Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 22, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 22, 1847 Page 3
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Si BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY 3JORN1NG, OCTOBER, 22, 1847. .lentlm j V. II. . Wli.', 1lin. -tnirnli ; V. S. & It. 1'. "will, U estlortl i Sin pies .V. I.Jon, Chnrlulte ; John Simninl, Slu'llinriif t It Itlcliiiiiiiiil llntimrd ;nn.l nt jNcw I' Itninrh Olhcc tnld licnvrnl Dipot, VM Ircmunt Street, lluluii. Spccliil Notice. trf'Tlic rslrnordiiinry iin.u.iT.Nni.f.u 111.13, which nrc ntlii-Uiuu iinia rnllcK-tl triumphs in vnritms sec tions of this country, lire now Introduced Into Ibis vi cinity, every pick ifroit rrml tin- ndictliietuciit ot the (Jtnelt'liberi; Company, which willlie limn, I in another column, for Nile nt Sutr.wottn'ft, West slilc Couit House .Stpiurc. AlsouiA, 0. HfiAn's Aoth- nt IV ninl Dun.' Store Die, In Sli'llinmi", Ot. .'nil, in the Hin'itccn jpnrs of liii tier, Wtt.uvM Josiaii, poii of Josinh nilil l'.licr Sniioiiil", lonui-riyof Whiting, Vt, lie wnsthe yuim Ifst ol ft fiiniily of eleven eluldrt n, nil of uhnm except llic oldest hive Roue with Uutr hither tu the grave lie loiiml the consolations ol the e,ospcl his support ninl died In hop" ol a cloiious immortality. Of ihitrfnr irhnm ucfunil fiioinns ricbVA Secure liir thmlnui err llic ubhtncc jrii. T. M. lAKIT.K'N DiijiU'iriMilj Portrait (Jalli'iy, Collcce street . l!'iilitium, Vl. 'I'll!', l'ropriitor tenders his Ih.mkMo lire rilircn: ol HnrlniRlon nnd if nuly for the liheial pnirmi Z he has reee eil, nml lm mil; reeentlv lieiii to New York ami pun based nn mtiicly NI1W AlTAItA TI'S, STOCK anil ihnt l'icliires can Ik- taken much larger than over helore clone in this patt of the coiiutrv, he solicits continued iationnue. INMtl'ltAI I'S put up in Hum .11 reo Cava at Ihe very low price ol SI ."ill. I'lt'tiiics of IVr sous, View, ol llnildmgs anil LftiiiKnj cs can lie taken without mum: unrr.itsiw. A large nssorliucnt ol Hold ami 1'l.iteil Iiockets of lion' every description, lor .-ale very low. SCHOOL BOOKS. i pllllt.lSlli:,!) "V JUNKS, l'AI.MI'.ll . CO., ' , '' .) "Miinnlon Street, Huston, nrt.l for pale by llookhel.-r anil Country Tru'en ncnornllv. 1 he billowing works (r IMuention lire ii'iitieulnily rcoouuut tided lo Hie notice ol tlioe inlrielc,l In tin Milijeet, ns ctiutuiuiug the inoilenl iinprowmcnls, nnd onlcubilcil to lessen the Inbor ol teaching ami learn lug, ami nt tin: same Ihue to make tlunou-h nml prac-, lu-nl scholais, 1 iMrnovr.i) sr.nirs or iwadixg hooks. Worcester's Prime, or Pirn lloot;,T2 pat ps, lnto. oreepler a .Second Hook lur Heading ami Spi'lling, lfet (ingcs, lHimi. 1 " Vv ofceiterV Introduction lo Third 15ooU,Ulh Ilulcs nml Instruction, vAl luges, lHino. Worcester's Third Hook lor Itending ami Spelling, Willi Kulesanil InMructions for nyoiilum uonlnloil ei roin, W pnKcp lUinu. Worccpter'H l'ourtli Hook, for Heailintf, with I!ule ami Initruclioni, ISO pp, lKuio. All hy Key. Samuel Worcester. The ul-uye form n complete pcric of Rrndini; Hooks winch arc not purpnveil hy any other worltn lor this oiiiliose. i ne penes in leeen y l o iM.iniiin ANn iMrmiii.t) hy the Inieitlonof n coure ol lessons in i.iiuncintion and Articulation, I'loiiuncialiou, In tlccliou, I.mpliasis, Pauses, iVr., in the hooks ol the series, irl.ipteil to the capacity ol the pcholars lor wnose umi tin' peyeral woiks me lillellileil, n i-pri n il hy .Mr. in. IIupscII, a ilisiinnuished teadii r ol elo cution. I'Mii.r.Y's msrouir.s or co.v.wjv schools. Par el's 1 ir-l Hook of lli(ory. PnrlcV s linuk of History IVuIcj'h Thlnl UmU ol History. TittlfyV Um.k ii the I'nin il Stnlw. Tlu' lli"t(ri's cnntnin .Mnjrt nml Nnftrninj,mi(l heiiiu in uimkmiiI um it) the Sehnols ninl Acinlriiiics in our cmimiy, may lie nnBitlcmt ns siand.iri.1 lm(iKlnr the iti-liuctinn ot outii m insmry, i tie lir-t and secuitil Itouumire l)roUj;lit mm n lo fircem time j:Mj:nso.vs AurniMrnvhi three Van 1, contain Itv liCons for lircihnerM. Tart U, contaiii- l.c-ons for nil lIioI.iim. lnit H,cunlfiiiH thf hiiiher oiirrntiuns Ivcy tu J nr "2 in id t Uui'S' lono m i nil f. I'lii-i rrrii'.snf Aritlmietie- ii in in' in the fx-liool Indie! nml (lentlemen tiiv nicctlhUy uiviird to ol New York, tliilml1iiia nml Itmton, nml in illn r t MRS. MERRITT, HAS just ni:TimM:i phom Np.w Youk, 1 Willi the latckf fttrli-n nn.U.icl.trtna fiir ItonOnls. '"il'Ii V'l',,cr willi "II ntlicli'B usually cnlli-rl lor in the .Mlhnciy line. Particulars nest week. LAW HOOKS, HARISON"S Dkipst.. Hams I'miasop Hie Crown, a yok Mnrlins Louisiana lleporis coinoletc in I'nc vols. Harhoiirs Chancery licporla ii i ' , .V"" receiicu oy i ioi i i;. ii ii lie if ii . Nuloct School. MtNtf T,. IJ. STATV will cominenec her winter term oil Alomlne. ll,n v, I,.., Sdiolais me nxpeitL-d to enter at ihe connncucc Incut ol the tetni. , TUITION: . '''filial, 3, to IJM l'rench, lnl Diawiurj, Mot) School room one iloorwct or .Mrs. luigworiliy'M, up 'lairp. " ' ' Hiirlinglnn, Oct. Si, 1SI7. Mrwll r. , , V Utmit" I.A.MI'.sT Selected Irmu l'hilailelphia, llo.ion ami New Yolk J Alnliii actiires. iiiiT,.tli..r ill. ll.ii Ui..-.. .....i ... i. . er lamps lor hiirninu" lard, oil or cainplu-ne ; nlo ' ". liunmcs, Wicks nml other goods in the line opening and lor pale hy ,, ,. IImns.maidJi Ilr.oTiirns. Hurhngtou, Oct.'Ji. BUCK WIllvAT l'LOUil, piinsii (Jitoi)xi) Ironi new (irniii i and Sutnitt Sugnr House Alo. laesi-s ' to matcli" nt a. s. di:vi;ys HUDSON HAY smaio.v op tub piust IK quality, iriekeil the prcpent season, lor s'l e hy ii the pound or . HI', hhl. IVoticc. A. S. Dmvkv. WOOt.Mltf CLOTHS. GCAKPS (illPV CLOTHS, 3 do Sattinels, .1 do llroadcloths, I ilo Cassimcns, a do Voptiti((s. Ocl. ia,ISI7. l'oriilehy . . VII.AS St. NOYriS, call and examine "pcciuu'ii-. ITtf r.MA-S TA.MN.V, HAS Hi:ri:ivi:i mi r-i'lnmirc n$mr)mcfil f (iuiips, Prunes, lliittons, and n lew iicces ol Dress (lonjs, Pruis, AUi a ln-.itiiirul aHsnriim-ut of Han. ami Purs" Claris, IJiuj, T isvls, Steel l,i.iil" -,aul Is duly eivtin li i i rival of Ins entne Pall tiiirchavp.couMliui! m part ol Press (lootls nud Oloakm's, sueli as t oloiiil Tluhet", Silk Wnipl.j unes.., Alpaeca, Oraon and Palo Alto Plaids. ci Hurliuston Oct. Ml, 18IT. Petition fur Dltoicc. .Makindi Djtv, 1 To the honorable the Supreme rx Couit of .liulicatiire next to be Ormovd Doty. ) holden nt Hiiiliin.'ton within and Tor theeoiiniy of Cliitlemleu on tin- lih Tuc lay in D.