Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 1, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 1, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER, 1, 1847. Tim 'War, Wo aro without further uilvicus fromllio sent tf War. The next authentic news is looked lor with inten-o interest. x o ropy mo loitoiv- Ing from tho ulional Intelligencer of the 2Gtli ,., . i l'1, Stiu. ti SUMTN-qti. This is the eleventh duy ' since we hail full cnnfirmitiim of the success of tin. nn.K off in In led Kl.ilos nt I in mitns nf Mexican capitnl, of tho appointment of commis sioners to nejrotiale wilh us for Peace, niiil of the actual meetings of thoe Commissioners with the Commissioner of the United Stales on two or three successive, days ; and to this hour no tiddition lias heen made to that information, I nor lias any communication whatever reached tliis city from Mexico of later date than tho de spatches, public and piivate, which brought tint news. That an intense anxiety is felt during- this sus pense by all who realize the importance, of tlic uncertain issue, we need not assure our readers, tho body of whom are capable of fully compre hending how great are the intrests, temporary as well as (wo miy say ) eternal, which aro at stake in the depending negotiation. Kliciulil Peace be the result, Heaven would smile upon it, and all the Karth rejoice. Hut, (which in ay Providenco avert,) should the War bo resumed, what man living can pretend to foroseo when anil where that War, as yet only between the United States and Mexico, but hereafter too probably to extend to other nations of this con tinent if not to Europe, is to end, or what ruay - its final inlloenco on the happiness of tins People, and tho very structure of this Govern ment ? t3Itnow appears tint I.t. Fdward 0. Hoynton, ol uu town, was severely wounded m Hie latu liattles near the city ."I .Mexico j ami that young Darncs, also ut this town, was only slightly wuuudcd. IFinuW Join mil. Take a furl,, fit it in the wall, mid on ils handle place n cork ; walk up vviiiiuno ,.u. shut nnd ire in knock it oil. see it you do nui iM u. IFi;,S We tried it, and coil; foil; and all went )o,'' the lir-t sweep, the l.nlt minus 0e lining .' Mr. Journal, plea-o to " folk oior.-' llri'ghttiii Ciittlo .Uomlov, Sept. y-, (RLIVIITLD ICR HIC 1 1l.VV Ll 1.1 n At nnikcl, 11)50 ll-el Caltlp, mid I for) Store Cattle, i:tyok"s Working Oven, 3.1 Cowsnn I Calves, ..'-' Sheep, nml 2ulJO Swine. lin.r C.uri.t. F.xtra h7 ; j',M ,,,,ality 5550; second qu.ilily 5 75 ; to s(. Srur.i. C'Aii i.i-. Sal.-- of cartings $-10 to IS .VI ; two year olds Iroiu sll 1.1 1'J. Wokkixo (li.x Saks made at !, 7.4, 'Jl and C"ir am) C H.VLS Sales noticed lit ft 211, !!! to S,2' :i and Sur.1 1 Sales lirikand moily fM holme arriihiu I at 111 rk. t. Iimlis 1 75 to .:! : Did Sluvii liuin I s-irn:,l ii.,, r, , m , .. to 11. WOO',. Quly.snpn cl. Tneie is no change tu notice, villi a man, I. I'nine Si tony Fleeces, w.i-lied -American lull Wood do. ..... do :t. ,lo. do l-i do. do coin do. ..... pinyrin, unwa-liPil, ...... Itlieilew A) te, UMill'k"il, ..... Cun Sorih'n puile.l lamb steady dc- 15 It r,n III V 15 :r 10 :h :ii c :t:i J7 (!" Id I ,i lit lit " rt 11 :w -t 10 it js it :t,i iu 'JO 1 1 15 .--.1,1. .somii np'illeil lanili 'o I do do do do do do do do do iUamcii, In till xi'dae, on the sr.ih nil , by the 1'ev 11 r.uki-r, .Mr. IitrwLrictiniTAX.ot Iv e'vdlc.N Ju Mis .Maihih II. .M.r. i.s, ol'lhi i.laee In tln'p, on the 'J7th Sept., by ihp !rV .1. K. 1 ('iimer-e, ,M. C.,, i:. 0 Helvidere, 111., to aUnv I,. I.oor, ot liiirhiieiou. ' 111 uis Mil ice.on Hie (uli in--t.,liy Kpv Ir. Piaiks, Mr. HlhsS I1.iaiii.lyoI Mmelown, and .Mi-s .Makv A.ssa Coi.uer.x, ot this In rnirljx.oa iIip 'J7tli n'i.,hy ihe Iter Mr. I'.-i-eil, .Major 11ahhwi Maiitiv Vilas, .Mi-almiit, ol John hiii, Vt , to .Miss Al.inv Jam. Hathaway, of the lor ni'T pljce. An uiicmnmiiiiUj lich lonffium " tin- mar riaijc tables" ae,'oiniani.'d the fcrcg iin,r noiiei so e mil them both 111, coiuiary 10 our cii.-tnin. We trust tin' .Major may never liac occn-um to sene 11 to aain.l In Wi'stford, on the 13di ult.Jiy fiiv J. II. Wood waul, .Mr. A. J. Chase t yh, u. .M. ;..,Ci:s. 111 lliirlitii;ton,pppt. liih.of lyplms fecr, Mr. AM- I 1.1. 1 ,. 11 ALL, llCU ot. tth" residence of his son in St John, ('. I!. nn Friday the 17ih ult., .Mr. I'am.uoi.n, nixed 5.1 e.irs. .Mr I'. was a Venoouter n name nt Ver- K"iiues, ,ui for nearly SI je:i is has 1 11 an lai'ineer on the St. Lawrence. The Veryi-tiucs and .M01fi1e.1l papers will plca-e copy. SOW IS TJII2 TlMl). I I'. III.MIV .V l ().,nrp now- np.-nlnu- n larn J stock ot 1:11.1. and H'A Ti;i; CHOPS ot cu'ry aneiy, whuh enn he Imwu 111 anv iimiVet. rhilibet Merinocs, ir'nnps an.1 Iriui b to mntcli. French and Ilueiia Visui l'laiik A ery choice astnrtnient Mohair ricidsiind Ftripca Dress Silks Iroiu fi-J to 1,511 per yard. IJinliroideiy Cnnps ol'rKh m1's. Fringes, nil t:hIiIis and colois tor clonksan 1 die-ses. Hluek Silks fr .Ui.uilhs and 1) es-is. Freiu li (inijlnins. IM.awU. I' I.0111; do. l'..lka do 1 nj, ,. Aluencaii do Catluinn; do. Clotlis, Flench and tjerimn. )ver LiuituiK, 1 l. iri;e iim,uitiiient of.C.ips, 1 aiicy i.aHiiicrcH. also .In S!:il.lld 1 ln..l.. AI.. I l-l..l.:.. . -1 1, . .hi iiinu- I flillllllf: Hie liL-ovc yooils, with 11 well t-electeil Mm k nut- nhle liir country trade will be told at low prices lor cash or ready liuriingiuii; 1, iept. 88, 1817. II FUR STORE, C. A. SEYMOUR, Nortli-cnst I'orner of Ilm Siimie s x it iv a s it v 1 Si i i rv -. 1.S iiivilins! the attention of the public and especially of the ladies, to the CAtcn-ive. assniinientol Miiln, Un it and '( oil sale at his establishment, leels pcilectly warranted in Kiyinii that they are un. li s lionably the most eleyautlhinRSol the kind oerolletd in this town. Ilehnsal.-oa great variety ofOttcr, heal, Ueau-r, Fur, aud UI0U1 Caps, lor treiilleinciiand cluldieii, 1 ur collais fur slou-3, iV-c. AliSO The Full aMon of Hals, all of which oflVred low. October, 1st, 1917. ""a u. li. aiAcirs asioi'i'e;iii Ciallcry ! natcheldcr-s Hri.k Illock 1111 Stair", Church street, directly opposite hem h More. BY a new chemical combination, he is enabled to produce perleet live secomlssiltiiig, whiili will not ell'ect the weakest eyes, nor give lime ior the expression ot the countenance to chaiie. I'.tTJ.ndK'li and (jeiitlcmeit oie united to call and cxiiiiiine spccimciis. 11 ""FA LL'AXD WIXTKR CI.0TI Til ll bulwribets nre jn-t recei Ing fiont New Voik, a good assortment nl'Hcady made Uoihi"5. suit rd to the Fall and Winter Trade which will be dis- i-1,1,0,1 v: is ,sTv:.i:.-i-. WalcrSt. S.