Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 11, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 11, 1847 Page 3
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4 inty, territorial or otlierwi-e. Whatever may he the I object was to compel the enemy to contribute, as fart disturb, 11 not destroy, our friendly relations with that unutr whirii they have acted, the as nracticnoJc, toward the expenses in tue war. r or inc illinium oi uoiiini'iJiiuns which nave inxn f'll-n imnrrssinnq oJoptioii and prosecution of tlic energetic pulicy pro ped timet pooh undeteive them. levied in thl lonn, I refer you to tin; accompany! in lite tut ure prosecution o! the war, the enemy reports ol the Secretary ol Wnramlthc hecrctary of miit he made to teel it pressure more than they have the Navy, ty which it appear tliat a mm cxcecdlig heretofore done. At it commencement, it wasdecm half a million of dolhrs lias been collected, ed proper to conduc it in a spirit of forbearance and Thi amount would undoubtedly have been mixh Illier.illlV. Wit ti tin end in vlivc. mt-lv min;tirei i Inr.i'ef. Iillt for tin! tllillctlltv (if keeoiltir nnen rnmiriL ere adopted to conciliate, ns f-ir n? a stole of war mention between the coast and the interior, so as to empire, nnd cause on interruption of our valuable commerce the treasury ns fast as it wan requited by the wants of the government. lo inert the expenditures lor the remainder ol thr Our treaties with the Sublime Porte. Triooli. TunN. nrcscntandfor the next fiscal vear endmrr on thetlnr Morocco, nnd Muscat, also require the leuislalion ol tieih of June. lil'J.n further loan, in aid of the orditia Congress to carry them into execution, though the tie- ry revenue ot the government, will be necessary, ne cessity for immediate action may not be su urgent as taming n sufficient urplui in the treasury, the loan re in regard to China. ( 'quired for the remainder of the present fiscal year will The Secretary of Slate bas submitted an estimate be about eighteen million the hundred thousand dol- toueiiay the expense oi opening diplomatic relations . tar, ti,.; i .,.,., i ci,iu Ti... ..,j:,:i n would permit, the mast of the Mexican popuhtiou ; enable the owners of the merchandise imported, to with the Papal blatrs. The interestinc political events ' If the duty on tea and coffee be import, and Hire iiii-m ni'n ui'j .m ui mu-u iiui ii.iii-j'mi miki w-im n iu mi- oi tin- cuuu ' now 111 ini"ii.3 in mew wen us a jusi re"-iru , iiruuuuuouui me price oi me puouc lanupnaii iienntu ...... ....f..1 ..T M... I.... . .... I . : .(:.!. . . ....I i.. .i:it .1 :m i i . i . r. "... ....... i.. I r .. .. . . i ' tiiii''Ni.iiii-i vi .tii-Aicu, uui nim-i 1 1 ic 1 1 ii . ii niummcinij' i aiviicu uiui uui uiincuny win, 10 our uouiiiicrciiil unci cms, iMtr, ill my op tuthle aovernment, winch bad commenced hotili- to n great extent, be soon removed by our increased ue- - io remove irotu ineir iuuhh uie tal-e impre"aions unci s wnicn nave neen sent to the held, which their designing and interested riders bad art-1 1 Measures lnve recently been adopted by which i fiilly attempted to make, lint the war on our pirt was internal as well as external revenues of Mexico, inf.l one uf ciui'j'iest ; t.ial it was u wnr njriint their re- places in our military occupation, will be ?ei7ed aid uitiun and their churches, which were tube desecrated appropriated to the use of our army and navy. and overthrown ; and that their rights uf person and ! ( The policy ol levying upon the enemy contributions prim in property would le violated. To remove these , in every form, conis-tently with the laws of natiorfe, 1 1 he