Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 6, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 6, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST 6, 1847. Colonel Churchill. I of their fcllow-citizcns. nnJ receive some honorable I tiK'inurial ofllicir approbation. Colonel Churchill, as The subjoined communication comes o us by worthy . citizen and as brave and skilful ni, ollicer as ,. , ,J , ,, , , ... , lrteins any State has sent forth, will nut certainly bu over mall, with the I'oM Murk of" Now Urlruni Momllllltl Slatc whn(. ,c wus July 20th." It Is very opportune. meg..- ,oln nnJ ltl wlich he lms since pn$-it such portions of hii hie ns could be spared Irom the discharge, of his imlitjiy duties. I am, very icspectfully, " A Gkel.v Moi'NTAlJS Boy." ittnvvicu, C A It I) . Tn the llui Huston llnndcl anil lloydn Society: In a special meeting of the SociLTV OF Ktl.mtous IsqciKY, it was unanimously tcsolvcd that the licit u.saro.N Hamiu. and Havun Societv is worthy of Infill commendation and the thanks ol the Society fur Hi niluiirabie performance on the evening ot their late anniversary. lly order oi the Society. J. 11. lltiltltlCK, JVfiuVnf. H. T. CARLTON, Sccrclnry. lantiinrl vpter.iii soldier, to whose I ibniloiH, val liable and cllieicnt soi vif es us chief of Iho stulVof Gen. Wool. It so appropriately alludes, and whilst- bravery nnJ gool conJuct on the desper ate field ofllUKSA Vista, are so widely known, has been on a brief visit lo Hurllngtoti during the present week, and been warmly welcomed by our citizens among whom ho is noless tle-orvcJ-ly respected and esteemed as a man and a gen tleman than as an accomplished and meritori ous oflicer. Col. CitrKcniLL Is a Ycrmontcr in feeling and spiiit, "No less than by slate-birthright," and is every way entitled to the consideration that Vermont ought to show for one of her tons who h is passed a life-time in his Country's service, andhv whose character and reputation she is honored. We trust the generous sad pjfcl t rintic sttL'itestion of our Correspondent licliiW. tniy meet a proper response at the appropriate time and pi ice. Col. CillT.cmtx witli his estimable lady and .laughter, were in Hurlmgton during the princi pil Uxcrci.-esuf the Commencement of tint Uhi vei'ity. and are t.i vv, uc understand, on a visit U their friends in Westport N. Y. (Correspondence of the Free rres.) Ntvv Orixans, July hi, 1517. ... .i .I. V.-eo nutltnffnn. rl. ' V" t,:' Zl ,1 Z nubile mess m,d in other .At market MO beef cattle, (including 130 head of ' , ' "" , ..,, n, .. '"' ea lie.) i yulies vvoiKing Linen, a, Cows and ways, oecn iimuc "i"'"" "" 1 - waives, r.iou cueep una l.ainiis.mid 170 swine. inarch of General Wool from San Antonio, in Texas, Deej Cattle Extra, 37 J lint quality G,7i, second to l'arras. in Mexico, a town one hundred and twenty aim imni ipi.-imicsiroiiip 10 i,-j. , , . ,1 .ini, i . lluiinw Orcn sales made nt S73, 80 and Ml nines norui-wesiui ...... - , ,-oici ,, ruiirj Dull. Sales noticed at SIC, "1, .. .. tt....l -...I il,. ,.lll..n.B .in.! tiiii ttlin ncpniniui. I t I .--., i - ' ' KI1 H UUt UUU llll "lllVlir ,, '" " I" .l, ..U, IIIIU .11 ,JU, Hied him ill his long and arduous march and in the j Sheep unit Kamlia All sold before they arrived at celebrated battle of lluein Vista. Among these Hi- IroVn'V-.-. :ri"ei frU'" " " 'U3a3, B"J l'a",bS cers.and of whom honorable and distinguished men- j ,v,r,'P'()'y ont. 9mill iut 0f CO new ones at lion has been made in the reports of Generals j msikct, the rest weie letl over from last week, mid, in Tavlor and Wool, is Col Sylvester Churchill, Iniec- consciiiicncc ol the small supply, the prices obtained In Trinity Church, ltuthnd, on the 7th July the Itcv. Jons A Hicks, WILLIAM II. II. OWKN, lo M Ally IlI.lZAUliTII.daughter onion. Gr.onoE T. HoDGtS. I riuf'a'inihti- Watitvd. l!Alii;i) propostils will be ruiul ,, by IJT the l.'iihday of the present month, for 450 CHAM) ISLE. The Whigs of (iriind lsie County arc notified lo meet in Convention, nt the Coukt llofsc, in Nonni, on SATURDAY, the JUt DAY OK AUGUST, at 10 o'clock, A. M., for Iho purpose of nominating their Candinate for Sen ator in the State Legislature. By order of Committee. iHavkcti llriKhtoti Cnlt'c .llurkct, .tlonilny, Aug ntfOniED FOR THE In Shelburne, on the 231 Inst,, Aum.UA, wife ol Clijah Cro'.inan, aged 61 yenis. Also, June SUtli, Marsh, wife of Albert Itoclofson. At VcrgennesVt. Aug. 'Jd 19l7,James Uiker, sou of Kmc 1. and Julia Ann N. I'onda, aged one year aim six mouths. liifc Iiitui'sittcc. TIIH SUIlSCIUUEIt is ArCxt roit nm N'r.vv Kxolanp MtTCAt, l.irr. Ixsuiunck Com TANY, and will cllect i lsutnticc on lives on terms that cunnot tail to prove satisfactory. ,S. Wlltr.S. Uuiliiigton, Aug, 1,1317. fG tint I 450 hml pine -piles hum Lit,, Kl m lenclli, as tlie snbscli ber shall direct, not less than 8 nulii s in diameter nt the small nor over 12 inches nt the laigeelid, lo be de livered In eqnil proporlioii on the Darlington and -"1: chesier sides id the Itiver near the line ol the Cenlial Itailroad. Cash on full deliveiy. , , 11AIIKY IlltAOI.PA', -iRfn. llnthngtnn, August 5, 1H 17. 9w SUNG HOOKS. Not Soiig'tcr, &.e. Ac. CO:s OI' Till: NVTION. Gems of Song, Jlntp ol Crin, l orgrt-Ale-Not Songster, ive. v AusiistS, 1817. Cwl C. GOUDIULII. IlISTOllY OF IRELAND. rpin: msioitv ir iiti:iM), i,y ti,e I Anne MtGi oiiiian, iuipvrinl 8vn., four steel en gravinas, sheep library stjlc. Price, s:i,St. This is the best hilory of Ireland that has ever been published. llns nay uceived by U. GUOIJltlCII. MlgllM s, llll. f,w I lor General cf the Army of the United Slates, a mime of Vermont, and who has, with his family, resided in that State a portbn of the time not devoted to his olhYial duties. Those unacquainted with the details of the match lo which I have alluded, are not aware, probably, of the oneiows, responsible and delicate du nes devolved upon Col. Churchill, nor the labor per formed by bun in dulling ihe men, in seeing tu the proper care and preservation of their anus, and m en forcing among them rigid and necessary discipline 'hat discipline n essential to raw troops in an enemy's ciuutry and whiuli was so conspicuous on tlie biuudy I field ol Buem Vi-ta. C' Cnurclull had been designated by the War De partncnt to repair to Illinois and Missouri, to imt'ter 1'ito service, and to send forwaid with all possible de-1 spitch, the troops duecled to be laised in tiiose Slates. This duty he discharged with nil celerity and in the ir.o-t satisfactory manner, peiforinmg it in a way en tirely agreeable to the Government, and to the ollicers and men with whom he was brought into official communication. Gen Wool hiving been assigned to tlie rnmmand of tlie " army of the centre," a division of about four thousand men, which had hern 'ordered to icr.drtiuu at Sju Antomo, ond to penetrate from thence to Chi huahuaasked at once ol the War Department that CM. Churchill might be attached to his corps as chit f of his staff. This icipiesi was complied with, though not without some expression, ,,f doubt by the Adjourn General ol the Army at Wu-hiiigtnn, who was awaie ol the laborious and responsible duties which would devolve upon the cfileer to accompany (Jen, Wool in this capacity, and of the delicate health of Col Chur chill, whether he would be able to sustain himself - through