-pt. 23 17. H KEV LAW KOOK, -10M.M0N Daw reports late Vols. Meeson and y wrtsny uo. iiaiooui s uwuii . .... - I Pliaeil 1 IlffllSII lyllioieriy ir .uii- . . J.'l, ' ' . .. r, i'..l OH 10 l!n lieoiier leiiorti I i' r. E.t. Wjiu f.ihnirv lale Nos. Ju-t recehed by I F wa,) 3wll CGOODIUUII. M-'a mrt. mit ...-., f'iaiiari. 1, HASienmcd his Odlcc to the h'te rcsidencp of; ja0II lvu.r Mr. Sfirr-conieroKdiuKhiuidChiJrrytlrtcu. ,.p Mici(i...j jJuiluigluii, pl,-l, 1317. 'Ji ' AnvrnTlscntx tiik rr.rt: nV, ArmumiEvr nuu icniaiiiuiij in tin! rnst (mice nt llurlinulun, Vt. Oclolif 1, 1S17. a.h, a,, (l, H , lh ,,,.,. Atii nil ndviTli-wnicnt ninilc under the orders of ll 1 oal""m"tcr-ltcnernl. iii n newspaper or newspapers, ol letters uncalled fur in nuv lVt Office, shall ho in. wilwl in ilm paper or nnper, of the town or place Vi'10;1' ,l,c ''"'.ec niKi'rtiaing may he situated, Jim'if nirmniipn, f lYr-tltll Pfllltliir Cr nttv rr tti lni.1irtiintillniin.l Lellets, will liicnsedcsignnlclhcmns".,iiti-cifie d." l'viin Fliz.tbi.tli Adams Filura !, rlinne Jiiinrs F.'olchcr 1) 1) l'ltherty Pat l'ciguson .1 S Freeman J A 2 G Gilbert Mary C Cllmorc Catharine Garnet II II (iulvin Margaret '1 Godfrey Salmon Giiyon'Picrrc Gun in John Gillouly Mary (iriwold Flixabctli (iavan Margaret (irenior Antoine Cannon William Gatlus John I Adams Catherine Austin Alonzo Austin II A vers Jeremiah Allendorfll V, Anderson Uiifus Allen .Margaret Auclairo liticiino Aiken V S Alexander Mary .Tunc Aldcn Hannah Athorton Mellissa It Averill James G II Hrady Margaret Hiker John Hiker Sarinlha 12 Itissott Julia r. llrad.-haw Win (iauvien Lewis ltlaclcinan Ebcnczor Jr Grnuuis Mary I llihop Mary Cohlin Dntuiniipio Iclllou I.IK'V Gall'rey Pat lli-hop Seth Ueenian Mrli'sa Itennelt Mrs A II liean l.ueia Howies A II Mrs Iturdicl; I N '2 lilahe Anson Mrs Uli (iamess J It Grillith Michael Green Fliza Garney F.mily 2 Gilbert Samuel Glvnn Pcler 2 (ia'ut II M 3 Gillick Matthew II Hopkins F D How land S S Hopkins Lucius Hunter Warren Hunter William S Hurley Daniel 1 lold-worth Clara lliirlhut it Hodges llickok John X 2 Ilousinger Fdmuiid llaynes Philip Hawser Abraham I lasbroiick Win C 1 Mary H. ijes .l.inies Ilawley ial .M I layncs Xoruiau Hardy Alice Houghton J G 2 IIoyt'A W 1 l itnilton Julia K Hiitrhinsnu Charles Ilibbard II II 2 Hardy II F Harinon Nancy 1 lartington William llaniioii Matthew 1 lerrick Ximri Hatch limiua J I lerrick WT Harmon 1) W Haskell Moody Ileiiieherg it Co Holt P.U I Irih Mary I, Ingal-bee A W J Jo-clh Forishi .lencks John II Ji doiu I.ouis Johnson G II Jo-lin l)r Jory Stephen Johnson Anson S Johnson Amelia Iv liing 1! I) Kane Dennis Kine a Thomas ICeniii-011 X Kimbal ( 'h irlos O Kiuil-er Charl Kennedy Timothy Fellogg.l 1 Keains Mary Keating Mary Keith June It Kill, in .Nicholas ICillg Itellolli Kenedv Widow ' I, I. mdcr Charles 1 ynch Fdward I.icliiipidle John l.incour Antoine Fovey Silmon Ledoux Michel I.andor P Lewis James"unee F C I.cilou Iguaco Faboulc John Lavalle .liisiiuo I.ainli Dana I.issard Htptiito Lewis Goo II 2 L'iiiip-oii Jolm Lawrence Jo-eph Livingston John 2 I.j 011 C l.viich liiidget L-'avilt J It I) Lyon Charles Lungwort by Henry A Loomis Chalk's M Murphy James Mooro J'lines Mower Samuel Mouelly John 2 Moriurly John Mitlli bprger William Mills Flizabeth MonjVau Mathildo Milliitle Nn'.is-u .Miiniu William Morrison Dennis 2 Mitchell Thomas M iiss Antoine May J W .Mops Alevander P M nrpliy Tl.ou ss Monaceti John Mi Fvitt John .McKay Samuel Maxwell William Meliicgor John Melnlvre Charles .Mrs Mavvillo Georgo MeDermott 1) Mc(iary Marv 2 Melville Michael .McDanieis Jolm Jl.ieoy Delia McNelilus John .MeKeougli John MrGrath Patrick JIore Mr Miillooly .Margaret Moullon W W .Moiitg-mery John Morell Charles 2 More Maria Murray Lorenzo Morsy Xiedlmui Marunvillo G McFonough Hugh .Martin James McGowau James 2 McFudden Hugh McDonald liaudall .Melody IMwaid Megarly John Madagan Duhy .Maloney Margaret 2 Malli Angelina Murphy Patrick ,Mtl..ii t'hlin HvU Daily & Ackley l!as-ett llezekiah Ilraekett it Co liiail'ry Samuel Ilracket Joanna It II ill y l.ucy Hiker Artiite It ir-low John Hi an David -J Horn John It Ho 0 Alexander Hilling- Charles :i ileinieit Geo A llirch William Hep llirn.ird 11 I.ieut lli eeher .Miss 3 llurke Genrgj llrooks 1) S A I'rown James Hrodeur .lo-eph Hurko .Margaret lioardm 111 1 loracc A Hulloek V W llnmn William 2 i'rown Win J llrim - n ltiiinrnin iM'iiicii i.ueniu. 1 T ....... 1 1 1 : .. 1 lilush lhriiel Howies Azio K Hiirbauk I) Iv Hiowu Jjines llrockwav V, A llrown Warren F Hrou n .Margaret llurbinl; Stephen Hurbank S W C Casev James Cingin, A A Carter John II Chao John Clark l!enj. I! Casey '1'iiiiolhy Carroll William Carroll John Cailys Charles CaslJe I'r'.ah ('aiming .Mary (Vrat .Manuel 2 Conkev Ithanicr Cro - i"tt I-aae. Coltoi. John M Cooper M W Cogswell Fred M Corev Did I v Colltugh W V Cook I-anc P Co'le'lii Patrick Cook Henry Credit it Co 3 Cook l'dward Ouinell .Michael Callaghaii Fllen Carr d Ami Carey James I Connolly John Chitigh I,uther2 Chiltendeii Albert Caiigldin Lawrence Cl.i titer IMward Clements Sarah . ( 'reavr George ClaikTh--. Cro-by Hi ram Cr rning Augii-ta M Caiighliu John Condon Catherine Cotlrell John Cnbley Win 2 Curlis Fliza I 'n ri is .Mailha A Curlis iMrs Win S ( Vinimins James Cutler Thomas D 4-iws Dan II Diiggnn James David Margaret Unyer John Du'vi r Thomas Donelly .Mary . J , 1 J - I'ashl I John II Douellv Pat Drury I, II Dodge F- IC I 1 1 1 1 1 .Michael Dow Win II Dulay Simon DeMiiond Johamia Duuton John Donelly Widow )nuoan Catherine Drake John J Dougherty Thomas Duncan Maria F Doylo Fliz 1 Donelly Hcrnaid Daniels Samuel F Daly Patrick Dull'ey .Matthew Dully .Michael Durkee 1.x ilia Dunning Maria A Duuton A G Davis Chailcs Draper Fills Davis Fred I l)emartiiie Clement Dtlaiier Widow Dwyer Ths Diiiau llridget Duiro Danl I! Fdwardj James IMwards Sarah A Kllis John H Fdnaids Orphia Fliiin Thomas Fuller J i: Mrs Floiiriieen Kodger l iMite Pneuj urringtoit J 1 inuigan Francis alining Jamen rley Georgiaua l.'l.,.,l.. M.., N XeNon C C Nelson Mr Xiclmls M C N'evil llarlholomew Newton Alvin Xicipict Joseph 2 Xepean John B Xash Kllcu 11 Xah ltichard Xah Fdinond Nixon John Xewcoint Jacob 2 Xorris Laura O O-theim M -t Owens Fphraim 2 O'Keefo John O'Kane Itridgclt O'll ara llartholoincn O'Connor Mary P Parker .1 Parks Uodgor Parker I liram Power John Palmer Mr Piatt Geo W Paul Gen II Price Lidia A Pollaid Thomas Perry Oitin Palmer Loomis Piilclicnl lictham Pindar John Perham Julius W Pierce A Pairo Charles W Poland J Place Marv Ann Piinille William Potter T F Dr Potter Leah Paiigborn Mary F Porter Homer li Quin Marv 