Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 6, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 6, 1847 Page 4
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BURLINGTON, FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST (5, 1847. IVew-York Sc. Itotoit HOOT AND 015 STORE. atU AT R BA'lTllELl)ElFS,u. Chinch sticct, f MS n,a' '"U"J la'El "wk ol Boots mid W. SiiOFSthathnscverbecnoircrcd In Burlington. He his spared no p'litis in his selections, both in re KJnl In iin)lty nnd slylo, anil Willi Hinnll profits feel cure of giving satisfaction to aery customer. Among 1 1 slock, in purl, may'bu lound the follow ing articles 1 veins', Boots and Kitni.s, " Galicr Boots, of every description, " Fr Buskins, latest style " Kid " do " Fitmclla" Jo " WntcrproofBootsttnJ r-nocs, " Fine. French Calf do " do do do sewed do do Biogaus, " Morocco do " Stout Calf and Kip Shoes. IlallG.illcrs, French Slimier!", English Ktd do. " Clotli Gaiterebuttonod " Kiemli Satin Slippers, all roluis, " GoldBroncd do " House do " Stout Boots Buskins! " Shaped Rubbers, " Figuiodmid plain do ' 1 imiclla dancing Oai tl'tS. " Dancing Pumps, " Motccco Slippers, " Calf do " Calf-hocs.all kinds. " Rubbers with leather jVi.'ves jiouis ami c..'iOcs, soles " Gaiter Boots, ' " o do Buckles, ' FrGaiters.bvslnualitvl "do li'dund iiluin " " Buskins, !ii' Pumts ami Shoes " Prunella Slippcin, all " I ineCtilfBuots, in!ors, " do Kip do " " Buskins, all colois, " do Calf and Kir " Stunt Morocco and Biopnns, Call Hoot?. 1 " Stout shoes', nil kind" " Rubbeisnf nil kinds. " 1'iunclla Gaitcis and f hitnten shootl and Shoes) duiii'ilnr 1111111. " French (Sailer Boots,, Ymiihi' Ihots and Shoes, all colois. rim1 Calf Bouts sewed " " .Morocco Oaitci button nnd lnv, " " Uiukins A. SlipiifiL1 " Boots and Ankle Ticrj of nil colors. Kfitlemen's Roots tint!) Shoes, " Nilpolenn Boots, with. and without top", nnd popped, do K'lo do do Seal and (iraiu peg'd Calf Urogansnnd Kip sewed slices, Morocco Hoots and Buskins, Cne Gaitcis. blueing Pumps and 1 usot all KincH Also. Galloons of all colors, and black and light silk 1111 1 laces, colton rues, .Ve. Patent Congress Boots. HE Ins also ntmhased tb Held r"9 . ol Builitigloii to i1K1nuf.11.ln1c H Din's l'.vit..T Cos-mass Boors, LJ BooTrr.s and Shoi-s, which aie "ara?!5,adniiUc,l to be Jjtiimt nod ovist jietly aiiii'li- ol ih"kuul ever pm up The l.illowin tract. is lion: ihe Farmer ami Mcilianic, in telaiion 10 this Hoot "In K.urope the 'Cnnsres Hoot' has come into ex tensive uej it ispntroniid bv' I Inland's Queen by the nobility, an 1 by holies of 1,'fiiri- f.ime In fail, 11 is conf.ii1ereil.iii nulipeiisiblc arlule rl lashion, as well as of eonifoit." The CoiiKrev) Hoot-, French Calf Hoot", and every km I ol woil; in his line, maniifaclineil to ordi r. as he employs, 111 connection with Ins ci-wblHimcnt the best "'"K,m"' hkoukn- nTCiiKi.w:n. Hiiiliiiriton, My IS 17. -'ij ... c(f"uia. WOOL 'l'VIi'i: ron si,n nv Slop, AT Winooiki Fulls, and examine a well hclcctul iisottiiiciit of PRt'CS AND ) FAINTS MKIJICINKS, ! DII.S, (iUOCF.KlFS, ) DYISTI'IT.S Which are nlF-rril Tor -ilc as low as c-in be bought in Huihiictoii.oi any whole ill the Stale by WM. 11. HATCH, .(une, 1t 1117 iUtf Linen ('tints, I) HlXltY CO , have ju't rr il lift v I.incn I Coals S.iek and Dies?, which Ihey sell at low lined". June 10, ISI7 Wool Depot. '"Pill! subscriber has made arrniipciiients to open a 1 Mum h ol the Kindeibook Wool Depot in the vil lage ot Shorthorn I'., A spacious building has been pionu cd as a store houc, for the pn sent season, sj ma il d on llie public square in said 1ll.1ge. He will bo piciiaied to receive wool afler the tenth of June. The ileeccs will be lluow n into ions, mid those who desiieitcan bale thur clip kept s palate and sold whi'ii ordered. A discrimination will bo made, between wool in a COOI) or BAD condition. Kales will be made inv.i tiablvfur Cni'i. The clnrg"s, will be one cent per round for recening, storing and selling, nnd the insu rance, w liich w ill be twenty-five cents on one hundred dollais for u term of lime months. Adianeis in cash will he made no ihe ddlMTVol Wool if rciiucsted. Sacks will be furnished lo those who wish, by their 11JVI112 tbc cvnense of ttuusioitntinn and 1-J els.. each, loi ihcir use. i"3"Iicfereuce can be had In l)r J IV Heekman, KinJi ihook N. V., S. II. Jennison, Slioiehani ; ,M. Hinjhnm, Cornwall ; S W. Jewclt, Wejbiidsc ; II. Bell, Mi.lillebury ; I,. II ill. Shelbiirn, Vt Letters ndilrreed 10 the suliscnber at Shoreham, in leljtiou to the Wool Depot nt place will icceive iiomi'diaie. In Ins nbscenee Mr. S. Fvirts will be thi-re toiece'ne wool, and gneany lcipnsile iiilbiinu tion on tliesubjtct. II. HI.ANCIIAIil). May l j, 1817. Som'(!i OHMfHrffi, 1(10 Bbls.yiiljbbls. blasting pnw. fcUUU d.-r. l(i kegs Hille fc Spoiting ito, 10 Hands " Safmy Fuse," For sab- by J. HliADI.F.y eVCO., South U'haif. tOXNECTIOr'l' U1VHII SHAD AND J North Shoie Salmon, by the liilf hbl and single pound. .'sin vnjy. 1 .1 .n-. j:ii7;f- HKUSII LAUD, ni t mth may. -IS .1 s. flii';:r. ciri'jjiiiY, T ABLE N dfstrt knives nml links, eaivers, steels, shiais, fcissou, pen an I po'kt knives, ia?.ors, r,f sliccis, cooks knives, bntchi r nndihoe do 111 great variety. June 10, 181 STRONG, DOOI.I l'TLE, H CO. 50 , , . .1 -. ood assortment of heady Made ( lollies suth as J Coats. i'aius. VeMs, Overalls. Shitls.und D.-aweii,: Ne.,.Vc. CATLIN sc Sl'L'Al June 10, IP 17. tvtis: 1 nod 2. Mackerel. Salmon Sword fish, 11 P'..-1.1A.I r.n.1 .Irv lliTtlll?. IIIIlI llfV Cod li"ll, June lfi, " 5f CA'l'LIN HSI'iiAU. s,Pht:itY,e-r. STRONG, DOOL1TTLE J( CO , hav.- received a large nock coinpriiii; a lull iissottmeut mid ex tinsive aiieiy of Sidb'ry and lvnii'.s trimiiiines, with sadlers tool', and which are 0IF-11.I on leasyiMble tfnns. 