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Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 29, 1847 Page 1
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Vol. XXI. Whole No. I0G1. BtRLtiTOW, FRIDAY JIORXINO, OCTOBER 99, 1817. New ScriCN, Vol. ltt. Burlington Free Press, Published at Darlington, Vt., Uy I). W. C. CliAllKIi, Editot and Proprietor. Tcrmii To Village subscribers who receive the paper by the carrier $2,50 If naiil in advance Hail subscribers and those who, take It at the Office 2, "0 It puiil m advance, . 1,50 Advihtisemests Inserted on the customary terms. THE LIFE CLOCK. TRANSLATED KJIOM THE tJERMAN. There is n little mystic clock, No human eye hnth seen i That beateth on and beatcth on From morning until e'en. And when the soul is wrapped In sleep, And heareth tint n nounu, tt ticks and ticks the livelong night, And never runneth down. O, wondrous Is that work of art Which knells the pacing hour ; Cut art ne'er formed, nonnmd conceived The life clock's magic power. Nor set in cold, nor decked with gems, By Wealth and pride possessed ; By rich or poor, limb or low, Each bears it in his breast. When life's deep stream, 'midst beds of flow'is All Ptill anil wmly elides, Like the wavelet's with n gentle beat, It warns ot passing tides. When threat'nins darkness gathers o'er, And Hope's bright visions fire. Like the sullen stroke of the muffled oar, It beateth heavily. When passion nerves the warrior's arm. For deeds of hate and wrnne, Though heerled not, the fearful sound, The knell is deep and strong. When eyes to eyes are gazing ofl, And tender words are spoken, Then fast and wild it rattles on, As if with love 'twere broken. Such is the clock that measures life, Of flesh and spirit blended ; And thus 'twill run within the breast, 'Till that strange life is ended. ' A1' 1 ' Yos. It is for Mr, Larkin. Indeed 1 how much docs It cost J ' Eight hundred dollars. ' lie ought to liavo n fine pair of horses for so fino a carriage. 1 And so ho lias. He bought a noble span last work for a thousand dollars. Mr. Elder said what he could In praise of the elegant carriage , hut he couldn't say much for he had no heart to do so Ho felt worse than ever about the deficiency In Mr. Malcom's salary. On tho next dav ho was In better spirits, and called in upon one of the members of the church as ho passed to his store, no slated nts erranu, and received this reply. ' 1 to 1 von what, Mr. Kldc. l am oi par kin's on'miim In this matter. If our mini-ter ac-reod to come for four hundred dollars, he should slick to his contract. He's no business to go in debt, then call upon us to get him out of his difficulties. It isn't the clean thing. I don't mind a few dollars, any more than you do; but 1 like principle. I like to see all men, csncciallv ministers, stick to their text. Mal- r.olm knew, before ho camo here, what wo could aif.ird to give him, and if be couldn't live upon that, he had no business to come. liar delicacy of feeling. After lying awake for hall ot the night, thinking over what was to tio dine, he came to the reluctant conclusion that Tho Senate went Into joint assembly. On returning a mcsago was received from the Govcrnoi, transmitting a communication from President Everett of Cambridge Universi ty, enclosing a tote of. thanks of tho President and Fellows of tho institution, for tho resolu tion pissed at the last session, authorming the mils' tntroducedand Ilrfcrred.Wy Mr. NVh, requiring the Auditor of Accounts to give bonds for the faithful performance- of his duties', to the it was hi Imperative duty to those ho owed, to committee on finance, i air. iiiibard, re mnnr,nn il. r i.! .1 ..... 'una iwr thn net of ' 1 and MB relating to been. and learn from them without further delay sing Inkcencrs and Retailers , to sanio coinmit i..ii... i,. i... i i.! i i ,i. .,. I loo. Mv Mr. Kddcr. Incorporating tho West dred dollars to expect " Randolph Academy ; to the committee- on l-.du- librarian or the state to lurnish the University n Tho hardest task Mr. Malcolm had ever per-1 cation. IJy Mr. Kimball, altering the time of, cony of all the staliitrs and public journal., and formed, was now before him, and ho shrunk ImMinp Hie County Court in U indham to the public documents of Vermont hat hivn been or from it with painful reluctonco. Hut tho path second Tuesdays n r i -'" """-' ' " ' "'" uut Pim e. , ....-.. ... i..u .p... . . '. . .. .1 ,... C. ....... r...,. Wind mm. Ill' Mr. Minns tlrtll nr hn Knt'iimnr eat, ho tiiriiishnil wit inn ni tuny was plain, and lie was not a man to now 1 " " 7 ij ' . ' hack when be saw his way clear. If there had alteration of chap 20 of R. b., so as to ex- been any hesitation, and imperative dun recciv- tend tho jurisdiction ol justices in trustee suits ed before ho sat down to breakfast, and another tn one bundled dollars; to judiciary committee, before nine o'clock, would lidvc effectually dis- Hy Mr. Keys, providing that cheek lis, Is, con, polled it taming tho names nf all the legal voters in town Mr. Malcolm went to the store of Mr. Elder, shall he posted up twelve days preceding elcc one of the vestrymen, and found him unite byjlion lo bear application', and correct the list ; ...!.!. . ti. . t.-.i ... to committeo on election. wmi uiisiuiuer-. no wuiu-u mr ii.iii ... ..-jut . - - - -- - - ., nesiHitiinu. iy -nr. .ujwm, ,ue t.'in mitteo on Roads be instructed to enquire into tho expediency of altering the present mode, of choosing highway surveyors; passed. Mr. Miner moved that when the .Senate ad for him to bo disengiged, and then went out, saying, as ho passed him ut tho counter, that ho would call in again. ' Oh, dear,' he murmured to himself, with a long drawn sigh, as he emerged upon the street That's what I think of it, ami I always speak dred were promised. It was, however, an infor out my mind plainly. m il promise ; and I was wrong perhaps, in trust Mr. Elder made no more begging calls on ing to any thing so unsettled as this. Of coue that day. Hut he tried it again on tho next.nnd , it will be paid to me wbcii I make known mv found that Lirkin had been over the ground be-1 present situation ; but the doing of that I shrink lore nun, and sain so mucii aoou.. mu mpu-i- irom. ' but this is humiliating. If 1 had engaged Jonrn it adjourn until to-morrow morning ; car for only four liundrcd dollars a year, I would ried. have lived on bread and water, rather than have Mr. Cusbman moved, that so much of tho . . . . f. . . 