Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 5, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 5, 1847 Page 1
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Vol. -V.Vt. Whole ISo. 10ti3. IHIKMiTOX, FRIDAY M Oil IV INC, KOVEMIlKIt ff, 1847. IVcw Series, Vol. 2--..IV0. 10 Burlington Free Press, Published nt ftarlington, Vt., By D. W. C. CI, .Villi 12, Cdilor unit Proprietor. Tcrmsi To Village subscribers who receive the paper by the carrier $2,50 If paid in advance, 2,00 Mail subscribers and fiose who take It at the OiTi-e 2.00 II pii.l m advance, . 1,50 Advertisements inverted on the customary terras. For tli; Free Press. Tlic Stars. V ringnictit. Aye, there ye shine ' And still your penile rays Shall climmer forth through ages yet to come, As erst In nee- pist ye have looked down Maje9ticn)ly on the haunts of men. As nr creation's close ye mildly Iwnmed, In all your loveliness, upon the works Of Ilirri who set you on your w heeling otb-, When with the " sons ot God" ye chanted forth A grateful prem in your nnkei's praise. The angel forms, dcscetidiiig, oil ye saw By night to guird, or nt the shut of day, To pass a happy hour in sweet converse With our first parents, while in Hden's walks 1 hey passed their lives in innocence and love. But clouJs and muiky fugs o'crhung the earth And hid it Ironi your sight, when sin and woe Crept in to desolntc those lnppy scenes. Clear was the sky in which ye shone, and bright Ye beamed on Bethlehem's plain when, heralded By angel bands, the Pihice of Peace came duwn To suff.-r and to die, that he might piy The ransom fur man's guilty soul ami lead His weary, wandering footsteps back to God. T. Paying tlin Minister. Si'rittenor the PoilaJelpHa Siturday Ertn'g roit. BV T. S. ARTHUR. Concluded. On tho next thy, as the minister was walk ing down the -tree!, he met Mr. Larkin, The tdlit-inn lo this gontlem ill's personal matters, which the vcslrvin in hid in ule, still cau-ed him to feel sore. It touched him in a ulner.ibie part. He had been talking quite I reel v. since He had b( then, to every member n the church he hip- nened to meet, about the coo ne-s with wdiich Mr. M.lcolm, alter running l.unse I in debt a church to rai-c him more mnncv. He, for one, 11. ! " '. ii r he slid, wis not going to stand any such non sense, and hoped every member nf tho church would as (irmly set his l ice agiin-tall such im positions. If ihey were to p ly oil this debt, they U'ould have another twice as irgo to settli' in a few months. It was the principle of the thing lip went agiiu't ; nut he cared about a few dollars. As -non as .Mr. l.arkin saw the min ister a little ahead of him, he ih tetmiued to give tiiiii n pit'i nt ins ilium, on w i un iiiev n tiiseii. . - , - . ., , , . title in i.u e, ,i i,i wo e in,' r nanus were ocii- .i I.. r: ii.. .. i .i.t , s U III I I IIIIUIJ I I I 1 1, llf ' ,,u ' Link liere fneml Mah'olui. I have ent some- thing again-t you; and as I am an indep lent, pl.iin-spnken in in, vou mu-t not be oilended with , . ,r '. ,. . .. , , , ., me if I tell you mv mind fieelv.' , ! . in",10-v H""; nhct 'V' c"h" f:uJ 'The truth never ortmds me, Mr. lirkin.' J,'.'' t'"' .'""""t" 'V,"" ,,?otI ""l ,,,'.lvo ',s' naid the mini-t r ,vith a se. I am not f ,lt- 1 4Vol,V ll"m,,rc;d can Lj a e;lH'' ",uJl-' ul' -v,m , less, tho' willing to cor.cct my faults when Ii'l",S, ... , ' see I hem 'Verv well". Mr. Iarkin spoke in a renlule voice, and seemed to f el pleasure rather thin ffiin in wh it h- was doing. 'In the first place, then, I am sorry lo lind that you po-se-s one very bid fault, com-non to mo-t ministers, and that is, a disposition to live beyond your inein-', and then come down upon the pari-h to pay your debts.' The blood camo rushing to tho face of the minister, which Ins monitor took to lie the plain est kin I of ovi I mce Hi it lie h 1 1 hit the u lil ful ly upon the head. Ho went on more conlldent ly. ' N'ow, this, Mr. M ilcoim. I enn-iJer to hi very wrong very wrong indeed! md espe cially so in a young minister in his first year and in Ins first puish. lf-,uch things arn intlu preen tree, what are wo to expect in the dry 1 Yon accepteil our c ill, and were plainly inform cd that III" salarv !,oiild be four hundred dollar and rent free. Upon Ibis our firmer mini-le had lived quite comfortably. If you thought thr salary too little, you should not hale neeoitoi the call accepting should hive lived up on it, if you had lived' on bread and water ' Mr. I.arkin puiscd. The minister stood witb his eyes cast upon die pavement, but made no an-wer. .Mr. I.irkin re-um-d ' It is such things as this that bring scandal upon the church, and drive right thinking men out ot" it. It i-n't that I val e a few dollir morethan I do the wind; but I like to-ee prin ciple; aim n un all iinno-Hinn. i on are a young irnn, Mr. Malcolm, and I speak thu- nil in v for vour "ood. nine vou w not fee offended.' Mr. Larkin paused, thinking, perhaps, that he had said enough. The minister's eyes were utill upon the pavement, from which ho lilted them as soon us his minister had dona speak ing. The flush had left his cheeks, that wcro now pale. I thank you for your honesty in speaking so plainly, and will try (o profit by what you have , two hundred dollars a quarter were pa'ufto their told me," he said calmly. The best of u are lia- mini-ter by the treasurer, more than fifty dollar Lie to err. j flowed into him during the same period in pres. Thero was something in the words, voice and ents of ono useful thing and another, from manner of tho minister, that Mr. Larkin did not friends known and unknown. apprehend, lio Had spoken Inr-lily, and no now felt, with some rudeness ; hut w'lilo there' was iiuuiiug 111 tue uir ttiiu iiii:ii ins leproiii was received that evinced tho conviction of or- ror there was no re-entmenl. A moment be - fore, he felt like a superior severely reprim ind- ing an inferior; but now lie stood in tlie pros- voce oi ono wuo-e calmness ami ingiuiy op- pressed him. Ho wu- about commencing a confused apology for his apparent har-hiiess, when Mr. Malcolm bowed and pissed on. Larkin did nol feel wrv comfortable as ho walked away. He soon more than half repent- ed of what he had done, and before night, hv wav of atonement for his error, called upon .Mr. Llder, ami handed him a check for twenty-file dollars t help cifl tlio minister's debt. So mucii lor (he principle concerned. Untie next S.ibbuh, to his great surprise, vneii ine textwus announced, it was in the fol- ........ ..... ,,...,.,,- worus uw. no man aiuthin.r Ihe sermon was didaede and narrative. In , , . ri I'srecu- ,rin .iT.s'!, ',,'".,i" '1'"v"ll' rnnciples of hon cs(y in all traii-actlons betwoi.,, i ,.." , , """!"" 'he minister was exceed- UUi 1 .u .u r a man to live boyond bis .. , WiSHiillinienttn sup 1" "" '- was uiMmncM. 'J'heu he - - i , . s-.. J nun CaVe SUIldry examples of Verv r, ,,,!,.. I ... i- Iionest practices in tho.-o wbo'wiihiiold from oih" '.'"'y "rriinsenieiiis in (ierinany (or die iiccisuoda crswhatis ju.tly tlieir due, and conclude,! n il I'l'.'l uliTlr iWum,,'a n'l 'he iraiisiiiissiou uf ih. ir let- Einiiuiauuii-iiy ui which inn many coimreira. .ions were guilty, in owing their mlnUte?, mo difference between tlieir regular and fixed I... b iwju ii,. rnm", and what they actually needed for their comfortable support and freedom frnm ca-c. This, ho will, was but a poor commentary tip nn their Into for the, church, nnd showed ton plainly its sordid and selfish quality. This was felt by many In h; quite ton pninlcil and nut of place, and for n young man, like him verv hold and very Immodest. Onu member lookout his box and truck the lid a smart, pin pintle rap before taking a pinch uf snuff, an other roughed anil three, nr four nf the older one sate several loml '.idi-h-hrms!' Through out the church there wa an un sy movom 'lit. Hut soon all was still again, for the. minister hid commenced the tnrr.itivo of something which lie said had occurred in a parish at no great distance. Fnra ntrrativo introduced in u sermon, all ears are open. Very deliberately iiml vory minutely did Mr. Malcolm give tlie leading facts which wo have already placed before the reader, even down to the sound lecture ho hail received frnm Mr. L-ir-kin, and then closed his sermon, after a few words of application, with a linn repetition of his ict : ' My hretliien, owe no man anything.' Of course there was a buzzing in the hive af ter tliis. One mule enquiries nf another, and it wa soon pretty well understood throughout, that seven or riixht hundred dollars h id actually been promised t lie inini-tcr instead of Ilia four, i which an were icry cnuicui mui no mumuu ie-, ceive. thinking Hide and eating little whether lie lived well or ill upon it. Hut w ho was it that had rated him so soundly ? That was the question. Rut nobody knew. Some of those I most fitniliar with Mr. Malco'm, boldly n-ked , I him the question, hut lie declined giving an an- swer. I'nnralr. I. until ircuiuiou , uuiiucimn- the riglits and interests of wives from being ister kept his mvn coun-el. sacrificed bv improvident and reckless husbands; On the Ttir-d.iy following this pointed dis.,,,, Senators Harrington, Miner, Cu-liiiian, cour-e, .Mr. M iVolm leeched his last quarter's , Cram, Swcalt and Kimball opposed the bill on salary, four veeks in advance, un I three hnn- the ground of its creating sep irate and conllicl dred dollar- besides. Two hundred of this hid jug iutere.-t- between liti-band and wile, which been loaned bv Mr. Laikin until such time as would greatly di-turb the domestic relation. it could b- collected. At the next meeting of The amendment was adopted, and the committee the ip-try the resignation of Mr. Malcolm a rose to report to-morrow' inorniii.r. mini-frofthepirisliwisreceived. IMoreact- R-,htlinn. By Mr. Sweatt" directing the lug upon it, a church meeting was called, nt !' to procure a pine lloor to be which it was unmimnit-ly oti-.l lo double the.tohi in the biscinent rooms of the Slate House; ministers salary. Tint i-, make it eight bun- tlj, (ln the tible. dred . Much was said in his favor in a m ill of jl)llfe 7, referred. To annex part of Han line talents nnd sincere piety. In fact, the con-1 cock to Roclie-ter, to committee on claims. To greg ilion generally had become much attached , incurnorale the Voro-ennos hook and 1 adder c.nm- ! to him, and could not hear to think of his leav-Mnv, to committee on banks. In relation to ling them. Money was no consideration now. , m ignetic telegraph companies, and inenrpora- The vote oi the meeting was conveyed lo Mr. ting the Woodstock railroad comp my, to coin l Malcolm. He evpres-ed his thinks for t,ie lib-1 mittee on roads. Adjourned. . .. . , " ., , - ,,.. ,lci,.,, i ,,,, t v. nllncil , ,1C milli.. .,. ip lV(ml, lhnlM , M.l.scriptinns and mMMw, if liecesarv, thev would quadruple them. When Mr. Malcolm determined to leave C he had no parish in iew ; hut he did not think j it would be n-ofnl for him lo remiin. Nor hud h" any in view when Ii" declined accepting the offer of eight hundred dollars, lint it was dif ferent when the oiler of a thousand dollars came, lor then he held in his hand a call to a neigh bor, tig p irish where tue sniarv was the same t he unmittee to wait upon him, and urge' i r s, , i , . , cempo-ril nf Messr-. l.lder. Iirkin. and threi aet epi ine miii ii iier ii rius niiereii, a .i , , . , . .- i others among the olde-t and mo-t mlliientlal . , . I , .. , ,' , . ,;r"' , ,,''7 t .. " . ., , J" i no iiiiiusier was siiiuiv niMiiioeu atillis. He replied in a low, unsteady voice : 1 '.Monev iias iioinilueiiee witli mo in tbi-mat ter. All I ask is a comfortable inaint.iiii.ince j lor my f imily. This, your lir-t offer of eight I hundred dull irs would h ive "iveu bat I declined I it, with no other place in view, b"cause I thought it best for both vou and me that we h"ii'il -ep- iralc. I have tried to look only to the good of the chiirchin my deii-inn-, and I will still en-, leayorto keep that end before my eyes.' , tine you accepted mecaii; asticd .nr. nil! -T. ' No, I have but just received it I' ' II ive yon positively deteriuiuid that you will int rein lin with ns V ' I should not like to -ay po-ilively.' ' Very well. Now let in iy th it the desire o 'nave' vou remiin is general, nnd th it the few vhn h in1 the in in igement of the church affairs, md not the in mv w ho in ike up the congregi ioii, are to blame for preiion-lv exi-ling vrongs and eriors. From the m liiy comes a itr,,,i,r il.'sirn In l,.wt,-.,ti .hie 'I'l,..,. ,1,.. voiiruiinistralionslnve been of.treat spiritual i.