Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 16 Temmuz 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 16 Temmuz 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 10, 1847. T.cttcr nam Jnck Downing. The Intelligencer, of Salurday.has n letter from the Veritable Major .hick 'moling, dated " on board the , steamboit,on Long llnud Sound, bound In Con ' necticut and Down Lust, June 2-, 1317," in which the Major sets forth much Intctcsting titnl iuipuit'tnt information ns to the views ol the Fiesidcnt. Wc Jjlve on extract below : When I sot into the President's chamber lie was laying ilown on Ihe bed to test, nnd looking ns tired ns a rat that hail been elrawcd tluough lorty knotholes. Dut,ns soon as he see me, he jumped up, looking rather wild, mid says lie," .Major Downing, liow nre ye I 1 did'nt think o seeing you back Irom Mexico so soon as this. How does thing go on there now P Says I, ".Colonel, they don't go nn hardly nt nil. They nre wailing lor inure h"lp. Scott and Taylor both arc glowing rather red and anitry tu think you should chuck 'cm nwuy into tlie middle of .Mexico there, and then not send 'un help to light the way out again. And is seems to me, Colonel, y u do hold hack in tills business a little too much. II you don't end 'em help pretty soon,lht'tu guerrilla will cat our litll" armies all up. Why, Colonel," says I, " if this wnr had come on in the tune of the old General, my old Irieivl Hickory, lie would a had them Mexicans half w hipped to death by this time. Dot here's n letter from Si - ill, to tell yc what he thinks about the busi ness 1 otme on post-haste to bring it, Icki)s1ic won't Mu from Puebla till you send on moie men to take th. p'ace of rill llicin thal'scouiing home," The I'ji sulent look the Icltcruud lead u lew line, and threw it down upon the tnble j nud,says he, "It's no use i SeoUmay gi untitle and giowl as much lis he's a mind to, aut it 's no use. Tins wnr is a concern oi my own prtting up, lor my ow u ue, and 1 shall ma nage it jut; ns.1 please." Sajshe, " .Major Dowmg, there's reason in all things: don't want them .Mex icans whipped too fist, especially when thcin upstart (ieneralsget all the glory ol it. When 1 found Taylor was sw. ilin up too large, 1 meant ton stopped linnnt Monterey and draw olFu part olhi glory on to Seott Hut th.ii Tnjlorts a hcnd.stroug than, a dntigcinus uion lii ovcMept his duty and blundered on to that victory at liuciu Vista, thatsntcvoiy thing all in a lH e I -linu't it in luuneiy soon. lithe scllih choline had only let Santa Ana given bun a han.K une Inking llieie.wc might a had pence inn little while, lor 1 had things all arranged with Santa Ana 1 1 wind the business right up in such a w ay that we lillghl each of us have made a hauilsninc plum out ofit But tint unpardonable lajlor must i ut and r,lah roirid with Ins hindlul of men, untutored oluii tcers, tliai 1 thought were as li.irmlc.-s as a lloek ol sheep, Tid connive, by that nwlul lilundcr at Uucna Vista, to puui nil the lat into the lire. " Well, then, Si'ott has nt behaved much better. He's licked the Mexicans loo fast by a greit sight, sad is swclhn' hini-ell up in the eyes ol the people shamefully. 1 thought if 1 could a sent Col. Ileiiion on there, lie would uppicced the glory out of both ol 'cm in a little while, and settled 'em down so tie-) wonld'nt a been d.ingeroit. Hut that vagabond Se nate would'nt let tiled nt. That was too Ind, Major, when them too Generals weie attracting all the glory that belonged to inr, that the Senate would'nt letluc do anv thing to oilVt them. Dm I II let 'cm know that Young Hickory i'nt to be beat any nioiethan Old Hickory was. lxc sent .Mr. 'Frist on to look after matters, and the armies don't go too fast ; lor I am determined Scott and Taylor shan't whip the Mexicans nny laMcr than I piiidcnt. All the clnry tint's to come out ol this war lairly belongs to me, and I'll hale it.'' " Hut," sajs 1," Colonel, you are a going to send on more tnen.niu'tjou I Or what are jon goiugto do I liow arc you going to wind the business up 1" Si)s he, " I'm too tired to talk oxer my plans to night Hut there's no need ol )our' going right back to Mexico yet. .Mr. Tn-t n- there, and I ran trust him lo look alter matters, and you bettor jump intu the boat with u in the muriuugnnd taken trip down Hast, and w e can talk tin- subject over at our (ei-iite " About live o'clock in the motiung, the 1'ii-iilcnt rattled away at my door and waked me out of a sound sleni ; and, when he lound I wasn't up, says he, " .Major, you must be spry, or you'll be too late, for we're olf at six." I was up and dressed about the quickest, and went out, and I id, there wasa nnaiterot a uitleot soldiers, all ready to rscoit us to the boat. And down we went, through whole streets lull of men and women, and boys and g is, of all soi is and size, some i tinning and crowding, and some hollering and hurrahing. rind m a few minutes we were aboard lie steamboat, and the hell rung, and the steamer pulled, and oil" vve went on the Sound towards Count . ncul. The President lnJ alit'.'c room all to hisself, and h made me go right mm it with him, and he sot down in an easy chair, and put Ins leetupou unother, and nys v, " .Major, I am glad to get out of the crowd agim ; we'll take a few hours ol rest nud comfort on this voyage. This being Pir nlent, Major, is mighty hard work ; but, after nil, I like it I've hid a glorious time of it in New Yntk Lvery body was luiuung alter me. and it seems as though I had seen every thing. I tcel as though 1 had lived through n w hole yetr in these tliiee days, and J don't believe any hotly ever leceiU'd moie honors, m so shoit a space of time in tin- country " " Well." savs I, " Colonel, it seems to nie a pity you told the folks ai Haliunore the other thy lint jou should reiire when this term was up. You might go two terms, as old Hickory ehd, jet as well as not, ou aie so popular." At that he gave me. a tack in the ribs and a sly wink, and, says he, " .Major, don't you imdeistami that ? Teihng of 'cm I shoulti'nt stand another teun is jest the right way tit make 'em the more fierce to have inc. Hon't you know Anthony said Caesar lelusrd the crown three times, jest sons to be mote sine of having it placed on ins lieud I And jest see how Santa Ana is woiktng it now m .Mexico. When he gi ts pietty near run down, and shivering in the wind and no thni'io stand unon. he sends in his i estimation, with along patriotic speech about shedding the last drop ol i rtis oioou lor ins country, aiiu an urn, uuu ine people rctuse to receive hi- lesigitatiou, and ciy out 'long live &ima Ami !' and away he goes again and druinsup another army ol soldieis, "Hut, tu tell the truth, Major," savs lie, " when I made tint remaik at lialtimore I had some hnle no tion of rctriug. Our parly was so cut up, things look ed rather d.itk ale ad, and 1 find this .Mexican war something of a bother alter all. Taylor and Scott column so many oiuuiiiis, i nail reauy men some no tion 01 o'uriug w iku mis lerm is up. nut since i have no doubt I shall find as good as their form and 1 finish are excellent. I thank you, rcuiIciucii, and Ihnse whom you represent, most hcnitily lor this ue lul and acceptable piesclit the mole liiuhly apprecia ted by me, lor having come such n great eli-tanic, Irom friends whoso highly regard inc. They were hi.niiif.iiluicil, you Inlorm me, nt nn es tablishment which gtcw up under the benign inlluelice olthoTnnirol ISIJ.ttnd which has employed IiuiiiViI lo lot) men, and made la JHM dozen olsylhes annually. It has my best wishes tltat it may long continue lo nourish, to the tulvcutagc of its piopriclor.nud tolhc benefit ol Ihe couutiy. Yes 1 gentlemen, lcf-rtnlnly concur with you In de precating this .Mexican Wnr, the cruises which brought It nbout, utid the manner ol itseoiuuieticeiiient. 