Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 31, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 31, 1847 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FRTCFi FlttDAY SCORNING, DECEMBER 31, i847. n the Militia. John It. Thump .n. Jmui A.I l r principal intention, In tl.l article, lll.n'k, John lllanclnol. Unbolt .M. Alel.nne. John M. to n(,iico 1U argument of the I'otl, (swal llolley, n.iiiilc II. PcaIcc. ItH.liai.d I '', Ileale, . . , , , ,.;,;. ,,,,.1 rn.nrnilnccil vv'mii.ld S. I'i nthcrstoii. nn. I l tidnh.hiis liicUlnsnn. On Sural Ajl'iih.i 'I'liumn- Duller King, lnuc I.. Ilulnic", Itnbeit C. Scli-mik. Hugh White, Thomas II. Uijly, l.fn C. I,cvin, l-'iodeiick P. Stanton, 1!. I'lrrlnjfnn Cabell, mul Amos Turk. On l'-tiritfii AJuii. 'I'i irumii S-'iniib, llcmy liiiiiml, Charles .1. Iinicr-oll, llcorgc P. Maih, It li-irnwcll Ithclt, John 8 Pendleton, William Dncr, Hubert vlcClellmd.niiit I) inicl Duncan. Ou I'm Teiritorits. Cahh II. Smith, Robert It. l'i:tiiloii, Howell 'oLih, Julius Rockwell, .lames Thompson. Duiiel linn, liae Vj, Morse, Nathan ..vans, niul Tiinolhy Pilc-biuy. Oa lict'iluliiimini 1'cinhitt. William M. Cocke, Peter 11 Silvester, JTolm 1). Cuiimiiii", .Mm l'rcedley, Tlmm-isS 1I.ic.ik k.Rich.-iid S. D.mncll, Dnid Hani limns, William Slrcnig, and Sidney Lawrence. On Invalid l'emiiinn llemy Nc, Audiew ft I ul ton, (ieorgc Pries, William '1 . Law relief, Abraham W. enable, Robe-it A. 1 honipson, (.corgc IV. t. ta cit, Janus S. Wiley, niiil (Jeoige l'ctrie. On llmnUnnd ''mulls. Unbelt 0 Schcnck, Uia 1! Holmes, Uob-rl Smith, Al-xnndcr Irvm. Asa W. il. Clnpp. I'uriieliu Wiiiit'ii, Samuel O. Peyton, it ! am A. Newell, an. I Job Mann. Oh I'litnits Ji.lm W. Puiicll. y, William 1). Mao lay, TIh.mii.1k J. Ikiilcy, John W. Junes, ami Julin K, Miller On Vtihlic Vttitdinss and Ground. John W . Houston, Wiliiam It. Picstnu, Jiimcs J. J'araii, Robert M. Mi l,ane, and (ihleon Reynold. On lltrinnl itj I'lifitttsird lliisincsl John W . llnrnlwli, l-'iodeiick x'. Lend, Ailunas Half, Thus. J. Tirn-r.iiu I IIul'Ii I, W Hill. On Aeemmli. l.nni Howl, D.illoy S. fircgory, i i e A. .Starkweather, Vv ilium Ixcimuii, .ll , mul Volutin tlemy. Ui Mileage. Iliinm I'dilicr, Thes. Uichry, Cor :i lias Wuirtn, William A. Hic-huidsou, and JainesS. (Jrevu. On I'ngrnvinz. Lewis C. Levin, Usury C Mur r1'. llii.i ilreen il.nn On the Liii-tinj ut Cwuir,"' nn the pnit of tit? jTIuuti. Join; U- ,cl.i::i, i.limii n. i ieMOli, ami Ilenrj' (. 31in.liy. The lolluwinti eoinniittees nppoinleil at the first i9' fion tanll thueiiili the Connie-', i: Cl:ntnititf nn Jlxi'fitilllui f in the State Ihp'ill i:tnt IJimel . Iliriiner, Joh.i II. Oioi.t, S.un'l 1ihm, Janus ),i.n,mut William i 'iiilm. On Kxi'emhtmrs in the Ti runny llrpnitmenl. Jo-eph ,M. It.ioi, Uii haul Iiimiell, Aii'linni liml pill. Avh'tt linekner, mul W ' lVathei'ion. On r.Tiitnditnrrn in thr ll'nr Ifrp'tituiritt. John 11. Crozier, Kieh ihl W Thnniion, V lui un ICemion. Jr.. DiMil .S. Jaiksiiii.aihl Ahiaham Lineoln. (hi llxicnilitinct injhr Snvij I)rintmcitt. Pat rick . Tompkins, Nathaniel .i.j.ien, William II. Macl.iy, l!.'.'ily L AmosTiuk. On Iriirit'lituir't in the iit ('Mire Orjmrimriit Janus U Kin, tjtl.-i il., Kellnaa. tlimle l). tfiuail, t!ieplui.l L'lller, t.ii.l Joli.i II 'J''iiiinp-on. (In HjnenUiiliirl mi the J'n'itir liitlltliitai . C Cahell. James (1 tH.iinpioii, U iiiiain Sawjer, Hais. It. Huhnes. mi. I Will un A Itie.i ir.l-'oit. On r.niotlett lulls, James, li. Hampton ami John I. Komie-on. - Tiie following meniheiseotppnce the elert commit tee appointed In ie w tlie Kill. it the I lon-e Ch.ttle J. loeioII,T.imnii Sinitli, Howell Oohli, Lille t II. Nlllill. IJllllel M II llillt jer. Itolielt Clelhiul, Ji.lm (i. L'li'iuaii, MeRiluli 1'. tit nil y and i imutliy .HiiKins "with viiriilions!") thai tea anil cofloo nnjrlil tn bo taxeil krnmr otlier' niticlcs, "of Hindi grcittcr importance,'' are taxeil ami la.cil heav ily. Anil ll.o l'o-t eniitneinles sngur, coal, Iron, clothing : the Nciitlml, ill onlcr tn show a little origliinlity, mills mil to tlio 1M. Now the essen tia' &. tiiaiiifiMtliflbtrncolictw'eeii a tax on tea mul coffee, si ml on the other nrtitlcs cmimcrnt"tl, I i thai a tax on the latter Is dcsicneil (or the on conroyi monl anil protection of Amcmcan Mas ufactukeo, and the nlmost iinifuriii effect of thl enconrnsctnent an J protection, (as has been proven over and over njjaln) l In reduce the priev ! if the article at home, (in nninorons instances men considerably telow the pi ice nbroail previ ous to the imposition of the tax,) thin rendering tliu tax ineioly mmtivUi wlnle liiMnj; tea and j cofl'ue nrticltH not prmlnceil at huinc cer tainly, a the S nli ml clcjraiitlyobscncVrmne -1 more Jircrt!" W'v thnnitl rather thil k it itVs ; j operntinj; simply to Increase the price?, to tl o millions who use tin and colTee, by just the amount of the tax; which is undoubted!,' , ' cmnine; it" tolerably " direct !" We incline to the opinl m that the Workinr; men generally, in Ihis country, see the malt r i i the lioht presented by their brother " Wo 1; lnoui.111." in liis comniuiiieiition iibove, nn.l nn dorstutid llic dilU'iencu between a tax levied on articles that are, and those that ate not, of Ani'r- iean i,r iilnciiun or in.iuuf.cture. ' VVn mill Ciiffix mrc jirmlnets if he I'liilul State, the 'ut knows very well lint u duty would lonj! since have been levied on the iiinnrled ai licit. Hut they are nut such products and the piinci pie of the I'rieniU of Protection tn Atnericin Indu-try applies to them: 1 r.nn 1 iiait. in thine atlicles vviiich we do not produce, and l'r.orr.CTlov lor thoe which we tin. If Mr. l'oik wants tn niioment hi resource- fur carrjin' Ii'h odious war into "tin vital pails'' of a weal;, dilr.ieted and already di-tiiein'i "rod neioliborin' llepublie, utid if the war is so ".ojiir" us the Senliml repre-ents it tube, let 1 it in ak for direct taxation r rr, like a man, mil not, a- an act of" Ifrtolenc" seek to iin- po-e a tax n Incti will oe Jell in every cup oi lea or coll'ee the poor man drinks ! Crcnt .lIc lhiKhi New York, In rcMionil llic Ili'Kiliilloin of Henry tiny. On the evening ofiho 'JOth lust, nn Immense asHMiiblugc of tl,o citizens of New York conven ed at the Tabernacle, in compl'imci) with the following call which was published ill the daily papers : Pl'llUl' MIllriNt. I tTThe cordially invite ijiiw of llieir rellow-eitirens ol New York wl"',npj',r"Vi', v ri t v inenlgeimlalned ill the siieeell nl llhJHW ..'aii nielli:, uo. il. line. i in ...t t-," . . ., i, ileliveied at L-.hi!!tin on the ti tliiill.,and the lteo lutionsthenailoiited, to awmhle this ; rvcninij, Dec. 20tli,al 7 o'clock, at the ISroadwny lobcinaclc. December at, Id 17. Th'.s irre.a meeting, lioth fornnnibeM and en- t'tnti-icm n nnn.l r till lavo been one rarely equal ed, even in New York. The name and Ihe tn b!e patrir.llsni of the crcat WcsTr.nt Statks mw, IlKN'llY CLAY, act