Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 29 Ekim 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 29 Ekim 1847 Page 2
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i'cgiolitluvc of llcvmont. Hcxati:, f Ichhiin. -I'iuiuY, U. T. 2-J Pr.ivcr by the I'ctilinns vwiW Uy Mr. Mom), nf,Ji epli t-'tceii ntiil other.-', fur the incorporation of li iiinliii! life Insurance cotniiiny. lly Dr. Cram, of William Siliinnml dIImtm.:! ml o"f!)ap icl Itooil ami other., for bank In Windsor sev er.illv refcrro I to committee on banks. Hill rrirlttt. Uy Mr, Kimlull, (rotn the Committee on road, in I'tvor ol tlia hill extend ing the act for (he relief of the ro ni:my for ri'iiilenii;f Connecticut river navigable by Hol low r'alls ; road a third time ami p.iss:d, Adjonrncil. IIOUK!.. 1T.Mr. I'ierre was yesterday appointed nn llie committee on the Mexican war. Ilia name vva accidentally oinitteil in tlie report. Privcrhy llev. Mr. Shclton. ItrHil, lly celect coininittee, bill annex ing pint of Hancock "to lioahc.-tor, ainr'tlileil en ii" to uk a-ent of the towns ihtcicstcd, ntiil or dered to a thiril reading. II v iiminlllen of wavs nml mean, bill relating to Auditor of Account? j orcercd to M rem me. Itv fniimiillci' on mad. 1 ill to charter Woodstock' milroail cn., laiil on tlie table. Uy judiciary eonnnittce, Senate bill u-pealing act of Mfi, on sale of medicines '. ordered to 3d rcadln and again-i bill on same subject, andtliuy Wcio ilimiscil. II Us liilrmlMi-J ami referred. lly Mr Con Verse, relating to scllfeinont nf estates: to judi ciary coininittee. lly Mr. King, nltoiing mime of Stephen Mellows nml Plicho lliggin, and tn iking them heirs of .tiny Kin 'lev of Fletcher ; to general eoimnillce. liy Mr. Hawvor, in re lation to grantln": licenses to retailers' ofliipmrs. repealing nets ol ML', Ma, Ml, and Mfi; refer red to Scbct committee nlliw. lly .Mr. Ilridg. than, to charter I'liienix mill en,; to coininittee on manufactures, llv Mr. Smith of West chartering Otter (jucchee null co ; to same com C mittce. I'et.lhns referral. Of IVancis l'lslrr and others, to committee em manufactures. Of II. I). Mingh un and other, for temoval of contitv building, to members of Fianhlin county. Ol Daniel Adams and others, fur savings bank at fc'prlnglield, to committee on banks. Of l'iiin lili.-s and others, for annex-itiuti of part ol 1! li chen to Rochester, to general ciiimnittee. Ol Caleb Waldo and Mil am M Smith and others for protection of home-tends to general com mittee. Of Ira It Persons, claim, to coininittee of claims. Of V, I, Pond and others, for ro- cli irter ol Hank ol Iliirhiiginn, to committee on banks lies latitat, lly Mr. (ioodliue, instructing Committee, on roads to imiuirc into the expedi cy of a general law ; mini ted. llv Mr. Carpenter, in-triictiiir the committee to impure into the expediency of repealing the act relating to the sale of liquor, and al.-n to nu king provi-ioil lo plini-li for drugging liipiors . passed, lly Mr Clark, inslrucling Auditor of AcconiiN lo make a statement of arrears due from county clerks, itli specifications of iiamos and amounts ; adopted. The bill icl.iting tn magnetic telegraph? va taken up and ordered to 3 I rcadiii". The petition of Silvester Phelps was again considered, tlie ijncslinn bving upon its udop Hon, and it was rejected by more than two thirds. Adjourned. S3e.x-.vtk. '1 o'l-inf-K r. .V llrpnrl. lly Mr. Foster, Iroin judiciarv coininittee. hill chuueiii" name of Samuel ltichard and making him heir of Jotli.nn Lib ; passed. liesolnlinns. lly. I ll.iniiltnn, instructing ju wciary cnimuini'e In n-port tlie e.i-tilig laws as to tlie rights of married women ; laid on the tu- li.e. Iy .Mr. a.i-Ii, raisinga coimnittceof tine to impure whether additional provisions ate re ipurni lor mo seeuritv ol pcr-oiis inleie-tcil in Suing Hanks; ndoptid, and Senators Nash, II irrmyton and Hilton were appoinleil the com rnittee. Tlio (inventor transmitted the repnrt of Sam uel 0 Crafts and A (i Chudwick, cnintuilto-' appointed to e.amine the bi-toriral collection ol Henry Stevens. They rcpoit thattbe colleclioii consists ol about 0.M volunics of nowiiun,rs. nf which -15.1 volumes were printed in this state u large collection ol books anil pamphlets rc'a ting to the early hi-lorv of Vermont, and com prising our controver-ey with New Voile mid New llatiip-hire attd'abo the lovoliitioiinry correspondence of (iov. Chittenden, (.Vv. Ti- clienor, imv. Galti-ha, J.than Alien, Ira Allen, (!en. Uradlev, and unnv olhers ol the fathers of the State and close by recommending tlie pur chase of all the papets printed in the Male, and the books and manuscripts Kcfcrrcd to committee under the fifth joint rule. Adjourned. lloirsr., The Speaker appointed the coininit t"f on the bill repealing -uiidry acts relative to Kpirituoiis liipioii. .les-rs. Sawjer, Carpenter, Milet, I'r.iiiklin ami I'phain. HrHiits. Uy general committee, lills incor porating Vergenuos hook and ladder company and the village of Wood-lock; ordered lo u :id leading: against bill repealing I.i-t act as to bounties on hears, wolves, &c, and against rc iiiiring wood-lands lobe fenced ; disiuissrd. lly Judiciary Committee, against bill extending jiirisdiction of ju-tices of the peace in trustee cisc-s: bill supporied by Me-srs. Ilr'ulgeinan Hice of S., ops).-ed by Mr. Killredge of !' nml u motion to dismiss rejected laid on the table. Mr Gilbert ol" Tininoiilh had leave of absence after to-morrow moriiin , on r count cf ill Irealth ; mid .Mr. Smith ol'P.iutoii was appointed on the committee on bills in place of Mr. fiil bert. Mr Converse called up the bill clurter- ing Wood-tock Itailroad Co., and it was order ed to a lid reading. I'dStiiHis lrr,-i itlril mi I r ferrctl. Of A-hbel iHekeinon rtnd others, iigaln-t bowling alleys. tn Juitici.rrv t.oiniiMttee ; ol limits vvaiuwriglit and 111 otbers, lor repMil of act incorporating the viliage of .Middlebiiry, !o select ci-inuiittce if live, cousi-ling of Me--rs. bVrjrnr.-on, Car lisle, l.vm.iii of Dover, I'lint and llolrirt. Ol A V McniM and others, for re-charter of b.tnk of Jtiirliiij;toti, to couunittoc on banks, I'm I, Hill relating lo tolls of Shetbiirne turnpike eo. ItHU hitrtxluccil mi'I referred lly Mr Kit tredgeof I''.,charlering Itntland and' W.i-h'niL'-ton railroad co ; to committee: on rinds Jty Mr Snyder, in amendment of chap. I It .S,(nohi' Jot Pir rt-pieseutntivoit after 12 o'clock at night of tlie first Tuesday u, Septcmiior ;) to commit tcwon elcctiotn. lly Mr Ward to pay Ira Mer rill $15, to committee on claims. Itardulitm. lly Mr I.yman of Dover, instruct ing committee on roads to inquire into the expe diency ol apportioning tlie c.pen-e ol roads be tween the towm interested, or between tuwna und counties; adopted. Adjourned. Katl'iiiiav, Octolr 2X-.Sf.