Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 12 Kasım 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 12 Kasım 1847 Page 3
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iTLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMgER 13, 3847. AlililVAI. AT DOSTOX OP THE STEAM nil CAI.l'DOM Eleven (Injs Inter front, l'.nropc. The Ilnyul .Mail Steamer Caledonia, Captain I.orT, fcrrived nt Huston on FriJ.iy afternoon. Trout Liverpool, which port she left on tlio 19th lilt. The news by this Steamer U of an twpleas nnt cliaractcr. Tlio commercial cmbarrass mciiW litvo Increased since the departure of tlio previous steamer. Tlioro has been a further fall in the prices of Cotton, Hreadstuffis Sugar, Coffee, and other article of commerce. Distress in the IIhcti nmm 1 trntcol'tbc counly, mi shot (it .noonday, receiving Husincss in imjinanulacturmg districts, is completely i, , i.t, , "r',1 ' . ' !, " "J ".i.V, iu. i!e renson lor the murder I seine tenantry. 1'he lii" i sherihof llie eoiuitv hud issued n rntl fora meeting ol the magistrates to devise measures tor the Pillurc will have seiious result, happening nt n mo ment uhrn so ninny parlies weie Becking assistance fiom llii" Hank, nml When tvuneroiis iliciits hud col lected funds In the hands ol tlio Ihnk Id meet obliga tions fHIIiiii tine yesterday. As might be anticipated, n heavy run wos made upon some of the Hank here, but thevhave lutlicrto Blood linn, It is slated tint thiee houses, whose mines have been Ireely mention eil lis having hid considerable nsinnee Irom the Royal Rink, ale debtors to llie Iuslilulion, to the ex tent of the whole mill up cnpital. The alfilrs ol Messrs. Simlerson & Co. nre wind ing up satisfactorily, only A''-l,il00 of had bills having appeared ns yet among the nsscls. XT'&JIDO of bills haw run off already, out of l,ijfX)0. The estate of Messrs. Rcid, Irving Sc Co. is In be wound up un der the Inspection of .Mr. liming, Mr. Blytb.nnd .Mr. M'Chleery; mid a hope Is held out lliat a dividend of live shillings In the pound will sholtly be declared. llil'LAND. The eountv of Tinneiiirv wns In a slate of ureal dis order, life and property being pel illed by murders nml other outrages. A .Mr. Hoe, i.l Rockwell, a tnais- Business in imjiiianuiacturmg districts is completely , Vlsim W hi, Ti . 12, iiarn ysed j nor do we see -ny prospect of immediate 2 , VK 1 11 . 1 rebel! These are a .plicanTe to the v, len STthi, 1 V ILe" J, T53K! VV, districts of Yorkshire, as well as those ol cotton in , ''s' 2 t.iiL .?.wr?r.V.y.'?.tC.'. .f' Lancashire. Our accounts from Manelt.ster,eivtherp. is not a material change of any kind in the yarn or good maiket ( where transactions are conlined to the very narrowest compass, tales are being made nt ve ry low intra, for cash, by parlies in urgent need ;such however, are few in number, On the whole manu facturers are very linn in maintaining th-ir pi ices The returns winch are bt ing published respecting the rapid diminution oi employment in nnd around .Man- cnesier, are gelling more discouraging every day. It appears from the returns, during the weekend ing October 13, no lewer than thirteen mills ceased working full lime, of which seven had commenced re duced hours, and six, or nearly ball', had entirely ceased. Up to the date noted above, out of II, 003, the num ber of hinds.cinployeil in the 175 mills in the hornugli of Manchester, there were engaged 'J3.'20U full time, 8701 short time, nml 0103 unemployed! Vc learn also, tint the stoppage of mills in the districts adjoin ing .Manchester is increasing considerably. Our ac counts from Leeds and Iliiddersfield spenk unfavora bly ol trade in those localities. At llalihix manufac tured goods are unsaleable, even at a sacrifice, nnd prices are merely nominal, In the yarn trade less is ellmg, hut stocks nre not accumulating owing to the prudence of the spinners. The reports from Koch dale are not so discouraging. The wool matket there is unusnally quiet. Flannel and nieces find a ready hile. Less business is doing at Bradford, nnd gerier- ni inactivity prevails. arus lnve sunk to n price nr better security of hie and monriiv. The Itepenlcis talked ol holding a " national coun cil" in Dublin. A good many s ihjects nre to be dis cussed I ninoim others thcsusnelision of the coin laws the cultivation of waste hinds, the advance ol loins lor public works, and the repeal ol the union. A determination not to inv lent is said tonrcvail to n very serious extent among the people ol the counly of Clare : so much so that it lias all the appearance of a combined, systematic, delriiiimed movement I'll A NCI'.. The Government having given permission for Prince Jerome llonnnorte. witlihis tainitv. to reside in Trance, he has arrived in 1'aris, alter an exile of 'Ji years. 1 lie I'nris imnrsp on Hnttminy oiiereit th motsiin prising spettable ever witnessed in that establishment a rise of prices in the ol a lean and of the cala mitous condition of the London money market. This anomaly was accounted for by rumors of an un ler- standing nctweeo the .Minister and llic capitalists who propose bidding for the loan. SPAIN. On the 3d Inst, the Minisitynl M. Salamanca, which has been ill a tottciing state lor some time, came to an end. Intrigues of tin- palace ol such a scand.iious diameter, that we can scarcely publish the details, bad been for some dns actively cnriied on, when the friendship suddenly lormed between Natvaez and Important l.rit-r from North CiiVdlliMi I'nvcttville, N. C , March 2, 1817. Dr. Pcth W. l'ov. le Dear Kir , 1 or two eais PTtI have been iiureorlesstfuibled with n cough During the pat year, 1 was taken Willi a severe pa n ill the left side, necnnipaiiieil with a very bad cough, nnd n raising ol blond j pioiiaunr n tnim ... n 111 aJdillon to this 1 -went profusely at night, winch induced me to apply to n pliysician.but received no per mnnent benclit. 1 then procure.! a bottle ol I Jr. is ni.s llalsam ol Wild Cherry, which seemed to have the desired cllert. 1 continued to use it, and my an petite, wide, had been very poor, letiirned.nmlvvilli it my strenglli wns restored. Alter taking lour holi es nee3, J)A ID It. ili.LIi. 'ri,A..ttin. nrit. fCnnU rnrolinian. a hch slrongly opposed lo pulling quack medicines,' but believing that Wbtaf's ILibam of Wild Cherry. ought .not lo be u..l ...;,l. .1.-.. , I, on, Hi! v tesli hesto us knnwl- edge ol the trmii ol .vir. lieu ssiaicuieiu in irii.i theellicncy ol the llalsam. ,.,,. , na He careful and gel the gennineDu. v In I Al., ?5 BALSAM OK WILD CIICUIli. Not.c genuuie imles signed bv I. IIUTI't!, Address nil orders to ivi'it vr t.'ntv'l.t! Il,.tim. Mns. Kor sale v hole- sale and retail by Tur.o. A Peck. Burlington, nnd by Dealers in .Medicines generally in erinout. Knccliil Notice. tjTThe extraordinary onAErr-NBCRO nu.s, which arc ncbieving unparalleled triumphs In various sec. liuns of this country, arc now introduced Into this vb rinili.. Let pierv sirlr oersfiii rend the advertisement of the nrnefeiiberg Company, which will be found in nnother column. I'or sale nt SiiU'.Wooii's, West side Court Hons.