like a spell upon the heaits of the Atnericin people. The Express saj Jfvcc 1J V c ItntMNCTO.V, VI. rniDAY MoiiMNi:, i)LCi;Miu:ii at, 151?. with a careful referenco to the prospect, which, looking at an angle of about 45 dog. with the horizon, is thought to be unsurpassed for extent. Persons in search of such a residence, better known to a class uf citizens w ho aro sometimes " restrained from running at large," as the County Jai',, can make application to Mr, Sheriff l)Loi)r;i:T, on the premises. We vveie never present at a larger popular inrctms In III-city of New Yoik. The body "I Hie Immense liuildhiir, the calleiic, to llieir remotest cornels, and the entile spiecnioand lire oiKan, even the Inliliiesin hontotlhe fiitnnces, m Mil, everv i ous, in , eoiuiie ol vaiuaue," Iron wlneli an individual could i - . l.....a..l ,1 , (,..., ii'..i-i. 1.1 U'.l ll?.n ursec niv'. " i ion neili el cnisli : and so it continued lu the end. 1 And it w as ohvioiilhil th" entire maw was actuated bv one feelnii;, an I tlnlnl deep interest in, and strong sy.iipathy with.tlie objects ol the tiifi-una. 'J'hellnn. Dfin.r.v .Seuic.n prc-ided, assisted If Sfi Vice Pr. -idents. The following aro the Rjsiilution--, ntli'l li tl liv acclamation :--UlIdOLl'TlONr!: Ueolve.l, That we do iuoi lieaitily reiiond to the Kes.ilutioiis p-iued at a meeiinu held ill Lexington, K.-iitiickv.on the litth of Novei.iber, mid to the Ail d.est i f IIlnrv Ci..vy, ilelivertd ontliat occasion ; and we iiigenll Invite our leilow-citii'ei.sof all p-mi.s who " a.e iiiixioiM In produce eontenliiieiu and s.itilaclioii at home, and In elevate the u itioiiakhai," to l'iv to th. se document' an m. initial examination. It solved, Tint the s iiiunentsexpiesaed m tin-tils; n lit...- i.wfi.iiiioim liiuehitiif that " nrimiirv cause" ol uur pr-'seiit vvnr vvnli .Mexico, and ihe " mipiovident mil iiiaoii-iiliitionar coii.liKt o I riesideiii I'olk in d te-tiiu the co.iiineiiceiiient ol hostilities, arc wholly cud i.s 'd by t!u inecinu I nesolved, Tint vvln.e we su-tain the ind spupible nioition taken III Ihe secoll.l le-iiuiiioii, we ueepiy tit lint " the absence ol any public, dcclaiatiou by ' Coii'i.esoi the objects lor winch the War onjht to Le pios.viit "d," should have devolved it upon the present Cltiel Vl.iui-tnUe In d 'cide " what the honor mid ui iL'ie'toltll Ninon r. qiue." Ki-olwil, I nal 111 iioi trine ol the thiril restitution Tlio M'nr, Drags its slow length along. The latest in telligence of special interest, since the last pro nunciamcnto of Hinta Anna, Is the arrest of (ions, Worth and Pillow, and Col. Duncan, by Ron. Scott I Tlio N. O. Delta of the 1 4th, gives the fol fovving account of the arret of Worth and Pil low, In a letter from Vera Cruz dated Dec. 4. The Arrest of General World. Theliritish Minister left yesterday lor ihe city with an American escort. He will be puzzled tn find the Mexican (Joverinuent lo which he is accredited. A lamentable feeling pervades ihe army at Mexi co, owing lo jeahiuies and heartburning, envy and malice, am nohlieal prejudices. Cru. Scott has ar rested IM1 watidWoith. The circumstances which New Yuik Correspondence of the Free Press.) JVo. II. New Yoiik City, Doc. 1 1, 18 17, Friend Clnrhe: Some weeks since 1 sent you a letter with a promise that, on the f.ivora bio determination of certain tpicstions, I would send you occasional pictures of this city, as it may appear to mo from different points of sight, together with the redactions naturally suggested, As the result of an oversight In your Press arrangements during your absenco from Bur lington, 1 was misled as to your purpose, and temporarily "said nothing" as "my humor." Hut the enterprise being a small one, wo can lift it over the few weeks intervening No. I and this, and commence anew, with an assurance of regularity barring llic question:. I might remark, heii1 ns well as rlewhcro, and onco fur all, that I have resided In N. York only one summer, and that the correctness of my ile-criptions inu-t bo admitted, in view of this fact; although, to no sin ill extent, you will vitttdo which ilntrnyi that it may ;toess In in Willton was not so Interrupted ns to prevent his bondage three-fourths of the year. I w;l " ttlenient in that place. In reply, it was uriteei . " , . ' , , , that tin- removal of the pauper's lannly was a volun- ns trace Iho "journey or a single day taty net, and that an Intention to return under the car- of this season-.h0i season of labor In the ESS;fte'llfiSa SIT morning tlio professional man eats, in baste. Ins pauper's residence in Williston was so interrupted as hot rolls, and drinks his chncnlato or coffee lufvent his pining n legol settlement there, and striving to banish from his foresight the ap proaching labors. Hut calling to mind the ne cessities of clients or patients, nnd more than all, the "condition precedent" of his dinner, at eight stretches his half-rested limbs and hastens to his office. On his way, ho encounters "tho Knsson ,V Buckley, for Darlington, fimalley it Phelps, (or Richmond, lolls the heaving and the swelling. As the day .:. ;.. . I'li fnitLf!niiGiins led to thissiare believed. Two letters, ,, ' ,, " ' . " " , V" 7 ' ' ' " '" . " . initiating tionl tue American camp, putiusncu in tlie - v .v... D uav lug rupiiii-ioiiiucn i.j ui , ... - Thirtieth Congress. No decided advance in the business of the ses sion will be made till after the Holydayi a mongrel, puppy, whelp and hound " of every , largo amoutitof important and exciting business calling urged to equal haste, by different mo-1 has been marked out. The two Houses have lives. So early, however, tiio energies of the j been In session but a small portion of the time man are not really enlisted. Tho stcatn Is .since our hst reports, but enough to enact some evidently condensing and adding force to the significant scenes, among which was that on the machinery already under motion ; hut its " rack , President's 71nsi Veto, which will be found in and pinion" its band and lover adjustment, is ( our columns to-day. not yet warmed by fiiction into free and rapid . On Monday the 20th, in tlie Senate, Mr. Wob play. Tho city, nil through its avenues, wears i ater appeared and took his seat, the anect of a lake who-e fretted surface fore- Mr. Calhoun called up his resolutions, fgiven patriotism, nud services of the two (lenernls, vvhonre eiuogizeii m mose tellers, une tu ine ttenerais ti'ii low) dcnic9,tn a card published in Mexico, Iheniithor ship of ihe Inter attributed to his pen by (len. Scott. Tue other tt.'iteral (Wotth) prefers charges against s.coit,nu.i peon ariests nun tor eomeiiipi, General Pillow was arrested Itecause lie appealed from an opinion of Scott, requesting the latter in trans mit the napealiuthe Secretaty ot War. Sco't refus. ed in a lrity lumner, wheieiipoii the tortucr leniark ed," I wi I do It, sir." " Then 1 arret you, sir," was Scott's reply. So matters stand at last dales. Tue litest Telegraphic, despatch, bringing N, O. tlitef totbe 17th, says : Nothitv later had lieen received nt New Orleans from the teal ofwar, thoughan nrrival was looked lor with intici anxie.y.and it was thought hy some tint Mr. Tiislwuulil be along with the Mexican CtumiiH sioneis. niermi.oicddiHicuhy between (ieu. Scott and (ienenh Pillow. Woithand Lieut. Col Dtuieaii. was the sibjt'ct ol much sp.