10, 1817 Liberl; Slrvrt, Amp York, ilHOIiLSALIHiimcntcC l)i:i,v.u is im If norted Lmuois, 6i lues fi Segals: Foreign W, servis. and I rman Kissmget Mineral Water. Juno lllh 181' SALT. t IU'.IVKD nil" i)v o.v n()ni) Sloop Hk- l rcr.fioniMoutrral.afull Cargool Salt (such as every farmer wain..) Fur rale by j( wllFjI;u;lti Biulinglon, J"ly H. 1817 June in, rii CATL1N .V. SHEAR. Tin Plates, Iron Wire, Arc. IIOXI'.STIN FliATErj, 1.3 A nnu extra .u 11 ii..u i.n vvne. nssorleil iiiuuuers 26 do Husaid and English Sheet lion. i- . c.i,..r Holt, liivel". Lais, Sheet aneei "I'l" "..m.i TXv.i I 1. .I I'l " I'l l- A. I'O- V.iiie. &lc. bV O i Ivi . ..... June lo, 1817. r-i U-MI'S and Li:vn hi'H "''p co' I bv STRONI I ivyv.i.t 1 ..... June, 1817. 111 rTIM.nve received Sampli of the celebraleil I'riuin - - . v. ..... - - - - J 1 Air ll-ht Cooking Slovelrom the lllliuurieloiy ol A. iv liiiTibaio k Co. I rov. N. Y. aim .now . e , medio fiirui-h ibeu II who want Rocking ove which will do businisi 1 ig il aiid in shoi with 11 verv Hi e iuel. e annor Liaruey mm '.' , ...r.. a!,, nil), i words iiiendcuvouriii; ,, ot" ile ' he iaVge nient ol the. S.oves before he p 1,1 c,but we will barely intimate that in hot vveaiher w 'l , f may exiifeiiu or about Dog I ays these eloves ill almost cook without ihe uso of any fuel -N''!'' MUNSON l OLLE'l")', Wnioisiki fity,.l,ni. '.'lb 1817 JONES, BALL & POOR, NO. 12a WAS1 IINGTON STREET ROSTON. Importers of Ar Wholesale Dciilcis in Wntclics, Jewelry, Milltitry Goods, .Vc. HAVE hkckiviu) nv iincnxT AnrtivALspnoM England and France, n large, and extensive ns sorliuent ofthe follow ing described Goods, with many other kind loo numerous to be mentioned, selected ex pressly lor their wholesale Itatlc, nuu comprising the gtentest ariclyof nrtielcsto be found ill the city, to which the attention of dealers is invited. Gold ami Silier Watches, Japanned Ten Trays, in of Iit, L'Epino, All- sets or single, of all Bizesj ilior, and' Caul Trnv", Dicad, Verge Escapements, ofl Fruit and Knife Trays, nil qualities and prices,lTable nnd Pocket Cutleiy, Iiomthecelehrateil lunk eis ill I.iicrpnol, I,on- Scissor", ltazors, &c. from the eclebrnted ma nufacturers of Sheffield, Kodpers, Crookes, Wen teliholni, &.C. with many cheaper kinds of Table Knives and Forks, with tone horn and cocoa wood bandies. don, nnd I.oclc in Suisse Marble, Rosewood and; Ijbony Clocks, Office Clocks, and Lijjlit Uayi 1 inn iii.evn. Gold Jewelry, of tdldes ciiptions: Tins, Kings, Hincelels, and Clasps Steel Ilnjt nnd Pnssc Clasps, Vest and Fob Chains and Mountings ' Steel Heads, Spcctnclcs, itoiu neatis, Liitnrii Chains, Keys, Hold and Silver Pencils, Specta-I cles, i iiuuiiies, (Uasses. (iold Fen r-pcciacle uases, fcnK l'urses, Guard Chains, Watch Glnsscs, Snecla cle IJycs, I.amn Wick, Tin and Shell Mii'ic Boxes, Jewel Boxes, broned nnd lacuiiered TliermoinetcrB, Table Hells, .tc. I,oeki Is, with a ccncial. nssoiiinent ol doiii, pmi cr mid Gilt Fancy Clooils. Haled Cake Baskets Can dlenicks. Castor". Flu ted and Britannia Fable nnd J cHSpoons, Ioik, Butter Knives, oic. Hritannia Tea and Colfee Watch Tools of ci cry des cription. Files, Gravers, and oil Fols, Suar and Cream' kinds ol Wnlch Mate rots. Communion Ware, of all rials, bolh Fnglish and bwiss inanutacturc. kind Furthnsers may be nssined that every thing in our line win oe inruisneii on as lavorauic icimsnscaiiuc procured from any source. 1 Valcrs are iiu lied to call nnd examine. UFO. H. .IONICS. Tltt'K M. BA1.I., NATIII..C. TOOK. eowlyir. NORTH KllN TIl.WSI'OltT.VTIO.V mm:. SSJ7 ErVSi'ftRED. Jamis II. Ilnniii a An oriinus. ritornir. roils. roririiitihtg to andliom llottton, AVie- Y01 k, Albany, V101, Montieal, Qurbct. ami all potts on lsikr Clintiu'lain, and ttr diffnent landing! on the t'iiutiplatn canal. n 1 1 1: old mid well known N OUT HERN TRANS 1 FOIiTATlON LINE is nien'ired w ilh increased lorwaid nil kinds of propel ly with the fireatcM erne and dtspateb. The new sleam propel kr.JAMFSlI HOOKIlli.of ajil tons burden, Capt. SILAS II1NKI.KV, has keen added to the line, and willruuon Lake Clnmplain, making two trips each wcikjleniing Whitehall on Alondays and Tliursdays, touching at Burlington, i'ort Douglass, Fort Kentaiid Ffaltsbiirgli, Tuesdays and Fridays. Returning will leave St. A bans on Saturdavs and I'laltsbiirnh and Hurhngioii 011 WcdnesdayiahJ Saturdays. '1 his line will have I'lrriinx uoats. a ti:m,aki: CANAL.V HIVIIK IIOAT.S. allofwhich runilavnnd night. It is nlso connected with Ihe insnicd OLDTHOY TOW BOAT LINE on the IIuilon Riier, and steam boats on Lake Chainiilam.tlius allunhne their friends and the tmbbc geneially an oiipoiiumly ol sbippiug by Lake Boats going through Uoirhm by ileum on the Lake and iit ti-.l orbv l'roneller 0,1 the Lake lo Whitehall. thence bv both direct to New-Yoik,or by Tow Boats on the Kiver nml Steam lioats on tin- Lake ns they mav choose. A large number of fail vescls on Lake Chainplain belong to this Line. All goo Is welshed at the time ol shipment, and will be lorwanicii with promptness mm despatch, Debenture and u'auhoii'-inz niomntlv attended to One boat ol the aboc Line leaves New-Yoik ilailv at Ihe F. Al.and tlucc or more leave Albany and 1 roy. ilaily. For Freight apply to II A II. J A il f LOClllUk Slip ) v-u, VnA 010 en'l ly t -n .1 SCW I OrK y.o.r.. (Mr... ,n, P: . ( J I.', i.i'i 1 1 1. A I) i'a IW y' Uivcr Kt"ct Tro IF. CUUTE. -'Jc,ins. r.FA'l IllSKLr.Y Mi's. Bay, C. Y. Ol.lYLl! llASfOM, Whitehall, OVA). IIHXT, .Mnnt1e.1l, a ii':;,';. r.i. itous-sroint.N. y. 1;, CO.F.Y TltOllll.E, i'ort, Kent, New Yoik . . IIAILJ;, riatlsliurgh, JAS. II. JlUUJil-.H, lio-ion. Address as Agents. OLlYF.n 1IASC0M, Whitehall, A.D.I.AUD, Troy. Relcrcnccs, J.J.Il.rr.Ch'Co. ) JUIIXS IIMA7J, Burlington, JV 1. 1. 1: TT .X .' HADI.r.Y) J.AWKKSCr. Iil!AhXAU, s, . A7r0..S!s lll'irrOX, bt- AlHons S. li'.N.V. N Ki:Yi:s. Iligbgale, J, HAXnS, 15 Long Wharl. Boston. Nllll'l'lillS OF I'HOlMHJi; TAKI aotici:. On the ariival ofthe I'ropeller James II. Hooker nl Wbiieliiill. boats ol the Noilberu Tiniinorlntian Line will leave din cl for New Yoik, taking ln-r freight tluough without landing. O, HASCOM. Agent Whitehall, Anril.lGth 1317. IS Gin Tim (Jracli'iihcrg Vcgclnlile Pills 3 BoxEssoi ,1) i:acii and n'ai yli;k Tiir.