Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 27, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 27, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST 27, 1847. ittavluts. llriiihtAn Ciiltlo .llnrl.ct, Moml-ty, Aug. 23, tntpnnTFn rnn THE TnAVt-.Lt.KH 1 Almnrkel, 1 ISO llcrf Catlle, including about tOO .Stores, 20 yokes Winking Oven, id - ' 8M Sheep and Limln,and about lOSdbwine. , Bkf.f CArri.t---First quality SO 73 jsccotid and HUM ipiahtie-i, Irom $3 tu C U.'i. ilecd. S roan Cat rt.r.-Dull, and sales w"'".0' l""locu, except tw-o ycnroldsiome takenat sjm-'.t. Workinu OxCNSalcs made at ? "' '"' "coCA,.vr.,-Sa!c9 noticed a.Jto, "snlip ami Lv-Lot-of. Old Sheep ken 2 number ol bolli leniam unsold at Hie close ol tin. market. . WOO!,. Puty.Wpercl. There Is now n fair supply of Heccc A ool ill mitket. S.ilci hive been made to some extent du ring ilie pan week til our ipioted rates. rrime Saxony Hecces, washed " American lull blood do. - do a-l do. - do 1-4 do. do l-l&conido. . - - Smyrna, unwashed, - Itueno-i Ayrcs, unpicked, - . . I.xtra Nortli'n pulled lamb, - - S ip. North'npcil.cdluii.b - - No. 1 do do do - - 2 do do do - - 3 do do do - - 15 ? 50 40 (t 45 3i , :h 31 ift 3;) 'it M 30 8 a 13 6 if II 33 iff 40 3J iff 35 ii .d 30 l'J ? V0 11 M 15 Cnji.Ein Monaus During the intense heat of sumiii, i.oud bclrc the processor digestion is com pleted, our food is oltcn spoiled or pttttified in the stomach ; hence bad breath, sour bclchings, costive-licss.p-iiii ol the stomach, djscntery, choleia morbus, and other dangerous complaints. Wright's Indian Vegetable l'dls are rertnin to re move (ill the above unpleasmt complaints; because they cleanse thc&tmnc!i and bowels of ill is? putrid Immors wliich arc the cause not only of all diseases ol the bowels, but of every malady incident tu man. Four or live of said Indian Vegetable Fill", taken cverv night on going to bed, will in a short time com pletely rid the body ol every desciiption ol'sulfering ; at the sunc time the digestive organs will be restored tu a healthy tone, and the blood so thoioughly purilied tint Cholera Morbus, or any other disease, will be lite rally driven from the body. Dkware or CouNTEnrr.tT Tur oniy nn.cit.vAt. AXD O.SCISr. I.VDIAV VdJETADLE I'lt.I.S HAVE THE S1U- xature or William Wwuht wniTrn.v with a ten o.- the Tnr t.vai.r. or Even mix. iSnnc other is gen- nine, and to cnuntci feit this is i oeoerv. The genuine lor salepy W. II. CURTIS, Wa Street, and TIII'.ODORU A. l'lXIC, College Stre i II-.. i r.' ......... I. ... Water Street. sole agents for Hnrlington. Reuben Ferguson, l,r ; .1. Ii. Dyke, Huntington ; W. Rhodes, Jr. Richmond ; II. I!. (;rcen. Richmond ; .1. II. t T. W. Tower, Underlull ; Hurlbut Hodges. Williston : K. Snn deron, ainl (!. Aerfl West Willi'ton ; .1. I.yman, Jericho; W U. elie, Iliue-lmrgh ; W. S. -t II 1' Wood. Wcstfiml ; Staples ,V Lyon, Charlotte ; John Simonds, Shelburnc ; Ii Richmond llarnard ;and at jcw I'.naland Uratieh Ollice ami General Depot, l'JS Tremont Street, Ilo-ton. Sppcinl Notice. r' J'he extraordinary (iRAIU'lINiinRG ri.LS, whicli are a.lueving unparalleled tiiumplis in .anon s 'Cticis of this country, are now introduced into tliis vicinity Let every sicl person read the advertisement of the Ctraelenberg Comp-iuy, which will be found in another column. l'ors.ileat Sur.Rwoou's, WeM tide Court Home Sipiaie, and by Amos C. Spear, Church meet. Ills. W ikkI ninl lliulir, rnhlisVrs of th United States Dniiematory, in P nladelphia, and Piolessois of Materia Medica and P i.unncy in the University of lVnn)lvania, Miy, e.x P'rienee among regular piaciilioners would set in to have placed the ellicacy ol the Sats-niarilla beyond a leasinable doubt. Its most extensive and usctul ap piiea'io.i iitothe treitui'iitots-cimli y dis-as",nn I sinterel-nti H t i'9im w n.:h si u t: ils lo lowi the i nriU it 'H o uuriiry Tire cii lt in d j.i it !Jt it is one uf thi b -t M d.cnes iioat mui', pa ticulurly w.ieli U is mixed vv.tlitlie ivtiact ol To iinloos. It is oltensii.l that all Medicine put up in this form isr-cii.ii ,i-id' I ti ei.e all conpluit vvlncli llesln-h-ir ti , hut it is not si w 1 1 , iut I cinriuoiu mend With the uttllt'Sl conD.leuee, no, J llie fjCn'TielU'C Tinit'j Uitlj.s.anll d i k u.v thit they are a tnou ceit'iin remedy for all complaints aiismg tiom Impuri ties of the Blood, Divirranrenient ot the Digestive O'gaus. and lnegulariticsof the llovvels, and all Ui lious aft'ections. For sale by Theo. A. I'rcK, Apotliecary and wholesale DiuggM, and by dealers in Mtdicine ecu craily throughout the State Opinion uf i tegular I'litsicinn. TACter, Me., Sept. 30, 1315 This certifies that I have recommended the 11 of Wistar's HaUim ol Wild Cheiry lor diseases of the Lungs, lor two years p"W,and nuiny bottles to my knowledge have been us'd by my patients, nil with beneficial lesulis. In ... .. D ,1 ! : 1 n 11011 had taken place, the Wild Cherry effected n cure, D. HOYDi;., Physician nt llxetir Corner. No Qiackekv' .N'ii Dlceitios! All published state iiuuits ol cures perlornied hv this inedif me, ure, in very resji'ct.Tlli; ri DF.WAIli: OF COUN'I'iJK - l en s AND IMITATIONS. The unparalleled and astonishing efficacy of Dr. I Wistar's jialsam of Wild Chetiyin all the diseases 1 foi- which it is recommended, curing many cases aficr , nv cases u u-r the skill ol the best physicians iiniiv.iiling. has eflected large nun increasing cicmaiiii lor 1!. 1 Ins lact lias causeif many unprincipled counterfeileru and linita- tors to palm olfspnnoin mixiures ol similar name and ntp-a anee. lur the genuine Balsam. 1111 J V Vi A i ifii, V. ,.Ti ,, ,! ' " feiuieiiieii, coiiiiueuemg oil mutiny evening, IIIC BALAAM Ol- WILD t III.URY None genuine l'Jih iii't nt 8 u'clock. None but those w ho have re unje;s signed bv I BIJ P'l'S, Address nllordeisio ceived cards will be admitted. Sf'lHW FOU LE, lloston, Mass. For sale whole-, H-t for a Juvenile Hans, will be opened next sale and retail by 1 heo. A Plck, Burlington, nnd by ! week, lor little boys nnd girls, but in separate classes. I lllur l M.lmlll,.u ,.nnni,ll.. ! II'I "111 .... 1 . . I I I ' It . . , 11, ,iii.uii.iiiv?;ii.cmii) m iriiuuiii, D i c i, In this village, ntihe residence of his diughter, Mrs HvoE.onihe -Jls; instant, Hon. SOLOMON MIL LEU, aged 87 years. At Lyndon, on Tuesday the 17th in-l., the Hon. Nicholas Baylies, lonnerly of Montpelier, aged 73 feels "ontideiit iliat the gentlemen who take instruc years, niter an illness ol th.ea hyi. J 1 1 n illy lies had tioneliom lum in this ait will never abuse it. been Jujjr of the S i.irenn Coj t at 1 1: State, an J long a practitioueral the bar ot our coum. MISS FLEMING'S school will be reopened Wed iicaday f-epi loih. y THE LAST CALL. S I.LLING AT COST. "plIE SL'OSCRIIlKIt llVI.fJ SOLD HIS STORE A at Williston, olTrs fiir sale the balance of bis STOCK OF GOODS AT COST. all of which wijl be sold at private sole, or auction, nre in is to llie Hrsl of O (nhr next. Hp would also take this opportunity to say to those who nre indebted to him, either by Note or Book Ac count, that the same must be settled beluresntu tnue TIIOS. II. CANFIELL). Williston, Aug. 23, 1817 Uw-fi D.'stfiit-rrcolyiic. T M. PARKIER coniiniies Ins rooms, ns usual, in College St.. Burlington, Vi . where he is produ cing superior Daguerreotype .Miniatures at the low price ot 1,1,0 put un in elegant cases and finished so tliey will never fade. Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and ex amine, his variety of specimens. I.O.ST, A VtlJin Vi, TO,,,Act:) "0Y n tl'e Th. liri.l,,. , .i curios ujxter, l-.swi and jJpJ . ,5 C.V. I0 1 b'..1"" y "I the Van' Ness 1 and 1 rtess rrded lviitt uSK' W,U bC be suitably I.OMt A brasskeytonniel.Wi, . , -fiaspec.a-1 fiivorby ,e.,vmg it'al.K' t ilice. riviir. -.o.pnrinersiui exiatin lino tu j,iti ine isiihi exiat iiu ,,.!. .i. , X Barlow (V. u nods is ibis ,fiv i i . m '" tual consent, and George P. wL...rV "'1. 'V"lu. ial consent, and Iteortrp 1'. W.... I. , ov mu r,,n.rrp.l n lllS IllterPMt In Ml.) ,. t1"11 MOll Hllll Barlow is to puy the debts due trm.Ttlit- late'ii",!!! MiU Colchester Aug. 23J 1817. ,w3 CATHOLIC BOOKS, rAltU'N KKHATA, showiii- ihe dilTerence between llie Proteslunt und Catbolip v-,.; of the Bible, imperialHvo , half bound, C3ccnta; Way oftlie Holy Closs, a beautilul colored Mecl eng(aving, mounted on rollers; 100 Catholic 'i'eatamcnta, new edition, Arc , received this day by Aug. 3, 1817 Owl C GOODRICH. T1IKODORE A. PKCK, APOTHECARY AM) 1 Viohsalc Druggist, mJKUNOTON, VT m CONSTANTI.V BCCFIVIM A1li.lllC, ENGLISH, FitE.v.H. Asn Isma DRUGS i v..... r-i. ..,:..!.. I urini i. . ., . MincralTccthnnd Dental articles t Saline or Mineral From the waicm ; i-i.igiierrcoiype articles; (icnunie i nicntanei ""ri iumrMiB, to cure every Tlioinoniati Medicine; Pure Liquors nncl Wines; cutaneous eruption, every dMigureincntol, and cen Soda Fountains and Syrups; Hruhcs,reifuines,Sonps, "'"colored skin ! Where will its manic and singular Inks, lllnrkinc'", Fancy and Domestic articles; (.lass- P,0"'1'1' n,se Hie Ncgrn.the Creole, the Yellow Ware ; Dy-c-StulT, Camphctic, Bird, Field, Flower Kncc ?f "lc !-" " hc Red Man of the Far West, iiiil i:-,r,l,.,, ...L .(. Ore a ike Under the llllttielir, ,,f Ik,,,li,,ru c advantage of receiving Mineral waters, l'?wcrs of clearing yellow or discolored skin, and ma , Leeches, ,Vc.,periodicafly,purclinsers can k'"P1! w,ll!, nlJJ beautilul, and ol changing the color their fie-hncsi. ol ilaik, or black, or brown skin." (Ilcic several per- Csmiihene. I lelv unon their fi Individuals wishing Trusses, Leeches, Sir., will ol wavs find a person in nttendunce to npply them. ,,. iiivn lll?lVII-,l.U ill llll 11111111 Ul II 11 11 tot?" The attention of Druggi-iti, l'liysirlitn,Mer chants, and Manulactnrers is solicited, with the as suinnee, tint they enn be supplied Irom this establish ment as advantageously as at the city tnaikets. 9 TIU.ODORL. A. l'LXK. Itonry Pinld's ln'c. STATE OF VERMONT, IMIE Hon. District or Chittenoe.v. ss, J I the Pro bate Court for the District ot Chit'enden : To nil per sons concerned in the Estate of Henry Field late of f Lt :lli 1 I . .'.!... jeneuo 111 s 1111 uiiriei, oec"ns.,u, urecuug. Wlltr.F.AS. Lnum I'lel.l. ndin'it of the eslite nf stIiI deceased, propos-s to tender nnaccouit of her ad-minist-'ation, nnd present her account against snid estite for examination nnd allowance ot a stssion of the Court or P,i,h,nt', to be h il I mi at the Registers ollice in It ji t 1, 1 li-tri t on the touith Wednesday o o "pui.iut r next. TnEREroriE, Vou arc hereby notified tonpparbe Aire said court nt the time nnd place nroresaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account alore said should not be allowed. Itiven under my hand nt Burlington this 2 llh day of August A. D. 1817. Uvv3 VM. WESTON, Register. SALE OF REAL ESTATE. fiSEJLTHG cu'iBstihcr contemplating to leave town nlfers lor sile the lollowing valuable property, situated on the corner of Church and Cherry streets, near the center of the village, con-isting of his dwelling house and three city lots adjoining containing 1 of an acre each ; theie is also on the piemiscs a good store and ample room for 5or 0 otheis on one oftlK beat streets for business in town Convenient out buildings, a fust rate well of watei nnd orchard of the best Iruit, the whole will be sold together or sepaiately. For terms apply to the subscriber on the premises. Also for sale pew No. 13 111 St. Pauls Church. J.J.STARR. Burlington, August, SO1I1 1817. 8vv3 AUGUST 20. IINE and neat patterns ol white ainl black Fans, plain and figured, nndn line nssortmeut of (told nnd Silver Cns-d Gold Pencils, or A G. Baglev's and Levi Brown's make ; also Benedict & Barney's Con gnss Pen and Engrossing Pens of the three most res pectable Makeis; customers vvho arc tired of using " cheap" (Sold Pens, are invited to tl y better ones, winch cost but little nioie than "cheap" ones. Jet and Steel Buttons, nndn new set Iloise Nets, just re ceived, together with n good Hock of Gold Lockets, lor Miniatures, and n few mote Gold Wan In s. IIRINSMAII) & BROTHERS. EEnru diiiiicv. A l'ARM orVOOacresnflaniLtobehad at a low figure l,,Bin ml' ' toil-IU, 1 11 Hull liw t Lt llll J" Ol llie 1UIIU U1IU lis location. It is divided as follows 150 acres ol the best meadow in the state, 350 acics Pasture, tiOO acres of Wood land, witli good buildings good Iruit, etc., ami with living water lunning through eveiy field. Two thuds of the ptnehase money may remain on inten st lor any lengtli of rime. Enquire of Pre served Wheeler, New Haven, Vt., or to the sub scriber. HORACE WHEELER Buihngton, August 1G, 1817. bvv3 GREAT BARGAINS. ix carpi; i'lgs axd oil cloths, itoi)i:iticrc LVMiiuxui:, i"o. 47 Canal Sheet, iVno York, ITl.USfor sel ,0 t'-nus highly ndvatitagenus to the puclr e , 11 u-tels, Thtee-ily, tin J In g.ain CAnJ-KTIiVGS, 01 superior lar.ric. supeiu pane,,,., nj ntt cotor, ALso. eve.y yaneiy ol Stair Cnrpelmg. Unigcet. Hearth Hugs. Old O.lcloihsol eveiy wi.lii, c,.li.j0l' Door Mats, Rich Window Shades, ccc. Econo mists will derive great advantage from calling nt 17 Canal street, before jurchasing. New Yoik, August 10,1817 aw I 23- lESS PORK, for snlo bv f: HORACE WHEELER, lluilington, Aug. 19, 1317. QIMI (inn PES'E and CEDAR SHINGLE, CtfU.UUW forMlcby H. Wiielmr. school roil piio.iiotixg, Sticngth, mid Muscular Activity. AU. DISKASllS OF Till: LUXflS cum: i) is Y r.xnnciM:. J. M. PERKINS, pi:OFF.SSOR OF GYMNASTICS respectfully -L informs the gentry ol Burlington and vicinity, that he has arrived in this nlace.for the nurno-e of irivinrt l ), t , , 1. to.,,,., h, inlu I1..11I1 ,fnl , t ..t..i-,.l.u Ladies vvho wili to lie beneliiieil by these exercises wj please form theinselvesinto small elass, 3 fiom six to eiglit in number, when they can be waited upon at 1 their residences. An Academy is now opened at Strongs' Hal' for j iHy wiiiiic iiuyiii me r.xu'iiiuii .ni!or.s( cari'iuny arranged for their age, and nn cany and gracciul sty le of walking. They will also receive inanv useful lee. lures durmir the course ol lesolis. Mr. PpiLinepfm be seen at the American nil lioura during! ...ill C..l I, ....