-eeinV-r A. 1). IS 17. The Libel ol .Marinda Doty.ol ot lliirluiiiton, in said County of Chillemleu, liumhly roniphuuuu shows that she waslawruliy married to Onu.iid D.ity, a nunc ol Wullinnlord,' Veiniont, nt Millmry in Hi" State of Al.issichmetts, on the full d ly sil'O-to'jT, A I) Kl lint in the month ot Oct. ls'.l.l they removed to Wallmford Vt., and there liv ed tojetlicrns mm an I uite until April Hill ; tte-ytlien rruiowd to I,aui;ilon New Hampshire and there resided until September l'Jdi 18IO,thalfiom the tiuie otsaiil mam i i;c until Mid lUthSept ISltihe.iiil Aiaiiuda lii d with Miid Oimoiid in lull ohi-erMUicc on her paiiofnll the promis-sof the marriage contiact ; lhat o i slid I'Jth S -pi IS Ul.nt l,augdou nluresaid the sai.l Oniionil wilfully desarteil the said .Marmdi, lent mi; her with an iuhnt child wholly destiiuie ol any nu'iiusof sujijioit lint slid Oi ml has resided in uie .Tiiui- oi , criii'iui more urio iwo tear1 "luce m desertion of said M inn la on the said lOtli S"pt IS HI that said Ormon.l has i..en t.,r miny years pi-it, mid nillcoutmui's i.i b- intemperate m Irs h ibiiv, ami is an inilii p 'is m lo h ive Hi custody ol tlie nihn'i cluld il the cud parties; ih u mih Mi I PJili Sept. HID slid Onuoinl has neter n tiirn I to luslumly, ,r liirni-li-id the said .Manuila, or their hild with liny means ol t-'ipport an I Ins din in n nil that p"rioi, hi'iug seven tciiiswiltully, iclies tl mi to do : that since Auut Mi'l bini tii-e years the sai.l Manmia has re-nlcil in the Slate ; Tii it sin1 ler aftireiiid deser tion she h is supported her-clf mid child solely by licr ovtn labor. Wherefore the sij, .Marinda prats that the bonds ol matrimony bet v., en her and ill p nil Ouuoiid maybe sl.solted nmccally to Hie statute in nahon.- made nml prot ided, and ill it the clnld of the raid pfulion, u 'boy about ciht cais old named Hlon, limy hede 'iced to remain in the cuvody ol Ins mother llie said Alanud.i. Jllllli'S V lliekok, JUllIMlA 1) TV StUritnr $ t.l'jcttant. Hurlinyloti .Man Ii i."J, 1SI7. Order of Omit. Ftntr nf Vrrvtint ) Tlie foiej;iiint: l.ihel belli, VJtilttmlrnlSmuly s. , evlubite.l loluelllHfitll d.ivol I :'Vm'c's "'ul "w '"SS1" ' x""" i "V tliesame. Auju-t.A. I). UI7. and it Iwinir retire'iiled to me ill it Hie s iid Oruioud Dolyis now htm wrdioui tliis Jstue ; T'tripfurr, it is oideredHhatlhe iid Oiuioml 1) ilybeuoiiii -, ot the above lab 'I by publishing the s-iiue or thes.ilM'ince lle-reol together with thisonh-r, in Hie II irlmiou Tree Press, n new -paper printed at Itiiriinmou, three weeks saecesHely, ihe last pubiica t Kin tu In- at I.T-t fmr weeks before llie next leitilof the Supreme Coiirt,whie!i publication shall be s.nli 'cut lioiiee to ilu- slid OmiouJ nl-pearaud answer to siul li.ll. Mll,() I,. HKN'N'K'I'T, JiiiIip nj tltf Siitirme Court. Diledat Il'jrlinton, Aii4Utllih, HI. 17w3 rilA.MT'LMX .Stoani Tow Boat. Compaily. T m-titiitioiis whtrc the modern iitiurutcineuts ure adopted. n.n.i:vs maieuha. Hailey'i Pir't Lessons in Alpbra, lor Acadeinics nud Couimou Schools. Key to the abote, lor Tench cr The nhote Algebrn is on the inductive plan, and is designed lor iIiom- not tered in tlie wience. It has been long ued as n Class Hook ill the Public Schools ol Hostoii, and in tarioiis Schools and Aeaileiuicsot Inh ihsinclcr in nil pans ol the United States. (lOODUIVITS STATUS. (looihicli's History of the United States, adapted to the capacity ef Youth. Uevi'ed and cnlarr"d from the one hmidrcihh and brought down lo March I, HI7 tloodnch's nnd Imicrson's (juestioit to the nbote. Thenhute History of the United Stales is nmong Ihe most popular woiks ol tlie kind. It is in twe ill the HoMou Schools, nnd has n Idyll rcputatiuu nnd an extensive popuiarily. 'oitci:sTi:n's i)ictioxaiiii:s. AVorcesteri nciiienlary, ndapted roruse in Stbools and Acadeinies, coiuainmg iiciuly yuthj muie wolds than liny other School l)u Do. ConipicheitMte, (Pionouucin and Kxplaua tort',) designed lor Ihe same, and lor general rcleianee. Carefully lletied nud l'htlari;ed,and newly s'.eleo luieil edition. Phe Dictionary is nrcouuncmh d b (.er'-ous vf the highest bleiary ment, as " combining ailtantages as a Pionoimcmg Diction iry, superior to all othcis," and us being " n most conipriheiisive, coricct, and useful compendium." nt .SSVhlSS KLOCVT10SA U Y HU MES. 1. Un"irn Lessons in Kmincintion. fi. Do. Kn li nn nt of (icunie. 5, 1 -. llxeieiscs in Illocution, AUo, lIu-s-HV Klocutiunifct, n new wuik, eombin'nij: all (lie nttoe. j:.u:usnys srrjjjxa hooks. Ijinrruus Nalionnl prllinjr UooK linil lVoiioini' rin;; Tutor, on nn improwil il;uit with KeiuUng Ja-s-soih. Onr liumlreil ami sixilrtli edition. Iiilrotluctioii to the iilioe, for yonngfr cliolnr, hy llie wiine. 'I'here works aie highly recoinmemlril liy Teachers nml othei. nre us-ed in the lloMoii VnUhc Srlmoli, 1U1.I also cxtt'iisnuly in the nriou- schools in ine Liiiieu rtimc.". Mirstc hooks roil schools The Iilile .onorr.oi lrmentniv Winning llnol. Hir Vnnnry SehonN, hyVt. .!. Mi, Pjiridenl ot IlnuoVl ami Ilayihi Horn.-ty, VAnot vt' Mns. Coll. Clmuli liu-.c, i.Ve. '1'lie C'onumin Stliool Snn;ifr for mlvairvil knm pi?;hy the unin'. l'uMi-lnd ntkk-r the winctiuii ol the IJuMoii AeiuUmv l MiiMf. 1 lie 1 omifi Lntly'H vlui (. I:i-h Hook, ilri-iiiril tor nines mui l he liiulu r h.IiooJ-4 : ttv the sune. I'ub- I j ?! n't! asabo 'Ilu'iibov form a iJidressTve H-riis fer the t"-e f I umil.s and Sehuol. MiSCnhhAXKOrs. IVosi's (trnirtmnr. linnft's IVcmli rhrn'-eoo. NfihrookV deoiiu'try. Aooott's l,inli- lNiilos-ujilui. Nt'jes' IVmiwui'-liiji. r,ule8 AiitltiinMiu. Uiair's Oitlnies ol' lhtory, hroiiht down to the pri'sent time. fl Thel'liihl's Itotany. Hi-hoi.l Conmiitleex, Teaehet, Jtc. di'-iioes r.f nmiiini any oj' tlicaboe, will he pujijilied without clnr'e. In nddtuon "to uVnlne, nlwnys for "'ile nt .vititfie lory inii, a toinnlele norlnu hi ol School, .Mm-ie ami .Mi-Cflfam on- Hooks, fctatio.ieiy, V (.-oh-t It-, 1S17. IT sciiooi? co.mjhtti:i:s idin "UK SubM'rit'Ht' tnke pUmmim in aniiotineri to the tmlilie. and h'Ci.illv lh hiHUHh- inrtiuji thi-ieof, tin", thf New Meaim t, 1ITIIAN AIII!N. ot ti ioiim Hnrth-Ti, L'npt V It Proliof:, will eotn iiifme iiuiiuit Mpoii Lake Cham'lu'n. Monday, Mi'l" r making two trtw e.ieii weiK. ram Whimli.ill .MonJ;i)r:ind Thur la - at 7 n'ekvk, AM. niitl St. J )Iiih 'lnesliys an I I'nd lys nt 7 u'cloc k, I' M , '.onchiiu at the iiiteiiru'dial)' liimhims, Tli' y would aio) c.i) that she haleeu lunlt Vith th t'reatt n caif, Willi e-n vn rttetenee to ttti ninth and jHiircr, ami will ronii.ire .iornlily with any Tow Hunt iijioii tlie IJiniiii Kii r. She i iliimtl jwcially for I'trilri find Tow mul tt1 tor p-i-n-TIiom wl.o ("Iioo'm' to do l lit-1 r Im'-inet-s by Iht may ! iimihmI that the witne will be done wnh iiromplmM and puiulu ility ami that she w ill make tup.