Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 20, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 20, 1847 Page 3
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vTtfriN ?REW PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST 20, 1.847. From the Nnllonnl Iiitelligcncrr. 1:1,1:0 noNumiiNW m ANii:uvnr,s. Mantrttcrei, we cull them, thuuijli In trutli n liar flier name woul.l well characterise t!i- fUralagems which nre liemietitly cmplo)cd on the etc ol tiny im noitant election, by imsciupuluus t'iittis in-;. One ul hese we have noticed in n party paper in llillnuoio, (Ihe Argus,) wliicli can ii:inuy ticcc tc uii i..i.i.s..' in hl. denying the oxp-nsitcness oi "- 'V . vol-d only iwcnlyclghMnillions lor war puTposV.nnd that n part ol tin, u, is yet unex- f... The eiicts in u'cnr.1 to Miliwry nnd Nntnl Amiro .. ..... ..i ., lit,, it..- enniineuceinenlt'l tlic Mcx- platioinmadc since the "',,",;,'1nri loan war, as is shown by Appiopn. jlion Laws, ore l'or snppoit "I t'.o mmy .mil tulu.itecrs SJJ.I.tBI 83 siciitiunol .-xistiiu war ''''JL. 0,0 1 t, ll.'J.M.Xl'JW) 7.1 10,703 jo air')iHiini 2j,00) HO l'or prosecution ol existing nirsuppori ui em- nun, I'nr volunteers nnd other troops For support ul the navy I'nr regiment ul mounted linemen I'nr tapper", miners nud punlouieis 1 low Important. l'or the rcinotnl nnd permanent Cure ol lldinus Complaints, Indigestion, nauim". Ooslltcliess Pllc",Dvspcp.ia, Chionie III cuuiiitl'nl. Cutaneous Diseases!, Sciolulu, of UiJ lluoit, n ,!..., , I l..rt,,l,.., il. Here, itirv Iluinois, nnd nil tli3f;i-s nrisintf I'roni nn injudicious u' ol nicr tin- coiHi.Ici alien ofn s'lT- nnd clf'ctu il reme dy, and the ii"cnl Dr Wood's S.irsipiinlla and W Oil Cherry Hitters. I'nr sibi hy The ). A. lV-'it, Anothc emy nn J Wholesale Druggi"t. Ntipclnl Niiticri. ?.-V,riiecxtrnor.linnry(iltAi:i'i:N,Hi:ilf; VIU.S, RAYMOND & WAKING'S U.MIIVAt.I.ED AND LONtl ESTAfiLMttiU iiiiiiiii;! a ni.tjsum), ijlcssl'd anu hi:avi:nly n R 85 AC ij M O Hi" M a B6 XV Ij MS ! ! On the Mil of August, In thr year 1813, a singular scene urruiin in tlm lli.ynl SrienUfie Inilitnlion uj l i mice. The nged, wiulr hendtd J'rcsiilfnl, liin head lime, litsmmi ouisli etched, his lace imlinnt tvilh smiles, (or science wns tiiiwipfantt,) rind his toice icitltgintiilittmy lane, delicti ed the follaicing I epm 1 1 " Vc nre, ntounilAil nt this hlngiilnr prepTrniion. Wlicir illileeil will Kielitv ttoll ' lliru h.ii'n piep.'irntioii inailciii the lunn ol a LiMiutiliil piece of FALLS STACJ1J II0USI2, IJy lu.cll lljilu, 17XTKNSIVIJ iillernlioni ninl iinprnmtirnti lwvc -i lecently been made in lift Hotel, toruppoiicliiii! with the Itnilroul tendencies of the day, and it is now in ndinirnhlc older to nccoiiiiiiod.itc nml make com fortable its numerous pitrons and the tinvclm public. Ilellowsl nlls. AUfc'., 101. Bit which nic iiehicvliiir uiMnnillclcJ tiiumphs ill M.liou , sonp.wmcn we miowiiy ncliia jm.k lire, to cure every s 'ctloiis of this couiiti y, arc now inlrod'iced into this , '""' 'ruptioicvery d,s ,;,,r,M,,enl ,,r, and .cn vieiniu- l.etcvervi(1i iicrsonrca. t icnUeltUemeiit ilrcolorcil fkin ! here will us limbic and Miigulnr o I he (iu eel berVcon I "v "lich will be lonnd in ' P;ver cease I The NeSm, the Cieole, the Yellow ' '"r..1!. .V rKr"".V.'. "7'u.V. Wn.l ide , Kace ol the ii.t.lltld t he lied Man hl'lbe Kir West. n it Court House Sipiaie, and by Chinch sued. Amos C. Spear, iu under the inliuence ol its ejtraordinary ID t c b, vcar, This year, s3r,.:nij,di.')U'j jl',11- awioprhlhns since the c'.:, (f. ll,I5il,liy V3 In this town, on the liitli inst., Mr. Chavnclv Srowr.I.I., lomierly ol Mori town, nged In this village. AiiRttst 13, Mnry lilita, yoniig.t daughter of IJ. II. und Daicas Clubman, njjed one year uud two inonlhs. In Qu.-iliec villnne, en the Utli iut., Mrs. I,fcv Ann l.AMrnir.F.ngedi'.l. In Huntington, on lli- lOtli inst. Ur-Tsnv, wife of IllIlUMlll Mount!.!., nged i At Itome, Illinois, .Inly -.ol uotneted illncff-, Mr Wm. 0. Hatcs, forincilyul lliclunond, Vt., ngcdlPi cais. Tot il of war appropriation, Hi),!. nil '1'he nppropriitions lor tliesinic objecKnl t lie In M ..... in . I Co mre-. "hould the nr continue. Sl-udcn l)i:ATtt.-Mr. Amos Snow, nfJcri clio, v,is fuiinJ dead on t!" lloor, ne..r Ins bod-.mthein-imlnsortliolHli i-t- -ii.p-ol (-iii.-e of iiU death wu li.ive not learned. (. lie. m l.AMOILUJ COUNTY. On TilUltSDAY m-xt, llio 2r,;li nt 10 o'clock, A. M. at tlto Court lloii'e, in Hyde larlt, the Wilis: of Limn'ilto cuJiity, arc in vit.d to meet in County Convention, to change congratulations that there is t-ti 1 1 a re.--jicclable nf wliib in Hie county, und that our number are not ilecrctsinf ; alto, to no minate a Candidate for Ken.itor. CortNEULS liVSDC, Charles Cos. llEMtV KlWEtX, Atijutt 12, IS 17. SAL12 OF REAL F.STATF. t!JL,Tlli; Mibs-riber coni.-n.) lating to lenve town olli-rs lor sale the following tain iMc propel It, situated on the eonier of Church and Clu'iry sireeis, near the center ol'lhe tillege, coii-istiu of Ins hous and three citv lots adjoining conliining I of an acre cadi ; there is nl nn the pieausjs n good Hon- nn.l ample tooin lor .'i or 0 otheis i n one oft'i best stieets for Lin tv s-s lu tnttn Cont -ni lit out liinlihiig.. a li tt ml" tv II o ttnt-i and orehnidof tile Left bu t the tv'iole Willbe s ld together or Hepninlcly 1'orteiiiis ajiply to the s'i!.s-ribT on t'v prenns.s Also for f ilc pew No. 13 iu tit. l'nuls Church. 1 J. J. STARR. Burlington, Augut,20ih 1317. Bw3 AUGUST 20l (."IN'IJand neat p-itteina ol ttnite nivl bhek l-'nn, 1 plain nnd li Hired, and a li ic nssottineiit ol Gold an I Spy." f p i: I' s 0 lligley's ami I.- vi ...ottiib iinK" . ...3" iu ii.t.V. Il.u ni' Con gress Ten and Lngrei-siiig Pens ol the three most res pectable Makers Tcuslomeis who ate tired of uiug fiictii ioiii j ens, nre niviieu io iry ucuer ones, which cost but hub- mole tlini " cheap" oms. Jet ami riteel Muttons, and a new s't Hois Nets, just ie- v d. together Willi a nooil stick ot t.ol.l l.ocl.cts. for Mmiatuics, and a lw more (.old Wnteheq uitua.tiiu iv. liiiu i ut.tis. County Coinmittee. Tht! Wliigs or liurliiistoii Are roque-teil to mcctat STIIOXOS' IIAI.1. on THURSDAY IJVIJMNf.' ne.M 2Ctli in-t . at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of tioiniiutin n TOWN Ui:i'Ri:SI',NTATI VI'J for the year en Buinjj. liy Order of the Town Committee. itlarkcts. Hri'htoii Cattle -MiuKol, .Ifomltiv, Au. 10. KErouTtn rcR TiitTnAVtLi.nt. AtnniKrt. '.KH) Reef Cntlle. 