Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 31, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 31, 1847 Page 4
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IITTHLTlVC-ITOiV FREE PRESS, FRTDAY MORjVTNC. DECEMBER 31, 1847. V.'a,hi, Jfivt-iry A: Clocks.! V. It NI. I.I. Imn jitt returned from BiiiB New V.iik illi a latgc nssottnicnt of maj,ciii:s..ii:wi:i,uv ami clocks, KlNCT AltTKI.KS AND TflVS, consisting ill pntl of llit- following nttides Fine Gnhl Levels and Lepines, Silver levers, full Jewelled nml Vcigc WATCIII'.S i Gold Fob mi l Guard Chains; gold Specks nml Thhuhlc n large nssnrtmcnt nl Stone nml Cnmcn l'ina. of llie latest lyles ; Stone nml Cmn.'o llrucolcts ; Diamond Rings ! plain, chased stnne nml scale llinps, nl every descrip tioiii cold Slides nml Kejsj gold Lockets ol iliin-rfiil patterns i n large tinrluioiitot liar Drops nml Kings ff'iMnml pearl Studs, plain nml stone sellings gold Snaps of nil sijess silver Datt". I'insnml llndsi pearl mid shell Cnnl Cnscj ivory TnliUt'l head and silk 1'urses, silver lYneiU; steel nml silver Spei l.s Scis nit, Knives nml llim.rsj tooth, h.iir mid clothe, Unfiles. And he will keep constantly on hnnd n good nsHoitnient of Mich goods ns come in hi-line, nnd tell as low ns can he bought elsewhere. J. V. RANDALL. TWIingtnn.Ort. 12, 1917. 1G II JUITLAXI. AM) HI'ftLI.M.TON HAILK0A1). tv W O ASSF.SKMF.NTS, of live dollars inch, I have heen laid hy the Dileclois nn cnell share of the Capital Stink of the Rutland nnd Ilurlington liailroad Company one mnde payable on the '.Mill ilnv of .lanuaiy next, nnd the other on the 15th day of Fcbiiiaty next. rnvnient lliav he made to the Itlliks nl tlnt-lini.. ton. Yemenites, Middl.-huiv, Kutlaml, Mark River, or llellow" Tails. i.r ,.. (,'liH llaok. Kerne, N. II., to IMwird riekeiine. lq. No. B.) State sticel. i-.'-i. ir i" me i teas.ner nl tl's olliee in .MltMle on.r . . A.viui.L. ovII I, Tiensuier. I)'erniber , IS 17. mwti 'IUIE SU.fSCIiUfL'K Not mvun I dl'pnsi il ol all his pine Illnndcd Melino Illtehs. in, Mioses In lei what few ln Iris left. cm these conditions, t.. I... taken on thel'nt day of.lan limy next, mid letiini on the first ol Mny IHs) Those who are desimusef obtaining fine wool can thus he Mlj'pllcd Willi the hi-s ill lull ks on these roll- ilnions. 'I hsc wishing had better call mis the fii-t who comes can ol'coiiisc have their choice &ny. ,, ,. WM.C. HARRINGTON'. Hiiilnigtou.Dcc1. In, IS 17. '.'I li.'iw Iloiikx. PKTKR.SDORF'S Abridgment, 15 vols., London edition. Vincr's Abridgment, SI vols , mlin.London edition. Pike's llvchequ-r Reports, 0 vols. Mccsun it Welsh s do. do , II vols. Common Law Rip. rt", fll vols. do. do. do Digist. Piinkip's I'.ilej's Agency. S.iund.-is' I'lc.-uhug mid Cvldence, S voli. Stephens' Pleading. Seiigwiik o.i Damages, llainson's Digest, a vn's. II lie's IVa-i.t the Crown, 3 vols. Kn -fll on Crimes, '' vols. Smith's Lending Ci-shs, J vols. Willi n hrge collection of Law Rooks, for sale nl lwe,t city prices. C. GOODRICH. Die 10 3 .1 V.MKS Tl! CONVICT by C. 1'. R. Jam XI.H- HOIIK. r The HypiK-rite imtmsked, , price -3 cts , fni sale by 1..UVV AliUS, . U. Hatch, Wmuuki Talis. TAY MARTIN or the AIO.JHV DIGGURS, J"l by D. T 'I'd. ! n ti , ii nt In .r olihe Gie n Moun tain IJos,v.c , price S3 its Tor sale nt wholesale nndiel.nlby C. 11 IIDWAROS, Durlinuton, nnd W, 1J, Hatch, v inooski Talis. Hook Iliiidin. The siibseriher has received n choice lot ol l.nuy binding Slock, nml will serve bis cnstolliersatld the nublie u-illi pleat-ute. on short notice. Nov. 1817. SAMUEL IIUXTIXGTOX. JIUS. riJASIMJ ms ji'st iiirrunxni) f" in ro V-tI; w itb , sum le ..i I',-!,. ionable Millinery, Ri.b llonnet Silk" nnd Satin, Vel vets, Flush. Tl'.weis, Rihhoii., Tenthei, Laeis, Col lais, Hands of Plain Ibui Tiinge-, Gvnis, ,Vc. Also, Alpacra for Clonks nnd Dicmch, nnd ready mail- Hals anil Caps. H'A TLU3 lirtt rate Milliner nnd Ilremnker. , M. TRAST.U. Burlington. Nov 19,1817. "Jlwfi to m:t. 4 DWErXlNCJ HOUSB, Ihit.v ami Cut- la rinye me, henutifnlly lK'nteiI in this Vjlh-je. Foriuither iiifonnnthiii nj'pf to tiiis oHicc. I' VIV IS A .VI) OILS. V I1ITC 1 UAD.drvnndin oil; French Yellow ' Uug Vi n Red, Red Lnd, Verdigris, Whiiing &r ,n.c. Also, Lin I Oil. by lb- bariel or lets qtiiniiiy. yfJIUXG, DOULITTLC !j CO. Dec. 1,1317. Ituflhlo Biolics. TV you want to see n large and good nssortment of Rob-'S," better tbanbeloie It. ought to this urn let," call in look nt I. D. 1I1XBY st Co's. D R TrTc H AR D S", Till: CLLEDHATCD 1XOIAX DOCTOR, ) i:sPi;C'l ri'LLY give, notice, that he has la J V. ken up his ies,enci. -m Builingion. Rooms ot th" Trv.nki I.N 11'JILL. He has w th him 7",e Crlctirntnl Indian I'nnr 'mill, f3" free nnd independent ol nenui. .jl'J All the patient will inhale is the medicinal virtues ol roots nnd heibs, mite.l lo any diM-ate with which the pa tient may be ntllii led. Dn. UiuiAittis. is well known in many of the cities, towns mid villages throughout the Uoit.-d Slates. patients have been relieved by his kill. He can spenk undi rrinndingly in the Tiench language, two tongues in Indian, at well us in L'ug liih. Call nml tee him ! Builingion, Dec. 3, 1817. 23if. Cli llllphliii Tiaiispnrliilioii Loriiiiuy, THE STOCKIIOLULliS OF tub Cham. X plain Tinnsportatiou Conijiany me heicby uoti fiecl, that the mmu il mei ting toi ihee.'ttioii ol Dir.'t. torsotsiid coui()iny, lor the ensiling yenr, and lorthe tiaiisticlion olsucll other bil-ltlens may be thought proper when met, will beholden at the American Ho tel, in llie Village ol Burlington, on ihe Insi Thuisdny of lii.xl, all o'clock. P M. I DUOLITTLi;, Clcik. Builingion Dec. 9, Id 17. HIJULINGIO.V AMI ri.ATT.snilriGII stvgi:. MTSSRS. F-llis .1 Churili in conneeiion with Mr. Lowe of PI tishuigh. will comiiieiue running their H.igt, ngaiu, liom lluibugton to Plutisburgii, leaving ciuh pUce nt tl i.'clmk, A M., daily, except Sunday, via Grand Isle, as soon ns the ire Hikes. All bnsinisjentru-sied to their care will bo punctu ally intended lo ns usu il. The business having in. I crt:ib'd since we commenced miming this line, we have, teen induced to reduce the lure Irom yi.OO to 1,50, Lxliabtuitiicbcd at shun nonce. LLLIS t CHURCH. Builington Dec. 8, 1817, 2lwl Allien ami i:vn:.N!iK asmjuijilnt cf WINTUIt GOOUS, compiling PttV OoijUS, I I'Al'EK IlANCil.Mia, UttoCLRlcs, I Cahieti.ngs, Funs, are now oflered in the public, at wholesale and retail, by thesubscribcis.ou the mnet s .tislu. toiyienus JIOVIXMX H GOULD. November 2fi, 1817. aitl car imjti Nu. OO AO YDS. CARI'lTIaG, 100 DO tmd V stair carpeting, 200 v. Is. fluor Oil Cloth, 5-S fi-l and 12-1 Drusgett, Rujs, Window Shades, Piano Forte and table coveis mny be found at C. F STANIFOKD it Coa. CROCKERY. On thousand dollais wmth ol Crockery, China and nlnss Wtile. Ills.. Iiokillir (tlarsts