Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 17, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 17, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIAY MORNING, DECEMBER M,IML Tho War. Nothing new from tho Vrtr. Oncral 'Pay ton arrived al Now Orleans mi tln 3 I lti"t., on his way homewards, and Mas received, ashe de serves to be, witli the. utmost enthusiasm. The frallniit old Warrior has been in liU duty, lip nut of It who may, Wo wish lie would vi"it the Green Dills nf Vermont ; lio would find that ml miration fur heroic deeds and httmtne conduct in the hour r 1 ictnry, is not bounded by gee llne. in our country. Congress. Very 1'ntlo li'iines li is been transacted in Congress, thus fir, beyond tlic preliminiry nr ganizitiou of tl.e two Houses. We shall rom m?nco our regular Congrcs-ional Sitmnnry next week. The Senate, on the annniini'ement by Seintnr Niles, nl the death of Senator Hunt isqtov, of Conn, adjourned over from Thursday till Monday lat. Tlie House, also, adjourned from Thursday till Monday. Another New Mm Let. Those who malte it their special business to cater lor tha altogether Itiilisp-Mis i'ilc iv nils of the, community their" diily'' appear to be detcrminm! til it no extern il attraction shall The collateral expeditions apahi't Cliihiinlinn. Santa IV, and Californii, nro next summarily described In their order; thoi." beatii'd upon the results or the war depicted ; and Iho slgnii achievements which in irked their siirrcsslul progress portraved, With the.-e events, nnd with ii due notice of some subordinate succo-o of our ii run on the line of operation from eiii Cruz In the City ol Mexico, tlu military nurra live of the report concludes. Tuiniii.' from the past to the future, the re port surveys the Mirious modes of condurnnjr the war which present themselves to the (ov einiiient, and our firlbrr o eratlon must I o con ducted in one or three mode : .lir.'t, to tsike and bold nn indeinnitv line J tccnml, to overrun the whole country ; or third, to retain what we now ,.,... il.n nn of l ominun rulinii inioine ,,i.:.. ..,,,1 nvinml nnr nnnrntlnns to their im portant pl.ices, in our mentis and the prospect or iiilvantiip's shall indicate keeping- n tli onmc force al vavs ready, within approi'chable limits to annoy the pnmnv, to seize supplies pnforre ...... isll.,,t;..iw n.,,1 Iriiklmtn hi elliirls. to collect means and iis-emblc troops lor the purpose of protracting: the war. Tho llrt imiiln U reitirdnd as dishonorable to tlm rniihtrv. nnd llie M i oiid tooexnen-ive. The rim third I vi.ei.ininpinlecl as iireffmhlo to the other. In addition to the troops rerpiirnl to L'arri-nn places In be retained, it i prn0"cd to line in the Held u competent force hir itprc siicoieralion to strike the em my wherevei he niav pre-enta vulnerable oint ; to oen nv- In. ui t he nuns III our ios-e.-iiiii nim in, onim In. ui t he nnrrs III our los-e.-iiui , ' Ipc i.iwl III rnciT II ml siioeet tl be o nitled to render their merchandize nltr.ict-. ()1f r;llllr(li ,.,",, f ," mining districts siiid pro- ive. Passing Cherry street, this week, Juctiie njiiiriiltiinil reyioin. i.... i m. n.i,,, ,-I'lTi.-ts's Ww Market I In order to fuinili a comnetent force to car tT,..n .'l ihr! basement .,r the line brick binld-' '.v t 'his I"'" ' P'Vir"' ',,, ..".'.I W'?!. Ing lilin erected in tint street. 1, very Huns within Mr. 1'irKisS neat and commodious -.bop is in apple-pie o'der, nnd he is fully prepared to supply his numerous and well-sat Mini custom r rs v i 1 Ii the ilchest nnd nrct d.iil.ties in the i.'rmv. ri.n.i-lillir now nl -Jl.oiT, inCII. 00 lllh'll III bv recruits ti) the lull limit txod by law, viz: os mi ,,ipii. lYilnsivn til ol leers, 'l'he nnniher or volunteer" iihendy enlisted r,,ril,n is reckoned at J'),IMU, but their nuinher lias been cnn-iilerably reduced, so that it will require an iiililillon in ia,uuu uuno ... wiv of eatable", both fle-li nnd fih. Our rea-1 ,IP present volunteer force their complete ilers m iv remember u notice in tliis paper. i.ii orpini? ition. , winter, "or Mutton that was too fat for nnithiep. I 'rfZ one would tbink.biita hcatben sacrifice. hat ir,,1:1 r,.j,iH.nt, re-ulir force- for the Jh.ttnn was to be found in Mr. Pitkin's shep; war. :ln, :iSev'ii tlii' m iy not h sutlicient, In ..,.1 .. 1 I. ,.,. cnn .. ll.inn- enual to it. I i,r Cnnrres allthoritV to r.lisp, if lieccss.l' wo will put down Mr. I. a No. 2 till then, ho keeps his place m No. 1. "!' AnmmN. We have bid the plei-ureof examining some of the numerous b.MUtiful Annu il- and l'ictori.iN pmviled by Mr. UowAr.Ds for the approichin II did iy-. ' In execution mil in pic'onil em'ielli-lunent, they are superb; while rniny of them sire if tandird excellence and popul.nity in liteiaiy ineiit. We know of no tiling nrr-'f, or more appropriatu for enduring be.iutv, (in all tint con-titute tlio c eniiil el n-nU of b'liity,) for presentation, thin the Mio'rhly illumuiited copies of " 'I'll -.!?-so,'. Seasons" an f " II vt-ixcc's I'or.-H " Tin- l i't' r, certainly, hi, beretorore, been like the Sy btllmo Icnc valued and Milunlile as it lm b 'en scarce; while Tlmmp-on's Sea-on-i-a w irk of u-t.ihli-hed and ronccded excellence, nnd Turin a " present " wbii h is creditable alike to tho donor and the fair donee. We can mid limbing, ( xco) ting, perhaps, to say that it increa-cs (lie pleasure or doing a ph'inatit thine;, to do it through the agency or theobhidiig and intelligent Mr. Sjimi. CHITTKNDIIN COUNTY AGIUCULTUUAL SOCIHTY. The Annual MeelltiL' or the Cliitlendcn Conntv Soclity will he holden nt Smoxo s Mam., llnilineton.nn Wednei.iy, January oin. 15IB, at 10 o'clorl:, A. M. It is important for the Interest of the Society that all interesteu should ntteml, as full reports irnm all lauagcrs, Treasurer and Secretary will then be made, lly order of the l'reldenl, C. (iOODIUCH, .Secretary. December 15, 1817. n:r The terms of snbscrintinn, to cnlitle a member to an Agricultural paper, nre $1.