Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 30, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 30, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON, FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 30, J847. ftwrj Clhy. Wo llircit attention In the liilliiwinr; valualilo cum tnuuicatinu Irom Kentucky. Wc thank our corrcs jioiiilfiil lor il. It couvey intelligence of lliiillni" interest Many nl (Mir readers, tlit personal Iricnds mill admirers ol the irnn who is the subi. i t of il w ill rejoice in tins impressive, declaration el Ins Inith in Christ. Surli an event might lne lieeu anticipated. The uniform rc-pcer with which Mr, Clay was known lobe ill the lnhil of regarding religion, ami lus frequent uiMiC lxini"iiiiiM of n desire In be n Christian, had inspired (lie hope, that if Cod In his providence should cut permit him to leave llie noisy aien.i nf public hl'e, In might, aniiil the ipuct lullucneca ol his imn loicd lioui, become a Christian. Iln Ins hern nn rvcnlhil rarrer i few piihlio men of mi ii.iiuiii laiepa.sxeu iiuoitgu more cu-itine-sccncs ; Hour hue demeaned ih-iuieUi-s wiili iftrrc l.'iriitude, nr displayed more real gr.-ntn.-ss in the midst nl ilieni i und we miHt he lierniitlei! to cvnress il,.. i,,,;,,;,,-,,. ilmi no man, -nice llie lime of him " who win. first in war, iir-im peace, nun tost in me lieatlnit liisciiunlrytneu," lias evened a more salutary iiiilncneeiuthc councils nl' the nation than he. .Men of all patties haw frankly iiikuowlcdgcil his eminent scriircs. mid have aicohf- oil to him the ineeil nf nraise J in this lespect, he Ins i "ei'e 'oau ".nisiico nut tins was not nil lie nreil. nl. " U hat is honor hut n name f" lion inenpahh ul siist, the stul insorrow! I low empty in pros p.-et ol the titave anil ihe nidgim-nt ! The vener.ihli i-lutesmaii has found u ( he en, ami who can doubt llml, in the deepest sincerity, and llie most humble conimion, he has been led to coirccintc the reifiuaut in uis iin to limi May the evening nf Ins prolracteil lile he like that il his distinguished entcnipnrarv, and lung valueil mid U"us Ineml.ihe IntcChicI Justice .Marshall, ir whom It was lieaulilully saiil " His scltinil sun was seen in its clear, unclouded splendor, lN'niuiug,ns it descended, ..u .1 ii.rg.-r orn, nun inure soiti-ncil limit, mil il tin very moment it sank beneath tliehnrion, wilh uhenu- iiiui iiu.i tran.iuili.m transparency. rhtltt. Lids. Jh'Cui iter. Till: Ull'TIsM or lli.Nnv Cmy. A holier was verc ri.crnll.- rir.-iilntcit through the ptUie paprrs of the (ti.ntry.smue two or three yiars tlie elli'il Mr. Clay linl liecoine a tnciniwr ol llie Prulcstant IIpisciipil Church The wi-li wa, ilouhllcss, father to lie thought, as Mr. ( not at Hint lime taken run-such stcn. lie Ins always hcrultliown to haw tie- In 'Ii"5-t rci-pccl Inr llie institution el Christianity, nn 1 tonne i n a ueenieu ncm-itr m tlie iiuiucmi- tli-uticity nl th-Christian religion- his muiilile and ilei-plv ullheieil wile, hnimglur many iciisbrcn an nuinnic luuower ui us uicsscii junior, When the weather iierimited il. hiiii.r as In- .I.,,. s n mil.- im.l n Inll Inuii chinch, .Mr, Clay hanilwnis heen a regular iiiieiio mi m, ns wn ices ; nun lortwnor tnree tears pil. h.niuir Iml more lei-ure I'runi public duty, his nt teutioii had evidently hern tinned to the high cuisid i ralmns conueeted w nh llriys -pintu-il and eternal lirslllo In villi,' heen dentel s i intelrtilv to the L'nnd n ntliers. ii kearcely, until llin period ni retirripcnt, in Vae lulu an oppoi utility to think ol himself. Hut he Ins at l-ni;lh colisecralnl his rcut pnwers to (Iml lie was h.iptied in llie little p-irlor at Avlil.'iud, nn Tar-1 iv atieniunu, the -J-J I nist , toi tie r with nne of Ins. il.!iiditcrsui-l.'iw- uhe nlher hi mix aheady a iii'-iu-Iierol the church) and her lour children, hv the K'-v. ) Iward I'. Ilrrkley, l!ei tor nfChri-t Churcli. l.-in. Init The h.iptisiiiwasailiuiinstered pritaley,for-ihe ri'uon, tint the cuurei;.ition of Chri-t Chnrt-li are lephnni; their ol I church wilh a new eihlirr, nov,' in npid progress of erection, ninl are not Miitahly situated lor the inu-t solemn and decent ailinilii.-tr.iliou ul ihis rite n puMic Wiien th miuieter entered the room, on this deeply p tun and intcre-iin,; ueeasiou, the s-i-iall fauulv cou-'"'-v in and lie- clergyman's wile ruse up. fn the n i Hie of the ruuni s'lood a lare ceitretnhle, on v ei vt. is placed, lilled wuli water, llie inauilicent i it j; iss ,is,.. presented to .Mr. C. hy s,,nie enileinen i-l rutsliur I In nue -nl- ni lie- mom Imiiir llie Lire p.cture of the I'unil) ol Washington, luitisell nn Cpis i ipih.iujiy lnith,hy eihieiiiiun,i.iid a ricwutcouunu i i I'llie Church ; and iuiiu- .li itely nppusite.on n t I' tllU", sfiod tlie bust ol the laineuleil llirtlsoll, v itli n ilnplel uf withered llowersbuti upon his head, Mho was in have tHetlcunliimed 111 the Church lie ah!inth alter lie died lit wauisse.s ut m, h n scene. Around the rouin were su-peuded a number of lannl it lures, and aiming them, the portrait of n h-lovrd daughter, wh-i died some lears ao, in lie- triuuiilis ol tint fiiih winch her noble fitlu-r was now almut In embraee, an I ih- picture nl tl-e late In-t son, who f-ll in lie- b-vitlc uf lluena Vrta. Could these ulent look ers on nl the seen" about trJiispiriucf.huw p,keii fnnn the i-iiihle and the c.inas,thcy wnuld heartily hale iinprme I th - act, wli.eii dedicated t'.ie ureal man In Cod. I here was a deep ciiiotiou perv.u!p.i; ihat Mnall as. h-inbly, at the recital, under suji cireuuistaiiecs.ol llie h iblime nrdinal of the Church, oud every heart thrilled wuli solemn joy, when ihe ue-n iful and L'lonous cove iimit v se.Jed, ' in the u nn- nl the. l'aiher, and uf tli" .-'.in, and i-l the llolv (Hi i-i " The. net will be piibhelv ratilie,) at th' visitntion of the li.shiei.nn the third .--'iiiidi.y m July, in the Apos tolic rile of coiiliiiuitieu. One uf ih, prominent m d the prescit: day is, tint the (jri-at men of the i illy, a a body, although it limy h-, lor ih- ir.n.t pin, speculative b.-hev.-r.s in I. un-tuniiy. are, iievrithelcs., not tenirillul uf reh rion, and ul (!od. iheiu reitcw their urocud let them lent, at the ltciueud.iiH iutlueuce ihes- wield lr, irhalfol irrehion nud ul evil ; nnd c-niVer the niU'liiy iwwer ihey inieht ccrt lor relipuni und lor ood l.ei them tix their ey, s upon the practical tes timony to the truth and value af Christianity, rdven hy tlut uiiul in intellect, whose name Mniiifs ut 4he Lend nl ihis piiper, nud 1:0 and do likewise. LeAiiijjion, Ivy , June j, Is 17. iltavkcti?. liull OfllV ruillllirst. Ins been In otien.l ntwl clrenVlb. en Ihe Insjitutiun of flnwty, nnd by n inultiilicnlion nl slavcholdinslatcs, tn conlrol the politit.'il power-ol ...v ujr irtiiiiiiiie n majuriiy 111 me 1 , n. se nate, and hcKeV Inn slavery to he ul war wilh ciiili.a- iinu.r- .li. 1 primress-.riuii the iualicn-itue nyilsnt man, we in i,i t Hi t sn lar f.slh p iwer iiwrthls luslitiilion I yk,-s wotkinB ou-n.liCoOsliccii and lambs, nud nbutit is in l ie bands nl the present novi-rnnienl.lliat power h.'iil swine. Should he evertnl to limit and nbolish, nnd newr to llrrf CilllrV.xlrn, 7,, lirt itialiiy C,T., secund mtldllTON MAIIKiri'-Jiily 13- it inniket 1 TilO hecf rattle, Meows nnd pnlirj.,18 IICSolVCll, l ull We file niUKise.t In ibe n line vn ttnll nl uiiv .Meviean teintory In llie Uiiited Stales, nsa coiiiliiiou of such a lieaiy as we hope may soon be made between III, United States mid the Itepuhlie uf .ilexici). lVmi t),c r.rlluHs Tails (ia?ctte. Infamous iilnisi- !' Uonry Clny. k?l,r'"5- hefure ihere had been much "aid by llie Whitf patty relalive ton presidential candidate, the .ufofirosi-enerallyMipiHised tint lli.Mtv Ci.vv wuuhl stand a lair chance nl re-iiummulinu i and he, o" course, receiis lor n time their abuse in unmeasured iuantities ;hut it was left for the (Viimii