Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 21, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 21, 1848 Page 2
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of Vnm The intercHs In favor "I l-ccpine, 119 llicrc nl Mexico, i ne .. ., ,,,, ,,,.,. m , Wn.l potvcthu lil" numerous eonlrnct- tlirvntlcix. tlt. uterchiiiitMhe speculators In the of Mexico, nudfil . eneiiucd every way, dlicctly ur indirectly, in the progress ol the war, nml SWottiing me wnuic cxpi-iiuiiuici, uv Verse to retiring, nnd will swell Ihc cry in favor of con tinuing and extending conquest. The President talks ... ..I t .M... tii.tmniiilv in... lit.'ll lintlill. lliell ! hill liy net lake indemnity now I We nre much nenicr tvnlctnnitv now than we will lie nt the end of the lie" Xvniip-iigu, when we shall hue sivtv n.llhonsnd, eii i to the ox peuuiiurc in ine iai luriy. '., iVn. have to indemnity you I Nothmi! but n .Mcxicni pop ..u.i ,i,.., i, nr i.. Itnnose tn-tatioiiln nil tonus and shapes; and amongst you 'JI "; I...,..,, nm.u .,f nt east orlv lliiMiwml inen mi . J r. mils Meonri ug lo l ie aeniiior iiim i -i t , -not a yorv large number, tor he sujs, 'J" ' 11 v .my-thrcc thousand inn. now there are h hmge-r This then is no indemnity nt nil. ' K,it 11 ul the Mil. -,'" . . :....m..iiiie III IR IlMiiK Hotter of innchineiy, tney nr. "''. . . ,. ... I. ...... I i.i iiiiveriv I I " , , Wlllllllll lictllg remit.. ... , - . . !,,, ear lest nml nenrcsi cumi".'" " " ui .,.nt,y r.c I while the Kit-dish Kovernment has such ya-t nower . ! hi&if iulMiinti-.l pruvinoes n ( dent to It, onr government ol all tree gnuim lie m "Mi ever evlsteii, lias ine icnsi capi.c... , " , in proportion to its wcniiu nun pow. r. ... ."---the genius ol the two gnietlllnents is precisely the l 1 iMwite, huwever inucli alike in their exterior lurin.,tiuil their laws mid customs. Tlie canoe ol such ilmercnce I cannot undertake to explain on the present occ.ifion, but mint eonleiil inyscltby sajmg it ri sails Horn .... c. I ..t I .i. ..I .., conservative llSICUl'lill lllllllll ll I llllll tilt imntiv ... . principles. Shall we, then, with these certain and In- : " "'..:t i... ,.; t.,.isol ihenenpl. .an nave u come . ",',-. .:,,, , i,:,i,., ,i.... 1 .. i.. s;..iii.a. nller n lie. i'1' l" ..." ii .in ihis warlopniily tusiicci". At the "'ii; f ,1 ! ean,pain. Iiisle.nlol indeinnily, you will hati pre" heay .eiuniary hnnlen imposed upon the til nml siTeeeeimm neiivi .n. it .. m. I..11I wn ine.. now eome to tlic sol .'..Lii,.'.i i.r.ioiised bv thew reiohltiollS. I have fhon where tlii lino nfpolicy will, in nil prohahihiy . i ........... u.iil ilk. nib e lend von. utiles! .kiu..ted ronliniieiiev should tirevilit. It will lend to the blotting out of the nationality of Mexici ...i .1... .I...... mii ..f fiirhl or lime Mil lions nt lieopl .... i n ,T,,v,Ti7iTieol on voiir hands. It will eoinpe; vor.iu nil probability, to nsime the government,. or 1 tliink, there will l very little prinpett of your ret.r-v- ....i...r 1...I.I tl ititrv lis a iirovinei' or iiicoriiorate il.into your Union. Sli.ill wedoeitlier! 1 llAl s ine ipltsuou. ( rur iioin ui "V "vl ijrUie reasons l-omauieii m ine resiiniiioii". t 'Pi... i;.., i.l l...u.. litis! it Won . Ih U1COII I'ten' with 'he avowed il.,eet fir whieh th war has .. en pioseeiu.-d. 'J'liat le eds no nruinneul alter wliat I.... L. i.l ii'mrf lite riinilll.'llcenieUl ot the war nil this moment, every man has disavowed the inten tion ol coinpiest ol extinguishing the e.lence ot ,leico as n p"ople. It Ins been constantly prm-laiin-i d lint the only olijeet was indemnity And yi t, sir, n cents are inovinir un, what we disavow may he aeei.inililied, and w-liat we have nvowed may be de tuned. Sir, this remit will be a d.nk mid InstuiR im P'll itiou on cither the sincerity or the intelligence ol tlusrountrv; on its siucelily, beenuse so opposite to tour own avowals j on your inielligeuee, for ihe want ol a clear loresight ill o plain n case us not to discern the cone.Uence-. . Sir, mo n.ive lieanl how much Jury ourroiintrybas aeniuriil ill Ibis war. 1 nekllow leilr!e it lu the lull an o mt, Mr. President, so lar us military glory is coir jjUU LING TON FREE PRESSJIUDAY MOliNlNO, JANUARY 21, 1848. burden upon .l,cu.,t,ich,wi.h o ,11 '"''J'.'fJISi Oil will.' all their vast ,abl ", benih.g nml her Inslitullons. 