-.,... !.. ? ,,.," V . i" .. ..I -i"B. llll i nt toe wnn 1 1 1, 1 V l,nui llllil w llll 11 CII II. 111C OUVail- tages pinduced from this kind ol exercise. In the L'ciitleuieii'8 eouise ol hssors will be taucht llie new urui oi sen tieieuce ; nits exercise gives gnat strength to the chest and vital pints. The teacher v e r. m s . Gentlemen 15 hssoiis in class $0,00. Ladies ID lessons in class &3.MJ Little hoysand girls in class Sign. N. B. Mr P. will tunc Pianos in good style. M. j s.I.f of Kingston, now at the Ameiican Hotel m this village, having heretofore ex perienced on himself the s'gual benefits of the Gym nastic exeicise, in being by tliis means restored fiom hoptdess derlme, as it were, to peifect health would oiler ins seivices as n teacher in the Gymtiusticnrt lo the Ladle and Gentlemen of this vicinity, who, Irom indipositiou or other caivv, feel a desire lo become skilled in the suitable exersiwifor the recovery and pre srrvalion of their health Mr Peikina' mode ol in struction is we'll calculated lor the due expansion ol '?. V"!, '"'! wl"!''"'" of muscular power, which, while itconuibuti'S to the health and well-being id" the indivi lual, promotes, in a striking mcnnrr,the graeeim less oi muscular anion. Being lul.y usrtiied ol thes-trulhsthe undersigned i hesitates not in recommending the proposition us being ' well adapted toihc circuiiiMsncPsnfinany ot ihe youth of Burlington, ( HAS. HALL, M. D, Burlington, Aug. Huh, 1817. Burlington, Aug. lfifh, '817. i I fully concur in llie foregoing as a means of promo ling health . stieiigihening llie Muscular powrrsnna expanding the chest. WM. AT WATER, M. D. I am happy to express my concurrence in the opin ' ions above stated. II. HATCH, M D. ' 1 ,,li"k n j'lieious practice of gymnnstic exercises 1 may lie very useful for ntudents ami rersons out of may iw , health. , iieann. " i,i.t'i Aliw .vi.icrail, .ti if. - - OliVIT juuj.o. Q'';s ' Till! NATION, Gems of ,5onB I O Harp of Erin, I'eirgpt-Ale-Not Songster, ttc ttVc. ! August , ion Gwl V GOODRICH Dm id liny (lute Jr.) IMnte. , o i . i i. u i v i.iv .ti u.v l ,l riti: Hon. IT District or ( iiitte.M'EX, ss. S 1 the I'ro- hate t ourt for (hp l)is(rir( f,f I binenilen 'P.. ..It bate Court for the District ed" Chittenden Ipr.nn, 1-nnn.r I !tl, ca,. i.f 1 1 ....(((.. .. I.. i !''xi n "''d District, deceased, Grert'ing. late Jr , i i V " iMiurjr i uiiiiiniirsiiuiur. 1)1 the estate ol said decenvd, proposes to render an account Ot IllS adminislrntin,, n n, I .......... 1.1. . . - --- . i ,Kia lit. utiuillll UeUIIlM Mid estate lor examination and allowance at a sessinu ol llie Court of Prohtltp.ln I,p l,l,l. (...,.. '' l'c. i" Burlinctiin in snid distrip, ,l... ,.".. W ednesday of Senteuiber upti tnr 1 "tIjF:r,"'L, You ure hereby notified to aiinearbe- Li'.." '' "".'.'l at the time nnd place aforesaid and bui.rj.'.nM' " ""Vy"1- have, why the account aiorc- WW should not be nllowcd. eounl aiorc- Aunn.!1 v" Il1';r 'ny. '"iiu at Burlington lids 17ih dav of hwi ' .... WM WESTON Register iESwD AND,,cvi:fJ,'Y I j - jiim.jjiji.Tj i ii Un the llh of August, in the year 1813, a singular scene occurred in the Royal Scientific Institution of Fra nce. 1 he aged.white headed President, his head bare, his arms outstretched, his face tadiunt with smiles, (for science tens triumphant,) ami his nice icith gratulatoiy tone, dclicei cd the following it'i'i c,Br? n?l0l""lc'l at this singular preparation. Where indeed will science slop I Here we haven preparation made in the form ol a beautiful piece v( ' tinlia UPM, l,rr.i,l,l (,.... n.t k.. .1.- tl M..... ...I., 'l.-.l .. . .. v.u..... u,u tijr llie t lUSIUClll, WHO IIUII used it. in moot of hi9 asserlinn There arc probably few persona of Intelligence.who, iiuei ii uoiiig me nuovc, win uouut tlic rjiiDlltlcs ol JOXti.S' ITALIAX UlIUMWAL .SOAP In tt' Pimples, Hlotchcs, Salt llhcum, Scurty, Erysipelas, i'jrc Heads, Old Sutcs,Ucaid and Hurler s Itch, Vhajiped and Tender I'tcsh, Deckles, Tan, Sunburn and changing dark Sunhui n or Yellow Skin to a puie clear white, us smooth and sojt as an In- Innl'x. nnd In fact every kind ol ciuption and disfigurement. iviruu lursc tvi liuviiies i Fiom the New Oilcans Sentinel, October, 1811. One of our subscribes, Mr II. Leonard, informs us that he has been cured ol old, scaly Snlt Rheum, ol eighteen vears standing, on Ins hen d. fm,r.i mvl hands, by n cake of an in tide much ndivitTed lately .ve speak ol" Jones' Italian Chemical Soap. lie mate ShlVe Rose. nillCll tl, niliprt will, uminM. e,..ll.u "" niioiiiiM ua 111111 lip 1,11s (lieu US ClleclS on his In- found in two weeks her skin much clearer and winter. James Elthain, n painter, in Jersey City, was cured ofcnrbunclesnnd pimples, which he was afflicted vvlth lor many yenrs, by pan or a cake or Jones' Italian Chemical Soap. Persons in purchasing this tnut nlvvays nsk for JONES' ITALIAN CHEMICAL SOAP ; and per haps, ns many who have been cheated with counter feits, will be too much discouinged to trv the genuine, vvcs.ayto such, try this once you will not legiet il : but always see that the name ol T. JONES is on the wrnpper. '''' ly nt Xcu York at 82 CHATHAM o 1 RLE 1 , Sign of the American Laglc. Pi fee. . . . AO Cents n Cake. S?Tull directions for use accompany each coke ol Joins' Soap. For sale by Geo. E. Harrington, only Agent for Vermont. 8m3 Ladies nre Cautioned Against IJsIiib COMMON PREPARED CHALK : They are not aware how frightfully injuiious it is to the skin .' how coarse, how lough, how sallow, yellow, and unhealthy the skin appears ajler using prepared chalk .' Hcsides it is injuiious, containing a huge quan tity uf Lead ! We have prepared a beautiful vegetable atticl", which we call .ioxi:s' sixisr lii.y wnm:. It is perfectly innocent, being purilied of all delete rious qualities; audit impaitsto the skin n natural, healthy, alabaster, clear, living white; at the same lime acting ns n cosmetic on the skin, making it soft and smooth. Dr. Janns Anderson. Practical ChpniKtnf Mnccn. I chii'-cttssavs " Alter analyzing Jones' Spnni-h Lily w line, 1 niul it possesses the. most Leautilnl and na tural, and at the same time innocent white I ever saw. 1 certainly can conscientiously lecoinmcud its use to all whose skin requites beautilying." Puce2j Cents ti Hox. Directions. The best way to npply the Lily White, is with solt leather or wool the former is pic ferable. A Fine Set or Teeth for 23 Cetits. WHITE TEETH, FOUL BREATH, HEALTHY GUMS. Yellow and unhenlihy teeth, after being once or twice cieuueu wnn JONES' AMRER TOOTH PASTE. have the appearance of the most beautiful ivory, and, at the same tune it is so perfectly innocent nnd ex quisitely tine, that its constant daily use is highly ad tnutugeous, ovm to thofec levih that nre in a good con diiioiij giving ihrm a tx-aunrut iiolish. and pieventing a premature decay. I nose ulieadv decayed it P,. tenia nam becoming worse it uli fastens such as nre becomniE loose, nnd bv nerseeeinnee ti win ren der the loulct teeth delicately white, and make the un mil ucijciuuMy bweei. Price as r .17 1-2 Cents n Hot. Vf'AII the above are sold anlu atHi CHATHAM S I Ul'ET, Sign of the Ameiican Laglc, A'eui York, LSf Ul Hit iVlTlllNTEnVGENTS WHOSE iNAMLS All TAR IN THE NLXT CoLUMN.2.3 For sale by Geo. E. Harrington only Agent for v eriuont 8m3 TlicitR who have been deceived with .MOCK PRETENDED HAIR PREPARA TI0NS. Should read the following statements nf retjcctalle parous: Mr. Abmlinm VoiultMbiTk. cf P8 Acnup I). New York, ceitifies lhat liis ht'.itl was entirely ba!J on the inp, tinu ny nic use 01 iwu .s. nu.uts 01 JOXES' CORAL JIA1K KESTOIIA TIVK, he has a good crop ol hair, and will soon have it long thick and luxuriant Mr. William Jackson-, of 89 Liberty street, Pius burll. certifies On the 3d of l'cbruarv. lr.17.that .Mr. Thomas Jackson's head, on the ton. was cmnelv bnld fur lilteen yeais, and tha. by u.