Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 24, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 24, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 24, 1847. . i... ' A Daniel cntnn lo Judgment I " 1 Since the lamented death of Judge, Kent, a Hew Commentator on tlio Constitution lias tirien In the person of our neighbor of tho Sentinel. In his lust paper, lie argues that War would not have been averted, even It Polk Iiatl not ordered (!cti. Tati.oii into tlic disputed ter ritory on the Uio Grande. Hut hear him : ' Hut suppose, the Prclilpnt hnd neglected his duty nud suffered TnyW to remain nt Corpus Christi. while tlic unfeeling assassins nf Fannin's regiment, bloated hi nt . nnil lmniliMni the torrh in one hand, and sihrc or howie knife in the other, had burned the towns nud butchered inhabitants and made desolate tlio whole western Iroutier of Texas 1" According to the Sentinel, this " Western frontier or Texas" was tlio Kio Gr.uide, whero there i-trr mis an American "town"' nor an American " inhabitant" (till our Army got there) lo be "burned" and "made desolate!" We hope, therefore, nobody will get excited over tliis "dreadful pictcr" of assassins and torches and bowie knives. Now for our neigh bar's Constitutional argument: " What must have been the consequences I Would warhave been nvcrtcd I The Tc-vnn rangers would have rfcshed to the defence of their brethren, Ihr tear iconld hurt been began by 7rx,.s,nud s he lei,? tlnlt of tht Union, ice should hate beenvm tic to it ! That is : Any State in this Union can involve the Country in n War, whenever it pleases ! ! Will the Sentinel inform lis what constitutional obicetion there is to putting on putty with a sled stake, provided the process " could have been began" with a putty-knife 7 3TVc find the following exquisite joko in the last Sentinel & Democrat: New TAVr.rt.v. The Free Press goes into raptures In discoursing of the merits of a certain very clever painter ol our v illnse, nml nmong other things informs the traveling public that it must be pcrmilted'tn pcci iy the linelv lini-hcd sign that guides the irayfurer in to our own ollice," which ol course we infer is now filled up for u II ir-Koom. A great improvement this, but it will require some alterations yet, lo make the pnhsol the concern so straight that a " icny faring man, though a font, shall not cir therein." It is evident that our neighbor, mistaking our office for the " New Tavern " he speaks of, has blundered into it and got lost in his search for the A man that can't distinguish between a Printing Ollice and a Tavern must belong in n more helpless class of "fools " than that men tioned in the quotation. y Wo are under obligations to Senators and Ui-iiam, and to tlio lion. Messrs. Stewaut, of P.i. and IIcn-iiv of our own state, for interesting and important papers and docu ments. The Hon. .Mr. Henry, will please ac cept our special thanks for a special favor. Dj'We have received No. II. (" jiroxiniut, sc.l Inngn xnlrratllo"1) of the letters of our valuc ?d New York Correspondent A. II. The late ness of its well as the crowed state of our columns, prevents its insertion this week. These interesting letters will, hereafter, we tru.-t, be regularly continued. rrThc Ohio river is higher than it has been known lo bo since 1 832. The streets of Cin cinnati are inundated so as to bo navigable fur mcam boats ! So the papers say. 1 PTho venerihlo and honored lx-Clmncel-lor Kr.NT, died, in New York, on tlie 13th inst.. oied S3 years. His fame, as tlie Author of " Kent's Commentaries" a Text-book on Con stitutional 1.1W pervades both hemispheres. 3jIJr. Vainwrifht, a young physician in "New York, died in Hint city, a few days ago, from the cllects of the bile of a rnlllc-snnkr which lie w.ts erij im prudently handling. He lived but live or fix hours after ho was bitten ! PKVfE Prositcts The Washington correspond ent ol the Journal of Commerce writes, under date of the li'iih, that there has been lately received from va rious sourei s nt the Smith, such opinions ns to the tale ol things in .Meueo, ns serve to preclude the pos. sdulilyof obtaining a treaty c.1 peace. These opin ions nie founded upon tlie representations of military m"n and oihei", who are practically acquainted with Ihesubjeet. Onelcttemjs .Mexico will not make peace. All vour minors nt Washington on this sub j.'ct are ub-n'rd. There is no hope id' it -not llie mo-i distant. The body nf the nation ate hitler ngnmstiis, and the better ch-s's netinlly dread the wiihdrawal ol our annv.for fear of perfect anarchy, nnd one scene of geii'Tiil plunder, and they,heivfore,pposeiieace." - Jlji.tun Courier. DrmiotDa Cuvr.r.rsl) Towsr.i Dr Charles I). Tovvn-',n'l, who has been known nnd re-peeled nniongiisnsn iihjsieiiu nml n eilien for llie last hall a eenturv. departed life, in the (V.lih year of his nge, nl lio'cloik, tlnsdav. Dr. Towiisend'shealih had bei n infirm for several mouths he continued, until within a rew llie practice ol'liis prCf'sijion. .lhamj Jlrciiiuu Journal. VC We do not often take pains to r-pcak ol any of the inniimer.ihlo nostrums, that am daily adverti-ed in the city and other pipeYs, for tin cure of cVii-ense ; and simply because we presume it In be undeni.iUe lint nino-tenlhs of them are no better, for the purp.i-es for which they are recommended, than a simple preparation of rhu hub and magnesia though, of course, not lire tending to hvw any tliinj; about them, our opin ion of their merits is of no great value. Hut we do pretend to know a little something of. the X'tlicacy of tho somewhat famous end popular Cherry Pectoral, prepared by Mr. James C, Aver., of Lowell, Mass. Wo believe this inedi cine lo be, loan unusual extent, what it pur ports to be, a RUinv; and from the highly favorable testimonials that it.has received, from standard authorities in medicine and therapeu tics in our country, we see no reason to doubt that it will prove largely intriimonHl in Rirest Ing the prevailing disc ho and terror of our cli mate Consumption. Mr. Ayek i9 an Apothe cary and Chtmist of established and high repu tatt&n, and avoids nil nflccution of mystery in the com point inn of Ins immensely successful Pectoral. We believe n. fffffilients vyhich pound have been enter into this pleasant compi inado known to the .Medical Profession, and to tlio Public, nnd that they have been pronounced ' I to possess, in the combination ndoptcd by Mr, AVEU, curative properties of remarkablo eflicn. cy. Wo liavo noticed In the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, a periodical of high char- wnili ibo Profession. U notlccoftho Ciif.iikv -.. !