t.f l-l-pri' and price, from 23c. to 810 each i an be had at puces a-itislailory to purshaseib of U. I . tiTA.viiont)st Co. JVI i:.iioniAi.s or .m:Tiiniii rtySte- UUXTIXGWX'S. I') Nov. 1S17. INevv lot of Violin Hows nml Slrings.. Bas.1 Viol tilings of the best Quality, nt Oct. 20. I. IIAXDALL'S iinwi: t'lxisiiisas. S THONG DOOLITTLUiVCnJinve on hand n large stock , cniupr.Htig it is believed every mti ele reqimed ill House linisliing ; such a I'enil White middnik .Miucrnl Knolw.vvilh Jnpp in and Silver plute LN-utcheniis, silver plated Knobs, Hell Fulls and Trim'gs .Mm nets lucks and liilclies.l'laie.ldn, lllnke's lull-he, cast and wio't Iron nariovv ami broad Hulls, Hcrew s. Window- Springs, hooks, Cupboard ratchet, 1'auite, liiilow-sasli, i'utty, Liiisetd Oil, NailsAc. A.c. Ilurlinjtcvn 0cc. 1S17, FU KS. -i t irt'i'u Lteg-llit St'ilte Maitlil, Filch, the very 1M lieftihi'ik'sdji nan S.ialncll, (Jcnelte.nnd lots of ...I Ilim.Nnliirnl Color nml Rlnck nnd Tippflls. mine i'..,i.'l'o cases Oiler Cnps, th it inn t he outdone. Also, Fine Neiitria.. Mn'krnt, unpineKeu Kur. nnd vmious other styles ol Cloth nnd l ur 1 liui- ined Caps. ,-m-i, i : . "'i': 1 . 1 1 i ........ aensnti. rn.vt inte imini o iiniin, An nddilionil lot of Toper Hangings, nml one of the bcH selectrd slinks of FAXCY AXU STArin DRY GOODS In the Stale. Just leplenithed. Nov. in, i8t7. ffjt. iiurti.nuT. IRONMONGERY. 7 Xfk KKGS assortki) Cut Nails. I KfXJ ItWTons do. Itniiinl 3-lfi lo 3 inch Iron, lot) Tons Assorted Square 3-S lo 2 Inch lion. " Hand 1 Lit to 3 inch do. " Hmie k S Tolle'i-i to 11-3 do. " I lolsf. Shoe ll Tire I MX 3 Bin r.X 3-8 do. " Swedes linch to 3 huh no. " Russia, old Sible do. 10 Tons Assorted S inderon's Cnt Siel. " Tin; mul Aineiican Spiing do. " Gctinan do. " Knglish niisterr.1, L. do. " American lllitered, do. " Swedes nml Am Toe Cnlk do. " Iloise Nml llods. " jloop Iron, 5-8 lo 11-1 inch. Cro Rars, Cutter nml Sleigh Shoes, Wio'l Iron Axles, Cast lion do., Ilooksnml hinges, Sleel springs, Anvils, Vises, Screw plales, IMlows, Log nnd Trace chains, Post do , Wto't N.nK Iloise Nails, cnrriige holts, I'.uinlil. Preserving Keith's Glue Poi, Sauce Pans, Tea ICeitles, Clven and Arch Kettle Moullis, llrns Kettles, Hollow Wain, eookinu pallor mid bin Stoves, caldtoll k.'tlles, PlnugS enstillgs, Malleable Iron Nulls and other castings, Tiy Pans Wnhers. Shiet nnd llai Lend. Sheet Zinc. Shot, lion, lliass.v. Ci'per wire, Sheet lliass, Douglass pumps. Lead ipe, Shovels, Spades, scoop shovels, lines, .Manure nnd Hay Turks, Ilnv Knives, Grind stone cianksiiud roll ers, sad lions, TnilniK' Iro'is, shovels mid tongs mul stands, counter scales nml weights, Henvy mid hand steel Ynrds, llroad mid Nnriow Ae, Ades, Hatch ets, Cm Augers, Waggon ami Out l!ovs,-e. iVe Ilv STJiUSd, DUOLITT.i: S CO. Dec. 1,181". NEW MARKET, Till. siuVcrilier having fitted up the basement of his new building nl the corner nl Church and Co 1'ge streets, in the hiM manner, hereby gives public notice that he intends in keep n G E ir E R A I. M A R K E T, where will ntnll times be found a full supply of BETF, ny llie qnniier orpouuu, SALT I'OUK, ri:rn ruiiK, CIlUNKt) DUtf, cornhi) mutton, I'llUl.TUV lit ALL KINDS. , PICKLED Tlllli:, llllIKU I1KEK, FltEslI AND EEK.f TOMit'E". SALMON, VIACKEIini. SIIOkEU HAMS, iiC. also ticct, Onlmi', 7'iiniiis, S'iiashe, Cahbitgcs. I'arsneps, Carrots. I'ntaltKS, Cilery, ti'ooth.'r vv illi I.nrd, TiiMow in, Cmiilles, All of the very best qualitv tlie country produces, nnd nl ine lowesi piiee nu uioa. Tiie subscriber bopestb-it this lirsi niiempt toestah libn general market in this Town, will meet with n liberal encouiage cut on the pail ol the public, to whom it cannot fail to prove a souice of convenience mid advantage. WM 0 HARRINGTON. Burlington. November 17,1417. TEAS. OLD HYSON', Yoi;.t. Hvsox, Hyson Skin, and I! lack tens. Sunis. Brown, Loaf, Powdered, nnd Codec tugars, superior article, 011 hand nnd for sale. Oils. Bett Winterspenn, Solar winter, and Elephant oils. Hunt .V Mines, Hoots, Shoes, Slips, and lad and gem's India Uub- uer Mioes. fruits. Box raisins, Sultana do, Lug. Cutranta, and fresh Lemons, just teceived. ; Colgates Pearl Starch, Hath Ilrick, Sieves, Sad Irons 1 nnd Shovels lor sale nt , II L iN; J. B. MOORK'S. , reailSt. Nov. 11, lbl7. i),3 1 fi'uic Vinesi "OR SALIJ nt the Agricultural Warehouse. Nov 2 n;n CL C'lirxliire ISnilro.-ul. IvlvtsJ tvii' K'iijyl pjA'W3 -f'vlrtJ. -i-iCi-'.-s, wwrnww -bs."Sr!f N nnd .liter Oip her IDili, Trains will mil overthis V ' Road as follows Passenger Trains wjll be rim tn Winchenilen in connect. on with the Fuchburg Trams, which leave Charl. nown nt 7 A. M. mm 1 P. M From Wiuchcndoii nt 0 15 A. M nnd 3 It) P. M., connecting vvitl the second mid the last Titchburg trnius lu Boston. f . Stages from Western nnd Noithern New Hamp shne,nnil llie State ol Verinont, will deliver nnd le ceive pass.'iigeis nt Wincheiuloii ill connection with' nil the above Trains. i A Freight Train w ill be run daily each w ny in con nectiou with the u-uil Fitcbbiirc Freight Tiaius. T. .M. HDU'ARDS, President. October 25, 1817. l'Jtl MVCK. IMIOSI' wishing to euiieh their Gardens with Muck cnu be supplied by having their ordeis at he Agricultural Wart house. Burlington Nov. 21. JOHN PHUtCE. I. D. Ilixby & t'oT- CALL the of those who wish to purchase Guo.U from n large nnd well selected nssiutmetit ond al iiiir 1'iirrt to examine their Stock. They are now opening their wivruit GOODS, which con si partly in real A A Thibet Merinos, the most desirable mtiele lor I loaks nnd D.sses.with Ihnhroidery Giui3 and Gimp Headed Fringes 'o 1 mulch. Sdk Striped Mohairs, do do Cashmeres, Alpaeca, cotton and silk warp, Rob Roy Plnid-, yueens nai l. ,vi. ne Lames Cashmere do., Trench o'iiishains, ' ' BIAS JUST ItlXCIVKI) A LMtfii: AM) splcnd sfi.kmiiii Ass'iutiic r iik ti.s-s sk.ks, 1 IS ed iissnitmet t of Rubber sho.s; consisting of Is, nil kinds and, limb livening Dresses, Ladies Pan-tit Uuhbers, dn plain Llustlc do, do hrend Lice, Lndies Coll us, Ladies 11 ibits. Kul.her Hu-kins, .Men's Patent Kuhheis ; also one A Slnwl Thread A't'i.n good iissortmeiit of .MuiL, Hons, Cape, an 1 Cutralu Robes. Choice Family Oroccries. 2J piCKLCD Triie for sale by II. II. .MircniLi.. "XT ORTII thore Sahnon fur tale by IN 11. II. .MucatLL. Ilurlington Nov, 10, 13 17. Wool Spinning Jin ks I'or Milr. 