so Itaig, and, as it was then supposed, pel ilous a much II" repaired, however to the hcnd-ipiarters of Gen. Wool ut San Antonio, and immediately lom jneuced the organization of that column ol the army wro have since done themselves so much credit. On the "full September, Gen. Wool took up his line of march with a pattof his command, and lelt Colonel Churchill to move with the remainder after nti inter val of a few days. lie, with his brigade and a large wagon train, marched as duected, and came up with the advance at Monclova, the former capital cf Coin bulla, about four bundled miles Irom San Antomo, hiving performed the march ill o very short period of time, unj brought up his cominaud in admirable order and in excellent health and spirits, l'loin Monclova to l'arras, il e route to Chihuahua having been aban donedthe whole column, with ihe exception of a small guard, moved together under the dui-ctioii of General Wool, Col. Churchill being still cinplnved as second in command, and discharging, at the same tune, the peculiar duties devolving upon him as In spector General. At Parras, on express arrived from Gen Worth, announcing the udv ante of the Mexicans in heavy force, on ihe Sau-huis-Potoui road, and urg' ing the immediate presence at Sulu'lo of Gen. Wool and his division of the army. General Wool al once muvedlurwurd with his mounted iren, leaving Col. Churchill to bring up with the infantry, and speed) mg Ihe piece moment al which ihe rear must reach his camp. At the hour indicated, Colonel Chcrrhill had joined him his men not fatigued in high spirits, ond prepared for instant action. It must be remembered tint this inarch fiom Parras to Saltillowas undertaken in conseq ience of the express fiom General Woith (General 'Iovlor, with the inuin division of his army being on tlie march front Monterey to Victoria, i re. porting tlie close proximity of a large .Mexican force, and tbe probability of an muiii'diaic and fierce encoun ter with greatly su ior numbeis. Yet to admirable was the discipline, and so thorough the oiganization enforced and perfected by Gen. Wool and Col, Chur chill, thai this large force was moved, upon on in- iiuuee, over u route ol sixty miles with wonder ful rapidity, in most admirable order, perfectly pre pared for battle, into which it cjpecled at once lo be engaged. Next, Col. Churchill is found performing a distin cuished and honorable pail at the battle of ltuena Vista, entrusted by Geueruls Tavlor and Wool with most important duties, and discharging them with signal ability and bravery. He was at limes in tl.e thickest of the fight, where the balls Hew fearfully, having his gallant charger, on which he was mounted, wounded several limes, lie directed, at one lime, daring the fierce encounter, when the enemy were pressing upon it, in overwhelming numbers, the move incuts and operations of the 2d Illinois Hegiment, at a moment too extremely critical, and when its lute do pended upon the disposition to be made of it and which induced nil ollicer ol that Itegimeut, in a letter written to Illinois and published in one of the paper of that Slate, to say, that "Col. Churchill was every where duty or danger called, and that a braver old man never sat upon a battle held While the different States, through their Legish- lures, and in enthusiastic meetings of their citizens are doing honor to llieir son", from the General to the subaltern, vi ho have distinguished tlu uisehes anil gal lantly upborne the I'lag of their Country, at Palo Alto, Kcsaca de la I'alma, Monterey, liuena Vista and Cerro Gordo, by voles ol thanks, by swords nud med als, and by brilliant receptions, will Vermont look coldly on, and sulHrr her sons to be passed over, unno ticed and unhonored 1 And who more worthy of some distinguished token of respect than the brave ollicer ol W"ie higher than last week, say 01 and CJ ut whole sale. X. II The Ileef and Sheep markets were very brisk, and ail sold aithe above prices. WOOL. Duty, 30 per ct. The article comes in more freely fiom the country, and silcs continue to be made at our quoted rates. I nine Saxony I'lceces, washed - American full blood do. - - - . do U-1 do. - - du I-i! do. - - - - do 1-l.tcomdo. - - - - Sui rm, unwashed, - - - - - llue.ios Ayies, unpicked, - - - - I Alia Norih'n piilli d lamb, - - - Sup. Nurlh'npulledlainb - - . No 1 do do do - - " do do . do - - - - II do do do - - - . 15 tf .00 40 ifi 45 35 io3 :h 31 it 33 '.'7 ft 3j Z 13 0 f 11 3i it III 33 tt 35 SS id 3(1 l'J tt Ol 11 It 15 CATHOLIC BOOKS. WAIIirs IMtltATA, showing the ddVereiice between the Protestant and Catholic versions of the Iliblc, imperial So , hal!'hound,C3cents; Way ol the Holy Cross, a beniitiiul eoloieti steel engraving, mounted on rollers; 100 Catholic Testaments, new edition, Sec, received this diy bv Aug. X ISI7. owl " C. GOODRICH. lit I SI I SONGS TB IIS. Till: SPIHIT OT TIIC NATION, and other Pnhtieal Songs ns sung by the Irish Hepealers, a book which should be in the hands ol every Hue hearted soil of the " Ihlieiahl Jsle." Also, limp of Drill Sonester, a new selection ol songs, large tvpc, U'iiio. son paces, muslin, by c. UUUUKIUIl. August -J, llll. owl RISK ami FALL OF TIIF IfilSII NATION. rrins da v iti:('Kivi:i, "iticANir.u.t.or 1 the Inisit Nation," with 20 noitiuiis on nuel. royal I'Jmo., sheep, 4i2 panes. Price, 1;& lly ug. a, lau owi u. tiuoumm. BOOK AGENTS, f MANM'IL'LI). Hcok I'nir.iMirn. Is New Haven Ct. 131 York St.. will emnlov several responsihle nien of cood character, to solicit subscriptions in the seveial counties or the .tale of Vermont, lor" luyiors VojageKounu the vvot!t,oi the United States Snuadiou," vciv ponulur work, G50 pages, Ijrge 12 mo., with enginv ngs, Th' terms which are liberal will be given on application by mail, Post paid. Tliis vvoik, whieh is ropy-right seemed, will be sold exclusively to substnLeis, and not in any Hook Mores iSevv Haven 1 1., . lime 111. inn. srou:x, I'linM ilin Knlispiltirr. on the iii ii,, ,.i oi.i :.. .,i,. ., . It V KIM) llorn e..n'r's nl.l STnilltS.llubS on tlueeol their horns when taken, the bush of their tails white, and one is some larger and heavier than the nth. r. Said cattle vere olliied lor sale by tho tlnel to Mr. Aleech ol Shelburne, but being too clo.-e-ly ipii slioneil he pas-eil on. and alierwanls oliercd them lor sale to Mr. I,. Stouc, ol Ch'iilotte, and being hi re questioned more t lowly, ptopoied leaving ihi'iit Willi Air. Slone t'nr n lew .l.ivs. ltissullused ! liie tlnel afterward took them hum there, as they ale missing. A reward of Sl.'i.OO will be paid fir the apprehen sion ol the tlnel. and any infonnation respecting the cattle handsomely compensated. AMOS UL.AD. diamine, Jiuy iffw. ;m'.) AVislnr's HaNiim or Wiltl Cherry, The gieat lemedy for CoxsuMrno.v, and tlie best medicine known lo pian for Asilmri of every stage, l.iver ('oniil.iints, Bronchitis, liitlueuza, Coughs, Colds, llleediug of the huugs, Shortness of breath, pains and wc.ikurssin the side, biejst, A:c, and nil other di-cases ol the J'utitHjiuuy orgijf. A veiv iniortant disease ovci which this" llalsain" exerts u vi ty pow erlul influence, is that of a tliscaseil I.trcr, In this complaint it has undoubtedly proved more t'llicacious than any remedy hilheilo employe, 1, and in numerous in-ianees when patients had endured lonnaiid severe sulfering from the disenae, without