Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 14, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 14, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FJSlfiESFM UOIIKT CAI.KNWAIl. tJVniCASE?. CIIITTE.M1E.V lOUN TV, NOV. AW. TLItM. 11. Ct R. II Ci. p. Gcirxr Clmjn. Amu-ii hU n:i pMniuiry notr. l'lea, t'i? eencrnl mi. 1 he note w,m on its luco piyalile "lu llu- Com. mm"" 'J1'5 VcriHont Uail Kimd &,. ity I lie lUfun.liiit olijcctc.l lor .irianc-o lu-twicn the Inurnment an. the declaration, nml conic-mM tha the action should Inve been bmigUi l.y the coiinnl, f ...lew in th -ir individ It iMpnnly. I'viJcnoc uj of. l-reil tenilmu to fhow tint lint eon.uleralion inovej trout the rorpuiition, tli. pl.tintill-in the unit. The '-.emnlhi'Vv '' Wt'" l,rolll11' 111,1 K"vejuJinent l'l.-itt nnd Pock, for tlie I'M" t hatles Ituwll, for the l)e't. Simutt Page ii. Iltniel Jucl.mii, llook Account. I'xceptiuiis to Auditor's Iteport. I he auditor allowed u ih irp- ul ."i-i cents ticaiiist the ik-lciid.iiit, lor I'liti-rlniiiiiiciit furnii-licd Ins in, nor son, V ho Ind been lent by Ins lather to the public inn of the 1 Iniiilill.aiid Irom the inclemency ol the weather, le inaineil there hut limlij. Toe auditor U.tillmwJ. a charge r.r$l5D for a since waaoii.lurnished by the plainlill to the delend.iut im d r an njr.- uu-nt" to us in hit business, so as to mc it a lair nil I thorough trial, and it it should fill, to re turn it, but il it proved miitnble to his purpoe the de fendant was to purchase it," Thetiudilorlound that the defendant used the v.iion in a proper ami Miitable milliter, lor a ucriod uf mv weeks, wlneb he reported was not an unreisonable time to nun it a fa r im,l thorough trial. He also found that the wuiruii was vli.ill)- insulheient ami unsuitable lor the iletcndanfs purpw ; ami that the defendant did not lelurn il until about 3 J da. suiter the six weeks above alluded to. Un der lh"se circumstances he disalloweil the L-linrne lor the price of the wagon, unless the coint tltuuld be id opinion tint the pubseipient retention, alter the trial wjsc- iiiileted.vasin Hw an acceptance thereof, lie lurther allowed the nhiniifl S-'lilnr il n ol ibe . on, and also pis.ed upon some oilier items not the eub- jccuii imy exception, (eat ill); u balance in l.ivor ol Ihc iiiaiiiiin oi ifui.m. neaiso luuuJ that the uciemiant had before thecoiumeucemeiit of tlasguit tendered the plimtiir tlv sum ol S''.l Ul, tpecilically for llie use nf tlie le jimh and without lelerence to any other item The pt.nntiir contended that tlie contract between himself and the defendant was n mile of tlie wagon with the privilege of letum if It should tail, and that thi privilege was Wdlvcd by retaining 'M days idler giving it sullicieuttrinl. Hut if it was nut a sale, he limber contended that as the delendaut made the len der only lor the use of the wagon, the action was not thereby barred ullhougJi the tender was nunc than fcullieielit lo coer the whole anmiilit due. The eomt allirmed the hitler poiin.aud as the plamlili liad relus tii toaccept the tenderwiieii made, the nelcndaiit hid leave to withdrawn, and judgiueut was given on the report for m.'IMM undcots. Alaeck ,t Wires, for I'M" Sm illey &, i'helps.J. .McM. Sltnfter, for Deft. Scth Mouse Pn-utficis v. Azio 11. Bitinji, Jlcitjitinin lltxi"i' mill Stilt Jltiit'ii, Assumpsit against the defendants as cndor-crs of a promissory note, not negotiable, ami payable to A-ru II lli'-liop. D'claialiou alleged, that said Aro li ldisliop, by his endorsement, ami said Ib-njamui mid Helli lliahnp, by their endorsement, ordeied the con tents to be paid to the pluiutil!. Demand ami notice was also alleged The defendants demurred mid in sisted that Azro I!, lli-hop was the only emlaner, and the ollur defendants liable only as guuiitnluis. The court sustained tlie demuirer,und the decollation was adjudged m-iiflieient. The plaintiffs had leave to amend and the cause continued. I. man .t Chittenden, lor the plaintiffs. Levi Underwood, lor the dileiidanis. Allen 11. Looicis v. Edtrunl Wuimrrigfit. Hook account. Inceptions to the Auditor's lie port. Tlie pimeipal lacis in tlie case uic these : In January, Is Id, Ihc agent ol the defend ml, hating a general authority to buy and sell a certain species ol property, jiurthased a horse ol the pldiuliir.oii behalf ol Ills unueipil, and in part pamelit llierelor ddnir- il to the pj.uutiir two piomissoiy notes, signed bvonc Deunng; it Wing mum. illy uudeisiood that the pin in till received Ibe notes on Ins own responsibility. W hen ibe luiicr presented the notes lo the said U. in ing, for i-ij mont, he learned that their collection was restrained by ntue of a written agreement, signed by the delemlant and tome oilier creditois ol l)euimg, inuhieh they had agreed, in consideration that lie would di-eontiuue proceedings then pending in bank ruptcy, to lorbear any attempt to collei t their demand agaliirt him, or make him any co-ts tlieieon, loi tlie penoj of three ears, which had not et oxpiicd. Up on learning these lacts, tlie plamnll ploposed lo the atorcsdtd agent, lo exchange the notes lor other pro perty, ortto lesi-uul the louluict and take back tlie lurse. The holse had in the mean time been deliv ered lo the prnictpai, and ihc agent rt fused to accede 10 nie liiaiiuiii s proposition, tuna not appeartnat the d-'lenilant, who signed ibe agreement above allu ded to. did f Jeisfilell er I he k.iiiI noli s in b s it in lit : bat that bis t lei k," without any njiecml authority anil anil wilbout the know ledge ol Ibe deieiidaut, and in ignorance ol tlie existence of ihc agreement ol for bearance, delivered thrill lo the agent, together Willi oiner nous, to cuii-iuge mine way ol traiie. t he Holes Inviuir proved wliollv worthless and linnosii.l,. to be coll- Lletl after llie expiration of the said lhr n jenis.ihi aeiii-n w ,s brought lo rccoverthcirupparent value oi me ih 1 lie coint neiu, on nils suite at tacts, lookticlion was a niois r remedv. and that the dt leudaiit by putting off the Holes, wnriunied litem lo ne, as tney purpolieu lo lie, tiiiiesllilltieil ; and tin fact that ih'" plaint ill' iccei ved ihem on Ins own responsibility, tela led only to the then exl-lmgsolv ill cy ol the maker. Judgment was therefore icndercd on me icpoit lor llie wimie amount ciaiimu, JI. JI.Nnilli, A-ahe IVck.tor l'lll". Jsmriljey VV; riiejps, nr Uelt. l.tri I'lttUricriijil v Muses A. Unit. Atitht'i qiirielu, to s.-t ashlc a judgnieiil by tlefanh, rendered bV fi Jilsllci' ol the peace agiiusi 'IV pit-seHt pllllllllll' 1'he evidence, though Hot ol the most posi live cb-irneter, temlert to show tint the justice emeied the ollice ol the deiendint's allot itey nein the hour set for the hi ibe wtit, and in answer to Jus (tuuiry w bether theie were im causes formal an i.lluma tivereilv was given, and the lilis in ibe uise were sliovvn linn, lie tin n left llie ollice and ihd lint ir lu.o ui.iii ,iH-i me iwu Hours nan explicit, in vv men 1 o.. .1 1 . 