- n-yular udertwil abue imiil litither iioilct. fij'iiflotx John ItiMPi.iA & Co., Ilinlinton, Vl. lluKAi-. (ir.AV i'L Co., IJuMim, Ma. 4(ammima kt, Co., Crown I'oint.N. V. Nn noi.s, Ht'KToN Co., tit. Atbuns Vt. Iturlinston.tJct.t, HI7. Ttl' rpo Ti;nli:ns ! CiiiTTE.m: Coiotv. M. Aotice is beieby ill en, tint Aki.vms KKiuntif, lipnf Stillwnler, N. Vwill open nn Institute in the IJa-enient Story ol the Brick M U-mw, on the ilfiih inl., nt U o'clock in the nmrninn, to em timif ten dns only, for tlie Ivnelit of Tmclirrs in ihe county. Hoird Will he flmiisbed nt n low rate lor at least (X) Toncher, and it h hoped then1 will be mi f.iiluie of attendance. .Mr. Richards fraid to be abundantly qirilified fnr his work, and with the tvi taueeof the County Supermti'iiilent, nml the n'ul ol tient'eim-n to Lecture ofniiiKi it Is hoped thatatten tlants will ttitd tbcm'M'Ue urently ndvaucd in the seii'iire ol tenclnna. Lllorts will be made to make the 1 m I lou ifrnluitou? to scholars, but should that tail) weiioimi not imt itioe receivinir t ic hene it win lend l lly U-ur their proportion of the expense. At the close J ol the Institute, County Commissions will be niuMi to ( all who are found qualified as Teachers. Such as do not aait tnemsi'iM's u mis inivnntaKt, cannot he ae ecun modi ted hy a iit of the County Superintendent in the resiet live towns in the county, ns it will not be eonsideifii ins uutv io nenorin sucn circuu lor their ucroinniodatioii. I t-ttcheis will lurni-h themselvcH with Arithmetics. ft rn miliar nnd (tenders. Visits will lee.pected liom I own Superintendents. Supt of Com Schools for Chiltenilen Ci. Ciulcrhill, Oct. 11, 1SI7. Swlfi von lly the subscriber n first rate yoiltlg Cow. Also, two coot J' earner lied. J. .!. STAIllt. Finn and xVcvr loods ! Subscribe is, under the firm of i) a a o l l s s n ; o r r v m. hnvilii! tiurchascd the lliick Store reeentlv occunicd hvTllos. II. Cani tni n, have this day teluined liom 2svw jork wnh un entire new fclocK oi uiMJUhjcon- HMhitfof I tiliorVJiir.s, CKUCKEKY. DilUGStiMCDlCLXKS, t'lthttii S' 'VHr, '';, Sttlt. Mails. (Has. I A.c., ntakinu a complete assortment of ever thins tint j may ho called lor, whim they are now ready lo ex change, at ihe lowest irtatket price, for Cah, (Jiain, roik, butter, Chei se.nnd all Kinds ol produre, All those who wi-li to yet the woilh of their money nre solicited at least to rail nml examine our flock be foie purchac'uis elscwh-ie, as we are determined not to be tindcisuld by any Store in the Connlv. u.'u. LDTTV.M. ' Wilhston, Vt.,tct. 10, lotf Takvs nv vimtiti: or i:i:nt'uoNs to i' 1110 hu'cled, 7 Limine Lathes, 5 Vices with V licnches att ie!ied, about '.VI shntts and pulhes attached, about Hells, 1 (iiind Snuie, 1 Diillm-; Maihiti". l I nnclnnijdo, I ji-iiowsinid pipe, 1 Lltcu- larS.iw, 1 Wink Ileiiches, lb l iles,3I l)i ills, about at) Aib'irs, I Sloe and pipe, about .in old nies, a lot oi ensii'ius ami iiimm-iieu uiiieumfij ,imuni m wm Ii on, about .VKlibs Hand Iron.alHMit iMie ton ol Iron in t,'.ic rnilnnd roiuu .nliout such as Wrenches, Screw Cutters, Hammers, ue., Cardins .Machines 1 lloise, two one horse w ngnti, wliieli will be soldat the .Machine Shop, nt WtuonAi rulK.on the -'i5i1i nt . lo saii.-ly 2d Constable of Colchevlrr, IS 17. 1 NDTLACIII'.IISbef.mMl. r lor Fall and Winter Sehoid on their (looks invited to r.'i mine uus-ell tioldsimij simpiou-d Jienums liooks lor L ominoii .chfffili ami Academies, t. rruuer - Introduction lo I'limary KeadeiPrun.iry Header Seouel to I'lMivuv Keailer 1 lit roduclion to Am rican Common School lieader anJ Ameiican Common .schou Wearfer. Tbes" books nre now etl in ncrK) towns and eitnr, thortah comiileted mi! V I'M November. I h" acknowledged ib ticiemit ot other h'ettdtti" llool, are supph' d in tht.-e Tin y art lecoimoemlcd by nearlv H't) tV.nimir.ecs and Teaeliei- mve unueis il sali"larliiiiaud are consiereil, Hot only the lest, but the rintprkt houK now h tore Hie pnbm. .Mr Hu"srll is well known nsn diinuisliet teaeb er ot Llorution, and as tho Ldilorot the Journal of IMucution. .Mr Coldsbury bn" been for many jears tcaehcr of the Calblide IliJi SdnK.l. Copies id eaih book given toowns fjr examina tion. Z t"fhl Hooks will be taken in part payment. 1'ubliMied and lor tale nt 1 1. 1 Washington stieet, Barney Larjiestiickof lAclrints,of nriotH?itcHnnd v ipnTilies, fur sale by the price or pickaye at ftvorable rates, t raying particular nltctition to this nrliclc, nnd buy ins Inrse jots, we obtain advfintiiam over Finnller pureiiavcrs, and hcnieWc can ulleidmany stlesnt New Votk prices. Oct. 1M,1HI7. K VilAs Novi.s. VVKV. MVMM) hTCKS I'OH SAIX. .lW'riio un'iMTiber beiiifv about to elne lii4 hr- iiiinsbuiuc!(,ir,rpfoi Kile hissock of Mciino I lucks. These Sheep have been hied with the sieatct care horn the best Merino LweS and a l.'embnuillel lluck, liom .Mr. Collin's reeentlv imported llock aiul now owned by the Uev L. (J. Hiiiahaiu of this place. To lhoe wishins to impiop their sheen the present olleja ii rare elriltee, as they will he sold without re seive. Those wi-luns pnre!iae will plene call at my store, at WilliMou, wbete they will lind a person to show them the slieip. TIIDS It. CANTILLI). WlllWon.IVt U, mi. r, "new rich goods. Ir0U c.w piN'D so.mi: op tiii, most nisi . table (loods to be loiind in New Yolk, Mich as da me cAMi:i,i:o.x nitnss silks, I'KIIS'CII MP.UINO-S of fhpeiior quality, with tiiiimunes tu match. Silk.woi.ted and iither MOII.MIi CLOTHS, Silk.Mripul ami plaid M'STKIIS, A 1,1, V)()1, IIKOCIli: SHAWLS linprecedeiitly low. llohuet Silks, Satins, Oitmeleons, VeUets, Kibhons, wilh Inures to uriteh, iH'antihil Steel Hk", Ladies 'rrimuum;', a laijje Muicty, now opening at Hiii'lhtit'M. AImiJiM roceiu'd, vrrrs, oTTr.n caps v Hoas, and other Purs a laree ne-orlmciil ANo, a larce lot PAPi:i IIAN(il,N(iS all nt the lowcM prices. llalhu;tou, (let 7, 1815 Ijtf WHITEHALL AND ST, ALBANS. 47 jmii: 28 Xvw Arraii-vcBiit'iit. 'I'hc new mid fa. sailing Steamer SARANAC Cunt. 'P. I), ril VIMIAX. Will commence her regular (tips, on Saturday, Sep. 1 1, U a 1 1115 Whitehall every St. Albans every MONDAY, TUESDAY, Wi:i)Ni:smY,nnJ TIll'IISDAY.nnd PIIIDAY, SA'I'UUDAY, AT s o'i 1.01 K, a. m , ToiirhitiL' nt nil the intcrincdi.itc I.anding3. September It. IS IT. lis PAIRS OP I'lMMiPl) (!l,OVIN AM) ' Mittens. A Hood nsMirliueul ol lluck Skin do. 1 Also. Ju-t rcceiu'd Parwell's llootsaml Shoes, I'or , sale by VATJ.IXli SMAJl, I Scpt.'J's, 1SI7. II VnilMOXT CI'.XTIIM. IM1I.II0.M). A dual ae-es-ment ot five ilollats has been orderei r bv the direr tors of the Vermont Central Railroad mlXl few choice I 'nil lllifiid M i:illX() (('A'.',' 'cnllcincu ilitni( lloslon nnd in want of first hue ft! 