Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 5, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 5, 1847 Page 2
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59 BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER, 5, 1.847. fluctuations of the money m irkcts of the world xvhn might to bo our Icink'or.s i nti.! it was n weal nrguirnjiit therefore to fntaln the Comni"rcin h.inli on the ground (hit those Wtin -!c it nr nrtive business men. IJther points were til alluded lo but ui they were tint r 'ported, wt omit them. beeil ctnifeo'i'd tlutt llic? Itllik of Burlington been well liiinancil lh:it it v:i irum ; uml hit motto in reference to n re rlurter would be, hs to molt institution-, esln jierpelwi let the good he denial, lit; objected to the nrgmuont llml there fhoiihl ho n new tlivi Inn of Miich, claiming lint (he interests of the public must ) p.irninount to those of irdiviit utls; and licsidf, the scripture rutc was, t tjivo more to him who hid doubled his ten tnl-' cuts; the nliti-btnk who buried hi- t.ih'nt, hud It t.ilirrt.'from hint mid given, rot to those who Fml none there was no distribution of stock Ihero to now holders hut to him who Ind ten tilcuts. Ho in conclusion argued tint the pro pie in the ilcinitf of the hunk hive decided this qne-tinu for the House, by a very great majority of petitioner!' in n'f a reehiitcr ; urging alo, (hat If once (he door Is thrown open to legislate, for imllilihi'ils instead of the rouimn hity at l.trgr, these quo-tinns can no longer he ret'lled .upon grounds of pound public policy, hut Kill depend upon the preponderance of various r.l.ihing iutcicsls, in reference (o (lie i-tock and (ho location of limits. This hank has been f ife -why not lie content u loftg as we are safe ? The bill proposes an uddilion to the Mock and a new distribution of that, ns well as a portion of me 0111 "Iock wny should not tlie applicants for a new distribution be sallied with lint ? It was triiii,,ling, that the stock tnnv (n a f v hands ; so it h:ul proved, and always would prove, in pjiitc of nnv legislation- ' Adjourned. : Q o'clock, 1'. M. House. Tba chair Appointed us ( ninittee lo nnl-p p t,VLe r.t life's Messrs. Furrur, Kolte. Jiirni's, KniJlisb, Mott, i'routy, Matthews, Ide. Jluntoo'if, Hendrick, Whipple, Pierce and Hills N'lmrt. liv select committee i'unaiiimoulv) hill to annex part of l'errislnrgh to I'.mton, ns a sub-titute tor (no lull incorporating a new town by Ihe name of ILi-nit Haibor; hid on the table. committee, bill annexing pari of Iti'ii'cii to Orwell ; laid 011 die table. JJj judiciary couimiltce, bill regulaiing choice o'l Council of Censors ; orjereil to 3d leading. The hill concerning bowling alleys (subject ing them to the authority of the selectmen) was considered, when Mr. -Jones moved tothmi- it: oppn-rd by Me-srs. Blake and Converse, and t.-'t. lUS to 0, and tho hill was ordered to a 3d reading. The amendment of the Senate to the hill ex tnnding the jurisdiction of justices lo trustee ca-e.s wis concurred in. The bill incorporating the Rutland and Wa-h-Inston Uihoad Company was ordered lo a second'reuding. nr.ATii or coi,. ransom. Th" ('"vern'or spot in the follow ing message: 7b the ioi.,- of Irprefentntit es .- I 1 1 . v r- resvived tins day ., cniiiiiiu'iicition from the A IjUtiui (i uenil ot tb.s Ht-it.-. r-.iiiiiiiiiiii nlli.-ial in-l-lli "t'.ie of the iti"Hh 01 Ciil.'i'nuiAV li. Hansom, of llic 'Jill l.t-gtincnl U. Si. Army, who li II nt it- stoiin inj nt Cliepnltepec, mi liie liioruin,' i:l tlie Will r-ep-tembr. 1 deem it meter to l.iv tin' mlbriii'itinii he. too; the L-i;isNtu,c,helievingthat a unanimous d. sire villl.Hrltl.yiVmemi.-,,,,, that ldv to cMm-s, in reme iiipropriau-101111, their rcs, it t'.r the m-nioiy 1 ot n wjitliy ciiizen an. I a e.illant suldier. I hivv Iu ilierM slate, m it it will In- the dim-of the L"ii-laliire to eleit n Mnjo! (J iivralnfiheS I Dive-mii of the .Militia nt tins liui.., to till the vacancy m that clh.-e tlius moiirnluily innde. Tile cuinunuiie.itiiin ol the Adjutant General is herewith iruiisiuiued. iioiiacl; laton. Exsccrivt Chamber, Oct. 'li, 1317. AWT AND I.V,r. GtVEHVL's OrFICE, Drrirr. ) ll.itl I "1-..1. ... ue i Hi; Zx-t'.lt'iry Horace livro'. ('ur. nf ''rrmmt : &1I. I hive heton; lue a eiiiiimullicniion Irmn .Mai. Gen 1,'i.lenn ri. lMloM', U. s A.,d,Ued Mexico, 'Ji I Sfpt.,'lit7; convevin ' the paiuluj uiteliijenee ol ihe death of Col. T. It. Uanso.'I, of the lita ite'i I.' ri. Army, and also Mnj lien, nt ihe tid Division nt the Miluia of our Stale, troin which I extrnet the follow liv: " fl? fell in storming Chepult'pec on tlie tnornin of the Ishh iust., bavins leceive.f n ilc.idly wound m fhp hriul IL. I.n.l .I.liI.w.. ........ I ..: .1,' I.. il.a l.,ll..a ol Contraries and Cheninnsi'... l.t h. il,,s ih., i,:nst brtllniiu m bievement of the war.nndut the American tale of the wife shall Iu exempt from attachment '"'li ,njLTUi 11 "'''"-" his ureat illantiy j fr ,,e ,j,bls of her hu-b mil, and llio quo-tion meny'l Sffi .1- amen b,'t a- ed Willi vietoiy modilied, it was snpporleil Iiy .Messrs. Jrergu-oii ".lustia' toan nrticcr who ind eoveieil bimsidf nnd and Kidder, and was opposed by Messrs. Ilur- hit Slate wub honor, demands tint I should t.'snty tml l,Lres and Ko-ler, and wis rejecd-d. S-,!,,,1'"" t.-It-. -. - trsLr t.i.-.-.-al. uJ luii(.Mr. J. II ...,ili,,, moved lo amend by striking " ll.s friends have made nrrnnjements to remove his '"" tll,p, l'r'" isio" ,n,lt "K" rcnN ,l"'1 P"''ils h lb eorj-n'tohishoiueuud Iriends." i he held freelroui the control oftho husDind and 1 have ihe honor to be voir Rteelleney'snb't serv't, f irhersolo benelit ; suimortod bv Mr. Hirriii"- 1 . W. IJOl Kl.NS,.li7 and np. Gen. i On motion ol Air. I.vmm, the above mess.iirp was r'. ferrcd to a select comiuiltce ol five ; and the Speaker appointed Messrs. Lviuan of ft., Iliibhell, Converse, Sawyer and Rollo as tlie ccmmillce. Tne House resumed consideration of tho KM to recharter the Rink of llurlinglon ; mid d"bito was continued bv Mr. Cart enter of N'or.h- tield, who took ground against tlie rech.uter of The question recurring on the passage of the i.nv bulk as a general rule; banks should occa-1 hill, it was opposed Iiy Cram, and J. sinntliy wind up, old scores bp fettled, and start' Hamilton, ami on motion of .Mr. Ilillon, it wa uaain ire-li and fair. Tills principle was just, laid on the table. lis b 'tween the old stockholders and other c ipi- JlesiJutioi. 1'rom tho House, for a joint t ilists ; to refiwe to esiablisli it, would he to .iy committee to lix on a d ly oT adjournm.'ut : con tliat thebmks shall b'long to the ori'dnil stock-, eiirred in, and Senators Na-h, Iliucroft nnd holiK'rs- and tlHr lieirs forever. Mr. C. then j p-oce.K'ii in detail to notice various imiiiIs sta ted this iff irning by the gentleman from Kair luven, mage-ting, among other tiling-, iu topic to the argument that u htge portion of tho stock js to b? divided among tile Hew suberibrs,th it tlwy must lir-t as, nine Ihe riks of a suspended debt, and Iiear a proportion in losses which nny , relative In the peddlers, in addition to act rel i eiis'uc, growinsr out of past tr.ui-artions, while ling to peddlers, providing til it licen-es in ly lie thy can ol c.ilirse have no sh ire of p i-t prohts. lie believed that a lit'.r bulk would be as safe . as a reclnrtcr that a new built would give j uiersbdy, ny one lior-e ys ) peddlers ot jewi I equal riglits ami privileges to the people, and . ry and patent medicines ijil.VJ and repealing that it i- souml policy tn icqnire all bulks occa- all acts inconsistent witli this ; laid on the tu- lioiially to wind up, especially when this course Is requested liv a respectahle poiium ol the peo ple. It hid indeed .'