Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 20, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 20, 1847 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST 20, 1847 and also lhat tlmt nmcmlmrlit nf ccnsnrownsl roncnctcd liy locofocos, sustained liy loc.olocos, ami finally paod by locofocos on a .ntv vole. Hut Ihctn are won.' fids, dourly establishing Our position, ai hI clearly stamping tlic Patriot's charges Willi Ilia mail; of falsehood. These laets.thc 1'jliiotliaH nniittocl, though they nre hi thu Congressional Globo from wliich it has quo toil : a trick easily pcrjietrnted, but aa easily oie toc toil. Before tio vote on Mr. Cocke's, motion Ind broil announced, Jacob Tliuinpsnu (of proiiso memory,) arretted tbo Speaker's 1 i p mid ofl'orod a resolution, requesting the correspondence be tween General Taylor am! tbo (loverninent. This Thompson hull before assailed (ion. Tay lorbis provio wain continuation of tliU at tack and now bo attempted to carry it out by getting the old General's Idlers to harp upon. These incidents tiro sullicienl to show whit ir meant by bis proviso, lint let us follow the Re solutions, us botched by the locofoco majority, to the Senate. Feb. 3. the Sonato took up the Homo resolu tion", and Mr. Speight (.Inco) nioved to slril e mil the prntiso. Fining that hewn not willing to present Hunks with one ban I and a censure with tbeother." Cong. (iMir, wye .'115. Mr, Hut lor (loco) aim spoke of tbo resolutions as " u il.iggrr wreathed with llnwcis'' whose "point would Mill bo fc1l.''--i"gc317. Mr. Calhoun (loco) cond-'imi.'d the resolutions also, because ecus nriny (Ion. Taj lor. page 318. On tbo other hand, the Whigs, who tool; pirt in the de bate, without exception defended (ion. Taylor, ami Mr. Weiimteii moved tostiiko nt.t the whole of tbo House resolution and Insert ihe follow -ini? : " That the thanks of Congress nre due and nic hereby tendered to Mujor General Zielnry Tuvlor, hi nlhcets and men, tor lh fortilu Ic, skill, i-ntrrii-c nd coinage, which ili(-lin:uilH-il the late biilhnnt mi bniy operations upon the Rio Grande." Globe, page US. O.i Mr. Speight's motion to strike out Mr. Thompson's, roiiso, censuiing Gen. Taylor, the vote was as follow : A-'' 33; '25 Whigs and 8 locos. NOBS 15 A LI, LOCOS. The (paction on Mr. Web-ler'n substitute was then taken, and it was ado ted : Aves'Jfi ; it Whigs and -J locos. NOES 23 ;.A1.L LO.IOS ! For those lutes fee Globe, pape 310. Tbo reolution ns thus nmemU'd by Mr. Web ter. by striking out the whole of the first House resolution, was then passed unanimously, and returned to ths lloue. On the 11th Fob. the IIoue refened it to the Committee on Military Affairs. Feb. 1 0, the resolutions, as amended by the Senate, were taken up, ami a further amendment by Mr. Thompson, providing medals to certain Generals, was agreed to without a division ; and on tbo i!d of Maieh, the resolution, ns amended by the Senate, was adopted by the House without a division, ofcours" unatiimoiiili, so the WI1IG.S in Uth llou-os 1)11) vote against the censure of General Taylor, and a majority of the I.OCOS for the censure ; and tho WHIGS in botli Houses 1)11) votu for the reso lotion of til. ml;?, witli the cen-ure expunged. It thus appears, that tbo I'aliiot has glossy ns persed the Whigs and claimed unJue praise to the locofocos, in pait by concealing recoided facts, and in part by sub-til utitig unauthorised and false assertions" nf its own. Poor Patriot shameless Patriot Monlpe lier Watchmen. jft c c ss, IlUnM(iTO., Vt. FitlDAY MORNING, AUG, 'JO, 1317. " I.N THE PAKK AND Tr.OVIlLCIl MGIIT TJ1AT IS trrox us, thuiie is.noStai; Ai;ovr.Tiic itoitixox TO GIVE UA r.LEAM OF LII1HT, r.XCElTlG THE NTr.Ll.IflE.VT, I'ATr.IOTIC WlIlO I'ARTY 01 THE United States." Daniel Webster. IVhig Nominations. For tioiernor, HORACE EATON, (If Lnvsbuigh. For I.icntenart Gov.-iner, LEONARD SARGEANT, Of Ma-nhcstcr. For Treasurer, GEORGE HOWES, Of Mmiljielier. Senatorial oniinnlious. Chittenden Cmioti, J. Hamilton, A. Fergusok. Addison County, William Nami, Ii: a Stewart. Rnll'iml Covnli, Geo. T. IIodols Jons Fox, Hemiy Stanlev. Orange County. Geo. W. Peiciiaiiii, ('has. J5. Chaxulek, 1xjiiezo D. IIeekick. Franklin Cuunli. GioituE W. Fo-tei!. lines Hamilton, Lecas It. Heeman. Caledonia County. James D. Cell, Itour.iiT Wjiitelaw. ll'iniom Countii. John Kimxall, i'Err.u W. Dean, G. Meau. Jl'nninglnn County, II. C. IlllOWNELL, Mor.sE. Windsor County, AUTEVAS Cf-IIHAN, I IfoilEKT 11. f'lIAM, IIactey IIi'btox, DtAituonx II. Hilton, li'iex County, David Hiiuiaku, Jr. Censure or Km. Tit) lor. It was our intention to rxposp, tliis work, the shameless misrepresentation of an article in the Vt. Patria', re-,pecllng the vote of censuro of General Taylor for the terms of the capitula tion of Monterey. We take the liberty to say, (and the Patriot will agree with us if it over comes to re-gird political controversy as any thing but a game of low trickery and w illful de ceit) that tho following pjr.igrapb from the Pa triot's article exhibits a diliberalenrss and reck le.siHn of material misr.