Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 13, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 13, 1847 Page 4
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST 13,' 1847. Wcw-Yorli Ac Zloston t m mm stop. AT (t HATCHJ:T.I)R1!' Ctiurcli elipcl. nine be lonnJ III" largest Ktoik ol B.1.1TS. nnd Sii,ciIi:ii Ins ever been ull'rcd III I lui luiutoii. 5 lis lias spaien no pants iu iiiiMmumip, i-uh ",it carJ to qitidity and Mile, ninl Willi until prolits leels mre of giiing sniHactton in erciy customer. Among his stock, in pail, may be found the follow ing .articles: Ladies', Boots and Show,1 " G.iitir Bool, of cici tlrecrlntioii. Waterproof DootsanJ Shoe.', l'iue Trench Cnlf do do do do pewed do do Biogaic, Morocco do Stout Calf ninl Kip PillOeS, riolh Gaiters buttoned l'nr.iclla dancing Uai- tl'IS. l)jitcing Pumps, Moioceo Slippers, Calf do Culfshoe-.nll kinds. Pr Buskim, latest Fiji " Kid " Prano'U" " ltalfGaitets. do " V'tench Slippers, " hnjiisn Mil do. ; " 1'rencli Satin Slipper.' nil inlois, I " Cold Bronzed do " House do I " Stout Boots oV Uutkin.'i " Shaped ItuMiers, " Figured nnd plain do Hoots and Shoes, " Gaiter Boots, I llubhcrs with leather tOA'S In do UucUlc, do Ik'dand tilnin " lr ti.Titcis.bost qinlity. Buskins. iJizs' llooti and Shoes Prunella Slipper.-", nil, " line( nlf Hoots, colors. do Kin do " " Buskin", nil color. " Stout Moioceo nnd Calf Boots. " lUibbeisnfallkiuiK do Calf and Btnirnns. Kip Plout shoes, all kinds, Prunella G.iilors unu C'ti' Jrcn'sHoots and sWj dancing l ump' ricnch (.tiler Boots,,!? ISocts and Shoes all colors. l'iue Calf Hoot s.-weil " " Morocco Walter"! billion and, 1 " Buskins & Slipper? " Bool" nnd Ankle Tie.-' of r.llcolors. i Gentlemen'' Hoots audl Shoes, t i Napoleon Bool", wilh, and tops. anil pgged, do Km do do Seal nnd Grain pcgM can itwj ir.nunu reived slices, Moioceo Uuols anii Buskins, rim' Gnilets. D-iucing Pumps nnd I leant all Kind'. ' AKi, Galloons of all colors, and black and light silk gaiter hens cotton lacis, 0. Patent Congress Boots. Ml hnstiUo iv.iicli:i.',d the light of Bmhngtnu to niaiiiificluie Day's Patent Coxgkk Boors, Bootkli and stiurr. whiuh ale S admitted to be Husift and hioi pieWj article of the kind ever Kl up. The billowing extract, i" liom the l-'anner nni Mechanic, in tclation to this Hoot : "In Kurone the 'ConnrcF" Boot1 ht3 come into c. tensive use ; it I" ivilroincd by ' Kiyland's CJuien' by t!ie nobility, ait'l Ky ladies of Lileniry finie. In lact, it is consiiieii'dairiuilispeu&able article ul fashion, as well as of comlort." The Co.i.Tics" Bonis, 1 reuch Calf Boots, and every , c , 1 ' i- f . t. , 1 ! 1 ?, . "!'.! '' !;,'i"i"-f'Ctl'.';'r " mi', .1 Z 1 employs, in connection wilii his cslabli.-luncnt the best workmen. BKUBKN" BATCIIKKDKI!. Biiilington, May It) 17. .litl OAQ LIJS."VOOL TWINH kok s.iu: iiv " " i. d; Bixnws co, AT Wiuoofhi i'all", nnd examine a well selected ussuitmcnt of UA St 59 V.'AIS!':, DIUKifl AND J PAINTS MKIHCINKS, f OIKS, C.UOCKIUKS, ) DYKSTI'IT.S Which aie ull'i-reil lur sale as low as can be bought in Burlington, or any where in the Stale by U'M. 1). HATCH. June, It ISI7. -lUif I.incn t'otils. Jl). P.IXBY iS CO., have just lec.d iifly Linn Coats, Sack and Krc', which they sell at low rriei s. June 11), 1817. iiTool Icii(;t. T!IK iihribcr lias nimlc nrrniifmcnts lo open ri braiu'hnt l!ic K hidci !uik Wool IX'pgt in llic vil lage nt S.'imehftm Vt.t A fj;iciont building lias lictn rrocarerl nan store hnii'e, (or tlin pr("eiit Ep;iitii, witua tfil mi llic public pqiuiro in s-fiid ull.iy. He will be lirojT.rctl to jociive wnol ntti-r tlit tenth ulMnm.1, The iUi'rt'jtviil bo thrown ini piMt-j.iunl ibu'-o who ifoiic n fin liac their dip Iwpt squiute anil tolJ w'iicn onlernd. A 1tcrnninnlion will be in:n!o, brtwrcn oo in a nU0I or IJADcoinUtioii, ,S lies will be made invn nablyfcr Otsi. The ch.irf, will be vv rent per pomid for rtveiini:, Ftnimrr am! M'liiny, and llie ihmi ranof, which will be twenty-liu'i-eM n one bundled flnllnra for a lenn ut' thn'o iimutlii, A-ivimet's in cir-h iillbe made on the d'-liverv of wool it" rcmicMrd. aekwill be tnrnih"t lo thie who wili, by llieir paying the epen-e of tMiiioriatinn and I'-l 5 tt.1-. each, lirtli'ir uHc. Z KHerenec cnn W bad to J)r. J V. ncfl.inan, Knideilmt'li V., S. II. Ji'iini')n, Hhoreham ; M. liinbain, Cornwall j f. Jewctt, Wcjbridgc : II. Hell, Middlebury ; Hull. Shfmm, Vt. Letters addreeil lo the m'criber nt Short ham. in relation lo ihf Wool lVput at thai place will leceivc iinnifdiate. In Inn absence .Mr. .S. llvt-rt will be there to rceeive wool, and give nny requisite infoima lion on ihefeuhjocl. II. HLANCHAUI). Mny 13JS17. 1H On(fv Keg, liu lllil".,iW5bU. blastin; pow ,lo, 1U liUUU der, lU'i Keg" mile v. poitin, Hands" Snlxiy tube. Mnys:., Pur inle bv J. B11ADKKY & CO. Huuth What)'. 10NNHCTICUT HlVlilt -SI IAD A XI) j Noiih Shore Salmon, by the ball' hbl. ami single riuiiii.l. ih may. H J S. PL II h j rmHsjIl LAUD, nt I 3Sth may. IS CVThlUi Y, r"T A BKK i( desert knives and folk", cnrveis,ste-I, I (-h-urs, hcissorif, pen an 1 pocket k.iives, i i-rs, lirf sheers, cooks knives, hutchcr and shoe do iu great VUt'IJ'- STIIONC, K00K1TTKK, CO. Jun 10, 1317. M A good assiirinient of Ke.-uly Mnde Cloihes inch as e.ts. Pant., Vcas.OvcMlls, Shirt.. -' c 1 '''N l June lo, isii, i''iIs, VTO. 1. and Mackend, .Salmon, Sw-onl llh, v llerrin, mid dry Cod tib. ' Pickled, and diy llcrrin June 1C, CATKIN H SPKAI!. SM) ,: Y,Scc. -.'I'liriV,! noil) I'l'l't I' .1 .'ll lifii'.. cor-oiir..! O UirgcMoi-k compri-iuc a lull assortment nud e.x-1 f, iisiv.. vnni-iv ot Sailterv and harness trlinmin Ug, xithsadlero tools; and which arc otleredsju icusoiuble terms, .finie 10, W17, M. OSTHEIM, JJIirrlt; SI ml, New York, UMIOLKSALKGiiocint& Di:i.i:n i.v Im portcd Kim'Iois, st Wines, t Segars; foreign 'r. .series, and (ieiiiiau Kissinger Mineral Water. June 1 1 tli lwlT. r,otf. SALT, 1 ItHIVIU) THIS DAY O.V IIO.MII) S'l.001' Hi: Jl r.ux, from Monlreal.a full Caigoul Salt hueli a nery Liriucr wants.) l'or bale by 11. WI1KKLKI!. Darlington, July 1 1, 1317. aw j I AIM) and Candles. U June Hi, 01 CATKIN c. iil'KAU. Tin Plates, Iron Wire, Arc. 100 liuiidles Iron Viie, assorted numbers. JT, do liusia nud Knglish Sheet lrun. Sheet Cupper, ('uppi r Boll, litn l", Kars, Slice! .iiie.