J.iUity, u violent iiariisau paper,conduet(dby 11 pi ofessed;u cucc irnf the (i.spr, to put in cireul ition the must itifif mum mid Itliilntii mttv which had cwr been inniiii fictiircd in relalioii to' the rcnl t-talesuiau, The I'inim editor uf the (lenins had snuirwlrrc obtained 11 letter sinned l-'rederii k (iliddeu.ib lailiniisoine ol ihe most rcriiltiiix nud mn iil nets imamuahle, which he reporled n& cutuiiu! Iium 11 irui-nwny slave bxiintlrd Henry Clay, and ol cuui-se-ouee owned by hitii. This outrageous leller uf (Hidden was published, whh n ijrcat llourisli of Irumpets, by the Claicul ThinHing nnd .Mr. Clay was ileiMi-lied at once llie Wli'nj nirty iliil not ilnie putlnui in uomiualioii or perhaps had 1101 intended to do so. We tmhcsitaliuejy pm nuunced llieclnrK'-s I'AI.SII at llie lime the letlernp peared but tie t'lciieiilctliitir w-.tssu busy prcuchiui(, ailvneiiliiie third party-inn, iitteniliuc iiiettimis, and ahusiii); Henry Clay and the Wliij parly uenerully, that lie lnd no tliiu- to correct liiis-stateinents Ins ineiidaeiiuis paper continued on in Its career ul abuse 11s thnuuliit wits doiiifr si nice. At this late day, it scemi- "Juviiee to .Mr. Clay" has come Iroin anoiher ipiarier. Tlie Xtilhntil l-ii btitrcry StinitUiitt, whuse 1 ihlor has a conscieiiee not let" Feared lis with n red hoi iron," tliusspcnks In the Standard uf June -lib, under the head of "The l'eeuhir Iii-litutmn," may be found 11 litter sinned" l-'redi-lick (!liddcli,"nnd copied Imin the (!e inns of Liberty, a paper published nt Ludlow, Vt. We hesitated loniis to the republication nt such nn nriicle, fur we cuind nut readily U-heie it. Il such things were true, hmieier, ol Mr. Clay, they nulit, we Ihoiliiht, to be know 11 j nnd if l,is,-, tlie leaihest way to pul .11 stop to siuh Mory wunbl be its publica tlnll when- it 11 mild le.-nlll' cnllie under the llnliceol bis friends, nrnl huiiJ',,f. Wclheitlore copied Mr. and lliuil iiualitiesfrom .'1 'ill tuf, "V U'tirkiti'ji ( Sides m ule nt "JTS and S3. Cuirs nnd (Mrra Dull. Sales ranged Iroin "Jl'd toltfi, nnl one cow si.M, Slieeji and .uwilnSales of old sheep Sl,7fa:i,tKI j ol lambs it,?tl In a,s7, titnl 3ft nud one small lot at !,'. Viriric At wholernle, fie lor sows nnd fi for liar ruws. Al retnil, fruui C .! to 7 1-2 nud e n-r III. Cattle at inaiket generally very puor ill quality, and quite a number renin in pnsold. WOOL, ibii.niljirrcl. Supf.Iie.s have ciinie ill mote freely Irnm the country, during the past week, nnd a considerable amount has been taken by iiiauuf.iClulers, in small luls.ul our iptuted rates. I'rime Savony l'lteccs, vvashei -.-. American I ill bloud do. du :l-l .In. . do 1-12 do. . do 1-KV.coin itn. Smyrna, imwiished, - - llueiios Ayn-s, iinpii ked, -I'.Mra N'onli'n pulled lamli, Sup. North'ii pulled lauih - Nu. 1 1I0 do do t! do do do U do do do - llnvrnN, July i!t. rruvislnns There is ayood de mand Inr the trade, wilhnut chanjte of prices. Sab s ol l(ii) bbls .Mess Pork nt 817; in do 16 ill, IliKlkens Iird loje jriiKKibbls Hams, llie, I inns, l'lniir There isn n,"ud demand, and prices iiiipruiine: (u-nesee, com 1 1 m n lirands, is held ntSWjl 5 7." ;'J0ll bbls sold nt latter limitation: Ohio und .Mulligan 5 5t), cash. The receipts diiriuir ihe week been : via Western Iiadroad.W'iVJ bids MS ball bbls j by water, Irl,lfi5 bbls;, 87,117 bids ball bbls. Corn Prices tend upward; is In-ld intiic; while M 11 7iie,cash. Oats plenly nud dull; mlc! vl Aorlhern nt ldc ciubh, Spcrinl olli-e. &Theelraurihnary (IliAIII'r.NIU:!!!; VI..S, which are achieving unparal'eled triiitHplis in varinii sections of this country, nre now imrodueed imn ihis iiciiiuy. every sirs. nerni-n re-io tse ailvertisciitent nrl, 1 oi.t.t tt Ilr..(.i.r.v,) chilltndtn r,,nttj Cn , T: . ... i March Term, IS17 TIav .t IhiWAntis. J The snid I'ullctt Sr. llrndb7,vl.ilnlin"s.liavinKnn llie fill day of .Mnrdi, HIT, rninr.Kfierd their ncliuii on Ixmk again! lose (lay lihd .lanies II. Hdwards, late pittners nl llnrliimloii, ifi said Connty, under the linn ol (lay ,V. I'.dwards, rctnfnft'blt tn the .March 'Perm, ISI7. und ilriiiaiidiii!! ihe sum of tHI dollars lo Inl- nice hook nccoiuits hetei-paiil fiaftners, which soil was duly entered in nam 1 curt uT 'snii! lenn ; ami 11 in, Ni.nrhi.t in snid Cnurt that said (lav resides out of the Slatc"of Vcrniont.n'nil "rins not had personal miller uf Ihe tiendeney nl tlfisrsft, It is niderfd by the Court .I .. 1 . , . ... 1 a.i i ..rii, , p.uni sunt sur: oe trnoine-n, m,, i.wh. ... .... .. ileflCyHitrenl he.iH-n 10 saiil way ny pniiiiMiinn 1 i substance Hhrrenl Inr three weeks suecesvi-(-ly in llie lliirlinetun l'ree Piess newspaper, the last nl wliuli piiblitatiorre tohrrit least livctity days bfrlerc Ihe lie.M term of said Court. . . In witness wbereot 1 nave nereu uo sri my , nm this Wuli day of July, Hli. h. M, I 'A I . 13 V AO 10 I.") :i3 at :w :u st !!7 C.t H III f. it II :h tn in :a V D.'i 21 :io rj at "11 11 it 13 (.lidilen s tier, am Hie v I is. lis we Imped that , (ll . itlKf,.m,.'tl. Cm, p-,y, ich will b,' I webaieu-olal be imthn. lie- .nailer. We are hapoy t,,r.nm. Pors,. e al Suitwmii's, W s ,le t(. be aMir -d that he rrl 1. r f,f,m lc Cuurl , t. S lrir !im-( hy a,os C. S- r minims In end, m, lar as .Mr. Clay is cnncorneil. Iu,(;hurcb strcei., a Inter befurt r. .VI r. Cl.iv himsell rleclarcs. that there is not, so far ns it relates to hnn, cue word el Irmh in Ihewlinie nrcnnnt. " I -new r (mned, rcaj-,"or knew, or had in my service, any such pep-on 111 my life ;and every statement nl'Tnui. tu .Mr (Hidden, in respect In lus residence with lue as represi nted m the leller, is a lahricatinu.nnd ilestimi- ol nil foundation." We mut hreilr.ily tun! fjadly make this concction. And we cannot doubt that en ry auti-slniery paper in the land, which has copied .Mr. (Ilidden's lelli r, will ns readily publi-h Mr. Clay's positive assertiun that it dues not contain a particle ol truth. There are nils chniicji, mid mihippily loo mnny mroeiiies incnlent to Slaieiy, to make it necis-ary to resort to lal-el d to e.vcile Ihe ppulnriuilmuatiuunaiut it. We need not s i v tint ? leli -i course meets with universal con- llelllliatlnll aillolin AhohtinUlsts. Wc sb-ill wait to s-i-bow the Chricnl llinllins ,il .ret ..I ,1.., 1 1 1 I... . I nu Auti-Slawri- paB-r. In the iiienii tniie, we hope 1 ,lri;"l''l (hsca-e mmj be cured, eini in iisailmn tb it our Whii "iri.-n Is will circulate Whir- 11.11.ers -o , '''1 .1'1!'7'',l!l,,,l'" 'he hint's are nut cumjiltlelf ihiur 1I1H1111 m.(' liud its way viliere i-rrur ha iron.- ft" , ' , ,,','!. "'"'" ," now oiler, istar-. bilore. HalHllllol W lid Cherry, Inr Ihe cure of this disease uui oniy eiuauaies 110111 a re(; 1 hjsieian, but has al.-n been well tested in nil the comiilaiiils for which 11 is recommended. It is not my iutcutiuu, tin rehire, citln r to thmk it in mystery, or in nny way d ive Ihe public by uurratnnj lis liitues ; on the cuuirary, 1 shall simply cniltaior to piw 11 lirielstateiueiilof its iisiuiiiess : ninl iiaitermyseit ihat itssiuprisuucHica ey w ill 1 nable me to luruih 'ich ronf of its 1 irtues as will fallsfv the lunsl uierednb'ts, lh Consuuijitiuu may nud " CAN Hi: CCUHD," il this medicine be resorted in in time. '1'he uemniie shmcd 1. Ill'T'l'S 011 the wrnntier. I or sale by 1 111.0. A. Pi in, Apnthecnry and Whnle. sale Druggist, nud by dealers 111 m.-dicines generully 111 criiiuut. Da. Wonn's .1x11 Wit.n Cnr.r.nv llir-in-.s. Time, which' tries all things' has ihoroiiKhy e.-oiniisucu me incMiinaiiic vaiire ol these linurs nsn purilier nl ihe IiIimhI. Illlil n Ktlllelsal reluede Inr I111. 1, bibuns, nud ntber disnisesof a similar character, i..ii,, ini"v ui nn- ui;esiiie orpaus, njspepsia, head iii-Iic, e. 1'or sale by Tulo. A. 1'u.K, Alio. inec.iry r.ini vv hoiesale Uruuuist. iMJr,Mo.AlvV (;.iiino.v, l'rom its havinij almost always hajRed Hie 1ivoi skillul ini-dical trcntnient, bus veri- justly been termed I ... !.