-prescnt.ition that we have never seen surpassed. Wo are sorry to s.ay this; becau-e we have thought, and said, that Mr. Uaslman loll the Syiril if the Age and its habits ana orop?nsities behind him, when he took rhargn of ti'.'O Patriot, Such outrages on truth and fairues.j, however, as the following, seem to snow that ire UW mutalen. Says tho Patriot ; ' There trnt, howcirr, dating the pendency of this qmstion in ihe House, of JteintseuuitUes, n proposi tion made to eemntie (7en Tuilor dnectly and tn no many leordt; unit Hint piopositian lean n,ade ly Mr. Cocke, a federal membiir J Now Mr. Ikstman is at liberty, ol course, to chooi-e his own weapon) of warfare, and lo rs. t.iblish his own Handard of decency and deco rum J and when wo say that there is not oven the plausible shadow of truth in this statement, our readers will Le able to see tluirn to what tlioso weapons and that sUmlard ure. General Cooke is tbo moixr of tho siinplo hut warm vote nfuiiMCM to Gen, Tayuiii, hi the House, and indignantly ojin-f- thy iiiivirablv interjKil.itiou of censure made by tho radical Thompson, nnd sustained hi l,oeifoco totes alone and after bis resolution of thanks whs com cited Into an in- stilt lo the gallant nld veteran by the paitistn 1 malico of I.ocofocoisin, ho 'ie inoveil to ainenu wo pnhlib0d In our paper of the tith iiift. Mr. the title of il, so a? to in iko it correspond with i Forrest writes to us for tho purpose, ns ho says, tho character which the censorious amendment 0f correcting a document published in the Free had Imparted to it, by calling It n resolution nfjress, purporting to ho ' Tho proceedings of a " Cr..wi:r. ' insieau oi wnai no inienueu ii, nun wliat it trcr wnen prcsemcu, a resuiuuuii oi " thanks"'. Jlut the Mmlpdkr Watchman has given a detailed history of tho mailer, much belter than we could, and our lenders will find llret page. Wo beg lliem to look nt whether Vaul Dillingham or Mr Cocht. was the man who aimed tbo blow at General Taylor for the honorable, limiAsr. i. LiFE-sAVtvi terms of tho Capitulation of .Monterey. Paul Dil lingham, occupying bis cushioned chair, (ex cepting when out of it on his numerous nonntsn expeditions!) in tbo House ot Repiosentntivcs, censures General Taylor because be desired tosptro the rjfniion nf blootl and the blood, too, of innocent wovin.v and cittLiiitr.N in this War, which the Patriot correctly and approv ingly quotes General Scott as calling an " UN NATURAL WAlt !"' And yet,nntwithstanding the ile amendment, censuring Gen. Taylor for Ibis Capitulation, was iwucrfby a rabid "democrat", who declared .that Gen. 'J'. " is rscAfAELB or coniiuctino A Camc-aiiix'' (!) and was toted for by the whole " d-moeratic pirly" in Congress, the Vermont Patriot has the cool effrontery to say : " We deny, in the mnt po'iye terms, lint any at tempt whs nude nt tin-1 ist session of Congress, ly the Democratic paity, to lit a vote of censure upon lien. Tuylur." ! ! As tho Watchman appropriately says : " Poor Patriot sbamcle-s Patriot !" Another "peelmeii tif'ntr intelligence I'rorn yew Vmk. Tho New Yorlc Vxpress lias the following piragiaph under the heading of " llailroad ni.neincnts'': " Oiravsnrnmi and TitAMrniN Railboaii 'neb ; diw.itisi.iction is expressed ly tlie jvople o the South ern nu, I Central pirn cl i;t. Lawienrc roiiuty, bv lensoii of tli' Ojilensbur mill Clnnijilniii itiiuioail , Icing lucatctl near to the shuic of l.ulc Ontaiio." I Our city contemporary might as well tinder- stand, f ir-t as last, that the Directors of the Og 1 densburg Jinail have allayed tho " tlisatif.ic , thin"' referred to, by locating the lino of there ! road near the shore of tho Gulf of Mexico. A model Ilxecutivc .llcnse. Our own is aptly denominated an "Age of Progress," and perhaps in nothing js the spirit and temper of that progress which is not im provement more clearly seen thin in the in creased lensth of all tninnrr of Fxecutive Mrs. sigos. fiinro tbo beginning of tho evil divs when Locnfocoisni became predominant in the country, ideas have seemed to require m"ro and more an exuberant and ptravngant dress of words as little children, in our modern times, are beflouueeil and befurbnlowed and hepmtn letted til! they sometimes look like walking toy shops. It was not so in the old times. Words were understood, then, to bo the instruments for expressing, not, as Talleyrand sib), for ennrral ing thoughts ; ami the frwer Ibo words, it was sensibly supposed, tho plainer tlie thought. Now, as a tcucral thin,"-. Dentiio .MresjMfs, fiom tlie President's to tbo Governor's, riro an endless verbosity, an ocean of words to lloat a small skiff of ideas. Van liuren and .Silas Wrb'ht, ei-pci-inuy, nro HiingMinei lor mo stillocaling boundlessness of their method of themselves. No man ever looked nt one of their messages, or public documents, without being di-mayed and confounded ut the outset! Ho lnrdly dared Irnst himself on the "unknown sea" without a pilot and if lie did he was very apt lo get lol. It was tbo .Mediterranean with out its Archipelago a main shore and broad waters, but no islands ! The truth is it is a much easier thing to write it long message, or essay, than a thirl one, and tho spirit of the ago is averse to labor. Tlii. is one reason why public men spin out like spiders. Another is that they frequently aim to impart an equiiocal meaning to their paragraphs, and this cannot bo dono with brevity and conciseness. They frequently ics.'i to write tho F.ngli-h lan guage so that it will require an interpreter, an official dragoman, to explain its meaning, and thU cannot bo done without verbal stratagems and indirections. As we haio before lemaikcd, there was nothing of this in tho old times, when men said what they meant and meant what they saiJ. And as an illustration of this we lay be fore our readers a Mes-ago, or Executive Speech, made by Goernor Thomas Chittenden to tbo Legislature of this State, as the record hath it "oh Tuesday the 16A October, 17DG, 8 o'clock .1, M." Wo call it a model Message, Here it is : Tuesday, Kth Octoher. ITOfi, 8 o'clock A.M The House inei pursuant to niijo'iniineut. The Coiineil nud House ol Uepresentiitives being present, his Lv;ellcncy uddubsed them in the follow ing sipeech, wi. Gentlemen of the Council and Ansemlly : Yon nre so wellknowinc to the innnifolil favors nnd liles-iugs bestowed on 119 ns n people, by the great It liter of the I'nuerse.ihnt it would be uniures,iiyl'or ine lo lecnpuuluie lliem, 1 would thereloie only ob serve, that but n lew jenrs since we were without Constitution, Law or Government, in n suite of iinar chy and contusion, ni war Willi a poieui foreign power, opposed by a ioerlul neuliborin' Slate .h-eouute- pv"-etl 1 y til" t'teifrre' t ' ' j-n. sions all oar lanutd pnieriy in inuuiuent danger and without the