1 look to the liberty oftlns coun try nml nolliing else. .Mr. President, it we but pre serve our lilierly by n proper cuurseof moderation, neling jinny townrus our neigniior,nnii i ij; gnrd tooufelvrs il tve remain quiet, resting in idle and mn-tetly inaclivity.nnd let our destinies work out their own results, we shall do more tor liberty. Hot only for ourselves but for the example of mankind, that can be done by n thousand victorus. Sir, 1 find 1 nm becoming old j I nhnost feel that 1 lite ntuoiig ttrangers. If I have cxpn sed tinyllung that is uncongenial to the feelings ol this body, put it down ns proceeding Iroin the old associations ol Unity or thirty-live years ago, which nie still dinging nroiuul til.-. Sir, this is not the first lime that I have taken ,.ii- cm...! nirninti Win ii (ien. Jackson recom mended ietleisof marque nnd ii priMil ngaiust France, I nl !.. il... St.. .iil.. ni,.l r..iiir.ntnitiMl inilllllst such iuiunicc. And, in point ol fact, the Treaty w Inch ti-na Ui.r.u...iii..tiile ciik but,..! with I'rnnee. was riltllieu wild the cxpicss uuderstandiiig, which was Known to tuiiiciples. Shall we, then, with these leriaiu .. . . "'r,,,", u-n. formed, that it cvitably eonvequeiices in n govermuen liet erca . , t, V ,e .d the Chmnheis on the part of en to usim itiein man nny tuner, nuopt t;. , ... inVnMaiu it. ns il would reuuiie n vole to sus pohey and reject the les-o ., "I ' . n it , .he !! tl is coin Vy" ,'ind ihcy were .hen, Mr. Prosidcn , lor holding .Mi x in ns " ;'' " ". . ,,,ih,. than to iisi their best clforts to IcoiiienowtotliephuH.s.tion ot ineotporntii g o mi. t i. on in. iiiuu u se r The stnte of my voice is pneh that it is not J" I powerto innki-to this llouo the obsertntions wniui i should olheidTe have tell it my duty to iiuike 1 "' thisciise. I will stnte, sir.lliat the reaton why ''"'V, h it il my duty to take this course ts, that 1 ' """'r ,, . n novel thing, nml n tiling olleiling the right It llous... and ol the constituency ol this rl.on- '' l'cople ol the United Stnles. It denies. sir, ns "' ' r stand it, tlie power, the constitutional power "J -House to cull lor that information. I believe it l ine litst time in rtie bistoiy of this Unionlihat ll,n" tl " denied. In the cno lo which the P"yl,1,,,,,1, whenn callous made upon President Wnsliu gtoii, there was, (wliicli the meiwigc omits I" " ','; ccption for cases which lie might think - P-".'10 twiV'',irtV' !!1,u..l,,l,,,i"":- ii....ttl.nt.vastl.e now, sir, ine i rcsiueui nns not -.- , nction ol tim House upon that; nnd the action oitiie I louse w ns fit direct opposition to the resistant ' ' sident Wnshing.on to' tlicirir.ll. The llou" b ri 1 y declared-nudl wish the Journal might Is- J ' to see-the House lormally I ' 1 U'liMiinpn, ,h,.ir right Jo call for sjith it" i H3 iin'ir nriiuii : iiini, nn i.u in , ... ... .i- hitiinnr Pulnii. Wt-ll. na ns Inw h rmiccrnnl, tlmt in,., .on i ......ii k , , , ., , . .in hi rnnri' nnii iiniir mi in ins ,y-'",:!,.T' . il,' , . IZ ' I t.. ..htni.. the vote, we were nearly. pushed into .1 UUi iiini -in ... . ... ... ,.i i :r..'ifr I Ertt'illt V.. ,,, n, ,..ii,t Loternors. judges mm n war. imhiiii g i m mt-... v'i'"- ' ". . " . - - n . -- , - . ....... , I it .taint Illt'W ....... a v ,r to i .. t.,.oo e n s 1 1 nt- f. ........... I'lic Ilntlnnd nml lltirtingtoii Itiilllnnil. Wo liavc been kindly lurnislicil will, the He port r tlio Dirrrlots of ll.P lliittnnd nnd Ilur linglon Hailrouml Cumpiiny, snlitnittcil t' tlio Stockholders nt their Antiuiil Meeting, nt Rut land, on tlic I'Jtliinst., which wo subjoin. Wo congratulate the Stockholders and the public nn the favorable exhibition it presents of the condi tion and prcisjiocts of this great work, whose ear ly completion (of which there can bo no reason able doubt,) promises such beneficial results up on the prosperity of the ricli section of nur Slab) which it will open to tlio Atlantic Markets, as well us upon that of tlio .Statu at large. Wo learn that the llo.tnl of Directors, nml tlic Olliccrs of Ihc Company, were rc-clccted with liliil-lliiii n. 1 mi I .ill uin nn - ) , . ' .i got eminent, nllott ing tliein to legislate lor themselves, tin- h.imb r, l.ill you delray tin" cost, i.lar n law gms the r. " 'd Ihing is done. There is no analogy between tins nnd e,l , n g t u g t T 1 II.. ...rr lories arc only i gltcll to It w standim on this side of Chamber, 1 raised my vie'cc singly ngninsl it. Ir. President, In my opinion nil parties nrc interest- tins matter tneomy uireciiuu ion. cm i t illi nny prospect ot a invornoie result. l:." " 'al1"" i "f ' ,; , liom the I ,et me my to t ic i em sot Ihc Ailinuusiration, n nil oll-ct pt our own neople, or foreign, s '' 1 , 1 ' , " ,l ,,,,cnt ,,M. , mccl youif same regions Iron, winch we en n.e ,r ' i i j., , ,). pn,ecution of this war from yenr to iiierVwo m!K , i 'ri... iiiis ii.tit. in. i t i-mva rousiv they li'ite cimfi-rred honor on tlio country, fur which 1 sineeri Iv llnnk them , .,, , r .Mr Peid. nl, 1 Is lieve nil our thanks will beeonhn cd' P. our army. So far ns 1 know in the civilized ttorld there is no approbation ot the conduct ol tlie civil portion nl our power. On the contraty, ctery win-re the declaration ii made, we art' an r.niln-inus.iiiiju-t.hnrd people, moie iiitcn to warllinn nny m'np e ot inoilern limes, i. in un. ...i-..s ., 1 . 