1 f ' ........ i.,..- ... ,t,. M...:..., exceeded my income. Jiut at least seven inn- iiii-"iio uiv. , n.,, .-.... , and tion ol the thing,' that he could do little or noth ing. There was a speciounes about Larkin s manner of alluding to the subject, that carried people awav with him ; particularly as what he said favored" their inclination to keep a tight hold of their purse strings. He was piqued with hi der, and llns set linn to talking, mi-chicl than he thought for. The Ucv. Mr. Malcolm was a man about thirty years of age. Ho had taken orders a couple of years previous to tho dale of his call to tho parish where he now preached. At the time of doing so, ho was engaged in teaching a school, from which he received iv very comforta ble income. The Bishop who ordained hitn. re commended the parish at C , when Mr. Pel ton left thein to apply for Mr. Malcolm, which was done. The latter was an honest conscien tious man, and was sincere in his desire tn do 'Mr. T- -vva here again for his bill,' bo referred to a select committee ; carried, Messrs. Kidder, Ciishtnan and Hodges were appoi tiled the committee. Adjourned. House. Tho Speaker announced tho follow ing committee1. On the bill to annex Orwell and Sudbury to Addison Comity Messrs. Dates, Collamcr, Newton, (irecn and Snyder. 1'itilion Referred. Of Daniel II. Onion and others to committee on oinU' ion of the Governor can bo furnished without detriment to tho State. Adjourned. Hot'sn. Prayer ly Rev. Mr. Webster. Pditionsrcfcrnd. Of Luther Adams fur mod ification or repeal of the school law, to rom tnitlco on education; of John 1!. Pago and others, for incorporation of village of Rutliin! to general committee ; of Jona. I), (iove and 14U others, for a now tow n out of Hlplon mid Avery's Core, or for the annexation of Iho Ooie to Lincoln, to members of Addison county committee of five from without I lie counticsof Orleans and Caledonia lo wit: Messrs Holmes. Wiley, Hendrick, Eastman and Curtis. Mr Iloyington of Ilineshiirgh, in consequence of ill-health, was discharged from the committee on inmufncturcs, nnd Mr. Scjtt of Halifax was appointed ill bis place. Mr Sherman of Fairfield wits discharged from and lifter to-morrow morning, on account ol sickness. Hr.iohil'vms. Hy Mr. Smith of Weston, re ferring so much of the Governor's message us relates to geological Mivvey, to eommitleo on agriculture ; adopted. Hy Mr Kittredt-o of 1, instructing joint committee on library to inquire into the cxpo-dioncy of making additions tulip State library, and making tin annual npprhpri.i-, tion for that purpose ; adopted. i i ii 3 senate rums in to elect .Secretary ol , Homer E. Rovcc, Hlitlc't Alkrnty, Rovco UM, Romeo H. Hoyt'JI, James l)avioK Jalge of 1'rohc.ti. On this election a t-piriled debate oatne off b' tvvcen Senators Fo'tor, R, Hamilton, KiJJcr, Harrington and Cuahrniti, and Need h im, Collntncr, Rice of S., Lyman, Carpontor, Hubbell, Adams nnd Converse of the Hoiiec. James Davis was tho Whig candidate, and Win. Ilridgcs was nominated by the Democrats, alii seconded bv Mr. Ncodham of Bristol : tho voto was Davis 'j 23, Hridges Of. The joint .i.iem bly ndjnnrned to 3 r. ft. llan'Minn. From the Senate, for a joint as sembly to elect a Hank Commissioner 10 A. it. Monday next. AdjonmeJi Sen vri.. 'i o'-mk. t M. lingrostil Mil, (Iranting a ferry to James; Bremer J passed. Il'ju:r Utttt lli fcrnif. Changing tin nim-j Stale, &c. when Mr Wheeler moved to adiouni I of satnuel Richards, and constituting liim i.eif to 3 p. in. to-morrow, rem irkim? that the demo cr.ilic party was unprepared, and also that the time had been misunderstood! agreed to, 113 to of Jntm I'int.m, wl Ini r,lli..ra ft. .....,f r Greensboro1 to Caledonia county, to members oil 1 1,0 '"Me withdrew ami the Hoitte adjourn Orleans and Caledonia; of Hradlev Htrlovy. II 1 ,'n, , ., , , A. Fisk, Jnlm II. Tower, W. W. Dean and fhtirsdav, ()lT 21 Sr.XATC.-Prayor by others for a re-charter of tho bank of Hurling- "7' , U-,'i", ,-.,, Inn, to committee on Innksj r Jceph Crosier ''""'' Hy Mr. Kimball, from the commit, and others, ngaint poller's act. In eommitleo of i'e nn r"'vU rivur'f I10''1'"'1 J' jAm ways and means; of Alexander Peterson and 30, ?T . y JIca'1, rom,,l,c others, and Nntban Holmes and olhers. to an- Jl" . r? 9nnm,"l,'-'' VMV,Mch was ""lerrcd so nox Mansfield to Slow, lo select eommitleo of Td'. , H'c (.overnor s message as relates to live; of O. P. Chandler. A. G. IVnvov and' "Vr."C11 "on on, l providing were the first words that saluted the ears of tho minister when he returned home. ' What did yon say to him ?' he asked. ' I told him tbat yon would settle it very soon. f In ssilil hn honed vnll wold, fnr he wanted mnnnv and doing more badly, and it had been running for some time.' 1 He was rude then ?' 1 A little so,' replied the wife, in a meek voice. Mr. Malcolm paced the Moor with rapid steps. Ho felt deeply disturbed. An houraftefwnrds ho entered thestoreof Mr. Elder, and found the store di-cngaged. Undid not linger In preliminaries, but approached the subject thus : ' Von remember, Mr. Elder, that in the inter view I had with you and two of tho vestry, pro- ,'irtna tn m,' nri-nnlmfv tliA ..fill In tlita rv,r!cl vou stated that mv incomo would not be limited ! the Judiciary committee to inquire into the ex good in the sacred office to which ho believed to the four hnndred dollars named as the mini.