Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 30, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 30, 1847 Page 2
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,1 atm. Collision- nv tii N'rikwirn Kovn. On itie Norwich railroad, n leu in dr-smith of Wth-ler, yes. Ictday morning, ti most tin riiilul collision occurred, the li'iriiculaisnl c l-ii-l' ivcrc llus staled lit the Trcmont House, ht in-mri;, by A. V 1.iii.i,lsi , depot mas. 'I't. About I till pa-t eight, as ilic Ircight train was list-ending it .-rade iilinitl two miles south of Webster, the two rem cars, loaded with inm, become scp-irnlcd 'from ll c train, iiiiiI.kihiii lo.iu- their lonvanl iiiih-ih, iIiivhi I" nut back. There wnt no possible incansol sinppin.: ihi'lngitivo cur-, aihl on tli-y iTmlitim-il ilfin n llii1 Kni'iV) while llie Ufcniiuundatinii passenger train lr Norwich was iippMaihlng. Hii liittuug a s i.jrt curve through a high ledge, ihc engine, r nfth.. tram saw th- two cur" close upon him, and while he was null,- im ol level-lug ihe engine, a collision lout, place, llie locomotive was knocked to pieces, tin1 Mater tank was tlnounon tin- toi ol the lot-waul car, v.'1"!'.'0 baggage iiinl second el i-scar f ihe engineer, ?Ir. Adams, was ilntihlcil iii ami rrudicd intosrih r -rhape cm man not a rccogmtahlc liatiuc H las l;rrnii was left, tin.l the lircninn's Ihifh picrcc.l thronli hy ii har of iron, an I iifco juiitincil, so tlc-re in hope for hi" tccn-'i r'-. Joseph Lewis yiactpulc, iq . of this city, w as, it is supposed, -1 ; 1 1 1 1 1 1 n.' at th" door of llie second class car, in which lie had 1i"en n-s-in.-itig himself wilh Ins do-;, lie was found -yitrc mile of Ihu Ir.-uh ilcail, Iving upon a .-n-n-hii ;r -ludilly injiircil. Jlis body was sl-ookwigly muMcleil. .Mr. Staokpolc's wile, "three htklrcii and lists.', who were in the lii-l ila- car, is s'Upetf fiilrti'i. l'uc nrw oilier iuiwiiritk, in the ir an, I second i lass car-, received some bruises, ni no pel inaiienl injury, Mr SlackpoleV remains v-cio cmnejeil in Wuiccsicr, where Ins i.iimly HttuuicJ last night.-Vo', jfrec Jrc00, HI'KUM.TOX, VI. FRIDAY MOIlXIXfJ, JULY 3'), 1ST " In Till-. HAliK AtTi TllllUIILKIi .NWIITTMAT I- tirnt u, TriFitc. jrvi: rr.r. Hnntzos TO GIVE V X ULRJLV or LICIIT, 1'XOhTliXri Till: KTi:Li.iicT.rt mtihiM'i; Wjtw; pautv or the Umtch SrAlK-." ItxKi'l Wibfter. For (i'nvcrniir, HORACE EATON, Of Jiiiuiliitrfih. Tor I.ii'iitenai t (lovcrnnr, LEONARD SARGEANT, Of Mnnehcftt r. Tor Trpa'iiri'r, GEORGE HOWES, Of Mmilpillcr. Nunnlnriitl .Voiniiuitioiiv. Wn.t.iAM Nam), I 1i:a Kti:w.u:t. Orange CmhiIij. (iKO. W. IV.ICHARII. ClIK." II. CltANDl.r.K, J.ui:i..zt 1). lkr.nicK. VrunUin Cnuiilt. tii.oucc V. 1'nMKit. l!rn-s Hajiiltos, J.ucas K. lti:i:M.x, (Uilrtlmiitt Cnuiihj. JaMT.8 1). l.r.I.I., liciHKKT WlIITr.I.AW. WIlliUlilDI ('mill!). JlJIIX KlMN.U.I., l'KTKIt'W.DCAy, l.Aiitav (;. .Mk.'.d. )icnu'nt;lim Cminlij, Ji. I., liiii'tv.sEi.i., 1Ii:jux Mur."B. Wilnhnr fnl!)lfl, Aktf.mas Piisiiman, I Himr.RT I). Cham, llAUKV JlUKTllN, I)KA!!I'."H.N II. UlLTOX, '.'fi-.v ('niinhj, Damn 11. I Iii;i;a t: i Jr. 'J'lie Artful Do.lscr A'uin. One of tlio mrwt noticeaMc of the peculiarities of the rytitetn of party tactics fo mlroitly prac lieil in ConrefH liy I lie " Democratic" camli ihito fur (iiivcrnor of Vermont, tin1 Hon. l'anl Dillinliam, Jr.. is ono very commonly rcsoitcil to liy that ".'I'lilleinan, anil in prcat f.ivor with tlio founders of the "Alkiny Kearney" f-choo! of ilitician. Wo refer lo (lie Jiiitirhw wn trulily tliat i utteinpted to ho g.iinci! by mit timn. We do not hy any means intend to My that the hare, fact of tlio nlif-enco of the name of a ineinticr from the lisl of yeas and nns is even ;rm fuviv evidence lie ;mr jitinbj ah-taincd from otiny; on the qiRtion decided. The fact needs additional eircmn Mances to make it, ordinarily, wot thy of com ment. Hill where a failme to ute i tlio icsult of thtign is the carrying out of a Fjvtein of jiarty flratejiy theo circiimMnnci's arc rarely wanting! ('irciini'tances are fttihliorn and tin. iiiaiiageahlo thinM it h otten time'! far ea'iertu ilii-pose of direct tlrm of circuiuitantkl eviileuce, nml (lie latter is oftentimes the mo-t concluivi.' iroof of yiiilt. Mr. Dillingham is a lawyer and will understand the dotinction. In laying Ijcforo our readers, lilst week, tlio cxces-ively judicium and imcitialnry course of Mr. Dillingham in tlio lii't 'uiijjre" on the Wii.jiot I'nciMo, a qucilion itivohing an is-ue no less momentous and cttnltnl than that of l'ltr.i.roM cr Kt.Avn:v, wc had occa-ion to ex liihit a specimen of thiH iinirn!ili maniruvre. Our readers will rememher that tho cunniii"; gentleman nfum! In toc nil on c ftiml jus of tho f:i,tlU(),UUD hill, Now tins with holding nf his vote at the main cri-is would hae Icen of less questionable iinport were it not for the awkward little circumstance of his luting aqninsl toying ihv hill on lie table imme diately previous! A- we have lietore said, if he is, siii we are bound to fiippoe, a man of Fcn-e nml an intelligent legi-lalnr, knowing the ellect of liis votes and willinj; to meet tho responi liilily which they imposed upnn him, he refused to lay tlio bill upon the table localise lie wished tbn main question to be at once taken, and tlio bill to be passed or defeated. It is under such circumstances that the widest charity can dis cover nothing but tho most unworthy and con temptible trilhny with tbo ;,'r.tve duties of livrjs, lation, lo ray tlio bast ot it, in the incohcient and incoiisislent course thus pursued by Mr. Dil- Ingham a course wholly nuwortliv an accred Itcil nj'rrmihil'ne of a .'enerous cou-titiiency, mid especially derogitory to tho principle! and the dignity of the people of irmnnt. Hut wo will illn-tralo this trait in tho political Iriiiirrnmeiit of Mr. Dillingham a little Outlier, When we say hard tilings of a prominent Ver montcr, we liko to "speak by the book," In lookin" over the record whereon is pprcad out hi official action ill Congiess, it is a little rc markablo In inVenti tbat the li-t of yeas anil tiavrt id not lionorfil with Ihe inino of I'nul llillinhiim, Jr., on olhr ipieslioiis besiile.s tlio "Tariirof 'Hi," mi l the Wilmnt 1'roviso. On the ami lOtliof DeceiuUir, 1 8 IS, for exam . ., I,,,., ,le, that Miirny irieini hi iiuiuin nf;oi.-, j.-n.s )meT AniMi, ireM tiledceit iinreinnntrancei . ' ,.i... . .Mill lietitlolW .i;AIil"IIIK AD.MI'.slON OF J K..vs A A Hl.AVi:ili'l.lIMI Wl'A'IT.i nud lii'ivril lliat they .1 1.1 I... ,,,r..rr,..l t,.eia cooilotlfO Mill r " " ' ' .. I... orbited a million Hiiro, ono vvnitld f ntipo-e, ... cirn iho annroh itiou and tho Hiipporl of all , iniiistcnt and hoiie.t auti-sbivery nu n. I lilfc motion was met by Hut of a piu-alavtry faouth B U11JL urn hicofoco, to lay tlio petitions on the table as contaraino; a prayer entirely nnpilatablo lo Ilic paityol " progress," (including the progress ol Slavery, of course I) (fit examining tlio yeas and nays on this question, wo find llie names of Messrs. Coi.t.AMi.n, I'oot an I .M u:sit rccoriled in the iirnniiir, (as their conMitncnts would ex pect,) and that of I'aul Dillingham, Jr. cxtielhj unii hav! To vote fur tins pro-slavery expedi ent for muwding tho voico of tho free Xorlh would f;r.itc hr.rshly on the oils of his Yankee C'liii-litueiits, and voting tigaiml it would thwart the plans of tho .Southern nioiildeis of " North-j orn dougli-f.ices ; and fo, like the nss in the fable, Mr. Dillingham starves between the two huiidles of provender! Nor is this a single Instance. 