Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 1, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 1, 1847 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 1, 1847. HltOOU MAItl'.S AM COLTS. To llnrrill Line, lor bcft Mare nml Coll colt br Bir Henry. 63,00 To l,nvnlrr S. While of FhellHirnc, for 2d best Mure riu.l Colto.ll by Mack I lawk, $3,(11) To I,ucins Hauilers-in A Co. of Milton, for H.l bist Mar.! and Colt colt by Sult.ui of Muscat, ?.i,00 Tliiro )tan old. To Krnrlin Clinpin ol Vv'illislou, lor the best three tcnrnlJ (marc) 1,00 l'n II, IV Wood of vWord, for the 2d best three year old (griding) $3,00 To llcorge Thorn of Undciliill, lor the 3d best three ) car old (marc) 2,00 Two ycim old. Tu.'iinitll 1'icrSoll of ShMhuriic.for the best lu-n vcar old (grldinz) by Mack Hawk. W"1 j ii ucar i-. iiutiaiiatii ol !shelburue,lor the !U best two year old (gelding) 'l'n Ik .M. llucll nl Charlotte, for the "J best Inn Jcar old (gelding) 8' J"' 1 lie Society oilers no premiums for yearlings con fei)iicnlly but one wason the urnund tins was owned by Isaac Smith or Sliclbuinc.niid ipiHc ti-pceiiihle. Yollr rnilllllillef. Inke litensinp ill F t illlT Ill-It- ill their estimation, the Stallion prcsent-d at th-- present exhibition, nsn wliole.nie in ndvnnce ol I hose mi.i- initteil at picMuus l.iir. 1 ncy ni-.i regain in-. liroveinent in sucking colls ns woithy ol note. I he regulations of the Hncictv at pie" Ml "'" c that hoiscs over three yenis old, cveept million, urn- not called out. They ha. I, thctctoio, no oppjitunily lor paing iikiii bolcol riistlcscriptinu, All ol which is 1 1 iff dully submitted. WII.I.IAM WAftNlii:. ( ,...,.. JOHN II. WOUDU'AKLM P. P A lepoit has been circulated, especially tin ling the ptesent exhibition of the Society, tint o'no ol' port, except on In figure", nml the only name" he has been able to ticrrtam ns successful competitors me II. NeHi ll.O. I'. Ilollibut and W. K. Tull.-S-''-" awarded to Ibis claw. Of Kwlne he Ins nlt been unih'.e In learn, the name of owncis. One ccililicate ami two premiums wele awarded to tins class. xtmHi:i(ii:s, ntuiTANi rouiwr tiu:i:s. The Committee oil Nur-erii-, l'rnit and I orcst Tiecs, lepoit :-Thnt Iheyhaye not been iiotilic.l to examine any ninsc.ic, bm Iccl at libel stale, gen. daily, Ihat'lhe glowing ol seedling hint trees, cs-pc-c alii- lb" apple, mid such other banly lues and vines n me suite' I lo our sod and cliunte, Ins attracted the attention of seeiul of our cmciH, and ere Ions; Ihe demand, though greatly in-reading, will meet with ;i supply ol such as are giown in our n u luinieibate vi ..i...... liii.l, will furnish us with nunc Inrdv trees. nml piobably at a iheaper late than they can be . .1., I, . I i,t ll. Sniilh. We have examined the orchards nml fiuit gardens of such us hue ici;U'"tcd, an I ulihongh the number nlli-icd for piciniuni is somewhat limit si, jet J are happy to siv, that our evumn.ilions fully prove to us, we have a siniciior fiuit "row mg section that n.i- line has ilone her pait. and all that lenriinsto scenic the luxury and piolit ol ihoiee, abundant, and sailed, liuit", is i,r us to do ouis. liven the catcin jnil ol our Comity, lying near ihe range of (he (iieen .Mnuti units, xx ill i xx itli proper intention, produce hum ol the v iridic", but especially the ripple, wl.ul: Isol more nlite than all others, in nljuuilaiue. We exam ined tie- miliaiil ol Ml. Simuel Wells, in the cnttly put-of thidorhill, King near the loot ol the highest elevation in the State. This oichaid contains iihout Note . Annies xvere exhibited bv Mr. Hiinytn Ilradley, of Ifuntingtnn, which, as they were tint en tered lor premium, escaped the attention of ihe com mitt 'c, and ileseive notice. Ho resides In the luiM mountainous town hi the county, still exhibited a l.irm. nm.ii li.n.t.l i.l e..nnrin A ....Im clinumir conclu sively that il all our farmers lane not an abundance ol trim they only can be ill lault. iii'TTHK an?) ciir.nsi:. To the SWittniy of Chiltcmlcn Cminlij MririiUiind Km'imj : , The Committee on Hutler and Cheese bavins made their e.xaiinnalion, licpott, that, l'or the greatest ipianiity ol' llnltrr made in the month of .tune, lioin ten cows and up xvanls, they award ihe first premium to .Mis. Hi.:,.., I',l ,,i t,.ri,., uiw, i'iiiiii II cons made lbs. SlM l'or the gicatcst iuintlty or lhitler made from live cows and lc.stbau ten. they award the. tirt nreiiiiiiMi l Mn Snntb I . l'leroll of Slielbutne. lor MJi'i, lbs. Irum ciuht cows, 3,01) l'or the lM Xi pounds and over, made prexl oils to the lirn ol liile. In 'Mis. IJ. II. lVlllli man of t'o'chester. Jl best, lu Jlr. II. l!oo,l..leliehn. 3,11!) 3d " " Orson (looihiih, WillHlnn, !i,nn lib " " Maishal lingers, Wisllord, l,(h) 1 or the bet KH1 pounds mid over of Cheese your I'oiullllllee tiwiilil Ihe first tireuiiliui to Albert r.irtridge,ot Wcll'ord, f 5,00 Sicond picmiuiu to W. IbuvinaiiiofWistlord, 3,ni) Third " Mal-hal Ko.-et". " S.IHI Tie committee cannot rcfiain from noticing sain tiles of Ch"i'.s.. exhibited by Dnid 1'isln I llurlingtoii III1MIUCII ol 11 II 1'lald Shawl, by Mis. .t, .1. l'ny, llurlingtoii , do A silk twist, with steel mid gilt bced, l'ursc, and .1 Willi". A (Juiti, l.y Mlw C. Uitleficll( IWx, l; Amonj; the llmivlioll innimraclurcf wns ftmtul nnMy nicnwil, in u ln-nntilul nmnncr.n sutnf cnrdj'ti iinnrn.r,iits, wliidi, tliuiiirh mi ennnnu uiuht w lit-nil o Iinnclini tnniihcttirr(rthnvhif lo ilowilh Cun.l li(iinHu)hlliiiir' ihronnhinakiuntltccnrilcn pro ihirtii- of limn tnA. f.iniftiitft. it n tlmnylit l it owner, .Sir. .1, S. l'irrrt, f. limlly rntilleil ( jinlifiiii' fium tlio coiiipanv lie Kent his (n--in) to n licnntilul iinloiiui siicfi nti inn- tin h Snricty tiunhh to tlif Imly who nirnniu's from the cnrtlcii tlic moM eplt-nctitl Ihiimrt "f Mowcri. t'.-l .1... nl nnnn pJ, Kv iiiL-iiniiiiiitui; ii'i'l 1 111 L ill' ) i i ; j illiBIllisxX lln li'nrli trrntilir-titiiill rlllflVi'l 111 XlPWItin: H ituicii n? llif-rc w ns ni' the ireful nnJ oriiotiiciitnl wtnk, llircr nm-sni monn i, w MorKfii uvvvt mu-i ui . - - y . p-; r v 7 ,1,,.;,, , i,.,:,,,, r n wliiili inn tiiivi' m lif.innir. niu 1 rV Dl t'rtlt U (TV iK-allhv nttil iuomiH urowlh 'J'iti orcharil stniuf' Ihe (-onumtla' on Iluryf.-', : wit. Mr. Wmttrr, hn- tiii a ont!ictn t'.wiii. on u Inniny wil, iiiU'ipcrw'il funr ptMiJiiiil iuttri'M in Sir llt-iiry, tin Mi(vi"-iil with looc Ftm nml urnti ot uiu"i !ale, the Inttor "p romp, tilur.ritlirr no ow tier, or pnittn"r in hi- I'JHituiL"1. pfnrinix in nifuiv ia'v si t tin miiCiw. 'I'ht' trt-t-s nre It ii.thcrrfoiv, tlmuIit to he elm to tin- owner' ot Sir tvt with lent utu-iititr.i lo iinthrmntiehl linrs thnn lo a Ih-nry, to t!f owihms of other eutiu horj--. nml lo thn ' po.-itinii ht ft Hiitnl to supply I Iio toots with proper honor ot the Society t;i'iiernllv to rontnnln t. in lliH 1 inoulil, nim-iuri', nml nutimiint. It i- maily nil pulilie manner, this teport- Il i nttnlij ami . fully fiialti'il mul mm jno Inn sun nhitml'itil supply ut ninny iinliitr in rvnij irsjcr. 