-Square. Also at A. U. fcrEArts Aputli ccarv nud Drug Store. iUavvicb, iwCuis to all engaged in th.Mii. Wehavenlso advices , Serrano juoiluceil is tlii-cts. and Narvaez vvasagain Irom Nottiugliam and Leicester, rl'liey do not con- ! appointed Prime Mini'ter. The new President of the tarn anything that is calculated to alloid muchencour- ogeincut The Ktiropcan Times of the lflth, says : " Silica our publication of the Sth ln-t., up In the present moment, the commercial distress, described in our last milliner, lias gone on increasing. Lath day Loaned mtaiitlv del, landed the rciirmtion ot his Die decessors.and the ordinance appointing bis colleagues appeareu on uic un int. A telegraphic mes.-age has reached Paris, to the ef fect tint a complete reconciliation lias taken place be tween the Queen and the King of Spiiu. '1 be King goes to live in the pilace with the Queen. This re" discloses the lact of some wide v-snread mercantile conciliation has been Hatched un belore Chiisiina's uiNiMer , mid ii is most oiiiiciiti, nmuisi him geneini nrrivut. ro !Tt r.At.. The last ad ices fioin Lisbon nre to the tlth imtant onttose. 1 he Purtuguese Mriulctied i ircuinlances. usury wns exhausted, and yet the troops weie gloom which pievails, to discoverauy mode by which we shall net sneedilv extricated Irom the dilliculties i which surround us. In Liverpool, consequent upon brought by the eteniwr Moi the failure ol'the llnyal Uink yesterday, distrust pre- l!m eminent was stiil in very! vails to such a fearful extent, that business is oaralvzed The tieasnrv was exlnustp.l. nnd no sales of any kind of pioduce can be etfected on two, and the civil tmphyn keven monihsin arrear of oiirqaoteii terms, or wituout a considerahie reduction pay. KciuonMiuucts vcre teeming m trom nil parts Irom them r.arncipntiug m the general gloom which I otthe country, east, west, north nmt south Kl St. John'a Churth, Troy, K.V , on the Sfidi oil , by the lit. Bev. John II. Hopkins, Bishop of the Dio cese of Vermont,.!. D. Ulceus, l.sq ,m Luna, vv i to Naxcv P., daughter of ths late Hon. John C. Thompson of this town. At the American Hotel, in this town, on the 8th inst., by I). B. Buckley, Esq., Mr Jonx CamMem. to Miss HniDaET Ivu.i.y j also Mr. Turner to Miss Uaciili. 12. Camcdel, all of Muldlebury. pervades nil other branches ol trade, our Colton mar ket, durinj the past fortnight, lias been very dull and languid. -Hardly anylhiiig wns bought on speculation ntiil vcy little taken for export. The trade, of course luiute.1 their operations to nuiiiediate wants Eotliat tlie sues, siii'-e the 5th instant, are cfsmall amount. In the geneial stagnation of Hade, nnd the ndoption ol 'short t me ' in the manufacturing distiicls, com bined with ihesnere money pressure, prices have giv tui way; so that, during thelortuight, we have to note a decline of 3 8q to58,j. on Ameiican ; Brazil I-lq. to 3 3.; Kgypnau, 3 Hq. to 5 8q. per lb. These M'ere the closing quotations for latweek j whilst ves terdjy ihe siles which, howeier, were only i'm) bags, were made at a fuither decline of 1 lq. to 5 Sq. below Kriday's prices. In it secouil eihliou of our paper published for the Cambria on th" .th inst., wv have annoiiueed a rise in the price of Wheat and Klourat the Liverpool Com lelniic- on that day. The advance, however, wa3 not s'i-1 lined. O.i the next market day nt M uL-lune, London, prices had a downward tendency. Since tint di.le large arruals of foreign corn, unil the de pressed stale ol the money nutke'i, hive ilirnwn a g'ooiii over the Loudon r.ud Liverpo.,1 Corn 1 xthauge i.uJ prices have l.i.len to and below ti.e currency no ted m our last. Y"MerJ,'y, at .Mark-lane, tiie pre vious nneis of last wee wa-re asked, but lielore tales could be elleeted a decline oilrom is to 3s per quarter wiisMibiuilteJ to by ihe sellers. I'oieiizn Wheal was dilli'iult ol sale ; the finer sons fetched fa-t weeks pri ces, but the inlerior descriptions wcre unsaleable. The millen. fixed the top price ot Klour at -Ills per sack. American Klour was about Is per barrel cheaper than 'thepreviojsweek. Th; quotation for American llour in Liverpool is ts 0q to '.'Gstiq. The accounts Irom the Lincoln and Hull markets, received at the moment of going to piess, rcpoit a decline of s and 3s per fpuiiter. The Kai..ures. Ttwas only in a small part of our impression ot the Luropean '1 lines ot tlie Stli in-t. ,thal we announced, in n second edition, the failure of Mes-n. John Thomas, Sor.t I.el'evre, ni'r t iautt, of Londuii. Their li.ibililiesaie estimated nt'it 1511,001), Tlie linn was originally established by Mr, John Thomas, n gentian in now greatly ud -xnii.p.l in eenrs ivveiitv veara nco. he took into partnen-luphis son and Mr. Lefevre, Inotherol the Speaker of the Houce ol'Commons, and now Sec retaryofthe I!u lid of Trade, The bouse made ad vances on extensive shipments ol yarn to Itussia, and ntsii on sugar trom Liuin, an.i tne rcsuu was mai in l,n,is,,f n..,.v- Co.. of Mniichester. who mailt Vhese hipinmsol yarn, on Itussian nccount, failed on the following duy.w itli liabilities to the extent of A"3 15, (MHI. but show in" assets for 130,000. The house in Itu-sia, John Thomas &. Co., not having sent lor, ward remittances, was thealleged causa ol both frill ines. The London house aclt n3 hankers for rummer- oils cliercy iii the Channel l-lands ; and their credits weie birg-ly ciiculnted in Cuba, in the United State ami rxcwloiindluud. The fisliionable warehousemen, Howell it Jams, .f lt,MT,nt's.sireet. have exhibited a balance, sheet. bhowiiK! liabilities to the extent of nhout .tTJO.OOO, vilnlsl their assets aie stated at AUO.i'J. ill" esnie is lo he wound up under inspectors. 1 lie linu ot kick nr.U l.itlln .V. I!n.. wliirh stolM.ed on the I'tll iltst., at tracied notice, not sj much on account of the habili- ti.-s. u-liieh nre null nltout 15.000. but beeau-e ,Vlr. W. Little, the chief partner, is n Director of the Bank of Kuglaiid, having been elected in Id I j, although nt X.rcscr.t nut of ollice by rotation. Mr. X'lin.eller'.s mil ure.the Poiiuguese Consul, was much regretted, but Kis well as those of Mr. M. J. Su iresand Mr. IS. Ilernonilli, nre ot very limited nmoutit. On !- irtib.flii. nf Itarelav Brolhers itLfl . Ill the .Mauritius trade, suspended paviiieut, witli liabilities . .1 1 ,,.'l,ul,ln, l.n.i 'I'l.u I. nl ,.t l,n lo uie evieiu u j.ij,iw,hic's-.. , llt . -t,, . . (inn having become locked op in mortgages in the Mscrinus, tliey have been compelled, line uower , Co nnd lteid, Irving vt Co., in the mine trade, to yield to the pressure ol tlie times. I lie head pi t he linn is Mr, David Barclay, M P. for Sun.lei hind, who formerly was chiel of the agency to the .Mexican dov nluienl in WO. when gleat liabilities were contract ed. Tlie tame day disjlovd tlie lact that tlie minors respecting the company of Copper Miners, in Lug land, originated in their hav iug lately obtained n loan of i70.000 from the Bank ol Ilmjlaud, upon the se curity of their vast works nt Cwm Avon, and Willi this aid tlie Directors feel confident ol being ably to prosecute their bu-mess with great advantage. Hi Moppage of Ihe works of tins company would have produced incalculable duress. Within these twodsys Jlessis. Phillips & Sons, llnt India merchants, have Mopiied payuieut. Their liabdilienre understood to tiiiiiiunt to 711,000, wbiUt their assets arc computed nt 125 000. A judiciously written circular, aniiouu cin llieir suspension, gives hopes pj" a satisfactoiy ...i "i i ,i,..,r nirhirs A sina bank at Abmg- .Ton Ixmipp i Co., failed also lor about 30,000. The failure of .Messrs. J. it W, Morley, warehousemen, in i . i..llu,t l.nvilv noon .xInneheHU,r. wltli which town Ibey were intimately connected. Mr. William Kasli, m tne .viancnener i.ou .,..,,s, whose name stands in our list, was much respected ; hi, iTab Ii ies are estimated at f.0,l)0 y. f rVderiiJi Barnes it Co., wholele liardvvaremeii, MoNied payment. They have bouHnUnt Birining ham an.i Sheflield. The extent of their liabdtilcs is, regret to s-ay that several fai "res have occurred, winch, Iron, the character and stand n " of Ihe parlies, were wholly unantieipn ed. Th" house or V. J'enrce it Co.,the iigenls ol Bar. lay, Itothers sV Co.. followed th laleof the Loudon fir u. Mocatia & Son.a small linn In the La (.imra Ira e, wei . dlarJd to have 'l-n1,Kf'Kr Several other res peeled names will be iou hst, whose fUsp.iiion call for no other k thai the expression of our regret and fm,patl y. hu.lur the failures in our town . I.ow ,fm -v v m o o Ira XrUt En.taV- 5 crested Ca' 'ttl'e liolice horn the Directors of the Hoyri Hank of Liverpoo . , m nc s lp 'Vhcmiceivcd it comiilain imr of the iiiuSt frnhtful disordeis committed tiv the soldiery. RWITZIIKLAND. The accounts Irom Switzetland nte daily contra dictory. On one day it i said that nctual war is about to b.e.ik out, whilst the next tlie indications are more pacific. According to the calculations ol the lt.idieale, the Sondeihiind h is only 3I.SJ3 men nnd lit guns to oppose to rC.y'JS men and -73 guns. The lalest ad vices represent civil warns iiiimmenl. It was even repotted in Paris that hostilities had actually com menced, for that the report of firing was beard in the direction of Geneva on tlie 1 1th iusiant. ITALY. Tlie Anstrians cave un Kerrara on the 3d inst. to the Pontifical troops. His Holiness tried, without ef- lect, muii nnu conciliating remonstrances to induce ihe Austrian cabinet to withdraw- the trnnns. He then, it issiid, informed Count Lutzow.that it human means tailed to enable linu to preserve the trust which had been confided to him, he would have lecourse to divine means, lie would first address hunselt to tl In Milton oiCthc 27th ult. Owas Dewey, aged SC years, onlysun of Mr. John Dcvvcy Of luaikcd Hiergy ofcharacter and great self-reliance, this young man hid fair to excel in his employ ment as a husbandman. In this iinploymciit , n fond father had assiduously trained him, who thus in the diameter or a companion as well as son, became doubly dear to that father. Anxious like most energetic young men to visit the West, and llieu choose iietw ecu u residence Iberenud a beautiful home in miltoti : he went to Illinois in tlie suinmcrof 1SIG, where lie remained till September last, when he decided to return. Scarcely had he started ere be was attntked by a disease which proved to be typhus fever, of a very malignant type. But to stop might be to die among strangers, nnd though suffering through the remainder of tlie journey, he came home. Ilvcry effort of most devoted parents, an allV.ionate s.ster, and an intelligent nnd ous physician, lluougli severnl weiks, were unavail ing. His premature denth bnsspicnd n gloom over the family which it will requiie a long time to dis perse. In this town, on Saturday, October 23J, Mrs. Annv P. Janes, wife of L. M. Janes, !q. aged 50 years and 15 days. In this village on the 8th inst., Mrs. Deborah, wife of William T. Smith, aged i!G Years. Her illness had been very protracted, which she bore with Christian resignation. I iirough grace she resigned all into the POI.DS AMI ;t;c:ilS nre hecirtrllrtgto pro- J tm.1 now. ns the rold niiliunnal rnhvs nre fnll- ing, Is tlie time when neglected Coids often lay the r.tmiilfttion for liietirnlili disease. Tl.ol.l.-n ertutnined in t lis common exnrc?sion."0 ii is twitting lul it Colli, nml Kill svon icnir nff," litis .T!ii,lr,t tlmnsnnds lo a tireinature ernvel It would seem, that tlie experience ol inimmnii m iniscumaie, might to have convinced llicin before now, that" no thing lul n Void," hns been quite enough to slay its thousands. " CL'UK. YOUU COLDS," should therelore tie the watch-word, and one that nutiht lo be proclaimed nt lb-! comer of the streets, by every lover ol ins race, nnu especially ny uiosc wnose Culling nnd duly it is to preserve the public health. I'or ibis purpose, vir : Oiling Colds, nothing is so efficacious, and cc rtnin to cure, and at the same time so pleasant to take, ns I)1C. I'OOKD'S PECTORAL SYRUP. It immediately quiets the cough, removes pain, loo ens tlie phlegm, relieves dillieuliy of brcnthing nud lienls nnd lestoies the LUNdS to n healthy state, sooner than any known remedy. No la'mily, there fore, nt this season of the year, should be without it in their house, to be used early, lorn cold, like every other disease, is the most easily removed, when early attended to. Ccrtllicntrs, New- York. Peril. 1. 1SI5-. Dr. Footid - Dear Sir : Yeor Pectoral Svrtin hns become a tnudnrd remedy in my family for coughs, noaisencss, ami an iiiiections ni ine lungs, especially in cnimren ;u,r nusucn compiaini", ii is occioeiiiy tne most clt'-ctuai, ns well as me pieasamest medicine I have ever known, and I would not be a dav without it ill my house. E. II. Litchfield, 31 Wnter-st. NVvv York, Sept. 1,1815. Di. l'oonn Dear Sir : Two venrs and a half since. Iliad an attack of tnlliienn, nnd it left me with a severe 'cough, which lasted sevetal months. Your very excellent IVctoral .syrup gave me Immediate re lief, ami effected a permanerl cure in n short time. I have known other (icrsons preally relieved of coughs nnd asthmatic complaints by the uc of the same me dicine ; nud I take crettt ph-nsure in recommending it to the public, ostliebesl remedy for lung complaints that I hate ever met with. C. C ritAh.v,32.Tohn-st. Sold by Titr.o. A. Prctc, Apothecary and Wholesale Druirgisi, Burlington, Vermont. . , Nov. 12, 1817. SOvvl SHELHUltNE HIGH SCHOOL. Tim Wir.Tnn Tiium of this iNSTirnTinrj will commence on Monday the 2'Ji it or Novi.n- lit A t)IVqr,T A. 11., Principal. JOHIll'II IIODJUIOS, TenclnTorrrorich. Mr Bourdon is nn experienced Teacher of th French Language (hisverniiinlar tongue) All who wish to obtain a thorough knowledge r.l tins Lan guage, ns it is written and spoken, will do well to avail themselves of the picscnt opportunity. Itnlis of Tuition per Quarter: Common Knglish Branches, - - 3 K) Higher " " 351) Languages, - -100 l'rcncli, extra, 300 Tlie Sehrml Booms nre sufTieientlv Inrrje to accom modate n hundred pupils i nnd ns regards elegance and comloit,ori!ensainness of location, tlicynie not surpassed ny nny m tne ciate. 'l'ho Apparalits belonging to the school is Hiffi eienltv t-vlensive tn Illustrate the lulid-llnelllnl Plili'-i pies of Natural Philosophy and Chemistry, ot u:e w ill be made in I lectures, itc. Arrangements have been made for acrotnmoih'ing 20 or 30 boarders in the vicinity ol'the school, on rea sonable terms. 1 hose who wish to obtain hoard nre requested in apply to the Principal, eith-r personally or by letter. CiliO. 1). ISI1AM. Ctrik. Slulburne, Nov. 11, 1817. suw J iVTr.JIOHI.W.S Ol' MIlTllonixM-llvSte L I vens lor sale nt flMtUNKS and TmixK Vamsks, Cmipct I lines. KaiehU. Balid Boxes, ns large nn assort- menl ns can be loUnd at any one establishment tins side of New York. BOOTS .S StlOnS-UATS H CAVH. One of the largest assottments lobe foi-nd in tlie state, bought with cash, nnd w ill be sold low for cash. Gt:OCi:i:il'.S, of nltnost every kind, cheap for ensh. Also, DOMESTIC DRYHnODS, f '.'