'kX. "i-iy Ik' Kfrn on iHc' I-nriM ..I Kuw.ll (''ALL & WIKTIJIt Cli()TlllN(i, Wdli-tou.'i miles snitilitif David 1 rciichn .. riicln. on the llinesburiih road Wirol Irom siirh shctp has this w.'noii readily hiouht fifty cents per Ib. 'Vhey were orlirmnlly frorn Henry Swilt's llock, PoiifihT.eeisie, DiiU'hrss Co. N. Y , and lately Irom the Hoi k of lloiatio Itirchardlionlnni, Vl. Said Sheep nre pronounced hy judges to he the be-t wooled i-hfcp in die State, both as to(iriutity nnd ipiahiy. 'Pheir cross with common thecp has pioved ery de sirnble. IStnS AlOlPPON COIdl. ""krUAW'tJUTTKUS, A New supply just rccc'ucd nt the A(lticultiirnl " Ware house, S'ept ll PI2ACH TlilllN, QIIIiDI.IMi', or lludded lit forsellini? this full may O he had at the Ainiculmrul Warehouse, -JS'Tl :iK LL roit Tin: paLl Yiiadi:. C1 P. STA.N'IPOUI) & Co. me now rccciuna ii larm' itssottment of yoods wlie ha0 bcin bought hi ety low prices, coiiM"tinj; of ',, V('V V STAI'Li: DltV (IOODS, C-iriietini!, Itit'li .Manilla, I'loor Oil t'lnth.all wldtlis, llus, Window Shades, Paper llnnmtius, Lookili'' Olascs aM -ii's. l'lowiuir lihi'', belli bliu- and iule yranile Ware, nlo, China and (llar-s Ware ; . (Jroccries, purs, llullalo llobes, tie. ' I llurhuijton.Sept. 'Ji, 1817. 13 , WP, have received Saiiuilesofthecclehriited Priam Air tight Cookim; Stove Irom the 111u11t1l.1t.tory J ol A. 'P. Dunham N Co. Troy, N. Y. and aie mm . pieliaredlo fjrliidi them toti'.lwhn Want 11 L'oului'.i; ' Slove. which will do htMie'S- ritrbt aud ill flioit metre wiiiiinery little fu'el. We ribhor .Vnnroaiid i:tablished u waiehouse in tlie tear HIS, for the pur hallct)nt'iUt'iitly skip all hi vVorda ill eiit'eaoi;rui pose ot suppljinr tin- Cuv and Interior 'I'mdc 111 pi I'liiue ill'' till i;e iik i 11 t'l imn- ri'iu -' nrnni uiv pubhe.biit we will barely intimate lltnl In hot weiilhrr such as we may expect hi or about Do D.ivsthepe Slot i a will ttlniobt cook without the lu-e c'l iiuyluel .v. r. mi'nsox l'oiii.urr, Wmoo'.ki City,.luue yih HIT. Ml nrc patticulnrly invited tocnll at iimwN, i, .v stu kxhvs, Aim. Ii, 7, !l, 1 1 iV ll! Old Slate llnusr, FRONTING STATE ST. BOSTON. Where they will find the lamest Hoik of I iiMon!Hilr Itt ittl) .H11.I0 ( Intliliii:, in the city, consitinn ul every vnrietv of rendv mad uamieuls, manultli'tureil in llie hest tummi'i- and inosl lashlunable nylt which we me sell! J nl pi ices thut will iusute FutlMaf linn. GAIlMJiXTS MADE TO OR I) Ell. Wc nisi) invite you to examine (hefoie piuchaino our extensive stock ol uncut goods, c.oiiipri-111", a ivat variety td shades of K.viitdsii, Piinxni AM) (Ji:it.Mx Cloths. with ihiglish, IVcivh, Herman And Amrrlcnil nonsKixs v CASSIA! Hit i:s, , tsOjStt.K, SATI.V, VmtT S0 I.AMIMLr.C VJiSTlXGS, y.ldch we will mnlte to order, in the dented nnd luo"l woikiiianlike ftjle.nnd wnriniiled lo lit. 1 j'Piicis 11s low as at any clti'.liiny ctlabhsluncnt in th.' Puiou. It 1: M I', M II 1: II ! t'lmil'um State S'lic't, Ihiton. 13 ly PKirV'l'!"! .fiY. '9 a C'lIDAIt STIUJI.T, XI1W '.Oil If. LEE BREWSTER a ih,;imim:ssi:i) and hbavnIjV vs .MOST HKILLIAXT L0TTI3HY 1) It AWN l Till! U. S. Our Growl CniHiil l'rhc ii-! 1 00,000! ano piIecs oi vumi i lit'iiiB Hie imvcst tlirct" litu'iilicr I'lics I Tiii:piitTToimwxM;.ii!i:its S I OOO f A LKXAXDUIA I.OTTEU V, Clns S, fur 1 H 17 'folic drawn in Alexandria tut Saturday, llie Mi day lif October, H IT, tin Jer tlie Mipcriittcndenco ol C0111 lni'.'.iiiiiers. J. W. MaIT.V it Co., fSueces-ors to .1 0. tiiiii.or.v !s ( o.,j Mati'isen. 73 Xnntbi'rs I'J Drawn llailoi". IsiEiiliei'til WflieiMi'. with PIU.VPi.D CAI-fCOP.S UXCI.I'SI- uiil , ill 11 rw iriei" -mil rTnil'lilOH, til all h -asons ot the jear.tliu Lur ?tt Aifil tmnitm TUP. WOULD. They me new oucuim. Several Hundred Pin knees. iiTiMi aauiuisinu every Xrr .Nwe ol P'ireiitit and Dotncs 1j lilt tie proiluclloll, tHtlliinf ffliiri me n't tn be Jound . rlnnrline, liavuia been" Printed I'vclustrly lor tin ir bw n sa cs. J . ol II. ri'Fiire tfull v solicit the particular attention of Dealei'j in Iby tiubds, to their A7iir FALL S'VVLES I Wliieli are olV'i'i'd 111 niniiufiictiirrs' packajte yrlees, Lis per jirin'e'l Canlosn s( which nte corrccl-'d daily lur th" int'iriiiaiititi ol buvi rs. , PUIN'P WAUP.IIOL'rfi;.) AVic PoiA, H7. 5 Pui-i On tl,e W, nf AtigiKt. 1n yrtir ISI3,a .imrii'.,' rear tirciirrtil in tlir 1,'iitj'il Scientific In.ttluh-. "J I marc The iizcd, iridic hernial I'reniilcnt.hx lttn,l !, hiturmi imtttrtteheU, hit fuel riiilinnt "'!" r cinfc inn frirala,i,) and hi' 1 tvm ti S' '""'"'"'V tone, ilelitcn'tihe fulhicma VI,nJll'm'i ".'""'"''d ntlhis slndnr preparnlioit Where ndieilwill s,,..e Mini I Here wc haven. STwK :.miH' n y "'"' 1." "tifu pi' cc ci disisil u d sk , J'Vvt'u',y '''"''urcmcl.tor, and cveS power cease I he NeSro the Creole, the Yellow Race .1 the l.a.t, and the lied Man f 1 ,e Par West, are nhke under the nllnciice It, extraordinary noweis o clearui'' )ellow or .b-lored 'kin, and in knittil win eiiiid btantilult nnd oi clisnmni- the rolot ol tlaik.or black, or brown Hu." t It-re several per tins wi fe brtuHt' forv en! .y the President, who bad used it, in piool of his a-sertton ) 'Pheie me piobably few p, rons ofintellicent.e, who, nfter rcmliiig the above, w ill doubt the qualities ol JOXES' IT 1 LI A X CHEMICAL SOA I' IV nmxu I'lmdr. Hhlchr, Sail ll'ieum. Semiy, Kryvpelai ti'ire tend, Old Svies, llemd and' Itch, Cli'ii'i'ed nnd Tender I'lcnh, 1'ieehlc, Tun, k'liiilmrn nnd chaiigine dm U kiuil.ui n or Yellnth SUti to n jntp rUnr irlntt, as smooth and roft as an In fant' 9, and In fact every kindol ciupiion and dNfigurcraeiil Kciitl these ccrtilicatea : Prom the New Orleans Sentinel, October, 1311.) One of our snbsciihers, Mr. II I,eonnnl, Informs m that he has been cured o old, scaly Halt Kbeuiil, of citihtccn years stanilin, on his heard, tinners, and hands, by a cake of an alticlc liuuh htlti iti-ed lately sp.'.il; r .loin ?' Iialhn (.lu'iiiirnl Soap. Ho nli-e. inloims us that be l.ns lri"d Itsctl-cts on his le luale slae lio.e,miicli tuatked with sun -pots, ami bo lotintl hi two weeks her skin much clearer nnd whiti-r. James I'lthnm, n painter, in Jersey City. v ns cured ofcnrhunclesnnd pimples, which he was n'lihcted with for iniuy pail of a cake of Jones' Italian Chemical Soap. I'crfo'ns in purchaius iln- mest nhvn)3 afU fjr JOXi:-3' PPAIdANCHI''MI(;Al.SOAP;and pei. baps, ns many who bate been cheated with couniei. feits, will be loo much tliseoAraued to try the genuine, we say to such, tiy tins once you will not regret it " Inn always see that the iiameol 'P. JOXIiiJ U on tin wrapr. tRitd imly at Xnr Viiik at Hi CHATHAM STRl'IiT, Sign of tltcAmerican T.ttplr. I'ricc. . . . ot) Cents a t'nhr. ! "," Pull tlireellolis fur use neeoinlinliv encli rs ! .liuicf.' Soaiv. Por sale by (Jco. 11. lfAKKcno.i. Ai5enltor V'ernront. 