impressions, oir commanders in the field were f which it may be practicallle for our military couimai ilireeled to respect their religion, their churches, und i ders to adopt, should, in my judgment, be rigidly cf i hfir chinch property, which were in no manner to Ik: forced, and orders to tins eilect hae accordingly been violated; they were directed hImi to respect the rights ' irivcn. ly such a policy, at the same time that our ot oer-oiii nnd nrouertv of all who should nut take, tin own treasury will he relieved from n henw ilrniti. tn anm airJtitft u. I Mexican people will be made to feel the burdens of; Assurances to this etlect were gueii to the .Mexican 1 the war, and consulting their own interests, may be people hy Major Cicneral Tuylur, in a proclamation I induced the more readily to require their rulers to ac jvued in pursuance of instructions from the Secretary cede to a just pence. ot War, in the month ol June, and again by Major I After the adjournment of the last session of Con 4 General irkott, who acted upon his own convictions ol ' uress, events transpired in the nroseeution of Im war the propriety of issuing it m a proclamation of the I which, in my judgment, required a greater number of in tciiui ui t?m,iuti. I iiv-vin 111 inc nciu llltlll IHIU WVll itllllCIJKllCU. I lie lu this ppirit of liberality and conciliation, and with I strength of the army was accordingly increased by view to prevent the body of the Mexican population " accepting' the services of the volunteer forces ad l mm taking up anus against us, was the wurcouduct- 1 thoried by the act of the thirteenth of May, I8IG, d on our pan. Provisions and other supplies fur-1 without putting the construction on that act, the cor tiMied to our army by Mexican cituens were paid lor rectness i of which wnsK'riouly questioned. The vol at fuiraud liheml prices uarced upon by the parties, unteer forces now in the field, with those which had Alter the lap's: of a few months, a became apparent I been " accepted" to " sen e the twelve mouths," and that tliec. iisuranccs, nnd this mild treatment, hnJjwcre di.scbarged at the end of their term of service, failed to produce the desired effect upon the Mexican i exhaun the fifty thousand men authorized by that act. population. While the war had been conducted on Had it been clear that a proper construction of the onrp.iit according to the most humane nnd liberal act warranted it, the service ot an additional number jtrinripb s observed by civilized nations, it was waged . would have been called for and accepted ; but doubts in 1 iur Jiir.Mii cniril rti tlw. i.xrl I.,,. V... fUtillr ltn.HI llilu limnt tlin MnL-i- una ..vuJ lippilCli uc ue rai ciating our forbearance, the Mexican people I It is deemed important that Congress should, at an idlv became hostile to the Uniieil Stnte. mul i early neriod of their session, conter the authoritv to mailed themselves of every opportunity to commit raiM-an additional regular force during the war with the mot savage excesses upon our troops. Large Mexico, and to be discharged upon the conclusion and ii'imucr; ui ui: j'opiiiiunni iuuk up urms, uuu, cnga 'iing in guerrilla wnrlare, robbed and murdered in the iiKwt cruel manner individual soldiers, or Finall par ties, whom accident or other causes had separated , ratification oi a trcatv of neace. 