Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 29, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 29, 1847 Page 3
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tof thirty, reported the following nomination, Which were confirmed by the Convention : FOR NATIONAL CONVENTION. tu.:.iii1't.s. Al Large SoLnxtox lVor, of Rutlnnd. HonAiK Hvi.nE-rr,ol Wiiubor. Vi$l'i I. A. 1'. Lvman.oI Renniiigton, II. Hami-pi: Ccrr, tr lliiniuml, III. II. II. KnUK.of llcrk-liiro, IV. Point.-! Haxti li, of Derby. At Largc-A. L. ,,of .Manchester, Cam.os Cooi.ih.ik.. "I iinl"r. Viil't-. A. L. Catli.v, l Orw'll, II. Wm. Ilnnnn.i'lt helen, III. II. II. Stacv.oI Ihirhnglon, IV. I. II.'.oI llnrdwnk. STATU COMMITTEE. ,. . . Timothy, rii.iiri.imi, of llurlmgtoil, Jons KiMini.l.,f 'Myy Sounm Four, ol Knlland, lWc IIaxthi, '!, .. B I'. Jr.,oI Alontpclicri SAtitrt. W. Kcvti.ol I ighgatc, Jiti.n ri. Morrill, of Strallor.1. The several counties reported comity commit tees for the year ensuing, which wore confirmed tan follows : The list will he given hereafter. On motion of Mr. Clarke, the Convention ad journed. CAliliOS COOLlDGE.i'risiVciif. BUliLINGTOlV FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER, 2!), i847. ARRIVAL AT 1WSTON OP T1I& sTU.vninu camuhia. The Cambria, 13 days later from Liverpool, Arrived at Ilost.m on the morning of the 10th. Tho Etato of .Mercantile, matters in England was even worse than at tho sailing of the last eteamcr. FAilurcs of houses of long standing, and of hitherto iiniinpeaclmblo credit, for largo amounts, have shaken the mighty commercial fabric of Old England to its centre. Htocks and property of every uescli,li(m have depre ciated, and a state of embarrassment has cnsiud without a parallel, at least for many years, in England. Tho Loudon correspondent of tho Ali enumerate houses in London, Liver pool, .Manche.-tcr, (ilagov and Dublin, nshav ing failed since the last advices, with liabilities varjing, according to report, from . 100,000 to 1,000.000. Some house are saiil to bo suf fering only under a temjoranj iiinmrnicncc JJtit how true this is time alone will .-bow. The linn. Aixxamieu II. Kvkkmt., I'. S. Commissioner in Canton, died on the l!bth of the house of Dr. 1'. I'ai'.kkk, .Secretary of Legation. The political news received by the Cambria is of importance and interest. W'e are able to giu but a siinini iry tcrylbrnnatlark upon tho citadel In the l'"'j"f.n'! nlcrdirk a lew shin and shell wore tlm.wn I I I ciiv. " Km- U'n I." b morlar shell" seem lo have been the whole mo' tol the ul which x,Y llaic heard. The lor the liH.ruiin! J lack, however, piovcd unneccnry, Jor during mi niuhl Simla Anna iibandoned hi poilionaiid rclireu lniii the cili', Inn ing l..-t it 1 said, more Minn one hall'ol hiariny in killed, wounded and pri. ncr. Among ihe Inner worn Uen. llrnvonnd Iih stall, la ken nt Chapullcpec. , , , HailyimlhciuorninBnf the 1 Itb the two column', under (iencrnN Onilinuii nnd Wnilh, entered lie city, (ienernl Ouitninn formed hi' column in the grand suiinreor;,rfj nt about 7 o'clock in the morn nig, nml ih'plninl ll.e ling of the Union Irom IPC lia liouul pnlnee of Mexico, (icn. Worth's Command w.t h illed n lew wpiarcs dilant. Gen. Scott nml PtntV, escorted by n body nl cavalry, nccinnpnnieil by Ihe band of the second dragonnsnluying" Hnil Colutii; bin," entered llie cily about 8 o'clock, and lite lomlal r.ipt.ircorihe lily mny be coii'iilered ns completed. During Ihnt day, however, nnd the tuorning "I tW 15th, tliere wu'some firing upon our troop' Irom the hoii'cs, but it was suhdiiec, by the nrtillery and rifles. lien. Scott appointed lien Quitman civil and mil itary Governor ol Mexico, nml lie had succeeded in establishing tinier to some extent, although iliiarban ccs and even a'sn'sinalion were frequent ot the Iat nduccs. There is to iniicb reason to believe that the expression ol .Mr. Kendall in one of hi' Ict'ers that ine Mexicans (ire hewild jred not subjeetcil " i' well r.iin.tfl Miirlin.u'n mn e ri'ii lien that the small tori'c ollien. Seoillni been able not only to protect il; lf so lar, but to enpture the stroni! hold ol llie enemy, iw present jmsilion cannot be looked Uwn without sen ou'appicben"ion j an opprcbci.'ion not materially re' licu'd by our kiiov ledtfe ol the extent ol reiuloice' liienls on their way to its support. The following i n lit of the killed one wounded in the New Liiejnud Regiment : Klt.f.Eii Cot. '1. 11. Itnn'om ; Sergeant f!eo. C. Ppcnccr i Corpornls John Hnilennn, (ieo. II. Harney J Privates To-lcr, IM"on, John DorMit, CcorpC Hall. WouMirn .MiiMciau li. V. King, sliluly i I ri- vates i:. T. Tike, Charles II. Ilorsewell, tlark n. (ireen, William March, Jnine Mollnn, 1'ntnck Con nnr, Win, WeKh, Itobert M. Ilruwn, N. W. Kin.', Heiij.iiuin Owd, N. (I. HI.eit, severely! m. H. While, II. II. Slone. Ch:.'. Twit, John eNlon, John S. Lock, Isaac Ware, A. Novoc, W. A Drown, J. Mood v, J. I!ridgc, slightly. The lolliiwing is the recapitulation of the total loss in these notions : Killed. Wtmndtd. 1. lien. Worth's Dili-ion 110 M "1 a. ticii Twi'gVs Division ', l'Jl In :i. tieli. l'lllow' Divi'ioit 'i III 10 I. lieu. Qiiiliu.ui's Diviiun 11 '.'i',7 ELI AS LYMAN HAS received mi cxlenive iiorlinent of 1-Al.i. AXI) WINTER ;((),coinprisingiibcnii' tilul nsorlnieiit ol Ijadivsi lire OooiIn, such ns COLOIMII) l'llllNCII MERINOH, silk WAiii i.yoni:si:, fLAlD AI.I'Al'CA it ORLEANS CLOTHS, OREGON' willi a Rrenl variety of Do Laines and Worsted IJoodi. and E.viii.isii Piiixts, SHAWLS), SII.KN, HIIIItONN, iVc, Ilonnet, cap, satin nnd lustring Ribbons, zephyr Worstetl, I'.ue Twi-t, Steel llend'. Hog and purse Clasp, Ring, itc. Linen Sliectiug mid Shirting, Linen lXilnaik, Ruiia Sheeting, Crnli, Dinper, itc. ltronilclolli', Casiu.eres and Vesting, llleacbeil Cotton Sheeting nnd Shitlings, t Drown Shcciings, Merrimack, Suncook, Davisville; urauilc Mills and other Sheeting, from one to two yards wide. ANo, Ticking, Wnddmg, Carpet Wurpj Wickiug, Cotton Halts, Yum, itc. W. I. GOODS. Molae, Tea, Sugar, several qualities, .lava, Irigiiira, Rio and St. Domingo Coffee, Chocalaie, Cocoa nnd Sliell, N.llmcgs, Cloves, Cinnamon nnd other spicei, l)i"t winter slrniued Sperm Oil, itc. itc. WitKWAm: Ikii.oiMi, 1 Center College and ChmrhttU. October -i, Id 17. 