'It Itpynolds Lucy liedington Mary llatoile Mr ltnad Horace S Uivers Francis Iteagau Dennis Itussell F 11 Ityan Pat 2 Hyatt Waller 2 Itu-scll 1) P Itussoll F,M Itobitison Fdwitt Itoiiglnn James Hush Patrick Howe Ljdia Koehiich Joins Ihlm James Ito-s M Itico Maria Itieliel 1'wis lliisscll ,rs Ititssell Grice Hoane Marv A Knssell Stephen II S Slack Fdward Shaw William II Sampson (i C 3 Stausbury K A Stacy Jolm Starke F G Spear Geo X 3 Skclton Dorcas A Stevens llenj li Stcicns Fiances X Stearns X 3 Stearns John Sweiioy M A Slehhings 11 R Spencer Harriet W Slieriden Patrick Spcrry L G 2 Sinilli Channccy Smith 'i'hos L Smith William 1 Smith Matilda Shirley James Know Philelus Sulton Geo I, Stone L I. Dr Slone S It Capt Scott W F. Sullivan J P Scott S A Sullivan Thos 2 Sutton Geo I. Stoekwell AM Strong Albert G Slater Parthena F. Shattuck Helen I) Spauldiiig Dan Seymour Itebecca It Sheldon Harriet Smith Charily Spillaine Maurice Sibley Warren Homier William Storrs Funice It T Turner W 11 Tibbetts Sheplicrd Tracy Catherine Towers Catherine Ti.-dale Capt II G Tucker Fiizabcth Taylor J M Thompson Danl I. Tucker Hetty Thompson .Mr 'Punier it Mmlgo Thompson Martini Tousloy Hostwiek 2 Vaughan John Valler Xalhan Vaiigh Jano Vurnev .Matilda " W Warner Harriot 2 Wardner Phebe Warren J S Ward Ally Wells William Wells lienjainin NVall.iee Fllen Warilloin .Mary Jano Waiilnor Mary I. Ward Marv 2 Ilridgett Waril F Wells oah 11 Ward Fdmuiid Wal.-h Palrick Wheeler Laura Wheeler ltoal Mrs Walker Wil'liani Warner Geo I. Whitney A W Whilcomh Susan C Woods Henry Whilcomh James While Levi Williams Thoims Wheeled; Fdwin White Thomas Wells Stephen Web-ler Jolm F. 1 1 Williams II 11 2 Williams M M Wolcutt Melinda W.M. XUHI.F, P. M. 100 I'AIKS or Fi!ix(Ji:n (Ji.ovin ..d Alittelis. A jood assnrlnieul of llnek Skill dn. Also. Ju-t received Farw ell's Itonts and Shoes, For sale by C.VIVJX Sl'LAJt, Sept. Ss, 1117. It VKIOIO.NT CT..TltAL UAII.ItOO). ei53 35$?; '(51X1 t'fvlTJ, I inal n-sis-inent ol live dollars lias been nnlereo V bv the directors of the Vermont Central liailioad rompuny, pa)able on the 1st day ot November next. P.i) incut may be made at ihe Fanners nnd .Mechanics' Hank. Hurhugton, nt lh Hunk of .Monlpeher. at the Wooil-toi k Hunk, or nt the Tieasurers' Olhcc, Xo. Ul Iindroad F.xchr.nge, Court .S'piare, Hoston. .Svvi'i. II. Jr., Trcannrer. Ilosion, ."sept 'J5, 1817. .V 11. 1 pon Payment of this nssctsinentsiockliolil- eis can I'Acbange their receipts lor stock cerlieule. 1 1 l'AFFH, C'ASFS f.inTint Yxvm Various uualilies. Can. do. Folio Post do. Hank Po-l note paper 'e, iv,c. Ju-l received by .Sept.W. avvll C. COUDItlCH. TO IIF.NT, y, rpHF Blacksmith Shop liiii I 10 the c-tate of O. sVAL Also the Hay Scales in ft 1 nnd Tools belonging '. A. Allen deceased. I lav Scales iu front ol said Mion. nos- ses-inn given immediately, lor lertns ami npi V. M. Pope. S. S. AI.I.FX, Ad, .svpt at, isi7 ily to mr. II STIiAW CUTTFKSs', AXnv ptii!y just received at iho Agncullurnl S pi. X. 1 1 SFFPI.INO, or iludded fit for setting this fall may he had al Warehouse. .S'epl M. H Andrew II. Juilsim's INtntf. STATU OF VFltMOXT.J AT a i'rohale JJhttict of Chittenden, ss. J V (onitlield al Hurliuion, vvithin mi I for Ihe District of Chutcudcu, on the sSth day of Sepieiutn'r, If-17, conies Samuel Fletcher, nduinnsirntor of ihe ennte ol Andrew 11, .lud.-on, lite ot Shclberuc, in said disirict, deceased, and lilts iu said court hi. ietilioii iu vvntiiij,iiiijiiw s.lld coml loeMend the tune lillllted (or H tlhui; Hiid csiiiteone jcarfiom ihe With, dayot t)-toli. r, 1H17, and hIso proposes to lender uu account of his uilinuus traiioii Iu Mid couit. Wiirin I'ro.v, the court nforcsaid doth appoint the foutth Wcduesday iu October, IS17, for heaiiiii; and deciding iu the premises, mid doth order ll al all per tuuti interested he notified tliereol bypnlilicniionol ihis order, llirce. weeks sueeeis-nely ill ihe lliir!iuiloii Free Tlcss, 11 uevvipaper printed m said lliirlin,tton, the la-t of vvluch be previous to said ioullli Wcdiiesd.iy 111 October IS 17. (.ivcii under my hand this liSth day of September A. 1). It IT. W.M. WFSTON, llwll J.'jfr. HLlSlli:r.S Cwadv Salt, jist dJJJ icccivcd nnd for sale by llwa HOltACF. WIIIIEI.FIt. IStfayt's!, JSf, i l'liOM tlie subserilii'r.ou tlie I.I1I1 in- , VrV ulart" J!,:,) C0H'' years old, if J.LmrUm good proportion, sin, ill -hurt horns nud turn 111 at the top, lonj switch t ill, curios her hend very lusbnud movesjovv. Whoever vvillieliirns.ini Cow. or uiv-e iiilormatioii where she mav Is. l.juud.ei- ther to W. II, Cuius or the subscriber, shall be suita bly rewarded. I., t l.7.i. 3 1 1 Wutcr-si , lliirliiiulon. iiousiV rbit au: Till! frllliseriher belli ir n bin it In bni r tnlvtl I b,jljl to sell her place on Cherry street. It coiisii.h ( slis, (pjout. f(j,)rti ,, an acre ol land wilh n conven honse nnd nut buildings. For particulars apply to ,11. I.enieiiwi)ith. A X X A 1IUF. I lliuhni;toii,Sept. 'J, H17. Hw J ! jiAdlU'.I.UIAN lATllitlA LS".---M.xul 1 facturcd bv Jill IN liOACII.I lein iaii.hi ureet.Xew York.vvheie every nit.cle of the best iun. ity may be had nt the lovoi puee. Itoai h's Triple Compound of llroinine, a superior chemical, producine, ipuck inclines of fine white tone, now used by the Ivst operators, 11 lew ol whose names nre niiaeted. We hivt'iis--d Hunch's pieparatioii.utidicc.inuueud it.lie iifvm il to be supetiut 10 any ih.nolthe kind 111 use is. I. Walker, llniiyj S. J. Humphrey, Wiliniuulou, Xorth Cnrohnn ; I" C Itiiusom. Trov ; A.J llenls, Xcw York j T. 0 Dunne, Monircid ; Clarke !v lliuili cr, S) raciise For sale hylheiiinmd.icLuicr, b'l Xussau slreet.Xew York ; 0 I teller, Albany ; William Uiis. tol, 1'tn i ; Cluikii it Hrolher, hrnciii",T C Donne, Mouileal; Williaiu It. I'ralt, KichmuitJ, Viiitiuin ; Cooley ( Co , Springfield, (.'onueeticul ; und III ins. mniil .V lirotheis, llurliii)tton, Vermont, 11 CKAMIEltKICS. few bushels Fresh (Canada Crnnliorries, for sale ut Sept. .'J '17. II CATLl.ysriAUS. Clinuinl.'iiii nml C'oiiiicclicul IslVI'JJ. is.iiif-triiii AS I!T of live dollars on each share of the copilnl stotk of the Chniiiplaiu and Con necticut Itiicr Itiulroad Company has been onlercd by the Directors, and made payable on the first day of Noieinlier next. Payment liny he made nt the Hmkoniiulinzton,