1 sincerely wih tliatevery bayonet ntul sword em ployed in its proseculioti, by both belhgcieiits, wa re convened Into sjthes, plowshaits nnd axes, and they dedicated to their respective uses in the innocent ulid pcaccltil iiilsof life. 1 urn with great respect, Your Iricnd and oh't serv't, H. CLAY. Messrs. W. II. I'nssmorc, II. flilcs, O. I Lu ruber, W I'.siv, W. Hotmail, A. W. .Morse, D. .Moore, and L, Graves, etc. CtiF..r I'osTAnr. .The results of the experiment of cneap postage will lully sustain the pieilictions oi us ndvocates. The revenue received Irom this souice will soon, if it docs not now. lullv ruual the amount collcctctl under the old svsieni. The amount ol post age received at the Ilullalu lVt Ollice for the quaitcr ending 'Mlh June. 1S17. was 1 or tlie same period m 18 10, it w as ,W)u 'J I Showing nn increase of SI.'JTII l'J Thissp.'aks well for cheap postage. It also indi cates, what indeed, is xcrv aim irelit.that the lionuln- lion nud biiMiiess ol the cilv are rapidly growing. Hulfiilo Adveiliser. Iin.MAItKS. s S'J.5r,au.C:ii'J54inin leloudj clenr ti:.rift'J M fij liil OT.iiW'J J loggy lair clear 0:iliJ7rf ,N "J. IS TJ 117 METEOROLOGICAL REGISTER, FOR JUNE, 1047. BunLixaTON, 1 mile Kast cf Lake Cliatiijilalti ami U50 feet above it. 1817.1 TiirnM.i winds, t darometcr. i weatiicr. lAtt.iIrr water ' . ' i ?.l ' ! v ?'? ' Vr'?' iV" '.. '.. '?, .......Inches M vv it r.M r.M' u rji r.xi,iucii.iucu 7 3 lli0:i.'ifl s a i m'7'J.vj s II 5 lii Mill's d 4 G fil fit 57 s 7 Wi1 fill .'ill w fo o jnlfis-VJi w 71 2 ls!7jlil m 8, 3 S. i7l'.fi3, 's Ul I fil lil tO ) III1 5 7ll83lW s Hi fi'fii;7:ifiii s 12 1 7ft'Ji.-)i 13 c'-ISiWfil; II a S77I pit s 15' 3 171 H,'1 . Ifi -1 j'Jll'wijS, w w W.ullclcar clear cloucly,0373Cil 'J. Iti eloutly cloudv'clear fil Oi iw w 2'J 'il 2J.53 2J.73 lair lair Irani .iJbUC.i N ! tsj '2J.73 2J.7I 2J.7 1'lair clear clear IW7U72 U I2J.77 aj.77WK.77 clear clear clear 5i8J7l. s I s ;aj.77'J'J.7j'J.71(l.iir lair jeloudj MJUC? s s ' i iJ 00,0101111)' ram i s IW55a.'.l?U'J.II fair Icleiir S Is vt'iJ !H 2J.3.( W.illliilll w !.NwaJ.3liJ3)2J.12,lair s wis w ti. I j -J. la '-J.3l'clear O'Jj U.13 0.19 0.01 nun rain i., hi. It f lir Icloudv'lair clear ram ;r,.-.7i7i 7281 7I1 1.20 72 7372' 1.71 fil'.C3Ci3 0.23 jJI'tjfi-) 0.21 i a i i w- fi I -1,731.0, ,.' S 1 n s n I f,2."iS 7dfil .IT,' 20' r SJl 21 2 ."Gj 22 3 57! 23 I 57i 21 5 57 7'.ii7t' 25i r. fi.-.:s7l7i te. i !' 27 e'fio H lso , 2S. 2 72, 'JI7I , 2'jl 3 fill. 71.62 - 3'J! 1,02,7.1,63 s i, s I I Ulighton Cnlllc .Market, .Molldiiy, July 12. (Reported for the Tiavcller. At market, 170 Href Cntlle,6S Cows nnd Calves, 21) yokes Woiking Oxen, 3000 Sheep and Lambs, and about Hl.'tll Swine. Ilerf Cattle Hxtrn, 7 23 j first quality $6 75;se ennil iiml lluitl qualities, from S3 3J toC'.'j. Ojrni Sales made nt 972, 81 nnd 113. Cuir.i ami Call fs Dull, Sales nutieed at 18,21, 23, nnd 3') " ft 12. .Virri ami t.ttmU Dull Lots of old Sheep nt SI 83 nntl 2 2.1. Lands Irom 150 to 3. Strtiir Al wholesale, 5 lor Sows and G for Har rows. At retail, Irom G to 7and8c per lb. Small Pigs y.ilOo. WOOf,. Dim,, 30 per r(. 1 rime Saxony Fleeces, washetl - American lull blood tlo. - - - . do 3-1 do. - - - . do 1-2 do. - - - - tlo l-l&comdo. - - - - Smyrna, unwashed, - - - . - llueuos Aytcs, unpicked, - - - - lixtra Nonh'ii pulled lamb, . - . Sup. Niiith'iipiilledlaiuh - - - . No. 1 do tlo do - - - . 2 tlo do tlo - . 3 do do do - - - - Ilovlnn Mnrkt'l, July 10, 1817. iVnid The tnaiket continues heavv, and prices tend downward. Sales ol (ienesce, common brands, nt ; Ohio nn. I .Mulligan 5 50 5 75, cash. S'o thing tloing in s;mh,.m. 'l', receipts during the week have been: vn Western Knilroid 12,27'J 1,1 ,1s KM hall water U36J bhls total 2j,GH bids, l'Jl hall bids. Com The market slill remains dull nnd inactive nntl we of nooiieratioiijexcept by aueiiou. Yel low tint is held nt 1m ; white71 a 75c ;Nortlierii vcl low 85 .a S5c, cash. 45 U SO 10 if 45 35 it :n 31 tfr 33 27 !H M 5 ' 13 6 tl II 3S (!r 10 33 Hi 33 2S ,& 3J l'J it 20 11 V J5 37 7263(jil.l3 0.11 wl2.l.23 2J.H2'.l.0'Jclcnr lair clear lilGiiiO. s w's Wi2 J. 1 1 2J.23 t'J 1 1'eloudy eloiiilylcloutl) ,3.1 65 02 xv 2J.5I.-J.ui zv.iuinir clear .clear, .V ;jJ.73aJ.'J0a.'.iiitclenr iclenr ielear Ii.dioj. y- sj.y i -j so clear clear (i.itr i.isikoj 2'JN,l2J.77 2'J.70 lalr leloude r, 1 1 :63070'J 2J.73 2'J.722'J G7,ctonily clmidy.cloudy 0 1 72 7o! 0.30 ij o.) tij .i i ruin ,ruiu 2.1.71 2j.7i;2'J.78eloudy lair 2J.7ii2'J.7rl-KJ.7il'l,iir 2J.80 2'J.8I2J 83clenr 2'J.S3 2J.83 2J8i'elcar J sn2'J.78'2'J.73 lair 2.l73 2'J.7o2J60'elear 2'J.0li 2.1.01,22 03 lair jJ03 2'JG3 2'J.03,rain 2'J.65 2'JC7,2'J 02 clear clear clear fair clear lair clear ram clear clcnr elear iair lair clear leloutlv cloutly 71 71 Ielear clear 6073 7 01030 'GiGJCyl ;r,i7o7i ,067070 0'Jto7'.i ,72 7'J 80 738173 82 0.2S iJ.02 2'J.G3.2'J.C2' lneaul2lJ.C25l 0,11 0.19 I'liuniler shower iti'i. M. l og on the lake. Knin a. m. Apple blossom oil. Ilnin In A. M. Lightning. Sprinkle in the evening. Smoky. Thunder shower, lo. Inch wuter m 10 m, Uainy in A. i. Uninbovv. Lnwery and rniny. Moderate rain incist the day. Thunder nnd a little rnin. A Utile rnin. 891 nt 31 r. M. Pun rose xery ted. Therm. 1 uuu In eve. vjnrucn coin Ther.87 nl 3r..xt. (spindled. Copious dew. i.01 ! The nvrrnn inmi.rrntnw of Time for the last nine vcars is which it appears that the temnerature ol June ibis year is three-fourths ol a degree only colder than tlie mean. The warmest tlay was Ihe 2sth, wlien the thermometer stood nt 91 in tlie simile. 