-- , pediency of so changing the judiciary system a' himself called. When the invitation to settle in tor s salary, winch 1 then told you was a smal C came, he left home and visited tho parish,' ler sum than I could possibly live upon ?' in order that he might determine whether it was j Mr Elder exhibited a momentary confusion tral road, to committee on road ll'ilt ln'.rmhicul and rrfcrrcil. Hy Mr. Sey mour, to charter Vergennos Hook and Ladder company, to general committee. Hv Mr. Dean, rr,!.,ttw m in., C. I 1 lulls nfrrnd.lly Mr. fcmith . .nmmi. m.r,.i. n m. ...,.',. of ;ait,liehl, to repeal the peder art, to com- in alteration and amendment of chap. 20, II. S. mitlec of Ways and Means. Hy Mr. Rice, to tn co,nmico ol1 .!. n Mr Sawvcr. in al incnrporate top village of U-t cton, to general tcralinn of chap. 20 R. S., rclatin- to Iru-tees eominillce, will, a petition on the same subject, to judiciary committee. Hy Mr. Porter, char' a?,2rn UV'' 71.oal1.1tT scct.o.i second o act!, ering Woodstock railroad company, to com 0M8IO, relating to reporting Supreme Court de- ( m',ttr", on rn.l(j4 ' " cisiotH, to Judiciary committee. Hy Mr. Ar- Hepnrl.-Hv' ?c)cet committee, bill rrnkin n.d altering chap IS, R. S., to committee o Xorman II. E'ddv heir ut law of Amos Cdd.": Ldtication. Hy .Mr. Harding, to repeal act 01 ur.prn,i 1n 3,i ,n:,i: olhers, forura'ilroiil from Wood'.tock to Con-' tll:!t a".i' tbna bl!l'"lc m uriigo tho parties may ) and to Magnetic telegraphs; first ordsred to a it aw of Jntham l l i?. Constituting .Normin H. Eddy heir at ltwof Amos Eddy; both lo the judiciary committee. Relating to the firs wardens of Wood-lock; incorporating tho Un ion railroad company ; both to committee on roids. Incorporating the steam to.v boat compa ny ; to CuMinitleu oil banks. Mr. I lodges called op the bill relating to tho rights of m'irric.1 wo noii, and moved that 3t)ll copies n printed ; carried. I'lie Senate went into joint assembly. O.i returning, Adjourned. Hoi'vE. H-atrts. Hy committee oil roadt hills relating tn tolls of Sherburne Turnpiko Co. f: 181(1, relative to bounty on bears, wolves and panthers, to general committee. Kisi'litltoiis. liy Mr. Kcuogg, instructing Faying the .Hinislcr. Written for the Philadelphia Satm day Peru's Post, BV T. S. ARTHUR. his duty to go there or not. On his return, Ins vvifo inquired with a good deal of interest, how ho liked tha place, and if he thought ha would ' go there. ' I think I shall accept the call,' he replied. This vva not spoken with much warmth. ' Don't you like tho people V inquired Mrs. 1 ilrnlm. pew. I won t go to 1 ' cs ; as far as I saw thorn they were very j nrt of people, uut the balarv is 1 I. How much ? ' Money, money, money ! that's the everlast ingcry! I'll give up my pe church. I II May at home and read the Hiblc. pleasant good sort of people not mail care lor a lew dollars, more man 1 do entirely to small. iur 11m iiusi iiia.i mows in 1110 wiitn; mil mis selling ol silvaliou for gold disgusts me. I'm aick to death of it. ' Hut hear, first, Mr. Larkin, what we want money fjr,' said Mr. Elder, 0110 of tho vestry men of the church to which the former bolnnge'l. Vou know that our minister's salary is very small; in fact, entirely in-ulficient for the main tenance of his fanilv. Ho has, as miirlit be when the minister said this. Hut he immedia tely replied : ' Yes, J believe something was said on that subject, though I have not thought of it since. We always had to make up something for Mr. Pelton, and I suppose wo must do the same for you, if it is nece-sary. Do you find your salary inadequate ?' ' Entirely so. And I knew it would be inade quate from the first. It is impossible for me to support my lamily on lour hundred dollars, and had I not been assured that at least three or four 1 Four hundred dollars a year, and the par-1 hundred dollars extra would bo made up during souage a little affair that would rent for about a the year, I never would have dreamed of accept hundred dollars. in? the call. It has been a principle with me ' We can't live on that,' said Mrs. Malcolm, not to go in djht ; and since I havo been a man ' ,itlj e concllr jn in a disappointed tone . ' it is out of the queo- I have not until this time, owed a dollar; and Resolved that tion.' I should not have owed it now, had I received I (jve, j Coiifre ' Xo, certainly not. Hut I was assured that1 since I have resided in C- at least seven or eight bundled will be made up fully expected.' the income I supposed, fallen into debt, and wo nro making i .luring the year. This has always been done for ( Mr. Malcolm spoke with warmth, for he felt an effort to raise a sufficient sum to relievo him from his unpleasant embarrassment. 4 Hal what business has he lo go in debt, Mr. Elder? He knows the amount of his income, and, as an honest man, .should not let Ins ex penses exceed it. ,Hut you know, as well as I do, that he cannot live on four hundred dollars a year. ' I don't know any audi thing, friend Elder. Hut I do know that there are hundred- and thou ands who live 011 much less, and save a little into the bargain. That however, is neither here nor there. Four hundred dollars a year is all this parish can ufford to pay a minister, and that Mr. Malcom was di.-tinclly told before he came. If he could not live on the salary offered, why Mr Pelton, and will be donu for me, if I the call. 1 'Pliilt inirr it do ll IV C nraCtlCll ClOV! enilltr Hut why do they not make the salary my icceiit some n'sinc of the natural man, at the indifl I renco with which a promise of so much conse ' .iiieucc ... ... .. j . -. ..,. ' How much do yon owe V enquired tho ves tryman. "' About two hundred dollars.' 1 Indeed I So much.' A hitler remark aroso to the minister's lips, but ho forced himself to keep silence. Ho was a m m, with all the natural feelings of a man. ' Well. 1 suppose wo mu-t make it 113 lor you, .'somehow,' said Mr. Elder, the tone in which teven or eight liuiiureu uonara ui mi . would be jut the i-aine to them, aim mane 111c mini-tcr feel a great deal more independent. ' True. Hut we must let people do things In their own vvav. We can live on -.even hundred dollars, and 1 think it my duty lo give up my school, nnd accept the oi.'er. 1 ...!..!.. ..... .Ii.t-im vmi Will. snr. did v iew" in d i n- so,' for your school yields you , he spoke, showing that tho subject worried him. now oxa tho.Lii.d dollars, and is increa,-! ' Are any of the demand, on you preying The . lrt t ennmredt after u nnusc?. r will trv and keen my mind free from tho't ' -m mem are pre-.