- r in..--. .. ' iJ ue I'''i.e., in,, nj 1 i7v,r-iuff,'-nnii,umii within a lew wars, Knirrally considered iricmiiblc. al Ih tl'dl maul liledieal men ,il il,.. I,,el. , .,..,..1 aiiioii,' whoui we may mention .ninnrraiul hisfiieihl' imij e ooiii iii.ini!riisieii sethurs, n. Imn tint this I'i:ai:il-i. .MnurAi.iTV nv Tin: Sr. I, The .Mniuiuir Herald nl Tuesday lints describes the sull.-r-iii4 ol llio-e who b-iie tried to escape fnnu l.imine and disease, ini the midst ul tih-nli- nf iirovisioiis ifu- riimi - liilimi,) in Ireland and iln- miseiies whn h In-li mis. Howrillnetlt, cniiuteli'llli ed as It is by I illlsli states- men, is i 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 on the unulleiidiu mliabitaiils ol this Continent. " I In pestilence is ton surely ninoni; us, and the head illsea-,. w Inch, at first, was i-nuliued tu the rim- yrants who sought our tliori s, now cuts down innir n latuable iiu-mber ol our society. 'PIk clcrt'y and llie medical prnes,-iuli the self.diloted ladles limn tlie (onients, iind tin- benevolent portion of etieral socie ty, w ho are nlwavs present where nu-'eiy c.vists, Inve earh liiruislied tin ir victim, Kveiy h'our lurnisjies some new institucc of sicknc-s, or snnie lu-sh cxiiinples A'Kir hooks. PHKSCirtT'P.S OniincHt (A IVru, 2 vol. ?l,no Orators ol Frame, t,'ii Yi n'r nrCunnllinn, iiy .urs. iiutier, n,i.' Wuud l,rit;htnii " " f ' i." !'' Country, - 01 ,111V iinni, , j land, a Tale nf the Cathulic Church, II "3 Cleavelr ll.'i'i o,:i3 n,e Seer,.i 'Prihiiital. hv Damn, Hiilfliluuale Maul nr the Mi'r's l-'ate, Hummer Tours -, Xntes nf a Traveler j ihmiiKhtlie Mi bile ,t Northern States, liraliam, uniinnuiau, i.'nues t uuuiiui and (Indej's Mug-mile Inr Anmist. The Union Mnira".ine, Kdiied by Mrs. ) C. M. ICirklJiid Auilmrof Newlloine, O,1: Vol. 1. No. 'J, Inr August, ) July 3(1 lb. 3 0. 1). tiDWAIllM. INFORMATION wwtkd nV JortSr Sw p.i:- i firy, n nitive nf Ih" Coun'iy'ei ))oiiei;al, lietaud, ne-ai nhoirt lorly years, n laborer.whn lit" been en t;atei1 en a Ihtni hi some p ut ol ilie Slnie 1 Vrrrftnirt within the last four yents Ad.lressr.dwnrd l.or ktav, (lusblotber ill lawi N'n fitK) Snllth illd Slice! Plul'iuclphi-i, cnreol Palriik Duross. Ilw-lpp I'l'imliiliv 3!5ct' f'ot' Mal", i 10NSISTIN(! or A Smith I'iiiiss, as ooou J as new, T) pe for pnuliuij an unliiiniy m-wspapi r, nud u nndil nKsnrlineiit 61" Job Type, ul it hejily new, nud nlilu ,,r'h r. The nllii e lias h itikuI list ul svh.-riber.s fur a news, paper nnd n l.rir fh-ne of Job Wnik, which liny he lXreaily incrensed. It may be had at n gicnt harnain by nny one disiMtsed in ritlibsha Whi p-ip-r. Terms i.inil in he paid on Irtkul nssieyinii, "vwhiili may be had umnedinlelv,) and rciri-iioder at suli liire ns the pun h-ist-r may t lusise, M-enrcil by a hen on the oilier, An iuietitory liny Im seen n the subscriber's utliee nud nil pnrliculars known. I'll M'NCI'.Y COODIIICII. Ilurlinutnn.JulySI, 1817. Iwll LH'K INSURANCE. fVUK Statu Mimr.w, Lin: Aismixc ilUUI,IN(.sTON AtiRRH'Jl'URAl. Warclioiisc ind SceilSlore, mU) SUINIRIRI'.R iiwixn niroMi: -nn: I sole pionn.-ior of the nhme i s'ahlisluricnt, will continue tie' bu-iness, nl the sp-u-iuus ture, kiinwn ns Ibe 'Pimhias ll nliliiw, Cnll.-K-' St., Irliiifiimi, and now leli-rs the l"--t n'-suliiu nt nl rAIOIINC AM CAIUUINIM. TOOLS tu be had in tlie ruunlry, coiisi-lin in pait ol die lollowiin; niticles, ii - . Piouty ,V Miarr.' Centre Draft I low nil frcs from rue horse to einhli Suh-oil and Side-lull il-i. ; liar rows, sl ; (liinu-toiies, huiiL' compliV Inr use ; II. i y nllil Straw l utters-, inru nueuers, i.nioi-si I'nlMlilli; Mills, Cradles-, rMtlv. ('lllllintnl, Seed 1 I'i'liliiiti Insi'll l.nnil, Is'i'A'i'i: or vnf: mont,) a a V"!','"' lli-rni. t it ("uirli.i.i.N,!,s. ( Aurthedii' llurliu 'ion. witliiti and Inr Hie l)iliirl of Chilleiideii nn the l.-,ib day July, Is l7.-firrrlr the lion. Chas. , l!n- II, jn.l '.. ol nd rnmt, inrVicS lletn-y llnvis, . nl Millmi. iii -id district. Mho -H-;fnnrilmii ol Andrew , .1 llilis -iid M ill,,,, . t, t,,fYrmi! of the s.lld llel- sey nod M Dllis, lute oMid Miltnll, llcCcnscd , nnd hi. i iii -tnl ,-nnrt her ni-titr-in in siiinni', s.-ltiii!! loiib tint b.Tse-d iis..ed in his nwn riyht hi leenf the IoIIhwiiih desi ribeil l.aieel nl l.ttld , I) IIU? ill -. in I .Millnn, hem. r pail irf ,jt f iii iii the firt ihvi B Uoinpauy, ol IVnn-ester, .iiassaciiuseiis, cumin- i i iinninn .iiiu, i """ - uu lues, on the musl laioiable niu Corn Plant; n. Unke, Is, ? ' ' ''-. '.' ' Picks, ,rks, Chiiii", Nnk.-s, llows, Ali.,-lbariows. HON. JOHN DAVIS. 1'iesidnit. linO (Hid. H. SHAW, ilffnif. l'ork, Shrtvil ftild line Handles, :-irkrs,S-lls.ior Kill- cnMMi:ci:Mi:'T. WW. Imvo n vcrv fmo Asvirtincnt of ft Wntehes. Jew-elrv. s.'.-i"is, I'lins, .Miisicnl In- sirumeiirs. -c. n urc.-it vari.-tv nl lancynrtii h-s suit- nblr Inr Ihe sensoii. We hale just opened a new lut nl I.iikIi1i Knhl cased lever Matches, .c., a hue lut nl pnlished line yuld cuaril trmiis, a few lub chains with a variety ul yold keys and a lew seals, rim", puis, l-.1l (I eases, pocket honks, Clthl-S CUTIS 1111(1 pil Hires, n which we nre nhnnst ilailv niakins ftne udditinus Wiitcb'-s. clneksund icwelrv. cl.-niied and repaired in usual slyle. 5 llnissMiui it IIkotiivks. tVti'V rcct'ivL'il nt tin-AicriuulliinJ Wtini. house, n 'aTe lot of the celeM'-aled Kendall's Cy linder Churns. Also, .Stone Churns, and a & ral assoitment nf Stone-wnre. J. S. PlllllCIl. llrhnnton, July '.Idtb. 5 Ml'VITRR MnniiTe Forks, ninl Votnloc nf Hoes, may be seen nt the Attirfdtnral Wnre huiisi', than have eicr been nlfered lor sale in Ifns cniiuti-. Also, Cum Shef-ers Irnm $3,M) to ltl,(iO. Casi Imn leitersnml handles fur inatkiiui. Iliirhnetnn, July 3uih. 3 J. S. VKIKCK. BfAS I! ir tin time licitin rcntcil tlie Room Bl oier.Mr. .1. V. Kandall's, Jeweler's !?lore (fir-t door wist nl bis Ion fter M.i ml, ' VI' S 7'.t It S," where he reyeests all rersniis imlrbird to liiui to Callais? Settle witlmut delay. MB kl.ll'S A IWUIi K J)igOf?lTORY, wli'-rt lliMi s ninl Tcftnincl"rrini tlm A. t-Vi. DiUe Society will bo fnuml for Kile. A r"o : MKI)I)I:aS & SKRAIUIIM iJiret I tnmi lh.' .Mannfictory. Iturliii-nm, July 30. & UST aiiuivpi) ami xmv uxioo I IliKXI, Hnshels Solar Suit ami llbls. cinrse western ill llHtit dairy do l-'nrsale by .K.MIN III!Al)I.i: A. CO. Hurliiuiun ,.luly IS. Elaine &fMhmi!li:i', N KINH OKDPIt A.NI) (jlMUTV. L l-'nr-ale by J. HliADI-.llY Si CO. July 15. Till', tmder-iitne.l wnuld rc-f tfully infirm the lie has lilted iui the st'Ue Iwn ilnnrs sniithnl the II ink nl Ibirluitou on Church ss.u-et, and reciiiiuiieiKed the Drim business., wberc b wi'l be sup plied nt nil tunes with a cnn-fully fl hia-d stuck ol llrues und Mi-dicni's; ininpiisini-very much-re-ipnred in the Pbj.siciau's ptnctiie, mid of the trn.l,. Also. Snreieiil mill Dellt.ll Illstl null lit.. Aillie- nil 'JVi ill, Toils, Leeches, llrushrs, S.nps, Peile.i ries, Conitress Water, Cuiiiphene, Inks, l)liu.Hius, Die Slulis,-r. r. Particular atteiuinn will be paid m ibe preparation of Phi siciau's prescriptions und family recipes. AMOS C. SPHAIi. Darlington 20th July HI7. 3w3 ers, Apple IVarers. llatdn-K, l.e.ul ( linns, Pnt Spnmis, Mai'.inv IV.llers, liny Kuin. Ilutter Moulds nml Stamps, Wremlie', l.lnteriis, Well Pulleis, Hill Hooks, Hush ruiiers, .c. iiairricvi.ri u. i. 'ivnr.s. I'ruit (l-nli'-rers, PriiMun; Sawsaril Chi-els, Pninini.' Slieais, Shdinn dn., Prnnui Sci?snis, Pluwir (ath erets, llilirmi! Knives. Trie Sci,iH-r, Urn-s Hunks, Priinni Knives, Toy Tools, A-oricd Scullb s. l.inss nr l.awn Shears, (Inrden l!ecl mid, eiMiin! l-'nrks, 'Prnnspl iniiiii! Trowels, I lardcii S) riuaes, V i'.te Scisv. ir, A e. eV e. I haw the iitp-nry nli fur the sale nf .Hiiriill's riiun! t'niiiii St-nli's. sum, ill the tie?1!! ol Win Siniih. bejnimni' nl ibe nnrlh corner tlu-r.-rt. ib.