1r, II tti iter tutu mi intn ' tit th" U-t nrifti'" ot nppK Thn ra-n may well In at ichtitrvrr in Nr llcitnj or tiny othrr cnlitr hnnr. tiotinM lo pror f .nt on n hUt hmI, ot whu h mo.i ol Jlf never hud ami he hit tin xncrtat'ou ui ilsat ' tliTii-.t nitl ft onr Cumiv ij.foiniuwcil. Hih itio-t al to hai r rif hr iierrr ftinntihnl a tui tfihiatiliirrt'it uahlc tnut 111.0 ! itiimn Ah- W ells ha onecilrawii erv FitiiiTKirotin iHMiinl ru'ihta hie ii like to til neti tleiiien nii'l the founty, ami which we hi'lirc will rompiiie lavoiahly with the pioilnctioiii uf the hest iiuirits in tne coimirv. .1. K )IIL'liV. Committee. KKUllUN l'AUKnii, ) !ndicq ilottt:iho ttpnriiH aainet XhUffrnntthr proccciliti, nnothcr yenr, they will tlo thctn fclvc injustice, Our ininntos mntaiii hopeless entries liko the rollowinjj: "Tine gropes 173, 1221, &p." riowrrs, M3, 13, 153, &c." t( Strawhcrrie?, 150." Nire riannol, 207' ullle:ichcilTnv Cloth or Utipn, fit, fil." "Very lino Coverlids 101, lio, -lit, " Otlotmn Covers, 185, 15!).' "l.tinp Matt, nOU an,i tm (thce heantifnl niticlc, n ijoutig Konllrtintt was hi ml enough lo inform u, weru the work ofMi?s TitAsms WrAvnit ami Mis CitAinnu- withoiittnnkint: known, through tnis report, lotemam . i,Ats) I! 15, inailo by a girl of 10 vears ohl.'1 nt n rcninWn tlic Society, that theie wnmt vety toll ,,1, . K,inrimm, nf m.r ,,i,,nla t ...t.- nmlrith ill play of nntei Jr competition, nml that 1 u a specimen ol ottr minutes ami what me urrnt iiuiieiiity ol nunms to conenmoii( 01 intii 1 rouiu wo no 1 11 inc (secretary li.ui iclt us room or iitiliicrthj, tmrartl the purchase ttj the hotter, and has ivj itiicicst in tttst'iiniim htft irvnhttinn Wll.WAM WAKMIli, Chtiiiman vj Vummittcc. MINOUITV lilirOKT. To the ft Mid of Nttmtennof the Chittenden County I Ki ieult mul S'tnety ; The mnlereisineil, 0110 of the Coinmittee nppointril hy yo'ir hoarl lo nwanl pnmitimion IIoir-, njyet liilly rcpoii that he ili-nH (rom the oinunin of thi nther iwo iii(.m!'er ol the committee (i'm W in. Wnrtifrtiml .1. 11. W not I wan I) in tiwnnhm; th first prcminm on Stallions' to Sir Henry, owivd hy .MrH-rM. SMiileiMm 1V.C0.; mi J lint, in the oiiinitm ot tho un derimu'd, the firM pri'mimn sliouhl he awnidctt to J 1 nucointi s norw, " jm &,. .m origin ia lioie uf titieuntportioiw.gooil Me,hnitifiil Inyeohtr, of yrcat hone 11ml nm-Jele, choit joiut-, and ol tine no tion, and, take him all in all, one of ilm hrt St.ilhoni OleHJcmlcd trotn the "Onwivu. Mar.1 ") tint ha rer h"cuc.hiliited m tliis etmnty, find oujit lo icceixe the tirsl premium. ' V, I'lAViXllVAl, Uuilinton, Si pt. '23.1,1317. si:cnin'Aii s stathmkxt. A the reception and leading of th'1 minority report cm llot's ua made so piominent a matt'T. the .vte reiary claim's the prmltgo ol lnnkinu a lltelunt. The report on Hois wa- handt-d him early 011 Tiun day nioruimr (more than thn e honts eaihiT than any other re poit) hy Mr. Wnnn-i. lh ol th Committee on "Ilorcf Mr. W t-t'it-'d mmlry per-uns Irnl h'-en rty h.iy in ciu uUiimj n p'irt which ouht, pnrtifiilarly I'jr th lep'itation ot tin So riety, to he puhhrly di-nml, and nijiirsicd th- lilfiit appended lo In ti noit should le lead, w tit-h w.e readily ptoini-ed. It w i not mt "hlrd lr puMu 'titm ns a part of the train ictloiw ol tl.f SoenMy, and wonl I only liae ha n nad tor the aih'ii--i"ii"ol the n-poit netted hy Mr. I'Vtchor. Alt.r .Mr. Winner Inn. led handed him ilu irpoii he did nut tinm see hint until the next ihy, nor did he Kumw tint any 1 lhT leooit wouUI he hauitetl him. Mmitiv helore tin anoiw repoii weie called tor to he lead, a town-nnn ot Mr. hilcondi came to Unix, made kume remaik as tu tlie tlniarterof Air. WamtMH leprrl o a pcioinl nam e, mid ollied iitm wlial lu'ealU-d a minoiitv it ii!t lie promptly told liiin he could ncti rett-ue'or read it or any rep-ut, excepting ihn-. tnmi Cummiiiet awnrd iui pmniimi. It- manner t-f recepnon and nadnu i known. Still, although ihe St en larj ha hecn ruYd down uy in sup-imr, the 1 nwiiem, lie s-tiii t'l.iun- that the minority repoit shotild not l.ave heen lueiv cd, read or formed an put of thi" icporl. He In fiuee e.amiiietl one huiuhcd and ciahtv-i iirlit Ucimrl and two hundred and tlmty-cijht AltiacHof Kejioit from ity-'jiieu dilV-ient Soeieties, Willi seventeen Kimoits from tli Anuriean Institute, hut has heen imahle to fmd auv pieccdeut (or any tejiort bcitia received exceut I'rom maioihies of coinnmtei.': nnd tM'Iieves tt danerou1 lor the harmony and suece;- o any like society to allow eillu r a dn-ippninieil t laim nnt, or u lniiinnty of any cuiiimiltee, to employ one lawyer to write on nrtjimvtit in slnpe tf an ajip-al to tho Hoard ot .MauaejM, nnd another hu yrr to intro duce it, not to the Una til to which it i addre'd, hut ton mcelina of the Scciety for specific purpo-eH. As to the claiiiH in cout iout.), the Secict iry w Mies to he distinctly imder-tood a e.prcs-iii,.;nii opinion to their recpective merits hut to cie his it-a-ins lur not receiMii'' the Kepoit.nud pnneMhiL' nuiiiM the whole proecedumai noel in character and a dent di.-'urimzm'' if lolluwcd, a ptemiuin on thn uteluid,- Ae nuw awaul to him a diploiii'i of the Sot iey. v have examined orrlnrd and 1 1 nit garden of Chauueey (ioodi ich, of Ihiihnuton, and find that it coniaiiH a ;i eat variety ol frniH and licea al-o a va-lit-U a- to iit'e and si.'. Old trees that iimM petMUH woulil h'ie leauhd kh fit no aue hut lor fue-wood, nnd th it woul I hap hern cut down and teinoed at enmhrou-' to the mound, ale ieiioated and now laden with choice tnut'. Some with hollow t. links otheis witli one ide decayed, or peihaps with a thin nnd or pait ciicle of h nk or Kipuod only lemnimng, hy a coiiie ot rniiehin ihe ground, scrapniir, triiimunr and cimraltmu'. ei-m to hae s-jit tinr mt" new hie, nnd nic now irulv iulereMimr and niolilic heaiet. The method t't trmimni'i tins oteham may he regarded a woithy o nottu- and nnitatioii. l,in;e liuiii w lien iitniclied to the tiiiuk fco as not t.he in iLinner of snlit- tmjidowii. howcvei near ihe ground, aie peinnlted to leniam. I he liioeef- ot litmnumi i- tmrsiieit triad- u-iilv hv lrmoMinr deiul or decaMim hunches a they liny appear, au-i man num. 110111 me r.ircuinies ui the hranches when tound too dink Jo iijkii the tnut. Orcli.ird nic olteti mjiired, and miuv iuik" wholly de-lroyed, hv ciittuiij oil" larL'e IiiiiIh and liiumun up the trunks ot the trees with a jew to get n symmetil- ;il or well proMoiti'iued top. J his oidiaid colli. iiih the iiteiitcst variety ot apples we Ine Jouiid, tinny ot wlui Ii are newiy iniiouuecii into tne couuny, aim nic ol superior exeelicnee. Mr. (toodiuh aKo Uun a tine variety ot p '.'us and plums with i;iaprs mid snmncr tnut-. W thetetore nwanl to hint the piemuiiu ot (n or the ht"d oirlrnd and Inut canlcti, hiken as a . wiioie, tint ciitie ihidci our examination. 'I he Inut e-irdtti- ol Tiol. .1. I omy, S1011 t. How- j ird. and John N. INmi' mv. Il-o ate nth tn-aH tori the horticiiltiiri-l to i-it. 11 nh ol lji;'.