-i.ig, rep.u-u i..c mm Ji.l bo fiira,. ) Mr l,.limi never received ' r ....... -i .'.... ,i,;.,i, ' rni,.r.,n,l Mr. 'liter. ' I am dunned every day. - , n vvik.i nrnm,! ii.uv Piiv mini., .v. ....... ..... - - ... .... . ' ' . ... ... , !..... r..- .1.. Indeei ! I hat s hail I returned .vlr. I. der. iM.i i-avnr 10 uo 1 iziu iu. - - . . . . . more. ' Heg your pardon, Mr. Larkiu; Mr. Pelton never received less than seven hundred dollars a I year. There was always extra subscriptions made for him. ' I never gave any thing more than my reg ular subscription and pew lent. 1 ' It is more than 1 can say, then. In presents ' of one kind and another, and in money, it never cost me less thin from fifty to seventy-five dol lars a year extra. Having been in the votry for the last ten years, I happen to know that there was always something to make up at the cud of the year, and it generally came oulofthe , pockets of a few. I ' Well, it is'nt right, that's all I have to say,' replied Mr. Larkin. 'A inini-terbas no bu-i-nes to saddle hiin-eif upon a congiegalinn in that way for less than hi real weight. It's an imposition, and one that I an. not going to stand. Fin opposed to all theso forced levies, from prin ciple. ' I rather think the first error is on the congregation, said Mr. Elder. Ihcy are not only to blame, but really di-honest in fixing upon a sum for the support of a minis. tcr, that is plainly inadequate to his m-iintcii-auce. Here, in our parih, for instance, a thousand dollars might he paid to a minister with the greatest ease in tho world, and no one be oppressed by his subscription. And yet, we are very content and self cmnpi iccnt in our nig gardly tender of four hundred dollars. A thousand dollars ! I don't believe any minister ought to receive such a salary. 1 have no notion of tempting, by inducements like that, money lovers into the sacred office. 'Pardon me, Mr. Larkin, how much docs it cost you to live ? Not less than two thousand live hundred dollars a year, I presume. 'But I don't put my expenses along sido of the minister's. I cati'nlli.rd to spend all that it coats ine. I have honestly mado all that I pos ses, and havo a right to enjoy it. 'I didn't question that, n.r. Larkin. I only rnr1if.1l vm.r tbnii.rhts in this direction, that VOU might realize in your own mind how hard it must be lor a man with a lamily 01 lures chil dren just the number that you have, to live on lour hundred dollars a year. Hut the allusion to matters personal to Mr. Jerkin, cave that irentleuian a fine nnnortnni- ty to feel nflendod, which bo did not fail to cm- brace and Close the iiiteriiew. This was Mr. Elder's first pfllirt tn obtain a subscription for paying off tho minister's debt. It quite dUheartcncd l.iin. lie lad intended ma king three calls on his vvav to Id. .Inrn that morning, for the pnrpnso of tryiii" to raii-o something for .Mr. Malcolm ; but ho"lelt so dis eouraged by tho reception h0 ,.id met with from Mr, Lirkin, that he nassed Oil witlimit lin ing so. Near his store was a carriage reposito rf. The owner of it put hia band on his thoul iler as lie was going by, and said, ' Just step in ; I want to show you something beautiful. Mr. Elder vcnt in, nnd was shown a very l.aiidsomo and fisliionablo mado carriage, with all tho modern improvements. 'This is tomethliig very elegant, certainly,. Who is it ft r ' One of the menitiers of vour church. Malcom 1 and sake of right. The wife of the Rev. Mr. Malcolm fully sym nithlzed with her husband in his vvi-h lo enter upon tha duties ol his sacred calllne. nnd WM d m lce ready to make any sacrifice tha could bo made , ,,,, , III l.l.U'l l OIL' ..111. .11 n.f " -- desired to occupy. SI10 did not, tliereforc.inake anv objection to giving up tho pleisant home anil sufficient income, but went with him cheer fully i C , nnd there made every cff.rt to reduce all their expenses to their reduced means of living. It is a much easier thing to increase our ex pemes, than to reduco them. We get ued to a certain free way of living, and it is 0110 of the tm-t difficult things in tho world to give- up this little luxury, and that pleasant indulgence, ami .nine ri.dit down to the meagre neceisaiies of life. ThW fact was soon appirent to .Mr. and .Mrs. Malcolm : but they were 111 ean.c-t in ., . , " ..'what they were about, and practi-ed the requir 1 . 1T1 ?.!U 1 ed -ell-denial. Their expenses were kept with- 1 dollars, the low est sum that bad been named. At the cud of the first three months, one bun. to provide for a Supremo Court cf three judges to sit in bulk only ; also for a joint a.-scmblyat 10 A. at. to-morrow to fill vacancy iu tho 2nd brigade 1st divi-ion ; both adopted. llcj.orts. Hy T. F. Hammond, commission er tn run tho" lino between Lenningtnu and Windham counties; referred to select commit tee of three, viz. Messrs. Sory, Smith of Waitstield and Parsons. MK. WIlIT.SEV's nAlir.OAP. Mr. Converse Irom the joint 'elect eommitleo of both Houses reported the following resolu tions ; Resolved, by tho Senato ard House of Repre sentatives, that the plan of Aa Whitney, Eq. of New York, as explained by him-elf, for a railroad from somo point on Lake Michigan to the Pacific ocean, meets our cordial approval, in recommencing the same. our Senators nnd Representa tives iu Conuress be renue-ted by their votes and acts to promote said object by granting the right and power to Asa w h.mey t.sq., to con struct said road, and to pledge the public lands enter inlo a contract decl,iriiir their consent. 