Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 24, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 24, 1847 Page 2
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paigne prndigintt-lv Impatient tn li? uncorked, all awaiting oiir Inhest. II with ill III ? iivun ml appli met;, al'tcr nil our (nil mi l pain, vvv were not hippy, n n explanation nf the reason why, would Iks 'thankfully received. I mant tn hive brought myclf back from Mansfield, pooh ottoiigh to give von notices nf K'imp other thing In and nbunt Vcrmoxtj but this for the prnnt inn jt be deferred. Yours, II J. tl. jfrcc 13 EC 3 0, nunuNGTox, vt. FRIDAY MORICINCi.SnrTRMDnit 21,1317. " Is THE DAHIt AN'P TP.OUM.rp MHIIT THAT 11 eron us, Tiinr.E iskoSiaii aeovsthe itoitizo-i TO GIVE US A GLEAM or LtUItT, EXCEPTING THE IRTjlLiaESr, rATitioTio U'iim eaiitv or the United States." Ptnicl Webster. T1IU WA IN MEXICO. TUB LAST WHEAT OA.TTLESI The Avi'riean Arms aiftin Vbtnritmi Grca! loss if Life Prospects of Peace. We surrender an unusually largo portion of our column, to the exclusion of much less In teresting matter, to th? detail of the lato in teresting and important news from Mexico. The following letter of .Mr. KoiidalLcf the Pic ayune gives the tnot co.nptctu and graphic de scription of tho bloody encounter that wo Irate yet ."cn. The lots tn lilted, wound-1, mid missing, if grciltr, we believe, t'oin in all ti.e kittles hereto fore fntttiht combined! And well tn.iy General SroUsay it is time tin " unnatural war" should bo concluded. This War of Anncvitiim has certainly cost Ihe country, in blind and tro.iuro, quite a much hi it will prove to be worth ! The total los, killed, wounded and missing, on the American side, i set down at IOlIG, and that of the Mexican at nr.t le-s-i than 5'JCO ! We append the hilled and wounded in the New England Regiment, (the North,) under the comimnd of Col. Ra.'.sO'I. The rumors are favorable io a speedy termina tion of ho-stilitic. It ij even reported that ar ticles of Peace have been sijjncu by Mr. Tri-t nnd the Mexican Commi'sionei. We f upect this rtp-.rt, however, i.i pvematur?. Wo pray that it may prove v.eli-LanJed ! I'eica i de manded bv the hi;;heit iuteis-", b too true dignity and the honor of bet!; :.i nations, i lie Washington Unknot the ISth itut. has tho fol-, , , v iw. lowing paragraphs : Vc have been fr.vored t''l "veninrj with : vrv in tercstuy letter from Taee.bayo, ol Aiffa't SSJ"; but t too late an hour to puhuih it in to-n.glit' Vnh i We nre narrowed do a n, lor ;ne present, to the lollow ini extract relnlin to the armistice . " On the 31st, tn the army wus in motion toward) the city,Oen. Scott was met bv a pio,ioitioutorn ces sation ot liostilities, for tlu of taking cute of th-; killed mid wouu.led. This he refused j but tn the evening ngred lo mi iirinilice,toen ible cuaiinis-ion-ersioineel Mr. Tiist and treat for peace. The arm istice has been ollieiillyratili-d. It isdifti-uli tu foie ;e the result, though lean very well s-e tint it is for Sinta Ann i's jdvantaje to make peace. So lar 1 can trust him." By Jlagtiflic T-!'im;i;i, Niw Yo.or.S n liv,7 V. M, Liter trdm the D.nt n i. Cu mij wjs con ccutratillgh. brii.le at I'.ilo .Vt . Is: iiut. The lo'l.nvi'u i Mr. IC" 1 1.11' 1, ttcr: 21ita-ial Corie,n i l-.ue o,t!i" IVay l ie. T.vcejvvn,( mr .l-i,,) A i li, 1)17. The cel-bi.ite 1 A oa i i 'p's l'.it tee oi' P ica i.iyo i now oc-ii,iid by G -n. S 'on ; an I n pniiio.i oi tie Briny, afiei tvviet deje.t.iig 111- eii'.ny 1 1 i.v.,,,1' me hir.test tnug it o; th w ir, ureiji ut 'icd 1.1111 diately ntoa 1 J bun. 1 hive idu'ii.Iy scut yoo o.'i" a hurried sketch 01 tne gioiiojs event- ot 4 1 1, a i I r v.'n the pieseut lett-r innt ne I,ut 11 frir ie.1 sy irjpos ol the baltlees, vv.nch h ive shed sa.'li a jj.tin.-i.ii giory ujion th- AinencJii arms. O.i the 11th in-t. n ieconnoiance nnJe by Colon d Du'ican having pioveif th'it a ruad fur n liileiy nnj wagons coalJ be cut licin Cialcn to d 111 Angu-ti 1, Gen. Worth's division moved on the nlteinnou ot" tho 15th in that direction. Gen i'nln.v followed th next , niorningj nt the same Irm-, Gen. Q iitnnn broke up j IU3 tncauipmeiii at uueua isia, ti sm ut tiacienua be tween Vienti de Cordova nnd Ayotia, mil lunnedi ty Gen. Twi'jjj was in motion from tl.e latter Eiace. lly thi move a new line ot operations was la en up on Ihe southern and uurthuistem side ot the city of .Mexico, and the sirong works of the lVtiou and .Mexieaizmgo, upon which Santa Ann 1 ha-i be. btovved such im..icas; care lalor, were completely lam J. On the iC.h of A'lri-t. G?n. Vv'orlh marched a far as the hacienda or Sin Gregoiio, beyond vviuch il was foaad that the enemy bad cut up rind ditched the mil crablc Iratl along which the nriulerv wagons were obliged to pass. He would have none to S mm Cm, tr.otuer hiciend 1 ri leagus larther m, had not an order ci'ne up from Gen. Scat lor 11 hilt. It f-eeni.-d that (Jenerat Tvvicss bad nv t a large ioice ol the enemy . dr-iwn up in liont of him near Clrilco. ns ,1 with the : intention of dis.itiiu his ndvnnec, cutting him oil frm ll... nnin I, . Iv ,0 lh: .mil- ,n i,rh-i,S l.riiii.n, 1 ot five or s kided, bill the deuionstiatiou m,d by Hi. V.. n,, n. I linu. I,...,r e. fmu.. n ,-.1 1 . I Cfn. Worth's .divwiun U-foie ball a ihv's march was 1 m, j At C o'clock, on the mcmin-r of th' 17di. fi.meral Worth resum-d his march, his rout tmm.titi tlnough corn fields and narrow and io-ky hin, a.onj which carriages had never passed belore. The filling up of the dijches caused so,!,e little delay, ba, by d o,!,k "'"y r'i' !.e.?,lVr!;3. 3" .UZ. I r,.r .. i i..' . . ll , Z '-iV,:. X Z.mi.; U the road, ol which 1 have sp iken, weie obvi ously of recent consti uctiou .wid-mce that the enemy had but just gut wind ol our npptuvch, mil that Gen. Scott had completely stolen a march upju Santa Anna. Other than the ditches, nnd rock which had been rolled djwn fro.u the precipitin lulbsi 1, no opposi tion was in ide to the ndvauce ol (ten, Wolt'i, until In had reached a point in the road not lar tiuiiiSauti Cruzbut now' u scattering f'ne was opened upon the bead of liis cniu'iiu, tiv n torce stationed nt aJv.iuti geo'is pniiions above the road lo the lelt. The enemy w is quickly dtspeise.l, by Col C. P. S.nith'i light bai tnliu'i, ant the i I auillery, un ler .M ij Gall. As the divisinn iieured iheh icieu la of Li Notpii, the advaiu-e was ttg.iin tucd upon, but iiguti the ctiem's pitkets were driven in, without loss. A turn in the road be )oud Ll Novta bioiiht the ileasiut village ol San Au'ustin iu sight, and alter two or tluec light shir-nii-,he, in which the Mexicans bad two or three lan cers killed and wounded, our troops hid tpnit pns'i'S ion of Sail Auguslin. Oar only loss during the day v.. ... ... ...w.-...v. , - -v..-..