1'rom even the imperfect iiuestjgatrcin we hive been able to tn.ike, ue unheitalingly allirm that, while the names of Messrs. Coi,i,ami:i:, 1'oit ami Mai:mi will VMi-oKMtv be found recorded timnst this; "democratic" motion to lay upon tho table nli; expressions or the popular feeling ami wishes' againl the extension of Slavery, Mr. Hilling ham's name will as v.miw.mia bo found no. u-hcrclha very appielnsion of the displeasure of the Soulhern "i5cir.ocr.icy " apparently stri king him, for lire time beii ir poechless! Take another jrcfioirs exampl. On the 11th ol IKcen"-e4ol5, Mr. Cf,.ni, of Ya-Iiinton County, N. V., preenfe' memoriah "numer ously signed by members of all political parties, iiiAviMi Tiin AnoLinos- or Si.avkrv and tiii: Si.avi: Tiiaiii: in -uir, DtsTnitr or Ou.l'jiiha." .Mr. Cim.vei: moved that these memorials bo re ferred to a select committee. To vote against, or to withhold a vote in favor of, this motion, could not be excused by even the miserable and sneaking pretence of the r.vjirine of printing. The motion was simply to rrfcr. lint Southern ' democracy " tolerates not even such a conces sion to the free "prejudices" of the North, and the motion was immediately made by the tlami eraif Mr. Idnd to lay tho memorials upon the table. I lere again, thanks to that terror of m litical triinmer.s and dodgers, the call fur the jess and nays, we are able to fee how Vnr.MoxT stands in the battle for 1'iiedom. .lAror, Col. i.AMCtt, Soi.oj:o I'oot and (!i.oi:or. I'.'Maksm are found voting nninl the proposition, and I'nul Dillingham, Jr. is found, as usual in nici contests Miwni:i!L ! The man the Vrnmml man who could Ihnl a ready voice to welcome 7'cms into the I'nioii.notwith-tandiughcr Cox vrtTtTKiv is the very hot-bed of the infernal principles and spirit o( SI ivory and Oppression, and who in the comfoit and Rifely of a cushion ed feat in Congress is loud-mouthed in cniHirr of the war-worn soldier and patriot, (ienoral Tavi.oi:, for the wise, humane and honorable terms of the Capitulation of Monterey, is dumb as the sheep in tho she.ifer's hands when the of the North ask, in respectful teims, a boon, not (or ., but for outraged Hu manity ! Shame upon Vermont, tint she should ever send lo the councils of the Nation, where Ihe moral as well as the political character ol her people should be felt in the votes of her rep resentatives, and where tho principles of I'ree dom and Humanity which have "grown with her growth and strengthened as her strength increased" should never fail In find an advocate in a sen of hers, a man who could hesitate be tween the impulses of dciv and the low leijuirc inents of jftrtij ! ' We intended, in tins r.rticle, to notice the absind and inconsistent course of .Mr. Dilling ham in rcfeience to gi.mling .Mr. Toll; authority to appoint Thomas , llenton (.'cie'ral-in-C'liief of the Armies in .Mexico, and in reference to his vote ir.wr.txii Ceueral Tavlor for the terms of the Capitulation ol" Monterey. But we must re-ervo what wo have to say on these and other topics for future numbers. In the meantime, however, we will thank the .Muntpelier 1'ulriut, or any other rrsttvliilh locofoco journil, (we would specify what papers are rrrliulnl by this qualification if we were- not afraid our erudite oiitemporary of tlio Sniliml would be affronted) to il.inj that Mr. Dillingham voted liolh ton and Ai.AlSrr l'lesiilont I'olk'.s dar iiil' so homo for appointing llenton Ccneral-iu-Chicf over Siott and Tavi.oi: a-siiining, of eour-e, on both sales that ll tho power so particular i- son. .hi. . , , i ' ad been conferred by Congress, .Mr. llenton would have received the appointment, in the mc.inliuio our friend of the 'in'o is at libeitv o enjoy a Oee and easy conference on the sub ject with its candidate, for (invernor we will rick the records against his ellbrt at lodging. Srr.l.lV'VV l.Vll.aovn At llie nninnl initiniT nl the flnekliolders, lield lit Charle-low 11, .V. II , ol."the 'Jiuli ui-tani, the li.llowini; Hoard nf Directors were (Iiim'Ii: Ileiny lliihliard, ( Inileftow-u, N. II,: Isaac r.nkrr, liu.-ii.n : 1 i.iuk in .vain. iln- l)mi,. Wlme I hurle-tiiwii, yni. ; John U. '1'a m. (Jl.iieinoui. .V II.; William 11. 1'arwell, do; A-hlirl Ilauibn, . liarieMiiu o, .. .1, At n lneelinc of .he Directors, the linn llenrv illlliliaril wasihosin rrr."ldent of lh,. hoard. C.-oree u.cou, i leasiirer, i . i reem iu, Uleik, Happening to bo in Cliarlcrtowii on tho d.iv of the annual meeliii" above alluded to, we at- ten led for a few moments its bittiiii's. Mr. I),, :i di.tiiioui-hed railroad gentleman from lio.-lon, was addre.-siny tho an lieuccvvilh Ids usual, and acknowledged eloquence and ability. While we listened to him he paid a warm tribute to tho well-known enterprise an I energy of tho fearlcs-, contractor, l!i:r.KXAi', and tered thu .Stockholders on Ihu .Sullivan Uoad with flowing vi-ions of the beiielits that would result to them from the completion of tho Og ilnisburgh Jlmul. W'c are a liovico in Kail road in ilter.s, and c.iiinnt, for tho life of us imaging ill what way the Sullintn is to derive ad. autai'i) from the buihling of the O, en-biiroh Itonl, when tho Vt. Central, iiii Concord, . II., and the Rutland, -.hall be com pitted, ('ail it be ilreunfj of fir a inoiuent that llrutiiih freight and pisscnocrs between Ogdensburgh and Boston will take the route o the .Sullivan road ?' Wo ask fur information. War SrcvMLiis IJoveniment is nhout to build lour wnrrtiauieis. aereeahly to the Act pa-sid liy ihe li-t I oimirrs. '1 ho ( f theiii me io l.e ol the lirrl class, '11 1 ions liiiriheii each sill lerl U'lwccu ter tu'iniieiiiiirx : u leel Ik'iiiu. exlieitie. nml "in l-s lee diplll to uuml. ik III hold, line ol liiers' is lo h' I mi ll I at t.o-potl, llie otii.-r at Philadelphia. Iloih will I l liroln I eil liy HM w h i Is The oiher livo are to propi licit hy n.le wheilj. The oilier Hvo are t I i lass vessels, imi I, ol i:tTl loos burthen : 'Jill leel If iwcen u rpeuillcul uh ! S7 .-el U lnil, rAtlrllli' I .,', i. ... .i.!...t. t t i.. t It . , 1,11,1 1 "I nun Ol l i, in noi.i. ineis IU IH1 t t rlW -,iK; Hie uthcr at Kitteiy, .Mnuu One if. lo he pusUii t wJe-whiiU, the oilier by rerevv liropeller. i ... . . j-'Coiinrcrsional i'.liclioim nre et to be lull in 'III"' lollow llltf iUH s, u --ueiiiu-hy, iiunnnv, ,n haiin. an lown. on Iln-hrrt .M lay in Auitu-t k.iU r.nohu.i nud 'IViiuchmv. .hi llw TIuiimI.iv lowui i iu..birl iii.l.()el.J'r lith i and in .liur.u,pi imni ,i,iii.-i, ma, nuuii iv, iMivt.iiiHr, in. iiieii IS , ,rH. Slated wilUviiiplvlo the iiuiiiUiii lo the - J uc.t Loiiitv.