1 ... . . : I m.i st,i.L UK nntt' lllerelv 11 is nol nirilie o. liniuut-. n : .-, ill the repuintion we hear abroad. I;.tery where, I in lu te, for ns much ns we hate gamed in military repu tation abroad, I regret to perceive, we have lost hi our political and civil repuintion. u ir.i.iu. .. . .t-g-ud inihmry gloiy-nmcli ns I rejoice to behold our p,..i,le in iKissessjon of the ind.iinitable energy and ciir.o'c which siirnioiint nil nnd ttiucli el i ilicin uiiiont the liit liiihinrj- people ol the age, 1 would be vrysotiy indeed that our government should ...-ui.y reputation'iil.inodernlion.ilis (rfiion.jiKiiee.aiid lluv oilier lush quahliis which Ii ive thttiiiiuulied us in til'; early laes ol our lu-to- 'J;riie nest reason which my resolution assign, is ilut it is tvithoat example ur precedent, i liber to hold .Mexico torn province, or lu incoipoinle her into our Union. No rx-iuiplc ul such n line of policy can le limii.l. We Imvc conquered inmy of the neighboring trihesof Indians, hut we never thought ol holding them in saliicclioii never of incorpointing them into our I'iiioii. They htve either been leftiisau independtiit -op!e oiiiong-t u-s. or bcn driven into the torests. I know farther, ir, lint we have never drcampt ol iuciirpiirntmg into our Union nny hut the Caucasian raw the Iree white race. To incorporate .Mexico, would be the very first instance of the kind ol incur r,r.itingan Indian race, for more than half of the Mex ii nus are Indians, and ihe oilier is coni;iscd chiellyol mixed tribes. 1 protest against a union lis that ! tJurssir, is the govcnuiient ol the white wan. The greater inislorluu. ot Spanish America are to le triced to the fatal error of placing these colored races on an quality with the while nice. That error .ie '7'vv,,.'' lit.' s.s'ial nrrangement which formed the batii. ws'iely. The Portugei-c uibl ourselvei ha.' cscuied ;V Portugese at least to some t-xient and we are the oxily ivople on this continent which have made rev ..Inii.iAs without Iteiti!! toliowed hv nuurchv. And vet it is protes-sed and talked altout toereet ihese Mcxknns into a icrruoriai goverumem, nuo piaee nieiii mi uu equality Willi tlie ieopie oi ine uimcil oiicji. I pro. te-t utterly against such a project. Sir. it is a remarkable lacl. that ill the whole liisio. ryofman, as tar us my ledge extends, theie is no whatever ol any eivili.ed colored races be ing found equal to the establishment ol tree popular government, nuuougii oy uie largest poriiou oi ,!i. liiiiuaii I'dlilllv is couuio.s.. ot ihese races. And even in the savnge state we te;ircely find them nny where witli such government, except it Is our noble savages for noble I will cull tlieni. They for the must narthad Iree institutions, hut tlu v are easily his- ..' .1 ;.iiiomst a s.iv.nre li.-oole. Are we to overlook tins fie. ? Are we to associate with ourselves, as equals, companions, anil lellotv-cui.ens,ine juuiaiis nun mix ed race of .Mexico I Sir, 1 should consider such a thin! .id ......I I.. ,r ittslillltiollfl. The next two reasons which I nssigiicd. wcre.tlinl it would Ih-- in conflict with tin; genius nnd character of our inslitullons aim suuvcrMtcoi our nee Kn.-.' I ...t... ili.'k.. iu'i, ......'ilierns ihev are sointr lualeiy connected ; and liow"ol the irl to bold Mex ico ui suojeciion. , .Mr. President, there are some propositions too clear for argum'iit ; and before such a body ns the Senate, 1 should con-ider il a linss of time to uudeilnke lo prove that to hold Mexico asn subjected province would be hos.ile to, and in conflict with, our Iree iiMiintions, and iii.liecnilsuhversiveol th-m. riir.lje ujioknuiis tlic American Constitution well ; lie who has daly studied its character ; he who has looked nt hi-tory nnd knows what has lecn the ell.