ineunsol deLfiice. Now your eyes behold the Imppy day when we nre in tlie lull and uninterrupted enjoj uient ol n well regu lated Government, suited to the situation nnd genius ol the ieople, acknowledged by nil the powers of the crnih.suppoiled by tlie Congo ss, ut pence with our sister hUtes,niuoug ourselves, nuu hii me vvonu. I From whence did these great blessings come I From God. Are ihey not woiih enjoying I They surely nre. Does it not become us us a people to improve theui.lhat we may have reason to lioie they may be I continued to us una tiniitnutted to posterity I It cer titude does. What nie the most likely measures to lie taken by us n n people lo obtain this great end 1 To be a inilh lul, vntuous, industrious nml a moral people Does it not betouie us ns thel'gisluliue to luke every method in our iower toencoiuage vuiue, industry, uioruhty, religion nud learning I 1 think it does. Is there any better iiuthod can be lukiu by us to unswer tins purpose, than, by our own exnuiple, and having a sa cred icgnrd to virtue, industry, integrity nnd morality in ull our iippuiutiuents of executive mid judicinl olh Cers I This is the day we have uppoiuled to nominate nil our subordinate executive and judieiul olliceis throughout the Stale for the present yenr- The people by their Iree tulliugcH have given us the power, mid in us they hnve plucrd llieir confidence, and lo God, to them, nnd our own conscience are we airuuntable. duller me, sir, ns a lender, ns a father, ns a filcnd, nnd n lover ol lhis neolile. Ulld ha one whose voieeenn. not be niuHi longer heard here, in msituei jou in nil i tho pcrlidious and uhii'ivo Mexicans lrin( your nrinoiutmeiiis to have regard lo none but those! . . , , . ... , .. . ,, P whoinainmin n good mural "diameter, men oliuieg- M'"'r'"' g'VCn tho true "Causes" of tho rity, nnd disiiuguished lor wisdom onil nbihiios. In War, to say nothing iibout the trillini' circtim di)ing this, you will encourage virtue which isthe glory . r I, . , , ofn people, and discnuuliuan. and ds.ouinge vice I utanco id Mexico s commencing it on is hope and pruluneuvss, whu.h arc a iipioach lo any people, i vnl, a) taJ,c the Patriot Maj. llaitman Spirit Tho WInooslU Meeting Wo have reccive'd n communication from Mr. John It. Forrest, tbo Assistant Secretary of the Meeting at Winoo-ki, tbo proceedings ol whlcl Meeting at Colchester,'" Ids tight to do which we cannot, of course, question. Tho following i 01 11,0 Montezuuus ' expense of tho war exag is his "correction" of all that he alleges to be ' Rorated no expense about It mean In spoil the Incorrect : I M'xicnn Vlinrclies for funds great wealth there "The nirellnir ttna mni.t a ol C.mI. Thr- Cotop.txl Potosi PollOCatJPCtl Oriz.lba it on our ' 1 reniuble nnd two lust Resolutions were pned, bat , Guadalquiver and Lake Memphremagog bur ii .l I"."1 "nanuuoiisly. An nmendinent, on the Rround that , - J, ,, , It and see ,,. xm, w vit.lnlnl by them, was proposed nnd fa r Polk I rejected, the Resolution? were then strenuously oppo Me, , nil ivlaao.l .,,!. I. .I.i.... A. Ai,.l rclary, 1 kept minutes duimr llie'nbsence of Mr. liit-, Kffi,raS 'U "Ub"9" This is nil that wo feel called on to publish, because it embraces nil tho matter complained of as incorrect. Mr. I Vrnst',. aorr.uhtions on tbo Wilmot Proviso, bis explanation of what be s'wiild have douo if ho had known that the reso-1 lution was nassed diree.tlnrr tbn oiiblieatlon in 1 the G.tzctle, and his exhortation of the Liberty ' men to more ciieumspertion for tho future, arc I matters that have nothing to do witli the gricv- anco complained of, and we cannot insert them, The "corrections" mado bv Mr. Forre-t are two. 1st. Tho proceeding as furnished to us ucd the common phraseology that tbo rcsolu- money by it federalists of 1812 Ilucbanan tions were " unanimously adopted." This Mr. ' Cuss-.llancrnrt-WillUmi-nubburd-Iugersoll.-Forrest says is not strictly true they met, it Haswell-Jolin Smith-nil Whigs now-very bid seems, some opposition, as is not uncommon for j "C11""' he Wilmot Proviso resolutions in all public meetings, hut were ! t'lt'n- " passed," as he admits, 2d. Mr. Forrunt did'nt j d now, fellow cilrzens, if you do not a p Know that tho rcMilulion directing the publica-. Pl0Ve these suggestions, I will go againH them, tion in tlie (lazrttc was adopted. We are told i by one ol the Vice Presidents of tbo Meeting that tbo resolution teas passed, and that Mr. Forrest irat prcent at the time. If ho " our- '.cl" it, therefore, he must have had his eyes unnecessarily raised, that's all. We have only to ndd that tho Preamble and Resolutions arc just and sensible, and we aie glad to infer, from the fact that Mr. Forrest is the Town Committee appointed by tbo meeting that pts-ed them, that they met his approbation and concurrence. Wo should like to know tehy the (lairtle re fused lo publish the proceedings of the meeting ? '1'lic liratlleboro Vncn.r. The editorial ma nagement of this old and well-established Whi: Journal lias lately passed into tlie hands of O. L Platt, L-q., who lias, also, become a co-pro r ,LA n t.l.l: i,, .. ,! r, i pnetor or the oiUbli-hment with Mr. RYTlir.R. Mr. Platt has recently remnicd into our stale I from New Vork, having, as he himself intimates in bis salutatory to his readers, been induced . in u mi uy various cogeni aim agreaoie consi derations, not among the least of which, un questionably, was n certain " cntaiHini' ai banco which, unlike those deprecated by tbo ; S ige of Mnnlicello, had a tendency quite the ! reverse ol aisumcn. Mr. I'latt brings to the nnnigement of the Phnmix a mind well rcguhted and stored by previous studies and pursuits, and will doubt less elliciently maintain tho popularity, useful ness and ability of that paper. Vf-,!J"!N'r 7"'"'". D.-uinerM. Inife nominated Hon Paul Dimwilittiii. Jr. formerly ,M . C. Irom the lonitli di-tnct,ns their candid He lor ynvernor, nlinot unnrii moti'.ly .Mr s-iiuth declining niin to he i cnndiibite lor tint olliee; Charles K". 