Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 10, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 10, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 10, 1847. rnco wlilrli flic Is exerting on tlio colored poo. 1 pit; Is iilso very ciic()iirii";iiip. During the forty citrlit hours previous to her sailing fioin Haiti more on her hit voyage, s-omo twenty orsoii, from tlio city oflurcd themselves us emigrants, of whose feelings or Intentions on tlio subject, nothing was previously known. The sliitc of pillule iilTVirs in Liberia during the pit year, lias been of the most encon aging character. In hit last message to tho legisla ture, (?ov Robert says : "Under the fostering care of the American (,'oloniattion Society, the :olonv h is continued to increase in population, intelligence, wealth nnd impnrUnte ; a little one has become a thousand and is now attract ing the attention of the chilizcd world. It therefore become us in entering once inoie up on tho duties of legislation, humbly to acknowl edge our dependence upon Him who is Infinite in wisdom and power, as our guide and protec tor, and to implore a continuance of his watch fulness over the affairs of these colonics. We have continued cause for the expression of our gratitude to Almighty (lod, that another year work nnd labor performed iu the construction of ft tone culvert lor the Central Railroad Company. Plea, Ihe general issue. The principal point iu con Irnvcreey was the amount if tabor performed. The Plalntifl showed n special contract m evidence, and rluimi'il the pcrlorn.aiice of extra work nnd labor ut the request of the Defendants. To prove this fact, be ollered the guarantor ot the performance ol the spe conttact, but the court IHd him Incompetent, Irom interest in the verdict, The extra labor was tinned by other witnesses, nnd the jury relumed a crihet lor the PlaintiM", ol SollG.lj nnd bis cost, SimilleviV. l'helis and Asnhel Peck, for l'lalntilf. I'lntt !f l'eck.lor Defendant. DccoiirW 4. CoTTnr.Lt. it Siiattuck r. Town of Cnt.ciir.siEn. Cae, tor ncgliiieiice iu keeping highway in repair, whereby the Plaintih"'a slugc-cuach was overturned, nnd carriage nnd horses injured. The injury occared iu the north part ol the town of Colchester, on the hill uenr the tavern of Mr. C. N. l'belps. The alleg eJ deficiency wasthe existence of a dangerous gully, in the centre of the road, in endeavoring In uvoid which thengent oftbe t'iaiutilT drove into the side ditch, thereby producing tlie injury. The l'lalntitf ollered to show.nn iniurr to one of their nasciigers, also, that they had paid him a large sum ns coinpcn- saiiim iiii'rf lor : urn me eituri netii llie eiineiiir iii.m- iinssilile, the payment hat ins been voluntarily made .. I I., .1. ' i.. ... - i?-..i i-.1 :t:... M't. METEOROLOGICAL REGISTER FOR NOVEMBER, 1B47. llunt.iMiTov, 1 mile Kast of Lake Champlaln and 25(i feet above It. 1817.1 DD M W finds us In tin eniovinent of tho blessings of'nn, not in discharge of a legal liability. The testi. neice. law order, and relh'ion : that the health niony concerning the actual stale of the road as to in ' r it -i.! i i l. ml i-icncv. i .inniT .v.c. tins somen nal ei ol our teiiow citizens uas ueen invert in , tint .v.?, ..;.i., i. ; i ui ,it i ,i, ,;,,, f allictini!,but tlie earth has yielded abundant fruits to tho la- , -, L. ',, ,, ,,.., p..,,..:,,,.,', ,...,. ihabi bors oftbe husbandman', that notwithstanding taut of the town ol Colchester, did nut sit in ihecase. Asnhel l'eck nnd Smalley Ai rhelps, tor I'lauuiiis, 1!. Uixlord and l'latt & l'eck, lor Dcleiulant. Ilccnnhr 7. State v. llt.ud.i ru French, nl.Vn Elizabeth ludictmeiu lor nrsou. The otlence al iened was the burning ol a bam belonging to Amos lllaekincr, ol W.-stlord. The etidenee lliat the build imr was fclnuio.islv burned, or the rcsiiondelll's coll nectiou therewith, was entirely circumstantial. The respondent's counsel tillered etidenee of her gcneiul goon ruaracier prci inus in uie crime noem-o, jected t by tiie counsel fur the pioicution, but ndmil ted by the court. The jury failed to find the indict input snM.'iitirtl. nnd iirnnitted the lvlinndcnt. F. ti. Hill, State's Attorney, and Charles Adams, for llie Piosccution. Asabel l'eck nnd Smalley &. Phelps, lor the Respondent tlie interriintions to trade, new activity lias been imparted to commerce, and tint ctery depart ment of the government is going on well and prosperously." In consequence of the relation of the col onies in Liberia to the Americin Colonization Society, llritish vessels have refused, soinc year, to piy revenue duties in tlie ports of Li beria, upon the ground that Liberia not being n Sovereignty, has no right to levy such duties. Therefore, in accordance with recommenda tions from our society, at Washington, the ques tion lias boon submitted to the people of Liberia, through their Governor and legislative Council, whether they will declare themselves a free and independent nation. Tho people have acted on this question, and have decided by a large major ity, iu favor of assuming the entire respon-ibil-ity of their government. A convention has been ordered for forming a constitution, and we shall doubtles hear soon, that the commonwealth of Liberia has declared itself a free and sovereign state. . And from what we know of the well tried materials of tho-e colonics, we have no doubt but thev will manage their atfiirs wisely, and with discretion ; and that when the hour of tri a' -omes, they will bo found to possess sullicient nerve to meet it, sullicient knowledge and weight of character to carry them nobly thro'. Tlie Liberians haio thought deeply, and they and eloquently of their position and re-pons'ihilities, in respect to the efforts of self government about to be made. On this point the Editor of tlie Liberia Herald, published in Monrovia, holds the following earnest language. " Hut wo think we do hut speak the fixed peiili inent oftbe whole people of these colonios,wilh o it the exception of a single individual capable of thought, when wo say, tho great object which nt lir-t brought in to Africa, is still kindly and tenderly clieri-hed. Tint great object which loomed in all its grandeur of outline before our eyes, which dazzled in our imagination and rou-ed lofty aspirations, and lured us on from home and kindred and social endearment, which induced us, with pitience to stiller, and with fortitude to endure ; winch gathered mo tive from dinner, iin.l slicnglli from defeat ; that grand object, to plant a nation of colored people on the soil of Africa, adorned and digni fied with tho attribute-of a civilized and cliris ti in community, is still the object dearer than all others to every Liberian." This new and grand spectacle, we confidently believe, will toon bo witnessed, and its c.lnbition will e.ert a trcmeudiiims influence In favor of the African