-s! L CJ TO JV The .Vrt .SrVir, speaking of a convention of tho Liberty Party, holdeu at Danville, lately, says : " Wc understand that Jacob Scott, llh'-ircandiilale lor Lieutenant Cournor) was picsent, mini lunde a llaininn spirih of an hour or moie, iur.liicli ho de nounced every body mid eveiy thing that docs nut suiiaio Willi ihe l.iherly pally " idea" of nhiilisliiiitf slavery, lie pronounced every bmly hjnocriles the whiles, dt'inocials, the Clctny, the W iniiot (Uuvi-o men in short, all i whaleiir pnrly or sen, were hypocrites, iiliruijK rxrriliim liii mm ilanUj bduvnl J.i'inty I'mly .' Now, (his soil ol'slanij iiinl lniluus dcniineialioii may suit the honoialile ceiule In in ulm iniers it : Imt !' li il.. I..;i4t foiiviucinir tcltilctice. or Ihe ein.,.i ll. I.. i. j., n clxitt.. CltlT lt tilt! slave, then we will acknowledi'u oiualves mKl'ilx'U in our estimate ol human character. ' Jkllmrs t. Wo believe this Mr. Jacob Scott is a Clergy man. He has a right, tht-rcd'ow, In speak for himself certainty. He fnvlwbly helped elect Jmnrs A". ',,M to the Presidency, and to bring on this miserable pro-slavery war, which even its antlwrs are heartily sick of, and hiunn lime to speak feelingly of " hypocrites." We rather like to fee these cxtr.i-righteotH gentry make wry-faces at tho " poisoned chalice" that its commended to their own lips. Clarke, of the llarlinjlnn Kree Press, speak ini; ofe.luuiiiut the bones ol llie irnur parte iainpl let v huh has once had Us day in .New Hampshire, etiti- lied " p iui.incesol Wanton .Murder, Are., " lately rs- , piilili-hcil by the vmtnnt Patriot, says it isoiieol t the iioorcst cards he ever saw nlaved lor political ellect. I The editor also wi.hes the Vttlihil to inform bin nliht to inform him , win u Indole in the lu-iiiry ol the world, a nation Ins found it necessary to 'juny1 a war by show iuix how giossly she was insulted bctore she was kilked!" We hall be happy lo know T.lnt the Tatriot will say in answer u t we are clad the immplilet has been repulilished, mnf that it has hedi so extensively circu lated. I'asiniau pnhlisheit it liir the sake ot nuikinq mnniy lij the jul. In our opinon it will do asuiiRh lor llie paily here in Vermont as the same thin-; did for the war pirly in the Uranite Slate. It opitint iheir eyes and sent Wil.-ou and Tuik into Coimress. ll the iase tiiriutr.1 in llie same way here, we will not complain. Jlelhirs 1'atls Uutclle. Our liiend of the (laulte has prob ibly dis covered, cro now, that the I'ulrint deems it pru dent to maintain a " masterly imclivity " on the subject of an "answer." That paper under stands, duulitlo, how much easier it is lo ask ouesuons man to answer them. We lianlly i dare think so men lily of our amiable friend or, "V""".1 Al,,i.', 1 mean siuh deinand-nshy ihe law ' , , N't nations, ilnsCoicriuiient would have a nttht to tn- the 1 atriot, however, as to suppose that he gave ' force pajiutut of, , so fm unce run Irani Juan the cri- UP lis interest tor CO limns to 1 11! harm ns,s an, reasoning of the "115 instances" for the poor purpo-c " making mini' ij laj ll.e job," though we iln think the "do-o'' will bring about n Milt of " WiUon-and-Tiick " operation in Vermont. We are of the opinion that our l'rccmen will hardly see cau-e for a W.vtt with a sifter Itepublic in tho smuggling of an "ap prentice boy," or the ' forcible entry and de tainer" of a con-ider.ible number of "duties of tobacco." .Moro ol' the " Ut) iiistnnrrs ol' Wunt.on .Minder, c. Vc." As an appropriate addition to what wo raid week before last of the miserable htimbtigpirndcd before the People of Vermont by the Montpelier ' I'titr'u't, in lelation to tho alleged "Waxuux MrniiEns, HoiiiiniMr.s, &c. &c." perpetrated by Mexico on "citizens of the Tinted States," and 1 relied upon as furnishing both the " C'Al'.sns 1 ami Jt'siiu:" of a war which Mexico hits cum meiicul upon us, we give, below, an extract from the Speech ol Mr. Pemilkjon of Virginia, de livered in tlio House of Itepresenlatives on the !!(! Pebruary l.i-t. Our readers will get a vivid notion of the justice and moderation of the pi ratical "claims" so excruciatingly set forth by tho Valriit toils agonized reader-, by observing the character and amount of that for the " .10 dozen bottles of porter ! " And this i the sort of stiiM' th it is gravely .announced, in extra beets, as arriving the "CAUSKS and JUS- MCi:" of a War! 1 will endeavor, in as few wordsns posnil,,., f, stale pron-itioii or two. by which I hope to b. a!,b lo pre. ut.w I in reuard lo there claims 1 Illine I icimy, llie views WHICH 1 liavClUlupl- lt-t. A citi.i u ol l ie I niti'il Slates has no ri'jht to claiui ll.e kirciMe niteriio.-ition ol his ( loveriimeul for the i uloiceineut ol anv di'linild fnilrulrit un naitrarl bi-twieti bunselt mul a lnrri"ii Coverniuent.or un y clltell ol a loieun (jovrinini-nt. 'id. lun a citizen of the t.'uiteil Slate-, leaves his own country, tnnl hecoines a icsulent and cilieii ot inoiher couniry.lie cannot riijhtlully claim the furci- dialer to protect him, or iudeiiiiuly iiiiu, nL'iiusi any lc lutellereme ol t le l.ovcrilluent ot llie ITtut,l w ro'is, at llie Innds ol the liovcrnmiiit ol his adop tion, orot its citizens. 1 tisscri the, io he prineiiiles of the niih ie law- nm to he iiintioneil or iliiuit.-il, at this d.iv . at all. The ruiuent of the L'tuli'd States. aiul'iill mher Itov- iiiiiieiits.are aceitoined.iu vcrv rtrotii' ras ol ilos Ii rem lion, to ue what ihev call " fiirutlln nS" that is. thi'V lierniil llleir lofl inn llill Ollialle Il 'elUa In reuler anyiu'stanec to rueh i l.iiiuauis tliat will not, m any maimer, commit the Itoveriuueutd repiesentcd by llii'tu. iieyoiiil tins nicy do not, and, Ly the laws ol nations, annul no. 1 he i launs aaui't .vteMco, called claimsof Ainer- icau citr.ins,ionit ol tlnce clares 1 be tlt-t cla- coimjIs ot tho-e a-ceitaiued to lie due by the mixed commis-ion nud umpire appointed in tin, -nance ol the tinny of lMI'.l, siJI-JGlXRI SJIv Ol caes decided, or disaened about liy the collllllisiouers, ui ri let red lothe uinjiire too l.iie lor Ins deciiou, o-js,n;T The trentv of WJ. w Inch nrovided for the ,io,.,l ouuui-siou, to adjudieale there clan us. si llnilated. Ilia. it lie . loveriuneui in .vieieosuou ii iieiuianiei lo IlllV vl ihe awards in money, it rhould have the iirivileHe of loin ro, in its own treasury notes. i....cii, tunes urn1 1 1 it, mi i i tti'ti,,. ,. tweiuy-live cents iii the dollar. A larfjc ?siie wouiti nave iicivrraiuy reuuecu uie value io oiiifihtn:' below twenty centf", 1 he .Mexiean tiovernmeiit has nctiiallv naid meom. or Ms eipiivalenl, on tuvount v tlu-se awanN, the sum ol Mit liinnlreil and ninety thonsind doll irs ((VJO.thM)), Viw, it .Ue.tco nan tnoenio avail liernll ni tin priileye jiiaranli- d to her hy the. treaty, viz., to have H-aied treaMiry notes in dis-thare o ihe whole de mand, she tm;jht hne bought up, with i-ix hundred and ninety thoiand dollain in roiii, ilnre inilliuii4 JiMir lomdti d und Imly ihuoid uVM-ne, ('I, I I0,.mmi,) and thus ine paid, not only all the claim- M-erlaiiinl to he imic, nut nil uiiMeenn'ti oy uie umpire, ami et leave a wrje imi.tiiee in ner i.itii.oii iii;iition,tni me , caletil.tlion, that the umpire would coiin'rui the view of th-; Anieriean Hle ot the conimivion ; tt tliiiii; whiehltad not occurred in any ni-taiire, the umpiie having redueeil themouc-hall.iu I lie whole UL'reiiale oi' their 1 1 eel -ton-". Psor ii thnnll. Alter the awatds were made they were t-oui in vw itiK,uniim laryc (junmities, lor m eeiit- m the dollar. 