'I'lIB Ilurlington .Mill Co. offer fur mle six I Unpin 1 die Jaiks, nude bv one ol the la 61 machinist ii thecouuliy. This is nn opportunity winch seldom offers to thoe wniiiingsuch luaclums, tu purchase a guud article und in good running onh r. I'un haw-is should apply enilv, I For lunher particulais npiily at the counting loom of tne ii. .vim wo., or ut .viessrs J. it J. H Peck it Co. JA.MliS COOK, 1H17. .Icril. Iliulingioii Nov. It'., TTi:si,.N'S AIAi; 3 vnls. large 8vo. ITlH)s.g,s, ftoui Woshm "ion to Folk, by Ldwin Williams. This is one of the most valuable national vvotks that h is ever appeared Iroiii Ihe Americnii press, l'he Old Fellows OlH-iiiig lor lii IS, elegantly hound, cum. niu 1-J ht-uuuiul en 'ruvniL's. " 1 he .Sctsolis," by Jmuea 'l'holilsoll, w ith 77 llhl'lin ov me iiieoiuiiu - i.iuug this stoic, not pioviug stuis utoiy on tuai, tnav ue le Club ol Lug and. w-nli u lite ul the Author, Lie- mined, and the pay will be icluudcd, WNXWtlrt7ii WWv'su v.. I J'"':N!i."n liiiu-uuieu will! IWentV I'llRTItAIrs nn.l Tl nrs AT LUWA1IU.V IRiOK.Vl'oKl 4 HHLS. Cianberrii-s.fiom Lake .Michigan. uc .1 .V. ULWLY. Tfa used will; the most happy a, .j, ,p , , I the following cou,,l.iuii.n, cu ,. r,.K.d tonlwav cine l)j sentery .Cholera Inlsntum, llr'. ch.ti'.yniiisey.hmisinsiuthildien.L'hilblauif Uuitis, llroken llieasts, Aliasles, Ciauui, 11iui.., Siuqiiis Cuts, nnd ull sores, i ither exit inal or iuirrnul asc-e di.' riclinu on eachbotlle.) I'rqiarrd by the Apnihecu. r ct' Couisiny. No. C Courllaii.ll-st ,i,ii..iie the J'o. tionnl Hotel, N Y., nnd lor sale by A. C. Silaic nud Titto A 1'lck, Apoilncaiies, liiiilington. yj miXW CDTTItS, A New supply just ;rcctive. at the Agricultural 1 Waie house. &rt', II I .STATU 01' VKRMONT T n Frubue Coutl I ll,yl,, I-:., ...... .I.. ... I . I...II... nt limine.. ion. vvilhiii nnd lor the Disiri.-inlnr.snld on the Willi D.-i euiher, A. I). 1817, nn Instrument purport lug to be the lnt ITi'inud tcttumrnt nl Tlionias .. In l.i !m r.B. Ilr.'fl...l 'IT... r.1 ' ullll'l! Ilrndshavv.lnte ol Rurliiigton, In Faid Distiict, ileceas- ...1 I... .1.. 1..... I.. liV William Weston ; the executrix in said will named, hnvini!, before this time, depatteil this lire, TiiLnErottE it is ordered by said Coiitt, that public notice ne given m mi persons interesicu memo i m'- lien, b.' Hill. I rmiii nl ft I...;, .ii Itifienl III be 111! d en nt llutruiglon.on thelathdayol January, A. 1). 18 H, mid contest the piolmte ol said Will, nnd it is luilhcr ordered th it tlusordci be published three weeks suceissively In the lltiiliugtou Tree Picss, n news paper piinied nt Duili.'glon, hi this Stnte, the last ol which shall he picvious to the day assigned, as Il'oic B lid lor heating. Given under my hand nt the Register's Office, tins 2Uihd.iy of December, A. D. 1817. II. IUXT0R1), .Vfiifri. Dec. 21,1 "17. WSw3 STATU OP Villi MONT, t T n mohare Couit Disrr.tcTnrGiiAMi Isi.i., s ( holden nt Norih lleio, within nml lor said distiict on the Llcventli day ol Dec. A. 1). 1817. An hi'-trumcnt pir polling to be the hsl will mid fstaiuent of Solomon lla.en, late ol Noith Hero, m Kiiil district deceased being picscntedto the court line by Joel Allen, the executor ibeiein named for probnte it isoideied by KiiJeouii ihitnll icrsons concerned therein he noiilied to nipiarnt a 6-ston ol said couit to beholden nt the Couit House in Noilh Hem in said ili-tiht on the second Satuiday ol .binu.iiy next.niul shew eniie il miy ihey tuny have ngainn the piobate of said will lor winch puipose i. isluriher oideied that a copy ol this older be published three weeks, sueces s.v .y intheTiee Picss pimtcil tit lliulingtou, in llie County ol Chute nd en, us soon as may he. JAIIi;. LADD, Jicff. Dee. 17, IS 17. 2jwl I)rtcr II. IIiii'ii r.stntc. TI1. the snhs.-nbers. havinil been nnnnintcd bv the lion, llie Prohale Court lor the District ol Gaud Kle, conmiissiiiuers to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of till peisoits against the est He of LeAler II. Il.i7.ell, late ol Nolth Hell), ill said distiict, deceased, tcprt'scnteil insolvent, mid alo all il inns and demands exhibited in oll'-et tbereioi and M luoullis Iroln the day ol the dale tl ereol being allowed by sod Couit for that purpose, we do ihere fi re beiebygive notice, flint we will attend to the bu siness c.l our appointment nt the ilwelliuir-houHe of Mis. Charlotte lla7.11, in Ninth Hero, in sud diMrict, on tlie laM Thuisdav ol J.iuuaiy and the Fecund ol .Mny next, nt 10 o'clock, A .oncnih ol said il'ivs. Dated nl Nollll Helo, tins lUth dny ol Dec A. D. 1817 ASAIIK1. AI.I.LN. 1 SIIAI.AND WIIITNCV. ! Com'rs. 2C3 DAVID HARVllY, Mnssns. 11RINS.MA11) & IIIIOTIICHS, CIIimCII.ST., IIUHLINGTO.V, VT., Are opening a very line nnd extensive nssortment of .IrMelry, AV.'iU'.iicm, Clocks, And GOLD .V. SILVER GOODS gene ally. Miiiktit litlntiii")ih. L'tnijiy, ll'irA, (llitssta, Olnbi'.i, Curls, ('imli, Wiillrts ami I'mktl Ihuis. 'imes, LOOKING GLASSES, l)AGI'i:iSlti:OTVrr GOODS, in all their rftiirty, Tea nml Collee Pots. CoIPe Tilterers,, Tea Winters. Ciiunb Trays, CanJIisticks and Lamps, Snulleis and Trays. CO.M.MUXION W'AUR, CLOCKS lor Chnrchr- nml lln'ls, IlliHSHTS nnd COMRS. in great variety, Wolk llo"s, D essnig Cases, Toilet lloxes Glasses, Tnncv lloxes ol nil sizes. Toys, Dolls and muuicg niticleslnr ptoluMou, Canes, SuulT Boxes, Cigar Cases, Pipes, stc. In shoit, we hive the most extensive nml varied nssiiiiuieut lliat we have bad the plcnsmcol olfernig lo our blends and customers IIU1NS.MA1D iV I1ROTIIT.I1S, Jewelleis. Nov 10, Church-st., Ilurlington, Vt. MERCHANT TAILORS' &. Gentlemen's I'lirnlsliing store, G. UATHHUN & CO.. ii.wi: m 111. i-i'ivctl llieir fall htock cf Clnth". C;i'-simeri,. Vct'nm- ntulTihntnings, mid tire picpaifd to furnish nml Hinkn jjnuiK'iits in t ho lnte-t Mlt. A Lirire noiliiicnt of Omiits, IMkh , Shirt", filovc?, Su'in'n.irr', Silk nnd Woolen Uiult'i" Shins, Collars. .S'houMelbriKt-s, in s-liort nil nriUh'ful Cell tloinciis' lri"-s may In.' toimd nt No, M IVck't? Bluck. Alto '1'ntlors' ('rnoii, .MeasurfH m. (; u vrnnrv. c. r. waud. llailini:i May 1.1,1317. FUR STORE, C. A. SEYMOUR, V .... I ..... ..I' l. fc. ' uiiii'rini i iHiit i ! nn; .-iiiiiiu Mron! ItniltlhiL'. I.N in. itins tin ntifiilioit ot the public nnd pjvrinliv of ill l;idif, tu th1 o.icn-ie nritiiM ntol Muffs, Jioisiuut I i s.iiow mi Kite nt Iih et-tiibhshni'-nt. tec Is p''il-tly wjhiiiiuimI in nvin they me unias tlniiiiiil) iheiiiui-l decani thinbct llie kllid eer oiler J in thi" 'town. He lino nlo n ureal variety of Oitc r. Seal, le;nr, rur.Tind other r.ip,lr centlcmcn an j chilJrtn, Tur collars fur gloats, iVc A I .SO The r,iU fuslhn nf lints, all of which oflVrrd low O r..' er. Nr. il? 1 h 3 juiixsox , xl irA )' a ri:xri:n I &UN TLO aER suAVING SOAP. t rl IIIJ n'timivhnu Mire.' I lime ol. timed hv tny in- veiitinn of the Wit nut Oil Milit.ity 'Shiwius fcoap, ha Ifd me tor.xpeiirnentahe upon the hi'Pt nnd , lim-t (ciiupniihle nmlei ml tor a K.mmic eninpniind, in 1 which iiper-tion I have puteeeded to n eharni, nnd now prfeiit tin puhhe w nil the inni pel feci nnd hu , imam Mating Snap ever invented, nr comfort, ell Tt h nd economy ll Hindi unmnlM in the nnnols nf chemic-l science, uud ns fu-h 1 -uhuiit to my lriend, patriuw.nnd a dii'ermii eoinmuuity.the Suit l-'luicer Siwviini Soap, the ne plus ultra ot us kind. (luaid iig nnpi coutiterleil1 hy miy unprincipled pre tenders, thoM' ninpyieB who t-tne in live on the rn-t ot the merit nml Inlent ol ntlicm WM. JOHNSON . vuioIe-ule rciiiiiner.N" Louitlanilt-t-t.,i'ppoE-ie the Nntiutml Hotel, Ni vv Yolk. Tor wile by A C Sitar nn 1 Thfo. A Trcit, Apo. thec'iiie1 nnd wholesale Urugms t, llurhnstoii. l'J I 4 LAIMJM AssmtT.MiiXT My m: ror.i at IF the subscribers, which will be bold nschenp ns the cheap. st. E. LYMAN. Ilurlinsion Nov. 1.1, 1SI7. I ELI A S L Y MA X, case Ladies superior Flench Kid Wulkiiii; .Shoes, new ft) le. Wickware Iluildiug, Nov. 10, 1817 Hardware. flMIi: undersigned offer lo purchasers n stock of , heavy a..d shelf HARDWARH. comprising n vatiety of good, peiiaiuiiig lo the v iriou blanches of the trade, winch have been seltited with client care. both in regard In peifcction in style und finish, and ' reasonableness in price. P,uehii".