-nelit to them, and that if vou go awiy they .:n ...,r. i.. . i..t. .1 . J tin s,,,, hiss. uiiier in"se i irciilll-lilliee-, llr. M ilcoim, are you willing to break ire-eut connection" J' ' Oiie mo a few hours to reflect,' replied the uiini-ter, a good deal nlleetcil by this unlooked liirappeil. ' I wi-h to do right ; nnd in doing it, am ready tn cut otl'lhe right hand and pluck nut the light eye. As lle.uen is mv w ilne-s, I -ei neioru mo no eaiiuiy rewarii. it tun con i -ni in remain i win uoi leceivo more mn your first oiler ol eight bundled dollar-, for on tint I can live comlorlably When the committee again wailed on Mr. Milcohn, to receive his answer, it was in the allirmativo ; but ho was decided in his resolu. (ion not to receive more (Inn eight hundred dol lars. But (ho congregation were ju-t as much decided on the other side, and although only Tho parish of C had quite reformed its mode ofpuiiii" the minister. 1 Diieadfui. Calamitv ami Ihs orLtin. A telegraphic do-natch to the New York nmers d itcd Cincinn tli, 15th in-lant, giies the follow nig nnoriii uion i ne A. isiivuie pipers jiisi received bring intelligence of an awful calamity at that place, (he effects of the storm on Toes'. day evening last. 'I ho lightning struck the Powder M igaziue, causing an exnlosion The report was equal lo the loudest earthquake, , The destructinii of life and property was im. ' meiisu : one hundred liou-es were destroyed or injured, and ten dead bodies were already taken from (he ruins. Tho hou-eof .Mr. Sheaiers wa- j lorn tn pieces, tho family much injured, and one of (hem, a young lady, killed, Tim lioues own- ed hy the following p.'rons were injured on! Iroyed : Williams, laylnr, Mr-. Cleveland. Mis. Reed, Chandler, 'Buiup, Farrer. Ilirris Moore, (tide, Stout, Stephens, Chandler, J, L. .Smith. Rev. Henry M ir-h.C. Glovers, Dearunv. rjiiiuu, ivev, ui'iiry .i ir-ii, vv, movers, ie.iruiiy, - l including a new .Melhodist Church, also tlie In , i ,,r.i,i :..i. ..i: M...1....1: .. ! l. ..t... e ...... n. . .on, u ,,wvn . , . - uiiiuh ,,'- lloiltlees I hal M.nur 1 1, In. inn. I.. Ihe ill, ..I nli. VrtBrMW -.T.l. A ,, n i . n p..!-., rTl,A TT..;,. l""1 111 m u I he thiirlisli suitis urn It wnshuueil V" T"11 ' Smment would u'lfi. ,.l iy "mmr. dilhcultie., and bring nbom an ar - rungnntnt sanhfacinry to our covemrnent. cgt0lniuvc of bcrmont. Monday, Oct. 25. Sr.v.vrn. Prayer by tho Rev, Mr. Currier. Hilts reported.' Hy Mr. Fox, from tho com initlco on ediiralion, in f.ivnr of tho hills Incor norating tlio Wo-t Randolph academy, and the People's nciuloiny at Morristown j ordered to a 3d reading. Senator Koycs was elected to servo on the committee on" finance, in tho place of Senator Kidder, who was absent on nccotint of indispo sition. On motion of Mr. Foster, the Senate proceed ed to tho consideralion of the bill relating to the rights of married women, providing that the par ties to a inirriage miy enter into contract, in suring the wife the whole nr pirt of real or per son il estate, free from tho control nf her lin buid,und that she shall have the same rights and le'meilies and ha liable to ho sued in respect to her property, as before marriage. Mr. Hodges moved to go into committee of the whole to con sider the several provisions of tho bill; carried, and Mr. 1 lodges was called to the chair. After the adoption of an amendment proposed bv Mr. Htirton, further securing the riirlits of creditors, and providing that if the wife dies Intestato her nronorlv le-cenil to her children, Mr. liar rington moved to amend, hy striking out the provision that the wilo mav sue or bo sued, and lnvc the same rights and remedies in law or equity in rcpect to her property, as a feme sole, A discussion upon the general merits of the bill ensued, in which Senators Foster, Uurton and Aloud extiressed Ihcin-elvcs in favor uf tiassiti! Mm,0 measure of the kind, in order to prevent House. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Lord. I'acd. Senate bills extending time for clos ing hink of Manchester, and in addition to act chartering the (Irccn .Mountain bmk. The House resumed consideration of tho bill extending the juri-diction of ju-ticcs of peace to '; 8100 in tru-tee cases, and tho I ill was ordered i to a third leading, "5 to 59, ) Kills irUrixlured an I nfirrcd. Ily Mr. Blake, ' in addition to chap. 89 It. S. ; to general com I mittce. lly Mr. Cutis, providing ( ir election ol i Council' of" Ccu-ors; lo judiciary committee. Ilv Mr. Adam- ol Milton, in addition to act for ',..,,...,,:..,, i, .;,!,, iv., , itii,, i ...i. ,,.. , rlllinip ,': r.,,, u Mr. Cutis. nnrr;.llin t Jefrav exnen-es of Council of Censors ; to coiniuittec of w.ivs and 11.. M. .'..ll,.nn t Pil.'..l p IlI'MIl-. .,11. VJUII IIIILI, 1,, I.IVIIJIU . . Abb.,l ; to committee ol claims. Pc'i'inns r f-'rnl. Of Sum Smith and others and lloswell Uoltuin Jr. ond otheis, for annex i- tion of part of llen-on to Orwell, to genera! committee. I 11 ports. Hy committee on binks, a suhsti i tnle lor the bill relating to extent of routes of Connecticut River nnd llrattleboro' and Fitch 1 burg Rnilroad Companies (the Connecticut riv- 1 or company to build their road Irani Hollow Fall- to llrattl. boro'and to m'Otthe llrattleboro' and Fitcbburg Railroad Company ; and the for- mcr is empowered to lease their road lo ihe lat ter;) laid on the table, on iiiolion of Mr. Kit tredge of F. Bv committee on in iniif.ictures, I.I.I ,., I,.n.,.nnr.,,n II... ( Irl, Tr,,,, I'.,.,, .,k,, ,,. .oa r.i"i,r , ii r,.ir iI.'om; o,lcclc,e MU Co. ; Taid on Ihe table." Hy coin- ittI,0 ,)ink llU extending clnrler of the 'hink of Orleans ; ordered to 3d raiding. ' The Sen ite came in nnd tlie joint assembly adjourned until 10 A, M. to-morrow. ! .Mr. Lyman, of Burlington, called up the bill incorporating the commercial I) ink.iind propo-ed sundry gentlemen as cominis-ioner.s ; agreed to, and die bib laid on the table. AJjourned. 2 o'clotk, P. M. SF.vATr.. Reports. By Mr. Kimhill, frnm the Senators of Windham, in favor of bill alter ing times of holding county court in Windham ' p""n,.v' v;'h an ainenduiont design iling (he I "Me ,"r,lu' 2,1 ', '."iT1' "' Septeinbe, ame inent adiioted. nnd bill went to a 3 1 re.u in". I , , - .. i ...... r .,, I , ...,s, 1 1 inn in; ivi, -l-l l iithiiiii iru un i lie - mi. . )uu't ., I, ,ll , ;.l;,. ,l,.,i ,. ,,.,.,.,.,.. ,i... ject, a I saving- banks shall give bonds in such sums as in iy be required by the directors, for Ihe f lithful ' perform luce of duties, and in case of failure to lo -o, tint the ollice. shut be deemed vacaiit.and -hall b.' suiiplied bv another appointment ; read tw ice and I lid on tho table. 