1 ield lor beiiteirint srmer- ikt : nnd .1 T. Alnn-ton, for ily editor of the Alont- peher Patriot, liir Irensarcr. The whole ticket is said lo he a wry good one. 7Vie lloston I'vst inaisured tlmt tlie hiteeest of our friend, su Jar from beinii mi i,,,w;, , r. ,,,,! ;j.:ii., ii ,.,. r ,,,,..,,)., ''! 'my liuagrt. Tho lloslon Post wi'l never givo over joking! It builds its hopes on" the irrep.oachable private reputation," (see Vt. Patriot and IIasweH"s ' Ibnnin.-lon Gazette) and tho s.traiol.tfoiward. , con-islent, open and decided course in Conoress I , , , i r it I (see Congressional Journals) or Mr. Paul Oil-1 lingham ! These being tho premises, our read-1 .,, , , I crs will at once appreciate the inimitable joke of the conclusion ! We rather think the adroit Mr. Dillingham ' will inanago to dodge tho office of Governor, ! this time! It will bo in the ery "order of' tilings,' as ho regulates it, for him to do so! , , . . , llo was once a W lug, is now a Locofoco, and 1 so, hereafter, he will probably be nothiii". If ho should bo elected, however, I.U Menage will bo something as follows : Fellow Cillens of the Three. Houses: Haling been called to preside over tbo riill government of our State, it is not mv iinn.i.. I lo Jodgo the expresMon of my opinions." ! expression ol my opinion In the first place, then, lMucatinn basis of freedom School fund Aristocracy tho mass es uneducated the genius of democracy hostile lo Ilduc.ition, as appropriately held by my dis. tiiiguished co.representatire, Ciipman of Mich iganour children cut oil' from tbo benefits of tho School Fund for scleral generations tlie deiuocralic endeaior of the able Senator from Orange Mr. V. to send the question to "the dear peoplo" Whig obstinacy democratic, con sistency N'cwlon John Rogers Daniel Web ster's spelling book Progress Rip Van Win klo slept 20 years long nap. Again, Fellow Citizens I deem it my duty to say I look upon slavery foreicr! constitutional prohibition great country voted for Texas to get a place to send off Virginia and Kentucky slaies diivo slavery into lioxicn yet! farther oil' the better charily begins ut home look at the wluto slaves in I lOWCll mid , . Li ivy i r.ickeli go aiie.ul h id to go ahead or hugland would h.ue grabbed Texas llntisb interference slavery in tho Last Indies Juggernaut Human victims Iliodh, tbo Hindoo god dieadful business hurrah for Jack-on ! In Ibo third place, fellow citizens, tho Tariff of 'Id unexampled prosperity of the country voted against tbo Tariff of '.Hi sixteen times (supposed I was elected to go for " Folic, Dallas m Ihe Tariff" of '-12") no use voted in favor of it twice worso yet sloppcl toting nt the critical moment, passage of tho bill ! dodged should do it again rather like tu dodge impor hint questions it gives tho South a lively idea nf yankeo cunning ! on the whrdo the Tariff ol 'l(i f.imino In Ireland if it continues tho dem- ncralic tarilf policy will be nobly sustained! bid accounts, how ever, from Kuropo, of a plenti ful harvest trust in Providence hum, ha ah ii in. Again, fellow citizens, tho glorious War on tbo Age trying to icforni poor hick means to try again (ilnry lluena Vista Cerro Gor do Scott Polk pjlluw Uushlmr broko bis leg walking with a careless young lady honor able wounds Vow CruzVermont Company Captain Kimball very able letters Spirit of the Age Washington Union Mexican Whigs " aid and comfort" Santa Anna Polk's Pass masterly policy of tbo Administration "Halls Finally, follow citizens, I admit that the U'iV- "'' Prmisn voted in favor of It perceived the -ko-foted against it-somewhat troubled- got mixed wn-ilid'nt xole at W--awkward busi iiess-.glad I am out of ll-bato slavery, though it w""la 111 d ay so to our Southern allies wo'" Givo il lo l,1L'i" hcre rcconiinend you to ailJ,cro ,0 11,0 Proviso-only chance for Silas Wright-Wright's friends all go for tho Proviso, ''"""so they think the Proviso will go for him- " rlS"1 ls always right-slavery wrong-"inalien tt,!o rights" cruel wrongs-compromises nf tbo Constitution-moral siia-ion "the sword of the l'onl a"d "f Gideon" the Maccabees Judas Iscariot voted both ;vays--.shrewd fellow, made or ' wi" lake them had any way to avoid re sponsibilitv-my object is to please ctcry body--silly story of tho old man and bis boy and the ass-ncver believed it. Tho Third House will pleaje to sing " Mor tality." P. D. Three-sided Kveculivo Chamber, ) Oct. Ifl, 1817. s P. S. 1 take the liberty to sign my initials because they stand nt only for my nam', but for " Pra-tiscJ Djlger," and " Projrcssiic Demo crat." y. ntIIn(.r(Jll? trinnils nf Cnpt. Alvan I'Dsri.s will he pained lo h arcl lus deatli, whit h occurred ut llnvuua in Cuha.of leer, mi the 15th ult. Cnpt. Ildson wns n natiie nl ilniulolh, Vt. nnd was very highly respected by nq s!n knew him. lie was a cnptain in ill" U. S. IMnrme Cori. The Norfolk lleinld sajs " he bid tli-tinmiishnl hmisell liy lne (jnll'inlry in the attack on Vera Ciuz, and setem'l oilier shaip encountets with the enemy, without te rming n wotiud, tube cut down in the llower of man- in. mi; u,iiiii, nine mi nun in ine ihi wer oi inan hood, nnd the pride ol his fame, by the insidious hand ol disease." tl'oadft'jck Mercuiy. ''ad the pleasure to become acquainted with Captain Fnox, in lloston. ditrinnr tbo sum- mer of IS 15. Ho was at that time stationed on hoard the Ohio. We take great pleasure in hearing testimony to tbo many excellencies of his character. IIu was a thorough Vcriuontcr, proud of his native State and of her annals, and as gallant and accomplished an officer as ever devoted his life to the sen ice of his country.