&cby STltuNG, DOOKPITKll Sc. CO, Juno Hi, IS 17. .M pU.MI'S and Li:.M) I'li'i: op v.kioi;.s, M tiy Ji iuu.xii, iuui.t j j i.i, ex. LU, June, 1317. 51 J I'.haveieci'ivcd S.tinile'nflliecr.-lirnt.-i Priam V Air light Cooking Stole from lhe mniiulactor of A. T. Dunliam ij Co. Troy, N. Y nn I lire now prepuredlo liirnish Ih.-in toall who want n Cooklii" cioie, touch win no husinesg right nud in thori metre with a yny littles fuel. We nbhor Hint uey and shall .-onseqiieniry skip allbig words iuenileuioiiring I o urotude the l.irg n rit tmv t,nes Ufiire ih? pablie.liut wc will Uuirly imiomte thai in hut wiutlier biichuswe may i-peciiu ..r about j)o; DlVhlhe Cloves win annual cuoiv iyiiiiiiui tin; n X. S. uf mi) fue MliNSON i. lUU.iriT Wiuuoki City, June "ill If 17. wi ' JONES, BALL & POOH, NO. 123 WAS1IIN0T0NST11KKT1J0ST0N. Importer's of.V Wliiilrsrilc DeHlors in Wntrtir, .lowcli y, .llililiuy Goods, A-p. I R A VL' nncni vm ii v iwcnxT aum vaks iiiom I s Ktiirlnnd ami Franco, u lntno nnd extensive as sortment el I tic following described Goods, Willi many oilier kin Js too numerous lo lie mentioned, ul' cted ex piessly for their w hub sale trade, and cnnipri-ing the greatest variety 01 niucicsio uc loiiiui ill llic city, lo which the is invilcd, Gold and Silver Watches, Japanned Tea Travs, ill of Leicr, K'llpine, An-! t-csoriiitiglc,of ull'sizcfij t nor, iioiionini mill' i ant nays, Hicail, Vcigc Kscapeinenls, of 1'iuit ninl Knife Ti ays. nil qualities and prices, Table nnd Tucket Cutlery, iiuiiiiueccicuiniciimnii .scissors, nayois, ece cm in l,ucipnol, I.on-, fioin lliccclebialcd 111a ion, anil l.ocle in Suisse. nufactiuirsof Shcflidd, Kodgcrs, Cioukrs, Wos tenholm, ifcc. with many cheaper kiuiU of Tnblo KniicsnnJ I'oiks, with II1.1M. I!ntn...,..l .l l.bony Clocks, Oflice Clocks, mid Kight L).i) Tmieiiieccs. liold Jewelry, of till ties-' bone horn and cocoa millions; 1 ins. li nt", wood ham hes, Iliacelets, nnd IT.isps jSteel Bag and Busse (old Beads. Guatd (jlafiw. Vc-t nnd l'uh fl. r..i.i ... v iff, ivt-jr". 1.IUI11 nun. Silver Pencil", Specta cles, Thimbles, Kye (ilasjcs, (Sold Pens, Lock"!", with n nenernl assoltmciit of (50111, Sil- Chains nnd iilonulings, Steel Beads, Spectacles, Spectacle Cases, Silk 1'uim's, (iiiaid Ciiains, Wntcli (Basrcs, Specln cle Kyis, Kami) Wick, Tin and Shell Music Buxes, Jewel Boxes', bronzed and lacaueieil Thermometers, Table Bells, itc. Wutch Tools cfevcry dB ciinlion. er mid Lull Tunc) (luods. Plated Cnke Baskets Cnn- dlticks, (ya'tors, rh ld and Britannia Table and Ten Spoons, 1 oiks, nutter knives, ivc Brilnnnia Tea and Coffoe, lVt, Sugar nnd Cream I'llcs, (iraieis, and all kinds ol alch olatc lials, both Knglish and Communion Ware, of all tiwis tnatiuiaciure. MinJs. Pun hascis may be assuied that every thing in nnr nnewiinjc luinisneti on as laiuinuic lennans canoe procured 11 out nny euuice. Dealeis nrc iiiMled to call mid exnuiiiie. CKO. 11. JONKS. TRUE M. BALK, KATilL.C. POOK. cowlylj NOHTIHIKN TK.WSI'OH'I'ATIOJf MMI. t 17 IKSit'IEUW. 18-17 JiMrtll. Voncfirdins to and fiom lji)3ton,?nC' Yotk.Albnnn. Tiny, Montreal, Qttclec. and all potts on Lrde Cliainplain, ami tie tlijjcicnl landings on the Lnainpiam uintu. '1 JIi: old and well known NOKTlIKIiN'TII AXS- I P0KTAT10N KINK is picpared wiih iucicaid ficilities, to iorwnrd nil kinds of piopeiiy with the gnatest caie and df spttch. The new sleam propel-li-i..lA.Mi:SII.I100KKli,ir I'jt) tons burden, Capt. SIKAS 1I1NKKKY, IihIk-cu added to the line, and will run on Ltkc Champlaiu, making two trips each week, leaving Whitehall 011 Mondays and Thuisdays, I.! . I). ..I: 11 . ! 1:. -. luui u j el li iti uiii iiuuiuii, 1 in 1 iiiiiu us-., 1 uri iem 111111 lI.m-lirrlit Tuesdays nnd Kridays. Iteturning will leave St. A bans on Salurduis and Plaitsbuiuli nnd Builiugton in Vcdncstl.iyd and Sjlurda-. 'Ibishne will mile ril'TJiKX CAAT, llHATS.A: TUX KAKU P.VXVl.A- IMVUIl IIOATS. all of which run ilav nnd ninht. It is also connected with the invited OKUTBOY TOW BOA'P KINK on llie IIiuKoii Iiiver, and steam boaton Knke (. lamiiiniii.l bus a I oidinir their mends ami the nub he generally nn oppoitunity ol shipping by Knke Boats going through Uotrtmx by sttntn on the Lake ami iim,)oruv 1 ropeher uu Hie I,ake lo lulchall tlienccbv bolh diiui-t to New-Yoik,or bv 'I'uw Boats on the Uivcr and Steam Boats on the Lake as they maycliou'-e. A laigenuinber of sailvcssela on Kakc Chauiplain belong to this Kmc. All goods weighed at the time ol shipment, and will lie loiwaiueii Willi nrumptue-is auddespatili, Debelllme and Waiehousins? nromnllv nttellded to. One boat of the above Kiue b aves New-'oik daily at file P. M.mid llirce or mole leine Albany and 1 roy. daily. I'or KreiLdil nnolv to 7.1. B. JA XKS, ) 7 CuciiliiV Slip ( K, on: CATJ.IX, f 33 " i"" New York a. 101 Pier, Altauy, I 1) I Wl) ,:''J I!hcr Slreet.Troy, ffli-"' I.V.VI UIXKJ.nV Mi"". Btv, CD. Ol.lVr.H IIASCO.V, Whitehall, G HO. lir.XT, Alonmal, A'. II7;J;.X Co l!oiiw-sl, Y. r If JMWMMI CO.r.Y.V V'A'.li.'..'.i'orl, Kcni.? v,. i. Jl. IIAII.B, Plnttburgh, 'v" 01l J.I. II. JIUUhJili, isuto.i. Addii'"" as Agents, OUVr.I! HASrUM, Whin-hall, A 1). LAlW.'Yioy. Kelerences, It J. 71 riTKlf Co. ) lOIIXS: KM .'.'. ! Builinelon. roi.i.KTT isu.wi.r.v) j..i wnr.yci: hhai.xaiid, ... , S. II' itS.S KJiYJiS. lligbgate, J. HA.XtiH. l.'i ,ong Whait. IluHon. SllII'l'UHS Ol" IMtOIM'CU TAICU xoTici-:. On the nrriMil of lhe Propeller James II. I looker at Whitehall, boats ol llie Noiibi'iu Transportation Kmc will have dine! for New Yolk, taking her Ireight through without landing. O. BASCOM, Agent. Whitehall, April, Kith 18 17. 12 fim Tlio Ciucti'iilicrs Vcgctnlilc rill-.. T20,U00l!OXKSyOKD KACII AND 11 Villi Y W'KKK ! ! tiiu tsR.vuruxiiUKR foiiPAxv Ileteby givenutiee, that their (!KN'KI!AK Ac-nt lor , the Slate. .I cinioiit mm the Nurihetn ai,d Kaelern Counties ol'Ncw-Yoik is (iKO .1. lTlltHKS,. liuilington Vt. The General Agents are tally prep-nod to appoint sub-Ageiils wherever there is no blanch ol lhe Com-p-ntv ; either on ptrsoual application .,r by mail, paid, 'l'he rapid sale of ihco celebrated pill.