-ct ol conquests by Iree stall s, invnriably.will require no prisd at my bauds tnshoM' thatit would he entirely hos.ile to the uislilu lii.nsot the country, to hold .Mexico ns a province. Then- is nut an example on record ol any In c st ile even having attempted the conquisl ul any territory approaching the extent ol Mexico without dniisirous consequences. The uaiion conqueiid have in lime conquered Ihe conquciors by ib stroyiug their hberly. Thai will be our case, sir. The conquest ol .Mexico would add so vast nn amount lo die patronage ot this government, that it would nhsuih ihe whole power ot ihe States in the Union. Thin Union would become imperial, nnd the Slates mere subordinate coipoia lu.iis. ISatlheevil will imt end there. Th" pioc.hS willgooii. The same pruces.s by which the power would le transferred Irom tlie State to the Uni will transfer the whole from thisdepaituieiit ol tin govern ment (I sis.-uk ot the legislature) lo the llv culive. All the ii . I , I . . I ii,wer and ndded patronage w hu h conqucs. will cieale, will piss lo ihe Huecutive. lu the end you put in tlie Jlxeculive tlie power ol con quering you. You give to it, sir, such sphjidor, such ample means, lint wiih the principle of proscription win. I. imtiirtuiiately prevails in our country, that the snuggle will be greater at e'very presidential election thin our institutions can (tossihly endure. The cud ol it will Is that that branch ot the government will Is tomenll-powLrfuldiid the result isinevilahly anarchy nnd despotisiu. Il is us cerium us that 1 am this day addressing the Senate. Sir, let it imt I") said that firenl Hriiniu example to the contrary thai she holds provinces ot vasi cxleul ot population without mateiially imp-iitiiig the hlierty of thecitueu, nl cxpo-uig her lo airarihy, contusion or torruplioii, Iti-si Uut whntisU.ecx pl.iu itions I O. all governments ii:i; ever evi-isil aj. lording any protection wh-mverto hle;ly, Ihe IJug lish tioveriiiii'lit fir transcends theiiiulliu thiil tio- pei t. She can pear more pairouage m proiioiliou to her pnpuhlion anu wealth than any goteriimenl of that lorni that ever existed, my, in go fjriher, ihau can esKiisin in iis most absolute torm. 1 will not go into ill" philosophy ol this. That would Hike ... I.irlher Irulll the truck ihnn I desire. Ilul I will say in n very lew words, it result from the fin t that her Kxecutiveiiudthe Ifoujeot I'eejs.ihei-oiwivulive braneh ot her goveruiueul. nie both herediiary. The Itomaii governinciit limy Imvu rteerded ami did ex ceed the llritish goverinueiit in its power fur conquest : lull no people ever did exist, ami jirobably. never will u-itli such n cDoacilv' lor cououesl ns thn. rn'oble. Hut the capacity ofltouie to hold subjected provinces, .. ... .....hiiur comnared in that of limit iJriluni.and hilice,iissooiinslheJtoinan;iwer passed from Italy beyond the Adriatic on one ude, and the Aljw on lb" .i.. .....I ,l.u Xfa.literinnenu. Ihetr llhertv fell tiros trate the Hoinan people became a rabble corruption neiietratedcverywh.iie,n.irl violenceaudnniirchyruled Ihu day. Now, wesee llngland with deis-iidenl pro vinces of vastly grtater territoMl extenl, and probably not less in iH.ji.iTiitioii I have not e her going on without impairing 'K-ifco.ial liherly or rx posing ihe governinent lo violence or aipirchy. i CI the nglish have not wholly eseajieu, Ai iuiugn in. ) have n-wined iheir l.lrty and have not Inilen ii.lonn jonly wlieii they come lo nnnhood .it twenty -on.. Ihcy will be introduced to nn equably Willi i till the other iiieiiils-rsofihe Union. It rsjnititrly dillercnl with M.-xi. o. You haven., need i nnnus lo keep your territories in subjection, lint when you incurpo rate .Mexico, you 11111-1 have poweilul utiuies o keep them In subjection. Von nny call it annexation ; hut it is n lorced annexation, which is a routraihclioii 111 terms, according to mv conception. m will Is' in volved, in one word, iii nil tlie evils which I .attribute tolioldiug .Mexico ns a province. Intact it will he but 11 provincial government, under ihe naineoln ter ritorial govern nt. Ilotv long will that last I How long will it be helore Mexico tt ill be capable ol Incot poralion into our Union ! Why, if av judge I10111 the examples helore us, it will hen very long nine. Ire laud has In eu held in sube. lion by hiiglaud lor seven or eight hundred tears, nml jet still remains hostil", nlihough her people aie of kuiilrcd.riRc Willi the con querois. A tew t'reneh tlanadians on this continent yet maintain tlie attitude ot a hostile people ! mid never will the lime cume, in my opinion, .Mr. Presi dent. thin these .Mexicans will be heartily reconciled lo your authority. They haveCastihan blood inlheir veins Ihe old liolhie, quite equal to the Anglo-Savon in many respects in some respects siqienur. Ol all nations ol theearth, they nre the most pcriiuaiioii-i have the highest sense of nationality hold out long est, nnd ollelicvell with the lea-t prospects ol cllcct In., their object. On this subject also I have couvers ,,.! ,.