race. It will break down prejudice again-t that lace. It wtll show to the slaveholder tint he is not ensl ning a soulless being, as he now sup-po-os but a being with ficuHics equal to his ow n. Il will encourage thousands of their own color in this country, to eniigiate, and Liberia will become a centre of liyht and attraction to all the scatLred children of Alrica. Wo bate thus glanced at a few of the inter esting f.ict, which mirk the progre-s of our! iinterpriso during tho pistyear. The history of Liberia, though its results are as yet but im perfectly developed, convinces lis tint her futu rity will be bright and glorious. " Knoogh al ready appears to make it certain, that it will maintain its existence; that it will be a strong and flourishing republic, an I,. like other republic-, with all its ,vill be a refuge fur tho oppressed ; that it will bate power to drive the slave trade from its border-, and to send the light of humanity into tho darkness of tlie Continent, where it stands, like sunlight on the edge of a black cloud, giving promise that the shadow shall pass away." All which is respectfully submitted In behalf ol tho Hoard of Managers. J. K. CONVERSE, Ncc'y. FIRI2MAN"S NOTICE. Tho Annual Mectinnof the llnriinirton Vol tin teer llngiuo Co. No. 1, will be held at the Pearl bt. House, on Tuesday Lvcnintr, Dec. ill, 1817 at 6 o'clock. A general attendance of tho mem bers is requested. Ilr order of ' J. A. KINSMAN I'. C IJO VI IS, Secy. Dec. Dili, 1817. Capt. itttttket Ilriliton Cattle .lliulii t .Untidily, Dec. ni rur.Tr.D ror. Tin: tru At market, IS30 Cntile, 11 yi ikes Workinc Oxen,! 12 Cuws and Calves, 3Cjl) fcheefi, and nbojt BllK) Swine. I!m- Cattix Uxtra $0 M ; first quality, 2d and third qn.ilitv Irom 1 73 to $5 50. Woni;i.u Oal.n--S.iIis mimed Irom &(W to 133. Cows ami Cai.vls Slales noticed nt $21,23011 SO. to sill. isiiLF.r. Lots tnken nt 1,33, 1,07,2,13, 2.C7, nnd one lot nt extin Cossets nt G. Dull. Sales nt wholesale tc fur Sows, ntnl 5c for Harrows. At retail, Irom I i to and Cie, ami n large number will leinaiu unsold at the close ol the in.llket. N. H. A cond supply of Hectes remain unsold at tie close ol the inaiKel. 45 .S 50 10 it Ab 33 it 3s 31 i 33 2M r 31 13 a 21! S '0 13 fi rt II 3S a in 33 (t 3d ) a : 20 ei 22 11 it 15 therm. wtxus. a; i , v 5UDJ5J 511(1.! 57 4 'Aft' fly m 5 5I 0O53, 0 .152 11 7 ' 37 42' lo'.swl c,31tG 13 n 2 13 511,3:)! s 3 5I 5'J,GJ 3 I 13' 15' II w i 3-) 42,11) w 1.9 e t r M BAROMETER. S. It inch. 1 r r m inch. inch. '49.u'2'j.yo49tH San Itise fair I 1 0 r m r t 2J'.W2J8r.!J.7l 'cloudy clear 2'J.702J.53 2'J 5U cloudyclear 2J.5l'JJ5r2J.5l'clear ,clenr cloudy,fair clear Att.ilir WATER '.'".Inches IV. I .".1.1, Ii0 7i)7l iIICjGs cIoudy.GIG3'70 eliiihlvGSGlO .-iv,2J51'2J5r2J.5r,.clcar clear clear pliMifiS 2D.c,i-jj,3j .J'J.yo mill cloudy clouilyibj n Ti 3J.UJ3).U0 3.)()U,clear lair cloud) tk)G7 0a i J.'J Vil Hl 2J I.', e ear rn n c oui V OJIo 72 2JG3 2) 5J'2'J.5J cloudy cloudy Idoud) GfiGJGil 0.1'J 2JGG2)7I'2LISS hiir l.ilr 'lair l5i',G2G7! 2J.8ii2J.G2'J.Ui) cloudy 'cloudy .cloudyiilfiSOj; 0.11 0 09 12 G 3J(I1 II w.sw'swJJ.tJ.sfl'j'sl r..iu , J3 Ji as w i N c 32 IU It s i s 2 31 I0 3Vnwniv 1G 3,31 SJjMifNtv 171 4 1 10. Si 19 s 181 5 - 34 3 J 37 n 19, G 35 30 271 v 7 23 27 18 m o '28 3i IG 2 38 IG 31 3 13 I8'51 4 48 59 51 2J.8V2J.38 2J.9(rrnlii s 2J.52 2J.I-J 29.3G snow .1 O.l 1. II, SI1I1W I.'IIT il N 29 9J3J no 2J.89 cloudy clear clear o8t)C,7 l.iir clmidy(OtlO J70, 'rlmi.lL elonitv G5fl5(3' cloudyeloudyj8 GJ G7 ,iair lino "luairj, 2J.7J2J.8J 29.8 1 clear N 29.82 2 J.,8 29.19 rain N 29.I92J r,3 2.1.81 rniu E i3,).l93).2!i 3ll2l)f,iir s 3J ul 3) ot 3J til clear s 3J.0I 31.02 30 09 'clear s 3JOI2).9329.8Jclenr Nv2J Oi)2t.52 29.28 ram '379 71! 0.0G elenr lair elouilv ram liG5GI snow .cloudy ,ii2C3 GG i.iir ,,-ii.ui x 'will cloudyclear G0GIG8 dear 'clear .GIG7GG cloudy cloudy 05 G5 G51 rniu rain 0707 72 ItLMAUKS, 0.11 1.5 5 51 50 16 s swsw2J.2l2)3l,293l cluudy eloujy lair 050305 G 40,33 32 sw .n ' N 29 5923.59 2J.90 lair llair lair GIOUGs! 7 17i32 27 .nw.w n 2 J 852J.74 29.70 lair lair lair G35G07 c3li:33 2llw w n 29 012JC9.29.73 'cloudy lair 'snow 08 03 08 7 3 n N s E 3 ) 02 3d. 23 30.3 1 'snow eloudv clear I3958 07 0.10 I 18 10 E t ',s E3J3l3J33303l'clear elenr ,clenr 0UG27O 37 13, 10 10 . Uorcnlis, splendid, blood colored In x. w. Sliootius stats in the east, White frost j fog on the lake. Snow squalls, mount's white. Snow squalls. 1 men snow, follow it by ram. Dirk, misty, and some fog. Mountains white. Half nn inch of snow. Aurora Borenlis. Snow squalls. Two inches of snow, l'vf over the Lake. jHccliniiics' Tool. 1AUl,l;NT(:itS,.Ioiners,CnrrinEennd Slcinh Mn- Book IlindiiiR. m i. ii .. i i i... kers. Sadiilers, Shoeinakers, Illnclismiths. Cabi; ULUUiti ,J , 'CS ' "S nr-t 3lnker,l'alnler,"jncl(sni nil trnues nni w KflliaHaP' Servc hi, customers nnd the public, with I'-oreiKn inaiiulactiire, adapted to their respective uses, j;ov 'isivf ,or "sAMUEL 11UXTIXGTON, noun teiy leuau i, nus. ' ' ci'iiovo nnrtr itti.i' rh Burlington, Dec, 1,1817. U. It. CItOSSMAN. 2lin3 ;2j: 829.;929.79,29 '8G 2.13 , The avernce temtiernturc of November for the last nine tears was 33. 2a. bv which it npnears that the teni' iiertiline of November tills vear tva9 I.81 wanner ttinn the menu, nnd iiliniit lw wariner than nnv Novelnbcr iu that iieriod. The rnm;c ot the tln-riuoineler has been 1" to 03". Greatest cold, SOiholdest day, S'Jih .Mean height ot I tit- tintometer, x'J.ittt, in. ; rnnge Irom 29.21 to 30.31 1.1 in. the nujot water nils moniii wnsa little less man the mean ul the last nine years, mat being 2.19 inches, JL CHEAP CASH BOOKS TORE, Peck's Iluildlng, ' If Islington, Vt Liver Comolaint of four venrs standimr. that would not yield to the usual remedies. Abraham tskillmnu, .11. 1,1. , ot jjfuimltirook.iN. J., says it is the best medicine lur Cousuiipliou, in ei'fiy stage, that he has ever known. We luight reler )nu to hundreds ol cases, had we room, that would con vince all olils grcattmuc. editors, lawyers, clergymen, nnd nlmost every class hatent last found out that Wislar's Unlsnm ol Wild 1 Cherry is what " it is recommended lobe," the tery best medicine to be lound. It cures or relietes ullnl-1 r..,.ti ,.i 1 1,., i ,,,w m1,.. nih;,i,r,.k,. iii He careful and get the genuine Ult. WISTAU'S T1'5 Clian" K,S' " .fc:rio3 ""i d.eS?,,,l.l' .C0!''T.d BALSAM Or WILD CULlltltV. None genuine unless smned bv I. BUTTS, Address nllordersto SKTII W. l'OWLK, Boston, .Mass. For sale w hole s, lie nnd retail by T111.0. A. 1'lck, Burlington, nnd by Dealeisin Medicines generally iu Vermont. BY C. B. EDWARDS. CHRISTMAS liVD NEW YEARS' PRESENTS FOR 1818. For Sale BY THI5 subscriber, llirec good Kngine Lathes; Also, tvvolinnd Lathes, which will be sold low for cash or good paper. Burlington Dec. 7,1817, VALUAHLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. F11III! Subci iber ofTers for sale his place, shunted I on the Corner of College nnd Willnrd Streets He will sell it entire, or in Lots, as purchasers may .Lorn The Incntinn, as Is well known, is nmnng llie most eligible for residences, in Htulingion. The ptnee com Inius l'rnit Trees of various kinds, nnd em passed in 3IRS. FRASER has just nnTUitxni) tMfZi from N'evv York wilh n siiiilv rd l'ash- lonalile Millinery, Itieh Honnet Silks nun bntins, vei lets, riush, I'loweis. Hibbons, I'tathers, Lnccs, Col lais, liiinds of Plain lbiir, Fringes, Gym s, ic. Also, Alpaeca for Clonks ntid Dresses, nnd ready mnde lints and Cnps. II NTEU a first rntc Milliner nnd Dressmnker. M. KltASKIl. Burlington, Nov. 18, 1817. 