3d roadin?. last, laid nil the table. tb it after m image, the wife shall continue to I e.WudW. Hy Mr Bullock, inittueting bold, the whole or part, of any intere.t,in real or committe on roads to viiquiro into expediency of personal e-tate, or rights of action of which she taxing towns for road-. & bridges in their vicln. may ho possessed at mtriiage, Hoc from the con- itvin vvhichthey are interested ; adopted, Hy Mr. trol of hpr husbmd ; nnd enabling the wife to A'rnold, refe rring so much of the Governor's hold devise conveyances, or bequests, without message as relates to tiie war with Mexico to a the intervention of trustee ; laid on the table. , select eommitleo ol five. From the Senate, for Hi, Iiiifoduci I liy Mr. II irrington, grant- I a joint assembly to elect officer- nf State Prison lug a ferry lo .1. Hrcmcr ; ordered to 3d road- &,c. ; concurred in. From the Senate, for joint iug. Hy .Mr. .Wh, to annex Avery's Gore to cotntnittej to con-ider the report of the commit Lincoln preferred to the Senators froin Addison, tee appointed to correspond with tho sculptor liy Air. Kidder, for the improvement of horse, Powers, in reference to Statues of Ethan Allen providing that Iho owner or keeper of any stal-1 and Thomas Chittenden; concurred In, and lion of lour years old and onwards, shall t.av Messrs. Lvmni. Xeedham and Cults were an- into the town treasury the sum of sV.'S, under pointed the committee on the part of the House; that age, the sum of .t10 ; referred to tho com-, and the report nf the committee was read and The Speaker appointed the committee on no tilions to annex .Mansfield tn Stow, Messrs. Luce, Rus-oll, Freeman, Harding and Rand. The Speaker pre-cnted a report from tho Au ditor of Accounts, on the claims of Jerome J. Hoard-ley and Charles Story, and it was refer red to the committee on claims. Ilrsnliilioiis. lor election of Secretary oft Slate, &.C., amended m as to elect this n'fter- i porintendent ol'commnn'Fi'liooIs at 10 A. M.' on I "ms."0"ir .l"'d- Mr. Harrington, I committee on baiiU Monday next; concurred in. Hy Mr. Smith , " ?J" . .'r Lfn'!!. .!"T? Itilh inlnduetd cM ryintJ. Hy Mr. Kitt 01 wcston, relemng -o much of the Governor's . .j ' ; : ' . . .. ' " . rose of St. J., in addition to a.-t providing for tuiltco on Agricultuie. .'yrosse Jims RnpCan; nKt to prevent impo-ition in the sale of medicines ; paised. Requiring the Auditor of Accounts to give' bonds for the r.iithful performance of duties ; ' pi'-ed. Ilnnluliims. Hy Mr. Cusbman, for joint as- j muiy on .vioiiday, I OA. .M. to elect Hank referred accordingly. Mi's jiatsrd. To incorporate the Union Rail road Co.; relating to tho village of Woodstock ; to Incorporate the Steam T.nv Boat Co.; alter ing the tnin of Samuel Richards and making him heir of Jotham Ellis of Northfkld. J'illlimi refirrrd. Of Win O Gadeomb and others, for rc-chartcr of bank of Burlington, to mesagc as relates to the liahts of women. In the judiciary ct.mmitteo ; also, so much as relate- to public accounts, to committee of ways and means ; and so much as relates lo sale of medicines, to judiciary committee ; adopted. Hill itsscd. In addition to act chartering company to make Connecticut river navigable by Hollows Falls. Senato camo in and the following appoint ments were made : SUPREME COURT. STEPHEN ROYCE, Berkshire, Chief Jus--tiee, unanimously. ISAAC F. REDFIELD, Montpelier, 1st As-si-tint Justice, uniuirnniisjy. MILO L. BENNETT, Burlington, 2d As along said contemplated route for the purpo.-eof ant Ju-tirc, (Rennet' 137, Kellogg S3.) ist- 1 speaking with more real kindness and sympathy I linn at first. ' I am sorry vou have been per 1 milted to get into so unple'.isant a situation. I ' It certainly is very unpleasant, and entirely were 1 not thus unhappily not havo said a w ord to vou on the subject of my salery.' ' Don't let it di-tress you so much, Mr. Mal colm, I will see that the amount you need is at once made up.' The mini-tcr returned home, disturbed, mor tified, and humiliated, ' If this is the way they pay their minister,' ho remarked to bis wile, after relating to her what had hippcned.'it is the last year that I shall enjoy the benefits of their peculiar system. Hut little gooil will my preaching or that of anyone else do them, vvhilo they disregard the first and plaine-t principles of houcstv. There is no lack ofability to givo a minister the support ho needs ; and llic'withholding of that support, or the sup plying of it by cou-traint, shows a moral obtuse ne'ss tli it nrgues but poorly for their lovo of anything but tlicni-elves. I believe that tho laborer is worthy of his hire that when men I.. .11.1 . .l,..r.l .,.,il ."ill n miiii-tnr fnr tlir. f,t,.n dred dollars were paid 10 1110 minuter, vv nen s,,iri,n:i ,) hev are bound to supply his nn I.. .I,: t.l.,.,.l lm crib it nut tn nner-l ' . ' .1 .. :e .1 r.:l.''.i. ... , constructing said mad, in such manner nnd 1111 will host promote and secure the rights and in terests of the whole Union, and best accomplish the desired result. Resolved that the Governor copies of the-e resolutions to 3 furnished to tho Govern ors of the several States respectively, and to each of our Senators and Representatives in Congress. Which were unanimously adopted. Hy committee on roads,' bill extending act chartering company I01 making Connecticut River navigable by Bellows Falls ; oidcred to 3d reading. Adjourned. IIoL'.-r.. 2 o'clock, r. M. Hills Introduced DANIEL KELLOGG. Rockimrham. 3d As- "' IIILAXfj HALL, 'Bennington, -lib Assistant Justice, inianiinoiisly. CHARLES DAVIS, Danville, Cth Assistant Justice, unanimously. MILITARY. ISAAC C. WI1EATON, General 2d Brigade 1-t Divi-ion; Wbealon 131), Caleb B. Harring ton SO, scattering 1. The Senate withdrew and the House adiourn ed. Sfvati:. 2 o'clock, P. M. lirportf. Hy Mr. llurlon. from the committee law as authorizes a tax upon buildings 1 .1I0 of non re-ideut'n l-itids for taxes ; lo Land Hy Mr Blake, in addition to 11.1,,. ;c,r..;., ,1.. 1 :i'.'. ;.. .. 