100 I (,'iniiil I'ni! ol 10.).tM):) (lOO.OtM) 1 " " '10,0(10 .10,01)0 1 " " Ul),00ll 'J0,000 1 " " 1 ri.OOO l.'i.OOO 1 " ' l'J.OT.-) l'J,07.- ii " tilizcs 10,000 .-(1,000 5 ,-),00() uri.ooii " '1,000 'jo.oiio yoo " " t!,0(llt .100,000 0:1 " ,oiio 0:1,000 I'.'d " " sou 11:1,0110 I'jtj " " 'J50 :tl,.')i)o l'itl " l.'il' 1S.D0O j.717 " " Ml UOT.IlliO ::i,i:i(i " " do o:t7,lo Kinv LAW ItUOIi, COat.MON l,aw rejiorts late 'os. Mceson and WeNby no Paiboiu's Chancery, Vol I Cm d, ned 1 imhsii ( haneery lepoits V. 18. Ihijiie-h Chuicciy lleporis o," ii'J III). Hxehenucr I'epoils ft Vols, Law l.iluary late Nos. .lnt reteived bv .SVpt. :w, Svll C. (IDODIUCIl. OII.J. COVIMAS ANODYNE CORDIAL, A fife r.wl rff'rrtttitl ('vie for the Vyirntcnj, summer (itnpUtint Chtinti 31uiltiytCioliift Inftiittitin. TII II fearful mortality amoni; 1 iilnc e during the v.iirm s-piniih hi tin- ami othe e'nies. by the the Mimnicr tomplaitit.or cbolen intjtit uint lins mdiieed in;iny tu k-iilIi tor a f-pee i lie. tlin would -tay the woik ot deiuh, nnd sueotir little om-s friiiii nn nutniieij ciaie. .Many teniedies atv adu-r-s tiNcd, and man nimble lives are ..neJ by them, but

Mill the woik oftb-'tMietion noes on, liHini; the bear's ot doatnii; jiarents with lamentation and mo'irmiifr; , and will eoiiiiline to lironiess until n medieiP" ean be found that will nt onee nrres-t the (mhm. and loll j0!:t,'J7ri back the tide ol tlenih. We thin!; we have tound Ihe imntr tne jniiHie neeiis in ur .lames L-oveis ...1 . . c .1 r...u.-.i i.i. 11... .. 1 : t'-ij f onnuny, tiaynble on the Ul d iy of iti ember next. hil no".- yn nt, v uiim . u ' i Anodjiie, lor the cmeol dysentery, MMiimer ravinent m iv be inndent the I'nrmeraiHl .Meehaines , ' mivhi 1 , ',' ' h o,ri" " I. V, 'V. einnutamt, ehob-ra int.intnm, and ch.ilern morbus liHiik. Itiirlmaton, at the H.nkol Moulpelicrv at the dravunu UballoW, t.,eie M I ne 1 n?es. ,rl' ' 'Y , This medieine bus k.,,ii inu-e only about om-car, WoodMo. U H-mk, or at the Tiea-urerV OHU-e.iVo. l!l , ini; Unee ol he drawn nu i.beis on t e, I l.rf tatli nt, ,IwrilU.It.j m i,IttlI;ariy proM.b-ntiat man Railroad K.u-hni.iie.D.'.Ul Siiwitf, litoii. Inym15 tw.ini Uvm on ; and Ji. 1.1c 1 ln i uw, ncrt 0, lh(, arUcUl- u.I(l p(j(l nnJ (,uU.n , fl Sam'l II. VM.u;vJr., Ticmuttr. ';. t tlu-m mi ;nnd nlso..U,i II u ketaluMiuune phiM whtt had the simner complaint wry severely, IloMton. .SVnt r.. 1817. ot the drawn mnnbeis. on, beiu- j , . . (() , nm'.&9 circ. id execution" oIcbc.ter, CM 11, KJ X. It. I 'nun Pavinent of thisiisj-t'ssinentstockhold crs can exchange their receipts fur slock ccilicale. 1 1 CjiT" In llie rojfiilnr cilitioti of ". Sylvester s Reporter," the lowest Prize intheOHAXD MAM MOTH AldlXANDUIA I.OTTI'.ia , Class S, to be di.iwn O.toberaiih. 18P,. OA 11 I'll, I'lllZI! I? 100,01)0 ! is pubhMieiltit s.a, it should be POUT Y DOI.I.AIiS.lhe lowest Plie. Onlers are ittiuested lo be forwarded as quickly us possib'o, to s. j. syia'i:sti:u. a'lli 41 Wall Strcit.N. Y. .in:itio m't'Ks. "'.) Pine lltouili'il Merino Hacks, lor sale by W.M. C. IIAI'.KINOTOXi llurlinxton, Oct. C, 1317. 13 HASH J'.MI) POlt AM. KIXIK OP OKA IX is Steel, a lot ol 'Pools j J tVatr Coin, lle, lluckwheat, ,te. ,Ve. Oct. i, iit. itoKACi; viii:i:i,i;u. i2!))() lil'SIIP.I.S Iil'fK'IIIP'.T WWTI'.I). nv oct ti, ijti7. lion ci: wiii:i:i,i:ii " 'i'O KAIIiHOAl) CO.NTKACTOHS. 'rilli Sub?crdier is irepared to furnish Conliat tins wnh Soldi) CAST IKON IILI'.l.S, lor .1 in Cms, m.ulelroui the i'.io-i uppioM'd pitieriisaiul ot the best maleiial. Ik is now liiakillt! two sii" of '-'II and I iliehes ill iliam ter. aiul will punish them Willi or wuiimiu axics. to. I jIISS lMAUKIIA.AI, .HII.r.lMIK, has just re turned liom New Yolk with New I Villous New t loodf A lull supply of llourets, c'lowels, Ptalheis, Caps, eic , lit her shop oir Caliin's I.alie, at Ihe nan ol the Hand Ilox. Oct. Kl, 18 1', lfi3 Wsiolic, .Ifwt'lry tV Clocks. .1. V It VXD VI 15 New York with n lare asi-oiiment ol WATi'iills, ji:vi:i.kv AM' t'Lunis, r.wcv and Tos, coni-lin? in part of Hie following attichs Pineliold Levers nud l.ciiiut's. Silver l,ects,lnll Jewelled ami Verce WATCIIHS ; Hold 1 ob and Oii'inl Cliaius; old Specks and '1'lne.hles ; a l'ire nssoiunellt ol Stone nud Cnmeo Pins, ol the latest 'o llr.teelets ; llianiouj uins inobei wnh ibe lloes.l'u!lesand tuber tivtures neci s sary for ihunpini! CaW, htteil and fumdted lor use, on the luo?t leasoliable leltlis. C. W. UVNAXT. IVandou, Oil 1,1817. litf tXv. .1. AJ. I'irEiiux, VOW in the American Hotel, ISurlinton, Vl., i eiins Piilinnn.irv Con-iimilloll by a iiidleiou.s lias iut returned fiom i (itiini.ittic c.vifi', cold water hatlnun, rubbiii'', I A. e. very lilt C. a HI l l !"iule casi-s,,,, ,,,,-im iue u-'-u I'odi'iennine the late ol these orii5 and blanks, inclusive, will bess'vcinlly pln'nl In a wbei on the day of ihe ihawinji, 12 ot llieiu will be drawn out nt laudoni ; and that ticket Imihf e'l it, nsa combuia lion, the 1st '.M nud lid draw ii nuiubcir wi'.lb-cii'.lili'd to the (irnild Capital Prize of llHI,noil 'l'hat liekct bavui'l; on it the I'll Stlir.nd Cth ilrti' n mil Iber, to - - - 10,1)00 That luket haviui! on it the 7th 8th nnd Stli lll.lill llllllllli'IS. to - -0,(XM) 'l'hat tukttba in! on it the 10th 11th and l'ilh thaw ll liunilieis, to '- l,0t)() That licktt lunin on it the ?J 3J nnd llh , tliav n munliers, to - i-,oio Those .'i tu ketswith the 3d llh and.'ilh .'nil Cull and 7th- Clh 7th and hlli Nth 'Jill and llllli, or 'Jth Hltli an. I lilth drawn muubeis, each 10,tnw 'l'hose tickets wiih the 1st ad and Ith- -.M 3d and ."iih 3d llh and Cth Ith Atli and 7lh,or Cull "ah and Dili tlrawn iiiiiii'ucis, i nch f.Wi ; 'Pin seS lickcis with the (i '. 'lb and llih -'Jill lilth and IStli- "d lili and t'lh '.! I .'"It an.l7ih,or llh full and nth drawn num bers, tilth .... litf1 All other tickets ha ing on them any Tiir.rr. ol tbeihawn m'm'i'-is, (hems -on, linch Those C3 lickcis hainir. on theiu the Nt and 'Jd drawn tiihnhc is, each Those 1'Jli tickets ha vine on them the '- 1 and 3d, or 3,1 and 1th tlrawn iiumiieis, eacn, 'Pilose l-Ci tickets, having on them the t'h and full, or the Jlh and btli drawn num bers, t nch - - - - li'.t) Tines" l-ii tickets InUiiRtui Mu in the Cub and 7th, or the 7th and cub ihawii nuiii her?, each - -, - la'! All other tickets bavins on llieiu any two cf the drawiinuniliers,(beiui;3,7l7,)tacli 8D And all other tickets, Irivin oiif, only, of the ibawti iiuuiliers on them, (being -3,-l3o,)cn.'h -- . , - -No lickt t which shall have drawn a pi!