-6 vearlv, one ban payahle in Dcremlier ami one hall In September. No paper will be continued to any one not complying with the terms. C. (IOODIUCH, Secretary. "TlKKMAN'S NOTICE. The Annual Mectinu of the liiirlinoton Volnn leer Ihiuine Co. No. 1, will be held at the I'earl St. House, on Tuesday Evening, Dec. l!l, 1817 at G o clock. A general alicmunce oi inc. incm bers is requested. By order of J. A. KINSMAN, Capt. E. C. LOOMIS, Sec'y. Dec. Otlt, 1847. iHcivkct! Itrlg NEW LIVERY STABLE. "H57.fIIIS is to inform my patrons j- I nnd the pubhn in cenern, that I have erected Mlra'tve nn.1 convenient buiiilinzs for the nrcommodntion ol bminiss, w here cuslomcrs may find tioon iiohsks a.h c.iiiuAi;i;s, nnd rxiicrieuccd hands to attend their calls, nnd on llie Inot rcnsonnine irrnis. . , , Cnrrinacs furnished on short notice for Fimernl sat vices milfoil WcihliiiB occasion. A hbernl discount mini ordinary prices will be nmdc to Families, to nnd Iroiu Lliurcli on &unua)s. OA' 7MA7) ASH FOIt HALE, A cnod assortment of SADDLES, HARNESSES, TRUNKS. VALISUS nnd odier articles usual in my line of bufluess. , A Tew second bnlid Cuttera nnd ample the old stand, Last side nl the Ci.urt lb;i;e Soiuire. SAMVJiL S. Sh INN lilt. Burlincton, Dec. 17,1817. y. II. All persons hnvine unsettled accounts with llie subscriber, which nre or three years standing mJ over, nre requested to settle the sime. yypjj AT THE MARKET, DECEIVED THIS DAY ritn.M IIoston a 11 Supply ol Smoked Salmon, and llnliuut, a very nice Article. WM.C HARRINGTON. Dec. If., 1817. L ATTENTION ! BATTALION ! ! ALT. lhoe hnving unsettled nccnunts with T. W. I.nudl, will snie costs by calliiis nnd Killing 37vVe hive l!i.' h'M a-ii'vinlj lor s iving . and nre reque-ted to say, Oiat the very silly urlicle in the Senlrirl iV linnmrat upon a part of which we commented l.i-t week, was not writ ten by the ymmg gentleman who may lis fur yose.lo have been alluded to. Cnn-equcnlly what we intended tor run loses its roint. The Sevthiel is emphatically a, "cbild or 3(1 father-;" and we nic greatly einbirras-eil by the m'cellancous manner in which it is said to le edited. There are a great many thinn in it . C- ,1... eniiii. :illd ifrilll. .ml til' O.l-t O.l T. onrre-pe.. .... " f; tn'-m illn. i ol' inein-, the w,,l. malieal aiiainmeois ui i.... iv. 'J'J.IMIO aildilional volunteers. ''l'he ddicienci's in the War Appropriations of the current vear have Iven can-ed. in a great me i-nre, bv e.illing out I5IIJ!) volunteers more than wine conteinpl.ited. Tho birge-t ainoiint ordi-biirs 'iiients h.i- been ill the CJu irtenn.i--ter's Depiiiluient. It is propo-ed to reduce Ihe-e evpen litures by the enli-'iiieut of a per uiincnt lor.e ol ieam-ter- and laborer- in til it Department, -o a- to -ave the extr.mig int prices at which men aio procured for any spe cial occa-ion .ihne. In l he e-ti to- for next vear notion:: has been dedect-d fir conti ihtitioin collectul in Mexico. A good deal w ill he received in Ibis w.iv, but how iniich is not preci-ely known, though it isexpected that the bu-ineswil be biltei tb hi ben tof le. Il i-ieeoiiiini'iidedthit military officers col lecting levenue in Mexico be allowed a per centaye thereon, I authority be given to regulate the iiiiiub'r of pei-ons and ditermine the p.iyoflho-e lliu- employed. How much ha- been received in revenue from the Pacific pint-ol' Mexico i-not known ; the amount ha heeu applied to the expenses of the civil govern ment there. I'rovi-ion i asked for unsettled claims for prnpeilv lurni-hi d lor our n-e ill California ; al-o. for repuing to State- and individuals llie expen-e ol lilting out volunteer.- ; al-o. lor pav ing a Tex in regiment r.ii-ed w itiiout authority. 7l'i e fiirni-hiug ol'cliibing to volunteers in lieu ol commutation money, asat present is rec ommended. I'rovi-ion for retired officers Is alo urgrd. The Reports of the Coinini ary (icneril, the I'auna-ter (ieueiul. the Chief Engineer, the Cinel i I Ihe Tnpiyr Ihinver-, the olli cer in charge i I' Ihe Oiilnanee 1) p.utment, tin Sun. eon 1,'o.iimi ioiiero' l'en-ion- .iti.l the Coinnii-sioner ol In ban Ail.urs, are iiImi snti nilii'd wilh llie liille-t couKdeni e thai t.ieir examination will ud'ord mo-t gralifvioe III.- puhlie diitie-devolved upon each t nni. h uiin-iullv arduous, h ive b"en, tiirougb- I iillil mi v mill aoiv e.i-i u hton Cnttto Mnrket Jlnnilny, Dec. 13 rr.tror.TrD ron the thavem.ek. At mnikct, 850 Cntlle. VI yokes Winking Own, 4G Uuvvs ond Calves, 7iOU Sheeji, nnd about 15j0 llrEF CATTtx Extrn Sfi"5; first quality, $G25; aCSjad nnd thud qunlity hum 4 00 lo $.5 5'J. Wor.KiNk OX1..N Sab s niiiile nl 72, 86 nnd 3130. Cows and Calves Salts innge Iroiu $18, lo SSJ, occi'iduifi to qualily. Siilec Sales ot lots nt 2, 2,03, nnd 3,25 ; one or two I. Is veiy poor liiken nt 1 12, Swinl Dull. Sales nl wholesale 4c for Sows, nnd 5e lor UuriuuH. At lelnil. Imm 5 to 0 and GJc. WOOL. DutiJ.'Mperct. There has hicn a lairdemnnd for low crude, bnt the fi ler soils "ell les Ireely. I'meipn Wools, hi st qunli lies, an- wanted, the stuik at maikct beinj; coinpaia tivelv light. Prime Saxony Fleeces, washed American full blood do. - - - . do :i-l do. - - - - do 1-2 do. - - - - do l-l&comdo. - - - Siiivan. washed, 1 Sin) run, unwashed, - - - -I lluenos Ayres, unpicked, . - . -I Kxtra Noiih'n pulled lamb, - - - Sup. Noith npiilled Inmb - - - - No. 1 do do do - - - - U do do do - - - - 3 do do do - - - - them immediate Iv. Hurliiigtuii, Dec. 11,1817. T. W. LOVEI.L. 2MI 45 ,S 50 41) ti 45 35 !t : 31 tt 33 23 ft 31 15 if SO 8 '3 13 C ft II 3S ft 411 35 m 3fl 30 .a 31 1) U 'ii 11 V 15 Dvsrrrst.v on Iniuoestiov This dicnse lias the strung.;-! claims upon Hie alteutio'l nnd syinpuhy of the plij-ieian and plulamliropisi. The Dys peptic is truly im-eiahle. His sallow- and nuxuitis co.iMleu.ince, tus !iveifcitin tu si.iiil enjoyiiu'iiH his irntiihle and sullen silence nnd the ocen-ioual nnd overivliehniiifi despon, lency ot mind, show him to he Ihe piey ol deep and harassing sail Tints, ol which none tun those w hu h ive experienced them tnn lonn nu adeq.iale ile.i. For Dy-pepsin there is no hope; it is dam, disi-ournghijj, find theerless in ils progress. It wi l neither kill llie omen; nor ihmil horn him His niuut'l is rniclicd and leveiish, his head confused, and Ins whole hody I uiipiid and uncoinfoiinhle. His sieen nl mirtit istituu mid unretrfshiriir. disturbed bv stiuune t'lnlasies and uneasy dieiuiis, while lout; betoie iiiumiiiii, lie oeuiii" lo luru irom sue losuieon his cimuortless pillow'. Though re-iless, lie leels no disposition in rise, bin when at lennili he musters suf tijieiii lesi.lulion, he leels such laintnessauil In.-silude, th.ilall imiii.i i and hu-incs4 is a burden tohim. Let ilu'salf-ier us,',nceordiii to the directions, nnd he will ri'iJ almost iiuineih-ite it-lief, ami hi a very shoit tune a perfect cure. IV'isnns have been ciueil nljer ii ivin been to spiuifii nnd other ptnees by ihe advice ot then plosician, and have not leceived any peima neui reliei uiuil they use tins medicine. IIkovvx's Sai'.sai'akii.i.a !( Tomvto Dirrrr.s. For sale hy, A. I'tiK.nnd A. C Sri.AH, Apo theeaiiesiia.l wliolesile L).ugi-ts, and by dealers gen lir.illy ilnoujliout llie inie. Lniiiltcl. i nn nnn feet seasoned pine XULf,JlLf LUMDCll.for sale expressly for Cash. ' hy T. . liUVELL, & CO. Iluihntrtnn. Dec 11. 