1 Strf, 15 yoke WuiUut Oxen, 10 iNiw-im.) Cnlesl 4S0L Shir) nnd Iiinb.ninl obiiiit 8m) s?wm. Heef Cattit. Ilxtin, s7 00 ; fiistq-nliiy 0 jO 0 7j ; y 'contl mil ilunl qu'ilitipllnnii j(H' & Sroiii; Cattix. .s.iltri wcie noticeil nl 1-511 fur two year olJ HHtiMS. okkinc) ) Silo mmc nl $7.rt, f ( nml fil-'t. Cows ami Calvls cjIc nuiicrJat ijJj, Gj.tnul K). t5nr.Fr and LAvns of OlJ Pluqi Uiken at $1 AOaou ; Limbs nt 1 j) t 'JOi. At wlmk's-ilt' C fur howh mid CJ fur bar rowH Al ictail tioni 7 to ?i cl-- per lb. WOOFi. Duty tM ptv ct. The nrtieltrs rmuiiutes to come in pretty firrlv fiom tht cmi my, riiul tlieicin now u hir Mipply i tin a rnmi uriJesiu ni'iiJit't,Mk-jta sniiie om-iJerfible tent ne bmi nri Je nt our quoti'J utis. Prune .Stony rieee'.s, Wi-jlieJ American full blood do. - - - do 111 do. - - - do 1 -J do. - - - do 1-lSocouidu. . - - - Smyrin, iriwaj-h-'J, - . - - - Ibl'.l'iq A)' L'8, lillJHckt'd. . - Ktra ortlfn pulled lamb, - - - Sip. Noith'np-illedlamb - - - - Mo. 1 do do do - - 2 do do do - - 'J do do do - - - - Powell i'f cli'aiiim elluw tir ili-nlnin.1 hIcmi.iiikI hit KtiiLMt wlntniiiid U-nntiiid, nml ol cbiiiifjui the color nl tuiK.or black, or bnmn sliitt " rH( uor. mm veu' lnniifjlit lorwmd by tbu ricidcnt, lio had U.sifdlt. ill tMoolfil Itm lihscitinn There mv probably few jieroiii of intclliicpncfx ho, ....vt .vit.iniii mi- iiuuh, m uouui in" ipuuiiieH oi .OA7J.V ITALIAS C1MM1CAJ. iSOAl' IV el-nlu I''l'.'l',rU M'delies. 6V; lllirum, .S'n.ri i, Liyiptlar, w.t ..ri..x, ..(. Micstitcnia mm amine s uct, Vhtip)icd und 'Vender link, 1'iccl.lci, Tun, Utiiibmn undchnniiing dark SiiiAnin or 1 cfViio to a pine clear irhite, us smooth nml sajt as in hi-titiit'it. and in fact every kind ol ciuption and dhfigurement uau inese ccrtuiCiiies : I'lom the New Oilcans Sentinel, October, 1811 One of our snb-cnbcis, Air II. I.eonaid, infoims us tint he lias bet n cured ol old, fcaly iSalt Rbeuiu, ol eighteen jiais Flauding, on lus beard, lingers, and bauds, by ncukeofnii mticle inuth iiiUeitHeil lately we ..peak of Jones' lialtin Chenneal Konp. He nlM. inloiins us that he . tile.l its tllects on Ins le mnlerlate Ilui-e. tu.icli maikcd with mn mots, and In luuud iu lvo weeks her hklll much clenrer and winter, James i;ithaui, u painter, n Jerw y Citv, was aucd orcaibuuelesniid pimples, whuli ,c. Hn, ni,ci,.l with tor inmy eai.,by url ol a cake of Jones' Ituhan iiieuueni rjonp. l'efous in luelnsing this hum nltt-nya nk for JONiJS' ITALIAN CHu.AHCAIj SOAP ; and per haps, ns many who bate been dilated witli cmmiei leits, will be too miieh tlt-couiag. d to try the genuine, wesayto t-u. li. ti j' this once )ou will not trgiet it . but nltvnys see that the name ul T. JONL.S is on the wi.ipper .Sold nuhj nt Xiw Yoik at 82 CHATHAM STK1JLT, Sign n) the Aineruun Laglc. I'ricc. . . . r.ll Ct-iils a dike. j"Full directions liir use accompany each enke ol Jones' Sunn. I'or sale bt Cto. L.':.,ton. only Agent lor tciuiout. Bm'J .SO.YG HOOKS. QONfiS OI" Till: NATION, Hems of liiiiliiigtini, riMIlI iNKXT Tl'iUM (ir THIS IxsTI ILTION ', llrinrCilii,rorget.Mo.Not Sonlrr, Ajc. A 1 will cominence on the Blh of KErTiM.ntR, nud August !i, 1m 17. owl C. OOOUKICII. routinne, with n short rceips at i iiaiiKgiying, uiiiii the luth of 1'uir.fAHV. TtnMi half payable in nd- ANNALS OF VUHMONT, lllslorlciil, INilillcnl nml r-cMatlvc: rr.OM AUTIlF.NTIUUnctjlir.NTS. rBMlK uxnntsifiNi'.i) ntoposns to piuiusii, J. tin ensuing fall, (or as soon as the. expense of pub lication snail lie wiiiianieu,, Hie coriespondeuce he tween the liotctnors of New Hampshire nml New ioimi. m.iiou io me ,.ew iinuip.iiuc tiranis tiom iioju ,, . ., luKeioi-t .uinuc uouigs ol I lieir respect ive Councils theieon '.--also the doings of Hif Majes ty's, Colonial ftccr.tary, iniTlloaid ol Tiade on tne same , to wiikh win K appended the following entitled pamphlets, viz: A Mute ol the right ol the colony of New York with respect toils lJnstern Iliandaiy on Conneclkut ltitcr, and (Jiantsmade by the French south of Crown 1 oint," ptl.lisheu hy the li.neral Assembly of New York, 1.73, with an appendix of the lacts. "A Narralite of the I'roeeedmgsof thedovernmenl of New York relatue to the New Hampshire (iiniit"," being u lull leply io the fureuoing p imphlel and up peudix, published 1771, by Uuian fclra .vlleu's Rein uks on the sune sulyct, published 1777, iu two p-ituphl ts. JJilim Allen's Aniiiindtcisary Address on the New Yolk Cont otera, I77.S. llil All,.i Viii'diefOmn of Wrinnnt . 1??0 I Jl (..'in Allen's Vmdicntioli of Veiniont, 1770 np- Wl proved ol by the Cuteinor und Council. lf(i VerinoniV Appeal, by Slephon It. tliadley, 177'J 1W ii)oiu,ew ui iiie i.o.iuioi iiiiu vouueil. . llcinnntianee of (.ov Cluti uiden iml his Council, i 1.83, tog, thcr with ievcia! oih'.'r liiteu.ting docu ments on the f. une subjcct-i. The nbovetvoik will eoi'Kin between five nnd six bundled folio pages, on lair type und paper, nml wilt he afforded to uberibc 9 nt VlM per copy in cloth binding, or -,'5 m .lie. p. pi'Wdile on delue-y 1 he aliotc worli is to I e hi cceueii ny niioiner v necentlv Titled and IJnibclhalied with entirely i. .1 n i'...,:,.nr,.. v., f,.r mi7 .-nn ..L'curiiiiuir. . . ii ni ui "itt, i"i .... taining all exlensitc and varied collet tiou of the most line and intcieMing productions of Nature, nll'ords to a all ample source tor study and reflection on the science ol NATURAL HISTORY. This Menagerie, on entering each Town or Village, forms n most Imposing Tialn or Hiocewtou, preceded by n Gorgeous iniiep. ti'itiov. it. i :ni. m i oraticnes aim j per iquaiter, WMlt French Language, -jS.U ; Urnwiiig, New i - , , .music 8a,o II'JAUD, lllCIUIIlll',' I'UCI, J.1UIIIS, , 'h per ipiailci Ha Iht year li s.nsll deduelioii is made. None me admitted oidimniUj for less than one 'lcrm or two Quarlcis, and no ilcdneiions nre made for ab sence except in case of piutntcted sickncts. Aug U, IU 17. 7w3 FMOSt KGOS.'t A .V AHDNIIANT SUIH'I.Y of Cu'is j i tlllj llav recciveil nl July -iJ, 117 A S. MJWBY'f-i. ir Si w Wi sA Es2 Hi mi H W B 65 a i.rrnRAi.i.Y covuHumviTit coi.D!! hlllie,ol tl ..111 live to Pi.X lltl idled lollo p.,gi ..,e- lit nil inn tuoceedincs of Conventii'iis ol the (iucu Moun nil llotg nieviotisto , the ilolllgs ol lu-. Couuei.s ol .Snliiy to M nil. I77J : the Journals m (s-inblv nud Council Iroiu Mauh 1 t It . I . . i, to aim leludiiiLi Oi.tobcr stssion. 17ei 1. toe ther with t! csi!- aiit coirispondili c w.tli (ien. llaldimand and h.s Commibsioueis, l.