.een said, that the Ilou-e ind already reciiarled Ih.a II ink of Orleans; but it must bo' remembered ll. 't no new bank was asked or de-ired in lh;.t case. On the-c ground-, lie was iu favor of u new bank and against a lecharter. Mr. Squires belicvrd that tlie proplo of Chit ttmlen county wee the liet juilg".s; 1100 of tlii'in li-tu pi'tiHoiie.l lor a recharter. His con stituents liad in-trncteil iiiin on tlie subject ti ey weie lora recharter, and be a-urcl the House that they vvell knew what they well' nhint. Mr. Adams of Milton said that a rechutrr been refn-cd l-t v.r; it astoni.hod tlie pei pie. anil hence Ihey had sent t ls-i r petilioii iieru almost unanimously lor a recharter. Thcv nie men too who havencud under.laiiilingly aiii1 coti-hleralily, Mr. A. then bricily reviewed the arguments urgiil iigainst tho bill. Ho did not hold tint n bank bad ii right to demand a le charter, tvor tint a Hew bank could be demanded ns u matter of right; hut tht Ihe legisl.,tur j, bound tn grant either the one or the other, or reluse lmlh, as the public inteiest shall demand III '.his case lie was re.nly to grant n rec barter witli the old capital, and a new bank in addition and Intimated that it was Ihe fiult of tho oppo nents of a recbarler that the is-ue was nut pre ir.nteil ill that sllill e. Mr. liottum continiied the debafo against the bill; commencing by remarking tint Ihe note- which lit' luid prepared had Uen tal.'eii from hi. desk he. believed purposely taken, to cnb.irr,iss him -to lhat lie .must be obliged to go on in a desultory way; audVeMiltory lie was. speakin; with great earnestness n:l rapidity, rendering i. report or. an abstract iieaiiy iinsissible. ilu .leauTug'ide.i vviisjliowever, that now is the liui. 'to"protect tho perijo'-rifrlinst-tho'tipiney ".ivi r by cktaldWO.ig.thf piaiiclpUj of' rciuiring lank. t.iba cliiseiTiin the cxpiriftion of their charters Mr. Snyder followed bnelly iu support of tin Iiill, vvlilcli w.u innde tlw older for to-nvirrow. A lj nirnetl. iV.lnAV, Oct. 23 Sf.nAtf. Pravcrby the Chaplain. A message like that yesterday sent to (he louse Was received from (ho Governor lrnn nitting n communication rroui Adjutant (n'lieral .lopldns. relative to the death of Col. lriunan II. Rinsoni! on motion of .Mr. Cu-hmaii, re ferred ton select committee of three. The chair ippointed .Senators Cushinan, Kidder ilnd X111I1. The engmsseil hill was Ibi'ii taken up, relat Ingtollre'ocieties, rejieallog mi much ol peel. 1 1. chap. 1 1. R. H.( as I'lnpowerh (he lire war ilen.s to def troy hiilhlings, and piovldingtliat f"r noralions and life j-oclctios may collier the pow er on tho warden's, ncli rnrpnrntinti or society nuking itself liable for all properly unnecessa rily de-troyed. Mr. Cusliiu in moved to amend by" strikiiiL' out the word nnnrccss.irilv dis- cussed bv Messrs. Cushm in, Me id and Itii'rton, anil by .ilessrs. Ilirringtou and l n-ler. I eiul liigtbisi!is(.niiin the Senate went into joint as-i-cniM) mil on returning tlierefiom, A'ljourni-il. IIocse l'rnver hv Rev. .Mr. llallnn. Hills lisi'il. ' Altering terms of Washington, Co. Court; Incorporating village of Rutland ; regulating choice of Council ol Coli-or.s; to pay Jauie.s Sherwin. l)y committee of ways and nican.i. Dgaint hill relating to County revenue, (duelling "ped dlei's taxes from the Slate to the County Treas ury ;) laid on the table. Mr. Sibin moved lo reconsider the vote re jecting the Senate hill incorpoiatiua tlie l'eo le's Academy, tin Senate haing lieen requested to return the hill ; laid on the luhhK lle'otutmnt Ry Mr. Saiitli of Wait-field, in-tructiug commiltte on miliiary allai to in quire whether legislation s not uece-jary lo equalize llio buideos of the people on this nib iTt ; by .Mr. Locke, for a joint committee of three from eacli hoii-e to li. upon a day of nd inurnment; by Mr. (Joodhue. suspending tlie reading of the journals hereafter; by Mr. Pur ler, iii-trucling committee on Statu Prison to inquire into the expediency of leasing the labor ol the convicts for the term of Cue jears all adopted. Messrs. Locke. Rlako and Salmi were ap pointed on the p.irl of the House, committee on 1 idjoiirnment. 1 I'rtitiims rrf rrt-J. Of Jeremiah Sanborn nnd j others, for a lepeal of license law, to committee of Ways and Means. The Senate came in, nnd Thomas Miller was iippmoicil second as-i-tant judge of Wind ham Co., in place of libenezer Howe, declined. ' 2 o'clock r. M. Senate. Mr. Cushman withdrew the amend-1 incut, ollcred by him in the forenoon, to the hill relating to fire societies, and propo-ed another ('.'tending the provisions of tho bill to all lire so cieties, whether specially or generally ineorpo- ! ritul; amendment adopted anil bill pa cd. llej'irt. iiy Mr. Kidder, from committee on linance. in f.ilor of repealing act of ' If! relating to peddlers, with an uinendiii' nt providing that the bill shall not ullect licenses granted or pen alties incurred under the present act ; laid on the table. llcfiihit'mn. By Mr. Milton, for joint assem bly on SutimUy nt 10 o'clock a. m,, to elect Major Ceneral of the third division. 1 Mr. ,a-h call",! up the hill, ann-xing part of IT l. .. !.-, .... .1 -l .. .. . .""" ''V" -l"c"s"icr, an.i ' J"U --s.'iuuors ,r".1" AiMisoii, on coiisiilt.itioii, h id no objection , 1 1 Its passiieo; 11 l-sed. Thu bill in alteration ofChap. 1 It S, so that no election of town representatives shall be ! made on a hilloting co nin"iiri d alter 12o'c.lo'k , at niglit, was taken up, and was oppo-ed Iiy .Mr. II iriington. 011 tho gioiind of its tendency In, produce dilliculty by the great diversity oftiine, and its alliiidiiig cnn-luut temptation to coti-ta- , hies and town authorities to ceate delay under various pretences in order to defeat an election, I md was supported by Messrs, Hodges, Cram.! Itieman and Nah, as relieving' towns from I great evils and buideiis ihey are now subject lo, Iiy unrea-onibly protracted ballotiugs, and on mo'iou of Mr. Roeinan the bill was laid on the tall '. Mr. Keyes called up llio hill relating tn tlie rights of married women, and .Mr. Kidder in id- ilied tho amendment projiosod by him yesteiihy. so that only the rents and prolit-. of the real ton oppo-ed by Messrs. Rurton, Totter and .Mead; !o-t, 11 to 1 1, Veil. .Messrs, Rr.nlley, Cram, Cushman. I-'urgu-oitj .1. Ilimiltnu, 'll irringtnn, Hilton, Keves, Kidd"r, Mor-e, and White. X'lij Me-srs. Rinc.rofi, H'eimu. Rurton Dean, Toster, I'ox, R. Ilunilton, llibbird. 