receiving ihe least beneht from various lemedies, ami when Mercury has been resorted lo in vain, the useol this llils.nn has restored the l.ivel to a healthy action, and m many instances elected pei i.niiicnt emeu, al ter every known remedy had filled lo produce this de sued ell 'CI. Besides its as'tonisning efficacy in the diseases above mentioned, we ni-o lind it a very cllectuil remedy in .lsr,ri,i, a eonipl-iinl which 11 'has been extellsivelj used wilh decided success, even in cases of vears standing . li not only emanates from a recular nhvsician.bul has al-o ben we listed in all ihe h,Ii,,hi ir whicliit is reeoiumended. It is not my nileiilioii, "'V"ICI .mi. i ... ciuiiMiin ipjMery, or many ay deceive ihe nubile bv oveiratine: it i irim s . mi it,,. contraty, 1 slnll simply endeavor to give a brief stair lilent ol us uscl illness and Halter mi self thai iik prising rflicuey will enable me to lornisli such proofs ol its virtues, as will bitisly the most incredulous, that Con -111111111011 may and" c.vx be curld," il this inedi- uii" oe ri'soneu lo m tune. Til.' C IIIIUIO Sl'lll-'ll I. IIIITI'S Ol l.'ir. u-rmmnr Cor Slle bv TllEO. A. I'Lri:. Aiulheenri find VV'h..l sale Drug 'it, and by dealers m inediciues ceiitrallv in Veimoiit. M. OSTHEIM, i in i.ujinn v sritccT, m:w voitiv, V1io1(shH. Grocer nml Denier in Impoitetl .iiiiois, Wiurs nml M-jnrs I'hk mu Pieserti's nml (.'riiuitii Kissin ger .Vineiitl Wuter. .-.otir TIM: UNDKitSir.NKI) wnn.n rospoci- lullv inlbrm the public, tint he has lilted up the sioe two doois south ol the Hank of Uuiliii'ion on Church stictt, and reeoiiuiieiieed the Dlt u(i Hl'SINIJSS. where he wdl besiqiplied at all tiints with a caicfully scltttl d Flick ( f on ;s , xi) Mi:')icii:s, comprising eveiy article rfquued in the Physician's iiractice, anu iiemaiuis ol ill-- trade, also, .'suriticni anu ijeiiiiu insn iiiiiiiins. Minetnl Teeth, -os, Lrre'im, Ihiixhm. Sonpi, i erjunirne.i, tnngifj n iner, i.ttmp.'icue, Ink. Hlatkins. Due Stuff. &'c. Parliciilaraitenlion will be paid m the nirniratiutt oi riusici.'iu s prcsciipitons nnu tainiiy leci n s AMOS C. SPCAI! llurIinstou,July20, 1317. Cw3 I'or Siilo or to Itunt, THi: DWl'.LLINC. IIOUSF. .vn Lot sit- M uated on ihe cornerof Uank and Champl.iin his. Known as me ihiss place, ami loieiy occup.ed ny v, Harrington There is a good well of water, cistern barn, shed eVc . nood irarden with liuit treis. lor tuns 1 1 I) lo (o I l.ts, M.t.lmi.e, or Ilrinsmaid cv. Ilrotlurs, Ilurtington. 3tt NTH 17.7) OK STOI,t:X, ?' -I-, IiitmiiT Uav Iloitsn, 1 Yi:.Mts "Id, long tad, 3 white feet, and about 151 uih. If stolen suspicion rests upon the thiel of the above mentioned rattle. A liberal reward will he paid lor the tcluni ol tin horse or the apprehension ol the thn l. l.ZKA .MLIXll. -hclbiiinc, July 20. 5'.v3 A. S. DllWKY'S EGGS I EGGS! ! t this day received at Jaly2J, 1S17. I'om.ltt .t Pkadlev ) ci',(;(, t7Ilv Court, Jrssi'GAV. 1 '",n,l. Wui.iifAs the said toilet! .t Ilradley, tilaiiiliffs, on the Uth day ol Mnrcli 1817 commenced their action ol book account against said Jese(iay, deleiidant, le tiim'ilile to said Murh Term. ISI7. of Clmii'iidcn County Court, ilciiMiiding the sum of 2U01I dollars to balance book accounts between ihe parties): winch mil u:is ilnlv entered III slid Colli t III S lid Terill : II lid il none atmg'to tlie Court tint the said I lay, defendant. rcsnlisuuli.fthe Slate ol einiont, and had not had 5NF0HMATI0N wantiid or .Ions Swp.i:- 1 tu y, a native of the County ol Dnti-gnl, Itcloml, aged about lorty venrs, a laborer.who has been en giiued on a larm in some pall of the Stair; of eiiiiont within the lat four years, Addiess l.dwatd Lor kray, (his brother in I iw) No CdO South 2nd bilect Pluhiuelpliia, carcol Patrick Duioss, Jwlpp S'riu.iiiv Office I'or Said f 10NSISTIXH or a Smith Pmsa, as uoon J as new, 'l'ype for printing an ordinary nevvspiper, and n good assortment of Job Type, in'ich ol it neatly new, and all hi good order. The office has a good list ol subscriber for a news piper and a fair shale of Job Work, which may !; greallv increased. It mav be had nt a great batgam bv any one disposed to publish a Whig piper. I emu 15301) to be paid on taking p lssession. which may be had iuiincdiatilv.) and remainder at such time as the purchaser may choose, secured by a lion 011 the olhce. An inventoiy may be seen at the subscriber's ollicc and all particulais known. ...., CIIAi.'NCrA GOODUICH. Uuiliiigton, July 21, 1317. 4vv3 LIITilXSUiUNt'n. renin SrATi: .Mutu.m, Lin: Assuiuxcf. 1 Compiny, ol Woicestcr, Mi.ichusetts, contin ue 'o isue policies 011 livis. on tl.e most lavorablc teims. litis. .KlIIN' DAVIS. 1'rriiilrnt. ImO (ICO. II. SIIAW Agent. ShI!. lUST Aiiiuvr.i) axi) x(v i..ndixo d HOOD llu-hels Solar Salt 200 llbls. coarse vvcsleiu do 1001) lligs dairy do Tor sale by JOHN Hit ADI.CY i. CO. llurliiiglon , J 1 1 1 y 15, ISamas Ac ttE.auhlci'.., IN 1'IXK oitiicit and (ii'w.irv, 1 Pur sale by J P.KADI.CY & CO. July 15. A Mr F. IJrowii. Dear Sir : lam much ni-.iiifi,..l m having 1111 opportunity to announce tu you, that, by uie us.-.,i iiiice Humes 01 juur caisjparuia anil i 11 mato lintels, 1 have bem, Irom a slate ol dcbilny and decline, and continual fullering, n stored to the enjovmentofgood health. lr a number ol jeaisl nave oeeu iiouuicii v nilllie l.ner dmipl.lllll, so li.'ld- lyal limes, as to prevent my attending tu business, and Dyspepsia followed, with loss of appetite, weak- iiessaiiu iieiuiiiy.iiiiii n sinking ami oppictsivt seiisa lion at the stomach, most painful mid di-iressmg, winch gradually ileerr.isrd my urength, and led ult imo 11 decline, and debilitated me so much as to oc casion tears for my recoveiy ; while m this situation 1 was indiiceil, by the persua-ion ,, a Iriend. to make a tiial ol jour llitteis, and was most hnpiulv disip noinicJ m lindiiiL' an immediate r,.,c . nnd'helore I had taken 1 tl onti'llts of the lirst bonie. I had obtain ed 0 1 comfort',!, e state of health, and belore 1 had used lliiir bottles, lciijovcd better health than lor a number ol years. This was about two wins since, and my In-aitli hasconimuedgood nil the present time I inu-l s-iy that 1 huve not muih coiilidence 111 'lit medicines, Inn I am satisfied, from the uomleilul el leclsol)our Hitters 111 my own case, and of friends whom 1 have induced to use it, that it is a valuable mediniie. and 1 tske much pleasuie in recommending it to my trie nds and acqoi .talli es, and indeed to all well worthy a trial. 