18 i:i:u 17 Total aas Killed, wounded nnd ini--iirii: in tlio lour divisions of tieiicrals Worlh, Tilings, 1'illow and Quitman io-a. Council ol'Censors, The following gentlemen were nominated by a Coinenlion of Whigs from tho several Conn tie in tho .Stale, which assembled at Montpclicr, on Tuesday evening last as candidates for the Council of Connors. The ticket is nu admira ble one, ami it will gratify our readers to sec, appropriately at the bond of it, the iitmo of the lite eminent Chief Justice of the State, the Hon orable Cii.Mti.Ks K. William. The election is to take place in March. ('; Council of Ccimnrs.) Hon JOIINN. l'llMERllV. i:sO of IbiiluiL'tun. WILLIAM IIIIIHARD, . I'heNen, l'ETER STARR, ol .Middl.lmry, SALMON 1'. DI'TTON.ol Cnieiubsb, IILNRV 1'. JANES, ol Wmcibiiry, DAVID I RAU niltl), of I'limey, .IRA II. ALLEN, ol l.nburgh, .1 MES HILL, ollWa'dcn, Al til STt'S lil'liT. ESQ. ol Sheldon, IILNRY STOWEI.I.. IQ. ol fninbridge, JOHN DEWEY ESQ of (iuildhall, KEVI.'S I'. COOL, ESQ. ol HcnniiiRlon. iUarkcts. Ireland abounds in fcciics of violence nnl 1 Hon. ril.Mtl.t'S K WILLIAMS, of Ruilaod, outrage. Factions are organizing for the pur pose of resisting the collection of rent. The " tenant farmers'' have formed a league to as sert and maintain their exclii-iv'o right to the toil of Ireland and its production. John OVon nel is seeking to keep alive the Repeal Associa tion. In the counties of Tipperary, Limerick, Clare and C.lway, the Anti-Rent movement assumes a seiious aspect. The allairn of Spain still remain in an unset tled slate. It is iiunored that Lord I'almerrlon I lias advi-ed to the annulling of the mirriage ol I iii,.m..vTTi, im-i-.,. . . a . I IIUKtIIKJN MARKL1. the Queen with Don 1 lancisco, and to her mar-. iWl. h,. , uM , Kwhe ur ri.lurl ()f j,,.,,, riage with the Count do Montcncolin. l.aler miiket, , r tins week. jmpers state tint this advice i to bo adopted. I WOOL. jJulyMptr el. Thus it seems the English nation have not lor-1 fe; gotlon the leom ol Ilenry in. niaiu junaj neuiaiui .(oiisi,ini,aiiu loriuer prices continued. makes short work of what wo are accustomed i regard a ' permanent Ihtures." In France the only food for excitement is the bestowal of the litlo of .Marshal (leneral of France upon Marshal Soull, by the King. In Italy matters aro becoming quiet, l'aris papers report that a treaty b is been entered into j between tiie l'ope and the Eui'ror, which will prevent further interference, on the part of Atis tria, willi the policy of tho l'ope. The canton of Switzerland arc in-iking acthc preparations for belligerent proceedings. A civil war is threatened. The Austrian envoy is stren-tiou-ly, but fruitlcs-ly, laboring to prevent ll.e 'adoption of coercive mcasutcs against the Son tlerbund. The French ambassador Is traversing the French districts of Heme for the purpose of exciting the population to side with their co religionist in the seven canons. A meeting is to take place in .urlehof the representatives of France, Austria, Itiisia and l'ru-sia, to djv ise measures for counteracting the support given by the ItritMi cabinet to tho liberal cantoiH. In Prussia, the Asiatic Cholera is rapidly ex tending westward. The 1'otatoo rot U doing comparatively but little evil a jet. From .7Icic. Authentic accounts have at last Tcachcd us, 'of the iio-ilion of llie arinv In .Mexico. Wo in- MAS. MERRITT 1FAS just nirrt;uxi:i) fiiom Nkw Yorki mm. with tliu Intesl stylt'H nml fnIiiuns for 1JojIhIh, Cnns, ninl l)res,e toother with oil nrticU'i u-mnlly rnllcd Ibr in tli lUiInirry line; pitch clc(s, tilkp, rihhmis, f ri ntftra ttir cKHiks and drews, f. c. Ortsses iu:nle tu unU r in tli' lntt?t New York frtyli'd. Ami Mit' nl'-o Ikm firwde the latest Mjlc ol Sew York i'Vhions mid ralteni.t. Siuony llncks Tor SalCj K.UtM OK l.ltAItl) SWFOItl) FjSq. of Castleton Vl. The above Ducks ore of line saxony blood, purchased the present season from ihe thick of Henry Swilt l's,. ol I'ougbkeepsie Dutchess Co. N. . '1 hey con.prielhr whole sunk ol Hacks lor sale the present year by Mr. Swilt, nnd were se lected hi the mouth ol February last j forliruiuessnnd cwniic'sol lleece, mid are now of large size, in good Condition with long, line, thick Wool, thick upon the belly nnd legs. The ll.iek of .Mr. Swill is prime sax ony, wilb no mixture of merino in them. The stock 'nldhyii', the following note from Dr. tioMsuiith, .Mr Sw itt's son m law, will show : Castleton Oct. .1, la 17. Dear Sir; My father in Law, Heiuy Swift of roughkcfpvie, owns and has sold into Vciiimnt noth ing but ihe purest bred Sivony sheep. Tli.ise fo'd to Mr Hiribanl ol Sboreham, nre-ol that stork. Jtespcclfiilly M. GOLDSMITH. TO Wool 4sl'tVI'l'S Ki&T AND HREEDERS OF FINE SIIEDl'. linUst During the last siuutncr Rev. L. (i. Hii'i'- h.i I Willi-lon, Vl. purchased ol J. A. Sainti.r, EsTi. ol Ilarlfonl, Conn.,H ol his iuiporled Ewes I buek lamb nnd Ins splendid Stock lluck, the ireof the ery superior lambs which have been sold Irom this import ed llock during tlie past season. This Huik is one vearold la-l January, was shea red when a iamb, Ail". 10, IS 10, ami iigaiu Aug, III, 1817, the third day alter washing. Ill" tleecc weighed II lbs. ol clean, line wool. He is very large and Uncommonly wooled ; a iriroy, strong cimsinuuou.'ii annual. IIH slocli pos sess rare excellence. I bale renlcil the l.irm tui.l nil Ike stock ol Rev. L. (,. Huighatu, and niecably to repeated solicition, I have concluded to put the lluck to a limited number ol ihoice American .Merino Ewes nt "s."! cnih, to be paid on taking Ewcsaway. When it is colisideled that nut one ol ihe lull blood hinibs have ! en sold less than $ IWl, nnd on up togjUUcach, me price uooie iiaiinu must ne regarueii ns very rea- suuauie. vppiicauoud iiiu-i no mane soon. L. O. HINOHAM Williston.Oct.'.C, 1S17. 1H rruue S ivony Fleecer. washed - - -Ainencaii full blooddo. do :i.l ,b,. . do 1-a do. - do 1-Ktcollldo. - Sinyrtn, unwashed, - -Hiieuos Ayii", unitickeil, -Dura Ncnili'ii pulled lamb, Sup. Noith'n pulled lamb -Nu. 1 do do do do do do -3 do do do - l". Ill 8 r, as s l'j it Dvsri ''Six This ilitressing complaint is n weak nes ol the digeetiie organs, and like everv other dis e:i'', is c .used hv inmuritv ol thcVoid. 'I'd.