1817. 25tf Tin ill ps. WE have a fine lot of Corilelais k Co's, Stsrr's, Deilz's ami Jnrvis' best Parlor Lamps, which give central satislailion. .. JXclS17; UitlNSUAlD is nnoTiiEns. TABLE LEGS. 50 sets fine turned Table Legs, for snle by Dec. Id 17. liniNSMA ID ROTirEnS. ron 0TK AM) roitx- HASH : our Store. OAS1 VJ nti 7 f .ni- vnn. ne.iivTn cm-ri r tt'nil At I. ,.,lic0V Co!".b' 1' edilur. 11 nni -.'-"I v it -iireiK.iog. cai ousts inige A LIST OP CHOICE BOOKS ON TIIF. M;lENC! OF Phrcno'oiry, riiislologj-, mill .tlngiictism, Published hi romlm c- Writs, 131 Nassau Street, New Yoik. PIIHRNOLOliy proved, illustrated, nnd np plicd A practical standard wotk on the RPIPIIPP. 91.00 rliysiology, Ammol mid .iienini-nppneii to nic preserviiiiun uiui icunuiwii .n .iiu.,.,. Self Culture Applied to scll-trainini; nnd per lection of cbuiacter. Memory nnd Intelleclunl Improvement Great ly enlarged nnd impiovcd. A superior work. Ileicditary Descent It' Inws nnd tacts npplied tohiunau improvement. Iteluion. Notuinl uu.l Kevenled Or the mor al lunnngs ol'Pnrenology. Conib.s Phjsioloy Willi notes nnd observa tions, best edition. Love and P rentage Applied to the Improve luentol oir-pring. Anntiveues.s -Ur the evils nnd remedies of ex cessive sexuality. Temperance nnd Tight Laciii" j in one vol. 'I'lieuuist ponerlul documents in print. Matrimony Or Phrenology applied lo the se lection olcoinpanluns hjr hie. Education fouuJed on llie Nature of Man By J. O. .-pu zhehu; wilh an appendix uud il lustrations. Physiology lor Schools nnd Families Uenutihil Iy illustrated, tiuiiplilicd and ndipted lo youth. Plnenolo4y lor Schools and l'ninilies Two invaluable woiksby Mis. L. H. lAnvler. Fiiscmatiim Or the Philosophy ol Charming. Woman Her rJiuaitwii and nilluenie. lit Mrs. Ilur.i lL.-nl The Phiioaopliy ol Mes.nerism A course of l.ei tun n. A sober and Tempernte Life By Cornaro, who niuiiued the reiuaikable ug-- oi 10 1 years. Synopsis ol Phrenology and Physiology A description ol tne luucuous of me ouuy and the mind. Mnrriagi lis history, ceremonies, ond philos ophy Plneii.'logical Guide Designed for students. Illustiuled. The 'Teeth Their structure, diseases and treat ment. Chein stiy Its application to rhysiolegy, Ag- ncuiiure, nnJ L..,minercc. Klements utAiiiuiil Magnetism Applied to the relict ol buin.-iu sutteriuir Why will you d.e by J. G. A. Lugol. A voice to )outh, addiesscd lo Young Men and Young Ladies Plin nulogicnl Alminac for 1819. Aiue Phrenolomeal .lournal Published oued, liar a vear. Hdinburgii Phrenological Journal for 1313 jTVrli allies' Tools, I CIAIIPKNTKIIS, Jolneni.Crri.iBi-nnil RleiKh Mn. kers, Saddlers, Shoemakers, lilnrkuniths. Ol.i net Makers. Painters, " .lacks nt all trades," nnd tool 'orioieer, furnished with goods ol best Atnerii-nn mul foreign mamilicture.n.lfiptcd to their respective uses, upon very rcnsnnnble trms STKONG, DOOLITTLD &. CO. Uurlington, Dec. 1, 1817. 50 60 CiO 50 50 75 25 12i m 25 50 25 50 40 40 25 25 11 37J 12 12 20 m 5J 50 C1 CROSS MAN. 2liu3 I'or Sale BY TIIR subscriber, three (rood Enuine Lathes ; Also, twoliniul Lathes, which will be sold luw lor cnsli or good paper. E. It Burlington Dec. 7,131". VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. ! 'IMIH Subci iber olTei s for sale his plice.s't inted I on the Corner of College nnd Wilhrd Streets I He will sell it entire, or in Lots, as purchasers may desire. I The location, ns is well known, Is nmong the most eligible for residences, la Iturbnglou, The place con. inins Krult Trees oi various kinds, and suipujsed in quality by none. Kim.ANH AM) mniMNGTO.N RAILROAD. I 'I IK Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of lb" Itn'ltiM.I n.i.l lt.,rli,. ,i,.t, Icnilmnil l!nln fl.t.V.wl Is- h-l.l nt the Court House, in kutlnnd.on the sec. ond WFdni-Ritny,jriiii! the day ol January next, at 1 oelork lu tin: iitu-rnoon, for the election ol Di renins, mm the tnmtictiuii ol nny other business re Middlrbury, Dec. 7. Ian. X4w3 GXl ""TLANIl AND UOKMNOTOS RAllimAil Dec. 0,1317 DANIEL SIMPSON. aitf RANK OF RURLIXGTON. TVTOTiri; Is hereby given thnt n meeting or the 1' Stockboldeis or the Hank ol IlurliiiL'lon, will be boldcn nt iheir Ilnuking lloue, on the second Tuesday of Jnmmry next, nt 11 o'clock, A. M , lor the puipose ol electing seven Diiecioislor the year rii-iiniir, jv. v. nu. cm'iiii. December 10, 1317. aiwl IO loll:ii'si Rcn-.iril. IOSTiihrutlwo weeks since, between the South J Wharrand our store, nsinnll paper tincknue di rected to " .Miss Amelii Waller, Pearl St. House, Burlington, Vl. Pi.hteness or Dr. Elliott" Whoever will deliver Ions said package with Its contents, snail be entitled to tne nhove revvniu. VILAS .t NOYES. Burlington Dee. 10, 1,317 1,00 our customers. Dec 15, 1817. cat us t srcAn. iiWR nv iini) a nnoD assortjunt nf IllinTK SIIOI'.S nn.l rendv-made CLO THING, which we propose to sell as low as they cm be atlurut-u ui nus inaiKei. , Dec. 15, 1317. CATL1N f SPEAR. Also. Muffs CATI.1N if Sn-AIl. 10. 1 RUFFALO ROUES 1 1 and Boas. fFORACCO. Uei:. and Rrown's extra l line cut. J 1.1 it c v.ui. -TEA, Con-EE and Sur.n. at all prices. I Dec. 15, 1817. CAT LIN H Sl'UAll TIN, Stove and Wooden Ware. Mop J Il.n, 2,00 1.00 d i do small Fur sale bv C. GOODRICH. Agent lor the Phrenological Journal, and all of Fow ler Wello pubhuitiuiis. Uuilingion Dec. 17, 1.317. CHEAP Peck's Duililing, CASH BOOKSTORE tsnsc: BY C. B. EDWARDS ' Iltirllngtnn, A t CHRISTMAS ASD NEW YEARS' PRESENTS FOR 1 8 IS. Handles nnd Washtubs, De--. 15. 1317. CATJJN hi SPr.AR. 0ME-MAHE PLANNEL For sm.e rv permit us to attribute In him ; nnd when one al ter another nl' it- editorial contributors di-cl.iiin the paternity or its hid politics and wor-p h'jjic, v hat are wo to do ? We w ish there irrrc u re sponsible I'.ilinurus for the alfair. For the Free Pi ess Ma. Cl.vr.uc: 1.1 reply to Mr. Young's trict.rcs upoi our review . of lin hook entitlel U my of Pa-pu.', we "hall, nt I present, call ill-' attem.oa of Mr. Yu ig hmi'eli (nnd or our leldeis, fwehippen tobivcaii)) to a single, yet coi;luiv.' p j'nl oiicluiive, we say, beia i-e in oar juJ' iiiut il sluws lb" uner I'aWly of the, which be announces, uf his inveMigntion ir the quad rntureol ihe circle, and, or couise, iiveillnows i cm pletely the lahored argument upon which he bases it. Mr Young asseils, as bis itsull, thai the cuei in ference orn circle is 3 I71S0JO when its diameter is 1: nnd'm Insletier lo the Editor c.r the Tree Pies-he has it, n.niiiuir lo sav . AiidlCi lie it light. Now llie i I ,li 1'i'tici' i ii the i-choiiil and noiihern Iniiiiiei I not L-oiie on diirin,' the year. It i reciunmeinleil not to .