-,vtc. Mr. Cnsli mn moved In elect a Senator to servo on the Hank committee, durirg the temporary absence of Senator Mattock ; carried, and Mr. ltradley was chosoil, Jtrjinrlf. lly Mr. llodjes, from tbo rntntnif. tee. on Claims, in favor ol the petition of John S. Lirabee, with a bill granting Iho said l.irabee a ferrv ; ordered to a third reading. Jty Mr, l os. ter, from the Judiciary Cuiitniiiec, lo whom was referred t ho lesolutlon iiistriictiug lliein to 1 1 1 rniiro wliether any alteration was expedient in the cx-iMing law telativo to taxing buildings on public lauds, that no legislut on wins necessary upon the nuLject ; coiiunitteo discharged, lly Mr. Kimball, from the-coimnitten on Hoads, in favor of the bill incorporating the L'nlon llail Koad Companv ; pissed, lly Hie same, from tbo same committee, in I'i'or or the b il relating to the lire wiiidensofll.e village of Woodstock ; on motion of Mr. ToMer, li id on the table. ,;. tohl ns to tolls on mo jsner- ; .. i .i ,...;,inA buiiio TunipiKo ; reierrm u iw i""-" "' lln-iu sui hill, (iruntiiig a ferry to John b, Laiabcv ol biioriham ; ja en. Tlioi Senate went into joint assembly, and on returning, Mr. Hodges moved that when llie Hcn.ite adjourn, it tuljourii until Monday morn ing i carried. Adjourned, llot st; Prayer by HcV. Mr. Ilallotl. ', Senate fillls relating lo tinililor of accounts, lo repeal act of Mfi relating lo sale of medicine ; 1 tops,- bills to incorporate Wood-trck railroad cimputv, Vergeiines hook and ladder company, in iclatinu to magnetic tclegraplis, annexing patlol tiaucock lo Itochester. The general coinmillee nked to he discharg ed from consideration of resolution on repeal of the license law ; agreed to, and resolution re ferred to the select committee on this subject. The' Senate hill extending Innk of Manches ter was ordered to a .'Id reading. Il'ilh inlnrliiml iml rrfrrmt. lly M r. Smilie, relating to justice courts (being the system lat vear proposed by Mr. Smilie of Cambridge) ; to judiciary committee, lly Mr. Killredge of St. J., in a'dilitioti to act rclating'to railroads ; rc ferrnl lo committee on roads, llv Air. Collantcr, in addition to act in addition lo chap. -II K. S.; to judiciary committee. Jty .Mr. llieooi n., re lating lo 'pedlars, (repealing all laws since lSllll ;) to committee or Ways and .Means. AY;"i7s. llv indiciitrv 'ronitnitlee, ngailiat bills relating to reporter of decisions Supreme Coiitl. and in addition to chap. h)l II. S and thev were limicd i airaiutt reditriug (lie re porter's salarv : in favor of bill repealing Sec. 2 ofact of IHKi relating to reports of decisions of hiipreine toiut ; ordered to .id reading. Hv se lect committee, hill e-tablishing tlie bound iry line between lletiinngton and . inilham cutin ties ; laid on the table. Hv coinmillee on man ufartiires, hill relating to the inaiiitfactute and lie ol leather ; ordered to .id reading, lly coin inittee on banks, bill recli.irlenng the hank ol llurlinglou, with various amendments which wete adopted, and tlie tint on motion ol lilr. nul lum was laid on the tahlo and mailt) the special older lor Tuesday next ; against hill chartering tli j Commercial bank (at Hurlington ;) laid on the table, llv coininittee on Elections that Mr. Ply nptoti of Ward-horo' is entitled to a seat : ami th I bmse concurred, f The Committee re- poi ted that this election was made after an ad- oiiiunieiit of the meeting hy u ma only vote; lint decided that no meeting can be dissolved except by unanimous consent so the election is good j t'lliliiw r- frmt, Of Ashor I I.ivnes, ngalnM tlie pedlar act, and it Was refened to committee of ways and means ; of Mcrrlt Clark, claim, to com-nitlee on claims. On motion of Mr. Collamer, voted that when III? IIoue adjourn, il lie to Monday morning. The Senate came in mid Pr.m: T. Wash iiit.m: of Woodstock, was elected ltcporler ol decisions of (lie Supremo Cou:t, and the Senate retired: Washburn 1 ID, Clunk's I Walker 80. Jly!iilimi.ily Mr. Adama of Milton, ins tructing committee of wavs and means to in- ipiire into the e.peeiency o'flix'ing the salary of auditor ol accounts, so as lo exclude claims for extra serv icc ; adopted. Tlie bill extending the jurisdiction of justices in trustee ea-es to 100, was ugiin considered, Messrs. Snjder, llico of S. Kellogg, Adams of Milton, and Sprague, supporting the bill, and Mcs'is Neeilhain. Deane, Converse, Ilotlum, and Killredge of 1', oppo-ing it. A motion lo lav upon the table was rejected and the llou-e adjourned. jVCC 13 CC "s- lltUtLINCTON, Vt. nillJAY MOItNlNC, OCTOHLIl !!, ia 17. " In tiii: iiaiii; axp Tnouci.r.ti .miiiit that is uroN us, is mi Star apovutiik iioiiizon Tiiriivn usa of i.niiir, r.x"ci:i'Tixt! tiii: I.Ti:Ll.ItinT, l'ATUIOTIO Willi I'AKTV OF Till: Cmti:1) Stah-.s." Daniel Webber. The Ship Canal oncn more HridillgAlhc! Our readers will remember that we took oc casion, two or three weeks ago, lo allude to the hostility which the projected Ship Canal to con nect the navigable waters of the 9t. Lawrence with those of Lake Chuiiiplalti had awakened in '! what tho N. V. Lxpress calls " the Western Can il region " of New Vork. We made some extracts from the llullalo I'ulrivt and Journal wherein that paper, in a somewhat less sum mary though no le-s emphatic manner than the Commercial ,ihcrliser of lint city, disposes of ( tho in liter as " a humbug." We are sorry to perceive, by later dates, that our lliilliilo contemporaries grow morn and more unreconciled to this magnificent project, tiie mare it excites nltentinn by its eminent practi cability, and discussion by the prodigious com mercial results its accomplishment promises. It strikes us us a little iinfortunato that "the Western Canal region" of New Vork, through their presses, should not have taken better coun sel of their judgment? than to commence their opposition to this really splendid enterprise hy calling it a ' humbug." Their subsequent very elaborate and voluminous arguments against it are in somewhat ludicrous contrast with their own published estimate of its intiinsic feeble ness, Men of business are not apt to waste a great deal of their time, or to throw away a great deal of argumentation, upon schemes tint they honestly believe lo hi vv holly chimerical and absurd. Our llullalo fiiends must, there fore, pardon us, if wo a-snmo lhat their comic lions of the impracticability nnd inexpediency of the great project under discussion, are sharp ened ny considerations that have le-s re.-pect to the business intcrcstsof tho whole coun try than to ihe special fnleicits of their own prosperous cily. Hut it appears, after ail, that tiro whole of " llie Western Cnnal rrjrinn " nf New Vork does not contemplate the project of securing an avenue for ship navigation from Cliicngo (for instance) to tho Atlantic markets, in the same light. Wo commend t.a the rareful irr.-tice ol our readers an nrliclo coinmiiii'tcattil to tho Ito chester (N. V.) American by an intelligent ami sagacious correspondent of lhat paper, in which i portion of the results to bo niilicipatnl from the coii-trucli in of th Catiglii.iivVigaCan il aie very clearly and lorcibly nresenlcd. The arti cle alluded to will be found in another column, l'lio citizens of Hochctler perceive tit once the advantages licit must accrue to thcin from their having n ihniec if inclines through vvhiclt lo curry op their iirrpotlaut trade with the L.isterii inirkets. The (ieuessee river forms ono of llie lincsthaibors on Ixko Ontario, end affords oler liccnlij fnt ol water lo within the limils tit the cily ol Itochester. If, llierefoii', a project can be carried out that will oj'ii to tho fertile agri cultural region of which Itochesler is tlie com iiiercml focus, an avenue throogh which her productions can be transported to market in ships of 100 tu,w burthen, without breahiii--- I. nil tl is I,. .,ilt... . ., ... " " " v" v "' ccii mat it must secure i. . ,.. ' J i.i.-iii, sue ii t reauy co-oncnu tin. in ,i . would have, on the co nplefion ol such mi uvc tine, a cinder of agencies for llio transaction of j her carrying trade. Wo ujaln toiiiuieud tu the BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOHHJt attention of our readers the article in our col umns signed ''A Merchant." It will show tlicm,at least, that what is regarded ns a " bum- bug" ill Jlulbilo, assumes the form of a respect able verity in Rochester. 