-rs ale re-peeilully suhcited toenll & I RuNO, DOOLl I I Li. .1. CO. S. H'.V. MILL and X Saws, Hoe'sC S. anJ Thila. I'lates. Cucular do do Hand, panel and ripping Saws, Hack du and Hillet Webs. Djc. 1.M7. STUOXG, VOOLITTLE H CO. A. S. DEWEY TT AS received his Winter Hock of GROCF.itlF.S, O1. 'i1'1,5.""'1 calcnps Uibell i Hear. I Hell. Spur tl which, with Ins home pun basis, will enable him ,, l-mnt. and Coney Mulls, Uoas, llullalo to mpply ihose in want ol the subtaniials of good 11 c 'or ulc by .,lml.,1 , r living, vviili the hen pioducts both of the New S oik , ,. , r fc I AMI OKU oV. Lo. inaikel and the Faun. I'.ntuular niteiition has been ""'"nstoiov. 17, '17. "Jill Iiiitd lo the ptiichasc of llultei and Cheese, and sclcc nous made from the best dallies in C'liitteudeii and I'mikhn counties. P..,r.,,,sr.r ..'ill lnr In ...hi. I llisl flni' mil. tn snl. I nl I T. I'lllkci's ! l)fii'i:iiHr.()Ti'i..MiNiATUiii: Hoojis In the Tlmniat HuilJiug, Cullege St., Burlington, I'l ' "VI It. I'AltKLU Ins lecenlly tiiurnecl Irom New- ' Viuu Willi Apparatus ami u huge ipiauiiiy ol ' Slock ola soK'riorpi.dily,inthidiu0 vatieiyof lioi.n I 1'l1P LockLr. .Mimatutes can be had liliy , ' m i rent u tter than uroduccd bv uuv one in this putt of the c-oumry, and at n less prite. 1'ersoiis will du well to call nud examine speciiurns heroic puitliasiug lVnnesof Counli) Ojieiators who have but a pnual knowledge of the business. N. II All I'lctuie wniiantid tube supeiior tnfiny lirnxln. ,1 .i. this .Lit I .if th.. e.i.mli v or else 1 1 lev I.r e.l not be taken Koomsojieii fioni 8 A- !H toll M. 1'ictutcs token eminlly well in cb udy us in clear weather. Iluiluigton, Dec. H, H17. 21 A ri:w llOl:S Frci-h Lemons at 'v: i- .i 4 itr.wvY' m8 LYMAN HAS received nn extensive assortment of J-ALL AND WIXT1ZH f.OOflsf.coniprisiiignhcau tilul assortment of Ijttilicx Drcsx l.'oodw, such ns COLOUF.n FHI'.NCII MHRINOS, wxnv r.voNicsi:, I'LAIDALI'ACCA ti OULMAN'S CLOTHS, O1ILG0X r LA IDS, He. with a great variety of DeLnines nnd Worsted Goods. AMimicA.v ami Hxomsii Prints, SHAWLS, SILKS, 11IIIIIONS, sVc. Ronnet.enp, satin nnd lustring Ribbons, Zephyr Worsted, Purse Twil, Steel Rends, Hag nnd pmse Clasps, Rings, Ac. Linen Sheeting nml Shirting, Linen DatnaHi, Russia Sheeting, Crnsh, Diaiier, iVc. Ilioaileloths, Cassuueres nnd Votings, lllenched Cotlou Sheetings nml Shillings, llrovvn Sheetings, .Mcriiimick.Suucook, Divlsville, Granite Mills nnd other Sheeting, bom one to two ynrds wide. Also, Ticking, Wadding. Cnrpet Wnrp, Wickiug, Cotton llntts, Ynrn.ite. W. I. GOODS. Molasses, Ten, Sugar, several qualities, Java, Lagmm, Rio nnd St. Domingo Coffee, Chocnlnte, (!oeoa nnd Shells, Nutmegs, Clovis, Ciunainon nnd other spices, 11. t wiuierstinined Sierm Od.iVc. ic. Wit KVVAI1E ill ir.t.l.Mj, 1 Corner Cullrsc nnd Clmrrh ta I October 2d, 1817. ) 18 cVOTICJL. THi: UNDKftSHJNFD wnui,n rpftpect lu'ly inlbnn Ihe public, that he has fitted up the store two doois smith ol the Hank of Iluilinitoii on Ciiuich fcliect, nnd lecointnenced the DUUG HUS1NKSS, where be w ill be supplied at nil times w ith a carefully selected stock of DIU'U.S A. XI) MIWICIXKS, coinprisinR every niliele reqiired hi the Physician's pruiiue, nml demands of the trade. Abo, Snrtiiciil nml Dental Instrtiininits, Mineral Treth, l'nilii, Leirto, ISrnnlirs, Simjis, rerfnmrrie, Omsirst Wntrr. Ciiwdiene, Inki. Iltiirktiisi, Vat Stuff, r Particiihirnitenliou w ill bepaid in the preparation ol Phv sici. ill's prescriptions aid I innly recipes. AMOS C. isPI'.AR. I!urlinston,Nov.lO, 1317. Cw3 JuIiiimuii'm .llirli.ui li.'iK'im, I, O R lH-nutifyina. cleniiing nnd pinmoiinK the Kiowthol the I l.iir. 'Ihere isscnicelyn nation in the vvoild in which llie trinity nf the Hair is nut consideied an object ol comideialile iinportanee. Kor the acquirement or preserva.ion of this beauty, clean llncss, tlie absence ol scull, a proper decree ol bixilli. ance, the quality of holding he curl, and a line mellow closs, are so desnnhie, that vmious prepainlions have been limn time to time put :orili,by winch ll has been attempted lo produie soiu or nil ol these i fleets .Vlnny ol lliem lire, It is ki osmi oy e.peiieoce, nils.,. . lutely neuntive, olbeis nre ruber delrimeiilal or olli'ii- ! sive, mid n tew possess soire individual quality which renders theiu superior to those with which they nre classed. Mr. Johnson has, however, had the irood foruine to discover n comiosmon, the "Mitfian Huh , rani," which heconfi lentlj ulieis lo the public, ns pos- Bessing nil the desired qualities, Kor sale bv A. L. Comsioi k, No. f. Coiirtlandt-st., I otuio-ite the National HotcN.Y ; nnd by C iirLAR and Tnti). A. Plck, Aputiecanes, uuiliiiKton. l'J To Wool (rower AND IIRKl'.DKRri OK FINIJ SHBi:i liiiriuii the last suimiier Rev I, (I. llinir- haui.ot Willision, Vt. purcliad ot J. A Haintor, Ks,p ol llmiford, Conn., H ol his imported llr' 1 buck lamb and his splendid Sunk llm k, the sire of ihe very stipeiior iambs winch have been sold trout this impoit. cd tint k iluriuu the past scnsiai. This Ruck is one yenrol.l la-t January, wnsshcared vvliena lamb, Aug II), ISIG, nnd ngmn Aug. 10, 1817, the third day nlicr washing. Ills lleece weijhed II lbs. ot clean, line w-i.i.1. lie is very large mul uncommonly w-ooled ; a hardy, strong constitution! d annual. His slock pos sess rare excellence. I hnvc tented the lariu ami all Ike Mock ol Rev L. t! limghnlu, nnd ngreeably to repented solicitlon, 1 have collehi.led to put the Ituck to a limited number ot choice American Aleiino Kwes nt 5 each, to be tinid on taking Uwes away. When it is consideied that pot one tl the lull blood lambs I. iv e been sold less than Slim.and on up to S'.'OOcach, the price above nnined must lie regarded ns very rea sonable. Applications must be mmle soon L. 0. IllNCIIAM. Villiston, Oct. 26. 