-ii-pewl theinenlirely, even dining the war. (Smaller appiopriatioiis than be fo ro aie required. Tlie Wi-t Point Academy I in u cood coiidi lion ; h side the ii-unl apjir'priations. prov.s'um lor an annual ll".ird of Vi-llci I- ns'ed I'm. An iuerea-ed force ol loiiyinccr Mildier is re commend d. It having been necessary to employ private pliv-ici,iiis"in civil life in lliu service, the ni-piiintin-nl ol'si.v. ho-pital .-uroeon- lor the war ie , icci'iniiii'iided. A perinaueiit a-yliim lor worn- out soldiers is al-n recommend, d. I The nu nib r of pon-innois of all classes on the I rolls ortne I'en-ioii 'e is SS.l'l.). Tlie mini' I her piid iliniiiir the lull' vear oiulinj; on the 1.-I of Jnlv l.i-t was only IStlilJ. The ollice h.i ! in t the moans of lo-ceitaiiuiiLr tb death anion;: ! Ihe number ol piri-ioners b.i- been bv lb. it i.iiivi riin-ider.ihlv leduced duriiiL' the !- nt lea-t 11 fllTROX, CmtRNTs, MfTR0.i. Mice, IIOFFAT'S and the (!r tiTENREnr. Pills. HI Dei . 15, 1S17. CAT LIN H Sl'r.All. flLOCKS AND LOOKINO fiUKSES. AT LOW J prices. CATUN H HJ'VAII 1,50 'J'lu reduction i calim-ittd tu be f I , -.1 O 1 l. .,Lnmrriiiiiulll f,l If'll HIT CI'I it . '"'" r Z. ,: ' , 3.WH , . I T.. , tl,.. i8ccle. or the Pension office aiiuiii u i-iii - - ... , sideiably shinier lhau ihe ciicinnfeirnce which it i-u-1 ar -in . 'eu ;a! ii, mir ii- iiiv Lv n luelliod Idler closes: . I" n 13 I-."- - - - vvIiilIi even boarding school gills cnu easily ci.inpii hend, and Mr. Y'oung has m t olvctcd lo it We, however, supposed it possible ibat nil this might he consistent w.lh his luiillu mniii s, until we found in his sun tu rs the n.hiiissloii llie eiiiiuiir ot a lego- larpoljgo.i must be longer ill m lb" circuiut ri-niei'. iheurclc wliich il encloses. Now, linn, we challenge this niiitheiiuitician, who says lie Ancucn lie it light, lo gs aheud, and shew how ihe peimieier ol a tegular polygon or 21 sides con l e, lit the Mine t'.iue, both Ion gtr nn I shmter than the chcuinfeieiice ol ihe circle it encloses ; or, railing in ihis, to prove, at leasi, by some method indi j ciidenl ol his h) pothetis about the quad, intu.e i.rthe circie, linn said peiimeier is longer lhau 3 I718JJJ, bis ciicunilerencc ol ihe i in le. WV me unwilling to multiply woidson this subject, nl.iJing comic-lion lh"t we have iihendy Civen more ultiitioii lo .Mr Young s book limn it dc eeivis; but when he has sntisr.ictorily denied up ll.e point nbovc slated we limy. peihn s, notice again his luworgiavily.und hisvaaniies on ihesubjii tof nlier nilion; we npprebend no ddficulty in justilviiii; wl.nt ve have said upon these subjects. Our n.iihor will have no one lo blame, in the end, but Linis. lt. s.iould he. happen to find himscll ill a dili iiiina ns nwkw.ird us llial in which he supposed be had placed Dr. Iliad ley, when he applied, lo a star in the plane or the fcliplic, Ihe Doctor's observations and ren-onings re seeding cim Viaconis, a swr near llie ;mle of the ecliptic- iFrom I'u Albany livening Journal.) A Word or CAUriov.O mil occasions of fcstivly and jm. when we nienll p.oue loin luigem the cood ul' tins hie. and nut untrcoueully m excess, ,et us uul l.ugel that lliepteiisurt's n. the table, when en jiije.t lieiiiul the lit.iind- ot prudence, nre nltfiip al ihe ivp lieut litnllh. 'rosiiLh, however, ns nre u. -ii.lveili'lllly led into exitSJ, llie ludlill Vegelnl.le IMisciill I, mn. I III.' llul till- veiv besl lliedl- d ie 111 ihe lor ca ri ) mc i II" all coinplninls nhllll ail-c hum irieLIiib.llty ol itul ; l'lliu-e I bev clali".' ihe sliiiiiuili anil ooweis iioiu ui.'-e niruus nu. mors which aie the c.iu-e ol li.'iul.icli, Klilduicss, sicl, sio.nach.sour belibmgs, Irnsi of appitue, lowness cl spoils, and ninny oilier distressing complaints. Wiijibt's Indian i gitalle Pihs also aid nnd diuesiiun, and the blood, nnd then lore give health and v Igor lo ihe whole trauie, ns well us drive pain oi every description Irom llie body. iiCWABE or Loe.sTEiur.iT The only onmmi. ASU liL.NUI.Ni: IsnlA.N VLI.I.TAUI.E Pll.l.s 1IAV 1. 1I.E SIG- .NAiunE or William Wkioiit wiutie.n vvnu a ic on Till. Tor i.Aiiti. or lacii eox iunt vuicr is gen uinr.iiiut tiiciiitiitcijett this is lor.Gir.v. 'l'he genuine lor wile hy W II. CUUTIS, nler ritieet,nudTIIt.Ol)OUl; A. PLCK, College Stuel. s..eligelllliir liaillllgloll. Itellben l'erguiin, L-sex ; I II i. L lliiniiiii'iun : W. Rhodes. .Ir Kichiiioud ; li. II. Uleeo, Ivuhiiiotid ; .1 II. .t T. W, 'lowel, Uiideilnll ; ilurlbut .t llodge.s. Wilhston ; it. ban der.son, and Li. Ajeis, WePt Wilhsmn j J Lyman, Jeiicho; vv. II Vein-, llini sbiirgh ; W .S ct II. P Wood. We.-ii.iid ; tfiaples & Lyon, Chailotie ; John Simoiids, sjlielbuine ; It. Hicluiioiid Halliard ; nn.l nt New- Liialand Diaiich Olhce and lieneial Depot, l'JS 'I lelllulit tiilcel, Huston. Ueware of Iinoosilion. The creator the vnlue nfiiuy discovery, the higher The Charm for 18 iS, a series of elegantly colored tiroups, with liescriptive lllu-trntions; 11) 1., II. Ihlelt. 0 coloied olates. nriee 70 Lealletis or Memury ; nu lliu-ttiitecl Annual Tor inn: i.uiteii ny ueynell iuaies, .ii. ii. i; lleatilifal llluliatlons. ptice 5,00 l'he Opal ; a puie gill tor the Ho y-diys. K.litcd by .Mis. .Sarah J. Hale. Illustiiited with lvicn- gravinna, price 5,00 The Mirror ol Life, edited by Mrs. L. C. Tiithill, wilh II Mivotiul lllii-iiiitions, puie 5,00 'Phoiupson's .Season, lllustinied by 77 designs by me i.icinng ivluii, eiuteti ov u. tomay, L.sq. p tbe.iutitully bound ill Turkey .vloiocco, price The llhuiiiii'iii'd liems ol hacied Poetrv. wilh b'-autiful Iilu-trntioiis mid Illuminations, and ti. tu lid ill the tni?l s.ltielh stele, 5.00 MIII'S AND LASIIE A noon ASSORT- Tl Olieriny ot IK-.-iuly tor lS"trt,cinl.rilislieil with ii cuioreii engravings, cuiieu oy iuc-uu vv . Lawience, price 5,00 Brynnt's Puetiuil Works, lihmrntcd with 20 beau- titul Sieel engraving", by K Lauize, pnee 5,00 The Lady ol tin- Lake, bi aiiiilully embellished with lo steel engiaviltgs, price 5,00 Child lhlu. M'h PilL'riuiaL'e. C'lubellisbed wilh 13 steel engraving", price 1,50 i Pueticnl Wuiks ul I'uz Oieen Hnllork, naw first i-iilU-cled.illusliiitiil w ith 7 steel eligtnv lugs. 1,00 Chiipiet.