-YV'.S'.nnd a great variety of articles worthy of the purchaser's attention, by J. W. WHAVK.K. Winooski, Nov. 10, 1SI7. W)w I N STOVES. WE ii.wn jpst re ceived n large nosfittmeiit )if J'A JIJ.UJ! and Htm li M0V.i:S of ll.e most im ptcvid kinds, whiih we ofler 10 Ihe ul. lie at glently re cur,dpiKcs Pusors vvish- 11 g to tir(bne do well to eie iisa nil tiiiurc tmr- j&l il.nsmg i-lfiwheie. Stro.xo I).,.iI.i n tt. Co. October 25, 1SI7. IHlf Nov. 1317. JIU.XTIXGTOX'S. 13 TEAS. OLD HYSON, Yolxu Hvso.v, Hvso.v Skin, and Black teas. Susnrs. Brown, Loaf, Powdered, nnd Coffee sugars, superior ! nrticle, on hand and for sale. j Oils. ' Best AVintcrspenn, Solarwinter, and Elephant oils. ' llools ,v Shoos. Boots, Shoes, Slips, and lad and gent's India R.uu" ber 1igis. I'riiils. Box raisins, Sultana do, ling. Cuirants, nnd fresh Lemons, just received. Colgntes Pearl Starch, Bath Brick, Sieves, Sad Irons and tonovels turbulent II. I,. J. D. MOOKliS. I'eailSt. Nov. 11, 1817. 20m3 (L'hcsiiirc SaiIi'o:ul. SKgj32 SiilS 1153.- OX ninl nftcr Oct')lcr 13th, Trains will run over tl.ia Uuntl as fullnu . Pnfngcr Trains le run to WincluMidcn in cmincctioii witli tlie I'lttiilmrd Trftilis, which lcau rM.ii-1..cinvvn m 1 A. 51. aim 1 P. A1. Trom Winchriulon nt J 13 A. 51. nml J 10 P. onncctinir will. Uic ecuuu ana inv i ncnuurK tniins to iToston. Siips from Western and Northern new Ilnmn- Eliitc.aiul the Stite of Vermont, will Iclicr nnd n Ciie pneii(rii. nt Wincliciuion in connection with nil tne uuo'.e i rnins. A Pieipht 'J'rnin will hp run daily each way in ccn nection witli the ullal I'uchhuru I-reiizht Traim. t?.idied down life's declivity and laised to the chris tian'a home. " Veiily there is a reward for the S. wlule Christian world, nnd if alter thai Austria should of n Orncions Redeemer, by whom the wns pcr-iM in keeping her troop in the city ofi errara, he woi.ld be comptllcd to re?ort lo e.eominuuication. n..i .1..,. .1 . . nn... i l in-t'U" iuj-s iint-iJi ituMiia luuui'u, i ui- ijimiu iiunea ot the town weie Mincndcrcd by the Au-trian tioops nnicous 10 u.t? na;:onni i.Tru- Rome eontinu"3 perfectly f'ilct. The people feem to liac received this newswiih dl.tinilied tranquility. The eleetionof the ullhvis of I lit niitionnl guard was proeeedini; iihout nny xtraordinaiy rxeiu-inrnt. Happily the h-ta ol the ictirriieiit t.t Ouidtnal IVrelt were tint unded. It U eaid that the "one mUweil a letter to tho K'in-f nf .:in C. in which hiq Ilnhnees rxnresses liia reuret that the useful itlbrmn winch he iudired itne- ccfc-sary to adpt in hijow n doininion Miould be taken EXCHANGE HOTEL, (Near the Slcnmbont Landing,) DY MIOSES L. HART. rrilli subscriber would notify his old friends nnd the 1 public generally, that he has it taken the well Liinivn nnd commodious house at the bead of ihe as a pittext ul revolt in neighboring suites ; but ot the Steamboat Landing, in Hurlmgton, Known as the same umeoe nupressiM on-ine mug me expeuiency , JJAull.V.Mii; UUtUl.i iio:i-e,nnd ph'dires himself to keep n first clns houw co.itra'lictory. In iueca tin; iiheity of lhepre?jhas been iicciari-iJ, inn wiui snen restrictions ns tortiiue the right to iiuihiag. iHarkcts. 1'iatteriinr himself, from I0112 e.oerielice in the hu sines, that he knows what tne iravciinc public remiite, he will he enabled to make bis guests feel themselves ut home, nnd assures them that 110 excrthms fball he tpared to make the vvuits nnd comforts of his patrons complete. , Coinages always in readiuefs oil the arrival and ' niui irom lus House or nnv pari 01 me lovvn. A, m-irtii oo-.ll tteel Pntil,. inr-liulimr tnno Wtnres. 1 The ihll'eiciil lines of Stacescall at this bouse, ma il! vokes Working ()cn, 3S Cows nnd Calves, 5G00 king it the most convenient for tile business couilnu. ji.: i.i..,Vdiii.i, i.iiu tlflSKS'I; .11, MM". Ilrishlon Cnltlc .Hitrltet Jlbmlaj-, Nor. 8. Sheen, und ahojl 1785 .Swine. IltEFCvrrt.r. Hxtra (3 :0 j first qualili', 0 00 j second and third (jiialily trom 1 i3 to &3 50. WoitKivi Oxu.N S ili-s raiuitigfro-n 70 to 1S5. .SroRL Cattie Sales were not noticed. Covv ami Calves Sales were made nt 817,22, and to 31 and 15, according toijuahly. Sum' A belter price was obtained lor a like qunl itj- ihan Un week, l.uu taken at 1 73 to $i 13 and &471. Svv i.E Ihlsii talcs at wholesale 5) for Sow's, and fil lor ilarrnws. At lelail from 6i to 7J. Old lean lings:,;, old fat Hogs DJ. WOOL. Duty, 30 per ct. There continues lo lie n good demand for fleece. Wool, nt our quoted iiileh- piided Wool scarce. mine ravony i leece nilv. JIUSKS'L". IIAIll-. llurliiigtun, Nov. 1, 1S17. 'JOtt washed American lull blood do. -do 3-1 do. -do 1-2 do. - vlo l-l&conido, Smyua, washed, - - -Smv-rna . imwayhed. - - lluenos Ares, unoicked, -i'.xtra Nurth'n pulled iniub, Sup. Nortli'iipullcdlamb -Noil do do do - 2 do do do - 3 do do do - 45 (S 40 ,f( 35 nt '31 ifr ilS 15 & 8 iS C tt 3i ft 35 iff . to li:t. ri DWELLING H0USC, 15i:. andCau- il riajre house, beautifully looated in this Village. i'orlurtnvr lnrarmation apply to tins oince. October 23, 1817 T. M. CDWAltlJS, President. r.'ii COMSTOCK'S CKI.rilillA'riH) .MAfJICAI, PAIN ESTRACTOn. TUP. linivcrsal approval and contlnttid demand for this valuable unguent, is the best left nl its estab lished worth, lor the cure of burns, scalds, blistered surtaces, lur sores ol all l.inus, oi However long stanti iio?. nnd all external irritations will nt once convince the suHererthat its name is truly annnlicd ComstocK's Musicnl 1 inn i.xtiueior: hold in I in iioxes, lilted lor nny climate, at 2o cts 50 cts.. and SI each, bv A. L- Cnnutock. No. fi Court land-tt., N. V.; and by A C. Srr.Ar. and Tjilo. A. t ten, Apottiecanes, iiuriington. iv flO.MSTOCK'S 0Li)iui)r;i:-s Halm of Co- I'ltosriXTii.i I'orlhh Ciincn-sslonnl (lloheniul Appi'inllv' Wl'i issi.e tine uro-peclns lo npprise the public O renewed i.ieintiHeii.i on our part to publish I he ('.iiiriesronnl Olobe nnd Appendix for the nr.p oath ing iMion, and to invile Hjliscriptioiis. Iie two lluusis Imve coiitructeu witn us lur me vvoik, "ii men terms as enable m now to make cuinpleic lipotts. to mulluily nnd iss-ie Ihe numbers in qunker frucccssmn than hereto ore, and without im rawing tiie prhe to subscriliers, vvc hope lo make n good letiirn lor the libcrahtv and high sanction ihts Vstow.-d on the pu ,1'ientioti. vVc fhall lucrense the volume nt lent oucihird beyond the ordinary bulk, and endcaror to add to its usefulness b cxtenlmg still ialllu-r Itscircu- lation. , .... ThU last is not the 1-ast impot innt point m tlie v icw ofConriess. l'nilhlul nud duiable ripoits of the de bntrsoTil e body are ol'valuc in propoition lo tlie ex tent uf llieir ciiculatinn nnioiig the people. U is in this way that Congress hi ought into tin" pres .n.e ol lis iciiiiitecoiis'itutiit-' tint it obtains easy access and holds communication with litem fiom day In day, and lenders the government ti ally icpresentiitne. Having received from all artier ill Cunenva the strongest marks ofupprolntioii and confidence, in the liberal means and permanent contract voted lo con tinue the work, vv e shall not be loiiud wanting in th" mipatindily and industry nccif.