-, auj i,n extraordinary out s I hey are conMaiitly If-cting, n n dei far, the must popular pill ol the age. An Agency will cnnseqnenily lie very wilii'ilile. The Gracfcnbcrg Pillxure iuconeeiMibly mperior lo nny cier befoie dKeoi. red. In all bilious complamls ; in general ib rmigenient i.f the si stem ;iunll disoidi rs which i emit ll out a bad slate uf the bloud, thii.e pill-an- a foveieign lemcdy. In the class of deseases cnlled ihronic, the Grncfen. , ...ii. i, it .1....-l.:..l..., I... it .1 1 e.-sH'S oftlie syslein, liny quietly but finely purity lhe . i.i, i rool out ilisi-iifce. mid iriie tone und iiTor lo die body, Oiiits urn CiniMiiiitly Ullcrli'il Bythese Pills, in cases where every other menus had utterly tailed. The inon abundant jiroul ol ibis could lie given, but a liial ufune box will convince the patient. They can be onlered and n-iit by mail,a tiilbug ex pense, 'l'he price is -cuts a bo.x. Yhete Itfodallais pony tcill pay the postage Tills, lb tcotlll uievimiru mm lite luuuvtj teuiittvu, tut iutif cuuttaiic.-s. .11 .OV CUIII...U) C ,,.-, ..1,1.1.1 .11.1. ... no agency of lhe Comimuv ihevcmibe urdeicil by mail Thise Pills aie laking lhe plnce ul all others, and no in-rM'U should be wiilioui them. ALL HII.LIOUS COMTI.AIXTS, llnrel Cutiiplitiuts, Coustiptition, Tyspepsin, Terer uttd Atitie, llettdaehe, Jaundiee, l.ner Complaints, Itltettmtltiviil, all Stomach Complaints, t'teeii Sicl;. ness, .Sc. ie., j u Id al once to these Pills. They purge uwayotlcustie humours, arie.-t the disca.e, and at the kiiiiu tine restore lone nnd vigor to llic siskin In eases of ceneinl derangement ol health, Iheyaief-OVKUKIGN. Y Til 111 11 USE. The wenk will be made strong ; the pale and billions coinple.xion li" restored lo peii.-ctiy iron unn iieaiuiy color ; and the bad s) niptoiiis will one by ouedisappear. In sliori. iIh-m! Pills are an inconceivable advance upon any i titer medicine ever of!ercd to lhe pubhe. .-V 1 IIIAI. Wll.l. k V 1M V A.IIUAIVI lllll. ,.,1,11.1 MERCHANT TAILORS' Si. (ii'iilli'incit'h I'lirnlslilng .Store.' V,. HATIIIiUN & CO., nni: m:- lil teived tli. irspiuigsluck ul Clulhs, Ctibsiuieres. vestiugs aim iiuumuigs, an.inre prcpariu lu iuiiumi and make tr itmeiils in llie latest ttvle. A lirg" assortment ul Cravat, Ildkls., Shirts, .loves, ,-susp. nn. r-, Miu aim ivouu-ii u nder Mints, i omits, .itiouliierbriic.-H, tntliort nil unnl.t. ul Gen- lieiui'iis dress limy be lotind ut No, 'i 1'eik llloik. Io Tailors' Craous, .Mcabiireml. e. M. (! UAT11I1HN, C. r. WAIU). Burlington May li, 1817. J.WNS Of ALLDISCllll'TIONS l'or Kiilent J. V. KAN ANDALL'S. liuriingiuii June j rs 17. A t llll. . tl . ', : u xy.uiii.u .vixii I..I hill'. . VVI III I'M r-T fL, -. ........ ..... it ivory lieaucd canes lor talent June .".). J. V. I! ANDALL'S Wool, C1ASH i'.mi) ron Wool. I by JOHN BKADLKV&CO Burlington, June llthl317. Slwti U ISTA ICS HA I .SAM Ol' WIM tllllllllY ,4 Fit MSI 1 mill nice arlk'lc, for wilo by ll Si IIAIUUNG'I'O.N I FAS Rcci'tvcil Iiis usual extensive nssort. fil incut of ,Sif!j finorfj, conslillnrj In ptrt of I rinled lawns, giimhains, mucins, cmbroiclcrcd, inn'! liu ginghams, unj baiege. Aho: linen ginghams a new article. AMKMCAN ANIi rntNTS. An Jixtaisiec Exlaisiec Assortment, New Vutlcnis y IT wt u ,..,, . , A ;J,V , , .iioimirhhawl", nch printed cashmere do, woolen net, linen neLbkuk nm) l inn- eilk ,lo.n arieiv scarfs cravats, l.incypdk, mid linen likls. umbicllaj, pataEol, nnd Eun shades, lUDHONS, &c, &c, Bonnet, cnn. sat in nn.l t.'itn-l!, tililmna worst ed, purse twist on spools mid slicks, steel beads, bag liifps, sii'ei lings nnn tassels, niso, sepcrale lings or ilf-scls. kllitlinir rnltnti. i-iillnn fitnl ii,-nilles. fine Unbleached kmllinir llnprn't. InniKlinrn linrn thread. spool do.collon Iringe, cotton ribbon, marking cotton. l-incOl linen sheeiing, pillow-cae linen, Hl linen .U, -l.:..:.. i 1 1 ... i'"'"1, oiiiiuiiK, unuiug, uiencncil null oioimi,u'h m buck, I ussia and scotch diaper, crash, bhdscjc linen, russia nheeting, jacket linen, builaps ccc. jui'au ciiHii, ciibfcmcrc, nnu iwccin. Bleached cullon sheeting and shilling, l'iue nierriinark. SimennL-,inl t).tviii!le sbeetinff. faiincis, liianchesttr, monadiiock an J other sheeting aim cheese cloth. I'micy summer stud, mm shining, Carlisle, Inmillin, shaker tick, dilllin bleacheil nnd blown. iuarsail.siiuhs 10 II 12 quailcrs.ciibquilt", corded skirts, drab lnureenand dnmtsk&c. W. I. UUOD.S. Alolasses, ftar, ten. codec, spices, woley. crush ed ami powdeid suar, cocoa and shells, & , CvC. wielvwaie buildings, SSthlnay, 1817. LEAD I'H'K, t K. CASK'S 1 1-linuh 1 do n-hlol-2 1o. JL f l'or sale by Burlington, May, 23. .1. BUAOI.KY. 19 AnirA H'tntf U1IRUS12 CLOTH, HALL'S. 10 Dales Wool Twitio 5 l or sale by .1. BllADKKY & Co. Burlington, May "J3. -IS South Wharf T DRAPER AND TAILOR, I.T rcmoicd hUshop to College street, under the J J. 1 ree l'ress ollicc, whcie he will wait unoii his cuiioinrs i a n limes Heh is iu tr etiirned from New York with a sune- riur assort in lit of all nilicles forOeutlemen's wenr, of tne inicsi Fiyiesanu nest qualilies.M. i;nglisli, I rcneli and (Jerniiii Bruadclolhs, Cassimoies ul nil kinds, V...III.... II. .A - I--... ...... N -.l.l.-ll... tln...ll . la.iii-i unburn.-, i.i, tu-., iy VI KLIOllia, ll.llllllll chiefs, (Moves, all kinds ol Trimmings for (J.irinenls CvC. ivc. Particular attention will be given to culting for outers lo make up. liuilington, .May SO, 1817. -17 DVK STUFFS fee. IX A lilj,LS Cajipiuciiv Loa Wood rJJ griTuml. do rustic, lOTlblsBlne Vmiol, 5 do Dve, Ti Cases Iliifiiio, 5!) do Itedwood, do Nicwfiod, 10 do Cnmiiood. l.'i Kegs Criam Tartar, ID Tieices Copcras, ilo Aluni, I'orsale by Builington, .May.tij. j. bi;aui,i;y,co IS Otolith 'I'hatf. msu. 1 nfb Ql'i.vmi.s Connsii. 10 Hm.s.' No. 1 Maekeml, 10 J do do, 'JO No. -J, .lo, l.'i 5 do do. Ul 'Pierces and :in bbls. and.J do .Sal mon, 100 Boes Herring : Cases rl smoked Kahnnii. l'orsaleby J. BHADKKY &CO. Burlington May '. Snath I N VI LS, Vises, l!i,riis.niTii I!i:i,i,ows, ijl cieuges, iiorse .miui, i,,ipH nun . uc. cic. le. STKUiNlj, UUOLlT'l'l.l June IG, 1817. PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. J. Sc. J. 11. VZCKSc. Co. Agent. Burlington May 1S17 S(Ul K,:fiS 'ovi)i:, 'JJJ KI U,lgs Sliot. 1,10 do. Com Brooms, To ' Pads, by J. H J. II. PT.CK it Co. I0IIN P. KKLLOfiGi IMl-'UlTErt ANDPCAIXR IN WINES AND LIQUORS, MO.'i Itixc r Hlreit Trtiy, . V. ?iniiIiKI-KI'('0ST.iTU ( K iiwn inmivn f tlic prt'scnt wnpon. n lnri'e niniily of Jurrisit H iiir.