'I'be Third Annual lienor! of tbn Vermont Central Railroad Company was read and refer - red to the committee on roads. (;; inirulnre.!. Ite Mr. Miner, i n ml.lliinii 'to act incorporating the Vermont and Canada Company, empowering tlie company to build a track Iroin some point in (he present route, in Swautou nr Ilighgatc, (o some point in the western nr nnithern line of the State in Grand Mo (amntv. and (o build draw bridges rrom the we-t idioro of Hog Maud to the east -bore of Alburgh, and from tho we-t shore of r .1 . I .. . ..f It I I 1 . .1 Alburgh to the western lino ol the Slate. .Mr, M. remarked that the hill involved some questions, and moved it reference to the judiciaiy committee: opposed hy .Mr. Hodges and Dean, and referred to the committee on toads. By Mr. Hodg-s, in addition to the act incorporating tho Chimplain and Connecticut river railroul company, changing its name to tbe Rutland and llurlin"tnii railroad comnini'.i md empowering it to build a branch tosome'mer of Harre was Miiporliil by .Messrs. Hob igable waters of titter Creek brook and Walker, Fuield 100, Collnner 97. cominiiteo, By Mr. Barton, in relation to dow im-iow ine lower i.iii- at ergeuue- in iiiu s.iiuu .. ..lin.;,,.. en", I-.,., r...l.i fil'oflt, totheindiciary cnniiiiittee.' Bv Mr! . . . . . II irriiiL'ton. re"ulatiu r inoneved cornoralioiis. requiring all corporations who' receive deposites, I (ho Insane. Mr. Rico of S, iiioved to recon-nler (lie vole except binks of discount, to elect a treasurer, i The Senile retired, and tlio House took up I of yestcrd iy, rejecting (he bill fixing Ihe b.uiii who shall give scciirily for tho safe keeping of tho bill recharleriug the Bmk of Burlington, and ! d iry between Beniiiuglnii and Windham conn uuuieys, and faithful discharge of his duties ; to i after a stati'meia of (he I" ids shown before (he I lies ; motion laid on (he (able, tho same committee, ' committee, Mr. Lyman of B. moved to p jstpone I Mr. Ricj of S. callol up the bill in addi- 'igniv.cii Hillt. Incorporating tho West the bill to 10 o'clock lo-uurrovv morning; ugreed j lion to acts incorporating Counerti -lit River Randolph academy, and die neonle's academy 1 to, and Hratllebnro' ami Fitcbburg Railroid Com. 1 at Mnrii-lnw n ; pissed. Mr. Kiiubill called up the bill relating to the firu wardens of thu village of Wood-tnck, and alter soma rem irks by Mr. Kimhill in its favor. !...! i i... m I t: . :. aiiersoino rem irhs oy air. ivimnui in lis i.ivor, and by Messrs. Cu-hm in and Miner against it, i- ' i.i.ti i.,.ii. n it was again laid on the table. AdjoiiriicJ. House, Petition referred. Of Ira Scott, to committee of claims, I Hilh kiimv, Incnrporating the villago of iCislleton; repealing sec. 2 ol act nf 18li, re lating tn reports of decisions of Supremo Court. Hilh introduced ami referred. By .Mr. George, i i , , . i .i j..'ibii . ... ' "'?"J"-'" "ftee.i ii chapter 18 R. S. ; lo 1 r.ominiKeo on educKdon. Ktwli, By committee on ngrirulturc, bill In addition to act for tho encouragement nnd promolion of agriculture, (with amendments, providing a Stntn Board of Agriculture of three persons, to which all societies must report ox nemo, premiums, nil statements of modes of cultures, and answers to interrogatories, nn ab stract of which returns is to ho published annu ally nt the cxpcno nf tho State hut all expen ses not to exceed .$500 a year1,) ordered to 31 reading, lly judiciary committee, to ho dis charged from the bill requiring check lists of voters, which was agreed to, and the bill referred to committee on elections; n substitute for the hill relating to howling al'eys, and it was laid on the table. l)y select committee, bill incorpora ting a now town from Ferrishurg, to be. called H iiu Harbor: laid on the table. Bv committee on roads, against bill in alteration of chap. 20 R. ., providing (or assessment nl iJinnges by high ways; hill supported by Mr. Kittredge of F., opposed. by Mr. Rovi'atmne-Trusscd. Re gen eral committee, bills altering the name of Albert Lddy Pritt, and in amendment nf chap. 85 R. S., relnting to rents of lands appropriated for re ligious purposes; ordered to 3d reading. Ily committee on agriculture, hill for the improve ment of horses; supported bv Mr. Snuier, on- i pose I by Mr. Rice of S. and dismissed. l no Auditor ot Accounts m ule report in an swer to a resolution of the House, of sums duo tho State from county clerks, from which itap pears that 817 15 is due from S. II. Blaekinor nf Bennington county, and 8392 2(1 from F. W. Hopkins of Rutland con lty, and that tho bonds of the latter have been put in suit. Th bill relating to the manufacture and sale of leather, (requiring minnfacturer to mark his mm? nn the leither. with the weight of solo leather, and fixing penalties if the leather proves nut in uij iiiercuaui'iuic or 10 oe soon in wcigin,; was explained by Messrs. Dome mid Henry, opposed by Messrs. Spragne, Huntley and Need- themselves liable for all property unnecessarily Mr. Burton called up the bill relating (o the ' lv uracil Iho House not to establish this orincl ham, and dismissed, 170 to 5. destroyed ; referred to judiciary committee. removal of the Stale Prison to Isle 1 1 Mott, and pie, warning it that unless checked, the 'wh'.lo Vrnm the S'nat;. Bills incorporating Pen- Resolution, By Mr. Cu-hunti, inviting the moved its reference to a select committee ; car- ch iracler of our legUlatun would be changed pie's Academy and We-t Randolph Academy; R"v- Mr- Hrooks of Boston to addre-s both , ried, and Sen iters Burton. II irrington and Fos- and controlled by "he power of corporations. relerred to committee on education, liranliiig ferry to John S. L-irrabee ; referred to commit- tee on roids. I The House resumed consideration of the bill fixing the boundary line between Iljiinington I W;. .11 .1.. i.:n 1 i... ! Mr. Gillett and refused a second reading. . , i nun nil , , miiilv ; ii i e ui ii was. wiMiuseu uy , Adjourned. ,, Tuesday, Oct. 20. SnvATn. Prayer by the Ch iplain. llrfh reported.' Hy Mr. Kimhill. from tho