- was one man, n it -Idler ot S. mill's light battalion, who was wounded Irom u corn held near .vidunilico. At 7 o'clock, on the morning of the 18th, Geu. Peon arrived at San Augusnn, mid at IU o'clock Gciiciul Worth was in lull march tor ihe city ol .Mexico, by the main road. .Majors Smith nnd Tumbull, Captain Man, n. and oiher engineer olliceis, were sent 111 ad vance, saooortrd bv Card. UUke's Hiuadrou of ilia- gooiiH, to reconnoitre, as it whs kuovyu the cut my vvas 1.1 lorce (tl or ll-Ui nJH ,..,un,v. , l-7 (inn;-, vmi'-ii within a thousand yards, wus lired upon Irom u batte rv wldi-li was masked bv trees, and the first lull Inen a tvv-vc-puiinder inatanily killed Captain Thornton, nClii-vM ilranoon. besides scveiely wuuudin'a euide Jonathan f lUwulter. Col. Gailand's brigade wns then ordered to occupy the nacieiiiia oi varreia, within eifht and ratirfo ol the enemy's battenes at Smi a ulnle l'i,l I laike's brigade, took a station iu the tear, close by. The t nsiuecr oilicew were m once feut oat to leconnoiue n vjen. mini i H.s-riiuui the pmcticsbihty of turnins the strong wciKs ol the .n.iV. and 1 1 1 ibe t in-nii tune. f jeiifr.'t bcott hxd ile. ,-ntche'd Cnp't. Lee with a supportinc paity, couiposed ' of t'sut. Keurniy'stquadioii, ond a body ot the nth . r j .1 I.i,, t.i fia.-t.rl.nii llie nrnpll. iiiiantry, irio' i s... ...i ".--' ' cabdity oi finding n road by which llie villnge of San Aniel tould be reached, ami thus tutu the strong hold at Sin Antonio. This hiiicr pmlylrid u thuip-u-counte r with tiie ndvauce id the I'tietuy, the mam bod) beine found posted at a utrutig point noi lar liom tin ..r rn.,trrn-. In ih-. M'.irinish. Mime six 01 IMVIII V. .i..,.. ...v. ... .... right Mexicans were killed, und as many more taken priaoneis - ou our sin inn m muh hm min v . rea'jlt ol llie KCunnoisanee proved lavonible. It wai ascerfiii'.ed that n nmd could be mane, which vvoul. enable the nnny to rench San Angel, mil thus luili the etroiig bnlteries nt Sill Autumn, mid peihaps oth ciathe. eneiny iinsjht nave upjn ibe load tirlweeii Ini. alii thn cty of Mexico. Tue MexuMi.ia weie pi.unl; "-n in fuice at ctiumiliJinj position near Coiilfe- BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, tiis, nml It wns evident llint thryhnd n nnmVrnf can non in position j but nl n council held "I mailt, It w.ia determined upon In nttnik litem the follow iu,t day. In the mem. tim , while this reonnnuis-ince w in progress, lien. Worth had est ibhshcd hi" hcndipia t Mt nt tin; hacienda ol C.irrer.i, while limn th? windows counties- liiiinh-is of tlw enemy could be seen nt woik upon the batteries of Han Antonio. About noon they opened upon -he hnciendn with both loutid shot nud shell, nearly every one of which took rll'ect, hut with out iloinj other injury thin M the buddin'.'. I, Me In Hi: cvcniuir the batteries ngain epened, hut with no other lesult than showing the position of the dillerent guns. Furn tunrvcl, the batteries were silent during 'he night. J the lire been kept up, tin- hacieml.i might have been torn In piece", nn.i me clime com mand comiKiied to lethe. II -lore wma luitlier, it I mny be weil to mate that .Mexico lie nuoiii nine .Ken oy i,en. i winj. near -uui uiii . r; mile neafly north ol San Au;;ulin, that San Antonio I Among them weie Cell. Uincnii, lio couuiiainleu m ti about three tuiti-s in tlie sime dniTtion, while the n-ison,Gen Anaya.bil' I'le-id'Mit.Sinidim.anil lien, point occupied by Gen. Valencia, near Coulicias, lor , Aievallou,niilnt'ul. (;oio.-e.i,lormeily Almter to lie had command ol place, is at lean three iniH ' Wa-hinsrton. Oeu O.niiy win capliiii.l lienr h in in n straight hue, mid in n direction nearly It Antonio, by (Jen. Worth, mid s.' inlliieiilia olli was ten miles, the way many of our troop had to ceis, iiiuoiii' them Col. Mirnnion, by (ten. bluelils at inarch, lor you cannot inia"iue a more rough, uneven , the baciend I ; but ihe mot iiiiii.itant ciptuic o all and jar; '"d sirface. I walheentire I'oreia.i llittaho'i.miwilynia.lfupolile- AtBoc'.orli on ihe iimrnins of the 19th the batteries seriers from ourownnriiiy. with llieir coiiuii uider the aeiin opened on Oeu. Worth's position nl the haeicu- imtoriuii Itib-y linns dl. They nre nil now under i lose da hear i&ui Antonio, tin ball cruluii3 tlunugli the Hinid.mid ltuntw.ll be stnctly dealt with, will, nil I lilling the room with fragment of planter The loss on our side haslalleu ino't li-auly upon the and broken fuimluie. Shell nlso buist in the mr oer So nil Carolina mil New Ymk miIiiuUti, llie full the buildniji, and the pieces dropped nmonis the men lnhniry and Kiiiiih's hiiht b.itliihon; attached to slitioncd in the rear. So hot wa the file, tint the Worth's illusion, an I ihe luttenes of Unpt. .Magiii troops weie obliged to ijaiu shelter behind the buildnisr, del mid Tu)lur. The Smith Caiohna ri'ninient w;as but still did not eive up the portion. About U u clock nearly cut to piece, lo-uiig III" out ol S7J men, Willi the divisions ol Generals 1'illuw mid TttlSits were or- which it went into action. The lit Arnlleiy has sul deled to advance in the direction ot Coutieins, mid by , lered seven-ly in ollioeis. one in the alternooii were in plain siijhl ofthe enemy ' The .MeAicau necounls ackn.iwleilse Ihe low, in batleiies, nnd within rane ol hi heaier kiiiii. '1 he killed, woiuulcil and prijiers,ol' no le th in thirteen bri jade of I'.eu. 1'. !' Sunlli w is ouleied to advance ' R-ueral (aiuonij them thiee e.i.l'resideni and loity- liiectly toward the eneniy's woik, while that ol Lol. lliley moved towaiil n sin ill vilhsc to the right, with orders to n iin the inaiii road, nnd thus be cnableiHo cutoff any reinforcement which luieht be sent to u lencn irom the cily. All inci"-anl liriiiij ol cannon was opeueil upon the mlianee of Oeu. Hnnih,nndooii the Hides were engig. d in skiriiinh'mswilli the piek 1 1 ol the eiieinv, mi I driving thein in. The Pi-pounder b.nteiy of Onpiam Mai;ni ler was pres-ed lorward with all speed, nswnsnlso the rocket and inoiintain howitzer battery, now eoniaianded by 1,'ent Callen iler of l!i- Ordu.inee U-partineut. A soon n they could giin a positiiin thi-y op-n-il iiiou the eneiny, bjt weie so Much exposed to a fne fiom heavier cutis, that thry were soon silenced. Lu ut. .lohnoii, ol the li st Ani!lry, but nttu-hed to M.iyiuder'ebattcry.was luoitaliv woiuideif. uline Lieut Callender was severe ly wounded in both lej;. At 'J o'clock the brigade of lien Cndwallndcr wasnrdeicd out to support Colonel Kiley, heavy leiuforcemeiit beinit seen on their way out troin the cily, while Gen. 1'ierce s brigade was sent tosiwain lien. .Smth. Ihe liriiM fiom the bit- t'-riesol the i neiny continued inecssant, while Irom a loll ju,t outside the lanse ol their ff.w3, the spectacle wa iuot ifrali- anil unnosmrf. I At about I o'eh tieloc.i.Gen. tntt aruvcl, ami seeing the i'unieue streu -th ot the .Me..can. at onceordet- ed Gi-ii. Siii-!J's bnjru'e fioui San Auu-tiu a part el Gen Q litinan's enininand to the right, to Mippuit liiley nikl Cadwalluder, and precnl, it possible, a juncture of the f.ueej cuuiugout noni the city with those of Valencia. Hat lew of t!io move-nci Is of our own troops could be seen fiom the lull where we weie posted, ov.