1 lie l.ill ol water tins inoiitu lias uecn jconsiucraniy ancve Ihenvernge for June for the last nine yenis, that being only 3 03 inches, und this jear over 5 iitclics in June. t-uio utiusuaii oacKntnti. s,, In Leicester, July s, hy Hev. Mr. Barrett, Mr. (Itoitui. O. .Swi.N.vixaTo.s; and Miss Charlotte W. The Itoston Atlas. Suhseriptions to this sterling ami able Whig Jour nal will be received, nnd mines forwarded, by Mr. i;iiwARt.or .Mr Smith, at the Hook Store. I'oLT.Tit or .In. v. On this dny of festivity and joy, wh'ii we are al' prone to indulge in tlie good things ol tins hl'e, and not unlrcquently to excess, ht us not forget thai overloading tlie sjstem, with food or drink, e-pt eially at this season id' tlie year, is often attended with the mo-t -erioiis consequences. If anv. however. In Wrstfielel June 4th, nt the residence of Lncius Stcbbius.of consumption, Clai.I.nua V. Allen, aged IS years and 0 mouths. Writtenbya fond Mother xvho has recently been called to toliow the lemaius ol a beloved daughter to the silent tomb. I knew that we must part ; day after day I saw the dread destroyer win his way ; That hollow cough first rang the fatal knell, As on my ear its prophet-warning lell ; l'ccble and slow thy once light foot-step grew, Thy wasting check put on death's pallid hue, Thy thin, hot hand to mine more wenklyclung Hach bwcet good night fell fainter from thy tongue, All told ihy doom, licit it nt my heart The shaft of death had struck I knew that we must j art. And we have parted, daughter! thou art gone ! Hut not forever ; in the silent tomb Where thou art laid, thy kindled shall find room A little while, u few short jcors of pain, And, one by one, we'll come to thee again ; Thy Muthcrtlear, bowed down with age ami grief, Shall lay her head by thine, in sweet relief j All, all, in His good time who placed us here, To live, to love, to die and disappear. H, S. Printers in Montpelier and St. Albans are reques ted Jvc. Ill Williston of congestive fever, Jenxett, 'laugh ter of Hoswcll uud Lodicu Tulcut, in the 10th) car Oj- ncr age. In Union Village, N, Y. on Tncsday the25ili ult. of scailet fcxer, Sarah (!. daughter of Leroy and Catharine Mowry, aged 15 ycais. In Urandou. on Tuesday inoniimr last. Julv 13. at should inadvertently overstep the bounds ol prudence, the residence of C. W. Couaiit, I'.mma C., llmT, ' : I'- OUlett of He- impropriety ol tliel , because ihey thoroughly t leans,; ''ro" t" '' Jcars. the stomach nnif bow'els Iteiui those bilious alideorrunt ! huniois which nre ihe cause ol colic puns, dysentery, chnlein morbus, nud other disorder ol the bowels t Wlli'hl's In, I, .in '..r,.i., l.l.. l'.iu u, t 1.... , rv.,n,,.w. ;,. ;,,.i .I".. .. . . .v.. " v.'."': I i. hum.ijh;.' wim, oi'i: a to the wliole Irame.ns well asdiive disease of every I ."" "" '"st. -'"J'y t'f Scpirmber next, for tliose T.ols lliirlbufs llstnlr. STATU OK VLU.MONT.J A T n Probate Court Distiicluf Cliittrmlrn.n. 1 C holden nt Hurlini! ton. within nnd lor the District nlorcsaid on the lUilt day ol July. A I). 1817. nn Instrument tiurtiortimr lo lie ihe lat A ill nnd Tt stninent of Lois llurlbnt.lale of Lssex, in said District deceased, was presented lo the Louri nere lor i innate, liy 1 can Li. v-ustie, tnc execu tor, therein nainetl. 'ruunF.niRE it is ordered by said Court, that public notice lie given to nil pctsonst'onrotuett tiicrein tonp tie ar beffite saiil Court, at n session iheteol to lie holden nt the Kegistei's.ofiice msaid liiirlington.on llifsetond Wednesday in Atiuust. A D. 1817. nnd contest the probate ol sahl Will, nntl ills further ordered that this unier lie punusiird iluee weeks successively m the Huilintoii l-'ree 1'iess.n newsnaner luintet) nt Bur lington, in this State, tlie last ol which nublicatious hall be previous to the ela) assigned, as aforesaid for hearing (liven under my hand nt the negister's Office, this lOtli.elav of July A D. 1817. vv.M. WI.S IO.N June 16th 1817. 3vv3 Jtegutcr. -llnlnchi Coming's Jlstiilc. STATU OF Vi: R.M OX T.I A Tal'iobat District oi Chittenden, m. S Coutt hol den nt llurlingion, within nntl for the District nfoie- said, on the sixth day of Julv. A. D. 1817. an Instm nient purporting to b" the last Will nnd Testament of .Mnlachi Corning, lale of Hiirlmgton, m said District, .t,nno...i . i . . .i. . . t r i uni ii, .i iie.s.'neeo in ine ciiui e lie te 101 noo.tie by Oeorire H. Shaw, ihe Kxecutor therein named. Theiii toiiE it is ordered by said Court, that public untie tj ue given 10 un persons conceriien ineri m to ap pear before said Court at a session theicof lobe holden at the Keirister's ollice in said lluiliiiL'tou on tlie sec ond Weilncsdny in August, A. I). H17, nnd contest the probate of said Will, and it is further ordered that tuts ortier lie pubitstted three wee ks successively in the Burlington l'ree Ires, a newspaper printed at llur lingion, in this Stale, the last of which publications shall be previous to tlie day assigned us alotesaid for hearing. (liven under my hand nt the Register's office, this Gib day of July, A. D. 1517. 3w3 W.M. WLSTON, llrgitltr. Austin, Levi 112 Allen, David W Ale, Andre Armington, Snrnu Allen, George Allen, Geo H Allen, J 11 w Andrews, Leonard 11 Hnrrett, Marcus Barrett, John Hrannan, llobcrt Hrnvvn, l,vi Blown, Frances Mrs. Brown, Abel Blown, Jnmes M 2 Beaupre, Olivier Hurl, John Burr, .Mary Hindi, Lewis lltiurdry, IMward I In 1 1 n li k . Silas jr Iloule, Mary Ann liedoyer, Don Carlos lleedie, Hertrnm llrcwstcr, Loring linker, Solomon llatters, Josenh Ibiilersbv, John Billard, Utlgerc Burdick.G W llyron, Francis Hums, Thomas llr)nn, II irmoti Bowers, Marin Biickland, lioxana llriickmatii.Mr llutler, Hannah Bod, William Biiibank, Henry A Burr, Wellington Bull, Francis A Brooks, 0 S Burke, Margaret Batron, Stephen Hillings, Charles Hecle, Henry lli.nlin. Mr Baldwin. F II 3 &AT SIIFBU ' S 'litst rate lot of Just nci'cired WOOD'S AUCTION ROOM, n fSeiins nnd t'hnirs. ronsistinir of .viapie, ivosewoou cv" .viniiogany, togelher with Ulinirs nnd Rocking Chnitsol every ilcscnption, xvhicli will hesohl vihy curve. Hutliugton.JulyS, 1817. 2w3 uoxxirr KLGACIIING. Hirrv. Jane Barse, Mary Urccsee, Sophroniu 3 C Conkcy, Jnmes H Costclfo, l'atrick Callati, Michael 2 Cnsiielle. Antoino . Cnslieii, .Michael Chandler, GriswoM Callanau, Michael Callannn, Mnry 2 Cnse, Kob'l L Cntroll, John Chnse.J II Mrs Chase, Laurn F Chittenden, George. Cook. Nalh'l Chcllis, Stephen 3 Come, II C Child, William II Cole, Harvey N Cornell, Lliabcth Chickcry, C A Clapp, 11 S Callauhan. William Caldwell, Win A Chadwick t Co Chadwkk, i: M Chandler, W A Catlv, 1). Carson, William Carey, John (,'urrier, Frederick Cully, William Churchill, Gilbert Chesley, Amanda 1 Corning, A II Corning, vvillarcl Hewm.e or Cor.NTrRtriTS. The nubile nrn nn. Iiotird against tlie many spurious medicines, which in order to deceive mi' railed by name similar to Wri'dit's Indian Vegetable IMU. Tin. oxr.v oeh.inal and oenltne Ivhian Veoetxri e Fills ii we am: sh.xati.i-.e of William Wrmiit WRirri N Willi A I I N O.N IHE Tol' LAUtl. or KVCII 1IO.V. A'unr uficr in genuine, and to luunteifeil his m ion- GLI1V. Ollice devoted exclusively to the sale of Il'iigiCj IiiiImh Vigctahle J'ilt.i, wholesale and ret ul, I'.lj Tieniont Sticet Htistoii, nnd by '1'hlo. A. 1'icK, Apo thecary and Wholesale Druggist. SCHOOL- FOR IJ0YS AXI) GIHLS. T T. llCi:i)ICT wim, oi-i:.v a Sciinm, " on the fit st Monday of Scnlrniber next, for thoso in our public schools who wish to obtain a thorough Dr W ciou's Sarsavarillx VNn Wild Cherrx Hit ters This invaluable and effectual remedy is exci ting tin wonder of nil who make use of it, nnd almost ot T.lM.r ,.. V..,.. V...I .1 1... 