-culation nt New Orleans, and hop.- were entertained that the statements vveie uiiluundcl. ill lelat.oil to the powei vested ill Congo ss to declaie u r ...ui tor its pinseeuiii. .t.i-iim ; ui a, ui in-1 ,,,..,.. ... trick.' liecesnaii v involves the t mlit to ileter' mine upon l le mid objects ut Ihe War when mice commenced, er at any time during the pro glees ot its exigence Itesolved. That, assuming this ground we, as con I stitiiciusot Uongits.ilocall upon the Meiiibersto I p'lturm llieir duty, as ,li lined in the luiitih Lexington Auol her Veto ! " In the iiakk and moiit that is LTOX fS, UlEl'.K Is Ml SrAlt A COVE TIIE lllllilZO TO OIVE USA RI.CAM or LttlllT, LXOEITIXO TUT IXTEI.LI&UXT, I'ATfiiOTIC Willi! I'AItrV OF Till. Umteii States." Daniel MViscr. The Tnx on Ton nnd Coll'ee. We find the following communication in tho N. Y'. Vun'mg 'of, a thorough Locofoco pa per : Coinmnnicnlion for the Kvenlng Post TviExrv-nvK l'l it Ct.vr. on Ttv and Coiilc- Wotkiiigiiicn, look ut this I It would appear that not content with a-Mn Ihe vvorMtigineii to ilo the light iur. 11 is nron.L-d to tax thein mid llflr I uilllles tw ty-tivc per cent, on their tea miileotli'i, 11 those vvli. iiioiite the t.ix had rellected on the cuii.eoiieiii: tliev '.voillil not have lecoinineiuled tlni niea sure lor the second time. He that as it may, 1 am a xvni hingman, and on hehall t.t'lciis ot thou-auds eI class. I ilotcst against levying a t.i. on tea and tollee, ns being in dneet opposition to Ihe eipnl rijdus ol the people. HeaJer, ilo imt lor a niouitni loon ut mci ' wliit h arc stubborn things. ' Few workm-roien's I itnili.s rnr h .s linn from s 'v eilty-livc rents to one dtihlir per week lor lea and cot fee, lor the use ol then l.uinliis. The piopoie.l tax would piobably amount to mure th in tell dol aiswilh iu the ), winch, il not quite, would ne.uly purchase fuel lor one winter. I thiscaleii.-iiion liom the outlay ol my own f ; otheis, wheie the I .in.ii. s nie larger, no do.t'.t me inueii grealei.peih ips but lew less. .,lueh moie mi-lit ties. idol tue u iju-teess o the pit posed t.ix on I. a and evll'-c. Willi llinvi-w o. trie su..ect, I would sty to iiiembcis ot C to piotet-t the rights mid liileicsts ol tlu v.oil.iog tl.isses.that m .as" a bill be iniiodiKCil -t.. Cm Kre lo tix lea and collee, by oppo-i.-g .t-;.i-ige ihey will entitle the m-elvca tu the Hi ink jn I rrr t..uJ 'i.t tens ot th.ia-.iii.l-'of woikiugiiu'ii mid their Iain, U.-s, and wihieeeive llie.n. I am inv.ire th n me j. veiiinient reqivre, ami mu-l have lillld to meet i Xpeiis ll It ceil only theie me nllt.-r in, fins 111 mecuit t..C.ll Without W ICStltllX llielll iiom the nur. Why not tax uioue)cd m-tilutioiis, real csiite mid personal piopeity I Why not lay an nJdilional duty em expen-ive imp. rted nrn.-lis.such as arc worn nnd l.v the wealthy i.u instinct sjch ns tlriwh sold for fiVj to ijlOuu, uud oilier mil i-le?, lilt, tax which wo.llJ scillceiy he tell Again, an additional duty niuht be laid onvviies spirituous liu'tois, Ve.t but a tax on lea and colil-c would ccitaiiily diliesa the j.oor. A Wor.Kixaniv, The lhenirg I'utt, in its lending, in the same number, entirely dii.-ents fioin the xiew of its correspondent, and, ainung othei things, says : TvTeeessirles of life ol mifh stenter iinnoitanee than lea un I entree me taxed, and tax.d li.iivily, without calling loith any ohjeciion liom those who tpi'iire. iost violently Willi the lea andeolke lax. Mign, wlneli is an aiticle of mole iiuivt tsiil use than cither. no! which n nail of the l.m.1 ol cluldlcu as well as . ad 14 lens 1. I.erlterdlltv. TheUOor lllllll IflX.'d Coal 111 their itiiitfs.aiid stir the lire Willi pokeis ol taxed itun. Tnei aro taxed m eveiv threa I ol cioilim ' ihey wear whether of woollen or silk or eotimi ; i.t Lie slims to llieir leel and the lints winch cover tin tr neaus ; n cy lire tt.ved 111 nil ihe llmileliielils ol llieir ote llllllllolls When we see this, lire vvc llstolll'hed that liny body should be silent in regard to these t .xes mid plead lor u..i.i,.i.,.ii iriim t.ivmioii in lavor nt two c ininodi- ilics which are luxuiies at best and not iie-cessaues e.f hie. 'i'he Sentinel and Democrat copies the fore going, and more, from tho '.' article (ic b too cunning lo copy the " Workingmaii's" coin tnunicalion ! ) prelacing it with the follow inj. specimen of rather siipcr-sublttnateJ preliminary immense: " Then may l.e some oppnsiti,,,i to n tax on these nrtieles, for the ren-on that it tomes moie thieet.eeiH'- cially totle " beiier ball" .1 c..niiii.iiiily, than u lax on nun, i-.iii,iieinii itn.i nie liKe lllliel.s. ' i Were their iiniiiiilation totally piohibiird we should as n nation, is sunn thing moie iiian sMihi.ihhi,(h.oIu'I ter Cll lllllllia V (II tOIIIS.. th.B J..... ....i,.r il... thousand and lib i,iiis nnd .-i.ii1ihs Hi. y lieg, t upon t.ur li Hised p'i)sn a natiiie. Hut we .lid nol nilelid a nioiulleclHieoirilie hoiriiisniiiliiiohmi ur(,.., ,,, collee iliinklilg. but only meant lo hint t, ,t l,,ri,lriit XT- i..n. t... r, r..- ..r sccnutv ol ar,llle m ,vte.xicoin eteiy eontieeiicy, ' ' " 1 ' ' ns well asm pirsent our Ixalioiial iluiiiity mid repu- vvav to give a thrust at Intern il Improvcin tits tuiun u.iiariii'li-d l.y subiuitiing In wh.u is wrong, asjohn lt.indi.lpii swore he would do to "kill: And should ihe IWicivt " declnie or rehise" m follow 1 . Ih. or . eeisiuiis. hi take such n. her lne.wlles as the a sheep!" Without being called on to do so n tin .1 our Couniiy mil ilu pim ol us Iiin- citnerby hwor precedent, he has returned to luliuus, when the power oithe xuxv isse.zed the House the " Itivcr and Harbor Hill (pus-eel iics.Hveil, Tint we also" view with serious nlann' at the bed of the hit sci.m if Cun-'n and any ailempt to annex .Mexico to these L'uiled Slates, J . . nud decin tin reasons lor sin h iiipielien-ioii so ta. y quietly ' pocketed ) With ll Mes-ngC gIV lllg Ills , coinpletely presented 111 Ihe ll.lll I. Xlimton Ui so- rensoits lor vv ilhholding his signatnte tlierefrom ! M""' 'h" e eaiiiiol add lotlieii siiyuutli. ninl then - , .. lolc lecoinineild llieni to llic lepeiiteil ui such The pre'o-teious length of this extraordinary or our lllow-citi.ein ih nie nppo.l to t'uuqnest, nnd .aper, (occupying as it dues soine live colnmiis i. o' tho olliii il Uiiun,) to say nothing of it ho- selves." . . i ,., . t, ., r ,1, ii xtn, , nin V'tn " I llesolved, III thespiiitof the sixth resolution, that mghiit a n iteration of the " Majsville cto, i ; ,.. , f n .., , .,, Uuiied States, have been read hy (.en. Scntt, ! residents, incorporated in my intercourse wild I.t nn i.r.ln.!. IikiI IM llin nr. .IV I.M Ml ... i.n , ,. 