-ni to the dense chapanal, (harp irx;ka an I irivine ; hut iu.t a motion of the enemy but was phiiuiy vistl!c t Tl.e ouler of battle of Valencia was certainly mot imposing. Infantiy were seen ilruvn u:i lo summit the bjlterii s -while long lines of the cntnvy' caalry were stationed in the rear, ns if riwaiiuu inen.ocK et oatt!-. i wo separate cr.arges 01 1 .e. lauer were uisitm vy seen repuiseu oy voj. Kie'V, who ha. I moved 1. is brigade nt onetime to a !'.n?7il lnrllil in the icarof tin uiemy's work. Harney was e.ceedins;ly anxious to march his cavalry n the scene of action, but it ivti oremd ut- tei.y iinprneticahle. The nature cd' the ground wa sueli, taat the infantry even Irnl Rreat ilitliculty in fnuiiuu the w ay across the jwii cgal, a tl.e .Mexicans lerni i; grou'iu coveieu witlisliarp.jaggeit rocks. Until night had Ininy nlosed in, the lire from the eueiiij'sbiitenrs di.l not slacken it had leen a con tinuous roar for neaiiy six hours. Gen Seott retired to S in Aug i-un nbou: S o'clock, and in the inid-t ol a hard imu, which had tost eonnnenced falling. Gene lals Twigg an I lMlow came iu nbout II o'clock, wet nud completely exhaii-ted. It was impoible to use hoises ou Me mugli and ewchngiy broken on which t'e-y had been opi.iting lone-arly twelve !uu s. Not anticipating the itnin-NHe st.-ength of the woik of tlu enemy, or I ic ahuo-t itinruiou it nble 1 1 1 1 1 -u tie ot leaching the n, it ,i 1 1 b.-en at li s tho Ighl til it t'l.- biiflies woill I be til; Uinta disl, ioi I i.nt th l,on;n w 1 il I be all cn.ulhit ibly 11 uiteied 111 o in A ig'l lor the night, ln-iea I of t i,s,n large . tue t.vo ftep iblics to enter on m-gi, tuition, I am will pirii.iioi i.iMiw-rc en. iip.'U.'d tn tn vnii nr. vviibniit ing losigu.iia reasmi ible lenus.ii s ion iiriui-tice. b. 1 i' Ms, 1 1 1 11 mi l-t "I n p.tiles nun, mi I on giouu 1 I 1 s'l ill win wit 1 i.nitienee 11 ml loni ;row m ira 1 w 1 ,'ie in y 1:1.111 j u 4 even siretc.i ih Miii'ivei out. I i'lg lor n duvet an-er lo this co uinu'iicalion j but A 1 1 In lii.s.tlie poipji-is ol t ic 111 mow we.e I ir trnui li men ig weie enniigh tnd.siriy any but tl st .tili-st lic-irts tout tie t-.i-.ny w..u: I ifntpulrs-rem-loice an I stiei jt i-n bis wolks lining the, h IV rigeveiy sup 'no-ity 1 1 k loA'.eJge of the g.on id All.igaiu 1.1 ibis, mil ti - loeii weie w -ak 'n-.-.l 1 y long cverlinns, want ol'ln 1 1, a.ilclull'd by tucm limmuiig'it run.aal it is 11 a sij ni; tin much to ns'it th it the luvniiacuf U.a ol Auga-t was l.l the exl.elile. Kuiyoii the inniiiiM, tf th-U 'th, Gen- Wnrth wi oiilere.l tnlii.iv witlllt pirtol his fivisiult G iil.m I'fi brig lb tn,v uds Ihe s.-eueot acll ill at 1,'n tn ai J 111 t le miHi.k upnu N'.il.'iici 1, Inr tn In ce th. p ii- Iin.l was ileeilleil ll l.l I ",te ll-. ilile. . lew till -li irg s of ciuonn were heard a hi ml 7 o'i leek, 11.1 1 a h--.ivy mt-ti-.ig uf inu-k.-t y, and sj.neevtn sii I unit 111 lit dis. tancetheylul s-en large uia-s-sol .Mexicans 1 1 bill flight inward the city j vet tew dreamed tu it th- b it-tern- in Coutiera'becn stornud mil earned Yttsoit wa. Gen. Scotl hiiuself, iicco'iipmiied by Geu. Worth, slaile. I lor the scene ol acl.011, when they were met by Capt. .Ma-on,w',th lhej.i)lul iiiielhgence tint Vu'eiicia bad been completely routed, utter n short but terr'ble strug!!e. Thenlt.ick up ei In woiks wits planned by (Jen. Smith, nud resulted iu the cip'.ure of 1 j p.eoesot'aitiliery, and oiue I 5 1.1 p.isoners mioug theni liens. Ulaneo, Garf 1 1, l.-11J lii.aii I llie notori ous S.ilas ; nil the &imiitiuitii'n mid camp orpipage, winle th" load along which those vvh 1 escap-il tl-,l, wan strewed with loa-ket. No le-s than 7llol the enemy, 111110111; th'-in many ollio-is, weie h-lt ib-ad 011 th-li'id the number ef wounded was undoubtedly far gieut'T. 1 h ive un time now to enlarge, or com- inrui upon tns vvv.i piann-a 1111 1 nrilltant neliieve s w "T'Jr" ? n ' . ' ctfr".".r,n ,Jr s0",e IS '" '7"' u V;.' ? .,'7 ,1 ?,?IV;?. i".m . 1 ,. , !y "" .l ' "' AllKriC.lll III Illy, If ell. Scott lit once ordeieil Gen. -"h"";1,, J""' v "' "i"11 v1 1 A "rV .-"' .. i... in uiu , , ,inu w ' if ' .'.. rT? ' 1 r," 'V " l'.Li ' imu "int.' iK-vuim mt; i m-T vuwig", uciurt a ivi- J'T vl.!n!!xr? niiu-nii-vd tint it wa niiye y , ? 1 V ! ' V. .. . . ".W'.J.f1" " .7, '. ,'' " , V- i ,,,,, ,,ra?,,, Li siV. .- u ' J '''V1,', ?' , f1'" ' " '""'her strong wo k. Hat "V X , !! 1' " 1 S'i-lin m llie capital.'.oade ,t evident that (ieueral M wisnmvely rngll.,... lief, co,. K, . ,. ,,,,.. , cln.lli, Vt..iL ..I ... A ..I,... .. .... .ill- V , . u.i. -iim, uni with the lu-s ol their heavy L'niis.inid bad fallen back nut- iitini'; on lite eiirinj nan an Illiloue.l llie place, upon secon I nuu stronger line ol works. It wa now nt the commencement of ibe haiile. about 1 ttVlogk in lite nftei noon, and sure such a rat tling ol liieaims has seldom or never been heard ou Ihe continent ol Ainenca. necoiupanied with such booming ol artillery ; mid thi vvas continued over two hours, and innl Ihe enemy was lully routed lioiu eve ry point, ami until thou who weie not killed or taken pnsoueia were in inn iiignv inr uie cuy i,et tne en deivor in words to give th- leader mi idea of the po sition mid woiks ol the i-ni'iity. As you come uloiig tne loan leiejiiigiroiu .Mil .vu-gii-un 1 1 llie capital, mid iiiuuedi iteiy tin side the I'uenie d-l liosaua.the .Mex- lean- bad lliiuvvn up a strong and exceedingly weil- 1 to carry ou th- war. it is one ol the most imperious purchased it in 18 17, tho vcar after the Tariff of built l.aitery, coiniiiinding the road completely. On duties uf the Hrst Magistrate to prevent the ealniniic. ,,.... , . , .. ,., in- i. the iijthi.ns jou lined the cily, stretching lor n lonn in-epirable from uu muiuli, nnd lo nvoid all the con-1 l'' "cnt into operation. J Ho latter tanll lias distance, was a continuous ditch, behind the bank ot ' sequences ul a violent occupation of the city. To tins j all tho indirect advantages in its favor, (and they which an immense number ot .Mexican inlaiury were end, and in the exercise ol Ins con-tiiutional powers, i ., . , , e i i .i posted. Ou ihe bit ol il.e le (e c ml, or woik nt the nnd in coiiforniiiy to ibe wishes ot Congress, cuiiiinu. , ir0 Cent) tliat have been nipplieU by the un brnlge, and ubnui iluee bundled jard- tlit ml. was mcated lo him on the Ifith of July last, he lias deter- prccedetited demand for American Ilreadstnfls the chiirchol Cbiirubu-s-o.orSaii Pablo, sirouily lor-! luined to hear th propositions which .lr. Nicholas , is-,. i ,i j n tided with wmks Ioi ml uitry, nnd nUn Laying ii i well Tri-t has to make ou ihe pirtol ihe United States, 'l)f":'d. Aovv let ns see how tlio Sentinels eiiniruiieilbalteiy.ioiuaniuig u nmnU'iolgunsot liea- , putil.n. 'I'll uti-..t.i.iili,ll.. ...I... .... . 