-iug two Us. bottles ot June's Corul Hair Restorative, the hair is growing ln-t. thick and healthy. lie cxnects bv usiiur thisu little longer to have a Letter lit ad ol hair than he ivcr I, ail. Its?" TO those Whose iiaiT: is oray,2 oitii'Ai.MM: orr axd wii.ik at thi: IILIlll .. i ncrtoy cenuy mat my nair was turning gray, and ' 'Hung "ft, anil iliat since I liuve U'cd Jones' Coral CII, n ,,l ' nn,l ll,;.l 1 l,. .. I.T..7-.',- V i 1 .. ' , ' . ' . , J . .T. . . .... ...i.. ; , 1 ."n lUEii'iuiiu i, ,,,.s t-tiini it el iifro liilllllU. is UlllW ing fust, and lias it line, ilaik look, Reloic lu-ed ' June's Coial ll,ur Restoiutive I combed out haiidluls ol hair daily WM. TOMPKINS, S2 King tt.,N. Y. have you scatrou daxduufe i Mr. Power, a iirocer.of Iiilton slreei. had his hair completely choked up with ilaudrull', anj Junes' Coral null ivcsioiuute eiuueiy uiiu ieiiu.iiiiniy cuieu 11, Do )im vviiul In Dress, l!i. mil) mid iniihe )oiir II.VIU soli nuil fii.c ( . . . ltdlil ; I. Henrv E. Cullrn.lole barber on bo.-nd llie strain- boatSouth America, do crti.y t.utJu.ies' Coral Hair llptjinriiliv. , ihp l,.'t;i niliplp I pvi I used I, . r ilrf n'.tttt softening, cteanstngand keeepmg the hair u longtime j solt, clean, siiKy, naiK unu in oruer ; ail my customers nrelerred it to uny thing else. .. t., c.i pii i,nn . ,i ouhi innu in ,irm itrrt ai n tll.v 1 II jv .11 STREE'P, Sign of the American Eagle. Directions for using Jones1 Coral Hair Restorative. For Forcing the Growth oi Hair, it is necessary to culsc a Slight Incliuu on llie sunp, to lhat the Res torative may enter ihe poies This may be done by applying it with a moderately hard blush, but u is not necessary to use these haish ineuns except ill actual case ol baldness. Where the Hair I'all Oft, Tir.ns Gray, etc, apply the Restorative with the hand, or solt brush, I jrt the hair in ditlerent places, to llie Resturutivc may touch the scalp. The same direction may bp used for Dressing, ttc. GEO, E. HARRINGTON, 8m3 Apolhecaiy Hall. nit. j. c.oVhias anodyne cordial, A nafe and effectual Cure for the Dysentery, summer Complaint Choleia Moilus, Cholera Infantum, Till: fearful mortality among children, which takes place during the warm seasons in thn and otlwr cities, by tlielhe summer complaint, or cholera infant um, has induced many to search for a specific that would stay the woik of death, and save our lillle ones from an llulimely grave Many remedies nre adver tiscd, and many valuable lives are saved by lliein, but still the work of destruction goes on, filling the hearts ol doming parents with lamentation and mourning; and will continue to progress until a medicine can lie found that will at once arrest the disease, and roll iiack the tide of death. We think we have found the veiy lhtng the public needs in Dr. James t'uvel's Anodyne Cordial, tor the cure of dysentery, summer roiimlatnt. choleia infantum, and choleia morbus. This medicine has Ken in use only about one year, and was discovered m a Fingmariy providential man ner. Some of the articles vveie stolen and eaten bv a child who had llie summer cumpluiut very severely, .i nnd to the meat lov ot its doaiimr mullier. was ellec lunllv cured ill a dav or two. This fict comine to the knowledge ol Dr, 0., induced bun tu combine those aniclcs with others which he had known, during a P'actice of between loityand filly ve.ns. to be villi- i. u m ,he, nbovu complamts and the lesull vv isthis medicine, which isnowoti'eredloihe public. Whole, wileetlletailby GEO, E, HARRINGTON', Apothecary Hull BELLOWS PALLS STAGE HOUSE, uy uii-,-.cii j if no T7XTENS1VH alteration, nnd improvements have with the Railroad tendencies of the day, nnd it is nJfl leceni v neen ninr p 111 111 d h ,m,n.nnn.ui I uuiiiiruuie oruer to ncconimouite and make com t't1 u i.,,,1,un";"u', patrons and the ttavchng public, i r una, itug,, ion m ANNALS OF VERMONT, Historical, Political nnd Legislative: rrtoM authentic documents. THE u.vnnitsiHMiD pnoposns to punusn, the ensuing fall, (or as soon as the expense of pub hcation shall be wul ranted,) the con espondence be tween the Governors of New Hampshire nnd New 1-". ." '.-ii1""1 ,u, ,he N?w. IlaiiipsLire Grants from luU to 1,71, together with the doings cf their respect ive Councils thcteon : also the doings 0f His ty's Council, Colonial Sccietary, nndUoard of Tiade 011 the same subject , to which will be appended the following entitled pamphlets, viz: "A slate of the right of the colony of New York with respect toils Enstirn Boundaiy 011 Connectkut Itiver.and Ginntsmadebythe French south of Crown 'unit," published by the Geneial Assembly of New 1 oik, 1773, with an appendix ol the facts. "A Narrative of the Proceedings ol the Government of New oik relative to the New Hanipslmc Grants," being a lull leply 10 the loreguing pamphlet nnd np pcndix, published 1771, by Ethan Allen. Ira Allen's Renniks 011 the same subject, published 1(77, In two pamphlets. Ethan Allen's Animadversary Address on the New Yolk Co'it oversy, I77d, Iin Allen's Vindication ofVermont, 1779. i.iiuih Aliens vinuicnuun 01 veiniom, 177y an, in.l ..1 1... .I 1 r , r proved ol by the Governor nnd Council, Vermoi 1' Appeal, ly Stephen II. Biadley, 1779 annulled of b the Governor and Couneil. Jleiin rstra ice ol Gov. Chittenden and his Council, l3 - 1 - t"Bvtner Willi eveml other interesting ducu- "'l " on nie Mime bUKjecis. 'Clip Illirit'P tvn, Il Wih rnntftll, hnltv.. f.i n.l atv bundled fulio pages, on fair type and paper, and will be afliirded lo subscribers at tri,00 per copy in clolli binding, or &i,25 m sheen, payable on delivery. The above wairk is to be su.cccded by another vo lume, oflrom five to six hundred folio pages, cintain ing proceedings of Conventions ol the Gieen .Moun tain Boys pieviousto .Maich, 1777 ; the doings olthe CouncLs ol Salety to M ich, 177) ; the Journals of Assembly and Council Ircm Matcli I'-Ilh, Xtti, to and including Ottober session, 1781, together with tliese ctet correspondence Willi Gen. Ilaldimand and his Commissioners, Gen, Washington, the Govemoisof the New England States, New Yoik and the Conti nental Congiess.ondsuch other correspondence as re late to the pait the people of the New-Hampshire GianLs took ill the Revolntionaiy War (which volume will be afibrded toMiliseribirsalthefcainc priceas Vo lume I, payable on delivery. llama, July o, isi.. uiAHi,.m--. PROPOSALS FOR TlMIIER UriLL bo rccuivcil tit thooflicc of J. & J. II. PECK Ai Co. prior to Sept. 1, for the use of the V. C. R. R. The lollowing bill or bills or Timber to be delivered on the shore of Lake Chain plain near the Noith Wharl.