1 invite the attention of Congress to the views presented by the Secretary of I War in his report upon the subject. i recommend, also, that authority tic civen hv law from the main body of our army; bands of robbers t call lor and accept the services of tin additional and guerrilleros iufesteJ the roads, bar raised our j "umber ol volunteers, lobe exercised at such time and trains, and, whenever it was in their power.cut oil" " "uli extent as the emergencies of the fcemce may our supplies. require. The Mexicans having thus shown themselves to be f" prosecution of the war with Mexico, whiln the whoLll' inrntifiKIc nf nnurerifilimr nur frirhi-rtmtiee nit.i UtIllot care has been to avoid even ill.-.t cause of rnm- hlieralifv. if uns iJ.Ttm-il nrnnprln r Imiitrp the runnier' plaint on the iiart of neutral nations, and none hiishepn two million tour hundred and ninctv-eiufu thousand of conducting the war, by making them feel the prcs- given, liberal privileges have been granted totjlihree hundred and thirty-five dollars and twenty ur according to the usages observed under similar , commerce in the port of the enemy in ounioUj from incidental and miscellaneous sources, ('jrruiUMiiuccs uy an uiiier cmiizeu ikuiow, vuimnvu. wi' u'ui. uuw mvonunon. reii- at an earlv titriod of vour session, as recmnmendrd. dcred fucIi a measure luuhly expedient. f the loan for the present li-cnl year may be reduced to- Itimatcs have alto Item submitted for the outfits seventeen millioiH of dollar-. Tlie loan maybe tur and salaries ol charges d'affaires to the republics of Ho- ther reduced byt whatever amount of expenditures ran livia, Guatemala, and Ilcuador. The manifest honor-1 be ived by military contributions collected in Mexico, tance of cultivating the most fmndly relations with nil ' The inot viuoruus measures for the nuginentutiort the independent states upon tluscontineut has induced of these contributions has been directed, and n very nic( to recommend appropriations necessary for the considerable sum is expcted from that source. Iw maintenance of these missions. nmountcanuot,however,be calculated with any rer- 1 recommend to Congress that an appropriation be ( ta'mty. It is recommended that the lonn to be made made, to be paid tt the Spauith goverunieiu for the be authorized upon the same term-, and for the samt purpose of distribution among the claimants in " the time, ns that which was authorieil under the provis Amistad case." I entertain the conviction that this is ions of the act ol the twenty eighth of January, 18t? due to tipain under the treaty of the UUtli ol October,) Should tin war with Mexico be continued until the 179.i ; and, moreover, that, from the earnest manner in , thirtieth of June, 1819, it is estimated that a further which the claim continues to be urged, so long as it loan of twenty million five hundred thousand dollars chnli remain unsettled, it will be a source of irritation will be required tor the fiscal yenr ending on thnt day, and discord between the two countries, which may in ense no duty be imposed on tea and coflee, nnd lh prove highly prejudicial to the interests of the United public lands be not reduced and graduated hi price, States. Good policy, no less than a faithful compli- and no military contribution shall lw collected in Mei ance with our treaty obligations, require that the in-'ico. cons.derable appropriation demanded should be made, J If theduty on tea and coffee be imposed, nnd th A detailed statement of the condition ol the f'man- lands be reduced and graduated in price, as proposed, ces will be presented in the annual report of the Sec-' the loan may be reduced to seventeen millions ofdnl retary of the Treasury. The imports for the last fiscal lars, and will be subject to be still further reduced by year, ending on the 30th of June, 1H 17, were ol the the amount of the military contributions which may K) value of one hundred and forty-six millions five huu- collected in Mexico. drcd