1 , , .... 1 . , . time llie judgniiitl by lit fault vvlisenteled Thelilalli till both dem -d lint the ju-iiee was present nt all.itnd aho coiiieiuled that ll he did so enter the ollice, us ihe cMdellce tenditl lo show, it was not a sullielellt taking nl jurisdiction - and that Ihe judgment was tbetc fore illegal. 'I'ltecouii however relumed 10 set It uside, and the plaiutilf entered o tev-tew. ilnggs .V. t'liderwood, lor plamiiff. Lyman Chiliendeii, and C. 1). ICasson, for dc ttudaut. D'J 'On Monday evening last, wo received a letter which rrjuirel to bo an-vvered by the Tucsd ly's 111 til. We took the answer to the l'ol Oilice at 15 minutes before 0 o'clock by our own w. itch, and at 10 minutes before nine, by the clock at the American, (before a single bushies shop in the Village was closed,) and were very briefly and emtrtantthj informed that tho mail was made up, nnd that our letter, (which we respectfully represented that we were specially desirous lo have mailed) could not go. We have too much respect fur, and confidence in, the rourtoy and accommodating disposition ol the I'ml Mnler, to believe thatic would sanction so small uud annoying a pro ceeding as this-; and as wo puller with other of our business citizens, in tho premises, through the existence of an evil that has given nso to very general complaint, we have nothing fur it but to wait, and thank 1'riividencn for tho pros pect, which similar misrule lurnishes, that po litical nuisance.-", in tins alllicted country, are about to bo abated. Cliiiiniilnin Tiiiiiptrlulltn Ciimnniiy. Tho Annual Mectinj; of this Company was lioliicn at the American Hole, in this Village, nn Thursday tho tli int. Tho following gen llcmen wcro elected tho Hoard of Director : H. II. Itrw. Ksscx. S. V.; 1'. JIuiMTlLE, John I'eck, Jliirliiiytuii ; A. TiiuMKOx, iveesi; villo. N. V.; 1,. Jlii.MNcnii, St. Album ; J. V 1'OMEIHIV, N. H. llASVV'KM., S. 1.. HoWAKPi Jijiin HnAiJLEV, liiirliiiiitiin , i'aki- ','';'-",,, Kridport; 1.. .Myers I'lalUliurgli, N. V, W. (JoiF, Port Henry; J. II. Ilnvu, MiiteluiII JN. i.J JAMES 11, IIfs,hEIl, jroy, . Smith, Now Vork. Wp bclievo tho Hoard is the same a6 that of JaFt year with tho eiccption of Jiulgo 1'om.ltt, vho, wo tiiulcrstatid, declined a re-election. Jons 1Jhaji.ev, Ks. vra elected to supjily his place, W'a noticed rjuilo a nuinbor of gentlemen eonncctcd with iho Saltus interest, in town last week, Air. Grant and .Mr. Doiilon of Troy, Cant. Tiiti-ltE, nnd other. It Is. rumored that a delinitivo arriiiigement was mado between the "high contracting turtles," which, if true, will tend greatly in our humblo jud'mont, to promoto 1'ic convenience, comfort nnd safely of tiie trav- METEOROLOGICAL REGISTER FOR DECEMBER lIur.UNOTON, 1 wile Uaot of Lake Cliainiitaltt ami -'50 feet above it. 1 tiicrv . winds. 1 ntnoMtTitn. weatheiI. lA.ThtWATrit 1 i I H 1 U rf, 11 ,1 f M.'J rat Hun 'U 11 rirM I! eM I'M iuch.'lncli. Illicit. Uise I ll 13J :t7 s s'7iu?'l:i7oTli')ycia"r 5 .VII 17 3; s 1 s t'2J 01 Wot) 3JW rain .1 t. JI .11 ijV ,v Iji I.nvv-J'J 3J-J'J.52s!.l Hsnnvv 1 r m iiJJ SJ.jtwxwl s JJ.CGJJ "j'JJ.S.Ifilr fa r cVjl':U s s ri').)il JJ.7i,!j'fl.H cloudy Cloudy 3 s 3,aii:n,3ii w l'3J 10 3j; s 5 1110.52 s fi 57C1 jj's"' 7 I5 11,3-.v c 'anil 3J, r HoC, 10 s 3 31 HI 3.V a 1 333.1 -X jj fl lUI'J -l 'x fi, 11131 -ii N 7 1030 -JO, N c'afiaj "it s I s l.vvviJ.7i)3J.7l),3)00I.iir fiir s i3J.I',).lcleur s"3).3j,3J.(),3i)l)0clear s !3i).tH 3J.'JS3J.7dl iir w'i'jr.iiJ 03 3'J 00 cloudy ,N MJ 533J.75 3J.10ram 9 30.11 3J U5 3'J(l.i clear x itlMJiW.Ttl.ail.iaMln w aj.HU 3,71,311.70 rain s 311.70,3.771301)0 rain N :3J.lo.ld.lu30.1l.lclcar x i3'J.yii3'J83 3'J.Hl snow clear iclear rain lair lair lair lair s i.SJ1.B01Sl.7G cloudy lair'jj.;u -i-j tejclouily ' 15 I'.), ll N N , N 30.8030.00 30.(1 1 cloudy cloudy 3 -II -KNK, N N 13-11330 03 30 .711 cloudy lair snow cloud clear clear clear ,clear fair clear clear U Iti U v -ij uoyy.jj.'j.iii lair 33 5 017, IS 31 0 313J H I s 3J 35 3'J.3J,30.33cloudy l i'l In ..! lo I I 1 I .Ir 7 1HH IO.nwnw 30.31 30.3'.l3'J.00clenr d Mi 3) si xi ni3J 55 30.03 30.03 clear 3 -3 7 8svv s , s .W 110 30.15 30.15clcar 3 10a3 3S 1 30 1 1 13 5 10,17 10 0 13 10 15 s"' s 1 s ,311 OT'30.90 30.01 cloudy fair 30'.IHaa.M-3y.H5friir s S3 81 tiU SI 30.81 fair s ,3J.D0 30.00 30.88 cloudy Icar 3333 3737 I 130.70 30.77,30.7520.77 Tlienvcrage temperature of December for the last 0 v vrar was 1.2'' wanner than tie mean. 1 he wannest coldest, in 1815, 17.8". On the last day of December, temperature more hue spring linn winter, nitrometer uuove Llie iiii.iuiiij , llie iiieiio ul llie i.isi v yeuis becn used some, but mere lias ueen no gooil slcighmg. elin comtnunily. and relieve llie Lulio from tlie uneasy and ili-norc'cablo cotnjvtition which was fast rendering ti passage through it any tiling but a plca'tnc. We tru-t, therefore, tliat it is true that llicre are to he, next season, two day, md two niglit hoat.s, runniiig each day to nnd front Wtiitc li.ill ami St. Johns, and that the fare will be the moderate sum of 1.60, as we have ., licit il rumored. .Such an arrangement, wo are persuaded, would give entire and universal sat isfaction, and contribute both to the pro-pcrity of tlie old and excellent Company, who, it is said, have brought it about, nnd to the enjoy ment and acrommrxUtion of the public. 3j'Xo. IV. of Ihc interesting Letters of our X. V. Correspondent is in type, bitt is crowded out this week. iUavkct0. itlightoli trinket Thursday, Jim. fi, 1818. KLI-OKll.ll IOK 11IL IIA1LV AUVJ.KTIt U.J AtMaiket 700 I lev I Cuttle. IKK) Sheep and iOO Svvme. 370 Jleif Cattle and 330 Swine unsoul luis- day cvtllilig. ivt iters Jieej i tune in nni-i i.nii"-i.m. ... 1...,., i.iml.,t lor the season, lillces declined cstra 0 50 ; lirst quality 3 71 ' 0 20 ; second S3 it 5 50 m 5 33. . , I Win kins tljren Sales at &.S, ana VJi. ' Cmr ami fillers Sales at 623,020, and S3.i, tslmi Small lois 1 33, 1 03 and 2 35. More fed Wilhets523,575and s0. . Sieine lrfils lu Hildl Ijc Tor Sows, and 5Jc lor Harrows. At reluil trom 5 lo Cjc. This day was ibe lust Thursday s market, and il was well intended ; n -.cry large slock was ollered for sale, consequently a small reduction in prices was suu- milted to. brATtMC IJnioiiroN Maukct, for. 1817 13.125 licet Cattle, Sales estimated at 91,010,130 20,737 Stores, " 49, ,iyi , 133,530 Sheep, .'37,719 02,013 Svvine, 331,331 $2,719,103 I 1310. 33,070 Heef Cattle, 1 15,101 Mieep, J05.350 Stores, Sales estimated at $,1 ,87 1 ,1 1 3 11,910 Swine, J 1 1813. 