1317. lit Mutiny llncl.s I 'or Sale, ON'rilrJiAinior Ui!.viitnS.Mor.D Kq. of Castleiuii Vt. The nlove llui ks aie of line saxonv blood, piiichnsed the present season from the tlock ol lienrj Iw'.lt l'si of l'ougbkeepsie Dillchess Co. N. Y. '1 hey comprise the whole stock ol Rucks lor sale the present yenr hy .Mr Sivdt, nnd vveie se lected 111 tlie month ol rebruary Insi ; for timmessnnd evenness of flei ce, and arc now ot large se, in yins! condition with lomt, tine, thick wool, tint k upon llie belly and leg. The tloi k ol Mr. tiwilt ispninesav ouy, w tth no mixture ol merino in tie-in l'he stuck sold by us, the following note fioin Dr. CuM-nmh, Mr Hv'v ill's son in law, will show Casileton Oct. 5, IS IT. Dear Sir !Uy fitlur in Law, Henry Swill of 1 ougul.ecpsie, owns ami lias soiii inio v eimoni noiti nig hut tlie purest bred Sivony sheep. Those su'd tu .Mr Pilchard ol nhoreham, are ol thntsto.-k Kespeclfirlly .M. COLDri.MlTII. Arrival Kxtra. AT ihe People's Store bns heen received nn extra loi of Ooods lor Chrnji Winter Tuide, sueh as Shawls flout 51) cents to Oregon (iala and Scotch PlahN, for Cloaks, from 50 cenis lo IrW per vard Silk Tluhets nnd ' .leruios, for dresses nnd cloaks, Irom 5.) cents to SSi.l per ard- 1'iinges ( mips and Hilttonsolnll shndesnud colors, together with an increased supply ol all goods geuer allvwifrhed. .1 lmi Carpetings, Oil Cloth, Paper Hangings, Crockery, flbisH Ware, and a very large stock of .Mulls, lions, 1'ur Caps, pur Trimmings, Hull'do Itob, s, i tc. etc., which hy the People's Agent will be w.'d ehenpai I ,. . HOWARDS, j Iluihngton, Nov 21,1317 22 Dry (artici'i'ics. 7 ( CIIUSTS IIvon, Young llvson, IIson Skin I v- ' and black Teas. P) Hoxes and hall boxes Tobacco, various brands, 11HI do hnlvi sand qu ittets Iluucll Uaisilis,

50 Il.igs Colli e, Pepper and Spice, 41) lloe Tnllovv and Sperm Cnndles, 51 Croix, Piutu liieii and N Orleans Sugars, Iriial, crushed and siwdeled do 1'isltish, lulasses, tlmger, Salearotus, Cossia, iniugii, ointfii, ;s i ni i sioap, I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ) 1 1 . iVe 1 ir I... ti'l'llltl'i. ... ill l-l'M'l I ii. , -n Dec - - . ' U I UIMO, OUUI.I1 I III. IS 1,1. It. Ilatrlieltlt'r, HAVINO lately returned from the cities ol N Yoik and H.i-ton is prep ued to lurmshhisci ew cus- touieis wiilia good assoitinent ol the latest styles of ivoois. r-uiH-s, i, liters, itn.Ki'is, r reucii .vtorocco anil dual (iaiteisd , ceo, i the sulci Ladies ami driuk-meus' Rubbers n all kinds. .I.'s-i, Sole Iri-ather, French Calf. Coat an 1 French .Morocco Linings. Shoe Thread Pegs Mens I children's llu't,'es. Hoy bets, (ienu Ddiicliig ti Hair Overshoes, ouilis anil s and otitlis Uuuts.anil Rub- interss. ere Heilor ilesinius lit't business u-ilhill his menus he is not prepned to fuinish " for the .Million " hut would say t Hii numerous i uslouieitf that he can I Or nish theiu with as good nu nt tide as can be puicbaied in the city os cheap as the cheap-st. All kinds of Uoots nud Shoes, (.ailern. etc. timde to order and wnrtauted, .Nov. i!l 1819. FURS. f AUNDIIY STARCH POLISH Mmin. Ii l.iciuted by Wm Johnson, Sold wholesale nnd refill at Ihe Lsculaniaii Apoihecarit-M' Company, op posite the Naii.innl lintel, Nn. 0 Couitlandl-st , N V an I by A. C Si-ear and Thlo. A. I'tcK, Aioihec. mies, llmlingiun, LEAD I'lI'L:. , I X CASKS 1 l.-lincli 1 iloJL-ltlol.l! ilo. " j J. For sale by J.IIKADLLV, Cjl'V OLASSKS llir tiny or niiilil, of nil 3 sizes, at J, V. Uamiali.'. H1CK0UY Nuts, jun received freth j also a few kegs choice JUlaga tirniK. Nov IS, in 17 ' A. S. Dewlv. DYU STLl-'KS Arc. 1 fXA 1M1LS Campi:achv Lou Wood JL v crrotnul. lih 'M 51) 10 It) Ilbls Illne Vitriol, lledoott Nicwood i Cnmwoo.i, Alum, Pur wlc by add ic Ihe, A ( iihce Indian, 15 Keu Crtain TarUr, 10'lVrces Cope run, j n.iAtn.iiY.Co Tolmcco. Sinn "OZ. :III:.VIM1, various l.rnnds j 2.M) lloxes do dot 100 Half llnxes do dnj 1511 One Quarter lloxes do dot lOOCnnisters of J. Ander son's Premium Fine Cut Chewing, nl finest quality, lor sale by J. IIRADLLY it CO. Ilurlington, Nov. 13. Mm I A Wharf. rixh. 1 QUINTALS CODI'ISII, 10 Unii. No. --" 1 Mnekerrel, 10 do do, 20 No. 2, do, 15 J do do. IOTiercesnnd30hbs. nndl do Snl mon, lot) Boxes Herring Cnses of smoked Salmon l orsaleny J, UllAIJI.IiY .VUU. nuilingtonNov. 18. Nautk Wliaif. lowIci. OfllUllNcgs. 10 Bbls., 25U J bhls blnsling pnw. 2: 1 Mil I der, 100 kegs Rille ,V Siotting do, 10 Bands " Salety Fuse." For Fnle by J. UltADI.KY.V CO. Nov. 15, Swilli Whnrf WstiXTIISTG & K laOB, (Successors to Carney H Sleeper,) DEAIXItS IX I'.VKItY DISCilll'TIO.V OF ,iiaii: in all its VARIOUS STYLUS AND QUALITIES adapted to the N. CNMLAND &, SOUTIIKRN 3IARKKTS. AT TIIKIIl WHOI.KSAUJ IIOOALS, GRANITE BUILDING, I'o. IO ami 'in ANN STREET, Utrcctly Opvosi'r Merchant's Uotc, Boston. WHITING fc KnHOKhnenowonhandnndlTer for sab at thir exb'nive ware rooms, th" larRt nnd mii't complete noitim'nt ot ItHADY AlADU CI.OTHIN(!, ycr ollered in ibis country. Our bus-i nt'pi beintf contnied exclusively to the WHOM- tJAKK TRADE, the crentpft enre taken in the selection ot 5iich (Jood- nnd the manufacturing nl ?uch tit h'sn1 will t't "urt the Country Trade, nnd as we import ourown (looibt, we have 110 hesitation inf.nyingwe cannot be UN DKHyOI.l). The uinintt caie is taken in the nin tniracture, nnd pnrchaieis maybe nured that iur stock will compare (monthly with the bet-t cn-tom made clothing Ialei3 In th' Ciiy nnd trmn tlie Country who nrebuvim; will do well tu look at our stock befoie mnkiPL their purchase!. .1. .1. Vnin.(, M KtirnE, .Ir. C. W. (Iai.uate. Tvl 1 ADWAY'S WAKKANTIin TOTHi: VVH I he, addre-ed unto nil natioiH, pr,.pc nnd ton :iiP3, for the purpo of rcnderi'tc unto either fex p!raing countenances and bcautilul complexion, by the iw of KADWAY'S CHINCPK MnDICATHO SOAl', which is wnrmiiteil to r-niove From oil the t.tce, nck orhnnd, I'linplc. Hlotclieo, Sun lluni, Tan. If niyMpriou-ieflr-ct upon ihe cuticle, in cleanin? the pores of the skin nnd secreting M-wI" from till im- purities, creating a healthy action ot the skin, nnd pre- entniK Halt Rheum, Kins Worm, isipelas, Hash, Tetter, l'lkkly llent, ticuiy, Alorphew- and llarln'r's Itch, has U'cn n pource o much wonder throughout the wurld Indeed, it i. nttune-hinu to experience the tl Iectof tlni delicious Honp, A few upplienliou ex lerminate comtiletelv. nnv vestige ol Tan. Sw.burn. 'IVvt, vtc It1 medicinal propeitie bemj selected troru the most safe, rare and etlkncious bahu and ex- ....... . ,.l I r.,vLtl. r..t..lru ila -nr.. t..r v!.-M. ,11. 1 .r.u.0..rtniii uhllo ' 1 roiiToiMrrruRrosK: it in the moil txtrnunliinny Snap in the icnrhl. i.i i.. ir.... ir,..,. .ii.,; ..,,.