1 ho communication of " A Merchant wo find, alo, in the Montreal HcrrtlJ, a leading pa per in Canada, It is copied into that journal wilb express approbation. And wo liotlco tills fact the more piulictilarly because it is exten sively assumed, and especially by the Huflalo papers, that tbo construction of the projected Ship Canal from the St. Lawrenco to Lake Champlain, will receive no favor from tlie Ilrit Isb Government in Canada, as being directly hostile to their interests. No assumption could be more fallacious in fact or in argument. The Canadian Government and people have mani festly the strongest business motives to push forward the work to an early completion ; and they are prompt to perceive and appreciate them. 'Vie Vttnul mm Vnnghimcttga to St. Johns meets with umcetMl rnctiurngftncnt in OiMtltt. We copy the following portion of the leading editorial with which the Montreal Her ald prefaces tlie communication of llio Roches ter paper. The passages we have marked by italics sullicieiilly explain llie business interests that Canada has In the projected enterprise, and indicate the policy and course that will be pur sued in leference to it by her business men. The Herald says : " Aud i" it not evident that, with a Irrc and unbro ken navigation to (JikU'c, lloston, mid New York, the wholi- i'1'llint tin llie must, iiicvit'iMy,pn through our wnt.'iH, rnllirr than he subjected tu trnnsliiiiiiK-nt at", mid Albany, and three hundred and sixly mill's n iMriti'-uaviuntiotii on llie lirlu Canal ! With such a (-nu-iunut.-iiioii, c see no ri'tisnti to doubt the realisation ol nil .Mr. .Merrill's must sanguine predic tions, mill Ihat, vvidi the enjoyment of suih n traffic, the tolls from our i-aiinls will m a very tew- ycais, nut only rrjioij the rojotul iitrrstrd in tlirm, but trill pro' dote an nmiilr lutid to ire Mr cxnenirs of oar iror- cinmtnt, ami, tltns, trlicrc ut fium oil, sovitin loral. toxolion. 1 tic ln'iiclits tn tie iieriveil Irniii tlie eoii- striii tain ol a 1st. Law rente nnd I.-ikeLlinmplnin Cn ii'il, will not, however, ho confined to the orolits de riv.'dile Iroin the wc-tern trade it will, at once, opm lo us o new ana o 11101 voluniiir niotkrt, Jor onr in rxtiontltldr lumber distiicts,an the IHIitiro yenrhy the demand lur liuiher increasing in the Pul led fctates. tun t ieirnwii is notorious, are ulti'trillicr inaikijinte lo allurd llie required supply to us they 11111-1 lescit lor 11, nnd, with a direct naviga tion Iroin the St. Lawrence to llie llud-mi, can our power to kivo llirm Hint supply admit ot n dmilit I iVilliiiut tlte I'lorrtcd is abundnntlii rri- dent, our smic oj Itir treslcin tiauxit-tintlc trill be tioiited to sueh i"ntionof it, os tee eon ship fiom Monti tut to Quebec! with it, tee shall secuie the teholc, lor no outlay can ever cnntile tie' llrie Canal to comoete with llie Iike and Itiver roule : and. even should the men hauls ol New- Vork he so blind to iheir own interests ns m nejjleet miikim; n ship-rainl 1 1 ..t .. . ' 1..:.- 1 .1 . , -. '. r, . , nre i-onslnieiinniiiirs, ihe result would onlv he ns " A ueiween 11.11,,- v. iruii iriui a III II e Ullt -on. WI e r Mm ham prediit- Jluslnu, by the lluilinaton Hail- I iimiH, tnitenaoj .Vrir m k, leoolU become the At Mime leiuiinusoj iitcgicul tecslcui itshieay: And yet the ilulVale Patriot l.-as a profound impression that "John Hull is not yet in his dotage, nnd lias never jet cii-piau-ii any maiked inclination to construct commercial channels for i,e benefit of other people and the iujui tj of his men .' " Perhaps, jf we lived in lluffalo, reason would shed this kind of blue light into our own mind ; so wo will only say that the I'alriol lias failed to see things through John Hull's spectacles this time. There appears lo us a propriety, in this con nection, in saying a word in regard to the at tempt lhat is now making to induce our own Legislature In grant to a Kailroad corporation authority to ob-truct tbo navigation of our Like by a Drawbridge at House's Point. We pre sume it will not be desired that no such naviga ble water as Lako Cliamplain should cier lie bridged unless such a proceeding is demanded by urgent considerations nf Punuc I'oucv. The alleged interests of a Corimrntioii, or the prnpect of commercial advantages to a particu lar community, (and that not, laj an; means, the community who are to grant the authority,) fur nish altogether inadequate reasons for throwing obstructions across great National Highways. Tho people who inhabit tho shores of Like i Cliamplain, and whno business is carried on, ' directly or indirectly, upon its waters, have a, inueieasauie except upon grounus ot me hi"liesl State necessity to tlie unmolested and linou-lnictcd navigation of its channel. Ti " -' say that tho wishes or the interests of a corpo ration con-titutes such a necessity is simply ab surd. The commerce of the Like, (now amount ing to upwards of SIX MILLION'S of dollars) has been nearly, if not quite, doubled within the pa-t live or six years. Thu liberal legislation of Congress, facilitating commercial intercourse between the States and Canada, lias greatly contributed lo this rapid increase; and yet this commerro is but in ils infancy unless, indeed, our own State legislature shall bo so short s'ghted as lo throw obstacles in its way. Hut with tho completion of the short line of Ship Canal (less than '20 miles, and at an ex penso within S5UU,000) which will perfect a ship communication between the tvvo'great re gions of Pro luction and Consumption ol our ex tended country, the undoubted and immense in crease of bu.-iiiess to be dono by means of our Like, that must be anticipated, renders more glaring the impolicy of authorizing the slightest impediment to ils navigation. It is tlie idlest argument posib!o to ns.-ert that a Drawbridge pre-enls no such impediment. Why, then, are such bridges opposed, and refused, over tbo nav igable waters of the Hudson,. mi! upon tho great line of railway between New Vork and Wash ington and elsewhere ? Wo hear it frequently asserted, as a rcann for bridging lke Qham- plain, thai the DrawbrigOs over tho Charles litter, at lloston, aro iinohjeclionabfo. Aside from Iho fact that this statement is a clear lag ging of the question, llioro is no ralioiril parallel between Iho cast's. The ship that arrives at lloston harbor Ams fnis'ied her towage and reached her market. It is of little couiiarutive coiisc queiieo, therefore, whether she passes through hil a doien drawbridges or not. llerma-ter In- dclive.cil his invoice lo his consignees lie- fore she nttempfs one of litem, ft is quite a dif. fcrent mutter when tho briM,? w hall' way be tween lbe starting point nml the termii'ialioii nf the 7oyage, und wo should insult Iho intelli gence of our reader by atleifsptiug to argue llie dill'orcncc. Air! lbe evils that would result are obviously reciprocal the increase of business tending to enhance the objections In Ihe obstruc tion, and the uluructiun tending to diminish the business. It is a very easy and labor-saving device of those who desire to uji tlie navigation of our beautiful Lake, to assume and assert that no interest but that of Hurlinglim is concernei in oesioi-in!' thu bridge. Kveu if this sort of small talk of Iho-o who liud themselves oar rowed down to the use of it were true, it would Ihj altogether sullicient to reply, lhat no interest but that of a Cori ormtion uf far lew consequence than Hurlington, Is Concerned in securing it. Hut we admit 110 such nsiimiil on. The state eglshilloii