-c ofn m- iiorilcuomii'.ation caube enliiled lo an nilirior prize. Prizes p liable lorlv davs alti r Ihe tiriiwiii'',ainl sub tually cured in a day or Iwo. This tact coming to the know leiliiu ot l)r L. . luiliieeil iiuu to conumie tliuse uilicles " ith t.tliers which he had known, I'urini; a practice cf between (buy and tifty ears, to be valu able in the abow eotuplni'its, and the lesiiH wastlus luedlcine, which litlow ollered to the public. hole sole i V Kctad by (ii;o. U. II MllllNtiTON, SinH Ant!ieeaig Hull. bTATlLl!V MAKin.K (JUAIUMLS, ii rami mf Vt ntnnit. nIir. nboe nattied i'inrnes, well kifown r far--L iiii!uu;a Miperior (j'lnlitj ofmiible, ol tine white nnd inking a hii;li poli-ti are now Ik-in Uirtted, pro iliieni a tpiality ul maible, sml to be unequalled in Am-Tiea. All orders for ineiimiient", tomb nml trne etonr., maiblc ttab", biuch-, j.edeMai or Matuarv fiom thest. (larrie?, limy le mMitsst d to Know'es Taylor, I'ro prieior, at 'l'letinderrira, er eit id' New VuiU.orto Stephen i(ooikll, fc.jpnmeiiilentnitii oiniritnt l-iandor. Vt KSUVLi;S TAVl.OU. September I. 1S1?. 10. S01US, CIIA1KS AM) TAIibi:S, e JCyV MX IHVIW at Mierwood'n Auction YwiUonin, a new U t o MiIih. Mahou'inv arm and ! ' aue ScMtt' liter nud Card Tables, Look- i. t;iaf-e!.,Clm-k,vW nilt:IM il.VItl) WOOD, i'or -ale by ViUAU , NOViri. Iturlmutoii, Oetober, 1-t, HIT. IHiHcs ftro :mitiouci( AuniHt VsUv C0M310N I'll ll PA H fil) CHALK Tan aie hit 'Vrtttr hur f, ihtjuUy injurious it is M thv thin ! finw at'trsc, dure luugi, win nathnc, ycllmr, ami unhealthy thcKin a is ajt 'ce uiwq liremint chalk! IhkuIci it i iitjtti i'ttt cniitditiiiis a huge tjuati' tity "J Li ad ! We hie prepaud a beautilul Menble. article, l we eall jos lis" svXsistt MhY wmrr.. It is perfectly innocent, belnn pilriHed of all delet rioiw unaliiies ; nud it initials to the skin n nniur?!. iieluldreu, ninth taker ' ""inyt nluhntcr, clear. Iiin white ; at the satna and -tiiootl) Dr. Jnmet Andt-iVon, l'rnrticil Chemist of Mnw , fhii-ett,-ayj " Alter analjm Jones' Spanish I.ily White, I lind it poese- ihe mo'-t beautilul and n.i tural.and nt the tame time innocent w lute 1 eer vivr i 1 cer'nhlV can ion-cii'ntioii,y recommend its uau v f all uha-ehkiu reipuie'S beimtil hil'.' I'liec.'i C'cnls a Ilox. I l)irHnnvs The heft way to apply th I.dy White, is with fruit leather or woo! the iortner is piu- ItMWe. A Tine Srt of Teeth for 2.1 Tents, WHITE TEETH, FOUL BREATH HEALTHY GUMS. Yellow nnd unhcahhy teeth, alter being once ol twice denned with J0.i:S' A.MIiCR TOOTH PASTC. hnve the nppenmnce of the most bemtiliil ivory, niitl. nt the Mini' tune It is so perfectly innocent nnd e tpusitely line, llint Its coilstanl thliy use is hmhly ntl vnllllipious, t ell lo tbo'-e teeth that lire ill n ood C'jI1 thlion; itivin tin in a Is iiutiful polish, nnd preventing ii prelimteie tb'ciiy. Tlio-e tilreudy decayed It pre vents from beeoniins worse it iilso Listens Fucli m nre hi com in it loose, nnd Ly peisewiance it w-ill ren der the tuuli'st leeili th htately while, nnd tnukt t a breath tlehciotislv swvtt I'rini "? ir 37 I-'i fonts n Km. t All the abtn e uiesM only at C11.VTI1A." I .STli IUT, .Sifo nl fie Amei watt Ltiilc, Xeie Yuil, Ij ASO 11V THE AnsilXTtDAoEATs WHOSE NiML jmnvii i.f The .N'kxt Cm.vitx.&.Z I'or sile by Oco. JIarri.voio.v only Agnt Tor Verinonl " buiil ),(' llostoii, by Oilober H, HI". CHAliI,i:rf TAl'I'AN. 17w3 s!,,.,. ,,, fmiifi am, i luos'ii siune niio sc.iie n i e-, .1,11 " ;' plaui'1 ,vc.,wf. nlil M'.iltsnntl ivcjs; go u i.i'iKi i- oi i .i; -,.. ,,,1,,'. .. II. Lome nciorc you nn- i" "'s- eerci-e, nud in l.ict you-hould come when you li:ive Icltithe liist hyinptoius. J' lleiiieniber there nie iii.inv thiiii." (lint couinnpme people eiil ami dunk that will be biriclly prohibited. HATTIXd KV Hales Cotton liatlui-', .0 ilo kiiiii. C'otiou Vuin, Wuddiui!, etc. Ocl. Si. Vlt-ARit KoVt. STOVK I'll'i:. Ll'SSIA, HnplMinnd Aincriinn f-tovc ripp, lor bnlc by (.Oct. SI.) ilas .V ovi-s. f in; i.ixin if. 1 wise .M tlu Ltiilics, 1TI 1 case L'nshmeics, ii variety id' Clou U nnd Drees J riuesniitl diets Hultons.lortuie nv (lit. SI. Vilas ,t iN'ovi.s, 1 bnle tlo llurl.1is. rnddlll; nriti.irs sr. It) inch. 1 bale Cninnss , lor bile hy Vim ,t .ovts. AM'.UTAS, .' HMt I's. AIinccns, Cotton nnd t?ilK. nri, .Ml " I'l.iid, S."i " nil wool " I'olkns," '.in" CobtirK Cloth, lor Nile by Oct. SI. Vims ,t Novr. t TIlKlXtiS, 4.C. M Cnses York Tit kinus, I 3 hales Ilrovvn Dnlli S bales r-trijs d rldttiiiKs, I Si " llro' Slieeiini;s, th-t.Sl. iorMleby ViMS&.NoVl-". WH.M'I'IXd AMI M ill ri.Vfi I'Arilll. SIIIH llciiiiw tmall Wrnptiins, 11HI " lnri;e do Sim " I'np l'uper, S.VI " Litter do Vu as !j JCovrv FAltMKHS & MECHANIC'S J1A.NK. TII T. Stockholders of ibH are herebv noti tid that n erdl beiniiuideol lje ilol-nroii each hare ol the Capital Siixk, pajable un or kl'ore the Ud day ol January next, jiy oruer oi me noun, C l U'A ItNI'.K, Cashhe lluriii'nlon.Oct. S. 1S17, Vtw'A KKSli LARD! fTicvooChoirn Lunl fllllKILMOMKTHIlR. A larjrn lot of I wood nnd tin tnseil Tlierinomi leis, w-nrinnled correct, lor Nile by llitl.ts.MAin f( IIrhtiilki. r.oi.D I.iirRP nssortmciit nt IUVCII.S, J. V New lid of' Violin I low's ii ll.'iss Viol Uriugs of the best uirdiiy. nt lCt. Si). J. V. JIAXII. PiAMlAl.t.'S. imt Strings, l..'.s". C'I'V (JLASSi:S lur tlnv or ninltt, of nil )J,nt J. . HvMiAl.t s, COTTO.V i I.IXII.V TllltK.M). 7.'ill lbs. Cotton Thread, white nud uas'd. l.'itKldoz. Hpool do. ricwiiiu Sdk nud Twist. Vims t( Nulls. s t'oiisuiil'i" ''"' l-'""''!. l,r.rriiitKM 'run vsis w tin; Ssti:i:i. iiiuiixcs. TJ'.i:i. Uns nnd l'urse Clnt-ps, Tii.cs, rrmges, llentlsnnd Kinss, of till prices nt J, V. Ka.miau.s. 1(11.1) lMIXS from two lo four Dollnrs, M lies I IlrowHVi'reiniuin Diainoud I'ointed, Albeit (i HanloyV, llinetlict nnd IJernreys tieiirvH .sew Iln dand, The .Mnitnuni lloniiiii, 'Ihe 1'euplcn' IVn, The Victoria I'en nml uousress i ens. ni ()jt. SO, ' it A.Sl'11.1. MliVi:iv SI'OOdS, IliTint Kxivis am) i Swat r-boNcH, vvnrraiitctl jjoisi ks ine coin, ni Oei.SH. J. V, Kamhi.i.V MW AT WINOOSKI l-'AM.S, l,nrt;e tnnl cslensive nssorlnieht Ul . ' cot ids, cnorr.uiKs. cuoriu:i:'. and iiAnnWAlU, inosl ill them purchnsetl al rctlticctl prices this Inll and , ,ii,,s iii nielli iiurciius, u ul 1,'uui.i ,, 'i , 9 in io i l,HN(l i " cnuses. ott i oi ion, nun euro tu , ,,, wli,outH'wre. I'leiiK.' cull mid we. ronsuniptioti. Astnnia, nno oi- .... .... n. im, on . KIDNHY HAK1.I III,. IllWh 111 llOnSCMty, UllOOllllll '"'is ... (,,,,,,!; .' 