1 18 910 Heel Cattle, T 1WSS& fSalcctlmatcd at 51,893,013 50,530 Svvine. J Coins, CoiHJiis. Consumption, c. ll should bc renieliibcred thai u cough is alvvajs an evidence that some i.npurity lsloged 1111I10 lungs,which if not speed ily removed, will so it mate those delicate organs as lo pioduce iiillamtnalioii olibe lungs.a disease which we nil know is the high nnd to consumption. Wnght's Indian Vegetable Ptll are an ca-yafend I cerlniii cure for colds and coughs, because ibey carry 1 oirbyiheslomach and bowels, those uioibid bninors which, if deposited upon the lungs, are the cause ol the above dangerous complaints. A single twenly livecent bo ol said Vegetable Pills s gener ally sulliciiut tomakc a perfect cute of the most ob stinate cold; and at the same time digestion is im- tiro iroved.tind llie blood socoinpleiele purine, I, t'jainew -r. , , .,.., ,. ., i,,,.. (r,.,.. III. ware or Iheom.v or.mixAL AMI U1.MI.-Vl. I.MIIA.N VtUI.TAllI.1. PlLLS, IIAVT Till M'l- .NArtiit of William Witioiir ucittln with a ix;.- ON THE T.U'l.AlllL or EA 11 UnX. iYoIC utlur ttget- itiiie, mitl Itittiunttijeit thisis tor.i,Litv. MM 1 .-...).. I... IV It -f'IJTf(s 'o,.. 1 lie gel in 1 1 e en s, in ii) sk ii tiu, ...tiw Siicii.und 'nli;ui)OKi: A. Pi:CK,CollegeSirect. sole agents for Hurlinglun. lteubeii lVrguson, Kssca ; .1.1! 1 ) ki-, 1 1 ; v . littoues, .tr 1111-111111111.1; i;. II. liteell, litch Il.l ; .1. 11. .V. 1. V lower, l.'ndeilllll ; Hutlbut .V. Hodges, Wilhstuu; It. Sail- terson, on.I 11. Avers, West illisioit ; J. l.)inan, lerieto: vx. 11. xene, iimesiiurgu : vv . n. 00 11. t lone-John' ard land at x nod, wesllord ; staples .v. l.yon, unarlolle ;, Mteinurne ; it. Kicimiomi ii-irm lh New Kiigl inil liiiiiich Ollice and Ueneral Depot, 193 Treniont Strew, Hoamn. 1 IJath. Me.,Mav-23.-Mr.P llrown :-Dear Sir:- Ilavin.'lesled Ihe value ot vour Satsii.aiilla and To. 1 mntu Hitters, 1 take pleasure lo give toxou ihe lactsof r ' - . ' . r., . 1 ... .-. 1 my ca-e for your own s-iructtou and the benefit ol i olfieis. I have been sulleriu'? Willi the I'rvsinelas hu- I mor in my side, causing my hand and arm lo swell very much, nnd to be painlul ; at the stitne lime, and ) lot some time previous, have been troubled with a weaK stoinacu i mos. o my ioou '. there has been a singular r-"tHes-s r, the s . i ac h, I which has been increasing, and caused me much ililh- culty. Alter 1 coininenced taking vour lintels. 1 could perceive a gradual and tin diaie renei . una would recommend it. nil much confidence to lliose vv ho are troubled w lib such c-iiniplaiiiu. 1 ours, truly, ivu nn-T.l.l,. .... - ?'iel Tu!A!plcK.and A. C.SPn.Apo - ihecaries and w holesale Druggists, and by dealers gen- erally throughout the Stale. -- - A Lady in Troy, N Y.,who had lieen given up by her iihvmciiim.sciids us the following : Tiov. .May 15, let C Mr. 1'owle In October last, T . - . , I .... -..1.1 .. l.t. 1. ...., I... I r. ,,L l.tns noil mr r;ir-,w'Sifb. wl.i,l. redJeed me veiv low. A tew days ntterlwas luken 1 eiuploved one ol our best plivsi cuius, but received no he'p! I Wed another, but with no belter success, and finally n third, still growing worse all the while. At this stage ol the disease 1 w as reduced so low us lo be unulite to turn myself in I bed, or sit up while my bed was made, My physi cians finally gave me up, and said that 1 had the can- j sumption, nnd that there was no htiyior 'e- mv Inends advised me lo try It islars lmlsam of IliW fl.enu. bin the Doctors obiecled. said that it would , only hurry me out of the world j I finally procured a botile. nnd by using three bottles I was resioreil lo ; to perfect health. .MPiS. SAK All I.AW.SO.N, lie i-ureful ond get the genuine DIt. WISTAIPS DAl.SA.M OF WILD Clll'ltUV. None genuine ttnless signed by I. IIUT'l'S. Address oil orders lo i siivrn W l'(l'l.i:.llo.-luii..Mii3s. l'or sale whole sale and leluil by Tuui. A. Pwk, Uurliugioii, and by Dealers in .Medicines geneiully in Vermont. iHrtvvicu, In this Village on the 13ih inst., by the I!ev, II I,. Storks, .Mr. Nathan IIiucock, ond -Miss Carolihe Dickinson, boih ot llurlinglon. 3D t c b , In Isex, on the Mil inst. V.uucnn, wife of An drew Cllis, ill the 80ih year cl her age. In Ferrisburgh, o'i the 1st inst., William Hazard, aged 51 yeurs. After u long and painful illness, which lie bore with uncommon loitilude. He could get no relief from the tno.-t at, e medical ulil in l ie rountrv. 118 disease proved to be an affeclion ol the heart. In his death Ills laiinly have lost a Kind and indulgent patent the i coiiimuniiy on ucnve, u-eful member of Kocicty the I poor a kind-hearted and liberal fciiiid, ' 1047. KCMAUK9 y r m lulr'i'n,1-1- fair :cloudy0J--,;;,1 clouJylrain fiW.'ll snow isuow ,b .,,.0 0,30 iFoggy. Mnc-Iloalswitltdr'n 0.11 ISnovv birds. U.U'J ,8 inches of snow. p olldl'.l"l"U" (Cloudy,';? 'f jj ' Snow squills. , Igooo. cloudy,,,J5nM Meigiis nut. nieignui; Aurora Uorcalis. not clear '.lji3l;1 Icloudv,1;" iCloudyt'JOJ i3 rain 70 03 Ml hir 716173, lain 030170 I 0.00 1.61 'Aurora Horeatis. i?nov liirds. rain .oiujoa jfoggy. clondy.rloudy.TICSTll. 0.13 j.iikelreeof ice. clear fair ,0003 01, tl.llO Saranac rrtutned from clear Jclcar pllH73 cloudy snow ,00 73 05 ',5ivi fit1 Whitehall. 0.19 ,3J inches ol snow, icloudv '08 07 08 cloudy,0l,6l 0'J cieur ,o.ojin( ;snow 150 07,081 y icloudyOO 03,05, clear ,010708 !snov 59 0007' 'cloudy 03 71 00 !cloudy0-l,C307; 55,30,00 jcloudj 07 05'00( cloud 05 05 07 0.03 2 inches ol snow, 1 inch of bnow. 0.00 Inronnd nearlv all bare. (muddy. rain 00 71 73, 0.07 Ground bare. Uoads very "I I 1.07 131 inches snow. cars was 23.8", by which it appears that December this December in lie lust v vears was in isi.t. stiy. aim tne 1817, the ground was bare, the grass gneit, and the very lliicluanug. I all ol water in mm and snow much ueii.f unij. iiii;iiea ivi jvc.viiiut;,, icins imvi: f i t 4 . COUM'IXG-UOOM ALMANAC. ? 1848, y 'r. 1 1 " f! 2 3 4 5 0 7 B1! ' 'J l()li 12 13MJ5 J 10 17 18 1920 21 1 i 23 2125 202728 20 " I-'30 31 I 1 3 1 5 0 7 8 f1 i. 