- ,,-isnir- juice, a llind peculiar lo the stomach, when seercted AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE. Tt'ST iir.CmVKD.ntihfupply of TUO.StuHl o JJC7A7.Si mitiibie lor the seuson ainona Htmh tiuiy u' louml llin-ton Ccnnt Dntft I'Io,tdI sicp, IIovcv's Stiaw Cuttcr, nil -ics, Il'iy Knivts, CaltU' Tup, .Mutt's intent Agricultural I'urnncc nnd Cnnldron, Stoves ntitl Hollow Varv of 11 dcM-'riplion-, Superior ()-IIus, Huiw Grind Stouts, Cnt hti'td Shufl?i nnd lurk, ot vwry ihiscription Am llaiiillc, Kat 'I'mps, Com rurelier', Wire raiu Siwh, Com vhvller?, Giain Scooiw. til ltiirki't. A, r. Tanners, reiueinher this ji ihe only store in the Ptnte devoted e.clu-iely to your intcreM. "A word to the i l Mdliritnt." J, S. I'KIKCi;. liurInigtoii,Oct.S7, 1S17. IS MMiAzii:s von xovi:Suii:iiT GG-iOHY'.S I.ADII'.rf BOOK, T Graham's .Maauie, Ihiion .Maniine, Undies National, Columbian .Muirazine. THE PEOPLES' AGENT WllOSii i M- ( Hi K n STOHI1 Comprises one of the IHosI splendid nnd general fhwk". in o-t-,-uiii-. ju goon- noiigui una sum siritny for Cash, nnd ol course Cheap. STOVES .JUST HUCBIVEb AT the Acrieultaral Wart! Ilb.i-e n large assortment ol the Intel and most Unproved sthli ol I'uuUvg, I'mlvr, hud -Atr-tighl Slows, In m the I'm mil col R. Illlike, llmlnlin Vl. Ahoslove pipe, Hi How Ware, and Stove : f rimming,. o fces Cooking Slovcsj t Air Tight Hox, l'urlor, I'roy r.ittcrn. J. S. l'l'.lRCi:, Agent for J. I). H1S11EE. Darlington, Oct. 1,1317. II STOVES. 6 ilr W'K iiavi: jt sT in Ceivcd a large lot of Parlor mid Cockstoli'i Wbiill we wtuld invite thisc Viishiug to uiil.n-e to give us licull. Tiny aie ol superior pnt- lousaiulwill he sold lower I than tver bclore olicicd in i this lualkct. Sti' DooI.lTTI.E it Co. OctoU-rtSS, IS 17. , iHlf Jt HADING FOJl THE MILLION. .Mexico nml her Chii llnins. MEXICO and her Military Oliicflnins, Irom llie Revolution ot Hidalgo to the undent time: comprissng (.ketches of llie lives ot Hidalgo, Morelos, liiiihule, fcaulu Anna, (tome, 1 arias,s ilustatnetile, I'arade', Alinoiit", Arita, Alauiar Ampudiii, Herre1 ra.aud De La Vein. Itv I'.iv Roiunson-. illusiruted by twelve rortruits and Engravings, 1J mo. yjt) pa ges, paper covers, price .,0 ils.,a bbcial discount made In tin- trade, tlusday leccived, by Oct. a."., 1617. 11 0. f lOODItlCII. A lVew illiisiiu ISook. KL(iSLi:VS ir.vnp or Dvvii), a col lection ol Church Mu-ie. consisting of selections Irom the most di-tiuguMicd Composers, and a number ol original puces ol Mu-ieby the Editor, with a pro gressive system ot elementary iunruction lor pupils. The attention of Choii, Tcncher-, iVc. is respeettully invited. A I. irge supply tins day received by Oct.ii'., lh 17. IwlSJ C. OOODIilCIL Pure Spi'i'isi Oil. pUSTO.MEPiS .mi be supplied vvi.h Bleached J v inter Sperm Oil of the ii-t ipiality. Also, rchued Whale Oil, warranted to give satisfaction and Unit. A. S. DEWEY. Oct. SO, 1817. l.s SCHOOL BOOKS. -ntUlLlSIIHD IIY .tENKrf, l'ALMI'.lt .V CO., I i:il Wiishinuton Kln'ct, lloion, nnd lor sale by llookslicllcrs and Coiiuiry 'l'rai!e.s generally. , The following work' lor Ediitntioii nre pirliculntiy rccoininiiicled to the notice ol tl!oe interested m llie ...I.: ..u ....lOriinlmr the it'nderit Iniiirovcliient'. IIU'l Iralculated to le-cu ihe labor of leacbini' ami learn ing, mill 111 UlC same llllie !U iiur-v uiwtv..rt.. ... i ticul si hulars. IMI'IWVI',1) X lilt I US Ol' It HADING llUliKH. Vorccslcr's Winter...! First tf' "- Worcester's Second Hook lor Rcad'tliJ and Spelling, 'vv'orceslei's'fiitrnilnclioii to tlllrJ Uook.willi Rules nnd Instruction', SOI page', . 19lilo, Worcester's Third llook lor Riaduig and Spelhnt', with Rules and Instructions for avoiding common er rors, SSS pages, ISino. ...... . , , Worcester's Found Hook, for Rcailmg, with Relcs nnd liislructioii', ISO p, lSmo. All by Rev. hainuel The above limn n complete series of Reading Hook' which arc not surpassed by anv other works lor this purpoe. The seiies has leccutly been l.Ni.inor.n imniovfii by the inserlion ol a coins., ol lessons li Emlneia'ion nnd Arlieulalion, l'ronuncialion, In ilcclion, Emphasis, l'aui-s, itc., in the books ol the series, ndapn-d to the capacity ol the scholars lr whose iw the several wotksare int'.-ndcib prepared by Mr. Win. Uusiell, a dislitif;.'ished teacliir ol Elo cution I'Alil.liY'.S JUSTOtitl-'S ()!' COMMON SCHOOLS. l'nrley's First Hook of Hi'lory. Farley's ttec'oil.l llook ol History. Farley's Third Hook ol History. I'arlev's Hook ol the United Stales. , The Histories contain Maps and Liigraviiigi.nnd being in penetal ih in the Schools and iXcadeuiics in our counir)', tuny be considered as siatnhird hooks lor the lii'iruelion of youlli in History. The lirst and si-cond Hooks are brought .low n to the present lime. DMllllSOX'S AltlTIMIiTlCin time Tart I, contain' Eay I, eswns for beginners. Fart S, contains Lessons for ail Scbolais. l'nit :i,eonu.iiH Ihe higher o'ratioin Key to 1 ar.s a auu .1. Hues lions lo l'urt 3. This reriesof Arithmetic is in mem the Schools Ol New Yoiki Philadelphia and Hoston, and in olh, r institutions where, tile modem improvements, aie adopted. llMl.lir.S ALGIil'llA. Ilailey'a F.rFt Les'ons in Atgclira, lor Academies and Common Sibools. Key tu the above, lor Teach ers Tile above Algel'in h on the Inductile plan) nnd i! deigned for those not ver-cd in the science. It Inij licen long iisi-d as a Class Rook in the Piihhe Sihoo's ot Huston, and in various Scliools and Academiesot high iharacter in nil parts ol ihe thiited States. (lOOI)lllClt'S I'MTIil) STATUS. tinodrlch'x Hi-tory of llie United States, adapted to llie capacity ol Youth. Revised and enlarged from the one hundredth edition, and brought down to March 1, 1817, Goodrich's and I'.inersou'a OjuMium to the nbo-C. The above llii'ory of the United Stale i3 tuning the nlot popular works ol the kind, it is in use m the Ho'lou Schools, and a high reputation and an extensive popularity. won ci:sTj-:ivs diction a it ins. Worcester's Elemeiilary, adapted for use in Schools and Academies, containing iicaily VHJliU mure words ihnuauy other School Dictionary. Do. CompiL-hcn-ivc, (Piououticiu and Explana tory,) designed for the same, mid tor gencial rclenore. Carelully Rcwscduud Enlarged, and newly stclco tyis'd edition. The Dictionary i recommended by persons of the highest literary merit, us " loiiibuuug'advaiuages as a Pronouncing Du nonary, supenorto oil other'," anil a being " a most comprehensive, cortcct, und U'eluj compeudi'iin,'' Itl'SSliLL'S JiLOCl'TlOXAllY Mi ll MS. 1. Ru'sell's Lesions in Enunciation. 2. Do. Rudi ment ot (Jesture. in I) .. Exercises in Elocution. Also, Ru-Sv'U's Elocutionist, a new work, combining all the above. km unsays hooks. Emerson's National Spelling Hook and Pronoun cing Tutor, on an unproved plan, with Reading Les sons. One bundled and siMteth edition. Introduction tu the above, lur younger scholars, by Volition for Divorce. MISS aiAKKIIAM, Hll.l.i.NilH. ha ji"l t" liirncd Irom New Willi New I aHiions iv. ..oo"""' A lull Mlllll, v oi noun. 1 nnvv-cr-.I'entl'eM. Caps, etc , ntl,ersl,o.ion Cml.n's Lniie. nl the sign oll)'!"dlio' Oct. i:i,H'7. .Mr.l.'W Dirrv, ) I o the honpiabl,. the Ssiijlrrlili I M I'ourl of next lo t I 0sion Potv. J liolden ril nurl!imtoti i' iiliu, ml, I 1 fir theediiuty of Chilteiiden on llie till Tm-ndnv i'l ' IWemlwr A. D. IHI7. The Lib. 1 ol lloly.ol ' JJ ot Hurhimiou, in K-ii.l Collnly ofl'liitti mltn, hinnbly I t$M ,. ii, oiiliiimoi, pboir't ibi. nfil bi.vliil! I, h, 1 (triuoiM Doty, n nalive of Wnllmglord, Vcmib'it, n ' Milhuryin Ihe Slate of .Masachusetl, on theOih ol'Ojtols'r, A. I). Kii tint in th-; mouth ol Oct. KIJ they removed to Wiilhuglurd Vt., and ll.ere hv eil logtheras til in mid wile until April HID j that i llieylhen removed 'o LangiMn New Hiiupshire and (here resided until Septei'iln-r l'J:h lsill.thal liom the , time I'llil marriage until said lMlhSud. 