1 tut 1 eoine to another and n erv important point. How mitiiv of lllee clainiH are of that Hrl. that our (Itnerimieiit had no nyhl toenforee p iyinentl in re gard to whkli !le,ieo Ind the h-i-al nLt los:iy, 1 ulune lotteati'l th"e claim-- at all. The parlies liac no reiih'dy, exn-pt through my own tiihunals." I have not Iiail time to in.ike a pu t iiM." and exact ah-trael of llf whole record, hut, ut tar as it does it tlr lnHowini; n eorn-ct. Any gentleman whodcMrest tonveertain to n dollar, the truo Male of the e.o-e.rati I'uid, in the tilth tituuie ot jeculie DoctunenlH Un the ytar Id 1 thr M.di metit Ut then puhh-hed, Tlie only d( lieiencyot thicxpo-se U, that HUtiethiiin may lne been h It out. '1'ln-ie is nothing nt ited that will not w Jouud there ; bu that the ra-c i-, ut knM, Uh ttroii,; n-t I ttute il.imd pospihly mueli tron. r. I timl the Mlowinj iluni amuii the clauirn allowed by the ' mixed roiumb-Moii i'or iwrsonal Injuries, los of nroin-rtWiVc. in t 1h.1I, imprixoumeiil, Vc $12,t)3 ior various riniiiiiii'Kseimmiai proweutifMi. lor the purpu-- ot eAjrlhiitf him fnun ih'j ni'inlry , impi wnuu-ut tit artoun tunen lor more than eleven monllis, n-jM-aied ban lhuienw, breaking up btisneKs as a mer ihanl, topp.i!! of htw itulUt seizure of jH ifonal pro rty, final expuUion tiom hn land-, imiuoveinenbs. K'tw mill-. Vc..Ium l Iih laud Iroui ill- (!u:i. I'i'iil.'o river, l0,00() j ii me wimc peitfon, tor uie tame wm ut m- JICo,U77 Miliinry norupitint. of li-neiuents iu .Mala- minis, m p.u under conlratl un I iu part by lim e, I'or niip lies fuini-lieil Uij5 ut Key Wist, Diuldiu,; vtuil ul war, Ii., .11 1 ls."Jl , PJliOSS, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 30, l or vessels, Ac. furni-hed in the war ol her ludet-eiiilence, Do. ijSfi:il do.aa,rajj .k. 1 11,751 i mak t ill); u all, I'or inilitaty supplies, (these rases are stated hi Ihe lump, because they aieon pieiiscly the same ground, i coulitiet,) Military supplies, V),M ; do. S-W,'.'-'.'" i do. !j,M do. j do. Villi; i nil. , Seitue ofsleainhoat eiuplnveil in river Tn hasco by csntutu jjovem inenl, Do. ol wax at Alvatado, Sei.itre oimcrLhaudie tit Sallillo, Si i.uru of iiierihaiuh.e at S uit.i l'e, Hfi.iirc ul brauily at Vera Criu, allei;(d lo be r-jiamsh, Do. do. do. A claim for arbitrary nml mijii.tiliable bin-isluii.-nt in imn and Iffl', lor losses of properly, Vc, nuiiaers u bis feimn nml Jrelinrf, &.C., nml lor other injuries and losses comci'iient on tho cruel and athi Irary eicrci-v of political power. This claim as that of nu Italian or Hpniiard, who hail resided a short time in llie 11. Stales lieloie he went to .Mexico. Pur principal nml interest it was iresetitcd fcr f 3'Js,(j'J0 75. They allow cd Iiinl ls.-t.nji 417,127 71,WG ITJ,I87 18,j(5 18,71)2 3ili 17,l3rt 17,130 So.oou Si,:w7,yai Which, deducted Iroiu $1,026 IKK1, leaves $('.3S,H7fi This (or, by a iircucly accurate calcula tion, it WOlllll lilll I,,,,,. llllrl.T iClllMHllh is till! whole amount of thatrort ol claims for which the kov- i I .1... IT. i ...... l l ....II.. , I .iiiiii.-iiL ,n uic (.linen i-iaies coiiiii ui'iiiniiij iiilerlerisl by force, or was under any sort ol obligation 'n,L. cases submitted to llie umpire, mul not decided liy him, niuouiit to io iiueii'-re mi on. (If this niiinher we find for suoi.lies and ad- values to .Mexico in lSHVIi, l)o. do. do. Claim of widow of on office- who fell ill tho .Mexican rerv ice, ' I'or a trunk ol clothes-, Damaircs on certftin hills of exchange, Claim of a Spaniaid (uaiiirahe,l in the Uni ted Stales) tor irnods seized whilst he was living in O.i.aca, in If 8,'J13 l.tHI 15,703 1I,'J53 S3i)3,r.(W $,y:,a Whieh, deducted fiom $Xifii, leaves Had the umpire decided the'ccasesnt about llie s,m e lale ofdedurtion lis In; acted on in all ll.e other ca-es, (lien there would bo siiiin.lhiu'; less than 300,ooOlu be paid siy S.100,000 wiii,-) TV,', i. .1 in cmj nv. .,1 -a, . Now- .hU.-yj.WW, a- .lie .,.,,,0.1 exient or al the demamls lueh ciiiens of o. me uiiitei. ciaies neiii i "riirr laira lo ll,r muni mmm muii. I I nave already shown lint, principal ami interc-t, i alwut -r,'Ji 1,000 hive been paid. .o that if Mcieo had t.t lirstiakeu ltoiuuI nud maiiiiaiucd it.niuhor- I ird liy the H'ltled dintrines ot the public law, she , would now owe hut a few hundred thuu-ianJ dollats. I have shrwn, also, tint by llie treaty of H3J she bad the riulit to pay the whole debt with her Treii-ury nolesjaml tlat the coin actually pud was worth more than, in Tieasuiy Holes, would have paid every son , of cliiui ;:ool, bud, and douhtfiil. I Hat. -he did not take such ground. She entered into a tnaly providing lor an ndiinhcaiion ol all cases. i And then snli-eiuently enltred into a new conven tion, bindini; licrscll lo pay all llie awards in com. 'I'hns waiving withmit nnycon-iderntion Ii. r riijht to iim' her own Ticn-ut) notes m di-charee of her detil. TliiseonveniioH was mail.- by our .Minister ( Waddy I Tlioni-on) in January, 1SI3. I Santa Anna, in pursuance of its undertakings, pro. I reeded to nay lb.; awanN. He resorled even to forced loans ti.i ihe tueans, and did pay the four lirst intal nieuls, wh"H a revolution broln; oat that drove him tloni nower. ins sueceors inn not a dollar to pay wttli. 1 teir Innnces wvie, as tliey are now. in tlii- moA watched i'oinhlion, vl they nnde no pieleiiM'Hi to irpmlnite, Tliey prnh-Med at all liinei their anxiety and their de termination to pay the whole deht. And it i not to he doubted ihev would h ue mid it- If they hud not. , 111.. i .i ,,i .. : tonsress would have decided at llie pi.un.-r nine what , was io oe i u e. In reiranl lothe claims u!iiiillcd to the nninire and not decided by him, .Mexico inriecd lo teler tli"iu to a new umpire lo a new uiupne to he truued hy the Auii'iican pleuipoieuii try ; and agreed that he slioidd ileeide on the evidence already submitted, and on that evid"iiec alone. II there lie anv " fiulninc' anv fault or rrhne. tie. 1 yond the crime of btuii; i inbanas-eil nud poor, in the wuoie coiiiiili.1 oi .iiexito, L inu.i t'liitit'i. mat l tun. not peietive it in the record, and 1 will nut uduul it without pionf. As M the claims never acted on liy ihecouiuiisrion. cr- under llie treaty of ls:r.,t .Mexico iniered into a new treaty ill NoveniU'i, Hla, lor their adjudication. Tim treaty provides lor iln- Il. liie.ll ol claims re cijiroiall) of the t ill.eiis of tmlli .Mumco and the tJni ted Slat, s airaui'-t those tlui'erutnents. It made pro vision torn lair r. Itleuu-nt nl all claims, and wusun-der-tood lo have been entirely satiMactory to our Ad-iiiiiii-lralioi. in all rerpett?, but was not continued liy llie S.-inte, for the riasnu (it Maud) that the com missioners wciu to meet in Ihe city ol .Mexico. The lir.-t comnii-.-iuu had already sai in Wn-hiiii;. ton. Tlie caes to be ileteruuned are dependent cluellyou evnbuiee to be found anioiii; the records ol Ihe courts ol .Mexico. .Mexico had an rruaf riulit to say white the coniliu loll rhould rit, ll u liad In en an oiniinil ipieHion ; but her claim wai iiidi-iutnble, rune ihe oilier hail r it in Wj-lnneioii : and it was belter the coiuini-sioii rhould be convenient to the evidence on all accounts. lint .Mexico was tun allowed even ibis ribt, until she i -cnt.d that our tiiim-lcr rhould name the um pire, vi.. that he rhould appoint the jude and (irysay wli re the court rhould sit. (leneral Thoiup-un, m making this arrangement, reiideieil a tjreat -erv lee lo those cl omanis h ho have any r-ort ot eiiuity in their demands, lie ensured a compelint jiidje. No lionert niaii or houe-i Cov erniucm could urk any nioie. l or, lie it reiuenibered, Ihe deci-ions are all nilr-tniilinlly made by the umpire the cniuiui-irioners ot the two rides uricr mjreeni. Senate rejetted llie Ileal) on ihe rinijle caouud I hat the eoinuu-.