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 C Ifi It 18 IV 2(1 31 VS T ' 23 2 123 20 27 23 20 s OO -I, 12 3 15" 0 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 11 li 10 17 18 10 20 21 23 23 24 25 20 27 28 20 12 3 t , 1 ft 7 st l III 1 1 ' f! 12 3 15 A' 0 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 II 13 10 17 13 19 3 20212223212320. t 27 23 20 30 31 rl 315O78 9 i 10 11 12 Kill 15 10 J. 51 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 T 2123 20 27 23 20 30 L 1 2 3 I 5 0 7 J f 8 9 10 11 12 13 11 . f 15 10 17 18 19 20 21 f 22 23 2 1 25 20 27 23 1- 29 30 31 J r1 1 2 3 1 T i 5 0 7 8 9 10U r t 12 13 11 15 10 17 IH I I 19 2021 22232125 T 2027 23 29 30 1 ' f 3 1 5 0 7 8 9 y 1(1 11 12 13 11 15 10 I t 17 18 19 2021 2223 . t 2125 20 2723 20 30 L 31 I 1' 13 11 15 10 IT la 1 10202122333125 30 27 38 30 30 31 , 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 0 10 II 12 13 It 1, I 10 17 18 19 2021 "2 ' f 33 2133 20 3728 20 1 I- '30 r ; 12 3 4 5 0 f ' 7 8 9 )0 11 12 )3 2 1 II 15 10 17 18 19 20 212223212520 27 L 28 20 30 31 r 1 1 3 i I 1 5 0 7 8 9 It) fj1 11 12 13 11 15 10 17 T-i 18 19 20 2 122 33 21 1 23 20 27 28 29 30 ilIcehanic'M liiNtitutCs Will meet at the Town half past six, Sat urday evening, Jan. 15, lor llie transaction of import ant business. Notice is also given that the Library has been re moved to C S. Adkin's bindery .Free r ress building. Hyirder ol Dncclors. C. S. Aukiss, Sccy. 32T" EXPRESSES. VVIMElt AUKANCEMCNT. mt VIRGIL & HICE. .Northern itntl Southern llvpri ss. IEAVKS Fou Nr.w Yoiik i:vurv Wrnxiis J day morning, and for Montreal every Friday mortiiug. Arrives from New York, Thursday evening, and from Montreal Tuesday. Ollice, New Yolk, No. 10 Wall street t Albany, No. II and 13 exchange ; Troy, No. 173 ltiver Si.; .vlonlreal, No, 133 St. Pauls St.; Hurlington, West side h.piare. (JilEEiW & CO. Huston nnd Montreal Impress. f EAVES rtm Itosmv ami JIontkhai, i every Friday morning, and orrives from Huston Wednesday evening j from .Montreal Tuesday eve ning. Olliee, Uail limd r.xchnnge, Itnstnn ; 153 St Paul St , Montreal ; West side Square, Hurlington, Hurlington, Jan. 1,1313. 39tf Steam 1'rrry, 1(1 AVI) IT.UM lL-ll.IOK)S- ANU 1XJRT KKNT. ri,iii:STKAMi:.lNO.(!lLI,IN,C.PT..IOXi:S, I. will leave Hiirlinglou every morning (Sundays excepted) at 9 o'clock, lor Port Kent: Returning, she will leave Port Kent every day (Sundajs excepted) at 12 o'clock, M. lor Hurlington. This arrangement will continue a long as the navigation of the Lake will permit. I'aunse SO Cents. Hurlington, Jan. 11,1818. 39vv3 Instruction In tho Trench Lnnsunsr. iltOXS. THOYON, RECENTLY FH0M TI l.'mn. frMrs Lis services to the Ladies and Crutlcuieii uf Hurlington as a teacher ol lite Trench l.anguage. lie is employed as ln-iructor in Jlis Kleiiiiinr's .School, but could give litsuttention Ion lew Uditional Classes, day or evening, li s terms lor 10- "ruction are quite moderate, una may ne icurncu 011 lion letitioti to bun nt tip r rank in House. llurlinglon, Jan. VI, 1918. 23w-l UK IV AV IS 11 1. i.mmwy f ATCLV ItlTTUllM!) TO THIS CoiTXTItY FIIOM Ii ,he American Mission in Ceylon on account of ,,, llnl,aire,, B1te of M. Wnrd's'healih and lor the i,,.fi,' r i.i. rii,rn,. l.i- u,... , ,i,. ,...,,,.1.. 1 ofllurhnclon in thenrocilce of inedieme nnd sureerv. i ,,e w1, te hn , y , remvP ens a, ,,e residence of , , is trliIcr. i,r, cleo. W. Word, near the Methodist chapel. January 10, 1813. 2it t i." KTimiuniii a- .. b . . m. .m.vmm intif v tu. ' nKALERSl.vF.- 1 Carpetmgs, Itusli .Matting, 1-loorOil Cloth, Hugs, vni"Jo'v i"'laiit? 1 1',cr " ll,.l5?' I';ok,i.V,t! (;il,',s's mi oies , i u iuj; i.iuc, oiuiu i.iue, i. v line vjiiiii. 1 iie WAHH, also, China and Ulass Ware, Groceries, i'urs, llitlhilo Itobes, iVc. Church stieet, Uurliugioii, Jan. 1818, 23 . ..-...-.-... I vV km;kivku, a fuksii lot op maw J-ringed Oloves. CA'l l.I.v' & Si'KAU IMnxler. 1000 Jan. HI. IIAUS I'rcsh (iround Plaster, for sale ny U1.U. JWJiJMOX, ."J-w3 Vinegar. nr HHPS, first quality Vinegar, for Fale at 15 cts CJ per gallon, by ClLU.rLTLHSOX Jan lo. y'.l-vv3 1:A1)Y--Mai)i;IWii.(!. A LihoeSui It. ply ol all kinds of ready-made Clothing, for sale oy -wj UMOXS. Mi wilehy 0 UOXKS 1- WISH LK.M0NS, I'OH am. jwuhsux, W-w3 Dec. 10. Iliickwhenl Flour. IjMU'SII Ground Iluckwheot riuur.forsile by Dec. 10. !i'J-vi3 am. J'MTHSOX LAW BOOKS, Ftoryon Agency. Kiory on Iiailincnis. ntorv on Partnershin. Sinn. i... ivn n.. , Story's Luuity Jurispru. (Joufd's Pleading. I deuce, a vols. Long on Kales. Last's Reports, new EJ. Knuny Digest I Vv'iUy 0",ci'.mi."illt'!'W' 'p1'" Ncw Voik Reports, Wheatoit'fa Selwvn. Kinne's Law Contpen ' dium, -1 vols, do Kent. Civil Code of Louisiana. Juryman's Ouide. Vermont Statutes. Beck's .Medical Jurispru dence, do Illackstnne j Vermont Reiiorts, Vol, i ', and ta. I or sale by Puilinjion, Jan. II, 1917, C B. EDWARDS. S orri:m:D fur tho detection unit convict- 1 lion ol the person or peisnns who rolled two cal dron kettles against the rear room door in llie base ment ofniy store on Saturday evening, Jan. Bill. Uurllngton, Jan. 13, 1818. B. W. TAYLOK. Tnlunblc Bo1m. WIIilvl'S' I'xplorlngK.H'cditinii.fineed. B vol.925, do do do cheap, 5 do I'miiklm' Works, 15 vols, by Sparks. Jeirerson's Works, 1 vols, l'rescolt's Conquest of l'eru. 3 vols. l'rescolt's Conqu-st ol ale xico, .1 von. v tilings o Hugh S. Legate, 3vols. Alison's I'.urnpe. l y. Lord llacon's Works, 3 v. Lord Dolingbroke's Works, I v Marshall's l.ile of Wasbiiliitoll. 3 V. Spark's Lllu ol Washington j Tlucr's French Itcvolutiou ; Slates man's .Manual, 2 v. 1 Jloilern llrilisli Lsayist, 8vj Lnrdner's Lectures on Science and Art, 2 v.j Uranu s .nr.l-,!fH,,li:t r Vli'lflirn T.iteMltlirc nil. I Art i UtC S biciionary of Arts and .Manufnctun s Webster's Do inesiic I'conoiny uud llousekecpini j Cyclopajdiu of CUO Practical liecipes ; (iilroy on U cavini. Jan. 13. lorsaieoy i. ii. r.iivt nnuo. Virc-IVofic. The Annual Meeting ofthe Hurlington Fire Comp-l- ny.wtll beltolilenal the American llotei.on the soui d iyof Jamnry 1818, at f o'clock, P M., for the choice of ten Wardens, a Clctk and Treasurer, nnd for the transaction of all other business required by the Char ter and liy-ljavvsoi the comimiy. Jan. 12, 1319. 29vv2 Amy Ilonrdtnnn's IXute. STATU OF VI-:itM()NT, The lion, the Probate District of Lnn ten-dln. m. Court lor the District ol ('jiittendeti : To all persons concerned in the estate Ol a,SY llOAHOMA.-S, IIIIC Ol iUlllOU, III SUIU Uiaillll, ue- ceased, Gl crting.