Frank, generous and brave, he only wanted that golden chance which makes so many men's for tunes, opportunity, to render bis name as popu with tlie public, as it was beloved ainong those who enjoyed the privilege of his personal acquaintance and friendship. " Uttjuicscal in pace I 'The IVilcriilMs ot IN IV, nro the Wings or 1SI7." (Locofoco papeis passim. The Ilufl'alo Courier, Locofoco in an article highly laudatory ofm idern democracy, and do- "';"'-'". ' " Z'. comp.acentiy remains, ' ""' 1 "'r""s'" ' 1S'"-! " ''' " l'orc"',OM 1,10 I'""r'1" Vr"""kl .Uhcrtiscr com,nB,,u "' ll,is '"'fC-- 1 lle mf;F,t, palp'd'le truth told by the Courier this "ason. NMiy should it die, when hoeoloeoiMii bus sa. h hnors m more lor it? Janus llnehnnan. the bend 1- ''olk's Cabinet ndu.s. rs, i.s n Loeotwo IVileiah-t; Oeorge l.incro It, 1 '..Ik's Senetary of the .Nuvy, nnd, by translation h-nee, l'oll,s Minister to r.ngfand,.! nuuilier ol these ney, npiiointed by Gen Jnck.ii Chief Jimiee oi the i.oioineo i e.ieinhsK Uogrr 11,1a. I- ' ;,",. , 111 1,11 ' "lieu Mates, isnnother l.oeo. loco 1 edeinlist oflsu," i .Md,,,,,., Ju.t re turned Lntland,nsour Minister there, is another Locoloco " ledeiahst 1 IsPJ." lf:,rry lluhbard, np poimed bv Polk Suli-Trensiirer nt llo'lon, is nnothet l.o,.,tt,,r.,k l.,,,i....l I I , i UI.I. ..-v" u.,,u,,t v ii,c-iiiioi i eiiemusi oi iaii. Nml we mention tlut the l,ocoleo Chnnnan ol ihe v-oiiuniiiee on I orelgu iiclations.ol the House ol lie nrcseiuiiues declared he would hnie ,ecn a Toiy ii'tu iiu neu in ihe ila)s(iitltf revolution, nor is it of nr to us that had James K Polk been his own goniJlather. lie might not hive joined Chirks J. In gersoll ! The " UmocrnH" (I) above menlioned,.tc. ad infinitum, ure " Fedemlis's ol ISIS." nnd Loco- loeus ot Id 17. Wliy ttmuM " l e.leralis n ot W h when it is in sueh mmd st Hiding with l.ocofocoi-m JSL " S Wtlm "M W''lu W-1!"Jl"" Commercial Advertiser. Tho Vt. Patriot, llaswoll's ll-nnington C!a ztite, and such mm ill fry as thu Durlington Sen tinel and tbo Woodstock Age, will please copy and send their bills to Mr. Hubbird of .Vne JIami:-hire,lh? Sub-Treasurer fur.lsciitcs. " There is every reason to believe that nearly sixty millions ol'doll ns will lie couveited into Ainerieaii coin during ihe administration ol President Polk." Cnion, " Ard there is every renjou to believe that the whole of tlii enormous su.u of American coin will find us way into the poekfls of the Mexicans, v. Inch will be of great " uid unJ comfoit" lo them." A'cic Oilcans Salion il. And, douliless, theui to sue fir nn early cessa -i of ioifi. 'ir As long as tbo United States will pay them for it in " American coin" It is irobible that the .Mexicans will con-ent to bo whipped, and fight on. If Mr. Polk T.ants to slop tho war he had belter send in a batch of I Treasury Notes. Tho Mexican have a true democratic horror of Rank Rti"s!" Will the Patriot plenie inform its readers who com menced the present wm.Jlurlinglon 1'iee Viess. Toe Patriot will try I?-"THsi WAlt FIRST PROCLAIM RD HV IV HIM (I'uredes) has been acknowledged ns nn existing fuet by our President and Congress. Ge neial Taylor's I'loclamation lo the Mexican people. " Mexicans t Americans nie not your enemies ; but the enemies lor a tunc, ol the men, who, a ve.irngo, misgoverned von, nud DROUGHT AHOUV THIS I'N'N'ATUl! AL WAR between two great Repub lies." Gen S-ntt's I'loclamation. Any thing lurlher.ou this point, Mr. Free Pickj! Vt Vatiiot. This is rifr a smaller picco of pettifogging than tho " 05 Instances," Mr. Patriot ! Do not your readers know that the Proclamation of Gen, Tayloh, from which you make your ex tract, was written in Washington by James K. Polk i- Co. and forwarded tu tho old hero with ollicial instructions to sign and distribute it ? Gen, Tayloh bad no more to do with It than Queen Victoria had, and you know it! Vour extract front (Jen, Scott's proclamation proves nothing but ihat'lhis war i an " UN' NATURAL" one; wherein wo cordially con cur, Try again, Major; only don't take your next budget of evidence from Polk's Message. City Advertisements. Wo sometimes think it makes a fool of a man to transfer him from the freshness and tbo free- loin of the country, lo tbo pent-up walls and crowded streets of a largo city, where men are " Nosing each other like a flock of sheep i Not knowing and not earing whence nor whither They come or go, so that they lool together." Ceitaln many country-born people that get themselves translated to city life, tako all their verdure and greenness witii them, and Improio upon it. They get to look upon their "Country Cousins" as peoplo of abridged privileges and straightened capacities, who nro only loo proud und happy when they can be patronhed by one who enjoys tbo " spe cial providence" of being accustomed to pave ments and tho artificial luxury or "Croton wa ter." It Is always easy to distinguish tlioso transplanted citizens from those who are " native ami to the manner born." The latter alieayi tako fewer "airs" upon themselves, becau-e, po'haps, they do not look upon tbo Country as a thing they have forsaken, and therefore are hound to hold in a diminished estimation. Pcihaps our readers do not readily perceive tho connection between these observations and tho heading of this article. There is a connec tion, nevertheless, because wo believe all the annoyances that Country Editors aro subjected to by those City peoplo who desire to patronise them, come from that class of immigrants into the City who tako their " triick-and-dickcr" pro. pensitie.s with them, and find it dillicnlt to "trade" without following them. Horn-ami bred City Merchants aro very apt to transact their business, abroad as well as at home, on the Currency basis taking cash as the repre senlatiio of value and tho instrument of ex change; while our Country-City Traders retain a practical fondness for "cattle payments" and ryo and calico btrt.