-iiM. senb. M" W. in tin- wrsl line Ihcrei.l, rods ; th'-ree Kas(,-rwg Smilh, In lb.- Cast HiV'd said lot .tbeiue S.'M II. 'to tin' N II. ( niii.-r then u ; Iheti.-e W '.it'.-' N. in the imrih line nf said Int. to the .lace-if liiyumiiin And V'sH lier sni.l w.itd is also sei? d in his own rudil in tec, 'of oif llUilllldedclelelllll p.llfil the ti VCf-",!! lit (InW IT ill lli" following larcrlsof land, ljiii'4 in nanl .Milton, onepatc'l liniiiiiled as follows, iH-uuiiui; al a maple lire, slnlnhni; ru Ihe west side ol the ro.ul . L'ht rods from tho N. H rornrr of llie bmi-"- where Moses Davis liw.l nnd died; tln-m-e n. 7 jJ w. f.v rods nnd 17 links, to the Inn'k ol the riVir , Ir.iir" 11I0114 Ihe hank ol the riwr.souihcrly, totbe souljl lm ol lot No, H, in the second ihii-ion ; thuee S. 3t I In -I on tie- Smith line ol said lot No. IS, I ."nl rods, to the S I-;, confer ol .-uid I..1 ; thence N. !""' I'- 13 rods to tie- hvhwnv ; thence. ieu(ht-rly, on s-ji.I hiirhwiiV' to Ihe bound beir'in nl '!'lirilnrpri.el ol 'and UtiiI; Ihat pari ol lot No S7, In lie-lir-l illusion, iKut-ril-i4 ns Inllnws. beimi nil that p-irlnl said lot nn llie miu'i si I.- ol Ibe Inu'iiwny, I. adiunto Anew llmwii's. boun ded on ihe wistun.l sniith b llie lines ol sni.l lot, ninl oil the cast by Amos Krov n's land, wlilth hisl inen lioned two parr, Is nl laud k re si I out to the widuw (I s.ii.l Mos -s D.n is,deeeas, d , ns her dower in )? res) estate, nud nre now- subr-ct to her hie rstnte ihtrciu , ihat it would Vs.nlnc In the best illlrrisl d said ward In biveall lr interest in said three par ii Is ul bind -old, mid hate ihrpimvcdsct mill sale put at tiifi-u-M, or invested i" oiln-r rrah"-iiitenr in sloi ks, iiiii t'rmtiiir said cnurt In irrnut the said trnardiaii I license to t. -II ell he "Sor . iS, ks' WniiiKm. ' Y t- i ll, vent - it consist, clu.-lly u, ibuun- lb- , ''' " .lull, ,,,,,s,n,t il,.-s.c.n.,1 U clncs. i ii "1 J- . ti,,,,: ..,.;!, ..iii. ,T,r,,., day in AmpM, IH1,, Inr hi-arm!r nud iliculmg on said I the otbcei.1 lie- ucyMer ul said court in I IbiilniL'ioit, nii'l doth i.rdrr that nil perjns interestt.l , he notiti' ! theieni. i.y puuucntinn ol uu1. (truer, ('(.II- aciuracy Itiiiii i ii. io'4nM., urd uceiipy no more ronni than Iim coiiuler s.-ae. .... I li-ne recently M-ite,l wc f-nnrijiai .Mir'-rirs in 'IMli: nest term ol tin- llurlm.Mon I.-iw School J will i inieiic i tin- first Thursday nl Septem ber ensiuns. Il il hiuhly iinport-nit tint ynuii inni, whn ntlend, shunld bevreient at llie opening uf the ' llarhnion, July '--ih, HIT. -l3 WANTED, PAIR of wi'll nmti'lit-il W.tnox Nowsr.s, A II twv.t. Ci'Mint.vis occur more frequently tlnrmi; tin MimnuT 1'ioiultMthan nt nny iitlirriifrioil.Ni'caii-M' iit thi" s.'iwm ufthe y:ir, tlie i Mem heiii ilt'liilitiiteil, Limn- mwt rsi..,.t v.,U l, ...... .1 1 tllWcMHUl IH tl"t hulliciuitlv li-tle tn illMiofC (f til' ill" nikiiic ..."'.j .,, ., I 4 ,V' . ,i i . fwhl lirloU il b'ClMlU'M lilltlllit'tl: Ik-ik. ii tK-enlinr nt t, IH''K'' Ml It.- I'll IMlLIH-tllt Wll. I t't'll, int I I, III i I II . . i i.. .. .. ...... urnu ui-cn-i" r.nifii u .-rmcrv. 1 1 em i ur nil" i nil,l Is-iwcen (Jueb, e and Moiitieul. 'Pbe ...irtahty "n"li'(' "! 'he bowvls ,Vc. II ,11.1 Im mn I e d.s s not c nse . 'e the d,-n.b..rki,t,o jspioeoedius, SdMc I lI are natural li-lnedy, and tliercbue are a n,,.l ; ,l... ,l... n...i ,l... i ....i i..a .., ,l...... ?. ccrlalu cure lor nil kinds ol bowel cnmplaiiits; becnuse die tbe.e. father ibali l-.i In the which the Cm- I """J" lU,V'r x)f'-"!n!u:! n"'1 ""il".'""'' lliose.hii- eminent has i.rovidedns if n. secure an clK-c.iw res-' i . .. : 1 '. .. t . .' , . . .".""'.'t " li:i:chi:s, i.kkuiiijs. A FltllSlI AltTlflilJ ef Siciiiisit JT. jii-t reieivid Sy HAIIKINt. I O.N, ! Jpiiticcinic' Hull. & a')X(RV:.sS'ATi':ii. lllINIICO.M.'HISS WATIIIturriiim; weeks 1 APOTIIKCAIilCS' 1IAI.I., 5 Cm iter Vhtireh und (ullee Sti CON l; KCT I ON A 1 1 Y. VI,Alt(i: und superior assortment of ihe nicer; article nt llAKUINOTON S. i DISUOVJORY IN ('llh!MisfFV wokt i v i tA itrent j'rai.- I'ihIwiiv'h I'liim AImIic:iUi1 Siin A in. mi. tin- i tint iv nlutittlt illen cric ut L'lieni tcnl nrt, elilier t-eiiutltul, uyvtul, or urtninenint, ilirre im ti nearly as ptKnbt nt'.SA .Jtl, -Iny nlor; h-tvi-en iiml lfi IiiihU luaK.-m-l Mil . I . . 1 II to I ..I iriir s I. 'I bee must be lierlectlv sutllld lltld so warranted at tu I sal.-, lor "uch a pair uf llurses Ihe price will be paid without ol.jedinli Apply nt llus unices 4w:i , sm-nciaici in tr;. slum: en, win. ,l is t,,e ,-nue ,u inose . - , . . , , 1mU. v Ch. s, i , ' i o 'ri... .1. i: i... ...... i: U, SC .IIClllCKll,. K-n-O" riea ie.nvmi.3 imiri L-lienicill JH ii i n c . The Wilis State C.onwntmn met in Ansii'la on the "il t-t SAtnt;t Kinosiiikv, Cs,j.,nf Kinr's bery, wns lipp.illlteil Preslih-nl nf the Cnlllelltlull It wns luted, tu 1 llie subject uf apjinmlllle twiitlclcttates nt hire,'- In ii i lu Naimnal Luuieutitin Inr the nouiiu-ittoii nt candidates (or the Pr.sidency nud Vice -TreMdeney, be referred in a Cuniinuiee nf thirteen, w ith instrue- llons to iuntlire lltld report lipnll the expediency of link ii; such uppniiitnieut at the present time, and, II de in,-,! by theui rvp.-di.-ul, to teporl tti the Conven tion llie names nf two persons as delegates, und ul'two others as their substitutes. At the apHiinted nine, (he Convention proceeded tn ballntlora c.inilidaie for (Joiemor. The Committee reported as follows : Whole number of ballots , , . 1VJ Diint Ilno-cso.v has .... lilt Tht'Cniiunittce on the subject of deb-anes nt Inre to a Whn; National Cnuwiition,picscntcil their repoit, lecomineiidiu the adoption of the lollowinrj Resolu tion Kesolvcd, Th-it it is inextH-dient tn appoint dele Kites at large to the National Coiiicntiou at the pre- si nt tunc Hcsulve.l, That when a National Convention shall li" called, the Whig State Committee be requested to lake such measures nsmny seem lo ihem most expe dient, to provide ..r Ihe clinice nl such deleeates nt large, nt this State ii sVt,r cniiil,, tu. ltcr discussion, th. oucstion being divided, tlivsc l.esolutions wele sevemlly nibil.ted. The bill.ming llesohuiou, ollt-reJ by 1.. O. Cowan, l.Jl (d Sum, vv aa also mlnpted.,li,-d, That IhisCoiiwntion is strongly in favor ol n National Comeiition tu nummtite niiidi bites lor Lr'.a"k'". "J,J N ''resident nf the Whig parly lor that we recoiiiuieiid lo the Whigs of tl.ene. veral tongrcssional di-iricts in litis State to tahesuih ineastires a- will srinre a lull delegation Irom Maine Hi siieli National Coiiveniinii, Tlie lolluwing resoluiiuiis were reported by the Coiiunittie nud udopted, ItcMjIvcd, That llie growing enrrgos and the rich and ineiuausiilile resources of .Muiue deniand soine- thing IhTKt tliiin l.ocolociiism lo rule over us, under whosu rlulliurf iiilbience mi inurll nf our terrilorv re. minus uiiiiuuiliUci sn oiMtiitor mir i , n,l women nre driven tu oilier Sliurti to liud tliat support ileliie.l tutheni at bunie, and so much lureigu capital ,.j.. ,-,, tn-mn ,,1,11,-u io imorove iur inngllllirellt water nuwer lo build mi nnr in nees ileielnpe uiir rcsuurci-s and give cini'oyiiunt tu uur pninilation. liesolwil, Thai we have reason lo rejoice at the surcess ol the Whigs in recent elections of other Slates, mm we led culled upon by the most patriotic monies ui pui lorin our strength mr the political re demption nl Maine, where by Whig measure and ing priui-ipies me Mine shall mole rapnlly advance m increasing her wealth nud augmenting herpopuii. Iiou, in giving prnti-ciinu to labor, in securin.' enu il tight nnd privileges m till, in preserving the purity uf OUr elee! ..,.. n...l .1.- I'. I J., .... I ? ... I : . . , . .,,n u,e necuuiii ui 0iiuinil,lllil llll'ieV.I' ting our Stale lo ihat position, to whi.h she is so just. ly llltltled , irnm lt- r,.rol her ontilll.llintl. ibe evleiil nn'muiV-Mluic."?'1 abu,lJ'"' "'X "f xvaMTi'm!!:!1'1"" wl" 'h abhorrence upon the MeVie-i w, ' ""wt'"'i"'l ' h)' ibis country against n,d ;.as:,Ce,ls littl u"rln '," "V-hlf .iiinfstration.wiluiuV;"'"'1 present n.f- isiwcrmid ngniiiT 1,1 .. ""'s,'"'r "' Iriends.lnrtbe "iZ-. V' , 1aayt "rI'"W" .lueiuent.uud Ihe'ext.nM, , . I er'"f 'lf-aSKMn. on w iih scl, a ihsregiV, , 't, e ,M ."r1 ?r" i''"1'1 k,w' ""arabe us i ,be ,: " ,, ' i ... : ' . i... i. ..ii i. t i iiiev nisiimti nun irinroe (Iiucmmui nnu tmr iv ihe