Wliu-.tAs, sjatnucl IJoarilinnn.atlminisirator ol said deceased, proposes to render an account ol his ndmiti isttatiuii, and present his account against said estate lor cAimination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holden at the. Probate Ollice ill Hurlington, on tlie 20th day of January, 1813, Thercloie, ou tire hereby nolified to oppeiir before slid Court at the time and place atoresaid, and shew caue, ii any you hive, why the account aforesaid should not be nlluwed. tiiven under my hand 01 Hurlington this 8lh day ol January, A. D. 1318. 20vv3 H. 1MXFORU, Register. E. & E. LYMAN If friends, and the rtiblic gt'iicrrtlly, tha tliry have laucti inc ptiinnwonneny itrciipi'Mi tiy the fctiuur ran ner, corner ofChurtli niul Cnlkye streets, Wickwnrc Huildiiifi. and have on haiiii. and are coiitiiitlv le ceivinjr ihrvct irom Huston and New Vork, a larsc. 1. " 1 1.1.. 1. . c neii unu liisiiiuiiuuic biuuiw ui iisv dioons, CO.SISTINJ IN TAUT OF A OR EAT VARIETY OF C Ti ) A K A N I II II i: S S C O ()I)S, Viz. fliiniT. Thiuet, Merinuand LvitnoHc Cloths, fancy lNaidrt. diirercnt enlortand iiriccs : also a lame ufsort- lueiitot Mark. Itlne Itlatk. S itin. Slriijp. Urah. l'lnin and l'lurnl ALPACAtit alo, Orecoii, Victoria, CasiiiiHTc, .Mous. ue inline urt's uuua ana a a ricty of oilier kitidnut lie re enumerated. JInm lcIoths, t'niinorc nnd Vetins, A Inrg nssortnifnt of Mack, Ulue Mack, Drown, (ire en ami Urah. Herman. IjimtMi and American alto, Mark,Muu Mack, and l'liiiey Ca-mieres and DueskiiH, a ariety of Uicliaiid I'jncy VtMini; con sitin, ol plain and taney Watin- Marfeilh'a, Valencia, ana vunuu oiner Ktuus, too numerous to mention. SHAWLS. A larire o?ortment ot rich and fashionable Shawl', meludinif Allwonl. Cashmere, black and laiicv fcilk Mocha Worsted L)mat-k, Highland l'laid, and other 6tkMoI heavy wool and mt fchawls lor winter wear, I'riut mitt Chiglinm. 300 pieces I'nnts and furniture Patches, all styles nnd quuhtii'f, at very low prices; also, a variety ot bcoUli. Uihih ana American Ltin;i)ama. DumeMlc Cootlst Heavy and fine hrown and Utached Slicctinss S iirtniusi. uri in if. I ickmir. and slrnd hturlinji-i. Bleached and unbleached Cotton I 'lanueN.w lute, black and colored Cambricks, fine' Lufi-h, American and Salisbury Flannel, plain and twilled rtdaud yellow do. itockm, iiuize, cotton and wool Yarn, Caipet arp, icKinjf ( auaintf, Datiiup, xc. Iiineii ;o(nl-, Ac. Tillow ease and linen Sheeliuu, linen Lawn, whitt and brown Linen, Scotch and ltus-n Uiaiur. hucku bac. crath. cambiic. silk and linen HdkK h!k Italian Cravats, ljncy do, book and Swiss .Mualuirf, Lawns, J I i try and filove. Black cashmere, worsted and olnaca. black, brown aijJ wtiity-coUoujlot:, I''-yaJij clnUlreuV woit-u-d ond'eotton llosiery ; DutfJT, b"SvernTiu, Ueiiin huetl, cashint re, ?ilk, linen arttf cottoVUloves in great va riety; bonnet unit cap Uibboiis.orrsandtlo.ik Trim niuis, including Uuttona, Gunp, IVine, Cord, vVe. Shoes. A variety of Ladies' Slips walking Shoes, Hiiktn, AcnUfi ladies ilubber liufckin', Kubber Shoes, plam and lig'd ladies' and gentlnnen's patent Rubber Over bhoes, Ale. Al-o, a general aortment ol y I. (JooiN and (iioct'ric, iucliitliug Java, Laguira, Uioaud St. Domingo Colfec; old hywn, joung Ijvmjii, IiJmju t-kiu and black Teas; Spices ot uli kinds; crashed, pulveried and brown fcniKurn, .Mola-es, whale uud tpenn Od, ftji:, ic. 'l'he ntteiition ol CaMi purchaep, nf tho- who pny fortheir t;ood-,nnd like to have them Cheap, is in vited ti the above Stock, confidently hehevniK the Good uud prices will meet their entire approbation. llurliutou, Jan. ISIS. YdlfSALK. THE C03DI0DI0US JIItlCK DWELL 1115 lioue of die su'j-ieriber, on Pearl now ollereillorsalc together with uuflniililiugx, n well of i;oo.l water, ond uhout one acre of laud. Also; lite siiiall white dwelling house nest door East. Possess ion mi-en iinuiediutelv. U. .V. SUI.I1UUK. llurliimton, Jan. 5, 13W. asif CoparliierHliip IN'olict'. THU SuiiscmiiKiis havj: this day roiou:n i Copartnership under llie firm of II. Ac II. I,V 31.VX, and will continue huMness at the old stand of Ki lis Lvma.v, corner of Church uu.l College Htreels, Wickwarc lluildim;. Ill.lAS I.Y.MAN, KUWAKO I.V.MAN. liurliiiRton, Vt., Jan, 1, 18IS. Jill III llt. WH have a fine lot ol Cornelius it Co.'s, Starr's, Deili's ond Jam's' best Parlor Lamps, which give general satisfaction. Dec. 1317. JlUXSMAtD !( BROTHERS. ATTENTION ! 11ATTAL10N ! ! A I.I, those having unsettled accounts with T W, Lov-ell, will save costs by calling and settling them iinineditilely, T. W. LUVi'LL. Huihngloii.Pec. 1LJ8I7. S5lf KetflcN. POTASH and Caldron Kettles, of oil descriptions, constantly on baud and made to order. Also, a complete assortment of Hollow Ware, at Dec. 81. VUUUXGTO.X 1-OUSDRY I3I.0UK. :iOO IIiils. Kn-Kiii'iNK Flouu, I1 for sale by . V. HI.XIH' if CO. PACKING lUlUlELS.--50 fihst rati: I White Oak packing Parrels, hv lVc.SJ.M7. STRU.Xa, DOOUTTI.K iN CO. CASH PAID ron vn.Tn. I 1. 1IIAH1 CC CU. WILL l'AV UASH POIt A Is few thousand good Pelts. Dec. 81, 1817. nviut cn.vrs. H1XHY & CO. liAvn itmEvra a f I), nice lot of coats now is the lime to get a fit. December 81. IMoiiIim. FARMERS would do well lo coll nndeiainine the . superior article of Ploughs, colled the " Worces ter Eagle Plough," niniinhi lured tit Dec. SI.M7. UlRUiXGTOX FOUiWDRY C';iliiiict Ware Maker MAY find a great variety of Cabinet Trimmings, Willi (Hue, Sandpaper, Varnish, itc. and u good as.oituicut of '1 ools, udapted to (heir use. Dec. 15, M7. yMOXG, DOOUTTLE (l CO. SALT, lLASTi:it, if-C. 500 Sacks Nova Scolio Plotter, 10 Tons ossorted do Grindstones, IOOU Sacks ground rock and Western Salt, 500 llbls. supeiline and extra Hour, Coarse vVVsiern ond bbl. Salt.&c. ir. Dee. 15. 1817. bTROXG, DOOUTTLE tt CO. C 'LOCKS AND Lookino Gussks, AT imv I prices. CATLlXJi H1'EAR. Wnill'S AND LASHES A oood assokt mcni. CATL1X i HI' EAR. WANTED. lC.iil-Ko.ul Tit's) mill Suli-Sil. 'I'lIE suhscribers wisli to contract for 8(),i)00 Rail X road Tic,ol tamarack, wltiteor black oak, black n; swamp ash, cedar, butternut, or cliesinul timber. The Tics arc required to be seven feet In length, for any wood specified, (excepting cedar, which must he 71 feet.) nml six inches tu,uare. or of a good tenting of six inches, top ami bottom , and to be sawed or smooth ly hewn. also, One Itttnitrctl Thotmiml Hemlock Plnnk, 'lobe three inches thick and eight Indus wide, and fourteen feet in length, for Sun Sim, Wc wish to conduct for the above specified lumber, tu bcdcliveicd on llie line ot llie. Kuilaud and Iiuiliui ton It ailrond, between Uuililiuloiinnd lirondon, oil or belore tlie first day of September next, AilJrcPi the subscribers at llurlinglon. VIIAMUCIILAIS, STKOXG it. CO. Dec. 27, lit-17. MTU HIaiiazi.m:-, vnu 1818. UNION Magazine (Mm. Kirklaud's) for January, tiraham's, Coluinbian, (iodeys, t I.udtes National, " All of the abme .Magazines arc regularly received oil or before the lirst day ol the tnonlln of publication, and dclitcrcd to tubsciibcis Williout cliarge lor post' ogc. C. 1!. UIJWAUDd. Massciiusi;tts QuAimmv Ili:vinu. CONDUCTCD by It. W. llineison, Theodore 1'lllker nnd I. I'lliot Cllbot. Iivisteil be selcrnl other entlcmen. The Iteview will be devoted to the intcrefct of no parly, or clo, but the conductors will endeavor to present an own and lair field for the no- nee and discussion ot matters pertaining to t'litlosophy, Literature, Politics, Uehgioii and Humanity. Kach number lo contain about lj pages, at the price of S:l.lW a year in advance. No. 1 (December, 1817) is received, and subscrip tions solicited, by C II HOWARDS, .menijor liitiliuim una ctetmt. i Ylllt'S Ciininv PixTon.iL Fou tiii: ll cure of coughs, colds, consumption, and