2lwG TO LET. t mVEM.IXr: IIOITNK. lUnv amUIah- l ringe liouse, beaiitifuily located iu this Village.- rorlurtbcr iiifurmntiiiu apply to this oflice. quality by none. Dec. 9, 1817 DANILL SIMPSON, Sltf. HANK OF IJURLIN(iT0N. NOTIf'Il is beieby given that a meeting of the Stoekholdeis of the Bank ul Builiiifflon. will be lid'.den nt their Bankimr House, on the seeond Tuesday of January next, nt 11 o'tlock, A. M., for PAINTS AND OILS, I1ITH l.r.AD.drvnndin oil i French Yellow ' T Lug. Veil, lied, lied Lend, Verdigris, Whiting, &C. &.C, Also, I.inseed (Jit. l.y tli" liariel or lets quantity. STKUAU, ll.L. Jj t,u li'C, i, taw. IVoticv. the purpose of electing seven Dinviors jor the jear -yf HLULAS my wife, Lueindn, has left me, with ensuing, H. G, COLL, Otahur. V out any just ennse or provocation, I theielme hereby loilud nil persons harboring or tric-uug her on December 10, 1317. iitavneb, In St. Pauls Church, Siockbriilge, Mns., on Mon day tlie Gtli inst., by the llvv. Air. Field, JACOB 1). MITCHUUi of lurpbt-iinl.', Urnii.lon, Vt. to CAUULINU ULIZABirni WniJSTLIl of Stock brul''. In this town, on the 1ft inst., by tlie Kcv. J. K. Cotnerse, Mr. James HoMtn BosrwiCK, to Miss Makio.v .Matilda Cr.oss.MAX. In Meriilcth, N. H., onthe lTtli ult., by tlie He v. Mr. Sinclair, Mr. T, J. Woooot Iurlinton, Vt. to yiia C. M. D. Vittl'm of Meritieth. WOOIj, Duty, 30 per ct. The sale of American Wool iluring tlie past week ime been Iilit, w ithuut niueli il any cUarjre in, Prime Saxony I'leeces, MIl'-lu'll - -- -- -- - AniHrican full blood do. - do y i tin, . - - - do l-'l do. . - - - do J-l&cnm do. - - - - Stnyna, washed, ------ Smyrna, unwashed, - - - - - Buenos Ayres unpickt d, - - - - Kxtra Xorihn pulled lamb, - - - Hup. Norlb'npidled lamb - - - - No. 1 do do do - - - - 2 do do do - - - 3 do do do - - - - Die, Court Calcnbftv. Dvsnpsu or IxmnnvrioN. This di'-ear1 has the s-tninnes-t claims upim tlie ntlention anil svmpnthy ot the physician and philanihropi-t. The Inbitual L)s- ppue is truiy ini-ernnie. ins s;iikw huh hiiaimu countrnance, iiis aversion to social enjoyments hi irritable and sullen t-ib'nee. nnd the occusioiial and overwhelming deepondtney ot niiud. show him Utbt llie prey ot deep and hura-inj; sutK'rin, of which none but Uiom who bne experienced them can tonn an ndrnuate idea, I'or Dv-pepMa there is no hope; it W dark, di-eournginj;, un'd eheerlevs in itsprore'.s. It will n-niier kitt the natient nor denari f rum him. IBs mouth i parched and leterMi, liis bend confused, ana Ins whole iditiy Minima aim uiicoimonauie. iih sleep at night i- tiltul and uiiretres-hniK, diMmbed by j.ttni!je lanla-M't and unea-v dieaui". while lonir before inoriihig, tie beiin to turn from side toideon bis eomtorlle-ts pillow. Tliouh reMless, he iecls no di'-po-'ilion to ne, but when at length he nuiMerb Mif tieieut reMtlutiou.hf tels siub taintuet- and la-situdc, that all inotiitii and monies is a burden tobim. Let thesutriTer u-e, aeciribnr tu the dneetumsnnd he will tiudiihnut immediate relief, unit iu a ery sliort time a perfect cure. lVr."ons Irne U'eii cured titter having I teen to i-pnngs and other places by the advice ot their piijMcian, and hue nut teceied any perma nent relief until they use this medicine. Bkown's CjAKsAi'Anit.i-A Timaiu BiTrcr.s. Tor sale by Tiieo, A. 1kk, and A. C. Si gar, Apo thecaries and wholesale DruUts, and by dealers yen lirally tlirounlioiit the Stave, On the 2nd inst., Daniel SrAsiror.D, I'tq , at the advanced nge of 7'J years. At bis residence iu this villngp.on Friday the 3d int., CiiAUt.F.s Ham, M. D.,nged 63 years. In this village, on die Cth hist., at the residence ol Mrs. Whipple, L., only foii of B. J, and Kvtdine W. Tenney, asjed 4 years. In tliis iliage, on the 1st int., IIleex n.,dnugbter of Hiram S. and Cynthia S. Wliite, ai;ed 2 years and U montlis. lX'uth stole in softness on that loely face And touched each feature with a new-born grace : On cheek nnd brow unearthly Iteauly lay, Ami told that our dear Helen had past away. Only for a moment she felt the rod, Spread her bright wings and sored to God. (tronn. with I)escrimie Illustrations; By li. II. Cllett. C colored plates, price 7,50 Leatlctts of Mcniorv ; an Illustrated Annual for 18IS Kdited bv UevnellCoates. M. 1). 13 Beautiful Illutrntions. price 5,00 The Opal ; a pure gift tor the Ho'yday. IMited by Mrs. Sarah J. Hale. Illustiated with lUen grainas, price 5,00 The Mirror of Life, edited by Mis. h. C. Tuthill, with II Mezotint IlluMratioiis, tirice 5,00. Thompson's Seasons, liberated liy 77 design' by tlie i'ltcbing Chib, edited bv B. Cornay, Ksip beautifully bound in Turkey Morocco, price t -1.50 The Ilhunmated Clems of Sacred Tortry, with beautdul lllu-tratiotis and Illuminations, and bound in the mo'-t superb Ft le, price 5X) Tlie OiTeiinji of Beauty tor 1H I8,einlielbhed with 11 colored engra nig, editwd by Anieiia W. Iiwrenre, price 5,00 Bryant's 1'netical Work?, Illutrntr d with 20 beau t it ii I Steel eiigraiug, by H. I.auie, pricc 5,00 The hady of tlie Lake, benutitully eiubellihlied with 10 steel eimnmngs, price t 5,00 Child Harold's Pilgrimage, embellished with 13 lO Dollar Kcu sinl. T OST about two wetks since, between the Soulh Wharf tmd our store, a sunll piper package di rected to "Misg Amelia Wall'-r, Pearl St. Hutisc, Burlington, Vt. Pnlitcne of Dr. Kliiott." Whoever will deliver to us said fackage with its content", snanue enntieu to tn- anove reward. VILAS & novi:s. Burlington Dec. 10, 1817. POU CHItlS'lMIAS AM) MJW VIIAIt, Of Richy Hare, hseful and Fancy Articles. WILL RE tOU.Vn AT Itrinsmaiil A: Itrolhcrs, In far greater arietyfrnm llie lowrpt priced Toy to inucn more expensive ana vaiuaure puts. OF the very many articles suitable for remembran t,e', we decile to call nttelilion to a few rich per fumed Paper Machc Portfolios, from $'-5i) to $10 each; Perfumed (Hove Boxes; Diesng i a-es; Woik Boxes Pa inr Mache Card Cases: extra fine shell di. nl new patterns; a very tew neat diamond Kings and Pin; some very fine pure gold and reaUtone Piusand Kings; a larger aorimeiii man usual ot men j i: wflr r, such as Coral Pui", Kiii2;s, Brncelcls.Stud", Har King- ami