11 .1. .. r ..... n .. II. .. ll.l.L ,' , IttlM I, IIUIII lltl- BUSIICIISIIIII Ul I lUlll 1 1 im, ir e imnt, nnd neaily in a line Ik luivu it und the I A this question is ct the iitnint interesl lo the Uc vill.igeol Cnhoycan. I'uitherou, on the oilier side of public, bis llicellency de-nc.i that llie National Con the woik ut the biidge, nnd about tluee bundred yards crest should take ilieirappropnate iiait.auducciirding lrom the load, wus a large building, well adapted lor ly he directs me to imiuy your l.vccilency, that )ou the protection of inlaniiy, and in w hich the enemy may take measures diligently to summon the Deputies had ulsj poied an iimucu-e body. The ground ui the 1 lo usseinble at 11 o'clock today. Viciiuly id nil these points vvas completely covered 1 1 reileinte Ihe ussiunuce ol my distinguished con- wiiu corn, nuu inner news, cm up iu every uin-cuoii ty i luc unti ut-i-ji iiitt-ns, jiii-seiiiiii1- ui..iacie mourner.!- (lie to the nilviuiee of our troops. No lecouuoissjiicc ol Ibe position nl the enemy hail been made, and con sequemly it ttreiigth could only be ascertained by haid blows and knocks. Tl.r divisions of Gen. Twines nnd Worth were m once engaged, the former with the church nnd strong hold ot L'liutubusco, and the litter with the batteries at the budge : nnd iu the mean tune, Geu. Shield's brigade ihe New York nml South Carolina volun teer lo-jedier Willi the'Jth, l'gihand 15th Itegnneiils ot lelaiiuy.undei Gen. 1'ieice.weie liunjiiigonwaid lioml'ohojranto attack the hacienda. Soon ihey too were engaged, nnd now the battle became geueril The enemy had over twenty pieces of cannon, ail in adiniinbleiosiioii,nnd feivvd with mole thjuordina ry skill, while but lew; id our ipius could be brought lu ocar. I'be bntiety ol dipt. 1 mnk is true, jpcued a well dieet;d llie upon Chutubu-co, but su xposed w is itssitiation that it sull.ied must terribly, milt in olliceisnud men. Tn di scribe the fierce conflict, even now that two iiijshave I'lnp-eil, or tu givemi nceoiuit of th- put iken by the ilibereiit legi i etna weie imp tsaible. 'loin l'ieoH.iungot thesirile up to the tunc llie Alex, .aiis were entuciy routed and in lull llight Inr the city, -a one continuous roar ol canncn and musketry, uc. compnnied try the loul shotiu ol the vic(rf",n tome vitiligo ground vvas Kiined i mid high above tlio ilm line li dense culiiiini ol wuokc, nt time completely en shrouding the coinha ants. '1 he ftieiiBih ol Hie ene my nt Ih.s battle I known tubule b-cii l.',tli)0 nt least, inaiiy fiv MJ.iOi),nll tio-ili troop and in n pusitinn ol uncommon sln-nalli. Opposed U them were nbput GOOD American, j.ided mid bioken down by marches mid countermarches, nnd by incessant toil bcloic the stron-diclil of Contiorns and Kan Antonio. At (Jul rubusco, the Mexicans llu-nisi'lvc siy, hanta Anna rouiiiianded in per-.nn.but tint lie left . 'ally. 1 he no ted battalion of Hidalgo and tctuiin, nml ol Imle-p-udencin the 1'ultnm, or young men of the capital, lioni whom so much was expected neaiiy nil Ilea I I.E.... In tlicuillerciil wjiU (tml mo'iiy in me i ovm i, n- Illltilll ItllllU .i pn' , , , I . . live pieces ot raiinon, tine ol our nuieen! flis tun we hive captured more nininunilioii than Oeu. Scott has used since he Ins li-eti in the country. Yuurstlc. 0. W. K. Killed nnd Wounded in the New Unejand Heyi ment. , Company A Wounded severely. R. S. Sweet ; slightly, 1' Melt die, A. W. llion,.f. Henderson, 1). K. Ui.;hmoud j, Coiu;nny II Woun.led Severely, .liwph it Mall jshphtly, t,. A. l'intt.Sd.G. W. libs. I) mil Hoan I lunpany C Killed, Lewis H. West , wounded s!iT)tly,.laines Webber, (I. (, (looil win, W. I1 lluekms I. Company I)-Voiiiided se-M-rely.Sl l,ieut.-innt William A Newman j sliejuly, corporal I,. M. Grout ; seveielv, Tiioini liee-lle, Clnrle Gettm; slightly. S. I' "Hale , John Monis, Wcs-oll lowle, I! S Vll"llt I Conniany ll-Klllcd M. ...... M'l . t.n.ll.. I. ..I . f -u.l- I II... i.l Company 1' Wounded severely, I.icut. rainier, II. A. I). .ton, Jr., Nicholas Trunk a Company G Wou.i led severely, cnrpiral Wihimn II. iW, Com- p-my I.-IullcJ, lleinaid McChikcy : wounded se- v 1 1 e-iy. servant J. C. Slowed s privates William Oouhl, Jr., John Flynn ; slightly, sergeant T. 1'. li,,.,c . P.,imL t i' p...... l!..nrr,t, nr,, . i,vates llenianiiii liean. A. I,. lM.e. Geonre W. Woods. John lioudle. Coimmtiv I Wouuileil. l.ieut. 1). II. Crmn, s.-verely ; private '!'. II. Caulield ; slight ly, John Ilossie. Company Iv st-veiely wtmnded,.!. K. Chaterton, J K. Scales ; slightly, .(.It. Iliggins, Dawd Uiuwn, William Kliudrs 5. Total, ID. A letter to the Times says G-ii. Pierce's horse plunged nnd threw his rider among the sharp pointed rocks, ns did nl-o .Major Seymour's. The General wns considerably lamed, ami will, prob ibly for some tune 'eel the rllects of bis fall, lie soon after mounted hi horse and continued to urt;-his men onward, notwithstanding th pain occaaioucu by tiii tail. The N'. O. I'icayunc publishes a letter of Au gust 2Pth, the latest date (nun the cily of Mexi c i, written by an llnglish commercial house, which says, "Thjalmo-t univer.-al opinion of the better classes, and our countrymen turning them, is that a peace will be concluded. 1 ho follow ing official cne-pindencc is very important, a ! indication; the nirit with which both parties en tered upon negotiations : QcAr.rcr.s or run Army U S. Auraicx, Covnvi .v.v, Augu-t "gist., les 17. Til His r.x-c'!t:icy tlir Piriuleiit ami Geucral-in-L'.li'f nj the llejiuiilic nf Mcxira. Sir- ton inu.-li blood ha ulicady been shed iu thi unnatural war btwei u the two great Republics of this continent. It is tune 111 it the dilli-ulties between them should be mill.' ibly an I hounrahi) settled and it h known to voar flvc.-llcuev that a com in- i.-r on the pan nl the I'liited Stales, clothed with ' lull power to t.i it cud. is vv.t'i the army. Tn enable 1 ".1 in. 111 llie me le, seize 1111. 1 occupy -ueli pns.lions 0111-1 ie oi tue c-ip.rii ns 1 may uee.n llece-w.lly 10 tne mi -lo-rao 1 en inn. 101 inisaniiy 1 nave the tumor In leiiriiu. with hi jh enu-iderntion and rc-ncu, yoar llvcclleu 'v's mo't iil.ihent eivaut. 'WINI'IIILD SCOTT. ; Mixitrv of War ami M vr.isn. .M.-Xlen. August il. S,7 1 To Hi Kteelleuey Gen Wmli u.l ri.-nlt, Ciiiillo.tilJer- ill-Cllirl ol Ihe Alio) ol tile IJ S. ol Allien."!. , Sir The tin li rsig'te.i, Mim-i,-r ol War and Ma 1 rine tiftlie United Suites of, is iii-iriieted by ( His I.'urilency the 1'ie-iileiit, ('tiuimmider-in-Chief , tn lepiy l I y-i li en.iim I 1 1 ...! I in I, 01 whit il villi p'np is ' in em -t iiit't an ariius.ii,-, with a view t nvnt I ihe mr liter s ie,l. hug ui l.initl belvveen the great lb-pah-Ik s nl this couiiiKiii, for the piupn- ot Icinug the pnipnsiiiiii.s which in iv be in. i le Inr tin- purjH by , thei'om.iii-sioiiernr llis llvcelleiicy the lhe-i lent of 1 ll... I 'nit.. I stii..d ..I' V Ir. , ...1... ... n, ... I toi-u ..r ill., a i nr.,... ' I , ll i-certaui!y hinenribl,-, tint in cousenuenee of the di-regnd of the lights ol tV .Mexican Rep.ihhe, the shedding ol bi.m.1 Ins b come ineviiablc between the fust U. pih.ics ol the Amen.