and forty-five thousand six hundred and tint ty ' It is not proposed, however, at present, to ask Con eight dollars; of v Inch the amount exported wns,grcss for authority to negotiate tin1 loan for the u-xt eight millions eleven thousand one hundred and fifty- ti-cal year, as it is hoped that the loan asked for llui eight dollars, leaving one hundred and thirty-eight remainder of the present fiscal venr, aided by tniliinry millions five hundred and thirty-four thousand four contributions which may be collected in Mexico, ma1. hundred nnd eiirbtv dollars in the country for domestic be sufficient. If. contnirv tfi tnv exnectation. tlier.i Ijf'e. should be a necessity for it, the tact will be cinumunt- The value of the exports for the same neriod was cited to Consrei-s in time lor their action during tlin one hundred and fifty-eight million six hundred and present session. In no event will n sum exm ding; forty-eight thousmdsix hundred and twenty-two dol fix millions ot dollars oi this nmount be needed bvfnrei lars ; of which one hundred and fifty million six bun- the meeting ot Congress in December, Irtls. dred and thirty-seven thousand four hundred and hiuy The act of the 30th July, lBlfi, reducing the slut i lour dollars consisted of domestic productions, anil on imports," bas been in foreesince the 1st of Decem- eight million eleven hundred thousand one. hundred ber lust: and I am gratified to state that all the ltie- aml fifty-eight dollars ot foreign articles. licial etlects which were anticipated troni its openi- The receipts into the treasury lor the same period lion have been fully realized. The public revenue amounted to twentv-six million three hundred ami derived from customs durinz the vear end if) i; on ib.i forty-six thousand seven hundred and ninety dollars J 1st of December, IS 17, exceeds by more than eiirht add thirteven ccnts,of which there was derived from customs twenty -three million seven hundred and tor tv-seven thousand riiiht hundred and sixfv-iour dol lars and sixty-six cents ; from sales of public lands Aeccrdingjy, s early as the tweuty-fec'nd of Sep-1 I'lw chlliculty with the Bra tetnber. 181b, instructions were given by tl ty ol War to Major General Taylor to u. and to reouire contributions for i i unv ip war Hn i mil pi i np nmiu ics ior uis H.rces. in uirceiin i dt fntnreiuir tue measure. al fI'avIor. on the twenty-sixths i. M.,lr.iu lliflt" itf army to any extent by forced contribution 'A" li ...i: n.:. i..o.r.;,..w ui .linro.l claims of American citizens niranTltl S rZ 'I s 17CZ. oulJ ti. iVmvH iH tm !-.. .Ion. dWayef The ..!, posOT ileratious, reach a porl be made to supply the continued to pay l drawn Irom the enemy s Siirtiitrir intitrnetiniis W .coiton the third of April, 1H17, who lejJed, from JaJapa.on the twentieth ot May, 1817, that, it it be exacted that " the army is to tuppoit itK'lf by forced o.utributiotts levied uhhi the country, we may ruin and exai-perate the inhabitants, and tarve our-Hjes." secreta- t01'e tune ttireotenea to ii aw sun-1 ,lons oetween tue two c . ii. n.i i t. t paying "3 "ujuiHt-u. uu. jippon, i iyy huiuiiv .iajesty ; a. tto il tfi. neve nrni r I relations wi nhef. It has beeif ri. 1 i.fn.. tiv ate the most ffl Etnin il.n the independent Powe rr mnnof Dolicv bas been attended wn