-e uithinen literally " Kit under his ow 11 inc and futiee." '1 h" . uaulen ol 1'ioi s-'.ir Toiny i. peculiartor its uue and hi are nrieli' , and to him me (he inline indcMcd lor ihe i nt Hid i Hun ut many ut lluse aiieti. t. Hih ep-I penis plums .nod 1; tapes aie all "elected, attii 1 e 1 trecp. and inis ti. lined under the mltrf that liou kuowledee, tejifd litjui r.peiiciice and science, I Inut out. The ic-ud of siu h tiaiimiLi is made mam-1 I 111 the -up noniv ol the inm- pioduceil ; and may -e a1- a luaitieal htrt, tint net only I lorticiiltuie. hut Airrieiiluue, in ail it? hnniches tuny he yteidly un- pioved hy llvi nppiiiMtioit ot rules hiseil upon Ihe s line lights ol cxpei lent e nnd sett me. I The jsanlen ot .Mr. Howatd, although prcsentini: a line unii'ty ot ,rl1pl, peais and plttm.s, is jnoiu to ne di-tin-i'ie-hi d lor it number and variety uf p 'aches. Here me peach tin a tliat hive ieen "twche yeai. standiti, and weie hrouht liotn New Yoiknnd sd at time eais ohl, linking the nge ot the trees filtecn ai. 'i'liey linve home mote or h- fiuit cery .ar since lliey weie pet cxeept lire th-t, and are now hend iii!.to the utoimd under the hiiilhan ot their delicious titoducts. Althoit!ih the tivaeh ha" heen leiraideil as tuiMiited to our thmate, mil tuii-t experiuienlshave failed to produce It here, y. 1 in this naid'-n, under the caie and atteiuioit of .Mr How.nd's ouu h md,may he 11 1 rom twenty to twenty- ie ui- n- sot 1 11s raie hint, npe and ripening. The treer ft.ind in a onlhern c.xpo-Jiue niiii arc pioieeteii iroin Hie tiortn and west wind- hy the gaiden wall and huiMuijs Hveiy ear ;-y lirnelieen attackvd hy the pt-ach liorcr; hut lli.s mavm: srcJAii anij iioxiiv. j To the 1'icfiiilciitof Chittenden Ceunty Asiienltural ioeirty. j Your Committee on Maple Susar nnd Honey deep-' ly leret that their labors should have hecn nearly us snort ns they wcreuci t. l'ie speciiuciis ol Sucar were all they tound oif-nd for their nsicnud cxaniiua lion. Duly uie of these sp"( Iniens wete in the form rf a " loat," hut on consultation, your Committee adopted a conMrudion ot thai term hy width which n lot of ciu-hed or tine eu-tr whit" and heautiiulas the double rcliucd" of the sliops, was admitted into competition. The lirft preiuium they award lo Mr. II. Uood, of.letieho. $3,no Mr. Hood's Mode of Manufactnie. " I boil the ap in a t haldron kete lit the wood, nnd puar oil" in a lira-' kettle in the house eleau" the sjrup with the whit" of nil cj'4 and sweet cicam." The second tueiiiiuiu on simar to II. 3Ior.e, Shtlhurne. $'J,00 Mr. MorM''s rroepwSTnstrnimcd.hoileil in iriu. nyrti) straitnednml settled, llieu cleaii'ed with milk and vi!xt and sugared oil' soil, and diaincd in the usual way. No honey was presented for examination, nnd your committee were t-orry tolw informed that hers in the cuii'iH K'-ucrrdly, have scaicely made honey ciioujili for their own consumption, lhcprcrnt yenr. fas ' r.Mt.M nii'i.i:.Mi:.Ts. Vnnr Connniltec mi I'iiiiii liniileineiiU would lle- pmt lie' loiiuwint! iiicnnunis: slmnld he entitled In wcin'nnns, was not limn n trial to 1 i. ... 1 ... 1 - I.- .l:m....l... Illlll UIH WHICH WHS tllC MrM,U!ll neiu lie- 1111111.1111J where nil, yes, nil, was really so t;ouil,to ascciinin wliich was llie bet, The committee leclinc at h'rft tliat tliey had nn ar duous tak asipied to lliein, in aiceiitini! tlielionor of Ihe aiiuinliiicnt fiom Ihe Society, ciuleavoicd to JU Ji III ,r, I IK IT OOHlIllM'll 11, UI. nil.... ,. . t j .... h . . . . . , and they feel now senMlily rcliced that the nis!iied duly islullilled on ile-irpait jnnd liavnm nothiiiK lur- ther to ilo. eheerlnllv H'lnrli In (lie Society their Ft.l- lions, when joii nic jileascd lo acicut the unorl ol your cuiiutiiiiec, mio ninscrtne uieuiene Your oh't sennnls, S. II. HOWAItl), fur Committee. At 1 o'clock the Socle ly adjourned to the Town Hall, mid after a cry amusing and spirited minimi Bile ol' 1'iuils, Vegetables, etc., lor the hencfit ol" the Society, and testing the nualitics of arious Iriiits, adjourned, highly gratified wilh the two dajs, and fully resoUs I tu um: increased exertions lo sustain fo pleasant and useful an Association. C. (iOOI)lilCH, Sccictary. 4fucc JJvc mati.iNcro.v, vt. nuDAY Moiixtxo, octohi:ii i, isn. 1 plece- lle-t gn ciisuuid I'low, (icor'c Whitney, SJ.0II " nubble " " :i,mi " ll.irruw, " " double Wagon, Chester lilin.Phelbiirne, !IAI " Ox Yoke, AIpl.i in Vnrney, Cluilotte, ,() ASAII1X .AS1I,ui- Gimmilhc. MIX'HANICAl, JiAXlTACTUKIX The Ci'inuiilleeon Alrclnnie Art-, Kepnrt : They tne alleuiletl to the duties ot their appoiutuieut, ami ii'irict totav lint but crvtev m ticks in their deietit- intnt weie olleicd. Alter a caietul examination of such as weie pre.-euted, they would award the lollow ing ireniiimis, i: To Amauiliis I Jrntll.yAVUIiloti, hefrt r, IlnsKets, $1,(10 C. I). Aill.ius, llurlingtoii, best ,'i fpeciineus ol Houhbinding, 1,(H) S. l-'leicher, " " " riintiug, a,U0 tico. Tartridgc, " best pleasure Vagou, (one hois,.) 2,00 Gcorite liilnev. Ksnx. best pneriincn Ulack- suuth Wolk, (o-oke glot.s) 1.00 I'hey would al-o t notably notice nn o-hide liobe, ilres-ed by .Mr. Williams of well as a jL'lllil allely of 1 1 1 1 i i' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ;i t Illlplellli'UIS pri'sellteil by. Mr. 1'ieree of the ll'uliugton Agricultural Winc f bou-e none ot which weie ollered I if premiums, I All of is rcspeittully subuuttcd by paid coiu- llliliee. Cil'.O. WIIITNCY, Chnhman. IlOUSnilOI.U MANlU'ACTL'Itr.3. The under-iiiiued. b'-inir noiilied of th-'ir appoint incut upon the Coiiimitlee lor awiudmg preiiuiuns on " In thi: nAKK.wn Tr.ouni.rii muiittiiat i tmix vt, iiii:i:i: ts.Nohi'Aii Ariovr. tmu ikiiiihn TO OIVC Us A Gt.r.AM OF I.KiltT, EXCr.l'TIXO Tin: txTi-.t.t.Kin.NT, rATKiimc Winn paktv of thi: QxiTni) Htatcs." Dttniil H'ttocr. Tlic Agricultural l'uir unit Cuttle Show. Wo have about surrendered our jmpcr lwdily this week, to tiro Miliiminrnis yctiloiihlk'ss liljjltly liitcrcrtini; llcpnrtof the Secretary of the County Aoriculliiral .Society. We Intve let .Mr. (kjod tctr, the zealous and indefatigable Secretary, " have it all his own way,"' and it is largely lii f.inltif tlio Tree l'rcss is not, to-dav, an inlei- titiS paper. 'J'lie fiilnes-s of detail of, and tlic space occtt pied hy, tlic llepott, prevents our ptiliMiitigtuiy thing front ourown tolerably full minutes of the exhibition of tho two days' Fair and Show, ns well n, wc aru to sty, supersedes the ne csity, if nnt lli3 propriety, of it. e fully oncur with tiio Secretary in tlio opinion that in most respects, the Exhibition, in ccry depart ment of Agriculture and Horticulture, the mc ful and the sweet, tho ordinary and the rare, was in the highest degree gratilvmg nnd creditable The display at the Town Hall was especially i business !iml wants of lifii of tl rich and beautiful, both in tlio quality nnd a- which arc deemed les practical. riot y of tho articles of domestic production and , r.F.M n's noble design is to educatf. .Mkciiami tnaiinfacture dk-played. to provide a School whcie 1ijuti:y shall I lion re-pecting wluclt wc are under obligation We hope wc may bo allowed to express our 1 11 er capacilios culargeu ami nor lacilities tor to onu ot tlio intelligent ami capable l.overu- regret that it rhould Imo been .leetned best to1 ProlUablo and useful labor increascd-an ain. ,cnt contractors, Jam,:, Wonu.u.r., Kq..) insect has been carelullvciitoutwnh Ih kml'e and de- ll"""-i""i'n ' ' . . i... ' ' r ns . " r lesignato both live stock nnd all other articles by.gttTcs only, omitting the names of the own- eis or producers. The adnption of this method greatly iliuiinWhcd both Ihe intcre't, and we humbly inrigine, the Vffulmr, of tho exhihi tion. We can conccho of no solitary good rea ON CATTU;. The Coinmittee on Cattle lepoit that they ne e niniued all aumials presented for premiums, ami make llie following awaids. .Mr. I,, (i. Duighaui, for the best Ilerlford-hire Hull, ?l,00 51e.srs. I). & C. U. (Jonk, for the best Devon shire Hull, 1,011 II. Ilradley, for the best l).irlinm Hull, 1,00 F. Wilson, for llie best CraJe Hull, I.iki 1,. ('.. Ilinglimi, for IhelsX llinf.irdshirerow, '.i,i)i i). ot. C. II. Cook, for th- b.