-ion was io iiu'ei m .uexno. a hi cision which, w-iiu i n---r ' am uugus: iriuunai, I il,,L xvas.-i veiv erroneous one. . . .. I . I.... , It is llie rami oi o n u ."..unncni un mere . . . ' i ...... I .... .t imoiiiit due would be ascirtamcd and settled asm I, or iu u course oi sellleuieiil. nmitiuit .No man will pretend thnt all that is claimed is ju-ily due. 1 do not presume thai ibcie is one single cl.iun iint who will pretend tliat Ins own utcount is nude out lor llie exact sum due. 1 see that iu one of the cn-es n man presents his nc- 1 COlllll ior peisecilliou-, -v. ,u in.min-, ; u nl, mo one new item, riaies it over uit.iiu and mends his hold at the rate ol un additional three hundred thousand dull. il". 1 sje u various tans sixty per cent. i I'ernnnimi cuarKeu ior mi""' aim can-mated nt the . "o; yi '"'"i"" .... , , ., , ., , inutc details, and, if I crlere will, iliese no- I'he heliillii'i',lri?iit.' 'u I I,:,,,. u,,i time to mi into minute details, nnd. if I liad,sim i nave no vvisii io nm l 1," but t beie is one liltlltlllar kind, vvincli 1 will mention, llie item is lor liliy-ux doel. btilllcd ol potter. I U heve the ben London por- ter can tie pun-hated in Illy plllt ot the Word tori Hiiiiethmif like thrc .Ins norier. Ih'rclorcvery liberally when 1 nut it down uoii.ns u : ami i csllinaie nl luo hundred dollars. hat do j on soiiisr if cli irseii tor it in llus no- count I Why, $l,iWo sivtti u bundled and ninety ( icpiihhcau tedual ttem ; ihat 111 the event that the I confirmation than the well known state of mod dollars. Hut Ihat is rtuniiiablc, compared lo ihe inter- , national n presentation tbuuld by any accident be una-1 em Italy il i barged upon tlie priic. Ibal is, lor less ih.iu fix ,u tuexeni-e its finicttuiK, or wiihoiit any fault of its veins, kI down at &iv71-'iiMbou..and live huudreij , . an I. : I-. Oi :. i i . HUH -.evenly iiouais, iii.nwn-;, ior onysiA 110.1-11 001. lies of porn r, the line litileFuiuol -f-t.'Ji'iU right thou sand tict bandied and Hilly dtdlam I 1 do not Kiy all these act mints are i. filial hurt. Hut ibis 1 will stiv, ll ml many ol thtiii are more unreason, able. The claims not decided by the hoard nre ns follows: t'nion Land Company, $G-S0,(HJ(1 A very unall Irauiou of this claim is for an alleged seizure of a t-hip and cargo ; and may, iherclore, bo a proper cause lor tin) itileifeience ol (overiuuviit. Trinity Laud Company, 3,1.1 1 pi I 'I'he elaiin of William S. l'arroll, ' I'or uoods lo-t in I'ariau, and interest, 1 1 JS'.HJ I!. It. Tiitu:i;:c,l'orn biKnierseiad m Texas Iiiikki ttilU-rt Thuiiipson, laud tlumi, 107)000 Sl,:tl3,-I71 Now I w ill not undertake to nlTuin that there is no justice iu any of llus., il.iuiis. Tlieie may Ih-justice, 111 some deg?.e, 11. all ol the,,.. Hut almost the eniirt- niniiuut is lor lauds in Texas. The cl iiius loitnded on an ullei!! d contract (villi Texas, when levas was a deiurlnieiit ot .Mexico. Tlie claims, il .Mod for nny ilunit.nie i;o.ulor llie laud, and good against Texas, 1101 u-i.ooM 1 ejois, .in I ill 110 lew ii.i-0111 . in 1 in- iiit-ui any thing 10 do wiili it. lor they are avowed 10 s. .11, .i, .i.i.iii, ,11 1 1,,,,, ( , ...... 111. "i'(i, 1. .iiv In- any w rung, is not of the sort lint our ( !oi eminent 11 Ihegioiiudol ctmtiticl; and llie vvtong, if there Ins any riyhl lo ri-dress, or to iultrlcre tibout, except Willi us" tiieiidly olliivs." The cas.. oi ('unoit is stated to bu "for various claims on .Mt xu-o, misiiig Iroiu contracts, and patily Iroiu wrongs done," " foiced loans," and vniiousop. presi-ions, " under color ot judicial proceedings, trout the year IS32 tu ISJ7." Uiuiiitf this lime be was 11 resident. a 1 no not know whether ho hud becoiuu a ClllL'll Of Ml'lllll. 11 1 had nine. ir. I would ,-uier ninth more into detail on the merits, or, if vou chouse, the demerits of these ilaiius. The putiiotic. iiipeal nf .Mr. folk, in bis nliiiil-it liiessai.,-. Iiat.. limn, .lit them here. sir. tllld made 11 jour duly, nud mine, lo look ul Hum and sic lin y uie, ll has mrvid ut l-.a.-t uw uiitn: tj t.r u: 1 urn concerned. I had heard so modi nhout the "iierridy," the oulraijeii, the insolence, the injustice, mid ili-fcon-t-ty of Mexico, that 1 had taken it lor (limited it was all true. I w ill not now say it is lalsc, but I find no proof of it imhe record. Will the Patriot please Inform its readers nliu cvmiiiencctl the present War ? Front flit; Army, No positive news has been received since our list of the tiesition of (leneral Keoll. Thn latest I dales from Vera Cruz are to the Oth inst. It was irMifriHio Mexican Congress has refused to act upon Mr. lluchaiiati's letter of the 15th ol April, From present appearances, the Mexican (iovctumcnt seems determined to carry on tho war, but spc'cukition upon this subject is mere waste of paper, and can bo of no information to our readers. They in ly depend upon full ac counts or any reliable information. A letter re ceived in New Orleans from Major (iaines, one or the officers captured at Incarnacion, announ ces the fact that all the rank and file of the prisoners had been despatched to Tampico early in June, hut that the olliccrs, contrary to ii sol J cmn obligation (?) of that prince of impostors, President SanU Anna, entered Into with (Sen. Taylor, after the bloody victory of Itiiena Vista, vvcle still retained as prisoners, although per mitted to go at largo in the city. Knowing the anxiety of tho public regarding affairs in the war rpiarter, tho following extracts from the New Orleans papers may bo of interest : Prom the N. O. Delta of July 15. Prom Tamiko. We had the pleasure of an inter view with Captain Seott of the regular nervier, (mil I.ieut, Atkinson of the lniisiaiia volunteers, who came over in the (Jalvesiou, having leltTiiiiuiieooU the I()ih July. U'e are (.'ratified to hear trout lie; gentlemen thai the health ol our lumps in Tainpieo is greatly im proved. It is a stiaiiL'e occurrence that llie ) cllow le ver should have tailcdto pay its annual visit to Tam pico llus vcar, when it had such nbuudam material to i'l-eraie oii.aiul when it has not been guilty ol a simi lar oiiiisiou lor many vcais. The only 'hum ol inteiiM at Tampico was the arri val ot one of the liarlvol Minors (iai lie's and norland' command, who were on their way to Tampico, to he r)i"C . " ',.,;. , --i - at a small town about loity Imbues In.iii Tampion by , the aiiilioiities,nllliiiH.y tu,,d couiiiiiiiiic!iie with ihe in " t.i .ivui.ii .,ii:.ii.iii iiin'i,-, h.h oeuillieo .'i .ivui.u .,ii:.ii.iii i.i.i'i,-., ...ii oeuimeo -m inniuii hi Mi'- vuj ji ... wu ii.ii muilllll-i .nor tuicrcants arc now nuuii; it xouUI Iw ihilicult , to in inline. Somy vl the prUonrrs ixNipcili nnd s-ix or i-inht .ul nearlv reached Tnnipiuo wli.