-e.iry to Ihe due fulfid meiit ol the engagement on uur part. The next siss ion will task to the utmost the best cliotts of thore con neei,l null Hu. iin.lcrlaliinir. It will be distinguished by dismsH.insol cxlraordiu.iry interest nud results ol abiding concern. The war, its oiigm nnd conduct by olliceis in the cubinet nnd i.l t'.ie Iii Id will liirnish sub jects of pri'.d imptiry nud consult nition. 1 helciins oi peace, me ojsposiiion io ce inmie m uuuiin, conequeiices to be drovrn front all tlrt Inshecn done, nsnlliciingpaitie.i iri Ibi3 country, and i "penally ns hearing on the iipnioachuig piisuleiinal cleilion, open up novel and powiilully oper.iling lia ussion", rendering tlie councils at Wiisbington ditnng Ihe next jcar ns picgnanl ol gooil or evil lo this continent ns those ol Homo weie lo the Old World In the days ol her cm ly energy. Such n field lor ilehberntion nnd neiion wns never pieseuied lo any previous Congress All that lias iranspind, or may hereafter trcnpire be. lore the close of the tippioadung fission ol Congr's", in .N.-vv Mexico, Caliloinh, in of .Mexico, and the oroveiices .! pendant on It, will come under the coiisidenition of the next Congriss. Its debates v ill contain the history c,i the war, and its nctioii de termine its results, whether they be decided by nrins or diplomacy. And whatever is developed concern ing mis vast ami lnteiesnug iuiiuer on u Congriss or in tlie executive inesages, will be lound recorded in the Congressional Globe and Appendix. llicLengif.onal lilnbe 13 maiie up ol me o-inv ..-rocee.lii.iisol the two IIou-esofConRiivs, andpiint- eil on fUjieiline donb'e royal paper, with smrdl type, brevier nnd. tionpaicllw in quiulo lotm enili pmiiber (.nmamiiig sixteen rojnl qunrlo pages. The spr.-e'i-rs ol the luemlieis in tins lust lorni. lire condensed the full upoit ol the prepared spec, lies being rcsen- ..,1 for the A,.n.-ti.lir All resolution, molloll". and other proceedings, pre given iutiielorm of tlie Journ- nts, Willi me jias anu naja on cviryimporiuiii question. livery member will Iiave nil o portumty In read lus rinnrks before thev are pet tojiribs, and uilcr our le poit if he shall think il incorrect. , Tlie Apnenihx is made up ot the Prcident'snnnuii mefsage, the leportsofthe ptincipal ollicers of the goveimueiit mat accumpiny it, aim nn specincs ui meiiiLers ol Coiuiress. w rilien out or reVh-ed by them- selvis. It is printed in the same lorm as the Congrt s- i, lone, unit usually uiaKesaoouiiueKime num ber ol piges during a kssioII. During the first minlli or six weeks of a session, there israiely more business done than will make two number! a week one of ihe Congressional (,lobe nnd one ot the Appendix ; but diiring ihe remaimb-r ol a fission, tbeie is usually sufficient mailer for two or three numbers cf eaih ivcry week The next ses.-ion will be unusuriuv niteiesiing ; ineieioic, we calculate that the Coimie-sio'ial tilobe and Appendix together it-ill,nl -UK II Inree nuarto l,02e8. printed in small type brevier una nonpareil. We lurhith com plete Indexes lo both at the end of a sis.-iOn. S, KARL HOWARD) THE PEOPLES' AQENT, vriiosn SSi ;.Wv i M'-,! il CIIAMI'LAIN Steam Tow Boat Company. rr-virr. c..l.f..l.-a .t un.,i,A in n,...n..nn:nM . X the public, and especially the business portion ; J iXMUI.v T be best and cheapest preparation lor thereof, that the New Steamer, IITHAN AI.I.CN. , Hie ilair ever oliereii lo me pimnc. iJiscmercu in iric or., will com- year 1&31, by John .M. Ohlndgc. I'or bale by A, i'n, onday, t-'omsli'cli, No. GCourllandt-tl .opposite the Nntic leek, leaving Hotel. N Y.J and by A C. SrcAR and Tnxo. A.l'i 1. Nntional LCK of -ll tons rtui then , Capt IS. H Proctoc mence running upon i-.Ke uainpia-n lli.l,iln.i- '.tl mnkiniT lw-n Irlos rneh weelc. lenenti. Whitehall Mondaysaud ThnrsJavsat7 o'clock, A ,M. i Apothecaries, Iiuriington. ii. I .Hi '"J- " -.-o..." ...i I'riilnes nt 7 ..'el.w k 1'. .vi , louening ai me imerineoiaie innuings. Thev would nlso sav that she hasbecn built witli the creates! can-, wnh csnecial relerence to rltenstli and riSHTR me.l.'. lne bn,l lis ,.,;i,. ,!, ... ,..i ...,ii ,.,..rni.i ..lit, n 'P..,,, t I , .r., . .... ' I'Ullfl, .mi. ..'. l'.,,l";'- '..o.s..; ,".'. L LUMihKY'N UllKAV 1 W-'V'iV.'i'A' J.XniAX J'AXAVUA. western tribes of Indians, whose medical skill ns tloal upon the Hudson Kiver. She is designed es- far surpasses ou s as they naturally excel us in philos- pccinn jor rieigin .in.l i uv, mg uiiu m mr p.isM-n- opny. i lus meiueiiie, (o.iipoiimieii in tiie g'eai ia- jii-is, i nv-v s uivw. u ., ii,.,, . i uuniiory oi ine weM , is nee 1 1 oui mi iiuueiiii tunsiiui liiay I assured that the same will be done with nr.tmotness mill milietlin till- nii.l she will iiuiLh her Iriis regular as advertised above until further notice. rroprietott JonS' IIraiii.ev it Co., riuilinglon, Vt. llui:.l. Gi-.av A; Co., Huston, .Mass. Ia.mmo.-;ds iV Co., Crown Point, N, V. Nichols, IIvrton iv. Co., St. Albans, Vt. Hurlingtoii.Oet.B0, IS 17. I'll SELECT SCHOOL. 1 THE W1XTEK '1'r.u.M or Miss E.. Mills' School, will commence on the 15th of Novemlier. Scholars placed under her rare will be thoroughly in structed mall the llnglish branches usually taught in schools ; also in 1-Veneli, Drawing, and Needle work if desired. (Irent nticntion will be paid to the deport ment ol the scholars. Rooms over the Post Office. Iiuriington Nov. I, IS 17. lOtf ces. nnd was discovered bv the oronrictor in 1S33, While attending the payment of tlie Indian aimuiiies upon the upper lakes, lie had a violent attack of the asthma, which llueatcned immediate death, nnd alter despairing ol finding relief, was luinislied through the influence ol the Agent of the llnnic-.Missionaiy Soeielv from the hand ot a celebrated hidian ".1e.- icine Jlau," this compound, which proved immediately ellectual.nnd took bun fiom death s door and restored him to perfect health j nnd with many piesents'and much trouble lie obtained a Knowieii'.e oi tne mate AT Mill IXC-ION VIMMOS'L Comprises r,nc of the f.ii.f I splendid and g.I.erM .-"tO" ' in tlie State All p'"i!s bought nnd iold strut for, and of course Cli rp. sf oves7 . just jiKt-nvm) the Agrlcblhlra! V.'drb lieu a large assortment ol the lap nnd mo't improved stylis ConUim, J'ukr, nml rr-d,' Stove s.'lrrm the Furnace ot I riOfeJOii. I K.lsf. JIM ni n v . w. Trimmlngi.. . t-j' irKi CTSitic 0 Ss Cor king Floves; t yJ1" 1 Air Ticht I3nx, 3rTTl Parlor, Troy Pattern lijilington, O.'t. 1,1317. J. S. PUHICE, Agent for J. U. BUSBHi:.. READING lOll TIM MILLION McxiiO Ml '. l!crt''iief!iiiits.l l rr.VIrn nml hr Militarv Chieftains, from t' IM Involution of Hidalgo to the present time comprLsemr ski tiin-i f ihelivis of Uidllll'O, .Motel, I..,.r.,.l.. s...... A t.nmer. Varias.s UulDtoeni- Paiades, Ahnonf, Ans'a, Alnmar Anitiudli, l.ei , ia,r, d Ue bc..i, II'. l'.vr K .iii:.S'.k, llh'-JtnK-b- i-.i v.. Po-tnits nnd K-.:"i- .i g-. 12 mp. 3-0 I-' ces. o-o.-r eoveis. or',- L.-U iis.a 'loeiui uiasww made l-i t' f trade Oci -J'.. 1- ;,. ' We will eiideavort'o print n sufficient number of ...I... I.. ..II .l.n 1... iiiiseiime.I. or Mil pins ci-pe's io Mqipij io I on. i . , ' lost m the mails, put suDscriners piioui.i u ticiilnr to file their pipers carefully, lor fear that we i.ouiii nut oe nuic to supply an me iosi quo.-,-..--. Wn lirii.. n (...i' .