viz i53u uock sticks not less limn o x a incnes, lf leel lonir or Hemlock : 1C0U0 feet lineal) dork slick not les than 10 x III inches and fiom 30 to ,10 ft. long of Hemlock . lisjOO ft. ( lineal 1 ot square limber ol white pine not Itss than one foot squam when well and truly hewn; PJGUOO It. boanl measure of 3 inch wiiite u.ik pianK varying m lenglli nj Mian licieaiter be de-ignated Also . Another lot 3030 dock sticks not less than S x H in ches, 10 ft. long of Hemlock ; 4-!U00 feet (lineal) dock sinks not ic.-sthan 10 x 10 iiu lies and fiom 3J to -10 It. long of Hemlock; illl'OOft. (lineal) squate timber ol Hemlock one fool anuare. Also, tor rock filliii" ber cubic jard. The Vt. C. II. R. Co. reserve the right of accept ing piopoials for one or both of the above bills. Time of delivery make known Sept. 1, 1S17. W VI. Ui-.IJ.YVY 1 1 11, Burlington, August 10, 11I7. Engineer. JinkerficUl ACADEMICAL INSTITUTION. J. S. SPAL'LDING. A. JLi ,,,, C. C. BISUEE, A. M. r""Pa's- Mrs. J. S. SrAL'LU.vo, Preceptress and Teacher of Diawius. Mr S. M. Uissett, ) Teachers of Music, Vocal Mrs. S M. Bassstt,) and Instrumental. Mis. O. T. HotoiiTo.v, Teacher of Painting. .Mr. L. Davis, Teacher of Penmanship. .Mr. U. h. Crocker, Teacher of French. I he Fall I erm commences on WednesJay, the l"t day nf September In addition to the ordinary recita tions, one I'ocj- per day during tbe term " ill lie devo ted lo those designing to teach ; in this time instruc tions will be given in Orthoepy, Onhogrephy, Analv-is ' ! ln" useot uuiline .Maps blobes, Drawing Ma;s&.c. Arrangement and gov "innient ol Schools, the bust method ol Tcachui", j: will be stbjpcis for written nnd extemporuueou dia cussions. Books furnMied by the Piintipals. Lectures. Willi exnei in, -nu u,,ll I... nlt-Ar. V.t. ural I'lnlosophy, Chemistry, die. Board S 1 ,2 j per week. , , , , SETII OAKF.S, 5ecrefury. Bakcrelield, Aug. 3, 1817. 7w3 (SucciB-ors- to Cuniey (( Sleeper,) DEAixns ix i:vi:hv iiescihition op in all its VARIOUS STYLES AND QUALITIES adapted to the - N. ENGLAND & SOUTHERN MARKETS, AT T1IEIII WHOLESALE IIOOMS, GRANITE BUILDING, No-. 1 :t:id -12 A N N S T R E E T , Directly Op mie Merchant's lime, JjOStOli. ll " '-""1 u.itf w iiuiiu .inn uncr u,iii,r,.vp r 1 r. rri- l. 1.... j . r. ror sale ai their extensive ware rooms, the largest and I..... I I I.' A 1 1 , tnnt complete assortment ot READY .ilADE Cl.O iill.Mi, ever olleied m Ihiscountry. Uurbusi r.cs being confined exclusiv ely to ihe WHOLESALE TRAM-., the greatest care is taken in llie selection ot such Goods, nnd the manufacturing ol mich Styles aa will best suit the Country Trade, ami n we import our own Goods, we have no hesitation in saying we cannot be UN DERSOLD. 'Ihe utmost rare is taken in the ina nulactiire, an 1 purehaseis may be assured that our stock wi.l compare lavorably with the best custom made cluilung Dealeis in th' City and Irom the Country who aie buvmg will do well to look at our stock before ninkingtlieir purchases. J. J. Whitimj, M. Kehoe, Jr. C. W. GALLOUtT. tyl Avery .tXiecVs Flstnto. WE thesubsc ibsrs. having been appointed by the Honorable tne Piobatc Court for the Distuct of Chittenden, comim-sioneis to receive, cxumivat and ndjut the claims mid demands cf all ersons, against the estate or AVERY MEECH. Inte ol Chatlolte, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claim and demands exhibited in of&ct ih.eielo ; and six months from the day ot the date hereof, being allowed by said Court lor that purpose, we do there lore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the bu siiiess of our appointment, ol the dwelling of Snrnh Meech, widow of the said deceased, in Charlotte, in said District, on the FnuithTliuisdHjsot Ociober ami January next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., oil cacti of said days. Dated this2sili dav or July. A. I). 1817. LUTHER STONE, I DAVID COOK, Commissioners. 7w3 CALEB E. BARTON, I llnnniili l'ii'i sun's IMnte. ST ATI'. OF VERMONT., AT n Pro. District or Cuit.ndex, ss. ( t V bate Court hidden in Burlimiluii. within and tnr th ' said District nforesaid on llie ninth day of August A. D. 1817, nn Insiiunient purporting tone iiu insi win ninl Icstn mptit nf Hannah Pieisuu. late ot Shelburne. in said Di-triet deceased, wn presented lo the Court here lor I'robale. by iiagaranu UPiiiy t. .Yloisc llie l.xeculors lliereui iiiiiueu. 'l'herclore it is ordered by said Court that nublic nn tiee be given lo all peisons interested ilieicui lo op- penrbelore said Cuurt,at a ss.-ion iliereoftn beholden at llie ollice of the Register ol said Court ju said llur- linglon on ihe iud Wednesday m Sepieinlier A. D. IS 17, and contest the Probate ol said Will, ami it isfur- iher ordered that this order be pubh-hrd tlncc weeks successively in the i'ree Piess, a newspaper punted ut llurhngton, in this Stale.lhe hist ol which shall be nieviousio tlieday assigned, as aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand nt the Registei'a Ollice.lhi. 'Jib ilavot August A- D. 1817, Jlhdayouv CAS iusscIjIii JuJg( liil'v liiMiraucf. TI1K SUIIOKIHKU is A(ii:.Mron Tin: u Cnolasd Mcical Lut I.ssvn.vNcE Com. niY.iind wil eircct insurance on lives on term that IM' .. . i-r.......... ti'ii.i'j cannot tall to provi " ' r- iiii.o ltutlintiii. ng I 1"L OniO UiFMONl) & WAKING'S UNHIVALI.ED AND L0.V0 E!rABLISItEU mm y ii m MI Rccentl v Fitted nnd Embellished with entirely New f 1 ".'