a tieautiiui variety ol atneo aiui onlhant I asie and Stone Iliiig-, Broaches. Sluds. Knr Jewel, to- gether with all extensive as-ortment of plain Kings, Pins, Locket1, Chun, Slides, Bracelets, liar Hoop, Lar Wires, Lar Jewel, iVc. and a fine lot of gold Pen tils wilh nnd without pens, of new and neat patterns, crv mitable lor Friendshin Otk'riiiL'-. lor ths who to gie as expensive articles, w men win rennini uie receieroi true time, we have some of T. F. Cooper's line London Duplex Watches; alsojv Beesley'sfine l)upleaiid Lever Watch es; Fn res fine time keeper, besides a gieat variety of the most celebrated maker", and a larger a-o!t- ineiit ot lower piiced goLt ainl silver Jjever- an I Le pine", with a line a-ortrnent of cormnou Watches. We a so invite the atrentiuu ol nurc hnsem to our new stock of gold Fob and (Juard Chains with -eals toy nceoutit. as I will pnv no d'-hts ot lif-r eoutnicting alter tlnsdate. TlMnTIIY W. NICHOLS. Williston, Nov. 30, 1317. J llitllalo leoheH. IF jou wnut to sec a large ouil good nnrtment of ltubi'i, " better than bclore brouuht tu thi tuniket," cull iu look nt I. I). BIXUY Ai Cos. l'rolmle'Caiirt. ' 1' U 0 11 A T II C O l? 11 T , 1 T ii ordcreil by tbc ilisrnieT np t.uiTTFNlins. si. I t.ourt. tbnt tl Oltl mill niter thi tune Probate Courts for the District of Cbitteiuleii, be holileii nt the Court House m Unrhni; ton, on the Wedticsilfiy, of eneh week, nt 10 o'clock, ,. M. liy oruerot me i onri, II KIM UKD, iiegulrr. (lurlinpton, Dec. 1t. IS 17. !!33 DR. RC HARDS run ci:lf,buated ixdias doctoh. MSVllVi VVliiiX giv-tioiire( that he has ta ken no Ids residence in Burhnt'Lou. Rooms at the Franklin Hotel. He has with him The Celebrated Indian I aimr Hath. 7'v' free nnd itideiiHiideiit ol sti am All the pitrent vill inhale is lb'- medicinal irlu-s)t loots and lieile, suiteil to any deae with which the pa iieni may oe nimeo'o, Du. Ulciunns is well known in imny of the cities, town and illnges throughout the United State. Many hundreds ot patients hive been relieved by Ids skill lie can .n,ak understandinly iu the Fiencb language, two tongues in ludian. as well as in Unj- liili. Call and see him .' Burlington, Dec. 3, 1S17. 23tf. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Kiar the Slcamloal Landing,) IWUMNCTO.N', VT., UY MOSUS L. HART. rPHE uUciibcr woulJ notify lilsolil friends nnd tbr l rubhc teiwrnlly, that he Ins retalrn the well Known nml comtnoihom house nt the head of too Steombont lAndine, In liurlinrtou, known as tho iiotkIj. Inlendini' to moke bis locution In Durlincton n tfr mnnentone.he has nfilteil and newly lurnUhcd tl.4 hone, nnd plfdijes binisell to keep a liitt ctn?3 bou'. Flatteriui: hnn'elf, Irom lonr t-xperience n tl,,.- bu Mnen.tlim he known what the trniehna public require, be will be enabled to make his trueqts f-f-1 thi-iii,elvr-i nt home, nml nsnres them that no e.vititmi shall M spired to make the wants and comforts of his patrol. i complete. Carnages always in rendines on the arrival nnl dcpnrtuie of the hieamboats, to convey pissentbrs t and fioin bis liouse or any purl of the town. The ihllerent hues of Stapes call at tlu home, ma king it the must convenient lor the btlim?s3 commu nity. MOSES L. HART. Ilurlinaton.Nov 1, HIT. SOif IRONMONGERY. KlXiS ASSORTED CfT NaIW. f JJ luoTons do. Hound 3-16 to 3 Inch Iron. 1U0 Tons Aoited Square 3-3 to 2 inch Iron. " Hand I-1 to 5 inch do " Hume Si Scroll, 5-S to 1-S do. " Horse Shoe tfj. Tire l-8XS-8toCX34 do. " Swedes 1 inch to 3 inch do. " Ku-'ia, Old Sable tij. 10 Tons Assorted S-mdeison's Cu&t Steel. " Un:;. and American Spring do. " German d's " Kiigli'li nixfred, I,. do. " American ll!ilen'.l, do. " Swedes and Am. Toe Calk do. " llorie Xnit Hods. " Hoop Iron, 6-8 to 1-1 inch. Cro Bui, Cutter and Sl'igli Snoes, U'ro't Iron Axle, Cast Iron do..Jbioksand hium.',Steel spring!. Anvils, Vises, Setew'plaies, llellows, 1,oi: and Tiain chains, l'oat do , Wio't Nads, Horse Nulls, cirrfiun bolts, nninlil. l'rescrvuu; ICetlles, Cilue Pots, Sft.ii I'aiH, Tea Kettles, Oven and Aicti Kettle Mouth.!, I'liiss Kettles, Hollow Ware, cooking parlor and box Stove", caldron kettle. Plough ensinms, M,illeab!c Iron Nutt anil other ca-tnu-i, Tiy lius Wash:, Sheet and liar Lead. Sheet X.iuc. Shot, Iron, Biass & Copper w ire, Sheet liia, Duuiilass pumps Lead ife. Shovels, Spades, scoop boieli, lloes, Jl'inure and Hay Porks, If ,v Ktmes, timid stone cronksnnd roll ers, sad lion., Tailors' lron, shovels and tonjs onl staniN. counter yales and weitxats, Heaiytind Innl steel. Yards, Uroad an I Narrow Ae, Adiea, Hatch ets, C'.ip Au-ls, W'auiroii nnd Cart Hovi-fcc. ifcc. Ilv STJiuXG, DOULITTLB i$ CO. IJ-c. 1, bl7. NEW MARKET, TIIC 'uUcnber having fitted up the basement of hit new building at the corner t Church and Collcgfl street3, in tb' bit tiniiner, hereby gives public notic that he intend- to keep a (; E N E R Ah MA R K E T, wheie will at all times be found a full supply ol DEEP, by tt.e qn.irter ut pound, Watches, Jewelry A; Clock. V. H AM) lnoju;t returned from New York with a large aortmuit of watciii:s, . n:viujtv and clocks, i'.wcv Ahticm:s am) lots. consisting in part of the following articles- steel eniiravmL.nriee. i.-" nm ki-vs it new mill neh ii.ittcnm Hiirtini Wi-tir ... . . . . . ... Poetical W'oiks of Pit. Green Hallock, now first j l',s and Studs, f richcr st les tlia , usu-,1 , silier , 'nX V ', iv'w V'V'r'tllX r 'ol irT',,, , , Ti, '5 .. collected, illustrated will, 7 steel cimrai in.;s. 1,00 1 ...Ul Kimo; Silver Combs, Pans, and an al- ':'. ll ? ,li.N "?? ) iC ' 'i1 ' "b,a.'''1 1 & -'iuiiIIm, Cbaiacteristies ot omen, -Moral, Poetical, and must cndliss variety ol lanev articles. We Ime ta- . " . V'c. ' ' , ... ." r .i ' . . All of the very be't qualitv the country produces, and Historical, witli la highly finished cnKrawiia-, ken jm-at care h, il,n seleuion ol our as-o,t,ent for Z , C ,rilr S nt o, P i , s ' at ,mi'" l'r,cr lur CASI! - by -Mis. Jamison. the Oobdai". and the Winter. and ciisi,erS to ",'.' s ' H""? Tll"lm, '" Va ' I'Uils, , Tn( lW.rlbr hooeMlvil this first attemnttoe' Shaksiearc llluininated, with notes and additions call and look Indole we have made this "' '" ""7 ih ji, and KTs - l'.i ' I oel etVoK 'tTMent 1 V"U " c',"'ral "nrkl,t "' "", ',0"n' oy vj. , eijiuioiv.eiioiiiioiiiovei i tow i-niu- uuru aim laie journey 10 inaiuei in ouier lo select b.I.T lUI'.K, IiRIF.Il l.r.EF, i ttn-it asu llliKF lOVOfE. SAt.MOV, MAfKnitr.L. SMUhEt) II IMs, ALSO ll.els, Oiwufs, Turnips, S'fwishrs, Callage:, I'anncps, Ciirrw, rnuuues, Ctlcry, KREsii ror.K, CUR -S ED LEEF, COttNED MCTIOM, I'Dt'LTRV OF ALE KIXCS, I1CKLEU TIltrE, llii;s, 3 vols. Ho)al 8 vo.,.Moioco tlilt Ildi;e 12,00 'Phe Amaranth, I'ough and Heady Aniuial.Prienil ship's t.ilt, Tlie 'I'oken, Friendship's Olleiitif;, 'Phe Lady's Album, Honey Suikle, Itiiiious Keep-ake, (Kid Fellow's Olli-tin, Christmas IJ!o-souis,The(Jeiii liook ol Ilea uty, 'Phe Fomiiain n'Pempeiance Animal, .Musical Annuals, etc. etc., all beautilully illustrated and iu rich bindings. Also, 1 be largest assortment or .Miniature and Ju venile Hooks ever ollered in lturliii"loil. C. 11. LUW AliUS, PccU I'.uiUlms. M Y .MAUT1N or the MO.iKY DIHCKUS, by P. 1 . 