VcrKciiiie-, MidJlebury(ltutland, lllack Itiver.or llel lows Fall.,- ihe Cliesluie Hank, Keeiie, N. II., to IMwaid Pickering, F-i ,Xo fid, State Street, Doston, or to the Ins oilier- iu Aliddlebury. SAMUFI, SWIFT, Trcasmcr. Sipteinber 15, 1117. i'-l i)O.MIN'l'IO C00DS ONLY, W.11, A. GIJCST, PJ9 I'cinl Slrrct, 2Ccic i'oik. rpiIF. Domestic Wnrchnu', so Wyr cstnbli-tied in I Cedar Street, is now removed to the larjie slore Xo l.J Pearl meet und H2 lleaer si., whi re limy be fiund every description of Hi.r.icnui nod Drown Sin i risus and Siuitiixos, Currox O-vvnunos. Nort Tin iiv and SotTiur, Varx-, llATrs, Wicks, Twim: nml VAHW.os,al the reit; r)irc.( ail, prices. The nssottiueiit exhibited lor s de is a very lart'cone and coniprisis every known de-irable H)le of the nbove trood.. Country Merchants nie respecllully in vited to call nnd examine the nrice,ele. whether they piireliase lor cash or not, and learn the low maikit prices for l)oiiicstlc (ioods. ID .If GAXIMN Foil OCTOUIlIt. r,a CKAIIAM'.S, GotIpjs and Indies Xa-jf.'JtJf- tional .Mnni'-ines lor October, fflTTl -V Ueceived 11I UiVi-J' FDWAItDS' Hook Store. roil THi: FALL TltAPE. CI F. STAXIFOKD it Co. arc now receiiiua n Inrce nspiiitment of oodswhice have been bought at very low prices, consisting id" r.ivcv v .s''.i ..' ikv coons, Cariietinir, Kn-li Matt'ma, Floor Oil Cloth, nil widths, llii'f. Window Shade", Paper llanaimis, Look in ' O hisses all sies. l'luwing blue, bsht blue aud while Riiinile Ware. nln, China and Ola's Ware J Groceries, Furs, Hull 'do Holies, etc. Hiirhiitil'iu.Sept. V!., 1S17. T:stkay. sy.' IJHOKi: mtotliecnilourc of the sub--t''L scriberoii the Ifitli insl., a luiht led two JLL. vearoldlli:iI'i:ii, lined back, with some while on the In lly. The owner i reiiiested to piove propetty pay diarges and lake 'jj- wrIjijS Ilndethill.Sept. 17, HI7. ' ami ri:i:i). AHOUT an) acres of cood pTiuraKe, nnd WK) Tons of Rood Fiiplili liny, will be leased and sold at the Iron Furnace Troy, Vt., to be ted out on the premises. Application may be in ide 10 J. .t .1.11. I'HCK Co , Ihnlimrtnn, Vt. i:i3 or to SAMUFI, SL'MXFlt, Troy, Vt. FA M j coons. pOHISOX V OOltl.D.nienowcpeniug their J-t slock ol new and elegant r.t.. coons, which for vaiietv and exlent, Ins never been urpi--cd in this maiket, and which they oll'.-r to puich nets on the most reasonable terms. September a I, Ksl7. TIIfilXiUAl'If Jv'OTICi:. rjAIIi: Ti;usn:i:s or Tin: Tr.ov ami Gt.- fl. da Junction Telegraph Lotnpnny call upon the , several suhseribeis 10 the capital Stock of said couipa- I ny to paythe following assessments 011 subscriptions; on the full of Oct., 1817, twenty dollars on n share; on the 5ib of Xov. 18l7,lilteeu dollars 011 j a shire; and 011 theCthof Dec. 1817, ten dollars on a share said calls being according to ailiclo 3d of the ailiclcs of Association of said company, l'avinents mav be mule nt the Pink of St. Albans, nt the ISmk of liuriingiuii and the Fanners and .Mechanics Hank in the Punk of Ver,'enu''s, nt the Hank of Mid Ikburv, nt the 11 ink ol Itiulaud, lit the Hank of Manchester and to I! I) llaninglon, Fi , Fist iJennuigtun, where the neei ssarv lecci us will be given (il'.O. W HFXLDICT, ) .1 II. l'FCIv, Tivtttcs. II. F 1IICF. ) I Hnrlinglon, Sept. i, 1817 13vvll HEALTH! HEALTH! Dr. VOOH'SS.ISS W'.UtlM. V and W'l 1,1) OIIFKItV IlITTJJIIS. Tfie follow ini; voluntary teliinonial ven iriven to to the Au'iit, Mr. M. W'nii' Cnmhride, Vt., nnd sjs'aks volumes in lavorof this medicine. C; Vt., Sept. Nt., 1817. Mr. M. Vlr.r., Dear Sir: I li.i mi, I,'n n irrent cnlti.r, r rriitn itist tnr. tureof the Iiiiriini7rnr'.-a y'w,niid having ut last louu.l reliei, 1 leei lil-siron- io n onieis uiieinii;, mini there nre thou-nuds) should know the menus by which I was cured. I 11111 aiiout 11 venr since 1 inu suiierid lunch Iroiu llcai tl'in 11. Jleatiache, nnd lhzziitftx,to j much so tint 1 vvasconfiued to my house the most ot I tlietini". The food which I nte dwrc-seil me, nnd in I let, lile b.'canie nlnio-t n burden. I was totally vna ! bte to attend to Ihe slightest duties required ot I me, so ureal was my debility, Haiur tried ull rem ! edies leeomuiendi d'nnd ndvertised tor the cine ol my I complaint, veiled ihe sprine- whuh nre m highly ire itmtnentled, nud tjketltl.e advice of l'hvsiciau wilh ; out ueltini! relief, I i;.ive up all hopes ol ovcrciijuiuu ' rooiI luallli nirain: 111 fuct.niv l'liysiclaus Iranklv lol.l me thntthiy could do nothiny lor me. At this tune my suli'eriics were very grent ; nil hopes of ever hem:! made coniloitable had lied, nud I u-ive myselt up to sailer. Accidentally,!!! Iinkiinrovcr a newfpu- perl iiutu cd 1 dveiti-unentof Hi: II nod's Saisap- 1111W1 mid Wild Clirrui Ilillcis.unA on km dins it, 1 ' thou-htthat 1 ini-dit probably 'bum some lehcl, not llunkmt! a cuic ol my case vv as posMb.e ; nnd us a Ial ' liope I procured a bottle Iroiu voar.-Mrc und inn ne ed takms it, aud to my L'reatjoy, I ot ome louu.l re lief. Hcims encouraged bv ltswoliderlul I'll "ds, 1 vvas ' s...t ..1 ,n,i,. .iiis.', Aller laklliL'one bottle 1 vvas able lobe out and attend 10 the duii. s tciuircd of 1 , und f'ei ling Hindi U-lter than 1 h id tor months. - 1 ovenyenrs. I vvas now sali-tied that Held at last found 1 11 reined) lormv disease, and tell as-ureil.tlntby eon , tinuins n u-e 1 should be cum d. And sin li haspmv. ' cd to be the case. 1 have now taken only two lt. tles.nndc'ins'iy to thos,, .ullennj iron! tins disuse ' that 1 nui enihely cured. 1 keep a bottle iu iny house, ! nud when 1 led llie least uiiilensants)inptom,n dose 1 ol tins excellent .Medicine eniii' I.V removes it. loin of opinion every case of Ihfpepim nnd ns niteiidnins can be cuiedbylhe u-e ol Dr Woods fMi-upaiillu nnd Wild Clieiry Hitters, 1'., il.os., t I,l..,l nub bnbiiual Costivcncss, fuss ol ApH'lile,n.urStoinaih or lleudnche,! would cr.rnest - ly recommend llieni to try it. Its astonishing ellicts iu my i list! should induce every one sullering lioni tins iliseue lo give ii a trial j I feclsitulied iliey will nev er regrel it. You nru nt liberty to reler anyone to me, nnd il will give inegrcnl pleasure lo personally recom mend llic ii-e ot thai excellenl reintdy and slate the painculars of my case. v Sii!ii-i), MIFFS HFNXFTT. Me me ncipaintcd with tho ubovenaiiied Miles U.unett, and Itiestulcineiitcl the cure descnfs'il ui hi3 certilicatc can be depended upon ns lieingcoircct. .Ma li lis Willis, IIlxrv Sioucll, .lCjit .hit. CnmbliJge, Vt. Sept. Ut., 1BI7. Owing to the gient success ol this medicine, thcic areiuniiy iiuilatioiisi be paiti.-ular and get Dr. Wood's as Ibis is the oi imual nud only fteuiittte preparation. Sold wholesale und retail by T1IFO. A. l'FCK, and A. C.SI'FAii, AputhecaiieniiuJ vvbolcNile Drug gist, Uurhugtoii Vt j J. J. W. Tovvtit, Under lull ; Tvi.iu .t 111 Mioi'.n, nud J, Ttrui:, Ilm; Win. II. Hatch, Wmooski 1'alK lUuifl N11I0111011 AUIIi'i's JlstiWC S T A T F O F VF It M O N T, ) T a Frobnte District nr Ciuru.MiEV, ss. i t Court holden nt lluthngton, within nnd tor the District nforcsaid on lit" 2d ediifsdny of September. A. 1). 