-..; n;r. Corosive Sublimate, &c , it will not irritate or mllaine ihe skin ; but on the contrary, will render it sweet, pure, fair, clear nml lieaiitiy, ami never tails in im parting beauty to the complexion of all who use it Price ut 25 tents tor large cakes, and I2J cents for small. Sold in Ilirlington by A. C Si'Evn, Wholesale Agent, for 12J cents per cake ; in Veigeiines, I' Hun. liugton ; Willision, Ilurlburl &. Hodges; Aliddlebury, N.P. Russeil; .Moiitiielier, 0. W Scott J. Ot R. U. KADWAY, 2 Cuuilluudi Si , N. Y. HEALTH! HEALTH! Ur. WOOII'SSAItxAI'Allll.l. V mul Wll.ll ciicititv i!ti ri;its. The following voluntary testimonial wps given to to th" Agent, .Mr. M Wir.cs.nt Cambridge, vt., and sjieaki. volumes in lavorol this medicine. C.vMiir.nwi: Vl., Sept. 1st,, 1817. Mr. M. Wir.Ls, IVar Sir. I lav ing been a great sutleter from that tor ture of the human race, tywni'.and having at last t.iim.l r.'hel' I l.-el desirous that others suHerillL'. 'll lilt Ihircare thou-.-.nds; ;sl.ould know- tl'"' ''V "Wj 1 wns ciiic u. unit. ..,"' i. ,...r...v, . ,. much Irom llearttiurn. Headache, and Vtiziuest.m much sothnl I was confined lu tny house ihe most of iheiiine. TheloiK which I ate distress.-.! me. ami in f, ict, lite became almost a burden. 1 was totally una We to attend to the slighlest duties reqimed of me, so great wns my debility. Having tin dull uui edies recommended and ndverllse.l lor the cine ol my comphiiut. visited the springs which are o highly ire. oinmendid, and taken the inlviee of Physicians with can gelling relief, I gave upnll hopes ol ever enjojiug good licalih again, in lad, my Physic ans liankly mid me that they could do nothing lor tne. At this tune my sulli-riugs were very; all hoies ot ever i being made comluttable had tied, nml I g ive myself I up in Miller. looking over a n.-wpa-ner I noiiied an adveriiseineiilol Dr. Wuod't Saltan. 1 ... , ... . . ..., i i .. i HI Mil Mia ituaineiiy itinera, ii.iu u .eniony it, i 1 might probably obtain mine relict, not thinking a cure ol my case wns possible ; and as a last impe 1 procured!! hultlelruin jourstoienud commenc ed taking It. and lo my gr.-ai joy, 1 at once lound le- ' he! Hcing encouraged hv itswonderlul etlecls, 1 was induced lu continue llsu-e. Alter inking one bottle I wns able tube out and attend to the dunes leuuired ol me, nnd feeling much belter than 1 had lor mouths, or even veils, 1 was now eall-lie.l that 1 had at last luund i a remedy tunny iieuf,andlelt us-ured.thatby con. linumg its use 1 should be cured. And such hasprnv I ed to be the case. I have now taken oi.l two Ho. ties, and can say to those sulleimg Irom this disease that 1 am entirely cured. I kei paliottlem my house, i.n.l when 1 leel the least uiuili-alllt n lliplolll, n dose I nl ibis excellent -Medicine c-niirelv removes it lam ol opinion can Ire cu tninioiii'iery cn-e .f Ihjcpsut nml in aui-mlnnia i rurri) by tlw ul Ur WWl's Saifaiaulla and Wild Cherry Hitlers. J To those troubled with habitual Costiveness, fuss ot Api-eiiie.soiirSioinach or Headache,! would earnest, ly recommend ihiin to tiy il Its astonishing c-llccts in my casi should induce eveiy one sullering Irom this disease to give il a trial j I leel satisfied liny will nev er regict it You aie al liberty to refer any one to lue, and it will give me great pleasure to peisonally recom mend the Use ol that excellent remedy and slate ihe particulars of tny case. ' Sinned. .Mll.r.S H NNF.TT We nre acquainted with the nlsive iiiimed .Miles Henuelt.nud the statement ot ihecuie descrilK-d ill bis certificate cut) be depended nimn as being cornel. .Martin Wtnis, Hlncv SrowLLi , Alt' y at Lair. ' Cambridge, Vt Sept. 1st ,1317 Owing to ihe great success ot this medicine, ihere are many iimiauons j be particular nnd get Dr Wood's I as this is the oitginal and unly genuine preparation, j Sold wholesale ond retail tiy l ill.t). A I'r.t K, and A CSl'tiAlt. Anolhecariesaiiil wholes.ile Drug gist, lluthuglun Vt ; J IL J. W. 1'ovvlr. Under. hill; it ItL'MFORn, nnd J. Win. 11. Hatch Winooski Falls. TurrLE. Kssex : UiiiO SALT, 500 ULS. " WE'KRN," Kortalehy J. DUAULUY, A CO. VTOTRT' IS IIKllKltV (JIVK.V TIIT ALL l cieditois of the late Dim ol Sulbvnu it Vale, (eouisised of George Sullivan nnd William Henry Yale,) herelolore doing business as Meichants at Hou se's I'oint, Clinton Ctmniy, New Yo'k.are heiehy re i it-sled and it-quired by the uudersig n-il, AssigueVsof tsiid late lirtu, to present lo them, at the place ol busi. nesa ol rvelson W. l i-k,o 'in 1 ulioiistriit in tlu' CuyofNew Yoik. on orhelore the lust day ot .Murih next, iheir several nud it-speetive demands ug-iinst said late lii in, togelh'r with nil vouchers and evidence le lalmgto ihe same, in order that the undersigned may proceed lodeclnie dividends iikui the j.tocetdsol the nvsigued proiH-riy, and close; up the truslscrcated hy the nssimimenthv sud Inte Itrin to them lnierest lo he computed iiii lu the 1 7lh February s3,lbe date of the raid assiguiueiit. NEI.S0.V W. FlSK, I ,:,.,,, Oicvit A.IU-RTox.i Attigneet, New Yoik, November, IH 17. JiniS .11iitic:il .olifr. Mil VIUTCO.YIII haviup taken up his winter ipin iters nt .Middle-bury, lakes this method ot say. ing to his friends, nml the ibniing coiiimiiuiiy gent r ally, that he is prcpaied to liiriiisli good music lor It I lis. I'anies.iVc. on reusonuhle ternw. Any numlier ol piece tirnii bed liom two to live, ns the ivrus.on may requite. His I'uuilcoiuiMsol a C'lanoiiet, 1 utt Horn, Ll nnd 2d Violins, and Ophi-clyde. Letters addressed lo l( H WitircoMii, .Mi-ldlcbuty, Vl., will receive prompt atti utioti liltl DOMESTIC GOODS 0XLY, vm, A. iii)i:vr. I2'J reiirlSlrcrt.Xrw York. TUB Domestic Warehouse, so Iont( iHnlilished in Cedar Street, is now removed to tlie InrLte store No Isl'j Peail street tind Hi Heaver St., where limy he loiind every description of lll.ncnni and llnow.v Km ltimii and SntitTiMis, Cotro.v OsNAntnus. Nor. Tin n and Sotiitrr.N Yn.v, IIatts, Wicks, Twinc 11ml WAiit),nt the reiy fatrtst rath prim, The assoitinent exhihited for sale isn very larpenne and comprises every known desirable sule of llie ahov. troods. Country Metclionts are respectlnlly in. vilctl lo call ami exninine llie pnces,elc vvheiherthey piirclnise lor ensh or not, and lentil the low inaikel prices lur Domestic (Joods. 