1 lodges, .Mattocks, .Mead, N.isli, Stanley, and Stewart White were appointed on the put oftha Sen ate. Senator Hilton asked ieave of absenco from and after Monday morning ; granted. Adjourned. Iloisc. Hyorts. Ry Committee of Ways and Means, a substitute lor tiie various bill- granted to cili.ens ol other. states, of good uior- j al character at thu following rales foot ped- hie. Mr. B'ttum called up the bill relative to Ba sin Harbor, thu question lieiti'' upon tlie sub ti- lule, annexing that part ofRirrisburgh cilled II i-in 11 irlior to I'antoii. Mr. liottum inoved to amend Ihe substitute hy retpilring the us-eiil of lVrri-burgh : siipporled by ,1e-sr.s. liotinni, I'.ivTer.s and t'.niver-e, opposrd by Messrs. .Wiles, Hubix'll ainl Squier, and lost' ayes -1. noes 131, Tito question 'recurred on adopting tlie sub-titute ; oiuios al bv .Mr. Converse, sun- ! ported by Mr. Kittredge of K., aial agreed to.and the lull ordered to a M reading. A resolution from tho Senile to elect .Uajor 3d Brigade eras concurred in. The House resinned consideration of the Iiill hi ,'eclnrtrr the Bank of ilurlingtnu. ,Wr. Kit Irulgi" nl T. propo-ed an amendment relative to llio distribution of the stock, which w. is adopted The debate was then resinned by .Ur. Walker. Ihe. House wits asked In take a new step, to sei i new precedent, in griming arechuterto u bink a second tune : and it was in his judguiei t i verv important step, winch onht not to b. l iken except upon the ground nl imperative lie ces.ity, lits argument, Ihcrelore, was iiuinU iddrcsed lo tins point ol necessity, winch In ''.included did not exist, and m the bill ought lint to lie sustained, I'lan-able as ncemed the urgio nent lhat good hanks ought to l.e perpetual, In iininded the it was tlie very argil neiuoii whicli (lie governments of llurope al- .loipien i susiaiu ttietr nppres.jtn iiislitiilions. Mr. Smith or Wailsliel.l thongbt the question iKtween ibo lluilingion ll.,k and a new bank. was prvi-1-ely like that ol retaining nn old uml ailhfi.r servant , prelereuco to a new anil i.u "w"":V , l,,,,rtlmt,'"l"'ld servant. '- ' ' "i-K'hsi .iK.,,i-t rocharlers. He ,vas Hbort terms, ad rotation, j b,kin.rus .v eil hs in oilices. It U tu.t .,, I . V. . . . f.T. ,sto the Htockho ders, as M,1 rem t ..ned, but as to tip. public; each bank has iu i.stoiH.'M lavored ones, and they should neru doually bo Torced tu rctiro and leavu the field to others. Mr. Collamer replied to somo remarks yestcr- ay liv tile RCflllctnail from Northficld, hut ns I the Piihjyrt was not noticed In the report, the I renlv is of course olnilli"l. Mr. f!. stated that tho iiill contained proVisirais requiring (he pres ent Rank to settle its ronccrtis a point In which the gentleman Irom N'orthlield hud been mista ken, Mr. Smith of Weston could not subscribe tn the doctrine that corporations nuislbo perpetual, even though lliev are good, On motion of .Mr. Punt, the hill wa mado (ho order of 10 o'clock (o-morrow morning, Mr. Lyman ol It. called up the bill Incorpora ting the Cnmineicial Jhnk, and It was read a second time nnd made tho Older for to-morrow morning. 10 o'clock. Mr. Kittrnlge of I', called up the hill incor porating the Rutland and Washington Railroad Co., when Mr. Kellogg propo-nd an amendment subjecting the company to any general law up on railroads, not incnni-tant"with the express prmisions of the charter and moved to rec ni mil the hill : after a spiev dicussion hetwecu dessrs. Kittrodgc and Kellogg, .lr. Lyman of II. suggested the necessity ol altera tion in reference, to cro-ing highways, when .Mr. Kittredge withdrew his objections, and the motion to recommit wis agreed lo. Mr. Converse introduced a bill taxing Wind sor 1 nunty ; relencd to members of lb it county. Mr. Carpenter of X. called up the hill relative lo retailed, and it was made tho or der forto-in.nrow afternoon.' -. Mr. P.irrar c tiled up the hill in alteration of sec. 7, chap. !)1 R. S (relative to font-rot in sheep, repealing the penalty which now goes to I he town ; opposed by Mr. Spraguc. supported by Siui'li of Weston and Rottiun, and .1 motion to dismiss was rejected, and llic hill was ordered to a third reading. Mr. Preemaii of Waterville had leu e of ab sence. '. Adjourned. Satit.iiav, Oct. 30. Sl:;ate. The Senate went into joint assem bly. On returning, the hill rn lo amend chap. 1 of R. S., that no hilloting for town representa tive shall be hehl after 12 o'clock at night of ihe lirst Tuesday of September, was taken up, and in an ununited ili-ciis-ion, was supported by Me-srs. Cram, PergiiMin, Hodges, Stewait.and lleeman, and oppo-ed by Messrs, Harrington. Kidder, and (.'u-lun in. and a motion of Har rington to lay the hill on the table, b"ing iot, it was by general consent ordorded to .1 third reading. Horsr. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Lord. The Speaker announced the temporary ab sence of tlie Clerk of the liiuiet on account of -ickncs.s, and the appointment ol Win. Werton L-q., of lliirlineton, as clerk pro tempore, with the un minimis cou-eiU of the House ; and Mr. Cults was appoint! d to notify Ihe Senate. JlfmrH. Iiy minority of select committee, against Iiill lel.iting to licenses to innkeep -r-, Sec aryuine that (be exi-ting hw has produc ed "oid ellects in c err state where it has been te-ted that fiiMineiit chanees are to tho pub'ie interest ind that the people ought 1 initio he ilep.-iveil ol the right ol ueciuino niion the trallic as at piesenl provided, independent of pol eulaiielemeiits. II tk lane I. Taxing Ora ige caunty ; annex ing part ol (ioshen to Rochester; tn pay Je rome J. lteaidslpy ; Iu addition lo chap. 11 K, S., of fences ; relating to bow ling alley-. j Tlie Senate came in, and Ilrig. 0'en. Arte mis Ciishiuiu was 1 1 1 1.1 ui 1 11011 -1 v elected .Maj-r Ceneral ol the 31 division, in place of the bite (Sen. T. II. R iiisoin, and the Sen ite vvthdrew. 'I'll., I tnii.i ...siin,..,l e. .1,. ..I.. 111. inn nt" tin. I. Ill Ihe I louse re-uiivil l on-i.leiation ol (lie bill to reclnrtcr tin' II ink l llurnnotoii. .Mr. Mat- son in wed to discuss it, .Mr. Converse m ived to p. ist p. ii iu until Monday, in th" hope that all parties would agree to some arrangement, sat-i-fictory to lliein and tin- Houe, to save lime and excitement ; he whs tberefnro opi osed lo dismissing. Mr. Matson thought lime enough h id b '"ii coTsinnsil, an I p?r-isted in his nvlloii Ayes 70, noes 107. On motion of Mr Converse the bill was postponed until Monday, 2 1'. M. so was tho hill chartering the 'Commercial bank. Moxtuv, Nov. 1. Sr.WTr.. Praver hv the Chaplain. KeiHirl. He Mr. Harrington, from tho select committee on the snbiect, in i.ivor of the hill, providing f.r the erection of a piison on l-lo la i no tailn. id conn st il is rather a matter ul scrinuscou-mdinont-, appropriating for the ' Jrq'a'uce to the whole hlaie, nnd to neighlioii.M , .. . 1 '.. i . it . M lies ; nnd deseives to be discussed and decided upnll lead ot ten thousand dollars a , 1,R.r'l.,1,i,l.riit,n5 than nre usually ,el,i niter in Iolte, Willi ame purpose eight in voir, for three ve.irs, and authorizing the remo- v il, from time to time, of furniture, ivic, that can ie spired at Winl-or. Tue couiuiiltee submit ted a dlailed special report, Irom which it ap ii'iredtliit tlu bu-iiu'ss now carried on in the state's prison is ino-tly carri.ig.' and shoo nuk ing : that tho pre-ent number of convicts is 53, Usually Ii5, and their average length of service, throe veirs; that tho pri-on, since ISJt), has cost tin, Sttte yiSl.112 3U, i.r the co-t of its erection, equal to ; 1,(1 II 07 each voir; that this loss Ins in origin chiefly iu en leavors to pro-cento mech uiical business, re piiring skill lar bejond tint po-spssed by con victs ; and that the convict labor, if applied lo quarrying -lone on hip la Mutt, a locality w Inch piesenl" unequalled facilities for doing tho same ........ ... i .'....i.i ...i.i '.I ... .... -.urn aim pi iiuno'i , iniii'u ,ii... i.i tnu -ji.iii- ..verSJO.OUU uiiniullv, being about double both the nrdin irv and extraordmarv exiien-e- of the pri-on 'I'he amendments were adopled, and on motion of .Mr. l o-ter, the hill and the report wereorderetl to lie on the table, and 3U0 copies I . .1 .. . .. !i ,.. I... tirtt.fn.l I "'."" I""'""'. . . 1 he eugros-ed bill, so to amend chapter 1 K. .. ., . n. ... . I. . ' S. th it no town reoreseotiitivo shall be olneied i . . . , ., . i , "'s. ... j,......s - - ... , . iiii.ue niieiesi, ti wniiiii sceui 10 oe e ee.oujliy .11111- oii ii In Holing commenced itlu-r li! o clock at , Mlme, l() i,c tl(. ,;,, no less thnn the privilege, i wl''"" ""d near her borders, that i- far higher run to luu! nn mound on winch toju-tity or even e. night of tho lirst Tuo-diy of September, was! , ........... ...' ,,. than thai ol "riiiilin.r and rerfeelitnr a siinti!.- cu-eudenial of the it nut ... tak"n up and pis-ed. by a vote of I -I to 11. v.... s-,-.,.: - ii ts.. oiisoii. 1'o.v. J. H.i.nillon. lt. Hamilton. Hod-es.' Kimball, Mead, .Ior-e, ,a.i, .Stanley, .Stewart, j .Llis oju iiors nioeroil, Dlllioo, i.llsiiiu.lll, Foster, Ilnrrington, llibbard, Kejes, Kidder,, ,1 itlocks, .Sweatl, White. The engrossed lull, relative to the riglits of married women, providing the rents and prolit- of tlie real estate of tlie wife shall lie held liv her I'reo from tho control of her hiisbiiid.and -ii ill be exempt lioin attachment for his deb's, and einpowemi!.' her to dovi-c her real es'ale, or any ile-cend.ible interest therein, was passed Iiy a vote of IS to 8. Adjourned. llofsi-.,l'iayer by Uev, Mr. Webster. Herniations, ' lly Mr, liondhne, no nil! or pe tition to be iiilroduceil after Thursday nc.t, and hv Mr. W.ud, iii-trucling committee on unlit. irv ..iHiirs to inquire, into the e.pediency of equali iug Ihe burdens of the militia system; both adopled. It'iurossed Hills, Making appropriation for Council of I, ciisnr; to p.iv Merrill Clark ; lo incorporate llhcl; liiver .Saving- Hank; relating to tlie State l'rion ; lo annex part of 1'erris 'mrgli to I'anton, (itiueu.led, us lo expen-cs ol 'own for Ihe pi ut jearj everally pa-sed. In atlililion to nets iueorimrutiiig Conuecticnt diver and lli.itll. horo' and i'lti'liburg Uailroad toui..iuies ; pusscil. Ailjournetl. i! o'ciotk, I. M. Sr.NATn Hill reported. Hv Mr, IlarriiiL'ion. fioui the judiciary coinmitlce, in favor of tlie bill ! -egul.iliiig the choice of Council of Censors ; pi-sfd. House resnlutinn. Including the iiitroiluclion of hills and petitions alter Thursday morning next, .lr. 11 iriington moved to I ly on tho table; lot, and resolution concurred in. Adjourned. Ilui'-r.. The House resumed consideration oftho hill to recharter llio I! ink of llurlinglon, when Mr. Converse said lhat ho was anvious to reconcile the dill'eiences of opinion which had so long occupied the House, between llio-e who were ilesiruus lor a recbarler, and llioso vvim nked a new haul.: lie Uierefore moved lo striki out suven tedious i. f the bill, leaving it a siniph recharter of the bank witli its present capitil, al thu same time proi.-ing to grant a new bank with a capital of ftl.MJ.OOO, thus giving two Links, without nny increase of capital lieymtd what this , m-ovides. Ills amendment wis 1 ngrecil to unanimously. ,1r. Walker moved to ' Opposed by .Uessrs. Sevmour, Culls and Kit- tredgo of P., who were aiixious to pa's forward the busne-s of the House ; siippnited by ,lfessr. Lyman of 11., Walker and Kellogg, and agrcid 'i,ii..i, , . ,, , , , I ho hill tn charter the Commercial Rink was then considered, amended as above snggeotfl. and the hill made the order for Wednesday next mmi; ion on i mo order lor c inesuav, 111 a h. 10 A. M Adjourned, vi. friday morning, novrmbcr 5, 1317. " In THE dark ami TKOUtiLEl) MGIIT THAT ts tiros us, TllEiiE ts mi Star above the horizoi TO give c.ia gleam of LKiltT, nXCEl'Ttxo THE INTELt.Kin.NT, PATRIOTIC Wlllfl l'AIITV OF THE U.niteii States." Duiiiel Wchter. Ilridsliic the J.nke. Our friend of llio Montpelier H'oc'iiairti, in his daily of the lKrfisiihV,'"i'nfroduces a com munication (from, ns he says, " one of tho mot distinguished of the jurists and statesmen of Vermont ; a jrmhnl man, as well as an expe rienced legislator in former years,") with tho following rather animated flourish of trumpets. Wo propose to pay our respects, briefly, to both the communication and the editorial tho pre face and tho book and we do it the more cheer fully because they furnish the only avowed lemit that we have yet een t vindicate the necessity or toe policy of bridging tlie naviga ble waters of Lake Champlain. The following is the editorial : TI10.12I1 we hive been loni'li-ir with the leelslolion of Vermont, by our pu-eaie at evviv cs-iin, and nearly every day of each session, r bst t,,(.tv rears, we cannot call to i.imd nnv nroieet ot ereater oiajnini le 111-111 1111s 01 iinuitiiig iike utianip inn n it be ,11 led. ns itshimld he old ' the itileiests tu vuived and the res.ilts tint will piohahly ensue. W'e hire expected, thereloie, te have something to My ; Ul'iucil imr idea of propriety lias been lo await the le su'ts of the iherouitli tnvestii-iiitiu now cuing on b.dbre the eoiuiinlttTson Ilea. Is nt hulh llousi's. Oh s 'rvuii:, iiowever, lhat ur f iud the s:,.t.,,.lary ( tIy Senate the editor of the IbultUtull flee f'tess. ia. n. ready entered the li-'Id, weiau nu louder have any neiuiicy 111 ineiiinuer. It would seem tioui llic Tree Tressol Sept 3.1, that the interests. t the tow n 01 H.irlui' wviu the most IIIIJluil.llll Hi I'll, lil.l'll I 111 I j SI, III 'HI tj 111 Oil SI S ileserv uur tlie eonsi.lerHlinu ul to Male ; leit we lilu f. '., " " .... T. . . ., VVi", ... "0 .. Rowing out ul Like uaviLMtinu, with us rupi.ll- iu'.-reiisiiie ciinuiierce, how valued ul six nf dollais, and withal one or two iiupoitai.t eniu p.mies.aie iu hisiiew deeply cimeei ned. 'I'Iushjiu nppin.Mmaiiou to ihe true point from which tostait in the discus-ion nt this q lestioll ; that point beni that cvriy town in the iiiau nil its eii.iuueice ... its railioails . nil its interests jf nf its p-ople and ail, 0111, 01 sewra ni me nin.iu line; sones 11 e seriu ll-.y coneerned. Th- eduo',,1 the 1'iess h is ai'aiu fl n.iin ndveiti'd to ihe village ol llurliutou we ecr- tuni village, or ndvnente any slep uuiieces-inly in- terlenng with it-t-Ai-tni or pinspeitiie jnt.-osts l.ut VVC luu - t reilllllil OUT llh lid 11 I he 1 Tee l'o ss th 1 1 Vet- mo nnA Srw ,,,,.,1,,1 ,l,e West.-m .Su.tes. hnvean inteiesi wind, des.