1 lax committee. ...j- .usii tutu,'' .nf .jllllilll UUUIII. UOJ 10 111' . . .. .,.... . , r . ,, quire into the expediency of providing for a '?CIf, 'C(;porai,g jiraii eburo anu Micnuurg gradual Increase of the siilo iLry ; cone, cZZiM (i , ..,..:. r ir. n. ...... .1.. i...: r to committee of ways and mean also, repeal- iiiuuwii .,., J.UIIUII, till" leMllllllUII lljr !.,,., nfiqir ,1 I f I'.lit.. fr, ,tw. eler, alter- County Court November ; to mem bers of Wa-hington county. By Mr Cttlln, ti repeal see. L'tichip. fiO Jt s; relerreu to jmn ciiry coniniilleo. From the Senate, granting a ferry to James Bremer; refened to committee 011 Itoa ls. jiy ;'r fitory, 111 relation to UanK joint as-e,nbly to elect superinlendei.t, directors, f 0,la ? 1,10 ",u and cliaplah, or.he State Pri-on, and It commis-, f "lh?.VM? c'l!"!"'acc,V l ' r sioner for the insane, was amended by desigtn-! of mUll.n" .) C?" ting Monday next, at 10 o'clock A M ; and was 0 11,1 fJ "?-' '," ' Uy "'!'' '"u ., - . - ' tirs fit ., kin nnl mi .niinti' It," r tlien concurred in The Senate went into joint assembly, turning adjourned. HOFSE. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Commings. On re- 1 lajrr iiv ucv. .nr. t-oinm nrs. en 1 .- J . r. 1. I'aUhnf, .-e. rr;. Remonstrance of Jo-' "f U '" (continuing act of 13 1 1 live year.-;) sepl. Dake and 25 others, again-t annexing , t0 C0""".'lk'L' " kl,:':"' .Mansfield to Sum. to Genera! L'timmitirn i-mi. ' Tho Sm1,.t appointed the committee on tuh- ter of B.tiiknf Hurlinaton, conninllce on naliiM , : m. ..... t.... .....u uf Reuben P.i'je and others, for a part of gram-1 The Governor commutm-atcl the third anna-mer-chnol land'-tobe given lo Corinth Academy, 1 report of the Vermont Central Railroad Co., to committee cm Education ; of A. M. Judevine . which Was read and laid on ihe tible. and others of Ilardvviek, to restore Lucien ' The Senate came in and made the following Marsh to bis civil privilege, to select committee appointments ; ol three, con-i-ting ol .Messrs I-rench ol li lieckvvith and Perrv ; of Samuel S. Macnmbcr anJ 1,17 other-', for abolition of capita! puni-li- ment, to select eommitleo of five, consisting of Mi rs Wheeler, Smith of We-tou, Goodnch, Pollard and Dodge of Wev bridge ; of Sylvester on 1 malice, in favor of the bill requiring the 1 Phelp-, claiming soma .si 100 Iur tobacco seized auditor of accounts tn givo bonds for a f tithful 1 under the Vermont finn-intcrvourrc act read, charge of duties; bill orik'red to a third read-, when Mr. Rice of S. objected to entertaining Win P Bnlr 1.- . ; . .... , ., .... , . ... .... 0 . ... . . .,.. r son, who wished to succeed nun iur iwu Hun dred dollars. Tho exrense of removing to C , and living there for threo months had quite ex hausted this Finn. Mr. Malcolm paid away his last dollar before his nuarter s silarv was duo; and was forced to let Ins hread hill aiulhn meat bill run nn for a couple of weeks. 1 l.ese were naid the moment ho received his salary. ' I don't like these bills at all ,' he said to his vvifo alter they were paid. ' A minister should never owe a 'dollar. It does hiin no good, Ahovo all thiiiL's. his mind should live in a re "ion alsivo the anxieties that a deficient income and consequent debt always occasion, vve must husband what we have and inako it go as far as possible.' Hv the end of two month, tho liundrcd dollars wcreall cXHnded ; hut not a word had been said about tho additional threo or lour hundred tint had been promi-i'd ; or, that .Mr: Malcolm fully lielieved had liccn promised. Hills had now to be run up with tho baker, grocer and butcher, which amounted to nearly fifty dollars when the ...v, ,,.i-irti'r's salarv was naid. Mr. Malcolm did not doubt but tho additional amount promised when ho ronsented to accept .1 .11 ;,.nl,l he made 1111. Still ho could not 1...1. c...'n,r (molded, ll't lintis went on as they v.p '"- --v.- .., ,, t ,. were, by mo euu m uiu ..- . wants ; and tint, if they fail to do so, it is a sii'ii to the minister that ho ought to leave them. Some may call tins a selhsii doctrine, and unworthy of a minister of God, but I believe it to be inn trim doctrine, ami sum act up to it. It does men no good to let them quietly go on, year after year, starving their miuesters, vvhilo they have abundant means to make them com fortable. It they prizu their wealth higher than they do spiritual riches, it is but ca-ting pearls beforo svvino to scatter even the most brilliant "cms of wisdom before thein, and in this unpro fitable ta-k I am tho last man to engage. I ih lirferred. Hy Mr. May, incorporating nig. liy .Mr. Harrington, Irom the Judiciary ; the petition, utile--, by a two thirds vote, as the West Concord inanulacturing company ; 10 commmee, 111 i.ivor 01 me inn so altering inap. 1 sui.jecl has hcrctoloro been acted upon ; a Iler committee on manufactures. Hy Mr. Matron, 20nfR. S. as to givo ju-tices juri-diction iu somedi-cus-ion by Mers. Xeedham, Rice of S. relating tn grand list, so altering acts of 1811 tru-tce suits to the amount of one hundred dol- ( and Kellogg, for receiving, and .Mers. Goodhue and '-12 that the averaging committees' duties lars; ordered to a 3d reading. pud Kittredgo of F. again-t, the motion to re nal allect only .Mate and i.ouniy nixes , u. nasrount Hills, i:tem in? the charter of: ceive was i.iul on tho tau!c. . ... 1 :. !.. 11 . ...i-Lnr ,tt 1 commiuee on eianu 11-1. ""'i Ja-ik- McM. Sihiter of Burlington, Ss- retarvof Stale; Shaflor 115, P C Tucker St, Asab A!dis21, Scattering 3. I.-nitu Ciio-s of Montpelier Sargeant at Anns ; 1st ballot. 10S t-J 10 (i 3 3 Luther f'ro's Rufus R Ril:, Ilirrv V. Cliaiies Lyman Jeutteriug .ilditioii to chanter 102 of II S, ot felonies; to judiciary committee. By .Mr. Wheeler, in amendment 01 chap o. K o, niiiiiriK men to appropriate rents of lands to religious societies, or to loan on intere-t where there is 110 society ; to general committee. .. .... - it- it..-.:.. v-:..,a .m I'cliluiits rejvrna. ui nam.. 1.1. v.-, ......... lilfl Heeman, Selah Ambler, Ahiel Stevens, I loytio , ))lv 0!l Allen, David Reed, Win Harmon, David Cook, j,,", ,,,!, 2d ballot. 