-,il. ..ili....,a ,.!' il... iinnv. nnd Ihev all eiiterlnm tlie same opinion ; that these people nre now hustile, and will continue so. t , Urn Mr l'r..s;.leni.snonose nil these ihlhcultics re- tll.-sf people llliaciieil 10 our luooii theverv ineinofvof W nshinitlon, by every liy 1 " " cntiro titmiiinnly, nnd that tlio wtnk of cnnslruc Ihistime.lniiilhvnone more. tnau io 1 ' . ... , .,,. i,...t ,.n,.i, revennced nextloworship-thePrc-uleni w is .. t.u. , ... ,.,t,,t.t....tM ..w., t-t...... in that particular instance, and went mo V ' ,' ami vigor. ZrWZ Z'lX:" A-ulI hc Tin, accompanying fleport of Mr. Kwtt, tlio nlways liecn ol the opinion, nnd most nV' . .L 'S, Treasurer, presents the financial condition of l.nslieeiillie.itiioioliol ll,el)elll0Ctntlcpatty,t0Wl"in I, iMncinry lniiuncr. it the ninount of by cnii.-tructino-. United State. ,, ..., and other, contractor.-?, on which iiscssinents I say I cannot enter into nn nrgunwm u - , ., ... llr)nnt r.,is lt ands short of the entire capital ofllio 1 do ro ,!ss to lelo in. I A laugh 1 ' ey nave 11,0 company in a .cry sa, unaniinously ilinpproved of thnt net .' ' , V .1 !i w'ill he perceived that, addinjj; ."''"n5 ?9..'" :'r!.mH.." " , , ,eo .le of Ihe stock (about STflOtOOO) held advoenl.-s. What patty lias been opposed to the re creation of a great national dibt 1 The Democratic or llcpubliean pntlv I Well, sir, tins war is involving yon in a greater debt than the opposite parly could lint-. .I.u... nnv short of war. M hi. .-..rt r.iiotii.iien. w tlcll vou no t tmon SO llltllliy. will be nhnost ns grent a charge upon the countiy ns the debt of Ihe Kevolntion. Wliat party nas nnvnys been ngaiii't the exleiuion of the patronage of the executive I Well, sir, you aie doing more towards Ihe extcmiiiu of that patronage, nnd above all tow-ards the continuance of that extension, than has ever been done under our government. Well, sir, what party protessi-H to lie 1110-1 III lavor 01 n iiieiiiioei-iiiit-iie 1 me iiimiimsirnuon 01 ue" .11 ...l .1.. ...... ..... .I. u i.u emir 'I'renwirv Notes nnd lo die ur.-s..... nn.l will ma ;e a report upon 11. 1 so. 01 s!i, l.s ,.,.0,111,111.11',. vnii nre in daum-rul beillnlililllgcd I he Rlllsfied. As lo n select committee, l.shnl be per- ai' iiu into Ihe paper ststein to nie inniosi exiein 1 n What party basnlways been in favor ot I- ree I rade 1 . poinic Do you not we tint byneeuinul.iliug charges nuiiuur ilensupon the people by the debts whieh have now 1 n contracted, llinl you never will during your tune have mi oppniiunitv of making nny considerable re- ,l,.i.,i, in II,. 'Puri'll I ject ; fim I consider It of such importance I un i n... itroo, coins certainly indi-posed to lay this message Usjn lie ta it. ft fcw ,l0lls I desire it may be printeJ, tWXK, Company. coi miiy.iuaiiimayocu me . ", ;-rt , ,.......... , . , ... .,,, wen ns ny tins iinuse. 1 inunt . . , cnltfor J.ciieviog iiuniiiiiui in uu ot-t-piy uiiciusiut. sustain in the strongest inminer tlm . , BlICCC!gfl ,,r.Cciitloit of this noblo en lnlorinalion iipoiiqucstionsinwlncli !,, ,,l . , ,, , concerned. They ought to maintain their rigiit. aim terpnc, we again congratulate our citizeni ill maintain il in a very distinct '""""ft'T! Vlm'ted view of the siibioincd clear and biisiness.likc n.'iiiuu un tiiu ji.nt ... s .. - -. K . . r..f.,r , ,, States. Now, I should be perlerlly mtisnen to rt.. r presentation of its favorable condition and pros- tlietiiessagetolhcConiniitleiMinlureignnla ever my feeling, may be in respect to the r li '"" V- resisting this ctniii, set in. on M J gf,J REPORT OP THR DIUKCTOUS, Itelationswill take it, mid will exnu ine ".-." "". ui mo ji.iiiiiiiu una 11 milium 1 lion ofllie United Stntes, its principles, the histor) ot Coinpniiy, initdn to tlio Mock! the ndniinistrntinn'of the Covernnient from that tinie Itiiilroml Sloi-kholili rs nl their A11111111I .Meeting held nt Itutliind, Jim. 12, 1HIH. The net incorporating the Chntnplain anil Cunnec li.rded for the iutclthnugc ufbiisincs?, on both lines of rond. Un the subject of land required for l)"p't. nnd land for the ro ul bed, the directors have In I'l.iiiimniieale iiiaini iiiiiiiiiL'ton, Vergi-nius, iiiiiiiienuiy. i-.raiioo". Ilutlainlniiil fiellows Full", tie-laud lor Dt pot use has been principally secured. Th" qunntlty taken vnri.-s ntthe dillcrenl localities, lis In the judgment ol tie! board tlie lutiirc vvnutsot theUornorntiontiny requite. An opportunity was presented at liurlmglon forll.c ur chaseof a trne'l utland of about seventy acres, on terms eonsiilcrcu solavorahle, tint it wns ciiioraceu nt once. Tortious ol this tnu I will not be requirrtl toriinmiiirite -...ll I I . I. ..I.. ........!.. Inl.l I... II-.