1 - I decided wiiowrote them, and impeached the honor, ! them. In this I will mm nt giving an adequate idea of N'evv York City during the " business season" which, commencing tit Ihe opening ol trade early in I lie spring and lasting, usually, until the lir-t of December, or thereabouts, with the exception of a few of tlio warmest weeks in midsummer, is devoted to physical anil mental activity more ron-tant and excessive than, I venture to say, is known elsewhere even among cities, A ic.tsou may be oflered fortius, in the fact, that no other city on Iho globe has been planted in a position so favorable to successful effort in the great enterprises, with a climate removed at a healthy distance from Ihe extreme- oflicatiiud cold; with a great river on either side tho one connecting it with tho eastern Atlantic cities, and t lie other tlie great artery of tlie lhnpire Slate ; witli a great harbor opening, through two safe channels, into the ocean, and more than all, with the inilu-trious New l',ng l itid mind to appreciate these and oth-r singula! advantages. New Yoik was ni.inife-tly setapirt by Providence to bo the gre.ite-t city on thi continent, and more than any, tlie peculiar field nf labor. Tho-e resource are, I say, appreciated, and to ui.iku llieni uvail.ilile million of being i saciiliced. During the open seaon, labor inten-e. unremitted labor, therefore i the laic nf those who lake up their abode here. Will tie great, it is the an-wor lo the contit tied, pressing call for liread. With many, it i- to sustain llic outward form and eo-tly ptra phernalia which I'Vliion, from time to time, tixes as proofs of iiiialily. Hut it i alike nirh We nt Iho following from the Whitehall Denwcrit of Ihe 'Jid instant : Navioitio.n. The Lake and Canal have this )ear Insteu.l of closinn I up nnd rnuiiiiuit; closed, about the lirst ol December, as u-uai,uiey meieiy siispenueii ' lor a .lay or iwu, like soul mercantile linns ol late, and liieii, unlike thise s-mie lueicantile linns, ' resinned operations.' On Prithy morning last, conliary to general expecta tion, tin Sarnnac was seen Imnitnr the I'lbuvv,' and in a lev minutes she was snugly enscoused nt the morning, produce restlessness inn inn minimi, so soon a liu-ines accumulates and the feeling f interest is fully nrou-td, results in hurried movement and nervous action. At about thri-c the noisy eneine is liboring under it maximum pre-sine. All arc now nt work, with nil their lyinpatliies nnd powers enlisted all t inmuii uud eiitliHinni. New oik is niiw fully awake and in il element. It is now living it true life ... . , ,' ..If ' I Vr !. ...... n.t.; . . ,n,-n,.. . t.... t lih. as I heiore rcinirneu, peculiar to 11011, 1 i.m. ... ,s,ui .... . . 1 .1 ' r n even among cine. 1 he sieam 1 up, nnu nie , i -"--"j engine, truly of the "high pressure" order, jarr-1 1 uesday 21. Tlie Senate adjourned after a ing from the rapid whirl of its m unfold but con- brief sesinn, during which no business of Se- si-tent parts furnishes an illustration worthy public interest was transacted. 1 1 bo studied, ol the extreme ten-1 In the Haute. Mr. Wentworth's Internal Im- h.Micv. Hut night one of the safety-valves, of ' proveinent resolution was adopted; and Mr. this olberwi-e self-ruinous machine comes to Hntt., of Virginia, offered the following admira- relieve tho pre. ore and compel to rest. Ilroad- hie resolutions, as a substitute for a series offeri d wav i now tilled, not with men in tho cbarac- by Mr. Kichardon, of Illinois, going the whole ters of anxious speculators or light fingered 1110- length of the President s doctrine in regard to ncv chancers, but vv ith men in the attitude of the ar. .Mr. Ilotts will take care to bo beard, ? I .... anhvnU weary, peevi-h and sleepy. Wall 1 on In substitute ! j resolution, and" toudopt the uiolelIuaciousu,casares H, , niesame inorniug two or three loaded teams to miest the laither progiess . the U ar, ink in.- care , ,...,... v,r,,., x.-(ict..H i-v,..., rmed in 1 to tinihe uniple piovisioii lor ii.e potior, tne saieij mi, , , .,..,",. .. ,..,... .. , ilim (.i1h,u, ' cfl)ld ,,. ,,f 1...11 oil tou) w h ch came m the dav iireviinis. nere-ani boat Miutielier, ot Turns .t Co.'s Line, iniiiilie.1 Ihe Sieniier with a very lair tremht. The S.iraiiao left in the nlteiuoon, bound tor St Johns. As the Neiiiheiu height has now- all hceii loi warded from this place, ve piesiune we shall nol have Ihe plciiMire ol grecini! Capl Cuai'.viax nnd Ins crew again this win ter ninotigti.wc undeisiand the Cuptaiii lillil-r-ll still cunteimlaud mvmg our citizens a ' Oliiistnins Itide.' We leheve the fciaiauiic has the honor ol naviga ting lb' enure Icumh nf the Lake to a Liter penod in the wilier than miyother Steamer. We lrul tho tune i not far di-tant when the id of hi own previous one on a similar bill, iur her Annies ami .Miiiiniy and Naval Chiefi.nus, prevent it publication in our pacr. Hut tlie extraordinary feature in the case is ' this li.i-t.iul Veto Message wasentirely in called for. Tlie House baldly knew what todo with it! Tlio Hill to whit h it relates was as unmatched bravely nn.l skill, we leel that their cup ot glory is lull 10 the brim, ninl that we nre 111 n eouili nou 10 he iirigiiaiiiiiioas without the least danger of loili it ing our honor, while we can hi st picseive the lau rels g'liiieu oy luniif ration lowniiis n tiiscouuiicii it I for all. If von would -co men work, and tint busincs to be done will prevent our hteam limit ah :l veugeiince, go not to the bay field of the -on,.....;, itoiu onivvnig uu iiioir iiiroiiijii uio,, sun.)llrl)l f,irmeri r ,e balli regular times for aitne irst-cold snap, as is the custom, nnu 1 riM10,0 rP0 fri)nl JMurbanco and excitement lie hath tune to eat, anil corn 111 store : go nei ther to tho ore mongers in the iron mines o when it will not bo mentioned as an unusual spectae'e lo see a Steamer running through tiie Like vhen it is as unobstructed by ice as it is in August. Wait till we get the Ship Canal and tho Railroads, and our Whitehall friends Ucsolifd. That vve temice to hear n voice liom the ., -,, ,t.:.... :.. ,i.rt ..r ..K.,.r nohle State ol Kentucky declare, in the lamruige ol , "-v. a ... w.,....... it... c.i. ml. .....Ini ilm, ii...,..i.ttiv,'liri.N.I nti-i. the ire t dead as Opt. White who, the song says, was nc.illy ihselann and disavow any wish or desiie 011 1 (japt, Ciiafxiax is still icn,uea,i,iuieou -'" tin extra poke at 11,0 . ;;; ,, jlwlt mm m.rl i n j;toii to Phittshurgh, pilicy of Hiver and Harbor Improvements in our slaves irom the I'.uied States into such terntory," and nnii may 1 foT a ju0(, tmn. q, Cuptniu sustain these truly 'Hieiieaiis.'iiiuueiit-. (vvbo-o fatriliurily with the navigation of our I Kesolvcil, I hat while we lccoglH.i; aim ie-peci nu- northcrn New York, for they have twelve hours each day, wherein to eat, sleep, drink, and bo merry; but come right here, if you would know tho practical working of tlie original curse "by tho sweat of thy brow shalt thou eat thy bread I am well aware Ihat I am telling to vou ml 'niintrv is" w holly a "work of siijieierogution Whether it will bo likely to oll'-ct future poliii cal sins of its author, or not, we shall see. Its prrfrnt effect, c? pet ially upon tho Western "ib -mociacy," is any thing but (Uttering to -Mr. Polk's powers of reasoning. Tl e Message gnc tho whole length of don; -g tho power of tlio (Icneral llovcrninent to iprovo our Itivers and Harbors, nnd argues lui ,1111! apparent sclf-complueencv. Iheestinii pt. Ciiafxiax is still gallantly navigalin , C ,1 . . 