.T ' , : n....... t. c. ui4n. L M Lt M l LVA LJ LXi till 41 il Decornti -iT ... .j. 5rp w aiit.lK nnd ipileeti.m on the science of NATURAL HISTORY. io mi n'i". f .....,.,, This Menagerie, on entering ench Town or illngei forma a most Imposing Tinin or Procession, preceded Tiy a Uorgeous LITERALLY COVERED WITH GOLD! I 4, WAV. The Splendor nnil Mngnilicence of this Gorgeous and Colossal Carriage bafiVs desciiption. Whoever has read of ihe Funcinl Chariot of Alexander, or the Triumphal Car of Nero, may form some conception of the grandeur of this supeilatlvcly beautiful vhicle, which was taken from an antique model recently exhibited in London. It has icqiiiied the constant labor ol twenty men for nine months to complete it, at an :xpenu ofmoie than FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS' The length of Chnrht 30 feet. Height to summit of Cjno?y, 'M feet. The iccigit in full, - - - 8,000 it,. The Chariot will be followed hv THIRTY CAR RIAGES, containing the VARIOUS ANIMALS IN THIS IMMENSE EXHIBITION, drown by ONE HUNDRED HORSES! The Exhibition of this Menagerie is rendered intensel, interesting by the Won Jerful and unparalleled Performance of ittlllllll Jf llll lit - J i I j'UmJ iJ.' n, ii i The nnrAT .vatoleon or the aoe, with LIONS, TIGERS. AND LEOPARDS. This great Aittst will fondle, carrs, and render him sell, npparenlly. as one of these Amiiiels in their own Den. Alter this he iifiumes command, orders each lo their respective clepjitnicnt., and finally signalizes hiin- "'"Driving an africax lion IN HAhNESS i f-y" ti.p Animals in tliis collection ore confidently or- feied for public inspection, as being the choicest and most perfect specimens ever exhibited. The majority of them nave been imported during the last two yeais, without re gard lo puce, and lliey loiui not only the Best but the la n a ns r co i,l e a tiox ev er prcwnicu loineiui.ic t lie .vienagpt e will l.xi.ibit at .(; ui.i.. . .... (it Hi e ( h .septe.ii i r, 3L, he I roccs-ion will enb-r the Town about 9 ( O clock 111 the morning ADM1SSIOX OXLY 'ir, cents Children under 10 yeais, Id J cents. Dnr (.pen from 1 to IP. M 1 ne . leiiager.c win oe in uiannoii on i nursuay nepi 'alls, Monday, Sept 13ih. SCHOOL FOR ROYS AND GIRLS, f T. RENEDICT wai. orr. a School ox TV p:sl)A Y, September 7th , in the basement of the linptist ( liuii li, for those in our public schools who wisli to obtain n thorough busilitRs Cnglish IMucation. Tuition for Engli.-li branches ?:i,jO. " llierher " 61,00 The following text books will be r.sed. Hnglisli lliniichcs. Webster's Speller nnd Dcfmer, Price 0 25 Sanders' Third Reader " "tr'i.1 Sweet's Piaclicnl Elocution 0,50 .Mitchell's Geography " l.t'O Billliuns' Eng. Grammar " ollil Thompson's Aritlimelic " 0,'JO All schola-s will be required to give attention lo reading, spelling, wining and composition. Higher Iiiaiiclies. Davies 1 irst Lessons m Algebra, Price " Bourdon's " Geometry and Trigonometry ' " Dinwine nnd .Meiiaurulion " " Surveying " Olmsted's Astronomy ' Cutler's Anatomy and Thysiologv " PicslonV Book Keeping " 5,0,75 1,'JS L'.'i 0,75 1.25 0,75 0,S7 0,87 Particular ntlentinn will V,p mt-p,, in !. ..l.: . -r in,oit-r,-eliiog nun ai-ii io practical surveying, the draw ing of .Mans, C'hait", Slp. It has been conleninliKeil. in pnnnpp,;nn . .1.:.. school , to establish a Tear tier: Institute for (lie county. (up ,l.u l.oilnl.t n( .1... .. I. .1. . . . ., . ' ' .... .... UM,vi,,oi in.ii- .,,i wish in prepare inemfelves lo tench in common cchools. As soon as practicable this dckiitu will be carried Into execution. It i especially desirable that the I'nr.ils tlnt'lLI l,n nu. sent at lhe coniniencpment of the term. iiuinngton, July re, IS17. POTATOHS. ORIME XEW POTATOES tor sale nt the JL Agiiculluiul Ware-House. August 13, 7 J S. PEIRCE. FIELD AND ti.MUJKN SIiI2DS. S liliurnl prieo will bo jiniil tlio coming Fall il for Field and Garden Seeds, ot the Agricultural IC.n,. II.,,..... i niaiiei, J. S. PEIRCE. FOR PURIFYING THIS IiLOOU. DR. TOWNiSliNU'S Compound Extract of Sais-ipaiiltu ; Dr. Wood's Sarsanaiilla nnd Wild Clierryt lliilers; Sand's Snis.imnll3. l'hese gieat puri fiers of the blood, nlso, the genuine D dley's Pain Ex tractor, prepared by Djlley hiuiielt, are for sale by ' A. C. SPEAR, August 13. 7 Apothecary and Druggist. COUGH IIUMUDIES. WISTAIl'.S Balsam of Wild Cherry, Iiuchnns Hun garian Balsam, AyersCoinouud Cherry Pectoral, Down's Balsamic Elmr, Low if Herd's Vegetable l'ul monaty Balsam, Dr. Larbor'n Evtrnct of Lungwort, and Moore s E-s. nt Life, for sale by the doz. or single bot Ileal Ihe Ding Store i A. C SPEAR, Where may be found all Patent Medicines of incut now before the public. 7 NATION A Ii LOAN FUND LIFK ASSURANCE SOCIETY, br I Savings HANK lor tlio benefit of tlio il Widow and Orphan. (Empowered Jf Act of Parliament- Capital X'.iOO.mitl sieilmg.or'.iX'O, besnbs a Reseive Fund (from surplus premiums! of almut sjlji,0ii0, pan ol th" capital is invested in the Unlleti States. . L,..V1JU .UOUI1.V 1 , L,sq eieoige urcel, Hanover Square, Chaiiman ct the Couit of 1 n filers in London. it, ,,,.) rtmtpR ltnnrd of Local Directors C Chief Of- ficefor America, 71 Wall st N. Y, Jacob llaivey, i llaivey, Jonathan Ll rl,.,lrtnn. John J Palllier. Cssl. (loohile e. Y.ta , Jas. Iloounaii, Ki . l!eo Harclay i ;tn, Saml S. Ilowlaud, Lsn,., lioihom A. 1 .vi , S.1111I. M. l'oc. Ijaq . in- Van Hook. W oi th, . Dsn . i: and c. lAivvaru iiaou-iu, i-i- i.istt. i. , RICH- ARDSON, li) , litneiai Accuuiuani. Pamphlets, Wank l'onns, Tables eif Rales, Li-ts of Agenis, tVo. iVc , obtained at the Chit I Ollice, 71 WalUm-ei, cr hum either of the Agents throughout the t'niled Stales, and llrilisli North American Co- i"i,'a j. li:andi:r STARR. Uenerat Agent for the 11 Suites nn, I II N.A. Cotmiiis (li',0 1'. HOI'lill I ON. Agent rt St. Albans JAMLS V IIU'KOK ,' a lVijuiituii 7iu tninhm an extemfve and' va led co lection of the most quarter. Jly the year a a nail deduction is made, of our, at tit, dwelling of the widow Me , .". ..t,.,,.i v. u...ip1, nn;,r,,l None are admitted oidmarilv for less than one Term loree Barns in Char otte In naiil n striet.on the fourth uiiiu... i-.. u..i.c. ,.i 'B'1"''.3;:" '" holden at Burlington, within and tor said County, on at tie Agents uinco in jv Sept llh ; Bu luigtonpirnda- Sept. bill ; U e-t Mdton, , ,,.hjri ra ,',f .September nevt. and that .he ! The Doctor will be nlv , V,'. K ; ""V",y ,-V" i .aid Vanderweiker be notifi-d of lie pendency thetcof, i vice w HI oe given grans Mb. C nn.bridge, I ,..rrd-.j..Sept 9ih ; Bakei-fi'dd. Ir day , .. b,is,lin th, ...f mlJ d'claration in the i dune 'J, IS 17. EVi.l lot,, : .St All ars, taturJiV, tei.t Uth ; ftwanton , i.,... t ,-.,,,,..,,.., i -u h,j - - HMrllngton, I syusaAaii! s&wjlzi . TtW KVXT 'IVnit fir tiiik IvcTiTiiTinv lib INL.Vl IMtiJl OF TIIIS LNSriTUTION will commence on the 8lh of br.rTF.lintn. nnd , continue, with a short recess at Thank-giving, until the lUthof f EnRUARV Terms half payable in ad- vance. TyiTio-r. In Lnplish branches innu L,itin, per quarter, 83.00; I rencli Language, 830; Draving, i Aluslc. 81,1)0 Board, inc udint? I uel. L ffhts. W ashing. Arc. 825 r two gnarteia, and no deductions nrr inndc for ab- i sence cxccfit ill coe of orotraclcd sickness. sence except in cose or protracted sickness. Aug, v, mil, 7w3 BOOK AGENTS. H MANSFIELD, Rook Pudlimikr, New Haven Ct. 131 York St., will employ scveiol responsible men of good character, to solicit subscriptions In the several counties op the State of Vermont, lor" Tayloi's Voyage Round the Woild.or the United Suites Squadron," a very popular work, 050 pages, large 'i lno., with engravings. The terms whicli nrelib-ml will be given on application by mail, Pust paid. This work, which Is copy-right secuicd, will be sold exclusively to substiibers, and not in any Book Stores Cni'-i M. OSTHEIM, 110 T.IHHHTV STUCK'!', NKW VOHK, Wliole-iilc Grocer and Henler in Iiniiorted I.iijnnis, Winc nnd Scgars. l'orcigu Preserves nnd Grrninn Ki-sin-gor .Ulncrnl V.'utcr. iotf iwrifc. THE UNDERSIGNED would respect fully Inform lh public, that le has fitted up the slore two doors south of the Bank nf Burlington on Church street, end ((-commenced the DRUG HUSINKSS, wheie he will bo supplied at all times with a carefully telccUd Flock of Dii oca axd Mnnicixi:s, comprising every article requited in the Physician's, practice, and demands nf the tinde. Also, Suruicnl mid Dciilnl Iiistiuiuunts, Mineral Teeth, Foils, I.eec'iet, Eniihcf, Soapi, Perfumeries, Congress Water, Camphene, Inks, lilnckings, Dye, Stuffs, Isc. Particular attention will be paid In the preparation of Phvsi-jinn's nreselintinns nnd fninile rppttipt. AMOS C SPEAR. a tnv c. itir Burlington, July SO, 1917. 