- .. I.t.l. Il ,i.i. III.. r. ITXroiiAi., ... -" , tho euro of imlinonaTy complttiitU nro very warmly npproved. We may take the hberty to ,.Ident of the Medical College at Custleton, in our own State, lias bMnwed upon tho medi - .ino tho highest praise, as a composition of.raro ""cllence fortho prevention and cure of this fonnidahlo typo of disease. c are glad to add ,.r nwn testimony, (which lias the advantage, certainly, of being fortified hy e.xriencc.) in f ivor of Ihe activo efficacy ol tho Vkctorai. in the milder forms of coUU and coRl. n.r. I'Kcror.Ai. is for sale hy Tiieo. A. Pf...k. iUavkcts. Hrighttm Cnlttc Mutliet Jlon.liiy, Dec. 30. itFroim.d ror. Tiir. tiiavi.i.u.r.I At mnthet, A lit Cattle, ll". yokes Working Oxen, Vt Cows nud Calves, tejll Sheep, nml nbojt 700 Swine. Hni.F Cattle l'.xtra S7,nn first ijnalily, &0i0 2d nud third quality from l Ml lo V " , ,,,, WonKiMi Oxln Sales made at S73, B nnd 8l-t. Cows Axn Calves Boles noticed nt $'i3 to i'i'J, 31,37, nnd S-"0. Surtr. Sales of lots from 91 to ii 50 & $3 00, nnd .l. Swine Sales nt wholesale He for Sows, nnd Mc lor narrows. At retail, Iroin 0 to ti ami c. WOOI,. Vnty,30iie7tt. Sales of American lleecc nnd pulled Wool to a mo derate extent have been made during the past vvcik, without any chnngc in prices. I rime saxony I lecccs, washed American lull blood do. do 3-1 do. -do 12 do. -do 1-lit coin do. Smyna, washed, - - -Sniyrnn, unwashed, - -Buenos Ayres, unpicked, -Uxtrn North'n pulled lamb, Sup. North'n pulled Inmb -No. 1 do do do 2 do do do 3 do do do .... -15 .3 50 .... 41) it 45 .... 33 & as .... 31 if 33 .... 2S 31 .... 15 & 20 .... 8 (ft 13 .... C Ht 11 ... - 38 0 10 35 Iff 3G .... 30 (ffl 3i .... 20 ft 22 . ; . . ii & is C'ostlvcncss, Is often brought on by want of exercise, close con finement to business, &c. Brown's SARsArAnit.i.A Tomato Hitters will give atone nnd netiyily to the Etomnch nnd bowels, increase the circulation, nnd operate as a mild cathartic, and urc not liable to lenve the patient (ns ninny midiciuesdo nfier taking) more costive than he was before their use. By using them a short time, they will be satisfied of its irtues : tjie effect is all most immediately fell. It purifies nnd nourishes the whole debihlnled system. ONH TRIAL will satisfy the most prejudiced mind. This wc know from e.cricnce nf hundreds. For sale by Tiu.o,A. Pick, nnd A. C Srr.An, Apo thecaries anil wholesale Druggists, nnd by dealers gen erally throughout the Slate. r.RVsirct.As, or St. Anthony's Fire. Wright's Indian Vegetable Fills arc an easy, sale, nnd eerinin cure fir l.rysipel-is, because they purge from the body those poisonous humors which nre the cause ol St An thonj's Fire nnd every oilier malady. From four to six ot said Indian Vcgi table Pills, taken once in twen ty. four hours, at night on going lo bed, will in n short time make n perfect cure of the most obstinate ntlnck of f'lrj siiens : nt the same time the digestion will be improved, nnd the blond ro completely purified that nil kinds of inflammation nud pain will be driven from the body, nnd health nnd vigor will be given to the whole frame. Dew-are or Countfefeit. The only orioixal and ine i.nthan vl metafile i' have the mo nature ok William Wrihiit written with a ie: on the Tor label of EAcn uox. Sunt other m gen wine, and to counterfeit this is roEGF.RV. The genuine for (.ale by W. II CURTIS, Wnter Street, and TIICODOIIH A. FIXK, College Street, sole ngnts for Hurliugtou. Reuben Fergiicnn, Css,-x ; .1. 11. I)) ke, Huntington ; W. Rhodes, Jr. Richmond ; F,. II. (ireen, Richmond ; .1 II. it 'V. W. Tower, Underbill; Hiirlbut & Hodges. Williston: R. San derson, nnd (!. A yer. West Wilhston : .1 I.ymnii, Jeneho; V. 11. Velie, Ilineshnrgh ; W S. & II 1'. Wood, Wesilnnl j Slnnles & Lyon, Charlotte ; John Siniouds, Sbelbiirne ; R. Richiuoiul liarunrd ; nnd nt New Fualand llrnnch Ollice and General Depot, IDS Tremont Street, lloton, 1'list llr.slon, May 23J, BI7. Mr. S. W. Iiwr e. Sir. I have seen so much of the virtue nf " Wi'tnr's Balsam of Wild Cherry" that I feel it my duly to mid my testi mony in its prnie. My son nboul 1 1 years of age, has lor the last ten months been nllhcted with a severe fiMHTti nnin.1 in ilin side nn.l Imdv. anil a erndual wast- iiir utitilt he wns but nmere living skeleton. I had the advice ol three Physicians, but none of them could give mm any relict, anil gradually yet sureic ne seem ed to ! sinking into the tomb, llappcnin? aeciden- lallv lo see someoi your " free Almanacs we icti hs liiotieh the H;lsnm would helu him. as there wns some cases that had been cured when they were as bad ns he was. 1 tlieref ire procured a lioitic ol ur. Kidder, the Agent in this place, nnd before he had nsed all nf ii he began to grow betlei.nnd by using enjoying good health, for which he is solely indebted through the blessing ol Cod to Il7fir'4 Ilirce OOllies ills cougu wiu, no pim, um in; it.i... , Wild Cherry. W.M. DIXON. ildCherry. ,vi. ui.N().. Dr Kidder says the nrticle has given ta. tislnction to Iih tu-toincrB. Iln t i nml rift till (Tnmitllr 111! WlSTAIl'S BALSAM Of WILD cTll'UItY. None genuine mil.... iiminl hv 1 llll'I'M'S. Aililress. nllordetsto SI'.TII W l'OWI.K,lloston.Mas. l'or ale w bole- lie nnd retail by Tin o. A. I'm;, Burlington, and by Dealeis in Medicines geneially lit Vermont. In .MorrMown.the Stliult., ly Hev. 1r. I!oWiion, Mb. Caiiv Ii. (!rBTi-5, of TtinbriJe, to 3Iis Miry Siouv, of Mnrri-town. In IIWx, Smulay, Dfct-mbor 13th, HIT, hy Allicrt Harney, -.tvfi Jericho, Mr. Knos II. Wilmams to Miss Sarah A. KiciiAiuso.v,botli of tlie former place. FAini FOR SALE. IMIi: Sl'IISCIMIIIHl intending In leave this L pail ot the couuliy ih-m spring, oilers his h'Alt.M fir sale, on reasonable terms. There are 200 ncres in said hum , nhotu KM ncies under luipioveiiicnt, the balance wood laud Time is on ihe nrenuses a good -iib-tannal brick IIoue, three 110 hv in feit Bams, a good Corn-Ham, Hog-Feu, .Ve Ihe lann will rut irom lilly to sixty tons of first rale buy. There nre j illiout