thatcriiioles the enemies, or impedes the business growth of llurtituitim, or of any other town In tb0 Stale, tritbnul e.iirresjiinuliiiifhj oiereasuiir il,c iiriisperili nttnnlhcr tiurn or sec lain, is neither jut, tier generous, nor statesman-like, it is simply suicidal it is obviously ''"'ii mlL' the ii""rcirutc wealth and prosperity of the Stale. Our own hostility lo the project of bridging tbo Iike would not, by any means, ho removed, by tbo assurance that the rail-road for Iho convenience of which it might be built, should find its terminus exclusively at Hurling ton. We do not so comprehend and estimate our duty to the public. Wo object to the ob struction of the navigation of llie Iiko not alone because tlie proceeding would injure llurlinglou, hut because it is not Indispensable to Ihe busi ness of the raihroads In Vermont, or elsewhere, any more than a bridge at Albany is lndispcna- bio to tl.e business of the Western Railroad, and , uecauo commercial interests, present and pros-, pecuve, 111 which our State largely shares, and which arc Immensely more important, m our , judgment, than any railroad yet chartered on the face of Iho globe, plainly admonish us that that iHvigalion should be kept wholly men. We trust Vermont will not be the first among those who have jurisdiction over llie matter, to lend her authority to so unnecessary and injurious a project. Ilriiti;iiig the .Vmipililo Wnters in Connect icut. Just at tins period, when efforts arc making to induce our State Legislature to authorize the construction ofa bridge across the navigable waters of Lake Champlain, we afe glad in being able to call the attention of our readers to the following statement mado by a Commilteo to tlie citizens of Hartford, Conn., respecting the proposed bridging ol Connecticut River. We liud the statement in the New Vork Kxpicss of the 23d 1 11st., where it appears over tlie signa tures of James Goodvv in, Thomas S. Williams, and 21 others. Tho reader will perceive at once that there arj several points of remarkable similarity in tbo grounds taken by tlio-e vv ho oppo-e the bridging project, in Connecticut and Vermont. I The I'nldic Good docs not demand the llritL'C 1 ... , ., ,1 ,, .7 ; 111 either instance ; and the l'l'UMc 10011 is th? I only and paramount motive that can justifv the exercise, by tho Legislature, ol its sovereign authority to " interfere injuriously wilb this largo amount and awicnt right ol navigation." The following is the statement : Nr.vv York ami Huston 1! llmion at .Min im luw-.v. The iVii'iuls of the piopo-c-d .Middletowu, somet mes called the "Air I, inc." have Is. ..i 0...1. ..I .i.- v-... York p-ipeishavng nn extensive chcidaiioii in Con- 1 neclicul. which iiiineontiadit-ted and ls.'lieved, would 1 lIl,n . . , , have an injiuious iplaeiice upon other riglus and per- . In testdv ing onr gralitiide tint your first commis Bjna J siou Iroin Vermont will probably be, not Irom a pri- W'hileltie pcnplt of the Connecticut valley have a 1 vale citi.,-n, but Iroin the vv Hole people.ol a Si-it" deep inlcirst to pievnt the propo-cd bridging ol Cou-1 "'j' "J""' y "' h,l-T- "'L'" '!""' ''V"' llr"1 nectiCJl river ut Mid II. town, they do not and ought ' "' hi lug sculptors, ainl which, we are happy to know, not to oppose the railroad it-ell. If .Middletowu can, I '"" ""'I remember with the nil. c-tiou no true nnd without wrong to others, prociue a railroad to be built Kcnerous m i in ever ecus., to leel lor his natal soil, tl, gh that,. and olhers have a ju-t right to l I""'"1"" us lur suggesting Hint er- nccoiiiplisli ii, nnd .. enjov whatever benefit may ic """" ll:'s vlaniis upon youtiol to be poMponed lo suit irom uieir sucress. nut it shocks an coiniuoii sens,, to nllirni, ns is done in the statement relerrcd lo that the engineer n$ given " n clear dennni"trallon ol the li.irinlessne.-s ol'ihe bridge pioposed " to the navi gation of Coniieclic ii linr. At the late ses-ioa ol the Coimeclicut Legislatuie, the p nile engineer hid the nniple.-t opporlimiiy lo pie sent his siaiemeiits mid dcinoiisiriilHiin beture u coin inittee of nine members, lie twice nppenied ludorc thcin to testily in tins subject. '1'lni-e ol ibe cciiuuiil lec were, or had been, sen captains. .Mauv eoinmau clers nnd pdoHofsteninliuii is, propellers, schooners and spHips were cxniiiiiieci is-iore lilem. vv nai was tlie re suit 1 WUy.'rixht of the nine entirely coincided in 1 opinion, nild reported nccordlllglv : " Thnt it brldire usnullioiized by the 17lh s.'.tioii ol'ihe charier, teoittd reiy materially and seriounly injure and ubs'iui-t the n ivigadon ol die river, die fn-e navigation ol winch is importance to the public, nud that neither the ndvuutnges arising Irom such bridge, wox ihe public demand lor the same, ir, t r teill be, nillieient to jus lily the meal menjiee ol other interests, wh'c'i would he c'Ceiisnmed thereby, nud they llv.-ieli.iru recommend a reveal ,,f said 1 till s 'clion." One of ni'iiiy objections to the bridge nny be thus Plated, lbe aggregile imiount ol tntmage vvlncti , I fusses venrlv. un an I down, by tlie nroio--il bridge, I 1 exceeds four hundred llioil-.'llld ions. '1 he number ot . i pissages nt sloops, scnouicrs iroK-lleis anil steam-1 1 "o-'i's, which nnihe up ine nooie lonn.ige, is inwmi o nge often or twelve a day, during the season of navi I 1 u-ii no, I ,1, ree I il isinio alio I II v. e,i I.'O to nil ni.'t- gation, lo pass through nn iiuwieldly draw ol tu lett in width. Hut ihe waiting for winds olien biiugs to- .llier tvvo or three tunes ih-it number to pass tlie raw on the same day. livery vessel about to pn-s inusi lower sail, or that oil steam, lor it is bound, by law, to " stop,' nnd to " warp, or he drawn through il .Irii.v w-iihoiil die nid td s.ll!sor J iir.t-!iiin-rv-' TheV nre, further, nil bound lo wait and let ihe draw be closed us often ns n regular train of cars is e.xpeytcd to la-s .III llie llillll, su,. Wiib sn.-h ev i J. uce before us, in respect to theellecl of n bridge, can it Im " surprising how the opposition should have been able to make so strong and turunda, hie n head ngainsi ill'... , On the other hand, what is tlie urgent reason i r interfering Willi ibis large iiinouul nud ancient light ot utivig-iiioii , , t llie laiirna-i lias ni it-asi nnc uni-iinui,.- m iiii-s the nrniHiwil bridge. Il may haven leriy.asthe West- cm Itailroad has, nt Albany, 1 ilieen minutes was proved, betore the coininittee, to lie a lair nveiage at. lowaiicc nf extra time lor passing a ttaiu by a ferry ill-tend ofa bridge, Will Connecticut thus obstruct and impair the navi gation of her largest river, passengeis in.iv sive lilieen minutes between New Yoik and I'o.-ton I It is timber stated by the II lends ot the propose.! railroad, thai" there is no reason to lear that un nitel- ligenl Lcgislntiire will ever cripple the chaiterol the company, by rcR'nling the power to build the bridge.' i'l us see. Ill 13.o, w lino ii any prev ious none.-, and near tli" middle ol a session nt live or six weeks, the present bridge projiu was announced. It wns n complete surprise on oiircit I'll. Hut a suitable Le gislative Coumiilbe bad been pieviou-ly nppiiiited-- lbe charier was pasiied through ine i,cgisinmie aim passed Ihe popular li'iincb hy n iiuijoriy ot W. Alter the close of the session, inc. tings were hold nnd ii pelitiou for the repeal of the bridge chatter was forthwith nerved on the corporators ot the railroad. They had nine ini'tiibs notice to prrpaie,aud ul the lollovviugsession,i , 1117, lulh pin ties were fully lu-urd The Commute, ti,'t( to one, repoited for n res-nl nl the bridge, clause t the charier. 