11(3 SJ 17 (i 0 S ( 'ak lik C-irpenler of Orange, Auditor in tho Treasury. Carpenter 1 19, Royal lutcli bl, S P Lithrop IS. cniTvi'V ni.'rrrnns. Changing tho name of the Green Mountain j ler, leiating to indigent person-; to General' r.l'NMS'c.ioN co"M" Bank, and extending tho time one year prior to committee. By Mr. Carpenter, for the Improve-, , ' ; b , Con-; J-.ntio,,., tho h.nk s going into operation ; pa-sed. ment of lmr--cs ; to committee 011 Agriculture. v 1V r, ,;., HV.l inlr.vlnr-1. To incorporato the hank of Hy Mr. Penned:, In lestore Gad.naii hillock 1 ,'"! ...7-Via ' rirl'.e l)itrktf Ascutncyat Windsor, by Mr. Hilton ; referred ! to his legal privileges, v. ilb a petition on the ' )' f""' Jai!L "J 1 Jur l,e l,mrxtU'J to the eommitleo on Baulcs. s-ur.o"ct ; al-o by Mr. I 'ark.-r, tn restore ' ,' , . , ,, . , .',., Itv lr llnrinn k, !,Jl 1 '.nlirn ln f linn Liinimli Ms h.n-, I 1,,'h i ivr,., : re. ! V. lilllierls, 1 1 irWIll .Ml.irOWS, .11 l.lfOOO- tho Hank nf Manche-ter three yeais; pi-sed.l intrmluml and UtJ'errcJ. By Mr. Mil- ':.ih...i I .f:i vi'iiu'iirih. Moses Snaulding, Dnug- las Fo-ter, T. F. Strong, and others, in each ca-e, for re-charter of the Hank or Burlington ; to committee on banks. Of S. S. Macnmbcr and Lewis Limb and others, again-t tho pol ler's act, to committee of ways and means. Of Ju-tus Hurt. John S. Royce, Benj. Pe.tke, P. S. Gates, John Adams, Rufus Hamilton nnd E. S. Holmes, and several hundreds of others, for removal of shire town in Franklin County, to members of that county. Adjourned. Wednesday, Oct. 20. Sesate. Prayer by the Chaplain. Senator Hr.idloy of Caledonia appeared, and took tho nalh nf office. Petitions vrri-rntid. Hy Mr. Hubbard, for a land tax on Bradley vale; referred to the Land Tux committee. . Hills remrtnl. Hv Mr. Minor, from select committee, according to instructions, a bill re pealing the act of Ml) to prevent imposition in thn sales of medicines: on his motion, laid on the table. Hy Mr. Cushni iu, iu favor of the bill Friday next at 3 P. to elect a Suner. I furred In General committee, ndent, three directors and a chaplain of the j Hdl passed. Constituting Xormm II law in .vinos r.iiay Eddv heir ut COUNTY APPOINTMENT:- The Senato came in, and the foliowin; pointnienls were made : WASUIMii U.N n gavo up all hope ol worldly good, in order to extendiii" the charter of thf uanK ol -vianciics' preach tho everlasting Gospel lor the salvation 1 tcr three years ; ordered a third reading. of men. In order to do this successfully, my I Hills hitrutlticed. By Mr. -Mattocks, eularg- mind mu-t be kept free from tho depressing na the capital stock ot the Bank of Caledonia to s70,ujo ; reierreu m me vuuiuiiuv-u uain,-. Itesoltitiims. Hy Mr. roster, iii-iriicung me ....... ,.!' 111'.. I fl.n... .!. ... Eiimnllilm. ciprocal in thosoto whom I minister in Heavenly things. If this be not the case, all my labor will be in vain.' To be continued. cgislaliivc of llcvmont. miniiiitti'i! on Finance to inmiiro Into the exi diency of altering tho present peddler's law; parsed. By Mr. 11 irrington, requesting the Senato RcKrtcr to invite Asa Whitney, Esq. to furnish a copy of his address to tho joint coin mitteo of both houses, delivered on Monday evening, that tho sauio may Iks published iu Wa ton s K.u y Journal iru.u uat in n i), iiilill Tuesday, Oct. 10. Senate Prayer by the 1 comnlcted : passed. From the House, npprov- Chaplain. iug uf the plan of Asa Whitney, Esq. to con. I'etiti'iiis Presented. Hv Mr. Harrington, nf' sirni m i.iilmad tn the Pacific, and recomui end- debt at least two hundred dollars. And of ull James Hraman and others, for a ferry; refer-j ing it to tho favorable consideration of Con thins in the world, ho had a horror of debt. red to committee on roads. Hy Mr. Kidder, of , gress ; iiiiiuimnusly concurred in. From the Duriii" this time ho was iu familiar inter- Sylvester Phelps, praying tn Is? indemnified fori House, for a joint as-einbly to-day lOn'chrk 5,1, ,i, members of his church ' tobacco valued at 81010, seized In Alburch in A. M. toe ect a britridier General of the 2d Bii- t.. ii.. ,,iti, il, l,.:idinr vestrvinen who 1813. libelled and coudcinnediis forfeited to tho imde. 1st division : concurred in. From the I.....I ir.Fnmf.iitA tn him beyond the fixed State, under the Slate non intercourse act of llou-e. reuuesting our delegation in Congress i.eiu uuv -,...! ...a. .. i.:..i. , i.. .,;,:... .. ,.i. i...!. I '., ,..,..' ..,,r r,,. , i, I it....,. , was inauu m i no suu-i ioi. wiiiinn.t- i,-.i.,fin-, wi'iii.-.i.ts nn .11 m 1.1 11-1, ineir 1 1 lie cu .u iim.v...... ,u, mu ieci and he had too much delicacy to introduce kitinn of the constitution of tho United Slates, teers in thu last war; concurred in. Hy Mr. : ' 1 and void; referred lo the committee on claims, J, Hamilton, for a joint iisseiubly on Monday At last matters approached tn a climax. The Hill Hearted. By Mr. Nash, from the torn- ,,ext to elect a Stato Superintendent of common . , . -1 t I......I....I In debt, mitten on hanks, in favor of the bill In nltera- .i Lin. ,.,..r nr.,s,.ind nlmo.t every week, and tion ol tho act chartering tho Green Mountain House Hill. Extending 'tho act of 1 830 for their settlement politely urged. This win a Hank, with an aiiienduifiit, changing the name the rebel or the company lor rendering v-oif condition of ihiin'i not to bo ondiired by a man to Stark Hank; amendment adopted, and bill river navigable by Bellows l all; ro ' ol Mr. Malcolm's bl-h seu-e of right, and pecii- ordered to a third reading. j-.-nvd to the committi-c on roads. State Pri-on. and Commi-sioiier.- of thu Insano on motion of .Mr. Harrington, laid on the table. I'elilhn pren-11'cd. By Mr Sweatt, of L. II. Vila" nnd DO others, of Chelsea, for the repeal or modification of the law relating to Pedlers ; j referred tn the committee on tin. luce. Mr. Foster called up the bill repealing the act of I ist s.'-siou In prevent iuipi.