13 Dr. .1. ,11. Fcrkiii, X OW at the Atnericnii Hotel, Iliirliiinlon, Vl , enrrs I'nlinomirv Coiistnniitioii hv a mdicious (lymiuistic; exercis, cold water hathmr. rnhhini;, iVc. very utile, ami in some cases no medicine nseil. Tlrms l-'nst exaimnalLon and prescnplion SKI Persons who wish to .n through vvith a course of tins treatment will he charc;ed hy the wetk or month .Mr. I'l'ikins leceived the benelicial elleets of this sys. teni in liisovvn case, Iliviiil; heen testored almost fioni the ttraveto perfect health, hy tins iniiimerol trent metit, nnd os he has spent the Inst ten years in study. ill'! the luiis em ulation ol the hlooil nnd the vmious jyiunnsiic exeieises, he litis conlidetit that he cnu cure .hose cases ,,f Consumption, Asthma, Liver com. plaints kc, which have Inlherto heen iijjiirdcd nsin curable. N II. Come le'fore jmi are ton weak to bear the exercise, and in I. ict ) 011 should come when v 011 hnvc lelthe syinptoius. J jrlleniemher that there me in my Muni's that coiisuuiiive ieople eat and drink thai will he strictly prohibited. I! LCO.M M KNDATIONS. I have been veiy bid fortnany jenrs with Athma, v Inch was Inst teriiimitiui: in cousimption. I was .oiuiued to my room three weeks auo, when 1 sent lor Dr IVikms. I have strictly lived up to his ihrec lion, and I uui uuwuhleto li.llow my daily employ, menu LnnLNzo W. Si'AC.ldisci, Huiliniitoii, Vermont I have heen nllhcled with the I'uhnnmry Consump lion loi ihiee veins, nnd every tlmm Ihat I h ive tried lor rebel I nled. 1 am now under the direction ol Dr. I'eikms, uul feel pioud lu sny thai lain fist lecover mi,' , Ziu.v 1't.r.SA.M. U uiooski I nils, erment. hnoiirAXT lo Till. I'lumc This is to certify that 1 have hail the Pulmoiiaiy consumption lor fiveyeais, and eveiy ihm. that I tned lor relief l.nled. As soon nslheaulol Ur l'.ikms I went to lino, and staved with bun one wc.k.imd I .-el much relieved, and 1 fiiiuly believe that lie will make men sound man. Limi.v IIori'MAcii.E. ill-horo', Kssei Co. New Yoik. 15 CO.MSTUCK'S CKI.LllliA'I'i:!) .MAGICAL PAXAI EXrilACTOH. I III: univeisal approval nud continued demand for tins va ual.le ullirlient. is 1 he liel tes ol ns eslnh. lish'd woilh, lor the core ol burns, senlds, Mi-t.-itil su.laees, lr s .res ul all kmd wever long s,m. io.r.ini.lall exlero:.! ,r, ,ll, w ,!l ..I ..?.e.., Sold in Tn. H..xes,liit..dlorniiycluiiate,atiS.'.ct,! 50 els , iiu.l -si fiirh bv A L. Coin.tock. No t. Couit. Iind-st . .; and hv A V M'tAR and Into. A . N Y.; an Plck, Apothecancs, Hiulmgtun. l'J i lOMSTOCK'S 0M)mw;i:s Rm.m ok Co- J r i Minx The best and cheapest preparation for llie Hair ever otlered lo the pnMic l)icovclcd in the year s:il. hy .lobn .M Olumlge Tor sale hy A L. Cotlist. i k. No. I.Couitlandt-sl .otMioite the National lioiei. . l .; nun ny t j ni'LAli ana i iieo A.t hcK, Apolllec.irics, llurllllgloll. VJ JUILNSON'S VALL"P OIL MILITAHY SHAVING SOAP. rpIIIri (.ecuhaily inestimable compound is the in I veutioti ot our Mr Win .lohusun, nnd has now become su exceedingly popular that no other article can give such universal s.itil.icliou. Other trre.pon- S11' situe persons are attempting to mutate il in nppenr- I aucv, nui an seen is spurious ami a counter!!-it on .vir. jomison s genuine mtiele ' i'i i.i.- .. .it ... . i ne piiuuc win omv ne si cure nv nurc insin.' trnm "' our regular Agents ot the highest rcsp-ciabilny, lliruti'ihout the United Stales Al-n eveiy descnplion of the most choice scented Soaps in extra euibised gilt labels, H-smces lor the Haudkcrchlet, Cologne Water, Han Oils, Pciunuades, C. siueiics. Tooth Puw-.leis, and eveiy nrticle embra ced in the Pcrluiueiy A. L C'onistoek's, No. I". Cotutlan It I ,oppoitc ihe National Hot. I.N. Y. In lluilingion by A. C. and Tiico. A. Pick, Apothecancs. vj C1 STKI'I, TIIIVI.Mi'S. i TI'.i:L Hag and Purse Clasps. Tassels, Fringes, ' I Heads nnd Rings, ot all pne-s at j v. Uapvi.i.s. i ! vi::i:tiim: cittkiis. , NF.W an I useful ainclejust tcceivc-d at the Ag ' ricn'.nirtil aie House Nov 25. J. s Mi, COLD 'KMILf. J V arge assortnn HI nt Randall's. JONES, BALL & POOH, NO. 1 2.i VASIH.fJTO.STlCI'l' BOSTON linpiMli'lsiif'.v, Whole-salt' Dcnlois in Wiilclifs, .li-vv c-lry, .Uilitm y (.'nod., A r. I (TAVE m:ci:ivi:i) nv hixt.vt aiiiiivai.s iiiom Mm. Lngtaud ami France, a large and .-iensn,. ns. soitinent of the follow iugdescrihi-d Ooods, w ith many other kinds too numerous to be mentioned, s.-l.-. ted ex pressly t,, r iheir wholesale nade, and eomprising ihe greatest variety of arm-Its in he found in the city, lo which the attention ot dt alei sis invited liold and Silver Watches, Japanned Tea Trnjs, in ol Lever, l, l.pme, All sets ur single, ot all si,-s; clmr. IIoiuMiitiil nnJ Cant Trnv, 'XMin'inent', of I nut nml Knife Trnj TalitentuI I'ockct L'uile.y, CK-Mjr-, li:izor, Xc Iri'in tiie i-cU'lirnieil nia- . mit.itiiiifrcl liftlii-lii, UtHljieiH, Croukt U o- , ti iihuhn.vVc with nmny , htnjir-i kimU nt Talilo Iues aiul Toik', witti Iione liom uud cocosH wood I in tut if. nil fin iluit nnJ nui' iimiithfCflfliratm nuik vr in LieijHnl, Lou don, mul Lucli in iSm- -t Martlt lt-'-ewotul nml Kbony Cloclv. OHii-f Clot k, nml Kin'iit D.i) Tl.iieiif vs. CuM .If.M'Iry, of nil iriiti"ii' nil", Kiuy, Kiiiicli I.", iuiU t'l!i-i. Steel Hay nml Ii-c ituaun i.iiiFps eM nml lob Cliaiuo, Kl-y". (olil mid Lliain nml .Mootitii), ilel llfnil., Sjiiftatlrf, Spfctatle Cn-it', Silk I'liiM-s, (Iiiard Chains, ntch Hhiv!", Siircta rle Ljeii, Im wick, 'I'm ami Shell .Miimc tiiUer IVticil-, Sii'(ia. (Ii-, 'riiiiulilfs, Kf (ilnf, tiolil PiMiii,! Lockfl", wita n gi-'iieral n-t)i tiiu-nt ot tioltl, cr nnd liill 1 micj 1M(,n7 1-, , . n Wa l edlnke Uaet? Can IJiivjs, Jewel Hove hroiuetl nml lacouereii rhi'iinoineU'rb Table In niu liritaiituu lithe 1 dN.tVc nml 'IVaSuon-, Joiks Wntth Tools ofcery tics. Uuttfi Kiiive. Vc; cuplion. liniannia Tea and CotlVeKile, (rarrf nnJ nil Pols, Suar mid Cieam kimlsol Watch .Male I Pot ruN, hotli llmili-li uud Coiiiiiiunion Ware, of all' Swis-s manulactuie. knuN I 1'nn Iriseri' may he n?ureil that eery thing in our line will hi turni-Iieil on n (.ivoiable Unnsaa tanbe piocuiitl tiomany souice J Uenh is nn in itej to coll nml evnmine. i I lii;0, 11. JONKS, TIIL'U M. HALL, 1 .NAT1IL.C TOOK. towlv5 V ;oolscv t5 t'lM'. SYIiLl't), lot-.salt-Catlix it SreAR. api'i llaniii. Clf(( liolls Fnncr Iiaugings, some new- in cte. n.JJJ sign, jusi received. Stamiom. it Co TIX I'LATIN, &c. OTIIOXG. DllOI.ITTI.i: .V- '(), have leceiv k ed and flier lor sale ll good flock ol Tin I'lates, 1-3 X and en a size ; Kussia and Lnghsh Sheet Iron ; liun Wne, Sheet Copper, Hicct Zinc, Har Tin, Holt Copper, Wile Vellum, llivets, c. ike Dee I, '47 T2IS:OSOKE) A. I'WK, APOTHECARY Vholvmh. JJritggist, M'ULl.MiTON, VT.,1- IS COM.TAMLY RECEIVING AMEItlCAX, EXGUslt, IBCM'H. AM) INDIA DKL'GS; New Cheniicnls, Leeche-, Surgicnl Instruments : Miuernl Teelhnnd Dental articles j Saline or Mineral Waler ; DaguerreotjiK-articli s j (ienuiue I'ntentnud Thisnsomau .Medicine; Foreign it Domislic I igais, Sisla I'onntains nnd Syrups; llrushes.l'ei fumes, Soaps, Inks, llluekings, Fancy and Domestic mticles; Glass Ware; Dje-SlulV, Laniphine, llird, Field, Flower nnd (iaiden Seeds, e yc From the advantage of receiving Mineral waters, Cauiphene, Leeche, iVc, periodically, purchasets can itly upon their Ireshncss. Individuals wishing Trusses, Leeches, (.c, will a. wnvs Ii id a peirun lu attendance tonpply lliem. .Medicines dispensed nt nil houis of nhjit C" The iitifiitiou ol Diujgisi. l'h)Mcinns,Mcr chaiiis, nnJ .Maiutlacluier is solicited, with ihe ns smance, that they can be supplied lloui this establish, incut as advautugeously s ut the citv inaikets. 