-'ii WiihIui glon, the (iutirnn sol the ftew Lnglaiid fitntea, rt' w iok nn.l the Lonf- nt:. I Cong ifs.niulE.i ii ntln'i coiieMionuetii e ns ie- late to the unit the people ol the New-ilainisliue Grants took in the lli vohit ons y U or iWluch tolume .11 be el o ded lusti' ii i.b-rs the same price lis o- lume Lpitableon deliveiv Unnu.JU.yC, H17. IIIJMtY STC C.NS. Eiarc Chniicc. m --"- A F. 111 of 700 acres oflanil, to be had alnlow figure taking into consideration the mi ihty ol the land mid us loeition. It is ihtided as lollows 15U acres ol the bet meadow in the state, 35') acres l'a-tuie, 200 acres of Wood 1 mil, with nooil luilding. g I fruit, ece.,nud with liting waiei iiinmug ihrough cveiy field. Twnthirds ol the jnirchase money may retuaui on internet tor any length of rune Uiiquire of I'liE scr.vj u Wullllii, New llaten, Vt , or to the sub scriber. iioivACi! miucli:i:. llurimgton, August 1C, Is 17 6w3 GREAT BARGAINS. IN CAUPi: I'lNCiS ANU OIL CLOTHS, KOIMJKICK LAAVHUNri:, A'o 17 Cmial Sheet, A'fic York, rtl'i'liltS lor sale,onleims highly ailtantagenus t to the puithasers, lliuesels, thicc-ply, tout In gram CA Ill'CTIXfiS, of superior fabric, superb patterns, and fat colors., every vani-iyol Stair Carpi ling, l)iugm-tst Hearth ling-1. Old OiIcIoiIhoI every w iJlh.St.iir lio.U, Door Mat", Itieh Window Shades, ecc. itc. IJcono mists wdldciive irreat adtanta"e liom eallinu nt 17 Lauai ticei, neiore puicnasmg. New l orK., Auusi 111, IS 17. bI 15 ft S'J JO 9 ID 33 c :h 31 i' :u "7 ' 3 . 8 i' 13 G -i 1 1 3i 10 3J .i 3.'. 23 30 l'J ' 20 ii a is - 31 i:SS l'OHK, fin-sale by IIUHACIJ WHUniJJK. 10, 1817. "l.uiiington, An 200.000 1!y I'INi: and CUOAIt SIIINOMJ. 11.!. SCIKIOL nil! lM!().1IOTI(J IIIJAI.TII. Slit'iigtli; mill JliiM'irnr Actitily, .i,. nisuAsns or riu: luc cnu:i) n v nxnucisi:. J. M. PERKINS, I ItOrCS.Oil Or I1UI.M'i;S reirt'u!ly t i .Hid vi. i t.ty. to ! ii pTpose of git, .c . e .eicti. I hv thes I mil. ins I i.' g- i.t y " ie has an it" 1 l i t.i i u'.-S I m in lli.s je t ..u Lull' s w ho w i-li I. miles nic Cnutioiipil Agiiinst (Slug COMMON: IMlLl'Al!!:!) CHALK : Thty air uot aictnc how frightfully iiyuitvits it is to the skin ! how cconc, wio iottgftt hum bUilotc, yctloic, nud unhealthy the skin ai peats tijtcr tutiiq prepttetl chntk .' litanies xt is itijuiiuttn, containing a laigc quart' tiiy of Len t ! Wr Ii'ivp prepateJ u bvautilul vectablu mticle, which wo call JOyCS .S7M.V7.S7 LIL V WUITH It U perfectly innocent, bein-j ptnilifd of nil deletc tious qualities; and it linpmtsio ibf t-kin a niitiiinl, henltliv. alabn-ter. ck-nr. hum! white : nt the s;ime tun" aetmy ns n co-metic on the t-kin, tuukiiiij it soh mm Hiiootn. Dr. .Imm s Anderf-on, riaelicid Cheinisl of Ma-a-ehn'-eii,(-uj8: " Alter amil)7iim .lonea' fc'pinifrh hilj White, I liinl it posscs tin nnt lieautind and na tiiitil.tiiHl at the mi mo time nnincenl white 1 ever saw 1 eer.ninly tan i(niscienHon-ly lecoimncnd in use lo uil wnobetKin lequius ncauiiivnuv Piii'o :. Cent a iJov. I)iklctio.n,!i The best uav to onitlv tlie I.ilv While, is witli suit leather or wool the ioimer b pie- teraDie. A Vmc Kcl or 'iUwih for 2; tVn!. WHITE TEETH, FOUL BREATH, HEALTHY GUMS. Yellow and unhealthy teeth, alter being once o twice cleam d Willi J0NLS' A.MIir.Il TOOTH I'ASTi:. hnve the appearance of the tiint beautiful iory, nud, at in" sntne tune u n ?o pericuy innocetit mm c qiri-ileiy line, that in con-l hv duly uh h lustily wl MiiititL'citut. i-vrii lo iIiom ttclb that nre in n troot con dilion: niiiiir them a bt untilul i)ijii?h. nnd nn ventimr a prem iture decay, 'i'noe nlreailj decayed H pie- veriMiiom in coining wuw n mso ia"t-'in sucli .i nre hecomniir louw. mid hv nert-eveinnce it will nn ler the tonlet teeth delicately white, mid nuke the M nin Ueiicinu'iiy sweet. I'i ice '4 i or .17 I-MOntsn I5ov. TTrTA 11 the n bo rr arc s Id on hi a t s I C 1 1 AT II A M S'l iv AaW Sifftt of the Ameruitn hitxlc.iStic Yutk. ItSTxu it' tiic Arr-Ji ri.o AoEr wimsc aml-i AIICAK IS TIIC Nl.T CoLL'.M.S'..2 lor Bile by (Jeo. L IIakkuIun only A lent for 'eitnont Hnitl PROPOSALS roil TIMHIMl I7ILL be roci'ivoi) nl tlioollico of J. ifc J. 17 H I'UCIv .V Co. pnortohept. 1, for the use il the V. C If. II. The lii.lowniir bill or bills ol 1'uuber lo be delivered on the bhoie of Lake Chain- inn near the .Noilh U cmI. iz 2SJ0 Dock ttii-ksnot leslhan a x S inches, Ifi leet long of lleiniock ; 1C 100 feel ( lineal) dock stick not lc than 10 x 10 inches and liom 30 to -10 It. long of Hemlock ; ISOOij n. ( hnejl ) of limber o white pine not less ihan one loot tquaie when well nud trulv hewn : 12G00O It. board measure of 3 inch lute O.ik plank tuiying m fengih as shall hcrcalter be designated Atao : Another lot 3030 dock stn ks net less than 8x8 in dies, 10 It. long ol Hemlock ; liOOO leet (lineal) dock licks not lets than 10 x 10 mi lies and hum .'0 to 10 It. long of Hemlock; tilDOO ft. (lineal) squaie timber ol Hemlock one loot suiiaie. Ali-o. lor luck filliiu per cubic jard. Ill" vt. L. It. It. IO. receive the riant oi necepi nig proposals for one orboih ol die nbotc- bills. Time ol delivery make known Sept 1, 1BI7. WM. llLCICWITH, riurlinglon, August 10, 1H 17. Engineer. exeieuie- Ciiills An l'EVEr. Wiig'ifs In linn Vegrtihle 1'iliiim one of the be.t, il not the tery best medicine in the world, foi the cure ol cause they excel all oth-'ii lu rid hug the body ol those moibid hum irs which aie the cnu-e, notoulvot alt kinds ol leters.but ol every malady incident toman. I'our ol lite ol sal. I In lian Vrgtl iMc 1'ills, taken every night on going to I...J. will iu u short tune make a perlcci cure ol the nio-t oOMuiale case ol innis aim fever; at the sune tune the digitvc organs will lie restoj-ed to a lu-ahhy tone, and Ihe blood so completely purified that fever and ngue.or diea-c ill any form, will be absolutely impost!.!,. lii.wAKi: oi Coixrtttturs Tnr. oni.v onmiXAt. ANUutM-'iM. Im.un Vi. ii.iAm.t; 1'n.t.s iiAtc 'tut: siu nviite of William Uiuunr WllITrtN WITH A 1LX "V tub top i.Aiin: oi i vrit ii'ix. A'oiie oAcr m fn nine, und to tonntrtfeil this is loiiui.r.v. The genuine lor sale by W II. CUI1T1R, Water I.I.. I. II ,1 tl ( l I.I'f-T.' .I.JI...... Sl,r.., i iltet, .nn. I iiiioi'.iiii, a. . nun, vutt. ftc ijinii, . sole agents for llurbiigton. Keuheii Ferguson, Lwex : ! J II. lhke, Ilimliugton ; W. Ithodcs.Jr. liichniond ; i II II Green, liichiuoud; J. II. fc T. W. Tower, llnilcthill ; llmlbiit it Hudgcs, WilUtou ; II. San derson, and (1. .yers. West Willislon ; J. Lyman, Jericho; W It Vche, Hinivburgli ; W. S. it II. I'. Wood, Westford ; Slaple. ,t Ljon, Charlolle ; John Suuonds, Slielliiunc; It Kiehmoiid, ll.iruard; and at will pleas I. .nil th-'ins-v - .-it aunll elasi-. irc.m mi to eight in ml. ubei, wtuu can be wait nl upon at their reslileliet".. An Academy is now opened nt Strongs' II il' fot gentlemen, commencing ..u 'J'hms lay .v.'iim, the l'Jth iuki. nl 8 o'clock None but Iiiom' tvho have le ceived cauls will be itdiiiitted. A list fur ii Juvenile class, will be oprncd nevi week, for little boys und gills, but lit s-pnrate class They will lie taught the Kxteusion Motions, caielull) nirain'.'il lor their ng nn.l nu ensy and grneelul s'le oi walking. They will also recite many useful le.