-in cmitincnt ; an I jour llveelkncv with Loeat nroiinetv o-i thii's ilos warns u in itur.ii, a- vwii no account ol us ongl l as 111-' nil- lit ol tvvop-op.e l lent iti-.l t.v tin ir r l itioin nu I thi-iriiiieresr 1 he proposition ot nu arm stice to frilliuale thssau I ll ha- b-ell leeeived Willi iiI-h. ir.. by his l.;eell.'ii y the l'ie-i I. ut, ciiiiiiita:ider-iii-iliuf, as it vvi.l en ible llie propn-iuons to be culeitained, vvhieh the roiiimis-ioner nl IVc-i lent ol the l.'m. te I Stiles may iiuike I'oi the bunorable termination uf the war. I Accoidingly, the I'n silent, coinmin ler-in-chief, directs me to s.iy to your Ilvcclleney tint he necei ts the prnpn-iiioii io enisr into mi niiu.-iiee, nu I lor this object be has appointed the llilgldier Genellils U. I lincin, Mmtiy atamil nud 1) lletuto liu-ijano, who will be pies -nl at th- lime an I place designated. Ill I.VCCIICIICV Illsj Ill-llllcted III.' In i-.iniMiiinltn hi satiiictiun that the army ol the United Slates "VMtt "u wn uni iwy wdl w out ui rcata ul the luc ui the Mexican lortilioniou. I '.." , .'"'. w"" -"''leintiou m.J respect, yoar Uxccllcucv's most obedient setvant Al.L'lllt'l'A The following summons for the a-semblin" of . ,, , Hie Mexican Congress was Usued bv the Sucre I ,!irv f State. S.ntor I'tebnen l' . .. a ... I i ,i , , J - ...v r V Uill ' "II w lite .11 oust too was ilgrcCU Upon Ministry oj lnteintil ami luieixn llrhlions.) .Mexico, Aug. y l-t , 1-117. MosrHxcciLEXT Sin: All .lexiciiis,butcsp.-cial-ly the inhabit mt of ibis capital, have U-en uitucstv-s to the extraordinary i'V.tiiohh which have been nride by Ins lluvlleiry t ie Provisional President to colh-cl nu nnuy capable nl nie, tm ihtu ,,f il,,, nited States, and restoring the I i-tn'ol iiieiinu ol the Id-public Tory nre wuiiiss also that he has fought witti iutrep. Idity, exposing hi own hie, until Ihe moment when) iur n.mi- "i iu;i ti.iM int.-1. living in itic lies oi llie capital. Inbitinisol Mexico,i's,,.r,iir.. in uiesc circumstances nnu w uen llie numerous tn. 1 nnd to consent tint ut the mean time there shall be a ................. ..It.... ..I..:... suerattou. uou nnu iineriy. JOSi: ItAMON PACIIUCO. The above correspondence shows conclusive- . y that tho first proposition for an armistico came , f:,.rl Se.UI. He well in In bis letter mat "loo miicii mood lias aircauy oecii sueu in this unnatural war." TTWo are glad to see, in looking over the list of the killed and wounded, in tho recent battles before Mexico, that our gallant young townsman, Lieut. KiCHABtisoi, of the " Tight ing Third," is neither killed nor wounded. That be did bis du'y nobody doubts, Cerro Gordo furnishes a guaranty for that ! Wo perceive that Sergeant O. S. Dkadley nf the "d Infinity, is among the wounded. Sergeant Jli!AlLEV Is a llurlingtnn boy also, and would bo the last man to tliuch when the fight was hardest. FRIDAY MORNING, .Uccltiisorilio.SlofbliolilrrsortlioTclcsriipIl Coin puny. Tim Stockholders of ' tho Troy nnd Catnil.i Junolion Telegraph Company" met nt Hurling

ton. Vt., on M 18th day of Sept. 18 17, for the ntirnnsO nf nWlltir n T.ncliin nrrrnn-it.lo In tbn article. of as.oclalion. Tho meeting organized ' by appoinling l)AiBt.Uonr.ttTs,.Ir.ol Manches- ter, Chairman, and Glo. W. G handy, or Ver-'. genncs, Secretary. On million nr'lW. George W. Benedict, of Ilurliimi.m t',.,,..) ,i i. fi...t ,.i. , 1 iniitco of thrco to cxiimine the subscription hooks of tho Company, nnd repiuttotho meeting the number of shales suli--ciibcd. The Ch tlr appointed it said committee, Messrs. 1). W. C. Clarke, of lliirlinglon, Thos. Il.Cutitiold. of Wilhsfon, C. D. Kasou, of Diirlingtiui. Tho committee, niter examining the subscrip tion book, made the following statement in writing to the meeting by Mr. Clarke, iz : "The committee appointed to ascertain and report tho amount subscribed to the capital stock of the Troy und Canada Junction Telegraph Company, report, that Ihey have examined the several books of subscription and find that six hundred nnd seventy-three shares luiTe been taken as follows : ' ""-'i " i i " In St. Alban, GG tharcs equal to 3,300 " Ilurlington, 322 do. do. do. do. do. do. 10,100 3,000 2,750 2,500 3,000 3,000 " Vetgennes, CO " Middlebury, fi5 " Rutland, SO " Manchester, CO " Rennington, GO Total, 073 shares crpial to 33,G50 Assuming tho Ionget di-lanco named be tween Troy and Canada line, to wit, 200 miles, tho retpiircd amount of stock would bo 8 11,000; and on this assumption it will at once bo seen that considerably mure than the amount neces sary to authorize tho stockholders to organize the company, agreeably to article Gth, is sub scribed; and we find the same subscribed for by ' ojJi.i ftdi an 1 responsible subcrib;r.s.' " Submitted, I). W. C. Clahke, C. I). Kassu, Tikis. II. Canfiei.d. Voted, to adopt the above report, and to pro ceed by ballot to the election of Trustee. lly direction of the meeting, the chair ap pointed a committee of three gentlemen to re ceive, examine and count the ballots, viz. Messrs J. II. Peck and I). A. Snialley, of Ilurlington, und II. 11. Seymour, of St. Alban. Said committee ptoccrded to receive the votes agreeably lo the instructions of the meeting, and aileT examining and counting the same. rc ported a representation present of llnec hundred and fifty-live share-, and u unanimous vote for Geduge W. Ueseiiiot, nf Ilurlington, as Trustee, and he was thereupon declared duly mid legulurly e'ected. Adjourned without day. DANIHL ROIICRT3, Jr. Ciairman. G. W. Giiamiv, Secretary. The (Incite appears to be anxious to learn how 'lint Colchester afTiir stands now?" Our si-tcr ounht not to a-k us such uuestions. but wo feel bound to uu-vver them if she doe. Mexico, 'lighting Ihe battle of his Country." I We urn happy to say, then, that " tho Culches-! tor affair" was conducted in strict conformity J-Tlie Rrutlleboro V,h gives a nble of with the plan laid down by the Colche-ter meet- t,0 member elect tn the next 1 luii-e of Repre I ing. Mr. I.yon, the Thiid-paity eandid.ite. find- sentu ive, und up end-ihe fidlnvving ob-erva-' ing biin-elfvvilli but four lotef, went home and tinu. If it is lis ah hoste dnceri," it certainly vvent tn bed like a good citizen after voting the cannot be " nefas" to receive Ihe merited re- Whigtickct Hi-fiilliivver iininlgiiinted with proieb of a friend : Ihe other (arties and contribute.! to the election -pill table it will be seen, give the Whig of a locofocn repre-ent.itivc, from vvhoin, accord- four inijoritv overall their opponents. We ing to the Gazette, "that man is bo-ide himself who expects mnahing for freedom .'" ' J i l.i:oc Cuee.MHtr.s. Our contemnorarv. who Ins ''ecu talking of large cucumber-, nnin yield the 'hit '"'he edilor ol llie Auburn Duly Advertiser, lie sajsbc once ta.s'd several ('ii.