-nesuiiei,t,.ai. He oiuiiy wniiiii 0111 oienouK linn ueiiiiinui 1111 1 en sir- tain village, (,r ndvnente any slep uiineci-,iiily in- II is s.,,,,.,, ,, oi nit- nn-ii -is o, u , , - , . , . , s.ngle das,, limited fi the bordem of the lake and 'ive and uiifounded inipiilatinns upon the inn concerned i.i its ii .ui'.itioii : but we must rnmii.t luiu ,:,r, ,.r the eitieos and ore es of Hnrlinitiei ot the interests ot the wnole. people. Ife bus pointed IL. i i.inti.i..I us tu the six Mi!.!.io.s of isji.i.Ans representing ihe e.itiiin, .re, t th- Lakei w-e ,-s ru.inii.l turn ol the twelve viili.ions or, now invested and to Le uivi'sif.i in ru ntjiit ii lone, in un- means uj rnniing on eninmerrr iu railroad companies nlre.nlv oilmiiii- cd.nnd most ot them alreinly tu the priH'es ot ena. Btiuction , mill wo win aihi. every one ot vviiieii.ex cep. the Ceiitrnl rond, vvill be cnppled it not sipi,-d by the relusil of the hti lee. We must reiuind him aio of the commerce of whieh these loids nru tu he tie' c irries tlie cotuin-ree not bnie.y ot Vermont, lint si nu nreaeqid to one tilth putot 'the U.uou. 'llic six millions may be sit'. ly multiplied by ten. r-iirely this is no v in tee contest no local contest V llliiee tl -ills mid eoiuor.lllon s,tii:il,l.i,-si. t, diservis to ti.- -em, i-iy a. id candidly Heiitcd .Hid so we shall endenvor to treat it we po-tpone faitlier remarks to give piaec to the Inllnw lug n.liele, which we hare u ieipetedly leceived Irom one ot the nuisl distiug nlied ol the juiists and st.itesuieii ol Verm. an ; n piu lent m in, ns well ns an cvperieneed leci-latur in loriuer yenrs, vvliose opinions niu eutitieu tu uijjuest ie-pect. ...... ..r il .. in.. i in,, w .Tr-i.,.1-1 .1 too ll up pears lh.ll the eui or ol the v ..icoin in has hillierto been restrained Irom di-eiissing the merits of a proposed rourse of public policy, that he regards as '-of greater magnitude than any that has occupied Hie attention of the people and the I'gisl.itutc " for almo-t twenty I years," simply from motives of "delicacy!" i And he now informs his numerous readers that , , , . tins delicacy is overcome by our viola tions of ' propriety or, in other words, be Ciu.n the l'rte Press is indelicate he ineins the n-..,..t. .1...11 i. 1 u't.n .n,u.,i. nf Imtl. the ;,i,.h,n .l,.,ll 1. i The orouniU of both the of our friend, anil of his reluctant , iiiuiu, 1 i. win ... , . .. . , . . surrender ot it, are so novel nun curious, ami 10 ... i . , I it .. in fi.rreemoiit with u lint is cotnmoolv as- - - .- ,.,a-i. n sin ... Such eminiiio sen-l ireness , .....el.l,,,, the somewhat robust matters of build, in,r ,ri,h,,.s vc.r I,;,kes, and in-r impor- Mot nari.r,.blevrate.-s. particularly when evinced by the Clerk o in tlie project bv the Clerk of a Corporation intere-ted 1 ..... : and energetically urging it iqion thorougli a soil of post HinifCHrcxaininatinn that might be satisfactory to the curiosity of the liv ing, but would possess very little interest for the dead. The iri(Wi7wn's plan appears to 11s highly creditable to the kindne-i of its heart, if not to the clearness of its undeistanding. Our notion has been that it is belter lo discuss propositions of roii-idcrable impnrtali.'e to the public before the "result!." of the ell', rts lo secure or deleat them are mu!. known; and we have, therefor.', (notwithstanding our friind intimates that we have but ju-t " ct.lercd the field") thought It our duty to state our objections to ltriilyinir the Uike in advance of the time when that question was In lie trilled. Ami, though vvo have Ihe large-t c i.leece iu tho sincerity of the Watchman's proclamation of delicacy, we predict lhat it will atone for the taruiness ol its attempts to convince the I'tiuxE of the ex pediency of interposing obstacles to llio easy and free, navigation ol Lake Champlain, by its . ..... ...,. ..tlt.rt. to force a similar con- ,1 ",i 11 .,c fiTiTivrs onon ar avor. is nuilo atti'Cl nt: ; nntl is oniv ' i ".'." 7 '.' ."rai"i nneie-is , . , ., .. ... , tirelie miliums now invested and o 1 e inv. s'ed , l"e -i ue, niu so mu ot ei-ueiai lulilie tie.u-ms and nil equalled bv the nicety of that "idea of pro- ' . "'",r ""'" n" "ivi iiuauu i viut.-e-, l.y ithholdln,. the ai I uud tavor it uh priety " which restrains all ,iVchsm'oii of a great 111 N l'n"m ",,,n"' "' ' '""''"''"'-' -ilroady j t,. ..veive. or hy nny il.eo,,.,,. r. d or ill-ju le.-d act,:,,, 1 ,7 ,,.. f ,, Inrg.mizid." Wo lieg the Watchman to believe w,'ld he nieuitiu - a iesisi!biy, wmeli lew well m public incasiiie until alter "the' of Ibo " - . . loru.ed, nnd sur.lj no njlit-iuinded men, would U .... .. ,.e :, 1.. 1 in.ii .nil in.s.ioii o, in iuiii uie i-me te i. , iii.iui 10 lase lllioo nieiils,. t .. II e.nis.. ..n, ....... ,,' ". 7, ..moment the con-' Haled by the Watchman, "vvill be crippl d if' But let us examine, for a Hionieni, ine con- , , ,, , ., ', ... .... vv- . .1 mm in fivor not flopped by the refusal of the budge," We -derations vv Inch the Watchman urges in I.ivor 11 1 J ,, ... , ., of the bridging project, in the above editorial. , are oppo-ed to .1 Lecause we hold . to be the And liM it appears that the Lake should be , true Stale Policy of Nermonl, , ,t ,been bridged because the I'rce Press has not been -men.nly itFcuiM.tu 10 he, i p:,r.,h. cases, o.ite ...lliciently enlarged In it xiews of ibo ; In New ork, nuu Uuu.ecl,c..., and IVnnsylva ,'onsequei.ces of such a measure, 'll.e Free nhi, to MtEXE.xT the obstruction of all natural 1'rct.s, kcpnrdiiig to the Watchman, lias, until navigable waters. Wo are opposed to it be ihe 2Jih of October, discussed the subject chiefly, cause, to use thu Watchman's words, Vermont if not solely, in view of its relations to the in-t-nd "all her interest all her people and all, 1' fefts of Rurlinirtnn. V n. I; our readers if I fd, is not the nliin and reneate the plain and repeated itntion u( the U-..-I. , " ."'"'"'V, 0"u',""' ''"""" 'h-linginslied jurist an I statcsmin" who-e communication will he found Mow ? Now, then, wo. have borne this Imputation quite long enough. It is the stnplo of the nrcunients ol . r , ., , "(. 11,0 "'-""d" "f the bridge, who row honor the Legislature by their uninvited attend nice and counsel, that tho bridge is opposed solely be r.auc it is assumed th it its ron-tructioii would bo prejudicial lo tho " local" Interest of Hur VuiTtim. TI10 Watclimm says, above : " II would seem from the Prco Press of Sept. "1. til it the interests 1 f the twen f liirlin 'lnn ere tho most important of all;" and Montpelier bar-rooms and porticos resound witli the con vincing eloquence of that description of orators who are oblige.!, hv natural incapicitv, to sub- stitute declamation for argument, ami who as. "ert that " nothing can be limit n ilhmit tulwa Hitrlint'tiin." Now. In reidv to the sober mis s'.atcmcnls of tlie Watchmin, and to the noiv harrangucs of other diiiiitcrcstal ajvocutes of (he llridge, touching the course of tlie I'rce Press, and of prominent citizens of Ilurlingtnu, in relation to tlie project of obstructing the naii gallon of Lake Ch itnp'aln, wo have siihply to .iy that they are all equally untrue and unjust. We defy the ll'ifrminu, or any of its co-l.ihor- crs, to iiud in the columns of the Prce Press, from the article of the "3J of Sept." (lo which specilic allusion is made) to (fit's one, a singh n'lject'nm nr arg'umnil against thejviUcyi' tkrwr ing a bridge cross the tenters if the li'ihr al House's J'ninl, that is fmtmfal iivn the alhgiil " IkiiV interests of liurlinglun alnne. We have never, in a single in-t. nice, employed such a conre of argument, imr stated such objec tions. We have never oppo-ed llio bridging ol tho Lake except for reasons that we believed lo J''' cllti,le'1 av m"c' "''1" ' Mtpeli-r, or in nnv other town in llio Stale, ns in Uurlin"ton. .. ,, , , .., , . ti les we nave vv rilten on the suhject, exeeptiug in the Way of illmlraliiig the gross impolicy ol the legi-Iation that should inllict injury upon any one section of the State, without conferring n cn'njcnsa'ing a'tUanlage upon another section arguing thai such a coiir-e would be a sim ple subtraction from the aggregate wealth and .. .... . , , , l,r""l crl(' "f ,lie b,',le' " '' "t,l'rly ln"J 1,1 " vvo h ire ever, on any occa-ion, or iu anv 111111- 1. . ....... . 