-n they were ircnpturctl. Ontj IinweuT Kot batcly into town, anj ri'portctl lo Col (tatf. ()n llie Hth July, Cnl. Kuy of th hout-iana ' Volunteer.-, wilh a picki'il corp- of two liiindleil men, cnntpiwil of two oluuUer loinpainen ami one ot rei I ulars. wilh one nVM niire. lett T.unnico for tltu our- poe of attaekiim the .Mexicans who I rut raptured and f tletaiinM .l:ijor& l tames nml iiorinml parly. oili 1 in; had U'en heard hotii Lol. Do Kuw.'i nail our iniortiiant kit lampico. i mailt lett Tampico. i lVomtheN. U. Delta, July 10, ' I Tin: rr;i..vrr.i np Kc,nNuin.v There arrived 1 l antpini tnunni. Jolin few inert. John hcott. . itoleman. ot Oapt. .Milains enuipaiiy Ivt-ntucky r.iwilry, 1. Tunk, of Capt. lVnuiny;toirf, and W. T. Denowii, , ot Capt. IleadyV company, allot' whom htlon'dlo the fonnuaad of 31ajnr ( taincs, whtihwas c-apmied last IVhriury ii'Vtr Incaruacton by a lare .Mexican Mc-e. uinl'-r t-eti. .Mtitnti, Tin -e inllant fellows, whoare vcrv votui!i nin. es caped from their nuard at tlio town to Hiiequi'tl'i, about torly leagues front Tampico, and, reaching the latter phue in g-ility, alter a tno-t penlotn and trying iii-oco, e ii'i uk-m i ior uni in uie m-i r. no e. 0 17l. ,t... -..i,,.,! m-iutla. where thev . ' - .. . ' were turned over as im-wncrr to darav.iu coin inanil of tint town, where several hundred troops were stationed. The prisoners were treated with some consideration ii..., l.'.r.... n,..i i L1...I .i i had Inline met' with. They weie inlornied t,y him tliat he Had no ordc is to ilisinse of them, and that al iiioiifiii lie piesuuieii it was me purpose ot tliei.ovcru Incut to s ud Ihem on to Tniupicu he bad no instruc tions to iha, tlli-ct. The prisoners were here furnished with twenty cents eaehdailylor their expenses. Tins money Ceil. (la ray appears io luxe raised by contributions anion,; the tow n s ptople. Alter wailiui; here some days, sveini; no pro-p-ci ot release, and tearuu: lest evcutsat the capital luiuht induce the (.'overiimeul to chani' its m lelilioii ol lorwardui4 ih-ui lo Tainpieo, they de termined lo tllUt their .K-a. They aiteuipicd llus m small parlies ol five al one tune, two at another and live at another Seven iu all It it on Ihe J7th. The lir-t livewere retaken and car ried hack to Nuejiiila, but one ol them num. i scniied, und with the other revcti reached Tampion. '1 hey marched principally by Highland were Iroiu lour to si.x or .seven iiav s on me mule Alter theirnrnval lit T.itm Mier their arrival at Tampion, news readied .here hy a .Mexican ihut about ilurlv ot the men had nlso jittt-iiiplcd to crt.ipe ; that twenty-live ol Iheiu had been retaken, and three others shut m the pursuit. Thc-e were llie reports in Tainpieo, but our does not place unpin it conliilib'ce in them. lie has little expectation that Col. I)e l!u-sy's cxpe. dilion will prove ol any anil iu m-curing ihe release of the other prisoners, lie thinks it certainly will the intention he to rescue the ni-ii by force The movement of the colonel will inevitably be re poited to Ceu. liaray in advance, and il be ihs-siiot ttil hiin-cll riionu euoiit'li to receive nu nttack, he can v ery readily send oil' Ihe prisoners turihernito the mteiior. from the X. 0. Tic, July If,. Covutiox oi- Mu.xic.ix SrATi'.s. In rendu.-, the Mexican papers it is v try clear that the dill-rent States havecellsed to tllllli-loale i, or,. I. I . . .. .... ,, tu, ,, ,,,, pari oi uie i.ipuai to ilic American anus Iu view- of th.. rnccdv l.dl .,1 il i '. ..'.. i . ' i. ' . v ? "i ti'oillilllltailU'r ineiiiseives upon tie' w i-doni ol the l ederal rvsti n Had tliev been u ace. I mhJ.t ,i,, ..i ....f.i... nivolved ilie suhjcctsot ihe xv hoi.-country. 1 lie 1 literal sv-rte in, ihev reason, has crealed new centers ol action, and even il the i'. il ,,,.i. i ue riaies. eacii me tor UmII, will Kit the llllirvui ii' v i i-rir.ill iiniunn, r.. , treaiy whUhinaybotorced upon the Central .rovcm-i -ru ""j111- P . J yond all others. Millott, in his elements of hit - ...iVrf I -"'"e -IT'"ito remarks on this point, casJlexico,ynere,aro,,nd'Ai!ua-al,enles--.l,.-la,.)vvl,ere, after approving the cultivation of the erclaunnii; tobeartaie,ihoiiL'b not mi rccoHiiied .... . , I . . . ii , t ,t .. o) me v-oiiMiuutiou oi inji. mis iievvcotniiiuation ..I .i...u ,j ..I . 1 1.. .1 ,.. ..r I'l i. ii... "I Males is regarded b the editors of . JUimWiraiio as an nlarinun leaiure ot the times, tlireuicnins; 1,1 , au'ijravatf Ihe aitari hy vv hiebbefore prevailed ill .Men- '"' . C"!llllio" publish"! an address to the . n nl..,.V.. i... ...... ..... .i.V..'.. .' . nation. In u are rei.rcscntcd .he views of l.-.nln, . ' men in the 1110.-1 iiovvetfiil States. " Tin. l'mimm. trim. In n. ,1... V .1,1 r... , ,f il.l. r.,,1,' tloii. VV e lave room on e or Iln- o uw in., ruin.-, , I The L'oaluioii in the n. ..r il,,. Si.u,.. ubi.i.i. rcnreisiits ili-clji. lo the nation that their olnei i is no other tliiiii to in.immin ihe ludeiieudeiice nud the I uvvii.thcbovereiim i.eni rii OoiiKri-M should not have the lenm-ile blieriy in us dehU'rations iu Ihe opinion ol the Coaliiion, then ihe Coahuon will a.-vsuine there, presentation of the coiil'ederale tiiates as u center ot union for Ihem. They piotih.t that never will they consent to nor be bound by any convention or tn aly ot iieace vviib the .,rtl, i-oeiiiv as l,, . ... l.ri tl.r..n,..,.j ... .u. riipirs the capital or uuy oilier point ol the Mevic la-puuiie (iiiuiio.-s, io ooi recojuie any general i-us-pension ut anus, which should comprise, all the In-Ill. ereut forces ot the nation. The iiiaui objects ol the Coalition being to defend independence and the lederal sjslem, they protest in ihe same manner that to from separatiiiL' iroui the .Mlltouiii t'liiiio, ior ni.oea w uicil ll repre .,Unr.. .1... teiiinnrd to aid with their hrieale ii'Minm.- ,1... tal goverunieiit. indeiieiideutoriis-istanecthey nre hy ri.v ,1,1,11. l,k l.lVl, . M I ll.u : to the 111 in its .Rsnraces and 111 its may l"' "us - mined, llie national credit and honor re-t-siabb-hed, and all silile opposition and rosisuince made to every nttatk uion the ,.pular tederul rcpresenlative s)sicin. ,, " , , ' , Coroner (.ooiulc held an uuiuest, nu Wedncsilnv " J'" "";')' tenia elound in the lake near lit oh I htrntnb(i:it fiiiiiliinr r.i.. 1 s. '. ..ue a oie ' I",")' ol'iiugront nas-s'ugers.uinongwhon, ,.. M,mc ; .'--'it 'i uie ; "i-'nvis. mm iiu ior 1 ue ugiu fneaiiid with her , , 1 , , . i companions under Ihe sheds o the store house was mi-ised in the mornuiKby her IriemN. and b.-r ishe '"1 i'uiTali"' WZW Chiuaicle, aru,,, ,,, ', . , f tf?lhe lnluiue. in nn km ,.!. ...: 1 .11. expresses the hone thai .Mr i'..u, ...1 .. 1 :' 1 ... ...,., ... .,, uiueie oil,i,l VI-IH, earliest leisuic busieri to ihe scene (,f his oilicial duti.s and relimui there nil the expiration o tlie term for 1 vv e are sure, it sa j s, iha 1 his pi esetice niuoug the people 1 will have the mevilable leudeiiev oi briiigue. the of. lice itself into disicpute, Theie is nothing iu"his pre. vious llllorV. adds the Till iimlii,in iii 1., .1... racier, 11 ipuiaiioii lor iil.iluv -nor p.;rsonar npin-urniuv, 1 to dignity ihe othce he holds, lie came 111 Usui ex- , peniutitt , he will uu uut usu latluie. 