1. I I (...I....... I 1 - ,1, I .. 7"li .s.. iu,n, tunics serin to louts iuiiue-, , t Iiisii-, v iist'ii jur IIUIIUIIIV II DlOOil. IVKI,eiisia Sltnil .1 111 lit- ' I'lll s. lliili(r,.sf rtl, I'mtii.Ims n.i.l I. 1... I 1 know I am. I I'm popular, Minor : siirpri-cu ii ine vviugs inaue a ilemonstraiiou in my i ny our mo.-t eiumeiil physicians. It is the most ml. l-lules on Ihe I ace! lavopet. They seemed very lond of ine in .New jatableof medicine ; yet its operations are so decided nnd cue rg tic, that those who evertiv it, will neve 111' any other letnedy. lorsalc by Thlo. A. 1'icK, Apothecary and Wholesale Diuggi;t, 3Ht l ork jiind so did eveiy lu.dv. every body von could mention; even the lu-uket women took me by ihe hand and called me )oung lliekoiy.and give me lots ot fruit. There, dojou ur that pine apple on Ihe trib.e there i" says he. "Tltat xa given uk- nt the r ullon maiket, ns we were going over to Hrookl)ti ml Saturday, Cut away, Major, uud help yourself lo it ; u'samce one. And liere'sa paper ot most excellent tobacco," si) s he, " that was presented tome at the fame time. You go into tin- pine apple and I'll go into the tobacco, and then we'll have a little more talk about the war." Jllt as we cot clev erlv nndpr ei-ne tliin snt, r mil aboard ihe boat foi the passengers to get le.nly lor landing. So 1 must cut my yarn olf here for the pK fcent ; but likely as not you'll iienr iruiu niengain. Your old Iricnd, MAJOR JACK DOWNING. Correspondence with 3Ir. fluy. The Whig sylhe.-smiths of ili town of North Wayne, Me , lately made a present of some sylhes In Hon. He.vkv Cuv. Wc ehcrlully ncce'de to the le. quest ol the former, llint the correspondence that en sued on lh occasion should be publish,.,! jn tlie- Tri bune botli from a willingness to grimly them, and be cause wc know that cv ei) thing relating to the his. tory or opinions of tin eminent individual, who was tlie subject of this nppropnatc donation, is must inter cfting tu the public 7'i ii. Noriii Wayxt, Me .May, 1817. Hon Henry Clay Dear Sir: Wc. u coiiitnittee appointed lor the purpose, forwaid you with this half duen Grass Sythes, half doon Corn ditto. Will you please accent them from the v fug svthe. smiths of this town, 'i'hey are made at an establish ment which grew up principally in the prosperom times that folluweel the enactment of the Tauti'of f 12, From eighty to one hundred hand arc employed in it, nnd upwards of 12,000 tlo.en olsylhes nre inanulactii. red here per annum. You will regn rtl this pie sent ns n slight token ot that respect nud esteem in which vve hold your eminent public serv Ices. We hope the steel of these sythes xv ill piove as true as your palriolisni linsshuvvnilsell in the many trying situations in which )ou have bee n pi iced, nntl that )ou limy reap crops sjon that vve h ixe Liquors of dill'ercnt kinds in store, proportioned tu the harvests which the country has ttw forAile nt I'ort Kent in ihe State of New York, reoKd from tint system of protection to our own m- This is to inliiriu the l'ublic, that we nre not utdriv. elustrv, ot whith you have been the lending champion. cn to die nec essity c, such subterfuge to induce trade, .. - .s. .ttu oiir.ico uuu you are npiiosro to ino nr lo evaiie the ol the fstnt business Luehsh lldiication. Tuitiuu for Ilnttli.-li branches " Higher Knglisli Iliitnclic Webster's Speller nntl Definer, Sauilcrs' Third Bciuler Sweet's rractical elocution Mitchell's (ieogiaphy Hnllions' Lug. Grammar Thompson's Arithuietle All stfiolars will be irquired to give attention to reading, fpcllmg, writing nnd composition. Higher llr.'inilics. Daxies First Lessons in Algebra, IVicc " Hourdon's " " " Geometry nud Trigonometry " " Drawing and .Mciisuratiuii " " Surveying " Olmsted's Astionomy " Cutter's Auatoiny atitl Physiology " rrestoti's Hook ixecpmg " l'articulgr attention vv ill be given to the f3',0. fsJ10 l'rice 40,25 (i"23 " 0,50 " 1 ,00 " 0,50 0,25 $0,75 1,33 1,25 0,75 1.23 0,73 017 (i,87 "abject , ,. f ..i.... MRS. LANGWOHTHY has nurchased the Tuscan ) ' :X i nnd Srravv Hmuiet I'ltss-.ffieiy used by Messrs linn. (wrnu.,' fum lugs Co., ol Boston, end will continue to lulhll nil t1tlJrt Charlotte V orders for Blenching and Pressing Bonnets on the , (;v(.r' Cordelia lonner terms. A liberal discount allowed Milliners. r',,,mn!n i; t7abctli Mrs. L. has her usual suimuv of 1 ancy Dry (,oods ' ..pd.,,m M !. ...I ii. t: ..,... t..l.. u us 1 .11111 .tlllllliei)'. t v"-J ttij a, FARM FOR SALE. Tim SUIiSCIUBin. oitkiis roit salh tub Farm on which he now lives, consisting of 100 ncres cf pootl land, 30 neies iindr goml unprovemeut, ihe rest in srirnte nnd hard wootl There is a e-ood house nud ii.itn nntl oilier out-buildings ; also a su:nr ' Curtis, Lvdia S and npple nrchaid tra lei tarm is well wnteic el, nnd is ( ultis, 31 is one of Ihe best grazing farms in the Hate, .'situated two miles east Item the I'liion Village. For fuithcr paiticulars inquneol'thc subscriber. F. H. IPIIAM. l'ndcihill,Jnne30, IS 17. 2fi Twotity-Mvc Yt-ars Ago. TXS I'i: V I) of then a by Waggon", nfierwaids Cn L nals, GtHitls ate soon to come on Railroads. Sales were then on credit a part only ever paid, others ran I !''''! c,,!;ou.1Sp away or were innneifeij in pri-on. Now each need 1 lodge, y A let liny only for his own G Is, wiihoui being taxed ns J1")'''' ''"f"11 ... ................ ;,r l,, I A l,i Then tin- slelvv. e'-xi.en'. DouelleV, Jt llll stve tinil now the quickly rrccived ntul cheapened JJ'!'; jj1''' eotninnnieations. i nen onty eiecuic sihh k-, now in r telleetiinl inlelligeiice arming by Magnetic I ele- nl.o will siifT-r from that painful disease. Liver ty, lor Ihe benefit of those who wish to nrenare them Complaint, when immediate relict, if not a positive F!-'u"" '" teach m common schools. As soon ns prau cure, inny be efiU-ted by the timely use of WIS. i UClt ''"S A"a"n TM l',7'"';r",'i,n"' . . . TAR'S BALSAM ; for plool of vviucl. lead the ol 1 " ' T,V'"y 'll'"rnl',c "" ,"r r"l"U huulJ Lc lotMtii: I Tf'-' ntnt the commencement ol the term. WnieVfiird, N. V., May 7, 1315 -Dear Sir :In ' ""'''"a10'1- J"' '''I' iiu')e;ir i.iii, i was so seveieiy attacked wilh Liver v.iiiijiLiiui tis io,; fiiiueiy uuaoie to attetnl to my bu n.,.j..i. T. .... n...i ..i ...i o .i... .,r, .!;,. Iiii,. wo i h,r ilium? likesnectl.coutleiised into .....jrs n,i .1,, uuu llIll i, IMiteilCUl tUltlVIII, t II C" r, 1 " - . -If ehawiiig oi .Maiis, Cbnits, ,.c. a g"m knowledge equal to the sav nig ol mytiads of It has been conlilill. atetl. in ernnettirn vv it t this, liouis lonuerlV spent 111 reauui, eciioot, itirsiiioiisii a lenciieis institute eoun t o,l,-u (fit Willi lite Ot'sr tiMl'cii.1,,0 ,,, ,,,,r place but they gave me no relief In the wintered 1812 1 ,1 a liotijc 1 WISTAR'S BALSAM OF i 11.1 1. in. uu i , uuu ueioie i nau used one half of it, I was able to icsunic my business ns usinj. jmu. since that nine used two bottles of the Wild Cherry Balsam, and have been entirely Iree Irom pain ; and with lb? exception of a bail cold in February last, have' i enjoyed better health than 1 ever did before. ... . , W.M. C. I'OTTIIU. vi e are nil well acquainted with Mr. Win. C. Pot-' ter, knuwthathe was alllicted in the manner he des- 1 cnbes.nnd that his stnteiiient is iniitled to full credit. SCO IT .t WALDItON. Merchants. rione genuine unless signed I. BUTTS on tlw ' wraiin'T. For sale 1 W I 111(1 A Prni- A ,. and Wholesale D,ug,t. For Sale or to Kent. Till DWWiLLNU llOUSi: axd Lot sit unction the corner of Bunk rnul Champlaiu Sis. known ns tlie Hltss ttlaee. and Inielv occuoied by '. llnrringtnu. Thcreisagood well of vvuicr, eittcru, barn, shetl ,Vc., good ganleii vvitli truti trees. lor termsnpply to Geo. axton, rslielburne, or Hrinsinaid st Hiuihers, Buihugton. 