-nstles ut Wulneii, .Moral, t'oeliciir, and lloiuric-nl, with I'-i higlil) tinished engi livings, by .Mrs. Jaiiusi.n. r-bakspenre Illuminated, w ith notes and nthhtions by G C. Verp!auk,conti.iniiigiiver I loo engra vings, y vols. Uo)iii 8 vo., .Mo oco (Jill lUge $J'2,ni) The Ainnrauth, Roiih and Uendy Annua', Fiiend- shin's lidi. Tlie Token. Fiieii Ish i.'s tlliefiinr. The TS ben by given llint a meeting to organize ihe Plenin Lady m Album, Hull,-) huekle, It. hg.oiis Iveep-ake, 'r.m- it,,,, i',.,i,n,ii' u-id I,., b.'lilni , ho r.,.,., i 1 Odd I'ellow 's Ollru ic . L Iitii mas ll u sums. I'lietit'lll House ill John Dkadlev, ct Co., on the Glii day ol 'look ol lleaiU) , 'l'he 1'ou.iiaui a 'IVniperaiKe Annual, ment. CAlI.IN K Sl'LAIi. C.'ihiiict Ware Mlnkci'M A TAY find a orcnt vnrietv nf Cnbint Trimiiiing", I wilh (Hue. ,Sandnper, Varni-h, &.c. nnd a goi d nsortluenl ol Iool, nilnple.l Intticir lis.' Dec. 15,'I7. STJtONO. DOOUTTI.E t CO. SAII'. PLASTER, tJ-C. 500 Picks Nova Scotia "Wnsiei 10 'i'l.ns ns.sf.rted do (?rindlonre, 1IHI0 Snrks griuuid rock nnd Western Rah, 5 0 llbls supi'ifin'' nnd extrn Finn'', l?unisM ,v I'uiern nn.l hhl Isiilt. ,N c. eVe. Dec. 15,lcil7. yi'UONC', UOOIATTLE tc CO. IVolicc. ron and xcw yraii, Of Rich, Hare, Iheul and Fancy Articles will, tie ror.ND at Iti'iiisniaitl A: Itrodicrs. In hir crenter variety from ihe lowest priced Toy to mULii more expensive nnu gills. lV the very tnnnv nrtieli-s suitable lor rcmembrnn J ces, we iles'ne In call attention ton lew rich per- Innieit r.ip.'r .vuicne ruiuuhos,iioin fe join yioeach, Petl'iuiied Glove Uoxes; Dres-ing nses; Woik Boxes, Pai)ir Mnciic Cnrd Cases: extia fine shell do. ot new 51) intterns; n very few neat diamond Rings and Pins, some veiy line puie gold nnd leal stone Pins and Kings, a larger assuiiincni nam usual ot it I C II .IP, V E I, R Y, surb nsCorr.l Pins, Hiiics, Bracelets, Ptuda, nnrrtings nud n beaiititul variety ol Cameo and brilhani i'asie and Ktone Itiugs, llioaciits, Smits, Car Jewels, to gether wilh anexiensive ns-oitnieiit of plain Kings Pins. Lockets, Clriins. SiiJes. Brneelcls. Car lloi.os. Cnr Wiies, i;ar.lewes,li-.anda line lot of gold Pen cils wilh nni without ppii?, ol new and nent patterns veiv (unable lor I'rieniHim Olleiings. I ,ir those who wish to give as expensive articles, whieh vvill reuuiiu tin leceiverol trii- tune, vvi- inve some of T 1'. Cooiiei's hue London Duplex Watches also, it, vn. tl lleesfe)'" hue Duplexaud Lever W teh. es; b'av res tine time kcetTs, besides a gieat varn-iy ol the inosi Lelebtnled makers, and a l.nger nssmt meiiti'l luwer piiced gold and silver Levers and Le. nines, with a fiti'- assoitiiieiit of coinnion Wntclies. We also inviti the ntieiition ol inirehnsi'is to nui new stock it cold fob nnd (luard Chains, with tenls and keys of nev nnd ncii pillerns; ekgant .Seail Pins un.l, or richer stvles iban u-unl : sdvei poi ket Kruit Knives ; Silver Coml". I an", nn.l an nl most eiuiltss validly ol I iney n i ticfi-s. We hive la ken gient care in tlie s, lei lion ot oar assortnient t'.,i Ihe Honda) s and the vv inter, nn.l invite eu-toiueis n call ninl look be lore purchasing, ns we inve made itie thiid and late ouiuey t ni-nket in order to seleri (joi.ds, got up lor tlie JJ. ilnl-iy-i, which would enabli us lo supply the iiicieasing demand ot our custoiuen during the season. We have Goods minuted to nil ngcs.sexes nnd con ditions, which vvill U' sold low and to su.t the must dillkult. BIUNSMAID k llllOTHUHM, Dec. 1, 1317. Jewellers. J-iiiuatv. nxt Uiirlmgion, Dec. 1C, 1917 T STRAW CUTTERS. OWX'S STRAW C'UTTCRS for sale dy JOHN UUADLCY ctCO. Dec. IB, 1817 B5 .Vltisii-ai Annu lis. elc. etc.. all b.-aulilullv illustralcd and ui lit Ii bindings. Also. I II' latctst nssolttnem of Miniature nn.l Ju- vciule liuoki evei olli-n'il m Burlington. C 11. CDWl!l)ri,'As' Buildim. T. .11. 1'nrkcr's D M'.UERREOTYPL MINIATURE ROOMS In the T.'iom-is nuildiiig.Cillege St., Burlington, Vt " 1 li IWIiLTr.H In" reeentlv remrned fri.lil NVw liL Ymk witli Appnatus and a 1'irge nu mtity ot Wluek ol a superior rjt.ulily itn.l.nlinii u viiriiy il Ool.r. ami 1'litf.ii Locklts ' Nlinintares cull be bad tlltv P'TCent bftterlhaii pichiced by uny one ill this pan ol tin- countrv. and nl n le"s nriee Persons will do well to can nnd examine specimens before purclnsoni Pictures ol Cmuiti) Opeiuturs who nav on; a p'liii'ii Kiiowieiige ot in' I. Harness. N- B All Pic-inns warranted to be suneiior tonnv ed in this part ol the countiy oi elc the) need u-ii oe i,, Ken. Kooiiisi'iii'n from 9 A M to 4 P vl. Pictures tnki n cq i illy well in el udy as m clear weaiher. lidrungiiiiir Ut. 3, 1117. -i DnrsE I'lMsinsas. STRONG, DOOLITTLi: .t Co., bnve on band a In nre sioek . ciiuiiiroinir it is lelieved evetv arti cle required in Houe finisbin' :sncb as Peail .V lute .....A. m:....i i.-.w.i :.t. I ..,.! Cil. a ..U.n nnu I i,i I iv .11 iiic-iin ii i. 'i I-, nu l'i'r s... , .... I.seulclieons, silver plafd Keol.s. Hell fulls and Kiinges, Moitice locks and lc lies, Plated do, Blake's i.iuhrs, cast and wio't Iron narrow nnd broad Bulls isciews, Window Springs, Waidrohe honks Cupboard Itcporl of Hie Secrcmry uf Wnr. This iliicument filU nearly eioht roliimns ol the Uni'in. C'oininpnrinjj with a liru f expo-t lion ol the oture of nnr military iiilur.s u Mexico nt the beyinuin "f the present rain raii'ii. nflrr the capture ol Monterey, it recite tbe'"i.r"iitil7.ation of the expedinon dp-tineil t move first upon Vcr.i Cruz mid thence upon the Citv or Mexico. Unviiif,' tho lorco depone.! lor 'this enterprise nt iheir pbire of leudemms on the i-biud ot Lobo, tho narrative returns lo describe nnd sl,maliz9 tho intermediate inoyi" merits of Gen. TaylorV column, whic . res.i l ed in the m-inor.ib'o Untllo of Uuen i ista. He tuniiii" then lo the main lino of military opera tions aViin-t tho heart of the enemy ; country, .i t,.u,4 tten bv step, Ilia triumphant inarch ol Iho gallant army under (Jen. Scott, from its place ol ctnuarKauon cu ..... I'ulace of Mexico. frniii the allotiiient nl bounty l.ino- to -eveiul a.lilitioiiil clerk- b.i.e been em- plojed I'.iv for llu in is .i-ked an I an nppinpii iilii'iii for Ihe employment ol such assistance heie.iber. l'enions!ire recemmended ferthe funilies id nllieer- who have fallen hy epidemic- where they were on ilutv. A inodii'ic.ilioii nl tho pension law which shall place olticvrsand soldiers nl the regular army cm the t,Jino tonus as the vo luntei rs. Indian afHiirs nre spoken of nnd tlie policy of rein.niii Indians away Irom settled (States and territories, approved. Some embarrassments have taken place in rem nil! tlie Clior.tavvs, but generally the. policy has worked jvull duiliiotlit! vear. . , , ...i..i.i,i-. Two Irralies have been nrgotiattu vvnu u.iio rent bauds nl'ihe Cbippi vva of the Upper Mis--s-i. i nnd Luke Sup rior, lor u Kirlion ol' their lauds vve-l id that river. A pall ol this laioe trad is intended for the Winiiob.ijrws, now ready l i reinovu and surrender Iheir possession in Iowa, and the remainder is I eld in reserve for any other tr.b's