1H III; Ihe said Miitinda lived willi saidOitnbncI hi full ..bservotuciil! ' bet patt olail Ihe pronnsesiil ibe marriage contiacl j thHt on mid I'Jlh Sept. HHl.nt L'uigdou al'oieaid llie said Orulond wilfullv deserted the said .Marind.i, leuvinf lu r with an mlnnt child wh illy destiiute ol any m 'innol siuipoit! th.T -.H,l llnuoiid resided ill III, Mlllll. ol V t Hl.1,1,1 lllltr,. tlll.,1 III-.. ( i I.;u .l..u.rii..ii ..I'o .1.1 Vl.nii,.! .1... .i.l lo.l. c lulu, roliinleie III III,. 0l. that said Onnonii has heni dir many ycar'pi:, and , vol I. iVc lliis day rcLiUcd by still continues to be iuteulpcrat" in his hibil'.nild 1 j Oct. SI, 1NI7, C. IIOODRICH no mill, (...ruin, ,.i'i. in., nn. ... i.. t t.i, 1.1 of the said panic!,; that since said l'Jih Sept. Hid i-a'd Oriuond has never returned to bis I'.unily, or liirliisH' ed Ihe said Mariuda, or their tin1'! tith any ni'ltis u support and has during till that period, being seven v.arswilhdly, Ichi-cd so to do i that since 'ugnt IS being live years the said Mariuda has filled in the Stateof Vcrinoitt : Tint since her abir'said desi-r lion she lias supported hctHcli und ihdd sulely by her own lalsir. Wherclore the said .Mariuda pray llnttli" Jn.rd.snf inalmiiony between her and the said Omiottd nlayiie ,'i'solvcd aurcvribly li, the statute in suihcnsc made and pioMchil, add tint the child ol the snd parlie,a boy ahuti! eight ycius old iiauu'd Elton, may l,ede creed lo rcinuin in tblaustody ol his mother me said .lIUIIIUI'l Hl'CR WIlF.AT VA)VU Kiiiii (!itou,M Irom new gn'ilii ; n"d St. inrls Sugar Hons,' .Mo lit' s " lb mall It" a'. A S. I'EWF.YS'. HUDSON itAY sm.mox-dp Titt: nitvr .H.nlllv. narked th.' .reent m ason, for. sale by he pound or illf. bbl. A. S. lll.wr.v. laW iioohs: IJAHRFSON'S Difii-vr. lltus Vi.v. or IB the ( mini, 2 i oh. .MnrtiiK ioiti-mu.i l.etHitt MISS I,. It. STACY vv.llcomuiei.'c b rwintei term on Monday, ihe l.'nb November. I Scholars are ixpeit'i'il to enteral the commence' tociif of tlm li.ifil 3, lo 1,111 I.ikI Diaviimr. Il'liO School room one doorvvest of .Mrs. Langworiliy'a; bp tnhs. . Hiirliugtnn, Oct. Si, 1S17. 'I3w3 Doty James W. Iliekok, I Srdieit'ir. ) Hurlii.gloii .Muitli 22, 181 Orilcf of Cnnrt. '.ifr nf Verwint ) Tlie foregoing Lilsd iiciu Ctiit'.niilfn thfntij f cxluhile.l toinetlusl'illi day of iMigu-l.A. 1? l"r. and it being rctircsenteu to me th itthe s-iid Ormond Doty is now living without tin' Stale: Ihercfuir, it H urdered llm the said Orinond Dotybcnoiilied ol lb-above Lib ! bv I'l'IMiflnttg the same or thestihst nice thercol logcther with this order, in llie iJiirimgtuti I ree I res, a neivspap.'r priuteil al I !u r! i . i iituii . three weeks succenivclv. the last nuhlica- lion to bent least lour weeks before llie next term of the Supreme Com t,v Inch publication shall In s'lil.c.ent no'.'ce to the Said Orin.'iid appearand amvvcr to said Hill. MII.O L. lll'.NNET'l ; , e uj Ihe Pnpreific ioilf. HileilntHiirlingloii, AuguCtb, HI". 17f 3 Moi'c iVnv ISooK'si. MYSTi:ilIi:s OP HO.1IAN1S.iI, by Rev. C. Sparry; Ure's Dictionary ol Alls, Manulncliires and .Miiie, with supplement ; t'yclopiedia of IVKK) Practical Receipts; Dr. Shew's Water Cure Manuilj Sturtevant's Preacher's Manual : Firming and Tib bins' New I'rinch Dictioiiarv : Richardson's l),, n,,n. nry, Svol. lio.; tlillespie's Alanunl oj Roail .Vlaking, j the same. These wotks are highly icioiumeude.l i.y with l."0 cuts ; Wild Rose, by (ietievive Sacra Priva. Tci.cheis and oilier', are used m llie Huston Public la; Canons of the Church, iVc. See. I School, and al-o extensively in the vaiious schools Oil. it, ISI7. Iw- C. OOODRICII. CLASSICAL HOOKS. Received by EDWARDS DivMtliitioii. I hi1 II vrri'1r, ' r-w itti . . . i i . . c .1 T, r , si,n u r 1 ".''P'-rtauce od,. ,,, day by ...ulnal cni-nt dissolved. All the bu- ' lb. 1 I i 5'J "T' "f-"'!"- sines-ol Ihe late lir iut be sailed will, . I S. Mini. speedily dissolved, ollell becomes absolutely spoiled or su,. Ml'0 putrilied in the stomach ; hence b id breath, sour bel- ' I UUIS FOl I FTP chiug, co-tivciiess, pains in the ttomaeh, colic, iljsi'n. Itri;, (v. a; 1417 ''iu'ls ' ,Vrv . bole... mnrhiK. nml oilier cmnpl iint. I ""rliuglon.Oil .... 1SI,. ''" la rJlttrt1:' S..I...,...., Jlillor's IMiit-l hew el's Irom till billions humors, an.! purify tho blood. W1' beSubs.'ribers,bavuig been ap iledby the Toiiror tire of said Fill", taken at night on goim. In ,, Honorable ihe Probate Conn lor llie Dislriuol bed, will in all cacs give some v llct, snd il coiiiinued Chittenden, coiiimi-sioiiers to receive, examine nnd tor n short tunc, w QW r.N'S I'LASSRAI, SEIlinS ; Ilomei's fr i.rin,y H.-li"S;.N,",V V Vi ??'' Ncnopbons Anahas.s , do Cyrop.edia; Handel and Haydn Swi Arnold sCornciius iNr,s ; Arnold s 1 irst (ircik Lis- Church Mu-ie, i;e. sons; Arnold's I'ir't litin Hook ; Arnold's Scioud Tlie Coniuion Sibool Si i .nou hook; umiiuorti s iXew .viiinod oi i.eurnuig ers ; by the same in in. in, iniii: unit .',,viiiv i ii'iiin ; mi in, oi, iier- man, Ac. itc. C. OOODU1C11. Ucl.SS, ld!7. Iw ItOA IIS AM) It AILltOADS A MANUAL of Road .M iking, comprising the loeatio'l.construelioii nn.l ioi,ir.ii...ii,..n .,f lf..n.U and Railroad', by Win. M. (!ill, -pie, Prod ssor of Civil Engineering in Union College, .. Y.,with I Ml eugiaungs. Eorsaleby C. lioour.-ut. JM,S, 111.. IvvlM sciiot.L hooks D'lvie Hourdon, do L geudre, do first lessons in Algebra; .Mitehelk School (icography; do Primary do ; Smiili s IJuaito l.eogy. do Primary do: Mrs. Willard's History of U. States, Wehstei s speller and ilifuier) National Reuder, Rhetorical do fje. O. Oooi mi u. October SS, '17. i!TTrapcr. NICK ARTICLE Fur ialu l.y il Oct. S? '17. ISvvl C. OOODRICII. in the United Slates. music hooks ron schools The Utile Songster, mi Eh nicuiary Sinain Hock, for Primary Seliools, by I!. .1. Webb, President of leiy, t.ditor ot .vi ass. lull Son--tcr. for advanced leant- Published umlcr the sanction ot the lloslun Academy ol .Music. The Young Lady's Vocal Class Hook, designed for Minnies ami ins iiigucr frcnouis ; uy llie same. t ub. Iih"d aft above. t'l'he abuvi. form a progressive s-cric,lbr the UK of l Illinois anu r7iiiouis. Misci:i,i,ANi:ors. Fro'i's (Irainnnr. Ilos-u. t's French Plira'e Hook llolbiuok's licoinctry. Abbott's Little Plulosopbei Xuvus'i lViimnu-bm. Parlev's Ambon lie. lflair's ULitlines ol Hi-tory, brou,;iil down lo the presem nine, 1 lie unto s liotany. Sihool Coinuuiiecs. 