-t,atnl Liitnm ot arioiisiloH:rijitioin ; -uint; ol which aie, Jlh mru importation. ' Having made arrangeminiswiili several Distillers,' lorhissuiplies ol Huston Ham and oilier Domestic , l.iqtiots, be will at all times be.nabb-d lo furnish bis cusouierswitl,suchnrlklcsnttbelocstpric.s. lroy.Apnl lo, 1817. is,o , EACH A Mil! on LONDON, LIVKUPOOL, Dl'BL'N mid LDlNlli'l.'GII. iu hums to suit purchasers. uiii .nay, lit, . J. is ' . TJ.CK .'( Co. ; it o run i i:s. 1 ( 1 Bids St. CtoU and Porio Ilico 1 W '.OBbls.New-Kn-lund ;itgais 10 Boxes Kuinp " 15 Bbls. Powdered and Crushi d " 3D Hbds. Mulasscs l.'iO.llnlf Chefts Young Ilvson Tens, JUO Caddies " " W) Chesls Ilvson Skin " 10 Bags Uio'Cullle, 15 " Java " ) " Pepper, y.i " Piuu'itto, 3WI MutsCawin, 30 Bbls. Sal Kiatus, 10 Kegs pure Ginger, J(HI Boxes Bar .Soap, 50 ", J. Jj . . ;. I'JXIi if Co. 1) Y U S T I' V V S . Q()f BMs. Cnnipeachy Kogwood.'JjObbls St.Do tjylyl iiiiugo do., iOilbbls. Nicaragua)-, -i5n bbls. runic, la" bbls U.ainwood,30 bbls. .Madder. 50 Mils. Alum. 75 bbls. ('ontieras.'-'O bbls. Blue Vitriol. 50 l)e. inijolms Oil uf Vitriol. J. !$ J. 11. J'lX'K it Co. CVT TOIIACCO AXI) SMUT... 10 Bblc Korrillanl's Chi wing Tobacco, 50 bbls. do Smoking do, 500 Bladdeis Scott h Sniiir, 30J Jars Maccobuy Snull". lfl J. tj J. 11. TICK if Co. Aveuts. T. Jl. I'AKKIlIt, DAGllERRBilX MTIST. ROOMS I.V THOMAS' JiUII.DI.VO A iTAV BOOKS p., . ,,i n.nn I. , Miniatures 81 iuciuding good case. ' ' 1 .mill's nod Gelillemell aie iiivitt-d toenll noil .'vani. .niliesaiid Gciillemcn aie invited to call and e.vain me spe. linens. Burhngtoii Mayfi, 1817. PrciiiiiiiiriMotv. C5X -. riATHK suiisciiinnn .manh- "xSIV ' I facturch nud keeps constantly tBss32bi2Z lor tale ul his residence id Jericho Plows ot dllleretlt sues, which he oilers lo I'tiruiris of Chillcnuen and other Counlies. They are the same sitrut liial took the premiuiu ut the Agricultural Pair uf Chittenden Co. in 131li,i.nd the vvuod work is war ranted tube the best . if .Massachusetts Oak. Those ill wuiil of a goudarticle will do well loexaiuine this. MILTON KOItl). Jericho, April 1317. I0iii5 IIoue Finishing. MINKBAL Knobs, full plate, ami japd. trimmings Mm I ice io. ks and hitches, moiiieo locks, mor tice latches, cullage locks, latches, illakcs lalcli.s, cupboard locks ami ketches, bell pulls and trimmings wto'taud cast Iron narrow and broad Butts, window springs, nxle pullies, ward rob"" hooks, hatpins. Sli ding door way and a.xles. sliding door lucks, (lu-h Mts, silver plale, broned and iipd. key hole cutcliion,w-iudow blind liungingsnnd hisieniiigs, wilh probably every other article required in house Imishmg among vvliUh are ninny Arte, Cheap, tfsefulanA de sirable iiriick-H, whicli" K.iriAre ingciniily" has pro duced, ut woinlroiisly cheap rates may Ik- found with. KTKONll, D00K1TTKK, J(Co. June, 10 1H 17. 50 Dried Apple-. LI1S'. DmiiiiAi'i'i.Ks just received and for sale by I VILAS sCNOVKS. 1000 : v co. &i irai l 1 NEW GOODS. f V. UANDALL, ns just nminNr.n " from New Yoik, with a lnrge aswrinient of Watches, Jewellery, 1'nncy Articles nnd Tnjf. con fitiugin part of gold Knglish lelcls. gold nnchuis. mid lepiucs, silver levels hill jewelled, anchors nnd lenines. nnd eiirn u:iirl,,, i ,.u i,in,h. cold inlnin- tuicr.iH'S and lockets, gold spects, pencils and pell", B!'id thinibles, chains and biacclcts--aineo and stone M""1 ul."" I'li'ds, diauioiid lings, iilni" ami chnsed I rings, chains, tlides, gold tnaps, jicnrts nnd crosses, cm- hoops, plain and stone sciiiinr. cenllcnicim scail nins, gold L'uill nnd itenrl ctrirta twin I nod shell enrd cases, shell liack and side combs, bead and silk purses, slccl beads nnd big clasps, purse silk and twist, siller Fpccls and pencils, fcis-ois and 1 jiivcs,hair cunibsaud bmhes, silver plated mid binsi caudle sticks, cn-lors. Set. oVct, Allot which he will sell nslow as any importer or nny one thnt pietcnds to impuit. liuilington, July a. J 4y(its(:cittly on Iiand ALT, the popular Patent Medcciens of the day war ranted genuine, Pure Klnuorsnnd Wine, ior Mcdccinal Mechanical and Chemical purposes only ' WM. B. HATCH, Winooskl Tails. June. 1st 18 IT. K't Acnls Wniilcih mill SUIISCUIKKK is nrsiiioiw ok jx- I cacim? a number of men of ccod address nnd business huliits, with 30 to fi3.'i ready cash, to sell and use his new improied Sufphur Ituiic, or gas bath. nprninoi to !-io a week may ne icun.eii. All Post paid Idlers pionintly anawcicd. O. S- ttUfi?. No. Cohocton.fleubenCo. N Y. June S3, '17. TRAVIS &. CO'S 1847. CEJ' Tlio lroirirtor ofthls T.ino will cniitiimo lo rim n Siv Day I, inc. of Boats. luring the pres ent season of Navigation, lor the Trancpoitation of all Properly entrusted to tli''in, wilh safely and des patch, between Xr.U'-YOllh', and ST JOllX'S C H. The Proprietor have nnanged wilh llie Chain plain Transporlalion Company to tlnp daily, (Sun daisi'vccpled.) bv Steamers 1(UI!L1N(JT0N AND WHITEHALL, on K-ike Cliimplnin, which with Ibeir Line of first .lass Vcstcls, Cmial and Kake Buals, will lonn a Kine tuisurpt-sed in ficilities lor the Tran-portationof Properly, with despatch nnd safety. ALL OOOD.S S-llll'n:ll I1Y Till" lim: Ann inscrhd. W. A. TISAVIS, .k'fnf, Whilchall ; (). K. BKOI'NT, Aient, Tioy ; K. J. N. STAUK, Asent, Now-Yons. Boats of this Kine Keave NKW YOIMC, ALBA NY and TKOY Dailv. Suiidajs Kxceptcd. . siiwjiY anii'i'iTira Acre- York and Tioy Line 'J)iw.Hoatx, For frotglit aiip'.v I, . ,T. N. rt'l'AKK. .13 Coenlies Slii, X. V. ; II'. -1. THAVIS, Whitehall; A. A. TIHIIS, Srhntilrtitllc; O.R HI.OUXT, 11)3 Hivet -street, Ti"'J