jet leiiiaiiiiiig cat ol tho Mis sissippi, who may prefer a northern location. The Tends between the Sioux and Winnebi ooes are lobe appeased by interposing; idler Tribes between them. Tranipiihiy ha" jrenerally prevail, d ainoiiir tint Indian tribes. A lorce has been M ilt titre-traiu Indian outragr nn tlie road to Santa IV. The eMeiisbui oVi r Texas of the lius leniil.iting intereniirse with Indians is re ciunmeniiid. Tl'he Agent sent to that quarter at the clo-e ol tb- l.i-t s, ion i. O nHress h.i- been niccessliil. A ditlir.i.lty has uri-eii amona the s.111,. khriibro Indian in Wincoiisiti, which re- mires l..i'1-l.itioii. S. 1'i iil atleiilion Ins been .jiveii during llie to education aiiionj; the Indians. Additional schools on tho new system coup 1,1 n i,,, , ininnal labor wilh ruilinieiHal ilistmc. , 'l, ,.,. ln'i ii e..liiblisl,id. and arrangements ... in, i.ilu.r. uinoiio several nl tho tribes. To extend this syrtem u far lis practicable, it has i..... r,.,,,,,l ,,..,.,....irt' tn einn ov all tho funds at the disposal of the Department, some portion of ... '. . . . Iln.l in n.l,iatn a which lias been iieretuioro iiict t". i..., i. ...... i .1 1 ii: . r..i .t Keininaiies III the btales, riieiuode now adopted for appl)'ni(; lul,J,i provided fir cd cation i deemed alt gether pio leruble, and promises llie. inosl liii;lily beneficial resulln. , For furtlier information on this subject of In dian Afl-lrs tlia Commisbioner'ii report is rorer d to. it is held ill tlie esteem ol llu- public, and so much in propuitionistlnt public liable to be imposed upon by lie' spurious un,i inoiis oi ignoi.o.i, ueriuuiu uu.i uis l, tii.'ii. win., like ihe ihone in the love, have neither Ihe nbiliiy nor uicliuniion to think or provide t,.r ile-iiisrlves, bat llnive and luxuriate upon the earn hnt nl the .lest rv OIL'. The ex rnoidiu.iiy success attending the uc ofiliis medicine m ill-eiisi s ol llie lungs, uiui uie many sin gular cures it liaselii'cted, have n itur illyainacled the i.tienii.iiiolinaiiy pby-icians, as well as the whole Iralemiiy ol uu uk and caused unprincipled coun- leileiieis nud uiiilatois to p.ihu oil spurious nnxtiiris ol s.uul.irnaine and njipeaiance, lor llie genuine iiai bain. Be careful nnd get the genuine DR. WISTAU'S BALSAM Ol" WILD CIDItUY. None genuine iinlefB signed by I. BUT l'ri, Address ollonleisio SdTll W rOvVLU, Boslon.Miis.". I'or sale w hole sale and tetail by Tiieo. A. Plck, Burlington, and by ueaieis in .iieuiciut-b geiieiuuy in iriiiivm. inich.'S, Paints, indovv.sarfi, eve. Biiihnglon Dec. 1317 ORATORY & .WIG; 150 DY & MIND. i)R0F. 11R0NP0N wii.i.fOMMrxci: a pop- 1 ol TON Li:CTL'lti;.-s on these sUb. jet t, condensed into Sl , interspersed with liccun- ii'.ns.on l inlay evening, Uecember 7 o clock, m the Uiptist Cburch. and continue Monday, Wed nesday and Krid.iy Tlie grand designs of the Lec tures may be learned Irom the Circulars left nt the Bookstoies. mm gicrn tn nil w ho call for them. sjcvso.N Tickets Tor thcriix Lectures $1, admitting a i.aay ninl iieiitlemnn : tor ivvo bndies nnd a lien Pull)', Linseed Oil, tleiinn, 91 50 : lor a f.miilv of live. . Tickets tne noon-tores am itoor Ailiiu--ion one evening sj THE RURLIXGTON SAVINGS HANK. 'PUIS Iii'tinilion wns ineorpornted nl Ihe last ses. sionol the Legislature lor llie purpoe oi recei vin.'ou i.'po"iliill sums ol money odered, and man- n, dug nnd n.iproving tlie "Tine to the best ndvnniage lr tl.e u-e nud beuelit of the deio.-iIors. . T he whole iiifinn" or orofits ol the iii'lilullon, nher ili'dcc'ing us i... .1.. ..!.! n. i be neeessai) expenses, mi- ,u .,i,,u. The Corporators held their fust meelingson the 13th, and ISili lust., nnu hive orglUISPU llie m-nuu..... nduntiii" a et or Ily-Lnws, for its regulnlion nnd . '.- . n: l..v ,1... ,.iG.....i, venr e ecliug llie loiiow nig uiiicc-ia iwi , , UZ JOHN N. POMEItOY. President. Wvllv Lyman, Vice 1'iesident, L". A. Sr'v.NsuL'r.v, Srcretaiy, IStiard n Ti utteet. l.vnv. Ctillrmin. Il.,, 11 I'.., I ' llpnre P. Hiekok. JnmesCook, Wm.'lL Wilkins Jr., Geo. Peleison, Charles D Kas-son, James W. Hickok. Treasuier, Tl. u.lll linvn for the receotion of denrisils nl Ihe Trensurei's ollice on iho 1st Wednesdnv of January, le 17, from 2 till 5 o'clock, P. M. And cm e-icll vveuuesuay uuu jaiuiuuj (hvluuv. uuunt, m. siiue hours. Buibngion, Dec. 1G. 1817. tenis for a Lndv nnd Genileinnn. iusiiuciiou givin i Liai-esauu scnoois. Buillnglou, Dec. U.H17. 21w2 WO ASSHSSMDNTS.of five doliors esch, bnv - biell aid hv tlie hor-strir nn u.l. .sM of the Cnpilnl fetotk of llie Kutbmd nnd Burlington K n iro.i, I Conipaii) one uisde payable on the XOih dnyol Jnnuaiy next, nnd the oilier on the 15th doy or i'ehiuary next. Pnviiient limy be mode to the Banks ol Bulling n. Veigeiims, Middlehuiy, Hutltind, Black River, Bellows I''nll. or the Cliesluie Bonk. Keene. ti 11., to tldward Pickering. tq. No, CO Sistc street, Boston, or to ihe Treneiner nl his olbte in Middle- buiy. PAMUL'L SVMtT, Tieaeurer. uecemuer 7, iai7. xiub Cliiiniiluiii Tiiinsi.orliilloii Coin) any mi STOCKHOLDERS OF tug Cham- nlnin Troiisunrtnlir.n Pnmnnnv nrp fi"d, that themmual mei.iing lor the election otDii"- lorsnisuu company, lorinei-nsumg year, onu tortlM tiausactiou olsueh other tiuiness as may Ije tboughl proper when met, will be holden at the American Ho tel. in the Villaif ol Burhnirtnn. nn ihe firsi Thursdiii- or Jauuaiy next, nil o'clock. P M. , , f DUOLI'lTLK, Clerk. Burlmgton Dec. ", 18)7 IIIJIILINCIOV AM) I'LATTSDUnOII .srci:. i rrccne I7li: .. ... ..... : . ... r M ...mi, .iiia 05 ciin.'cii in connccriou wnr. mi. Lowe ol Pi ttsburi.h. will coninipnei' riinniKir their stag;, again, limn jlurlwgtun lo Plaltsburgh, lenVIIlL! Cliell tllfice nt H nVl.u'lr. A M . Hmlv i-vrenl .Sunday, VI l timid Isle, ns Soon m the iee takes. All hustuesseiitri"!,..) In lli,.Ir , will s- pwsw... nllyaiieuded lo, The I csinesi"(isb . cieased since we commenced miming this lose! . Inve been induced to icduc" the hire bum Ot) lo i,jU. L,itiasluiuished ut shoit notiee. no r, o . -LLLlrf & CIIL'KCH. Burlington Dec. 8, 1847. 214 t-rt'l'llE SUlbClllllER Not hatino 37 J ihspinecl nil hi" pure Blooded Merino nsUc Buek". taonos.-) to lei what feu; l,o I.r. on these cond.tions, to he taken on the first day of Jn-' .j...... 0,1 . ,u- iin,c 01 nay 131J I hose who are desirous of obtaining fine wool can thus be supplied with the best ol bnrlt nn il,.. diiiona. 