1817. tCoiHimiuicatiiAl.I Thol'lrl Conri'it of llie " lliirllimlon If tm ilel mul Hit) flu Sucicl)." Tho past week deserves particular tiotlco as producing two events or a most refreshing char acter : the first a healthful am! copious shower, as it were to Improve tho resonant ipialilie.s of tho atinosphero Tor tho last, a flood or Har mony ! in truth a very " Song or Angels," fit Tor the "burial or Mrs. Jiukm," and worthy "To Live rorevcr." It was an agreeable surpriso to the lovers or music to witness tho deep interest with which a kirgo audience, composed of the ' Iran ton,' (anglice, upper ten thousand,) awaited the hour or commencement. They evidently expected ' something tho quantity whereof was before them, albeit tho programme was bilent as lo its quality. The importance of a proper cultivation of music, tbo cider of the Triune (Jodesscs of the more ennobling sensibilities or human nature, is, unfortunately, but little known, and Ics3 properly aprteciatcd among us. The rapidly increasing size of our village the hxitlc or va rious seminaries of learning of both sexes ; and the enchanlingly beautiful scenery which en compass it, should long since have originated a design like this of the " Iliirlington Handel and Haydn Society." Docs not severe study demand a relaxation ? what to harmless as music I Docs Hot the endless panorama of nature's beau ties, tho ever-varying view of land and water, induce to love and sentiment ? What so charm ing an adjunct as music ? In this busy, hustling age, among this busy, bustling, thriving people, the Want of attention to a refined taste for the Pino Arts for all ideal creations, whether in Poetry or Music, Sculpture, Painting, or Archi tecture, is justly said to bo otic of our mt ch ir-actcri-tic and cherished faults. The ancients, those blood-thirsty, savage, ignorant people, in comparison with ourselves, (as some will have it,) far surpassed us in this particular, however . , . , .. ... par.iuoxicai u may appear, the judicious t'oiy. iiius informs us, that muic was necessary to soften tho manners of llie Arcadians, who lived in a cold, gloomy country: that the inhabitants orLyncte, who -.lighted music, were the most cruel of all the (irceks, and that no other town was i-o immer.-ed in luxury and drbmch. Mon tesquieu f-tatos tnat Aritotle, who seems to have written his Politics: only in order to contr.i- diet IM.itn, ;i ?rce-i with liim, notwith-t.indinir, in uw manners 01 mo people, l tin va. uio opm the manners of the people. Tin- va. tho onin- ion likowi-e of Tlicophratusf nf l'lntarcli, and of all the ancients ; ait opinion gruunded on ma- tttre rrllcction, being one of tho principles of their pliilosopiiy. l'lato says, in his fourth hook of law?, that the prefectures of music and gymnastics aro the most important employments in the city. Take iieed of that, ve leaders of the " Iliirlington Han del and Haydn .Society." Music reaches the mind through means of the ' cornoreal ononis. This is n IriiLto . v,. if ' kind of medium between the bodily excrci-cr, t n . ...... that render men tierce and hardy, and the spent lativo sriences which render them unsociable ' and rottr: it prevents a too tngro brutality in man's composition, and enables the soul to have such a share in the education a- it could never have without the a-sistanco of harmony. This it is that in-pircs vvitii a scne of pity, len ity, tenderness and love. In a word music was an essential part in the education of votttb amono - the ancients, but it was .,f ,,v,K- !,i., -...I majestic character, which had none of tint eti'ominato licentiousness too aid to find its wav into more modern operatic performances, We are not an admirer of the t.itc of the I'o. mans in this particular, who left to their slaves a art held in such high estimation by the (ire- cutis. And we sdiould be sorry to adduce the liddling Nero,as a specimen of the power nf mu sic to sooth the passions and regulate the heart and temper. Vet he acknowledged its power when he sought, by a personal application of it, to divert his retinue from the sight of his burn ing capital. Plato aNo expresses four kinds of mania, by which term he desires to explain enthusiasm, and Iho inspiration of tho gods. First, mu-ical : secondly, tho lelcstic or mystic ; thirdly, the prophetic ; and fourthly, that which belongs to love. Whether the scriptural rule that the first t , t , . .. . ... ' u- 'asi, aim i tec lersn, applies III mis cnto, ii . ... , .... ... . r rw ,u tlcrminc- Min m,r author, however, love and harmony if they do no. ,i,r, ,m tor...,l.. ' , ' " ' "' We must not lie under-tood as advocating the 1 ... . ' " .. .v im - r I.- ..II . ... .... ., , ferrcd lo all others ; vv hen thev MVallovv up th , . , , . ., '. ', re',ri'' " to csentlal services,' ' vvhe: there is such a value fct upon them as to mak ""v " """" hen I mere-is Mich a value fct upon theiii as to make everything eNo bo looked upon with disdain ; then we are free to admit morals, principles, laws and government are threatened with a total overthrow." Theso truths need no other We liavo no terious apprehensions, however, I , , . " , , ' . . that such a fate is reserved for our utilitarian community: therefore should wo happily have i ., , , ... !,- contributed to the cultivation of so dehghtlnl ,lm innocent all amusement amotn' our-elvcs. ' a uy tnese rennn;s nastily inrowii togetner, we may recur to the subject again on some future occasion. Meantime let ns oiler a little crii.Hf upon 'the lirst apear.inco on any stage," of the " Iliirlington Handel and Haydn Society." When wo rcilect that it is but three fhort mouths since tho institution of this Society, we I ' wcr0 "nrrrised at their iroticicncy, iu common 1 with all who heard their performance. Hut I . .1 , ... . ,. , . "lllcl' ,s wantmj; that can readily bo supplied by a iltu fimplo care, and without any additional . ,.r 1 . . i . 1 sclyllfic knowledge, l or instance, several se- rious chaie't's took place in tho rime which vvero .. 1... -1 1 .1 ... t ' . . , . , , not contemplated bv tho comjiosere.. Ill &UJJIU nf tho soprano voices ill the mutelte, Soilj of t -ie AngeU," wo discovered a manifoat want of '"''. ' - tonJeney .0 sing , shar,: In some of tho male voices in solo the same defect vvas I ..I'.'.-.V ..I, Kill ,,, ,U,.v. 1 . ' . . apparent, but in the latter instance it vvas more I Ireouent, and Iho tendency was to sing in, tint, 1 Tho male quartette, " 'I'o livo forever," vvas pro I 1 1 .... .... 1 a ery nnluiished state, ihc piam iicouiaininents generally reiniired a greater de greo ot tasto anil uYhcacy of touch. Souio of I thu choriisse were very fine, and sum' with .1 , . , , 3 , " j .11.0.0 oj.iiu, luiuciiiuny uie last, ' (Jlory bg tu (j'od." Wo would gently hint to some of tbo tn ilo tfngor.s, that one of the chief nrti of vocal music is to team lo sing with real or at leat apparent cao; for thereby will bo prevented all those laborious, contortions of tho facial mtfcli s, which di tract m much from the eiioymciit ol that portion of an atidienco which join tho senes of right und hearing, to gain a plenitude; of delight. 