-, illlli SI lull III 1 ue tt 11 p. '1 11 lit' 1. it- 1 ,.it sold cither iwir.or probably nt nny future period, at a foiisi.lnrnl.l,. n.kinifn i I ei i-t. tt 1. TO 1,1.11 V ill- t;ifiisiuj in tuiue, iiuu 111 ...nt . ...... ovtiird liy tin eorporatiou.tgiving us a ironi 01 about 'il(il) leet contiguous to tlie business section ol the town nnd in iiinn.-dinte connection with our Depot buildings,) cannot fail to Increase ill vjalnc lor many Jens to come, Tiicse grounds tiil'jid simple room lor Ihc .iccoiuiuuilation ot all lie; tonus wliicli may ui tiinalcly tcriuiuale nt flurlniglon, nml it cannot no doubted that the wise and comprehensive policy which originated tin se great cuterprm s, will in ihe end con nect than where ihe public convenience u.iites with the interest ol each corporation to biing them all to a common termination. The Detiot L'lounds nt UnMand have been laid out, nnd the grade nml track adjusted with rtleieiice to a connection witli the Rutland and Washington rail road. a road recently chattered, and one, it iscoiili ilenlly beliited, soon lo be built. Tins last road con necting with the Whilihall and S.iiiilogn rail road, opens to us the waters of Lake Chaiiipiaui.tlt the head ol navigation, the maikitsol the Hudson river, and the inimens,. trade and travel ol the great West. So again nl Mellows 1'nlls, our gioimds fli'-re will nflbrd ampletiecomuiodatiou not only for onr own, and Ihe Cheshire rail road, but ,.r the roads in the valley 01 me l,onnecliciit, iliverging tlierciroiu 110111 nuove and 1,,-low: to allot ttbicb tiienecessisensv with favor able grades nod curve". Prom this point, railway communication is soon tube opened, Northwardly, throimh the vulli-vsol the Couni client nnd Pnsimipie lo the notlh line ot the Slah snd tln-nte with Monlrtnl Soulhwnidly.lhroiiith ihev alley olilieroiniecticiit.tyitli Springfield, llarllord, NewJUnvcimn.l New M.rK Ilnslwnrdlv. oter the CU-sbirM nd Vermont and Mas. satliusetts, with Iloston nnd ihc great luanulaeliuing i.,u..,a..,t I ... M.-ir innik river. In, ceil II lnav lie sul-1 that when the line ot the umlautl ami iiutnngion ran road is completed, w un all its connections now 111 pro gress ol construction, we haven direct railway com munication Willi almost every important city anu low n ill New l.ugl.inil 11111I rtetv 1 oik, ami access 10 in- New York Correspondence ol the Free Prcss.l No. IV. fsill-lllll, lit lllll H l'l I ; ' . .. J " I i II' ltl Mil II. M. 1.111111. nil- (.,il. Ill, I v - liy satisfied that a select committee snouiu ne i.p- ,cnt rlvcr ro, Company makes no provision for 11 inied bv the Sneaker, instead of rilerrmg it 'V11 rl drtnilcd the stockholders or even to the l.e- Cnmmittee 011 Foreign All'airs. .And. ' n I" ,j gislature, of the proceedings ol the corporation, their respect to the President of the United btnies, 1 suuuiu rt.c,.;j,ls nlll expenditures, except through a commit lii lorn select cummittee. providei'l mil lint 10 ue a 1 . ,. i,,'ciallv iitusiiuted lor thai tmr r..n...l r n..lC I 1, I.ui;n.....l ....... .p,l... I. .lb ll.t (l.o ., 1 therefore nivsell. ill the first place, hope lhat a se- " ; ,. ,nav 10 ajr.. jlnrr,ved'. tonnsent lo this Sir, I know what is nt the bottom of the course of ,ct committee, of which I shall not be n iiieinisjr.wiii inmeossrinbfngiMif Slotklioldi-rs, a sunnnary.iit bast, policy w hiili isrccoinniended to lie pursued. It is that he appointed j and if lint is not in conformity "'!""". of tlie proceeding, of their Directors during the past pride ol opinion to which weare all subject. No opinion of a majority olthis House, llint it shall re- ..,.ari n Ptntcinent from the Treasurer of the cor- it was ihoiight that that course ol policy woiiiu irrred to the Committee on foreign aimos. porllon, showing its past receipts uin! ihsburseincnts 11 the consequences which were contended lor j me-sages of the President areusimlly referreil. anij 0Hr pr,.s,.nt fiscal cundition. doubt I.nil lo tlie i-tillseiioeliee but it has not. Itnt, sir, the nltermtive is pressing, You will have but Ihe choice between mat ami worsi : ;.,....iu n,,.l t.,.n..rnl.l.. . ill ill ,111111 uu. 11 niimi; ... . - ....... 1 us. lis -un it loitit is. t 1 I'.' Iiiiuitii .uu il relrael when n course ol policy which has been pur- possible, a full account of the discussion ol tlic I tliroush which the road passes, hut to the whole slate 1 shouldsay much inorc.sir, if 1 had .he power. great math Tlie l).