mr. l'olk as " the man who beat tho allied army." The " allies" showed him and his master a " trick with a dozen of that," it day or two afterwards ! James Wilson and Amos, Tuck, both denounced as traitors and hypocrites by radical locofocoism, and both holding in ut ter abhorrenco tho war and its promoters, pro. slavery " democracy" and its policy, havo been sent hy thu sovereign people of Now Hampshire to represent llieir views and principles In the National Councils. It is on this account, and because of tho hlgh-iniuded nnd patriotic Union of the Friends of rreedoin and Humanity that has produced so gratifying a result, that we cs jiecially rejoice. Again we ay: All honor to tho Wliljjs and Liberty men of Ihe Granite Kttl I You don't say ro ! No. 87. Claim of IianUin and .Inn Chase. This claim is lor tlaiuages sustained m consequence ol their sum maty expulsion horn Tampico in violation ol tin treaty ! ! ! No. 93. Vansley. Chitns damages for being denriv cd by llie Coxcuior ol Sun Luis l'otosi, ot liis appicniice uoy. No. 91. G. r i7'irorfK.L'l.iuiis reparation for the con fisenlion of two thons-iud one h.intlreil unit tui.titt- five pounds of chewing tobacco al Vera Cluz in Id III. This " apprentice boy" and tho " chaw of . backer" appropriately wind up this most absurd ami silly array of " claims" nine- tenths of which would bu kicked out of a committee room in any Stato Legi-latuio in the Union on ac count of their ierfect preposterousness ! Now will our readers believe that the allegation of "WANTON iMUHUDU" tthich heads tho list of these " outrages," is sustained alone as fol lows ? No. ".8. Schooner Tor at. The master of this vessel con. traded tn 1832 lo transport 150 Mexican soldiers from Matainorns to Gaivcsion. Duiing the passage the master unit male were killed by the Mexican officers, nnd the crew- weie forcetl to run the vessel inio Ann. huae. Here they were imprisoned on n charge nf killing their captain nud mate, nnd attempts were made tiy the officers above mentioned tn innkc them confess to ihat clime, They were al last liberated on the ur ogre rment to he bound to serve them for three years. One clth'in n.beTienily escaped to the U. S. When the carriage in which the President was placed, passed the lower end of the Old Slate House at ll.tstoii, u stoul old geutlemin, evidently uneasy at the " plentiful lack "ol enthusiasm which prevailed, took oil his hit and cried out with a lotitl toice,"'l hree cheers tor General Jackson and all his lncuds !" This unexpected droit upon the pitiiotistu of the crowtl vvns tluly honored by a loud laugh, liven the President could not resist smiling at the singularity ol tlio appeal. Huston Atlas. A friend, who was an eyo-witne, has rela ted tnuj another iycident connect! d with this presidential pilgrimage, that may nuiti-o our readers. While Mr. l'olk was " shaking the bones " of all such as thought it tho polile tiling to call on him, in tho splendid drawing- room of the l'evero House, in Itoston, a "dem ocrat" of the first water, whoso enthusiasm and reverence for tho head of the great l'arly hail becoino excited to tho most ardent pitch by cer tain artificial appliances, placed himself imme diately before tho President, and, as soon as ho hail attracted Ids notice, commenced bowing anil retreating backwards, alter tho prescribed form of deputing from tho presence or Royalty. The President bowed low, ami tho Democrat bowed lower, tho latter all the while retreating, utterly heedless, however, both of distance ami direction. The sceno was getting inteiisly in teresting, when our Iriend the democrat, hay ing retreated, unawares, to within a ftnv inch es of the wall, laid himself out for the Iiiul bow, which bo doubtless intended for the grand ch;i Jegraceuf tlio occasion. The catattropho was sudden and awful ! Uending forward with a llniiiish, he, of course, brought tho rearward projection of his patriotic person smartly against the wall, wliich