UIT IH liMlliiumil, III lltill lit H lll't'll villlili In litiill ' i - t.. 'i ,i . nn- nml t" tlM.UM.n.1 ri. k trrpatirnt, nre connni- WHHl,c..n-.iii-!i illjvi-i m..n,e the ause v eu-r' Iv bin-, iin.t .Uiitl lu tlm number f thirty, f.riy,littv ,.r'l., vi 11 ' nlM.Imely impoMMe (or then t.. .Mi,r..v,T, tt,-.n f.ttv tr.L,. iiii.l.tll'. J ! mSv 1111 11 ".' 'V1'-' ri l"'" w f ly''titery, ohcierr. one inriiiie '.h'-ir f-ulll'iins in a low m;i rs-ii whi-re not a hreutli nl'iiir run reath them, Mlh ixtniher Mieltt-r liom lh' anient hnt hut i-heils inailo nt tv honriN, while the thermometer m ."tone hoii-n, shelteietl hy hhailrs and vxpom-iI tu ihatihts ol mr, -taiiiN as hijifi us MS3, 1 nrf who are at tac k'.l may h ie us MS1, 1 hint who are attacU'-.l may h i e money : hut thr3' cm tinJ no one to retch c thein, for till ttreao: the seoiirtc. li'r ftvKCAKns to Cniuir.r.N. A i-InM of Mr Ciiartt k (Jli;i(mant of Dinliuty, Conn , noiieil on ihe Till i mutant, hy p'lttiiia Unm rnnl in ltd mouth, hi li il motht-r hatl i ii it to play with. It m.'l in lorty-eijiht lioun-alter. An nnal)t-iH t a card rdiowetl th enamel or coating was tunucfhc-J of carbunate of h-aJ. Whla Senatorial Convention. Tliu Willis of Cliitii'inli-ii County nro nolilicd tu iiici-t in Convention, ut l'i;i:xcii't IIiiti'.i., in W'ilmsto.n, on SATl'KDAV, (to-nnin'oM-,) tliu :ilt DAY op Jl'fiY inst., ut 1(1 ii'clouk, A. .M., fur tin- jinrpuu of numhiuliii'' lltuir ciiiiiliiluti-s for Scmitoi's in tho .Stulo I.pnihhimrc, lly order of County Committee. morbus, hill. limitation ol the bowi1s.,Vc llt.w-Ai-.i. ok Ciu'. rt lit li i s 'I'be public are caul inn ed ngaiust the many spurious medicine-, which, in or der to iieeeiie are called by name, similar tu riglrt s In. ban Vcgeiable l'dls. iN'. II. Coitnti-rieit Tills Vave been fmn In a stnVe in HttoMi Ktiili.t below-,-Vm i-i, rhiladelphia. Avoid the Drug Sluies, nud piinhase only Iroin the Itl'iu.ii; AllkNTs. TllUO.M.Vonilll.NU. AND Gl M'tSr, 1.MIIA.N VLliETlBI.i: l'll.l.s IHVI. THE MiiMlLlir. Ol- Wll.l.HM Wllli.tlr waiTn..v with A il o.v niu ror i.m.i.oi- even iiou Amiip oilier in genuine, and to cuiuilerj'eit this is loimi isv. Ollices devoted exclusively to the sale of W'right'i Indian I'cgetiible Villn, w'holes-ile nud retail. ItVJ liaceMrcct, 1 liiiailelpliir. ; nwn b Mreet .ew Voik i and l'.H Trcmoiit .Sir-iT ll..lon,.-iiid by Tnco. A. Pkk, Apothecary and wholesale Druggist. In this village, nu Weduenlay cveuing, the Slst inst., Iiy tlmid'V. J. iv. Lutnerse, Duui K. Wonn, Ks-.) , ol .Montreal, to Miv) Ai..mira T. Uatua, i1' llurliitiitun. O i c ir, In l'llrlinglon, on the STtli July, M.RY, daughlerol I.) IH.1I1 and Hnrricl I). Cuuiiiiiugs, ngc.l I inuiithsand t days. J!rnolved, That Ihe nitrniM of il ,e . i ..urslaugh (len. Scott iZ' ,t ,d' " by appointment of Keiintor llemon i J 'eia,',1)r' tlie forces of Cen. Tnvlur,on, m ")JU'mi ..flhecapilulaliouol'.Monierey ni , "i ,1, "i:""" Anna to enter .Mexico hv giilug him H i nmplc deinoii-iruiiuiis of i ., i,,ia u,,,-,,,,,.""" ' nn sent adiiuui.sirnlioi, lo hold the reins ,.i ..... ...... " nnd should call upon every true Irieud ..IbTscouni v io rally to the supiort ol aldermen nnd Is-tter priuci,,.; jicsoiii-iij i nui uu- i.-ii-iii ueiii inns i,,r liread-siuir. mm oilier luou, cnuse.i ny me lainiue in i;un,i. lla jiol shaken our liiilh in the neccssiiy ul pron-iting ibe j.iou.iciiiu il".'.-.. u, uttayyui.ttj M.iiua, uie lunioe. Iiiiou of heavy capital and low wages in other louu tries where labor la deprived of its ju-t reward. Jlesolvcd, Tint believing the lending object of K. a 'juintiuu uf titiilury in thv fruulhw t-si, by aiuivAu. (.HAM) ISI.IJ. The Vliis of Grainl Isio Cuimty arc notified to meet in Convention, nl the Coukt lloLaK, in Noirni Ilnr.o, on HATUKDAY, the 21st DAY Ol-" AUCUST, at 10 o'clock, A. M., for the purposo of nomiiiating lluir Ciiiulinate for Sen ator in the State LoyUldtnru. lly order of Committee. .Society or litigious Imiiiry, II. V. .11, The Society of Iteliejoin Inquiry will hold its nnnis lersary ut the New llrirk Chur.h oil .Monday eve ning, Aiigu-I id, nt 71 u'tloik. Address by the llv, l!nw'Aiii) Di li nr.i;, 1). I)., of llosiou. Music by the liurliugtou Handel and Society, lly order of the Society. 11. 1'. CAUI.TON, Jlee.Stc. July S7ih, 1817. ASSOCIATE AI.U.MNI, U. V. M. The Anniversary iclebrali.m of ih-j Associate Alumni of the University of Vermont, will l. held on Tuesday, Aug 3.1, at loj o'llock A. M. at the Congicgntioual Church in II irliugloil, oil wluihoe casion nn Oration is expected to be deluded by the lion. Jncoh Collamer, of Wuodstock, and a Tocm by Alexander Mann, lp of Kochtsler, N, Y. The nnnuul business meeliug of the Association will Ir' In-ld at the same place immediately aller llie close of the celebration, nl wlnih nu Oraior and l'oct for the next succeeding anniversary will he elected, and other busuicsi transacted. Hy Order of the President, Z, TIlO.Ml'rfO.V, Secretary. July 20, 1817, U. V. M. The joint Celebration ol the I'M Sigma Nu and University Institute Societies, will take place at the Congregational Church, in ihis village, on Tuesday Aug. Jd., at 'Jo clock 1". M. Oration, by ll'uhard II. Wise, of Augusta .Me. I'oeni, by John II. Hopkins, jr., A. .M. ol'llur liugtuu. Hy Order of the Societies, M. lAVlNin.l., .S'rc. J'hi Kjim .Y. I'.. 11. SIIII.UY, ike. CiiiecitHi Inst. Uurlinjliui, July 'Wih 1317. sroi.nx. ttyuT I'llO.M tho Snbscrilii f, rut tlm yffl nijiht i the 2.M lusl., one p-nr oft'lllIK fl.l. K 1,1. oeier bills if. ICIllollllg tlltl. Sllllburil. tiimlilcs. blotlll es. ,iii-t. ties. riiuiwornis. sBlt rtieillll.crisiti.-las.or rasb. I. s, lile italisturilis dar k. salluiv.and disli.rim-.l i is. nges to cleur, fair and hcuulilul cnmplexiniis. )t ren dels the skin stnuulh, suit, dear xivcct, pure mid henl- thy. It is muui clienp.-i all oilier soaps recsnn uien. led lor the same purposes, and warranted much Vi.siiixv m:tsad sv.iyr.s. rglHK Ami.'ri.Min Nt-ti)- Tivini' Mntinliie 4 Hiring ('ii -, keep constantly on baud every des criptiou ol lliveraud likc l'lsiimg Ni ts and .-eiii'-s, com'.'tc.l and ready Inr u-c. Tb.-se Nits and Hemes are knit by hand aiiiung the liheriu-in's laiuilus ol Mnhie. where sncb wnrk can be dnllf nt V.TV Inw priecs, rer-uns wishing any description nl Nets or S. iocs, can lisle tbeni cnl lo heir order. In d.-sig-naiuig lie- sieof tliein.-li, th.-y will tilen-e r.aniellie entire length Irom the two cvtr.-iue knolls conip.ising l,eim-b. W.M. srowli. Al. Im'i No. 12 C'oiuniercial St. II0STON Coin:iU'i'ciai iVriJisis 4 SUIM'LY ok this ji'sti.y it.i,i:i!i:.ut.ii 11 Writing l-'luiJ received and lor sale , w lin es ue und t.uuuiiit.ii. July 20, 1SI7. Iwl A PIHST It.VTi: Alt'l' inanuraruirci! T nud lor snV by V. i.uunuis-ii-July 2U, 1117. lwt ( lli ury Tliimins' IStutr. ! A ! r. ril' V i: I! M O V T .) A'Pnl'mba Disri-.n-r ni- Ciurri.M.t.v, ss. S A Court Iml ten m Ibirbii.'lnii. within and fur lite Distriil alurc s-n.l be l-'lb il:ie of lull-. A. I). IM'r. nil lll-tril I ins-lit tiiirpnrtmg li. he the i.i-t Will nnd TeMninent of llcluy 'I bonias, late ol lbirliugtou, m District, Iceease.l. wnspres,-iu, u to uu- (. oun neie mr i rnnaie, ls.-in.-r. l'nr general toilet puipcr-cs il is superior in I ,v .Mrs. llnnnah Thomas, deiUee and legatie theiein uuported 1-rench, i.ughfh or Ibthn soaps, being en- t named. tir.-ly Iree Irom all poisonous admixtures or deleterious ! 