llliny ncri uiioer ue- piouuo, uie oai-iuee is pasture, and well watered. Ii is situ-iicd about tlui e- louithsnfa i.nie wen of Col Kolie's boiiM-, and two Hid ll ha f noli s frolll the lllooskl I .ills. Tho wishing to purcha-e will do well lo call on ihe sub-crib. r, onihepieiuisis, ns th- prop-ity swi le- Hild heap. ColchcKti,, Dec 2, IS I DAVID l If 1 1 ). (2011) ISUHLIXOTOK I'UUXDU Y, THESE WORKS ARE now in iti.l oi- X erntion. Improveinentsnniliuiilitioiisiiavingliien made to the above premises during the pat summer, .1.. n ;a ....... ..r I ... ...tilll ..11 I...I...U I... castings, on llie shortefi nonce and mmi rensonnWc terms, with a lart-er and more general assortment i-f Pntlerus for machinery ,Vc. than can be lound elist. where m this country. kui,i.i. vv ill, 1.1, 1. K. Ollice in Mill Slnre, Water St. tfuilingtoii Uec. -.1, 1 3 1 1 . CIllllSTMXS AM) Xi:W WAR. A(ltl'ATnriety of Books, suitable lor presents, for sale ut the lowest prices. Dec. 22 a Goodrich. IDftiK-rrcolyiM' OooiIn. Mi:sks. iiitiNsii aid a nitoi m:its have lor sale a much larger slock ol Goods in Ibis line than usual, including every article geneially UH'd. 50 gross nf Silk nml Velvet Cases, embossed and gilt j 50 gross Sent ill's nudjrrench Plates ; a good ns. sortment American and Voightlander Cameras, .Mer cury Baths, l'lnie holders. Head rests, Cnmera Hands, Buck skins, Bulls, Mercury Iodine, Bromine ltoiige, Oniric Rlnll U'ttitPtiiiKf Pnniia l,!. II....... sulpliate ol Soda, f,r. ,Vc. Double nnd single Cold '''s''L. Plate i lockets. nnd n line assortment of I nssoriinei'in.. he found In Ibis northern country, which l!lt': s"1,1 ''"i-- ""sniaid ,V Brothers. I flee !M. lrt 17. Dec W, 1817. STATU Ol" yi:UMONT. T n l'robate Court UHirifl ol tAifleinffu, i lioldrn nt Burling. lon.wubmnnd for the Dii'rietnforesaid on the with jug to Ik: the lort It'ili atl Testament ot Tlii.'noil i i .. .?A ..... , .u.rl!l"!".'., .'"' Ijsniet, decens. ".'" ue" liieu io ine v,onrl here fur nJ.m. I... ... . I . llllain vyesloli ; theexetulnx in fu, iii . '.'I hauii,lcforeiliisanrc,ilpyaHrdihis hie. J'p , 'coOT , totW ih'ree weekl .m.xt v,mU nt Burlington. n ,!, Si;,'! a, 'K 'Xh L-U saiil lor lienring. i"Vi;ndenny.handn,,heHri!itlprV t 11 80,1. day of -. I I?'7L.- Dec. SI, 187. - "-ruBi), (,., lir.v-t "" pACKIMi IIARRELS. ...50 llRsr,; 1 While. fak packing ll.rrels, by "R!T IUTK Dec SVtt. XTIiOSG, VO(,.rn , r PUIINITURK llaiiufiu-loi-y WaiclioiiMC. rpilK subscriber offers for sale, nt his Warehouse III L St. Pnul street, nenr the corner of Pearl, a few doors North Irom the Catholic Church, a large nnd general assortment of FURNITURE, suited lo the people nnd the times consisting n Mn hogany, Cane nnd Wood-sealed Chairs, HcnEAUS, IJressino I A DLLs of nil kinds nnd prices, HreaklnM, Oining, Centre nnd other, Stanus.Uehsteads, l rciich nnd other descriptions, &c. Sic. A lot of superb Sofas, New York fashions and N. ork prices. All kinds of I'eRNiTt'RE made to order nnd on short tiolice,i)f the best materials, nnd for reasonable prices. Also, on hand, nud for sale, ten iiarrels ot the best furniture nnd coach Varnimi. Maiiouanv 1'i.ank, Hoards, and Veneers, also kept con-tanlly on bnnd nnd tor sale. Wanteii ao,(MM feet ot Uasvvood 1'i.ank, nnd 0,000 lcet of HAr.n wood Sca.ntliwi. ciim:u:s .. xrj.snx. Ilurhngton.Dec. 21, 1817. 2fii 00T'S PENMANSHIP Fon sar, iiv lv Ucc. 21, 1817. C. aooDJticn. CASH PAIH I'Oll l'i:t,T.S. I D. BIXBY & CO. will pay Cash for a la few thousand good Tells. Dec. 21, 1817. nun: oveii coats. I I). MX BY & CO. iiavi: iiixieved a 1 nice lot of conts now is tiie lime to get a tit. December 21. Ploughs. IfAll.MKRS would do well to call nnd examine the superior nrticle of Ploughs, called the " Worces ter I'agle Plough," manufactured at Dec. 21, '47. 11UJU.IXGTOX rOUXVR 1'. aa Stray Sheep CAME into my inclosure a few dayssinee.all with out nrtilicinl marks, except four which have a crop on the left ear. The uwner mav have them on paving charges, c. JUSVl'Jl IS. JlOVIXtOX. Milton, Dec. 21, 1817. 2Cw3 May MAnTi.v, or tup. Money Diggers, A Green Mountain Tnlc. BV D. T. THOMPSON, Author of " Locke Anisden," "the Green Mountain llojs," Sic. " A piece of fiction better calculated to inspire no ble thoughts, or nwaken the soul to noble deeds, we have raiely wen." A'. 1'. Tribant. A new edition with an introduction, corrections nnd additions, published and for sale by , C. GOODRICH. Uurlington, Dec. 21, 1817. LOCKE A.MSDE.V, OR TUP. SCHOOLMASTER, A TALE, by the author of " .May Martin," V:. for sale by C. GOODRICH. IVolice. rpiIE Subscriber will close his business nt Willis J ton, February 1st, ISIS. All persons indebted to him, by note or account, will please call at the Store ot Douglass & liottuiu and adjust the same, without delay. This is the east call, TIIOS. II. CANFIELD. Williston, Dec. 20, 1817. 2fitf Keltic. POTASH nnd Caldron Kettles, of nil descriptions, constantly on hand nnd made to order. Also, a complete nssortmcnt of Hollow Wnre.nt Dec. 21. 1WRUXGTOX FOUNDRY. .Save your Fuel ! CALL and examine Buck'sair-tight Cocking Stove, superior lo any other Stove maile, with Trim. tlso, large iiox f?tores, lor heating rulilic Buildings, l actones, itc. Also, the Parlor Air-light Box Slove. nt V URJ.IXG TOX FO UXDR 1 . Dec. 21, 1817. CLEKJH SHOES, Axi.p.s, Waoo.v Jj0r.s, vtc, for sale at IIcrmnuto.v Koundkv. FiRhSII DRIED APPLES. 1'OU. SM.K 11V Dec. 15, 1317. CATI.IX if SJ'RAR IVotice. I "T"HE Books for receiving sub-eriptions lor shares -' -i in tlie ni.l.ll.ia lAl. Ji.l.VA.ut liurlinitnu. wiil lie opened at tlie Pearl Street llou-em lliuliug- ton. on Monday the 17th dav of Januare. A. I ). lSlM. nt 10 o'clock, A. M., and continue open from 10 to I o'clock eaih da V (Sundavs exef Hied I for llie fcimee o ten days, nnd until the whole number of Shares shall nave uccii sunscrilicd. S. II. JflNISON. HAKUY BUADLUV, ASMIHI. 1T.CK, CIIA'S I). KASSON, CIIAlil.llS KUSSHLL, IIA.MPDCN CI'TTS, JOSLI'H CLABK, i..witi:Nci: iiit.iN.iti), LliASTUS l'AilillANKS, Cotninisvianri s. Ilurliiiglon, Dec. 10, 1317. 2.i:i cihtti:ndln countv acuicultuual SOCIHTY. Tlic Annual Meeting of the Chittenden County Agricullnrnl .Society will bo holdenat .Sruovo's Ham., Uurlington, on Wcdue.-div, January fith. 131S, at 1(1 o'clock, A.M. It is for too uueresi oi me nociety that nil interc-ted should attend, as full reports from all Managers, i rcastirer ami nerrctur will then be made. Hy order of the i're.