'Phe Ilou.e nf itep resetitatives, l"d t., H'J, voted for Ike repent majority ng-i n-t the bridge. 111. Milking, in the popular hranili, a change of sivtv-seveu voles iinin-i lbe bridge, in one year, from Irtl'i to IS 17 1 Only a single vole in th" Senile prevented the repeul I liven the loorg.inie, vvilli a subscription of ball u million, was given only on the evpr'ss cou ililion, that thecoiiipiuysl.siiild not proceed :o creel the Usds1.-until two uutfiotis were subscribed. It may ibiis If wen how l'.ir the people are setting satisfied wifh the proposed bridge. A petition has Item nlrcady served on llie corpora tors, which wdlbriiig the: sail IV ipu-stiou of repeal U lorelhe next L'gi-latiiTC. Tlie stntciiieuis prix'ceil from no ih-positiou to in jure or retard the punctual rnilrood. '1 hey nre made lo torreel what nre eoii-ideled vcrv erroneous slate- nients, injiuious to ih" rights nl the navigation, nnd, if uiicontnidict.'il, prejudicial to the petition nnd claim lor n it-peal ul ine iiihtg.' t narier tu me aiiuiiieiowi nilrts-id, now iieiidniu, and lo be heard bclure llie Le ishtiiif of Ibis ntate. Ihirrl'ord, Oct. l.'sh, 1I7. Signed by Jairvs lioolwin ami Coininilleo ut the City of Hurlford. others, l.'let'tioii News. The Whigs are victorious in (ieorgfa, Ilori da, .Maryland and Ohio. In (icorgi.i ami .Mary land, the Ikos lave elected Coyernors, but the Whigs have a majority in Imlh legislatures. Thus wo sh ill have two Whig Senators from (lonrg'ta, nnd beyond a doubt, one from Florida. We should bo glad to give lbe returns from these slates in full, but tho crowded state of onr j columns, to-day, renders it impossible. Iteporl of the Commutes appointed to coi respond Willi llio Sculptor, Powers, We give; liplow, the Uepoitnf Mcsrs. MausM anil 1'Atxn, selling forth their correspondence willi the great Arti-t, Powmts, relative to Ids employment In executing statues of Ai.M'.n and CmTTr..Mir..i. It will bo read with pleasure and satisfaction. We notice with especial gratification that Ibis Repnrt has been referred to a Joint Select Com mittee of the two Houses, at Iho head of which Is the II Mr. SrAM.nv of the Senate. That this Coininittee will unanimously recommend the employment of the Arli-t in Ihe work desig nated, wo cannot entertain a doubt, livery motive of hone-t and praiseworthy patriotism, and laudable Stale pride, will prompt them to such a course. Nor can we doubt that the legislature will promptly respond to tbo reconv ,0,,.,inn, by making tbo peccary nnniial ap nmnrl.itlnrt. Tho ovnensn Is ahsnlniide ins!,,, ,,ij,;ct) W1C11 cmn)l;irc, with the results to bo accomplished the generous patronage of con sumtnalo urliMic genius in a native son of our State, and the perpetuation ofa noble monument to the character nml services ef two of her most renowned patriots. Wo rejoice in believing that Pownrts, vvboo unrivalled reputation re flects lustre upon the Slate of his birth, is likely to receive Ids first commission from her Lcui-- i.ATUttn. His execution of it, while it will re lied credit upon Ihe patriotic generosity of Ver mont, will render her beautilul Capitol the Ar tists' Mecca in America. The following is the Report of Messrs. Mai'.mi and Paw, and wo may take occasion to name tlie Joint Committee to whom it has been ic ferred, who are Messrs. SrAxt.l:v and Swkait of the Semite, and .Messrs. Lyman of Hurling ton, NrximAJt and Currs of the House. n 1: im7u t . To His riscrllrniy the Governor of Vermont : Itespeiilully report the undersigned, appointed un der a resolution nt the (tenernl Assembly of the State of Vermont, to correspond with llie senlptor Powers eoiieerniii the execution ol Ihe Statues of Ihh.iu Allen and Tliom-is (Jliilieinlen, ih-it m pursuant? of said resolution, they nddressi d lo .Mr. Powers a letter, vvheriul the following isa copy : ' 11li;i.i.u-o.v, Vermont, June 11, 1317. MR Under the nulhoritv of a resolution of Ihe (tenernl Assembly ol Vermont, Ins Lveelleney the Governor 1 1,.,. .,,..,,.,, ...1 , 1 ..... and in.uiie upon what teims, and within what time', 5U' '"I" x.-ciitr ;f.,r the State, siiituesol Lthati Allen nnd 1 honias tliillenden, to be placed in iiicIks in the 0bby of ihe t'apuol at .Mouipeher. " e eiielo-e lor your iiilbiiii.iiinn a description and plan of the apartment in which it is proposed to place the statues, and if the Ceneral Assembly should outhoiie your employiiieut, ihe best lli-tones ot Vcr uieut, and nil other means ol information concerning the hv.saud c h iraclers til these .'liliileut patriots, w ill he trnusinitieil to you. To the best ol our know ledge, no busts or poriruusof Cliitti'udeu or Allen nre cx tsiit,uor has tradition preserved any other description ol the person id either, than that they weie men of large statue, muscular Inline, and n seventy of cvpres-ion iiehtting ihe sieru ,'uiii arduous unties, their po- ,"'" ud neces-ity of the times imposed upon '. y, .t n , that you will permit no less important eiigigt'inent to prevent you tium soon bestowing ujion the beautilul Oiipitol of jour native State the mo-t appropriate ol decoialiou llie images ot ih. famous nmoiig the f.uheisol jier people, Irom the hand ot the most re nowned of her sous. We aie, sir, with the highest respect, Your obedient servants, C. P. .Marvii, Cl A ILLS I'.Vl.NK. 1 1 1 rah Powers, i;.sq., riorcnee." I o which letter the undersigned have received the annexed reply ;nnd they think iheins-lves at hb-ny to subjoin ihe following t'Mrncl man n private letter adilr.s-s.-d by llie seulplor lo one ol lliem : " I h-ive stand in ihe nccompanv mg letter, that six yenrs would be the lime within which I could execute the tvvo statues 'Plus may seem long, hut I have al ready other woiks, which I nut bound to execute without iitin-ct'ssiry delay. 1 could have one ol them done much scsiner, but not both. Vith leg-ird lu the personal npp''nrauc,' ol llie originals ol llie propn-.-d as vou say, that there nre no known likenesses e-iucui ii t-teios i sooiiio n.i.e ,u lutui iiij own mens. nt cither nt them tu e.xt-teuce. I remember huviii: read their histories, but I h-ive no books here lo re Ireh II1V lliemorV. 1 oresniiie ill it the sti le of dress m uu-ir iiiiu-s wouiu niioru me most acceptable, nnd pcrnnps ie , 10-1 upproiuiuit.- -unn-; mm mr my own nan. 1 shou d itreter to shew- them. it nossih , they really appeared ; lint how fir this could be done remains to be shown. I cnuuot iiingtue these ineu in Creek or Houianco-tumcp, " A statue or picture always produces the best ef fect, when it illustrates some net or sentiment, mid I should hope to liud in the lives nl these patriots, some events, which their stutues might be made to I'oiiuue morate ; auj suggestions on this point might prove very useful toui'" Since ihe undersigned addressed iheir communica tion tu .Vlr. Powers, they have learned lint there e.iisat .Montreal, a historical nicture renrewntiug a striking scene m the life ot Allen, and that his portrait in the picture was painted Irom the life Doubtless periuis-ion could be obtained to copy the portrait for III" il . oi lie- .iiin'i, inn, lei-i-oi iiiioini iiuio ifini- llie ii'idersigiK-d lo believe th it ininuti nud faithful ties, notions nl (he lursniis mid co-rauics .if bnih Allen nn.l Chiiteiideii nre still nuaiirible. A trilling sum would iletray the t'.Vieliso nt ohtauuug the copy, llie ooohs, nnii an tuner uuoriuanon nect s.