1 re main jours, i'CLUU Sl'ltAGUi:. llath, .Me., April 20, 1811. i'or sale by Turn. A. 1', Apothecary nnd w'lio.'s,ile Diiiggist.aiid by dialers in .Medicine gen- l'"l ..nwujiouiii uiu oiaie. Sl'MMCO WktTnr.n. Il klionlil lie r-mi-io)iere,1 llint luimg the intense heat of siiimn, r. the process of uiKt-suoii is periurmeu such extleine langi or thai our 1001, nisieuu 01 oemg speeuuy msolveil and coil- veiieu imo nuirmieui lor me tioiiv. oiteu iitcomes actual V snolled.or vutrified in the xtntiuirh . Ilenr.. oau ureuin, uisagreenlile taste 111 tlie inouttl, cholera morbus and other disorders of ihe iniesimes. II unlit s Indian v igetnUe 'iare a certain cure for all tho above duugt-rous complaints; because they cleanse the ahmcntiiiy 1 anal m all those billions and putrid hu rs, which are the cause, not only olall disorders ol the bowels, but of every malady incident 10 011111. met uiso uiti u ta j i rov e 1 ires on. nml purify the blood, and theiefore give health and vigor tnlhe whole Inline, a well us drive every description u, ii.iiu iiuoi mr uwo) islwake or coe.NTEarni rs. The public ore caution i d against the many spunous inedieines, which, 111 or der lo deceive are e ailed by name, similar to Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills. N. II Counterfeit Pills have been found in a store in Suoxn below South, 1'lidndclpliiu Avoid the Ding Stolen, and purchase only from the Uluular ukts. TlIC OM.V OniUINAt, ANpnLNUINC I.VUIAX VlUETAni.L Plt.l.s HAIL THE SIUXATL1IE OK WlLLIAM Wlitlllll w iiirrcx WITH A IXN O.V THE TO!' LAIIL-OF EACH UOX Ai other iii genuine, and to cuunterjeit thin it IOM1ERV OHicf ilevolfd culusivelv to the sale ol lliigit' Indian I'euetuUe J'llli, wholesale and retail, tfl'J Uace Street, riidadelphia ; 'M Greenwich Street New York ; mid IDS Trcnmut Street II i-ton.aud by Theo. A. Pun, Apothecary and wholesale Druggist, Bitili;. EIuJtFx'P tthocs. EFOIiACi: II. DAY, NK.V YOIUC.HAS sfi. now iii store, and will receive throughout the season, large supplies of India llubber shoes. Will sell by the case, (or aecoimt if ihe Manufacturers, the I .uoi'y Mir'a Iiidn llubber Shoe Co shoes, seven Slides, l'lovidence shoes, livestjles. Ha wind Co., nsent for all sijles. New .le'r-ev shoes, nil sijles. Also, .Men's, Women's, an I ('liifdien'.s Para Kubliers, Sheet llubber, Lined, Tuned, und in the miiiiv, by tne case. And, fir tlie accommodation ol Merchants, will pack, assorted to order. Waiehoii-e, live slory building, 23 Cor.rtlandi sheet, neueloor to the Wcs. tern Hotel. II. II. DAY is owner ol the pin nts for unking " Coegrrss IJoots," and the only one author ized to sign convevauce ol right to niuiiutacinre July, HI7. " Cw3 tierscn 11 nonce 01 me 11 nu.'iiev 01 s,mi uuh, st-iwte hiving l en made 111 Ihe same by attachment ol plop city, It is ordered by the Court mat saw sun be con tinued, and that nonce ot the pendency llieieol be given to s-iid Jesse Gay by publishing Ihe substance ol said order in the Uuiliiigton 1'ree 1'iess newspaper, lor llnee weeks successively, the last of which publi cations to be nt least twenty dajs before the next teiinol slid Court. In witness whereof I have heicuiito si t my hand this Sfult day of July, 13I7. II. I'. MCAD, 5w3 Dep. Clerl. of Mini Court. ffil A S'J'Oltli to Kent iiftii' Iho Siiitro. rJ-.L l.tiqiure ut tin- on cp. miiv. mi Tolixit ct, ) a,;,,,,,,!,,, Count! Couit, ,. , T: . March Tcim, 1HI7. ( 1 a y it l.nvvvnos J The said Pollen &. Ilradley,plnintifl, having nn the 'Jill day nl March, I 17, ciMiimenced their action on book against Jess? Gay and James II. I'.dw.iriK ale pirlucisnt llitrhutoii, 111 said County, under tin' Iii in olGayfc IMw.nds. iciurnable to the .March Term, !SI7,iniJ demanding tlie sum of 2.KI0 dollars to bal ance book lu-oiiuts between said partners, which suit was duly entered in said Court 111 slid Term ; and it appearing to said Court that said G ay resides out ol the Slate of Veimont.und has not had personal police ol the pendency ot this suit, It is ordered by the Court that said suit be continued, an I ih it notice of the pen dency then'ii! be given to said Gay by piibh-hmg the substance tbereot lor three weeks successively m the lliirlmgtoii free 1'iess newspaper, tlie last of whith publications to be at least twenty dajs belure the licit term of said Court. In witness wlieieof I have hereunto set my hand this 2i-.ihiLiyot July, H17. C. P. MCAD, 0.v3 ' Dep. Clerk of said Cjuit NEW" 1J00KS7 pMIXrOTT'S Coniiiiest ol Peru, 2vol. Sl,()i) 1 Oialors. ol li .in, e, 1,25 Vi ar of ConsolLlion, ly Mrs llul'er, 11,75 Wood Letghioii or n,i eai in lot Counlty ) n.- iv M.nv Ik.Aiti. . V 1 Cleaveland, a Tale ol the Ciitholic Chuich, 0.2") IB Native. I DC undersigned would ieprclfiilly inform the i (iiiblic, tlint "lie has lute il iqi the stole two doois southoftli II ink of U irli'ig ou on Church street, nnd iccommciiteil the Drug biuiiu -s, where he willbe sup plied at all times with 11 eaielully selected stocked Dings and Medicines ; compiising every nrticlere quiied in the l'h)sieiaii's pun uce, and demands ofthe trade. Als 1, Surgical and 1) 'iital Instrument", Mine ral Teeth, Polls, 1,-eclic". H ihV's, Slips, l'cilumc nes, Congicss Water, Can pliene, Inks, Illatkiiigs, Dye Stulls..Vc. Su: Particular atlenlion w ill paid in the preparation of P.iysicJan's iircscnptioiis and fnmdv recnies. A.MOS C. SPllAII, Ilurlhigtoit 2.1th July HI7. 5w3 IiiCV Wcliool. 'j'lir. net term 01 t'ie llurliiiglon I.iw School will co.iunence on di" first Thursilay ol steptem ber ensuing. It h liigli'y nii.iorniit that young men, who attend, should be pn at the opening ol the teini. , Darlington. July 2Jih, 1117. -!w3 IiUiiLINGTOX AGlllUULTL'ilAL Warehouse and Seed Store, milE SUIISCIUHLU it.ivixn nnroMi: tih: I sole proprietor ofthe above e-stahlislitrient, will continue the business, ut tlie pacious store, know ti as Ihe Thoiiiis Ilinlding, College St., llurliiiglon, t., and now olfers the best assortment of 'AlUllNG AND GARDCNING TOOLS to be had ill th" country, consisting in part ol the following article", viz: , Piouty Sc. Meais' Centre Droit Plows, all from me horse In eight: Subsoil and Side-hill do. ; Har rows, six si7esj Grindstone, hung complete lor ue ; Hay nnd Siraw Cutters; Corn Shellers. various kinds; Panning Mills, Ciadles, Scyilvs, Cullivatoi", h-ed and Com Planters, Halves, Shovels, Spiilcs Hoes, Picks, forks, Chains, Yokes, Hows, W heelbarrow s, I'oik, Shovel and Hoc Handles, Sickels, Sausage ill ei, Apple I'earers, llatclun, I,-ad Chains, lost tn,n l,iM,.,s line Knives. Inner Moulds and Stamps, Wrenches, Lantcins, Well Pulleys, Hill Hooks, IJusli Pullers, ece. llOimcVl.TCRAT. TOOLS. rruitGnih"reis, Priming Saw sand Chisels, Priming Shears, Siiditi" do., Pruning Scnwirs, Plower Galh ereis, edging "knives. Tree Scraper", Grass I look", Pinning Knives, Toy Tools, Assorted Sculllcs, (,mss orliwii Slnnrs, (iaiden ll-cls mid Lines, Weeding I iiiks.Traiispl'jiitingTiovvcis, Garden Svringes, me Scissois, 1c etc. , , . I have the agency also for the sale ol .Hon ill's 1'iueiil Union Scnle", a beautiful article, hi all respects equal, and in some superior to PaitbaidtV Seal-", and mueh clieapi r. 'I'he iinprovement ciiieM chiefly m combining tne platform and counter scale. They weigh with pel led accuracy from 1 oz. lo 210 lbs, and occupy no more loom th in the counter scale. , I hive recently visited the principal Nursetiesi m the vicinity 0! Huston, Albany, Vc., and am pieiiared to lurnish tu order, at the home prices, trim Wees. Grape Vine", Shrubbery, House Plants, &.C., oil the shortest notice. I have also made urrangements with the minulac turers ol'Hoise Powere, Tnrchmg Maclniies, C'lovci Mill", Kagir Mills, Corn and Cob Ciackeis, itc., and chill be able to lurnish litem on short notice, nl nunu lictuier's prices, with the addition ol height only. I'lii-i.ra flits U inur Sttore. W ill V oil 511-1-1111 it 1 I know il will be lor v.uir interest lo el" so, and I Petition lo-iell Land, ST.A T i: 01 V BR M O NT. A T . I'rohfje ou Ihe 15th day of July, HI7. present the Ui..sel, judge of snd 'V1c',ll'FllynHew'