1... 1 1. ----- n to m.inv ol vour re.uli;!. " no new thing. 1 am ! writing, rather, for the benefit of mv younger 1 e I . .. !. . .11 :. I. .1.- l I ...t... 1.. 1, . 1 .....,i, r-,., i.n. leonect l ie . . , , ... . . . . ' menu, vviui senium visit in-j e ny, nuu won 111 cJnsirui.ouainihiV.d .he' Souih ,0 such ilomesiic I 1-aKe, a,.., . uergy, reauy ei.ioiency a.w uri.anity ,,. ,-,. 0 ,,. vprv s, iiistitiitions as iJtheis esta ti.siieu, ana hsi ;.iim as a voininaiitieT, nave inaue mm a universal tXlXM RcU " h cream-colored eve r be mad bv conque.-i to the icrritoiy ol the United " nor-westcr," and turns up the collar, is not the be,! mm to mop for any thing loss than an icelorg qiiued it. it miisi not eeasi tu be I'tcc in our bauds, at least half as big as Mr. I lax wood's I'latls- Than,ui,e late publication of the vener- I h Det for the 0SJenhrSh AW. Well, i.h.. Vim hi- ( , i 1 a 1 1. un 1 IV.iti' with Mexico. we Im 1571 j o-ltiotl witli imt mumiiiuus crunMty , Irul v.uh j;i.iHimt'ainUu'rciUi'iice ill it the i-uriin lion in wi.icli llic HotL nf lU'iuvFehtative- liulil t iU pn-.t'tU- ciu- ,he rclinements of Mr. Polk, may be judged , f "'j!,.' ft by the billowing extract Irom the t.o',igre'ssiun l Globe, of the 'J-id iu-t. Thu Messigt, ut tie t.ino tho follow ing proceedings vvcro hud, had been tree!; before tho members, and Air. Polk nnnot complain tint they did not give Mm nnd in noLtsn or i!i:i'iti:si'NTATivr.R. i) 'ceiiibcr an. iMrnnvutLXTv Mr, Wenlwoiih suhuuited u resolution, and on it be ske'd for ihe pre Vl.-u.s iiuerilioll. Tl... t'leiti read the tt.!ution ns fullows: llemdred, Tn.vr the t !uM.r.A i. ( r.nmi .nt 11 AS Tin. row Lit to coxsrni-cr si i n h.viiiioks a.mi imi not i: sirll Kiviin AS Alll. Mciss.viiv ami riioni, ion nil. inoneriox oi uit.nvvv axp cli: c.iMvn.i,tK, axu ausii ton ti.c nti L.sets or in n c nxriiv Mr. Vt liable moved to lay the icsolution on the ta ble. Mr. Wentworth called lor the yeas and nays on that motion Mr. Ven.ible with Irew bis motion. A brief conveisation ensiled Lelwcen Mr. (tayle, the Sp. aker, nr G S. Houston, and Air. Wentworth, on a point ot o iler. li liootthui called for tellers on seconding the ib-iuaiid lor tlie previous ijticstiuu, nud they were or-d-r.-i'. Mi K-rs. Hoot and MeClelland were niuioiuted lei- lers.and ihey repoi led IUI ill ihe aHirinaiive. Then waslheici; seionil Tin Speaker stated the next question to be, " Shall the uiain tpicuon be now put 1 " Mr t- -I. liigeisoll.beloie be voted, de-sirctl the 1110 vrrol the resolution to give him some inloiin iliou re-pei tmg a erm used in it, as lie was somewhat at a loss to know it piecise inclining What did the gentleman menu by the tenn " lioveinineiil I " The main o icstioii was ihen ordned Mr Wclllv orltl l-nll-l l"i the jres mid lirtjis on ihr ndoptiou ol ihe icsolution , and they were unified. Mr Ciiiiiintngs n-ked loru division of the question, so tint the xole slinuld be liken s.ailllely on tin lilitns itleriing lo inibiai) and pur- ' " Thi Speaker said llic call foe a division came too late. , ,. , ,, The ma in on 'slum w is men put vv m nie nou 0"iet lu the slid lesohiiii n I" raa, nn) So Ihe ifsohilioii vvus ugricii lo. HIS to .11 I A goto 'leal more man ineiwo XV Tho Sentind tj Dtmocrut represents us without ihe impii-iuon ol Mexican to its readers as saying, 111 our comments on Mr. Polk's Message: " 117 content ourselves by sayinn that, before (Hod and man, vve hold the message to be set foith in had i'.nghah," and proceeds to remark on what it properly calls tho " impious" language. Now we shall bo the l.i-t to object to any fair casligation to which wo io say may subject us. Hut we ll.iu. iilaiv ; atul vve look in the con.seiv.itive muiieuee ol j hg.tive nut honorable men us W, Cal ii ii'i, lli-srox, Can rrxtiLN, Curvvin, ManuI'M nud tie ir ti-si ei t fur suae tn igu minions movement to put an end to the war between us uud .Mexico on ho- l mate ii-s iLiat'-s mul Lahiuet tnm.-.eiuis ot I uomas Jlm M.nsoN tii the cuidid regn4 ot all who eheris.i the mciotyo! t.nt cimiient Staiesm ui nn.l I'.ituot l!ioivcd, Tim in view ol theddli, ulue which nre upon our p.esenl unnecessary contest with a iKl-tliburing we appeal to the SlxateoI the Ullileii ctau s, S'.iieiuiig nuu Hoping iur a repetiuonoi his "Virginia attract s' it re-pcctlul near-"Vxx what ... II I I.t.. I..II.. .1... ... . ... . . . . . .. mj, nor will tic- cnmjti.iiii, jiii.o.uiiv , eoae nice lid not give liim and them a " categorical ro ,lv ' " The fnllowiiig telle the Morv : i I the Free Press lat week.) nnd, on Ins mo tion, they were made the order of the day for Tiie-day the lib of January. Mr. Cas introduced a bill raising Tev Addi-tiox-al Itr.iiiMENTs of Infantry. We are gelling ti be a glorious Militauv I'ErfELic! Mr. Uromgnolo's death vxas announced, and tho .Senate adjourned. Tho loitfe occupied nearly the entire day in t'10 reception of petitions, memorials, reports, r -solutions and notices of intention to introduce hills. The resolutions were i hicllv those of in- It That the national integrity, a strict cbeymce of limitations u.tder ihe Constitution, nnd the resist mice of Executive encroachments, are our first elu lies. -d. That territory acquired by conquest brings into que-iiun the national chaiactcr ; and is in xiolaiisn nf me Constitution, in courl ct with the and spirit ol otr iiisiituip.iis, and dangerous to the perpetuity ol the I'liloil , :il. I h it the war with Mextcovvas not broucht on I... xt of ciiuiinerce, and vv hen delegates Irom tho Na- ttti. I'.iititwas brmg'tt on by th-- unaiithor v d thins were ili-cuin.', in graling ih.ilect-, the l,M"rl, " i.njiiiti.i.piiiiii -treet, tlie very " lly vv heel " of the engine when in mntioii, i now ns ipiiet a a country cbuieii yard, with no snund but that of the watchman's r.ip to break the oppre-ive -ilencc. What a contrast to the same Wall street an hour or two before, when it re-olving the financial prnb loin of the Union; when it embodied tlie idea e.Mit-per-cent prol t a id I.ks ol tn lo ! Phis', I conceive, is a picture nf New ork fir a d iv not I lilbliil, because not "colored to the HjW lint every day, finm Ihe beginning loth I i-e nf trade, present tlie same general