'l'ciu hers. Sic. desirous r.fcv aiim.iug any of the above, will be. supplied wiihuut cnarge. In uddiliou to the above, alwavs for ale at satn-fie- lory prices, u complite n-soriuicut ot School, Mu-.c anil .vlisicll.'iueous Hocks, Stationery, Jic. VJiloUel I?, 1811, l.wti III not only m.lkc r, pellecl dire ol ""J"- me ennuis lino oeiiiaiioa oi no per-ous, .ig.iiu-i i Ar'Tri Dfspepsia, but will a-suredly drive pain or di-trc&s ine caie oi r-oi on .inner, iaie oi n misio u, in tllliMt lJn iff vcivdcscrintioiilri-.u the holy " a.d .District, ileccasid,reprcs.nted ins,,lvent,auilal-i . i,,(vro. t),u in.. Cards For Schools and fa Hi.vv.vke oi CoiMLi'.lilT. Tiie o.M.v omniNAI. " 1 claims ami dcniauds exhibited in olU t Iherclo; and A , . cnnsniin.' of'IM. Imuvx i.iLTAiil.K Pn.i.s iiav h Tin. ski- H moiitlw lion; Ihe day ol the dale bereiit, ticmg ! j,,, ' r.leiucntury Series ol NATIT.E OI' ll.I.IVM VV Kllllir Winni.N WITH A IIH ") niuihii nu uuu miix-, vw i u I niiiiiir Outline do os Tlir. top I..V1UI. or ia. ii nox. jxune other i yjtn uitie.MHl liifiiiiuieijeii mist lor.i.Lr.v. 'I'he genuine lor sale by W. II. CURTIS, W isircct sot .1 i: i ler-o.i, and ti. Avers, West vv iln-ton ; J, Lynu.ii o; VV. II Velie, llllieMiurijli v. M, iV 11 1' hrehv uive noiice that wo will attend to the business of our i.ppoiiiiuient, at the duelling ol Harry Miller, in wiui-tou, til said JJiptnct, on llie last .vionil.ivs ircct,iu.d THEODORE A. PECK, College Strut '.r Decenils'r ami March next, ut lUo'cluck, A. .M., ilengenHlor llqilingioii. Ri'iiIk ii Ferguim, Esh'.x j . on each of wild .lavs. , H. Dyke, lliuiliiigtoii ; W. Rhodes, Jr Richmond ; . Daled, thuS'.illulay of September :.I).13I7, :. 11. iic-n. RKhiuond ; .1. II. .t T.W. Tower ,, ELI HRoNSON, ) . . . ndethill ; &. llo.lges, Willi-t,,,, ; R. Sail-, 3wlS CIIAINCEY I1R0WNF.LL, t"'"' Jericho I.inii I'litc'-'' Ilslalc. cert the followin.- from tho Daily Advertiser, ns. Wood. Wc-ihml ; Staples .v 14011 1. 1 liarlutte 1 John STATE OI- VERMONT, J r '1 h 1 on. the fro . . . ., 1 1 . . .1 ..i I Simoiids, Sh. Ibiirne ; K. Richmond Hamaril ;nnd nt Disi nter ot Cun ii..mjl.s. ss. , J. bate Court lor the cont.limti the nun nml sub.-t.incc, tUjjL'thcr with Kevf i;,,,,!,,,,,! Ilranch Ollicc and Oeiieial Depot, 1M District ol Chittenden . 'I'o all persons coiueriied in a list of the killed und woundcil in llie New Eur;, 'lieiuoiit bireet, 1.01011. 'land Heuiinenti Impurities 111 me, itioml THb Col, Hansom, it will be seen io omonotbc victims of this odious wnr. " Tlienetion were fiercely contested 119 the lists of killed and wounded show, l'roui the entrance of our 'urmy into the valley of Mexico 11 lias lost in killed, wounded nnd missing, about 3.HKI men, nearly one ipiartvr of its lorce. The enemy's loss is still more sc. ere, the Mexican army oi men having been ul- mt wholly broken up, and titnw prisone.s taken 'Ourartny has capl.ired 70 pieces ul nrlilleiy; S7 tit Coulieras, luat Churubusi'.and 33 hi ihe unions be tween that loriress and Mexico. It apieais ibal ihe armistice was closed at noon 011 "Oic'thull.. according lo notice given liy Iti ii. Sc.,,,, Uu ihe bib, llie Jjidniti del l!ey or Kings Mids a wrongly fortified position, wu attacked by (ieneral Worths division, Willi lluger's, Duiicnu's.aud Dunn n batteries. It wus curried by severe loss, ihe enemy losing many men as the)- retreated, and Iciiving Mil rnsomrs, 7 pieces ol artillery and n large oiiaiinty ol mnuiunitiouai.d Hindi urms. Iiwasluund ol no ad vantage in hold this iositioii, mid uller blowing up uinrol ihe Imildiiiijs H wan evucualid and the col- .lino n.lin ,1, n I Col. Riley was now advanced from San Angel lo F.I IVihnl, and 0. ... Pilluvv's division advaiici d up on the Sail Angel ruad, audihe lime III! the lllh was in-i:uieu 111 recoiiuoisjiices. juwurus cveoio ,.n im lllb, nfictMunr i.kiriiiishing between advanced 11a' liep, our army wus uguin fiin in motion, and at uimiui rundown Cen. Twiggs with hi division was 111 posi- il.xi l li... u.l . I!.... 11.11 1 1. . l 'I ..... V ...... ... .1. ... . .1 u..u . 1,1 ,,, , luuw Ul I IIV MiUIII Ol 1 ill II , I J .1 nnd west ol Chnpulicicc ; und, Ijuitmau upon the rond to MiHieo Irom Taeiihayu, w bete Oellcial , uu.. ...... .... .... .o,.,,, ,riii.iinvo, ,11 in,, course Ol . Ill login three heavy batteries were plained 111 from ol ChapulieH C and opened ujkih ihat castle on the mom. imp ol the IS1I1. Prom these batleriesa destructive fire was kept up during the whole day, replied to by eleven guns Irom the inrt, which xvaa linally carried by storm 011 the morning'" " " ' sio' parlies vv. r s 1 -e-..... I,..,., the divisions ol tielieruU vv ., il. ,.,..1 mpiiurte.l by p'.ilsol llie divisu, Itl.iuraU PiluTw ...rri..'i,,ii,iu. In this assault I, en. Pillow wnw w.,..n.l. rd, uudCol. Ruiisoin olthe New Englund regiuient n!t...' Mil ..naiiion was taken. C!en. tJ'ruinnn'a ,..,1 . ' V. ..i. .1... riilK ul tiieir head, advuuieil iiiHtu 11... iniiiiwi..' --,.. i,r..,.llt. s"y!'.','", !" V "m ;oaus;.,ndbeaVllevl3 II III ,. . j-,.,,, itwir irilliH liV llie Uci-mtir-v i tlie tMiitiMtl I.'iiu. riurtlale 1 Weslionl, in sjid l)i-tmtt ilfCfiiwiI, (Jn-i'tiun, WhtTiT l'olly I'iJK'cailiuinif-trntri nf f-aitl iiiren ni, pruposcs tu rt-iuicr nu iiccuuih i mr itiimih-u I wWi t. iinnrrw it p-uticularlv mi tl.e mimU of lin,ml rrwm mt ntcouut amnst lor ihw that nn imnliltil with iiupurition ul tht- IiIimxI ; . V.xu iv"" " "VV ' "r. r V .i . ' . li i.l linmnru nlil tltcprjl. nil-l ilNrtl'St, hrilU''llt Oil liV till? 1 1' uw? ol tiiciiiiry.cnloiiifl, inut tins isnwvrrfign reiut' 1.1 u Im.IiU-h nt iliu tiflii'i' of titf Hri'Mer nt Kill I UtHirt 111 IliirilllguHli 111 (film I'imiiu.uii mi' am )l nifii-iiry, tumuici, inui 1 1 us 1 11 sunn 1-ii 1- iih , , .. i u i Iv. Ins well known lo every iihysician.lliatS.irsaii-i ''uuesoay 01 ,111.0 "- 1, , . anlla is iilinon the onlv atlicle that can ! successfully I .1 m r. lore, you iiir iiercuy ""miic ,0 . , pe "' used In root out such diseases, anil, vvlicil IlllXeil Willi . 's"" i""V " .'"" . .' 1 the pare extract ot Tomatoes, it has been known lo cute such cases where Sarsaparilla nlone had nnellect. 