(!iiAcri:.vm:K(! company Hereby give notice, that lln-ir (iENERAL Agent lor the State of Vciniontann the Noiihcm and Eastern Countiibol New-Yolk is GEO. J. FERRIS. Huilington Yt. The General Agents me fully prepared lo nppoint Fub-Agcnia wheieier ibere is iiobiauch ol the Com p my ; eithi'r on personal apibiation or by mail,;iOAf. ; aid The rapid sale ol these celebrated pills, mid the exttaoniinarycuirs they are eonstnnily llecling, ren-di-i' them, by fa 1, the most popular pill ol the age, All Agency will consequently be my Miluable. 1'he Gruefenberg i'lllsaie ineoiueivably superior to any cm belore tiiscovered. 1 11 all bilious complaints ; ill general derangement ofthe syslem ; in all disorders which li-aittt triiln a bad stale ot the blood, these pills are a sowieign icmcdy, ... .1 1 r.l n... 1 r r... 111 1111-ei.isn ui iiiri-.itn nu t, Liuuii.i-, uie 1 1 1 ueieil I p,!!,!,. ,R.,r l..iKn triumphs. 1 ere ihey dely all competition. I.utenng wilhm the hidden re cesses ofthe syslem, ihey quii'ily but surely purily the blood, loot out disease, und gue tone und vigor to the body. Purrs lire C'onstnntly IlllVctcil By these Fills, in cases vvheie every oilier means had utterly failed. The luostnlumdam piool of this could be given, bul a trial of one box will convince ihe patient They can be oideieil and cent by nnd, at trilling ex pense. The priceis23cenisa bo lYhac tico dollar north airordeird and the money remitted, the Cam jmnyietll pay the postage au the Villi. Remittances at the ('onipmi)'s risk. Wherever there is no agency ol the Com pan)- they can be ordered by mail. Those 1'ills are taking the place ol all others, and no person should be wnhout them Al.l. lULl.HWS COMPLAINTS, Biteel Omiplaiuts, Caiintipation, J)yi.pepia, Tever and Anne, Jleadnchr, Jaundice, Liver Complaints, Ilheuiii'itism, all Stomach Complaints, Green Sick licit, .Sr. ffc , yield at once to these 1'ilU. They purge aw'ayoireiiive humouis,arrett the pi ogress ot disease, and ut the same line restore lone and vigor to the syslem. In cases ol general derangement of health, they ate SOVEREIGN. " IS Y THEIR USE. The weak will be made iroug ; the pale and billious complexion lie restored to perleeily iresh and healthy color j and ihe bad symptoms will one by one disappear. In shoit, these 1'ilisnre an inconceivable advance upon any ther medicine ever offered to the public. A TIUAI. W 1 I.I. S..VTIM V XXV OXE OFTltlS. 43lll8 MERCHANT TAILORS' Si. (iciillenieii's 1'iiniisliing Store,"1 IM fi. UATHIilJN & CO.. havk in.- 1TJ icived iheirspring stock of Cloths, Cassiuures, vesiui"s nnu 1 nuiiniiigs, nniiare prepared 10 lurnisli nml iiiaVegaimeiitsin the lanst stle. A lantc assortment of Cravats. Hdkls.. Shirts. Gloves, bu'pciiders. Silk and Woolen Under Shins, Collars, .Miouiiu loracis, nisiiori an urticKB ol lien tlenitna' dress iiinvbelound at No. 'i Feck s Block. Alan Tailors' t ravons, Measures Sir. M. G. RATIIBDN. C. F. WARD. ll.illiiigtioi.May Hi, 1817. f.ANS OF all nrscitiiTioA's J' I'or sale at J. Y. H.f ANDALL'S. IliirlmglonJiinc-J, iti7, ,1 LA il Ivor; C.UlVtU AND ory headed Cams for sale at June'J'J, J. Y. RANDALL'S. Wool, t(ASH paid for Wool. bv JOHN BRADLEY & CO. Burlingiun.June lllh 1817. .'ihvif WISTAIl'S IIAI.SA.1I OP WIM) ClIKHIiy, I'UI'ISIJ nnd nice tiiliclr, for Miln liy ll i! HARRINGTON HAS Received his usual extensivo assort meilt of Sarins (7nnrt. mnalettnir tn hsrt nf Frintcd Inwns, ((mghanis, tnustins, embroidered, mus lin Binghams, and Tiarege. Also: linen ginghams new niucle. AMEMCAN AND HNOMSU PRINTS. An Extensive Assortment, ifcto Patterns H II A WLS. net, linen net, Wnck nnd Kmcy pilkdo.n vnricty ocnils, cratats. (ancv silk, and linen hkti. umbrellas, parasoh, KIHUONS, &o., &c, BonilCl. Can. sntill and hlfteln ribhnn.7rnbvrM'nrsl. cd, purse lwit on spools nnd slicks, steel bends, bag clasps, steel rings nnd tassels, also, scperntc rings or uisieis, un mine coiion, iniv cotton nnu ticenics, nne Ullblcnched klllttinir tliren.l. tnnmttnl'a linen tltroml. spool do.colloniringe.cottorf ribbon, marking cotton. riiieui imen siiectiug, pillow-case linen, Hl linen damask, shirting, drilling, bleached nnd brown, hucko buck, russia and scotch ilinpcr, crash, birds eye linen, russia sheeting, jacket linen, burlaps &c. uiuuii cioiu, cassemere, anil iwceus. Bleached cotton shecling and shining. FillC inerrilliaek. Simeook ami Dnvisville lei-tillfr. farmers, nianthestcr, motiadnock and other sliecting nnd cheese cloth. I'lincv summer stuff, mariners shirting, Carlisle, hamuli n, shaker tick, drilling bleached and brown, uiarsau quilis 10 -11 14 quarters.cnb quilts, corded skirts, drab moreen and damask etc. W. I. GOODS. Afolncsfl eitirnr I.. r(Tn D..nn. ...nlnn..B .,..!.. ed and liowdcrJ sugnr, cocoa and shells, &., i.c. inuMiiiu; ouiiuings, otnmay, 101. LEAD IUl'li, rPC CASKS 1 l-lincli 1 do 3.4i1ol-'J do. 'J Fur wile by J. BRADLEY, Builinglon.Mny, S5. 18 South Wharf CIH5ESU CLOTH. X HALES. 10 Utiles Wool Twine 'J For sale bv J. BRADLEY &. Co. Burlington, May !U. 18 .S'ohM Wharf JAMES ORR, DRAPER AND TAILOR, TJAS removed hisshon to Collecc street, under the LX. Free Frcss office, where ho will wait unon his ciiMuiniTS nl nil nines. lie has nietretiimed from New Yoik with n suue rior aseoitni ut of nil articles lor Gentlemen's vcar, of tne latest styles anu best qualities, vu. Luglish, V rench nnd German Broadcloths, Cnssmieres of all kinds, Ye-tings, Bosoms, Cravats, Neckcloths, Ilandkcr- clueis, I. loves, all kinds cl Trimmings for Garments ivc. &c. l'nrticular attention will be piven to cuttina for ouiers 10 uinhe up. Burlingtcii, May 20, 1817. 1' DYE STUFFS v.c 1 Pin KIJLS Campeaciiy Loo Woon JL 'J V eroimd. 1-5 do Fustic, r0 do Redwood, 50 do Nicwood. 10 do Catnvvoou, 25 do Alum, For sale by Burlington, May, 25. 10'Bbls Blue Yitriol, 0 do Lac Dye, ft Cases Indnro. IS Kegs Criain Tartar, iu 1 lerces Loperas, J. BRADLEY. Co. 18 South 'Yhai f. Fish. 1 0 Quintals Codi isil 10 I5dls." No, 1 JIackerrel, 10 Jdo do. SO No. 2, do 15 J do ilo. in 1 lercesnud ao hbls. and;i do Sal mon, 100 Botcs Herring ; Cases of smoked Salmon. For sale hy J. BRADLEY AiCO. Burlington May 25. South Yhurf. ,1 NVILS, Visks, Hlacksmith Uei,lows, 1 Sledges, Horse Nails, Rasps nnd Files, etc. etc. STRONG, DOOI.1TTLE & CO. June 16, IS 17. 