unt itles the -a:n.' ex iggerated action tho same viciius" it'i"., an I, at night, tlio uppo-ilc e i rem fiu ced ie.iie. Is it nol strange, that o miny, living e.i-ilv and luppily in tho country, will exchange that quiet fur a homo in the city, wlioro a picture like this is always warning them of unea-i-ness and strife 1 Is it not strange, that above tho playful tinkling of a few cymbals, they can not hear tlio united voices of half a million fel low being, steadily going up, to tell ol 1 ilor, t r suffering, or poverty, or crime. A. U. i.ot i.T cai)i:mau. cocr.T r vsrs. ciuttemu:s coc.ntv, kov. adj. term. jct; misconceptions which cither establish in them a dista-te for Ihe secln-inn of country lif or lead theni to exchange that sccln-ion for the innro exciting life nf the city, which, in lime, always becomes to them oppressive. They spend a few days here, and see in iguilicent houses, and "nts" of gold in the show windows of the brokers, and splendid coaches and horses, and men and women "clothed in purple and line linen," and a multitude nf otlier fine thing, and too often are led to believe that all tin- comes of living in the city, and as a matter of course. Hut wo will return from this digression, and show from what all this does result. The professional man, tho merchant, the me chanic, and tiie day laborer each earns his nuialile terms Ill-solved, That nmong the illustrious living men vv ho by th.-ir w hole live, hive done honor to our l.'ouu 1 1 v , the rntT in oih conli leiice and m our nllecii uis is 1 IftN'KV C'Lvv of Keiitn. kv a Patriot above suspicion, nn, I a Statesman without '. qu il ; mid vve trust the day thai, before God nnd man. vve hold the Mes, s ige, hi eveiy respect that concern this odious, wick ed, cruel and abominable war, that is tilling with ..,..,..,,!., .! lie., I!,.,,l,hca n, ,1,.,,,,. ,!,,,,, inil baud when Ihe Ain.-neau People will vindicate till7.ens to be ll ti-suc ol stalellieuts. bid liieii own clru.icier by e.iiph ui -ally inniiiesimg llieir ,m,t5 nnd bad morals, s t lorth (with appiopnate ;u appreciation oi ms e.xaiieet seivices ana ms peer- cnnsi-L-ncy) in bad I'lclisli. We are obliged tn tell the Editor ol the Sen- object to stiirrilloiH jienenitms of our language livehbord at a dearer rate here than he does in which make us utter brainless profanity like , thu country. His earnings may bo greater, hut that quoted above. What vve did say is as fol- hi expen-es are so much grealer in proportion, lows; as to compel him to devote that time hereto ' vV. content ourselves, on the present occasion, by active duties, which there might be spent in ne- In . less Wol i 11 ).l comilli! lo ihe name of Ilr.s-nv C' in the lit resolution, the leader was iiiternq ted hy ihe mo-t (',.t that ill representing us lo his leaders in the e-iiii.s.isui; ii uii long piouiicieil llieeiing, lilsoiiiuen that il w.ts some nine h.-fo.e be was sail -red to com- ' iiIi-Ih II I nil I ce-.'ii ll.Kii it iff Ilu-r.. ii'i-,.. Hi JHllesta lions of applause I Supreme Courl, Tiio December Term nf tho Supreme Court for Chittenden County commenced on Tuetday hst. Present; Mr. Chief Justice Hover:, Judge HnxxtTr, Judgo ixLLi.oso, anJ i Judge 11 all. m inner he lias thought proper to do in this in stance, he l u done it very dirty trick, and such a one as un gentleman ever descends to. The Tcli-sriiili. We arc glad to he able tn announce that the work of wiring our Magnetic. Telegraph Line it now in rapid progress, and will be completed without unnecessary delay. The whole of ihe wire h i been delivered nnd distributed, and the ) Superintendent and Trustees aro indefatigabl Tho Court astembled at nbniit half past i" puhinTiirward tho enterprise. Ui expert. I I o'clock, on Tuesday, when Kov. Mr. Pr.A- "'' Ihit communication will he perfected with UonV made a inn-l (mpre-sivo and appropriate! 1'enningtnii (from Trn.y) early the coming wceR, timer. Tlie new Sheriff, .Mr. Hloiicet, there- and in two or tlirco vveek,at f,irtluPt, vve tru-t, il.inu nnnonnceil the opening ol tho hei-sinn hy t'eusii il itinn, and taking tige of the " o piling," wi slipjied nut. IlnrllugtoriXvill ho within half a second's drive of New York. Arrangements have not yet been undo for the It Wt iiieglsd to be able to announce that vve transportation ol yassengcri,, however, nor t hive mule arrangement to secure very rtli.tlp t c,-' to "I'Ji'-t licn they will bo. Wo rcmein abstracts of the Deri.ions tint m.iv be nnnnunr-, l,,r bV '' reading of an old lady whoso as well nis.hiiciil niieilu h.,i it....,,. ' .i,i,.l. ,n.,riie rriiiiiro I to render a Veto indu ced the Ulllld ol ihe 1'iesiJtnt pt u,lvi-ni,. ,, m. . .,- it . , , , these delicious unicles." ""vi-in. u lax on , , -,lr. 1; U respectlillly invited to Perhaps this remarkable folitlcal ccoiioinht come on with Ins Vetoes, will tell us jiovv, "as a nith n," vve sliou'd be I " belter nil'," ir all were deprived of the I W Wo c',r" fr,)nl ,1,0 (V"'','i"" ."cwfl"' "luxurj"of lea and coffee, nnd u market for tl o ' (recently published at Newbury, Imt now ro. saleof 8100,000,000 worth of our cottons, ic ' moved 'tu Jlimtpelier,) that several ruses if &c. wero closed against us. As b0 "did nut S.null I'ox havo occurred in Newbury. Mrs. tncW a mural Iccttiio'' (!) perhaps hi may bo ( lr. St. veils, uu estimable- village, inclined to favor in with what would bo quite wd fallen n victim tu this terrible disea-c; and gerinain to tho matter a jdUicrhecnnnmkaloK, j Iberu wero several other cases. A good deal ol" on iho topic. Wo wait to lo informed. ularin appears tn havo prevailed, hut appiehen llut tho concluding suggestion, tliat Polk pro-' sions or tl, spread of Iho disease, we untlur posoa lo tax our tea and roll'eo to r.iiso two or stand, area good ileal allayed, threo millions more to carry on a war "in the t ' xital )iarti" ol Mexico, and kill n few addition tl J Wo sm-pecl ilmt that wag of a 1'urtcr, ol thousands of her prostrated people, ai a matter I " The Spirit of tlioTitnos," ib tbo nutlmr of the r ' iienlvolence." is worthy tlio palmiest days . following Conundrum. It is an atrocious nlorw of Iho Sentinel's sagacity I Wetako particular , of levity, and vve liopo nobody w,u ltMv , jt. pleasure in calling tho attention of tho Wash-1 Why is a dog's tall like tin heart of a tree ? Ington Union toCmt paragraph. cd during Iho Sessinti. Our readers may le p1eaced In learn that their old acijuaiiitance. "Tiio 11 ink Suit," i still nn hand! Heciuso il i the farthest from tlio tW To Kent ; mul possession giien iiiiiiicdliitcl) ! Tho largo and roiiiuiodious e.lifico on tl o cist side of Church Street ill this Village is with out a tenant', Tho arrangements fur the secu rity and ipiiet of tho occupants of this edifice hive been undo nt considerable expense, aid tlie instance of a thief or ultimi'liag ta lireu into il, i not known. It Is provided with lodging apartments quite accurately adjusted to tho average size of men, and vv iich are quite comfortable when tho man and the bed aro not both in tho mom at Iho same lime. Tim bed stead, however, aro of tho kind called "turn up," nnd any confusion that might nriso from the rause suggested, is easily avoided through the night ly nut turning them dow n. Tho rdi lii c is of brick, and tho windows aro arianged first experienre of the rapidity of liailicaij trav eling led her to declare, emphatically, that " il was fa enough for her, and nobody would ev er catcli her going a rod on Ihat dreadful emetic: Telegraph !" The idea of" catching " any thing that li is once got fairly started on the Tele graph, is worth thinking of! JTOn ihe subject of "grainmtr" wo have concluded lo turn our neighbor the Sentinel over Dl)r. Ctibband thai "little gitl or IS." lie he justifies nol only the war, hut tho bid gr.unmir with which Pulk de fends it. Such srlf-sliilllfying parlian.