1:117, all In strument ptiitiortiiig toll- thebst Will and Testaiiient ol Solomon .Miller, Inte ol llmlmglon in said Diujt dt censed, vvas prcis'iiled to th.- Couit here for I'robulc, by 11 any Miller, the He utor, iheiein naiucd. Tin.r.tioi;i. it is ordered by said t 'ourt, that pubhe no ticebe given 10 nil peisons interested therein lo nppear befoie said Court, at n session llieicof to be holden nt the Ollice of the Register of said Court 111 Ihtrliugiou oil llic. 'uli Wediiesdayof Septcinlier A. I). I H 17, and contest the probate ol siid Will, nnd it is further order ed 1I1.1t this order be published three weeks successive ly iu the Fiee Press, a piper printed at lluihnuioii, iu this Slate, the Inst rt which piiMicntious shall be pre. I lous 10 llie ilny assigned, as atorcsaid lor hearing. Oivcn under my h ind ut the Register's olii v, this 8ti djyol Septcinbcr A D. 1817. l!fssr.u.,isr. prni kCOlUIS II.VIII) WOOII, Forsale by 0)f VII.ABitXOYKS. Iliirhngton, Octolier, 1st, H17. Qnni CFOAII I'OSTS, drs impure of ).)J t( Nulls or J. Hkahu.1, Co. October, 1st 1M7. Mll'AI, CI) UIIS AM TAIH.FS, (A Jl'ST JtrXlill'Iilt al Micrvvood's Auelioii islA)itHjm, a new lol ol 'utns, .Mnhoguny iirm und . icunc sent ( hairs, i (iitet ami vUtd 1 nbk?, Look 1 nig Ulassis, Cluik., iVc. I'ctltlou to Sell f.und. STATU OF VHIIMONT, At n session nf the District or Cuirrr-Mirx, ss Probate Conit h"ld at llul liiiEton within and lorsanl iiiriet, on the P.iih day of Jiuy, IB 17, comes Kiifus II. Clapp, of Waiis lield, iu the County or Waslunijion and Stale of er Inont, who is guardian ol Divid Diy Wondiull', of said Wnitsied,nnd ol Thira Flia Woodrull", ol Slow iu the County of Lamoille, minor", and children of Ala Woodnill, late nt Werlford, iu said ditiiet, deceased, nnd filed ill said court his petition, In writing, setting forth tint his said wards are seized iu their own right iu lee of two undivided lillh puts of lie billowing de scribed laud, lj ing iu slid Weslford, i., a parcel of land, supposed to contain twility-five ncre, being u mrt ol lot Xo. Sii. iu the division, fct til the richl of Win. Thompson, Jimr., nKo about twenty ncus of latm, inrt 01 lot in z, 111 tne tiunl iiivrion, me inn ::, ra Aurw!:,!, of Joc,I. Woodruini.adahle nils weie dee led to the said paicel lining Ihe nnc l.i (now ilecea"d) widow cstale. all ol whii h lain wards and to Mntn S., Lucy O and Julia A Wood- rnll-.thilihen of said Avi, d.'eeas. ,l,by David D.n'.on the 18th day ofjulv. lH:t'.l,as by said I ) ivid 1) 's'deed ol that date, refolded m th- town el. ik's ollice ill sod Wcslfonl, will nppear, that a sde of nil his said wards' interest iu said lauds would lie conducive to li v to t he statute 111 such cae unite and n V 111 1:1 cpon tliecoiiit aloresniil doth appoint these, cond Wednesday in (Ktober, 1BI7 lor hearing nnd de ciding on said petition, at the ollice of the Kegi'tei of said couit iu said Hiitlui!!loii, no I doth order that nil persons intertsted be nolilied tlienul bv pubhcnlion of lliis older eouttiiiiiug the snbstauee of ai. petition, three wicks successively in the Ihulinqton I'm e Press, a newspaper printed III said Hurliiigioti the last ol which publications to be previous to said second Wedne.sdav in October, 1817. Given under my hand ut said Huilington this l'.'lh dnvol'July 1817, la W.M. WF.STOX, Jtcgislcr. OATS WANTED, 1I70I. which Cash wii.mii: imidav Ji' Sept. 17,1817 JOHN IIIIAIM.FV&CO. 1'Jw 1 WJiOUCUT IKON IMPIN. pOU STi:. II, GAS, am) VATilii, or am. Q si.. iroui 1-8 to 3J inches bore. Alsi all kunls ol I'llliiij.'s, for connecting the same tor sale nt gieutly reduced prices, by TllO. II.MiltUIS .t Hrother, Orders accompanied w'ith'u diag'ra!,rofliie''woik're- mod, promptly cAecuted. $.,tl"? Si'1 tU""lr"C' "'1l'amlua fur "1r,ni,,;5 rvo. o-J,(,old St. iew 1 oik. liuililni'rs by steam. Sept. U, 1317. l-Hvl WANTIH) a nitsT i:ti: Uucksmith. If Fuipiiic at Hurlinglon l''ounJre. liwll II. WIIFFLFK. - - T0TlCi:,-TIIi: SUIiSCItlliDIJS UNDKU l Ihe linn of l)oeot..vss it lion lm. hiving pur- case, ihe Hruk Stoic now occupied by Tli.Ts 11. Canlield, will 0,1 the first day of Oct, her ui'At open an entile new-stock ol (iood titii-t--tmu; ol UltY COODS, CHOC lllilFS, CliOCKLItY, IIAUOWAlii:, OILS I'AINTrf, Jl.Ut'U, 1'ISU, XAIKS, iiALTi Ac, nifikiny; n mmplptc? rortiuriit of eiry thiui; tliat tiny In called Or. To iIk citizrm nf VilJicinii, liiehumiiil, Jcncli'mii'l nil tlii"i who to !my tln-ir (fniKU nt ilin Inwe-t 1 1 1 rt t K t-1 ptico, they would siy limt llii'V wnuld !ir very happy to makf tli'ir npijtMitilnncp nml tint th''y wilt nt k'iiM tnj to neruniiiiiidntt' them upon fi! luorable leniin? nuv stoic in tin County, ci;t). j:. Dordi.AH!, IH)KACi:. IlUTTl'M. AVdlKion, f?cpt. Ij, iyt7. l'-iw-a O nlo Vnt'-nt Sperm Cyndlis- juM iccourd hv Hept 13, tdir. a. a. i)i:vi:v. Ilonry ThoumN INtiitc, JV' t'i Siili-crih'-r-', liavimx hocn appointed by th" 1 ? Jlonondilf tin rrohnte Court lor th" DtMrut of Cliitl-ndcut Coinnn-'U'ueis to H-cele, i-.aniiii' and :ulpit ii eJ.iiiiH and dinnniU of nil pci--ni-s nn-t th' i"-t'ite ( I lli-nrvTlionin'. Inli- ol linrhnij;ion in -.u I Di-trict, dcrejifi'il, reijrr-.'ntftl iii.-nlseiil,aud nIo nil claniHnnd ilfinands I'xhiUld inoll'sct thereto; nnd ik inotjllis from th1 d-y of tin ihtr then ot, h'-ni nl-low-'d hy f-'ud C'outt fur th-il p'l'po-i, we do tln'-ieforc hert'hy iivt' notice, that v w,ll ntteii'l to the hn-im-- of our apponr.ui')!, nt tii i flic t of Jntin N. I'oineioy in l'iiriniiton jnwud ).-triet,nii the li r-t VVt !n-silij in N"fiuliiT and IVhiuatj next, at lu o'clock, A 011 i-neh of said da J).ileJ,thi- lltti t'l.ivnf Aii2tut A. 1). IS IT. John roMuitoY,) DAN 1V()., f Conuuisiuitcrit. ji.jii:Avi:vouTH( j II. 1. .SI I A KIOIl FLANM-W., by C.vtM.v fiir snip 1 i Sl'L.VIl. .MOST HI!II.!.lAXr LOTTIIUY i:KI. DJlAWiX IX'I'JIK lr. s. j One Grilllt! Ciljillnl 1'rhc rt 5; J !!), WOO! IJ'J J'ni's ill sf'mitl I Itl'in' t liu lolVl'Sl tini'i' iitiiubt'i' ri ii's : TlIKri!!STTV()l)ltV.M 'MIIKIIS fiit (U0 ! .1 . i'A'J XI) II 1. 1 I.O TTK it y, I'lnssS, for is 17 T" be drawn in .Mexnndna on S n.irday.the With day of Oiiobi r, l'i 17, under llic suptrinteudcnce ol Cui.i luissioitcis. J. W. MauI'.V it Co., (Succes-ols to .1 li Cat..' uv .S Co , Macaners. 7r Xunili'Mi Is Dnivvu Ihllois. 3!:::itf Jtcciil clit'dii. I Ciiinil I'l lu ofV100,(l(ll) 1100,00(1 10,0,10 '.'O.OOO 1 ."1,111)0 l-!,07."i 10,000 UII.OOO 1. "i,000 FJ,07.-) 10,000 ."i,00,l 1,0110 y.ooa 1,01)1) .".00 J.'iO Kill bO 10 lin.e. Till 001) ..