-r, besides acquiring the strange delusion that we " outside barbarians " aro ready to jump at the chance of accepting their own terms, simply for the credit and honor of the thing ! Wo doubt not our Country contemporaries appreciate what we say. OtheM besides o seltes haio been invited and cxpcrlcd to publ a City D.iguerreotyper's pull's of himself, and tako their pay in likenessci, or a quack medicine, and take their pay in pills or strengthening plan ters' e have uniformly, (like tho "sa-ago' buyer when bo found dogs scarce in tho neigh borhood of the seller's shop,) " declined the ne gotiation." Tho sun takes as t'ood likenesses in tho Country (strange as it may appear) as he does in the City, and " pills," thank Providence, are not "a cash atticle" in our establishment. We have recently received two elaborate printed "Circulars" fiom the proprietors of a "Print Varchouo'' in New Vork, making pro positions to us that are, in our simple way ol thinking, of unequalled impertinence. They ask ns to print their advertisement for a ear, or more, and propose to pay us therefor by giv ing us 5 per cent, on all sales mule to such Country Merchants as ice may send to them with a letter of introduction I That is : these mag nanimous and astute gentry will condescend to make us their runners, to whip in customers for them, and pay ns the ordinary price for tho ser vices of that class of agents, if we will just print their adiertiioments for nothing! Thu fust "circular" that they honored us with, we threw tinder the table; and had about forgotten that tho magnificent " Print Warehouse " was in existence, when we got another, as a ' sulMi. tutu" for Ilia first. Doubtless the-e smart gen tlemen suppose us to ho absolutely oicrcomo bv our gratitude fur their patronage, and that our delay in publishing their "Mercantile Adieiti-c ment" arises from our desiro lo take breath be fore entering upon tho lucrative "truck-and dicker." They may dismiss all such lisions ii rc-pccl to us, and need not trouble themselves to send us any more "Circulars." They will get from us no letters of introduction, open nr sealed." hen we de-iro to practice any tiicks of this kind, to swell their trade in "Piints Only," wo will give them timely notice; and if they happen to have any friends In the " City Trade" who propose to follow their admirable plan far advertising in tho Country pipers', they nny save tlieni unnecessary trouble by letting them know that the Iliirlington 1 ree Press, at least, is " impracticable." The New Steamer United Stittes. This elegant craft tuok her place in the line on Wednesday last. A largo party took pis sage in her, as invited gue-ts, to Whitehall, whence she returned yeslerdiy miming. Tlie Umted States will fully justify the ex pectation? that have been raised icspecting her, both as to speed and accommodations for tlie traveling public. Shu is, bjyonl dispute, tlie hrgetand finest boat lint bis ever nivigated our Lake. Wo shall take linearly oppoitiinily to speak more in detail of this Queen of tho waters, and her finished and beautiful appoint ments. In every respect she rellocls great ere dite upon the energy, enterprise and public spirit of the Company who have caiucd her to bo constructed, llcmy Clay nt the North. Wc find the following paragraph in Ihe Proii- d Mice Transcript ; Henry Clay is expected to arrive nt Newport some, time in iheeouise til the next two weeks, nud will take uti his residence nt Thonuljke's. We hope means will be ndopted to induce the great stnttsninii to ex tend his tour to Providence. Nu nun in the country has been a greater friend lo niuJi- Isliud interests than Henry Cliy, nnd wherever he moves within our should be tu ide nwnre that the neonle nre not uiiutiii'llul of his great services nor regardless of luswoim. ills sojourn among us should ue luaueune y:ila day. It i.s stid that Mr, Clay intends to return to Kentucky by tho way of tbo Likes. If so, be in ly visit Itiirlington on his route. He would be suro of a warm welcoino from tho "Green Mountain Roys," whoso admiration and respect for him, is second only totheirattacbmeiit to the sound and tine Republican principles of tho Whig party, of which be has long been tho ablest, most eloquent and faillifulest advocate and ex positor. IT " The Semi-tcedly V.agh" is tho title of a Whig newspa per just established in Itrattleboro, 1... M. II 1 v II... I nr.. ii 1 r . . - ujf .uensini II, jf, uauius 31 1111 V .11, Jl, 1IA1.L, Ibo l.igle, ns its title imports, is published twice a week, and is sent to subscribers at tho low rate of 2,00 jier annum, in advance. Messrs. II Attn is and Hale aro quito competent to tbo task of editing a. paper ire, from educa tion and (on the part of tho first-natned certain ly ) experience Wo welcoino the Light as likely to provo an efficient advocate ol sound principles' and good government. The AVnr. As wa expccled, the great Inttl" of which wo gave the wcicr, but week, turns out to be a skir mish among the letter writers! At tho latest dates (July 30) Gen. Scott and bis army wciu slill at Puobl.i, waiting for Gen. Pierce, on whose arrival It was said bo would start for "them Halls" Tho Washington Union gives tlie fol lowing as tho origin of the rumor which prevail ed last week, and humbugged thu "universal Yankeo nation :" A young lady nt the city of Mexico is "nid to hive written to n Mexican in New Orlenn", on the 15th nit thatlhe bundles were uuitthig the city hi cons'ijuence ol he ndvnuce of the N. nnkets i and mlds a liostscniit on the 17th, (by thciourier,) that Gen. Scott was then entering tne city, tins letter wns Kept i,ain oy tlic .ucAican, irom a tenuer regaru to the loir nunioress. Caleb Gushing and Gen, Scott will have to , look to those " young ladies." Gen. Taylor remains at Monterey ; Gen. ool ut lluena Vista, Tho war, just now, seems to bo rather harmless, though somewhat expen- siic. Glory. The Lynn News Fays: "Wo have seen a letter from one nf the volunteers from this town, which proves that tbs glory of a soldier's life is not so dizlingtotlio victim as it appear ed in the prospective, when ho was listening to tlie smooth-tongued eloquence of Col. dishing The teller says ;" " liy the time wr iret there 'the city