51 PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. J. st . . PECK&. Co. Agent. Burlington May 1817. X Mil KEGS POWDER, lJJJ iihi Bag- Shot, 150 do. Corn Brooms, 73 " Fails, by J. tjj. II, PECK ( Co. JOHN P. KELLOGG i.Mranirit anutealek in WINES AND LIQUORS, -ii.j iitvur mruri A roy, zs. v Urn T , ILL KEEP CONSTANTLY O.V HAND DURI(7 1 ..'''?.PJTl'!"AfS"rP!yor 7'0"''''! which nre. His own imnnrtatinn . V: V ' ... ,n " ' """n'ons ; some ot Having made arrangements with several Distillers, lor Ins supplies of Ronton Ram and other Domestic Liquors, he willat all times lie enabled to furnish Ilia customers wiilisuch articles at the low est prices. '1 roy, April 15, 1317. 42mfi JgXCII ANGI on LONDON, LIVERPOOL, DUBLIN nnd i:i)I-Hlll!CII in sums to suit purchasers. win .viay, ih 17. J, J, . , PCK !? Co. v, i!oci:iui:s. 1 ( IIIuls St. Croix and Porto Rico Sugars, LJ 7i)B!,ls.Nevv.Englmid " 10 Boxes Lump 15 Hbl". Powdered and Crushed " 3D ilhds. Mola-scs 150,IIalf Chests Young Hyson Tens, '.'(Kl Caddies " B0 Cheels Hyson Skin " 10 Bags Rio Collie, 15 " Java ' ) " Pepper, "5 " l'lmeuto, 300 .Mais Cassia, 30 Bbls. Sal Eratus, 10 Kegs pine Ginger, 200 Boxes Bur Soap, M " 1'ipi's. J. H . . JL PECK is Co. II YE STUFFS. Qf ( BSls. Campeaciiy Logwood, 250 bbls. St. Do w"w miugo do., 200 bbls. Nicaraguay, 250 bbls. rustic, 150 bbls. Camwood, 30 bbls. Madder. 50 bbls. Alum, 75 bbls. Copperas, 20 bbls. Blue Vitriol, 50 De mijohns Oil of Vitriol. J, if J, Jl. PECK if Co. rwr Ton a ceo a.m snuff... J 10 Bbls. Lorrillard's Chewing Tobacco, 50 bbls. do Smoking do, 500 Bladders Scotch Snutf, 300 Jars Maccoboy Snuir. -16 J. tf J. H. PECK if Co. Agents. T. M. PAKKIUt, DAdUKRREAN ARTIST. ROOJISi.v Thomas' Building a few doors East of Church St. Miniatures 81 ,50 including good case. Ladies and Gentlemen arc invited tocalland exam ine specimens. Burlington May 6, 1817. I'reiiiiumPlo.v. VTHE sunscitiurji mavit- Jl factures and keen i-nn,n...l.. T-rKtaa. for sale at his residence in li.rifl.n Plows ofdillereiit siies, which he offers lo Farmers of imuc mien una oiuer lioumies. i ney are the same patent thai took the premium at the Agricultural Fair of Chittenden Co. in 18 lfi, and the wood w ork is war ranted to be the best of Massachusetts Oak. Those in want ol a goodurticle will do well to examine this MILTON FORD. Jericho, April 1817, 4m5 IloiiKe Fiiiis.iiii. MINERAL Knobs, full plate, and japd. trimming Mortice locks and latches, mortice locks, mor tice latches, rottage locks, latches, li lakes latches, cupboard locks nnd ketches, bell pullsaud trimniinus wro'tnnd cast Iron narrow mid broad Bulls, window springs, nxle pullies, ward robe hooks, hat pins. Sli ding door way nnd axles, sliding door locks, flush bolls, silver plate, bronzed and apd. key hole -cuu'hious, window blind hangings and fastenings, with probably nvery other article required ill house finishing among which arc many Xe ic. Cheap, Usefulnnd de sirable articles, which'' VfliiAee ingenuity" has pro- duced,at wondrousl usiy ciichji raies iiuiy oe louilu wr STRONG, DOOL1TTLE. ,Co. June. 10 1817. 50 Dried Apple. LliS. Drihd Apples ju1 rceeivtd and for sale by I VILAS A, NOYLS. 1000 1 NEW GOODS. V. RANDALL, has just nr.TtmNK J., from New York, with n larce assortment of watches, Jewellery, I nncy Articles and I ojs, con sisting In part of gold Fuplish levels, gold anchors, nnd lepines, silver levels lull jewelled, anchors nnd lepines, nnd verge watches of nil kinds, gold minia ture cares and lockets, gold sprcts, pencils nnd pens, gold thimbles, chnins nnd biacelets, cameo mid stone pins of nil kinds, diamond tings, plain mid chased rings, chains, slides, gold snaps, hearts nnd ciosses, car hoops, plain nnd stone setting, gentlemen's senil nius. lrold miilt and tienrl sluds. nearl nnd shell card cases, shell back and side combs, bead nnd silk purses, steel bends nnd bng clasps, purse silk nnd twist, silver ppects nnd pencils, scissois and knives, hair combs and urusncs, silver piuteu nnu brass canuie sucks, castors. CfCI. OiCl. Alio! which he will sell ns tow nsnnv imnorteror nnv one that pretends to import. liuriingion, .liny z. 1 Constantly on hand ALL the popular I'ntcnt Mcilcciens ofthe day war ranted genuine, Pure Liquors and Wine, for Mechanical and Chemical purposes only Will. II. HATCH, Winootkl Falls, June, 1st 1817. s!9t Agent Wanted. THE SUBSCRIBER is dbsirous of r.x caning n number of men of oood address nod business habits, with 830 to 835 rendy ensh, tn sell uim iiioi"." imi'iumi .iiiiitut noiio, or irasuaill. Aprontoi sa to uj a wees, may be reali.eil. All Host paid letters promptly answered. O. S- BLISS. No. Cohocton, Steuben Co. N Y. June 23, '47. TRAVIS &, CO'S NORTHERN LINE. :1847. The Proprietors oftliis T,lno will continue lo run ll Sit Day Lino of Bonis during the pres- 1 ent season of Naviffalion. for the Transnoriation ion ol all Property entrusted to them, with salety nnd des- patcn, lietvveell Nliir-YOIUC, and ST. JOllX'S C P.. The Proprietors have arranged witli the Cham plain Transportation Company to ship daily, (Sun days excepted,) by Steamers BURLINGTON AND WHITEHALL, on Like Champlain, which with their Line of lirt class Ycfcls, Canal and Lake Iloats, will fonn n Line unsurpassed in facilities forthe Tiausportationof Property, with despatch and safety. all tiiHiris smri'F.i) nv Tim i.iNr. ai:k iur.rD. W. A. TRAYIS, Asent, Whitehall ; O. V. BLOUNT, ,leni, Troy ; L. J. N. STARK, Agent, New-YorK. Boats of ibi. Line Leave NEW YORK, ALBA N Y and TROY Dailv, Sundays Excepted. SHIP II Y GJllFPlTirS Arm- York and Tioy Line Thic-Poals. For ri-eiht appl v to I, . J. N. STAUK. a:t Ciemies Slin, N. Y. ; IF. ,1. TKAVIS. Whitehall; A. A. Ti'llllS, Schuijlenille I O.P. BLOUNT, Va Jliier-Klrcct, Tmy I). COL B, lUO Pier Albany; A. CLAI11C, Cumstock'i .andins ; cmtTISMAXX. Mann's Landing; NICHOLS H ISUIiTOX. St. AlbanS; II. II 1IAILK, Vlattblureh ; COLYIN H TIUMIILE, Poit Kent ; IF. II. SA.XE, Cham; FOLLETTlt IlltADLUY, ) .1. h J. II. PECK. H CO.. 5 Ilurlineton ; J. S. WARE. N. WEIIIi ( CO., House's Point; WM. DURHAM, nhamphm; J. C. PEIRCE i( SOX, ) r, ,,,., p ,, WM. COOTE, S L- MATIIEWSOXH SIXCLAIR, Moulieal; IF. C. JIEXDERSOX, Quebec ; TRAVIS .tCO. N. B. All Goods shipped by this Line will be ac curately weighed and caielully handled. Mark Goods-Care TRAVIS &. CO. 13 tl 1847. Merchants' jLine. LAKE BOATS I'or the Trnnsportut inn ofPiopcrly Itctivccn LAKE CHAMPLAIN, TROY, ALIIANY, NEW YORK & BOSTON. The Proprietors ol this Line will run, during the pre-1 sent Season, SIXTEEN FIRST CLASS LAKE ' BOATS, and arc prepared to execute promptly ull bu- t mess Willi which they may be entrusted. No exer- tions shall be waniinto merit a continuance ol that ( patronage with which the Line has heiclofuic been f.t- ' vorcd. ! Their arrangements for towing on Hudson River nnd Lake Cliamplitin will enable them to give good dispatch to property. , Property lorvvarucd by this Line is actually and ac curately wr iglied at the tillieot shipment. The Boats are insured, and properly not suhjeiied lo the occa- i sioual delay and injury incident to tiunshipmcht. Piojiertv to and IrDin BOSTON lorvvurded by V IjO 1 lilW IViVlliUUiVU or V LiL.1.. AGM'TS, I. A.JOllNSON.OroenliesSlin.NVw York. ' , C0RN'ELIU.S I.OVELL. New Yoik and Boston I Packet Ollice, Long Wharl, Boston, PROPRIETORS. JOHN IJRAI)I,r.Y & Co.,)-,,. , Vl . SUCCSSOrs to lOl.r.tTT.tBIUPl.CV j """1s.'0i ' r.n.litiiiS, iiuk iua .V.UO..M. Albans, vt. I Uurlinglon. Apiil. ICili 1817. 42 fSa nil's' fsaiaparilla, FOR THE REMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURE OF ALL DISEASES ARISING FROM AN IMPURE STATE OF THE BLOOD OR HABIT OF THE SYSTEM, VIZ.: Scrofula, nr A iris's rri, Rheumatism, obstinate cuta neous eiuptioni, pimples, or pustules on the face, blotchci, biles, chinmc sore eyes, ring leoim oi let ter, scaldhead, enlargement and pant oj the tones and joints, stubborn tilrers, syphilitic symptoms, sciatica, or lumbago ; and dcseatesai tsing fiom an injudicious use oj tncrcuty, ascites, or dtopsy, ex posure or imprudence in life ; also, chronic con stitutional dtsordets, ifc. In this preparation nre strongly concentrated all the .Medicinal projicrtics ot barsjpn tne most eiieeium nius, uie most the most notent sunn cs ol the audits unprecedented success in the restoration to neaitii oi ttiose wno nan ioiio pmeii miller the most distressing chronic inuladies,li,is civm it an exalted character, furnishing as it does evidence of its own intrinsic valu The to from Rev The following is an extract from a letter received mieresicd and their physicians, is prepared for era )in Rev. William Galusba ; i tuiloiis du-lribution where the Rebel is forsale. 111 KKSiitRE, Vt., Oct. 52,1, 1815. Mr.ssRS. Basts I have been allbcted with a severe naiu in iny side, occasioned by a diseased liver, lor ihe last twenty years j sulR-nng at limes what language cannot convey, but since taking jour Sarsaparilla I have been gri stly relieved, so much so that I have been able to attend to my business, nnd preach occasionally lor the last fifteen mouths. I wholly discarded nil other medicine, mid thoroughly tried the Saisnpnrilln, which 1 can recommend 111 truth and sincerity to all those who are in any way adhered with any species of serofulouscomnlamls. There have been some reniurk- able cures effected by its use in tins vicinity, Mrs. I ,., , , J- , , Shavv, by the use o six bottles, was testored to better health than she had before enjoyed for ten j eats, nnd Mrs. W Stevens, who had been severely atlbcteil with Erysipelas, w as entirely cured by the use of a lew bottles. Yours, truly. WM. GALUSIIA. The following testimonial Irom the Agent to the value of the Saisaparilla iu n case of leprosy will be Jead withinierist by nil similarly aflhcteil ; Beaver, Pike Co. Ohio, Sep. 7, 18 If.' Messrs A. 11, t II, Sands: Gents A man near here used six bottles nf your valuable Snrsaparilla for the leprosy, nnd has received more benefit Irom il than nil other remedies combined for six years past. It restored a hand, leg slid foot Irom a situation that no peisnn would have known they belonged lo a human body, us all appeared lo be one mass ol putnf) ing sore. Ills hand ami oilier diseased parts urc all restored to their natutnl size nnd feeing ; tire entirely heal. d over, and his leprosy cured. He intends using a few more bottles to permanently establish his health. J outs.inost resjieeifully, (i. W. RAYNOfiDS. , l-url.irlberpiriieulars, and conclusive evidence of lis superior value and efficacy, see pamphlets, which may be obtained of Agents (Talis. i reonreii ami soiu liy A. ll. v D. SANDS. Drug. C1SIS. tsis, urn j. ulton-et, corner ol William, New-York. lor sale by Theo. Wholesale Druggist. A. Peck, .ApotheJary and . ''"ss-Walerbury ; S. K. Collins, Momnelier; L. L. Dulcher St. Albmis;M. K. Piatt it Co., Flntts burg, and by Druggists generally throughout the Uni ted Mates. Price $1 per bottle. Six bottles for $5, Burlington, 12 Feb. IS 17. iy. WATCHES, JEWELLERY, CLOCKS cleaned and repaired to order, and in as good style as can be done elsewhere. J"'y g. 1 J. V. RANDALL. Arrival Ao. . f UIXR & (.0. II WE THIS DAY RECEIVED I a splendid assortment of immcr Goods. July'.', 1317, j CHAMl'LAIN CANAL. pi:opi.t:s MNi: i NEW BOATS P A CK ETS. 1817. Sfeasa 1817 R.C. HENRY, CAFT..I. R. GANDALL, II. MATHER, " A. C SCOVILL, FASHION, E. K, SCOVILL The Comstock Fnckels on the Chainplain Canal will commence their regulartrips nt the opinirc 'if mi- vigaiion, nnu wiiicontinue to run between will I li HALL and TROY, forming two Dailv Lines dining the present season. They will connect with the Rail Road at the Boiough, nnd form, with the Sleatnboals on Like Chainplain, ncontinuousliuc to the Cnnndas. 1 lie i nckeis win he niamicu by expcrienceii cap tains and hands. They arc new nnd newly lurriislied. The table will be well supplied, mid every dibit made to give satisfaction to the traveling pub lr. N. II. Look lorlloals, R. C. HENRY, It. MA THER nnd FASHION. P. COMSTOCK, Agent, April 21,1917. 