ol Miltoti, in said district, vv bo i truatdian ot Andrev. , J Divis.ol said Milton, a minor son nl llit nW w'' sey and of Moses Davis, late olsaid Mdlcn.deertwt.. nnd liles in end court her petition in writing, " 1 K loilh tint her said ward tsi'ii"u in ni lee of the lollowmn described patcel ol land, lying tu said Milton, hi'ini: part ol Ivt No 113, in the first divi sion. In the right if Win. Smith, beginning ot tt." north west co'ner tlrr-of, thence South, 36 11 the west lui" thercd, 23 rods ; thence C ist, 3 jj fcoutb. to the Cast hue ofsnidtd ;theiiee N. 30- h.. tot he N C. comer thereof , thence W. JlV N. In the north line of said lot, to the place ol beginning. And that her soul ward isaho seme! in his own right I" lee, ofot.e undivided eleventh parted tl.e revtisioii cl dovvrr in th" following di i-c i ibi d parcels of land, lying in said Alilt'iti, one parcel hounded osfi l.ows, beginning ct a maple tiee, standing en tlie wi -t tide ol the rood, eight rods from thoN. C cornered th: house when; Moses Divis lived and died: thence n. li' w. fe rols and 17 links, lo the bank o! the river: thlicc along the bankol the river, smilu rly, to the louth I'M of lot No. IS, in the second division ; thence S. 51" Cast on the South line of said lot No ltt, 15U, to the S. I',. corner ol -aid lot ; them e N. 3C8 K. 13 roc's to the highway : thence northerly, on slid highway, to Ihe bound hemm at Theoth'T parcel ol land being that part of lot No 27, in the lire! division, described us lollows, Lcmg nil that part ot snid lot rn the south si le of tin- bigliwiiv, leading to Amos llrown's. boun di el on the wi n anil south by the hnert said lot, and on the cast by Ainu" llrcwn j land, which ln.'t men tioned two parcels o! land weie set out to the widev ol said Moses Davis.deceased, as her dower In his real I'state, and are now subject to her hie estate theiciu , tint it would ill l UP to the lesi ItltlllSt ri sn I ward tu inv ; all his inter "t in sulci thitepat ce 1 of land sold, and have the proceeds ol suihsalcpm nt intere st, or inve-stid in oilier leal estate or in stoc ks; and pravmg p.iitl court to grant the said guatd'un license to sell all her ward's intetest m s-aid llnee j at eels e,f Innd. lor the purpose afousaid. agreeably to tl e tatute in s ii h case made ami provided. WtiF.RELro:.', the court utoie-said elolh n pnui ihe recoiui Vv coins day in August, 1817, lor In-nring and deciding en r,a el petition, nt the ilhcet! the Heg.ster of said court In I) nluiutnn, and dolh order that all peisons mteiested be iiotitu'd theieol, by publication e I this order, con taining th- suliBluil'eot sail pet. Hull, tlllee weeks successively tn the li iihngton free Piess, a nevys paper iiiinted in said llurlmi:tnn, the last of which piibln attotis to lie picv.uus to said second Wednesday in August, 1)17. Given under my hand at sai 1 Darlington this 15:h day ol Julv, 1SI7. Iwll WM WCSTON, Remitter. A. PB. Ss.'sEe tc :.'s PlANO-FOltTES. Know; it will not taKc a long argumem m cuiivi, ce- . ., . ...,,..,..,., ,,,..,,..,,,,,- M S'-veral dajs m jejsnnilly Hie i iano visi that it is fur vi.ur intere-t lo have one place v-uuiiiy licit ton iuii nun i . , ,.,.,v ..... . , J . : : . .. . , , may need. JUI1N S. PKIUCC. I oiti s ol all th. p'tm mal he' in New oik, Ins Uuiliiigton, July 53, 1317 1 WANTED, PAIR of well nititelicil Morgan IIiirkcs, tube as ncaily :.s possiWc of .S7A' years old, bright ti color: between 15 and lo hands high, anil ol lair speed. They iim-t be perfectly sound and so wiiriaiited at time ol . I'or sucli a pair o! Horses the price will be pn I w.ihoul objection. Apply at this up, . -lv.3 J'lsuiJa '. : rs a a i) si: i i:s. mill'. Amc'iii'iiii XctiV Twiiio Manufac 1 luring Co., ki p eo'i-tantly on bind rverj des cnpiion ot litvei ii. id hike l'is.'iiiig Nets nml denies, completed and icai'v lor u-e. These Nets and Semes ate knit by hanla.uoug the fisherman's families of Maine, where sni i work can he clone at very low prices. Pcisoiis w i-luiig any deseiiptiou ol Nets or Semes, can have lii' in sent to their uider. In elesig naiiiig the size ol ill mesh, the will please name the e utire length licin the two eMieme knolts composing the mesh. WM. STOUT,. Agt. Ini2 No. 12 Coiumeicial St 110S10N. CJoniiiSfViial Wri.iiij;' S iSUI'I'LY op this ji-vriA' ri:i.i:nn.Ti:i) ii Wining lVn.l received and lor sale, wholesale mid C GOODRICH. July 20, Ks7. Iwl Vi'riltnj;' ISookx. A FIKST It VTi: AltTlC'l.ll. inannfartnred Y and lor s de bv Anotlier Cheap JJbraiy l'OIt hlTThi: CTlll.DHCN IN Si'XDA y SCHOOLS. Till-: CHILD'S CAIHNI-T LIIiltAllY, CoXTAISINO ScvctrtJ-flvo Hooks lloiinil in l'ifly Veiltimes, 3Jmo 32 rr., Morocco luehijettcieil numbered, ONLY .S-',5J 1'DII Tilt: 1.111I1ARY, lleing at the rate of . cents per volume, l'u'jlished l'J the. American Snndoy-kchool Cnion, 1 17 Nass m Street New Yoik. 70I. I Ihead, the StaiV of I.iC". Good and Hid Y Luck. 2. History o! Thomas lirown. Little included, alti r a candid and tboioiinh mvestnsitioii. to iiitrodu. e into this inerk'-t those made by these in g'tnoiis Vermotiteis, ns beiim, according to his judg ment, ileal er to pel lection thin any other who lever Y.': has met with The expene'iiee aeqiired by the man uticiure ot neirlv 2' instiuments; the emploincnt of fio ed the most -kdlul woikinen ; the adoption of all tie' i eat improvement ol ih day, and the use ol steam power, have ifiiued lor tie'in iliroughiuil lh' United Stitesn reputiiiiou so higli that t.-n instruments a sicek (tlieir present product! cannot supply their deiimtid. These Pianos P-im; K u-h as he ciin conscientiously retoiiimeiiii, the mueisurued vui constantly keep on j hand one oi more tor "lie, and liom the si peiionty of i tin ir t iui ii, lone, liiii-h and tretde notes, as well as 1 tin ir standing in tunc and duinliility in all other re I spetts, he wid warrant lliem lo give satisfaction, or ' the monnj v ttt be ittarned. Walker's Hurinonie- Aitaclimeiit, n cheap and delightful addition, will be I supplied, if icipiucd. ('Phis is entitely difl'eient fiom the Loliau Attachment.) 1 he splendid instrument now u.'d by the Hind"latid Haydn Society, which is acknowledged by a'l who have seen it to be tar the be-i m low n, is lor Hile, and m,i lie sen at the Con gregational Vestrv bv nppo cation to .Mr. ComuitN, the sexlnn, at .Merrill's shop, corner ol College and White streets. July 20, Id 17. lwl C. GOUDiUCTl The Secret Tribunal, bv Dumis, 11,2: 0,35 Ihiloituuite MuJnrth'i Aliser'a P.ite Siiumier Tours ; Notes ot a Traveler ) through the id.lle ,t Noilhcrn Stales, ij (tralnm. Coluinbian, Lulics National and Goilev's Magu'ine lor August. The I'moii Magiin,-. C hted by Mrs. ) C M. Ivirkland- Author ol New Home, 0,25 Vol. 1. No, 2, for August, ) July 3 lih. 5 C H. CDWA1IDS. J. !