-uuibcrs nine leet and c''11 " length, and lour leel in circu.utcreiice. Hue tester Amci ican. This I- snuu-tniiii; like the story told bva Rev erend gentlemen, living not a hundred mile from lliirliugtoii,of muxjtiilocs that he suvv in the wood-of northern New York, mi large thai they would " run up a tree and iir.V, and a good ma mj of them would weigh a pound!" 11 Hh sto ries aro true! If it wouldn't require " scleral" cucumbers to be " nine feet and eight inches in length, und fuur feet in circumference," we aro mi-iawn. llli.' ii.os.ptiioc-. wc.t nu - culliv.itevl, with a liarmics- piep.iration in lie. 1 principle, nf tho sound Whig papers in that Ter o,ffiX. ri.ory. foremo-t among which is the Milwaukie lliiibngion. A correspondent who h n just been over Sentinel and Gazette. his'jcir he will m .vvover DJJ acres and cut 1000 tuns ol hay. He keep SUOO sheep nu I Ins now enoi -h to m, oui tin the sum oi 8-JI1W. lie has sold lOdlu-ad neatcallle. A tew Uaysagoliu soin latnxen ,1111 season luuw ou-lieis in ije. imaito ... ....... l j rve. Iwston limes. Audwhenvveveiiiuretheopinioiiibat tin-Judge has ruJjim more lioni tlieie sheep.than he would had ihe 'i'.mir ol 'li teuiained iu operation, our read ers will nut doubt us cortcctnesj. We copy Iho foregoing from the Sentinel and Democrat. It may bo that our neighbor has got his readers so trained that they do not "doubt , the correctness" uf anv statement he makes. In 1811, the year-alter the " Tariff of M2'' went Into operation, Judge Meech sold his clip s.. i . .. ., .. (" JI-1 o'l'ie same gentleman, (Mr. uon.,; who "opinion" is sustained. 1 ' Mr. Colo paid Judge Meech for wool in 1811, I2i cts. und in 1817 3 li cts per lb. Tho amount (say 8009 lbs.) was about tho same in both vears the difference in price 8 cts. It i r . . i n.i ...:..., i therefore appears that Judge Meech received . . ... ii i.i .?0 10 less than he would have received "had the I arm ol 42 remained in operation, which dill'ers from the opinion" ventured" by the Sen tinel only 11 10 ! It i, perhaps, no special concern of our, but had not the Sentinel better let the "Tariff of -12" alone I Tho Mntli Ileglracnt. It will be seen from the accounts ofthe killed I l.l .1 K' l'....l.,,.l lli...t,n,, I1IIU WllllllllCII 111 1110 V'W llll-l""..,,,, that the Yankees were engaged in the thickest of llie light ut Chiirubusco. We will tiiideitakn to say that Col, IUmo.m wa among llie mot gallant of tho fighting Colonels on that bloody field, Forty six of his officers and men were killed and wounded. We will trust tlio reputa lion of our slate, lu the battle field, to the lead ing of our chivalrous friend. SEPTEMBER, 24, Clilllendeii County Agricultural Society. Tho Annual Cuttle Show ami Fair nf tins So ciety is not completed nt the time our paper roc to press. We shall endeavor to give our readers some notice of it next week. Wo have ,lmo nml SP,1C0 lo y tlmt il ,,as bccn 1,1 'e highest degree credit ihlo Io our Farmers, nml ,0 "loir " ilc" ''"''"''. Wo tn iy ho permitted Io rem irk, ch passant, Hint ubunt the lust lliing we looked at win a m" American Souasii. hut a litlle les tlnti a mile and a half long, und us hollow as n stove pipe. It looked like u sort of vegetable ultetnpt at an anaconda. Another matter : Wo supposed it to be the deterinin ilion of tho Society not to encourage sects in their nnniiil c.xliib.tioin ; nnd yet "the fair sea'1' had decidedly tho upper baud ut Ihe display in tho Town Room; nor arc we uppiised that any member of the Committee of Arrange ments " bet hi face against" the proceeding. ITFor the information and convenience of the members, of the House ol Representative, just elected, the Clerk nf the House, F. F. Meii rtttx Ksq., has caused the following resolution, adopted ut the last session, to be published : Hcsnhcd. That tho members nf Iho IIoue may select seats on I lie allot noon of the day pre vious to the annual session nf the Legislature, and notify the clerk of their solecism, who shall make a list of the scats selected : but no mem ber shall bo entitled to a preference in scats se lected licfore the afternoon nf the day previous to the session, nor unless selected by the member iu person, by his personal attendance at the Stale House. ITThe Montpelier Patriot, in a jubilant ar ticle in which it attempts to shake hands with ail tho " prominent" locofocos elected iu the lato skirmish iu this state, llatters itself nnd its readers that the I,octfocn Senators are elected in " Old Ucntiington." A man is apt to make a gosling of him-cif if he i in tho habit of " hal looing before ho is out of the woods." The Patriot f ajs : "With the members of the Senate from nennington we do not know-that we have any personal acquain tance." They were in Montpelier during the session of IS 10, major, and you might have made their "personal ticijuainlanco" without any difficulty. Their names are Rlackmax K. Ukoiv.nell and Hemax Mokse, and (hey are a pair of as gen- tleinanly and intelligent Wiiiqi as you would wish to meet. Dont be afraid, Major, we Ml give you an introduction tu them ! Spi akiug nl the Orange Co. Senator., the Patriot say : " The federal Smwr who is unfortunate enough i) iiiiu ion Willi Uol Ivi.lder. will, we uredict wi-.ii iiims.Ul in .Mexico alter the operation. ' We Mi-pect we know Cut. Ki Ider better th in the Patriot doos, after all ! The Col. is a right down clever fellow, and has nothing of the blood-thir-ty temper insinuated by the 'nr'iV, and we believe ho will he obliged to ns lor tel ling the federal Senators" generally " not to be scared 1" "i' n' Ka' "'c hopo the patriotic I'alru,t docs not meanto intimate that there isany thing , if V dreadful in a man's wi-hing bim-elf in Ihttt tt will he 1 irger ; it may be reduced 'i'""!' ; h"'vcr ,l,:,t ",:,.v 'I'.e rc-ult is u ileeply innrtifv nig one, uud one vvhu'h we trust win ic iv ii it v .nu iiue icsnn iii me v lug- tu er- tnniit. And while such strong big towns as Rockingham, Mhldlebuiy, and llurlitiglon, have di-graced theniselvv f.nd nlnm-t lo-t ns the Stale, we take lea-ure iu railing public atten tion to the result in i;--ex Cnutitv, and tn the (Minnie fiirni-hi'd b) her small but noble band of Wliigs, Wimp isin. Wo have great pleasure in stating that the Whigs of Wi-con-iu have elected John H. Tweehv Deb gate to Congress, ovir.M. M. Strong, the l."iofoco candidate, bv fuuii seven to eight hundred majority. Wi-cnn-in will come into the Union a Whig State : und thi will result no le-s Irom the intelligence und pa- ,rU,lism ()f her citizen, than from Ihe zealous I and efficient labor.