'Pm nr.i-oai: il is ordered by said Court, thai public lugleilieius. .iiany persnil-s uiiniig die suuilll.T nininus notice lie gucn to nil pel sous colurneu luer.'lll lo np- nre tneatly nunoje.l by iitusguetocs rii.1 ntber pin-mi- pear helhru said Cnurt nl n session ilu-reol to be hol.bu nes insects, by niiplying ndw-ay'suap to llie bitten m the llegister'a nllice in ..iiA Dniliiifftou on llie parts it speeiiny ulleiiatis the pam, snnuries tin- irrua- second Wediiesilav in Aiis-im, ,. u, jsi,, mm con tatiuti and rcmovis ciery vc-lige of disliiureuieiit. t.--t ibe ptnbate of sain Will, mid it is further ordered lie nue to tisk for Kadwuy's Snap, and lake no other, ibat this irritrr Ik- trublisbed three weeks snc(rMi,-y Co to die adveilised agents and you will gel llie geu- i m .he Itu'rlnigtmi i-'i.-e Prefs, a newspaper print. d nt nine. ilurhngloii, in ibis State, the last of w Inch pitMn minus Sni.l in Hu-lington by A. C. Si-i:vtt, holesa'e shall be previous to lite day assigned ns ntoa'sanl for Ageni, Inr 12 J tents percale; in Vergeunes, 1-', Him- b.-arutg liugtuu; Wilhsinn, lliirlbutt ,t Hodges j .MiJdlebury, 1 tliien under myrim.l at the llcgistcr'n olliie, this N. I'. Ko.ssell; .MoutK-her, ti. W Scott. i 1-Jtli day of July, A. 1). Is 17 J. ,t I!. C. ItADWAY, a:i W.M. WI'.S'I'ON, Hegi.iter.1 5:f 2 Courilandi St., N. Y. , Ts , hx,r V.-UxU: ' STATU 0I-' VI'.U.MON'P,) T n IVobnle Court ibe lieinTH- oflb-tou. Albany. .Vr , and niu to bullish tn order, til tie-home prn. s, I-ruit I re. s, ,- sll.-.M 11....... 10 X . nil 11... , rape lie fill nuns I j , uuuet . .!-, v. ( simplest notlee. , , ,. I ban-1. Ho made nnmigenients wuli tlie tinnmac- , Hirers nl Horse I'nwere, 'riucl-bing Maibiiies, loWr .Mills, Sugar .Mills, t orn and l.oti t.iai-l ers-, , r-.ill be able to 11 sn iiiein on sum t uianu- lai lur. r's i,nre, w itli be lubhliuii "'I Ir. igbi only. r.trnieis, th s- Vur .ton. in im'. sustain i t I kiimv it will be I.t mur interes'. m do mi l I Lii.e. it IX'iil tint :i Inlin II riUUiellt t O C Ull 111.'.' you that it is lur jour in.rrrst to h ue une plnee in the , ' I.. - It... I I,,,,! i,r imiebhie I'OU mav u'-ed. JOHN S. PlUliL'l-:. llurliiieluti, July 2:i, HI,, Another Cheap LWmry roit i.ittu: ciiu.mcKN uv Sl l). v SCItOOI.N. Till: CIHLirS CAIIINKT LIBRARY, (O.vr.llMMI Sevtiity-lUr Hooks II011111I in l'ifiy Viiliimi's, ;iio.'l2 ti-., Moiueri, lucl.1, Iclli red uui'ibrml, OM.Y 8-i-j'J I'Oll Till-: I.IIIIiARY, l -ing at the rate of ." cents per volume, VuUhhcd Ui Uf Amtiicnn Sanduii- huul L'uhn, 117 Nassau Street New lurk. "trOI,. 1 llrend, the Stall' of Life. Coodaudllid I.iii k. 2. History ol Thomas llrown. I.ntlc Snsim nn, I ber l.lllnb. II. The Show ol Animals. I'be Pearl ..I Cr.-ui Price. I I be i-b -, or. Little . . Charle Nnauian, Ciiirrnliu tl"' Syrian Army. -. '..)... . ... 1 j ...... 1, ,.,...;....... "... i. i 1,,. ... I lie Kill. I iiiiue le.j. ..t.,i, ... ..'," -. . Vine. Cottage ol Cunlcnt. . Little Imn, tlie Hi-.nrMiian's liny. I'.y.s and No i'.y 1h.1t s.-e not : nr. Iluw- In r.- nl the l!hl" aright 6 llis- Inry of John Merry. The Child's 1 ir-t Alphab-t ol t'llre .Millies. -.1. liTUIIlioW ainT'lie I niuiiier f-inilll. The 'Pm Coti-iiir.mhii'n,.s. Id. 'I'be Village If. form ed Ann and I. lieu, nu. I '.be ki'teu. II. John ol the Seoie; or, Tlm Penitent llohln-r. The Happy Childrru. 12. The Sindiy S. h.rar. Little fluid's Scriptural Lessens. P.. John Price. Ilignndl'iis lard ; or, 'I'be Child's 1'ir-t Theft. 1 1. The Idiot. Jenny Harper. IS. Wou.lertul I M.uv llrown nud the Lniub. 11'.. Cballes luriay' The lli'imoiid Necklace. 17 M.inoir of l-'.-li' beth. 'Ph.- Knile. Cnndir. IH. 'Ph. llrokni llougb l'ne 'Plnius. P.I Ainu r'nuni's Sony l ing.T ot llli b.-s. 20. 'Pbe I.neky Stone. I'unr 'Plioinas made Kh-h. 21. War, TheN. wCnat . Tbanksgiiiiig I) ly. 'Phe Jl'inaway. 2 'I'be CircM-. 'Ph.- I'n-t Lie. 21. 'fbe Two .Master ; er Mercy and Cruelty. ,l!et-ey f'nrd ; or. Heedless Child. 2''. 'Phe Young!i.ini lireakers. 10.1 iue. -u. iiisiory oijonn I'. bins, the Sudor. 27. Ilible recouimeuded to Vuung People. 21. Hi.tory ol .lor linnet and his I'neiiil. 2'J. Milk lur llabes. i. 'Pbe Way to be Happy. '.II. 'I'be Lost Child. 32 Vicar's (i-ird.-n; or, Creek .Medal. :i:i. The Two Lambs :tl 'I'.niisr j or, Stun- of Su-au and Ihiulv Ho. Poeiical Lessons. M. 'I'be Sun 'J7 Sin round Out. IIS. I'lanees mid J. Hues, .'l-.t Hmorv ul li.t-.-y lirniiu. in. Linilf and Iter llmther. II Anu-i Louis-i Caiup bell. 12. 'I'll" Tulip; or, Selui-is I'aiorile. I.i. Co.! Old Catherine Prescott and the linyofDuiider II Memoir of Mary Co-iht lj. Djing liobber P'.. 'I'll-Lords Pinter Cvplamed. 17. One Minute Late. IS fsiuii. iliiug fur a Sunday-School Child to 'Plunk abi.ut. P.' Laura and Helen, on Sell-deuial : ur, Alice .Hid and her Missmujiy Sucieiy. 1-Vr sale by .1. C MHKKS, lull 117 St. N.Y. taming tli-i sn'i-t 111. e ot said peiitiou. Ibrce vie. ks sueccs-uvely in lb" lluilingtou l'ree Pn-ss.a newc p.-ils-r printed in said li.lllingluti, the lns of wbn,', i.i'.blitnll.Tlls to Ik- previous to s.lld second Wedlltsday in Aug-.-t, 1,117. tiiu-n -ii.ler nil- hand at said lliuliiiL'lou this I5lh I 1 d-iy ol Jisf, lsi s' .1 ii 11 u ee 1 11 v iiemtirr. .11 it thill's Outline .1I:im. rplli:ii: SI'I, i:DII) MAPS Imc been ereil I for several years past in llie Academies and Schools of .M-is-achnselts, New York, Peniisyliaiii 1, I I!ii,i riti.l seier.-d nlber Sillies. In the llllilelsal satlsfae- Hon ol teachers and piiiils. lliey lacintate llie study ur. thrrr. A. D3. ;:.! A: 'o.' PI A NO-FORTES. I fipill'I r.MIKItSKl.VPI), HWIMi r,TKI.YSPP..T a. several d-ijs ill evainiuing p-rsonally th" Piano , t'olT. s ol all ",he prin. inal f-irtories in Neil- 'oik, ba I coin baled, aller n au.l t'lnrueeh invesligalinn, ti'.-i '.l,!oo.'s mariiel ll'.u-.- lt'a.le Iiy these 111-gi-inuus W-nnon'.-rs, as b. ing, ticeunling t(V b's judg lueiit, nearer lo peil.-ctin'i tlnll any oth. r whalivcrhu has met with. Pbe .-p.-ri. lice anitir.-d bytlieiuau ul.ietiire ol nearly 2'Mil instruments; the einplojment ot lid of tb" ii..ei sUiU'id w1.1km.-11 ; ibe ndopi iml nl nil llie unt unprui'-t'o-ntsnl ihe day, nnd the u-.- uf steam pnwrr, nun- giineo inr ineni iiirougiiuui uie uiiue.i ftnies a reiiutatr .11 sn high lb-it ten in-truni'-nts a week "tlu'tr iti s.-nt yiod'.it) c.iunot satpidy their .leiiiau.i These Pianos bemg tnt'l'. us be can cons, i, lUiously r. cniuuiii.b 'lie Mndersis-neil will iMii-iantlj k.-p on baud one ot more l'nr.ib .t.ii.1 Irom the sus.Ti..rity of 1 lie ir tullcli. tnue, I'l'Ct fn.l treble notes, as well as 1 their tliniJins in lime ami dfirnbilil-j in nil other r--1 speits, b- will warrant lli'-m tn ive satisfaction, ur the mum tl li'lil be lelilfneil Walker's Hiirmnlliu I Allaehme'nt, a ib. ap and delightful ail.htiou, will Is; supplied, ifiupincil. (This is entirely ibllerent from the lloliau Atlarbmcnt.) 'Pbe si.lciidi.l lnstrnm. nt now used In- tb" Handel ami Haydn Society, whiili is iii-kiinwleilged l.y all wbu b ur seen it tu t.e ino town, is t..r sale, liud lll'iy Is- seen ui uie line nl Ve-iry by uppliimioii in .Mr. Coi.Ki'r., the Mud, at .Merrill . sUup, curlier ul luiicgc ami n nue slrecis. Another IV? In'IriVnenl may W seen at the liuu Sloreof.Mr C II. IMwanls. l'or term-, iU-. ni-ply ihrotigh ihe Post Ofll.-e tn .".III C. T. HOPKINS. IJA'PII.N'P nnd Common Sperm Candles, Purn Sperm and llle.-ielied Whale Oil, pi-d reieivcd and w.iri. iiited to sutiMy those in s. arch ol light. Jf.y,lMT. :i A. S. UKWI'.Y. SCHOOL I'Oll ROYS A.NI) GIRLS. I T. i!r,:'i;!)ICr wihi, iippx a Scihkii, ) on ihe (ii-i .Vnu'i-,1- ol S. ptfnl-v fet, for thos. in ourtri1'!.. sdii ol.wlviwi-H to ubU'm u thoiuuH liusine-s Lnglisb I'.ibu .ition. . 