-l I) uuisliire Cow, :i,00 l.S. Illin. lor Ihe bet Durham Cow, 3tU O. Shaw, for 'J I btt do do diploma .M. l.'onard, for ben tirade or Native .Milk's Cow, . ",0l II. Newell, for best M ileh Cow, It.lH (!ro. SnslGll, for the be't two (iltl Heifer, :i,00 Onille Shaw, for id best ilo ,lo. ajntl I,. (1. Bingham, lor hesi one jearold Heifer, H.oo Win. Na-h.for'J.I lst do ilo 'J.IKI Truinau Chittendeii, for the ,.'.st Calf, ll.oo Orville Shaw, for the id b.t ilo 'Jsl I, . (i. Huiglidiu, lor ad best Calf, attacked to cow, 1.00 It. W. Nash.forthc best pair Ycailiug Stters, 'Joo S. S. llyini'ioii, for id best Kiir do ilo 1,00 N. I.oi.kwoo.l, for the best p nr l'at Oxui, 1.1 0 II. Cl.apin.fnr the bisll'at Cow ol Heifer, :i.ih D. sV 0. II. Cool,, lor id U st do ilo L',0.) The Coininitlee feel boun I lo sty that nltlmiz'i the rxlubiiioii ol Cattle was g, nerally good, tle'y have been obliged in name cie to aw ai d lo ani mals not tery superior, b,r want of eouip'-utioii. JIAKIt V HIIADI.r.Y. 1 DAVID A. .ML'KI! A V, Committer. UKVll.J.i: M. U.AKK.J Utirlinstnn, Sept- "3. ON WOUKINU OXKN. H.-.i voUe wolkilli oxen to llird-ey Newell, Charlotte, , f'.1"' 2 1 l.esi ilo. Jo. to D. IVrry, llurlumlo'i, l.on 3.1 best do. do. In Urville Claik, Aulloll, II.OO 4th best do. do. to Ceorge Whitney, Cssex, 2,1 n lirtt :t n-iir olil Meeis tu I). .v. C. Look. L har- lolle. 3d ben ilo do to No. 317, name not known, 3d best ilo ib to I',. Tuft, Willinon, S,00 Best nnir 2 vear old steels to Aw Ilih'lmn. INs,'.,, 3 01 SJ ben do do In No. SI. 2JK ., 1IOKAT10 AI.I.i:N,r CommUlm. Mi:ilINO AND SAXONY SIIIX!'. Your Coiniuiltee nnnoiuled to esauiuie nml deciit on the merits of .Merino Sheep llepou, ibat in at- tcnning totiie iiuticgot t-aiu iitipoiiiimi ut tliey Iue arrivcu ni me louownig rewm. Iliuks of ottr oho rnr olil, Ihey clii's ns IOIIOWS- 1'irst, I" I.. Hinshtni, ill.non, $',,00 Second, " H- Newell, Clnrloiie, t.(K) Third, " Nathan Sieanis, llmliiuion, :i,no Fourth, " I.iinan Hall, Shelbuiu. JIiickk til one jrur ii:il. First, to I.. fuigiiaiu. uiisiun, i,(m Second," 0. it 0. Ik Look, ( harlott, 3,11,1 Third. " llorat.o t,iiiin. uiiMon, S,H, llwcs ill l'"l-ks ol' I" in number. Hrst, t" !..(!. Uiiiji.'1"'. ","'l"n" Second," Horatio Clnpii;, illiluii, 1,00 I.unibs in llneks nt ID in number. First, to Horatio Chnpui, Willi, on, 1,00 In reference to thelluiksol Nathai. Stearns, and I.yinan Hill, the I, wis ot lloialio 1 bal in, im,l ihe l..nubsol the sainegeiilleuuii, your coininiin e ib.uU seriou-ly. whether lin y are rntitl-,1 In ,i,y pieioiurn inderthe classol " leiino .iieei." urn inev mv , us above, fiom llie want (oralnei ..,.n,i..-iiiioii. and uIkiiii imb-r tlt.itil ihetsH'.ety lIiomI I be of 11 dlllerent opinion, tliev will be cu'ibleii 10 award llie premiums m-cnnling to relatne Hu nt '. SKIN.N' Cummittit. ri. Ti,inf Sheen no leiiuri b.ts U-en handed the um.r.'.i.iiv ee'hl I r titieiieituX uire L'lmhU wilhout Hiicslying uuiniieis On these J,II0 in preiiiiuios was awaredei? lie has since leained they belonged to Itev. I.. O. Iluigham, W1IIW1.11. . Fl.OCk'sJ OF SliTTfUl' AND 3WIKII, LJji loek? vt Sheep the Secretary lua I'oumi no rc stioyeil. lie arbors, Hellise.s ami walls aiomul tins genien are eoverea won luviiriam vines, nu.ur w-iin rn !i ami lra;iiiiit clu-ieis ol eraoes (Jrnies aie e-jsiiy culiaieit and tbriu the gieaiest luxuiy 111 ihe whole cat ilogue ol liuits ; and no man who h is a s.piaie roil ot ground unoccupied by building", thould be without lllelll. .Mr. 1 orneroy Ins a fine laii'ty of (learsaud trrape-. Anions Ins liens ui.ii be ioiiiid t'he llirtlett. Causers Ibiig.iiiiot, lion ChieiiiMi, ekel, lulc Dovenue 01 irg-iheii, rasie, M. tieriiiam, und oth-T choice uie ti s. Oi'foreigu gmpe, he h is the llliiek Itauibttr'T. litlel's tloldell Chl:s-l'is. lis. peiioue, White S.uet Vater, ,c. Of natives, the, isii,eu-i,an.i wnat is known 111 tins locality by ih-1 irinieot tie- Finite Crape, an early and ri''ha riMy ; also the l.jinan t!iape,iheinot hardy and pro litie ol all grapes, nnd perhaps ihe most worthy nl 1 ul nvatiou in 0111 Lluuate. These Inut Lranleiisot Torrey, Iluwaid and l'microy are all worthy ol notice and conuneihlatiou. Yet we hae seen no on liard or tnut garden but wlnt might, mil should be, greatly iinpioved. We allow to each ol thefe rjenllemin. ill lien of iiieiniunis, a eojiy nt t larihe-r's l-iirmcr- Dic tionary. We hac not been called upon to examine any 1 ortst Tiees. DAVID KliAD, for Committee. FltUlTS AND VP.Or.TAlll.KS. The Couinutt. e on Fi nils and Vigelablcs icporl the follow ntg aw. nds : To .losiph Torrey, of Dailingloti. for ttie be-t I , ,'kic mri-iy ot 1 .ill Aiples, llie (iravciistein, $110 .ojo-t iiii 1 oni' , 101 nit- 11 11 nt -ic urieiv 01 .".11 Annl'-s. to wit. ill" " Jonulhaii." l oo Tu Cliauue. I iooih tell, lor the be-t live sorts of wiuti r Apples the llubb'tritsion Nonueh, llal,liu, Damco, Winter Sweit, lloxburv Ku-s t an. il houe 1-l.iiel Oreenine. 1 oil I l'o Sauill. I Wells, ot Umlerhlll, lor 2 I b,-st do W . I'oC Coolnih, lor live b'tt soinol fall An- I iili tin. 1 .. l.e I i--,r.intifM s!,.,,,!,., v.... paril, roiiuue d'Neigeor iumuuets.', and new II ikim: Siveel. inn l'o C. tioodiieb, for the creatcst arieiy of An nie, 01 sorts. ooo l'o John N. I'omerny.lor the l.-t five varieties 01 tall i-inr- llie inrrtt- II. M T.!ieiaes, i-i,,. tvl's liemamot. Seekel an I Van N'e.s. 1 01 l'o Jo ph Torrey, lor, Ihe bent nne uiicly of fill I'enr--" 1'ond.inte il Autoinue," 1,ik.i l'o John N. I'oiiu my. lor the two best noris of winter rears- M ( .eriiriui an. I lWu I'enr. 1.(1(1 l'o Jos-'ph 'i'oriey, lor llie bet new arietyoi wmtei l'eal II. line Dul, loo 1 o Lh.iiini e (looiincli, lor llie Is. st rinc arie ly of l'luius tie' " Irfiuib.ird," 1,00 l'o William II. Wtlkuis, lor the best H'edliui! renin, i,iri 1 1) .Mis. , 'l'lioinps-jn.for the 2d best do, 01) lo James . Ilkkok, lor the two best speci mens ni "..mpes, u quiring proict lion it wur ter .Miller's llergunily mid Swu l-wnter, 1,00 l'n llyron Stevens, of l.srv, lor ihe l..-si i-iie- ciuiell ot hnrdy t.rnies llie " I.vinatl, l.(HI l'n Chniuicc) (iotidruh,lorthe irreat'-st .itiety ot 1 nut giown hy one m iiMUiial, to wit; fOsoilsot at!is, 11 of peais, 11 of iiluni-, Ii ol iriapi and 3 ol iieaches, 2M) Tn .Mis. Ihuu.ih 1 homas, tor n basket of as- soite.l Apiles, coniaimiig maiiv new .ine ties. nitroiltu itlbv' the late Col. Thomas from Caiiada, Diploma. 'l'o N. A Tin ker, for the fi beft Cabbages, SO " II II Muiy. lor Ihe ii best ruinpklns, " l!i v. .1 K'. 1 onveise, for lliefi U'st Sii rjslies, M " N. Sicm iis, lor ihe ii Um Winer .Melons, so " I 'mi il l'n ison, lor 2d bitt do tin 2j ' Uev.. Thonipsoii, for Is'tt pctk Tomalois, .'ill " OimII S!iaw,ot Jericho, lor lst O. nous, .'id " I' lieih.,n, lor best pel k of Cariots, TiO " ilo , do loHs-st hei il Com, 50 " Ileuiy lminis, Ibr lt pei k 1'an.uitis, 00 " AI0110 I'.nt. 1, Colche.-ter, lur hett Tuinips, fill " Mis 11. 1'. lauis, tor b.el ls k ol Heels, fill " 'bury 'l,",mis,l'lH-reaiihl.merCiibbnges) .VI ' Ji" S I,., most wilelldid lloinii , .VI .ills. I nomas. ll lia, uuvt pen.lld I lower. .V)