J). COLT., li'fi Tier Albany; A. t'f.AHh', Comxt'ich's Ijtiitlins; Cl'JITIS MAXX. Minns Landine ; XlCllUI.Sii HCinVX. SI. Alban's; II. II. II A 1 1.1., nutslomh; C01.V1XH TIUM11IX, J'otl lient ; 11' II. SAX 11, Cham; JVI.I.UTTH IIIIADJ.I'.Y, ) J. J. II. VT.C1C, fi CO.. liuilington ; j. s. waiu:, ) X. WUl',1! N CO , House's I'nint; WM. 1)11 UU AM, ammplain; .i.e. Ti:ii!rr.sux,)s. .... r n wm. coon:, "- .l.IVVKirNOA'.N SIXCI.AIH, Monti tall W.C Ui:Xl)i:itSOX, Quebec ; Til AVIS Sr. CO. N. B. All (loods shipped by this Kinc will be ac cuiately weiglied and cateiullv bundled. Mark Coods-Caie TISAVKS & CO. 13 tl 1847. .IJcs'cliaitlN' liinc. LAKE BOATS I'm tlieTiniispoiiiiiioii orriiipcrly Uctwccn KAKK CIIA.MPKAIN, TltOY, ALIIAN'Y, NIIWOIIKS. I50ST0X. The Proprietors ol this l,iue willruu, during the pre sent Season, SI XT I1KN 1'lliST CLASS LA UK BOATS, and are pupa red lo execute promptly all bu siness Willi winch they may be cniru-ted. No exer llotis shall be wanlmglo merit a conlinuanee ol that p-itronagc witli winch the Line has heretulore been 1 1 xored. 'lVir arrangements lor towing on Hudson Biier nnd Iike Chauiplain willuriblc them to give good di"p itch to propel ly. Properly lorwarifedbylhis Line is actually and ac curately weighed at the llineol shipment. 'I he Boats aie in-uri d.ainl propeity not eutijieted to tlioocca- delay and injury incident lo lraiishipui.-nt . -ropeity io nun iroiu iiooiih ioiarueu uy VVi.S 1 l.lli-v JiVli.Uli.vl' ur j.o.ti.Ij. AG X ins, I, A JOHNSON, '.' Coenties Slip, New Yotk. Su"iV,'1VB VM' 1 Um 1 ackd Olltee, l.ung Whan, l.osluu. PBOPKIKTOBS. ()HV Hit 1)1, II ' A- Co.. ) ,. H.. rssorM.. nr.iiiI.LV ' burliiiglon, t. vi.-imii s lilllT()N Sc Co.. Si. Albans. Yt. lliiilinglou, pril, ltilli isii. -li ;iinS' arsaparilla, roil Till". KKMOVAK AND PKU.MANKNT Cl'BKOl' ALL DISKASKS AIIIS1NG I'liOM AN KMPl'liKSTATKOl'TIIK BLOOD OB HABIT Ol' Till! SVSTKM, VIZ.: Snitfnla, ot Aiug' evil, Wieitinittivn,ibstinatecntn. iiious i ruction, pimplestiir pustules on the face, blotches, biles, clnuinc snte eyes, rr.g irorm ore ter, s-aldhcad, ealarpenient anil pain of the btates and joints, stubborn ulcers, t-iiphilittc symptoms, sciuliru, Of lumbago ; and tleicuscs at isiug tl urn tin ityudicious iiscof tnercmy, ascites, or dio'psy, ex. jmutcur itapt ittletice in life; also, chionic co stitutioii'il dtboidcis. i$c. Iu this preparation are strongly .-onci ntratc.1 nil lhe Medicinal piup. rti-s uf Sarsaparilla, combined with llie inort clle. tual uiiK, lhe most salutary productions, the most potent simples ol ihe vcgiiable kingdom ; nnd its uiipi.-cedeiited success in the restoration to In-all h ol ihose who had longiun.d under lhe most distressing chronic nialadio, has given it tin exalted character, furnishing as it docs evidence uf its own intrinsic value. The following is r.u extract from a letter icceived from Kcv. William Galn-lui : llbiiKiunt;,Vt.,Oct.'J-.M, 1.315. I Mlssrs, Samis. : 1 have been alllielcd witli u severe I pain in my side, occa.-ii,ncd by a diseased liver, for the I last twi-niy ).-ars ; siitk-rin at limes what language s'lisaparill-i i 1 nt' 1 have b.:.',! liocc..sioiiallv cannot convey, butMiice taking vuur natsapi have In-eii urc-uly relfxwks,. mut . so that 1 hav able to utlcuil toiuy businef-s, nud preacliocc.isloually lor the last Idleeii uionilis, 1 viholly dtseui.led all ' other inedieiiie, and thou Highly tried the Sarsaparilla, I winch 1 can recommend iu truth and sincerity In nil j those who nre iu nny wny nllhcled with nny species of scr.ifuloiis.-omplaiuts, 'Iltcre have been some r.-iuark-I able ciins cllicted by in use in this vicinity. .Mrs. I, 1 bcnltl.' she had before eiuoyed for ten years, and ICi.AV. Stevens, who had Veil severely nllhcte.l UivA, was entirely cured by the use- ul a lew 1 "iOcs. . . . Miaw, uy tne u.-e tu six bottles, was rcMoren to belter Vours.truiy. w.ii. iai,u'&ii. 'l'he follow-iue lesiiinouial Irom the Attent to the vnlueol the SntsaparilM in a case of lenrusy will be icad withinteresl by nil similarly nllhcte.l ;, Pike Co. Ohio, Sen. 7, lSlfi Messrs .1. H. fv It, Studs: Gents A limn nenr here used six bottles of your valuable Sarsaparilla for the leprosy, and has received more licuilit from it than nil oilier remedies coiutuucd lor n.x years pnst. it restored a hand, legand foot Irom a situation iliut no person would have mtovvii they belonged to a human body, as nil appeured lobe one mass ol iutrifying sure. His hand and other diseased pans are all restored to their natural sue and leehtgjnre entirely hcahd over, and his leprosy cured. He intends ii-nigali-iv more bottles to permanently establish his healih. Yoiits.iuosi respectfully, (1. W. KAYNOLDS, l'or I'lrtlur parliculurs, mid conclusive evidence uf its superior value and ellicaey, see paiuphlels, which may be obtained ol Agents gratis. Prepared and sold bv A. Tl. .V. D. SANDS. Drug, gists, 1(10 Pulton-H. corner ol Williaiu, New-Yoik. l'or sale by Theo. A. Puk, .Apulhcary and Wholesale Drnggisl. 11 1-' Goss.Wuterbury : S. K. Collins, Mnnlpelier ; L. L. Diitcher St. Albans ;M. Iv. Piatt Sc. Co., Plans burg, and by Druggists generally throughout the Uni ted Stales. Price 81 (icr bottle. Six bottles for $5, liuilington, li 1'ib. IS 17. UfATUIIMS, JEWMLLMKV, CLOCKS cleaiiej and repaired lo order, and in as good htyle us can be done elscwhcte. Jidy 2. I J.V. BAN PALL. Arrival iVo. -J, I HIXIiY & (,'(), IIWBTIIIS l)V IIKCKIVKI) u siilendld assortment of .Viiiiuner Goods. July'.' 1317. C1IAMPLA1N CANAL. I'UOI'l.US' mxi: ! NEW BOATS ! PA CKK TS. 1317. !&iZZS3&.- 1917 it' Ct,'H)HX CA1"r' J-ll-(i ANDAKK, yCU' ", A. C. HCOVIKK I AS1IION, " K. K.SCOVIKl,! The Comstork ln.lir.ta il. ri.n ini.. r..Ai will commence their reL' trim nt the onmlmr olnii. yignlion.nnd willconlinuc to nni between W1IITK. IIAKKnni 'I KOV. Inrmiini inn iiu i :,,.! the present season. They will coim-ct wilh llie Hail Koail at lite Borough, nnd fonn.ultl, ,i.n Min.,,.,i.nn,a "''Knke Cliaiiiplaln.ncoiitiniioiisline to the Canadas. .mi i .li, niiiiiu in it ion ii ov experienced Lap tains ninl hands. '1 heynre new nnd newly furnished. 1 he table will he well supplied, nnd every eilbrt made io Eivesaiisincuon lo mo traveling pub ic. TIM' 'Tim'S'. .'..."s!,"' U'11NRY,II. MA 1IIKK. nnd I AHII10N. April SI.1817. 1SCK-,A5en.,(i CLAKK, FISK & C0' S3H VVhVOS STHUUT. IV. YORK HAVK on hand, aadolTcr lor sale n choiic selec lion ul 1-rcih Teis Iroin the latenrrinds. com- pris-mx i.i, chesls and halfchests Hyson Skin, 1 oung lijsnn, Old Hynon, 1 watikay, (Junpowdcr, linperial, I'low. ry Pccco, Pouchollg, Ningyoiic, (Jrange Pccco, Suucbouir. 