- .,,.. ii Slid (111 liHI 1-,'fi l'Jfi :t,717 li ),0l)0 100 on'i , ., (IH.OOO) fill. I I ' :U,.ri(io I A)M) -li)7,:t(io 01)7,1 10 6,0!);t,v!7." S III the above Si heme, formed by ibe lernnry conibi ,,t,..,, ,.i r. ...... i c.s .... .:..! i .i... , .lo,,, ,., ! l.U..i .i...ra ...Ml i p.. .. i. i. .. , g ,ue ol the drawn muulH'rs on them ; 1,133 cadi hav 1114 twoul them on j and iJ.ll.i cichluviug one, only, ol lhem on ; und also, j-J,, 11 tickets liming none of ihe dtuw 11 nuiubers on. being blanks. Todeti-rmiue the fate of these piues nnd blnnks, 75 inclusive, will be scicnill) placid inu wheel 011 ihe day ol the drawing, IK ot lhem will be drawn out at random ; and ihni luket hiving on it, nsn combina tion, the 1st -d nud J.I draw 11 uiuubcis will be cm. I led to tlie tiraud Lnpitul t'tue ol That ticket having 011 it the Uii Jthand Cth drawn uuiulicr, to That tlckit having on it the 7ih Sih nnd '.': drawn iiuiiiIhts, to - That lit ket hav ing 011 it the 10th 11th and lsih drawn numbers, 10 ... That ticket having on it the Ud .1J nud 1 1 It dinwn u'uubeis, 10 - - . Thi Se 5 tickels wilh the 3J I1I1 nml S1I1--rth ('ih uiul Till iiili Tl ! und Bill titli '.ili nml llllb.or'Jih lOiliaiul lllth drawn uumbeis, cncli ..... Those 5 tiikets willi the 1st 2d nnd lib 'J I HdnnJoth-3d 1th nnd full lib 5ih nud Till, ur Cth 7thuud '.'ill drawn numbers, inili . . . . Ties.'.'" tiikel-wdli llie 81I1 Dili nnd Dili '.'th loth nud l'.'lh :M Ith nud full 3,15th nnd7ih,or llh Oih and Mh diuwu hum-Is-rs, i'.u li - All oilier tickets having on ihcinimy tiihij: ol tiicdinwu numbels, (being .lHI,)eaih Tin i-e fi3 Iii ken having 011 themthe Ut nnd Cd drawn luiinbets, each - - Those 1 ''''' lickeisli'iviiigoiitbein the 5d and ;U, or 3d nud lihdinivu muubeis, each, Those l.o tiikets having 011 liu 111 the 1 tit nud 61I1, or the 5lh and Cilultuwn luiiu U'ls, cncli .... Thosj ;ii tickets liaviugoii lhem the full nnd "111, or lile Tlh nud Mb dinwu hum btls.eaili .... All oilier in ken having on lhem nny two of ihe diuwu uunilH'rs.lbi'ing 3,71,)cucli And all other tn k, l-. having one, only, of the diuwu liuuiln'ls uu lhem, (lu'lllg 23, i:i'..l en.-li ..... slim IkVll s I , 10,000 0,11011 l.VOim l.,07j IttJX) 5,(XX1 l.lHVI 2,W0 1,000 Ml sw 150 2) No iii kit which shall have drawn a ntue of a tune rior deiioiniii'iuoii can be eiililleil to uu interior ptiie. I '11es payable forty days niter the diawnig, nud sub jeet lo llie usual deduction ol lillecu per cent. 1'nck.iges, single Tickets, or Managers certificates ol I'iickugcs can be had by uddressuig thu .Man iireu. Cciuliculis cf 11 l'jikngu of wholes will be Mill for Sj'ill, SI1.111S ill propoltloli. J. W. .MAFI! Y .t Co, Ilosion. "Toltf iFTi lOlt E SA LiioNr' JUST reri-ived n few bbls Fiesh rnuclil N'orih shore riilnion til t ATUX li Wi'.UW. Stpt. 29,l!)17. II their inlelcst, by li'ivitiii the pioceedi of such sde put I VFTtf.T.T V vT W l'Ff'l, tn invtvc me I nt interest, or nvi-sted in Horks, and praving slid ' ' ''.'V , , ,' ,, ,.QV, "",NR 1 con.ttomaittsaldeuirdiinhcense'toscllnirhiswnrds " ; 'h'i ''' f" 71 Xi1 h l1?. V'T' ,,A,u , inteicst Hi said land-, lor Ihetairoosi'i.loresai-I.anre, a-. he uont, .IA.1II.S MiJI. SI Al . 1.1!, will iWH'UJU. Tin: undkiishjm:!) wowm toa. fc'lyinlorm the public, that he lias lilted up ihe store tvvodoorssoiilli of the Hank of Huiluiitou on Cliuich firiet, and recoinmenced the diiuu jjusinj:ss, where ho will ipsupilicd nt ull times with a carefully sclecttt! Mock of nitres An .vi:ircixi:s comprising cveiy mticle requiicd ill lira l'liysitlan's iracoee, anil uemaniH fil lli itaue, Al-o, Siititiciil ninl I It'll till liistinoiiints, Minn ill Trrlh, Fttih, Lrrrhrt, Jli imis, Svopi, l'crfiintnir,i. Omirvt IFnfn', I'umi'heiic, hdl. lilnrkiMri. Ihir .ST.. Ne. Particular nltcMiou will be piid in the preparation oi m ... i!lir,i tu. il ur ' r J'x ! ""Hinston, July HI.. CvvJ II 11 VCF.'S! IIici'iimmmv fiiiifov I ? , ;',,, J 'UL, 1 ! 1 t ." I ' 0 ''r IlHehelder - Shoe Slore burch stie, t, llur- ' '"'K ennont. .Miiuatiires'ljudv I iini;..., I iOlltC. iti-lrucliou iu th it denattiuent. Mll.0 I.. HFXXFTT. Hurliuijtoii, Sept. 'J, la 17. jjiMFIIIN OF (iKACK. OR Till JtLFSS- lilingsof Pel feet Love, by licv ). .V. KIXG, for sale by JIVSTIXCTOX. Sept. 7, 1317. NEW GOODS. I ii.vvi: ii:tl'iixi:i) Ft.oiNr:,v yoiik 5 with mystoik or l'uslnoiiable (ioods for the Fall trade, coiHistin nf llloiulelollis, Plain .V limey Cilsimeres, Vest. Jus, ( lonbiiitr, Dii'ts-rooils, .Hull's, ia pel Iltini;lii!!s, Ltnlios l)n-s I'liin inlnits. All t-olois of .Ucrino, Mitln ptnltl I'lislniicre.Oie nou.'ind Colitmliiit I'lnid, l.iulics CoHurs, nml I'nder Ilnndkci cliiers, with a supply of Ihmrftlir G'rw.h and (trtircrir, winch will be sold as clienp ns can be bought 111 I'ac Slate. DAX1FI, KilliX. Darlington, Sept. 7, 1817. llwil I G 'l ;'.VS,S,no'.)K! !', "cv Itf'iinent for Collins up l-url1 ,urt:,u' at lhe Agneultuin nrj. Ib,u;e. , Hurlin'don.Sept. 10, 1817. '"' llw3 ' 1 - - ' . . Mriinim'r 1 "fi fi 1)o.r..trji,i)l!i.vfis .vnvsrvrxs, fioi.n H Fob chillis, wilh nnd without Se.'ilsaiid Keys; 1 n new- lot gold guild eh nnssoni'! natural color ol tho 1 C0I1I, nud some colored ; gobl bracelet chains, (ttild !j"-ds,l!l' inis and nngs for Pencil, (jold in, l-n?' , V I, "' ""T"'. t-oiubs, t.nld henti.i.j; ' iml vLllvn, J" 'Vi m .'"' t' "It'M A10 .V. HI.0 1 IH.U&. r$H) riisntfni:!i has o.v iim at ins iL (' Simp on Cttthn I.tne n few roiN iX v( tho Utii lnn,'toii ll'ink.a hr nnrtmeiit vi Citluitrt lnrtnttiie, roii--isiiitir of MnivsiiiiUt (lircinn, Centtc, Cm d ami Tra Tahlt , Srn rlai it. inh lUmk ( Vr.t and trtti'ut, I)ii-iiiv and Common Ihtrrtntx ; olo all kinds of Cabinet woik which li 1 wdl uuu-ml-Iv low lor cah, country produce, or anpioed ciedit. l'cf'ple are earne-tlysolii'iictl to call and examine qual ity aud pri' ei helme pnrrin'-m cW-wheie, n I am de termined not lu be undiTMild.iuid all wirk w.trranti-d, i.orui-iake. S A MUKU M ICf 101-ri. Ihulintun, Hiptcmher, IS IT. 11 FALL HOODS. SLI'T. If), IS 17. T"JI;AS NOVINhave j'mm rrceircd fiont NVw , Voik a lare tM-k uf Dry (Jood-, timkin our present assortment ihe mn-t t.teiwie eer oliercd hv u5. r.irticul.y atleuti'n lnl.-en p-rjd to h H-h'ctioii nf't;oodsfor Call nnd Winter Dic-vs nn lour .