iiu, be did H true mat the settlement ai uring wliicli this amount was pnms under me operation veil months during rce. During the mount receiv- it bund red ami i oils dred and fifty- rinn the vear end- beinu the last year Btaritrnct of isri.wnstvven idred and seventy one thousand 1 dollars and ten cents : and the from customs during the vear ending on ?t ot December. IHI7. beintr the tiM year under le operation ol the tanll ot IS lb, was ahout thirty -i it i . i t i .i I .iM 1. .. ... Wh duties place lmpoi ed Ui the and millions of dollars the amount received in the prece ding year under the operation of 1812, which wns su perseded and repealed by it. Its etlects are vUibte in the great nnd almost unexampled prosperity which prevnilsin every branch ol business. .me repeal oi ine proiuuiiory ami resiricuve- he act oi ami tue j-hd-uuuuoh hi tn-ir easonable revenue rates levied on articles ccording to their actual value, hnsiiirrens- emie and augmented our foreiiru trmle, all nteresls ol the country have been auvaucftl Uted. at and important interests of agriculture, heen not onlv too much llfiilrcted. but nr- td under the protective policy lor the brnv r interests, have been relieved of the hunlen at policy imposed on them : and our tanner item, under a more just and liberal cnmmei- y , tue iiiioio urw uuu pruiuuuir niarKei ineir augmented products. nmercc is rapidly increasing, and is ex- ore wiueiy uio circie oi inieruaiionai et (ireat as hasleen the increase of our im- mr the past year, our exports of donieMtir iild in foreign markets have twenstill greater, vinatini: interest is cminentlv prosperous. er of vessels built in the United States has .iter than durum anv Drecedmi? neriml of equal Unigih. Large profits have been derived by mose wno tend; chan ports produt1 Our The mi been gl urn oi me eou irv wmcu miiv - r..wU, .. - - , - " n,i..,,Mrtl. n:. an v predecessors, as we I as invse It. to crant them the one munou uvu jiuouflu uiuukiiiu u"iiaiff,oriii i uuupn... uu.uu. i.. i ....,tu,i ,i,E rrense. oi revenue lor tic iiri-t vear under the tan ol inose wno n.uc consirucieu as wen as oy r the articles ol supply which were . t" " 7" ,.7 ,. i.:,., hv lsi IG.oi more than einht million five hundre.l thousand I have navigated them. Should the ratio of country. . . .r .. i. : j .. i i i.iMnllnNmir thnr nl'ihe lnt ve:ir ninler the tanlfof 1H 12. number of our merchant vessels be nroi ere evued to Maiortienera Mi.iju"Hye. hg jimr i. .. , ------ - - -.-... - ... . , T1J rn, t.,r ,.. i..t..FM n.trir iuuc in v uu umcu unti i i uiuuiiui uuu iiiviw iv . ------i: - -. . - - 1 increase in iressive. anil tlie pat vear. th- time is not distant when our toimane nnd coiniuer cial marine will be larger than that of any other na tion in the world. v InK tlie interests of agriculture, of commerce. ii., ,l:...,,..i K.,.,i.Utl now making tor that purpose. "? thirtieth ot June lasi, were iiny-nuie miuioi lour It is proper to inform you that the government of hundred and fifty-one thousand one hundred , and sev pur.. unl ;.. t i.,..i. i ih. iir.t ,u,t ;nCn1iin..ntu'eiitv-s.L'ven dollars and sixtv-tive cents : ol winch three ..r . i. i ifi, Luyi i .1 tiiA iiniiiur tuip. l million five hiimlreil niul tweiitv-two thousand nnd i Whilst the interests ui iuc iiiuA-uuiuy oi couajv ruin, tuiu if i,iiuivi " y : "f " . ' ., ' . . .ni. i, ...... , ,.l-Pirn.l nn,l i,ll.,nni l . . iiilHrcst i hie t hereiill. ill execution o Hie liilliy-iwu uuiiiiisiiou m-j -- " uL.r...v...uhl.llv. 1 tie same discretion wns riven w mm um u.iu win .... . i .i... it. imm id mvnnt (1( nrinem.i nnd interest nti nn i- it is inn i v "ratilvmu to oo-erve that our manutar- WISetnlTnlorinll.Uil-t. .neISl. "r '' " 1 ,f " Zl, mmS try' uol reJ.nn.