3tl Spcrinl .Votleo "fj-The extraoiihnary GUAHFLNBERG PILLS, vvhielinre achieving unparalleled triumphs in xniious sections of tins country, nre now introduced into this vienuly Let every sick person rend the ntlverlisement ol the Graelenberg Company, whidt will ! louml in inioiiiei ejoiiiiini, lori Couit Houe Square. jA'otii'c. rpiIE FIRM OF Sr.vpus & Lyon is this JL tlay asolveu oyiiiuiuai consent. J. M. STAPLES. A 11 LYON. The business will be continued nt the old stantl by Lyon it Alexander who nre receiving Irom New i ork nn addition to their stock of goods. Former custoiueisiind Iriciula nie requested to call and exam ine oursloek, which will lie sold aslow'nscun be pur chased ill Iheeouuty. LYON st ALUXAN DLR. Chailotle, July2, 1817. 3w2 nnd nrosiii: Suielv the People cannot novvallbnl lopavdcnr for Goods, nor need tle bought ol the I'eople s Agent, where there is the greatest known ' j.'',' A,,Irg Burlington. July 7, 1817. 2vv2 i'.irr.Yr, roiiTMiu:, cakbosatkd CREAM MEAD. rviiR sunscimiEii woi ld hi:spi:ct- l fully inform the inhabitants ol Burlington and of the country geneinlly, lint he bought ihe exclusive light ol the town ol Burlington lo manulaeiure and vend the nltovenrticle a few years since, and that he is manufacturing the Sursniuirillil and Lemon to sell at , , cm ami wnrrantetl .superior to any other bev ernge ol the itzgibbon, 1 kind, as it is not iiiiurioushut productive of health, ll)ii, KMt',,. Forsale at II. 11 M1T(-IIF.LLS Saloon, South I ouutain, Hi; Hast Corner of Church and College street", or at the Manufacturers, White street, Burlington, v I. WASHINGTON VAUGHN.

Burlington, June 2 1, 1817. 2w l Y LOST. n:Ti:iU)AY .Mnuxixn, l-Plwcmi .Mrs Walkers' on 1 enrt street aim me elnnary, IXF0I!MATI0 1 ney. a native of tlie aged nbout forty xenrs. a laboier.who has been en ut Shlrvvoou's, West side gaged cm a firm in some put of the Stale of Vermont ...... . .1.. 1.. . ,'. . V. e l l i- I.. I t ttniiiii me t.i-1 ojiii e'.iis. vtitlie'ss ijiivv.iiu 1,01- kray, (his brother in law) No 000 South 2nd Street Philadelphia, care ol Patrick Duross. 'Jvvlpp ii'ivt tie Inuv Ctrw I large gohl Pencil, xvith n yellow stone m the head of W AX n.I) O 1 .lOll.N h" l.l'-,it.fcTnc fi,U.r ;imU U: handsomely rewar I by s ( ouuty ol Donegal, Jirlaud, , , jt , j, K (jONVLKSi:. , a laboier.who has been en- ilv 8. 1817. 2wl To Ihe Public. irnilAVUI.I.C'D. SKVKttlLLCTTnilS OF If late, the wiiteisof vvhieii.nre uuilerthe imprcs- presein war,irosecuted ngaiu-t a weak and districted neighboring Republic, that was begun in Infamy that is prosreutril lor t'liejifnt -nnd must eiiil'm Pin- , frruce-w hose sou brisbeen ctiiusoneil vvitli the blood ! ,l emr most gitted nnd noblest sous, ami whitened with the bones ot Aiuericnn citiciis. i crnill us, ,-nr, lilrxprem the hone which we run. Burlington, July, 18 17. J. BKADLI1Y it CO. STHAYIII). FHOAI Till PASTl'ltK OF CIIAItLIlS Jiorse with Mack mane nnd mi, iiml about nine years F0H SALK. TIIRIIM Low puicni) Ifonsn WAnoxs at reduced prices, payable ill Produce or wood next winter. IILIAS LYMAN, ,' Burlington, 15 July, 1S17. 53 j "VT Oltl! of those sina'l Tubs of Mackerel, iibm Bar it I relsand Half Bands, Nos. 1 nud 2, have been received by A. S. DLWIIY. JUiy II), 1317. 3 ,. l.... I ..ujn; ninui Mi-tun- noise nn k iti.tiie- tiiiu inn, lion iiootiv nine not cense to t lie iisli, ll.ut the cuutury which )ou havn old. He c-nme from llnoshurgh t., ami is stq ? ,!' .l, fl'1""- ' ' enjoy the to have wandered in thai direction. The sub'. If l, will pay a suitable icwur.l, or any discharge of H e' r " '"'' j'Jlj' ns ih-iosal. inaiiin roncerning hun. louis.iorevcrnnleietiinlly, iiri;nii, i,,iJ is '17 r: s irnnpii Henry Tlinnms' Kslntc. , ? A T n Probate Wm. II. Passmoke, 1;. Giles, O.C. L. IfARRAIltE, W.Jrtiv, IIOl. MAN, DirE' L. Graves, Committer. Ashland, June 1, 1SI7 ( UlllIK VIM:AK cf Ihe first quality may I X (nuu'i nt a. s. di;wi;y s. July 1G. 3 t 1 i,.Ju ' r P'' and Common Sperm Cnndles, Pure " Gentlemen-I duly rceeiyrd our fueu, I y and of. 1 Spem, and Bleached Whale Oil. just received icial leller, as a co nu.u tee u pointe by , 1(. Wl,,g and warramed lo satisfy those in seurcl ol light. I sythe-sniillu of North Wayne 111 Maine, inl'orni'uig me. July, 1817. o their having presented tome in l-ii-dtuen fira.s.nud , suonosed STATH OF VI! It MONT subscriber District or Ciiittinpev, ss. j X Couit bol infor- urn at llurlingion, wiimn and lorilie 1 list net a lore ! said, on the 12th day of July, A. I). 1817, an Instru- ROIIKKTS, 1 incut puijiornng to Is' the last Will ami Testament of Henry '1 nomas, bile of Burlington, in said Di.-liiet, 1,. cleemseii, wnspreseute it In the 1.01m here lor rruuate. IJC 1... xi.o 11 ..1. Ti ... .0..... 11...... . 1. ....... Viaim-dV -.--.s, ..rjrouuplishi,,,; themselves in Cr.i) on Drawing Piiereiore it is ordered by said Court, that public' wm oe lonneu, 10 c oniuiencr ine 111, t ie oi j . ui . noiice be given to all isisons tonc. incd Herein lo np- lingers room in lltiriiuglou s iiuu.iiug. " ' " . . n ... ' . r. . , , 11 ,.l..,.Qft,,i r.ii.w f.l nci'i-nA. no, I conlnllis nil ar ueioie saw uouri 111 a session itiere oi to ne noiiieii - i-s.... ..... , , - , ,.., ' -. the Register's ollice in said Hurlmeloii 011 ihe '"erous Siudtes in Chalk iroin ihe lst masters. I l l second Wedursdny in August, A. 1). 1SI7, nnd con-' opportunity lor lonning "uucnii 111 ug n co , Willinm tVooirs IMnlc, STATK OF 'i:i!M(h'T, The lion, the Probate ItlMiriri af Chittrmlen. m. Court for the Distuct of ChiUenilen : To all persons concerned in the I'state i;iCs. Hitnm of William Wood, late of Vi cstlord, m said District, (iallaghait, Matthew deceiised, (lieeliun (inse, liodney Wiilrexs, llnunali Vv nod, mliniimtratrii of ihe es. (!Usni Harriet tnte ol snid deeeai'd proposes to rentier nn aecounl of (;,,, .,ough, John her ailininislintion, nnd priss'itt her account ngniust (;d, Patrick sutl estate lor evannnnlioii nnd nllownnee at a session I (;oUder. David of tlie Court of Probate, to be holden at tlie liegMei (;,ingher, Joseph 2 ollice, in Dillllilgtoil, oi sim uisiuei, on toe- loiiint Wetlne.silayofJuly, 1817. TiiFRLtoitE, Yon are hereby notified to appear be fire said couit at the time ami place nlorcsaid, nnd show c nuse, il any you he, why the account alore snid should not lie allowiiif. Given under my hand at Burlington this third day of July, A. I). 