-bip is rate, lu Ids latest lino historical illustration, ho says to us ; " lu reply tolp's flaiierhi2 compliment, we will say that we have long considered him a Hrfect bloodhound in the chaw pf grammatical errors, nnd have no tlouht he can detect their odor as far as a vulture can lite slt-ncli of a dead jackass-" Saying nothing about the odor of an error, wo call that HYiot"- writing. ceary relaxation. This is the ease with the mm working with his h md, and Iho man wink ing through hi held. Selli-hnes i tlio High l'rif-1 Commerce the Altar, and every power of man's intelligent being, as well as every pb i al energy of man and heist, tho victim. The tanner, looking funn Hrnailway proinr- liule upon the llion-aiiil and niio minute stagis hurrying hy, wonders by whit process a spanol horses can be made to trot away brikly befoie a CHinhroii- heavily Ironed coach, loaded vvilli from twelve to tvvcnly-lvvo well fid men and women. Should the same thing bo told him while on hi farm and looking upon his strong "team tugging slowly befme the hall ol such a load, he would declare it impossible. And it i. Impossible, except as interpreted by the neces sities of Commerce, which here, recognizing n -thing higher in the principle of life than in t ie force nf gravity, con-iders tlio former us common and exbaiistless a the hitler, and taxe tue one with the same freedom that it applies the otlier. In a conversation witli a proprietor of ono of tho omnibus line, 1 gained some very piiulul fid, touching the cruelly tint characterises, tlio "tender mercies" nf ihe commercial spirit. He endeavored to show me that to make money they nil be cruel ; that il would in no way answer their ends to allow their horses cither, food or rest a llieir nature 1 supposed else whole to require ; Unit, a a in itler of economy, they purchase high spirited, able to en dure great privation, and drive thein eighteen h nirs of the twenty-lour ; lint the sooner ihey are killed hy vvoik, the belter a doctrine sadly at war vvilli the ineicllul policy of Iho firmer. I introduce these a furnishing a f tiniii u ex ample of the victimizing spirit of trade through oat tho business seaon. Thus driven to the imit of endiiiance ; thus living last tu die toon, t leso panting, sweating rack horses, vvhilo they form a contrast to the moderately worked teams SidnrtJ lltnloic V Kdicmd H'ttintciisht. A , us 'ii'i.. iii..ii..i. ii i.pp-are 1 t'l ii th- d-teliuanl hy a ;j-o egueliKtlt, hired the plnni titf's store, lor a period ot ave year, commencing on the. I day ol duly, IS!! ; .it tui uuuuul lent ot s,g.', piivuhle st'im- illiiii ill) on tie- let ot OiJotier nud 1st ot Apill. 11 ivmg occupied tlie sture hill u lew months, under this iigieemeiil, the defendant lonoeiln p.nluei ship Willi one Aloli.i V ainwtlght. The lliltl occu pied the same building mid paved the s une lent and at the suae w any new eontiacl with I the plaintlll'. 'Ihe p.iilneiship liemg siiI.m qui imy lllssulce.t. the lleleml.iHt tuutlllueil 111 possess,, ,tl umii tlie .' li ol July. 11 1, when he lell the premise, paid tlie rent due lo til it tl ly.nll.l lendeied pu-es-iun lo Ihe plainlilf, which Ihe laller declined lo leeeive, and the budding leinnmed vacant until ihe Stli ol Nuviuher, the s-mie )ear. This in nun was brought to recover rent Irom the time ihe building wasvaeaicd until it was re-l, t The defence le-ted on the ground that the agreement leir the store could not operate a a lease Irom )enr to year, lecause the contract was by its term, although by paiol, a lease lor live jenrs, that the defendant did not individually occupy a )ear, either prior or nibse queui to the occupation by the linn. The courl con sidered the coiiniici us a leu- ut will, which, by our staiute, operates as a lease irom year tu year, with all its incidents, but since ihe plaiiiliU'lind te-letthepieui-ies during the second h ill year he could recover rent only to ine commencement of that period, or lo the fust of (J.tolier. Judgement nceordimly. Chailes Hussell.lur 1'ilf. Sinalley .V l'helps, fur D.I. Juiridt Whii'ile r Tuirii o llwhnnind. '1 ms was a iiioliun to set aside a repoit of commis siuueis, appointed tu lay out a lugiiwuy over the p.aiuull's laud Cause of excep nous was nn nlleged uuceit-iiHii ol d seiiptiou in the icport Thecoiini.i- sioiieis had discontinued putt ol mi old toad contigu ous to the new one, nnd in llieir report described it us all that pomon ol Ihe old load l)Hlg between the trr niiiii ol ihe new road In defining the new road nlsn ihey did not speedy parncul.iily ns mete mul bounds, but leleried In the pl'illllltrs p till. ill, III which the mad was, m tact lully deseiibed The couit intmi.iied Ibere was Hot siillleletll glouild to set Uslde the It-poll, but recoiiinuiled it tormiiei.ilmcnl A II. Mnyirird, A-ahel I'eck. lor PhiuiitV v m. 1' imgg', 0 I) Iv issoti, Sinailcy .V. Phelps, for UiLliiuoud. li'ileit .iji 9r c- II Srymtiiir. D.-bt on timid euiiditioiicd to execute n deed of bind, with ii-uiil cov, ii nits ol vvarimiiy. Plea, eleieu.laiil had executed a deed agiteahly tu the con union, .Ve Tneevide'Heesliowcd that Ho leamititer deril hid been til veil, but meteiy a quit -claim deed, and that the pi.imiii! had izoiie into puss, ssion under it nud had snlfeied no eviellon. The couit held t'lele was a lechmtal hleath ol the hon.1, but -Is the pl.lilltltfll.ld in fact (.t.t.iiited mid cnjo)eil the land ill question, and no eviction or loss was show u, he was entitled only to luminal damages. Judgment, ten cents damages and COslS. lings- V Underwood, Aihel P,c.,lor Till. Kassou ,v Ha, kit y, lor Uit J. l.l'ainsiejitli r S II It nnu. Win. li. I'tuse Jv Alt'tirtts H'ttti'Jinif. Assumpsit on n promissory note. Plea, -tatute ol limit lllo lis. Issue theieoit Tue plallllltf ploved a new promise by llillles - and the t leslion was raised wheliier this was sulheteut as auti-l the other two Subsequently however lie tillered evidence tending to shown new promise by the otlier detelidaills also. The ioniroveiy was wlieihcr lhelitiiguii;eoI the last two tletendailts sullieienl lo take the ease out ot ll.e statute The court held that, inasmuch ns there was un express uJinissioll b) each defendant ol the ex istence ol Ihe debt, u laecoiuj lined Willi unvilinvill- 1 lgue-slupiy ll.lll" st ilute hit wa8reuiuvcd,aud ten- oeretl JU Igllleill loruie piiimi.n Kas-on mul lluekl -y.lor l'.ll. Asahel Pit k, lui U.