( J II. Plck cSCo., Chittenden Co. Court, Maich Tarn, 1317. Isvve VAMrr.vvLitKrr. Whereas John Peeli, John II. Peek, ( assuis P. Peck and Cdward W. Peck of Huilmgton, in said County, nt the 'Perm nlnres.inl, have brought into this Court their certain writ mid iciuin lu'imst Isaac Vanderwiiker of in the Sln'e of New Yolk, declaring against the said Vanderweiker in an action on book to balance hook nccouuls between them, and whereas it appeaisto said Court tint said Isuic Van derwerker Ins not had personal notice ol the pendency of said suit ' There-fore it is oidered by the' Court that the said cause lie contnined to ihe next Term theieol to lw hidden at Hurfiugion, within and lor said County, on the Third Tuesday ..I" Seiiiiiiher nexl, and thnl the sod Vanderweiker be iiotilieel ofthe pi ill airy thereof, lie nnlilisbitiit tbe substance of said declaration III tile I tee rress, II new-piper prinieu hi sum iiuiinigioii, three weeks snece s.,ive Iv. the lasted Sle'il publications ' to be nt least twenty da)s pnor lo the said lie.M'Pi'lin ol llns Court Dated at Hiiilmgton, July 27, lli CDVVAKD A STANSHCIIY, Cleik. Platt it I'lck, Attyi. tiwli Nuueiill Neil ice Ji-The extraordinary GltAITCNHCItO 1'll.I.S, which are achieving unparalleled triumphs in variuus sections of this country, nre now introduced into this whom I have spoken, and of whose merits and ser- 'l'um' Let every sick Krou read the a. H-rtiwment -ii- r "I the Giaelenberg Company, winch will Is- lound in vices I have given you but a partial and imperfect account! Veuiiont has other olliecrs in the field the Colonels ofthe New Cnglaml Regiment ond ofthe Kith Hegiinent ore her sons, the former one of her citizens, and whit' gratification it will afford them, niiollii.reoluillll. for bale lit SllLnw OOll's. West sole Court I louse Square, and by Amos C. Spear, Church tireet. Dr. Wooh's SAr.sAi'AaiLi.A ami U'ti.n Ciilkrv Hit- n-t-i,u 'I'nii... eetiicli tries nil ihilli'S luo. llioriin.rlii.- while serving llieir country in a foreign land, exposed I established the inestimable! value ol these (litters as a , js . i . . .... i . c l.r. ... 1 1 il,.. 1,1 1 nn,l n ioiir.,il r,..,lu I... - to therhardships and privations of a military life, to purifier ol the blood, and a universal re ineily for scrn know; that their exploit, will . properly remembered I ni iiunici unvi nt' i H1-.M inuin jjftnj nine. t i ui eic uy 1 ihw. 41. 1 jar, iiHi- ihtiIou scrvic. ihcy will rtete.l wilh tlie ni'iilniHe i ihecary uinl Wholctfale iHuj-ai-t. Uw Dan Johnson, j rAl7pl(fII Cj. C,nntt liricim Dan Juliuson i.f Ji'iiclui. in Kiiil (!nnntiv nl ihf Term hIoitmihI m brought into llns Omit his writ mul reluin ngni-iM Uunc Vundtrwi'tkpr ol V.v in t-.iil Clmieiidt'ii CiHimy, ilitlnrinK nuic-i liini in an action on Iluuk tu ImbiH-r UnU. accoatilM l?nfen Uiom, diiiniiuliii 111 (bmam-H 8M). Ami whereas it npKar tlint f-ml Isiuc 11mlfrwe1ker Ime not liaj H-immal iiuiuc dl tin1 jHi-niU'iK y tl bnid mi : Therelore tt it unifrnl by the Ctmrt that paid cause be coniimieil 10 ihe next 'Venn (it wiitl Coutt, to be 1 10 de n at llurlini'ton vn the Tliirtl TuesJavof Sen. tetiihrneAl. ami tliat liie Mill Isaac VanJerwerUer he nutilieil oi'the temU'ncy ut kiM cau-r by tiuhlit-h hit the siuVlance of Kiid ilectuintutii in the l-'ree l'lt'M, a iieM-i;iper priiileil in Itmlmton, thiee weeks huccehJ-iveiy, the nl vl saiu jmbiicutioiii to be at Court Uated ut liurlinfiton, July '27. HIV. 1 A STANlUUJJY, dak. J, McM. luuTLn, Ally, 0..3 J.'.t J. U. Vuk'Ss. Co., ) ' v Chittetitfrii Co, Coiitt, HJostrt. IVk nml his Tins- f Match Turn, lei IT. tee WII.UAN liUKWnil J Whereas Julin Peek. John II. IVtk. Cquh I. IVckand IMuanl V. IVtk. ot UurliniMon in Hik County, nt tlie Term alniei-aid, hae biouht intu this Court tlieirreitain wumnJ return ugnim-t Jovj.Ii jk ol vuieriuiry. in w ui-niugion v.ouihv, ueeiur tnaKuiit thy said IVk in an nc Hon on Hook In Iml 11 nee buok aecouiiH between tliein, and ninnnointiif U illniu Itetkwiihol Ihiihnton aloretahl at 1 rutee nfiviitl Ti-L Amlheiea it nniH-aia tint I lie wild 1 ik lias liol hud '.uiiu lioliue ot tlie iKiiUen cy ot said fcuit : ineit'ioieii is oruert u uy uie iouu in 11 me Mm cauw.' Ik continued tu the next Term thereof to be hoi- deu nt li.irliiigion, within ond lor &aid County, on the Third Tue my ol riepteinher next, and thai the Kiid IVk he notified t njijieuraiid answer tu Mid cause ut tlut time, by pubiir.hiin the Hubsiunce ol tsiirh dtc larntioiuu the Tiee Ties.a newppaier printed in vuul Uurlmyton, three weekb KitTessuely, ihe htt id Niui juiliIicatioiH to be nt leui-t twenty du) prior lo jsmJ nexl Teiinol inn Court. Dated ut Uuriiimtui, J uly 2f, IB 17. JI. A. .STN.SlilMtV, Clerl. Platt TrrK, Atty Ow'J LOST, I I'AIKOr l'()IJ)h(i (J()l,l)-.M0UiT- il ed e)c-g'as-cs attached to a gold chain, vvilh.ti Miuill cameo sin e. The fin Ii r Will confer a great fa loraudbe, liberally i;wardtd, by leaving tin in at thii tifice. ee commi: yc;u: vv. IS'l". Imvo n vi tv fill! Assnrtiiipiit of I? Valehes, .Ii'Welry, Canes, Tans, liieal I'l stiiimcnis, .S:e , a great v triety nt taney nriieks suit able lot the sea-oll We havejust 0iened n Hew lot ot Kuglish g'dd ciiseil lever watches, s,c., a line lot ol polished hue gold guard chains, n tew lob chuns with j a vrinety ol ti'dd kevs and a lew seals, rings, puis card eases, pocKet Isioks, card', curls and pictm. s, to ' which we are nlmosi eiaily making some additions. Wntihes, clocks and jewelry, cleaned and repaired in oar usual sivle. 5 llr.i.svmn .V. Ilaorni us. : JUST r.'ui'iv'Mil nt tln A-giioiilliinil Warp. i hou-e, a large lot of the celebrnled Kendall's Cj. liiuler Churns. Also, .Stone Chains, and a i;eii"ial assiirtm.'iit of .sttone-vMire. J. I'lllKCU. Darlington, July 30th. : IDliTTHU Mumiro I-'orks, nml I'otntoc Ii Hoes, may be teen at the Agricultural Ware house, than have ever been olfered lor sale in this county. AIo, Corn Shelleis from b'JO to $111,00. Cast Iron loiters and handles lor inatkmg llurhnitton, July Will. 'i J. H. l'illKCi:. a i :j i iUe. u t uu tru, SS AS (iif llic tun ' b"ini; ri'iilml tho IIihiiii KB over Mr. .1. V Uaii ball's, Jeweler's Store lirst door west ol his former Stand, i - n r i . .v." vihere he recpie-ts nil persons indebted to him to Cull and Seine without delay. IIK Al.-' kt.t l'i A Hi hi, h Di:r osiTonv, where llibles and 'I'l'stuneiitsfrom the A. it 1'. llible Society will be lound lor sale-. Also --Mo.-ie Hooks, &c. -.e. Mill.OllelAN.S & SlIHAl'IllM.S, direct Irom the .ilaniiCictory. llurliiiglon, July i), 5 MUNSON &. FOLLETT ki:agi:.m' at wiaOiMU citycou tlie s ilo ol the ui-lly celebiatcd anJ highly lec- oumielided i ;i:a i: i'i:xn 1:1: a r ills, AND Grern .lliiiinluiu Vcgi'ltililt! Oiiitnicnt, the nl either ol winch ensuics to the partiiker, a long pio-peous and liajipy lite, and a eonijilete e empiiou Irom all the ills II, -h is heir lo. Ke.'oiiuuen daiioiisMitlicieiit in iii'iiiber to cove a ten acre lot, proving the irulh ol thefdiove n?sertions can be shown at the Agents Ullice ill N. V. 'I'lie Uiictor will be nlwujs on hand and good ad vice will be given gtatis. June'J, 1317. M Susan mid her I.-mi'i. 3. The Show ol Annuals The 1'earl of (Iriut l'nce. I. The Wish; or, Little Charles. Naainaii, (lenen.l i'l the Synan Army j The kind I.itlle 11 iy. Captive in Cev ion. 0. The Vine. Cutiage ol Content. T. Little Tom, the Huntsman's Boy. Kyesai.el No Lyes, and Lives that see Hot ; or, now to lean me moie nii.'in. c His tory of John Merrv The Child's l'iist Alphabet of I llible ,.imcs. 'Kainbovv ntter th" ThaiidcrSieum The Ten I'.inniniili lineilts II). The Vlllair' llelortll- I ed. Ann and I .lien, and -he Iliiicii. 11. John of l").VTI!'r mil C.nninon Snerm Candles, l'ure L rsji-im and II cached While U.I, just received au I warranted lo satisfy tltoio 1:1 search ot lijht. f..l.. IJI- ", t - I.L.'t'fV Another Tin Instrnmtnl may he seen at the Eiok attire ol .vir C. 11. l.elwanH. I'or terms, Ve. apply through the I'ot OHiee to .Mif ('. T. UUl'KLNS. 1 DISL'OVIIUY l. CIULIIISTUY wiiiitiiv il ol great piais.