-ident, C. COODltlCH, Secret-.. neccmbcr lfl, 1817. 3 The terms of subscription, to entitle a member to an Agricultural paper, are jstl.SA 1 yearly, one half payable in December and one ; f ii ' j,,,n.i ,. v..,llli . ,! I ' M" '" 'VP,(,",bl,r- ' PP?" ho rontilllied to any oiie not eomplying wilh tlio terms. 0. CiOUDI'lCIJ, Secretory. Ileitcr II. Iliii-n's IMnfi AAH.the subscribers, liaving lieeu nppoinieil by the Hon. the Probate Couit for the IVlrict ol 1 .-,"ii "uob io nine, r.uiiiue aim n,"J"-1 ""' Villus am demands of all iersons ngainst the estate ol Dexter B. Haell.bilenl .Norlh Ifm iii ' snid district, deceas,.d, repre-uted insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in oil-, l theretu; huh ri iiiiioui iroiu uie nay oi tne uaie trereoi neuig iiiionru uy kim vviiuri ior uuu purpose, w e no mere lore hereby give notice, that we will attend to ihe Im. sincKS of our appointment nt the dwelling-house of .tits. Charlotte iia.en,iii iNoitli said district, on the last Thursday of January nnd the second inurtsiayoi .viny next, nt in o clock, A. .'I., on inch ot said davs. Dated at North Hero, this lUih day ol i'lt. Hi J'. nil ASAIII'.L ALLF.N. ) si:.LAND WIHTNKV. J Com-r. 2f.w3 DAVID HAKVKV, ) EXCHANGEnHOTEL (Nair the Slciiinbntti Limiting,) lirHI,l.'TOX, VT., II Y MOSIJS L. II A II T. Till subscriber would notify his old friends and the public generally, that he lias letaien the well known nnd commodious house at the head of the Steamboat Landing, in Burlington, known as the i:CH.VMii: IIOTDL. 1 mnnenl one, be has refilled nnd newly lutnished the I houe,nnd pledges himself to keep a fust class house. 1 nlterlliir liimsell. Irimi Huff i,rin it. il.u I siness.thnt he knows what tiie Irnvellm. nulilii. n-nmi. he will u. .abled tu make his guests feel thems-lves hi. 1..J I ....l.l-.l . . i.: .... ... . a' nonie, and nssuuo them ihnt no exertions shall be 1,,r,,l u "uke the wnnts ami comforts ol his patrons Carriages nlwnvs in reading, m, ,.i.i ,.,.i departure of the Sienmboats, to convev nasM-neers o mill in. in i... .n..u . c .1 r - - anil Irom ns house or nnvm.r. ,.r . i. The dillereot hoe. of ,;.. " " . T." ' V . .... mn ' "Xtling,OI Nov .. W1T - ..Htm iui lite ni mess roinuiu iMOSKS I,. HART, aiit l ainily lirorvi'y Ac Pi-ovi-sion "ion' On College. St. one ,W ,, liymnny Slnre, md,p)mite lltrrinstnn's Druti Sinr, s-Ov rilllP till);, .11. ...... sfiTSi? I ""'JT . , firm the public, that he has purchased the ' . .i-k 1 '. '! l" luni ol fuller .t Briggs.nnd will con- " "-".e'" ineir am statm, ami that with the , flock on hand and the new .,i,..,k. ,.f i- r r . 1 i L iTieivmg, ne laeonliUent w. u iiu niiijr ,iuiciiaw:oi mm, as to qutl ly and price. Call and see. Burbnjion Nov. ?, 1SI7. . . Miichlix. TIIU HURLINliTON SAVINGS BANK. THIS Institution was Incorporated nt the Inst sc. .i... i n.MSni.,r Eif the oiiniofw of recei- vim-on deposit nil sums ol money offered, nnd man agngnn niproving the same to the best ad van age ?r life use n i l benefit of the .depositor. , The whole Income or profits ol the ins itaiiou, niter ueouc nK neccsiatyexiwnses, nre to be divided among tlic de- PDTiIcr Corporators held their first meet ings on the 1 3ih, nnd lSlh Inst., and have organised the institution by adopting n set ol llyl,aws, lor us reguiuuo,. u,.u electing tlie following oniccrs for the ensuing year, JOHN N. POMEROY, rrtsuUnt. Wvi.t.vs Lyman, Vice President, E. A. StansruRV, Secretmy. Hoard of Tiuiltet. Dn Lvo.v, Chairman, John II Peck, llcnry 1 llickok, James Cook, Win. II. Wilkins Jr., Ceo. Peterson, Charles D. Kasson, Jamfs W. IIickok, Treasnier, The Hank w ill be open for the reception of deposits nt the Treniirer's cilice on the 1st Wednesday ot January, 1813, Irom 2 till 5 o'clock, P. M. And on each Wednesday thereafter, during the same hours, unlit further notice. , ,. Jiiirliiigton,J)ec. 16. 1817. 2j,L NEW LIVERY STABLE. .rTf(3,'llls IS 10 mlorin my patroni t.VjK I ..l il, mil.lir. In npnernl. ihnt 1 -have erected extensive and convenient buildings for the accommodation ol business, where customers may find GOOI HOUSES AND CAIIIUAGKS, and experienced hands to attend their Calls, nnd on the most reasonable terms. Carriages furnished bn short notice Tor Itinera ser vices and on Weddiiic oren-loiis. A liberal discount from ordinary prices wsll be made to families, to and from Church on Sundays. ox iiaxd Asn tor sau:, A good assortment of SADDLES, HARNESSES, TRUNKS, VALISES nnd other nrticles usual in my line of bu-iness. A few second hnnd Colters nnd single ngons, nt the old stand, East side of the Court House Square. SAMUEL S. SklXXLR. Burlington, Dec. 17, 1S17. Jf. II. All persons having unsettled ncconnts with tlic subscriber, which nre of three years standing and over, are requested to settle tiie same. Silf S. S. SKIXXER. ATTIIK MA1CKKT, RECKIVED THIS DAY from Hosto.v a Supply ot Smoked Salmon, and Halibut, n very ' Article. WM. C. HARRINGTON. Dec. 1G, 1817. 23 ATTENTION ! BATTALION ! ! ALT, those having unsettled accounts with T. W. Lovell. will save costs by callhg and settling them immediately. T. W. LO LLL. uurlington, ia-c. 11, isw. wi IillllllX'l. 1 no nnn ff:i:t seasoned pink JL J J.JJJ LIJMDI'B. for sale expressly forCnsh, ' by T. W. LOVCLL vt CO. Uurlington, Dec- 11, 1317. SJtl I:uiilis. Wr. have a fine lot of Cornelius it Co.'s, Starr's, Deit.'s nnd Jnrvis' best Parlor Lamps, which give general satisfaction. Uec. 1317. HiiixsilAll if fllABLE LEGS. SO sirrs fine tuiined J Tnblc Legs, for sale hv Dec. 1317. I1RIXSMAID N RUOTIWItS OASII I'AII) I'OU OATS AMI COKN J nt our Slore. CATI.IX if SPEAR. w 7E aiir now hkady to scttle with all our customers. Dec 15, 1HI7. CATI.IX it SPEAR. HAVE ON II AMI A GOOD ASSORTMENT BOOTS vt Sllor.S nnd reai v-made CLO THING, which wc nrooose to sell as low ns thev can lie nllbrded in this market. Dec. ID, 1317. CATUX SSrEAR VI0. I BUFFALO ROBES Also. Mrm Ll nnd Boas. CATI.IX if SPE.Ul rPOBACCO. Dec; and Bhown's extiia J. fine cut. CATLIX iSPEAR. 'PEA, Coffee anu Su!r. at am. ritin.s. Dee 15, 1317. CATI.IX if SrEA !!. HjUX, Stove and Wooden Ware. Mor m llunilles niuf vv nshtuUs. Dec. 15, 1H17. CATI.IX if UPEAR. HOME-MADE FIXNNEL I'oii sm.ebv Dec. IS, 1817. CATI.IX H SPEAI! CUTR0N, Ct;nnNTS,, Mn:, ' Niumegs nnd Clov.. CATI.IX if SPEAR. J MOFFAT'S AND THE (Jit EFE.llElt0 Pi M.S. D.-c. 13, 1817. CATI.IX if SI'EAR. CU.0CKS AND LoOKINfi OlAsSES. T LOW 'prices. CATI.IX if SI'EAR. IFHIPS AM) LASHES A ooodaswht- Ir ment. CATI.IX if SIT. A I!. 'nliiict Wart llalici-N 1TAV find n great variety of Cabinet Trimming 1 L willi (Jlue, Sandpnper, Vormeh, ifcc. mid n goo.l nssoiimeiii 01 1 hois, una lie., loiueir use. Dec. r, ' 17 STROXG. IIOOI.ITTf.E if CO. SALT, l'LASTLIl, C. w00 Sacks Nova Scotia Plaster, J H) Tons assorted do Crind-toncs. 1000 Sacks ground rot k and Western Sal:, 5H0 Bbls. supeifine and extra l'lour, Coarse -'esiern and bh! Salt,iN-c. -e. Dec. 15J8I7. STROXG, IIOOI.ITTI.E if CO. ' rS beril.y given lhata iiueting loorganieihe Steam Tow Boat Company, will be held at the Counting House of Jon.v Bntnixv, ,t Co., on the fith day ol January, next. Burlington, Dee. lrt, 1SI7 2