committee on roads, in fainr of the bill inenrpo. ruing ioo.s;ocl railroad companv ; na-scd. Iiy the same, Irom same eouimitlce,"iii favor of supported bv Mr. Cu-hnvin, opposed by Mc-sr. the hill in alteration of act incorporating the i Foster, Hodges and Mead, and laid o.i the ta Champlain and Connecticut river railroad co. ; I hie. orderod to a third reading. By Mr. Miner, from Messages were received from the Governor conniilleo on roads, in fivor of tlie bill relating j tratismitiing a communication from the New to the m ignetic telegraph ; pissed. York Institution for the Wind soliciting a por- lienm'itiranees presented. Uy -Mr. Iliitnn, ot i "on 'u me states U3iienci iries, and mo Jlnrd Simuel .Morgan and 83 others, against bridging Annual Report of the Slate Geologist, and al-o tue lake at Rouse's Point; read on call nf Mr. announcing lb i( F.b.Miczor lliwojr. declines Hodges, and on motion of Mr. Foster laid on the ' thciirtiee "f County Court Judge, in Windham table. By Mr. J. 1 1 unilton, of Pliilo Doolittle , County : two lir-t referred lo committee under and 129 others of Burlington, again-t the same 1 5:h joint rule, and last to tho Senators from project; referred to committee nn ro ids. J Windham. lligrmicd Hill. Altering lime nf holding A communication was received from the Sec County Court in Wimlhain'to 2d Tuesday in rotary of" State announcing that his office all'or Aprll and 3 I Tuesday in September ; pi-ed. 'ed no information relative to tho cxpen-es of (! Iith irfirrvtf. Kei-s-iliiig see. -2 of net 'io State Prison, and asking to be ili-cliarged of'lG relatingto reportiTigilecisionsol'Suprcmo from the Senite resolution requesting him to Court: to iudiciarv committee. Incornoralin" furni-h suc'n inform Uion. tiie vill.ign of Castleton ; to cotnmitteo on road-, j I he bill relating to trip ri'dils of married wo-i men was taken up, and the am-'iidmonts, pa-sed yesterdiy. in conimilleo of tho whole, were ! uhuited." Mr. Fo-ter moved lo amend bv sub-ii- tilting for tho bill another, providing 'tint the . sioner.s appointed last session to examine local rents and profits of the real e-tite owned by the ilies, was read, and also an extract from the wif1, shall be held bv le-r froo from tho control of her liiislnnd, and for her sole benefit, and shall be exempt frnm attachment for his debts. j and tint she may d-vise her real estate by w ill, j T10 amendment was supported bv Senators Fos- tor. (lodges, .Mead and kunball, and was op posed hy Senators Cushman and Harrington; pending which di-ciission, die Seinle went into joint assembly. On returning, Mr. Sweatt tnov - ed to lay (he bill witli tho amenJuient on tlio tab'e ; carried. lltll tn'rixlueej. Hy Mr. Miner, altering tho times of holding tho Supreme Court in C.iledo- nil, Orleans, Lunoille and Ussex counties; rc- ferreJ lo judiciary committee. A ni'ssage was received from the Governor, transinitting tho Third Annual Report of tho State ti ologist. Ado legist. Adjourned. HoL-sn. -I'raver by Rev. Mr. Currier. Wjiorts. uy committee on land taxes, against bill relating (o collection of taxes on non - re - i - dent's lands; dismissed. By committee ofelec- lions, tint Arunali Lach nf Kirby is cnlill.'d to a se it in this lloii-e, (objections 'lo Mr. Leach having been witlnlrawn in commiuee, owing to a defect in die proceedings,) and the llou-o concurred. By ruinmitteu on in muf.ictures, bill incnrnnr.llimrlVnsI (Vnrnr.l in.lllllfaCtUrillg CO.t hii.l mi il, 11,1,. igrowi Hills. To incorporate Orleans Iron Co.; extending charter of hank ol Orleans ; ulierimr ti .,,, . ,,f Ah, .-i I". (.1 v I'r.itt. and con-li- , tilling him lKir of Pascal P. Taft all pis-ed Tu extern! juri-diclion injustices m tru.-teo cas. cs to ftlOO : .Mr. Collamer moved to lay tho bill 'on the table for further consideration lo-t ; I Messrs. Rice of S., Kellogg and Langdon sup. mrte 1. and Mes. rs. Needh nil. Smil h ol-Wesdm H ittiim and Kitlredgo of F. opposed it passed, m iu, The Seuato ramo in and tho following elec- lions wero made : Cahlos Cojlidoe. Windsor, Hink Comiuis- I sinner: Coolidgn 12fi, Horace Clark 83. I iri.,r.r. P r..u I'. Horace Lane.', Luo.bargh. hiip-rni endenl 1 of Common .Schools : Eaton l'Jli, 1). P. llioinp. :in H3. Smis II Jcm-ov, Shoreham, ) nirectora of Allev Atmscit. U mdsor, (Sui0 j,tisuni Horace Fifield. Orange. i Mesirs. Jenison and Wardner were nn ini- mously elected; for third directur Horace Ii- j H 'hi or Orange w is suj'ported by Me rs. dice I of S, Lym m of Uurlington, and Sena- mrs Miner and Harrington, and Geo. . Colla Rev. Tiiohas Ktnocz, Wuid-or, Cluplain of - 1 Slato Pii-on ; on iiiim msly I lliif ll,nTfue Si I ner I o to niln n t nf St-ile Pri-ou, llirlow 113, John P. Skinner 91. 1 ii 1 1 . . i . i IlAMrDEv CY'Trs, H.irlUnd, Commissioner of 1 ho remonstrances of Lyman .Mower, S, F. lliihnell and Ira Fuller and others, agiimt an - ' uexiug M ui-field to Stow, wero referred to tho I General Committee, ' 'li, s i..n nn.:.,M ,:mr. ,.r tt-:.n County Courts, was referred (o select commit I HU .JUII ,IU Ulll 1,11,-IIH lllllU i ,-lllullllU tee ol three. Mr. Kellogg called up the bill in addition to acts incorporating tho Connecticut River and llriltleboro' and Fitcbburg Riilroad Companies, with amendments relaliug to carrying (lie mail and subjecting the acts ot 1835 and 1815, incor porating die Pa.suinpsic and Connecticut River Railroad Co., so far as applicable to the Utter company, lo lulure legislation. Laid on the ta Me. Adjourned, 2 o clock, P.M. tor Mattocks of Caledonia, absent for tho same Reports. By Mr. Brownell, from tho com-, time by reason of tho destruction of his rcsi mittoo under the 5th joint rule, that no legisla-! deuce, in Danville, by fire, resumed their seat lion was necessary on the Tnird Annual Report j and MnnnrinH. Iiy Mr. Mi of (ho Vermont Central Riilroad Co. Uy ,1r. I ner, of Oliver lhcomb mid 70 othersof White luster, from tho judiciary committee, In favor of: hall, N. V.; by R. II imil'.on, of Ileman Allen the bill regulating moneyed corporations; bill I nnd 309 others of Ilighgatc, and of Timothy ordered to 3 1 reading, lly Mr, Ciiliinin, from ' To-tor nnd -tl others; bv .Mr. Ferguson, of Coo. tho committee on banks, in favor of the bill in. P. Marsh and others of Illtrlinfrtm, , t, I enrporating the Vcrgennes IIoolc and Ladder Stewart, of K. D. llirber and 15l"othcrso'f Mid Co.; passed. 