1817. 2wJ W.M. WLSTON, llenitlrr. flLASSKS 1011 Li!ii:s who auk nisiuot's , . ,1 ....... 1, mm Kvtties : uuu itier iiccoiiiiug v nr. rived 'in safety ye-tcrday, free l.oiu any charge of ,. S. di:wf,y. SALT. tr. nsno l .niions. llirougl. ihe liberality of .Messrs. HKl LI) THIS DY OX ItOArtD SwOV Hl Adums .SCo.'s llxpiess Line, iney nave rcacueu ; 1 .xionireni, n lull Cnrgool SalKeuch ,ih veryotipoiiune perioiijn-i 01", .1,. t..i. u... 1 hi Hu uy nie at a xery oppoiiuue toi-a- - raraWOTl "-., .1,1817. 11. wiini:i,F,R. 3wl seconu xx etiiiesuny 111 exiigust. a. ii. 111, nun con. " i- : , a,1,,, test Ihe probnie ornid Srill, and it is Imlher cndeied "' druwing is n good out At Hie 1 that this order be i.ublished llnee weeks successively 1 'j11' pupil ill l lr;"',,tJ w" 1,1 r Al ihe close cd ihe Teun l'ortinit, done 111 shnllbj previous ,o the tlay assignee, a, a'loresa.d IW ;fem.-J Given under my hand at the Register office, this I ,' ,""''."r . wtrk 12th dav ol July A I) IHI7 . Trrins lor l.leven xveeui two lessons vvtes 3wU 5' WM I WLSTON, lighter. D.awing matnislsw .11 U-found. J'.'3 ori'iciAi.. Iiint oriiuttcrs, AtlVERTIJEBI.N THE FREE f RES?. DT SFECIAT. ATroIrtTMEMT nnd rcinaiiiing in the Post Ollice at llurlingion, Vl. July 1, IS 17. $19. Anil le it furtlm enacted, And nil advertisements made under the orders of the Postnnstcr'(!enernl. in a newspaper or newspapers, of letters uncalled for in nny.Post Ollice, shall he in setted in the paper or paiH-rs, of the town or place where the ollice advertising may be situated, hating th' largest til dilation. I Persons calling for any of Ihe undermentioned Letters, vv ill please designate themas".lirerl isce.'" Hall Horace, 1' 11.11:. 11.,, Hunter, Win S lloyt, A-XV Hitchcock, Horace llosford, Lunice Hunt, Ursula M 2 Hiii, i: J J Johnson, Alva Johnson Philnra 2 Johnson Amelia 2 Johnson Peter Johnson John L. 2 Judson Leuiau Jiiidan John Jcflerson Hoswcll Jones Thomas Johnston IMward Joseph Chatles2 J011110011 aran u. Judd Fidelia Jcncky John II. K Kceler Joseph Jr. Kinloch Clin lies 2 Kiley Mary Kuiglit Daniel Knapp Jos. Keenan Connor Kimball Sarnh F. Kennedy Marlha Kelm Patrick It, Kimbal I). A. Keanc Britlget Kennison N. Kelley Joliaiiuah 1. Lnpointe Joseph ijantion xniicy Ijcvy Hirsch 2 l.ovclanu It. xv . Lnxalic Anioiiitr Ltniene Movse Lajinlm Samuel wax 111 Lee Sand. Rev. Lynch Mary l.awler Thomas 2 Lewis Alexander Liscum John Loudon Ornnge A. Livingston llotace Lavelle Austin Luvclaud R. II. 2 Luvvlcr, John M Mndden.lnmes 2 Menuy Daniel MeNeehs Jolm Mnxcey A. II. McSweney Jamcii Mason J. I,. Marsh Ahuerin Marchtoni Mary Meotlcr Clarissa F. Mainn William l")JsA''il T"r' "' MtGarvy Patrick Matk John Mtekonnie Jane Mitchel M. Moore Henry Myrcs Felix Moore George Morel Henry Morse Saml. G Munjeau .Matildu Moise A. W. -Moss Alexander Mitchell .lames 2 Murray Henry .1 iucr Nntlinn Aorrisou Hellen .1ureheail William 2 Uoss Alexander P .Vtirdick Nathaniel Vills George G .1ornn iiniv .Vc.Valion Thomas .Uissey S C .1otey Jnnc Ma ilhams .M .icGregor Jolm .1cKenna Hugh .Venis A S .Ve.lillen Allen .Uoise S It N Noble F.tioch Negus Lnos Nash Honoia Norris .1artha Noriii Samuel Nixon John 3 Nolan James Notion Ilclmcr Nutting Amaiiutn D Nichols Hdward C) O'Cnre Jusepli I O'Kane Hndgitt I O'Kieley Thomas 2 O Connor Nancy O'Brien John I'. Towcll, Sarah Putmnn, Lucy Pencil Lucia I, Plait, I. i; Poole, Thomas Parsons, A C 2 P.ihuer, Lnomis Pnpineaii. Francis 2 Povvcis, Lewis H Purkhurst, S Plelce, Betsey Piriiiis, Fiedi'iick Perrigo, Ilemy 1 Peck, Jenneite B Potter, Jeremiah Paige, Timothy Q. Quintal, Joseph Ii. Rice, II Roinleati, Pierre Ruuy, Maryt Rubeitson, Nancy Ryan, Michael Roireau, Pierre Richard. Louis Reed, II A Rebanks, starah Richardson, Sarnh W linlleriy, John Rice, Daniel Ryan, Jfliues Robinson, Abigail A Rogets, Samuel Roberts, Mary Russell. 1-Mward Rtebnik, Jonun 2 Russegne, Dinl .M Itubmson, lMvviu S. Scolt, William Shoemaker, Joseph H Strong, Win I, Stone, CJvvnrd Sloan, Cnlhenue Skyne, Patrick Sinclair, I) Smith, Auson Smith, Lias Sheridan Pntriek Stevens, Benjamin Sneighan Patrick Shelly, Margaiet Sherman, Allien Sheehan, Dennis Spear Richard Seavy, Gc,o W Slade, lion Wm Statisbury, H A Scolt, Rout Sejinour, Sarnh K Sicnr Nelson t"KUiier, Osborn Stevens, Benjamin Sitiedley, Clua Siear, Lilns Severance, Harriet Siieur, Geo N Sherwood, Buike Stetson, John Sutton, George L 2 Slockwell, Albert .M. Stow, Lorain Scully, Hugh Stone, Tr)phenia Stons, John Smith, Colonel Stacy. R P Sawer, Georgo Sptugue, Charles M Sa)er, J M Sprugue Hurditt Scolield, K F Smith William T fV.l,..ii. M Connor, .Moody Cros-man, litilus Calliey, James Crabtree, Caroline Caine, Jane Chamberlain, P II Curtis, Llita Curli, Sophia Curtis, Abrnm 1). Downes. Michael Daley, Patrick Djolmg. Michael I) iv is, Jolm Dutlou, Susan 2 Dirson, John Donly, llama rd Deatuorn, Jacob Iloxev, Ldvvard I))e, 'Betsey Downer, Lmclins l)rake, I '.mily I, 1) lyle, i;ha L .intorih, Hairy S : Duiaii, Bridget Deaue, II W It II. F.astniati, M J .Mrs F.tnery, l'luli-la lhuery, Amos i:ilnlt, William Lveils, Miles A I . Fiiend, Mayer I'rieh, Samuel Plihii, John Foot, Levi B Fugere, Isaac Fowler, Sarah ' Flood. Ldwanl I'ltzgiidion, Patrick 2 ininan J Fiugernltl, I'.lizabeth Farrell, Michael l'leiclier, Thomas I'enin, George Fletcher, Harry Forrest, John R I'liinegan, Michael l'islier, Lkanor Folleti, John IVI1, Divid Fallen, Filer 2 Fihnncy, Thomas Frceinan, Michael I'milicld, Joseph (i. God", Geo W 3 (ihnson, Louisa (,111111, Lbs Griswold. I) I! Gregory Llizalielh Gecr, Patrick Gtllick, Pnirtck Gookln, Samuel W Gregg, William Calvin, Patrick G111111, Mary Glynn Peter II. Hogan, James llowarel, Lucy Howard, Hniinah lltiikins, Fuos I) llurlbul, IMwin 2 llogal, George. Hint, Henry K. Hall, Rev .Mr Haves, James llcrritk, John It Hewitt, Chailcs Hawkins, Susan llerrick, Win '1 Harmon. Nancy A Haiglil, F.lkanah llaiiutglon, William Harrington. W II llullt, William H Terry Knight CS Thoinnson Phebc Ternll Hnmi. Thatcher Josephine Thayer -Vnitin .1 Tonguns Rosalie I odd Lliabeth I nit .(nines 1) Fumincns iinry I Weed Adiitinc .If xvngsltitl Kobeit 2 Wheeler Lucius 11 Wells William Wnlden Gustavus W'nterman Harry 2 Walsh Pnliick Webster Dr Wnte Olivia White J G To any person who lias JJI!1!11" IJon- lost a leg l errell .Vnlona Tengue Pattick I'liatcher Willanl Trnves'V James M T.'nitcy John Tucker Hetty Tengue .1nthevv 'riiouqisiin William Tibbets.S'liepherd 1 nonius i,v itiaii t w Walsh Joseph While fvl .S' Williams f.1insopher C Woodwaid It, J Wright JM Wood Truman J Wilder J C Rev Wlutcoiiili Jnmes II Withcrbce It L Willanl Levi II Wilkinson John U Wnrdlow John Walt Louisa Wunier George L W. N0I1UJ, I'. M. DAGUUKItBASr GALLUItY ! Batchclder's lirick Hindi, up stairs, Church Strert. tlirccllij opp-itiie Kirn's .Store. 