STRAW CUTTERS. TOWN'S STRAW (HITTERS poit s.u.i: nv J JOHN BRADLEY k CO. Dec. If., HIT. 2' uorsi: riMsmxas. STRONG, DOOLITTI.E .t Co., have on baud a large stock . comprising it is believed every arti cle required in House finishing ; such as Pearl White anddaik Mineral Knohs.with Jappau and Silver plate Escutcheon, silver plaieil Knobs, Bell Pulls nud Trim'gs Mortice locks nud lntches, Plated do, Blake's latches, cast nnd wro't Iron narrow ami broad lluils, Screws, Window Spring, Wardrobe hooks, Cupboard rntches, Paints, indov-sasli, Putty, Linseed Oil, Nulls .V c. Ac. Burlmgion Dec. 1817. t i in 1 t i-t'.s iri t in vi'd-L-ii tii'n . 1 tainmg article from the best w.iters ol Kngland nud America, and translations Irom ether languages. Amerien. and lrnnslatloos Irom ether Also, nil llie I'NGLISH ANNUALS HNTIRH, wliich cot in ihiscilv- from ?J to SlUcnch. An An nual will be published in one number, which will cnt about four cents to ihe subscribers of tlic Lady's Dollar Newspaper. In addition to the nbove, the pnper will contain Tnles. Poetiy, I'ssays, Feminine Accmplihments, llsetul Receipts for the Toilet, (Irom a work which has lieen iuuiorted expressly,) Fashions, Health, Fancy Woik, House. keeping, Douicstic nnd Fancy Cookery, from Sover's great booK just published. It will lie seen mm tne suoscniK-rs to tins work will receive twice a week for one dollar, lliat vv Inch in any other shaie would cost them Irom $3 to t'fi. Ti.RMS. Single copy one year in advance $1 ; six copies $5 j thirteen copies $10. A copy of eillier work sent ns n specimen grntis lo any tiers-m who will pay the postage on the letter re uesnng it. Address L. A, GODI'.Y, 113 Chesnul street, Philad. Any iar copying 'he above will be eniiiled loan exchange. 25 STATU OP Vi:i!.MONT,. I Tn probate Ccairt DisrnicT or Gr.vm. ' holdeii nt North Hero, williin and for said district on the Filcvelith day ol Dec. A D. H17 An iiisirumeut purporting to be the (as, will and tesin mem of Solomon Hazeii, late of North Hero, in said district decenscd being presented to the court here by Joel Allen, the executor therein named for prolate it is ordered by said court ihnt all persons concerned therein be notified to appear at a session of said court to be holden at the Court House in North Hero in said .'.strict on the second Saturday of January next, and shew cause ft anv they may have agnjnet the prolate rifsnld will for which purpose i, is further ordered that a copy of this order tie published three weeks, succes sively in th Free Press printed at Burlington, in the County of Chittenden, as soon as may be. JAUF.Z LADD, JWf. Dec. 17, 117. ' A LIST OF CHOICE HOOKS ON TIIR SCIENCE OP Phrenology, Physiology, nnd Mnpnctlsm, Published by Fou ler c- Wells, 131 Nassau Street, New York. PHRENOLOOY proved, illuiraled, nud aj. titled A nractfcnl stnnd.inl wnrU on ihn science. lf 1, 00 Physiology, Animal and Mental-npplicd to the preservation nnu restoration 01 neaitli. Self Culture Applied to sell-training and per fection of character. Memory nnd lutellecltinl Iniproveinerit Great ly enlarged nnd improved. A suierior work. Hereditary Descent Its laws and lints applied to human improvement. Religion. Natural nnd Itevenled Or the mor al Itearingsnl Phrenology. Coinb.s Physioloiy Willi notes nnd observa tions, best edition. Love ami P rentage Applied to the Improve ment ol offspring. Amativeness Or the evils and remedies of ex cessive sexunlity. Temperance and Fight Lacing ; in one vol. The most powerful documents in prim. Matrimony Or Phrenology npplied to the se 50 50 'U ,l " I 121 I 12 leeiion ofcomnnnions for life. l'ducalion founded on the Nature nf Man By J. Ii. Spurzlieim; with nil appendix and il hisiraliotis. Physiology for Schools anil I'nniiliis Beaulifnl ly illiisirated. Simplified nud ndapted lo youth. Phrenology lor Schools and Families Two invaluable vvotks by .Mrs. L. N'. I'uwler. Fascination Or the Philosophy ol Charming. ii. t. 1.. it iv.. "j.. ln I ... . uii.i.ii i.e. 1 u." "i.u'i iiu tiiiiucoi e. ijy Mrs. Itucn Reid. Tlie 1'iiilosophy of Mesmerism A course of Ijcctures. A sober and Temperate Life By Cornaro, who ntlalued the remarkable age of HI I years. Synopsis of Phrenology nnd Physiology A uescrtptiou 01 .lie .unctions 01 tlie body nud the mind. 11 m so 12' Marriage lis history, ceremonies, nnd philos ophy. Phrenological Guide Designed for studenls. Illustrated. ThcTecih Tlieir structure, diseases and treat ment, Chemistry It application to Physiology, Ag- UvUUUli, i.l.U VyOlllll.l'ICC. Elements of Animal .Magnetism Applied to the relief of human sutlering. Why will you die by J. (1. A. Lugol. A voice to )outh, nddressed to Young Alcn nnd Young Ladies. Phrenological Almanac for ISIS. Americnu Phrenological Journal Published 50 50 C 1,00 a, no 1,00 tiiotilh v.nt one 1I11 ar a vear. Kduiburgu Phrenologicai .fournnl for 1818 (teoree Combe nrincinal editor. PhrenoVogicai busts large uo uo small 50 For sale bv C. GOODRICH. ieent for the PhrcnoWical Journal, and all of Fow ler it Wells' publications. uurlington Dec. 17, 1817. CHEAP CASH BOOKSTORE , Peck's Building Uurlington, Vt. BY C. B. EDWARDS. CIIBISTMAS AXD NEW YEARS' PRESENTS FOR 18 IS. Tlic Charm for 18 IS, a series of elegantly colored ..roups, vvitn Inscriptive Illustrations; lly t.. II. Cllctt. C colored nlates. urice 7J0 Lealtetts of Memory ; an Illustrated Annual for in. a; i.uiteu ny iteyneii ioatcs, .11. ii. I Beautiful Illulrnlious. nnee 5.00 The Onal ; a pure gift tor tlie Holy-days. I-'dited oy .virs. s.iralij. lime. Illustrated with is en- grnvings, price j,00 The Mirror ol Life, edited by Mrs. L. C. Tuthill, with II Mezotmt Illu-lrntions, price 5,00 Thompson's Seasons, Illustrated by 77 designs by the ttchiug Club, edited bv B. Cornay, Ls. beautifully bound in Turkey Morocco, price 4,50 Tlie Illuminated Gems of r-acred Poetry, with I .:i..l til I to . oi.