'dlehury, severally again-t the bridging of hake iir.mnnnrances prewuea. uv Mt. uean, ol John Gould at,d 14 others, of Kex. N". Y.. bv .Ifr. Nash, of Calvin Solaco and 33 others of Ilridport, and by Mr. Stanley, of Henry Hurt and 15 others, of Orwell, against building a bridge at Rouse's Point: relcrred to committee on roads. lligrntscd VOl. Changing tho name of the Chimplain and Connecticut Ruilroid to Bur lington and Rutland Railroad, and empowering tho cnmpiny to build a branch to some point on the navigable waters of the Otter Creek below tho lower fills at Vergeiines ; passed. linn? bith referred. To extend the charier of Hink of Orleans; lo committee on h inks. Incorporating the Orleans Iron company, to same committee. Altering tho name of Albert l.dily Pratt and constituting him heir at law of P. P. Tuft; to judiciary committee. In amend moot of chan. 85 of R. S. relating to rents of lands granted for religious purposes ; to com mittee on agriculture. In relation to jurisdic tion of justices in trustee suits; to the judiciary committee. BUI intrndiieed By Mr. s7ead, relating to fire companies, repealing so much of sec II of chap It R. S.. as cmnowers (ire comnanies to destroy buildings, and providing that all corpo- 'anns uu nri- societies m iy coiner me pow er upon the wardens, the said societies making nouses on the subject ol l.ducation, at the Hep-, Houses on tin re-entatiies hall tit 7 o'clock this evenin adopted. Ihe bill relatinrjr to die rights of married wo- men was again taken up mid tho substitute pro- i,so,l !,, tl,,. i. t. i- i... rw u y .,i i . , u-ivi t it- nu,,ii. , ion uv a vine n "U to ti. .Messrs. I JiisUro in.1 ox. iiirriiigton, iveyes, .Miner nnd Sweatt voting in the negative. Mr. Cu-bunn offered an anijtidment, providing (bat the wife at the de cease of the husband -Irill not bo entitled to dow er when the value of her real estate exceeds 300, unless the husbands debts are niid : Mr. Harrington moved that the on (iii incc be di-chirged Irom the further consider alion ot t lie bill relative to the removal ol the Male Cri-on to 1-le hi Mott ; carried, and tlie bill being taken up, tlie report of tho Cominis' report of tlio State G.ologi-t, and on motion of Mr. Mead, the bill was laid on the table. Adjourned. llocsn. The Speaker appointed tho commit tee on the Senate bill altering Windham Comi ty Courts Messrs. Blake, Plimpton and New- ton i Resolution. Hv Mr. Runycn. tn adjourn ' without day on the 3J of November ; hud on the table ! Petitions referred. Of Absalom roller and others, to annex Orw ell to Addi-on countv, tn se D select committee on mat subject ; ol lloswell iw ner and other., to committee of Ways and I Means ; of Joseph Freeman, to select commit tee; con-i-tingnf Messrs. Sherwin, Adams of . Andover, and Manning ; nt Ileman Slieriiiau and others, to General committee. Hdls intnxluccd and refernl. By Mr. Hatch 10 auer me name oi anpiuu recK, and ny .Mr. , Scott of Halifax, in addition to section 51, rh ip. j OS R. S., b ith 1 1 Go lord co.n nit'.ee. lly Mr. i Plyinplnn, in amendment tn chap. 1 R. S. (in j case of ab-enco or neglect of const ible ite. at i freem m's meeting, (he freemen miv elect a m iderator :) lo committee on elections. By Mr j fe'.ory, to incorporate Underhill Ac.ubniy ; COIIlUlltfeO Oil LdllCatioil. I r.tviraistl Hills. In addition tn net to en. courage and promote agriculture ; Mr. It ittiim , opposed this bill in a bnel lint spirited speech, on tlie L'rounds that it would not secure benelits com n.-nsiirate Willi me expense which wouiii bo incurred that the renorts of (he agricultural , sneielies often proceed Irom interested iernus 1 and are generally worthless to the public and . finally that tlie uvula of appointing (ho contem- ' plat'd State B urd of Agriculture is wrong. i ne uiii was men iii-uis-eo. inn in uiiii-nu-m.Mit of chap. 8511. S., as to rents of lands de-' voted lo religious puqioses; oppo-eu ny aiessrs Need'iam, Hridginm and Smith ol Panton, -up-ported by Me-srs. Carpenter of North'ield,Wnee ler. Smith of Weston and Rico of S., and pass, ed. The Governor informed the Houso that Hon. F.beuezer Howe j declines accepting the of fice of Judge of Wiudhim Co. Court. Resolutions. From the Sen ite, inviting Rev. .Mr. Brooks of Ho-ton to addre-s. both houses (his evening on tho subject of Education ; adop ted. R'ptrt. Hy committco on ite bill gr ititing a ferry to John S, Lirabec; pied. By com nittee of Claims, agiin-t petition of Ira II. Per-nns: laid on the tablo on motion of Mr. Smith of Wesloii, .Mr. G lodliue called up the bill incorporating Iho We-t Concord in iniifacturing Co., and on tils. m,ili,u, tl ,- niiienl,il i lis In reniliro 000 toby paid in, and subjecting tlio bill to fu r . . ' . i t . ..i.i i lure legi-1 ition ; ord.'red to 3d reading, ' pinies ; recommitted to committee on (to ids. l Mr. Tilden called up the bill incorporating the town of Bisiu Harbor out of Ferri-burgh hill rvmoie.l hu Me-srs. 1 ildeii, ionvere. oi bin and lUlum. and supported uy Messrs, Niles Needham and Gillett. .Ur. Goodhue moved lo dismiss (ho bill ayes G5 noes 117. Tho (bird annual ic.Kirtol Mate iieoiogist was referreJ to committee on IMucation. Too Senile bill in addition to art chartering Champlain and Connecticut River Railroad Co. was referred to coininilten on Rinds. Wedxespav, Oct. 27. I?-..,-, Pravvr bv (be Chaplain. SAnmr' Kidder of Orange, absent for the last five days on account of indisposition, and Sena- Champlain at Rouses Point ; and bv Mr. Fo-ter. a memorial of Win. II. Illake and 111 others of Swantnn, in favor of tho same project; referred to tho rommillee on roads, with the remonstrance of Simuel Morgan, ve-terdav laid on the table. Hill 'Reported. y Mr. Harrington, from the judiciary committer, "agiinst the bill relative to dower; refused a third reading. Ily Mr. F.o-ler. from the same committee, in favor nf tho bill re pealing sec. 2 of tho act of 'If!, relating to the reporting nf dtp decisions of die Supreme Court; passed. Ily Mr. Cushman, frnm llin committee on banks, in favor of tho bill incorporating die steam tow boat company ; passed. Hilh inlmlnccd. lly Mr. Miner, repealing tho act of M0 relating to pedlers ; referred to conunillee on finance. Hy Mr. Kidder, incor porating the We-t Randolph Hank; referred lo committee on binks. Hnzrmseil WW. Bill relating to monoved corporations, proiiding, except binks of dis count, itioy snail elect a treasurer, who sh give bunds for the faiiliful discharge of duties : , I,a"p1'' I he bill reported by tho select committee, re- luting to feuings hanks, was called up and in- j dehiutely postponed, nn motion of Mr. Nash, who remarked that the bill last passed embodied sub- stantially all (he prow-ions of this, and super- ceded its neces-ite. ter were appointed the committee. ine inn relating to (lie rights of married wo- men, was taken up, and after rem irks bv Messrs. l o-ter, Harrington. Ilodo-es. Cram. Koves. .Mi ner. Kidder and Cushman. a motion was made I,,. 