sent him, with indecent haste and ungraceful efl'orls at lerovery, over about tho wholo of the spico lio had gained, and nearly into tho arms ot Mr. l'olk. As the At las says abote, " even the President" could not resist smiling at tho singularity of Ihe accident. We ohould'nl wvnder ! JTWill tlie Union Post be good enough to ciedit the " New Law Dictionary, by Godfrey Grant I'.sq." which it has transferred to its col umns, to the l!urlinglan Free Press 7 Dreadful nccideut roitr Hies lost. While the workmen on the Central Railroad were engaged in removing the earth in tlic deep ut noilh of our Village, on Saturday last, a large mass of s ind nml gravel gave way and w as precipitated Unin them, burying four trom live to six feet below the surface, and nearly cover ing two or three others. Those who were not entirely covered vvcro released without hiving received any material Injiiiy; but their four less fortunate compinions could not bo extricated until life was extinct. Tlioir names wcro Pat rick Duiidan,,. Halt Reagan, James O'.M illy, and James McGrath. Tho wifj of poor Rea gin had died but a week previously, and he leaves two htllo children oni'iniisin the hardest sense of the worth Duiidan and O'M.illy have left families who were wholly dependent upon them for tho ordinary means of support. At this period of sickness and distress, tills fatal casualty appears doubly unfoitunute. ltappcars to its that those hating the charge of public works of this character should seldom, if ever, jtrmit such accidents to occur. The suffering they inflict is generally upon that por tion of our popnlatloii least able to boar it, ami it is the duty of superintendents to guard again-t thorn witii extraordinary diligence. Wo do not, of course, intend lo say that there was unusual remissness in the case tinder notice, but we do say that nino out ol oVcry ten of tho lives that aro lost by such accidents might he saved by such precautions as it ought to bo tho imperative duty of some on to These slides do not take place from artificial causes without iulclli ;lble premonition of llieir approach. IT The Locofocos of Chittenden Cminty hive nominated Cit.ti'.Lts D. Kao.v, Iq and L. I). M.vsus-, as their candidates fur State Sen itors. Mr. Kas-on is a respectable and intelligent lawyer of our village, well-informed on all sub jects but politics! If he is'nt obstinate, how ever, ho is not, by any means, '-too old to learn." Mr. .Mason is n prosperous and thriv ing f inner, wc believe, in Richmond. Neither of these gentlemen being interested, either hy their business pursuits or by tlioir party preference-, in tlio triumph of that pirtic- ular species of" democracy" which makes War for Slavery, and continues it " to compter I'cace, wlucli etoes measures pisseil by a Democratic Congress for the Improvement ol llivers unit Jiaruors, ami which relics upon Pestilence anil 1-amine in Lurope for argument to sustain its 'JVrilV policy, we conclude neither of them will take it much to heart when thev find ' they can't come in .'" VW An I'.tpress passed through town on suntl.iv cari)ing the tu-vvs by the steamer, from ltostou to .Muullenl. 11 was nrrnneetl hy I ie-annuTiils nn.1 I ran through on horseback relays ot horses being 1 stationed every six miles. The engine ran trom Ibis. I ton lo l'ltclibiiikh in ?1. minutes 1 3J miles) nnd tho l-.pre.-s nrruetf lieie ut 11, in two hums Id nun trom II itchhurg. Ji miles. We bear it armed in lur hug Ion by way ol liuthnd, nt 8 o'clock, ju-t 1'.' hours Irom the tune it led Huston, Another lixpress left at ihe Kline tune by way of Concord and Franklin wiili llie advantage of neatly liltl niiles ol railroad. It win hen ugiu race but we coiinaeniiy preuici u triumph of tin- short route on llie hue o the Cheshire and Rutland Railroad. Kerne Sentinel. The Sentmtl is mi fal.