-arv lor air I'owers.and il the Legislature shall nuthori7c' his cm- ploynit-ni, a small uppropnatioii lor the purpose ol ptoetuiiig mem win prouamy oe necessary ni me iiit'sent M's-ion. Ills not within the province of the undersigned lo enlarge upon tie unions coiisiiierntions wmtuseciii to cutorce the eMiedienev nnd nronnetv of imblic honors to vu tue and nabhe palrouage nf urt. but thev hope it will not bo'ileeined impertinent in them to iliere is no worthier uietlioii ol tcstilytng our respe.-t for genius and our reverence lur wisdom nud valor, than bv nonronriiiting n small noition our allliieut rcsourc-g to encourage the noble ambition nnd toward the labor of our great native aiti-t, and at the same lime do merited honor to the hero nud U: chief magistrate, to whose hold mid wise couiiselsour common w.-allh owes her existence us ail iudcpcnd.ut Bine. 1 he undersigned have the honor to Ih-, .vc. (iu. P. .Marsh, Cuaki-u Paixc. .Montpelicr, Oct. II, 1S17, UKPl.Y Ol'lvilT. l'owuns. Oixti.i vex-: 1 had llie pleasure tu receive m lue tune, jour very llitleriug coiumiuiieiitiuu of .lime liii,bul uol in season tor an nuswer by llie return steamer. Allow me, fust of all, to express my gratelul thank. ut ine nigu uisiiiicuoii coiuerreii upon me iiiroug vou. by in? unlive sinte. I need hirdlv ml, I. lhat iulty appieciute the isnior, und the bmdssime terms in which it lias lieeii euuunuiik.-at.-d to me by yourselves. ''. be employed by so. Ii niii!i.,iity,oi,,ii the statues oi sueii iiit-ii. wouiu in iis.'ti tie an object worthy ot iiiany s icrihces ; un,i circumstances permuting, no eou-iileraiiniis ol gam, beyond my lure cxpeu-.s would inlliicnce ine while csiimatiug the price ol my l ilior I Ii" desiie I have long Irlt todosouiethmglor my native Mate is still lu no wise abated, but I urn now surroiniiieii ny a young i.niiily. nud have mail) evpcii'.'s, nnd consequently, 1 nm bound to turn my moor io ine is'st ticfoum, tiowever lelucinnt I may b lo do so on mi .K'cnsiou like Ihe nrcsent : nud m ma king un t-siiuiate nf ihe price lor vv Inch I could nll'onl to execute, two such statue ot nboutclht leet in height ami in me nesi nt inaihie, williin su ycurs, , iiuisi lie guided br what would Is'ihe nrobahle resiih- of my lime Ik slowed upon ideal work, ol which uionti copies miiy bo mail.' troui one onguial intKlel. Ins not probable Hint 1 slum d i ver be nvllcd uuon to c.xe cute duplicate hoin ihe Iwu propo.-s-d stituts. atul therclnre, I iniMHale a vrotdd jull me .-oiiiysirnnve nuvamas Willi woiM'ireni wiii.utiu piieai.s eonij in- iiraiie. Atlcr m-iliire consideration 1 have come toils con elusion that I omihl to nrono-v iljuniias u I. or nut- lur two such statues. I would tak upon my.cll the r.-siioiisibiliiy of iilucing theiu on shin board nt Leg. hoin, lu sjlily, and have every prcenut on taken to senile their side nrrival in llie United Slules. vv nil lbe highest resins, t und esteem, 1 nm, (un lin n, most sun., rely nml inHy, Your ulsdiciit servnnl, Hin.vM PovviKs. l'lotinee, July IS 17. 20, 1847. ll'roiii tli' Ilocli-sti'r (V. '.) "American. A Ship CiiuiiI Cm olio.' the M. I.a'.vi elite lllvel with tin; Hudson. .Mr. nditor. The Journal of Commerce n few days since contained nil nrtielo nltemptiiig to show the practicability of two ship niwils hy width n steiiiu Propeller could firry loon hirrels ol lloilr from Chi cnto lo New- Vork city, without hrenkimi bulk. Hinee llisn ihe llidlalo Cuiiiuiercinl Advertiser nnd Uswcgo Times have suiiuuntily nttetupted lo dispose ol the whole project hy showing its inutility, How much ol locnl lechm: enteral into the composi tions of the nnswers to the article, I will not pretend losny Uotheter is sn situated lint she e.iu look cnhnlynt all these iiuesiions. When the llriecaunl is enlarged sue win snare ill us oeuents. 11 iiip m lAwrenrr is to'iii'-ctcd Willi l.niie (jliniiplnui and tlie iiuu-on, sue can pirniue 01 tnese oentms ni-ij. 1 , believe it is now settled lhat tho Canadians will ton- 1 struct a cm.-il from La Clime, nine nules above Moll- I trenj, to St Johns, thus count cling ihe St. Lawrence river with Lake Champl-iiu. The distance is nbont ,.. ...... i..a... ...i .1... 1A1 ....1.. -1 i-... ti... twelltv iililes.alld the tall olilynboiltsivteeil feet. expense will be so trilling ill comparison Willi the In neiils, it is strange the projeet was not started nt nil enrher flay. The ihlii-rent canals nroiiud the rapids ol the SI. "Lawrence will nil he lully completed during the coining Senson. The links nre 5.i leet wide, 'Jno, li et long, and III feet wnter. Two locks of 8 leet ench w dl bc required 111 going liom La Chine to Lake Cliamplain. lain iiiloriued by nu engineer of high standing that it is hut !ll miles Iroin Whitehall to l'oit lMwnrd on the llddson liver, nud tint a ship canal connecting these two points is very practicable, nnd slack water navigation from port Ldvvard to Troy could he secured nt n small exoense. tbereloh. the state of ,cn' York would construct 111 miles of shin canal, ami make a slack wnter navigation from Port l.dward jo 1'roy, a steniu Propeller could run direct Iroin Chicago to the metropolis. If New oik city hail half the sagacity er enter- firise ol ltostou,she would not wait for statu assistance mt at once commence the work as a private cntetpris-;. Hut let us examine some of the nositions connected w ith this project. Vc will take lor our estimate the loteesl height on n barrel of Hour Iroin llullalo lo New Vtuk, ton cents,) ns the price from Chicago to New Yoik. A steam Propeller which passes through the Well.'ltlil eniwnrri- I0IHI barrels nf II mr Tim freight from Chii ago lo New Vdrk Would he S'J,I l-'illeen eelils nil" lor lolls tvmil.l i-i-difce it lo Gil Sll I It nowco-tsnt least 9S,ni)i) per ton Ireighton mer- clnndise Iroin New York to llullalo. Put 'Jon ions (she could carry 100 tons) on board thesinie I'm- peller lor Chicago nt the rates from New Vtuk to lluli'ilo, and d, duet i'i I ir tolls, and it would iimoiiut lusi.aij. line tier 'j;ri emigrants, (-moot h ill llie nutlils-r she could neeoinliifidatea nt l MKI. f llie nnee from liulliio to Cliicngo.) and it would helium. I mil informed by a gentleman engaged in iiiiiuiug Pionel ers. whose statements can !,o ttillv relied m that one of these vessels can be con-i'riieied in the liest mat r.lim'hed and furnished complete, for VJa,- mvi.ninl that the expense of niiming need not escccd s:ii) tier d.iy. One of these vessels cou J ensdv 11111 Iroin Clin ami lo N'ew York ninl bael. in C, w-.., l.s. or li da V s. Willi hit dnv would l. Ql ,-. I M duet Ibis Iroin the Irciglil.mid the net! proceeds would be Si-.'.iIH. Sui n -e tier to make bin live trios n lenr i and the dividend would he.sii:il). You will observe. .Mr. lehtor. thai I have udv I taken for my estimate theiince of trimfportJtioii Iroin 1 New- ork to llullalo, nnd on emigrants Irom lluli'ilo to Cliicngo. 1 have ulso Inken the highest estimates lor tie costol running the vcs.