-ition in thu sale, nf medicines and it was ordered to a third road- ; ing. ' A message was received from the Governor j traii-mitting a. long and iiblo rcpoit of Charles' K. William', commissioner to inquire into the validity of the claims of the State upon the Gen-1 Government for expenditures in tho revolu tionary war, and al-o the report of the committee appointed by the Governor to correspond with the sculptor Powers as to the execution of the Statutes ol Ethan Allen and Thomas Chitten den. Tho latter report and an abstractor the former we shall publish to.uioriow.l On motion of Mr. Slan'ey, tho latter report was referred to a joint comniitteo of live. The Chair appointed Senator' Stanley and Sweatt on the part of the Senate. Adjourned. House. Iteports. By committee on roads, hills i-liarteriii'r tho Fnion railroad Co.. flrom Montpelier, through B trro to Bradford or Royal- for the District i f Windsor tott;j ard me sieam mvv ooat company amend ed by placing the act under the control of future legislatures; and Ixith hills were ordered ton 3d reading, Uy judiciary committee, bill rcl i tinir to thu villago of Woodstock ; ordered to 3d reading. Hy select committee, bill altering tho name of Samuel Richards ami unking him heir ol Jotliaiii I'.llis, ordered to 3d reading. ap- j win, Ctiir.iMssio.icrs fnr tie Jail at Mancha-tr- i Alexander Iluling, John Fay, Jnel Volen tine, Commktiur.-rs J'r the Jail at Htnning tan. For the remainder of the ul'iieers(ex-cept Judge liu the Henuiiigtnti Prehito District ) tho conn- 1 . . ,...... !.. - Assistant Judsrt of the. ty convention count not agree, aim mo .ouovv.u- pr-ons were eiecie.1, ueiug innys . 1 H'niamin F. Morgan, Assitlant Judges nti,e i Major Haw ley, County Curt. i .Morgan 120, Win Mac.tu.y 83.' .Major Haw- ley not opposed. ' tj, j Jasper lull, .vicr;, liorsei vvunout. uppo- Dllliel Bildivin, ) Henry D.iugl.i , j Cuiiuti Court. Addison Peck, Mnntpelier, .Vi-W;?. Leonard Keith, I Pah H'iHif. Charles Reed, Sta'-'s AHociili. Jeremiah T. .Marslun . Igc Prn'ute, Alfred Wainivri'-lit, Cyrus Ware, French, Jail Commissioners. ORLEANS COL'XTV. Jani"s ,, Paddock, ) Assht-iutJu-tursofthc John Harding. C,mn'j Court. James Hamilton, Troy, Slierid'. Silas Sears, igA llvliil'. Henry F. Prenti , Slnl-'s Attorney. Jacob Bites, Jnd-e ,f IW Thiiiius Jameson, Luko Spencer, Samuel Couant, J.ul Comi.iissioneri, WINDSOit COUNTY. Walter Palmer, ) Assistant Judges of Ihe Thinm-T. Barrett, Count;) Court. Gilniui Henry, Wood-lock, SHeriJ'. Jo'oph Churchill, Ilta! Hut;. .-ition. William S Sonthworth, Slate's Attorney without oppo-ition. For Judge of Probate in the Bennington dis trict, the oonicutio:i of that di-trict, nominated John M Democrat, but Mr. GoJfrey of Bennington nominated Elisha Root Jbr this of fice. Mr. Rice of S. moved to refer Ihe subject t the convention of tho probate district : opposed by Mr. Brownell, and withdrawn, Sen. Brown, ell, in ben.iir or tho minority of tho district (three.) stated that .Mr. Ohn had been regularly nominated by the majority, consistin-r of six members ; but that the minority, representing a rhomisF 11 imui iud, Judge of the Pro'i.i'e , m ,jl)rity 0f thu people and property nf the dis. I trict, objected to Mr. O. on the gruund of incom petency, and had ottered to accept any compe tent tn'm whom the majority would nominate and this oiler not being accepted, the minority proposed Mr. Root. Senitor Harrington, and Messrs Rice of S., Lyman of Burlington, Gillett, i heeler and Killredge ol 1., supported Mr. Olin, on the ground th it ho had been regularly nominated, and was entitled to an election in ac cordance with immemorial and in tins. nn-, Benjimiu Urmsbee, .Naliam ' vver to tho objection as tn competency, arguing Jail Commissioners. j that tlu district convention must be held respon sible for that, and must be presumed to havo acted undcrstaudiiigly. Mr. Blake moved to ad journ until 3 p. m. ti) morrow ; lost, 123 to "0. The vote was for -Mr. Oliu 110, Mr, Root bS, scattering -1 so Jonx .M. I lux, was elected. Edwin Hutchinson. .Valium Haskell, Minon Warren, Jail Coiniiii-isnai'-rs. WINDHAM COUNTY. Ebenezerlimve, '2nd Atsittaiit Justice. .M.irshill Newton, New-fane, .S""-f'.'. Aimer T. Jobn-on, igA Ihilifi. Edward ICirkland, Stile's Allorne,,. David Chandler, Judge oj Proktle tor Ue On n.iitiot. ol Mr. Carnenter. the reference of! DiVrict of U cslminsicr. petitions for annexing Maiistiol.I to hiovv, lo a v iu. .u ,..,.., LI.t..,! ,,,l ll.,, o-.r .,' s.ieiii.iiii'iiii.n-, ,i-iw.,-.uv ,v r- b - ... finV'I'V .r.....,i ,., ii... I Hp.. . I RA.NM,I. L.i)U.lli. HiWj introducrdand referred. dly .Mr. George, (Agreed upon in County Convention.) to iucnri-nrate tho Wal.K..nsick mill company;1 J,.-eph H. Brainard, Ja-par Curtis, W in. N. to cou.iuilteo on inaiiiiiaciures. uy .nr. iiiury, omiiii, uau ,..- ... .1. ....... I... Ill 1!!,. is s-,itrnl,l f,.mi..l III" .... 11,1 the f.l loW.IIL' OlllCOrs, tllCl CllUlltV Coll- committed on roads. By .Mr. Rnvce, making 1 ventiou vva eqn illy divided, and two li-ts were ' The Joint Assembly adjourned to Wcdncadiy Ira Ilawley heir tit law ol .vncan j. laimi , to presenteu ; mu mmi-.. ui.-isunj; u. ulv wing uc.u .1 p. 111. judiciary committee. From the Senate, in ml-1 nominees, was elected by the joint assembly, j The Senato retired and tho IIouo, ditiou to act incorporating Green , Mountain , Alvah Sabin. i Asst. Judges Co. Court Adjourned. bank, and extending the bank ot .Manchester; Jona 11. Ilubb.ud, j referred tn conimitleo on banks. Sibili 125, P. S, tiates 00, Hubbard 12(5,, .Mr, rarser inovcu 10 recniis.ut-r u.u reiere.iie ol the petition for the annexation of Greensboro' to Caledonia county ; opposed by .Mr. Rand and raided. The pelitiou was Ibeii referred to.v I). R. H.i!uu7S; scattering 15. John S. Foster St. Albans, Shcrift'. Foster 123, Richard A Slmttuck 07, Or-on Carpenter, High 11 11;;?', Pennsylvania. Shunk has anv where from 1 10,000 to 18,000 majority. So much for being ;a Polk man and a Taylor man in the same breath. Hoiiic loco, Senato Whig.

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