-J nn.I Mot i turm are o ia prrneonditum. None nt ,1, Hie reasons asigueu oy iium,ui-h i"imni w the articles ot supply tor the army which were draw .1 . ... I - I l..l il,a l,nnrl if th t.inl ;.hhy portion i, wa9,uppofPj tlmt th, J n; nd I . ,n"S'Ui.m..ted that the receipts into the trea.nry Cr l..uicl which had Irlure that time ,.re uted . U,.'ch tlw ctaiiiiam' nre n"fSUcly itW I be?e liol yi-nr ending o,t the ami, ul Juno, lSW,mcl.i ouidnot hefach.astorenderin.praeticahlet l ele) ,"' " entiiitu ) treamty on the lir.t ol July f (..rcedconttibutions fonts .ppot i and on the l.r-t , 1" 1 H Jf i . i'V' . ,,in . 1 lastT will amwint to forty two million ewhl hundred ,t September, and aain o f; Un.ler our and eighty six thousand five .hundred and forty-lne f.ima on the ait ol Oelulwr, 18IC. The Attorney ilunded. I lie expenditure., .'ac usije u puoncueoi, . General nl the United States, early in Aui;u-t last, eie hlty-lut million nine hundred and twenty nine conmeteU t ie ailiudiealion ot the claims unuer mis miu huihj ...- ruinous eli'ecu upon this interest uhich woii iippre licnded by sonic, as the result of the operation ot the revenue S) stem established by the act ot ltMtj, hate been experienced. On til.; contrary, the number of manufactories, and the amount ot capital inwstea in them, is steadily and rapidly lucrea-tini;, atlordui gratifying proofs' thnt American enterprise and skill emplo) ed in this t.ranrlt ot domestic industry, with no other advantages- than ne oruer was repeaieu in ues.aitiiv-u..-..w-ov ,v ..... ....:... ;,;,..,, ... .1,. do ars and e "htv cents, ot winch tlnrtv one minion, inose winy auu ineiuemuii) - aceruun; irom u jusis. Secretary ot War to (.euenil fccott, ami Ins aiient on , r -- y. '"'f r t.rimiual, , it is estimated, will he dcriu-d Irom cu-loun ; three tern of revenue duties are abundantly able toiiieel su. . a again called to the importance of making the T.'A" " the sale of public Icesslully all competiliou Horn abroad, and still .Inert enemy hear the burdens of the war by requiring them " ' S" ; ' Jury ly I, ese lands-lour thousand from incidental sources, includ- lair ana remunerating lrotus. to furnish the meant ol supporting our army and he , puMic iJnil7Slcd Vr the ing sales made l.v the Solicitor of tl.e Treasury, mid , .While capital i.ue.iej m maim actures is yielding was directed to adopt tin? policy, unless, by doing so, 'o - " " '' md a I ,u b nMUuns two-lumrei allli Hghty live thousand two I nJequate and lair profus under the new s.te.n , il. there was .lanrot the amiy ol the neces- j"' .. fiS X tlUl hundred and ninety lour dollars and liny the .cuts I wages ol labor, whether employed in manulactur.-, sary eui.plies. Copies ol these despatches were for- 'Rne?",1l 'e '", c n acts Iron, loans alieady authorized by law, which, i.griculture.coiniuerce or navigation. Ivave U-en nug warde.1 to ( cu. Taylor lor his pmnincnt rso. a a , ,ro . riy a d''y 1 " le tl, er with the balance in the treasury, on the first ol Ju- inemed The toiling millions, whose daily labor In,- On the thiny.first o March last, I eau-ed an order eido rc d i c'' f' 7,, y st make the sum esiunat.d. , nishes the supply ol lood mid ramieni, and all the n.- ..i.:. l ...;; rtt nn. I ii in. hi I'liininnniltTs in uie cmens or FUO CC is OI lort Ijlll powi i. i j . .. j.i ir nn, ,.f i.f.. l.:..L. I mm t iii'iiiiiinrfM mr ine ta'iini' imtihii. 