'I hose Wishing had better call soon as the fust w bo comes can ol couise have their choice if there be nny. n r n ,, WM.C. HARRINGTON' Binbngton.Dec. 10, 1817. m .MMUS' M'.w u-nntr. TI!Er?0.N,V19T or Tl'e " !"cnte unmnskeJ. bv C 1 . K. Jam s. nnri 'J.r. ela . fl.t on 1b ku , , CDWAItDS, also, by . B. Hatch, Wmooski Falls. Af AY MARTIN or the MO.iEY DIGGERS, ill by D. I' Tliiiiinisiin. author ol the Green Mour.. ll'l Bnts.itc.. once g.) its Fur sale nt whnlptil and retail by C II LI) WARDrf, Burlincton, nnd vv. u. Ii.vici, vv mooeki balls. Itook Etiiitiiii. The subscriber has received a choice hit ni lilt, V liintlmn- Sslnntr en. I i.ll J.V Si'lvc bis customers a.7ld the nublie. with pleiisure. on slioit notiee .Nov isii. A.iMUkL JiUJ 1 l.iil(JN. mS. PHASER ins just retcp.nitd I'- tn Now Yurk with a sii,.v i,f Kash- iim ible Millinery, I'i-b Bonnet Pilks nnd Satins, Vel vet". Plush I'lnwei". Ribbons, Ft alheis, Laces, Cel lars, Binds of Plain Hair I'niige", Gvnijs, &c. Al-n, Alp-urn tor cloak" and uicssts, and ready iimd llet" nnd Caps. II .l. rLUi Inst inte Milliner and Dresmnkcr. M. l'RASER. Burlington, Nov 13,1317 SlwG TO LET. 4 DWELLING HOUSE," Rvnx and Car- iX. rinne house, beautifutlv located 1,1 th'3 Vnh?e i'orfunber tutorimitioii np,ly lo this otfice. I' VINT. ISII UI I.'s. V, I1ITE 1 nAD.ilrjiiniHn oil j Trinch Vollotr laig Veil Red Red Lend, Verdigris, Wluling 'Vc. cVc. Also, Line'-il Oil, by the bariel or lew nunmty. STRONG, DOUl.lTTLE J( CO. Dee. 1.1317. Blt.i'dirai'c. 'IHI" undeiigneil oiler in purchite-s a r'nek of I heavy n ,d shelf HARDWARE, compiisnig a variety ot good, pernio mg to th v ,riou. bran 'lies of the trade, which have been selected vv.tii g eat care, both in legtrd to perleilion m style and tm.sli. and rensnnnbleiies-i ui price, l'lirclnwn nre lespeetauly sohciietl toi nll SI'UONG.DUOLITTLd vVCO. Nov. lid, 1817. " IIERHAS my wife, Lneinda, has left me, will.. 1 out nny ucl cnuse or piovo-ntiou, I thereto e lienb) forbid nil per ais harboring or trusting her cn my ncci unt, as I will p-iv 110 d.-bH of her contractu g idler this dnte Wilhston. Nov T1ITHY W. NICIIOL!. in, 1317 '.'3vv3 TIN PLATES, &c. C'TKON:. DOOLITTLI! .V CO lnvcreceiv- ed and oiler lor sale 11 gond stock ol Tin Pints, 'call 111 look at Ld A and clrasies , Kussia and l.uelisli r-aeet lion ; lion Wiic, tflnet Cnjiper, Sheet Zinc, Bar Tin. Bolt Copper, Wue Vi Hum, Rivets, A:c cVc. Dec I, '47. IIERC AS my w lie, Betsey, hns left me, vvitlio Jt nnr ni-t innse or nrovocation. I iheretore her... hy forhid till peiaons hailtiring or trutmg her oti my 1 will piy no detsof her eotiiotetin'sfur thi"d.iie CHAUNCEY PEARL. Snuih Hero, Nov 'Jj, Hi" S4w3 St. 11 13 a I ISuhci I r yon want to ee n large nn J good nssirtmeut ;f 1 note s, - 1,,'iier iiidiioeiore nrougtu tonus market, SA VS. MILL nud X Saws, Hoc'sC S.and Phila. Tlatcs. ("ocular do do NEW 1500K IilNDEIlY. Goid roak tlr$trxe good Uniting : did they posses lie jmicer uj prtc.i,how many titles tcoulatttey relate uf neglect and detti urtiun, Irom the cant nt a decent rxtrnut whith a Jew shitting might hate J hvi-tdicd : mid thus have t.ectiied fui thetn the in- ttmuey uj the eise and ga'nL besides prcsciving thenjitr the benefit uj Jntnre yenetations. C. S. ADKINS, HAVING purchased Hn k and new tools, inclu ding a SirixnioK Itc'LiMi .Macuim , and lined up a room in the r'lee Piess Building, w id be happy 10 wait upon those who wish for any woik in his line. r.iiiic-uiar intention will be given 10 ituiiug nnu Miinulaciiiring Blank Books. .Music. Periodicals, nnd Books of evcrv description. bound in 11 nent and durable manner. t cTA shaic ol public natronagt; is respecttully souciied. IL'C ",1317. 51 BOOKS AND STATIO.VEItV AT W1N00SKI FALLS. Dec, llami, panel ami ripping caws, Back do nnd Billet Webs. I . IT. STRONG, UOOIATTLE is, CO. A. S. DEWEY f .TAS received bis Winter stock of OROCEl!!!".?. I X winch, wiili his home inuehasi s. will enable him I Ihe sulispnilials ol" cood I D HIXBY & Go's Probate Cniirl. PR OP, ATE COURT, ) 1 T i ordered by t"-s DisTHiir or Chiiti NDF.v, s $ I Court, thsi irem and alt u this tune Piobnte Courts, for the Distriet 1 f Ch iten.len, be holden nt the Coutl llouein Barlinr ton, on the Wednesdnv, of each week, nt 10 o'ciociv, A. M. By older of the Court, B Rl.rORD,ii'egi.Vr. Omlington, Dec. 1st. 1317. I3 3 d rTrichards THE CELCBRATED INDIAN DOCTOR. 1 i:SIi:t" P- LLY g.ves notice, that he has 11 k. iHavricii, In Brandon, Vt., on ihe 81I1 insinnt, by Rev. C. A. Thomas, Mr. N. D.ckinso.n- Parker and -diss Marv A. J Paiikek, boih of thai place. In Essex, on the Uih iust. by Rev. M. N. Stearns, Mr, Sidney II. esion of Chnlonville, N. Y., lo Miss Piuii.NDA I'iird, olthr former place. At Jericho, on Tuesdnythe 7l'i in"t.,LcciNPA,wife or Mr. Pliny Blackiiun. ill the 57th year or her nge. Blessed ate the dead who die in the Lord. Sweet and cniisoliug to suivivmg fi tends is the recollection of their many virtues. Notice. 1' HE Books for receiving subscriptions for shares I in the COMMERCIAL BANR.aX Burlington, will be opened nt tue Pearl Street lluuse in Boiling, ton, 011 Monday the 17th dny of January, A. D. 18 IM. nl 111 o'clock, A, M., and continue open Irom 10 to 4 o'clock i nch day (Suudavs excepted) for tlie space ol leu d,i)s,nn,l until ihe whole number oi bhaies shall have beeil subset ibed. S. II. JENISON, HARRY BRADLEY, ASUIEL PECK. CHA'ri D KASSON. CHARLES RUriSELL, HAMPDEN CIJTTS, JOSEPH CLARK, LAWRENCE BRAINARD, ERAS! US FAIRBANKS, C'cmmutWoiitrf. Burlington, Dec. 10, 1817. KSw3 F RESH DRIED APPLES. For sale by Dec. 15. 1SI7 CATI.IX N .Si'J-.AH TTTT'i , ni... a lirvl TAP VPIVSIPAPPH fun I taming ankles from the best writers ol England and America, and translations from other language's. Also, all the ENGLISH ANNUALS ENTIRE ...i.:v. I,. ,l,l rov from 5 to 1 10 inch. An An 1 ....ti i. ..uhlisl.o.l in one number, which will cost nhoul lour cents lo ihe subscribe!, uf the Lady's Dollar Newspaper. , . . In addition to the above, the pnper will contain t,.u. i,,eiri' Kssnvs. l'euunin Accomplishments, Uselul' Receipis lor the Toilet, (hoin a woik whieh hns I I vmresalv.l 1 llsblOIIS. llelllt I. 1 ancV Woik, House-keeping, Dome flic and Fancy Cookery, from Soyei'sgreal book ju-l pubh-hed. Il w ill he seen Hint llie sun-criner. in inn wnm iu receive iwice a week for one dollar, lint which many other thane would coal them irom 9J to o. TERMS. Single copy one year in advance 81 ; tin copies $5 ll.l.l,.,, ...l.l.'H SUO. A copy of eilber work sent ns a specimen grans lo any person who will pay the postage on the letter re questing ... Addle- v Any paper copying llie above will be emilled lo an exchange. STATE OF VERMONT. T n nrcbare Court DisrntcV or Gbanu holden , at No, h lleru. within and lor6uia aisuic. on ure unnmi ui. ol Dec. A. D. 117. . ... ... . ... . said district decenseu oeiui; i no....