-lock of th.snrticle lias iwsvr been -hi l.irjre mid dtvirnliK Dl 1'iint-we ran nie-'-ut a well I -i ted aud lieay .Mot k, purctiaed al th'- t) lcrst m'c. Totlmi-e wialimi; to purchai" at whnlcsnle, -would unite iheirpar tifiilar attention, nstit tin: thetu that our omls are all obt-imed upon tlie nio-t f.iv u.ilil-' t-'ruH, whirtt will OMiihlc u tj at coitci'j.iJui,:!)' aihantage ciiik to the ptnthaMT. Snmuel I,. Xniiiinoro's INtuto. WF the Sobscribers, hav ing been appointed by the Illimitable Ihe I'robate Court for the District of ( hittenden, C onunissioners to iis-eive, c.Muiiiue nud ndju.t, the claims and demands of all persons OiMui-t Ihe estate ol SAMUFI. I.. X'AI.A vIOUl!, Isle ol Charlotte in said Djsiikt, deceased, icprcseiued iiiM'l vent.nud alMinll clainisand deinan Is exhibited iu oil', set tle'reto; nml sjv nioutbs from thedavof the d lie leT'-i'l, l"'in ' allowed by sii I Court for I lint purnoae we do ih.'rclore lieu by pve notice, tint vve will at tend lo ih" bu-iness of our nppo.uliuent, at the dwell ing of widow 1'. C. Xanunore, iu ('h.irloti- m s-ud l)itriit, on the 23.1 day ot D 'cember next, at IU o'clis'k A .M.. on "aid da'y. D.tled, ilns SI) I diy ol .Irtue, A. D, 1317. I. MAX II M.I, M.I.. ) :i:i.i:i;,i llvvS F. II. win: Commissioners. Dorcns JInriii)s JNtnte. STATF OF VF.ISMOXT. ) At a I'robate Court Disii'.u-r iu Cmrris'i'tv, ss. holden at Hulling. ou, vvuhiii nnd lor the l).snct ulop'said, on ih.- sixtli day ol September, A l si,,nn Instrument purport, in. to be III" la-t Will and Te-tntnenl of D Tins Mur- my. line ol vv iiiisron, in sinu Di-inet, decennd. vvos pus..nted to th' I'ihiii here for Probutc by lliram .vitiriav. llie i.vecutor I herein nami . 1 Tin is ordered by sa d Court, that public i nuuee IK- givru li. nil per-oo- coiu'erueu llierelll to ap i near beloie suid Couit. nt a sension then'ofto ) ln.l den nt ths Keister's ofliee in slid l.urliugfun on the s"eond Wednesday ot October, A. I). s7, nnd cmi- i ""' prorate ol mm Will, nnd it is lurlher ordered tout t.lis o'llel lie plUihsVit lliree vv el,s Mieees.velv ! in ihe HinlinKioti l'rec rn", a newmu r oiiuicd m lluihnsioii, iu ih.s Si,- ,,.t of v. hii-h publications sh ill b ' pievious to ihe day ns-jgned, ns uiuicsaid lor Iicanng. Civ ui under niv hand al the I'egistei'a Office, this , oin o iv oi -ep;euun:r, .V 17. isi, ll., 'I lu o ll'T'w-l', .- ri.. .... .' ,, ... , ,..s,i,., jirxisirr ES4'.".(i:n:v l'v the .l&tSn!i. A i.vhiji: vvmirrv uWUkap ft'isu- J t. t .1 1 HKs, sin Ii nsvull "drive dii'l cure nwny this it'll' lecelled. 1'ed, llcis simnlu-d 1111 slum 111, lie nud on as lavorablc terms as 111 Oo-loii or Xew Y'otk. M-pt. 10, isi,. jsi (j, (iOODliICII. w o()i,si:v .S FUNK SYIUJI'S, fin- stile Catun .v. S11..VR. 12 WFhave received Sainples of the celebrated IViani Air tight Cooking Slovelroui llie luunul.ietor) of A. T- Dunlunu .S Co. Tioy, X. Y und aie now prepared to bullish them load who wain u Cookius Stove, which will do business rutlii and 111 shoii ! 1...1.. 1....1 vv . ..t.... m 1 HI " 'Ot ll I I) IIUIl III' I. ,s ..,,,,i. .....f Ifry .11111 s'.itl ennsi'iilli'iillv skill IllM li.r w orils 111 elld.-.ilnliri!l toproiude tlie large ineiitot lllle Slow,, before the publiejiut vie will Imiely iutini.ili' that mliot weather -sudinswe may eKTim or about Dog l).i)s iheis.' Sioves vvdl uliiio-l cook without the use ol anv fuel X. S. MFXPOX .t FOI.I.FTT, M'iuooslii Cily, June 'Jill 1SI7. .'HI l.oi IlitillniCs llstnte. WF theMiliMiiheis. hav ing been nppoiutid by the lloiioniblo the I'rolmte Court fot the Di-tuet of Cbitlenden, I'oinini-ioneis lo receive, examine and adjust the claims and dciiuiuds of nil persons, oirnin.-l the c-tntc of FOIS Ill'K I.I1FT, late ol F-e, m said Di.-tnct, deeensed, rcjuesented insolvent, and also nil cbiiin nnd demands exhibited in oll-et then to ; and six month from theilav ol the date hereof, being allowed by said Coml lor lliat puiisw, we do there lore hereby k'ive notice, lhat vve will allelld to the bil siuissofournpnonitiHent at the dwelling ol l.ucy U. Hide. 111 1 k , 111 mnl Di-triel,oii 1 the lirst 1 il. s,a) ol'l'i briiatv next, at 10 o loi k. A M . on said day. Dated I Ins I lilt day of Aiigu-I, A- '''' .MARSH l. CAM'I.F. ( 'Vim,,,;,,,;.,,,,, 10w3 CD.MIjXD Wll.l.lAMS.i "M" STATlrAl!V AIAHIILE QL'AHUl.S, lii'itininti, 1 rrmonl. 'PllK nliovu luuml (uarrlrs, well known for far 1 lushing 11 suK'iiur oiuhiy ol in.uble, i, line vvluli uu, I taking n high polish nie now king w.uked, pro ilueuig a iiiiibiy ol luuibie, kiuI lo be uueipiultuil 111 Ami nui All uidets for monuments tomb nnd grave stones, nimble sliib, block, Jcliils ur punuaty lioui these iii.inu s, in.iy ix' nuutis-eii to ivnowies l u)lor, I'm. pnetor, at '1 liolljerogu, or l-lty ol Xew Yolk, or tu Steph.'II 1, (ioodell, fcUIlillendellt of llie oil lines,,, llruiidoit Vt. IvXOWI.FS TA vl.Olt. .Seplelllbel I. 1317. 10. I.O.ST Nll.Villt 'i'OIl Vi l li ItllV ., il,.. ..... I 1... twon the residence of Curios liaxter, Fvi nnd' ilhellnd-eat th Falls, bv the win- ol the 'n, I J. llyoe uud ColU-firtiMi. 1'he tithU'r will U femtably rov I, ed. : '.' -"""""s' ... A I!I.i:srfFl),UI.F.SSFIJ AXOIIEAVFN1. m s i: a ffi s: or n nt a it:s ! t On Ihr U, ,,f Attaint, in tin ynr 1313, iinsutrir oceir orctirrrd in tl.r Jtotjit tirirntilic In'tiUitim "ft 1 nnce. The until, rhitr hrmlcd I'rciidrnt, hit Itrnil hat e, ,; m ,,, utitstretelied, hit fare radiant '"'li mila,Jur ncinitt inm triumphant,) and hm yi' jeUligrntutattiri ttne,ddhcicd the fuUitcini v'l5b! i"r? n?ln""J"d nttliis singular preparotioiii Where Indeed wall wienee stop! Here we haven prepara 1011 made 111 the form of a beautiful piece of soap, winch we know by actual practice, to cure every cutaneous eruption, every di.flpirenient of, nnd even discoloicd skin Win-re w ill its mimic nnd sinaular power cense f Ihe Xesro.ihe Creole, the Yellow llacc j.l the Last, and the Red Man of the Far Wist, nre nhke under the influence of its extraordinary noweisofcleniiiiff jelbiw or discolored skin, nnd inn kinu it vv hit nud beautiful, and ol changing the color ol daik.or black, or brown skin." (Here several per S'uis were brouidil fbrnnid by Ihe l'lesuleut, who bad used it, in prool ol ln assertion ) Theie are probably lew persons of intelligence, who, after rendiim the above, will doubt the 'piabiies ol jos ;.v itali uv ciiumwa. noa r IV CIT.IXU I'implri. Vlitchn, Halt Itlicnm, Scurry, Eryupclai. ti'tre Head st, Old Sinci,Jlcatd and Jlat tier's Itch, Chapped and Tntdir 1'lrsh, I'reelles, Tan, Xunfatrn and ehannins dark Sunburn or Vcltotc Skin ta a pure clear vhite, iih smooth ami tojt 113 an u funt's, nnd in fact every kind ol eruption ond disfigurement. Head these certificates: I'rom the Xcw Orleans Sentinel, October, 1911.) One of our subscribers, Mr II. Leonard, informs 111 that he has bi pu 1 ui.'d of old, scaly Salt liheutn, of eiuhiien jears standiuir, 011 his benrd, flutter", and bauds, by a cake ol tin article inuili adverti-ed lately we sppiik of Joni s' Italhn Chemical Soap. Ibj al-o inlouns us that he hn tried its cIL-cts on his le. male slave I tn-o, niocli marked wilh sun spots, and he I juiiiI iu two weeks her skin much clearer and whiter. James Flilnm, a painter, iu Jersey City, vas cuu-d ofeaibuuelesaiid pimples, which he was nlilictcd with lor many pait of a cake of Jones' Italian Clieunt a Soap. 1'. ivins in purchasing this mii-l olvvr.ys nk for JONH.