1. ,1 , lo hculllitonn hundretl yenrs.wiih s-t ', n' ". :'.. I.i. .Viioinel ri ic dell ritt llA. M. M. I. A , ..ri' liilli, nml ill iKiim en1 I 'tViii. fust ..Miiioii'itiou and nresernilion SKI Persons who ish to po throiisjh ss nil 11 coinseol this 1 jeel to the usual ileibictioH ol lilteeii per cmt tieatmi Mt will be tlnred by me week or Inolllll. I Mr 1'elUus receivetl ill" liellelieial elleels o lh,s js. 1 lem iii hisown ca-e, b.iviui: l''ii ri-toied nlmo" I the L'MVOto is'llet t I llh, I'V tills lieiniKTI'l trenl- Ilieut,. Hid as lie bassU'i,t Ihe hl-t It'll Jt'.lls lli study- iii" llie hull's iiieiilaiiou of ihe Mooi nnd iheviir s "Wllll.T-tlc everei-es, be lit'ls lolllldellt he call cine li'is'e ca'n 3 OI lollsiluipui"i. .'""ii--;, IJI."i s I'.llll llUC llltllt'1,0 o.eo iiiuieu us ill- iiierns; n inrtr' nssorioierioi iiop-. mui ,'n, nid nnd penil Studs, plain and none setttni! ; (told Simps id ntl sizes ; silver inns, rilisnmi iirii;iiciiii nud melt l aril l.nses ; ivoiy 1 iiue is j , no ,.i... r..n I'lirses . silver I'eliclls ; Heel nilil silver l-pechs ; .-scis sors, Mlivcs nilil liuors; 10.1111, o n, nun , i'"i" , lilllslieH. .Mul lie will secpeon-oiuiij ,. .. k"" ns-oitinent of s'ich t'omh ns come 111 Ins hue, unit sell ns low- al can be bo'jht elsewtieie. ,.,...,. J, . IV.V.S llVl.ll. llnrliuston.Oct. IS. 1317. 1" IMrayciI, I'liOM ihe subseriber.ou the 5th, n tHjc ,';H'(Hr,:iJenisolit,wiili llutk hoint, Ui. I has three slits ill her fills. W'hoiAer V.ill nivc Informiitioii ripecliiu wild cow will lie lib erally rewarded. JDSKI'll CIIDTHAU, tlel li, isir ijwiii-j v uier-si., iuiii"Kioii. Siimiiel lliirlbutN llstnte. WJY. Ihe Hihsenbers, bavins Ueii appoin'itd by the lliniiiinble th- 1'ioh.ite Cohil foi llie District of Clntlfiidcn, commissioners to receive, csauiino nptl hiisi ihe (liiiins nud ilcm.'iiuls nt all persona, nitmusl tlieesluteol .SAMCi;i, IIL'II Idll'T.lnle ol Lbnrlolte, uiNiitl Di-tucl, tlecenseil, it presented insolvent, nml also nil t in i 1 1 1 nml ileuninds exhibited in oll'sel llieietn j mid six mouths fiom the day ol the dule htrcol, heini; nllowed by said Couit llir that purpose, we tlo there- lore lien ny i'ie nutice.tiiat wc win niieini ionic hum iii -S of iiiirnppoiiitiiit'ii!,nl ihedwelli'i-iol'lhe Wulovv, in Chailoiie, 111 Niitl Diatricl.uu the llleHiilli tl.tysol Jaiuuiry nml April next, nt III o'tlot k, A. M., 011 ent h ol Niidda)8. Dated this llih tlayol Oct.,A.D. 1H17. IU1 III t-non, 1)i,imil'oil'i I.UTlllIlt riTDNH.t -"'""""""" I'.u Lanes, Tu Lets, or .Hammers ceitificntcs ol' I'at knj;e.s can be h ni bv lUhirc.'.-liltf the MaiMeis. Certrticaii-s of n l'-nkaiie ol wholes will be sent for I $r20, Shales in propoition. I .1 W M U'ISVA-Cii, Ilostoij I ivoutii shoim: salmon." is cil n low bbls I resh enuelit .Nottli 1 aluion ni CATI.IX Is .SW.MW. .HIT. II n If, lMJiui;. "4d, ('AMI', into the Ijnclosure of ihe f-uti-scriber. in Colcbesier. 011 the Bih tlav tl Scliti'lllbcr. lKIT.n three vents ol, I lllnek lleiler. The owner is requeued to iroe proicrty, pay Charges, nud take her tinny, (TtAlM.US .MIDni.HV, Colchoier, Sept. 13, H17. H'.3 TI.V IM.ATK, Ac. KUt 'h '''-"'i: IX. -'' "ll I ,, do rilrn Lii It. i:i:coM.Mi:.N'D.Tiur. I have been very bad for many jears wilh Asthma, which was last teriniiritnii in cons inipiiou. I was contincd to iny room lliiee weeks nan, when 1 sent for Dr. 1'eikiils. 1 h tve Hiictly h"'d up to liHtliiee lion, nnd I am now able to loilow my daily employ. Illeuls. l,OKL.SJJ . M'ALI.lll.SU, lluilimlnn, Veimont, 1 haie been nl'.lieted witli the I'tihiionary Consiimp lion lor three jtnis, nud cicry tiling that I have tried lor lehel laded. I mu now undrr the dut otion ol Dr. 1'erkius, nnd fill iioud lo my ihal 1 inn last rtrovcr in'. ZniA I'rr.tAM. VVinooski 1'all.s, Vermont, l,.i!'oii rvsr lo i m: I'l'iiLtc.-r't his is Incertif) that I have b id lb" Piiliuiinat coii-iiuiption lor live eais, I ..I..., I .1 l,ir 1-..I1..I I'.iIIh.I As s.,.,1. nsl lunidol Dr. IVrkim 1 wt nt to him, nnd Haled I with Ii it t one wctk.iind lind much ichcU'd, nud I lirinly hthec that he will liial.e me u sound man. 1 JllSS'l.-s Hott.SAUUE. Will-boro', I:- y Co. New Vork. 15 DOMESTIC fiOODS 0XLV, WM. A. iUi:sT. l!J Tirtil ,sifr,.yrir loi t. Till', Domestic Wit rehouse, so Ions established in Slicet, is now leuiovetl to the lare store ,o I"J 1'enil fltrel mid Hi Denver n where may be bitnnr every tlescnption ol IIi.miiiiu nnd Hnowx Siirnisosiind Sminiv.s, CoTrov OiviBi'r,'".. Nun nn nn nnd f-oiTiirni Yaks-, llvi rs, n ks, Twisu nud U'Atii'iM.s.iil Ihe rei ra'AfiiCM. pi.p, ns ment esh'bi'eil Inr'stlc isn very larpe one nud eonniri-cs every Known uc-iraiue Mie ol the nnove L'lmu vile Country .Merchants nre respectlully in. Sil Iln do I3tl Itolls Irion Wire, iu-si,ii luijtl'-h nud C niiuda hhcet Iron, Wh C. (Iisionicu. fiV. ITiuS A luruo iissoitnii'iit f siUcr Tuble nml Tcu.s'isioHs.wiirrnutefl 11 eootl Ociols-rSi.lSD. si'ooxs.. Hct. IS, ISI7. A'lr., Velbllo. Kbeet Cotllier. A iteneral nssoriiiieiit ol liivcts, I or Nile oy v u.An x. isni r.n. IMTK Will! IT rWVH. JUST l!i;0i:ll.'i:) u hiuiply ol l'rcfli firouiitl lluck Wheal I'lonr, lorn-lie by (iKoiuii: nnr.itso.v. Iluillnsloii, Oct. 11,1X17. K il to call nml exnnllUC Hie iini es.eie w neiiier 111")' leiitiiase lor casn - iii'nmi prices lor Domes'ie I.oihIs. .t C'li:ttui!:ii :ni'! t'omu't'liciil Ciier IlniJroatl. 555353 vs? '&IQi I I'ST reci J r-hore Sal fepl FUR STORE, C. A. SEYMOUR, .irlli-cnst curlier nl tin1 Siimlu r-tions lliiildiiu, N invitinp; the nttentioii ol the public nnd especially ol the 1-iibes, to the exIenMle liKsort'llentot .I1V, 11 1 11 and 'tr.,now on s de nt his esi'ilMlsltinent. teels peileetly w.irriiuteil m s-ijms tint 'hey nre tuiipies. tion-ilily theuitist eiegant tilings b( the kind cwrolienl in tins town. Ilehasnl'oa eren' vnr'etS' ot litter, r-eal, Heaver, nwwt:i:i)Vlt I'Osi'.s. rorsilecii'iuire of UWU Vims Is Novtsor J., it Co. Oilober, 1st is 17 HEALTH! HEALTH! Dr. OODSSAI.S VI VIM I.I, nnd WI,I t llllKI'.V mri ints. The followinij volnniary leMiinouial tves risen to lo the .