-el, and allowed her lone lo slop at all lie-ports between Chicago an I N ew Vork to receive nud discharge heig1 t without -d-lovvingher nay thing from other points. It she tan tli iC'tlroiu Chicago to New Yoik, slci ci u!d nrike six trips a)ear. Hut 1 neclnotdw-tll lurther on th-ic esti mates, loniyvviiii to tall the ntleiilion ol vourrea- lers to the suheel, Willi a view ol eliciting limber in vestigation. I hit tlie canal will be made within two years connecting the St Lawrenee with l.nke Chain plain is mt lo be doubled, but whether Iike (.'Inm plaiu will 1 c connected hy a sbm canal with the Hud son is another ouesiion. The slate, as such, will not iuli rest hei-elf m the elitelluise at nreseiit. lloston will take Hour Irom lluihn.Uon. Vt . nt'-'lleis hit hiriel,aiid other things in pmpnrtmn. In this way she will have the ud milage nt New Yoik in securing the productions ol th" wi -t. Thisudiautnire will induce westeiu iiadeis and nierchants to make their par- elnsi-s ,,t llo-ton. as tin. t-ost nf trniicooitatioo will Ih. much less than Irom New Voik. At soin" liltiire day this linv arouse lbe dorniint cti'Tgics nfth- great metropolis, nnd a ship canal con- lieeiing ine t llilllilalll llll, III" I Unison K. entered upon with vigor, an 1 coii-liueti'd in the shortest i o- sib'e period. lam aware in my of our miens dunk the ;ri" caiiul. when enlarg'il. can do nil ihe cirrving tr.i le In tw ten the upper Lakes and lite j Ind ia ai greany nuueeii rati", it i am right in my es timates in Ihe cost of cou-trui'llon and expense cf id" running iiropelli-rs, the rates of tiunspoit-itiou can really re. laced by lliein al-o. It will pike iibnut en Vf.lrs lilldi-r I I" new co'istilullon. lo eonioleli. t be enliirgeinent of the line c.'iml, nnd by that time the increase ol Im-mess will probably be to lier in- .1 caincilv. 'Pli le is now about HjO miles of canal comgileted, which empties the productions ol the western country, coiisi-img nt wheat, Hour, corn, n-its, barley, pork, le'el. wool, t mion, h-mp, coal, lumber! ,x-c A:,-, iota I.-.U., I-Mo, d--uiu-il lur nn ea.-ieru market. Iike Superior will soon b" connected wiih Lake Huron hv a s in cnual, thus noenintr nnolber va-t region forcoinutercial operitions. Chicago, du ring the ciinnng month, wilt he connected bv a canal vv di the Missi. p;n r.v 'riud when vve nddtulh a v.i- 1,011s water coliimtiuicatlous, aliout tie elt e tiuntlieo miles of Jiiiilitirtd, running troni the ww into lbe great lakes, which will be comnleied by s.",i). who cm compute the amouutof husiut-ss ten years hence ? u.iiy a sunn portion oi me western eoiiutr) is )et under cultivation, but the suiplus population ol ihe whole eiviiicti world is tending thitherward. Ihe Liie Canal, when enlarged, will be a great oik. but toitnuntc Iv lor the w-e-t and tor lbe east. there will be other coiuinuincatioiH between the two. Ail vv ill have enough to do, and our young city can share m llie beiielils ol each, and s-iv " lto,l speed tlicmall." A .Miiiui.v.xr. A inoili ninl iccoiil. In the Report of the Physician nf the Stite Prison, l!r. Kit. L. Piiki.i's. which mav be found in tho Annual Itepnrt of our excellent Auditor, in ule at llio opening of our present se sion of tlie Legislature, we lin! the subjoined thrilling and painful record. We commend it, wnti serious earnestness, lo the notlre nftho-e who deem them-clvc especially called to the work of procuring tlie abolition of Capital Pun Hhineiit. In our judgment it furnishes a sim ple yet solemn argument, that is calculated overthrow a volume of hum ine and philanthrop ic theorizing, add to establi-h tbo hui.tauilij and I wi-doin, ii i less than the justice, of tho Divine I IW tlllt COlt.ain modern rofurmoi-s n, t oml. 1 hot haste lo amend. It is impossible, we im agine, to read the unpretending yit impressive and eloquent nfieial narrative b.dovv, and resist llio conviction that Iho law upon our Statute book to which we aro indebted for it, so far from being an enactment of true biim iuity and jus tice, is a refinement of cruelly and torture. It I idle, and worse.tban idle, to tav that vvc ivo no right to lake the life ofa human be ing; llio reply of Dr., which his mel ancholy iccurd supplies, is conclusive : ur have ' no right to uestik.v m, ixtkllcct, and -end him at length into " eternity an idiot or a maniac." Ami it is equally idle to say that tlie ct-o of lbe miserable fellow, Clillbrd, is an anomalous one. It evulves no new ,,r!,,ell.. Lxamiiiution after death ", says his able Pliy. sician, "revealed tubercles iiitliolun"s: and in aimo.-t all the abdominal viscera; in faciei the s tme jii'lviligieal condition irasmnd to exist as is salt in Ihe u-ihl animaU lhat diiin their cu ges tifler long ctmlinemrnt." Is this humanity , The follow ing is the extract alluded to ; ' One oiher death includes tlie whole catalogue of moriility lor the pist )car. Ligene Chlllird, under sentence ol dcalh, expired mi the 1,1th of April, SI7. The cas-' nl tin- mini licing vculiar. rcjniri-H stitne reni.itk. lie had l-en m cuutinement nearly lour years, cxclii led lor the whole ol that -ii,l liom M. ci. ll-.e.xereis.', nud nearly Irom light. Thus ntu iied, both bod) and niind sunk togither ; be cam lo pri. sonnsiout, nthletic man, in the prime nl life, till his activities in lull exercise Irom strong riii,,s nnd impulses, nn I Iruiuth' day lhat the door ol his civil guive closed upon him, his coinso was thrcitly ilown phjsnul ois', the lot ol" all. 11m case I'urnislii ami cxeejitiou m nnu in general, of whom it is slid, it is given to him outv to tlie ; MI H, uuff. lunate Chtlord met Willi a double death, uiuuvllectual and a physical death. It haslK-.-n niy diiy to vvateb the health nf tins in in for lbe whole jk nod nf his sojourn in (his ol,,e mil I cm sieiik wiiliout any In-Miation of the change he iii.d.'rwcnl. lb miilled, when he came here was unimpaired ; ho geneially aduuitcd his -uilt tii me, bin Ihougl.l huui;lt ju.lilied. lie i v.-u s.aiuht at limes lor a lew- inouihs lu oy, N1K. ii,lelK.,r,ri abroid use, m In. Mull. It wa, theu supiKw.l ,n by Ihe law he would i necessity ,e cve,!utr,l at ihe cud of lis' year frniu tlie ,u s.'iiten,v ,ul such an uiii'ipreliiliuii was given to thP !lw .,e,,'lc. v.-iitly pissula tliai the Covctiwr did not fu- hu is,ll C'.-npelleil t is lie the warrant lor rteriitiun vr,, Hie year had p .s.-d. h" beg ill to have raving um , . v-ould he noisy, nbiisivc nnd violent, u it,,,,-) , ,,,, milke It ncei-ss-iry 10 ilifin Id n. In a f..w d iv. d J would pass , nml be rtoi'ld become,,;' ' , orderly. Soon idler tins lid wn 1 1:1 utit.-.T -w. itl il,. idea that he was linlartllilly conliue,-!, ' ", .V"' iiiidersiand why he bad not Ix-en linugi'tl at K tiara he expected toliave b-cii hiiiiL'.or why he slioul',1 i,.! rrniaio In eotilliinnicnt . ill i,f..n ..r '" remain hi conllneiueiit ; til,! idea of wish dtli-ninn (ns he coiiidered it,) would h ad linn coiiimually jn,', litSol violence nnd insane ra'e. At such tunrYuV sennty lurmliire of his narrow cull would be JestroUj nmUiis clothes woulJ sailer the same talc. ' Next to this, succeeded a wish to Im hung Ken. on, which now began to slime Inilily,l,r,w,a him Hint such n lile, a "denth In lile." witless,!,..,.. nine mail tieniii, t veil in Its most ignominious form nno sun 111 my inissession n uoeuuient. wliufi )n wished me to forward to the Governor, 111 which. hj begs him to order his e.