9 TIILODOKU A I'LCK Lin: iiNsuuANci:. rpiin Statu Mutual Li.i: Awuiiasci; X Coiniany, nl Woicest.r, Alnsarhiiclts, tontin ue to issue policies 011 lives, on the most lavorsbl lertlis. HON. JOHN DAVIS, Ptctiilrnt. OKO. II. KIIAW, Agmt. liil'c Iiisui'aiice, rpiri: SUBSCKIHKR is A(1i:.nt ion tub 1 Nr.vv L.miusu .MtTtiAt Liff. I.ymtakce Com tasv, and will ellecl iiisiinince 011 lives nu terms that camiot lad lo prove salislactory. S. WHtKS liurliiiflon, Auct 1,1817. CmC A (;aI(& ARTHUR are now rrmvinnnew iV V 1" " VJ"Ij,;,t v' Cu!" 11 If II AIID- UAIiL.inallits varieties. Also, Drugs and .Medi ciiies. l'aints, (),!,, Vnriitshes, etc. IJurlmetoii, 1811), STATUARY AIAKRU: QUAliRII.S, llrandnn. Ymnirii. I III! nbnve named qinrnes. well known for fur I msiinn nipeiiorfpiahtyoluMirble.ol line white nml Liking 11 high p..ish nte imw being winked, 1 ro diicmga iiinbiy ol 1,1.11 hie, said to be unequalled in Anienen. All orders for ninnutnents, imh nnd gravestones, ma 1 hie slabs, blocks, pedestals or Mniuniv liom these quarries, may he ad.bissed toKnowU's 'I'nylor Pro .netor,iit IiiomlcroL'U.or citv of New Yoik.nrto sleph.'il l.liooifell, buperinteudeiit ot the qu'irn.-s at Ilrandoii Vt lv.uil,l,S J AY1.U1C. S-'ltletnlier I IS 17 II) M. OSTHEIM, IIIIMM'V STItl.Tr. SV.W VOIJIf. 1 in WlioVsiilc Criieor nml llr.itpr in Impniicct l,iiimis, inrs nml serins, riiteuu l'lesorvi's imil (.1101:111 Kisshi. KVt .Milicinl Unlei. 50tl ' ' r m . I Illli, ilillio, (inlSIOH, CC. 5T0.NS Siioomi pi:, VAitiuus mzi.s ; "i do. Scroll Iron; in do. Hind do, 5, t.,und and Squaie, :i.f, and upward; 5. lot) S do. :iili,'Jai.d 1 : inch" Hanks" b.-t do, In tin American Tiie! do "2 do Hammond's do do j a do lloopdo.all .e a. Jo Kus-iii .Nail Hods ; 1 do Norwnydi.; I do Crow Hirsj 3 do Spimg Hteel, various sies : I do Koiind Cast do do do ; IS Cases (,J Axes do , 0 do nssoited do ; IS do7 Anvils j IS do Vices , I do Mill Cranks; Km .I.,-Ames' Shovels; !!3 dn " I ns..V .lu , T.'i ,1,, ' 1'uirb.inkj" 1 Hues ; Mo do " I!l:i iicli-i ill s ' l ast nud lieiimiu Steel I Scythes; 13 do do Ciadlts. lor sale hy J. lIUAlJl.iY st CO Ilurlington, Nov 13. Siutli Whaif. CLAHK, FiSK & CO. lJjUII ''"H I I l.'l o v 'I 11 1 v 1 Ir tc . , .t-i .. 1,..,, r ' 1 1 1 ') ' " 1 '!""' . ','" '"r " le a choice sclec- L """ ol 1 ,l01 the late arrivals, CWU- ,-, " AT.'? J'1 : Hyson. lis) do do O..I lljsoll, t;:i do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do 1 wtiuhny, (iiuq owuer, lniieiiiil, l'lowery Pecco, 1'uucliung, Ningyotig, Oiange Pecco, 37 ssi Mi 57 33 1 do .souelnng 4.11 caddies ol various qtt.uines Also, 20,0x0 packages i nuaeco, couimisuiL. various ni.-niil. an. I q'i.ihll.-s ; Pqa-s nml .S-gii. Mae'-ijoy and .-seuti h Sliutl; New Oileaus, puito Rico, St Croiv und Ha vana I'otf.-e. criisheif ; I t nud I'ow.lei.-d Sugars, New Orleans, Purtn Rico,, ji Crou, Tuu ulad ami Cuba .l..l;i .-s j Unit l!ovr.. Ilnv ami tve; Rni-ms; St Doiiitngu, Cuba. Riu, Liguui. Sumatra and Java Collee ; Puneiitn, Pepper, tiuiger. Nutmegs, Cloves, .Mu-tard, Cassia, 1 ancy and llir So.ip,ttcrtn and .Mould Candles, Winter and Summer Uil, .V.iuk erel, S ilinon. Shad, Hetrmg, Pukled and Dry Cod, and a lull and general ns-oitinent ot Orirceries, which we oiler lor sale at the very lowist maiket price-, anil chant to which vvc mviie the attention ot in- country nier- i.i..M;i, ri&iv Ci cu N. II. Liberal advances nraUe upon consignment. IKON AM) NAILS. A Tons Lngli-h Tne lion. H.-J M Tun, t)i,i tabic Ruia Iron. 12 Tons Swedes " 15 " Hois.- Shoe " 20 Round and Square " . 15 Ifauie and Ss-ioll " 10 " It.nid " 3 ' Hoi'p ' 12 ' I' s. 1 and Norway Nail Rods. Nn) lots vV Co.'s Cast btc-cl. Pei. sun's Spiing du t.'-iiniu do Sw.ifes do l.iiriosh P.hster do 2Uc.u Rigs Iveesevi.le Nails and Htods. 3j0 Dui Rnsps and l il.-s. lly 'i J J- II VLCK l( CO. Oil. 200(1 ":,t,, " iUr nui vxW spimg bleached Spc-lm, loi'O " ' Whale, 23 Ilbls. " " 10 " Amerieni Linseed, bv J. J 11 fLCh ii Cc 2 IUie burington Extra, Htirlington, Wnnuiit, INsH'X, n:d Lak.-, Itoiljitid Crown, 230 nf U.w. raithnnks1 Hoes. VI V -lUUu. tin nml Van Ornam- Ifnv r..rlt Sejthe Minthf-, Ueiklinstoii Scthea. l'iirrwcU's Ulnoil's " :t Hy -S J. 11. VLCK J CO. LAMP OIL. DIjI-s. I'un- Spfrin; .'111 ilo Iilcplmnt : Ul) do Kelined W bale, lor sale hv 15 ,. .. J- UltAULiiy s 0. Ilurlington, Nov IS. H Siuth W,arf 1ICLL0WS PALLS STAGIJ IIOUSL'. liy llussull lljdc. r'XTL.VSIVL alieiations nnd uu rovenie nts have J lecentlj U-eumade in this Hole I, lonespoudii... with the liiiilroad teiidiucies nt ihe day, and it is uuv? in ailmuiible order to accommodate aiul ,u.iL '"r,1;'l1',1'- ""''crous pjjrons and the ttavclii.g public. vsFnil- Aug. HIT Bit ilUl.l) I'LNS Irotll two to 1(111 1- D.illnrs L-vi llri.wu's l'reuiumi Di.-nt.nn.l p.......! vn... ii- 1,!'1-I,',m' "eneiliet and lleiarey's llelirv's .New hngland, llie .vlnguuui Ilonuni, 'Ihe IVopfes' l'en. The N'uioiia Feu uud Congriss Pens nt j V. liA.MUI.llh CILVKIt Sl'OO.vS, Ili-TTin K.mvis a.m. kJ .Nugar bhovels, winiiinied good ns the Os-t SU. J. V, Hamuli'. M'ATCIIKS. JKWKLLUUV, CLUCKS 1 1 clenneil aiul lenaireil to order, and in ns cooii sivle as can be done elrcwhere. July 1. 1 J V IIA.NDALL. DOMHSTIC'S. I C-HL'ETIXGS. in lialcs UccKlanJ; 10 do. .New York ; 10 do New JelK'v : 1U do Wnlnole -. 1.. OO .11. .11 V. SIIIUTINliS, a bjlcs fine brow n ; 1 do ilo New York .Mills. TICKIN(it5 enscs Lowell, 5 bales Lowell A Jl.SO halet A ttnknjmp mixtuie ; 3 rawH 11 Cubm" Miit:tltKHi null . 5 tmlec ot I laid Yoik Kieinhiifr: 5 du siiint'il (to ilu : 5 tin tl:mi .L, iU IsJilu UuiH ; JUilu Wukint;; lu do AuixkeQg iiHiit iv uu vnuir in., i Kt r.iir i y JOHN LKADI.CY it CO. !utlmgioiNov 1Mb N,u(i Wharf- .mii.y'X's ,i-p(iJcA .'iT;, 1,'OU iinpaitiug a rich, luiuiiam and gins.) hue to the Huir 1 Ins disirable vegetable juice isone of Ihe limn iuniKeut yet the nicsi ellccnve ni phea. lions lor ihe human hair ever invented nnv c.l the most la.liionuhleladii sin New- y,L. mve Icaig lieen l.i the habll ol tlsmi. it. nml sni-iiL .a it ns inacun., nuv thine ever invented. Lulu s, try n ' I'o Is-had of A I. Com-tixk, No. CConrtiwill-st , N York; nnd ol A C Sceau and Tiilo. A lVit, Apolhecniies, liutlingion It I'uro Spcim oil. ' pl'STOMLliS can be supplied with lllenched i "!!l'r ,!lier,1 Oil of the first quilily Also. Mined Vv hale Oil, warranted to give taiismctlon nnd light. A S- DKVj,:V SOA1', 7 l!0Xi:S COLGATirS.75 ilo Morgan's J l'.irsalehv ' J. HIIAULBY sS CV KOU'J'II islIOKi: SALMON. T1IST lecrivcl ftw bhl, IVwh wnchl Noith .) tine Sslinou at r.l Tl.l?i iv Sl'VAhS . Sti ,1817