131 caddies of nrions ouaiities. Also, ill.TOU ptikages Tobacco, comprising vaiious lira iiialilies: Pipis nnd Segars Mnceoboy nni inds and nllil Seoleli SiiuH'i New Orlemis, Porto liieo, St. Croix and Ha Mina CrnTce, crushed ; Kual and Powdered Sugars ; New Orleans, l'nrio Kico.Niieiietas, St Croiv, Trin idad ami Cuba Mola-is j Half Boxes, Box nnd Keg Uaisins; St. nuiniugo, Cuba, Bio, Ktguira, Sumatra and Jaia Collee ; Pnneiito, Pepper, Ginger, Nutmegs, CIom-i, Muslard, Cnsin, l'ancy and Soap, Sperm and .Mould Candles, Winter and Summer Oils, .Mack erel, Salmon, Shad, Herring, Pickled mid Dry Cud, mid a lull nud general assortment of Groceries, which we olfer for sale at the very lowest market prices, and to which we inwtc the atlcntiun of lhe country mer chant. CKAKK', I'ISK .V CO. N. B. Kiberal advance made upon consignments. HE-ARTT & CO. SCCCUSORS TO J. V. Ilcitrlt, Hio. A- Co., 181 K'it-tr JSV. Trmj. IMPORTCllS or Umiush ami Gbkmax I Hardware, nnd dealers in all kinds ofDomestie. Agents lor the sale ol Peru nnd Troy Nails, Strikes, norse noes, ii uu iron, nt i ac-tory pric.s. jiunts, Siiniuons'.aiiil White iV Olinstcad's A.xcs. nlso eierv larietyul the St Lawrence County Hay and Mntiiue rorksnnd iMiiti'ilacturers' nnces. The attention of I! A 1 1. UOA I) CONTI! ACTOIIS isparticuluily called ton eiv suneriorCnsl Steel Shov el inadee.xpies-Iy tor Knit Iload purposes, the quality ul which, and the terms will be lounu uncxceptionald" Hull KKii VSOX "AsSH K KM Ai, i' it o i) u (; i: oininiflriicm iitcrcljanto, lo. :tl Wafer Slrcel, NKW YOIIK. Jas. S. rtr.aiso.s. Gardixek Shcrmax 1:1:1 to Mc ts. Draper, Aldrieh f( I'rink, f 'I'ow ns, ud, Sa re ej Clark, New York. .i itj. t r-eyniour, Phillips H Cuvler, . .. .1. it .1.1 1. Peck, .S Co. Albany, Burliiiglon, Vt P.3' JEWELL, HARRISON &. Co. C o in in i s i ii .11 r c li a n t And Dealers in rnoiiucn and i'hovisions, .V.i, :) Wntt r Street, Ileiweeu Coenties Slip and Broad street, Abm. S Jew. II, 1 S. I) flariison. C. D. Van Wugencn ) N'UW YOIIK r.n i a to Messrs. l'ollelt S Bradley, Burlington, J.iV.1 II P.ikiSiCo. ' (WARfT. HAHAll&AHTHUK kss- 2jLO.li3 Ma nr. iiowreceiiiign-w suiioliesofSADDLKi: V, Coa.-li and Shelf IIAIID- AIM'., m all lis aruti.-s. Also, Drugs nnd Alccfi ciiu s, Paints, Oils, Vnnuslics, etc. BllllilUlull, Id 10. Apot Iiecarie.s' Hall, untrr ij Ciiinvt tnnl Cullcgr St. liitrlingtoii. lii;.l. I,. I lAItni.MJTO.V, I HOI HOIMtlKTOIl. UIIOLMSALM AND ItKTAIL DLALLI! t iu llings, CliciiiiciiN, OiN, CninphiMli', I)e stulls l.i.jitms, Ac, Ac, At, .1,. SO Gcneral dealer iu PvrtNr, I'urA.Mc and 'I'ihimo ma.v Hull 1IIj. ilomiiiisoioii Ajeiit l'or the Rile ol Juwrxi's, Cojistock's, nnd Stnr. ma.x's Mi ihcinrs, as also lor all the popular Patent Medicines ol ibe day. Sole Ag. nt lur the sale ol Tito.Mso.Vs, Knu.xt Siijokili; and Gall's L'ilui- .N'AIOR. All orders nddiesM-1 us will meet with prompt nt-teiiiioii.b.u-anlully packed mid wnrranti'.l.haviiigili. largest and btta-surtt.-( htii-k tube found short ul New Yolk puichaseil exclusively forca-h we me i-iiaf lcil I to make large di-coinus liom tlic cii.-toiuarj pncis. : "llarrtugion's Building" P ri Dr B .1 lltixt.Di-r.nwillhein alien, lance un ; rialurdajViind Widui'Mlay's Ir.'in 10 A.M., till I o' clock P. M., ul Apoihecaiies' Hall, curlier ul Chinch I nnd Cnllegestrciu-.vihcii those whovvish toconsult nnu Miuuiu can. ,i, MOTHKR'S liKLlKK. rpt) M Millini) LADIKS, the Mother's B.-lier, a I inedieiiie which soothes the disagiee.ible sensa tion ol I'einales about toK-come iiiolhers,nnd insures nsafe tleliv.-iy iu ail ca-s-s where liial formation or some unnatural ciicuiustan.-es do not prevent. The reputation of thisarticie, though ulent, has become so extended lis to tuodii.-e nn immense deniund. A I pamphlet intend. .1 only for lhe eve of those directly ' iiiteiesied nud their physicians, is prepaid for gra- . (lit. nils .1,-. rilmt i. .,, l...r.. ,1... I',.1;..L l'.r.,l.. G. A- BAUTIIOLICtCO., Kothebter, X. V. l'or sale by Turn. A. Peck, Apothecary nud Wholesale Drucirist. the authorized it-rcnts lor tins ' ,,',"'e linity,lii can also tupply Druggists tit I ll';,1',f'll'rio:'irSXil','U'1-' i""11'' Ljl"l"'ryi1' 'H,a U . EMERALD MILLS FLOUR. rpHLSllllSCIIIIIBlt WOULD It l'lXTTULLYIX- J firm his Iriends, and the public generally, that he willcouiimie to manufacture lhe above well known Brand of l-'LOKU, and will nlso he alwnjs supplied with a lull and complete assortment of l'l-li, Sail, Grass Setds, Al ill l-'ecd mid all artie'es u-ually found ji a general Milling mid Produce Kstablishmeiii. He is also prepared to receive consignments ot Grain, Pork, Bed, lfuller, Cheese, Wool nud indeed all kinds ol couniry produce, and will tunke lhe most liberal nd vaiues in Cash, lie will also teceive and forward Goods, r.irnitnrc, S.C., Sec, lo all parts of the Union. Ollice und Wan-house, No. 1 17 liiver Si. Troy, N. Y. JNO.N WILLAIM). Kcferto .Messrs. J. Sc. J. II. Peek & Co., Builiug ton. SOA1', 17 X 1I0XKS COLUATK'S.75 .lo .Morgan's J 75 do l'ancy. l'or sale by J. BKADLKV.SCo. Burliiiglon, May ij. South Wharf. PAINTS ,$ OILS, If) TONS Wiirn: Li:.n, imy and (ikoitxd lv in oil: Veil, red, I'rench Yellow, Verdigris, Chioiue clIow, Chrome Green, Litharge, Bed lead. Whiting, Ac ; ulso Lui-Seed Oil; Spirils Tiirin line, Coacli and 1'uriiilurc Varnish, in .jtiaulilies to suit purchasers. June 10, '17. STKONG, DOOL1TTLK -N CO. Iron, IVailN, s'la, Are. X TONS Siiou-sii.u'k, VAiuous siks ; 5 ilo. Scroll Iron; lodo. Band do; 50 do. Bound and Square. 3-lli and upwards ; 5 do (LS. do; 3ihi!nud 3 inch " Banks" best do; 10 do Atiieiican Tire do j J do Hniuiiioud's do do ; 'i do lloop.lo,nll sizes; li do Uussin Nail Bods ; 1 do Norway do ; 1 .In Crow Burs ; .i.. s!..-!.. c...i .......... i .1.. it. ...... I f'n-. .1.. do do ; li Cusc-d u Axes do ; 5 tfo usstilled do ; l! do. Anvils j 2 do Vices, 1 do Mill Cranks; IlK) ilo AliK-t." Shovels; y5 do ' I'oslerV do; 75 do " Kalrbaiiks" Hoes i 11H) do" BlanchardV Cast and German Steel Scvlhes; 15 do .lo Cradles, lursalehy J BHADKKY Sc. CO. Jltnbn l.-ii May '.'". IS South Wharf li'J do do 100 do do 173 do do To do do 37 do do S3 do do -T5 do do H do do 57 do do 3Vi , Ju ; , &C. I ulteiition j Foil nooriMi. Wivnow Kiiuttbiis mill! SlIltSCItlllKltS bee to call the alt. A ol all llio-i; interested in roofing, to thcirGAK V A M.l-.l) TIN ' ,A'i i;s. and to t ie uianvnil- vantages whi.