1 I , ... I . I J ,11 11, ,.lll I IllJNIl. I I Mill, III I IjFJJI s(Mi. l"" "'',ne l'r"-Pcl ""V '"-'. '"Ken "dely 1 bieal business of the interests ot a single ila'S limited lo the borders of the lake and concerned in its navigation;" and when tlu Watchman as-eits that we haie, it exebar ges its feelings of "thliracy " for tiiosp (,f ;i m 1. triallv opposito cli.iracler. Wo take it this , 1 r 1 ... 1. , - ,. ..11 ,t ,,'t --'---- I broad enough to cover all the pettifoe. ging ill tlie ca-e, and when the Watchman vv ill . .. , - ,. , e . 1""'" " arUck' "' '"r "'lt eontr.idict our 1""'" ! article of ours that con' pre-ent declaration, we will iidn ., , . . ,, , . " idea of piopnely needs mending Ut it i-u little rem irkah e that iilnut that our these off n- 1 should proceid snMi from Mnnlelier and St Al'ians t An inditr'rent sjieetator must look iiKin the high-iiiinded di-iiiteri-tedness of (he advocates of thu htidse in these quirters, a worthy of the profoundc-l adiniiation ! Tlie homilies of tlie Wiite'imrtn and the Af'ssenger, on a true public policy, are quite refreshing. Tlie Tree Pre-, ut Ihe terminus of three rail, is humbled by tho ntiselli-ii p.itrioti-m ol tin so papers o'i the line of one. Now we repeat the po-ition, and Ihe only po sition, we have taken in reference to the project ol I ridging the Like, since tint pmect wa lir t gilvanii.l inlo lile bv lie inj. dieious Rep rt of Mr. Hayward. And we stale it iu Ihe verr it mu-t b.i.ig i.ito .....I tl,',,,.,.-, i.K.,,tf ,,'U,.,i',i of " (:ro"",s '"' - du-se. if he were nu hon I tliiTUl'ro of the Watchman - t.avel. iieijiui, nu.l li .nt Inch n is dilli -u.l at '- "'mded mid ihoiihtful inquirer, be would tlni "ThU is noviilage local contest-no I uu'a' hz:,;'"uu"! I;;!; luury Jrl T """'y""4 ,i",t'"'gf"1 V h" railroad conte-t it ,s rather a n.auer ot s,rl(,s eons... j u,.!! tall aug,!, Zll ,n p o.ieula, ?tl,e Cusioe ..( ,nu"'' "'''n t:,dW ' " q lence to the whole Mate and to neighboring rip tes, 'u t . r.nlroi Is in uie Kite, th.j.igli p.-ihaps m u ,e. , which the riglu soul cannot tail to rejoice . .i i , : ' 7 roiisideiaiinus than ate nsin tv sought u her m vnlatie , flails and coipoiuiiou squ.ibbhs." i ins is precisely uie ground wo riKo, mm l. . .... :c. , ,' ... vv .i . have .iinformly taken. e say that every in - ti-ll. t III tllf l.tll, t .l I'l.llll lllill U II IL'll 1 III H.U i i t , , I . i i :.. !... wt i i ' i.i ... .v Ku,rtitUL iinnrn, m iiumiic u .my nrrtjrct for nh-triictiit tin li i i' iliiMi of Iikt i . t,. - tli.iinplaiii. Wo .iort lint tho pn.jrd lia- it- iiriLiiii in Huston. ;iml tlmt lis iksirn i k i,, . n. , . , i mtc i Hirorit ami thuv- igent and thuv C!l' ,l "ecide.t cominerci il ailntnta niii nppiiiiu uie very etloris that lioslnn is while we npi i .. ..... . '"' augment her bus,o.s pro-, erily, we . . . nr r.unln. ml I.i- ..Iti.ri- il. V. 1... -v - an interest in ..roieeis .if intnrn .1 iiiiiir.ii..,Mi.,it ,l,t ,uu rL 1 "i proji us ot iniernai improvement , - "n"' "J "V"" ""'"! iiiii-ii'e,iii present and pro-penile trade. 1 be U dehniin f'1)" wc hmr pninteil out the six jhu.kan repre anting the pre-ent " comnierce of the l.-ike. " 11,0 '"Mt ""'npiiien- iu n mr reniin.nng us ,.r ,l... elvi'V rn i tow i 1 ..I .iii.i.i"-'" i ' " irre-tH'Cllve 01 ll e vv. sues or ns-mni-n iiiiih-.s ' I . I of any railroad corporation in the Slate. 1 hal st.XTV mii.i.ioxs of con line rce, and more, i smely , .. , . , ,. , , ,,,., ' de-tinid, 111 our judgment, to reach uike t.liam- plain hv means of coinuieiciul avenues, ulie.uly ' ' , ' , ... nearly completed, which should connect ll- wa- ,... .... s,n ..riiMTin, .eilli ll., ise nf tl r. . ..r .... .... 1.. 1 I . '., ', .. -.f.iu-,, I he men. is nf tl i. . '.. sr. liberal and recipiocallv legislation of ,!, Congress of the United State- and of the Britisli 1'arliaineut, whicli have ul ready so large- , , .......:..... ly ...o ......,i.. ,,., ' weu III, ol X er uioiu. 11 e are o . 10-eu 10 nr 11 .1,1. ....i.'i, iier.iii-e iiinei iii.eii'sis un... inns - .. ...... . of llostnii or ol any ol her tributary It ill Bonds, ttttd ic-ely wider than those of Burliogten, or of any other lown within our State, would lie injuiioiisly iv ,,,t , ., , , 1 , ... allecled by 11 bnd'e. We moon- ........I ti. it lieeati.o on -iiii,h, trh.ii.t ,iC ,1... ii..,. , ., 1. . . ,. . ject lias el heeu ame to assign a solitary motive excepting the ab-urd line that the great .enterprises, costing the ivvuuc millioxs, Ibo IVVXUC MILLIOXS. loo, of roveral of the adjoining Slates, are scri-1 ously concerned." in aimiiMiing, instead of in creasing, die oiistacles to the rur.r. xavioation of Lai.'e Cii.vmi'I .viv. When Xi.u- York will consent to throw a Drawbridge over the sinoolh ' nn,J (""chlng this uiiniiilure world; and wbei.Ser thu and quiet navigable waters of the llud-on. and ! u" l,,st f"ll,iw n"'H"1 three inquiries. Connecticl'T will permit the equally quiet boson, 1 J vf " W f-" 1""""" rr"''"S "",, .. , . 1 . 1 , tatioi to iiiiike it Intel hgibe 111 t in cm bono aec. ol her own noble r ver 11 be ins snintipi , and c, , , ., , , . , , ., .. ., , ., ' ' fcecund, would the readers cf the I ree Press be grnti- 1 ennsvlvama will con-cut to a similar uliriJg- f,eJ nt receiving an occasionnl couiiniiii.calion to iu ment of the ancient rights nnd privileges of her this gnat city, vvliieh invjlvejso much activity, which citizens, for the purpose, simply, of securing "a continuous railroad," wo shall bo less likely, and less able, to oppose the Interposition of a bridge across the turbulent and frequently bois terous waters of our own noble Comm-rcial uignviii). until Ihen, the alleged interests of oenuer in i.niutui, nor tht Central, nor the Vermont and, nor the Ogdensburgli Railroads will seduce us from re-i-thi" a project that we hone-llv believe to be opposed to ihe true Policy and 'the evident Pro-peritv of Ver- ' . , , U e promised our reader., in the nnlet of this article, that wo would make some comments upon the communication, in tho Watchman, which our friend endorses ns " f:oin one of the mo-t di-tingiii-bed of the juri-ts and statesmen of Vermont." The arlicie will be lound below, . ' anil we are content to lit it pass with slight re- murk. It is simply a series of political trui-ms winch po-css neither originality of presentation nor any special force of expression. It i neb ..,1 .uuue "" "ppamm ui mu unugo migia write, and siib-crihe, as honestly and us sin- eerely as a friend of that scheme. There is not an allirinative proposition in it that we, or any other who resists the granting of the right tu o'l-lruct Ihe navigation of the Like, pretend to ,l.... 1, t , . . ...1 , . deny. I is merely a statement ol tl,s h,-,s upon whicli Ihe quetin of granting or refu-ing the r'glit sbniild lie decided. Tlie writer states the wnole iss,10 (, sprei.lcalty dhawivs all inten- r , ... ..... , ., uiu ifdxuimg U!) 1.1 one p ir.i, rapl, as lol- low : " If the ernntofilie privilege (bridsinc) is r.'cvnvr. to expedition, heility. nnd emivenieni nt travel nn I n n"r;r;Tr 0" xii t'vz ri mr. cuhlic ivrESEsT. it won! I eem lo li - e.xeeedllllv dlliilllit lo I'm I liny erouild oil whicli to ju-tily or even' ex.