-it grounds at the other vciy important and thriving villages named ,11 re ot siillici.-ut extent to nc coniliioilale,iiinplyillsb.licveil, I lie business ol those towns nndot tlic country wliii Ii surruuiids them -the Directors iiileiitliii" in tins mailer, to secure room enough ntnll places, lor every probable coiitiogeney. Much cllutt has 1-een made and n de p anxiety f. It te K-cure Ihe land tor ourroad bed, bv pntnle negoiia tionswiilithe nropneturs. In tins tllurt the Diicetois have been suices-liil to a consult ruble extent, though not entirely so. It has been li.und necessary to call ,it..iti lite ( .itniiiis-lnllers niioollllcd Under tll-'protis- 'l'hc enterprise in which we nrccngaged, gentlemen, ions of our chaiter, loran npprni-al ol a portion l the 1 ...ol ir i,ni.,.nf ..r. nt iuier.-si mi. I iit,,w,ri-iii. e. tint oolv to land rcuuired. in all ihe comities .'.xrept in tlie count) ,. : .....I I ...I.I.. ... I ttOSII.IIIl.tV UlllU u u... in'- .. - - , , w , . j . .... ",' 11 is uiago.ioiiiit'iis ,11111 iiuiini.iuit- iu 4 ... . - .1 I us, Its cloi Klioiuers, tv. llieunuieiliaie region 01 eoumry f Chittenden. Tlio-.. appraisals have tints., we be lieve, given very general salislactiou.but lew appeals I Iu. ........ I. tt'.-inlil .1.. rrr.n. fr.-.tit ' . . ..... ..s ..I't'?. . ... ... 1 ...I .....I ... V..... I li.itin., its t ... I i.'.-i 1 tlii'ietroUl. s... i. .-in H ; . " ,:..:..lrt :....,.l..,l in I lis retlisnl Ol itir. I u. .ruunui, u i,t-n.n, ... .t- i.uui..iiu, ...... ... t .. - , - - - ....... lo lie null' II nower to net now precisely ns they n'1 '"- I'liut-ipit. ...... ..v. - Vnrk A ciouri lerl e in lie or... nellonsuf ni'ri- At tie last St SI011 ol tlie Legl-iaiure, an nill-iuuni 01 wouiii nave acteii 11 iney nan 1111 uie uguis iii ex.- I'olk. II the President 13 an iviuocr.u, ine suuu- rich in minerals to an uuparaiieleil extenl, 01 our ciiarier was iii.iuiin u, n.uui. n ; s....- is penetrated by this roail, ami rcmlereil nccessit.le nt siruction 01 n tuanin iroiuourouiiii it-.Hi..i.ts, moved. Slll'Ilose th.-e pi-uplelltlaclieil 10 our I'lllon, .' "s"" " '.- .i r . " ,. .i..l . ,V... t r.i.ittr.'i x:::: iV. m s i:.ii. ws.-...j u u.e hotter. Arelhev lit lor ;-ll-gov.-riiinent an r governing I to siicritiie tln ir leelings ol individual pride to the shiiiiM be0 eenJeo iffi 'K,! ' oin'r'.Mcan ' N' ! n,e sa? lr,t in asserting, thai a defensive. 1 lllsl.op Hughes at the New Knglmul restival. Our esteemed friends of tlio Vermont: Chroni line was iheoiilyalieiuativeto th plan rccnmmeiidcd by the President, 1 have put out ot thea quesliou the 1 .nurse wineii inos. 01 you tn vocutc lahiiignouinein- ' , , ..,.,,.;. nnr notions respect- enterprise in its early stages, 'lo extent liny , i ork, wnere iismicatiy concciiiiuie. . i.u-it- u. nityol tenilory; because, I believe that the voice ol cfc lake ittnftit CM.option to our notions rt, pen ,i,'t p..rinp, have been rationally nuticipateil, as in foreign and domestic The Dircciors have pre the cinuiiry has decided irrevocably against it ; and jnrr the presence of llishop llnohes at the New ,.-uQm 1o n nulmad undertakings, Ilut you cannot sinned that the Comp my would accept th- giant linn lhat to keep ilas ilie nllernative would hut render , , , oi,. i)r l Wiv York, on the tail lo r-incinlier how ultcn nnd how scriou-ly the ex- 1 made.ti. an amendment tiitlieircliatier,tin,l 111 llnsue- more certain them I, mi 011 ul the no cv recoiinneni id hlisl.tnu hociety s Dinner .11 icw lorit, 011 un. ,,,:.,,, ,,,, ,i,rm,in,..l ,.,..1 ...r,il...l 'P., 1 b,-t bate ot net iirunusas or the grading and luasuiiry by ihe i:eciitite, nml in consequence tlie conquest of I ooj ultimo, and refuse to "own tin" to onr rep- j3 SICittmcrtla alone nre we indebted lor ihe cheering ul this brunch load, have received such as nre silisfac il... tt I...I.. ..iii.trt' I j.. ,11,. sue Inrtlii'r. Ii. die Irit-ttils ' . . ... ,.a M'l... . ...... . 1... ti.l mil, -s ntliirw Ui olili-rei . Wl 1 IiruceCI to I1C 'r .', .." . , ' .,...,. 0 tsns, 111, I in I' irrnns. for II c I'"" " ui-i" l""-" t"J" 1 . ... .. . .. ......1 i. ustiimiiv.., w..,.....0 - , ., .,rnl, , r.ntutiu.1 ,-in 11 nur frr.-nl tt-nrk- 1 eeot I le same n Id Ciller UHO tue usual tuiiii.itis lui us reil.llU n ...inm tnn. m-i-onlour tn nur nriimtnl 1 i-tliill running our personui leeungs to ne nueci- Slatcs, with a pupul 1I1011 ot about only one million nt v our lilomt, nml Iwo or niree imuioos m 1111 ecu oiu.ui, better iiifuriued, all the rest pure Indians, a niixid blood equally ignorant and until tor blieity, impute ra ces, not lis good ns the Cherokee's or Chut taws I We make a great un-lake, sir, when we suppose lhat all people nre capable of s.