-h lh"V possess oer all inetahc nnd other substances liitlicilo iisril lor this purpo-e, pos sessing nstlieydo, the slrengh mid lightness uf Iron without Its liability to rut, having now been tested several yenis, hutn lit nils couniiy nnu in i.uiope. llieynieaiso less suojeci io cxpniiMnu nnnconirac i inn from sn.ldeii ihaitLres olthe ntmosnhere. than conimon Tin Plate, Iron, Zinc, A.c, or nny other metal now use.llor rnonng.anu consequently ; lonti n liiueh better and tighter rool, requiring lnr less licmicnl repair, whilst lhe liiBlcotlshut n trilfe more. The sulwribers would also call llie attention ol nil lenlersnnd vvuikcn in metals, to the many other pur- losesto which Iron thus proiecled, can lie applied. In .r,-!,.! icrmsit is at'idicuble toall articles of iron which it s desirable to protect from the nclioii ol llie atmosphere. And they would especinlly call the at- leniion ul tiiosc iniercicu in i i,i,i-.itu ai iuu liiNIlS, to their (!iilianied Wire, which is now ut most entirely ucil iu Kuroie,ninl wbielinnswers every purpoH' us it conductor ol electricity, costing only nboiil one half as much ascoppcr.atiil iostcsingcqual lurahility Willi mat metal. HaiiiiL' lalelv erected works in this cite for the purpoc of gall anizing nails, spikes, bolls, wire, Vr , they will be able to furnish any articles which may be desired. A stmplyof Plates (iiianulactiircd in Kurupe,) constantly on Iiand, from IB to 33 wire guage. I'i'ri it Mnlll'lCnnli rr, Nos. 1 1 and 1 ft Beaver si. New York. The Patent Ilieht for litis nrticle has been secured for the United States as well ns (rent Britain, and other Kuropeau countries, nnd all legal measures will betaken to prevent nny iiilringment by importation or otherwise. Oct. 30 19 1 f.. 18yl To Dentists. Moclliin f'i's lki, fur the fulcnf Mineral lerlh, llnrUitj'ton, I crmnnl, Conslantlv reeeivinu snpnlics of Bicttsnid (tinit. .Molar. Pilot nml Plate Teeth. Also l-'oreens. I'llcs. (old ami I in t ons, i.xcavators, M-aiors, linns, urills Moulds, Mirrors, Brushes, Calc'd Plaster, Ve, at March : 1317. ly T1IKODOKK A. PKCK. JOHN S. WARE, Storage mill I'nnvn riling .tlcrcliunl, NORTH WIIAKF, II V It 1,1 7' OA, YT. uri tn)..CE : VILAS .t NOV KS, ) ii,,rinfion J. .V. .111. PKCK Sc. CO. llrll"Slt"'' The Xmtli Whin Tollers cveiy laeility for lhe safe k ping and prompt delnery ul Iretgltts, ntut all uust-su.lilics-ed to the care uf J. S. WABK s-hall rc- ness ccne prompt alleiiti.m. 1 lie M.-ani nopeiier, .lames ti. uooKcr, me rtca- luers l,iulington,wliiteii:ill, 1 lancis ,-saiius, .Montreal, nnd lhe Kerry Boat Wiuooski nnd the dillereitt lines ol long bonis nnd vessels carrying trcight on Kakc (Jliainplnn touch at tins nan. i-unn IIIOX A XI) XAILS ,1 fA Tons Knglish Tire Iron 10 Tons Old Sabie llu-v-ia Iron. I ons Swedes Horse Shoe " 'JO " Bound and Squaic " l.'i ' Hume and Scroll " in " Band 5 " Hoop 1'J " P S I and Norway Nail Hods. Naylors - Co.'s Cast Steel. Peirsuii's Spring do (lertuau do Swedes do Knglish Bb-ier do asm K.-s Kicsc.;ili.Nai3 and Brads. 3j0 Do.. Kasiis and Piles. By 17 J. (v .. . TV.CK e, CO. (Ml-. 90011 Gallons iviister and UW ftiring bleached Sii'-rm liwin Whale. Bbls. " " Kard American Kinsred, by J. S . Jl. J'JX'KSc. Co. nnf lltiM'i IJiirlinplon Extra, iUUU Burlington, Vermont, Ksse.x, mid Lake, o.m) " Bedford Crown, J. f J. Jl. J'JX'KSc Co. GO Do., raillmuks' II"es. 10 ihte. do and Van Oriiam' Hay 1 orks. 10 ' Se lhe Snathes. 75 " lieddingtoii's Scythes. 50 " i'ateweTi's " 50 ' Blood's " By . n J. ll. ri.i i it CO. s alt, nnti KLS. vi;sti:iN." J BBADLKY. A-CO 13 Mm!, IIVoii.I I or -a by ' II 1VI Zj. Burling BOLTiNG CLOTHS 1 Y 111 III! .MILL STOXKS. it. r. wmiti:, Xo ll Motion Hlork, lllli street. Bostov, iON'I'INl'HSTO l.MI'OUT AND KLIH'S eotislanily for sale, nn extensive assortment of of th'- most approved Patterns. I'roni long experience in lhe .Mauul.ietnre and sale ot Hits article, llie Ail-verti-er is enabled to furnish Millers witli more peifert aud.luiable Cloths than can be found ilswhere nnd at very low prices. I'lrncli Ituir .Mill Stone of nil sies, inanu f.iclill. il ut the .Miissaihuselts State Pll-on. Sipt. 1 lsll'i. llpl IM:iH('ir& lT;LL()(i(i, IMPOBTLUSOK CHINA, GLASS, EARTHEN WARE, (Jln-ss.'s, Ti'ii Till). GiliiiuloU's, Liiiups, ( list. us, Ac. -35 ui j:u sTi;i:i:v, .,10. w. 'iS;! l '1'KOY, N. Y. l'LAin, stiu:i:t housi:, VI. I1Y VU AS iV NOYI's. Cireiuustniices having rendered the control of lhe above prciuistsuiccssary, we would give notice to the public that the Pearl St. House is now open for the accommodation ol iruvellets nud others who inny call. Being locnled 111 one ul lhe plcasantest pans ut uur village, and commanding as it docs a line view ol Like Chniuplaui and the scenery about Burlington, and also being mar the I'nivcrsityof Venn. ml, vie think 11 can scariely Lul to please the sennher for pleasure and ricicaiion, while at the same time il af fords those upon business a lomfortable home. .Mr 11. N. Cole and .Mr. II. G. Mason, late ol Highgate Springs, will manage the House for us, and to ihost' who ate acquainted with them as Cailrlks, it would be umiect'ssnry to say 11 single word in com. meiidalioit Sullice to say "that erery thing will be done to make It ugleeable nnd pleasant to till who luay wi-n to make it a slopping place. Believing that llie tale of intoxicating drinks as a beverage lobe injurious to llitiu who i.e or do not list ih.-iti, und detrimental to lhe well being ot sodety as also in hostility to lhe law ot the State, and th. strongly e.xpressid wishes ol .1 majority of the I'ree men Ihercoi, we shall neither keep it publicly lie. clnmtesltiitty to bet-old or gum away, A suitable carriage will be provided to take passer, gers to and from lhe Steam Boats. All Stages will call al this House. Win. It. Vim, Mnnh, It 17. MoniLi o Xoxur ,11 ae Ii i lie .11a 11 11 lhe lory. flMIK Sub-criber is iniinufaeliiring, and is prepared J. to build lo order, all kinds uf V iiiil. ii Jlticliiiii'ry, MK It as CnrdingMnchiiics, Cnlldetisers, Pickers, Gigs, Suers, Keatliers, Brushing .Machines, Jacks if"',. , ... , T'J: .All worKtiiuiisiiM ... ....... ..... ... -. neatness und d.sp-itili. I In .Machine fhop is situa led ill MonliH'lier.lhree miles Irom the village, on the road to Worcester and Si Albans The subscriber is coulident that he cnn build ns good n Card or Jack, a. cnn be procured in New Knglund. Those running Ins .Machinery iy0"'!"' , ;.ru,' 0!' well as any in use. Ml-.VAU HHU.Ul.Jr. Muntpcfier.Dec. 14, lKlfi. '.'Jlf aiiili ami Oil's. 100 K1'.(5S l'umSnrijcriu'N White Lcml J "'' (in Oil) ; 75 do K.xlra do do ; 50 do No. 1, do do iu packages of SJ, 50 and 100 lbs j 5 Ions While IkiuI (dry; "0 Kegs l'lench Yellow; 50 do Bed I-iiil . 