to the Socu lv the report ol llielr ilolllgs, Willi 11 aie as lollows, 10 wit: I I.. 1.11...I. .11, il. ot.ito.l M..U on. Si!L . a line Mm I Mrs. Pl.Tee, " 61 ,P0 On silk Slockiugs (110 competition) to .Mis. . II Cuius, On 21 s Ik pocket llanilken hiefs, eiy superior, 11U0 13 uii!s Si!k. w'oithv ihe hlbisl com- ne iidaieui. Iy Mis Ficrie, 1,00 O.i one hi k l oekct HauukLrcluct, by Alls. N. Stentiis. Ibirhm-lon, JO One ieik Cocoons, which were cxliihiled as a specimen ot 27 bushels, showing what is done by those who went inily and perscveriugly into the growing the mulbeiiy, u : Mr. and Al rn. l'lercc, whoe vigilance has given a silk reputation to ibeir town, county and the Oreeu Mou 11:1111 State, b the p-ihn tliey have borne 111 premiums aw-anled In them by llie Anieiiean Institute at New Yoik.whi re there wei- comnetilors liom the dilleieut portions of the 1'iiited Sutes, 60 Hesi Hound KuilledSilk, a -rood article, by Mrs 1'ieree, 1,00 13anl- I'laid I'lmnel, real gornl home-inadc by Mis lliiinn Hood, ol Jem bo. 2,1x1 7 vanls do do by .Mis. N. 1). 1 lanegan, 'lliiieJeirith, Dij A beautitul lancy Caniet, by ?drs. Joseph flood- hue, Wesllonl, 3.00 A Itai; Carnet. by Mrs. N. D. Flanecaii. I lines- buigh, Dip'a 111 no ny .urs vivron vior-, iinriiugiou, A .Mis, Wilson, Iliuesburgh, Do do do 1. J. Fay, Huilingtou, Dl ilo do II. II Slley, do A Coverlid, by Mrs Rood, Jeiieho, Do ilo ilo Anna llvile. Hurlim'ton. A b-d Coverlet of cotton, by .Mrs. N. I). Flnne gan, lline'.burgb, Di ilo l.y Mrs Chts. Ilubbell, Jericho, IHUUIIglou Aim LO. liloaoeiom, llj ill hersevincrc. The above were linestipeihspeehnensofcloihs, ana mere neen oiner cioins lorcomjieii lion, they must h.ive been much belter than geii.'ially seen to have even ccpialled the hb enil soi cimelis exhibited 1 I.iucn Diaper, well made, by lIrs. Win. llovv- luaii, v e.stioni, 2.00 Do no by .Mis. Hiram KihxI, Jerubo, Dip'a 13 yar n Linen 01 n vciy line quality, uy no, 111 ils. Tow Cloth, good timl seiviceabie.bydo, Wool Sloekings,very line, by Mrs. Ik 11 A hee ler, Chailoite, Do do Miss J,. A. Stanton, Ilsecx. bv Mis. 1.. A. Stanlon. Diii'.i Uooleu Soiks.byMrs.I; I I.N heeler.Cliarlolle. .VI Do ilo ilo II. Hood, Jericho, Dip'i v nrsieu ruochiugs, un no D) ilo ilo tin do Di: Do Soiks, do do D) do black do ilo Dip'i .inm lis, oy .urs. j, v.ooouue, .icricno, Do do tlo do ,lo Di, 1 c I : . 1 .. tl. . , 11 ,, ' l.oieii cioehlllj;, ny .Ills, Jiuuyuu liraiUCJ lluntinglon, Do ilo l.y Mrs. C.llubln 11, Jericho, Cotlon Sloikiu-'s, tlo ilo Two Shuts, bv .Miss Collins. Iturlineion. Woik ll.iir,by .Mis Atlelanl Weed, llinesbur-:!!. Do do by Mrs, U.iac Dow, Biiilington, 2.i lied limit, in. ole by 1111 invalid boy, Dii'a. Do ilo by .Mis. .Muriay, do D) tlo do do il,, Di ilo by Mis F A. Werner, Colchester, do Do tlo do CornelitChainberhn. llurlingtoii, ilo Wool Snawl.hy Mis N.ll 1 limei'..iu,llinesbiirgb, do NoortPtl M. A. lltiil.Colcbesier, ilo lo 1,00 Dui'u do 1,00 D., l.oo Dip'a ..(HI 2,00 2,00 1,00 wo should decypher tho hieroglyphics. As it is wo can only say that the entire exhibition was worlliy of specific praise and admiration, from tho very largo and delicious pe.ichos of Mrs. Captain Wii.kins, .Mrs. '.. Thompson nnd Mr. llmvAKH, to the premium hel of .Mrs. F.Mis, tho Squash of l'rof. Toitr.KV, and tho monster To- mull) of .Mr. llitAin.r.v, of Willislnn ; and from tlia lieaullful liotne-iiianiifactiireil sill: dress nnd bawl, woven and worn by Mrs. STr.Attxs, the elegant, fill; fabric, cocoons and Hoo of Mrs. ' . S. l'bincr., Miss IIaii.mos of Shclbiirne, Mrs. Convuiisi: anil Miss CiT.n, and the beaulifully finished Kerseymeres and Cloths of tho Unt i.tNT.Tox Mlt.r. Companv, lo the ingeniously elab orate Hag Carpet of Mr. or Mrs. or Miss 02. Tho Messrs. linixsjiAiD made a fine of ighly finished silver nnd gold ware; and some well-executed specimens of drawing from na ture, by Miss Adeline 1'. Tiiomi'miv, attracted mciitcil admiration. Hut we wins stop without aying a word about tho fine Watermelon that Mr. I'iot.son of Shelbiirno would'nt srll, and the 3,011 ditto that Mr. lln.unxv tcotiltl buy 1 A .Iiiillcliius Oiiiisii)n. Tho A'orti Star fa paper, bv the way. that wo rather liko because it is tlic only locofoco journal that trud to apologue for the " ground and lofty tumbling" of Mr. Dillingham, in tho recent c.uivas-,)cnpies the Vrrmmit I'tHr'mt's ar ticle crowing over tlio locofocos elect to tl 0 next legi-l.itu re, judiciously nmilt'iwf that part of it, however, which relates to H miini'lon Cuunltj. Tho .SVr is a good friend lo the I'dtrio! ! I'lofessor Aitussi. lturlingtoii nml Chicago.. Ship Ciinuls. Tho manifest tendency of tho ngo to Increase tlio facilities for commercial intercourso between distant portion-) of our counlry,und to open new nvenues of triido and personal couimiiiiicitioii, is so great, that our readers will hardly bo sur prised to learn that an inconsiderable outlay of expense will place IJurliiiglon nnd (Chicago in 1 direct and easy business connection ! lly mcati3 1 ..f vil.i.. I 1.. :. 1.1 .1 .1 . I in oiop ..iii.iis 11 wiium r-ceni null 1110 ciruuui- liavigaliouof llie globe over tlio continents, is to Iro rendered about as pr.1clic.1blc asil is over the Oceans. Hut about 20 miles of Ship Canal re mains to bo constructed to open an nvcnuo through which vessels can navigate from Chi cago to Hurlington, with cargoes of from 3000 to 1000 barrels of Hour, or from 1(1,000 to 1S,UOO bushels of wheat, without breaking bulk! In deed, we aro of the opinion that the lime is war nl hum!, when tlio "Shipping List" of Hurling ton will embrace arrivals and departures nt and from her pott, from and to tho principil market towns on the great Western Lakes Chicago, Milwauliie, Detroit, Cleveland, llufl'alo, ike. &.c. Wo believe that nothing can prevent the speedy completion of the only remaining link in tlio magnificent scries of Ship Canals which will render this splendid enterprise complete. The Now York papers are railing Iho atten tion of their readers to what has been already done, and to what rem tins to be linishcd, In or der to secure (lo use tho words of an intelligent correspondent of tlio Joiinml of Commerce,) "cheaper routes to the Ocean, for freight, from the West, than by the Krie Canal and Hudson Hiver."' Of llieso two points wo propose, as brielly as possible, to speak in this article. The energy and sagacity of tho Iiiili-di (!ov eminent have led them to construct a line of Ship Canals to nvercmno tho fnrnvd.ible Itapid- I of the St. Law rence, and to connect llie great -j Lakes, Lrie and Ontario. This line is coin- posed of tho Wi:i.t.AM, Iho Wtt.i.iAMsiu;t.nii. the CoiiWAM., and tho Hr.Ai-imtMits C.m-il.