1 honnis.on. author ot the Oreen Moun tain ltos, tc, priee cts. I'ur Kile at wholesale and retail by C. U. i:tJVAlU)ri,Uuilumton, and V 11. 1Iatu, ,Viuooki 1'ali. CIood;, got up tor the Ilohdajs, wbieb would enabli us to Mipply tlie mcrean demand ot uur customers during the mmi-oii. We liave (loods adapted to all agef.t-eAe'' and con ditions, wiikh will be -old low and to Mtit the tuu-t dillicult. UKI&AIAIU 13IiUTlIi;iiS, Dec. 1( 1317. Jewellers, tab- vith a " i . ' t i enuuur.iii'toeiu on toe pin 01 me ujijuc, iu pa terns ; a larue nsM.rtm.iHol Lar l)rops and Itmas; , , , f c0enic, L'old and pearl s-mJ, plnm and stone eitiiur. ; i;old , . j nj,anI1c. OKATOltY & ."HUSIC; BODY & flllXD. hooks and sTATio.viiitv at wixooski falls. I) UOr. HRONSON WILL m.MMEN'Cn A 1'OP- ScU-ct assortment of School and Miscellaneous lounsnol TUN LECTUUHS on these sub- 1. l!,,Us. t.'beao Publications, nnd Siationerv lor JCCIS, conoeilseu lino .uiersjw'iseu vnii arcim- sae at ipe low lions, on I riuay evt i.iiih, . " eeiiiot r 10111, m , ,i ( iiich, st nrices at the variety store of W. I!. HATCH, U'inaaM. in ihe Hanti-t Church, and continue Monday, Wed-1 nesday and Friday Tlie iirnnd de.-iSns of llie U'c- I):ivi.' KcVClntitlllsi. lures may be learned from the Circulars lelt at the ... , ,,. . liookstoreo. iind sire;, lo all who call for them. 'lUIU PIIIISC'IPM.S ot Nature. ber DmneKf. Suso.v Ticklts for the Si Ledures 91, adiiiittina rfbiwas.nnd loicr lo maiik mil, by nml iliriuri n l.adv and (ie.iile.iian : for two Lulus and a lien- Andrew JhcAm.ii Duns, llie 1 oujjiikeepsie fed-r tlemaii, $1.50; for n family of live, .'-. l ukets at and" Clairvoyant. llie Uookstores ami door. Admission one evening '. lettts for a Lady and Gentleman. Instruction given t Clas,'saud Schools. llurlhiKtou, Dec. y.lSIT. 2lvv2 For sale by Burlington, Dec. 7, 1817 C. GOOUUICH. Jlw3 Jury Trials Cliittrmlrn County, Xurcinlwr Ailjuuriii'd Term 1817. jVoiemter 'J'J. Pr,i.ciri.Es. Our forefathers sacrificed ibeir lives in t .... at - r. . . ' ib.t.'iu-H nl nriiieioles. 'Pbev knew their iiiinortauce. '""? . ' VYM -oonKini.- i ills ;,,nr.,u-ss nrmeiulesweVe recur- 7. '" u?'" --Vrmm, lor ta- ""',; , T' .; , ubatever .be vvhimsof King ao(. cur.yuii; away one lourtli loll ot liav, lloiu '."..' :: - ,. ; Ihe south east comer of the public common, situated " capricious monaicli lulglil dictaie. I he Universe is in rn.nt of the college eoniiuonly called Colle-etircen K'eiucd by ;..ii.r.;.fr, and iinuciples regulate the To show his interest, the l'laimill' gave in evidence' lmm '" )' A c-'rtani lived law governs our cms adeedofthel nd Irom whu lube, given tence.aud teiininaiisour being. .Now it is very clear to him in Itlln, by one Daniel Uurlbut, and uIm, a ,lialil medicine adufled to those iiiueiplesmustie d. ed to Ihe said Hurlbi.t, Iron, one Abrain Van move disease. 1 has on the quality ot the blood depends A' I7U7, ofihe s e premise, but i-ave no ihe healiblnluess ol every part ol llie svstem; il the fjriherevide.iee of the title, h was coneed.'l how- blood be iii.puie llie body is iinhealihy, no matter in cver.that llie Plainiill'nit the grass, and ihis hecon. wliatvvay impurity may show itself. It mayhem lended was sullicient to mainiain this action innuist the head, or the chest, or the stonnch, or ihe bowels, one having no better title. The Defendant, under a i "r ul1 "' 'bem together. rt mum's Indian ijiita nleaol the general issUc, justilied the takim; and car- ' u'-El'lM-snreul inestimable value in removing the im rying nway, by virtue uf a fiunlnse lmm ihe College purities of the blood, und in giving tone and vigor tu Treasurer, und his rights thereby nciiuirid. To Mum- 'he sv stem. lint the land iu question was a public common, the I I'lvvare ok CousTEmr.iT. The om.v onmi.vAi. D feudunt ollered a copy ol the record ol a ju Ige- avu i.t.NCtr. Imuas Vluctaui.e I'll i.s iiavi. tiic stu ni'iil rendered iu 1831, on nn indictment against ihls sa rem: ot U'ii.uvm Wr.iunr wmni.N wirii a i i::; l'luintill'.lor erecting a nuisance on ihe .reinisea, iu 1 us hie Tor i.ahh. or Elm liox. .Yoe oilier is ,;e.i which the Defendant was lound giiiliy.aud the land uine.amt loeounlerteil this in loi.oiuy. decided lo be a public common. Ihe Plaintiff' oh- I 'Phe genuine tor sale by V. II CURTIS, Water iecled in the introduction ot this record, but the court Street, and TllF.ODOItH A. 1'IXK. Colleiie Street admitted it, as showing, at least prima facie, thai the sole ageim lor Burlington. Reuben Ferguson, Hssex j Plaiutillhadnointerest in the premises or llie grass J. II. Dkc, Huntington ; W. Rhodi s, Jr. Iticbinond : trrowmg ihereon. The Del. ndant also proved the V. II. linen, Kichmund ; J. II. &. 'P. W. 'Power, coniinon to have beeu in the pos-es-ion, and under the Underbill j Hurlbut &. Hodges, Williston ; R, San- ieiieral superv'sion ol tlie college, iiom tne nine tins uerson, and U. Ayers, West Wilhsiou ; J. Lyman md.'e.nent was rendered, until the comiuenement of Jericho; W, 11. Velie. Hinesbumh : W, S. ifc 11. 1', S. - n,...l.l.U...i ..l.l .n.n.,1 . ,.M. 11' 1 Vt'...l.. . . wJ. . I ... tf. . .". '., -1 .. , 1 nils ucuoo. uiim-i "-' r- s.- i ,, ,-uui(i oi.ipies j,)ou, v.uar.oi.e ; joi.u NEW I100K HINDKKY. Good DoaKs de&errc good binding : did they possess the puicer tif speech, how many talis icoutd they telate tif neglect and detti itct'tan.from the tea nt aj a decent exter'vir irhich a few shillings might have ftilldied; and thus have xccuied for them the in timacy of the wise and good, besides piescniitg then Jor the benefit of futitie generations. C. S. ADKINS, HAVINtS purchased Stock and new tool?, inclu ding a Sl'I'liuou Kl'mno .Maciilnf, and tilted up a room in the I-'ree 1'ies.s Iluilduit;, vvill be happy to wait upon thobe who wish for any work in his line. Particular attention will bu iven to Ruling and tUaniiMcturini; tfiank hooks. Mu-ic, Periodicals, and Hooks of every description, bound in a neat aud durable manner. EcTA tharc ot public patronage is ropecttully t-olieiled. lX-c y, 1317. '-il ! JOHN GILPIN LINE. ,NCV STEAMER AND NEW ROUTE. I -HI. Steamer John Uilpin, enpt, Jones, will leave Burlington every .Monday, Wi'dnesd.iy ami Fri day in 8 o'clock, A. -M. and Poit Henry every Tues day, Thursday and Simrday at li, noon, as long as the ice and weather will pe.init. Price of Passiot.. r.nm ItiirliniTton lo From llssex to Adams' Cs-ex. ,37 J Ferry, ;0 SilllOluls. Sbeibliriie , ll. Iliehlininil Itrimnr.l ,m,l nl New Hualaud Ollice and Uenciul Depot, l'JS .icuiuiiv .