41 OLAK, FISK & CO.) 28H I'UI.TON STltlJKT, N. YOltK HA E on band, nad oiler for sale a choice selec tion of Fresh Tens Irom the late arrivals, com- prism? I chests anu ha chests vsnn Sk ll. Young Hvson, Old Hvson, Twankay, (tunpowdcr, Imperial, Floweiy l'ccco, l'ouchong, Ningyong, Orange l'ecco, Souchon.T. 131 caddies of various qualities. Alo, 20,000 packages Tobacco, comprising various brands and qualities ; Pipes and S-gnrs; Mnceoboy and Scotch StlUll: New Orleans, l'nltii Itie.t. Stl t'.i-,,iv nml lit,. I vana CnH'ce, crushed ; Loaf nnd Powdered Sugars i ' NeW Orleans, l'nrti, Itirn 'noiv-..,f,a St, fVn.v Trli,. nladnnd Cuba Molasses; Half Boxes, Box mid Keg "pins, ri iommgo, L,uoa, lilo, i.aguu initi .lava Loltef I Java Codec j Pimento, Pepper, Ginger, Nutmegs, vi's, Mustard, Cassia, Fancy and Bar Soap.Spetiu Mould Candles, Winter and Summer Oils, Muck- Clov mid eiel, Salmon, Shad, Herring, Pickled and Dry Cod, ..mi 1 i i i "iiu gein-iiii iiisioiiment oi i,roceries, wmcii we oiler for sale at the v ery lowest market prices, and to which we invite the attention ol the country mer cllv"ii . . CLARK, FISK .V CO. N. B. Liberal advances made upon consignments. HEARTT &, CO. succtssons TO .1. C. Ilciult, llro. & Co., 181 7t'icr .V. VVoy. IMPORTERS or Extuisii and KnnsiAx JL Hardware, and dealers in nil kinds of Domestic. Agents for the sale ot Peru nnd Troy Nails, Spikes, Horse Shoes, and Iron, nt Factory prices Hunt's, Simmons', nnd White & Olimtcad's Axes, a!n every variety of ihe St. Lawrence County Hay and Manure Forks and Hoes, at Manufacturers' prices, The attention ofUAlL ROAD CONTRACTORS is particularly called toa very superior Cast Sleel Shov el made cxprissly lor Rail Road purposes, the quality of which, mid the terms will be found unexceptionable. Unit P R 0 D U 0 K sHommisstcm iHcvcljivuts, IVo. il l Water Street, NEW YORK. Jas. S. FtnocsoN. Cardincr Sherman. RCt'ER TO Messrs. Draper, Aldrich ! Frink, ) " 'l'own.end,Sayre It Claik, ! New York. " J. N J. F Seymour, ) " Phillips H Cuyler Albany, l'J'J" J. Jj .1. II. Peck, if Co. . . . Burlington, Vt. JEWELL, HARRISON &. Co. C o in in i s i o n ill c r e ii a n i , And Dealers in PRODUCE AND PROVISIONS, No. Ill) Water Slrcut, Between Cocnties Slip and Broad street, Abm. S. Jewell, ) S. D. Harrison. C. D. Van Wagenen. ) N'l.W YOJIK. nriin to Messrs. Follett Bradley, Burlington, J & J. II. Feck &Co. " AGAR & ARTHUR supplies of SADDLERY, Coach and Shelf HARD WARE, in all its varieties. Also, Drugs and .Medi chics, Paints, Oils, YainUhcs, etc. Burlington, lSHi. Apothecaries' IHalS, Corner if Church and Ctiikgc St. Ilurliiilon. Uv.o. E. II.wiiti.vr.TO.v, Proprietor. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER Dings, Chrniirdls, OIN, Cnniplii'iio, Djc. sin. is I.IIJIIOIS, .vc, ivC.,.VC. t,; SO- General dealer in Patlxt, Botanic and Thojiso- N1AX JiCVLDIES. Coinniisisioii A-jent Forthe sale of Jlwett's. Comstock's. and Sine man's Medicines, as nlso lor all the nooular Patent .Medicines of ihe ihy Sole Agent lor the sale of i uo-Mso.N s itlkine sci i oRTUt and Gall's L teki .S.VTOR. All orders addressed us will meet Willi nromiit at carefully packed and warranied.liavingthe largest and best assorted stock lo be found shoit ol 5,'ew Yorkpurchased exclusively for cash wo are enabled iu in me iiue oisi-oiims irom uie cusioniary pricis. "Ilairingion's Buililmi:." .,1s Dr. B J. IIelsliikru willbe in attcuJanceon Salniilaj 's and Weduesdav's from 10 A. M-, nil 1 o' '' , ..''i,-1 ' "' Aiioth.-cifiis' Hall, corner ol Chinch and College streets, when those who wish to consult nun siiuuiu i uii. 3,l MOTHER'S RELIEF. Vl'3 do do 100 do do 173 do do 75 do do 37 do do 28 do do 275 do do 80 do do 57 do do 35'J do do pnrilla, cunibmed with rV MARliILD LADILS, the Mother's Relief, a istsalutaiy productions, I .J memcme whieli soothes the disagreeable sensa le vegituble kingdoin j i lion ol K-inalcs about to becoinu iiiothcis.uud m.-urcs .. .-... ..v.,,.,, ,i, uii wnere rnai lormauon or soineuniiatinal ciicumsimices do not prevent. The reputation of tluarticle, though silent, has become so cMcnoeu as io prouuee nil immense demand. A lis on el 1 lleln fi nil I' nr I w. ..... ..1 ........ . .. li. A 11AU1 llOLIC .t CO.. Rochcsier. N Y. 1 Or SalC llV Tlir.O. A. PICK. Annlhiviri. nn.l Wholesale Druggist the authorized ngenis lor this l ime nnu viciiiuv.w no can also supply Druggists at Ihe Proprielots Wholieale price. uctoner viii 1H15. 13 EMERALD MILLS FLOUR. nPIIEKirifeCltlllKIt WOULD 11 SPEtTFl'LLVIX 1 form his friends, and the public generally, that he will continue to manufacture the above well known Hem,, I r vi nun .... i .. .i, . l- i . 1 ... . ...j. tuiu iu jiiso in- uivvnvs su ilineu w ith a full und complete assortment of Fi-h, Salt Gras Seeds .Mil iVed and all ariic'es u-uully found in a general Milling ami Produce Establishment lie is i.isu iiie pareii to receive consignments ol Giam, Polk, Heel, Butter, Cheese, Wool and indeed all kinds ol wu. , , luooucc, ami win make Ihe most liberal ad vances in Cash He will nlso icceive mid lorward Goo, Is, 1 uniitnre, fcc.,.tc , to ull purls of ihe Fnion. Olhccnnd U utehouse. No. 117 River St Troy, N. ' r . ,, , . JNO.N. Wil.LARD. Keferto Messrs. J. 4. J II, Feck &. Co., Burling- SOA1'. 75 I!0XI'S C0L(JATE S,7.-. .lo.M.ngnn's - i3 do Fancy. For sale bv J. BRADLEY . Co. 1 .SonA ll'W. Burlington, May j. PAINTS ff OILS, " 10 T0,S v "1T,: !"v CRoi'.VD . '" 'Ji't. '"J. lieneh Yellow, Verdiuns 1 hrome ellow, C hromc t.ieen, Litharge, R,., Ja,i' Wluling. Xc , nl-o Lin-Seed Oil; S,irj, Turiwii tine, Coach and l urmiure umish, iu quantitie to suit purchasers. June 10, '17. STRONG, DOOI.ITTLE if CO. Iron, IVails, ala, Xv7 5 TONS Shoe-shape,; 5 ilo. Scroll Iron ; 10 do. Hand do : 50 do. Round and Sijuare, 3-1G nnd upwnrds ; 5 do (I S. do; :i do 2 and 3 inch "Hanks" best do; 10 do American Tire do j 2 do Hammond's dodo : 2 do lloopdo.all sies ; 2 do i;,i,n Vnil . I .1.. S...r..n .. .1.. . i .1.. - ii 3 do Spring Sleel, various sizes : 1 do Round Cast do ; do do j 2 Cases ot Axes do j 5 do assorted do ; 2 doz. I Anvils j 2 do Vicis, 1 do .Mill Cranks; 100 do 'Ames' Shovels; 25 do " 1 osier's" do ; 75 do " Faitbanks" Hoes. ; inodo" BlanchardV (Vt mid Getmaii Sleel Sijlhisj 15 do do Cliidlcs. Fortulehy J BRADLEY fc CO Biiilmgioii, M.i) '.:, IS .WA Whan MINT Pltoor IKON. .ty.l.Jlo.9mo. Wixnow Siiuttkhs, &c. flMIl! SlIllscailMlllSbeg mcall the attention vk vi viMi,?mMnt.!.,?'