-iiuii.ui iiiu?iii.iiii.ia uuu iiiui.iiiiiiuoiis, uuu liound in tlie most suncrb stv Ic. nricc 5.00 The Offering of Beauty for lS18,embellished will. 11 colored engravings, edited by Amelia . Lawrence, nri. e 5.00 Bryant's Poetical Works, Illustrated w ithSrt beau tiful Steel engravings, by K. Lauue, price 5,00 The Lady of Ihe Lake, beautifully embellished with io steel engravings, price 5,00 Child Harold's Pilgrimage, embellished wilh 13 steel engravings, price 1,5U Poetical Woiks of I'ltz Green Hallock, now first collected. illustrated witli 7 steel elieravini's. 1.00 Charactcris-tics nt Women, .Moral, Poetical, and Historical, with l'i highly mushed engravings, ( by Mrs. Jamison. Shaksenrc lilumiunted, with notes nnd additions by tt. C. Verplank, containing over 1 UHI eugra vmgs,3vols. KojalS vo.,Moroco GiltF.dge 22,IX) The Amaranth, Rough and Ready Annual.l'riend ship's Gill, The Token, Friendships Offering, The Lady's Album, Honeysuckle, Religious Keepsake, Odd Fellow's Ollerincr, Christinas Blo-soms.TlieGeui Book ol Beauty, The Fountain a Temperance Annual, Musical Annuals, etc. etc., all benunlully illustrated &nd in tiili bindings. Also, Thelargisi assortment of Miniature and Ju venile Books everolli-red in Burlington. c ii. i:dwakd.-5, ; ;;(,;,? NEW ROOK RINDEKV. Good Rooks deserve zoad binding: did they ;we.t the .otrei of Speech, how many talis irould they l elate of neglect and desti uction.fiom tlie icantoj a decent extirioriehich il feir shiltingi might hare ;j.iei; and thus hair seemed Jnr them the in timacy of the leise and good, besides incscicing then Jar the benefit of Jutuie genet ntions. C. S. ADKINS. HAING purchased Stock nnd new tools, inclu ding a StTLKIoit, and lilted up a room in the Free Pres. Building, will be happy to wait upon those who w ish for any work in his hue. Particular attention will be given lo Ruling and Mamihcliirili!. Blank Huhkh. Music, Periodicals, nud Book of every description, indium iii i. nrui nnu iinruoie manner. t.t"'A share ot public patronage is respectfully solicited, Dec. 'J, 1317. 21 BOOKS AXI) STATIONKKY AT WINOOSKI FALLS. A f.t''',,n """"ment ol School nnd Miscellaneous - Books, Ch'-np Publications, nnd Stationery lor Nile nt the lowest pries n, the variety store of W. 11. HATCH, ll'iooti. Ilavih's ICevvlatiou). 'Mil: I'lU.Vt IIM.CS ol Nature, her IhrincRe- relations, ni Voice to nnd through Andreir Jackson Dans, Ihe " Pougbkccpsie Seer" nnd" Clairvoyant." For sale hy C. GOODRICH. Burlington, Dec. 7, 1I7, 21w3 JOHN GILPHsTlINE. NEW STEAMER AND NEW ROUTE. TMin Stenmer John Oilnin, Cant Jours, w ill lrnve X llurhncton evety Momlnv, vi-ilnpjklay and Kri ilny at 8 o'clock, A. -M- mul Tort Henry e cry Tut's uiy, 1 nuriny mm Miunny at r-J, noun, nsiongns "'e ,ce al,J wea,l,i',r " re.,.m"' .. . fuel. v. . issxiir.. From Burliustou to From lex to Adams' Ferry, ,50 " Port Henry, ,M " Basin Harbor to Wcsiport, ,'2h " Adams' Ferry, ,25 " Port Henry, ,50 " Wi stnott to Adams' l'errv. .2.N I'ssex, e7i " Basin Harbor, ,37 i " Wrstporl, " Adams' 1 erry,50 " Port Henry, ,75 " I'ssex to Baein Harbor, ,37" ' Westport, ,37 j I " roil Henry, ,117 J Landing nt Ihe Stenmbont Haibor both ways. Teams and freight token at reawnable prices, 1 Ins boat will connect will. ,he 1 tr.RV Boat al Burlmgion, Port Kent nnd Pittsburgh, making nboul fill miles Steamboat traveling at a season of the )ear when the roads are nenrly impassable The John GiLriN has been put on this route with a view lo the ot the increasing villages on this Lake, and it is hoped she will be w ell patroniz ed hy n di.-4-criuug public. The Ovvneis or Captain w ill not I responsible for nny Sh-cic, Bank Bills, or money in nnyway.ou hoard this Boot, There is a aood I ekr v IIoat irom ror. nenry io Chimney Point, making thisan easy and direct com inuuication will. Addison Co. Vt. Port Henry, November 21, 1SI7. J ACCOUNT BOOKS. ri'HK subscriber would invite the sen'ion of? ler 1 "ham. and other, using Blank Book', to h. . soitment. 1 havethe tK-si.ssortnient that I haveever K'en eibled to offer to my customer; ,. both , .a , ou.hly ..,.1 w in 19 Nov. ISI7, llAGA.LT:s I'OU DUCUMIWR. GiBdevs LADIKS BOOK, r Graham's Magazine-, Hnion Magazine, Ladies Naiional, Columbi.n .Maj: I'nc, Soi,". Ilcccncd by hv AKDS. iHcclmiiic-s' Tools. OAItPKNTKItS.Joincrs.Carringeniid Sleigh Mn. n- kers, Saddlers, Shoemakers, Blacksmith. Cabi net .viaRers. Fainiers, Jneks nt nil trades," nnd tool Unti meer. f m-hitJifil ft I. .1 1. 4 : . 1 1 urciC:i inatiiifutiitc,nJa.(e(J loilieir rc.pcclivc ii, lltintl lf.t-1 tnnr.....hl.1 1-. 1 ' iu; iLuswii.iirii' If rill. nml- . ,?'''",.N(l. DOOLITTI.r, & CO Hinhngtnn, Dec. 1, 1817. BY THi: subscriber, ibrec pood Hngiue L-ilhes, Also, two band l.n .. 1 i. .. . iT i 1.1 .....' I f i , 1 ..nun yi.ii oi- oiil iow iui i.uiii v. jjuuu p iper. u f. . r. 11- It. CROSSMAN. Umlmglon Dve.7,181'. aini3 VALUAI1LE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE . (Till I. Subscriber offers for sale In place, situated mi1 "'! V0,m;r "H'-ge and Wlllard Streets. He will sell it entire, or in Lois, ns purdiascrs mny J he location, ns is well known, is nmnng ihe most eligible lor residences, i Burlington. The place con- tains Fruit Trees ol various kinds, nnd surinsed in quality by none. . IW.MU. SIMPSON. Dec. 5, 1817 o,f RANK OF RUKLINI'TOX. NOTirn is hereby given ihnt a meeting of the Stockholders of Ihe Bank ol lluiluigtun, will .. ii mill .i.iiuviii iiuu-f, on uie seconu 1 nes lay ol January next, nt It o'clock, A. M , lor me puipose of electing seven Directors lor the year ...s.iiiiu. u. u. ut.ij, LVMAier. December 10, 1817. 2w ILlSfi '.11 l!l VMIII I'OU CIlltlSTJIAS AMI Ni:W VI'AH, Of Hid, Rare, Vseful and Vancij Articles, wir.t. tie lorxr. xr lti'insiiiaitl Ac llrolhci'M, In far grenter variety from the lowest priced Toy to Hum; eAprnsne nun niuuuie gill. OF the very ninny nrticles suitable for remembran ces, wc desire lo call attention Ion lew nth per fumed Paper Mnebe Porilolios.froiu S7 50 to 910 each; Pcifumed Glove lio.e; Dressing I nses; Work Boxes; Pnper Mnchc Card Cn-esj exirn fine .hell do, of new patterns; a very f.