-ireei, i.os.on, ...In;r.t Defendant. Levi Un lerwood, fur Plaintiff. James McM, Shat ter ami Asabel l'eck, for Defendant. Jonathan Roluxs Jr. r. Jonathan Moses.- . nl,.l l.fl,..TV. I ll rt II I'll Ol III.. I. firniii'iii in of a freehold, the plaintiff replied I Testimony or the Doctors in iavor or Wistar's ... r M i,.re and v.oence than was neccssarv iiaiaam ok wild uutRKY t jeler. ,Me..Sei.t. M. me use o, i.iu.s -t ., , uij 'I'h...,, i,., I i.. ...I :. : I ol Dr. irilr' Halmuiiaf Wild CArriy tor diseases j ol the Lungs' for two jenrs past, and many buttles lo nowieuge nave .well useu by my patients, nil witti lil iwo fuses, wnere II was tliouglil . lne l lereon l ne eviuencc snow. -j .i... ii... , .he defendant's son iu law, at tempted to . liter Ihe premises of llie latter, to obtain , lb. possession ol ce,.a . ,. . J " - ,,.licia, " ... i iim ii ifimciit iuiuih iu iiii..ivM - - .e loree o.irevenl bin.. The plamtill persisted 111 counrn.e. consiin.ijtioii tiaa mken place, the Wild . ll I ...,....l.niv,l l.nllnru ii no l.i.n. I IlPffV I'llfPII'll II CIHI'. C. UUYDUN. Vhvicinn at Hxeter Corner. Dt, Bradtord Kuapn.ol Crown Point. V Y..inn letter dated Auaust iJJ. 1815. hiva : " Iu the cour:e of ' i ut: . i -vii s i.iiiir nml Acn ip in v uitii nic 111 tun tu miii v i u ive it'Mirti in conir iftion P...-1 fi.r iMnmiitr. ' 'A lb .M .y'nard, Ivasiou & lluik- ' 'Jr.",u ihe good qualities f ll'mMr'. Ihilsnm of Wild nd Smalley vt Phelps, lor Deleiidant. liis attempts, ineauegeu iissiu,i,..,.i ...... luitted Under the circumstances of the case, the jury failed to find llie ue of more violence t'laii vvnsjusti. lial.le, and retiirneu a vcriiici o. uoi gum,, Deremher 1. Sidney Barlow' r. Dan Lyon. Cae, for divert- irtff anancieiii wairiuunisy, o,,., 11 i-in Harbor, ,37 J " Westport, .S I " Adams' Ferry, 511 " Port Henry, ,73 i " lse. lo liasin Ilaibor, ,37! " Westport, ,37 lillW UoukM. PCTHUSDOItrS Abridgment, 15 vok, London edition, ...... Viner's Abridgment. 'Jlvol? .loiio, i.onuon euiuon. Piice's Ilvcheiiuer Uefiorts, G vols. Mccsoii ,fc WeWiy's do. do., II vols. Common Law Reports, 51 vols. do. do. do. Digest. Dunh.p'sl'aley's Agency. Saunders' Pleading and Lv Idence, 2 vols. Stephens' l'leadlllg. Sedgwick on Damages. Damson's Digest, 5 vols. Hale's Pleas ol llie Crown, 2 vols. Russell on Crimes, 2 vols, Siuilb's Leading Cases, 2 vols. With a lame collection of Law Hooks for sale at lowest city prices. C. IIOODRICH. ia?c. iu, iwj " Port Henry, ,50 " liasin Harbor to Westport, ,2.'. " Adams' Perry, ,23 " Port Henry, ,50 " Westhoit to Adams' Ferry, ,2.". " Port Henry, ,37 1 Landing at the Steamboat Harbor both ways. 7'tvrms urn J'rei'l'l '''' teasimable yiicts 'l'l,j.n. vvill conned with the Fekry Hoat at Darlington, Port Kent nnd Pittsburgh, making about 00 miles Sieumboat traveling at a season ot the )ear when ihe roads are iicnrly impassable. The John tlu i iN has been nut on this route with a view lo the accommodation ol the increasing villages on Ibis Lake, ami it is iiopeusue w.i.oc neuiiauonn ed by n discerning public. ... .. , , The Owneis or Captain will not be responsible Tor any Specie, Hank liills, or money ill any way, on board this Hoat. There is a good Ferry IIoat from Port Henry lo Chimney Point, making ibis nil easy and direct com inunieaiiou wilh Addi-ou Co. Vt. l'ort Henry, November 21, 1317; 21wJ Miiiic on fliv Piano Forte. "!Tll. Vi;iA.ll has taken up his residence in 11- liuilingtoii lor the Winter, and will be hippy to give Letsous on the Piano Poite to any who may wish lor his services. Histli.irg. s will be leasonable, and the c.vpcrieiue he has had in this branch ol mu-ic gives linn toiilulcnec to believe that be can give pcr- "o siiiisiiiLiioii in u.ose vvno inav employ mm. P, .1.,.. V..,. lui- ' 1 ' o iui.ii.giuii,,.ui, .1, ijii, aw . Snaps of all ; silver Dirl. P.u and HirdsMitarl anu siieu Laru l,nse ; ivory i annus; neau aim siik t 'arses , silver I encils ; steel aim suver pecks ; eis- sors, Knives and Kazois; tooth, iriirnnJ clothe. Brushes. And lie wil keen constantlv on ban. I a good assortment of such goods as come in hi- line, and sell as low as can be bought elsewhere. J. V. ItA.NDAI.L. Ilurhnglon.Oct. 12, 1SI7. 10 Dry 'i'oteiii-t. i C CHLSTS Hvson, Young Ilvson, Hyson Skin I V and black 'Puis. 10 Hoxesand ball boxes 'Polneco, various brands, loo on iiaivisnuii quaiteis llaucli Kalsius, 50 Hags C.IK-c, Pepper nnd, 10 lijixcs 'I'allow and Sfiernl Caudles, St Croix, Poito llico ami N. Orleans Sugars, Loafj crushed and powdctcd do t;odl.-h, Mola-scs, (linger, S-ilearatus, Caii, IlldiL'O. itarch. S .Is ula. Soan. I. uim (lit. .v. .. Dec. 1, '17. by STRONG, DOOL1TTLL CO. IVof iee. "l7Iini!KAS my wile, Betsey, has left me, without nnv him cause or tirovocation, I tiierelote bete- by forbid'all persons baiboring or trusting her on my nceoiint, as 1 will pnv no ueinso. ner i oiiiiiieiiiiir nuer this date. ' CIIAUNCHY PIlAltL. South Hero, .Nov. 2j, ll,, 5!3wJ 4 ltlll.S. Cranberries, from Lake "Michigan. . Dec. .1. ,S'. DEWEY A NEW MUSIC BOCK, THK ATTII.VTIOX of Choir?. Pini:iur Mas- I ters c re-pectfuliy called to KIXGSJIY'S UAH!' Ol- DA VII), edited by (SnrnwE Kincnli author ol " Sicied Choir," " .Social Choir." tC. a r lection of Chinch .Muic, coni-un of 'lections from the mutt distwsuisftcd compos-cis, a number of Origi nal I'lect-s by the IMitor; i b a proirtev-ie s-teiii ol tleinentnr tiiMruc ti(it for pupils. iM) pnues, cloth s-iue. LlIoos supplied at the whole. de price- bv Uec.l. 1817. C GOODlitCll. CATHOLIC BOOKS. AY IIIIII.KS; do. 'Pestaimnts : Piavir a e.oo nwi i- i.,.i. ..,,..' II nnl 5 tnntos; II ay of the Holy Lion, a beautilul steel engiawng muuiikd on rolleis. &e. .Vc, this day leeeiveo ny t , UUIUJIilL II. Dec. 1, 1317. COMSTOVK'S PAIN KILLER TS u-ed with llie nio-t bappvaud beneficial e(Pits iu the following coinplanit. nnd can be relied upon toalwavs cure l)?uterv. Cholera Inhntiim. Hioii- ( hitisQuiu'!!!-. iu Ciiiiilren, L lulhiaiii? Hum-, Iwokeu IIrent, .uea-le, Lrainp, limine, jmtn. Cut", and all fores, nthtr external or intertill, i-.e tit reclionoii eadi bottle ) IVp'ned by the Apotheca-ne-' Conipanv. No. 0 CourtUiiitll-s-t., opposite ihe Na lionul Hotel, 'X. Y., ami lor sale by A. C JirEAR and Tiieo A. Pkck, Apothecarie., Iluiinmton. IV WM C IIAnRKGTON. nurlinton, Noember 17,117. AVonl Spmnitt Jacks r)r a!', TIIH Ibirllnton Mill Co oiP-r fnrsile six 1 tl spin, die Jnek, made by one ot the best macbim&U m the country. Tin i-win opportunity wbicb FMdom ofT.-rs to tliov wnntiniiMirh macluiic. to purchn-e u f:ood article und in good running older Pureha-ei'-should npply early. For further pirticulars npttly at trie countmi room T the i. Mill Co , or of .Messrs J. S: J. II Peck Ai Co. JA.MES COOK, Iturlington Nov. 10, 1317 Agttnt. II ICKOItY Nut.