'I intioii for l-hnrli-h branehis j " " Higher " i,J . Tin following text honks will he used. Ciigli-b Iittiiilies. Price SO.2.1 0-2:1 " d,Vi " 1,(KI " tiH " (1,21 pYCLOI'AlIDlA op I', J I vols, tunj lotted on Diseases ol llie l-.y Ihtli ielrii Chittenden, m. linldeii m ll.irling-1 tun, within end Inr the Disinct iitunsaid nu the 10th I lay ul July. A H. 1st., nn In-triiini nt l"'tpmting tn na -e,bca,bv llallard and Cariod; Cutlei's ,nat Iw the last ttl'l ai-l I estainent nl Luis .nlbio,l-ite .,1 ,... Kn-eiienberger's Nat. lli-ory,:tis. ; said District decenxd, was presented lo the , ,.r.a, by Siiirievant ; I ightnn's Wniks.cniu Cuiirl here Inr Probate, by Pearl L. La-ilc, llie t-xecii- ,,,.Wi u,j siu, . AlH ,r., ikm , , ,v. I'auled. . ers: Alls. Sienuru, 1 s l'..iieiil Woiks: M.-m-li, Webster's Speller Hid MclMlfr, Sanders' Third Krad. r Sweet's Practical Llotution .Milch. Il's Ccogrnpby llullioiis' Lug. Cinnunar 'Phouipsnn's Aii'lmietio All siliohrs Mill be lc-piired to gne attention .j reading, -.'e'libg, I'.riongnud compu-itiun. Higher Itiiini-lii'.. Davics l'irst I,.s,iris ut Algebra, Price -jn.7.1 " It.milotrs " " l,2" " Ceoiu. try nn d Trigonometry " l,2'i " lbiiwiiii: nnd .Miiisuratiuii " 0,75 " Suri.-nig " i.''i Olmsted's Astionnuiy -1 li,7.' Cuii.-r's Aiiainniy and Phj siology " 0,s7 Piesion's Hook li.-t ping n 0,s7 Particular ntti ntioii will be given to .thd subject of liook-keeping und nl-o to pructical fcuriejiug, tho druwuigol Maps, Cbuits, ,v,c. Il h.isbiin (uni.mplati.l, in 'dr'ilic.tien with this school, to establish a '1 cacliers Ili-'ilute lor lie r.'Uil ty, lor the bt-n"tito ilio-c who wish to prepare tli.-in-sell estii 1. aeb in common n'.ooK Assoun ns piuc tlcnble this d.-s'igii ill . earned into CXt't Ulloll It is esjK'.'l.illy de'imble ll.nt the pupils should bu f l1:::': "::'sas:ilSz;:i. i .. ?fui? : " !.l:lc"f:!:!!!!; 1 ' ev; S h ej : : Vi, ,,irb,;g,:!u:je,vr,l!;17"ll',,h,;urm- ,.j .... v . iiiii.l -ijni,iii ii..iiiiiiiri.1e,,.ii niu ... , - Loiion : Muikriiean's VVoil.s, v mi-. em ,norari em- - - . tieoeiicil or 4nl C. COODIIICII.' ny tin- mate nun L,oumy isuperiuu-im- ,,iu.e be giii-u lo nil iiersouscoiicerned tlierem tonp- L-,OI1 . simksiieai efts of Vermont to be introduced into ihe Schools in ,e!ir fure said Cnurt, nt ases-ion ihereof to beholden t, ,y.c. this State. Tieenry-t'uiir .';. nud a hey can be t i. Kegister's.oHice in said Huihnginn.ontlirseeond J,dv -.m obiiuied for the sinalfsuui ol Iini-x rot.i.Anv. Wc.biisday iii August, A. D. 1117, and con'est the I . ' Is. ir So, ew'.s m. I'.so . Auction nil. I ComilllRlnn ,.r,.l.:.te .A sni.l Will nti.l it isli.tlber ordered thai this I .Mcichaut, west side ol Court llofs Muare, n 'P-1 order be published lhree weeks suri.s-iiely in the punned Agent lor the above Outline .Maps, tn whom liurlmgiuu l'ree Prison news paper primed at llur school oll'iccrs ol luwns nud districts are relened. liugtuu, lu tins State, the lat ol wlnih pitWicatiniis CllAlil.Ln u. lil.mi.vLL, I sb-ill be preiiuus to the day as-i 'lied, lis aloresanl lor lie-irillg, Civ ni under my hand nl ihe llc.'iMcr's Ofl'rr, this lnth.dayolJuly A I). Id IT. W.M. WLSTON, June ll'.lh HI7. Ilw.t Hegistei . Genet ul Aseul Jul Ihe blate tij I'eiinunl. Iluiliuglon, July -ii, I17, .tltililclii Coining's INtult'. IM'ORAIATIOX WANTED. T7 HM0N1) LYNCH, iinwat Ktt..r, N H., wants Ji to lcaru the whereabouts ol his brotlier Jereiiuali STATU OF VLIl.MON'T.J T a Probnte Lynch nnd livosi-ters, .Mary nud Clleii Lynch. They ' Disriucr or CiurTi.xpu.N, ss. J Coutt hoi nre smuiosed lube on cither the Kulland or Central ,,., l',,,l;,,,,i,,,, ,,n,l l',,r .be lli-in. i af.ire. O three lears old S'I'l-'.l'lls: iii.l.s Uailroa.l in Vermont. Ilibturs of nailers ui the vicinilv sfii.l ., .1... sPv.1. ,1.... ..f l,.le Ill 111? no Instrii. on three ol their horns when taken, the bush ol their j of iheseruads will oblige hint and them l.y publishing lllt.m purporting lo he the las! Will iiud Testament ol tails wliiie, nud one is uoiue larger ami iienvier than' tnis. ajil, iuiiuh. - , jlulaclu Loruuig, line ol llurlingtoii, in said Ui-triet the oilier. Said cnttlf were offered lur sale by the tliiet lo .nr. .vif ecu 01 ,-ueinurne, nut iieing too rinse. ly .piesiiuiied tie passi-.i on, anu aiierwarils uiieied them lor sale to .Mr. L. Stone, uf Charlotte, and being here .ptestioned more closely, proposed leaiiug ti,ei win. ,vir. rsiuiir. inr n lew ilajs. It is. sitppused the thief afterwards touk theui Irom there, ns ibey are missing. A reward of S13.IKI Will be naid for the nnureben. sion of the thuT, and nny information ressu-ting the cattle haiidsoincly coiupeusatcdj A.MOS llLAl). vill'irioiie, July lai,, -,nu sthayiw on xtoij:. iV-n A HixicilT IIav Hnitsi:. 1 Vimus ty fiKI, juiitf mil, 3 white fret, nml nbotit 15J ti'iinis lith. II" ctirlt-ii Fi-uciun r'!is tiiion ihe tliirl tl the nltow liiiilioiu't) catt't., A liU'rul rtvaril will he luiil lar the return ol (he liurw or ihe npiiri-lifti-jiuii ol the thief. V:, MIJIX'IK hhellmrnc, July .9, itw'A EGGS.' EGGS.'! A X AlUiNDANT SIII'l'JA- of Fkesii Huos Kccne, July 15, iji.lO Itt-uar... deccns.-d, was pre.ented to the Couit hen- fT probate, hy Ceorge II. Shaw, the llXeiiiior ilieu-in naiued. TntaOoKU it is unit-led hy said Coilrt, Unit public yV.xSTKAYEI) Oil STOLliN, KHOM TUP. pear before said Court nt a session thereof tn be hold pasture i,r Sanr.-l Davton, in the Sivth at thr Ilegister's olhce insaid Ibirhugtoil on lite ee Wiird ol llie citv of Troy, on the iiitht cf the '.'Jib ond W ednesday in August, A. I). HI., mid cintcst June, a IIUOWN .MAIUI, about 8 I'Carsold, bib-tail, 'he probaie of said ill, nnd it is liither ordered lint about 15 bands high, a square null smart trotter ; a I 'his order Ik' published three weeksniccissiiely iu tlie small white star in iheforihead; llie main llnws n, lliiilingtnu 1'ive Press, n new simper printed al llur the right hand jshe has the hair rubbed nir on llie in- hngtun, in ihis Slate, the lu-l ol which publications side of both hind legs j the socket ofher right ej e, if shall Ik-previous lo llie day a.-.-igned as aUitt.-jid lor observed closely, represents n dcrorinity.beingcouside. hearing. . rably lower on thai side ol the head iliau the lelteye ' linen under my hand at the licgisiirs olhce, this She has, aim, what is called splints, un the inside uf full day of July, A. U. 1117 both her leg", below Uu' klirm. I all W.M. M LS PON, heshler. A reward of will be paid for Ihe retilnt of -ii.1 ,T777w , ,, " .Mare j nnd if stolen, a reward ol 82 will he mid fur V'.li.lf bull o.ihh. the arrest ofthe Unci, or splfnr ; i""rinaliun "hereihe ,JJ SUltSCUIIilllt 0P1T11S l'OH Sll.i: TIIK .Ulire UnV llC IOUU 1. lIUIll.. llJIIUUn.s, i. I.iel, lie 1,,..A nt., Kit,, ..I' llkl Truy.June Ud, I3IT. 5n3 this day received at July'.'J, 1117. a. s. i)i:wi:v'.s. Chittenden Giniity Ctmrt, Much Term, IS 17. loLLt.Tr t r. Jtsst C.vv. Whluka ihe said Fullelt ,t llrn.lley, j.l.-iintifl-., on ihe 'Jib day nl .March, IS 17 riinunciiceil their action of hook ncioinit ugaiitst said Jesse Cay,, ie lurnahle to said March Tuin, 1M 17. of Chilleiideii County Court, demanding the sum of 200(1 dollars lo balance book nccouuts. between the parlies: which suit was duly entered in said Courl nt sii.l Term: and It .niu.n.;,,., lr.,l.e l'.,r ,1 1 1.1 ...... .!.., I .... ,, i,-i- u,.., ... . ..ui, , i ,nv en.., ,,.iv, ne.iiiiiuii., residis out of the Slate of Vermont, and had not had personal liolu e ol llie puidrucy of said suit, service having been made in ihe none by ull.-iilimeiil of plop erly, Il is ordered by the Court ihat said suit lie con tinued, and ihat notice of the uendency thereol be niieil to said Jesse Cue be inihlishiiiL. llie siibsiance of said order ill tho llurtiugion Free Presa newspaper, lor uirce vieeks siiccessiieiy, uu-last 01 wmcu punii ratiuiu to be at least twenty da)s Klbrc Ihe next term ol' Mini Comt. lu wiiuesn m hereof 1 hate liereuulo set tny hand Ihis 20ilt day ol July, l17. C 1. AIL AW, 5w3 tUii.CleikofsMCvmt Sft A STOKIS tu Kent neiir tliu Siiuuri', iSt Uti'imrc ulllus ollice. July. Oil EST 11 A YED, rHOM TUB I'ASTUHU op nn: stinsrm- i lit i oil Ihe P.'tll inn., a LIC1PP Kill) COW, .. T I..ii..i... aires ol uuod laud. 1)0 ncrcs undr nood iiiitiioit-iiiciii the rest in spruce anil hard wood. There is a good boii-e and b.tiu and other oiit-bmldiugs ; alsii a sugar nud npi'le tin'br.rd. Said firm is well watered, nml is one id the bi-sl grazing farms hi the State Sduutid tne cnioti linage, t ur luruier nlsiiil W jenrs old, ol middling size, ends ol her herns particulats inipitre ol llie subscriber S.IWCU Oil. ,IHK-ll ... tinnit lil " Hits 111'.'