-- ...s ..... bv Joel Al en. llie executor iherrin named for probate VoTdeYi'd l ly Uid 1 court that all IK-tsons concerned ..el,, l,e noiiued to appesrol n session ol said Court ot holde. at the Courllluusc In Nor.h Hero b, Sal. distil "l o he Second i-atiirdy ol J anuair next. and "l ew cause II any ihey may h. .gnmst the probate nf K iid will for which purpose I. is turiher ordered that i, id iliismder be published tluee weeks.Succfi sin"vrtsi printed the CounVofCtlcnden,a.K.oi.DmsiybjiDi P-e. 17.1M7 '' ,4 Select nsaortmeni ol School nnd Miseelluneou" Bonks. Chefln Pulilicntions. uud St.itionerv lor oiif sale at the lowest prices at the variety store ol V W. 11, HATCH, ll'inoosU HaviVs ItcvelathiiiM. '1'IIP. I'KINCIPr.llS ol Nature, her DicineRc I relations, nnJ luice (j munl.iiid,hy and through .laihfio Jncksuii Dm is, the " Poughkeepsie bcel' anJ"Cjirvoyatil." l or sole by -,. LiUUllKlcIl. nnrlinr.ton.Dec. 7. 1317. "Iw3 JOHN GILPIN LINE. NEW STEAMER AND NEW KUUTK. IHE Steamer John Gilpin, Cant Jones, will leave iiuilmgtoii e veiy Mmul iy, Weilnenhy ami Fri- day ni 8 o'clock, A M. nnd l'oit Henry every lues day, Tliius.lay and S nur.l iy al l.tioon, aslongas the ice nni weather will pennil, From Builington lo From Essex to Adams" E"sex, ,ot ? 1 ' t'Ji " 11 isin Harbor, .371 " !'" H'n'y. " Wesiporl, ,5'J i " Basin llaibur lo " Aihiins' Feny.50 Wcstootl. , "Pint Henry, ,73 " Adanij Terry, ,W " E'sexio Basm " Port Henry, ,5J lliiUr, ,?71 "Wesiportio ' Westport, .37 i Adorns 1 eiry, ,M i " Poit Henry, ,J7i Landing at the Slenmbont Hnibor botliwajs. Trains and 1'ieijU tahci at reasonable rices. This boat will conned with the Kerrv Boat ot Uurlin "ton, Pott Kent nnd I'lnitsbuigh, making nboot fiU miles Steamboat traveling at n sensou of the )ear when ihe roads nre neatly impassable. . The Joux GiLris hns been put on Ihis route with a view to ihe accommodation ot the increasing villages on ihis Lake, ond il is hoped she will be w ell pairomi ed hy o discerning public. The Owners or Captain will not be responsible for any Siecie, Bank tiills, or money in any way, on board this Boat. There is agoocirtRliv boit n"in ! oi. iieiuy m lo sunt'lv ttiove tn wanl ol Ibe sulist.inliais ol cnod living, with tiie best pridtlcts boiii of ibe New Yoik ' maikel and the I'atm. Paitieular aitemiou has b'eii the Fa.v.NKi.iN HorLL. paid to the piuchase i. f Butler and Chi ef, and seicC' He h " vv t'l biio Thr Celebrated Indian VajtT lions made fio-n the best dairies m Chittenden and i 7,iii, free and I nlependent ol steam Al Friinklm cunties. n,e pitient w ill itilinle is the mediriinl vinnes of t'luchaseis will hear in mind that anyaitiele sold at . nud heibs, su.te.l in nny disease with which the s- this stoic, uoi pioving sniilnctory on llial, maybe ic- iiuiieo, nun tn" pav win oe reiunucu, Buihngtou.Nov 1MI7. dent ln:iv tu' llllhrled Da. RiciiAnns i well known in rainy of the citis, town" mid villages tbrnnghnitt ihe United States Nlnnv hiin.heilnt pntienls hnve been relieved hv his I 1). IJIXItV & CO. Vi'ir.r. IHV CASH VOW A l''l '''"" "l'k iinder-tainlmgly in the I"rer..-h 1 . few bundled bushels ot Beans : also, for n Int ofi inguage, two tongues m inuun, ns v,t.,i M i yA j. good Peas. Dec. 1, 1317. 1R0AD('L0T1IS AT CANADA PRICES. 9 A huge lot forsj'e by Iho P.ople's Agent. Dec 1.HI7. ' ',UjRP - SONS' White Bar Sorp, Coimnnn d Yellow do Ground fcpires ot nil kinds, Irom the Ilnpi' .Mills, Ground Collie, Nuiuiegs, Cloves, g'ntind ami unground.Cavenne Pepier. lnce. Seedless Itaisms, etc. A. S DEWEY. Dec I, 1317. TTlilt V PIN L" AltTICLP. ol'Table Sdl may A be seen nt A. S. VEH'LYS. Dec, 1. I I I'LL I I Brown nnd Yellow do A P i:V IH). P.S I'icsli Lemons at Dec. 1, A. S. DEU'EVS. 1 PIIW IIPKnilllD LI1S. llullernn.l Cheese, of exci nent finality. Dec. 1. .1. A'. VE'VLY. fLAILS Tin nvv i:i:ci:vi:d at tup. Ati- I ricultural Wiinhon-e. J. S PElliCE. Builmgli li, Dct-.S, IM7. .l!i:sil Mnccaioni Verreicula, Tnpiocn, Pentl 1 lliiley and liice 1 lour, at h,h Cull and see him .' Burlington, Dec 3, 1317 !3t IVaii'Iiu.., JiiHt'Iry X. Cluck. -J' X. '? V'i" V'1, '""j- returned fn m Ci2New Ik vvith n Inrce n-soitnient of w.v pen i, and ci.ockh PtSt'V AltTICLt'S A.M) T()S, consisting in pill of Ihe following artlcftf Fine Gold I.iunes. ,her Levers f "I Jewelled and Verne WATCHES : Gold Fob 'a i I Gnnrtl Clminsi gnld Specks and Tliiivibles ; a lar as.inmnt ol Stnne nnd Cameo l',ns, of tin. Inteet styles ; Stone nnd Cnmeo Rraceli-ts j Dioinonil Rings plain, i based smne nnd scale Kings, nl everv desor a lion; gnld Slides and Keys; gold Lr-'kets ofditTerc: t pniterns; n large nKoiiinentol EarDiopsnnd Rings; gold nnd peail Slud". plain nnd stone setting; g.u.l Snaps of iill sizes , sdverDiris Piusnml lhrds;peul nnd shell Cnrd Cns,-; ivniy Tablets; bend un.l s Ik Piuses . silver Pencil" ; st. i l nnd silver Specks ; Se e snis. Knivis nnd; tomb., hsiriind clothe. Ihiishes. An I be will keep con"tnnilv mi hindn rcoJ nssnitnii'iit ot such goods n come in bis hue, and u 11 us low as can be bought elsewhere , J. V. KANDALL. Burlington. Qet 12,1517 lo Dec 1. .1. S DEWEY'S. st'l'I'Alt'l'S Stentn Cnndy, Pnper Shelled Al O niond. Rnisms in boxt s, hnlvcb uud ipinrteis, Cit ron. English Curiums and Figs. lec I S, DEWEY. sjAl.l.AD OIL, Pepper Snuee, Tomato Coisup, O London Mustard, llakei's Pitpiird Cis'on nnd Chocolnte. .1. .f DEWEY. Pet I. 7 ILHOHIALS OP MPTMOniKV-rVste, IM ven.-lorsalent IlUNTlNGTvN'S. Nov 1617 1'J PICTOKIAL UltUTHEK JONATHAN, 13:c x do r.iw tut hun, rjji do S mirdny Couuer 1'Jjc st Elwurds' Book Stuir. DRES3 GOOD8, Chimnevj Poini. making this n cuiy and direct com- (T almost every known style for Ladles wear, "re ; i ...i.u A .l.l.ann f.n V, nOVrinp tti n.ii, ntitien. end fi I ni lep nril mitmnd I ruuilll-lllioii wjui ;.uuiw. w, . .. - -, -v . ' W 1. t- i. Port Hsnry. November SI, 1 "17 Slv3 hv snv other hrus I. y Btimiojp .V C" ( rich ami i:rr.sivi; assokuiit op il WI.VTCn GOOD-', compi:s.ii Drv fioons, I r.tPLR moi.vcs, ClKOCCKtES, I C.tRICTI.NCS, ri'cs. Ac. are now nfiere.1 to the puhhe. at wholesale and retlil. by tie subscribers, on llie nm"! snnineiory tenns ' i.i'ns'.n. sirrr JIC'XJI.I s'C'.l November Sfi. 1317 ,S GOULD. .-.if CA It PETINu. YDS. CA HPDI'ING, 100 DO etiir c-irpeilug, xou vu Hour Oil 2000 'ln,l, .S.4 A.I ninl I 1 D-ucielt. Ru.'s. Window tlnidrs. Piano Forie nnd table enyeri, nnv be loun,I C F STANIFORD Cos CROCKERY. s- n" thousand dollars worth of Crockery. China and ' Gl-iss Ware. 1 Looking s of every fix anl price, fiom 2Soto 10 e-ichonn be txd at pric I-itUoetarv to paIiasers nf C F HrarTin-ir e"- t" ' , t" '

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