-. I 1 With tlio Welland, which is already in success. ful operation, our readers aie sullicienlly ac quainted. Tho William-burgh embraces four short ca nals, constructed through William-burgh and Matilda townships, in Dinidns County, and cov ering a distance of about ",:) miles. The long est of these Canals is but four miles in length, present methods of shipping nnd trans-shipping; grain. Wo nre glad lo assure our readers that tho enterprise of which wc are speaking is in hand tint will not sulTer it lo sleep. Indeed, tho eaily completion oT tlio short and eminently feaiUe canal necessary to unito the waters of 1ikes Michigan and Chainplain, may bo said to bo iimititble. It is a measure rendered certain by its own intrinsic importance, no loss than Invited by its manifest practicability. We need hardly add that the prospect of open ing this avenue of direct Trade nnd Commerce with tho mighty West, furnishes an additional and perhaps tho highest objection to any project for bridging our Lake, at Rouses Point or else where if, indeed, it may bo assumed that such a project is now seriously entertained. Cer tainly the opening of ship navigation from Chi cago to llurlingtoii, would, nt onco and effec tually, diminish the zeal, in llnston, for a bridgo across the outlet of this Lake for tho purpose of securing a continuous railroad to Ogdens burgh. Hurlington would then occupy the rela tion to lloston that Ogden-btirgh is assmni d to occupy now, as tho terminus of shipping trade between Ito'ton and tho West; and " notioral " ns our New nnglatnl Metropolis miy b? thought to be, she is about tho last City in tlio universo to build a rod of unnecessary railroad, or a square inch of a fancy bridge. JJsciipf's, Five prisoners, confined in our county prison in this ullage, broke jail on the morning of Fri day last, and escaped. Their names aro Francis and Charles Smith, charged witli Hurglary i Cole-tin lleansoleil. Larceny ; Alexander :iin ick, lligtmy; nnd Alexander Tatro. A reward is oli'cied fur their npprehen-ion. " Locke Aiusilen, or the Sclioolnmster." We aro glad to learn, by tho following an nouncement in the Cambridge (Mass.) Chroni cle, that Ihe services of Ibis eminent Naturalist Tho above is the title of a Tale by Judge Ttnntrsox, of Monlpelier, Author of ' May Martin "' and other works. U is (rpm the press of I'cM, Mt'ssr.v it Co., Ilo-ton, and is beauti fully printed, and published in the neat and con venient form of Wiley it Putnam's " Library of Choice Reading." The .substantial design and tendency of this l i-t eflbrt of Judge Thompson's pen, arc to awa ken interest and promote improvement in the and, together, they mike but nine miles of canal, theory and practice of Education in onr coun They have been constructed to avoid a series of try. .lodge Thiiup-o-s has chosen, with ingen gcnlle tapiils. in tho dit:inci' n lined, whicli Invo ions zeal us well a- with good taste, to clothe a velocity of but almut eight miles an hour, and his iisclul anil in-tructiu; reasoning and sug- aio likely to bo engaged in one of tlio literary j nro nimble bv vessels tint can be propelled ' gc-tions on Ibis cardinal State interest, in tho t.. -.....; e l -n . n ' .. ....... ... Institutions of our connirv. Our readers will remember that wo brought to their notice, somo weeks since, the munificent donation of Aiipott Lvwnnxci:, of lloston, for the endowment of a Scientific School in the Cambridge L'niver.-ily. J.IIU spccino uoj.ji.ia 111 1110 i in iuiii, tiooui, 1.1 , g j lUOIIOlllg llll- .JUlli'UI, WCIl- UU piUUlULL7 ailjruiiui alt.iintnent in what ate bettor known as tho practical sciences, and tho iipyliatl'wn lo the e sciences Mr. Law- at tho hourly rate of ten or twelve miles. The Cornwall is twelve miles in length, and extends from the head of tho Long Sault (or more properly .Sai'l) to tho town of Cornwall, at tho inlet of Lako Si. Francis, overcoming the The lloauharnois extends from Like St. Fran cis lo Lako Si. Louis, a distance of about twelve miles, avoiding the Cotcatt and Cascade rapids. These noble public works (for our informt- 1 attractive lonn 01 a 1.110; sKiitntiy interwcav ' ing tho profouudest moral and political truth with the graceful texture of an interesting and well-told, though not exciting lur improbable, Narrative. The following brief notice of " Ixjckc Ams den" has been lnnded ns for publication. It is from a source that gives jicciiHar value to tho approbation expre--cd, as our readers would at onco admit, if we were nt liberty to give tho wi iter's n unc. The initial letter U under signed, however, (we 111 iv bo permitted to say) will not uiislc.ul thuio who attribute the notice to one wlio-o opinions aro no less aluable than his labors have been, in the matter of promoting higher and worthier than his who plans and are already completed, and will bo opened tor 1 the noble catie of IMticutlon consummates the capture of Cities or the subjii- u.c early in tho ensuing season. A glatico at gatiuu of Umpires '. j the map will show our readers that they perfect In carrying forward this de-igtv it his been the communication between Chicago and Caugh tlio u-oll.ktinvv-ti mill ui.11 ih.s'nn of Mr. l.oe. nawn i'-i. on llit; St. Lawrence. From this -1 KEM'i: to secure, in tlio several dopaitmcnts of ter point to St. John-, a distance of less than 20 .VJ 50 Dip'n. JO Dip'a. Irtl I wo riuiplc o M-eilhug l'ot nom weie nU'ered lur ' one by l.t v . 1 hoinM)ti and ihei.ihci nil Hi th wen- " (air lo look upon," but premium, the one b ny v.. iioooi klllilll,, ... I ..IV ll'llllllll'-l- 11. Ill 1 . .. .. ,i euaoie iiieiu p, urine ot 11 rim- S '., t ,V 1 ' I .T;""!'"- T1,,'' l""l'"' 'held"'.' to - J" - " '-"J 1IIII1M1II tin... I lii.r I ,,,,,,, r,i 111 ihe pern,is,ion of the i-ompetuois, juur colliu.l I. e pnuKjse , V, ' l theKimple..ll-rcd. lo ea, tl., , ,; coiicbw.011 a 10 Ihe. buy ,( ,w ,lMu. J,, AH wliich le iefieclu!ly subniltitNl by JI. II. STAOY.w CSiiiiH. do 00 ny nre. i,. .. ,-siaiuou, ls-ji:, t(, D) do do luriay, tjo Do Divun Cover, by .Miss Williams, lliiilinglon, ilo i'orl Folio, by .Mis. .Muriay, tlo All Ottoman by .Mis. Amos I'aiiiiboin. do ilo Lump Mut, by -Miss Small 1), W ies, ilo tin Ciiil.iui.lered Shawl, 11. A N tKHl,N'ertford, tin D.i tin no J. I.. N oiul. do il Ottoman Cover, by .Mrs 1-siae Dow, lluihugton, do Malt ol wool, Ly .Mrt.ti. N. Iluieihcl, tlo ,1 Do woolen vain tlo ilo 1'oller, Colehoter, tlo l.n ilo do Cbas. HubU I, Ji riibo, ilo l)o do do II II Doohtile, llinluiglou, do A tidy knit lied Spread, by Mv. J.J. l'ny, do do A CovcihJ, by .Mrs. A. 1 Saxlon, WillMou, do A limit, hy Mrs. Seih .Moise, nntluigion, ilo A wool .Miss llrownell, N illwton, ilo A silk Ibiss, by .Mrs. Stearns, lliuliugtoii, do A sliuw ilouuei, by .Miss i'erry, Wisllord. do A be.iutiltil l'ainling.of a limb, lobage and fruit ot u H'iieli, lioin uiitiire, by .Mits Adeline l Tliouipsoii, lliirhglon, do A silk and Heel beeds knit ling, a beautilul ar ticle, by .Misa Catherine Thomas, Ilutlintioii, do on lor thus suppressing 1110 11 lines 01 exiiiuu- ors, wlulu Iho best 01 all reasons, loiiuueu in honorable ambition and competition, snggc.