-, jut ieceied treftb ; also n few L I keg- rhoipi .Malaga iiiot-H. A. S. Dev.'ly. Nov. la, 117 NOTICE. C1AMK into the enclnu-c o 'jicrler, vtlm i on-ki rail ! r'.e I-t day ot November, n four year om red cow The owner U rco, i--ted to prove proiieitv, pay chirp s. nnd take herawny. Hurhnston Nov. Yi, lsl7. 1 Kkx-nepV. nor J Hooks Hardware. rillin uuderigueil offer to purchaser n lock of M uay n:id shelf IIAUDWAKK, compriHiig n nriety of ood liertamin to the various branches of the trade, which liuw Ueu selected with great care. both m tegaiU to perfection in Mj le ami mush, mid reaMuianleiKM m pi ice. rurcli.neri aie repeclflliy solicited to call. Sl'HONU, UU0L1TTLIJ At CO, Nov. :w, lbi7. Cluiinplniii Tmiiorlalin Company. TIIE STOCKHOLDERS OF tub Cham iilain Tiaii'ioitation Company are hereby noli fied, that ihe annual meeting lor the election ol Direc tors ol said couifiany, for the ensuing year, and tor the transaction ofsuch other business as may be tliouulit iirmier wl.en met, willlielioldenaitlie Aiuenean llo tel. ill the Village ol' Uurli.wwn,m the lust 1 hursday fit, at I octwfiti I-,,...!. I'. DOOL1TTM:, Clerk. 1817. 1 T. M. raikil's DaoUKRHKOTVPL MlXIATUKE ROOMS I i t January next In the Thomas Building, College St., Burlington, Vt lluilinirtoii Dec. 9, Mil. l AHKI.K lias recently returned: Irom ."vevv Yoik wilh Aimaratus aud u lame nuamitv of Mloik ol'a superior quality, including a variety ot'tloui i lvtld .vi. matures can ue miy fiercent better than prudueed by any one iu this pan ol the country, and at a less price. i ersons will uu well tu cull ami examine specimen! "; . ", i, t,,. fth d.iv of January nei before inirchaMiiu Pictures of (:,,.. lloen lors who on. W edl esda) ,beiliB tin Lin u.iy oi Jnuar) nexl, have but a know , of il,., I.noiss N. II All Pictures warranted lo be superior to any produced in this part of the country or else they need noi lie taken. lioonmi.ieu from S A. M to 1 P. M. Pictures taken equally well jn t., u,y ns m cear weather. llurluiCtuu, Dec. , lfl7, 21 RUTLAND AND IllIHI.l.(;TO. RAILROAD. flIIi: Annual MeetniR nl the Mockhniitrrs ot the J. Itutland and lluiliiiiilou Kailroad Cpinpany.will lie held at the Conn llo..e, in Itutland, on the sec. ond Wednesday, ueiiiB me i.o.u.ij oi January nexi, at 1 o'clock in tlie uliernoon. for the election ot Di rectors, and tlie iraiisacuoil oi ui.j miiti "'""irair. lUlliiS " ntni cn'TLvr .S.V1UL OU 1, 11 I Cleik. -Iw3 j Cherry in Pulmonary Complaints, and 1 now wish to procure a supply ol tne medicine. Dr. A. II. Macnair. of 'Parburo. North Carolina writes us under date Feb. II. 1817- that he has used 1 Ur. Wistar's U.llsam ol Wild Cherrv iu his ntac.iee ...i.i I .. I,ur,.l.v liisf.riiti.Ve. were the ast elullleell mouths, and consider 11 lie best ore. Men the General iwue. 'l'hc delence resled on two paration ol the kind lie evew saw, and knows of none ilwiimt L'founds. I', that the water was diverted , so ilt-M-mng llie .nunc pjironaL'e. ,Tn ,t. nncieiit and natural channel, and had nut been Dr. Win. A. Shaw, j Washington, N, C, writes, f ovviti" so long over llie Defendant land, as to bar under dale o .May 1, 1010, as toiiowsi IIOWIH- s" ., , ,,.,,.. " I bnve beard ol Ilia 11 V cases ol decided beneficial ef. i nonv vv-i.sson.evv hat i-onflictiiig. Second, that the feels from its use, .specially m asthma and chronic 11T X ml acted under the authorily and direction of couuli ol spasmodic character. I liav e used I he Wild lieieiiuam om, ,u.rt.ore, was not re. Cherry a ureat deal in pract.ce.and with maiked Bood rCMOla 111 IH""-- him a nil . .ti i tuim iituiuillj , iniu it pmuisieiii pniiems are Puiyect. ' these principles iu Wistar's IJol- reference, both to tne riijn s o .oe i-uo ..". 't.' 'V' . i r:..,' i'r, .:. -.""",: t i u,r ..wiipm und l ie ueteliuani ucicu uiiut i cinen in kcikiu., . sUin1ii ..iciirinrni vidua land-ow ners, uii returned a verdict outrageous humbugs and nostrums and those medi. 'f""!l KZZ Tr f i r S5 15 damages, with his cost. cines which have proved Salary, and ill many well for the Planum, or , , . IM.b. for Plain- attested cases emotive" Charles It"'1 ... 'u.. 7Atal e Peck, for Ue- Dr. ilollmon. lIunlinEdon, Fa., cured a child of I mi ias-,on v.,..., - Asthma with it, alter tie aeciarea he could do no more endant. Mi... with his medicine, and the child must die, IIUIILIMJTON AXI staci: I'LA'rrsiiuiK;!! Mi.ldlelmry, Pec. 7, 1317. .I KIITLA-M' AW1 IHIIU.l.MiTtl.'Y RAILROAD. l I hm been laid l.y me iirn on e ici. snare iieir stag., amiiii, Irom llur hiicton lo 1 altsluircb, .Inv leaVIIll, .n. I, ,.f nl M ....l....b A l n. r'i , ... ..uv ,, -""- w iv., n, ,n., imiij, rv,ii (,i I'Oluui, i,a.. . .,1 , r. i - bunday.via (Irani) Me, as soon m the iee lakes. Pavment may be made to the Ilanks i of nurlmg. All lm-iuess entrusted to their care will lie punctu- ton, .Middlebury, v.uland, lllaek KlW'f, ally attended to as usual. The business baiiiiL-in- ,.r liellows Kails, or the Cheshire Hank, Keeue, Jv. creased since we commenced runnim! this Ime. we II . m ndvvard Pickering, L.sq. .o, uu folate siieel, A rr.SSHS. i:ilisfChiir.hmconneriioiiwitl;Mr. of the Capital Stuck of the Rutland and llurlmgton li Lowe of Plittsburgh. will coininenee running Kailroad Company one made payable on ihe soih Iheir stag-, again, Irom Hurling!.,!, to Plalisburgb, Jnyol January next, and the other on llie loih day have been induced to reduce the fare Irom i,tK) to Huston, or lo the 'l'"'".5,",',';! "i,1." t,1,'c.x" luUllt' IU. llxtrus lurnished at shoit notice. I lv. SAMULL bWIr I, Tiensuier, KU.1S &. CHUIiCII Burlington Dec. 8, 1817. H( jmi:s' m:w woiik. TIIU CONVICT or 'Phe llpocrite unmasked, by C, P. H. Jum.'S, price 'ii cts , for sale by ' I'.DWAKDS, also, by W. 0, Hatch, Winooski pulls. TLV I'LATKS, kc. OTIlOXn. Ar CO. have receiv O rd and idfer for sale a good stock of 'I'm Plates, 1-3 X mid extra sizes ; Uu-siu and llughsh Sheet lion j Iron Wire, Sheet Copfn-r, Sluel Zinc, liar 'Pin, Holt Copper, Wire Vellui.i, llivtts, itc. &c, Dec. 1,'17 N.l H'.S. MILL and X paws, Hoe's C S. and Phila. Plates. Ciieular do do Hand, panel ami ripping Saws, Hack do aud Hillel Webs. Dec, 1, '47. SrilOXG, DOOUTTI.E H CO. I. I. liivhv X, AUt. CALL the nttenlioii of thiw who vvi-h to purchase (loods from a lirge and well selected a-ortinent and at Tuii I'ricen lo examine their Stock. They are now opening their wi.vrmt ;oos, which parily in real A A 'Phibet MeriniH.the iihsI desirable atticle for Cloaks ami Ureses, with lliiibro.dery and Giuifi Headed Priugea o match. Silk Striped Mohair-, do do Cashmeres, Alpaeca, cotton and silk warp, Uob Uny Plaids, Queens Plaid M de Lames, Cashmere do, Preneli llmgliains, A sn.KMiH. AssuiiT.llKVr Of 1)1. ls sjt.Ks, Shawls, all kinds and sies, Kinb. Ilvenins Drves, 'Phread Lace, Ladies Collars, Ladles Dibits. Alsi, a good assortment of Mulls, Hoas, Caps, and BulKilo llobes. Choice Painily Groceries. iticn axi) i:Ti-sivr. assoutjiiixt rp WlXTlllt ;0(ll, comprising llltV (l.KHK, I'AI'KIt 1HNUIM.S, tjlIllCEIHEs, I CAIinniMiS, Fi'ii.. fee. are now offered lo the public, nl wholesale and retail, liy tiiesuDscriuers.un me most sitistaetory term. November Sll, 1SI7. 