.l,;ii..111 fo'""'?. t ""'f GAL VANIZED TIN PLATES, and to the many ad vnntages which they po-sess over nil metnhc and other substances hitherto used lor this purpose, pos sessing ns they do, the slrengh nnd lightness of iron without its liability to rul, having now been tested several years, both in this country and in Europe. They me nlso less subject lo expnninn nnd contrac tion from sudden chances ol the atuio-n here, ibnn common Tin Plate, Iron, Zinc, Ace , or any other lliei'Hliow uetl lor rooiiiii., uim coiiseijueniiy loim a much belter and tighter roof , icquinng lar less frequent repair, whilst the hist cost is but a tulle more. i'he subscribers would also call the attention of all dealers nnd workeri in metals, to the many other pur poses lo which Iron thus protected, enn be npplicd. In general terms it is applicable to nil articles ol iron which it is desirable to protect from the action ol the atmosphere. And they would especially call the at tention of those interested in TELEGRAPHIC LINES, to their Gnlvnimcd Wire, which is now nl most entirely used in Europe, and which nnswers every purpose ns n fondueior of electricity, costing only nbout one half ns much ns copper, nnd possessingcqunl durability with that metal. Having lately erected works in this city for the purpose of galvatii.ingnii!s, spikes, bolts, wire, &C., they will lie able to furnish any nrticlcs which may be desired. A supply of I'lates (manufactured in Europe,) constantly on hand, from lfi to 32 wire guagc. GEO. B. MOREWOOD&CO. Nos 1 1 nnd lfi Beaver st. New Yotk. The Patent Right for this article has been secured for the United Slates ns well as Gicnt Britain, nnd other Eiiiopean countries, and all legal measures will be taken to prevent any infringmeiil by importation or otherwise. ( Xt. 30 181fi. 18y) To fentists. Slvcltlon iy Oij's Dejiul fur thr. saletf Mineral 'I'eclli, llur'iniftnn, Vernwnt. Constantly receiving supplies of Bicuspid Gum, Molar, Pivot nnd Plate Teeth. Also Forceps, Files, Gold and 'Fin Foils, Excava tors, Scalors, Burrs, Drills .iloulils, .Mirrurs,iJruIics, Piaster, &c. at .March 5 1817. ly THEODORE A. FECK. JOHN S, WARE, Slorugc nml I'm warding .Hcrchiint, NORTH WHARF, 11 U II I, I X (l TON, VT. VILAS it NOYES, ) nt1in,n J. .t J. H. PECK fi CO. BurnR""i- The Noitli Whtirl olfers every facility for the safe keeping and prompt delivery of Ireights, and all busi- ness addressed to the care of J, S. VARE shall re- ceive prompt attention. The Steam Proiii'ller. James II Hooker, the Stea mers Burlington, Whitehall, Francis Saitus, Montreal, aniline retry Hoat v inooski ana the uitlerent hues of long boats mid vcs-els carrying Ireiglit on Lake tyhiintiiaiu touch at this Wharl. vi om IKON AND NAILS. .1 f Tons English Tire Iron. fl'VJ 10 Tons Old Sabic RtLsia Iron. r- Ions Swedes Horse Shoe " 20 " Round mid Square " 15 1 lame and Scroll " 10 " Band 5 " Hoop 12 " P S. I mid Norway Nail Rods. Naylors &. Co 's Cast Sleel. I'eiisoii's Spiing do German do Swedes do English Blister do 2IHIH Kegs Keeseville Nails and Brads. :ij0 Doz. Hasps and Fib's. By 17 J. if J. Jl. PECK if CO. OiN. lions 7AAA Ciialloiis winler nnd spring bleached Sperm loot) Whale, Hb!s. Lard American Linseed, by ., if J. II. PJ.CKfc Co. Qflilfl Iioes litirlinzion Extra, iJJJ Burlington, Vermont, Essex, and Lake, 250 " Bedford Crown, J. ifj. JL PECK &. Co. (if Do. Fairbanks' Hoes. UU 10 doz. do and Van Ornani's Hny Forks. 10 " Scythe Snatlies. 75 " Ueddington's Scythes. 50 " Farevvell's " 50 " Blood's " By 7. .S J- H. PECK If CO. CULT, 500 IJLS. " WESTERN." )3 Forsale bv J. BRADLEY. A-CO. Burlington, ly'")' 25. IS Siuth Wharf BOLTING CLOTHS Ai7 I5UIUI MILL STONES, ii. r. wiiiti:, No fi Motion llloek. Milk street, Boston', ri0NTlNl.ES TO IMPORT AND KEEPS J constantly for sale, an extensive assortment ol Hotting Cloths ofthe most approved Patterns. From longcxperience in the Manulaetiire nnd sale of this article, the Ad vertiser is enabled to tunu-h v.lers with more petlect and durable Cloths than can he found elswherc and at very low prices. Trench Ilinr Mill Stones of all izes, manu factured nt the Massachusetts State Ftison Sept 1 1S1G, llpl PEIRCE & KELLOGG, IMPORTERS OF CHINA, GLASS, EARTHEN WARE, Looking Glnsscs, 'I'm 'i'rnvs, Giriiudolcs, Lumps, Cnstois. Ac. Itl Ull NTliLL I, At.iitt.ti ii. rKir.CE, E- 3'Jy.l TROY, N Y. OLO. W. KLLLOGO l'EARL STREET HOUSE, llnilintoii Vt. 11V VII.As it Mivr.s. Circumstances having rendered the control of the ubove prennsiMiccissary, we would give notice to the public that the Peatl St. House is now open for tile accommodation of travellers and others who may call. Being located iu one of the plea'antest pans of our villaue. and commanding n. it il.tes n Tim. view of Lake Champlain nnd the scenery nbout Burlington, and also being near the University ol Vermont, we think il can scarcely tail to please the searcher lor pleasure und recreation, while at the same time It at lords those upon biiMucss a comfortable home. Mr II. N Cole and .Mr. II. G. Mason, late of Iligbgale Springs, will manage the House for us, and totlio-e whuare acquainted with them as Caterers, it w ould be unnecessary to say a single word iu com mendation. Sullice to say that firry thing will be done to make it ngreenble nnd pleasant to all who may wish to make it a stopping place. Believing that the sale ol intoxicating drinks as a bev ernne to lie iinurious lo them w bo use ur do not ti4 mem, anu iieirimemni to uie wen ueing ot society ns also in ho-tihty to the law ot the Slate, and tin sirongiy expresseu wisnesoi n majority oi u.e tree men tliereol, we shall neiiher keep it publicly nu clandestinely to be sold orimi away. A suitable carriage w ill be prov ided to lake passet gersto and lroin the Steam Boats. All Stages will call at this House. Win. R. Vir.Ai March, IS 17. Morillo Note .Hue hi iic .Tlaiiiilaeloi'. fllHE Subscriber is manufacturing, omits prepared JL to build to order, all kinds ol Woolen Miicliincry, Mich as Carding Machines, Condellbers, Pickers, Jacks, Gigs, Sizers, Leathers, Brushing Machines, Nnppers, Kegulators, iVc. A o vi',,1 k enlrn.led to him. will be executed with neatness and despatch. His .ilainme snop is situa ted iu Monli-lier,three miles lroin the village, on the road to Worcester and St Albans. Ihe subscriber is i-oiitiuVnt that lie can tmiiuun goon a Curd or Jack, ns can be procured iu New England Those runtime: his .Machinery pronounce it to run as well as any ill u-. MEVAV WEIGH J Jr. iMontpelier.Dcc. 12, IS 10. Pa in Is and Oils. 1 Oft KHCSS I'tiro Sargeriies White Lead J-"" (in Oil); 75 do Enlra dodo; 50 do No. 1 , do do ill packages of 25, 50 and 100 lbs j 5 Ions lute Irfiid (dry) ; 20 Kegs French Yellow ; Ml do Led Lead ; 10 do Litharge : ii bbls. Linseed Oil. (Ninth cm) for sale by J. BRADLEY it CO. Burlington, May 25. is Suuth Wharf. 