15 11. iii.iLi; ins Tin: I'MMsuni: or Book Agents. II J1ANSFIKU), liooK l'lni.isiiBR, ,N(!v llnxen Ct. 131 Yoik St., xvill employ i!!i ff't'otwit'le men ol good character, to solicit ,'VC'., "."Ii- Kevt-ral cuuntiri or the State cf ii.. 11 . . VF I aylor's Vovnue Round Ihe Wotld.ol CW ,',;: quaJroii," aveiy popular work, terml w , , 1 ""' rngtnv ngs. The by i. a.r IW V 'K',?1. W'U l" Biven on npplicnt.oti seeuie ' l 'i K'''', ,rh 'lt. Wli is copyright no. i n ni I , ok'Hmr "clua'"l tu, and NewllnvenCt June 22, 1917, Ivv3 Af;cii(s Wautvil. rrnn suiischiiikr is i,KSii,iW w 1 gaging a iiinuber iif inen of good nddresji nnj business habits, Willi $30 to j rui,jy c0l. ,0 nnd use his new improved Sulphur luuie.or g tsbalii A profit ol Hi to &25 a week may be realized. All Postpaid letters promptly answered. , , , O. S' BLISS. No. Cohocton, Steuben Co. N V. June 23, '17. J. NEW GOODS. V. HAIS'DALL. ins jfst RirrunxM) from New York, xvith n htrr-e assortment of U',,1,1,.. !.. A.,i..l., ,.,l 'I',,,-. ,., nouncinrr In theeinMiis fl' l!..,t..... 1... 1... ...,.,..,.,'..,.. ..r ..t.i i'....i..i. 1..... 1.1 ....'..I...... , , n ----- -v.. ." Iiuil, ill II 111! , inii ... ..i, .-, u.i,il?ll 1 vn-l n, Kn. ,u,s, 1,1 has made a perinnnent establishment 111 this place, nnd lepiucs, silver li'Xers full jewelled, anchors and where be is practising the Dagueircot) pe art 111 the lepines, and verge wtilclusol nil kinds, goltl ininln highest si) le of perfection. Fortius purpose nud lor ture enses nnd lot kets, gold spect, iencils nnd pens, the reception ol visitors, he has been to much labor I gold thimble, chains and bracelet, cniuro nnd ston. nntl great expense in furnishing Ins rooms. Having I pins of nil hinds, diamond rings, plain nntl chns'-d practiced the art for a great length of time, and ax-atl- L rings, chains, slides gold snap, limits nnd crosses, luiuiuseii 01 nil the late Improvements, he leels eon-fear hoop, plain and stone setting, gentl.'inen's scnit lidenl that he can give unnersalsatislaction toallwho I pin, gold guilt and peatl sims, peail nnd shell enrd may favor hun with rJieir rimmim.,., D keiinny wealher, vvitlior without colors, in a superior st)le, nntl neatly set 111 Lockets, Pins, Rings, Brace' lets, Cases, I- rallies, or in from I to 12 Plate Family Cards, sunk 111 splctulid Mahogany mid Rosewood frames. The Public are respectfully invited to call iniu examine specimens, l'cilccl satisfaction given in nil cases or no charge. Instructions given in the art lor ?)0, cmlitacing all the chemical manipulations acrininiiigtiicrcto, and every principle explained and illustrated by iv,,,,, ii. n.L, . ..,.ri,.,r M. Dagiterre ol France, down to the latest Helm graphic Drawings of Uennniiy, and success guaran- To Artists he would give notice that he bason hand German nnd American Cameras of nil sizes, a large and beaut ilul assortment of Gold plaled Lockets, Hates, Cases, Frames, Chi-micnl", I'oh-hmg materi als, cVc., lor taleal wholesale und ictai , tu the low. est cash puces. H. H. MACL. liiiriington June 25, 1317 f MORE NEW GOODS. June JJW, 1817. lHLAS & K0YKS HAVK iii:ci:.tly ni:- ceivetlalnrge ndJnion to their former stock of goods, consisting of 111 put, Ameritnn Prints, Ginglinms nnd Lavvni, M. de 1,'iines, Htoatl cloths, Cassinier, Sninnier wear, 1 icks i Drillings, Silk Jj Fancy Shawls, and a giat varit ty ot other goods, making our as sor'.ment coinpkte. Asour imrehasesnre nil made with cash, and as sullieient lime is taken to examine the Ma'ket tltw ly, we feel confident that our goods arc obtained at the mot advantageous rates. Norninu U. lllossoin's IMnlc. VV' tlie subscribers, having been appointed by the Honoiable tlie Probate Court fui the District ol Chittenden, commissioner, to receive, examine and ntljust the clnims nnd demands of nil parsons, ugainst the estate of Norman W. Blossom late ol Richmond in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also nil claim nud demands exhibited in olfset thereto ; and six months trout the day of the dale thereof, being ..,u..i, uwmiiurui;ii purpose, we uo mere- lore hereby give notice, that we will nltend to the bu siness ol our appointment, nt ihe elwelling of 0. M. Huntington in Richmond in said Distrrct, on the last MouJa)sol July and October next, ut 10 o'clock, A. .M., oil each ol saidtla)s. Dated, this'JGth, day of May, A. D. HI7. iiui.i.a i.i.i-;asu., 1 . m O. .M. HL'NTINGTON, I Cvmmiss. 'wj XX1L.L.1A.X1 KilODLSJr., cnse, sliejl back nnd side cotubs, bent) nnd silk purs.-, steel bends nntl bag clasps, purs,, silk nnd twist, silver spects nnd pencil, scissors nnd knive-s, hair combsnnd brushes, silver plated and brass caudle slicks, cnsluts. "Vet ecct. All of which he will sell a low as any importer or any one that prcp-ntls to import. Huiliiigtoii, July 2. I irATCim.S, JKW'KLLERY, CLOCKS If cleaned and repaired to order, and in ns good style ns can be done clscwhetc. July 2. 1 J. V. RANDALL. Arrival IVo. 12, I HIXHY CO. hayi: Tins ihy rkceivi:d l n splendid assortment cf utuuicr Goods. July 2, 1117. 1 E''tti oi .SiiSy, J AniliS xvlio wish soinclliin very Nice ii nntl Fine for n July dny or for Lveniug Dres-es will do well lo see Hie stock ol Gr'ghani, Harag" Tissues nnd .Vu-lin Goods wlueli 1. D'. Bixby Ai Co. , haveieieivcd totlay, Burliiigtuii July'i, IS 17. 1 Scotch Cis; Iron STRONG, D00LITTLL" k Co. July 1, M7. Windsor It i lie. j DOZ. & MOIIK ok Wixdsor Itin.Ks and J- n few Lnglisli single and Double baircl Guns, 1 Fursaleby Hr.ixs.MitD ( Br.orntKs. vim: lxsi'it.VNci:. FARMER'S INSURANCE COMPANY, at (Iramillc Washington County .V. 1'. 7 .alillions Insnrrtl nnd No NEW ARRIVAL. jUST Hi'tTivnn and for sm.i:, chhap, a J large ntul rich assortment ofdrcss Goods, consist ing in pnrtof line Linen Ginghams, fine French Ginghams, " Scotch do " American do " Muslin do " French Muslin, LadicseinliroitlcreilCnp," Organda do " " Collars nntl Culls, Rich Harnge Shawl and Scarfs, " Parasols, nnd Pnrasnletts ; also a general assortment ol Domestic Good nntl Gro ceries !-e. DANILL KLRN. June 27, HI7. 