-noies III ihe Coiigrt.ion al fllobe lor the last session of Congress, whiih we w-il Q f,.r I ip ni-o.nml subset tlillOtl lirlce til a COPV , We have no surplus topics of the Appendix lor that session. Tr.nM-!. For one copy of the Congressional Globe $-.00 I'or one eopy ol the Appendix bor six copies of either, or part of both 10,00 Proprietors ol newspapers who copy this prorpeetus before the first day r,f December, and send us one copy of llieir tinner coniaiiiin.' it. marked nrouiHl witli a pen to direct our ntteuiini. to it, shall have their mimes entered on our books lor one copy of the Congression al i .lobe and Appendix iiuring ine w-ssiou. Our prices ol these papers are so low we can not allord tn credit tle-ni out. I lieleluri'. no penon ned consume tunc m vvri'ing lor iii- ni, uiui-s.-, me money accompanies the order. .,,,. , Subscription should be here by the Uih December, at tanhest, to ensure ail ihe nimiherf. . Washington Oct. 4, H47. Uli.MU fc HI. Ea. '3 EUItLAPS iC. bale IJurlaps, 10 inch. 1 bale Canvass, 1 do Padding, for sale by Vilas &. Noyes. it TlfKIXCI. iC. J Cases York Tickings, 3 bales rirow-ii Drills l,di,i-r,.c..,u:d.byoonhic.i ELLIS1 LYMAN HAS received an extensive aortmellt ol rAI ! AXD ll'AVV;.' aoOi'y.comprisiiigabeiiJ tilul assorlmtiit of , I,:i'iiei SJi'fhs titjods" sucli ns COIiORIM) IMU'iNClI MnUINO. siiiir WAiii' Ijoni:sc, PLAID AI.l'ACC V & OIUiCANS CLOTIISi OHLGOX 1'I.AIDS, tic. with a great variety ol I. Mines and Worsted Coo,. iMnric.x and English Pni.vrs, Sll VWJ.S, S1I.KS, ItllMtO.VS, Ac. Uoniv-t, cap, sutm and lulling Ilibbons, Z-ph)r oisted, Viiise Twist, Ctcrl licads, It.ig and purse Clasps, Hunts, stc. I.uieu Sliietmg and Shilling, Linen Damask) Russia Sh'-etmg, Crash, Diaper, &c. itroadiloih, Cussmieris nnd Vesiiug5, llleaehd Colton Sin clings and Shiitmcs. llrowii S'leetircs. .Merriui'ick. Suncook, Davivii Or.Tine Mills and other Sheeting, liom one to t . yards wide. A I o. Taking, Wadding, Carpet Wn pi Wicking, Cotton Pal's, am, c. W. !. GOODS. .Molasses, Tea, Sugar, rewml ipnlnies, Java, Ligiuia, Uio nnd St Domingo Collcc, Cliocalate, Coeoa nnd Snails, Nutmegs, Ci.ives, L iiinnmon nnd other spicip, IJest wmier stinined Sperm Oil, &.c. ice. WlCKWAKt IJlll UiM,, 1 Corner College nml I uiirr'i sts Ostobtr 2 1J17. ) ) bah s Stnped Shirtings, Oct. 21. for sale by Uio' Sheetings, f)issoJu(ion. 'ri" T'lin co-partnership heretofore existing between the 1 X Mibscrinors under the firm of Mv.nson A- KotXErT, Hook ItitidiiBg'. 30 20 11 Isn.vMMATioN-OFTiintvts, like nil other inflamma tion, is cnused by impurity of ilie blood. Wrights Indent Vegetable Pills will be found a certain cuie lor the above painful malady ; became lliey purge Irom the body lliosc corrupt and stagnant humors which n.n ,l..-niis,. mil mill- of iiitluumintioll of tlie evestiut of every description of disease. I'roni three to six of theahovc nanieil PlIU. taken Cleiy niaht til going tu bed, will in a thurt time comiilelely rid the body ol everything lhat is opposed to lieahli, and iberelorc will most" nssuredly make a perfect cure of inll im malion of the eyes, and at the tame nine the blood and other fluids will be of such n healthy quality, that disease of any kind will lie absolutely impossible. UlWARE OK COL'STFRFHT TlIE ONLY OKIOIXAL AND UCNUINK ImiIAN VlJt.TAIll E PlI.I.S HAVE TIIE SIU NATLT.E OF WlLllAft WkII.III WltlrTtX VViril A ItH o.v the toc i.aui u or r veil mix. iv one other is gen uine, ami to cnmiterjeil inr.ui.Kv. 1 lie cellllllie lor Kile uy . u i. i lino, inef K.r-rl.andTllHODOIti: A. PllCiv", College Street. sole ngeuts for Iiuriington. Keuben l-'erguseni I'ssex j J. II. IJyKe, iiuiiiingio'i , io""11 "t-.(i iiiiiiiiu.iiti , I,. II. lileen. is leiuiioiiti , j ii. iv i vi . tower, Underbill : Hurlbut it Hodges, Wilhston : U. Sun- dcrson, and 11. Ayers, West ilhston ; J. Lyman Jericho; VV. 11. VClie, iliuesourjii ; v c it II. I" Wood. Wesllord Stnjiles i, Lyon, L'harlotie j John SinioniN, Shelbuine j It llichuioud llarnard jnnd at New I'naland llrnuch Ollice and tleneral Depot, 11)3 Tieiiiont Street, Uostoil. 'Family ftroccry & Pruriisioii Store, On Cnlltge. St. one roor linsl rf K, Lyman s Ulnre, unanmo'tlc Ilarrinaliin Uriiti Plnre. fM$ATsF T1111 SUHSCKIHER fagi j. R I E S ij jl would respectfully in form tlie public, that he has pun based the stock ill trade of the late linn ol Puller .V. Ilriggs, and will con timie business nt their old stand, and that with the stock on hand and the new supply of Tamily (Irocer ies and Provisions he is now lecciviug, he is confident of satisfy ing nil whu may purihuscot liini, as to quali ty and price. Call and see. Iiuriington Nov. 'J, 1S17. II. II. AIitchlli.. "MnssusTimiNSMAID & lmOTl.sT" CIIUnCII-ST., i'UKLlNCTON, VT., Are opening a very fine and extensive assortment of .Jewelry, Wsitclies, Clock, And GOLD .V. SHATU GOODS gene ally. Musical Inslrum'itts, Lamps, H7c7.', Glasses (ilobis, Uurls, Cards, Wallets ana j'uehet llmihs, I'urncs, LOOKING GLASSES. l)A;i'r.UKi:OT ri: tJOOIlS, in all their variety. Tea nnd Coff-e Pots, CofH-e filtercrs,'ers, '1'ea Wniters, Criiuib Trays, Candlesticks and Lamps, Suullers und Trays. COMMUNION WAllR, Cl.Of'IvS lor t'lillichl's npil Hulls, llUU.SIir.S nnd COMBS, in great variety, Wotk Hoxes, Dressing Cas!S, Toilet lloxes.t Glasses, riiiief lloxesofall sues, 'l'ojs, Dolls nnd aniusicg articles lor cbildien, in great prolusion, Canes, Snuff lloxes, Cigar Cases, Pipes, e. In thou, we have the mo-i exlensive nnd varied ns-oiinieut lhat we have had Ihe pleasure of offering to our Iriends nud customers. llUlNfi.MAIU iM. UKtH lllillM, jewellers, pi. Cliurch-st., Iiuriington, Vt. rials and reciue for coninouluim-i the same. medicine is ptepnrea witli gnat care, anu inucn c.x-1 ,(,,. (,y ,mni consent dissolved. All the Im- tincss v.1 tlie lale arm must oe semen wun j. .nun- -on. J ft. .Ml -M5U.N. l.wi IS t UI.Lt. 1 t . llarlingior. Oct. 2j,lR17. 3w-13 - peii3e ; nud, to guard against counterfeits, llie square in raised letters, cast on each, and the iiuidc label sign ed by S. M. Longley. I'or sale bv A. L. Comstock. No. t Court!an lt-I't . i . ; a. u. cror. aim opposite National . Hotel, N. V.; 'I u lo. A. Peck, Apoihccari.-s, llurlln, 1'J JOHNSON'S WALNUT Oil, MILITARY C!TI A VltVTn CHAT1 T lie 5tilcril'r lins received n choice I ,. . . , , , . ,m nf (-iiw.v I.Miilm.v t,trl inn will rUiir I'cruimny incpumauip coin mjuihi is uic hi e veV is cu ,o ' Jr "uiid the public, vvith ' . ' ""tlm ol or Mr. W; Johnson, and has now i,le-isip ,, shorl iioiiee I ueconie so exceeililigly popular mat no oilier aincie ,,ir... iic, ,m si.oii ii ui . iinTInrnX ! can give such universal satisfaction. Oilier hre-pou- .ov. 181,. i.MLLL It cv I A lw 1 Ui. , , h atteini.11112 to imitate it in appear- ance, but all sucli is s,urious ana a cuuniciieii on .nr. ACCOUNT BOOKS. 1 1I H subscriber would invile the attention tof Mer chants and otc.ers using lllank Hooks, to hl as sortment. I have ihe best iissoriintnt mat I nave ever been enabled to oiler to niy cu-loiners, both in quality and price. sS', JIUXTLXGTOX. Nov. IS 17. 