--lurcs during the coins-' of lessons. Mr. retliiiiHcati be s-en nt the Ameiican Hotel, at all hours duiiu the day. and will feel much plensuie lu explaining, to nil thi'S- who may f.itorb'uu withn call, in imres iirodueed lroni tins kind ofexeicise. Ill the genii, tncti's couise of litwoi s will be taught ' ibe new dn ol se I delenee : till" exeieiw L'lt'es "u nl I strength to the chest nml tital pans The teacher , .-els confident that the gentlemen who take instnie turns Irom liiiu uitliiaiitt will never auuse it. TERMS. fleutlemen l.r. I. (.son. luchiM" 5.0,00. Ladles lalessoin lliclaiw .j.ihj. Little boyiim I girls in cla-t. 'J,00. N U. Mr. T. will tune l'lanosin good style. Ir. J. lVrkins. late of Kingston, now at the American Hotel in this tillage, having hereloloieex penenccd on liimsell Ihesgnal beiiclus ofthe Gym nastie exercise, in being by this inea 113 lestoird liom hopeltss decline, as it weic, to perlecl health would oiler his seivici s ana teacher in the ( i)innasic nil to the ami tieiitieinen 01 mis ticinny, wno, 110111 New i'.u.'laud 1! it 1 ic-i 1 Ollicc uud Ucneral Depot, I'.H , m.lw.os.tion or 01 her cuuse. leel n d. nre to become Culltioli I The public nre particulaily cautioned agaimt pur rliasiug nmt'illou lilticlespielendmg to hate the same licet as lliowu'H Siirrap-irilla and Tomato Hitlers. Never buy the S.irfcnpHiilhi und Hand, lion Panacea, Kittredge n Tomalo Hill, is, nor llxlract ol Saisapa rtllu MVnoalo. and IJ llldelloll. or unv other nrep ila. tiou. tvit'i the oxpc.utioii ol gelling the t! inline Ill!(IWN'fl H.MtHAf.Mtll.LA AND TUMA IO UlTTi;itri. wlni h nre prepired nt hu Medicine J-tore, No. Wushingtoii meet, lioston. Tluso l'lillers nre the lin-t piepaiation ol the kind that was ever nold, and they are the only genuine a.tielu of the kind now in the ui.iiket. Alii)ssee that the dine l'KLUtJlilCK UnoU.t, 111 his.wu Innd-wming. V ho cter heard ul mum's counter feiliiij u bud 'bulk note, or one that would not pas. I ions abute .1 .led. Just so it is with medicine : they always count.rie.l j thmk T. i.:l. DJlla "".'.r.:.:!- T... tmrnvN-s s triSAPAItil.L . . 'I c !- i -i iis; ,ip,.i.,i 10 ritcui:. i.' uit.i. A,tw ' " ", . (killed 111 the Miitul.leexersisjfor the recovery nnd pre MTtMtion ol Iheir lieaittr .vir. leihim moue in in fraction is well calculated lor ihe due expansion of the clie-t and the development of imm-itlnr power, which, while 11 contllbiltea to the heahh and well-being ol the individual, promotes, 111 u sliding inri,tlic gracefulness ol inuscnbir 111 tiou lleingluhy nssuicil ol ines' iiuinsme unuersigueii hesitati-siifit in i.-eoiniiiendiiig ihe ,,pi.itioii ns hi-ini! w !! adapted tolhe ciicu ost inei Bolin my ol ihe youth ol U..illlMlii. utiAis. ll.-vi.i,, .ti. I). lluihugtuu, Aug. lCth, 1817. jliiiTinglon, Aug. ll'tli, '917. 1 fully concur in ihe foiegomg as a meant, of pr-uno. ting health, stiengtlicmng the iniiHcultr jaiccisnn eipiudiug the chest. WM. A'l WATl.K, M. U. 1 am h ippy to express my ccnurrenc in the cpin- 11. llAJi.ll, .11. 1;. of it'iu instic exerei.s t 1 t.l lie soul out ol nviy be a -V LUjaAkl) .MAIttfll, 1. I). niCirWlO.VN.lliepri.piietor, No.Cj Uashmgtoii .. . ,,..,. ,,.., ,,,. nni,,.,,v ,. tneel. Uo-loii, will be intended tojuinclunllyOitieia on.ble ihe 1'iolale Couit lor the 1) slue l of .oinuussioueis loteceiv. examine nml nu. nnd ilemauiU 01 all persons against the 1 Hale ol hamuel ll.irils, l.lte or Cballollc 111 S.1I1I Hi'trict, deceased, ieiu uti d pitoleni, nnu nso nil claims nud deni iiids exhibited 111 ofl-et thereto jiiiul sixiiiomhs bom ihe .lay ol the date lieieol, being al lowed by said Coutt lor lliat pnrpi se, we do theieloie fieiehy give nonce, nun tve win .menu 10 uie inisiueh.- ; o. c 1 j.i .1 luoiv .He- itrut.oii the touitb .Moudavs cf September nnd January next, at 10 o clock, A. .tl., nil cacuol situ nil). necurely picked lor i-hipping None genuine unlos , J (' figned Viti;iJ.;itlCK lillOWN.uiilhe vvrapp-r. "'Xe "..i lor sale ny into. .1. 1 ten, m'."; Oiuggist.iiud by dealers 111 Medicine gen erally throughout the State. Tli ciou Who haw Iirpii ilcceitucl u itli flT? mock pPvi;n:.M)i:i) iiaii: pi:lpapiA T1UNS, .Should lead the folloicn.g tttttt matte nfyefpccialle Mr Abrrdmrn VnMlei'jtf k. of l'5i AMtiue I). Xew oik, tei tihf mat tii was entirely UjIJ on the I i.. ,1... ,.t 1.. '!.. 1 ....1 JOMib' COUAL 1JAJU nuSTOHA TIYE, he has a good crop ol hair, and will soon have it Ion; thick iiuiriuxuiiaut .Mr. William Jacksox. of 89 I.ibertv street, ruts burgh, cei lilies. ilnthe3.lo IVbiuurv, 1817, that Mr Thomas Jack-oil's head, on the top, was c ninety bald lor lilleell teais, and tlw. by timg two 3s. bottles of Jone'H Cornl Hair lictuietivc, the ban is giowuig nisi, IIIUK noil ueiinov. Ill expel in I. V llSlllg till. nine longer 10 nave n oeuer ncau cl uuir than he ever nnu. tjgf 10 T1IOS.L W HOSE HAIR IS OHAV Olttl'AI.I.l.M; OIT AM) AVI1AK AT Till ton I .- I herehy certily that my hair was turning gray, and falling oil, uud lliat tunc I hate used Jones' Colul Hair I'estorliuvc it h.lsemircly ceased fallmir. is rrrow- ing List, und ha. a liue, ilaik look lleioie lused .ioiieh Loral llnir Ucsloiatitc 1 coinheil out handful: ol hair iluuv. U.M. TOJll'KINS.Ca Kingn ,N. y. II A 17' VOL' SCI HP Oil l)A. 1)11 V I' t' Mr. I'owcr.a "rocer, of I niton siiect.had In. lei completely choked up with danJrml, an I Jones' Coral nail Hcstor.iuve ciiiiieiy nun i.iiu.iiiciiiiy ciirc.l ll Do Mitt unlit to Dii'ss, lliuiitil) mil nml, )inir II. tin sun iuki nnu v . iifiitt 1. Henrv C. Cullen.late bnrber cu board ihe Ft. no. fioit Sniitli Aineiica, do ceru.y thulJoucs' Coral llnir liestorative is Hie hen mticle Iter u-i il lor drcuiug, MilieuiniT. eleansui''and keeeping the hair a lomitiuie i-ofl, clean, silky, daik and m order , ull my cusiouuit. pii lerieii ll lo any Hung ci.e. Suld on hi in .ur Vail, nt Si CHATHAM S 1111.1, 1 ..Sign aj the American Jjagle. Iliieetior.s for usii g Jonts Voial Hair liestoiaticc. lull Tokiimi TLL (ji.otvrn nl Haiu. it is ntcesoary to caus.' a snght liiciiou on the simp, that the lies toruiitc may enter the pons This mav be done hv nppl) mg il with n inodeiately hard biu.h, but it is not lien frfiuy iu u-e hais.i iiie.ius except in actual case ol i Itiuili s.s. W iiliil tiil Hair I'alls Orr, Turns Gray, etc npplv UK' lii stoililne Willi IUe h.ilul. or so.t biu-h 1'iiU the luir HI ihileiciit j.Uc.s, ho ihe Uisloiuute liny louiii ihe biaop. Tlie b-iiiie diuclioii maybe us-d for Dressing, Ac liLU. Li. A ,MI U.. 8tn3 .lwiefiiiu Hall Ojiiiiion of n Iti'gulnr rii)siciun. rtr Me.. Sept. 30, 18li This certllrs tint 1 pt cu appo,,,,,,i ,,i,..c uie, i ,g have iccomuieSl Ihe'iis,' ol ttVu.'H Ihlsam of lor, hijlo . n, h..,.l Wild Cherry lor ui-.ns.'.i oi uie i.uubm"i ' j- p. and inany bolilcs to n,y knowledge have been TV 1S17 'used by my patients, nil with beneficial it nulls, lu , Dated, ll us .111 la ol Jilt A IJ. 1817, iwocasin whereil was thong it . coiilnniedconsiiinp- V,.ii v lj,i?i,i v V Comn : ,,1..., ,,!n.n ihe Wild Client' .ifectcd ll tllic. 