all affec tions of the I.uncs ond Throat. This couitxiuiid is entirely above thesu-pieioti of quackery, and is iccoin- oienueu oy piisictiins ot me nignesi lepeclaollly. lis formula Is fully laid open to tin: inspection of the medical iroles4on,and it is contidelitlv believed that its e. .ml. mi. lion is such i to give the utmost ener gy of rcincdicalcllect with the mostpeileit safety. tiMitl l-'orsuleby A. 0. Si'l'All. siiti'i,i)i:u iiiTvci:s7 Ij'I.ASTIC Shoulder Braces or chest expander, to J remedy habitual stooping, or round shoulders. S7inG l-'or sale by A C. SPIlAIt. FHESH VACCINE MATTER, iu c-eived and for sale by A. 0. Si i.Ait. Burlington. Dec. 1817. aTw-1 riUlE 110ST0N AUIAXAC, rou 1818, .1 price ti3c. The American Almanac, lor 18 1!), price 1,00. Iteccived at KDWAKDS, IIOOKSTOKK. KEW HOOK MN'DEKY. Good Hook dcjtrtic good binding : did the y posses the jHitccr of Sjieech,hinv many tales trould they telate of neglect and destruction, fiom the trmit oj ti decent extciior which a feic shillings might hare , hiji'jdiedi and thus fitter serin cd for them theiii' timucy ofthe icisc and good, besides jiimcseiring thenjor the benefit uf future geneiations. C. S. ADKINS, HAVING purchased Stock nnd new too. inclu' diu; a St rtuiuu Uilim; .Maciiinf. and lilted up j n room in the Free Tress liuildiny, will he happy to wait upon those who wish lor any work in his line. ) Particular attention will be given to Kultn and .Manufacturing lilank Books. Mu-'ic, Periodical, and Mook of every description, bound In a nent and durable manner. A fhare ul public patrona-je is tcpfctfully solicited. Dec- y, 1317. TRUSSES. AGUHAT variety of Trusses, comnriin nlmopt every kind in u-e for Males nnd 1 emales ; also Abdominal Supporters of the mo-t approved etyles, constantly on hand and for sale by 27mG A C. Si car PRESlrMa'Tir CITKOXr CtirrmttiiTi tent pperni Candles for sale by 27hij A. C. SPUAIl. SANDBAR BRIDGE 'I'lIC stockholders ofthe Sjn.lbar Ilu.lge Compa- ny are notified tint their regular adjourned meet ing will be holdeu nt the Lyceum, in South Hero, on Saturday the I5lh January 1818, ul Klo'eloik A. M l'eisous vvi-hlng lo takejMtutracts for such work, ale renucsted to meet the stockholders at that lime, W.M. II. KnCU'U.Sec'y. South Hero, Or- 31, 1817. 27wU .1. A. lt.VV.IIO.M), " PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Ol'KICI' at the residence of the hie Ilyman I.ane, corner nl Si. Pauls and Hank Street, l.uthngtou Derember 31, 1817. 27if fiMUNK of this ichcn you smoke Tubttcco ! X Ciood Cigars arc sold by A. S. 1I'V1"Y. December 1817 IGGS ! A WAX dozen fresh cansjtisl re iJ ceived by A. S. DEWL'V. December 31,1817. YGO(rirAssoimn:vr m- thosk iii.vv. il ond llrown OVr.llCOA'l'Zt, jusi received nnd for sale cheap tor cash by I. I). UIXUV it. Cl). l)ec. 3.U8I7. SH0i:S, Axlis, W.c.m Honiis, 'J i!c:., for sale tit IkiiLi.suro.v IIIKSH DHIED Al'I'LIX I nn str.i: uv I Dec. IS, 1817. CATUX H iVV.'.IA' FAILM FOR SALE. 'pili: SI' inleuding to leave this 1. patt ofthe eountry ne.t spring, ulfcrs his l-'AR.M for sale, on reasonable terms. There are SiHJ actes in said larm ; about 100 acres under improvement, the balance wood land. There is on the premises ti good subslanlial brick House, three Utl by ll) et Ilnt.s, n good Com-llarn, Hog-Pen, Vc. 'l'he farm will cut from tilty to sixty tons of lirst rate hay. There are about thirty acres under the plough, the balance is pa9tire,uud well wniered. It is si nr. led about tluee lourths of u mile west of Col. Rolfe's house, and two and a half miles from llie Wiuooski l-'alls. Those wishing to purehav will do well to call on tlie subscriber, on tiie pienitses, us llie properly will he sold el 1 can. DAVID MUD. Colchester, Dec, 20, 1817 riUHLK LKGS. .IO slts mi: tuuxiui X Table I.t-gs, for kiI bv Dec. 1S17. JUUXSMAIV H BROTHERS. XV C AUK NOW HKADV TO SKTTI.E Willi ALL ll our customers. l)-c 15, HI7, CATJX SPEAR. STRAW CUTTERS. T OWiYS hTItAWCUTTCUS roit silk hv JOHN liltADl.l'V vtCO, Dec. 1G, 1817. ss V v n N I T u it 1: illamifitctor- & 1Yai'chouc. rpUK iiibcriber oilers for sale, nt hi U'mc hoa-e in 1 Sl. 1'iiuUirit't, m-nr the i-urni'r uf lVnrl, a lew doors North from the Catholic Church, u lartjc and general aisnnnum ol FURNITURE, suited to the people and the limes coimstinti ol .Ma botany, Cano and ood-'aied Ciulus, IU'KEu's, 1) '1'aui ts of nil UtnJ-4 niul prices, Hrfiiktn?!, 1)1111111;, Centre nnd other TAiiLis.SrAvns, Iluiwrnips, I'rencli and other descnptiumj, c, i.S:c. A lot of superb Suias, New Yuik Ijthioiu and N Yolk prices. All Kinds of ri'KNiTfitr. mndc to order nnd on short notne.of the best materials, nnd for reasonable puces AI--0, on hand, and for s.ile,iF..- darkeuso! the best furnilure and coach Varmsii. JUiiooanv LAK,ll0AK!),anJ V.tijts, also kept constantly on hand nnd lor sale. Wanted JO,OlMI leet of Daswood I'ust, nnd 5,000 leel of hard woon tffA.NTi.IMJ. (.'ll.lh'l.HS I.. XELSOX. Burlington. lc. SI.IBI7. !!0if JU HAVE OX HAM) A UOOI) ASS0IIT.MKT of BOOTS i. S110j:S and ready-nude CLO THING, which we propose, to Bell as low as they can be ntforded in this market. Dec. 15. 1SIT. CATLJX fj SrEAR. 0. 1 BUFFALO ROHKS-Also, Jli rrs 11 and Boas. UA JLIjM H SriiAR. mmi Arm n,... . .... ii, .... . I fine cut. CATLJX H SPEAR. I Till: nUItLINOTON SAVINGS BANK. rpllls Institution wwlncnrpornlcdatttte last se. - sion dl the Legislature for the purpose of recel- x.iu"., on n.iios oi itiouey nncreu,anr man aging and. Improving the same to the best advantage lor the uso and benefit of the depositors. The whole Income or proliu ol the institution, oiler deducting its necessary expenses, (ire lo be divided among the de positors. 11 in r.nrnnmli.M l,t.1 1, .A.t i ,- i 1 . .tu-'-. iiii on me i .mi, and fjih Inst., and have organised llie institution by ndoiimg ti vet of Ily-l.sws, for its regulation and electing the following ofliccis for the ensuing year, JOHN N. POMIIIIOV, President. Wvi.l.vs I.V.MAN, Viee I'i evident, 1 A. Stansuukv, Sreiilnnj. Uoai d oj Trustees. Dav I.Vo.v, l.'liniimiin, John II. Peck, Henry P, Hiekok, JmnesCook, Win II. Wilkins Jr., lieu. Peterson, Chillies D. Kassoti, James V. IIukoic, Treasmtr, The Dink will be open for llie icceptlon of deposits nt the Treasurer's ollice on the 1st Wednesday of January, IHH, fintn a till o'clock, I M. And on each cditcsday thereafter, during the same hours, uinil further nonce, Huihnjtnii Dec. 10. 1817. S3if EXCHANGE HOTEL, (iVenr Ihc Stcumbwit Landing,) iiirni.iNc ro.v, vt., 11 Y MOSES L. II ART. rT,HI2 subscriber would notify bis old friends nnd the 1- public generally, lls'it he has letilhen the well known uiul commodious house at the head of the .Steamboat 1,-ittdtug, in Jiiirhnglon, known a the uxrirAMJi: iioti:i.. litteiuling to make his location in IJiirlington a per manent one, lie lias refitted and newly turnilied the hou-ie, and pledges Innm-lf to keep a lirst class house. I'latteiinir hiin.