-t, ns it appears to us, the oppo-ito course. Wo have heard it intimated that the Winif cour-o was pur sued lo .secure perfect impailiaiity in the Pre mium C.mimttons. Avvav u 1 1 Ti such non-en.-o I 1 It is an imputation upon the honor of the Com mittees that we aro persuaded no fanner in Chittenden County would bo willing to make, :ind that we aro sorry tn see insinuated. There was not a gentleman on any ol iho t onimittecs who would not havo done his duty fairly and honorably, we beliou1, if all tho competitors weroianged face to face before him. us havo 110 suggestions that '"bribery and corrup tion " are uiisible, gentlemen, in onr admirable Society ! Tho suggestion is enough lo make the cabbages blush for 11.-, to say nothing of the roses and the ladies. We should bo glad if wc had space to sneak, from our minutes, somewhat nt large of the nniiy beautiful and Ingenious specimens of Na ture and Ait that came under our observation. We should be decidedly prmoked with Ihe Sec retary for abridging our privileges in this re spect, if it were not that he would probably have the whole Society on his side in the controversy. Wo jield to tho Secretary because ho represents tho Sociili; but if"' tho Secretary stood alono" wo would have our say, whether or no! There are, nevertheless, two or three tilings that wo in' notice. On tho Camp Ground wc were rartieubtrly attracted by the very line Hereford Cow and Calf of Judge CiiiTTr.NPr.x, of Williston, and the Durham Cow and Calf of Mr. O. Siiaw, of Jericho. .Marvin Li:onai;ii, of ninesburgh, exhibited a noblo Cow of tlio half Ditrlnni blood ; and there were others, of very Ihu appearance, belonging to Messrs. lltxa iiam, Wtt-isov, Iti.ivN, and other gentlemen whoso name wo should have been glid lo read instead of thoir.Jgims. Among tho Horses, tlio sinewy and finely knit figures, the beautiful proportions nnd the noblo action of the famous "Sir Henry" and Mr. WniTfoMiiS "Morgan" excited universal ailmi ritinii. Judge Hcxxrir's lino colt, " I'-agle," looked ripo for charging a battalion, if not a jury, ami .Mr. jiai.uwi.mi "ctiiiuors was 111 lip-top condition, We noticed noblo pairs of Working Oxen owned by Mr. licKwixm, of St. (Jcorgo, and Mr. l'r.niiv, o( llurlingtoii, and others the names of whoso owners were hidden from 1norl.1l eyes. There was a good exhibition of Sheep and Swine, but nobody knew whom they belonged to. A beautiful lot of lx?ice.ter-hire sheep we learnt were the property of Mr. L. Hall, of Slielhtirne. We saw one Hog, 15 months old, said tu bo owned by .Mr. Wnuiaxiii, of F.sscx, that was a inon-ter. As Darby justly observed "Hogs aro rightly named, for I never saw a more hugghh looking animal than that!" Hut we aro exceeding our limits. A word for the Town Hall, and wo have done. Hero we were Mill worso perplexed by tho br.iiuloss?o-. nre that stared us in Iho laco when wo sought the names of tho various exhibitor. Jf the ln-tructinn, the co-opetalion oftho higho-t order miles, it is now proposed to construct a of talent and attainment. This is clearly evin ced by the attempt to secure the services of the widelv-di-tinguisted and learned gentleman whose name stands at tlio head of thn article, con-equentlv, will open to Hurlington o cordially arree with the Chrmuc'.c that " no choice could lu made more likely to givo a strong iinpul-o to tlio Scientific School," nor, wc may add, to elevate the character of Ameri can Schools abroad, and to impart to thetn use fulness and elliciency at home. Prof. AtiAssi, if not tlio ) eminent, is certainly among the most eminent, of liv ing Xalurali-ts ; and jndg- A wili to ascertain whether the recent publication entide.l " Locke Auisdcn, or the Schoolnm-ier," Iron, the pen ot the well-known author of '"The Green Mountain Hos," eve, really pos,-(.( nny value trout its hearing upon the subject nl Coinnio'i School edu cation, led ine lo read ami examine the w ork Co:i-iJered ineiely in llie Imhi ol a fictitious narra tive, the tlioroiijh-going novel-reader, longing for r.hlhltIouot "iibl ail venture anil ""iiioviiii'neenl-nu " Canal, which will at onco place the waters of would not probably fnul his longins fuily satisfi.-il in Lako Chainplain in uninterrupted connection &tZ with those ot the great Western Likes, and. toillu-nate the importance of awakening thought in The topo ness and the markets of tho e-t. graphy of tho route upon which i I- . n- plated to construct this latter Canal, is similar to that traversed by the Heauhariioi.- remarka bly level, and requiiing no rock i-xcav.uiou. Tho waters of Lako Chainplain, at St. John, arc but 10 feet higher than tho Canghtrawaga, so tint but two Locks will be tlm 1. 11 I l'r'"'es of education ; to exhibit the superiority of un, on 1- so li-aming over sii-rlicial iiceompli-lunents ; nnd to lliiow out it-t In) sipggertions upon the construction ot sehool-hiiii-es.nud upon other kindred topics. li icuts, teai-heis and pupils may read the book to advan tage, lor it contains profitable bints tor them nil. Hut ihe woik, although its scope and pur pose are as above indiented, is not, by any mean, devoid ol intere-i as n -lory The pleasant incidents) ot the tale aie interwoven with the. more substantial tissues that constitute us uroiitnl UltL frvillir til trull St. r.-nvroncc at i benuty ami mti-rfst io mat uliirh is doMLsned to po- -i.-! 1 1 Kin- !ijmi muf. .im nunou-iii one wou u injf from llio unlor nnd hitdici(tf witli which lie required in the entire (liftanre. Wo are aurcil hecn instructed nmi profited, ratliT iluiu Jt linvinj; pursued his scientific investigations and innui- j by gentlemen of undoubted intelligence and in- helnud yetrci" lo" rie, while he honored our own neighborhood j formation, tint the pri-ni of this Canal can bo lions, and with a calm leelmg ol sati-lactiou 111 ucw with his presence during a brief period, the pat completed at an expense no greater than thai of "' lpri''r"" 1a,,J dl''lul''ent of .! tale. L. summer, wo doubt not his peculiar litness and ,h0 lleauharnoi, which was X'5,000, (or &0r I ,1' 2 ,' lT? . Am,n ...... I.. I ,rl l:,,nUl l nll,er W ' nn.,N II.. 1 1.., . .1.,,'" " " "5l " '" O'CCl Willi H ... ..j .. .w . .loo) pel HUH. l.-Ulll-li IH HIV III llll-r trust no ob-lacle may interpo.-e to prevent his acceptance of the Professorship tendered to him. We understand that overtures Agassi, on behall ol Ihe Lor- l'r.oi Kssnr, Aiitsstx- bave been tntde to Mr. poratinn of lltrvardCollege.lo fill u riofessorslnp in the Scientific School of the Cuiicrsity, on one of .Mr. Ltwienee's foundations. This step, it is understood, has been taken lu accordance wilh the exprssd wish ol Mr Ltwreiice, who lias. (rum llie first, Ik-cii de.