'l'heso arc all blemishes requiring simply practice and a little judicious care, to etlbct a full correction ot them. Wo must not forget to find fault, not with the courtesy that gave but with the .selection of tho Concert Koom. It u too small, and tho stage is altogether too high, too contracted, and consequently was too crowd ed, utterly precluding that freedom of action to necessary to a good performance. If it is Ihun now, what will it bo when tho .Society in creases ? On the whole the f Concert was exceedingly creditable and universally rati-factory, as it evinced a degreo of talent and application, wo presume to say, entirely unexpected. When wo entered and saw the well filled seats and tho deep attention of the company, wo knew that ho f ir as our citizens are concerned, they will do all that can Iw desired towards the full Mipport of the Society. Ill fact, each denomination rc riJing among us derives more than an amplo return for the trilling expense, in tho improve ment of the choral music, so important in tho services of the sanctuary. To those ladies who have so assiduously given their time and talents in furtherance of this really charitable il-iign, our thanks as tho expositor of tho public feeling, aro heartily given. We fondly believe in tin1 pro-penty of tho .Society, nud are conlideiit of its improve ment; lor the eye of faith can trace its onward progress through tho labyrinth of many delight, where heart and ear an 1 voice are all attuned tu harmonica which thrill with sweet vibrations. TtilB manliest to -truggling Mortality, that though there are nianyd irk trial to hj eiicoun teted here below, "there are some honev-dropj too for the tate." ' The I'iiif. nt I'u.utt) tiii: SjrAvt-im' Mtsts. sit'i't. On the night nf the 2d .Inly, about 10 o'clock, shortly alter the oflicers and crew of tho Mis-issippi had turned in, an alarm was heard from the engine room, from one of the engiw or, calling eartii'-tly to tho liiemen lo bring buckets of water. The order had shortly lu'lore l;cn given to hivo steam at d.tvItL'hti tind the lire i h id just been kindled. Smoke was ut the salnd timo seen to rise from the ni-igbborhnoil of tho steam chimney, and a smell of burning pmu vvood was perceptible throughout the ship. The Commodore immediately s.lvu order to Iioat to quarters, mid proceeded With t.ieut ('nmniind- , itr,' Sydney Smith I ,oe to the cng,,. m ,. to a-ccrtatn the scene and cau-e of the fire. Tho otlicers and crew promptly repaired by divisions to their stations for extinguishing tho fire, Pre. p-ir.itions were at once mule lor flooding thu magazine, and lines of men were formed to pass water in buckets from the gangway and iort to the deck aliove the boiler, Iroiu mult r which tho smoke was i-siting. The getting iqi of steam was accelerated to coiiiinani! the aid of the engine iu pumping water when it might be needed, and thus mike tiro light tire. Iho ' pumps and tire engine, which a day or tw bi fore had been with their hose examine I and found in order, were quickly riguod and streams of water ioiireil iu the direction of the smoke. It wa- the cnnjpcturo of the engineers that tho felt above the boilers was nn lire, and igniting the deck above it. Tho deck above the boiler was promptly scuttled, and the water directed through the holes thus made. The stnnko and smell of tho turpentine still continued to increase in the engine room, rend- . eriii" the atmosphere almot too nilliic-itini: for endurance. Me'intime tho uncertainty that ex- i-ted as to tho cau-e and locatum of the fire, evidently not at the point from winch the stnnko and smell proceeded, occa-ioneil the nllii ers vi-it every part of the ship, and ( I carefully with the hand for the place of the greatest heat. This was at la-t ili-covered to lie in the star lioaril coal bunker, amulsliiji-, the inner side of which wa lieited niton- -ly, as was, in ;i less deoree, Ihe wood-work in immediite contact vviTli it. Aliout the same time, on lifting tho slates over the wan-hole-, in the spir deck, by order of the Commodore, who from the fir-t had cotiiectttred that the cm! bunker wa- the real scene of the fire, -moke was found to issuo from the man-hole in the starlnurd vv i -t, near est the part of the coal hunker whit h was found to lie- heated Mow. Streams of water from l.uckrM anil hose were at ouco pound down through tho man-hole and through a seutt'. nit in tho deck above the point of greatest he-it and the suffocated smoke, heat and odor ill the en-gin- room was found to diminish sensibly. It wa now known that the tiro could li.iv 0 b'en occa-ioned bv no other cause th in the si, , m- I.nniw pnin , lis. ion it, tin combustion in the coil bunker, Tito I ' ,'.",' , , , . , , Sloe oi me snooi oeiuw-, W:i cure on the opening of coil rit-l out into the tire room. '.irefullv closed and no pos-ibility exi-tcd of lire hiving lieen intentionally comtiiiinicated ., ' " ' "-' uecn suet. t oi l. .... l... i '., , I The coal hunker being thoroughly t!..led, , the beat and sninl,n bad so far di,a)ie.ired that ' t 12 o'clock tin- retreat vvas beat, and one, ' 1' iVfT .'of ,1 1 UM T 'T the k ifety of llie -hip. hen the coal was, all , iiisru'irtreu, a iieam vvincli mil throtn' i it was . e , , ..,. i ' 1 1 ",l u,'.l"" o.iu an incii, nav- ing the appearance of having been exposed, not merely to an intense heat, hut to tlaines.and tbo deck above it vvas likewise charred 111 tho samo manner for Iho space of ten feet. On the followinir niirht. a idnivimr heat was) discovered in tbo larbiurd midship coal bunker, and in the adjoining vvoislwork. One watch of thu 1 lew was turned uututu! tho removal of thu commenced. In getting out the coal, tho part of it was reached where tlio process of tg. nition was ijoinion. I.nmns of coal were taken out sufficiently hot to bo painful to the touch, and particles nan tne appearance ot cinders. Tlio presence ol suipiuir in unusual quantities, 111 this coal, was apparent to the sight nnd smell. Nothing could be liner than the display of or der, discipline.and high moral courage exlul iti d bv every man nnd boy in the Mississippi throueli- oiit tin- appalling scene. At one time the beat and smoke in the engine room vvcre perceptibly men-using, in ociiuiii-c 01 uic t-iiurts niai.e 10 arrest the progress of tlio tire, which vvas ex pected every moment to break mil in flames still more unconquerable. Vet in this ship, loaded with powder and shells, filled and fuzced, nothing vvas seen but order, subordination, ami a umrcr sal efl'i rt of each lo peiform with zeal liis allot ted duty. There vvas no noise, no confu-1011, no unnecessary orders. Those that vvcre necessary were given with calmness, and in the ordinary tone nf command. Though several foreign vessels of war vvcre near the Mississippi, and Ihe beat In quarters, tho rapid and resounding strokes of tho pumps, and Iho smoke issuing from the engine room must have been perccpti bio to tho surrounding shipping, yet so ciidc'1' was the capacity of Ihe ship, for Ilic present at !ea-t, to take care of herself, that the roui ment was paid her of tendering n '"'r' , '', sistance.though assistance would doubtless have leeu cheerfully rendered, bad the emergency grow 11 more critical. Mobile Itrgister. tTA letter written from China. nd .ddrcsse ... a pels.,,, in the city of Names. ' ' r f'jd,, K inLionary. states 'that several h''' f M' auce. longinc .0 the inaiine -'V'S' l' r! i'-'d into lheiite"'me',n f I , , u(.dem

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