. Illlt liull, at Ihe Class I'aitoiiv Sioki:, while she mat- he ' . , .it , . -...I i.. . .-.I. ..i luunu.'uau oe tuiuiuij 'v"""""' vv,.tilJlVi lllAi Iluiliuglon, July 27, H17, 5w'J F. II. 1SIIAM. 2wr, l'nderhill, June 30, 13 1 VATJiST. I'OIITAIII.I., r.l HHOXATJSl) CREAM MEAD. TVUri SUHSCItlMBK WOL I, I) HBSI'BCT- I fully iul'tirin tlie iuliabitauts ol llurhugton nnd of " i T.r. bivf.. i,.., ii it v. hw'."'r'f,;:"v..':"'?" 4- M. I'UIK'll iO.Mi yni, uv mill flDt l MK lUs II U) ItUlllllltHI IU UIIU tlllll to the lafctpariui MuniiiKHm, uu raiunmy, alter yml the ,itiocurltcie uie j ears fciuee, nml tnnt lie L O S Tt SAI ALI., darK.complc'iune.t, black-eied Hoy, j.i i, t of w liorlb Iwrries, since which lime noihing has been beard ol Inni. Any one mining mm win comer a la vor l.y repotting io ims nmo on i fScleel School. 11 ICC r. It v."P.U!Y Ull 1 enuiteve.. ...... lll.VI lit Ml. .'"tt"" ...... s ..,.( j, IH.Il. Tl nen 1 1-r m on Monday, the 23d of An.-u.i 1 Scholars are eAjiecled to tiller at llie luiiuuciict-meul ufthe term, . . , , , , . Til ition: F.iiglisli $3o 1,00 l'reucl t,iKI Diawmg, .... 3,0(1 Sdiool room one door west of .Mis. LvxawoRiuv's, up stairs. Uuiliugton.July 3D, HI.. sjw I is nianul'actilriiig the Sillsuiianllil nud L.-uion to Wholesale & Helail, nlid wnrrante.l superior to any other lM-icrage ol the kind, as it is not injurious hut productne of health. l'orsale at II. II. .Mill IILl.LS Saloon, South Hast Comer ol Church and College elii cts, or ut the .Manutactiircrsi While streci, Ibiibnulon, Vt. WASII1NCT0N VAl'CHN', lliirluvlon, Juuc2l, lr!7. 2w I " WiiTfs.i- ICi llt s. 1 I)()Z. &M()HBofWimi).soiiHikm:s imi J. a l-- l.uglisii single und Double baml tiims, Fotsjk by HiiiMjiuo jj li,-, f,,Lr, . : tte n i:s i . u pe .v. A SI'I'CHIOH A It I II I.i: of Lee r I'.uirl- r oils. lnallltlat tuii-d and lor sale. win.!. -ale and road, by C, OOODItlCU. .inly .o, llli, wl N. II. "ur Lui elopes are made ol line paper, and are the best in inarKct. l or S ilo or to'ltrut. fjMii; dwbijMxi; noi'Si: .lt ?n- 1 ii.iMilnit ihi-eotiitT ot llnttkinul t'lmtuphtm know n n-(In1 1 1 1, ninl :ittl y V li.'iirniii-ii. TlKTe i-.n t"n wrll l Jier, rilenii luirii, fheil iVe , c.hkI rd'ti mi!i Iruit trti-. !ir terni' apply I" (eu S-Muiij tflielhurne, ot Ihii.niui'Uv HnHlKT", Hurlinirtoii. rim: imk'U. niuiKU's comiMw, at lirtiitiiH- W'n.-', mi; 'i tt Vtittittij A'. 1'. 7 .Millions iiistlird ninl No Assessments fJMIIS Cojiimxj tits ciiun'tilin) nv Tin: 1 l-gsbilure, Aplll S'Jntl, 1"31. 'l'hcy loiiuneiir- ed tlolll.' btisip,-.s.s on Ibl li on seol ii.iitrti, -t ... m . HHIS DAY ItlJCIll Villi rPiMssortincntolTnp 1 u the l.'.thof May. Is 15, simv whieb time they hue JL mill Letter PnH'r, In'ni the celebrated .Mills ol insured propertv I., (be ol over fee nitltiniit nj imuitrn, mane nn tirtiniiriti, mid liarr now ni tbc ENVELOPE PAPER. 4 S!1I!.Y lilu.-ivs ttt. liiiu.l nf Ibl,, bs,e or Post V Olliee I'-ipcr, anil l'nr sale as ibeap as i-an be bought this side ol'Ni-w Volk July 211, 1017. : C. COODIIICII. 1 CAP AM) EETTElt PAPER. Craiw .V. Co., Daltun, Mnsf, July VO, 1117. s-1 C. COODIIICII. WsVi'ih'il. ttood Currier will hud constant cmploitnetit for iV cu?h, through the Season, by applj uig nuiiiedi-i. . I.. . .. i. I . l. t M I tell- lo Pearl filtcc .July S-I, IS1T. L C. LOOM IS, Iw'.i neasury wilh wbu h in pay loss,',, mmr tiioisvmi t.i.i.u:s, nn.l the huiilco'irlnmly incieii-ing Imm ihn perrcnlnge paid in by mw uppluauts. All losea have Is-i-it promptly luiid. 'Plus (nnip my nildii-sscs itself partirulatly lo llio 1'MiMtf.s of tbe nuntry,lH-uig di-ignrd lur their ! n clll. The very luw price al wlin h ib. v iilsure prop, irtv, and the lai t that nn nr--liii nts bale let Is en made, and probably will not be I t main icnrs. il c-- cr, on account ol tbe large nml niiTca-inj Inn. I now Ann Uui ring I.iii'-. IMntc. . le.t i,... i rii.ttiinl..,! It. liuilornble lb" Piob.iieCi.iut for the District ol j" l'"' tna-iiry tn i nu. t any toss, s that may wuir, nnd Chiilcndcn, Conuni-.-ioneis to reicne, cvanune nnd i l11' l-iwr i .onion llit-j ndopi in insuring ,roierty agailist viu.ig. s inni oilier pi.icis wliere it is vcrv ba niliu-t Ibr clniins nud ilemailils ol all ls-r 1'ir estate ol am UAliatM.l.iN lair ol liiiriuu.iuii iii said l)i-iriil,ilecensri.riprrscnied in-ulu nt. Olid al-.i all claims nu I d.-uian.U e.vtiibitrd ui nlf-et tlu-reto j and siv nionllis from the day of the dale helcol being allowed by said Court for llinl puriose, we do Ihere foie hereby giie nmue, Ihat we will ntlend In the Iiiis.iicks ol our iippnuiliueiit at the olliee ol John N. P.nneroy in llurlinlun l;i said di-tricl, ill the first .Monday of Septeiiils r in l, nt ltlu'.-I.H-k, A M, Duel, llns 2lihda) of .lube A. I). 1I7. JOHN . I'O.MI.KOl, ii. c com:, Iw3 C.iuii.-iij..ioHri j. 'S'o I lie rohlii-. U'B UAYB ItBC'I). si;i:i!Ai,uxrpiis op late, Ihe wtiteis of which, nre under ihe impies sioiiihatwe h ive Li.uois ol dill.-reiii kinds in store, nud Ibr sale nt Poll Kent in Ihe Slate ol New Voik Tin is tn inform the Public, thai we are mil ji I driv en lo die necessity ol nu h sublelliige lo Induce trade, or to fiade ibe Laws ot the Slnie llurlingtoii, July, 1SI7, J IIHADLIIY A, CO. pilMIK Vl.M:i;Alt"rilir first .pialnTniaThT' X nl A. 8 di:wi; s. July It., .1 ' l'0lt"sALK7 'IMIlll'll Ijou piiiclii iim: Uoiim: M'tno.vs I at rclmcd prices, pa) able in 1'roJuce or wood ueitt winter. LI, IAS J.Y.MAN, , llurlingtoii, 15 July, 1HI7. A I Dili: of llnrse sinnll 'Pubs of. Mnckcnl. nl-o i It I reUaud Holt llarnli, AOS. 1 aim I received July H'., HI'. Iiaie been A. S. DKWLY. a ard. lis. It Is Is'bel'u . bl' lllnse I, Mil, I. ..I ,l, pruuiples nnd uiethod ol doing Ui-ineiss, that it olli r the go al. -I induieineiiis to the i-uminumiy gen, raby to lorn iium, ol uui-insurance ci tuwnv in ibe Slain ol irniont or New Voik. Tb.-v me prolublied Irom Inking msnmikr iijs.n any kind ol mills, ta, tones, machinery, labiu, t makers joiuvis' or coo-rssho, iwn ihousnnd dollars at any one rixuic 'Phe plm- ot doing businrs., f iim Coiiip-iuy is nt r-t (irnm ill,-, N. Y on the stagn roud Iroin Vi In Tiny, N. Y , mud on.' hundred rods Irnm il.e Verinoul hneloii whi.h there is a daily mad. For limb, r inioiinutmii rel.-reuce is made lo ihe several ag. uis ..I Fninkhti and Laiuutllo counties, Vt , wb, mr niillmritsl tu take nppllen' linns Inr uiMuiiiiie ; nnd the Coiupauy guaranler tint all surirts Ink. n s-rsonully b) eiihrr ot slid neents nhnll he tiiiidiug on llie Couiimny. I.einittniicis lor all losst's in llie emu iti.s ol Flultkllii nud Lannnllr, will be niaile in (In eith.-r of the Ikuiksof llur hugton it Si, Albans, ut il.e rlrclion M' Ihe person sustaining ihe lis, llulnril.Hl"l niter Ihe loss- is sail. Inr.oiliilli shown ; and in Bin' ol J) disngiccnient jtetweeti ihe Company mid the ihmiiihI, il may, at I bo rlecilou ol lie' iiisiucil, If .subiitiltrd tontbiiriimrs i.m luallt cb.ssen in llu- r'riinly vrberr the I -s hapiH-u-s. A W Srtasnn.1 Jnui I! Wiiimik are liimluic! Ueuls win, lus i.sis-clcd. uillcldlou llie (jtttieisgr. n.-nillj nl ilin'r rnl.-i(.rs. and ns rive nppli(nnns. Thi'i'Spenseol becui.iiug instiled lor live yiais U nsloltows: i or .'. or inuier, 3.iv. isl, hon, lotki, 1200, 15 s). 201 HI. IM S.IH. li.(HI, I'll,. irr:M!Y iu'i.klf.y. rte.u ... .. ,., ,. , -''' "' Hl-sll'T, sVc'ii (.ram nle N !'. 13 1st; lui .