-, in the propagation of correct Rutland County Scunlora. e are iiniler nli leations to I ne pent einm v rierk nf lb., feimiv ,,f Hull mil Gen V V ,ckrK 01 t"t Count) ol itutlanil, lun. 1 . V. . ilorxivs, lor the following onicial siatement oi the votes for Senators in that County : George T. Hodges, 2290 John I-'nx, 2795 Henry Stanley, 2d57 Win. P. Nojes, 431 Pliny Holmes, 3U7 Jonas Clark, 157C Caleb Hall, 1531 David Hall, 153S Jo-iah W. Hale, 8.10 William Marsh, 617 Samuel lloardtnan, 639 Scattering, 3 l'urcigh News, The Steam ship Dritannia arrived nt Uoston on tlio 19th inst. Tho Itostou Advertiser says T1C commercial news continue to beofdeen interest tu tlio mercantile community. The po- 1 Ittical intelligence Irom various parts of Lurope ' is also of considerable interest, i ,, ... , . .. , I be pressure in iho money market continued, apparently with litlle ehingo. In Iho corn i market at Liverpool and Iindou, there hid been a small roiiiinned decline of prices lo the latest date. At the Corn Lxehango id the 3 I We-tern Canal FlourMdd at 25s fi I and 25 -r uarrei. i lie wruiiier Had itorn in.e lor soim lime, and the grain harvest hid Ih-en in grr.eia I well seciired, with the prmni-e of a vield ex eroding the iirrriige mini Iv, Then) were nil favorable repmts iii regaul lo potnti en yuii liunsiif ilisiao having appeared iu vaiiou pl.ties, lu Iho rnitnii in arket Ihe sales had been 11111111,1 iitiinin'". un ill, nt a slight decline of prices but holders vveregeneially linn. ID" We uro pleaded to learn that, ut the recent Session of tho Franklin County Court, our friend John G. Saxe, Uq., was appointed Sup erintendent of Common Schools for that County. Mr. Saxe may bo safely set down as favorable to wholesome " Progress." 1847. Th3 lltnclliin. All manner of influences h.vo been permitted to Interfere with the 7W'i elections in our .jtate, and tho result Is that wo havo saved the Lower House by but " Ihe skin of our teeth." deli town seems to have had a " private griev ance" of its own, and In have sacriliced political differences upon its altar. When Ruiil.tNOTOX and Midm.edl'kv and Rocxtsoll.VM send Loco foci) representative. to the Legislature, Iicnfo coiin may shout " Victory," If it thinks it worth its while i but we can nsuro its worshippers tint they are a good deal like Ihe chip that slipped through the key-hole while common sized p"opie were lighting for tue We think the Wnig mijorily in the IInue will not he his thin four. Tho Montpelier WaUhnin and the Patriot put down H'dro's- Imro, in Windham Co., as having ccctcd u Iz cofoco. Mr. Plimpton, the tn in credited to that town, wa elected by ti few who rcmiined, after the meeting was to bo adjourned, and the Con-table and Selectmen bad gone home, with the ballot-boxes. Wo have no idea that Mr. Plimpton, under such circumstance, can hold a scat a moment. Grand Islo is alo set down by both the Montpelier papers as Loco; whereas the representative of that staunch Whig town is a Whig, ami "nothing shorter." Clar endon, in Rutland Co., is erroneously set down as having made no choice, while she has elected a Whig. The Senate is Whig by 12 majority. The election of Senators was not affected by the lo cal questions that were suffered to overthrow tho Whigs in many towns. The consequence is that wo have carried 21 of tho 30 Senators the Locofoco3 having gained none but in Cale donia County, where they have been nftener suc cessful than the Whigs hare, for the past ten years. This is tiie true test vote, this year, and the Whigs have reason to bo entirely satisfied with it. Iocofocoism is as far from success in Ver mont as it ever was. Meteorological Phenomenon. On Saturday last, the 18th inst., a wonder fully beautiful and extraordinary meteoric exhi bition was seen from this place. We are under obligations to our ucroinpli-hid and sci entific townsman, Mr. . Titovtisu;, fur the following statement respecting it. We hive procured the siih,'i'nd di-igram to In mill", (for which we are bid. bled to Mr Hills.) which will render Mr. Tliomp-on' de scription ea-ily intelligible. Iu the, tho outer rircio rcpre-ent tho horizon Ihe letters N, S, 11 and W, the car.linil points; Z, the zenith ; A, the sun, and H, the intersection of the arches in the north. On S.itunliy, Sept. IS, be.'vveen 12 and 1 o'clock, P. M,, the people of Ilurlington and vi cinity hail the pleasure of vvitncs-iiig a mrtenric phenomenon of exceeding infere-t. It consisted of a beautiful exhibition of solir bales. In tho fir-t pi ice, there wa a bright halo round the sun, in which the pri-nntic colors were very di-tinctly exhibited. Tl.e radius of Ibis h tin wa about 22 z , the sun being in it centre. Secondly, there was a circle of while light, whose center vvas the zenith, and who-e circumference ptcd through the centre of the sun, the altitude of which, at the time, was -17 i . Thiidly, there were two equal circle, a linle larger than the la-t mentioned, w i i-i .' - were about 22 5 from Ihe zenith, nuu tn tl.e ea-twaid uud the other In the westward, and whoo circiimfercnee a-sed through ihe sun and cut i ach other in the oppo-ite point of Ihe circle round the zitiilh, nl nil altitude of 17 5 above the hoiizon. None of these circles ex hibited distinctly their whole circumference at the sitna time, bill the portion which form.-d the intersections iu thn north remained renurkablv distinct, and with very little change, for more than half an hour. Iu tho prim try halo tho prismatic colors were at times very brilliant, and portion of the other arches frequently exhibited them, having the red on their inner margins. During tlio continuance of thj meteor the higher regions of the atmosphere exhibited a faint haziness and thin whitish clouds which were nearly stationary, while in tho lower re gions lleecy clouds were Hying rapidly athwart the sky from south to north. For the Free Tress Mr. Clahke: I have lately heard nu anecdote connected with the action of the Electric Telegraph w hich is too good to be lost it ci rtainly illustrates the' necessity of a more ready mode of conve)ing intchi- gence. At n large gathering ot people somewhere in the Empire State, an Electric Telegraph was erected for the purpos?, in part, of exhibiting its (lowers ; nnd as a matter of course, excited the wonder and nston ishineiit of the multitude. Among the number ot those particularly attentive to its operation, vvas a very well appearing gentleman, whose curiosity was so much excited thai the operator look uncommon pains to show bun the philosophy of the iiistiuinenl, und its mode of eieratiou. lie was a r. a ly scholar, as the seipvcl will .how, Inr lie S.KUI i allied the operator that he believed he now undei stood ,.ulj what was be fore so nivsterious he was uracil obliged to the opera tor ver) much he should now be en ibled to explain the mailer lu bis lauuly and liifliJ-', ul.o bad been cuiiiu to know linw it was u-sible thus tocouvey iiiielligeuce. lie then ripeated lusus&utauceul know ing a.i about it, and Ins thanks for the trouble the ope. rulur had taken to illustrate nnd explain it, mid retired llimugb ihe nowd, exulting in Ins newly arquued ability lu moke the natives wonder. Hut a thought occuned lo bun that ho had not made one inquiry,, which might be material, nnd he returned. savinrV Mr. Mr I ,.,. In i..i.. i i . you could it ltd ly this Telegi aph ! .' I'm. Maiue. The recent election in Maine has rciultcd in ihe complete eucccsa ofthe