11 nriii u nil i ; i tt n utm i uu.un m ui im. uu iuiii.ui: ittiiii' i cnKii nf Inrfiirn tuivveri. The merchant e-ls of the United Mates lymt;. Jew nnd collect a military coiinimuon njam an ves- , i uuikk w h ".'""'"V.Vl"" ' ""T. V",, . .nil nnt he eonehi I . i . i . .. i.rl. ... tl... I lie U'lilerd ill tlie live lrt t)I 1 1 1 1 III oi'VU iu iuuij; - . , ., i ' .i . . i Kit aim merciiaiiuuw wimn nofi.i j i;.;im,.r turw ietioii of oil - mcreafei as s proposed, will amount, including inejiiuin m anv omer comnry,orm any previous periou jwrttiof Meioinourinil.iary.K-ci.patioi.,andtoap.U-omiuer ourowu hiHory. . . . concluded, and the army shall ho j waes, and more steady and tenuanent employment lilt. M-s - ...... ...... w . - - ,.t il... .... , i., Irunciipil lwilo In li liriM Ml if the war. lly virtue ol the right ol conquest and estab i-li competent Irabuiuw to try a l1 n,m si'x lnmM nJ fifteen thousand sis hundred and ! try, that a foreign war. which generally i. lit mil So successful have been all branches of our i.uhi resources ol a nation, has in no especial degree relard- ine iiiwsoi war, mc v............ .... --- - ; - ,,i,:,, m no law what- alv iloiiars ana seven eeni. safety or convenience, may eiiuer eiLiuue loriign .". ,;, , c In tin-first ol Hie nns.-nt mont i. the amountoltlie e.l our onward progress, or checked our general pro uerce nllogellier troiu sarn pons, or penm. u . . " V "r ", ..,:,,.,,,,,, tx. rnlbrre public ik-lit octuilly incurriNl, iiiclu.11114 tn'nt-ur noti-, periiy. such terms and conditions as lie may prescr, be. ebts ., ,pCou t''J ? fe" Jy re" lite J was lorty lue i.ullioii v hundred and lilty inue dol. Willi sneh grafting riJcnc.s of prosperity, and e the principal portsof .Mrico were bbn Uded heirpauient. nc.s haie ' ,u 11 . nrs ,,,,ionv cents. The public debt due on the 111. of the successiul o.wration ol the revenue act ol Irtlii. y our navy, the revenue ileriuu tiom iiuiosn.uiies, iioui i ue on.iss ... rV ,,'nded "I March, la IS, including lre.iury notes, w.i seven, i every ion ol public policy recommends thai Jer Hie lawsol .uexico, was nam u.... ...e ...-. ' ,; T ,, Ti, .., .a ,, (' ii . have already com- teen million sev en hundred ami ciglily eight lliousmd u snail remain uucnaugc. . u is uoK-n iiwi uie ss- Alier I ifse lions nau iiiueii inn. om iiiiuia- . , .. - - - - .... v.. .1... ....w... m..l , nr. nn.l siviv two leni ol imnost .nines wnicn ll esian ii-ne.i may ne re- ry Ki.-siii, the blmkade wns raised, and our com- plained mat t us "termi urn ii i." cunIrtl(.ls t .,,, .atlll Cons.quently theadditioii made to the pub. ' gaided us the jieriuaiient policy ol the country, and Whilst ; lie ueul since mat nine isiwcmy s.en uiuiion cikiu ..- K"u iiiicnr1.Ui j I t'oniinerce I1I.OI1 lietore tli I mil treasury TV HsS4'SS,.I, IIH- UIMnuui " . - -. ,- .. 1 ' -. ... : i . .......P.I....I t..rn. null, uncut of criiiies. or the ciilotce litrcf- U III. Ill.'lll IICI1IIIIICU UMWll I'lloM " j , ...millions. , , . "K."- Ainencaii riu-ii " V"";",? I,v ch liundreJ and seventy thousand eight hundred and lit-1 subject to be injuriously disturbed, as tbey have here Tliey were opened to the trade ol all nations upon their gov. rnmei.t has est au -b-d r ouuai- . n tolorel.eeii,bylrequeiilandsomeiimessuddeii changes the iynieiitol Julie more moderate m their amount an American cituen call r.covir d-.uis uu. iron. ' of ihcloaaol twenty Hire Ihoiis, auihurixed by 1'or the purpose ol increasing the revenue, mul hail those wUich Had ueeu prevwuny icvicu ..j icu; and Hi- revenue, wliicli was lonueriy pain the .Mexican treasury, was duected to be colic, ted by our military and naial ollicers.niid supplied to the use of our army mid uaiy. Care was taken llial theolli cers.sojjiers, and sailors, ol our army and navy should ... , . .......i. i i... ,t ii... ciiiiscnu'lleeH lumnv uv".'j ....... ..... ...... ........... ----- - Uie merchandise impuneu upon wnicn .ue oiuer ..jr- ...... -- -- iaur.i awarded to the s'veral highest bidders, at preiuiunis i irom inem was not needed, ceases iu wi.en mt- e, lit eilett, 1 xico, and th ilieui lu our own ue. In Uireclmg ' i .i r-i.; ,-r t,. 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