10 do Litliiirue ; !!J bbls. I.insied Oil, INurlh em) lor sale by J. BKADLKY & CO. Burlington, May 25. IS South Wharf . I II . ' ! CARBOYS OIL OF V1TK0L. at llAr.r.iNoro.x's NovnScntirt lulor, I linn MACS: FKISH (iltOL'NI) hvh'V iMtoor iiiox rVn Sijiisdiimnts iiavi: iibmovbd v,yp. J- "l'" i'le.VAK! I'KYGOODS bu,ieMo No M unrpi , 1., where they invile the atteiitioaol viii.iooi oiertiiatn.-. All who wKh to realie t), great dill.-reii. e between Credit mid Cash priceswilU uo well to look at our goods at Cash vrtres m , - lIl'ADI'OltD in lJUUD.S'AKL. Neiv urk, March 1817. 'm NUW .11 1 1 AT MAUKUT. flMW. SUIlSCIUIIBIt WOULD IMOIiM HIS J. friends nnd lhe people of Burlington generally, that he has open,-,! a n. w MKAT MAKKKT, under llic West wing ol the "American Hotel," where IC will always be on hand to wait on his customers He designs to keep the best thccouiuy ullords.and would iiiMleall to give him a call. Burlington May 7, lal7. Amasa Dntw. The i'eeh Ac spear IHtlC 1 1ST A 11,1, IS1K1II! XT , HUHIAXGTUX, Yt. rpilllsuhscriber isconstantly supplied wilh, and o. L l"rs al wliolesule ulnl tetail, Ainclicun, Knglish, I'lcneliuml India DIU'GR ; New Cbeuiicnls ; Ki-nlies; Surgical Instrument; Mineral Teeth and I Muni articles , Saline or Mineral Walcrs j Daguerie.iiypearttcles; (ietiuinc Patent and Tliontsiiman iMedteiuesj Pure Kiquors and Wines; Suda l'liuutainsnu I Syrupx, Blushes, Perfumes, Soaps, Inks, lli-n kmus. l-'nney mid Doin.-stic nrliclesj (Hum.. Wnte; Dyc-Stull', Canipliine, Bird, l ield, l'luwcr ami Garden .'v-eds, Sec Sec l'ruin the aiHiintagc of receiving Mineral waters, Cninphene, Leeches, Sec, periodically, purchasers can rc ly upon their frc-lm ss. Indiiidiials wishing '1'russ.s, Leeches, .tc , will al ways find u person in attendance toappl) them. Medicines dispensed at all bouts of night. 'J3tf TIIKOUOKK A. PKCK. TO COUNTRY TRADERS. rPIIK subscribers, nt tlieirstorc corner of Kulton and J- liichmoiid sircets, Boston, keep con-taiitly on hand, nnd oll--r for sale, on the most laiurublc terms, u large nnd well selected assortment of . IXDIA (JOOIIS .v ; HOC i: KII1S, -Uso, ri'l'KR AND .SOLB LUATIIHR, from the best Tanneriesin New Knglaiid nnd Nevv S'frk. They nlso ree ie, nud sell on commission, (tun'ry Produce Trader" i iiting th" city arc rc-spec-llnlly requested to e.dl and examine betorc mak ing their purchase!). 1 t Uifertu -Vcssrs. l-'ollett &. Bradley. DI'ATKi:, HABKINGTON & CO. IloslonJulyJiO, ltilli. DO.MIvS'l'ICS. CHi:i;TINfiS, lo link's Kocklrtnd; 10 .lo. VJ New Yotk : 10 do New Jersey ; 10 do Walpulu ; 15 do M. M C. .SHIRTINGS, bales fine brown : 1 do do New York Mil!. TICKLXCS, ciisc Lowell, 5 bak'si Kowell A ALSO ; 3 hales Attakapas mixtures , 3 rases " Log Cnbm" pantalooti stuff ; T liales ol Plan! Votk Kremlins; A dummied do do;Sdo plain do do; lodo Butts; lodo Wicking; ID do Amoskeai; drills; 10 do Globe do. I'orsale by JOHN BBADLKY .- CO. Burlington, May iijtli. IS Smth 11 harf. TOItACCO. ll XAIIOXIIS 1IAU1US' CAVLNDISH i.tJJ Tobacco. 70 " lVtrci '3 " 25 " Dade's J is, J. 11. TIX K !v Co 4 .MLS' S'iiovbls .xn Spadbs, Sochirr axu It Kong Handle Spades, Ho. s, Manure and Hay l'uiks, (irnss and Grain Scythes, Grindstones, Crnnks mid Boilers, Kog nnd Trace Chniu, Post nud Well do., wnh n lull assortment of Agricultural Implements, upon very reasonable terms, bv 51 STKONG, DOOLIT I'KK CO. LUMBER. t fifi '''cct Sprtici1 Hounls. JLUV 50 M. " " Clapboards. !i00 " Spruce and Pine Slnnttlc. By J. H J. Jl. J'LCK (5 CC BOOTS" &, SHOES CUE A l' FOR CASH. SA3I. DANIELS & CO. 5IA.M1 .Vi 1 I IlLIis .VMI VI HULK ALK 1)1 ALLKs I.N n.sirs ami siioks. 171 Iearl slreel, (Corner 1 f I'm".) N M V V O U K. Have just rec-iveil, and arc now uirermg n enm pli te nnd e.xteiisive nssortment of .Mtn's, Bois, Vouilis, Ludus, Missts' und Children's Boots and Shoes, ofeveiy varniy nud sljle 111 lhe mniket muuulacturcd to order trotn th" best ol -to' k. nod wilt be sold nt the lowest matket plie.-s. Merchants visiting the city nte respectfully united to call mid examine our stock belore purcbasuig, tin great inducements will be oiiered to Bios- buving lor cash. S A M DA X 1KI.S .V. CO 171 Peail stteet, corner ut Pine, N Y. AIay'J7, Inli. tun to Tin: rriiLi I.N CO.VslAjl riE UF THE G.H BAT FAIR IO ItE 111 Ul I1Y THE Msissacliusclls Mechanic ASSOCIATION. TIIK PBKSKNT SKASON.TIIK I'XDKUSIGN l.D HAVK TO KKHNQl'ISH T11K1K SPACIOUS HALL I O P I' l'OSIl, CONTAINING NEARLY 100.000 DOLLARS XVOIlTll OF iti:nv jiadi: i.oriiixc ! Tin: l uteris'!', ciioickst chkapkst STOCK Ol' CLOTHING KVKK OITKliKD IN BOSTON TIliiCS.VNns ill O AKMLN1 S WILL FL snr.D IOR l.ISS II1A.N lilt. URIi.l.NALloM Or TIICr.AW MATERIAL. Also, mi ituiuilise Slock of raix's-: ns, That will ,e "old by the PACKAGK, PIKCI1. ur ItKTAIL at the I OW KST MAltKKT 1'ltICK. I'L'STO.M WORK Made in the most 1AS11ION Alll.ll STYLUS, at shoil notice, Hum the choicest Knglish, I'rench nud American manufactures. ltK'lI 11 ll.MSllINt; GOODS In anv ipnnlities. The Goods lire all marked am! laid upon Counters, and a selection can Ik innde in hall lhe time u-inlly occupied STIt ANGKBS visiting lloton, und DF.AKKltS IN BKADY-MADK CKOTH1XG, will find it tor their lntei.-st of CALLls'lore makitit' their selections. as the enttre nock must be cleared out, and the prices innde satisfactory. JOHN SIMMONS & COMPANY, unvrv, UVllll Ql'IXCY MAllKlIT ! BOSTON. in) 'iiis TAB by lhe Bbl or single Gallon June. 15 51 CATKIN iv. PPKAK P1NS& NEEDLES. "I "1 Kl Pitelcs American Pins No. ii 1 J .1 tt o(n) jj jujj uiedles, 175 grosa knitting needles, l'ursalc by June 1, l!"7. Vilas .S Novts. ' LAMT OIL. -t X Illils. l'ure Sperm: Bit ilo Hlcplmtit ; J. J 30 do Itcliued hale, lor sale by J. BllADKKY Sc. CO. Burh igton, May 55, i-i South Whuif Tohaeeo. ,,oz CIII'.WIVG, various brands; 2'0 0lt lloxrs do do; UK) Half Boxes do do; 150 One Quarter Boxes do ilo: 100 Canisters of J Ander son's IVmium l'lttc Cut Chewing, of finest quality, for stile by J BltADKKY Sc CO, Burlington, Mny "J5. IS South Wharf. Alolaixex. POHTO Itl('O,Trinidad,Ncw0rlenns,St Crx'ixt 1 and Sugar House Svrup, lor sale by J. BltADLllY & CO, Burlington, May 35. IS -Wi II harf. llMSINS. 100 , R0XT.S 31. R. ; "3 1,0 75 1-1 do do ; 50 Kegs t or snie m i 111! vi.i.r.v s t o. Burlington, Mny 25. li ' Smth Whar I'lnwr. URLS. ltLOl'R,