$,'ent, Mr .M. Wiiis,at Cambridge, Vt , and sju-jka volumes in bit ol oi this 111. dlt'llle. I'.Minr.lK.r; Vt., Sept. 1st., 1?17. .Mr. 51. Wifis DearSn Hal ni" been a u ent sullerer Irom that tor ture of the human race, lii-ip-ita and h'tvun; nt lis tumid r' 'ief, 1 let I di'sirou- 1h.11 otlu'is Milleruu, ' md there .tie Ui'iiisiidsi rhot.d know tlie means hy whr h 1 w"is cured. I 'iilil nboiit a enr since I ionl siilleicd much Irom lltaillin n. Ilendn, he, nud l)iiiue.m much so that 1 wnscoulintd to toy bouse ihe 1.10-t ol the tini". The loud w Inch I ate tlnlri's'ed llie, nnd 111 I ict, hie became nhuostn burden 1 was 'otnlly tun bit; to attend to the shulitcst duties retiuireil i'l me. m L'reut wns niv tlebllitv. Havinjr Hit d nil rem. edies lecoiuiueiiilcil nnd ndieiiised tor tlie cure ol my 1 p ,l,u wunt to complaiiil. visited the spmi;,s whu h me vo hmlilyiec' onillienaea, 111111 ihkciiiu" inline 01 1 iijmci.ios unn oul ixeltin relief, I jjlse lip nil hopes ot ever enjo) iln; atitiil benllh nalll. ill lift, inv riiysicnns liankls lold me lluitlhty I'otild tlo notliins lor me. At this tune my Mitleruirts were very; nil hopes ol cmt heina made c'llittiltahle bid lied. and I p. ive inysell up lo sillier. Aecnleut illy. in lookma "icr 11 iiewtp.i- per I llO'.n en an ailselllsemeuiol Jtr. 11 noil r ,-ri,;i vs lit) Imvc been deceived with .MOCK f'KMTXni:!) HAIR 1'iiEI'ARA- TiOXS, Shoutd Ctid ?ie folhnriiig statements of tciiectalU peit-uva : Ar. Al)rahatn Vandibeik, uf 03 Acnue D.New Voik, eeitit'u lint lii head wa entirely bald on tha top, and by llie use ot two 3. ImttUs of JONES9 COUAL lIAtll 11EST01LU TIVE. lie lino a crop ot hair, and will soon have it lcig, ilnek and luxuriant. .Mr William J.vksov, ef S"2 Liberty street, P'u Innli, eeriil'ei . ( )n tiu- o! IVbruaiy, 1- 17, thai Mr. Thotirts .Iackun.s head, en the top, a3 entirely -olJ lot liftei-n t-aiN nnd thrhv ii?in two ii. bolt1- of June' I'dmI Han Ui'tturatif, tlie hair is rT miilJ, thitk and henltliv. e exj-oet-thy iintt lliu i little louder to liuw a better head ot hair thou he ew r had. S."T0 THC'E whosf HAIR 1 OKAYn (ik I'AMj.xu orr ai u i:ak at tiii; I licrebv c'iife that inv hair wn. turning i;rcy.aiit t"i llittir and j-mee I hae iwd .lone-' "C";a Hair 'ie-toralie it ln-entlreU een-ed tailing, in pi-w la-t. ami ha a linn, dark luck. IMoie t uil Jom-'n I'oral Unit UeMoialuc 1 combed out b,iJt'r'' ot t.nlr daii .nv: ror scritpon iA.iwrrr !r., ft croct-r.nfi ulton Oreet, hail hi hair eimiplctelv ehekej up with danJrutl, and .lneV Coral thin I'et'orutie entirely and'l) cuied u. l(-" ItriuKift itmt uial.o ur, au'dCloih Caps, lor4 izcntleinen and eluldren', Tur' rilh find WtilChmy VrrM,and on remlii it. I . s.uis;s: inisT of list; tlollais on each share r'.i..! ..nit it sfoik of the eiiainiilaiii nud Con- . ,., ll.' I . , ,.,,. ,.,. , ... necliciit litvcr l.n mo"" '-!""!" ' J i. i i . . llie Dutciors, und made payable on ibe lirn day ol November next. l'avuieiil may Is.' Verircnnes. Middle uiade nt the 11 inks of ItiirhuL'ton. uirv. Holland, Hint k Uiver.or llel- lows Knlls the Cheshire liauk, iveeiie, ,. ti., to Ddward l'ickerinu,ll.';':r'','"lr,'';,l''.r'.l'l. or it. the 'I'rinsuter.nt Ins i pi ice h , Middle bury. SA.ML'l'lf hWll I, 7rrsNirr i-ipteinbcr IS, M7. 1' lur eloves. ,S c. ALSO The Tall fashion of Hate, nil of which tillered lot', tletolier, 1st, If IT. llw-3 now is 'i'Tn: riiiT:. III! Ill X II V .V ().,nie now o'Tnini: n lar?e '. Mock ol FALL utul WIXTV.U HOODS of erry variety, which can be shovii in miy luaiket. Thibls't .Menuocs, ciiups und Iriues to uiatch. l'lench and llueiia i"tn 1'hids. A very choice iisMirtinent .Molnir Plaids and stripes Dress Silks Iroin IV- to l0 per yard. Ihiihroidery linnjmif nth n.vhs. I-'rinijes, nil widllis and colois lor cloaks nud dresses. lilac k IMP'" lor Ji.iiuillas and Dicsses. Drenih lliiieluuns. I Minwls. runch 1, m tlo. I'olk.i do 1'ljid do- American do C.islunere do, llroad Cloths., rretieh and Herman, Oicr Cnntnin, I Iirge iiMsoitiuen' bf Clips, l'unc) Cnsiineres, j n I so tin riatiuctts. llcmly .Made Clolhins. Tlie nbou! i;oiids, with n well selected Mts k suit uble for country trade will b" H'ld at low prices lor cs-h or ready pay. Jturlhiijioii, Sept. 1"IT. J.l Itnlii it K. .Mm 1.5' llslnle. Wl! iheSiiliscribers.havini; been appointed by ihe Hunoiable the I'lobuie Couit for the Di-tnctol Cliil'eii'lcn, conu:u-.-loiieis Mltceive, t samme nun inbuilt the t latins nud demands of nil pcroti, naainst the esia'eol llobcit Is. .Minks lau- of lliirlnmion in Mid District, deceased, represented insolvent, rind also all claims and tlennutls I'sluluted in otlset therein; nnd us mouths Irom llie day of ihe date lit'lcM, iielllK ullowcd by mul Comt lor that purpose, we do there lore helehv eirc nolice, that w III ntlend lo the biisiiiess of our appointment, nt thl' ilnclluiKol Widow- 11 Is. .Murks, in lliiihnmon, in raid District, uu the Ian Wedticfdayii, ol Diccnibi r and Apid next, lit 10 o'clock , A M , on ent Ii i.r sn id d.i) s. Date', this llh day ol Oilober . D. 1817, liOSvVlXI. I.ll.I.ii:,i ItAl.l'H l.A.MIU.N. Cvininiitkiniiei s. 13w3 tifiii HL'SUKliS OA'I'S rnit sux at DUU the Agricultural Warehouse. sept. ?, mw. i. .s. rninciv tlin'ioht that I iniiiht piolsilily vlitniii tsn"e relrl, not tl'inkilV ii cine ot ins- cast. wti.siosii' j aim its u nisi , hope I procured n boiiU- from oiirsioiC nitdconiiiii nc ed llikuiR it, nnd lo nn fu-sl Joy, 1 id once loiln'l re liel. Ileitis encournjieil ly itswoiiderlul elici ts, 1 wa induced to loulinue it-i't' Alter Inking one buttle I was nble lube out and nili nJ lo llie dtllies ifcfliretl ol me, and feelnia ini'i Ii Iver l hat 1 had lor mouths, or even j ems, 1 w us now s-nisti m1 that I Initial In-i tumid n remedy lor my i'iuw .iindlelt uauml.tli-itby ciii tinuiui; its n-c I rhoi'ld Is- citrctl. And uleh lunprov cd to be ihe t use. I h ue now taken oldv two Hol lies, nnd can - iy I" ll" sillicrin5 Irom tins ill-ease ihat 1 nmeiiliicly cured 1 keep a Pottle in my bouse, and whnt I led ibe hast uiiileas.iut symptom, n dose ,,t tin. ,'ie, lieiii .Medieui.' entirely icnunes it. lam ol opinion eiery cnte nf Dy'l'eimn nil I in niteiulauis can be i-oied bv ihe use ol Dr Wood's Saisnpanlln und Wild Cherii Hitters. , 'l'o tlue troubled wnh habitii'il ( oslnencss, loss of Appetite, sour Stomach or Headache, 1 V-oidd earnest ly tccuuuuetid them to try ite lis n-ti;ui'hiii t llecf ni my cas' slu'iild induce evVrf onenitl'rmC Iroin tlu thsea-e lo t,ue il u trial t I let I Hiti-tied ihe) wi.l nev er rciirel il. Vou nre nl hbeiiv to rcler mil one to me nnd n will ciie me until pleasure lo pi isonad) lecout meiid llie i'se o 1 1 .ii I excellent remedy nnd state the '"'''"'''''neiUlIlKSlinN.Vin'T. . nre in ahilcd Willi ihe hbul e linnietl JXliIi s. 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