- tladwuv's t'liinese .Medicated Soap, Among the many valuable discoveries of eliein ical art, either bcaiitdul, use-tul, or ornamental, there is none, woiihy ol greater praise than Uad.vay's t'ln nese Medicated Soap. d.'licioiis loilet cmoheiii never lads in removing tan, sunburn, pimples, blotch cs, pn-tiiles, ringworms, salt rheum, erisuiel. is, or ra.-h. It sieedily tratsoniisilaik, sallow, and ili-lignred vis ages in clear, fair and beaiitihil coiupliAious. Jt ten. decs the tkm smooth, soft, cb ar sweet, pure und heal thy, ii is inucii ciieapiTiinn an oilier maps recom mended for ihe allle purposes, nud warranted much better, l'ejr general toilet ptrposes it is superior to imported I'renrh, Luglisii or II rim snaps, being ell Itii'ly tree fiom all poisonous adiuiMures or dele-tenons ingredients. Many nelsons during ihe summer mouths nie greatly uiiiiuji d by inusii ii-teies and other poison ous iiisccis, by iipplymg lliidvvay's Soap tn the bitten parts it speedily alleviates the pun, subdues iheirrilu Inlioli and ri'iiiotes every voiige ol disfigurement He sute to usk lor ltudn)'s Soap, and take no other Co to the adveitiscd iigents and )ou will gel the gen uine Sold in liu'lington by A. (. Snirt, Wholesale Aaeut. for ii Ci Ills I ht cake : in WiirHiim-s 1-' linn. imginii ; Willisiiin, lluilbuil Ac Hodges j Middle bury, N. 1'. Itusscll; Momiieher 1-1- W. Scott. J .V It (i. II A I) WAY, Cul . JCiairtlaudlSt.N. V. L'AIIM FOll SALE. miK SUI!SCIi!!li: oiTKiis nm su: tiii: 1. rami on which lie no.v lives, co'i-istin ot K0 ncred vi sod kind, !iU acus unlr good iinproement, th- rv in f-prure and liard wood. There t- a tjotni Iioiiw f.iivl bun and other out building's; nUo a i-uur and njiple orehard. Saul farm is well watered, and i one ot the In i-t i;razin farms in the .State. Situ-iled I wo miles e.i-t i om llic I'lihui Vnl.iye. Tor fuilher nartteulur'i iiumneot the fciibscnber. I. II. ISIIAM. Underbill, June 30, 117 Vuti ""dAGUEUHILVX GALLliuY I ILilheltlrr's lirirk IHnck, up .viir., Church S'rcel, directly oj.n aitV 7ii rn's Slure. 8 11. iihn: ms tiii: PMMsifin: ok a- Ijt. noiuicing In the citizens ot Hurhngtun, thai he has made a M'rmatient establishment tu this place, j where he is piacli-mg the Daguerreotype nrl m the I highest style ol perfi'i-.nui. fortius purpose ami tor the reci ptioie. I visitors, he has been to much labor and gieatexpense in luri'.ishmg his rooms. Having practiced the art for a great lengthof time, and avail ed himself ot all ih" l-ite miprovtments, he lecls con lident that he can give universal sal islaition to a 11 who , tin) l iv in linn with their patronaae. Mini Huns ta- ke'tiany weather, with or without colors, in a -superior stvle, rind neatly set m LiF-kel-, I'nw, Kings, Hraee I b'ts, Cases, I'Va.iu s, or m from 1 to ltl ri.iie I'uinilv i arils, siiiiK m spienuiu .vianngnnv ami icos.'vvooii Irames. 'I'he rubhe are respecilully invited lo call and evamme speciini'iis. IVilcct sitistat tiou given mall eases or no charge InHiuelionsgueiiin the art tor $5'), embracing all llic chemical manipulations perlaiimig thereto, and eveT)' principle CAiilaincd and illu?trnteeTby ewpe'rimenis Irom ihe iitst discoveries of Si. Il.iguerre ol Trance, down to the lati-st lieho graphic Drawings ol Cermany, and succets guaran teed 'I'o Artists be wesdd give netlee that he has on hand ami Amencaii Cainerns of nil sies, a large and beautitul nssottnicnt ol'tiold plnted Lockets, Plates. Cuses, l'rauies. Chemicals, I'oli-hiug materi als, Ac., for fsileat wholesale uud the low. ist cne-h price's. II. . .LCL. lluilmglon June 25, 1917 lit Mch-s't .School. "JIISS L. IJ.STA13Y wii.i. roMJiKxci: lira ,il neM term on Monday, the V!3d of Augu-i. . Scholars are expected to cntei at the coiiiiueiiceincul ol the term. Tuition: ll'iglish, S3 to 1,11 lVeucli l.nn Drawing, .... 3,(11 School loom one door went of Mrs, L.i.NciwoRTiiv's, up ctairs. llurliiiglon, July 3), IS 17. 3wl the Score; or. The lVnitent l.'.ibbcr. 'IV Happj , Children. l'J. The S,i id iy S. hobir. Little Chd.l's ' a scriitural Lessons l.i Joim rru e. i,gg nnu ius t.ard ; or, The Child's l'nst Then. II. The Idiot Jenny Hurper. 15 Wondeitul Limp. Mary ll.-own j mid the Lamb. Ill Chalk's uunay. The Diamond .Necklace, li Memoir ol Liiabcth. Hie hnde llniiiler. li. The llroken llounh. I'.vc (Jood Things, m, Amu r.miiy's Story Dinger ed Uielus -'u. The Lucky Stone. lVir Thomas made Kieh. VI. War. The New Coat. '.!. Thanksgiving Day Tlie liunaway. '-"I. Ihe Cuciis. Ihe lust Lie. Ml The Two Mastci ; or, Metcy and Cruelty li'dsey 1'oid j or, Ileediess Child. "." Tlie Young Sabbath Ilicakers. Too Late. Ill-lory ol john llobms, ihe Sailor. M7. llible recommended to Young i'ctple. MS. Ili-toryol Joe Ilemiet anil his 1'rieud S'J. Milk lor llabes. Ilil. The Way to b" Happy. 31. The Lost Child. 3i. Vicar's Cirden ; or, tin ek Medal. 311. The Two Iimbs 31 'l'i iimer ; or, Siorv of Susan and Lmilv 3.'-. l' L"ssons IW. The I'lodigal Sun. 37. Sin l'.ui.iJ Oat. 33 IVanccs and .lames SO. lli.-toiy of lltev lliov.ti Id. Lmdy and her lliollvr. II. Anna Camp bell. 1M- Th" Tulip; or, Selinas I'livonte. -13 flood Old Catherine 1'rescott and the llnvol D.uulee. II. Meiiioir of M.iry Ci-ner. 41. l))ing llubber. Id. The Lord's l'r.iyer Cxpuiince! 17 One Minute Tin) Late. IS. S,.mctm g lor a Child to Think about, l'J Laura and Helen. 5') S.-ll-deiiial ; or.Ai.ce Wood and her Missionaiv Society. Tor sale by .1 C MLLKS. WJ 117 Nassau St. .N. . SCHOOL VOW liOYS AND GIKLS. ! T. M:LH)ILT will oit..v a School t) on the liijit Monday nl S pteniber iiext, for those in our puldi' schools who wish lo obtain a thorough busmiss Liign.-h 10-lu anon TuitioiTlor Lnglisli branches $31. " Higher " s.I,W The following text tsjuks will be used. lluglish DiniicliCs Welder's Speller and 1). finer, dice -;''Z5 Sanders' Thud Header " CS" Sweet's 1'inetical Elocution " 0JM Mitchill's lieogtnpliy " l.llll llallions' Lug (immmar " On Thonyson's Arithmetic " n,S5 All sehohirs wid If lequireel to give atteniioit to leading, spelling, writing and composition, Kiubcr ISiiiiit'lies, Davies rhst Lessons in Algebra, I'riec $n 7" l',t,i,li Ari'irstl. flYOLOrALDlA or I'iictic.vl 3Ii:ninxi:, J 1 vols. Svo; Littell on Di.-ean-s ol lire Lye ; Ma teria Mcdica.liy Ilallard and (laired; Cutter's Anat omy: lluseheiibeiger'.s .Nat. History, livols ; ('tench ei's Manual, by Stiirtevnnt ; Lelgbteli's Wniks, enin plete, I vol bvo. ; Mis Hill's Draw ing Hook ol (low ers; Mrs. Sigouruey's l'oeticiil Winks; Mansfield's Lite ol Cieneial Scott : Clay's Lite and Tim s, bv Coltou; Shnkspeure's, Woiks, a vols Sv o., library edi tion, A'c .Ve Ke-ceived by July t!i, 1SI7. Iwl C. CIOODU1CII. Hourdon's " " L: ' tieoinetrynnn'rigonometry " I.M5 I " D.awiiif anJ .Meiiiauratiou " 0,75 i " Mnveying " 1AI5 ! Olmsted's Astroiioinv '' 0,7.'i ruin i's Aniitomy nnd rhvsioiogy " u)7 i 1'icstoii's Hook Keeping " Pj7 I l'arncular attention v ill be given to the subject of Hock-keeping and also to practical Sutvejing, the . drawing cd Maps, Charts, etc. I It has hern contrniplnteii, in comicction with this school, toi'stabhsh a'leacheis hutitute tortfe couu 1 tv. for the beiieiitol those who wish to nrenare them- selvesto teach in common schools As soon as prac ticable this eli Hgn w ill he can led into execution It is esiHCially desirable that lite pupils should be present nl the eoininenceinent of ihe term. llurliiiglon, July li. 1 IT 'mi: i.n si KAXct:, rARV.IJU'S IXSl'liANCi: COMPANY. nt 0' rr. .ti ,7'- 11 ii.NnVg'i.rt Coiniity .Y. Y. So Millions lii-mcd I,, i.l Assc'snii'iiis I 1 L E TTElt EN I 'E I. OPES. M'l'IlltlOK AltTK l.i: of Letter Lnvxl " opes, uiaiiutactutcd and for sale, wholesale nnd relad. bv C. (iODUlllCH. July iii), 1817 4vvl rMUS ('(IMI'.WY WAS tTHr.TI'lli:i) 11V TIIK N. II. Oar lliiv-lopcs are made of line paper, and R lginitme. April '.'2nd. 13I. They eommecc arc the lt in iiiarket I ed d an . busnn-i-s on the r piesem iaiprnved )trm, oil ihe 15th ol Mav. ltila. sm.