6w3 I'or Sule or Vi Itciit, ripHE DWELLING HOUSE and Lot sit- A uatcJ on the corner of Bank and Champlain Sts. known osihe Biiss place, nnd lately occupied by V. Harrington. There Is a good well of water, cistern, bam, -mcd -Sic, good garden with Iruit trees. Fcr Kins i!y m (;(0. l.liis, Sl.ciltnr.e, or Drinunaid i. Brothers, Burlington. 3tf Iioiliu Elu!)her Shoes. SffORACEH. DAY, NEW YORK, HAS kit. new in store, nnd will receive thioughoul the season, Jargc su,plies of India Rubber shoes. Will sll bv the case, for account rf ihe Manufacturers. the Coodyear's India Rubber Shoe Co shoes, seven slylc. Providence E'loes, five styles. Haywnrd Co., agent for all styles. New Jersey shoes, all styles Also, Men's, Women's, and Children's Para Rubbers, Sheet Rubber, Lined, Furred, and ill the straw, by the case. And. for the accommo lanon ot Meri.ii mis, will pack, assort?d to order. Warehouse, five stoiy b Hiding, 23 Courtlandt stieet, next door to the U'es. tern Hotel II. II. DA Y is owner ol the patents for making " Coegrcss Boots," and the only cne author idto sign couvevance ct right to manufacture. July, 1817 63 J.J( J. H.PECK !,Co., ) cli,enrf,n Co. Court, Isvac VANDEnwrRKER. I March Tam, IS 17. Whereas John Peck, John II, Peck, Cassuis P. Peck and Edward W. Peck or Burlington, ill said County, at the Term aforesaid, have brought into his Court their certain writ and return against Isaac v an.iorwpiker oi nunc ata'e ot .mwv iiorh Meclarmtr ap.aiii.! the said Vund.rwerker in an action , , fc- j , , k Cl.olim.,kte!. .,m, allJ ,.j Court that said l,aoc Van- ,ltp,l.r lili.n had nersnlial lit,e.. nftbp npiidenev had personal notice ol the pendency I f , , , , . , , . , , . ......j,,,,.,, lu .,. ...... .,,,., .hmu, , bi nsn-r nrinip.l ill -snl llnrlttim,n. ! three weeks successively, ihe last of sa!d publications to beat least twenty days prior to the said nextTeiin ol this Court. Dated at Burlington, Jiilv S7, 1317. EDWARD A.'STANSUL'RY. Clerk. Plait & Peck, Attys. Cw3 Dan Joh.vso.v, Chittenden Co. Court, March Term, 1S17. Isiac Vaxdervverkfr. Whetess Dan Johnson of Jericho, in said County, at Ihe Teim aforesaid hfl" brought into tins Couit Ins writ and return agoui'l Isaac Vanderweiker of Essex in said Chittenden County, declaring against him m an action on Bonk to balance boots occounts between them, demanding in damapes fiiOO And whereas it appeals that said Isaac Vanderwerker has not had peisonal notice ol the pendency ol snid suit : Tlieieloie it is oideied bv Ihe Com t that said cau-e be continued to the next Term of said Com', to '7, i.ur ington e.n llie I iir.1 1 eesday ol fcep- . "" .'" 'r"'" oe no ineii u iue pen, PHcy oi Mi.i cause py ''ud iMi- ng llie suhMonce ct said dj-chration in the l-rw , t!i? re-ce-jfion ul vw-tois. he Iiu been to much labor ess, a t,ew,p,,per pnnted ill Birliiuton, three weeks BWl .jn.e:l,K,w m lurni-hing hi, rooms. Having ,ucceiVel, ihe Inst ot said publications to be nt .,rRC(lc ,heorllbr a great lengiliof tune, and avail east t.vcniy days pnor to wid next icrm of lns , -d hi,elf ol all the lateiiuproveiiients, he feels con I sue I Coutt Dated at Burlington, Julv 27, HI7. E A 'SPANSBUKY J. McM. Shatttr, Atty. Clerk. Cw3 J. &. J. II. Pick & Co., Chittenden Co. Comt Jostrn FVk nndhisTrus- Match Term, 1317 I lie V 1LLIAK BlCKWItll J VMiereas John i'eek. John II. Peck. Cas-ius P Peck and tdward W I I-' I.. A. I te' li .1. r ( .1 n ti -r lttk,Y 11Iur,,,1,etL,n ' p:,lJ at the Itwi ntort.ta.J, have hruuht into t thru certain win nnJ leturn nciiinst Jihph Ii i County, at I tins Couit th i'isk ofWaieibury, in Wdshiuun Cmimy, Jeilar in '111111111 ihes tu i isk in nn neuun on uuok to ba nniTbuok nccouno lytweeii them, mi J suriMiomnK Vil'j.ui IJccKuuhuf Itiiihniun nfuri'vii.! ns Truster ot'aM i'ik. AmJ uhTca-3 it flppfQi- tint the kiu! Joseph Vi:k Ins nut haj jionat iiutuc ui'lhc pen Jtn cy t Haiti bull TluTt-foicit i ordeieil by the Court tint th snid cau'e lf curiliim-.'il to the ne.t 'lVrm thereof tu be hul den nt Usiihnlon, ithin ninl lor saul Ciuiuty, until- Third Tuesbtyol Sfptcmher ue.t, and thnt'the &iul JVk be notilteil iv npprnran! answer to wild can.-: at that nine, by p ibhhing ihe tubManee ol nth taration in the Iiee I'resj'.n newspaper pnntetl in Miid UurliiiKtoti, three wet'kEncafriciy, the last it mu pubhentious In be at rnt twenty ila)d prior tu t-nnl next 'I'eipiot thi1 Court. iJatedoilJurhngton.Jnly G, Is 17. U, A. STNrfBUUV, Clerk: I'latt if TtcK, Atty. Lost, 1 PAIKOrFOLIH.N'G UOLD-MOUXT- il ed te-ecs utuehed to a cold chain, with a small cameo tlide The tin ler will confer a great U vorondbe hbeullyicwardcd, by leamt iheni at thi n til PIANO-FOIITES. nnlin UxilKlfUiXKn, HAVING LATKIA Sl'llXT I -.pvrral dais ill i xaiiiiuing perbonillv the Piano Kirtco of all the piintijial tacluries lu New Voik, has COUCIUUeu, Bile T u etiouui unu niuiuueil nit trnunuii, tn introdece inlo ihw inatket those nude by these in grnious Vennoliieit, us being, according lo h judg ment, nearer to petlection than any other whatever he inn met Willi. The enpeiience acquiicd by the man ul.iciure id neailv IM iii-liuuienlj the employ ment oi CO of the lue si skillul w orkine n ; the adoption ol il the icui iinpiovcmcniaoi in? uuy, auu ine use oisicam ...... ur uiiined lor them llirr,nrli!int llie I'mte.t the leu! iinprovcinciuaol the day, and the use ofrlcam L.... . '.. .?.... I,, Ur,ih, i..,. ,,,f,r ,.,,, ,. JlOWCr, ll-ltt: ,,,v "'" ,,vS, n,v fin. (llieir niescui product) cannot supply their demand 1 "''l1 Anion, ne m nj unainemal, there 'i'hete Pianos being sneh as he can conscientiously i'"' "" ll,l,,clr : niu." ib Uadvvay's Chi- ri-ccminend, the uudeisigned will constantly keep on , ia """e woilbv ol K"'"",..,, ,ir,i(, us toilet emclient hand one cr mi le tor site, nnd from the suprnonlv o nce Mi-dicite-d S""1!' ' tan u.n, ptmples. tiloieh their touch, lone, finish and treble notes, us well as never lailitn rnnnvms r11.1lll-t, ,,,, (.0i rash, llieir standing in tune und duiaUMy in all other re-1 lustulrt-.tinuw"'11 ( n.dow.1 u.. fumed vis speets, he wul tvarunt iliem tu give sattsl.,uion, or 1 It speedily tinn"""" i(jlinl , (, jmh,. It ren the money will be leturned Ualkri's Harmonic c"(r-"l,r ".j, .w.t.cleai sweet, purr and ht l- Aliochuienl.a cheap and delighilui u.i.iiiiou, wul be d,r Ihe skm fll" " ' 1 wl all oinei suaa rrconi' supplied, if if quired. I This 1. rntireiy dilleiciit lioiii , thy il '",lK.'