of Mexico) half of our men will be dead, if not more of them : for we live very poor, and wc have hardly nny clotlus to wear, nnd no money to buy them with ; I don't expect to get buttle the tenth day of August' We bury the denil I without collins, nnd nre phd to get them under ground, I iv. i in touugn I ivii .tioiif- in me WOnil, to die without Iriends to bury me when I nm gone. I nm now in iVionierey it Hverysuitly in tins plnce. I'hev die here nil the time. 1 bellied toburv s-ven two dais j and llmt ilim't legin. I have Irnl n hard time since 1 have been gone, and have still got to have a harder one." The August Elections. Good news from Tennessee ! Polkery in its nost ! All our returns indicate tbo election of .Veil S. Ilnovvx, whig, as governor of Ten nessee, over bis Polkito competitor! The Tri bune thinks bis m ijnrilv will be nearly 3.000! So far as heard from t Whigs and 1 Locos have boon eleeled to Congress. It is certain thit tlie whiirs will W nothing in the Congressional de legation, and their chances are best to gain one, which would give them the majority. NORTH CAROLINA. This noblo state has precisely reversed her last Congressional delegation. She sends C Whigs and S Locos a Whig gain of 3. KLNTUCKY. Owing to diiisions among tho Whigs we suf fer a los of one member in this stmnch Whig Stale ! The delegation is composed of C Whigs Hid -I Locos The legislature is as largely Whig as ever, however. ' ALA11AMA. Two Whigs and five locos elected Whig gain of one. INDIANA. I'obert DalcOren is defeated, and a true whig elected ill his place ! Tho delegation is four Whigs and 0 Loco: IOWA Prubab'y two I-iofrs. What nct. The Iicnfoeos of M issichustts talk of no minuting Caleb dishing as their candid ite for Srovernnr! Wo shall next expect tn bear lint tbev are trying to perstiado John Tyler to run agiin fi r President. Tlie Lowell A li'rliier thinks the nimiinlion of dishing bv the Locofocos would be " a -sertinn of prine.i ilei " whereat the Journal pro. finely suggests that it is only by deserting their present shockingly bid principles tint that party in M issichusetts can have nny chance of suc cess I If Ciishing don't gpt killed, in Mexico, by filling into Pillow's ditches, tho Locofocos o igbt to make something of him, for ho has s iccceded in miking something considerable out of them. 3j" Tho HoUon Atlas copies tho proceedings of the Winooski Meeting from tbo WatAman, ( where it was regularly credited) and says the iliirlington liuzctle refused to publish them and tint they "liist appeared in the Montpclier Watchman." It is a matter of no great conse-! 's"'ECLn pronounced a very able and intruc quencc, to be sure, but as tbo Atlas must haie 'et',"'0 011 Medical Education in its broad drawn its inference respecting tbo refusal of the ! C!,t fi!T'fi'atioii. Wo understand the attendance Gazette, from our editorial rem irks before the f .tudeiit is unusually large, and that tbo pros very proceedings it copies, it looks like strain-' P,'ri,' of t,tle (-oll(Te appears to be well estab ing a little lor Ihe mirnnsent inis.emdliiii.f i lisbed. With a corps of thorough and ace nn- While wo aro on this pathetic topic we tmv as well, pcrhaps.thank the Boston Advertiser or giving grralcr circulation In a small joke of ours, bv attriuutini? it to tho Snrinirlield Oa. file. With the help of o good an under writer we perceive it is in current circulation. .Stevens' Annuls of Vermont. We tako special oletisure In eulllinr ilw. ,,- tion of our readers to the Prospectus" of a new Work about to be published by Hr.nY Stevens, Esq., of B.irnet. Such a compilation from bis hands must pn.s.uhs extraordinary interest and value. His indefatigable zeal and perseverance and his excellent success, in discoveriiin- and rrnin? fm-n d'o-tructinn, documents illustra- live of the early history of our Stale, are already min i mum ii, .uiuiiaic given tii.s name a mer ited distinction ubmad, us well as in his own State. The Importance md value of placing in per - minent and uccestible shape, the manuscripts and other aulbentil historical papers accumula ted by .Mr. SteveM, can scarcely bo oier-csti-in iled. We trust In may lie widely encouraged , ins niemorious umenaMng. ,-..,.i if .I"1: "u Z .'" Vrme0n.t r0mim, uu ' -'!'"'"" vimioiis in. ili'Miatlon on accoult of our continued .issmilu I , , . . ' "cuiieiu aim improvfi aricu - on the "irreproac able priva e reputation" of' tural and horticultural implements, and to f -Mr. 1), hngham ; bit not a solitary one of the . i-h for his customers the most desirable Seed , allhcted organs , a word to say in behalf of Fruit Trees, &c. &. after the manner of tbo its public course 1 .e, for shame, gentlemen ! tost CubluhmenU of the kind it. the Country. Call you this h.,ekg your friends I What arc The comcnience of such a DnoT, to say nothing Mr. Dillingham s news , relation to " Polk, I of its beneficial inllueneo in dill'using and popu Dallas, and the laff of 'ii, ?'- J Vh,, improvcments , Aglicullur0 , al ils Tho Patriot app-ars to ho in nn agony t o ' ,?Prtnt?nts, entitles, it to favor uiid'iu,r0"u6l! know " how wool is ?" It has probably found 1 s-'hittemlcii County can sustain such an enter- out, by this time, bat the kind of wool that it is trying to pun ovj- people's Cyo is cheap as coneorncd ln doing so, we do not allow our dirt, and no buyic" 'selves to doubt that she "HI. Deulli ol Jh-fJov. .Mullocks. Wc regret lo learn that the Hon. John Mattock, died nt Ins residence In Peacham, on Saturday last. Hisngc wns about 71. No man long in public life could boast of more or warmer Iriends than could Jon.v Matiocus Vt Watchman of yesterday. umiiiB.MiHJusjgiAijixfi'iji:i.iiHi3afrf3C,gtaKi For the Free Prcss.l A NUW LAW DIt'TIO N" A H Y , or Jucobs Illustrated. Bv Godfrey Grant, attorney. LsylinE from the French escuyet one who car ries a shield. Kir Edward Coke says that every (sipiire is a gentleman nnd n gentleman is one who bears