1. r:. . r .i .. ,, , , . ...uivi uiui couiiuilii'O ol me w liuiu (ir ur ner iinieni inents . nsi. I r. i no, mn. ved to lay the bill on the table; Int, and by gen-, Report. liv ilr. S'ah. from tho committee oral acquiescence the bill was ordered to a third on banks, in favor of tlie bill incorporating tho rc',.l!inK,I . . Orleans Iron Company; bill passed. Hy Mr. Mr. Ilirringtnn moved that the Secretary of Cram, from the committee on elections, in favor State be not discharged from furnishing the in- of die bill requiring the election of town repre form itinn desired by the Senate, relating to the sentatiie to he made on a billeting commenced expenses of the Stale prison ; carried. , before 12 o'clock at night of the first Tuesday Adjourned. in September; on motion of Mr. Cushman, laid House. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Comings. ' on tlie table. The House resumed the consideration of die House Resolution. Instructing the Auditor to bill establishing a new town by the name of Hi- audit the account for printing the Third Annual sin Harbor, when .Mr. Deane moved to recommit Report of the State Geologist, and to draw nn the bill with instructions lo die committee lo in- order upon the State Treasurer to pay the same; quire as to tho practicability of annexing the pai-cd. di-trict of Ha-in Harbor to the town of Pantun; .Mr. Harrington called up tho LIU extending carried. the charter of the Bank of Orleans. Mr. Nash. Mr. Sprague moved to reconsider the vote of remarked that tin- case differed from the Hank yesterdiy dismi-sing tho bill establishing a Hoard of Burlington, which was one of the oldest binks of Agriculture ; 1 lid on the table. ' of die State, and which had been before recbar- Rlirls Hy committee on roads, against tered. On account of its comparatively recent amendments of Mr. Kellogg to the bill in addi- origin, no such legishitite benefit had ever been tinn tn acts incorporating Connecticut River and . extended to tho (' of Orleans. No npp'.ica Brattleboro' and Fitcbburg Railroad Companies, j tion having been made for a new ban!:, and no The fir-t nf these amendments, requiring tlie complaint h iving been beau! of tlie management roiu lo carry the mails at a price to be agreed upon hy tho Directors and I M. General, not exceeding the rates csnlili-lied bv the latter in ' accord incc with the exi-tmg act ot tongre-s, was prnpocu as a iih.titutc lor a section which eaves the compen-ation to be fixed bv the Su premo Court in ca-e of ill-agreement between the roids and the P. M. General. Amendment imported uv .Mr. Kellogg, opposed bv .Messrs. Rice of S., Walker, Conver-e. Lyman of B. and Kitlredgo of F and withdrawn by the mnver, who substituted an amendment subjecting the company to any general law to be hereafter en - acted applicable to all companies ; supported by Messrs. Mice of S. and Kellogg, oppo-ed by Messrs. Needlrim, Kiltredgo of 1'., Converse, and Smith of Weston aves 31, noes 153. An amendment offered by .fr. vellogg, requiring the coinpiny to liln tlieir consent to this art in Secretary of Stale's ollice, was supported by .uessrs. rveungg and nice ol s., opposed bv Air. Vf.,ll, . ...,.l .,:....... i t- !-:. ',.r p I Needh un and rejected. Mr. Kiltredge of F. moved an amendment providing fir a connection i of the Braltlcb iro' and Fitcbburg Railrod C im- ' pmv with (ho Nordi iinpton and (ircenlield R u1- road Co. This question pending, the I louse adj. 2 nVt.on;. P. M. Scvate. Hilh ll'por!e l.Hv Mr. Nish.from committee on binks, in favor of the bill recti ir- (ering (lie Hank nf Orleans. .Mr. Na-li replying to a que-tion of Mr. .Miner, that no appearance had h-en made befirc the committee cither for or agiinst tlio bill, Mr. II irriugton moved to I iy the bill on .lie table; carried. Ilv Mr. M-til, to from the judiciirv com niltee, in f ivor ol the n itfn i: i. : ,,r ' in trustee suits to 8100. with an am n liii"nt. I1I,SC Ulll l-.tieil'llll III'' J 'II -Ulv.tlMI ' J -I,,--- 1 providing th it tlie ihsclo-ure sli ill bj in ide in i writing, ana snail no recoru-u ny me ju-ml-o; , and the amendment, after rem irks by .Messrs. i .ueau, iiarringmn, n mges, ivm.u-r an i i o, 1 was adopted. Tue bill, after a spirited discus. -ion, pending which th i Sen ite went into joint assembly, was pissed, SJ to I. Petition and -mi'isriciccs.-Hy Mr. I lodges, of Andrew Thompson and 89 others of Keese viile, N. V., and of Bradley Birlmv and 51 oth ers of Fiirlield, and of lli'iniu Allen and US others of Highgite; by Mr. Ilib'iard, of R. T Miller and 80 others o'f Platt-burgh, N. Y. and vicinity, hy Mr. Morse, of H.MiryG. Ti-dile and 13 others of Wliit-h ill, N. V ;" h; Mr. Fox of W. I. Cutting an I 23 others of We.stport, N. V., all against bridging Like Cli implain, to committee on roads. Hy Mr. Kid ler, of L. II Spear anil 22 others, nnd of A. J, D.irfur and 37 others, for a land limitation, homestead exemp tion, and freedom nf the public lands; referred to judiciary emnmittie. Adjourned. 1 lo'JsE. Hill inlrntlu-ed an ! r'f rrrd. From Sen ite, relating to moneyed corporations; to coiirnittco on hanks. By Air. .Miles, incorpora ting lliiieshurgh Manuftcturing Company ; to conrniltee on m inufietures. Passed. Bill ch irtcring West Concord Man ufacturing Company. Mr. Needham moved to reconsider the vole rejecting the am-'iidin-nt to tho Hrattlelioro' and - l Filchburg Railroul lull, relaliug ;tu future egi- t t . I . i.l n.M t nn. r in hill in lilt III lation; laid on the table, and the bill nude tho special older for to-m irrow. ,' . lly solecl committee, against Sen am bill altering terms of H'iiidhim Co. courts; reacted. Hy committee on claim', bill to pay Merrilt Clark 01 ; laid on tlio (abie. O.i motion of Mr. Rovce, the committee on mids hid leave to sit during tlio se.-sion of the I loitsO. ,T 11, ' I ,1 , i no noose nroceeucu m liuisiui.