-e which lime ihev hve ENVELOPE PAPER. 1 Insured prepem to the amount nl i.vertf miUiaut oj itulici. made no twseitimrnl. ami have how m the Jlilclit'll's. (tmdiiic n:vs. 'IVHIlSi: SI'LLNDII) .ll.VI'S have been used I lor several vears nasi in ihe Aeademies and Schools ot Massai husetls, New York, l'eiiusylvam i, Ohio ami h'v erul other States, to the tiiuicrstt satisfac tion ol leaihcra and pupils. Tluy lauhtue the study of licogriiphy in a woiiderhil manner They arc now recommended by the Stale hud County SiiK'rintend ems ol Vermont to be introduced into the Sclusils in this State. Tirenry-Joiir Mapn und a h'ey can be nl. lamed lor the. small sum ol imi.uiis. bate StiLKivuou. L" , Auciion and teuiiinissiiin Men-hunt, vvce.1 Mo ol Couit lloutsj Sipiuie, is up poinied Agent lor the ubove Ouilme .Maps, tu whom school ollicers ol towns nnd districts are; lelerie'd. OHAHLL'S O. K1M1IALL. Central Asent or Ihe State uj IVrmm. (lurliiigtoti, July IS". wl LKUCIIKS AI'ltlNII AIll'ICLi; ol Svv'Hitsii l.i l ciils just icceived by HAKIUM1TO.N', -i.eifie e m era iiuu. I 1. l.-r'l 1 l.'s? UI.I.UIICiOi I'LY always on band of Ltivelopc nr J'ust raper. mid lor sale as ihian as can be bought tins stele of New York. C (;U01)I!1CH. July SO, la 17. 1 I SI V Ollice Crane A I'o , Dalton, .Moss, July wu, 13H. tieasury wall ve Inch 10 pay lmses, tioiiT THui'SAM DOi.r.&us, and the turn! centrum!) itieieasmstivin the percentage paid tu by new api'licams. All Idea have Ik-cii pioii'ptiy paid. This compnny addrests-s itself particularly to the 1'vr.MERs ol the eouiurv . bema dewjiied for their Un. , I ctil. I he veiy low prite at wlnehihev insure prpp- ot ecy, unci in.- mt i loin ntj eiint-iiiruis imve et tieren mueie, uuti j ruuaniy w 1 1 uoi ne ior irnpy years, it e- -er, on nccouiit of tlie large nnd incieasmg (nod now in the tiesii.iiry In incetauy llial may oeteir, mid the peculiar caution they adopt in insuring property in lniacvillaijef and ether plneis ivhcie it i. veiv hi uriliiiis. it is believed, by thi se acqiinintnl with tln-ir priuciple and nie iliod ol doing busmets, that u c.ticra CAP AND LETTER PAPER. PJIIS HV lt!:ci:iVi:i) niisFsortmente.fCai I and Letter Taper, trom the celebrated .Mills ol C. OOODKICII. Wniited. VOood Curlier will fill J constant emploment for cash, ilnough the Season, by npplveiig iimiiedia telvto L. C. LOU.MIS, IVarlHtreet.JiilyiJ, 1317 l3 Ann Iluriin-.'teiirs INtnii'. WH Ihe snb-enbers, bav ing been appointed by the , ma.,?nery. cabinet mukm jolliers' o Z.w,"i!Z' Honorable the I'lobute Court lor the D-iiict o , n,l (,cm laklnr? more ih i. in.,, rT u"' Chittenden, ndiu tilts ....I 1 .u. (. i? n in, ut ct i. ti j ' l'i. ' it tt iii.-ui . ii., '" iept. nuii.ire.1 roi'Mtom the Veimout hue)on wh eh il,.,T all c airns ii i i.l eemaiids e nbited in o thereto: i , . ,.,iu .....,i i'... ....... :..- ."." ""'esn inert is and six months from ih- ebiv ol the date hereof beinu ! .l.. . .1... . . . ' i ' " ..' ,011 ".''fl'"" is allowed bv said Court for that purpose, we do there. counties. Vt . who nVsutboriSdu1 X ,SS ii.iiu iiiiiki rim, .ii... ... .iikiix tu nil. , iinna iniaiirnne. i mi, I ih I .a .r---- the greuiett inducemciils to Ihe eommuuiiy gcncittllv to tmii them, ot any insurance ratrnany in thi j ol enn.iiit e r .New 1 ork I hey are prohibited from Cominiis-ioiters to receive, evnmiiiv and ane one rueine Th nln i .1 i .. ..... t tlie clainis and demands of all oersoiis na.inist i-..,,m,.t. il ,,i fv, r n . s. w tin. e state ol Ann H vitKiNurus late of llurliiiglon iii i rnn,tV,,,,;, ii,,r,.,,,.,,, v, .1 x- I'-" "f ."S" iv:..! .. i ....i : i. I ..u.., . . -------... ... ipui, ,i. i .. lane eu,i. .usinc'ssoi our npi..inime'iit at t ie olhc-e ol John N. all surveys taken personally I y eithrr of Mid , I'omeroy in ilirliiigtou in .aid d.,trict, on the fir,t , ti,all Is- (unding on the Cemipanv lie milling -Monday of Septeml- r lien . nt 10,,'c ock A. .M. 0; lSsts in ihe rou.iii.-s 'r,Min and L.mJni. 1 Vmiv'V' mM-nv''1' A' U' l5"' wdlle made ... checkson ei.herul -he &nVi,"l'- PnS;. 'p.MLKO, ) -,,.. linirumor St, Allans, nl ihe el, .-ilm, 7 'J. V"1" K. li. CUliL., -"".!. i:i CONI'IXTIOXAUY. I, VKC II und eupetior assortment of the niceit . aiticle al IIAKKLN'OTO.N' S. g,Tf O itcM'im . . STKAYi:!) Oil ST0Li:, nio.M mi: C). pntture of Samuel D.ijton, in the i?itH tvaidoT llie city of '1'ioy, oulhe night id the M'Jtli June, a UllOWK MAKH,aboultlvi'ai8olil,, nlsiut 11 bauds high, a wpiarc and email Hotter; a small white star in the foahcail ; the main Hows, to the light hand ;she has the hair rubbed off mi the in side ol both hind legs ; the socket of her right eye, it obseiv ed closely, repicsents a dclonnity, being coiiM,!. inbly lower on that bide ol the h"ad than the hit eve. She has, also, what is called splints, en the iiuide of both her legs, below the knee s. A revvurd off 30 willbetuid for the re nine i.r.-ii,l Mure; and ife-lnleii, a Icvvard ol fA) will (te mid lor thearrcbt of tlie ihitl, or j30lor inlormanoii wheiethe .Marc m ivbc fount. I.UWIS I'lJLLUWS 'I'lny.June l, lli 'j'J EST 11 A YED, IHOM Till: I'ASTUUr, oi'TiiusTim'Ri- l acn. on the lith in.i . a I.1C.HT lilMi row ..i., .,t ..i.i ,.r. ... .. .: i . "'. ""v," "".v '" " '"""w uu..... w ,,,,,,, in.j; , t-nu en ner rieisny at meir rcHuemes, ulul r.cejvr nneJir.iin Kiwedotf. tnM.t,r ttdl ri'llin. her or iive intorniR. tiou, nt the (luss IViotiv Srom;, wheic she may be found, thall bo suitably rewarded. I CU.VllUlil III A lluilmgton, July'.'7, 5S17 ,5w3 I . .1.. 1. 1. . .. . "V Miistuniiii ine i.'tv. iii.iiirtittiirit niipriKA i,... . feurially shown ; and in esse of any iliajwe.ill.m tvivv.enilieCoiiisiny nnd the insured, it inaV .Til ! eleciiou ol the insured, be submitted tu uibJliaiurs lually e nosen in me county w Here the loti UtOMsiw A. V l-t-Vn llio JOHN U. .VlBsTES ar. tVi.ii aseniswho, ins exnee led. vv.ll ffS J LNrOiniATlOX WA.NTIU). 17D.MOND LYNCH, now al KttM.. X II .wsiiib IJ to leant the whereabouts of hibbiolher Jcieimali Ljnchaud toie.tcrs, Mnryand Kllen Lviich. They are supposed to bo on either tbe Ruilaudnr Cenirsl Unilroadiu Vermont. LJitorsolnaners in the vicinity ot tlicte roads will oblige him and the m bv iiul.hshu)g this. Illli HDK OIl. h'eene, July l'i, lb!7. 5 frt- COXOUUSS W ?Hi:siI CO.NOIllIsst W.V'li:ilrrivinaweek- lyat ArOTlICCAKir.S' HALL, 'ri.ut,uiwAi l,..i.rui,i.i.. i..... i... ijMieiH "i- . euwu wr nve vesr. L. alollo. Tor S50", or under, i3l0 " " " 3.3i NX), .. 3W IWI, ' " 5 in '.: :; HU.N'liY BUI.KI.EV?rfrt (raitvillr, N. Y., (VI, J3,AJS?f Ul'r- LOST, to the rant pan ol BurhnrtV n tS?' A1 WJM whortUeberitee, tinuc whielitimo nA:i , .1l' lientd of lum. Any, cigf fisdirii: hun will !SL. tfi On un Church and lollfQc Sts ( Svt by icpim-j to thW fit. 31