8a.1 vn nil tl'.li'ril V ! 1 JOHNSHKUMAN, Coimnissionci s. .....:.( 1.... ,,.-. Ir I IVIii.n NO iTI'Clll' 1 ION ' All pubTish;. nauiIiVaJ. of g T A Til O I' V B I! M O N T,l 'I Mil'. I rurcspeiloriiied by this inedic ne, ore in every rci-pect District or-Ciiitte.vpen.i-s , I the I Hon rrn- a peiioiiiieo - J .i.. , .' .r : . . . : n... ,..i,. . iv .n TrLT llEWAREOl COUMtRlLlTS AXW 1 Jill A. loss "ii- oaicuouil lor Hi- i.irii.1.1 ....on........ mmarnlleled und uitonishing cllicacy of Dr. W islarti nersons conceincd in lliecnate ol Divid Day. late Jr It'll, in. of Wild Cherry III all Hie UlsHis lor iraiuui ale ol rxei, III buiu i.isiuti, mi u, i.iiiin.K- hXZSr'"'"'1' 1 "f I WlirREts, (Jeorge Vluluey, adn ..ralor.of the 11. s t ?J c ins was uuvniling, lias cfli'cled i. ! ...pne of said deceased, proposes lu render an iiccoun ' !w n .J ncrcasing deiuand for it. This fact has cf bis adniiniMrutiou, and present Ins account against , s 1)15. j.luvi:is ANODYNE CORDIAL, .1 safe ami iffriluat Cuiefor the lijM..tciy, summer I'oii l.uiul t'huicia,Cltoteia Injiii.lum. , 11 1, leaiful inoriahiy niiiong cluldieii, which lakes i place tuning ine wann -e.,-iii9 m tin" and iitfu i ei ies, by ihethe Hiiuiucr loiiiplui t,or choleia iu-iiil inn, has induced many to search lorn Fp-cilie that woulu slay me woik ol ilea in, ami save our little out" lroni nn uuiiinely grave. Many remedies are udver used. und lllllllV tulu'lble lives me sated lie iheui. I.. i still the woik ol cb'sliui lion goes on, lilliug the bruits ol do mug patents with I iiiieniaiiou and mourning; and will continue tj piogrcss uulil n medicine can be found that will al once urrest the disease, and toll back the tide ul death. We think we have tumid the vciy thing Ihe public needs in Dr James Cuvel's An. nl) lie Cuidial, lor ihe cuieof djseutery, summer complaint, t noieru iiiiamuin, rui'i clioieni uiurhus i iiiciueme uns netii iu use only nhout one tear, was discovered iu n singularly protideiiutil 1111111 ouie 01 me nriicies wcie bioten niui eaten tiy a The Splendor and Magnificence of tin Gorgeous and Coltr-sal Can lag.' In 111, s det 'iplloll hoet'er has lead ol the I'tinem! Clinnot ol Alexander 111 the Tnuiniilial Car of Neto, tuny lorm some conception of the grniuleir ol thisMipctlativcly beauttiul telucl. , which was taken from an antnpie model recently exbit.iie.l in I. mdon It has required the constant labor cl twenty Ineii lor ill ie months to complete it, ntan expens.' ol more than I It t. THOUSAND DOLLARS 1 The. length nf Ch iri it 31 feet. Height tn summit of Cjnopj, - SO ,' The wcigit in full, K,000 lil. The Clniiot will bu foil owe I bv TIIIIITY CAM iiiuiiv ..iii.'ilninir .), VMttntlS ANIMALS IN THIS I IMCNSU" EXHIBITION, drawn by ONE HUND11LD HOltSLS' The r.ibibition of this Menagerie is rendered inteiHel interesting by the Wonl-n'ul an I unparalleled rcif.irmance of liOOK AGENTS. MANSl'ILLl), KtioK l'l'DMSiini, New Haven Ct. 131 Yolk Ht . will enuilov -everal reponsible men of nood character, to solicit subscription. 111 the sevciai counties o1' the State of Vermont, lor" Taylor's Votage Konnd the World, of in" uinieu maies aniaciruu," a teiy pnpuinr wniic, GjO mire., larire lg mo., will, enirrnvim m. The terms which are liberal will bo given on n plication by und, I'ust paid. This work, which is cipy right secuicd, will b sold exclusively to subati ilcrs, and not in anv Hook Stores' New llaten Ct.Jiuie 22 1I7 6111S M. OS THETi1, 110 i,ihi:iitv stiu:i:t, ni;v voiik, Wlioteinln Grocer nml Denier in Imported l.lqllDIM, M itirs Iiml Scgllls, l oVCISH I'lcscrif, nml (Icriniui ICissln- I (jvi .Mineral Witter. S0tl "eTHi;2'j7 " 'SMIL' UXDlliiSIUNLI) H)n,n rosp.ct- A lullv inlonn Ihe uublie. that be hsi fitted un the 'lore of tne Bank of Ijurhngton on Jliurch tticet, nn.l recoinim-nced ihe Duuc huslm:ss, vbeiebe 'supplied nt ail limes wnhn carcfuli) telccttd stiit kef 1 n jus asp Mi:r)fir.s, comprising cvety nrticle rcipuretl in the Physician's practice, and di maud, of the liade. Also, MtiiMciii nnu iiciiiiu nisi: uiiiiiins, Mintml Teeth, IViU, I.eee'itt, Ilius'tet, Saapi. l'crfuineiici, Coniitesi Water. Cmnphene, Inks. Blackings, Due stuffs, ifc. Parll'itlat nttentioii w ill be paid in the prcpiration of I'livMcian'a preicitptioiis and 1'nm Iv recipes AMOSC SI'K VII. Harlingto'i, July 20, H17 CvvJ I'or Snle or I Kent, 'SMIL DWLLLIXti HOLSi: ami Lot mt- Jl ua'ed on the corner of Ilnnk and Clnmplain Sts known a the lllisj place, and bitny occupied by V Harrington There is a goo I well of water, ristitit, ilied .tc . I'ood i.'irden with fruit tree.. uir.c, or 3il A STORK to Rent iicnr the Square. Knqulro at Ibis ollicc. July. 6tf "lifj: rxsuKAxen. " rgMIR Statu Mutual Lire AssunANci: JL Companr, of Woicster, Ma.cbuetts, contin ue 'u Issue policies on the must lavorubl teini". HON JOHN DAVIS, President. linC (JKO. 11. SIIAW, Agent. tUST Aiintvrn ash now mnpino ) 3.)0O IIihIu'H Solar Sslt KOO Ilbl. con 130 western do 1000 Digs dairy cli lor sale by JOHN UllADLEY ii CO. tlarhngtoti , July 15. .Cl ill III! TIIC OREVT SArOLLOM OF Till". MIT., WITH L10XS, TIGLPc,. AXD LEOI'AHD. This ureal Aitist w id londle, caress, and render lum sell, iipoatentiy, as .me of th .si Animals 111 their own Den. Alter this be ns.niue. command, ordeis each to their respective departments, and lin.lly signalizes linn- " llRIVIXG A a AFRICAN LION Haiiiis &z .Mioiitdci'S, N I'lXlJ OIIOKK AXU QIMUI Y. 1 1'ors.ilo by J. DIIADLKY i. CO. July 1.'.. anJ terao, hv Jul) , I'll bain I or leilcs 1 1 1 It Ilriniinaid & DrotluT IN HAhNESS! Iilll.fl lielil ACADEMICAL 1XSTITUTI0X. J. S.s.Sl'AUI,DINf:, A. M.J r.; ,,;. C. C. lllSUCi:, A. M. '"V"ls. Mrs. J. S. Stauldino, Pitceptress and Tcjclier of JJiaicing Mr. S. Al. IIassitt, I Tcachcn of Music, Vocal Mrs. S. Al. Ilvss.TT.S 1111 Insliitmcnlul. Mis. O. 1. lloiourox, Teacher of Painting. .Mr. L. Dvfis, Teacher uf Peummishm. Air 11. Ij. CitociiCR, Teacher of Fiench. The I all Term commences on Wcdnednc. the 1-t ilav of September. In addition lo tbeonlinarv' recita tion., on.- Iiiiiii t r tiny ili.iiuif llu'teni. will l,e .let o led to tli.sK- designun: 10 leach ; in this time instruc tions will be given ill Oilhoepy, Orthography, Aiialvs.s m.i composiiion 01 tt oni, uie use 01 uuiuiie .uaps Ciidlitr, D.nw.iij Mis.t and gov- iiiiu.'Ut ot S 100 Is. the Ie st 1111 110 ol 1 eachitlil, iVC will be subjects lor vviittcn nnd extemporaneoui dis- II. , 1 ks furnish, d by the Principal!. L-.etmes. Willi exiieriment.. will be civen on Nut- ui .1 Piulosi.p'iy, Chtunstiy, etc. lioaru si(;. per vvti'i;. SLTII OAIU'.S, Secrctmij. llakersli. Id, Aug. 3, 1317. 