-i s -v.ii order, being the bill to ri'charler the Hmk o no5t Wiltc,ing. Tint bank had reen recbarter Burlmgtou. Mr. Lyniiii of Burlington oppo-ed , cJ ,, ho r,llloj 1(? npnone,,,., reclmrierinc the pa-sage in an elaborate speed, m winch he , ,, a,cnunt f(,r permitting it. For his part, endeavored to show that nearly three-fourths ol , l(J hoIJ u was becall.0 lhe (tl,ck11)1je,rs of the stock of the bmk is owned by tour ecu i or-, ,hp lllIlk nf )llri,,t0 nrc rjch,tliat they should sons and their representatives ; that ihcy havo ,UV(J a rhartpr or J -echarter: it is not wise to I. id the advantage of ono recharter, and there- commit M,lki ita, t0 10 cu ()f foro a continuous existence since lb!8; hat LnJ acvo business men, who-o c apita 1 and en" they hive b-en exempted, beyond every o her ip, 6lmll,(, , j b . . bank, from ho operation of he bafety r und act m borroweTs. not lenders, and wo. Id I hi "!"' ' ,0 ,UX' 8aV"'S 10 "'.C'." "II l,n .ri'S8 i templed by their necessities to hazard the cap. about 81000 ,.-r annum , and tinal Iy. tiiat they ,al llt ,, tl)cir cm ,t - , have novv received not only their whole original , me who havo b exempted from specuh. capital back in profits, but dividends averaging N;heme, d nntflted ev"n by h 0 per cent per annum in addition. Mr. L. ar gued that justice to capitalists and sound public) policy require lint no hink shall be recharleredi unless it be bv the common coo-entof nil inter. ested; nnd that where applications for n rechar lerand a now h ink nro made, tho Legislature s'ri'l give a preference to tho hitler. l ite henate cunr in and. the. lolio.vms ap pointments were mule! WINDSOR COUNTY. Sewall Fullnm. .SViO's Attorney. CALEDONIA COUNTY. Robert II irvev, ) Assistant Judzcs of tli John P. Ingills, f County Court. Joins Flint, Skrrijf. Andrew McMillan, IHi; nailiF. Ceo. C. Cahoon, State's Attorney. Simuel II. Mattocks. Judze nf Prolate. Samuel Ingalls, Seneca LatfJ, John Kchcy Jail Commissioners. CR WD ISIX COUNTY. Henry II. Reynolds, ) Asilant JitJzcrf tin Lorenzo Hall, f Coitn'ii Court. L VMOTLLU COUNTY. V. W. Waterman, ) Assistant Judges nf ls Alpbeus Morse, ( Count; Court. Custavus A. Uaton, Wesley Matthews, David Campbell, Jail (Wi.u'ssiovr". After iippnlntingjn-ticcs for the town of Mid d'esox, the joint nembly rdjourned to 10 A. M. Friday next, and the Senato vUhdrcw. Tho House resumed th" consideration of tli Burlington Hink hill, when Mr. Porter stated ariolls fiets wliirli Iiml linen plieiletl in the rfim. mittee, and stating that tho committee had re- ported in favor of the hill from a conviction that a reclnrter was demanded by far the largest por- tion of (he people in (lie vicinitv or tho Hink. Mr. Hnttum argued verv spiritedly against tli9 doctrine of a rccliarterj 'to adopt it would make ...,., .t i. ,.. i.,.. Mr. Coll nner denrecated tho idea tint if a re- charter is granled, it is to be for tho benefit of stockholders; he would act upon biolier grounds for the public good. Tlie bill was made the or der for to-morrow morning. Adjourned. , Tirosn.vY, Oct. 23. RrriTT- Pm.. 1... f-l... , , of tins, tdc committee had been induced lo re- port in its favor. After a remark or two by two by Air. ' Ciislmiaii. and bv Mr. Harrincton, the bill was pas-ed The bill relating to ilia rigats of married v.'o. men was taken up, and Mr. Kidder moved to amend, so that the p"r-ou;il property of the wife and (lie rents and profits of her real estate shall be exempt from attachment for th debt- of her I hn-liand, tho control thereof vet continuing to ) re-ide in the hu.-biiid. After rcma'ks by .Mr. j Kidder in favorof the amendment, and by Messrs, 1 Foster, Cushman and Mead against it, it was j with (he bill laid on (lie table. I Mr. Harrington, observing that there was n pre-s of bti-ine-s before the committee, moved tint when the Sen ite adjourn, it adjourn until to-morrow morning; cirriel. Adjourned, j !!";!;. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Sliolton. Petition rrf r'red. Of 11. A. Knight and o'.h- i ers, lor iimiiuion oi wor per oay ; 10 general ...:!,.. i committee. lienor's. Hy select committee, bill altering t' in1 of holding U ashington County Court; or- iL're I to 3d reading. Ilv generil committee, bill 1 lo itienrnorato the village of Rutland ; ordered to 3,1 re tiling. Ily majority of select committee . on Iho subject of licenses, bill repealing all acts since and including 1S33 on the subject of tho s de of spirituous liquors; on motion of Mr. Miles, the bill was laid on tl'O table to enable the mi lorityof die committee to report. Hy com- mittee on mul-, hill incorporaliog the an I Wa-liington (Co. N. Y ) Railroad Company; hid on (he (abie. Hi' general, bill I i :-l, ,n l!,.l,,,ji.,r . .,l,n,l ,,, ii ,IIIL."- ' .-,,1 ' V n,v -.1 , ,,lt ,u u t reading. Ily committee on h inks, bill inenrpo. riting Black River Savings Hank ; laid o.i the table. The bill incorpornting die Otlerqitprhee Mill Compmy was reco nmilteil tn committee on man ufirtiires, on motion of Mr. Kellogg, who -ug. g Med an nm"nlment m iking the stockholders Ii ib'e for die debts of the company. The House resumed consideration of the bill rec'nrtering the Bmk of Burlington. Mr. Kit lredgo nf F. proposed an amendment, reducing the -to-k of the present holders to an amount n it exceeding one hundred shares inch. Mr. Ibtttini siid this amendment il'il not meet tho objection he hid mule ye-terday it held out fil.-e color-. Mr. Kittredgeof F. spoke at length in support of the bill, di-.ivo.ving all personal, political and local inlere-(s, and remarking that this could not fie a parly question, since men of all parlies wero ranged'npon both sides. This, he said, is not a que-tinn merely between the It ink of Burlington and tho proposed Cummer eiil Hmk, or b 'tween one set of men nnd an other, hut a que-tinn of public policy, nfil-odng t le int 're'ts nnd right-of th" whole pcoplo; and then proceeded to reply in detail to the speech ye-terd iy of the gentleu a l from Burlington. It was (rue dial (he hink had long been in ex istence, and highly lavored in its fortune ; but tt wis til-o to be reinemb "red that it had been subjected (n extraordinary ri-ks, having been a pi nieer in banking in (he -tite, and successful, while i(s compeer had fallen. It was true also thit (his bank h id been exempted from the Safety Fund act but this simply becau-e tho S ifetv Fund act came into existence subsequent to tho charter of the bank ; no privilege had been granted to the bank it was simply fortunate in n it being siilij.'r'ed to that art. It wa- true also that the stockholders wire rich, and the number i few ; so of other banks so of die Orleans bank ju-t rechartered a small bank lo be sure, but TJ" Illll.tlllllH ,. r,!, ,,.,(, , ,,u s ,i,.,, , .crt ni ti,n ,..,r, ..u.-o ...i.:,,! i . j