'Phi cull Is, liccoullled for Irom the fact that the to- maioes oK'inte gieally on llie nonets, canyiug 011 an those impurities whiih, il allowed lo remain, crcule ilangeroiH and inciuublo diseases. One more prool ol llie elli ncy of ihe Sarsaarilla tin I '1'oiirito when comLlned. For sale bv Tuto. A. Pr.cK.and A. ('. Si-r.An, Apo- thecal ies and wholesale Druggists, und by dealers hi 11 lally throughout the fcluie. CollllgO Foliage Ai.llntll Head Flower do do do d do Drawing Card iio do do ill) di) do do do do do do l ,u ;,, il,,. il,,. niientiou ol I.eacliers to this se. rits of Diavviug Curds as die only in-rtect setiea in tuarket. I bis day iccciviU by ( let Si',. '17. 1C I ('..OOODRICII. Englis'l', J.ri'htli, l'Mtl.OU IMl'u, loir.'tl'er vviib lI.dl.Sore nhd oth er lamps lor burning lard, ''"'i br thtliphene ; abij iiloois, iiioinoes, i.uis iiliu oillil ouiia ill inu (ilerted fr"in Philadelphia, Ibuton nnd New Y01 I .iintiui.tcturc, log, llu" os tungaiid tor e1le by Iliitliiiglon, Ocl.SS. Itf.tvi.MMD if Hrot.ui'.s. IO )U,i:X CI.O IIS. (TJ V?r. ():: v t i.oTi'.s. s ' 1I0 r-n'ti'iet', A iti i!r"'''-li,tli I d On ' , d So. cjiings. Oct. l'.',KS17. Forsa'cby ... VILAS .t NOYES. wiiM'i'i.vfi axh! i:vni. Hill) ReauH uia!l Wrapping, II HI ' huge do SOD " C'np Paper, SlJ " Enter do Vu.vs !f Novcs. COTTOX I.IXK.V Tllltt'.AI). Tot) His. Cotton Tiueail, while and ass',1. ljtJ do. Sjiool do. Sewing Silk and Twi't, Vtt.vs fv' Novis. I'ani y t'rt.Jl-, iargefloi. ol I i''"f I'lliiis.ol variou'Uvles and " i.i'ilii'es, 'or siiL by th-' price or p-ickne uf fii-emMr) t-tlts. Pa) ing piiliculnr alteuliou to this article, and buy. ing large lot, we obtain tide'iit'd'tr over Midler, and hi nee we ciu; b'krd many style .New- Yoik prie Oel. 13, HI". il; hi Ni'.vi.s. Consumption I tin lie (ni'il. SIX liKtTPlllLS OX TUB ViT Ol' TIHl H'NllS ; niii) taufi'S. tircH'tillon: nilii cure of Con-umiiliou, Asilnua, and disea-esot llie Heart, 011 tusltow llieiu the sheep. 11" lilll-lll linill-lllj , 1IIK1 Ull 111 I 111, 'II I Ol lll.lll 111 and fun le beallhloau hiuulred yiars. willi Si lll,.--ir.itioiH, by i'apiucl Sheldiii fiUhA. M. i. n. JI11 ilay nteivei' I, liociutic it. October SS, 1SI7. livv 1 rtiiii: MKitixo itpcxs rou sai.i:. The Mlbvriber lsdiu nhoe to chise Ins I.n illiigbj'ule-,i, t'r.iors.itelM'slijcl'crMeiiiipHi.ek. Tlese Plieep have b'eii hied willi thegnaiesi .1110 Irom the best Merino Ewes und u Ueinbouillct Huck, Irom Mr. Collin's receullv iinporlcd tlock and now owned by llie Rev. L. (1. Rhlgliuiil of this place. 'I'o tlio-e wishing to improve their shei 11 llie present Mll,.r ri rim.'iiici.. fi ibev w ill be sold W Ithollt re- ScrVt1. '1 hose vVis'll o il'rclu'.e Will lueSV i'l"l! at nly store, at Willi-ton. where they will find a person TIIO'S II. CANFIELD. 10 Of thnse fur rrhmn rc fond einolioits cliei-ish Satire the tUitlmc crc the itifahnce n'rih T. .il. I-ATtKI'.U .s Dii!iicrrcolj-c l'urt rait Gallery, College sticet.. Hurlinglon, 't. rMIE Fti'lirielor tenders hi thank lo the citien of Ilurluiiiton and Viemitv for the liheial liatlon- age he has rece veil, and having recently bedi to New York and p.ircha'id nn entirely NEW APPARA 'I'L'S, STOCK and CHEMICALS. o that Piet'ires caii be nliCii ii.iii It 1 ir ger than ever before done in tin tint ot the eountrv. he so licit. ciimiiiuei natronnfc. I'OHTIt ATI'S iiut uii in lixtia Mouicco Cfse nl M'illi-lon, O. t. li, HIT NEW KIWI GOODS. lr0l! CAX TINT) SOMi: OP Till. 310ST DP.SI S ruble (ibuds to be found in New Yolk, m ),( lilt C. UKI.I'.O v OHI'SS S'LUS, ri.EM'lt AliUM?, ol superior quality, willi trummugs to match. Silk, worsted and other .MOHAIR CLOTHS, Silk, striped and pbrid LUSTRES, ALL WOOL ItltOl lli: SHAWLS unprecedeiitly low. Hoiini t Silk, Satin, Cumelootw, Velveis, Ribbon, wtlb fringes to match, biuutihil Steel H igs, Ladies Trhihiling, a lafge Variety, now opening at Gliirllnit'Si AUo, jut received, the very low price ol nl.M. Piclures of Per- Ml ITS, O I'TIill CAPS IIOAS, sons, v lew, 1,1 inmuings ami,isia es cm fe taken ... 01ipr ,-,.. aM1lllpn. a lar,.,- lot WITHOUT IIRING RrA'i.USV.I). i PAPER HANCINOS-all at the lovve.-t prices" , large nunrluu-nt of Hold and Plated Lockets of H .rh.iglon, Oct. 7. ISIT litf.. every desi'ripltou, tor sale very low. I Ladies and llenilemeii arc respectfully inviud 10 ! IKT In tlif ri';iitnr cun1' 1 01 m vi m . call and examine sii-chii-iK It.r it-. -.' ,lV. '-.'Xv;;,',,''.'r,'.,l.l,liVMV,V,-':.V 'L ' .VI II 1 1 1 .V l.l.. il IX UllliV 1., ' 1 1 1, II 1 , lia-s 1 , b- drnvVn O.-toln'r IWtli, HIT. ' YIM'T V I, I'ltlX!! t; 1011,01)1) : is pulili.-bedat s-u.itsiiouiu oe j on 1 I ;u VS IA M VX, BiTAS Ii:n:iVi:i) " rxlcmtre itnrlnlrnl ; 1 i,U,',ARS, the lowest Pn.-. US. tiiiiip, Friiisre, HiittoilS, tiud a fevv piece of Orders are rciiu.'stcd to be forwnr'-.l n ai Dress Oood. Prmiiite. Also a beautilul assortment ihssiIi!i., m I1 J. SYLVEoTHIl. ul Hag and Purse Cl.i'p, Rin, T.i-!, Steel bead -jwft n Wull Street, N. Y .Vt , ail l Utility e.xp'Cimg ineairivui 01 m enure . . . Fall purchase, consisting in put ol Dre Hood and .HEItl.NO lUJCKS. Clu.iki.igs, such a lolotid Tluhet', Silk Warp I.y fSvVr" 23 Pure llioode.l Menu.. II . s r" ' by onestf, Al,acca, an I Pulu Alio Piltids, !vc. 1 -ir W51. 0. IIARRINUTONi ISiirlmgiou Oct. SI, 1517. acaxja l!urlington, Oct. C, Hi. ,., ifv Fii-iii and Tiv.w omlr ! 'imii: i'O HAIljltOAI :)NTHA(!T0ltSi iHttvricb, In WooiUloek, 011 the Slih in't., by the Rev. W. Wright, Mr. Roswrt.r. SLven.vscr., ol Hurlinglon, to Al is Emily Ix. Hvi.i.,oI v . In Middlesex on lb l'Jih int., by the Rev I). Foiorsov, Axsov 1. Ckixc to .Miss jiai.ii.i.a iluv, bulb of Huniingtoii. 3 i c b, In Jericho the lOlh inst., Lewis C, Ski.'.fr, ojed H jcar. Hy Ibis alllielivc di-pensation of Divine Providence, llie lainily ot the ileciiisetl have lo-t n faithful nnd uf. I'ecltoiinle friend, die church inilil.iul a valuable mem. her, nnd sisiety n joung linn of real wotlb and inueli iirolillse. Tlie pious dead nre not lost. The dead are like the stars by day, Withdtawn Irom mortal eve ; Hut not cxli'ict, they hold their way In glorv ihroilgii the sky. Snirils Irom Itond.iL'e thus set free. ( iiiiiis'i auud-t immensity " ri, N. The Vt. Chronicle will please copy the above It. r e be art. crisis Irom Iheir "inis bv the uccuiucy of be u m o die rillcmen, The wo.Vs ul the gates nip-. M. were 11." curried ut ll.e mt '-! ihe bayonei, and loru.erly.ol cause, il tiny you have, why llie account ulorisaid SllOUllI not 1ST UllOWCll. Oiven under my baud at Burlington, this S5th day ,,l o. .b,r. A. I). IrtlT. yH CHARLES KltfSi:LL,Jmst R in.l0s"7xi) 1'lSTOl.S A new lot, just icceived by Oil. ST, HIT. IIRINS.MAII) it I1ROTIIERS. tlASir WILL III! PAH) POIt 1000 IIIISIIIXS OF ' Herdstlras Seed, al the Agriculiiiral Warehouse, il delivered previous to Ihe close ol navigation, (let. '-. 