. ,. Vurposes. and wariann-d much Ihe Hob-ill Attachment.) The splendid iiwrunieui mended b-r llv JiJi -uuposrs it is superior to now used by tin tinyilu Society, wtneh is , belli r l "r V, (n-i,Ji or Heilin sunpn, btuic rn acknowleilge.l by all who have seen it to be lat the imnileJ ,' , ,' Lvl0nouaduiixtureaorilrltteiioua U-st in town, is lor tale.nnd may Iw seen at the Con- iiuly me h '.' tlSljn8 ,luriii8theuiiinwf mniitlw H8'",u,, , rrn, i.y a),jiwaiiuii m .nr. V.OLBLn.t, ni , l mmC'V dl u lliui-'irity. r-- Meinu'sHiop, corner ot College and lute aiegifatiy ami ,' uaaay' soap to the bitten streets. "u8,'",ftCi ilj alleviates the im,uWwsthcirrita- Pur lerins, ivr. apply througli llie Post Office m, j0 ,he udvetlis-d agenis and yon will ,et the ger risuami FAiiL or run hush nation. this n.w hi:ci:ivi:i. "RisoM'r-vii-or L nir. luisii Nation," with S9 i'riiait on sieel, roy-al Wmn , vheep 17: pages. 1 .Kfo.,'?,, .Siimncl II. HnrncS' Kstal:. yEi"su!Hcrbe ' Honorable ihe ProUle Couitlcr the Distlltl oi CHttenden, Commissioners to receive, examine and . ,i.. , .iir.r.mi ir Inst t,e rml(-,, SaI) , ,- 0 'm atfl 0f (ihailoltc in siIJ District. deceased. iTUresenteil Involcnl. ana aUo all claims and d.msnJs cxhi'iitd in olTaet thcietuiand six months frnm ik. .i.r ,i,. ,i,i. h.ier.l. beinal- JowcJ by said Couit Tor that purpvw, we do therefore herebv olve noiien u,r.ii :.,..;.l i bus ueaj Mondays of . September and Janaarv next, at 10 o ciocit, (v. .!, on enciioi saiu uays. Dated, tlih 3 Jth day of July A. 1), 1317, LUTHER STONE, ...... 8w3 JOHN SliERMAN j CommUswrnrl. JUST received at tha Africuliural Ware house, a large lot of the celebrated Kendall's Cy linder Churns. Also, Stone Chuinj, and a R-nr.t,f assortment of Stone-ware. i. S. PDIltCE. liuiliiigton, July SOili. 5 SJRTTKIl Mmiuro VotU, und Potuioo i Hoes, may be B,;en ot the Agricultural Ware hause, than have ever been oflercu for sals in ihi county. Also, Corn Shellers from 3,50 to 910,W) Cast Iron letters and handles for mnriting. Burlington, July 30ih, 0 J. S. ITIHCC. EGOS! EGGS!! A N AnU.VH.WT SUPPliY U Fresh Dm? ibis dav rcteived at July aj, lair. A S. DEWEY'.-i. Cjv A .STORM to Kent near tlio Square. Kn'iuiie atihtt utlicc. July, oil' LIFE INSURANCE. THE fr.mi Mutual Lin: Assvn't.vcfi Company, of Woicter, Massaclietts, contin ue 'o ."sue pdicica on lives, on the inct favcietle tcims. HON JOHN DAVIS, President. ImC GEO B SHAW, Agtnt. SaH. lUST ARRIVED AMI NOW UNDI.VO 3 3JW) Bushel' Solar Salt '."l Bb's. roar-n western do loOO Bigs doiry do For sale by JOHN BRADLEY Burlington ,July 15. CO. rc. no-u A- bCl. ... I .1 BAlllll (..-. .IlllKMUUl Sj IN FINE OKDIiU A.l QUALITY, I For sal by J. BRADLEY i. CO, July If,. rifiiuxa x uts axd .si:nuf. f1IIE American XcteJ Twine Manufac- X turing Co , keep constantly on hand every des cription ol River nnd Luke Fishing Nets and tunes, completed anj ready for use. These Nets and Suincs ale kmt by hand among the fisherman's fsi-niiea of Maine, where such woik con be done at very low prices. Persons wishing any description ol Nets or seines, can have them ent to their order. In desig nating the sii of the mesh, they will pleas; name llie entire icugui irom llie two exireint K mtts couiposirg the mesh. W.M. STOWC, Agt Im3 No. 12 Commercial St UOS'I ON. Coinmurcinl Wpiinsg Euk. 4 SUPPLY or this jcstly ci:li.dhated Ai rijid received and for sale, whol-sale uiJ retail, by C. GOODRICH. July3J.l-.I7. 4wl Wi'aling' ISooks. riHST It ATE ARTICLK. manufactured A and for a!c by C. GOODRICH. July 20, 1317. Iwl MUNSON Si. FOLLETT 4 RE AGENTS AT WINOOSKI CITY for ia the sale of the justly celebrated and highly rec ommended una UFCxnnna pill AND (.'rerii ?!iiitiitain Veticlnlile Ointment, the u r,f either cf which ensures to the partaker, a long prouperou and happy life, and a complete ex emption from all the iil I'esh is heir to. R-commeii-dationssiillicieiit ill number to cove a ten acre lot, proving the truth Cf the oIiovp assertions can be shown rays on hand and good ad- 1'AEM FOR SALE. THE SUHSt'RIRER oi run salK the Farm on which he now lives, consisting of lt?J acres cf good land, 50 acres midr good improvement, th- rest m spruce an. I hard woo l There is a good liouse anj barn and other oui.biiildiugs ; also a sugar and apple orchard. Said farm is well wot-red. and is one of lhu best grazing farms in the Slate. Situated two mile? east from ihe Union Village. Tor further particulars inquueof the subscilber. F. II. ISHAM. Undcrhill.Junc30.lSl7. Bvv6 DAGUERREAN GALLERY ! Itath'll'r's linck libc';, up stairs, Catirc-t S'rr'i, directly npynile Kent's i'.'ore. II. MvlT. IIS TUB I'LIUSl'UE OP A.- if. nouncmg to the citizens of Burhngiou, that he ,,. ,,,,, p-.rm;,1K,n, eW.-Juiient in tins place, vviierc he is nraetisnig the tiagueneoivne nit tit ine hljlleS;, slvll; of1,.r)(.cli,,n, jor,u pp nd lor fident that he can give universal satisloction to all who insvfavoi him with their balronaere .Miniatures ta ken any weath-r, with or without colors, in a superior style, and neatly s-t m Lockets, Pins. Rins, Brace lets, Cases, Frames, or m Ircm I to I.' i'la'e Family Cards, sunk in splendid Mahogsnv and Rosewood ironies. The Public are lespccituily invited to call and pvanune specimens. Feilect satisfaction given hi nil pases nr no f liar-re. Instructions i?iven in the art or s,jo, emoie.cuig nil llie eiieiuieui niuiii jjuuiuuiia jntamrnfjiherrtuanJ every MrincijJecxWiea mid ,,islrfltP(i by cApJ.fnenta liuin the lir.t Jiwoveriof I V . 'A i- . i u.,t.. 1 f.,r s:n. pmbiaciii!. all I Ire chemical maniDulations - ; : nMVl,,fl,, unr, Gt-rmanv. an,! l-ccss" cuaiau- ? e ToArtin he would give notice that he l.n on InnJ lifi'nan nn ! American Cninerns of ll s-izes, h lnri;i' an. I beaiiiiful nrttnent ot liold p'atetl Locket?, I'Jattrt, C(ih-, fin mo. Cheimcnln, I'ohhin nmleri aN, it, fir 'aleat whulcEa'f nud the t low. 11. 11. MAl'C. llurhngtnii June S3, 1I7 ill LKKCMliS, I.E3HCIIK8. Al'ltl.SII AKTICLi: of Pvvumis Lirnit-: jun retclttd by IIARRINliTO.V, 5 Al'Othecarict' Hall CONl'i:CTION.ItY. (V I.AItt;!. end superior as.urtnient of the niccM x X article at HARRl.NOTO.VS STEVENS WOODS, fHAS for the? time being rented tlio Itooirt 1 over Mr. J. V Randall's, Jeweler's Store (first door west ol Ins former Stand, 'I'' N TA III S," v(here he rcji'st-i all persona indebted to him to Cad und Settle without delay. IIC AL-ll KLETN A b i h is, h i) li p o s i t any , where lliblrs and Tt'Hamentsfroin the A. . V. Hible. , Society will be found for sale. IJ0 . Music Rooki, fee. Ice .MLLtiUKANh tt SEHAPHIMS, direct from the Manufactory. Burlington, July 30. S DISCOVKIIV K CKEJ1ISTRY wortiiv t ty ' ,1 1 si Ot Bleat A. C. Frt-AR, wnoiesr Hold in inriiiiRiou o . . i.. Vj.,..imM I . IIU' N.P i;uslliloiltpelier.(..)VV.(hvlnVAVi yf ' M (.''ourllalidl Si , N 1