-u,e a den, ,1 ol t ,e gniut." , If there is any tiling ii'.a or oiigin il in this pre-entation of the qup-tinn. it is t0 tfc-friends nflhe bridge onlv-ils opponents 1, is . their ho-- ,',!, .. , ., " 1 .1 1 1 1 , tiblv to il on precisely tlie grounds an down hv . , 1 ... - , our friend. Ihe Untehmin-, 'di.tingiii-hed-jir n-t and statesman." We know not, nor do we specially care, who he i ; hot it i- very obvioi s that our hit ml, ll.e Cleil; of the Central, is . ,. i- . , ... , , trading upon Ins .,,,, reputation rather than upon the ; recent inve-tment. U e pre-ent the cnniuiunicalion below, and u-l; 1 nr readers il it jretenj- lo go farther than a p and -imple statement of the cae, in the s'yle i f a fair charge of u Judge to a jury ? Ti e Watchman, however, begs the'rhnle question f r bis side ol the argument, and runs wild w ilb an ticipated v ictory ! We linploie our friend o endeavor to contain himself; and wea-siire l.iin we lake great comfort from bis alroniiing tec I ration that he " would not overlook '.he beunti- r i i - ,f r n .. . ' .. ...... .nu iifi.siiiiiiinu, innoencr- f.,1 and important v.lhge .,r Roruneton, r ad-, ailJ ,,,,. , W.M ei AllJ , wl ricateany step unu-crswny interlerl.igv lth J Brr, ,,,,,.,., (or that want ol interest ar.d it ce ils exi-ting or pros ective intere-t-"! We rath- f Hon which maili-, too olten, the juurnals of European er think, after tin-, we ought to go for the i travelieis who Irequently visit our shores. 1 bey np bridge. pear, when iu our city, raiber incluu d to hang nbout The following is (lie Watchman's communi-, ' " ""'c":"' r",c tll('"l"', !''' Point", and th c-ttinn ; j t,rivts ol ill-odor, than lo siu ly the peculiar develep. ,, '. ... ,, , m.-iit of our national uiiud, as di-i.layed mti.c work Mr. vv At.Tox : 1 Ml Will allow- nil- In Sir n wnr.l i e . or two ilirou -a th.-medium ol nmrniin ou oi ., ' I - i.iau niter. public q lestibns now pending before . tlie 'i-latu e. " I U. i.upiiitinec lo Vermo it of th - 0:l-u-hnrg!i c in h odly he iu1 iiviiis...,k T,..,. tl..,h. s ... ... i. ii,iii lion. ii. .1 V tolls t.. veiv well i.ii.iriu-d mm I. llj.-m i r. ns n "'"' "direeiu "munii. y sieam wuh the va-t ' in re an i s,.o.- iei, ojiceiinn y mi , . .. iP..i.,.. . ., n o. -truciion ol ihis', ., inne;-.s,.y '""l 111 e.iiiii;n, i mu latin siui'ieiu '"nil tm -uek h is ahva li been s ib-cntie.l.aii I . ,:., , , P , t..,,;. in ,h- m.... -1.. I ... . I I i i ii inirii i i iiiii.t-.jj- lfii. v, li it ilif prtil. 'ii oi'iTf, (mi' n I n ii: -ncrK r!i ,ltW ..nt ii Lik- Cliiitiplui i iiotl , ii'MiiitT. Wh"t!iT ihN nnvil-L'f !ull l u'nnufil or i irluwil, n la tit Hi.i i li -i if l.ic li 'il tttia I.i ilf- lllH q , u lh . Mll lir linur..liy mi-. i rthctiiT tin- 'unit ii me i ivu.--" i- or h t -t in -imi- j' ' 1 1. 'ti- nn iu pi 'ii-.- limit?! , iuji m ii un.-. ii win or Wln ni iMt.Mti-n ith s,llMl. in.-n) im.TH.iir ..u i 'I'lu'-c iiit.'iot, w lirili.T i'oti-1'I.'i.iliic or ru'on-.i.l.'ia- 'in - - - . mui'"i tiitiiHiiii. i ivitii i.u-.ii nu-iiiii nn iiiiii 1. 1.. .. it,. I , . . , .... m,.H :,i !.,.... . m,. ,,..,,-i:il men..:. , J'1 ' 1"' 'f; "Z ""ZZi;, 'TXi ' In ..n . I.t.ii... I lei lie . iiii.I , mil .i.-iiii I . r: , ! ti n.l .7'.. ..'.."' .... i ' .n.. . i .... . " 7' : . u..u-, i. ....... ...... .i. o i..... ..r n.pi me 1 navigation m I he l,.Ke iu any vvnv p eiiiduri lo i he i...," . ., . ' ' J ',.',' ..... i ,- nil. .1, eilll r lilllJ ill. i.i- i .ei- i n vol V CO u,m ia. i u. must h t ie su'.tei'ioi eareiul una uioiniiii iiivotiiti n iu a leeiear and 1'Hiit.t ' way. The jiti (,- is sii.h aenily an'sw .-r.l uy In 1.14 1 nuiiii 1 view i,i- pnueijse 0.1 woieh tn- q iestJt,n r,..tH j nil I 0.1 which alone it .11 ,.1 I Ik- il.'teriui.ied. 1 can not torliear, lnovever, to o..s.'.r , th it q iJsiion,es. l.i'Cialk 11 the co.l-truetlo.l nl the ll' lells inli road nny lie s,ijii,,m,d toil.'ticiiil at all 11,1011 it- ilecis.on, is 01 uooi.iiu ny lu.'tlilule. 1 o ile.e it un enter- li-l.le lio.ll Its tea ineritsarea lout'il ..i n.. ,.... , , , : "' ni,' uillue.iee upon tiie ijuest.ou, the result may )H. ri mwv ol deep iei;,ri to ail who te. nu mtensi tu tlie ".7.", ''Vi.'V'.'i ,r.."i','"',',yi V ""i t?"t'-'""'1 who desire n. "'e a lilMralandi'iililm-iii'd poiic) pievailm itscoun- ids ,,'' rnl,liMs :to be able to say, that the roure Illt.leun pursued l,y the t;veruiue..l ol erunillt on the sulfite, .ailroaa-, haslieen sahas not only t a ... l'Ule l.pprnhall ill Slid lolllld.'llee at liniin-. Im, in ..,,. '."'."i. lt""'K''.' ' l-'V.e ll.e .--tale a lush ilrcrif of in 1,1 si.ijii.iny un-ound oiiil jn""W views, winch t..r n tune prevailed m ,1 ueigli. ih?!" have heeu at all p 'i.ei.ibl' m the netion 01 the eov- '"'""-lh're The l.'ji.htu,,. ,,d siiHi.-ictii lutet- iueneenndse1i.,iy,j,vr , , KV ..... ... siiiii, ii, 11 st ,u ,1 1 otliv, -is 01 the people, and tsitiiotisiu nud Uliiu.l.ipi.ii'iisewnielilu.s oi'tte.l lulrndu. tluli o Hlei;,i'iluiiproveiilellls iniei. us -.. .. ...i, s, ,11011 ""-") lotiue 1, uroiiuelluli n me LM'lllllltirove "' "!- mioeve.y p,,l 01 ihe Mite wlu ie iney are u.n iie,::..!:, !'' '' "")' .. 1111 rests or j.alousu. eM-iini; "."-n uiiieri'iii r.ouoa I, tu mum', lee 11 t,. t.vor ... . vvi......rr W'nul.tiie belli lietal to 1 ilher. au.l would not he l.lcoul- p ilihle with ihe p ihuc 1 terest.or nu urn oii-tiiutio.ijl invasion ot pmate lights, it has never he led 10 tiuJcouinulieinne pun iplc will suit continue tu be .."eiu - uo.lll.etfl - ldliuu. Wo learn that I'rof. C. 1'. lluoxsox intend visiting this place soon, with the intention ol delivering a course of U'clures 011 Ulocntion His Lcet iitcs, judging fioui the before us, vvill bo inteiesling mid instructive, lie comes recommended from such sources, that ho Is, to say the least, entitled tn 11 patient hearing. Correspondence of ihe Tree IVchs New Yore Citv, Oct. 2S, 1317. Fiienil C.: commence the lirtt of the " one er more L-tlers," winch I proiuhuJ to write you from exhibits nidi rnvigy and resiliss enterprise, which rcpo.its daily sj m my chni,'i', nnj cxjrts so g.-ueral nu iiillufiice in nil t!w chin lls of sp imi uiua uaJ industry. The third nnd liunl puuil tube determined, is, would they like to hrnr Irom tnc ? and the only d ita 1 cm luriusii them in fixingt''irt fioui tlieso letters nnssive, may U; summed up iu a brief compass, tiw,t 1 was educated in the school of the U V M. Veriimiiter of the Vennonters, nnd touching ih 'lv' " 'bl?. Now, ns these are determined, de- of wntin?, peihnp, n w.