coat-armour. . CG8. Thus, il appears that me practice "opreinlcntnow-n-dnjs of distinguish- hit gentlemen by their coats, i quite nncient ; so old, Indeed, that it is no great wonder it should be rather childish. That one person should be considered u gentleman nnd called " 'square", nnd that nnother should piss ur a scullion, merely becnusc the funner bus n coat of arms, and ihe latter no nrms to his coat ; or, what nmounts to the same thing, is a little " uut nt elbows," is n very inorlilying reflection on the dis crimination of mankind. Pee Sartor Jicsaitus. It ought to be observed, however, that nil the authorities do not ague with Sir Ldvvard Coke nnd lusfo'lowers. DUiut, who seems to have been n very acute thinker, acknowledges that it is sotnewhnt dilbcult to define a " i rid gintlcmnn," but says verj plainly that " no es tate, however large, can confer this rank upn its ow tier." LsTorn.L from etouper, F. an imiiedunent to nn nctioii nrisiug from n man's own net. Co. Lit 3S2 The legal iuipuhuicul here mentioned obuousi) de rives its name Irom its analogy lo the case ol one who, having nidisucetly coiked his bottle too tight, hud: nlterwnrds.when he would enjoy the rightoladrnught, that he is stopi by his own stopple. HvidexcE proof by testimony of witnesses, on oa'b, or by writings, or reiords. U is a rule ol the law that "heiir-ny is no evidence." Hut to this innxiin theie nre several exceptions, of which the most notable is that relating to hnpenching testimony. If the point in ib-pule be whether a ceifiin dog is accustomed to biteshtep, the court will take nothing less thm tho Witness's p-rsoml knowledg of the inattir; tut if the question be whither A. L. isa hnr, and nctus tomed to bile men m respect to Ins promises, Lien "henrsny" is not only admissible, but the law won't hear the vvitntss say nny thing else ! Such is tlic pro lound obscurity of tne law, that it is oiten necessny to "examine the llepoits" lo see what it is, but one would suppose that l.iets ought to be settled on a more substantial basis than Rumor. LxciiEyrtr. from tlie French exrhequier- Cnnv'i-n says that the Court of Exchequer took its nnme in m the patti-colorcd cloth which anciently covered the board nround which the judges sat. Jliacton,p 113, This board ol Rtchequer seems to have been the old est chequer-board of which there is nny nuthentu ac count, having been manufactured in Lngland under the reiL'ii ol the Saxon kings. Fees certain perquisites allowed to nttorniesnnd others in the administration of justice. Tlie law ha It great respect for fees. Certain tilings are said to be odious to the law, such as dilatory pleas, whih are not ut nil pleasing to nny one but the pleader But i this cannot be nvctrtd ol fees, without which it would " 1mte impossible to maintain cither the law ..r the ' lawyers Fees nre of several degrees nnd kinds, j moiign nu lees nre cousiueieu ny niionni-s os Kind : according to their decree. .1 limited fie is where the lawjer i pre-aditsetl that he shall have so much for his seivices and no more. .1 conditional fee is where the attornies' rewuid is made to depend on the event of tlie suit. Wheic the counsellor takes only a single fee it is j termed fee simple, hut if he afterwards accept a b c trom me oilier 'ill', tne latter is termed a 6ar Jee Holding n bise fee ic considered a dishonorable t nure nnd conveyances ol this sort are pretty much one into dfsuctude Although this kind of fee is not t.t pr s ,"t ill goud repute, there can be little doubt that its u e would go far not only to enrich ihe inwjers. but to prevent that vociferous zeal, and indecent cu-t i.ii ot recrimination wliich, now-a-dajs, characterises the profession. I'lxi.. The law has a great deal to say nbiut nes, ot which it mentions inroiy sous One km 1 . i n consists in a compulsory levying of inonej nut w.. t theie is so very line nboul this process as to entitle it to that encomiastic ipithtl, it is quite impis.-i ,e to coiijeiture. Perhups the phrase comes from the Latin y!M,ou the hypothesis that the fine is the end ot ub jedof the law fur the violnnon of which ihe fi . is o-tensjbly imposed. This seems so e.vacti) tiu-1 in tne case of militia lines, as to give some color to Lie sup position. Fines are of great antiquity, Ploicden siys they ore as old as the first rudiments ol Ihnrhsh law, and quotes ihe statute 13 Ld. I, cnlled modus leiandt fines. But if Plowden had plowed in thecl.issies a little deeper, he wonld have learned lint fines date as far back ns Horace, who, speaking ol the vexation of his day, sijs. "sant certi denique fines.' Ctistleton .Modi en I College. The present term of this excellent institution ! commenced on Thursday the fitli instant. Ur. pllshed instructors, such as Drs. Sweets- it, Goldsmith, Cai:r, Pit.kixs, Markoe, and Ku thedoi:, it can lnrdly be supposed that there is any danger of failure. Jlostou Ceiiter.ilrniiglit I'tougli. Under the Agricultural heading, on our fir-t pige, will bo found nn interesting account of t,1B trl:" of Plonubs. by a competent coonnilten. w'lic'' "suited in establishing tho superior ex- 1 L-"L"l-eo1 wtt i- .Me ins' CKXTEn-tir.A-',ur ' TLavo,u insert it both because we assume ' ,,lat " wi" l,e '"'s'resting to our Agricultural ' ' because tho tine implement men- 0 -v - Ir' 1 EmcB nt ''"f Hurling- ! Agricultural Warehouse, vvhero it can bo eca Iuld mlrcl':l!'Clh Vi e tako the optwrtunity to call the attention of our Farmers to the " Ruklingtox Aukiivl tuual Warehouse ivn Sim s-. i. 1 recommend it to their ptrticular p,tr.,n.e nJ encouragement. The effort to establish such a Depot is every way creditable, and ought to be sustaincl, not alone by those eim.mnd ... ,..i. cultural and horticultural pursuits whose ad- , vantage and convenience it specially promotes, m" by the community at large, who are interl in "l0 t among J .vir. fierce s nronan-d in E..i in ibn r n.. . y ' 'iriso' a"1' as '10r interest and pride are equally