-n-ous of cmragiug the co-tieni1ioii ol this eminent .N'al- uiuii-i. v.u are mucn .lauueii in near uiai llie pro n-.iiii .inn I'.MensiYu saie, anu circulation, in onr State. It i well calct.latcd to exert a Ivne ticial inlluenco in behalf of '"the schoolmaster" I and bis birrb enlliniT nn.l I,.'.- ..... 1.... i.-.oono,i .. lt..,. il.... lo : .; r' o- n, u i,a,u ii;u-,uii (j.ivu,iuu .in v. .ii. o'liiiu e ui-.i. is, in .iL-w ui i jo believe the immense commercial ailiais'.agos that are to Locks at is 10,000 each, it vv ill be perceived lint ' the entile expense of perfecting tiiis grindine-l tine of intcr-communicalioii, will fall within I. llovv from il, of exceeding insignificance ! That the money w ill be supplied, and the work speed ily fim-licd, wo entcilain no m tuner of doubt. Intelligent Canadian gentlemen, who iiereeivo po-sil Ins been luvorably entertained by Mr. Aga-siz. j a.,rcci.lt0 ,10 ailv'Ji.laec.s alluded to. OMire-s ucii, uowever. are ins conneci ons w nn ins owi eov - i to believe, Judge litoMrsiiN will psteein iu highest praise, mid the proof of it, in educational improvement, his best reward. The book, we presume, may be had at KmvARp. the opinion that no delay will bo permitted to intervene. It can scarcely be necessary for us to cay that this project is of more consequence to llurling toii, and to Vermont, than all the railroads that can be built on all the lines surveyed from Uike Chainplain to Ogdensburgh. It is obvious that railroads cannot compete, for freight, with w a ters navigable for vtssels that can transport from three to four thousand barrels of llour. The correspondent of tlio Journal of Commerce, to whom wc have beforo alluded, says "the dete rioration in the quality of produce iu ils transit Irom tlio upper lake, under the exislin" ar- 1 ' Tin" ltcv, Dr. .McCloskev, of the Uoinau Catholic Church, was con-eer.iteJ ltishon of Albany, at City, on the 20th of Septeniler. Tho ceremony is ren resented to hive been a tcry impressive and Imposing one, both fiom its own intrinsic solemnity und from tho I1H1 char acter of the clergymen engaged in il. The learned and eloquent lli.-hop Ileum; preached tho fci mou on Iho occasion. A correspondent of the Tribune says ; St. Mary's Church, now the Cathedral of Albany, was ciuvvded at nu caily hour, The Chief and oilier Justices ol ihe I' ol Aps-nls" Mciubcrsot the Se. nale mid Assembly, und other ihningui-he-l eili.-m were present lo witness the lereniiimi-s. Iiug be foio the appointed hour llie church was filled louver (lowing, so ibat none obtain an entrance. About 11 o'clock Ihe orean announced the coin. inuiccineni nl the cen monies. The lh-liims and Clergy, drcsss-d in ihcir robes, entered the Churih by ihe sacristy door, and proceeded to their respective place in Ihe Kinctinry. All lieing prostrate, tie oIi culling llisbop icciied tho biiniilu the llolv (ibost, which was ulterwnid mug bylheihoir. He llieu comuieiiccil the solemn I'oiiufieal AIuki tolieeelr braled lor the lirst time in Albany. The meekness of the oiiihful I'relate, niJiutcn iu hiscvciy look, llie splciidor und iieluicss of tho I'oniilicul mid Clem al dicsscs, the imposing ceremonies, .c, u ,,ujtc an luicrc.iing to lire beholders. eminent, lint he has very properlv ri lened llie subject to their approbation, and lo the advice of hii scientific Irieuds iu iannpc, and especially the llarnn Alexander Humboldt. The well known liberality of th. King of l'ru-sia, and the enlightened zeal ol M Humboldt lor the pioiuotion of science, leave no doubt as to their willingness that .Mr. A gastuz should connect himself with our Umversiiy. They will probably led that hi no other way could that gemleinan's talent, attain ment nnd skill ns n niliiiali-t winch have k-eu so s.iiisl.ictonly exhibited to our community during the p.i-t year "be brought into such ibieel and cllieieul operation lor the promotion ol science. e presume unit intelligence will be reccivctl Imni lierbn, in n veiy lew week, which will lead lo the definitive ap pointment ol i'roleiv-or Agassi. Xo choice, w e apprehend, could lie iiitde more likely to cue a stromr inmulse to the seieiitili,. seb,,.,!, nn.l we take great satisfaction in adding, that none could ' be more alisnctory lo the men of science iu this j neighborhood, to whomJVIr. Autssi In lecoimuend- ...I I, ,,,. II' l. I.ia -,,,,1 ,1,1.. .,,,.1 I not less than by hii extraoidnmry merits as a Nam' raugeinents for transportation is nl least equal rausi, . . .ir ,1(lr 1 r rr.l ilnnr nn.t L...rtni: . - . - , ...... , IH, !.-.- much more." When tho Canal from Caii"h- niwag.i to St. Johns shall bo completed, the same correspondent is of the opinion that a bar rel uf' llour can U landed at liurlingtou, from Cleveland, Ohio, for 35 ccnt, '"and allowing the saiuo rale from (hence to HostiMi as is charged on (ho Weslern Ifailroad, say .to cts., we have 0.) cts." from Cleveland to Itoston. We im agine the freight from Hurlington to lioton is overestimated rather than under, and that CO cents will bo found to cover the whole charge ieai7.y uif-lialf if which is ititsled by the iltlerio ration of prnluce in ransrqurnee of Ihe tiectaary Iraiiihiim nit, iff. rnui'm ly the exhling pro cess of tranitrtatiun ! Our merchants and bu siness men understand, as well mi do tho pro ducers and traders or the West, the immense advantage that would result from securing an avenue for the transmission of produce, which should supercede Iho necessity ,,f breaking bulk between the point of production and il,0 market The absolute .'iV,on a cargoof K,",o00 hush! e s of wheat or euro ...... ,1.1 i. .... .. . - 1 ""niu uu prodigious, as - uu"uus 10 wie acquainted vvit!j the ItnilioiKl Depot (.1 diiiiiN in IJ t:r Ilns ton. The ItiitlniKl. The work of fillinje up the Cove- opposite tho South cm! of Water Street, for tlio Depot Grounds and Handings 0f the Kut lntid Road, is progress-ing with vigor nml succes. Tlio road crnbarkiiient at tlio South sido of the Covo is also under rapid advancement. A finer location for tho largo and expensive structures that will be required hy the business of this road, could not have been found. Tlio I'tnirnl, Wo understand that Harry IIradlf.v, Ksq., has commenced active operations in constructing tho required Quays prepara tory to filling in tho necessary space for tho Terminus nnd Depot Utiilduigs of the Central lload, north of Minn's Wharf. Wo havo secu drawings of theso noblo works, wliich arc to lm completed in a style and a tliroughuosss that will render them credit able Kith to tho Corporation nnd to tlio Vil lage. Agriciiltiinil Society Itcport. We havo struck oil' a number orc.Mra copica oftho interesting itcport oftho l'ro.-eedings, of the Agricultural Society, wliich can be obtained at this ollice. W e never Counted the dodging 0f Mr. ir,. h",', tlm Uto Lwofoco candidate for Cov crnor of Vyrnront, but ho boats the (Teorgh. locofoco " all about tho Tow,,." We aro not great at figures, but if we can get a respectable wagers will U-t he " slip,vo, t'. lnore