-w nent diamond Rings nml Tins; some very hue pure gold and real stone Pins and Rings; a larger assortment than usual of RICH Ji: WLLR Y, such ns Coral Pins, Rings, Bracelets, Stud.l'.-ir Rings and a lienutiful variety of Cameo and brilliant Basic ami Stone Kings, Broaches, Studs, yMr Jewels, to. grllicr wilh nn extensive assortment of plain Rings, Pins. Lockets, Chains, Slides, Bracelets, liar Hoops, ires, Lar Jewels, icund a fine lot of gold Pen cils with nnd without pen, of new- nnd Dent patterns, veiy t nimble for Friendship Ollerings. 1 or those who wi-l, to give ns expensive article, which will remind the receiver of true time we have some of T. F. Cooper's line London Djplex Wntchcs; nlo, R. ,t ( BeesU.j's line Duplexand Lever Watch cs; I nv re tine lime keepers, besides a great variety ol the most celebrated makers, and a larger nssori mcntot lower pneed gold and silver Levers and Lc pines, with a line nssoitinent of common Wntches. We alsu invile the uttention ol purchaseis to our new stuck of gold Fob and Guard Chains, with seals nnd Keys ot new nnd neb patterns; elegant Scarf tins anil s-ltlds. ot riiher slv cs 1 inn iisniil . sit.,.r pocket Flint Knives ; Silver Combs, I an, and an al most eiiuicss variety nl lanc-y articles. We have la ken grtat care m the -lci tion of our nssortinent for the lfolida)s nnd the Winter, nnd mute customers to end nnd look belore purchasing, us we liave made this third and late journey to maiket in order to select Goods, got on tor the'Hohdays, which would enable us to supply tlie increasing demand ot our customers during the seon We have Goods adapted to nil nges,apxes nnd con ditions, which will be sold low nnd to suit the most dillicult. BR1NSMAID st BltOTllLliS, Dec. 1, 1317. Jewellers. T. .11. rnrkt r's DAr.ui:itiii;oT im. AIi.m vtbih: Rooms In the Thomui Iluitding, College St., Ihirhngton, Vt fit PARK'LR recently returned from New- Is L Voik with Apparntus and a large quantity of Stock ofn superior fju-ility, including a vnrn tyof Gnui and Plvted l.-jcKtrs. .Miiintures can be had filiv percent better than produced by t.uyuic in this part of ihe country, and nt a less once Persons will do well lo call and examine specimens before purchasing Pic-lures ot Countr) Os-rators who nave nut a partial Knowledge oi the iiusuiess N. B All Picture wurruutcd to be suiierior tonnv produced in this part of the country or else they need noi oe taken. Rooms open from " A M to I P M Pictures taken vpiniiy vveii m en mi) u in clear wt-nincr. liiirliiigtou, Wee. 3, nl,. xi ESur.ltvni'f. T .IIH undersigned otf-r to purchaser a slock of -1. heavy and shelf HARDH'AItl', c-oinnrisiu . a variety ol goods iM-riaiiuiig lo the v.irious brandies of the trade, win. h have been s' lected with great care, oolli in reg-iru to perii-eie-n m style auu 11111-11, uou reusonahleiiess 111 line.- Purchasi'rs are respccifully sohciied to cull. S TRONG, DOOLlTTl.l; it CO. .Nov 30, 1SI7 TIN PLATES, &r. QTItOM.'. DOOLlTTLi: A CO. have receiv rd and oiler for sale a good stork of 'I'm Plans, 1-3 X nnd extra sizes ; Rn-sia nnd I'.iich-hr-heet Iron; Iron ire, .-heet Copi-r, Mu et .me, 1 in, Holt 1. l I'll.... HI..... I .. I ! copper. lie c-IIUlll, i.ivi ill iv. ea. i, . .S I M'.S'. MILL nnd X Ssws, Hoe's C S and I'lula. Plates. Circular do do Hand, panel and ripping Saws, Back do and Billet Wilis. Doc 1,'I7. STROXG, DOOLITTI.E t CO A. S. DEWEY lT AS received his Winter stock ol GROCF.Rir.S Li. which, with his home purchases, will enable him to supply those in want ol the substantial ot good liviini.w'ilh the Ik-si liroducls both of the New York maiket nnd the Fnrni Pnincular attention has been paid to the puicliase of Butter nud Cheese, nnd selec tions mnde from the best dairies in Chittenden and 1 raukhn counties. Purchasers w ill liear in mind that nny nitiele id nt llus store, not proving s-iti.-tactory on trial, mav be re turned, nnd the pay w ill be reluuded. Burlington, Nov. 117. I I). HlXIiV & CO. WILL l'U CVll FOR A I lvv hutidieu IjujcU ol 1 Jeans j ul-o, fur a lot u Rootl 1 Vn-J. Itcc l. 111 IDRO MM'I'OTHS T CWIDV I'ltlC'I'S' If large lot for sale by the People's Agent Dec I.H17 HOWARD. Hri.I. A- SIS' White Bar Soap, Common Brown and Yellow- do, Ground t-piees of nil kinds, liom the Hope .Mills, Ground Colli e, Nutmeg. Cloves, ground nnd unground, Cnvenne Pepper. Mncv, Seedless Raims, &c. .1. -V. DEWEY. Dec. 1, 1817. A VIIKV I'lNi: AltTIt'I.i: of Table Salt may be Men at A. S. DEWEY S. Dec. I. t rr.w iii!.Mini:n of excellent oualuy. Dec 1. .IIS. Butter and Cheese, .1. .v. DE'VEY. IM.A1LS Tint ii.w iti:ri;vi:n at thi: An rieultural Wnnhouc. J S. Pl'lKCK. Burlington, Dec , 1SI7 Ijsllll Maccnroni Vernucida, Tapioca, Penrl Barley and Rice Flour, al Dec 1 t- S. DEWEY'S. ClTTAHT'S Steam Candy. Paper Miell.d Al O monds.Rnisins in hoses, halves and quaiteis, Lit ron, Hnglish Currnnis and I'ijs. .1 5. DEWEY, 1. r-. . i t .tl mr.. Perner Sauce. Tomato Calsun. O London Mustard, Boker's Pripired C.-eoa and A'S. DEWEY. Chocolate. Dec. I. Pictorial brothcr Jonathan, j-.-ie I Jo rcw . oik .-sun, ,l.t -suturilay Louncr IS, ut IMwards' Book Slore DRESS GOODS, OF almost every known style for Ladies wear, ar ollering in quantities, and at prices not suituiel hv nnv other house". C. F STAMronn n- Co. r i: it x . n. .9nii Vttrt "VTI'ITS, Klegant Stone Martin, Fitcli, ihe verv HA liest dark Siberian Siuirrell, Genetle, and Ion "I .U. .11 IR. linns Natural Color and Black and Tippel'5-, . tiller Cii Two cases Oner Caps, ll'"' f?n ! , outdone. Also, Fme Neu.r.a , Musimt. ""rtVi Fur, nnd various other st) les of Cloth and 1 ur limi "M.k'phi.h Caps, the most genteel ihmg of the "tS' STAPLE DRY 000DS lnJ" S.e. Ja'lrl'ni.hed. HURLBI'T Nov. is1, 1"". HI-TL.VNU AMI IIimLINGTON RAILROAD. I 'if- Annual Meclingof tho Stockholder of the t... I,, i i. '"'"'d Burlington Railroad Company, wi 1 ' 'h' -urt House, In Rutland, on the sce nt 1 r,vi Zl ""-''"''''I the 12th day of Jnnuary next, ?cctors S, " 'A"" nl'""ion. for the election of D. iil-nrio said' tf 8"y 0lh" br3:"" W Aliddlebury, De.J7'.UKL SWlfT' J3. 