-V 1TAI.IAX CIIFM1C l,SOAP : ond per haps, ns tunny who have been cheated Willi counter-f-'iis, will be too much di-cowancd to trv the genuine, wes.iy to such, try this once you will" not regret it : but always see that the name ot T. JONFS is on tho wrapper. ' Sttt aula at AVie Turk al 8 CHATHAM STUFF'!', Sign nf the American Kaglc. 1'iice. . . . 50 "Cents a CnkOt Tv Full directions for ire accompany enchca Jones' Snap. For sale by Geo. F., , A ire 11; lor Vermont, .a it if si me Cmitioncil Asuinst Using COMr.IOA" PltKl'AKED CHALK: They ,ii r ant urate hi.ic fi tghlfulln injurious it U tj the slia 1 hotr coarse, hole rottifh, hoto sallou, yrlhir, uu,l unhealthy tlteskiti ui pears ajtcr litius prrjiated chalk .' Uesittcs it is iujut ions, contaiiiius u huge ouaw lily of l.-ad .' We have prepared a beuutitul vegetable nrticlo, which vve call jn.i:s' si'A xisii lily wiiti:. It s perfectly innocent, beinc urilied of nil delete rious ionluies ; end it nnpaiisio the tk in a natural, healthy, nlnbisfr, el' nr, living white ; nt ihe saini time acting as a co-n'.ciic on the skin, making it suit 1 and smooth. I Dr. . lames Anderson, l'racticnl Chemist of Mai- , chusi'it.,a)s ; " Alter nnul)?uig Jones' Spanish I.ily White, 1 liml it posses-M the most beantilul and na tural, and nt the Mime time innocent white I ever saw, , 1 cei'ninly can coiitcienliou-ly recommend ils use Id nil whose skin reipmes. bi-auliing." I l'i lei! Cents ll Uox. 1) r.n rmvs Tlie best way to apply the I.ily i While, is Willi suit leather or wool the lormcr is pro. , Icrable. A Fine Set nf Teeth for Cents. WHITE TEETH, FOUL BREATH, HEALTHY GUMS. Yellow nnd unlu.ilthy teeth, after being onco of twice cleaned with JONES' .UIliEIt TOOTH PASTE. have the appearance of the most beautiful ivory, and, at lie" sniue tune it is so perfectly innocent and ex ijuisin ly line, that ils con-taut daily use is highly ad-iaiuag-(,ti, ei. mi io tlio-eieeth that arc in a good con diiion; giving tin m a 'it .intiKd polish, and preventing it preuiuture decay. Those nlready decayed it pre vents from becoming vvors-- it alsu fa-tens such u, nre becoming loose, nnd by perseverance il will un der the foulest teeth delicately white, nud make thu bit atli delieiou-ly sweet. J'liec ':' r 117 l-'JCVutsa IJi. IrFA I! the niore at e sold only at 82 CI I ATI1A M STJiF.F 1'. S-cn of the American JmsIc,Xcw Voik; C-SAmi in rue Aii.'i.MKo veuosE Xame aitfvr t.v rut. Xcvt Coi.fji.v.rf7, For sale by Ceo. 11. llAr.ui.Nuro.v only Agent for Vermont f.mJ Tli 'BP wlm lime liccii deceived! Willi MOCK PHETENDED HAM PREPARA TIONS, Should rend Ihe fc'.lmrins statements of e'peeUAU ;imiis.' Air. Abraham Vondeibeik,of OS Avenue IJ.Xew Voik, certifies ihnt his head was entirely bald 011 tha top. and by the ii-e ol two Us. bottles of JOXKS' CUltJL HAIR HESTOIiA. he lias a good crop ol hair, nuJ will soon have it long, llllc k nud loviiri ml. .Mr. 11. 1 1 in .1 v. hsoy, of '9 Liberty sirect, 1'iin burgh, ci ruin . ( hi the 3,1 ol February', 1 17, lint .11 r. Thomas Jai k -oil's hi ad, on the top, wns entirely Inld lorhl'.eeu )c,is, and tha; by using two 3s. bottles of Jones Coral Hau llitorauve, the hair is glowing liii-t, tin, k and health). He expects by u-uig ihis.i lime lougir lo have a betterlicad ofhaif than he ever bad. C tr TO Tllosr WHOSE HAIR IS OR.VY,rf"7 ou.r vlm.m; ocr and i:.vk ATTiin 1:00 1. ( 1 hereby certify lhat my hair vvas turning grnv, nnd falling ill' m.J thu mice 1 have u-id Jones' Coral Hair l'i -toi nt iv 11 lr. - entiiel) ceased falling, is crow ing fast, and in.s a tine, daik look, llelole I u-cl Join's l oml Iljir lUstoiutive 1 coiuti'd out hauJtu! ol huir ilaiiv W.M. TOMI'FIXS.f2 Kingst.,X. Y, .if;; vot .scuiroit DAxnurtT! Air. IVwer.n grocer.of Fulion slu'il, hnd hi Imir coinjiet"!v cholied ep Willi dandrulf, aud Jones' 1,'urul Han Itettoi alive iniiiely and periuanenily cured it, lu joii vv nut lo Dh'ss, JSi iiiilif) nml timko jour I! Aiii suit mnl line f . , . Itcnd ; 1, Henry li. C'ullen.lite barberon buatd the steam. bouSoiiih Vin-'iiea, do eeriilv that Jone Corul Ilair Restorative is tin lot niticlc l ever used fur dies-ing, softening, 1 leiiusingnurl keeepingthe hair a long nine, suli.cteuu silky, d.itk nnd m order i all tny custoincrt pit lei red it to nny thing else. .Sold ,111'y ia .W Voik- ut 8. CHATHAM STKFFT,sS'tiin(if American Kagle. Diiccthns fur using Jones' Coml Hair Hettoratirc. Fun FoiiiiM. 1111 (ii'.oiviii 01 IIaiii.h is nrcevaiy to cause u snght fnctioii uu llie sca'p, m ihnt iba Res. toiatiie ma) enter the poics. Tins may be dene by nppljiiig 11 wuh a moderately bard bru.-h, but it is net mctr-sir) louse iheM haisli means except in actual ens 1 t baldness. Winnt. nn. Ilvin Fu.r Off, Titas Oisay, ir-. nppl) ihe Ii.stoiaiive wilh the hand, or sol; Wli. I .ill the hair mdilienm plans, so X,e lt,o,.t,i. mav touch I he ivnU,. ' nonillix Tlie Kline diicciicn may be used for nnrvsj-m. i.e. ,,., OFO. F. Hy'.RIMXliTON', 'sum itul,i. tin j-j,mui j .,111,, OtiiiKO A. Aliens IMnlc. .il'?1;- The IVobnte Court ri, ,r... 1 ,, ! V, u' l" " 1'islrtctcl . ! ' ' " 1 J'l'i-M'ns li.tere,Usl in ihe ,site of (.I.Obt.I. A Al.l.FN. nn-ol ll..rl.i.. ;,..: disiiKi, o,cea-ed. uiniiite. (iuurixn. ' ...,.,...-..-..,. .-, .xuen.auumiMialruot thers. tnte ot said decor 1, ui lrtde a.phcatioii to -aid , '""" , xit oii me nine uiuuril iiy mm court,'ttiin,. Mulotate, one )ear Irian the Htli ,lav oi s... , ,u.s ,i i ,' r . 1 .111 neeoii.ii ol her adhuiuMrati m tu taid cuua an,l "V,, ',""' " " siou i-ouri ; vv mT.r.rivi.', t!. wm, uUircs.iul dnih second . 'lies lax 111 tletols-r, 1M7, tor bentins and ilcc.iluiKin ihe prrmisr,, ut the ollice 1 1 the Ketlster. ol said coii.-l in Mil ll,irliKiii, nt ttiiu'cl.Kk in thu' l iii iioon, and doih ouler ihnt nil wions inicrestcd l' nolllleil lli.r.,l l.v . ..... ... .1 , 1, . I. . 1 1 1, 1 1111 oriter tiireo s.. -..i j in me iiuiiincioii 1 ree 1'rfss, newspns-r punted m s.J lluihneioii,ihe In-t ol which i ,i- o 1 Lo V 1 - 1 "M "s voild Wediies. nm. .r T ' "". " , ' ' mill t lew 'davcdllMUmlls'1 01 WU nutliS" " I Islwll " vm. u'rR'rnv ?,...-., AirAXTIMI...:! um i.nj.r n, ,-. . 1: ,.' 1 !. .11 1. . ! ... ' 1 018 ,or "'"cl1 U I til I ill I .Iult. I " "t'u 'iTiovit, llurli i-jiun, Kj.i. l. lbl7, 13