7vv3 ES" The Animals in tin. collection nre confidently of feied for public iiispcction, as being the choicest and most perfect specimens ever exhibited. The majority ol them have been imported during the last two yeais, without ie gurd lo piiee, nud th"y lorm not only the. Debt but tl.c . lidLST COLIjLCTIUX cter picscr.teil to the Pu' lie T'.i; M-nageue will Lxlii'it at Bl'nMSflTON on 1I1B 11 Ii Kcpli'in "r, HI7. The Piocwion wil, enter ihe Town abcut 9 o clock it, ll.e morning An.VIUSlOX OXI.Y Si cents Cluld.-en under IU years, cents. Doois open liom 1 tu ! P. M. ( 10 Lb. Ilurhugtun fcttlisi LS?For NSssuvs. ffOHACLH. DAY. Xl'AV YOlili", HAS 0J. now in store, and will receive throughout the season, large supplies of India Ilubber sho. Will -ell bv the ca"e. toi account f t" the .Manufacture!-, the oVodvear's InJn liubber Shoe Co shoe., seteu st)les. l'rovnli'uce shoes, five tt)bs. Hayward Co.. agent for ull Mile.. New J,'i-ey -le es. ad stt'es. A1-0, Men's. W.invn' I Chiidici s Para Itujbers. Sh"el liubb.'i, Lined, 1 uried, nnd in the staw, b) the case. And, l .r the accominodalion ol Merchants will pack, ass ntpil to order. Watehou'e, live story building, 83 Comtlandt siicet, next door to the Wis tern Hotel. II. II. DA Y is o ner ot the piteiits foi making " Cnegre. Hoot"," and the only one author- u.eJ to Hgn couvejuncc ol tight to manuloclui U III. , l 1 , risiti; a;t,s iaj siu.xuts. fpllK American Net ij- Ttvino MhiiuIuc Jl turiug Co., keep co.i.tautly on hand every 'Its criptiou ol liitcruud Lake Pishing Nets and telnea, eompleted and ready t'-r u-c. These Nils and tic k'lit by hand among Ibc fishcriiiari s families if. vliiinc, vvhue audi -oik can be dons at very low' jiricfs. Ptr. 011s wilung any desciiption ol Netsor Seine", can bate tic 'in. sent 10 their older. In desig nating the sue of the meh, th-y will please name tb mire length liom the two extreme knott composing themesh WM. STUWC, Agt . l.u'J No 12 Commercial ,-t, BOS'l UN l'imin:rci:.i WralEsi luli. f4 SUPPLY Of THIS JUSTLY cni.KnRATKl) ii Writing r.uil tveewed ou.l f.r sale, wholcsi.5 C tiuuuiiiuil twl WriUsiif SJooli-s. A J'JHST KATU A UTICLi:. iii.-.nijfactun.l C a i,l 1 .1 V l.v C COODItlCH Jul) :), lsir ' -iw 1 MUNSON &, FOLLETT I UL ALi:XT.S ATWIX0USKI CITYron ti the snh ol the jusnj ctubrnted and highlt tec ..mi'ien.l. d nit n:vnni:itc pills, AM) f.'rccu 'il'iitiitiiiii cji'tnlilo Oinlmfiil. the use of citb'T ol'whnh cosines to the partaker, 1 long pin-pi'iou. and happy lite, and u complete 1 1 emjilioii Iroui all the lhs jh ah 1? heir to. Het omiTieu bitiui.ssulliei.'iit in nuinber to cove a ten acre lot, proving the tiuth ol the above as-ertions can be shown al Ihe Agent" Office pi N Y. The Doctor will be nlivntson hah 1 and good ad vice win tie riven giuiu. June 0,1817. M Cvv3 J i( J. II. 1W ItCo, ) c!lill(lllln, a.Cmrt, Isaac VArwKrn. S -Vr. 7'.1 JIT. Whereas John Peck, John If. Peck. Cnsuis P Peik and Cdw-ard W. Peck ot linhngton, 111 sai,' County, nt the Term nfoicaaiJ, ha.'e n-nught int.. this Ccuit f.c.r "ti'ai.i w-it nu ictmn 1 ai t .iiideiw. rker ol- -i'i the Sine of New Yo.k WttX'LWG- & K SHOES (SucctS'ots to Carney !j Sleeper.) uc.ii.i:i!S iv i:vi:iiy nnsrini'Tiox op r Kt- ,r '1 1 srir- r. rrr r vU U 44 si. 4k M iu nil its VAItlOL'S STYI.CS AND QUALITIHS tidapted to the X. LXIiLAXI) & SOI TIILHX AIAHKLTS at Tinnii Yiioi.i:si.i: rooms, GRANITE BUILDING, Sox. JO lUUl -IS3 A N N S T ll E E T , Dirc thj 0o.m''c MrcVanl's Itnu; .15ostoii. SCHOOL FOH BOYsS AXD GIHLS. IT T. IIUXi:i)ICT will opi:. a ScunoL ox .a TIT ESI) A r. Henteii.her 7th. in Ihe le femenl ol the Itlllitlst (liiiit'h. lor lluse 111 our mlbbc ci-ools who wish to . htam a th'.ioob busiiuSi Lngiish ndus'uiion Tuition lor Lug,i-h blanches .3,3 ). " HlL'ier " V'JO The following text bo. ks will be used. l.'nglisli linini'lics. Webstei's Speller and Definer, Piiec 0'J5 Sanders' Third llender " tl-3 Sweet's Pliietietil Llocution " OJjl) . .Mitchell's (It ogui hy " 1,1.0 Il'ilhonV ling, liruiimnr " iiji Thoiniisou's .1i1lm11t1c All scholars will he lerjuired 10 give alteutioti to reading, spelling, writing and com posit 1011. Higher UimiicIil's. Datics l'iit I,esons m Algebra, Price &0,7.i " Hoardon's " " l.-j Ctoinetry nn I Tiigonometry " l.tiA " D. awing and .Mensuration " 0,75 ' Suite) mg " l.a.. Olmsted's Astronomy (l,7: Cuttt i's Anatomy nud Physiology " 0V7 Plcslon's iluok iteviing " 0,37 i-cla.iiig ngni.isi the said Yitudervverki r 111 nn Qciio mi rocK in Daianee rjuoi; accounts dcivvc ui ineui.a . wheiens it appeals to sii.l Court t.nt a,ud Isnne v'a . lei vverker has not had peisoiial nutu.e ol the pendent-., of sriJ suit : Theiefore it is otrjered by the Court tint the sn cause be contim-ed to th" next Term thereof to b. holdeu ul I'.uiiiiigton, wit'.iin and tor iJ Count) , oi. 111c T'hird Tuediv t.t ,-ieotenihi'r next, and that the said Vanderweikcr be nolili.'-J ct the penden thereol, hy publishing the substance of nd dei laiatioii 111 tht 1 ice Piess, u newspaper pnnte.l 111 said ltjrlingtoil tlree w-i 1 ks successively, the lest of aail publications to be nt h-ut twenty dnvs prior to tue said next Term ul ibis Cou't Dated at ll.irlingtou, Juiv '27. 1 IT i;nu',Min a stan.-huPiY. n,r& PuTTit 1'CIK, AtlfS. Gw3 Dt.v Joit.vso.s', WHITINO it KCHOi: hate now on hand and oll.-r lor lie at theiretlen.ivew.tRERonMs.llie largest nii.l most coiiiolete as.ortinent ot KLADY .MAUL (' LOTH IN (i, ever tillered m iliiscounliy, Hess being conhneil cxclusitcly to uie Our bus. ihe greatest eft nn.l the In'inll I.,. I'., until 't'tinle.iin.l nri w lnort Olirowil (1 Ii weh'iteno hesitation ins-ijmgwe cannot be LN DLMiSOLD. 'I lie ntmiwi cine is taken in the ma. nulactiire, nn I purchavis may be assured lliat out -lock will compare intoriiiiy wiin uie ui-si i-usiom-m.i.le iloiliiui'. Dealets 111 ihe Cuv nnd lroni the Country who nre Inning will do wed lu look at our slock bcfoic iniikinglheir puicbases, .1. .1. it iiinxo, Al. KbtioE, J n. C. W. (iALLOUl-E. Vv l Particular nttentioii will be given to the suli'rct of Hook-keeping and nlso to practical Surveying, the draw, mg of .Mans, Chans, i.c. It has been contemplated, in connection with this school, locstabhshn 'I'eaehera In-lilute tor tie county, lor the benefit ol those who w ish to prepate themselves to tench in common fchcol. As soon ns practicable this desien will U' carried into execution. Ilisei-peeially tlesirnble that the pupils should be pre sent at the commencement ot the term. ll'jihngton, July li, 1617. POTATOES. HIRI.Mi: NKW POTATOES fur salo ul i!r JL Agricultural Ware-IIeuse. August 13, 7 J S. PLTPiCK. Chittenden Oi. Court, Maic'i Term, lat7. Isaac VAXiiERWEr.KrR Wlieicas Dan Jcihnsoii c-fJciieho, in said County, til the Term atoresaid litis hromihi into this Coin hn wnt nnd rctui.t nguint Is.iac Vaudeiwetker of f'ssex m said Chittr mien County, declaring