Locofc-coa. Mngnetlc Tclcgrnpli, We learn that Ihe necessary amount of Sloclc Iris liecn fully taken up and that the Trustees have determined to put office in the following places viz: Si. Albans village, Ilurlington, Vcrgcnnes, Middlebury, Rutland, Manchester village and I2at Ilenninglon ; thoe being the place. whero the stock has been mule tip. Ooubtlcss hereafter it may be found expedient by the company lo put office in some other pl.v cc, but wc suppose the determination of tuch questions will be left till the e.xlent and position of tho hii-ines on tho lino shall be found out by experience. Mr. Cornell, the contractor, is heie. and we believe he intends tn divide tho work i f con-lriiction into proper section, and In push the whole to a completion with vigor. Wo rantiot doubt lint the prompt payment of the call made by the Trulees will provide the the means ns fist as the most active operation! bull cull call for. It is to be remembered that Movr.V form tho sinews of the most important arts of peace, as well as o( war. Tho . Y. Print House" Asnln. We find in the N. Y. Express the following card : To the Pcblic Our attention ha been called t nil editorial in" Uurlinglon Vermont) fret Prets." ol the 20th August, from which we make the following extract: f Then follows a portion of the article in th 1-rcc Press of the date mentioned, wherein we took occasion lo decline, in tolerably explicit term, tho proposition contained in "an claborata circular" of tho ''Print House" of Messrs. Lee, Judson Lie of New York, that we should take ' a calico agency" and drum up customers for that highly rcpcctab!o establishment.- Messrs. Lee & Drewster then proceed to say : As our House is the one mavt ipa-rally known throughout the country ns" The Print llousi." or dealers in ' Print ontij; It i natural that thi and sim ilar nmcles vvhith have appeared in other papers, should s-'nously nirect aur standing and business as merchants. We therefore deem it proper to slate that we are not the authors of the ' clulurate Circu lar" here referred to. The editors ol the 'ichburg Whie.of the 15th Ju'y, m retlecting upon what they term ihe "coarse Van kcrism" ot tins ".Secict Ciiculor" nnd excusm-j them selves from taking a calico ngency, have named llie nuihors ; but as that paper is not likely to met the eye of the public generally, we would tciei tfully nk edi tors who h ive puhlislie I th 'iropinmn ot the propos ed "contract," (without naming ihe author, to cor rect Ihe iiiiu-tice vv Inch tlu'V hive thus inadvertently dime u. As we have no -h ire in the urotiu, we de sire to relieve ourselves irom I't: honor it coolers. Li-lu & UltilWSI'ER. Print Warehouse. I .Yeic- Ymk, Scpr 10,1317 $ We very cbeerlully "correct the injustice" e niilimml ol !, .Messrs. I,-; 5; IlitnivsTEit, ii I ir is we are concern d,iu I n ive p.eiurj in exjiie'-ing tl.e opinion tint thnc gentleman are lillle likely to be seduced, by the "profits" ortho honor'' of tlu thing, into any sin ill transac tion of tiie character of that spoken of. Ed. F. P. rrom the Boston Daily Adtcrtiser. Dion. Viiticinuie. Tiie new gift of M. Yattemaretothis city, .as the Oeneial Agent of International Literary Ex change, i recorded in the report of the pro cerdinns of the Heard nf Aldermen, which we imbli-h tn-d.i '. The following is hi letter to the City Ciiuncil and the li-t nf the works given ay li in in bob ilf of the City of 15 i-ton : '!' thi". Ilonora'd' tSr Miyor and Common Council if I'm (Jilt f 11 ostun : tiEMLEME, It i- hiuhlv gratify ins tn me to have the honorable mission nt pre-euting iu be ll ilf of mv native citv of Paris to the city of lio-tnn, iiJlitiori'il token- nf her esteem for her -i-ter city, coii-i-ting of ciiriou- and valuable works relating to the hi-tory, indu-trial statis tics and regulation of Pari-, to her civil, hit mine and rhuitable institutions, her system uf -ewer, drainage, water work-, and otiier mat ter nf in'ere-t and praclic ll importance, a list of which iseiirlo-(i!. That city, from her age, her wealth, her busi ness, her po-ition as the metropolis of France, with her ninneroii public iu-titiitioii, her cou--lant devotion to the health, llie pence, the well being nf her immense pepul ilion, believe tint .-he has acquired itifnrm.ition and experience th it mny be of i.-e to von and to other. The citie ol North America and Pari are now connee'ed liy n manv tie-, not only of an cient friend-hip, but of "con-tatitlv increasing i.l-- . s, ,.,, reiai.ons, ui t I nm Illo-t happy tu being in the ptc-cnt instance the hon ored in-t.-iiuiciit nf the miiliial exchan-o or pub lic art-nf courtesy and beneficence bv which I r i nee hope-to be able to cement still more -.-..tig v, tne hi py relationship winch has ever exi-led between her und the United States ALEXANDER VATTEMARE. Loston, Augii-i 17, lj 7. It V?T,0FVMl",!iS V,:z:iD :-nilory of tho Hotel , o ille, Par,-, a large fnho. with plates : Mreet (lazetteer id Pari-; A Work on the con--triiclion nnd repair-,,!' Il.e pavements and side-vv.a'k- nf P .r.s ; description of tlio Monument eriTtedlo Mn lieioin IS 15; Reports relative to IheM irke snf Pans and other European Cit ios, wit , Carts and pi. to-; an account of tho .Mont de Piete, or public Pavvn-brokenng of 1. iris for the poor; acts and proceedings ol the (.encral Council ,, tho Seine in 1810; Memoirs ol Ihe (.ana. and Aqueduct which supplies Par- wit . water, 2 large quarto volumes with At as; Repnrtof the Adm.nistration ol ihe Hosp,. Wis ( f I'll ns : litomi ;n . 1 imi ,r'"rn,'i?,T ' 1;VC1 V"r--;of 1,ull"5 Admin, t-tratior. of Police tu Paris from 1800 to 1814. Kiice ofi-arir ' l0 Select of The Ordiunucc of 1787, We devoted a considerable space in our col. umns last week to an article from the National Intelligencer, understood Io be written by Mr Peter Force, explaining the historv of the Ordi-' nance of 17S7, as often reverted t'o at this time .no iti.eiiigencer, in publishing thi, article, in , trcduced it witli ihe following remarks: A discus-ion having arisen in the public , prints as to the an. hor-hip of cerlait, important provisions enihraeei in i ..t: I lor tho government of the Western Terr ton-' . 1 l-'). 111 fi'iraru to thatce ebrated nro. Msion which forever excluded slaverv from hat s ZiiiiMi" vM t'x'"",io'' ii unit nine, u .I of all .'KV",",'" J"-' nm8 "'e rehire, vatc collect! i i '"ul " "K 'ero.. pri viuk " n 1 'S ,ur'n?''-l fr his voluminous siiliiinn i, A s"1'" rojects imu reports subuiiitcd to Congress respecting a plan ol gov ; rn.ent for the Norlhw.ern Writorv, & io first step in 1781 to 1787, when tlie Oidi. ance was finally adopted. He bus the copy of he Ordinance of 17b7, with all its alteratfon. : lu "ii ii, wiiiio miner consideration, just aa it vya amended at the President's table, amnngat which the clause respecting blaveiy remaim ut. lacked to it, as an amendment, in Mr. Dane' handwriting, in the exact words in which it now

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