-clf, from long experience in the bu siness, that he knows what tlie traveling public retptirc, he will be enabled to make his guests leel themselves at home, and assures them that no exertions shall be sp'ited to make the wants un.l comforts of his patious complete. Carriages always in readiness on the arrival and depjrture of the hlcainbuats, lo convey passengers to and from his house or anv part of the town. The dillerent lines of Stagis call at this house, ma king it tlie most convenient tor the l.twncss commu nity. .Ml)di:S L. IIAUT. Hurlington, Nov. 1, 1817. attf litlllliX'l. i on nnn K;;T skawxed vm. I. VJJ,JJ.r I,Lt.ll!I',for .ale expressly for Cash. by T. W. I.UVUI.L & CO. Burlington, Dec 11, 1817. Hjtf iVoliri. I fpillj Subci ib.r will close his busines-at Willis- 1 ton.l'chruuiy 1st, 1SH. All persons indebted to bini, by note or account, w ill please call at the Store ol Douglass ,t Iloltiuu and adju-t the same, without I delay. This is the last rnll. IHU.-i. II. cam ii:i,d. Wiltiston, Dec. 20, 1817. ' scif .Mechanics' TooIm.' CArtrUNTIlliS), Joiners, Carriage ti tid Sleiglt Ma kers, Saddlers, Sli.K'in-tkers, inackimtli, Cabi net .Makers. Painters, " Jatks nt all Irades," and t.iol l'lll I Ulcers. flirtlMli-d with rtoods nt Ite-1 A loerir-nt nil, I l'oteigu iiiamif.ieiure, adapted tolheir respective uses, upon very reasonanie t'-rtus STIiONC, DOOMTTLi: it CO Hurlington, Dec. 1, 1317. Tor .Sale BY THE subscrilier, three good Engine Lathes; Also, twohnnd Lathes, which will be sold low lor chni or goou paper. Burlington Dec. 7,181". E. R. CROSS.MAN. 81iu VALUABLE HEAL ESTATE FOU SALE. 'MII.I .yulicriUr nllt-rs for cale ln place, sitnateii -I on the Corner ot College ond Willanl Streets, lit-u ill H'll it entire, or iuhoi?, n purLliaent may 'VUf locnlion, ns is well known, i aniontr the most i-liibl for ri'snloncfF, in ltuilinyton. 'i'iie placf con t'lins I'rutt Tries o( nriuus kind?, and i-urpassied in quality by none. DAN I CI SIMPSON. Dec. 9, 1817 Slif. I 1). HIXIiY & CO. will pay Cami von ! ft'v hnndied busht-'Id ot lieH3 ; aho, for a lot of pood i'eas. iKc. 1 $ 17. IK0A1)CL0TIIS AT CANADA PIUCES. II A lnrt!! Int for sale by tliu PecmlcV Air-nt, ihc 1,117. IIOWAIU). Kill. I, iV SONS' White linr Sonn, Common Hruwn mill Yi-llow ilo., ("romnl iirfi of till kinds, tioin the Ilopf .Mill-t, ( irouinl Cotfce, Nutnuv. Clovt'!,p;roiin.l uml unroiuid, Ca)!!! IVpptT, Alat-e, SeftJIrss iliiiMtis, tVc. .1. .V. VUW'FA'. lX-c. I, IS 17. VllltV riNJ: AUTlCMIofTnlilf Salt may Dec. I. I WAY IIlTNI)Iti:i) MIS. Ilutternn-J Cliee, otcUfJIelH quality. -I. . UlSYl.l, Dec I. LAILS Tins nv kkci:vi:i at tiii: Ag- rictiltural Vitrfliu-o. J. S 1'LUKCIj. Ilurliiituii, U-e. 1817. sTirAUT'S Steam CnnJy, l'aper SMled AI O moniN, tt.'iUin) iii lioAt", haUcs unJ ijuartcrs, Cit ron, 1 11 ul ii Currants and l-'is. D.-c. 1. A. s. DKirnv. SAM.AD OlTi, Pcpi't'r Sauce, Tomato Cat-up, hniiiJon .Muslaid, IJaktr'ti IVtpireil Coma and Clmculate. A, X VU9I-:i Dtc. 1. piCTOUIAIi llUOTHi:il JONATHAN, is:c 1 do New Ytuk r?un, ijc do Saturday Courier lrjlo at Ed wards' IJouk ritore. DRESS GOODS, Ornlmos-t pery known M!e (or Ladies .pnr, are otU-iin in ijuamities, and nt prices not stitna-v-sed by any other houM. C F rifAMrouoA Co. NEW LIVERY STABLE. -JIB'J'IMlliS is to infiirm my patrons TfsU,jV I mid the public in general, thnt 1 - hne creeled e.xtenie and contenieiit liuildnus for lb nccouiniuduiion ot buiues-s, w here customers may liml COOI) iioiisi:s AM) c.uiiii.u'rs, and exerieiiced hntitls lo attend their calls, and on the HUM reasonable lerins. Carnages Inrnilied on short notice fir I'uneral ser vices mid on Wedding occasions. A liberal i!ii-ouiil from ordinary prices will be made lo Tamilics, to ami (ruin Church on Sundays. oa' JiA.xn a xi) rnn .sm .;, A nood assortment of SADDLUS, IIAUNKSSI'-S, TKL'NKS. VALISI'S and other articles usual in my line of business. A tew second hand Cutters and simile Wnjions, at the old stand, Uast side ol the Court lfoue Sounre. SAMUEL S. SKIXXER. Burliuion, Dec. 17, IS 17. N. II. All wrsons Imiiw uiwtlled accounts ilh the subscriber, which ale of ilirie jears ttuudiii! nnd over, ale requeued lo settle the sinie. 5!5lf S S. SKIXXER. rainily .'roi'T .V Provision Mort', On Vollee Sl. one tltw i.'n l.yman's Sinn; ami (;' 'iVe Itirringlan'tt lrii'j ,Vorc roRfffTPK-feJ 'Villi M'lSMIlillll.K tgCT-jtfkKI fc.3 I would respectlullv in fonn llie public, that heias ptiah ised ihe slock in i uue oi nit i.i e nrm oi i u er tY miuus. noil win co i linue bu-inev at their old stand, and that with the stotk on hand nnd llie new supply ol 1 until)- liiiicer lea and 1'roMsions he is now Iccemns, he iscunti.leiil ol s.m-l)nig all who may purchase ot him, ns to quali ty nnd price Onll nnd see. Hurlington Nov ISI7. II. 11. MiToictx Save your Fuel ! CA 1,1. and e vamine Buck's air-lifc'hl CocAnii: Sioe, superior to any oilier Stove made, with lijiji mines. AIo, lare lto. Siotcs, lor heatin I ublic IIuiMihes, l'actorics. c Al-o, the r;J)"A,!Ft Vox BL'RLIXGTOX lOL.WRl. iiec .i.iau. ; r-EA,"Corn:E a.vd Suoar. all riucis. ; J Dec. I3.j9il CATLLS t SPEAK ( CIMN. Stovk axd U'oounv U'ake. .Mop - I ll.ll.. nnd Waslitubs. I 1W 5. it? CATUX Sl-EAti. M Vc ll im mux a SKA. ! MM a a la u si k b K t a ii,mm fcfttwfl f. H tf !lf W y h n a ic -ji nu'i iiKi'Vy rn. ,5 it i l pi 10 Hi a i ti ti ffSi "Tr A k ( lUwnn w is " .p 5( si r i? 8 w 5 Priucipal CHlco, 12G FuUon-st. M.iri Itntl t1 uf in n Ins, i (l1rj,i IV t 4 i.r ir. Tim ii-.ii,r. s it 1 i)i i in i v, it tl) i i .-t .i j ii , It 1 tiiffl witi tV m-.i ,1 ,; t , i in, .u.iiitii C iIjihK Iioivl'vt 'r i' 1 1 1 1 . Ti ifi.iii Jl(. , m-i- i 1 1 perfur.n I arn I I !u I wn . ! i.i Ol mr r a 'ill no nti i i f ' t" ii,mr if v rc!i 'f, I'm ir h r 1 1) n it f.rt a t!i .ii it'll w'i'ii t'ii Ii n'ti itti 1 fi'i ti lr h 1i'.i:iv nmliMl M t, THI'VIK VD i I Wis nil t. 'i I nlt'i i uiii)hiiiv Ii i rtltlt, l ll I I III It I l t) ll I 11 It W .ilk I til I It 1 11V I fUt :!! mt ill i il fit Ii if I ii o'ihiit t'i k "! "iv Ii-il. I tri I nirml rcit i t i. it iiy dl I mil rliii ui', I 1 1 i imI1.,1 mi nil of mr firt it it'll n; li ill t imt lirljt iii't. I In'jr.l uf wmr Sir- tjurtlli tml ilii" I a li Uli., in a fe.v J.i) a ciilir-ly curt.! in,.in.ll .i ,t it'll niW m i it, ArfllllULt. WMI.KI It. A Hi my, Jin. 