1 lw HAN'S Ol1 all mscmi'TioNS i For sale at Burlington June 29, IS 17 J. V. RANDALL'S. LAUfiE AsnitT.Mi:.T of Caiiti) and a lvorv beaded Canes for sale at June 22. J. V. RANDALL'S. Wool, CtASII paid for VooI,. by JOHN BRADLLYi CO. Burlington, June llth 1317. Slwlf WISTAlt'S HAI.SA.H OF WILD CIinnKV, 4 rUUSJII anil iiiuu nrticle, for bv it .Vj HAURINGTON. AViSlcIlt'S, ( DOZ. Niav Gold & Siiatk ATCiir.s or Assessniimls ! I I the most lastnoiintile stjle ot cases, in good run- TifTn ti iiimgoroer, wnicuwinoe soiu ai ine lowesi inurM'i HIS COMPANY WAS CII.nTi:m:i) nV Till: price, having -.old xeiy many of the most accurate Legislature, April 22nd, 1831. They commcne- 1 nine keeping AVatclies cat lied in tin Town nnd xici ed do'ing business on their present iutprnveil system, nny,we aie prepared to supply " a tew more of the on the l.Hhof.May, 1S15, since whicli lim' they h.ixe same sort." at lower prices insured property to the amount ol overdue millions June Id, BU1NS.MAID iv' P.ROTHF.RS. nf ilollnis, made no ussesnnent, and have now in tlie ; 7". treasury witu wtncn to iy losses, iiuht tiiol'sa.mi i iV l.ix.Mil.lin History ot tne ctirisiiati ucngion doi.laks, and the funtlionstantly incieasiugtrttn tlie i and Church, Trunslaled fioni the German by nercemage pain in uy new applicants. Alt lose t roi. 1 orrey. have been luoimitlv natd. llns eoniiany ad.tresses used particularly to the F.vr.M!r,s ol ihe country, being designed for their ben- Vol. 1 Price ?3,00 forsale by. June. Hi, IS 17. 51 C. B. UDWARDS. June l(), tut 1 lie xery low price nt wiueliihey insure prop. trty, nntl Ihe lact thai no nss.ssineiils have yet been inaue, aiin iuooai.iv vvm not ue lor many venrs. it e". er, on account ol the large and int'ieniug fund now T All!) and Candle in the tit usury to ineetnuy losses ihat may oecur, and ! J-i the peculiar caution they adopt in m-iiring propel ly m large villages nntl other places whete it is veiy liaz- ' atdoils, it is believed, by those neiuailitetl with their ' principles nnd method of doing business, that it otli-rs ' the gicatcst inducements to the couimuntiy generally to loin llicin, otnuy insurance company ni the State ol Vermont or New York. 'Fit'1)' are prohibited Irom taking insurance upon nity kind of nulls, fit tone, , machinery, cabinet makers' joiuers'or coopers shops, ' ami from taking more ih u two thousand dollars at nny oneristiue. The pine of doing business of this Company i nt Fast Gram tile, N. Y. on the stage I retail Iteiui Burlington N't. to Troy, N Y., (und oue huiulred rotlslioiti the Vermonl liuejou which lliere i a daily mail. For futiher inlorniation relcrence is made to ih-'sexiral agent ol Franklin and Lamoille counties, xt, who are authorized to take OOD und Brass Clocks for sale low bv June 1G, 51 CATL1N Si SPF.AR CATL1N .t SPUAIl. irltl'.SII ground On Meal. I1 June Id, 51 CATLINfjSPLWR. C'AHPtlT Bags and Satchels, ' Juii- lo, 51 CATLIN .S SrFAR. Tin 50I:jU., Iron Wiri-,Xc If Oi f. "oxl:s 'l'1'N' t'L.Ti:.S, 1-3 X and UJ extra sizes'. llsUliiiitlles Iron Wire, assorted numbers. 2t tlo Russia and Lughsh SiK.t.t rou. Slieet Copper, Copper Bolt, Rivets, Fairs, Sheet Zinc, A-c ,hv STRONG, DOULITTLL &. CO. June 10, Is 17. 51 , tions lor insurance ; ntul the Company guarantee that ! JUMPS AMI iV.U Pi Pi: OF VAltlOUS S17.KS, all survcis mken personally by cither of "aid agents shall be binding em ibe Company Remittances for all os-cs in ihe counties of Franklin nnd Lamoille, xx ill be mad.' in checks cm either ol (he Bank of Hur iiitgtou or St, Albans, nt the election ot the s-rsott sustaining the loss, iuuuedinlelyalierthe lo-s is mus. facorinliy shown ; and in tnse ol any tlisagieemeiit between ihe Company and the insured, II may, at ihe eleciion of the insured, be submitted to arbitrators mu tually chosen in the county where the loss happens. A. W. Si.AKs and Jmiv i:. Wr.usTtn are traveling ngeuisxvho, itis expected, vv ill call on the farmers g. nentlly at their residences, and receive applications. The expense ot becoming insured lor five )cars is as follows: For S'loTl, or under, 53.0. ", " :t,:ti). ' Hue), " :i,in). " IhOII, " " ' I2U0, ' ' 5,10. ' ISO,), fijin. 2c Hi, " 7) J. IILNRY BUl.KI.LY, I'reift. Avar Bisitor, Fec'i. Granville, N. Y., Feb. 13, HI". lm.' STRONG, DOOL1TTLL t CO. 51 MUSIC! I bv June, 1317. Wi: have received Sample s of the celebrated Priam Air tight Cooking Movelroin die niaiiutactoiy ot A. T. Dunham , Co. Tioy, N. Y. and are now pteparedto tuniish them toallwho waul n Cocking Stove, which xvill do busuu-s., right nud in short metre witii a very httle fuel. We atdior Illarncy awi shall coiisetpteuily skip nllb-g words iuendeavouiing tofiroltlde the Inrge incut ol these Stoves before lie public ,hilt we will tnrely mliluate thai ill hot weather such us vve may exK'ci m or about Dog Daysthesc Stove, will almost cook without the use uf" nny ful N &" MF.N'SON st rOLLF.TT, Wi"ooki City, June 'Jill LSI7. 511 Liberty Strci t, Scie 1 or;, limOI.ESAI.EGmiras& I)i:m.i:u in Im- If iorteel Litpiois, st Wines, st Segats: Foreign Preseixes, and (ieituan Kisatnger liutral Vatcr. June Mill 1317. 50tf. MUMSOM Pnl I FTT rpHE uxniiiisifiNii) Pkoi'ior of Mi-sii', i nn; ACI'-NTS AT W1N00SKI CITYfoi; that he intend, lo env Insi.n,-,, s on the l'Tano 1 V "r t3 V :vt thc Ju"' ""'t ""J hijlily rec- !'..,. ii x'... ... i . " - lie is a German bv btrlh. Ins had exnenenee four nnd a half vears in this country, and ninny )ears in his native land. Particular cine will be tiLcn with his pupils, and music I night thoioughty. He also al trnds lo tuning Piano I 'ones. He likewise gives noiice that he will shortly be pre pared lo give Leis-ons in tlie German Language. i For parttculais please npply nt his Lodging. Pearl Strert House. W. WHIG AND. Burlington, June 22, 1S17. 5J3 I I F. STAMFORD, & (U iiwi: opr..i:n vJ this morning another lot of New Goods .among whichnresoine Llegant Parasols, Purnsoletis. Fringes, ' Silks, muslins, Gingliains, etc, etc which the y nre of fering nt Grent bargain. I Junu2l, 1S17. 52 I S'EED Rltk Wiikat, I For sale by Burlington, June IS, IS 17. II. WllKLLLR, 5lw3 FRESH CANARY SEED. II.SO Yt'llotv Hircl Seed, Uoinp Seed, a d ( . ii . u: v; xn r.n a i-u.i, s, AMI tlli'Oii .Mnuiifnin cgplalili' (liniment; iheuseol either of wlutli ensures to the parrnker. rt Iongpro-peiuus uud happy hie, nnd a complete ex emptiou liiun nil ihe ills tl, sh is lien to. Recommen dationssiiliicient in number to cove a ten acre lot. proving ihe until nl'thi'iihoxr useiiionicn be shown at lhe Age ilts Olliee ill N Y. Tlie Doctorvvill bealwn) on hand nod good ad vice will be given gratis. June 'J, l.i 17. .v V:riii-h. I Sl'I'FllIOIt ariiele of Ciweh, also Furniiure, " forsale. at HARRINGTON'S. To Erit;(s(s. T1Vi:XTV ounce .Moiplnne, in dram bcttlej, for J. sal Kile at New York prues nt HARRINGTON'S. HARRINGTON'S. (.'oiiKtanfly on lianil 1,1. ihe popular Palent .Medeciens of tho day war m. runted genuine, ALSO Pure Limiorsantl Wine, for .Mrdeeinnl Mechanical and Cheiiueul purposes only WM.B HATCH. Winoeiski Fall", June, 1st lfl. Ut lA.VCY IJXTK ICTS: Hnndkerrhicf Perfumes; X Colognes, Fn-neh, Lnhslinud American ; Tol. let Bottles: Perfumed Soaps; Rouge nnel IV, pared Chnlk ; Putls nntl Pull Powder; Brushes, !!ai,Trctl nnd Hair; Fleli Brushes and Hair Milieus: Cigar Lighters and Wax Taper ; India Rubber Balls and Rings; Shaving Soap: Court Plaster j Cnchons; Hair Oil. ol nlleleM-riiitions- Indelible Ink, with or without preparation; Pink and Blue Saueeis; Smclhug Salts 111 a variety of shapes, Ac. c. ,tc, for sale t JIARRINC.'rtl.VS. IVoivG'ootl).. " r p. hixhy & co. iiaverecd this June III, U IT. ' '