10 T "lti'.umc run tiii: aiilmox." ILLUSTRATED Lin: or (ins. Wi.nHkld Jl Scoir, ciiibnieing a full desciiplion of the capture of Vera Ciuz, tlie battle ol Cerrc Gordo, and the nd vnnee of ihe Army on the City of Mexico, with plans of the battles, the whole illustrated Jiy numerous en gravings. Paper, price Tuenty-Five Cents Tor sale by 0. UOODKICIL Nov. 3, 1817. Inw3 Jobiison's ireiinine article. The public will only be secure by purchasing from us oe our regular Agents of the highest rcspectabilny, throughout the United States. Also everv desi-rinlioll of the most choice scented Soaps in extra embossed gill label,, l'sscnc, s lor the Huudkerchii f. Cnlogiu- Water, Hair Oils, Pommadis, Cisuieties, 1 ootli I'ow.lers, nnd every nrncle unbra ced in tlie lVlliltiifrvdeiinttiiicut.nt A. I. Couislock's No. 0 Coiirilaudt-st .opposite the National Hotel, N.V. In 1 ! ii 1 1 i n 14 lun by A. C. Srcxr. and Tutu. A, l'l' i,-, Apothecuries. 10 MRS. Fv'iERRITT JjTAS jpst nirri'uivEO rhoVi ir,v: Yor; . 5. witli t'le latest styks an 1 fashions for Hon Cans, nnd Dresses, together with nil nrtidec i" called for in the Milinery line; Fudi 3,v silk, ribbon-, lunges tor cloaks end dresses, iv Dresses made to order in the latest New stvlu. Aid f!,f t,i-o Lis fur sale the latist rt) . iieiv Vorit I'a&i:,o is a-id Patierr.s. 1 rm Sitvi.ny littcl.s I'or t'ulc, OX THi! r IP.M op BAn.VAiti) S.VNTor.D I.' of Ca:Ieu n Vt. The nlove Huiks r.ic m I saxony blooil, purelr-sed the piesent season Irom t'.ock ill Ili-nrv S.vdt I'sq. ol Pougitki-rpsir Duni Co. N. Y. 'i hey comprise the vviiole siIK.k ot jj . for sale '.he present un by Air. Swift, nlnl wei. lecteJ in the month ol l'ebmnry lasi ; lor!irlrlir! evenness ol lleece, and are now ol large sizr, in fc, condition with long, line, thick wool, thiik upor belly and legs, TV flick ol .Mr. r-vxill isppin-s ony, with no inixniieol merino in tin m. The tu sold by us, the lollowni t note from Dr. Goldm Mr Swift's son in law, vutlshow Casileton Oct. 5,-1817. Dear Sir: My fn'.ier in Law, Henry Swift Poughkeepsie, owns nud has sold into Veimontiioi lug but the pu-esi bred Saxony sii-ep. Those s. to .Mr liirchnrd ot Mi nuiam, are oi that nock. i:isp.cilu,,y .M. GOLDSMITH SST As'h liuni-iDCits or I'iNi; sHGnr1 Solomon AlllleiV fx TT7I ,' g been appointed by th Ji0 Dunn.' the last summer Kev. L 11. Hi: . V II norahie the Probnle Cotiil for ihe Dj-mctof lallli,,( Wilh-ton, Vt. purchased ol J A Snintor, , Vlllil-I.lieil, loinill.rsis,,.. .o iuuiu i, 0j JJaltlOIll, lOllll., O III 1115 lllipei O-'U l.V3 1 ou adju-t the claims and demands of all persons, against iimb nn, hisFplendid Stwk liuck, Ihe sireol the v, the estate oi Solomon .Miller, lite of Williston, in f,.,.,jr p,.nbs winch have been sold Irom ihisimpt i .t .....i , t..r,.-,i ;,,.,.i,.An, iMi.liil-r, c .1- .. ; . . ..... o-i..a ii.,i, .... iisu.i.. ... v.. ,, , Cll IliWK Oliruig me JM-l si-usuu. oil, wsii. .a. .. all claims and demands exhibited m onset tin relojnnd ..,.,,,1,1 nst Jiiuu.iry, was sheared 'ehen a Limb, Ai-t six months from the day ol the due heieot, being , ' isifi, and again Ai,-' 10, IS 17. the thud day inter allowed by s-ud Couit lor that purpose, we do therelore i ilsliiiiyr.. Ills tU-ece weighed 11 lbs. ol clean, line hereby give nonce that we will nliendto the business , W1)u e vC1y l.irge and uncouimonly wooled j n ol our appoiiitiii' iit, ai the duelling ol ll-irry Miller, 1 ,nr,u, ..,,,,, ..onstuuiiuned His stock pis hi Wilhstoh, in said District, on ill-' last Mondavs I K.SJ r re excellence. 1 have lented the tarrti flnd r. the Hoik ol Kev. I., ti. iniigiiain, nnu agrecaoiy in repealed sohcitiou, 1 have concluded to put the lluch to a luinted number ol choice American .Merino K.- at laih. to be paid on valinig H.ves nway. W lu-il ,i ;i isi.lered llmt not one ot tHe lull blood lamM have htcn sold b ss than SlOO.rtnd on tip lo ifrflK) ehibi Ihe price abovi n-.tned must oe regirucu a3 very rea sonable. Applications, must be made soon. L. G, 1J1.N0HAM. Williston, n-t.a.. 1.'17. . 18 ol December and Maich next, at 10 o'clock) A. M on each ot said divs. DaU-d.lhis-J'.'th day i,f September . D. I?17. i.l. i niiw.x.-w-x, r -.,,... Nr.I.L, " 31S C1IALNLLV 11I10W Notici:. T"UOM this dale I give my soli iVvvAr.n Marcfel lus time to transact business in lus own name. I will not pay any more debts of his contracting, nor , hecn, 'from lime to ctuiiii iiisiuiumgs niter tins uaie, bis ANTOINK x .MAncr.LI.. Witness, Axtoix'e IIi'.mlnu. maik. .Milton, Oct. SS, ltl7 1"3 JoliiiMii'ii lirtian Itali:iiii, r.-'Oli beiiulifv ing, cleansing nnd pioiuoiing ihe giovfJiol llie Hair. Theie is seaicely a luiiion in the world ill which the Deauty uf the Hair is not considered an object of considerable Miponantc. Tor the ncqiiiieineiit or preservation ol this beamy, clean Iniess, the iibseuce ol scutf.n proper degree ol luxuri ance, tlie qtialilv of holding tlieiuil.nnd a tine iiitdow Linns I'lnco's LMnto. STATH OI- VLI!MON'l',( rixli: Hon. the Pro. Ilismo-r I'nmivi rv. is i I bate Loillt lor HiC District ol Chittenden : To ml persons conicrned in nil- , suae OI IjlllllS 1 lilll-, I.l It o, , is.iv.u, ... wi I District, deceased, tile, ting. W heiens Polly l'iice,adiuinisritrix of said deorns-ed.nronns.-s to ii-nder un ueeouilt ol tier nduillilslla- tiuu,aud prc?cut her nccount ngniust said esuile lor exniiiinatiou and allow ancnt a si-ssiiin ot the Couit ot Probate, to Ik- holdell nt ihe ollice of llie Kelster ol said Court in Hinhngton, m said District, on lite llh I Wednesdiy of Nineinbi-r, 1SI7. I . . ' . . . .. . . .. a . , ... ,., s. 1...I-. ... sal Ye aY 7 " I rc; m K I A T a of UK- State and Coimiv Su,v,,,,,cn- BOOKS IIUCOMMKNUl!!) UY TUK STATE AND COl'Nl'Y S L' I' I'. K I N T KX U K N TS. 1. Dilit'es' I'irst l.i.-'ii'is in Arithmetic, . Diti'us' S'chiiiu A' i.' '..'!'. I :1. II linn d's Sin ml isi.rir'V I'mlcJ Staltf. fa rape Vincsi fOI! SALIl at the Agricultural Warebcusc. Nov. a. J. S. rtllKCli. Nov. in. MERCHANT TAILORS' Ccittli'nicii' ruiiiishliig Slort1. A RELIGIOUS SOUVENIR. rrillC Cuuisiian Kiikpsaki: ami Missio.v- L arv Anm'ai. ron 18IS, elegnilly illustrated with nine Mezotintn Lngrnvines by Svivtain, printed on Ihe linen paper, and Ihuiii.I m an appropriate and eke gain inaiiner, for sate by Nov. 3, 1817. PJvvC C GOODRICH. Nl'AV fiOODS. Must L.tMiwontiiv has just received a lull ana lasluonnblc assort- lneiii of 1'ANCY GOODS A MILLINERY. Head the louxmixa il is reauy asiomsiiing to anu make gaiiueiusn, uic uin, s.j.i. si-e what wondeilul cures are iei(oiiiied by the use of A large assortment of Crayals, Hi kls , h ints, llie Sars.1iarilla and Tomato llilleis Gloves, Supender, Silk and oo en Under bums. fExtrael ol n letter liom l)r vv imamr oi v t.i l. omits, .inouiiieiuiiiies, iiirieoi ..u .. i. ..;-- . be oilllil nt IXO. S I eels s uiock. MC. RATIIIIUA K LU IIAVi: I 1 cr,n,lkti,lg in ,,att f Uich Velvets, Satin Kibbons, ceived their fall Mock of Cloths, Cassimeres, j'owera mid l.accS; also, IlomieU and Cups of the Vesiings nud Triiiiiiiiugs, nndnie piepurcd to lurmsli int(.tt ,cw yik paltf Mi", wilh n viiriely ol Gimps nnd , ... ln,.. .... I.. . i, ... ..I I IVrna PnttorilR f fringes, uiouk iiuo . - , .'S.l ...1 u ill ,1, not. i . ui I ,, t.i i, I nip Iwi. i iiTpn (L.ttipiis illt-fts Ilia V- . T r c,. .,.,., rill-, 'I',.,,,-,!,, It;, .1 (.,, T,,,l,,rs' I'rntnns. .Measures & c. u-ed it wilh grent success In lour cases of djspepsia, M. G. KATHUl'N, C, I". WARD. curin" each ol them in an almost incredible thou timer ; i llutlington May P., 1817. likewise one ense ofscrolulous humor mid one ofjuun-1 .. " -. -irjp-K nice. , 1 cuiismi. ""''''"..r-r "V " . i uwr r nu pay 1 nave useu u wun mc iw.,i-irs. .