-iI. Teien o Ihtrl'uigton v Tuirn of Richmond. Pauper Case. Appeal lioni order ol removal tetern d til a re.erce lo elect le uce-ordlllg In law l'x. tepimiis la Ins reH.rl Tue piuper's setileiii 'iit was t-le.ill) in Ulihliloiid,mil'-s he had since acquire d nne in Wiilisiou, bv seven jt-ais resilence in tint place 'I'm s. vvn )ens was interrupted hy n rtsidciee ol s, me mo tli in Pu-hnuion, under the following ,-ir- tiiiiirliuc.-s ,v line icstu.ii,; wiin llisiauiili in VV i;, 1 av or to VI x can term r b. riiilvvhave i.n liyht tn clnim hub-mi Uy to. i e ev e .si's i f a wnr on by ihe ii -ndtfised nnd ii p ovoke I net ot our public tuiie'tioiin is. tith. l'liai ihe hon -r . f i. i nation dee not cutis st in exacting lerr.toi) .rom Alexico. lo whuli we h.ive no clui. ii, ami )iel. tun: '.o (treat llritimi teimniy the to wlui h nredec.nied lobecleariind unqii tioti ai. le, mid that lo evade the stn.i g, nnd puiue the weak, does not peetit the honor, couingetr greatness ol tie people HI llletr line llg 1. Till. '1 lull lo e.xiut indemnity from Mexico would devolve upon us the net essity ot niakniir a similar de mail. tm all future wars, which would involveus in itteiiiimable coiithct or ol surrendering a princttle now- insisled on or .ndispensible to the pieservatiotrof our national liouur. sth. Tint no more territory ran lie annexed to the United States, hy virtue ol Ihe vvnr,wiihout involving the agitation of .loine-tic ihfliciihics,!iegettitig section nl and weakening the ties that connect us tojt the r Uth. Tint if conquered territory le not the object of the war.vwcai jierceive no rea-sai for conti uing 0 ir Loops m ti.e h-.iil ol the eneni)'s count , by which ll.eir lives ale uimcctssau1) extiosed, uud our resn.iicct u-el ss.y expended. Uth, Tuat ii conqti 'ring nation Ins nothing o p-el end Iron-, an exbili.tioii of iiiiginmii'.. rosity to H Jnjelle.1 IO-, lend that a w - f liliyi.liie fiolnlh' puisu I i.l Liunage un Ivvii'.ioiu in. i.t tin.' ih. imputation ot ret i 1 I - ' Id Ole s . restoring a.specdy and honorable ieate xeojid be un ib r prop, r prehnnna ) mraiig'mems to witlidiaw our t n n s, aln ndy coven d with iilory, and surtiiteil Willi success, in mc nne an I luminal tKiuudat) ot Texas, at the time ot its iinnextiiioii 1 1 the Uuiteil states I'Jih, That oui i isiitiiiiou-, founded un the i tits of in in, fcp' the do. tune that "might minces i t, the tret-hooters plea nud pirate's laws ; and s,, mug ,u we oiler an a-j nun to the oppres-ed, nnd ree-o.'i ize " Id.-, liberty mid the pu. suit ol luipi ine-s' am ng ibe ti.ahen.ihie rights ol man, we cannot tus,si Hie ilisiiiemherment ol mi eiiqureas ihe price ol p ace tilth, llesiiHed, if, upon the restoiatioii ot teace, the iteeessiiies ot our commerce shall require n haihor on any pan of the .Mexican territory, in California, we nre nble, nnd sliou'd Ik willing, to pay wuL-l.l become n great nnd honest s-opl . llth, Resolved, That if it shall be determined by the people through their Representatives that this war shall lie limber prosecuted in .Mexico, n then lscoiiies Ihe duty ol all parties to protect our national glory ai d brave army, by tarnishing all necdi'ullsnpphts ot men und money, to entry it on with vigor and etlect Wednesday -J1. In the Sciute , .Mr. Hale c f N. II. presented two or three memorials on tne s ihject of slavery in tlie District of Columbia, and undo a strong cflort to prevent their being 1 lid on the table, without effect. Thai " (, .- " will get a load of anti-slavery petitions, by and by, that will makoitshtkol After a short time spent in Executive session, tlie Senate adjourned. In tlie House no business of special public interest was transacted. Ti'mr-day 23. Ucth House', afcr a svort sj.-inn, and the announcement nf the deith of (len. Ilainer of Ohio, adjourned over till Mun-day. Hummer's .Method or prrpnrius .Hniiure. Those of our readers interested in Agrirti'tu r.l pursuits miy remember that vve called at teution, some time in Octolter, to ' ll. miner's latent .Method" of preparing and prixluring Manures, and published, in a siih-enii.nt nancr. tho Letter of Mr. Ullsworlh, Commissioner of 1 ateut, to show Uonuner's Patent to bo n-elcss Thu statements vve then made were made on high anthoiity in .urli matters tho intcllig.nt President of our Agricultural Society and no motive, of course, but to subserve tho inter ests of the Farming community. We insert to dsy, under our Agricultural heading, a communication from Mr. Kh Ihrnett, of Hartford Conn, on the subject ol this Moth nd," in which gentlemnn, it will be seen, maintains that injustice has been xl.ino to a real ly valuable impruiement in agriculture, by the attempt lo depreciate tho merits and validity nf " Hummer' Patent." u- farmer, after hear Ing both side, as go.-d imliey . wt. aj!rnes demand., will form their own oi!niunln tho premises, t T W, t,!1d I'll n few dnj s since, to the exte n ix Sr"tKl''. " "'x "' ullr enterpiisum neighbor, t" vv 1 eutoii, l.sq , which no in ihe tide of j,xptTin-iii .Mr Kniun Ims a lnry- numtirr of II Mill. IMIilllV nf llii.ii- tl. i ... I u ... I I, the paiqs r vvus coiniiiiiled in ihe teiiiiiiyjnil in I ronstanil) engni;ed in the inaul.iclure ol hue I it lu.luigl..u....ian.v hiy lie suhsequeiiily gave bonds ninl , I r lld t. hiu.i Wuie ; nud ibe Wnie whul, be is now the luii.tsfioH. .May lo D. ioher.wl,,,, he bn.d l,..u,e miking is dec.dedly suiior lo the best un s.itc.1 w itlnii the liiinls, leuiuved us lannly ,,,,,1 ceci,ni I ware ol'ihe s-iiiie kinds We would rail Ihe alieiit.on U itiistoii and eoiiiHienced bouse keeping , l,lrht,u. i nl .,,e iner. b.inisol iln Siale lo this establishment ag of the country, illustrate well the degree to L,3,.y NeV lotll which, here, everv power of mind, us well as I Ihe r.oii taund , , . r . , ii .on, lie e-.iiei milieu lilt- uiieuor II. slglf o letlirillllo ' XI r I . hotly, is forced. Physicians and lawyers, mer- to Wilhuon, after Ins disiliarKe ; unless a more lavor-1 Many of our reader-, are not aware, wo pre- ehntits ami stock. inhbors. ehiiiiiiev svveen nnd abl street sweeps, rag-picker and rug-wearers, hor sc and men, nie all thus in bondage tu the ter. ible oieiiiiig should, in ihe mean time, present iisell" Ihe counsel tor Kithmciiid conien.t.t ,i,n, H. .i... laitper's residence in llurliiigtoii was invohintarv and the intention toicturn still tnieruitied, hi rcxa'euce sinne, that tho kaolin, or jwrcelain clay, from which Mr. 1 intov manufactures tho fine ware mentioned hy the (tazctte, is found in II mg. f 1

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