10 CAIU10YS OIL OF V1TR0L. at Harrinhton's Niivn;Siotin luster. 1 rtOO VMXtt GROUND, I WJ I M Jl. PECKHCo THE Sunscriinnts havk hemoved Thi:iK wholesale CASH DRYGOODS business to No.9 Cedar tt ,N, Y., where they Invite the attcntionol Vermont Merchants. All who wish to realize the greot difference between Credit and Cash priceswilll do well to look at our goods nt Cash ra-icen. v , BRADFORD (j 11URDSALL. New oik, March 27' 1817. 42mU .., VAY M 13 AT maiiki;t. 'IMIh StlltetBIBEIl WOHM) INFORM IIIS iir;n i l"ul ,,,,B l"'0l',e f Burlington generally, bat he has oned a new MEAT .M Alt KLF under U"r'"'gl0" MA '' Amasa Drew The Peck & spear 1) It V V. i; s T A IJ.L f s II .11 u j T B U HLING TON, Vt rpt IL subscriber is constantly supplied vvith.nnd of- v r-i. , IUGS: ,.w chemicalflj Leeches; Surgical Instrument.. Mineral Teeth and Dental ar'licles? Saline Sr,l Waters ; Daguerreotype nrticlr s ; iemiine Patent and from the advantage of receiving Mineral waters, rely upon their freshness. Individuals wishing Trusses, Leeches, &c, will al ways find a person in attendance to apply them. Medicines dispensed at all hours of night THEODORE A. PECK ,,7 COUNTRY TRADERS. T hi ,,'ub'c"bera' at Ihcir store corner of Fulton and bind in iT11 r trreV' Uo',t0"' kccP constantly on u. , M "nr f'ir Ml(i' on 11,0 most favorable terms, a large and well selected assortment ol W . INDIA GOODS dc GKOCEItlES, UPPER AND SOLE LEATHER, r- ,,.. i, i , ,",- ",lu eu on commission. . ?,! ro'lucl'' .Traders visiting the city are re- on commission, ... . . ,.iu,.. , inuers visiung tne cttv are rn. fpectiully renuested to call and examine before msk Breadle'rP a5"' 2-Kcferto Jiessrs. Follett 4. DEXTER, HARRINGTON & CO Boston. July 30, 18IC. DOMESTICS. SHEETINGS, 15 bales Rockland; 10 do. 15 do M. MC ' 10 d N'eW lc'"y '' 10 do Wa,P': SIIIRTLV'gS, 2 bales fine brown ; 1 do do New York Mills. ' 1 1LKINGS, 2 cases Lowell, 5 bales Low-Mi A ir.w .oui.. ... ... crises LoKCbm" pantaloon sluli ; 5 balca oiPJaid Hrifi.'Pml"1!'.'.!0?0 W.iclli"Pi 1(i do Amoskeag drills j 10 do Globe do. For sale by JOHN BRADLEY & CO. Burhnglon.May 25th. 43 South Wharf. TOKACCO. l50?ftXES 1IAKIS' CAVENDISH v sr j obacco, 70 " Peirce's " 2j " Dado's J. If J. II. PECK tf Co. AIES' Siiovhls and Spades, Socket and il Long Handle Spades, Hoes, Manure and Hny 1 orks Gross and Grain Sc thes. Grindstones, Cranks and Ro lers, Log and Trace Chains, Post and Well do.,wuhalull assortment of Agricultural Implements, upon very reasonable terms, by 51 STRONG, DOOLITTLE & CO. LUMPER. M. Feet Spruce Boards. 50 M. " " rir,Un,A. 100 200 " Spruce and Pine Shingle. By J. if J. IL PECK If CO. BOOTS & SHOES CHEAP FOR CASH. SAM. DANIELS & CO. MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLE SALE DEALERS IN HOOT AND SHOES. 171 Pearl stlrcct, (Corner if I'm .) X E W V O 11 K. Have jut received, nnd nre now offering a com plete and extensive assortment of Men's, Bovs uiiths, Indies, Misses' and Children's Boots and Shoes of every variety and style in the market nianulactured to order trom the best ot stock, and will bcsold at the lowest matket prices. Merchants visiting the city are respectfully invited to call and exa e our stock belore purchasing, ss great inducements will be oliered to those buving f"r casl1' .., ,SAM IMNlELSiiCO ' it o- ,i'ireails'.comcroiFiuc,N Y. .lay .,, 181,, TO THE rUBLIC. , IV COXStyVEXCE OF THE GliEA FAIR - T TO BE HELD BV THE Massac inset ts iA 1 o dm n ASSOCIATION, THE PRESENT SEASON, THE UNDERSIGN LD HAVE TO KEL1NQUISH THEIR SPACIOUS HALL F0 P U l'OSE, CONTAINING NEARLY 100.000 UOLLAUS ' worth or .maim: clothing i THE LUiGI'.ST, CHOICEST CHEAPEST STOCK OF CLOTHING EVER OFFERED IN BOSTON. TH0VSVDS OT OAOLNTS WILL BE SOLD FOR LESS TBAM THL ORIUINALCOSTOF THE R VV MATERIAL. Also, an immense Stock of vir.t'Fi sOoi, That will be sold by the PACKAGE, PIECE, or KETAIL.atthe LOWEST MA11KUT VIUCE. CUSTOM WORK .Made in the most FASHIONABLE STYLES, at short notice, from the choicest English, French nml American manufactures. ItK'lI I'l K.M.SHIMi GOODS 111 any quantities The Goods are nil marked and laid upon Counters, and a selection can be made in half the time usually occupied. STItANGEItS visiting Boston, and DEALERS IN KEADY-MADE CLOTHING, will find it for their interest ol CALLbefore making their selections, as the entire stock must be cleared out, and the price made sati-faciory JOHN SIMMONS & COMPANY, QUIM'Y HALL, OVER QL'INCV MARKET m22is BOSTON. TAR by the Bbl or single Gallon 1 June.lG 51 CATLIN Ji SPEAK P1XS& NEEDLES. J I rn Packs American Pins No. 3 A -1, JLjL9r ood f.ewiti uecdles, 175 grcsvi knilling needles. For sale by ?June 1. 1317. Vilas if Notes LA. Ml OIL. -t X Hbls. I'uro Sperm; 30 do Elephant ; I O aoRcilna Wfc.l..ter-lcLby & Burlington, May 25. 43 .VbufA Wharf Tuliaccu. tX(f lurA eilEWING, vorious brands: 250 One Quarler Boies do do : 100 Canisters of J Ander son's Premium Fine Cut Chewing, ol finest qualm for sale by J. BRADLEY it CO " itlolnhscsi. POHTO IUCO, Trinidad, New Orleans, St, Crou and Suitar House Svrun. for sale bv ,. x, i- BRADLEY k CO. Burlington, May 25. 48 South What lt.MSIVS 1 nn noxns si. it. ; -V. i. io .i0 ; 7r JLJJ 1 . 1 do do : 50 KeM. For sale l,i. ,. . J. BRA1-LEV hCa. Burlington, May 25. 48 NniUjlj'ioi Flour. M- iUV 5oo jilf. " bv J t J 11 PECK N ts.

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