'J'.'if CARP KTlXu. 9)nj) YDS. (!ARPirriXfi, 100 DO "VJ" stair nrpeti'ig, 200 vds. liner O.t Cloth, : f.-l and I'M I)-n;g.Mt, Mm-, Win low Shades, Piano Porte and table rnv-r uviv bz loan. I at C P STANlFOItDstCo. DRESS GOODS, OrahiK.t every known stile for wear, are iu quantities, and at p1 iee not suip'iisi'.l by any oilier house. C K Si'ASiroiiu A' Co. CliOCKKIiY. On- thousand dollars w irth ot Crockery , China and (!l'is Ware also I, inking (Hashes of every si? -nnd price, from -j lo u each .'an hi had at prices slttslactory to puriha.'rs of C. V. Stimiord .t Co. 1:imt ll:uis'iiis:o. rjf(( Rolls Paper Hangings, snuie new in ,le yly sign, jusi r.-c uved. St Staxiioi.u it Co FURS. rT I LIS and s-eal cap.. U l ie!l v-' rel, (iemtt, and (oney It t.'s, ,v c lor sale iiv C P. STANli'Oni) isC Hurling! .n Nov 17, M7 2ltf H-ar. Pitch. Snuir- .Mulls, iloas, Hutialo It. Halt ht hler. rTAVIN'll lately returned from the ci:i- ol New IX Yo.k and Hj-tou isirenied to furnish hi. ens- TO RAILROAD fO.NTRArTCJ;?. IIROPOSALSwiu, nr. mrnvpn at tih: oHlceol the Conneeiieiit River Knilroad Compa. nyat Noitbaiupt'iu. uuin 'I'ue.- I.i , November 3uth, tor the ttradii itiou and Mas.,nry of about f.iu.teeil iiutis of railroad, beiuj the e.t "ision ol said conipi ny's road l.oul lireeiifivld lo ihe noith line ol the Snte. 'Phe profile nnd sppciiii-nnoiis will be ready for e aminaiion a'.er the 23d m.-t . and any further mfoi maiion can In-obi '.ned on apphcaiinii to .Mr. John S. Potter, Civil Liigincer ot tlieeulield, or to the ub-s-'nlier at this office. Nov 10. Iil7. JOSIAH 11CNT. 21vva Ltsir.itr. I 1). 1. lew Itl.YRY & CO. will pay Cash foii a w hundred bushels ol Heans : aKo, for a lot of good l ens. IJec. 1, 131,, KROADCLOTHS AT CANADA PRICCS. A large lot lor sale by the People's Agent. Dec. 1,1017. HOWARD. HUM, Ar SOXS' Wliite Soap, Common Hruwn and Yellow do, ( tspiccs ot all kinds, from tlie Hope .inns, I, round (.otter, Auimegs, Cloves, ground and uugrouud.Cajeuiie Pepner, Mace, SSeedless Kinsius, ivc, .1, .1. ll.ui.l Dec. 1, 1S17. A V tinners vv ith a goo,l as-ortu lent ol the latest stles ofj Hook. Shoes, I! liters, llmkins. Pn-ueh .Morocco and Coat (iaiteis (1 .ce on the side,)L-.dies and ( ienilemeiis' , Rubbers ol all kinds. Alsi, Sole Leather, l iench. .',.!. Cn, nn I I'rpiieh "l.iro.-eo Lillill 'S. S,!loe Thiead, Pegs, Mens Hair Overshoes, Youths and I ,,,,,7. ,.,.. 7 r. - Children's llooiees. 11..& anJ Youths Hoots, and Rub- piLhU.U 1 ripe fjr sale by hers, (Jems Dancing ClaiteW.ctc. A II. II. NIitliiem. Ilemg desiious to conduct business vvitlnn ins means i -he i not pieoared to furnish " for the Mn.uo.s " but "VTOfir shore Salmon for tale by vvnnlds.y lol.isiiunierousustoni'rs that he can fur-i i H. II. .Mim'ti.i. nish iliein with as good an article a can be piuehascd Hurhntou Nov. 10, 1 S IT. iu the city as cheap ns the th;ap-si. All kinds of I . Hoots and Shoes, (.alters, etc. mude to order aud ! 'IMIL MX'UMI tPVUTCIt OP ,1. I . Hl'".M.- i mcT school wiiicc warrantetl. Nuv.2l 1319. SUV TIMS AHTlCI.i: of Table Sail may 1... s....i, n. I .' UKWI'.Y'H Dec 1, ArilW HO.VUS I'rcsh Lemons at Dec 1. A. S. DEWEY'S. A I'llW HU.XDHIll) 1 of excellent tiuahtv. Dec. 1, IIS, ftutter and Checte, .1. o. WL Tji , STTi:st.VX'S MAMJAL, S vols large 8vo. TOO pages, from Washington to Polk, by Cdwm llhains. This is one of the tnot valuable national works lhal Ins ever appeared from the Aineucaii press. Phe Odd Pillows Olleringfor His, elegantly bound, contains 12 beautilul engiavings, 11 'Phe Seasons," by James Thomson, with 77 illustra tions Iron! designs bv the celebrated " Utchiug Club" ol llngland, vvuli n life of llie Author. Hie. einily pruned and bnuud m various styles. I'll I! UOI I'll AM) ItllVOV AX.M' VI. IlluMiatt'd with twenty PouTitAirs and Platis. at LiiwAHua tiuim;s t inirj. PICTORIAL IIUOTHUR JONATHAN, do New York Sun, do Saturday Courier nt Edardt' Hook Store. December ion. fHK SUnSCRIHER Not havixo I nf all his nu re Illoodetl Merino n.stsi tu let vhat few he hus lett. iJ.M., I"' I , i , , c uarvl next" "...d te'.urn on the lirst l May ISIS. I Those who are desirous of obtaining fine wool can thus be supplied with the best o I bucks on these con. duions. Those wishing. heller call soon as the lust Who COmeB Can OI Course u urammiatur WM. C. HARRINGTON. Burlingtxn.Pee. '' 1 FLAILS I ins nv itrxisrisn at tih: An ' rieullurnl Warehouse. J. S PE1RCH. HuilniEton,Dec.2, 1817. T?lti:sil Maecaroni. Vermicida, Tapioca, Tearl H j i It v and Rice l'lour. ut IVc 1. 1, S. DEWEY'S. 121c 1'Jlr , iofciany OTUAUT'S Steam Candy. Paper Shelled Al O monds, Itai'ius in boxes, halves und quartets, Cit- u.. ..i:,i. ir. .on, i.iiiiiisii iui.iiins u nil i 11:3. BDec. I. A. S. DEWEY OA 1.1, All Oil,. Penner Saure. Tomato Cn.sun. O London Mustard, laker's Prepared Cocoa and inocoiaie. .t. o. i'iii L.X D;c 1. V VHS. ATUrrs, Hlegant Stone Mm tin, Titch, the erv 11 besiditk Siberian Squiriell, Ucnette, and lots ol other slles. lions Aaturat uoior and lilacK and I ippetts. Oiler Two cases Otter Cap., that can't be uulone. Also. Pme Neutrra. Muskrar. rnnlm Li.,1 pur, and various oilier st)les of Cloth nnj Pur 'Prim med Caps. Silk I' Clip, the most genteel thing of the season, 1 irsl rate ll.tlliilo Itnlirs An additional lot of Paper Hangings, and one of ihe best selected slocks of i'.I.YCl' A.XD STAPLE DRY GOODS in the State. Just replenished. Nov. 19. 1917. W.m. HURLBUT. AfKrDHDS II.4HD WOOD. For tsle by JUU VILAS & NOYFS day, Novitnber 21th. 1 commence on Widnen- WALTON'S VERMONT REGISTER Nl I' V It. II UK's, A I. II VX C tor IsH. th s XV day received and for sile who'esale and t, tad by ,. . t il lNCt.Y COODISICH. Rurhiigton, Nov IJ, ld!7 21vvl .' ; y .n iij Y.sioioa r ACO.Ml'LI'.Ti: ns.ortment of Ph)sioloaical sn I Hooks, Piirenolomcal luis and Phrenological Almanacs far IslS, d.e. itc. this d.i leeeived Panieulars next vveek Uurlmgton. Nov 25, !S.'7. C G00DISICH. .vrcA'. rPIIOS; wishing lo e.uich their Hardens wvh 1 Sli.ek can l. supplied by leaving their orders t the Agticuliural Warehouse. lluilmgti.nNov.2l. JOHNS. PEIRCC A. S. DEWEY fTAS received his Winter st.vk of GROCERinp, L'X which. wilh Ins borne punhares, will enable him to supply those in want ol ihe suhstamials of eooH hung. nh the best products both of the New York ina.kel and the Faim P.iilicular attention has been paid to the purchase of Hutier and CI re, and telec nons nmde from the best dairies in Chittenden ani Franklin counties'. . Puichasets will bear in mind that any uiuclt soli at this stole, not proving n'lsbieiory on tr a', nmyfie re turned, and the pav wiH be tcfjnd 'd. Iturlmgim. No lsl. 4Z

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