1 S. PEIRCE. Is'i'oloyy ol' Vei'iiionl. flHE Third Annual Rtporl of the Slate Oeologist, .1 this day received by 0. OOODRICII. lliirlington.dct. zi, itiii. ltr.iirs n(iLisii jhctJonahy. 1 A DICTIONARY of the Etuili-h Language, con- 1 laiuitigtbe Vioiiutteintioii, Rlymufozy and 7.'x-1 j jifWififlfi ol all Ihe wofds authoiized by eminent I wrileis, to wbi. h aie added a vocabulary ol llie Roots of English words, mid un lien n'cd h'l 01 on k.l.uiiu ' nnd Scnptiue proHT names, by Alexander Reid, A. M.,one vol IS1110. CM pages, lleaily bound ill kiitber, price 91. this day iccciveilby (lei. SC., 1H 17. IlvvH " (' OOODRICII. nr. a ding von tjij: I'lioi' 17JtEMON"l"S Exploring L'xpedllion lieyoiul tht X Hmky Alountaill, pajier,.vci riegeiu i.ucnueiu, n Tale ol the (ircik IMk'IIioii ; Ell.a.i Allen's Nar lative; nuilendid l,ilhirapl! of Oeu. Winlield Scoll, as large us lite: tlo. do. HiiutHrian Figure, Xr. Ocl7s7. llwHl 0. OOODRICH. IlUlli: SI I. KM OIL jtst io:ci:ivi:i). C.istoiners can depend on gelling 'li" Iws! uflicle CIIA.MI'LAIN Stcmn Tow Boat Company; T'HE Siibsml.'is take plcasiiie in uiinouneuig to the public," 1'speil.llly tlie 1mi-11.cs portliill thercol, that the New s-teaiuer. E'lHAN ALLEN, ol -IIH) ton Huiiheu.Capi. N. H I'iukum, will com- inellee rulllilllg upon l,aKi" v-liiiuipiu ii, .noniuiy, (ielober SI, making two huh each wctk, leaving Whitehall .Moiid.ivsiind o'clock, A.M. and St. Johns '1 uesdavs and J-'ridays at T o'clock, P. Al., louihing at llie intermediate landing. They would alsii say that she ha Wen built with llie tjicalist care, wi'lb css'cial rclercnce to Htieiititli ond jmtrer, und will coiup.ire tavorably wuh any Tow Hunt upon the lliid-oti River. She i desined is pecially lor Ficighl and Toning and ,! lor passen. ger"i Those who ihoose lo tin iheir business by her may be assured that the same will be done with iiroiuptncss and puuclualiiy mid that she will make her trips regular as advertised ubovc. until lutther notice. Vt on ir torn .Ions lln.uuEY 1V.C0., Hurlinglon, Vl. Hoiixii: linvv iV. Co., Hoslon, Vlits. 1Ia.xivu.mis it Co., Crown Point, N, Y. IV 11 inn., Hi'RTOv .V Co., Si. Albans, Vt. lltirliiiRion.Oct.), If 17. l"if 30 SCHOOL lUM.M!TTi:i AND TEACHERS before ik-iidm cu ilteir Hcoks for Fall and Winter Schools, uie iuviicd'to e.v.i- miue Itussill .Mlold-hury's iiuprovcd Reading Hooks lor Common Schools add Acaileiuies, vi. : Primer Introduction to Primary Reader Primary Reader Sequel to Primary Render Introduction luAintrieau Coiiluion School Reader and Ainviicnn Common School Reader, These books are now used in over SiK) tonus and eitie, though comjilcted only last Nuti'iuber. The aiklluwled-ed di licienciis of o'her Reading Hook, ore siltiplied 111 these. 1'bi y ate recti ended by nearly Urn Committees and 'leacheis ---ne uni'et'til satisi.ietion.and are considered, not only ihe lest, but llie cheapest hooks now ln-fore ihe public, Mr. Ru'scll is xv ell known ns a disiuiL'uished tench. erot Elocution, und ns ihe Ediiurol the Journal uf Education. Mr Ooldsburv-ba been formally years teacher of llll- l.lllllllllll- lllgll .lUIKl), Copies of each book girrn to towns for exaniina tiou. xT'Ohl Rook will be taken in part injmenl. Published imd for rule ul I I'd Wiisbingiiin street Hoslon, by CHARLES TAPPAN. Oilober 19, 1817. ITvva l'Ail.MKKS & Mi:CHANIJS IlAMv. rpiIE Sloekholdi'rs of this Hank are hereby notl- 1- tl'd that a tit has been made ot live 1 n Pars on each share ol the Capital ,Sloik, uiabtc oh or bitoie ihe tld day of January next. ,, . - liy onier 01 me lio iru, C F. WARNER, CuShe Hurlii'gton.Oet. SS, HIT, ITiW niU:SIl IiAHU ll TiYiw Clioii-o I.nul t Oil. 11. lor sale by A. S. DRWLV milHUMOMHTHILS. A Itti'-o lot of X wood and tin cuscd Thcimometers, warranted correct, for sale by l!l:i.".'i u'u e, lii'.orin.ii. r.oi.D pj:xcii.s, Large ii'nirtmenl nt J. V, IIanpvi.lV. iivrriNt. to. Hales Cotton Halting) if) do ii-Uiiu'. Coi ton Yam, Wadding, etc Oil. : Vims it Notts, srovi: Pipi:. FSSIA, Eiigli-h and Auicmtni Stove I iiie, for sale by iitn. -..1 1 .xuxi.s. ill ni: i.mxks il'. 1 '"" 'I lo Lnines, III . I case I'us'iiiifrrS.u v'ariely of Cloak and Drtss i'ringes and drc Ilt!ttuns,!e Oct. SI. im V Novcs. In Shelhurnii Oct. 5, in tlie clgblienili year ol his ,ile ,i.ijtket i.tfunl. Also ibe.ip oil, rtlined xvliule, Jinuu, sou ol Jusiuh ulul Esther Sinibilds 1 xvnrnsiile.i 10 give uuu -iigii,. Wbiiini.Vt. ll.w.1,.1,. .,r Oct. 1U7. ,v. n. 1,1,1.1,1. Ill!ltI.l'S if. bale Rurlaps, in nub. I bale Canvass, do Pudding, fur Hit by Vn.vs ,v Noru. AI.l'WOAS, &V. Ill;) Ps. Alpaccas, Cotlou und Silk Worn, Ml" . " I'SVI. oil wool "Polkas," Coburg Cloth, lor salu by Vilas A. Nov. em. rsi :) " 3D " Oct. SI. 'I'll I! Jit..,.r'.!i.-r IS Pr.'hnre.l tu tW.ul Coniraclor willi St 11, 1 II CAST IRON T-i.eVX HEELS, for I in Cars, made from i.n niu-i approved paiU'i... rind ot the b".t luaicrial. He i now making two si.e. ol SU and SI inehe.. in diam lor, nnd wilt turiiisii tl. in vv nil or wiuimit to- aiui otiier!!.x.iiirei'ec Slitl llm? bed lor lle, oil relllerx'.illi Uu' ll.eViiPl.'il-'vsan !.' t'(r dunV'..'" CaVs. liued r.l ll.e In.)"'. rtaMilsbic Lrius. Rrandon.Oet. 1,1317 C. W CO.N'ANT. l.',tf -ubscriber, under the linn of ;i it in: 1. I S'.v .v ; ti TT I'M. I.-,, i,,,, ,,,,,, l,n .l ibe llruk Store rccellllv occupied bvTiio 11 CxMiiu.ii, have ihi day reiurned Irom iNevv Yoik " llll an entire nexv mock 01 v.,i,iu.-3,cuu- Hstingof vRucr.Rinii; . CHOI A7JAM , uMtDWMir,. llRUUSH MEDICINES, I'.nnls O h. T our. 'ii. Suit. Ai, (!" itc., making a eoiuplete assiirtiuentol cverj thing that t -tm . 1.. ....n...l f... .. .I,.... nr.. iiniv r.-n. I- In ex. '" ..1,..,.,.. .1 ,i, L,ii...i inntlii t tirirv.for Ca-h. llrain. ATOW at the Au'criean (fold. Ilurliiigtoii, VI , PorC butter, t'lieew. and all kind ol produce. 1 i cun" IVW.'inary Cousunipii''n by 1. p.diciou All tin's,, who wish 10 get ibe worib of iheir money ' (!,mliasiic cxircis", ckl vrati'r balluil,', rubbing, ore solicited at least to cull and exa if our stock b"i ie ur b'tle, ami m some 01110 ineu.cine iwn. lore iniichn'iui! elsewhere, as we are deteiuiuied hot 1 mtxi.- to be undcisold by any Store -1 -' li'o'lVt's f l! 'lb HO'l"l'l"'Ai. Willi.-loiii Vt.i Oct. Id, HI7i H'f I eu! in bis own cn'e, having !''t'ii rcsloicd iihno-i liout . llll gnixeo, is-rieci ueunn, uj 11ns niuiiiiii i-i inui- -"lrt evaminatiott Jllld lirescrintioll "sUI Pt'rson who wi-h lo go n-rmivh willi a course ol ihi. 1 Irealnieiit will be chargtd b (lie weir w o.onlh i .Mr. Perkins reieived the benelieill ( licet ol tins .' MV'Vi.'iniv .llllii'V Ar. Cilirl.. ! pl'il". ami c lie lias sut ilielastten jear 111 siudy Alllll, JIMHIf . .j k ,,,, ,,tl,t,l,1,l and the varum vinnnfctic f-xrrciM."