-ccntiom -t tins p -riod there were great changes in his fr. nigs Iroin deep despnudeiicv to rorrvis,n luuly huh ...,i, i : ..t , ,!...' .? . y: exaltation ol spirits. a gloomy sdenee was succeeded hy launhter coutinuids lor hours; he could how pvrr Love as little reason lor his mirth ns his sullies, v,.j, these changes, there would be an occasional uJmii. tare of the old idea of unlaw lul detention. The next change was n retusal totnkc nourishment, with the intention of starving hiiiisel,inid 111 tlnswif to escape from a life that had lsx-ome intolerable 10 lliinsell. On one occasion, he contmned to lat eight or ten days, but promised to eat ngaiu ufioii our making preparations to administer luod by tlie sto mach pump j and for n time kept his promise. But in lb" Inst year of his life lie wns very unsteady in his eatmit, several limes going without, four or even six davs in succession About n vearand a half liefore he died, he beenmrt possessed of the idea lhat there was a consinmri' nii-iuHt his life, nud that poison was continually ad-liuni-lereil to hiiti in his loul, 'J'here wnsnfsonri idea of siiperuatural agencies operating upon iiiiu and " burning him 111 his how-els," nn idea so ijrns I havo ob-cncd, peculiar in some oeirrcc lo insanity Iroin de- ranirenient of the digestive organs. Suiiernatural voices also called him names, such ns "dirty hlack- iruard nud otliers rtj-i-iiiv disresis-ciful. I cou ,1 never lenru thai nny nllusiuit was made by these iniaeinnrr' 1 I.J voices to his guilt. Indeed I never saw nny leefing of remorse, or ol iciutcnce tor the murder ol Ins wile or Iclllld. Ill I IC Inst year lift bccnilie k'SS nilll less I-OIII- inunicntive, until he would not speak nt nil, nnd Tor llie ln-t lew months preceding Ids dissolution, he did not sjieak to nny one, or make nny vocal sound when nlone except once, a lew hours before he breathed his Inst, and then only n word or two in reply to some question remove 10 me pains ne scrmcu 10 tie sutisr lllg. Slit 11 wns the intellectual death til Clltlord. 1'he pi-s,un lo wliuh he bad nlways surrendered his reason, seemed nt to have caused its destruc- lion. In this, morally speaking, we see no new iinn ciple ; it h is ever been thus with man, PnsHon, thu unin-prmg to crime, in its devastating progress olten di-troys the intellectual instrument by which it car- lies cm its operations. ''he grndaal destruction nf his li 'lysicul powers kept Pace with ihe intellectunl di orefsiolis : one SPlue lit bodlll' clenilllieniellts succeed l'd another, until hie censed. It was diliieult nt nny time to say which was Ien-t natural, tie- body o: mind. livainuiatiou after denth revealed tiibercfes in tho lungs and in almost all the abdominal viscera: in fact, ju-l the same palhological condition was found iw i ai-i, 3 r sin ill il ic- nil uiiiuiais dial uiu 111 llieir ciig'-s alter long coiitiueineut. it call not le doubted that those who nilvocnte the abolition of cupitnl puuisbuient, do so Irom moiives of humanity, but do they not err in exchnngitig the sen tence cu ennui upon ine gnunws lorsoiitntyconune ni"iit for life f Could they have seen Clithml through ins confinement, and his death bed scene. I cannot but think the conviction would have loiue home lo their minds,ihat whatever control the law might girn ih"in over the physical hf" of the murderer, the) bad no right til destroy his intellect and send him nt length into eternity nn idiot or n niaiiinc, or in other words, to millet upon him an intellectual denth. There is nothing strange or new in this story of Clillbrd's tntc. The old tale so well authenticated of the condition of the prisoners released Irom the llas ti Ic, runs parallel with this, nud the principle is equal ly illustrated in both, lhat the mind retiinis cxerciso of a proper kind to pris.'rvc. its integrity. MIIIG STATU COXVUXTION. Pursuant to notice, tlie Whig members of tho Logisl ituro an I delegates met in Convention nt the l'ree Church, in .Montpelicr, on Tuesday, (Jet. Ul, IS 17, and organized by the appoint ment of the fulluvvlug ull'cers, viz: Vrcxiilent. IIo.x-. CAIU.OS COOI.llKiL.of Windsor. I 'tee J'tesidents, Hon. Hnr.vrr. l!vt.r.iTr, of Windsor, " Sami'it. C. Ccafts, ot Crnltsbtiry, " IIlm. Sw iit. of Cralisljury, " .1 1 i,i ti a 1 1 II. Harris, n Sirallord, " .Iavii.s lll.l.r., nl Wlddell. " I.loxai'.d Sxciean'T, ot .Mntichcsicr. Seeietitrirs, II. W. C. Curse, ol Hurlington, L, P., Jr.., of .Mnuinher. On uiotioti of .Mr. Couvcr-e, it was ordered tint a comtnitku of live bo appointed by the Chair tu repoit resolutions to llie Convention ', and the President thereupon named Messr. Converse of Woodstock, Kittrcdge of Pairha vcn. Pairbuiks of St. Johiisbury, Merrill of Strafford, and Ciishman of itochester. On motion of .Mr. Fairbanks, it w is ordered that a coininittee of thirty, corresponding to the number of Senator.-, bo appointed to nominate tvvo delegates nt large and tvvo substitutes, to attend tlie Whig National Convention, and a Stale Coininittee for the ensuing year. The Convention, on nomination by the several Counties, appointed llie committees, as follows : lleuninstoii I'uttnty "Messrs Cnrpcmernntl Morse, H'l'ntMiiKi .Messis Kimball, Towuslcy nnd Cood- hue. I Jlutlaiul .Messrs. Hodges, Kittrcdge and Caihu. ''"' Msr. Convene, Cu-hmun, Hilton and Adilisnii Messrs. Ihutiim and Tildcii. Oiaiige .Missrs. Underwood, Holbrook nnd Car- p 'liter. Chittenden Mt-ssrs. Stacy and Weston. ll'tiAisti Messrs. Panic and Collainer. ( aledouia Messrs. (feorge It. Chandler nnd Kit- tt;il,. Messrs. Sabill. flen. W. Poster ninl It. IhmiUou. Oilcans Nr. P.. While. l.ainoillr-tx. J. Meigs. ;;?,- Mr Divid Ilihbard, Jr. Utand Isle .Mr. L. .Moti. On motion of .Mr. Kittredgo of Fairhaven, it was Unlet etl. That Aw tlieoitw-rs of lbe e,,,,,-,i,UA e.C lit from ihe si'vctnl Congressinnal District-, report to the l omentum tlie nanics ol lour delegat.s and lour sub' nitutcs lo attend the Whig Nntionsi Conventioii. .Mr. Converse, from the committee to prepare and repoit resolutions, submitted tlie following: llcAd'cd, That if is a fundamental principle of Re. pub icaiu-ni, thai every people shall hav e a gov cnunrnt ol their mu choice, and thrrelore, the AittcisiTlos or TiKRtror.Y nv ii. ran or Ar..Ms,ur ihe nitempt u. iniisa gatc 'republicani-m by ihe sword, is a gross violation ot tins fundamental principle. Jtesolrrd, That we cordiMly nr-Tnvc of the princi ples nl the Wilmot Proviso.nnd the same should be invariably and clleelually insisted on and npphed ps all lutuie neipiisittons nl lerutory. Hesotretl, That in the opinion of this cortveiuion, the existing vvnr with Mexico wns unju-t nnd ulicon siitutionnl in tls inerplion, nnd Us yinsreiilion, witA tlie tl.-sign and lor iho purpose ot the ilumi.nibrrineiit ol that republic, and the rinujiu-tt nnd nciuiitiuii ot" lur teintoiy, or to eonqitl her lo sell us the same is- C'JUlllj- llllll-t Itetdred. That it is llie duty of Congress to mnko. nil nrcrs-ary provi-mns to bring tls? present wnrtori sp.'edyund hunornble tcrinuinlion. nnd, if luccssorT t a lhat end, to limit and quality any npprnpriaiioiii mailt- (heri tor. 11 Jlemlred, 'i'ltat the iinprovi-iiient of our lake riv ers, and haibors, to proniole onr loieigtLnnd doiuVstic intercourse nnd trade, is nl great Mainmil" importance, n-nsiel i" r""M,,",,l0"; l'r:'l'fl and -cuLrlv en. !'! nvrp L i ii"f "!' "; '""'"' ""J l'uld by Congress Is. . Ileclua Iv exe, itt.-d. a,wl o longer l cls-t ked and inrahreilby lixi-cuiive vetiH- ,..,,, , ,i . V "n uiishiiketi .annrh meri -, I1"" Prmcipl., ,,., , ih n, e .1 "'r ",J,u-t-. l'l tntl raising only sich ZTr " lV'"',"'' 1,ut aJJUM"d ""' Tf no. ol'' 'Is " s practicable. "J '' '"' "udepoident pu-pk i sound, um ,.me, , ",',,"';l-",,!'o" "s -sell to the nple ns lo the go e nincnt-hissiihty u, ,. sub.reiis!y'd lo K- i.?J.,., "r.'"""'"r 10 "tension W.Lvecutiva patronngi. nud Kiw.r llemlrrd. That we Tien- with .irprer,rnnm ihe ul Innate eject of Sic iitlnyttou i f the mm! ol 1MB, th1 r.piuiiai, tiie whole d.sttun. and pnuciple nl protec tion, vvliii h7cr can mil) ! known ami evpeneiicei when ibe pi, sent n-iuiKiraiy cuiieiiiienec ol Kuros -an scanny shall ,,ave iss,i nn) . The Convention was ably ad.lre.sed by Hoik Jacob Collamer nnd lion, Win. I'phain, when the insolations wcro adopted, with a single dis senting voice. The Hon. Charles Panic, from lbe comniiiuy

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