-ekly let- U'r r'";'r V . lf ul'f"V''rt,l'"y. I -Imil terrninnt. 'y ep:tlcs by nyiiur, with .Sj,, " I s.ny noihinC, 'hat's my humor" Hut, if oilmrwise, 1 sbnll endeavcr to m ike su.-l, stehes by the way, nod c.nimunicat. H1:ii iteneral inlellujeiice 111 rej-ard lociiyeventi, man- "cr"' ll,0n"d scbcmes.ns wdl b-nefit that portion of 5"ur rwld('rs wl,o ldoin visit this ment conimt-rrial CV"1"'' wl'o, cons,-q,.,,ilj, can know but little of trZu Kinder in 'n,!'"."?' i ",!"""" '"' ui me ii-niiuuli'r, in nll.inlini; them the niennj of e.iiuL. away a tew niu.uenu ol tl- npprouciueff 1:m vvmicr cvemngs, iu (roincin at the 'notes I mar c",lln,1' I 'uiiniy men nun tmngs, and m coiopunrs ivs 1 may lake 01 Hie enterprises oi(.o oeveiop meir results on so tnticli more liberal a -ca.L. i.r,. .,... ... ,.. ,.,. . taut extent, ns nntiuiul refiutators lor Art nnd Com- merce. It will he my aim, mainly, to notice only eich. n'rnl 'bill be of ue in disclosing ihe lending fe- tlJr" "' ""' ","dl 13 t'uli,,r 10 a lara 'own 1 and 111 tracing the outlines nt the actual pro- gln, ,,,, ,t(,ry of , llwltui,lcil franJh(r Atlantic cities, iu its tecubar location nnd ucessno commercial tendency. , 11 '!, Is ,''lcl'tl''" -Vew York is more commercisl than Uo-toii ; nu.l llu-ion more intellcitiiil than I'hil- ad,lpl:i r W..!,,!,,;,,,,,; and i'hd.idelplua n mote. Patron of polite learum; nnd the line nns linn a"-v "' ll,''ln' ,l,1'tl' certainly must be n wide Held fur interesting inquiry into the causes which liave stamped " y1' mr r h:c'' " r name is sioken,nuJ wbic.i t.npirt tj each an iuteretl of it- own. I rej, umjrive it to be the true olject, which r. c.ty i-orieiuudeut lor a countiy pa)ier should have iu trace the?- peculiarities ihese iduisjncinsrs, ?' ""'' n.l',7r "' ",UK -l,u" ,m"U'J n,uJ W laoy d, n led puiin-es ol tiiose proi.-ssieiis nnd nssocia- , .1, .. ., . , . ,, ,, Iiy their talent nr wealth, cue direcnon to theum-s. l,r, su.ely. h would presents- for huuscir a Impele-s tisk, should he seek tu detail ihe counties mninr events which co to make up the s.1111 ol ihnt excitement nnd bustle of nsiUss, w huh at first e.ifrrus-es the niteiitiou of the vnitor onir to ,.ru ,, (,.,ull m Tll, , ,,., ul can b(. fi.,t . deeply, nnd urnnlied to ns useful an end, by the de- ' piaved nnd iitnor.o.t.ns by the and virtuous. It is th il interest vibiih teeds usm roblieries, nnd street lights, an. I b or brrndtli ei'.is-s, nnd the like, which nre but the s,aikluij; i lieivesi-eliie on the solace of sueicty, oiea-ioiied hv Ihe Isw-t propensities ot huumn n.ituie ngitiituii and coiiihiiiiue beueatli. .Mingle m ilns I'onnis.ou i ver so mm h w.itch the sliiiiiif lmes of lli.s . li-rvcseetii-e-iehale us tiitliy odurs, nod in IB tin- hursiuig nt its i-ouutless bibhles ever so long, nnd Jim w.ll be lound nt the eiaik of doom, seeking in '"7 11 '" ' ""' nu r.-uitmg ,n n r. V...U.II ,,nii- ,j iiii.i u, , iiitellieent nndphjsn-al natiue. It vvoill.l seem lo In- their nun to lieln will. r,..r h... 1. . men and pollers nnd kitchen moid", and with tli-mnt- ,..-, ,.,..,..... r '" '"""" """ "oiiMiis, loan to m ik penee w un tne " spin: ol ouwnrdm ss" in v.sil- 1 1.' the public idilices, gillenes nnd hbrnnes of thu jv our enor, iiiougii an honest one and not .... . ooi I"V.H"-L-.j"'v ...1 r f .Vil. M,' .V"-"- ' ' .S rr-t-',Mr . . . Vending n lew ilavs in the city, conceive thei under- -lan I it in nil its relations T,. i, ' . . - tan I it m nil its relations. . . mmcu ai.iys.K-ii are qi.t.. g-.ienliy incorrect, nnd nt tha ii -e ni a w a ae-ome city nillaeuce. Alter innnn- ll ''" nlonnihe.e ciowded, noi-y stteets ; orlmcer in,' .v here Kioi d. ft,-, Keiivui and Law j or in-adinc .iv -ii i -s w.i.-re Licentious im lilu m, tl,- r-.,r.i. pest,,.,..e and death- h.y nat ,r,uy sobloo uze l.ius -lliisisaerentciiy,e-.t.'riiiill) the baudy-woik o. ne.irl) hail a iniluoiiol b.ini.',coll.cted on a moiety ol a llllle .si.oi.i. tiere. n tenia te si. , ,.. . "u1,'".''"w lnh-.u,edi.n,ot pollu- i . i . ... . ... ..on, i.nti ouru oy I emples dediented to f.n.1 II... .,.,. r , ,JUr ..,, r ,t . u .. . 1 1,1 ,our Huailers ol the c Hbe th nt.u.r... .i... .!.-.. ... . ... 4 H 11h.1r1.1n, the .s-cvibiati, ihe bond nnd il.e (,... ,! here nre Ittligiou mid Scjence and Att Love, Mercy nnd Tiuth; how d.stoaed ' how unnatural ' how conlu-id' "Iiud made the countiy, man made ilia city " Il such will return neaiu and deliberate moid carelully nnd nt lii-ir lei-utc, they mu-t come with ui tn the coiiclu-iou, that tiod mule them loth; nnd that t.e nude the one a itiuih in his jitiimte w is,)um and lo subserve nswoithy ends ns the other Ti,. "'""'don the iheoiy whuh views gttnt towiw 111 1, i;iinii iiiou-iers, inn. nave coniiiiue.l m ..,,,, ail nlonj; in the pil-rimnee of the Knee, lo iheik iu moral and sooud progress They will f,el that the apparent mc.inur es the lijhts nnd shadows the une.ism.ssi.f m, , 1 iIl,.le shillin.' andop. currents ol ibnuelu nnd nttion-ihe rddi.s of uuscttip i opinion and nppate.u m-klrxstiens, ur- nil the result, ot iinvviiurinu l,iVs, wluih ate kihhI nnd tend to p.,l -1 inn ,, the pint, ,, tue loiiiiuou Law. giver, nnd us sii.h a (urtiuu ol the neccs-diy order of nature. ' 11. New HvMrsitmr Whig State Convention nt Con ventio.l 011 the '.' It.'l in I ot ihe lullest nu, mun !'' n iate.1 lor tinvirtior, but deilined, diilar- .i.iiii-iii-i.c ever iss.'iuiiieil in the Mute l,ov Lol. im; that he tbouiiht 11 . nine dial the anti-indnnl (sirtlon nllhe (ieo(ile sllou.d Utllle.'d tbefiopo llint ihe lion N S Heri, aheud. 111,-, b) the luue'iiileni and l.iUily (miiy. would nl-ote. eeivetbe lioliiiunlioii nt the L'oiiveiitiou ; thcteuiion Mr lleirv was un intinou-ly noiiiiuated 1 v.- ,,v: - --.. ,..-ir-:uira 1,1 laiL'e In the luu' .National Lonventioii, and to, iba i Cu.ig..---ii'iial Di-iiicn. C Cutler, li v .N'n. -v I IMtSU s, nnd Jnlialhau Kitlledsc. (,nv I olliv nnd Im 1'erley weie cleited Deiei-ats. 1 1. ii'i.... v ........ .1 1 . . ceaveulto 1 t.issed lesoliitions in t.11... ..r .1 U'liuioi I' nu I reeo.nni-n led Djuu-I WtUter nsu I'uilJUati' lor tlie 1'resldeticy. Court M.vr.TIVL-Tbe followitn,. are ihe memberi ol ihe cj.iut in.oiii.l wluih has heeu lusiituied lor tba u. l..eut.i,ol 1 ir.nout.ol the rcguiient ot iiiouut- t'J lllK'tiit it line li,. (; m lirooke.Col 5ih Infantry, v.01 &, v. luiu lull, Ins! tor (;n,rlu " Col J- II. Crane, Ut Altlllety llriv.lJ..l M M l'n)iie. HI, Aitillery. Iiev Luui. Let h H. Lon,Co,,.f Top Engi. l.ii iil. C ol K I . lK ltuss) . Cot, ot l.ns;ee. lliiv l.t Co . 11. ; l.ruy.Oidiianee U paitinent. ..j. u. 1.. ii'iKrr.iiniiuiikf Dipunnient. Maj. J II. l.iuh.u.i.c'oipsol r.u,n,ii. M..j Ii Del.iti Id, Coii ot t-aiipii,.,-,.. I'.'" M.A' MiCull.Aw. Adjutnnt General. Maj. I.. v .Xloritan, lltl, lumtiiry dpi. John r le, Urdutiiur DeiuHttuent, isap poinnd the Jude ol ihe conn. Ine couti, we u.ideistund.iaiMdert'd to asseinble on tin- 'Jd day ol November i.exi, at Foil Monrco, U'Uig the iuo.1 convenitiil military naliou where adeiiuate public quart, r can 1 furnished tor luao-comodaiion