naaiust hiiiini an netion iu Hook lobaliinee book accounls lietivccn them, tleiuandiug m dannpes $."200. And whereas it apH-ars that said Isiau undeivterker Insnol had peisoiial notiie of the rtndency of said suit Then-lore it is oidi'red bv the Court that said enilH' be conliiilit .1 to the n xt Ti nn ot said Cou't, to be holden at Huilmgton on the Third Tuesd.iy ol ep teiub.'i next, and that die said Uane Vandeiweik.'r be notifii'd ofthe peudeiie) of nid cauie by publish mg the sciUsttiticti of said ibclaration in ihe i'let Piesfl, u newspaper printed in Darlington, three weeks s.ictebsivelv. the last i! said publications lo be in lent twenty da)s pnur to said next Term of this dm I. Dated ut !!urlinglon,Julv27, 1317. L- A STANSBURT. Clerk. Iiw J VA'AA) AND IJAUDUN SHliPS. W1IOL1-: ALU I ItADR, I liliernl pric tt ill lis p liil the uoniiii F'nll teftreistak.'iiinlheseleetionols'iehnnod", f"f 1'ield and Gaidcii Seeds, nt the Ai;ricultiiri.l inulaeiuringolsueh Si) Ies us will be,t sail nc-House. , J. &. I i.lKt l.. Avury AleccIi'H lMtitu. i Jli the subscriber., having been nppoiuted by the t i jiouurnuic ihe i lohaie ioim lot FOR PURIFVIXC: TlIK IIIiOOD. (lt. TOU'X.SKMI'S Coiiipmiml EMinct of; UF Satsipaitlla ; I)r. ttoncls sinrsupnupQ nml tt ilil Cherry Hitters; Sjnd's Sarsnpnilla. 1'hese go al pun f'ters of the blool, al.o. the genuine D-lleys Pain ICk tractor, pieiiared by Djlley hbusi'lt, are for sile bv ' AC. SPHAIl, August 13. 7 Apt thecaiy and DrJggist. the District of Chilten, ten, comiui-sioneis to receive, ctaiiimc and ndju.-t the i lum. and demnii'ls of all peisous, ngiins t the esinte of AVtJKY .MUIICII, late ol Charlotte, in said Distiu-l, deceased, replccenteil insolvent, and co nu c'.m:j:s' WIST VI!' Hils'imof Wild Cherry, Ihlchniu Hun gariitt llilsun. A)eis Conipiiuiul Cherry Pecloial, Down's ll'iKimic Hlixir. Low ,S lltttl's Vegetable Pu. mon-iiy tiatsain, i'r. irtiiMirs i.ximci oi ijuugwiui, niui Moore s C"s. ol Lile, I'or sule by the do, or single but ,1.. st it,,. DniT Sl.ireof A C Sl'clAli. also all claim an' I demand's exhibited in oll'sct thereto ; 1 Where tiny be found ull PalentMeJicities ol merit now and MX months lroni the .l.iv ot the tlate lieieol, le'ing lutoic tue puuiic allowed by sal I Con t u.i thai purpose, we do theic tore hcieby give noli.-e, th tl we will mien I to the bu siness of our itppouilinent, nl the dwelling ol Saudi Meech, widow o! the slid deccjsrd, m Clntlotle, in B....I ll,ifl, n l.',.r,U 'rl,,,,-,..r nnrl .1 '.nil.. IV next, ul IU o'clock, A. M.i on each of said Jut a. baud thn2?!h .lav of July. A. D. 1317. LUTIItiit STONU, I DAVID COOit, CuffimhiiunrM. 7vt3 CALCU C. HA.UTON.I IIiiiiiuili ricison's IMute. NATIONAL LOAN ITND IJFI2 ASSUllAA Ci SOCIETY, up & Ssvinos I5ANK fur the- In ncfit of llio 1 i Widow i J. McM. SlIAITEIl, .!. J. it J. 1 1. I'UK st Co, 1 cm Chittenden Cn Court f Match 7m. IS 17. J Josini I'isk and hisTrnj- l.'e Wll.l i- HirKWlTi! Whereas John Peek, John II Peck, Cassius I Peck and Kdtv.ui! W. Peck, ol Burlington in saw County, nt ihe Term iilores.ti.1, have brought int. this Court iheir certain wutnnd return against Josepl I'isk ol Watrrbury, in W-ishington County, declm ingagaiiist tlie said I'isk in an action on llo.-lt to bill mice book accounis beiw-t en them, and stminiuiiuiL' William Heikwnhol liu lingion aloresaid us Tiute. ol sii.l I'isk And wh.'iea.'n nyars tli H the san' Joseph l'i"k Ins not had peisoiial notice of the penden cy o iid suit . Tlicreloieit is ordered by lbs Court lint the sni.l cau"e Lie continued to th next Term th-reot to bo hol . leu at Ituilmgtoii, vviihiiiniid lor said County, on tin Thud Tii 's luyot Septembei iiett, and thai the snd Kisk be notified te appear nud nuswer lo said cause ai lint lime, bv publishing the suh-tance o such dec laration ui ihe Tree Pitsj.u newspaper nrmied in said lluihiigton, llnee weeks nectHivrly, ilie iaM of sanl pu'.lic.itioiH to be at least iwriity Uajs prior lo tiul next Teimol this Coutt. Dated ut llur.ingi. n.July i5, 11. ll A SI N.Ul'KY, CM: I'LtTr S l'r.-K. -lfv ow3 LOST i PA1H0F l)LI)IV(i (!0L1)-M0L'XT- ii ed i )e-glaisses all i.'h '.I to u gold clnill, Willi a small caiiie.i s.ide. 'j ue u-i I. r w.n eonter u gieai la vol nu I be libei'dl) ! A.irded, bv 1. uvriu iheui at thii. Office ..f,1 A. U. ti:iU Ar Co.' PIANO-FORTES. FARM FOR SALE. JAlIi: SUlhCllIliLH on'Kits pon si.k tub 1 I'ariu on which lie now lives, consisting of 100 icres of good land, 30 r.cni undr good iuiprovement, the rest iu spruce and hard wood. There is a good u.use and bain and other out-buildinc, ; ako n sj 'ir nd apple orchard. Sail farm is well watered, snd is one ol ihe be-t grazing t"ims in the Stdte. Situated uvo miles ea"t fiom the Union Vi.lage. Tor ( p'liticulars inquiiewf the tubsciibt-r. I . II. ISIIA.M. Unichdl, June 3:, 13 17. :5 DAGUERKEAN GALLEnY ! .7 1 '',(.'. r Brie; JJ!r;,it:i ttnrs, ChurA S'ri-i. dirxll.i o)"."''' hern's Store. s II. Mtcn ins "tub pi,Ksunn or .vn- .3 n.iimein; to the citizens of li.irlmgio.1, that he i is made p.'rmiiient establishment in this place, vhere he is piactising the D igueireotvpe art iu the livjbest stile ot pi'rieeuon. l'orthis puipose and lor he teeeot'ionol tisilots. he has been to much labor in.1 gieuteipense ill turmshing hi' rooms. Having iracueed the nn tor a great lenglhof nine, nnd uvail d lunissit ol nil the lap. improvement", he leels con ideui that he can give uiiivei"'ilsati"ldctioii toallwho nay lator him with their paironag. Miniaturct Hi kenany uiMtlvr, tiiihor without colors, in a superior -lle, and neatly "ct iu Lockcis, Pill", Kings, lirricr. let", Case", frames, ,,r o, ti .nil I to li Plate l'tumly '"aidi, sin.!: in splnidi.t M.ilKnny and I!osevvoi-I irnmes. The Public are lespectfully invited to ca.l ind etamine fpeciineiis. Peilici satistattion gitni in nil enses or iiorh irge. Iii-tructions gitcn iu liie tut i.r tYl, embracing nil the chei.i.uil lnnnipulations periuming thereto, tmdcifiv principle e.piiiu,l and dlu-irattd b.-1 xpeiimeuts Ire m the first discotcii"si." M. Diuii-ne "I 1'i.mce. ib wn to the latest IlfU.i graphic Drawings ol Uermuiiv, and success uarac teed. 'I'o Aitists he would five notice that lie has o:i hand tierman sn.l Ameiican Cimeras of nil sizes, s. large and beautiful nssoiltnent oKiold plated Loekcn, Plates, Cacs, Frames, Chemicals, Polishing materi il", .te , I'r sale at wholesale nud retail, at the low. esi cash p iees. U. 11. MACK. lluilmgton June S3, 1317 III ScErci School. IJISS L. li. STACY will hkr .16 next term on Monday, the 33J of August. Scholap. are expected lo enter at the commence i.icnt of the term. Tuition: IlngMi $3 to 1,00 rrench 1.00 D.awuig, .... 3,W School room one door weft of Alls. LAt.'iiwor.Tiit's, up staus. Burlington, July 33, Is 17. '.'