'i, 111 1)..;. II ir Mr. "t'i T- rry, on- nf Hi U-i mil i-t.f rt-, . il' 1 1 iv vers In II irtlor.1, Cu m T.k- ItAly int U an v. t ol i, r nc 'iiii'l fr n 111 i : Iil TtiWMUD' 1 iiivrMi! oif Ij-JUl ofjour Hirr in lli 1 1 it lifXf'H'Mit in iti I'J-L-li i -'ironic rlii ii'tti i, , ii rt luc'i I urn nu'ijo t. fi'n u (i-i in jury oct ninifil oiernl Jf ir I i ihUIk t i(t-. I'l-M- I inft-vo ti'tttl'' to t'io cirw tu Ii -ym nr. 1 luif i ii'iw",ft w it'i tn of our pri ncij.i d pin uuj , i 1 1 it'tum ii 'in! di lour jr.iiiaril! t. skth Ti:itin llirtr.r-l, Mirch XX fill Rheumatism and Lumbago. St a York, Jul, 'i'i 1-t: tn Tiuvs'ievdi IJ nr ?ir Tor t-if 1 it tliri1! .tr I Ii4if In- -i .illicto I il'i fniL'iu rlu-u it itu mih IIii l.ct'ii ut tiiin in t i't'il't n.'ony iitikjMi'. mil HtiiiUlt t llloii nty omjdoj uii-fit 1 i nn .iNu litis 'I'To .ill ii kinf Hn lit ii'i iro. I rnl ci uV mt im t ui hi i ijiTi ol' t'i iirtifi uf tnir H irxipirillx ami 1'ioujlit i 'il I trj it. ii'i I o I.' I r-i ilil nli .tin n-lif f. Tin tmiiliifu lit l l' mil 1 f jkt1 'llu nn innt 'if ill v It-iPtim tni pxliH. My kh nl li'ilt'i li ii b''ii i,iiirmin; mw v 1 ciiuiiifiii-fil ivifi it, i r Vitii.ll I am iiTl tliiikl'il. uiiil 'nt-.n ttut ud will nirrt uit'i t Hut fimr ii'ituJ) lor llitii' itifro cnmpirmti narita. uur, Ac , IlICilAMt) JONKS .Ny. i J )r. l. To HjthBrs Sl Married Ladies. Tii llxtra-'t tf S i'iim intlj iv titn PTprrnly pri'i'rJ ' "I'l'ti'i' t-i f nil ('Mi.tUi''" o ftMit ito wlm li is rn taun t lllipiMf n N nipruicliiilj- 1 1 1' i -ii'i it p -riol, " Th Xaruuflifi in il I mvlct I tn t tki il, :i it i- rt ' i lam preicntiie for aii ul t 'iiii'-uii tiu I ii'irntil di- -to v lit t f.-jii i. 1 uto sn'ijcft t' l M i tun if lift' Tins p"it'il tttont yi. bit lit in ij thli mrtlinnt. Nnr H I'-h vililililn fur thn-i) wlm u ppnim nn; wi ii in'i'in I. iih it I rilctilit"! to nit iuIiiit 1' ,n k' tin 1 1 i" lilo'i I .in I in n r ttin r tV -vt"in. In f"al, t its nit' 'I'M uiviilii jtil fur nil l!i li In' it ilitdf-s tJ wlncli wouhtii i VmiI. Il lir.n-i' I'i m'hiI- vimii ri'ii"i p nmntMillv tip mtii iiM-.'Wt. b riinViil-f tU'- iiHpurtiiitnif tin? ho ly not no f ir mi n i itin : .c to pro m i-u'frnui.iit i 1 1 it i' in. li toll i cj" of uiv.l HKiliUiiuttiKtMiiur ftfiuil'Jei! t iiJ di jac, GIRLS, READ THIS. Vim who !nt.f p lit i tt.iipl lon 0 1 1 1 in r I'iim kl. mi I -in' ililtl rvn. Itlott ltf on t'i f.t , out n'inntV il il btltl if nl llr. Tuah' uil' it ip trill i. It will Ictn y-i ir tilo mow Hi" iVfcklpt nil J 111 rii 'm', niul ift Jim tun inliii'l K .niriK's fniti 'pliiti. mil VaiitiM Miiip!imjii--ii1l uf am ll" lIilllM-U ,llU.' ,J Will Afrit. 1 j jS. )r Tow ihpii l'a H irr-.ip.inIU I il il Tim;!! mil pt-o ! tunc f-r I'ltinmit CMiiiiipt:.n. Ili-i i l.ciicorrli e i. t 'lnt. ti-tnt'-l ur ililfii nil .M -imIi it itnui I iriiiiliii' ni of Unit", or liti tl . ti ti v di-f'iH.'t t'iM'iil. mil loi t'n e'U"ra1 pmitrutniti ot t ,tt ,n no in tit M vtnt-tli'T tu. r".urt of mlieitut CdUie ur c.iuv( ,n 1 1 1 l v Jrr" jul n it), lilt or m iil'iit. t 11:1 1 til Ii lii'ii-'' 'trj'n-in.' tin 11 iti liiL'ortii!f eltrrti n- V it 11 ill f nil" 1'i"-i'mi, ull w ukiif-H jiiij I.itaiiu Jm from lukiti f t, nt ii'icf Iim'oiii n'tut .in I lull C fnry im-trr it It ruin 'ill itfli i't'1'it r.u t-fie iiiTiffui'stjf tlu lt.iiial fram7. v in;1! ii t'i'i art-ilt 11 t I'.iin iiin-i. It ill nut li- I'xpci'ti'il of u. "i c i'' of mi ilolkito u 11 itnr. t-i X nlnt UTtilit at ' of Hires pcif.irui-'l. Init wc t.m murt; tin a li. t.'tl. til it Inn -.! of ll il' l,f,tl rrptirlf.l to in. Srwr il iifw'i'rn ft mil" Irii u lie mi Mitltont rlulilrifii, alVr u-in .1 1" v ixttlc of l!m ini.ilujlto in :Ji' '''. li . bjcii UlcsvU niUt It-jit 1; ll'o. i'tju'-)rvj Mv wifn I1.M117 irrciitli ilUtrrnl liy w ikn tu 1 (,' ti.1 lMi!itv. niil -u.r. nn." 1 .miniii ill ly pam nn-l In inn ftllittoftlii' W0..1I1, Hitliotlii-r iluliiiillief, unJ luinikt.o u ! i-.'i wlit'n iniir iin-.titliip IimimTci t'-l stTf it curt-, niul ul-t 1i'ariu J it itj.'iMii HMI1 ! f T -tiili rur-t I tuU" 1 'f.crilie.1, I olitniil'-tl mltlf of )onr i:tr.icl ol Mrtjiint.l iiu-l t'olloAc.l tVi tlirr.tio i ion 'jiioitf. di .1 Vnt piM-nvl it it'itKivi'il Iiui tiii.i.ilalut .in.) r'.l !n-r tii'iilt'i. mt'iil fitr t'tc li-ll-fil alio n reu e I I I... iilf.iiira l,i tltiu jckiioMiL-JjliU it. ""'I rrt-tMliniMi I It lo I il Pi trim. io-ii. A-i?ii-t 17, 1 i IT. M. li. moo its:, Ccr. of (j ran I il 1... Jiu t-u ' TSsi1 I5cv. oohti t-uor ' (irJiT.fy rny. imull anil lilflih rfjurttM il r nun nff,ii I ntiilUt iliinniiintiti. Imitl.-. m tV foMtnvui rrrlilir.itc t lit I' iLfil Vt u:lkc, I'J'j I'ult,.ii rU ii !. urja.. ll .! 1. it If. I) it. TiUs:n tlfitr Sir 1 mil rtm-it riiinl In jritf mu tud mmt uf ti'1 lifiu'lit 1 di rn .-il I'miit mhi t nur S trjj i I'i,' -li-i in . I'V Mitlotw j, t,tnll n 'nl' i h iem lit tu ihoM' r 'm tr -utl i 4 i I li im rte'ii. I wn piIim '"I tor iiunttlit hv t'i Itpi , 1 Mnmti'!i tlitit it wi inucli ilitHi tilt I..r nn1 tu mill ir kci al"mt I it !n li nl it tMt'-r, V. liifli 1 t r- I ill-- likitt p 1 rt uf mv lifml Mi 'j t 11 i'lriMii(.l) tiinililt'Miniit mil mn it irot to lit itlitintn fcnfi. I iie-I int" 11 nmiilier nl' n-iti'-ilir for liotti tin 1 iunpl.ii.ii- Imt 1 .t in 'Ilit'lr n-tit liPiifil until i took mir rtiriitritl 1 wlnrs tliioii Ii t'lf kunliip-t ol" I'mi nlt'iii 1 rftred lim lo p n t I n ! iiitl lit'itlili, nt I tun now t iiiot in.' In tter tin 1 t !ihh rr a niint l.i'rufti ir- I mil int" (?) i'ii Chsp 1 In lnf U ti mi 11 tula iM" iticiln tu. idi'l rtH-tnti inn' it tu my tiunifriun iintitu '-. rtiilrli i i i lint, I hm Iipimi ii imin-lfr 11 irr it jnavf 'Hr. I tin,e I'll li t-lj k-ti b bo at IHUlIi l'llrf.t to j nu 14 mar nit'iliL'iuc lu- t'i inc. jtiiiv M'nra utif 11, icM. jut.. (... tlft'l" llnpli-t C'l'irrli, Urn Ih ont 11 th 1 rillti inr n -til nt. (.', like tliojt u I of ut'icrf, tcus cured tcUknut hmKiiitr tt Sue York. M.iv I t-'t lT- f-ir I n niHicti'il ilifin tho Iat mter 111n t v 'l llinti hi pi v li mi t wmt. niul trl-l rtf-riil thin.' i- nit I Mi-tl u! iiiilnceil lo ti 011r jri!ipjirilli. mil t m,i Ui tmt t-iv pontivplv it enroll nn, Vrl I nni't in jn-liT i I r. t iitfr of in ruiiijibuit Iru.u tin- ti.uo 1 coiiiiucuccj tdkin it, llll ill t I'l.tllCly IlLaJcJ. Itc-n'-'-tf iHv, II. J lKH-KIV-. PaaorM llclh-Ml-t Hap. I'lmnli, 2" All 11 Mrc t Blstliodist Clsrgyman. TV Ml-i'il'i u i fi'tit in mir Vjfiit ui H!i-a 1 tin- llc. I TrVI . "f t"-1 M 't ioi' l T Clmrrli ,..ii.f I.r , t ( H. il ;in I r.'.p tc 1 111 l'i r rnn 1 ma inl u anit'ier rviil'i ol t 1 ton l"rful ffTut i'i' Ur. Vo 11- n 1 i .rap itillj uti tli - ' n 1'iiFNn Pr vno Ifnviii? fm mmii tun-- jut-t j ouuri a r-xiTi-'iU'L-J cr.'at titiHTiil 1) 'uliij uf nn uti-iii nttii'-( 1 tia t int .iii I ul irtiinu irnt iinui of t'i' throit and Inn.' I j. i our l.itun an I 111 ton' iirtKf of liulluf roi. (' ipt m 1 V .1 1 l 'tnl"J t- lini'iii in 11- tic i i!f. lii'lurfij ui( to ir Hi. T . . n I f ir f 1 ni'tl irup trill t. 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