-, lie ii'i-is t'l.miiimi nun ni nu 4 Xt'w lot ol' Violin Ilmvs nml Strings, la Hass Viid strings of the best omliiy, nt Oct. SO. J. RANDALL'S. S'l'Y (TLASSKS for day or ni-rht, t.f I si.cs,at " J V. Ramivll'i t.f nil STIXI. TltlMIXOS. V jTF.EI, Hag nnd 1 'urse Clasiis, Tassel, Fringes, Heads and Ring, ol all puns at J. v . Hamulus. Ullil) I'lIXS from two to four Dullnis, then curried ut llie pouu . n ....ji..... u.i otm riy oi vviiiung vi. lie wit the youngest of n '"" 1 .a uu 1 d ugainst Ihrce separate ullenipls lo r.cup-. I.i.mlv ,.e , l,a.lren..nll ofwlihlt, ,.,ccpt the cl- rr,Ti M.'iT" , . . 1 .Wt.baxe gone with Iheir lalber 10 the grave, lie' IkAKKKS PHI. iViriiu. ibe 11 " hi olloxving, ion ,"""" i ... isuuiu 11 in iu- gospel nu supimtt, ami ll'tted I u brcusiwork and put tonic heavy guns m bul-1 dud m hope, ul a glorious ininiorinlity. ' , p. i ' r 1 11, iv i.i 1 DAIU.ItS PIll'.fAlli:!) COCOA, HI:T.,TAU, 11 rwn York Tit-kirn:. 1 1 limes by A. S, Plwiv, -J Kihs Sniped Shiiung Ovl.SI. TICKINGS, if. .1 bales lii on 11 irnlla 1") Hio' Shrctuigs. liriuleby itvi .x: Num. Ih-vI Frown's Premium IViumnud l'oiutnl. Allien i n ,.is. iieni'i net ami tierarev s iieuri s .xevv England, The Magnlnu Homuu, Tho l'eoplis' Pen, The Vittnna Pen und Congress Pen, at Oct. SO. J. t . K.vxn.vLis. CjILVIlll SI'OOaS, lii niiit Kxivhs ami ij .Sugar Shovels, warranted good a lite snii, at Oct. Sl. J. VllAMIAt.l.'s. I NOW AT WI.MKIM.'I 1'M.l.S, il IinrC and c.t'ensiveasSortinctit of II R V 1 100 IN, O R ICERIES. CROCKER f, i'd HARDWARE, must ol them puiihasrd al i educed prices this lull and tor tale Without ici'tre. Plcav eu'l ninl v. SIDNEY HARLOW. October S'.', IS 17. MTmS ' SrolFA'S. lui".. u-Miiiiciit ! VI ol sdvtr Table and't'cuNiou.waii.iuiril ,i ipoml Inilick'. Vitxi it .6ns. .1. V K NI) V I.I. ha just returned trom t.i,. tho-e cases ol loii.i!uiption,(tiuua, i-."'r io-r-New Yolk with n large assoitinent of I plaint. c.,wliuli have hulieito been rtgardtd as ill- WATI'IIES, JEWIir.KY AND CLOCKS, curable , r.V.M'Y AllTll'I.r.S AXI) TlUS, exercise, and in hi I you should come when you have, consisting in ,,ai, of folkmg attil,,-. W ttre, Fine Oold Is'tcts ahd Li pines. Silver Levers, lull , j , a( W1n (v ttrjaly .rol",'ivil JewciU'd llilil Vcrel? WATCHES ; Cold Fob and, Cuanl Chain; gold S'cks und '1'biublc ; a large RECOMMENDATIONS. nort.uent .ol Stone and frfnieo Pin, ol l' "'esi u , j f Ahtu-i. ftrles ; t-toiinaud Cameo Hraeelel ; Diamond lung, ' ' ,. , ' ,ii,.i I w. phnn Oiahd s one andea e Ru..r.,o '' uesc .j ( , - , t lull J gold ,-hdes and Keyv go d Lockets . I I " nt . , ' . . , hvVd un to his d.rec. :" m1' .:::n "ssj t,i.-i,?.,d i.m. novsahvt.. h,iw ...r .m- Smi ..of .'.II siV-s ; silv.'-r D..r.s. Pnisr.nd Itinls; I nrl , j " '-" " v-.ttvi-ril. and'shtlH'ardl'at ivoiy T..ble.-; bead ami silk . rh usnxi. V :,.. ....... h- Pur.-, silver lVucil -siccl and silver leiK-irsi'is. " ' '", "' . sum. nu an. Knron: loom, iri.ranu cioiue, ,.- Hiu-his. And he niil kn'pt'oiisiautly on bund a good a-soiliiient o sdeh gomls as ionic ill bis line, mid sell a? lov? as can be hi ughl elsewhere. , J. . UA.U.VI.I.i Ibiilington.Oct. IS, 13 IT, ll' Nil iiilll llnilliill's IMiitc. WE the subscriber, having been iippoimed bv the llnnoi.'ible the Piobaie I'oitit foi the I'istr'et ol Chittenden, couunis-u ners In icceivc, e.x'ainine and iidiun the claim and di inalidK of all pcrson.s.ui'.iust ihee-tateofS VMrF.L HI 'RI.lsrT.hiic.ll harloi.e in Mid District, deie.-os d, n pre. nt.'d insnlieiu 1 al-o nil claim and demand exhibited m oil I iheulo j and MX mouths Irom the day t ll.e date bcicol, Is-mg iitlowed by said Cou'rf tor ihat pnriosi-, we do there Iisrel.e die millet, that vv c w ill attend tothe busi ness of our the dwelling of the Widow lor relief tailed. I n.u now- und, r tiie directum of Dr. Petkii.s, and (eel proud to say that. I 'n fast recover ing iua Pir.N'AM. WinoosM I alls, ertnon'. l.xiMi.Ti'.T To ritr Prrn' This is tocertii) 1 li'iee Had the Putti'iuiur1 cou-uiupiioii lor liveyem, I'd ex'eiy thing thai 1 bled for lelitl tailed. As soon SllluardU I 'r. Perkins 1 went to Inui, nnd st.ii, t with hhij One Wcik.nnd Heel inueli rcliexct, im! 1 firut'j lliheve that he will make me a man. , Emvix lIor.Aui.i! illslmro', E-sex Co. New Yoik. IV DU.MIXFIC fiOOJK OXLY, . wm, A. cursT, IS"' Vim street, .Via: iott. rflllE Dem 'sue Wiirehous.., so long esiahlithcd ui I Cellar Slit t. is now reinovi d to Ibe lar' stoie in Cliiilotti, nisaiu io.-iiiii,oii uu- i.ii-.ri in uii i , jj ,.,., sneer und SS ir-ni r t! , v:tr (my bo .lanuaryond April 111 o do. k. A. AL. tui eueJi ,, , ,.v,-ry desi riplion ol Hm.rn:n s' llnows ufSaiddnvs. Difed tin l llh day ol Oit ,A-1). HI.. ; SuttTiv. and Smuiiv,, l'.rr-r,.v t-.',cii.ii... Noli o . !',.; m. il-wivp I 't'mmi';, mnitnitd Sot-ruiKX V a n.', Hvriv Wickx, Twi.xi- 3v.'l(T blO.M.,) nml Wi,w,'s.a tltc n li-tee" cash vtice. xotici:. V ME inlo the Enclo'iire ol rlr ub I...i.(v. ni-riber, in I ...Vhesier, on the Sib dav of Si plemU'r, ISIT, a thrcs yeaisuld Hlatk lb iter The owueris reiie.-ted to pore piqifrty, xiy Crnrges, and take her away, , i UAKIA'.S AliirOLF.Y, Colchester, Sept 13, lIT. lfiw:i TIN l'LVTE, Ac. I (in ltou Tin I'i'.ati: IX'. IX,''S.) do do cxliusijc, IjD Roll. Irion Wue, liusni i, English nml l unadd Sheet Iron, Wire Vclium, Sheet Copper, A iri'iicriil iisii loii'iil ail lines. Oct. H, IS 0 For sale by VILAS St. NO YES I'he n..ot 'uieur s.xl'di.l-'l ftitsale lll verv larl'eixne nnd ciiiniui-si s i'V ,y Known ilcsirnble n,b ol Ihe nboxe gtul? CiliiTy M' reliant are rnVilidly in vited lo caM fti F i xiitume ihe puces, etc tcltethi r ihey ptiicli is, l ir ensb or mu and learn Ihe low uuikcr pries h)f iromcstic floods. 13 , 4 t1ha:iii!aiii ami tNnmecliciU a:ivi r Kailroail. ttKs qvt -mSil .ej-s-v- s-i y.r!gT' tt-inuy.vjr fst. . SS lS n IJ.VT ol live itoltalit Sil i nt li shni'o V ol ll.e inrt'al stock ol the I 'unplaiii nnd Con neclieul li'"r l!nilroidt'0iiitinylinsbeeiioijeifd bv the Din-clot, and made pa) able on the fust day of sjoTctiiW'rnext. OYLJ- i mfiil tuny be made nl the Rinks of IIurfin2toii, Ver" lines, Middlcbiirv. Rutland, Rbuk Riv'er.or H. f - Ver" Mines, Midillci.urv. liuuniiii, liuuk KiVer.or H. I ltri'i.' vi-liPIT ri (It'll- low'S l'..H. the Chesluie Haiik, Keene. N. .l , , ,;ST Kljf l!lll!P I ',H 'Flesh Oioufd E-hxaj, S. t. I' ' Scptcmber,,.111'1'-'

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