.A'l LHKCIIKS, LKUCIIKS. riiCSIl I! TIL Ll'. of Stverasu t.rrcm.1 A just teceivcl by HAIlltlNC-TON, 5 Apal'.ecmies' 1MI. COXFI'.CTKiNAUY. I. VlttJi: and supeiior ti.-ninienl ol the nicest aiticlc nt HAiMllNCTON'S. A IL'rfT rsvpivcil nt tlio Aoriuultiiial Ware 0 house, n large lot of the ctl"br.ited KetuhH'-. Ct -Under Churns. Al, Sione Chums, and s Ljetieinl atvitmeiit ol Sloite-wirc. J. S. PKIliCK It.iihiigtou. Jul) 3oih !i !I"1TF,R .Manure,' lVrks, .-mil Pttnk.f 19 ll.icr.. may be seen hi the a Agrtoultural Ware house", linn hate ever tieeii ofii'red lor mIc in tins eiuiiilv. Also. Corn Shell rs Imm IJW to 10,00. cut i i.ii ban lies tor inniUmg., July 'JOih : J S, Pr.lllCI.. NrUVE..S WOODS, Ef AS I'nr tliotini" liciiio f..itcel the R'H.m ii. ovi i Mi. .1 V K'id. ul s, Jeweler's Siort. llittt caiK'd many unprincipieu cuuiuene is .n.u . sinu esiuit , ", , , , ,; ; , ,,; uulil wno nan ine suininer coinpianii vciy severely, to iial i oll'spurious m xturesof Hiiuilur nnnic uud up- f ihe Court . nl Probate, to be holden i.l the Hegisler s j , - (), , , lnu,,el.'Ils , ,,. ,c ra ce for he genuine , , , ' olllce, in llutlington in said district on the second ,,, ju ,j . or (w0 rhvl ,.,', ,0 ,,. 1 Becnrefiil nnd get the genuine Dlt . ,W ! I AR'S Wednesday ol .Sepleinber ra;xt. , 1 kuowlcduc ol Dr. C, induced him lu combine those I1ALSAM OK WILD CIIUKIIY' None genuine prRtior.K, Ymi are hereby notified to appear b , , , b , , , k , . inU VinoilUl. I1UTTS. A.ldi.Ksnll orders to fore said court ul the . line '' J "7f"" p , ice of between loilvntul liliv ye,s, lo be tulu- i fivv i.i;. llot-loM. ;MaKJ. hiicw cuum-, ii jm" ab e n tne unuvi com ihhuim, uiu he rmi lwt ii h!llil t- 1IIII1U HOI I SI'.TII V IV genuine signed I IIUTTS on the wra, rr To salebyTliro. A. Ilk, Apoibeciry nml U I ' - .1.-Druggist, and bv , rsin ue dictiie" g. uen.llt 't nil"!. H'lllIuWCtl. , , II,..i,.jnp. will, ll IS How lilfiill. 1 lo ihe t.nblie Wlmle. Civen under my hand nt l.nrhngtoti Pus inn tiny ol , ,.,.,i , ..y0 ,. n vi.iliNliTON. Migu- . v ,., , h.;i AVoli...o,ylli,n STATU OT V HUM ON T.J T n Pro District of Cuitumtn, ss. f bate Court holden at lluiliiigton, within and lor ilie said District 1 iloicsud on tliciiinlh d iyi.1 August U. IHI7, nil , Iiisliuiueut pinpoiiiii'.' lobe the hist ill nnd '1'esta- ' hi. 'ill ol ILiiuiah l'li ifi'ii, late ol Sli"lburne, in said ! Distiut den used, was presented to the Court heie tor I 'inhale, bv Luther M. Hanaintid limit- S. .Morsel the Lxi-cutuis therein named. 1 herclore it Is ordereil liy Kiln uo'irt that piibhc no- liee he eiieii lo nil neisoiH intcitsted llieiem to nn- pear belore said Court,at a session ihereoftn be holden I at theoHice of ihe liegister of said said llnr- Imgion onthe tind Wednesday in Septeuiher A D. Ibl7,nnd luiitestlhe Piobale ol said Will. nnd itisfur- Iher ordi retl thai this ord-rlm published ihrectvieks successively in ihe 1 ree 1 icis, u newspaper printed at lluiliiigton, in this Slate, ihe last ol w inch shall be pretmusio the day assigned, tis nfortsnd for hearing. Oiveil under my hand nl ihe Kegisict'a 011ie.e,thi Qlh. bay o. August A- ". Mg( SAi'v, Insurance, rrili: SUllSCIUIIEU is Aoiint ran this JL Niav Ijnvlaxu .ttt'iiAi, i.ur iNsimixci; con rAvv, nnd will elite l insurance on litis on trims that cn uiut fail to provu saiista. '" i WIIM'S I llutlinii'uii " I lsl' ''in'' nnd Outturn, (.'miioiceiril lit Act nf I'nr. linmenl. Cnpilnl X'."illll,()()li steihug.or l'i,.'ill(l,(lt!0 besidis a Pieseite I'und (from surpliH preniiinns) of about 8liiri,0ii0, i.nrt ol the capital is invested in the Untied Slates. T. I.AM IP. MIP.IIAY. V. Ccorge slreet, Ilanuter Squaie, Chuuiuau ol ll.e Couu of Diieilors in London I'mied States Hoard of Local Directors Chief Ol'-fi-e for America, 71 Wall st N Y. Jacob llaitey, esq , chairman, jonu j i miner, l.q J.'ii.illian i.ons i wiiiis, iuciesi'1 iinte., ijisis of Aeellls. o itc . obtnmed nl the Chief Olfiee. 71 Wnll street, or from either of the Agents throughout ihe I'niltd States, und Iltilish N'oiih American Co lonies , J. l.UANDUIt S'I'AIIII. Gfii'rnl Agent fortheU StaleEnnd It N.A. Colonics. (ICO 1' IIOUllHTO.V, Agent at St. Albans. JAML'S W. 1HCKOK, Agt. ut llutlington 7in3 Cl T1IOLIC BOOKS, WAKll'S KIIHATA, (hovtinp the dilTeifnce between the Protttlam anJ Calhulic veuior.s T west ot his ti'imei StnnJ. " I i" N T 1 II N ." 1 where he r'.j-si all p rsoo iu.lebt"il to iiu ti i Can and Selliv vtalioul dct.iy. lW, I m)i:iiic.m:i), lti:l m-knt i lt , , ,. ,,. . . , T n v v 1 s-teral d.i)s tiietaminingierso,,.,llvihc Piano I ' ,, ' , ' , ' i V ! i''n l'oltesofullthe priiicii..,ll.ieii.ii. iu New York, has "'!' B.W; and 1 .vtiimrmi r.un tbr A 4s 1 llite .'oncludetl. ii:it u enii-hd and ilimeiugli intHstigulion, j M 'V "ill be fouiitl for sale, to introdii. into tins ninrkel llio".' made by lb. so in i --A 10 , t ., .,..... ,.s I. iii r,.i. l 111. Iii,l. I Musicllnoks, ,VC. i C. I inenl, uenier to peileeiion than any other wliaicter he I MI.1.()1)KA.. it bLIiAI I II.M!, i lias met with. The evieiis,Kc aupured by the mm- j direct from the M aiinfaeiury ! ufaciure ol nearly iikHi inslniiU'siis , Ihe einplojnieiit i llurhngloti, Jul) ?' ' S of I"i0 of the lno't sklllul wolklili li , the adoption nl nil '. - - - . . Ithereflliinprovcnieiiisuiihediiv.aiiJilieiisecfsteaiti t DISCOVERY IX CIIE-MISTltY HOmilV i power, have gaincil lor them tlumigli ail the L'n.ted u,tI , ;,wai's Chinese Mnlieate.l niatcsa rtpiiintu'iioo higlvjjhnl leuiiistruuieiitHa week M,t tmni t,e innny valuable illicit cries of chfin i (iheir p-tM ul prodiici) inliiint sup,. I' tie li deioaiij ,,.n ,t , H.r bcautilul, u'lul, or otnntiitiiial thetc j These Pi inns tiemg sneh as he mn .'onsci. uti. isf) ,. w,t,y ,, RIealer prats lhan Uadiva) s Chi i recommend, the uu b isigned w.ll .nil) kei p mi i ,w ). .heated S sip. This ibpiciuu-i toilet ca.lii.t baud one or .more lor sale, una liom the supermini ol Ilelcr M1',j m rruiovmg jluiii, punplcs, cotcft- , iiui'Mi unci ueotr uoies, us ..en n e. ,tsiiiIes,llilgworilla salt rneuin,i'ri5ipeKi,T mso tune nnd imutWi'v in nil nihil re- i, I, k-mm. inrmsiiaiit. siliou . asd i!iiijur,d tis- ttarruni them to give ant:aiaclioii, or a'K3 to dear, fair and beautiful complexions. It rc-n-i ret'irntd Vt'ulker's Harmonic i jgta trw skm smooth, soil, clear ktveti, pure and heal- chennuud drliiihlful nddilioti. will be nulled, if remured. ( 1 his is enurely dillereiii from the Ht'li.u Altarhmeiit.t The splendid iintuumenl now used by ihe Handel and Haydn Society, tv bich is acknovtleiigeci Dy nn wno nave seen it to re isr uie thy. It is much thawrthau ll otner Maps re com mended tor the same purposes, and warranted mivh betu-r. I'or guieial toilet pmposes it is uiper.or to imported ricncli. 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