-m-ns. .,.uiu hum in iiiivc il " j ,. ..,,. casesofdysiK-psia'waso gentleman who had Jf Vir. ;..,,iro,,, dVnuient joiui-stock proprie- a lorlg tiuie, and had been lo the .-qirings l6 16tw A " the last annual meeting, the concern f ars standing, alter Iryin. a bundled W iufd n rterve liii.d ol X 100, MX), and n contingent lund Jirs without 't ie least e lect. .. 7 r i"nwS this stonnaue has thrown Ihe whole1 'ur sa e bv I iieo, A. PrcK, and A- C. SrEAB, Aro. .f XJ0,lXX). WIS iloppai.K ii". " . , ,.. .., ,1,.. -IJr,11I!M,,d ,VI rarisoHli. ind'Xr gelirier," have ociTed.o London will, ajy throughout the State. - uview tu solicit iheGuveriiiiientto inlerrVro for he , t,.U-foflhoeiilireiiiercantileandbankiiicw.iirmii , .,y fj f. ASSIES lor iltiv 01' lllfllt, (if all 'oiThe TjAlUilJ ASS0IITMI1XT JIAV IIP. FOPNI) A sullered t il tin subscribers, x hlch will be wdd ascheaii us il for two sea"! cheapest. L- .MAN. liurimgion .xov. io, idi, I'.LIAS LYMAN, Iff AS .HIST in:i invr.n v lvikii: ami sulcml II -d nssuilment of Rubber shues i consisling of Ladies Pali ul Ittihlx-is, do plum l.lnttic no, do Rubber lluskins, .Mens Paienl Rul.lieis ; also one caT Ladies superior Knncli Kid Wulkhig Sln t, new stvie, Whkvvarc Iliiildmg, Nov. in, I?I7. lluiliiiglon.Nov. 1,1817. 19w3 Ul'HAM'S LIF15 OF FAITH, do Interior Mfri Way of Holuiefs, by .Mrs. Palmer, Keeping up Ap-araiiics, Leciures lo oims Mm. Sic. . . Nov. 1317. 1 or wile it UUA 1 1 AG TO A S. October ai. TiOO packs Ainerlcnn Fins, ;ross ixiuumg u VlLis Noves. I aoo'.M .Sewing Needles, 100 gross Knilimg do. tunepuiforth.bywlmhithasbce.i c,'e. il any yu luve, why the account aloicud ' v .ui. .n,:e i-smv,...,,,,,,, attempted to produie Some or nil ot tin se i Heels siiomn not n ni.ovven ",;,,, Thai i'v Conveniion liini"irli til L Maiiy is known by expciii-mc, nb-o- l.ivii under my baud at Iiuriington, thisSJlh d..y , ' 7,1', , -S , - ,x- r to luteliegative.otheisareei.hertfe.ri.iieiitaloroll..,,. of I ., t,b. r, A 1). 1H , I other neati"' oil Ari'iuuettc now- WlVe' ,i ,uh?c sue ...Id a lew possess some ii.dividu.l quality which 318 LIIAKLLm Ul ))glhe .J,,',, (v p,tt(ttmT Daues alnf I,,!,,.' n-ndcR the.u superior to tho;.. wilh whiih hey ail . ..... ,,.,..,., , ! f.f,,, , , A.lanis' is now u. ge.ierai u-.- ur scW., cassi-n. .vir. Jt liiisoii nas, nuwiviT. nan me goo.i u,i ii i.i. a ; r oiu , il -r.vv i.ui, fortune to discover n composition, llie "Mafian Dai sum" which lie tonliiltntl ofleis to llie public, ns pos sessing all tne desncu qualities. I'or sale bv A. L. Cuuistock. No. fi Courtlandi-st., opposite the National I Intel, X Y.; and by .V C.Si eaii and Tiieo. A. Peck, Apulhicaties.llurlingion. 10 COMSTOCK'S PAIN KILL Ml IS used witli tlie most happy and lieneficinl ctlects in tlie following conipl.iiius, and catl l e relied upon to nlwavs cuie Dyseiitety, Choleia Infantum, llioii ehilis,0,uuisev,Sinsmsiii Cbildien, Chilblains. Hums, llrokeu llrea'is, Measles, Crainn, llruises. Sprain, Cuts, and oil sores, eiihcr external or int. rnnl, '.see ill reclions on each lioltle ) Prepared by the Apotheca ries' Company. No. G Courtlaudl-st .opposite the Na tional Hotel, N. Y ., and lor tale by A. C. Silar nnd Tlito, A. PriK, AlK tliecaries, Uuiliutoli. ID f AUtNDKY STAHCII 1'OLISII Mnmi. IJ lactnred by Wm. Johnson. Sold wholesale nnd n-laii at the Lsculnpinu Apoilircaries' Company, oi sisite the National Hotel, No, C t'ouitlautlt-st , N Y . and by A C. SriAr. nud Tiieo. A. Plik, Apotheca- caiiex, lluillllglull. 10 IM:ATHi:ilS! i. ers kept cunstanlly onnand t ... nml liens .p ruin- Vir as !t Notrs. LAMP OIL. rK Hhls. Pure Sperm; !I0 ilo Hlcpliant ; O sDdoiunncd wiJiyy A, co. PurlinRlcn, M' C5. i Sooth marl FUR STORE, O. A. SEYMOUR, N'i)tllifiit corner nl'ilie Niiititiu Stromrs IIiiihlitKr. IN inviting Ihe attention ol ihe public und especinllv ol llic ladles, lo the extensive ns-ottmentot .Vi7, ewn nn" (,,s,iiu.. on sun- m 1119 ( Slllllllsllllieill, lt peileclly vvurinuted ill saying that ihet nre uiuiues Uouably llie most clrganl ihings ol the kuitl ev er otierd 111 litis town. Ilchasrilsoa great variety of Otter, Seal, Ilcavcr, I ur, and oiher taps, lor gcmlcniciiuiid children, l'ur cullai9 fur gloves, iVc. ALSO The rail fqshinn of Hats, all of w hich cfT.rr i low Cittibrr, III, 117.' 'v3 1 1 ill.-t received bv Oct. S7. 1S17. 11RINS.MAID ,t IIROTIIHKS. ineasiirt J bj wiij of iiiiroducmg (my new books, lluii 1 impressed wnh a Inm and deep conviction that Di xies i.ieineiiinr) moi 1 .-ooiioii kmu n ..i. ,.,.. ..i,,- I 1AMI WILL III! PHI) POIl 10(10 Iil'SIIIII.S OP d nn means ot securing thoro. h mental X.t Herds GiasnSieihal the Agnciiltuial Waichouse, training or lor practical purposes, in the lugnest and it delivered tucxious tu tlie close ol navmalion. Oct.-.M. J S. PLIRCI. I'i'oloy of Vermont. '"HI Thud Annual Report of the Slate Geolosis this day published bv C. GOODRICH, lbirlinglon. Oil S7, IS 17. uniD's nsuhisn nicriox nv. A DICTIONARY of the I'lighsh i v taming llie I lanuticiiilion, l.tiiiiiolonu ami i ;7iiifit,.i Of all the winds nuihoiiz-d by eminent Winers io w men llie au.ivn u V pi .unlit rj oi lor 110010 of linith.-h wolds, nnd no iicctuted listoltrcck,l.attii nnd tscripture pro(s-r names, by Alexander Rcid, A .11 ,ouexoi r.uio. oihi piges, many oouiui 111 u-uiuer, price -si, uns nay u-ceiviii v .....s, i,K.,ml sensi' are decitledlv sui'eiiur to any I in'l'i icArcA ire trie acquainted, anil xeould nnhesita i tingty ami etrongln recmninenit the intindtution vf the'e toakt ns fn -t as a ihaiige can be made. 1 Risned. f I). M CAMP, Vres't . , MonliKher.-Iln Oct . 1SI7 R t'Ar ,V. S'ote The Sihool Ilisior) ol Mi - tllard tvot ! ri-t-oiunu-nded by the Convtiiiion ol WIG 1 The ubo'e Hooks are publishetl by R. HARNI-1 1 .-w Yoik.untl lur sate bv Hobkselleis cell. I ccatly in lljrtiiigt'in nn.l uilier to'tnt ir. Ihe stale. lVnr" liiisii'nl lYotii'c. A TH- WlilTCO.MII hating taken up hiswintef ltJ. qjarler Oci. -y., IHI7. I3,vlh C. GOODlIlCH. n'jarlers nt MidJIebart-, lakes lliisinetliod of sav- ing to hi fuends, and 'he dancing eomuiunily gener' ali-, that lie is prepared to lurm-h good music lur It'll w. I'.irtles.AC on leasoiiuuti-teiuis nnv nimiucr ' of pieces tiiinulied Iroin two to five, ns the oerisiou i:i:m)iu ion tiii: rr.oi'i.r.! ! ii,n, tit an.i sdiomis. ami iiphe.-id. I Mtl'MON'Ttt LxploniC INtiedllitm heyoml the j Lelleis nddriss, d lo R 11. itlTco.Mii, .Middlibury( 1' H.siky .Moiiiitaiii;psr,t!3c; Siege of Lilehfiel.l, Vl , will i.ceive pioin.t alleimon. 1 '! u Tale ol Ihe KrU-lhun ; Lilian Allen's Nar- . . . ... i , ..i t. ti',..,;.i.l c.., n-m-i. limp Ill'SSIA, llngbsii and Ameriea-v Stove Pipe, for tative ; an-'t ndid Lithograph of Gen. Winlield Scott, as lame asnie; ao oo. i-u-ii-siuaii i iun-, m-. Oct -J7. ilwlil C. GOODRICH. fll'Hl SPl'.HM OIL jpst p.iicmvKi). 1. Customers call depend oii gelling tin U-st article Ihe maiket ailbrds. Also iheap oil, teliued vvhdle, wailanlt'd wgite SJtislJitiotl and light Oil. DI7- A. S, DCW'CY- IIAKEKS riiiiPARPi) Coio,, ki:pt tall Jltim'sbv A I? Ptnr. Oil, I8H fale by lOct. 'il t VlLM ii Now. J dr niMS iC.-i-l enso M ilo Lnihest ill 1 case Cashmere, a vurh ty ol Clonk and Dies Kringi s and dress lluitoiis, fot safe by Oil. '.'1. vieas i, AiF.niMi nucKs. .. ." 'JO Ture Wooded Merino Bncks,tofsale ry vvm. t.. rtAixntrivi t hu.lms'cn. r':i v, 1'I7. lit

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