-o prophet. Tho Im press i in ritchburgand Rutland, run by .Messrs. Cook, Pieui & Co. and M. L- Oilmen, "did the thing up brown." Wo are informed that it reucheifMnntreal (330 miles) in 23 hours, anil jpicii Aoiirs in adiance of that run " hy the way of Concord and IVatiklin." Horses performed tho whole labor excepting tho 50 miles ol tlio I'itchbnrg road, and tho crossing of tho St. Uawrcnce. Jj'The Locofocos have nominated Paul Dil lingham a their candidate lor Governor. We are much obliged to them, and will tell them vv hy, next week. r'rTlu improvident nnd shameful exnendimrc of the public money m prosecuting the Honda war, it would stem isluuv equaueti, it not supnsti, in with Mexuo. 'Ihe New Oilcans Delta gives thu billowing asa specimen: Since tit.- surrender of era Cruz there hns been an- choietl nt this place, au Sacrilicios, 1jIhis, nnd An ion I.izanlo, vessels varying ui number from 50 to SO, in lire government cmp'ov .ill cliniterctl hy the day at prices varying from JtOto -?100 by the day Some oi mem nav neeu uere imee mounts, vvitn stores ttie ongiml cost ol which one month's deniurrngt- would pay lor on will s,e nnchored within pistol shot of eacnotner, uveoi six tesseis wun coai ior me army ihe quantity contained in the whole nix not being sufficient tolill ihe bold of any one ol them. The de murrnge of not one of thes tesscls liemg less ihanSOO per day. Nil not the duty of llio-e who l.uve the chaige of such matters here, tonttetul tolhee th.nfs I Could not the coal in the five ve-s Is Is- transported m the one, ni-d let ihe loiirbe th-ili irg- d '. The case ol ihe loaltesselsita given above, is but the htsl -ry -t nil stun vessels einplo)cd by th government. Tuecnp tains teport on llieir ai rival nnd are ordered to wait ord.-is ihr owners ire gelling nn immense per diem for their ves-els they are satisfied to remain lorcvir, nnd take good core not lo remind the quarter-master ol tin ir existence, having once reported. The surf bonis whichcosttisnt least st'iUO n-piece, nre scattered along the beach lor miles in extent. Sity-thrcc suit-ho-usare bilged and strewed along the bench in every direction. One day's attention oi the quarter-master, or his assistant, nml one of Ihe hundred tts-sefs nr ct. -.-iincrs in ihe tut- ot ihc V. Slabs, woultl bate saved evtiy one ol ihem The country cull never know the litter vva-te ol public pro.-ry, ns exhibi ted in the operations at this place, and ihe reason is ohv ions, loru most every man here is the recipient of ihisKiiue plundci and if an honest man raises lus vtueeagaiustsuch doings, ihe shaiks, whosetcry ex istence liaugs on this stale ol tilings, raise their voices m most a luurable liirinouy, nud cry bun down na humble volunteer officer would be utterly demolisiied. A Nut lor "Old Addison" to Ctnck. Messrs. I). & C. 11. Cook, of Charlotte, clip ped a tleece from a full-Uoodcd Merino lluck last week, which weighed hueen iol.sds ami twelve oiwces. Try again, gentlemen. jrrSistcr Ilriggs announces to tho public that she shall "express her opinion " ne.t week; and that tho " breakfast " that Mr. Garnet did'nt eat on board the Sarauae, " v ill cost tho com pany much more thin they got for it." Had'nt our intent ami outraged friend better consult Mr. Hkainekd befote tlie makes mittce-mcat of tht, ' Company I ' j?' Mr. Svkis, late llie editor of the Icofoco paper t Columbia, Tcnn., in Mr. I'ol k's n county, has renounced llie parly, and denounced the presi dent lli-s-ivs: i ti... l'r.i, it,e riirht to make war and then lo denounce nil who do nut sanctum lus course, us enemies iu the country as llie Mexican p iriy as Ineiids, coiiniatiiois, nud lellow sold' ot fronts Anna and Auipudia, would be la ts-.veil our In public into a despotism. ,. Mr, Svkes said I e .lid not agree with the lugsm many ot their v lews upon national "'J""' , vv nil ihem in their opinion to cm-ume '' ; be believed tint t s necessary l"r m ;) "'SV.' ? ctmio in o pner, to save tlie country from heawlul o"Jncuf the deep i.urulc ot this,fJ. lion.

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