111 'l ,'VNl AND llDltMNGTON J-SS HAILROAn of .be ,;,,, .S,oek ,',( the i uthi'nd'ad fflStS lia iro-id Company-one made piyablc on tl " 5o olnv:.h,t'n,ex,t nnd ,he o,iicr"1 ihe $ boston, or to the Treasurer nt his office in Middle lT.cec I - ,Wl:l Srt"T. Treamrer December 7, 1817. 2tw0 Miiiinplnin 'I riiiisporliitlon Comrnny. rpiIE STOCKHOLDERS OF the Cim.v- n i li .". .rn-l'ortntion Company nre hereby non bed, that the meeting lor the flection of Dir. c tors ol, aid coiiipany.fortheensuingyear, nnd forth.: ttnusaclionofsuch othrbu.inessns mny bethought proper when met, willbebohlenntthe American llu ;.f j:,,t;,is,rMVo'c!xiv t r,m Thur9di' . Hurlington Dec. 9..18& D00UTTLC- C'' ui:hi,lg i o. "sANp I'l.ATTsnLnaii 3f'i&ol'lS;nu'i.ACllVrch I1? conn''''i with Mr. tl'iT .V,?i.. "I -ttsjburgh- will commence mnninr: Kin,? L 'i 7ui11' hu'n. ""'Irngton to Plattsburel . leaving each plnce at 8 o'c ock, A. .M.. daily, exceot .-undav. via Grand hie ns soon ns the ire takes " P n'.) .. i'"i'i4e"truMei.l0'hc!cnre will be punctu n ly intended to asusu-l. The business having . c.ens. d sn-.ce we commenced running tin, li e, ......u u. ouuii nonce. ELLIS ct CHURCH. Burlington Dec. 8, 1817. I-a.v Books. Viner-, Abridgment, 21 vols., folio.London ed.tion I nee s I.xc leijuer Reports, 0 vols. cumjn .llecson it Uel'liy's do. do , II vols Common Law- Reports, 51 vols do. do. do. Di-esf Dunlap's Tnley's Agency. Saunders' "'lending and Evidence, 2 vols btelihetis' Pleading. Sedgwick on Damages. Hariison's Digest, 5 vol. II lie's Pieajot the Crowii, 2 vol, !lucll on Crimes, 2 vol. Smith' Leading CVes, 2 vol. Willi a liirirM .oll..i..,i. ..i ....'. r. . lowest cilyp,. CMffi?, " uec. 10. o1h3 Not lurivn "W -. '.u-pns.-d ofollhUnure ltlnn.l..l Nl.'..... tl. 7... "i. ' 'l1" Pu'e rnooileil . . .. 1 ' . " '. M w,,at few lie has leli. .' ...iij ..ex., un return on l .e lir., i .:. 1110-e Who are i ,siri,iie of V 1 ..... ie who nre .l..,,". ' -"ay 1 thus be sui,ed h , ,; r ",T- nm.,W001 i li,. sin H I iuiI ..... .. i '""uinini nne wool can ilr ''. ,ow "i1- better cnllsoon 17T '""-'-ourseiiave their choice if there ba WM. C. HARRINGTON. Burlington, Dec. 10, liif 21 JV.VIS Vl-U- n-nni- T'Lvr.V'T1, r The Writc unmasked, o L. 1 . i(. Jaui .-s, price 80 cts.. fur ale bv 1 , . n ,. EDWARDS. . B. Hatch, Winooski Falls. MAY MARTIN or the MO..T.Y DIG(ERS, bV D. P I bomtisiin.nilttiiir nf it.a ni-..Ai, Mn...,. tniii Boys.c .price 23 cts. For ale nt wholesale nnu retail uy 1. li. i;i)VAItl)S, Burlington, "Ud W. 11. Hatch, iuucvki Falls. Hook StiUslin-. The subscriber has re.eive.l a choice lot ot fnncy binding Suck, and will Serve his customers u.ld the .nihil., isul. plea-ure, on short notice. Nov 1SI7. SAMTEE IIL'XTIXGTOX HLJ t LSI 31 0 N 3 7 " p- AIRS. ERASER ns jist !tinTitNi:r i"iif' from New- ,rk with a sn,,nv nt K.isb ioh.iWi- Millinery, liu-h Ikmnct Silks and Satm, Vel. vet. l'lu-h, I'knver. Ribbon, Fintbers, Laces, Col lar. Bands of Plain Hair 1'iinge, Gvni s, .N;c. Al-o. Alpiccn for Cloaks nnd Dresses, and ready made lints and Cap. i. .... 1 i.vv, uii iuw .iiiumer nnu , , M. l'RASF.R. Burlington, Nov IS. HI7. -Jlwfi TO LET. i DWEfiLlNG HOUSE, Ihn -a nag.- house, beautifully located in this Village. Fur further information apply to llus ollice. P VIM'S AND OILS. Y V HITB LI'AD. dry and in oii ; French Yellow ' Ll.g Veu It.-d, Red Ie-ad, Verdigris, WlutlliJ it ,n.c Also, L.nsii-d Oil. bv the barrel or lc quantity. STEIISG, DOOI.lTTLt. CO. I lee . , . s . , . EtuHalo ISolii'si. F you want to see a large na.1 goo.1 nssnrtnient of R'hIk , ' iR-tter than belore brought to tin market," cal. in look at I D. BIXBY .V. L s. DR. RICHARDS, THE CEI.CRRATED IXDIAX DOCTOR, ir i:sii:"l ri'I.LV gives notice, that he has ,s XL ken un hi risi.kMice m Uurlington. Rooms at tlie I r.CNKI.I.N ll'.TFL lie has with him The Ctlelrated Indian Vapnr llntlt, Z if free ami independent of strain .2 All ihe patient will the inedieinnl vinu.-sol roots and heib. Mined to nny disease with which the pa tient may Is- adhered Da Bit li vans I w ell know n in many of the citie, towns unit villages throughout the United Mates Many hundreds ot patient have f-een relieved by his! He can Mi-nk m the Fren -I. I lniguage, two tongues in Indian, as well as inKiii- inh Call and see htm ! Burlington, Dec 3, IS 17 23tf. Vatclie-, .Icni'Iry t Clocki. .1. V i:MIAI.L has .it n tureed from wlil'Ncvv i orK a large assontneni oi vt.vrciii's, j i:vi:i.i: v and clocks, r.wtv AitTifLi:s .mi Toys, consisting in part of the following arucfes Fine Gold Levers nud Lenines, Silver Lever, full Jewelled and Verge WATCHES . Gold Fob and Guard Cham, gold Speck and Ttun.b!es; a large assortment ot Stone and Cameo Pins, of ihejaiest lyle : Stone nnd Cameo flweelets ; IliBnwnd Ring , plain, cli-wd stone ami sca'e Ring, of every descrip tion ; gold Slides nnd Keys, gold l?kets ot ditferent pattern ; n large nssorttm nt ol I'ar Drops and Rings gold and penrl Studs, plain nnd stone setting , g. id Snaps of all sires, silver Darts, Pinsand Birds;perl and shell Card Cases ivory Tablets ; bead and silk Purse , silver Pencils ; steel and silver Specks ; Scis sors, Knives nnd Razors; tooth, hair and clothe, llruhes And be w ill keep constantly on hand a good nssortmenl of such good n come in his line, and sell us low as can be hour-tit elsewhere. J. V. RANDALL. Burlington. Oct 12, 1317 1 Itlt'll A XI I l'.TI'JIVK ASSORT.MKNT OF I WI.VTl.'K (.'ODDS', coniprisiut; Dry O.wiis, I I'i-ek Hangi.nos, (Irocekies, I CARrriixs, FfR. A-c. . I itl l..-.T.eaT l-li-l -pisttBll are now-otiered to im puw.-;. "''""""" hy the subsenbers, .p. V...n,br 2. 117 'u CA it 1' ETIN'u. OflAA YDS. CARPETING, 100 DO eZVll' sisir ean-eling. S00 vds. floor Oil rimh. 5-S 6-1 nd I'J'I Drufgelt, Rugs, Window Shades, Pian-J t" 'A' ""' "?v tound CROCKERY. Oik thousand dollars worth of Crockery, China and Glass are. also Lnokinr! Gl... nr ..... and price, from 25c : lo tjlO each can be had at prices satisfactory to purchasers of r C I SlAXirORDit Co. VIIIMOHIALS OI' .METIIOniS.tlBvS.e. 1 V- ",-?7;lr "I UUXTIXGTOX'S. 19 4 New lot of Violin Bows "aDd St.-iniTx, lK B"? Vi,,l fm;s of the hest mshty. at C-'- r RAXPAU S. 1 nv nent mny be n-ade to the Banks of Burling on ergennes, Middlrbury, Rulland, Black R m, or Bellow. I all, or Ihe Cheshire Bank, Keene, N If.. IO I.llwnid Pl.Ln,in t-rrt V Co Li ...'.'