-llgoverinueiit. W e nre anxious te. force Iree government on all : and 1 see that it lias b.'t-n urged in a very respectable qu ntiT, 1 1 ... , n isih,. tiiissiou of ibis country to spread cud ....1 -..n..;....a 1,1..,.. ,....r nil the world, and esoeciallv 1 sucli tl ...-. "..' '":.: . I.... I without t Unfile Z S to a y . " . n m Uu I D-J." "Ij-V oiiribu ly tl.eir course to to ot ni;i 1 ri tn 1 n in ire who nnHo punlied 'ixMi itiiiunc 01 mrmniit vvimi-uhih"" n-iv ...... . ,..., X' , durniiw. Itinrt-niarknbltM:ictin!titMmtnry onnni . ,ilfl ,vM-ir. time v.m v.'.t-.l li.r tl... Mil , it tindoubtCillv appears to tliem. u..nrni,i......r intn n 111 tl ill 1:1 T Ill-si Mill IsVfll. V ; -s .-- -.- . iwiw.iiiji-' i . ,.,i,,,r.'A w Uie VH'WOI IlirillMlHI 11 niuett in to TV U'l lo ueii. ..ii-nmrt hv wimlom aln lhat huc niiliirfti, . , . . :.. i . .1 ........ .-- - . -.:r,Mtiiis.tniifi. nr 1 ujiur iiimiiis nriiiy ;um nut 111 riKTcnce 10 uit war ItlinsbVeu ll';:w.,,rk,,ur,u,l:1,t sn' VS you even protested and remonstrated against a combination ol circuin-tances, a sucetssioi in I ' f , . i, tf..rl ,r...0 . i. n beim- nut uuon vour vote. Uut lunate liieldt-uls .. I'ZS',. . , , i J 1,.,,. rl ft mnv be supiHssed by i ' '"u v s-ontiiiued to vote, appropriations tojiro- some that Ihev can I li. slmrlfst oitliee. Sir our own units.,. 1 . ......... ... - iiemiire terrilorv i-nn tie iiistiheil. and nt llieinie lime .1.- A...I il...' nt rjrciimstnni-es. It was sunerioi to ine w'is.10111 oi -- too luaisiis. nuu .v .ni.ole.t. Iiwasiiielorceoicircuui-tau. ; . , ,..',.,.. ' n .!,). i ban. le slirnri allwnons nf lo year. Wy it niaikt-tsof the At-1 to the naMihlo waters ntt!t: OttLTtncl;. 1 Iw

lantic are brotmht to onr ilonr, and oierit, the tr.ide iiiiiKirtancuoIicat-lniithuM'waU'rsniutbeoliviuiHtii ...i . 1 ..( .1... i..;. ,i.i.. i'nci I'Mimh ill (in, I nil V tliinminp nt ri .in icf t ion u till a erv extensive .heir nutlet to all our grent cilies athl towiH. vaier-poer,inm eon.-uu niuij mi ','"" '.' " Il i-i tint flic imriifi.-j' I if the Direeluts lo reennilnlate ' navigation ol ihe Ilkelhrollull the Creek, ut a pollll .up il. ..nilmrrrissiiieois and ibllieoliies whieh beset this nosite one oi tlie -mat iron regions ui northern -xcw it.. . sin- i In tsi.iir ....... Ii.rl.iii.. In ilitl..r to tin oil's here '.'... , i! l.n. ....iil.,r,rn in Its in rnirnill I...: .,......! ..., ... ..1 . clr.i,.ti..ti. 'y .....v.....v ,,s . .... ""..:v . l;,,- ",:.;! .-. - t....,, u, , , , . . , 7 - ., ..... . ;. ,,;,!..r,t mm,tnnh si.own ...I. . 1 ..!. ...n-A Mrt. I lift fro Is nf conuccilllg ine Titer noil uie luite, aim tvuiiio uie t-.- , i ue i.ii.iiiti.u tun-in..... ... : ------ ' 10 wiliu uou t,t .!,,i,.sliirtiisl,...l hv our I i ,-f Koirioi-er. iiiion i s ore. ' ill t be Treusurel's li.'liort. Ilerewitll eumlllilllicaieo. rrnni in is n w in oept-it-i-itt-u uiui n.t. sn... . . 'to ;.. :.. .1... I.' ih.. 'rr.'.-istirer. sub'.-etto bis order. Notwithstanding ihc work pertoruud has been paid lur on the commencement ut every inunui, casn uus uci u inulnted beyond our iminediate wauls ; and to prevent L n.Mli.. m.-i.n.tcm tfi. ntn llf COUrSO nllliirpll t 1 1 .-..I.... r .ii.uni. I, ,.,.1 il,s,. nnuation.nuttoteriuinatethe warwitlioiitsomesuil-1, , '.. , ... ... ., , . . ,,. It will lie recollected that in January. 1817. the I)i ,rilie,l verv ew ndee. , li.ue had the 1 '"" llu'lc ' 'uur voling on ; Uiougn u is possiuio wo ut. not .ou.t , t t,.... rcct,r3 nL.e(.toei the- proposals of a pirtv, for the gra- ofloriiiiii.'aCoiisiitiitiunciip.ible of en the hi 1 the existence of war betwein the vjc,v f t,0 matter ns being qnile tl. clear ns ,hng, nnsonry, bridgmg,suierstructure and layinglhc f'rc-!a ' interpretatiiui being put upon your vote. Uut , ot some kind, lb. giu t " " I'1 , ,.. ,,.. ,', pas,,c,l, and me war was iuthorized.most i-nt. It l?a very ditlic ill t. -k lo i nk o u , Vonliuued to vote, annronriations to uro- m, iouui.1111 iu. j t , i , . ' secuie the war w nh the object expressed of acquiring nf . made to ' 7,J Tl lu .m territory nsnn indeinnily. Now, mustsay.liaiinoljf r;u,o,V.or!:mmnnma!iou - t, ? .... i,... I... u..,! I.. i .1... .... Hut let that ,. i.;..!:......?. , Hmmliin. n .lisiane'e of ' nuv lossoliulerest. the Diicctoishave loaned it. ill lios nass. We vicld to no man of our limited infer- nbout 51 1-3 miles. The party alluded to failed to ton, from lime to time, on short paper.wiih ample sccu "i :,: i lin.i f, ilm iinnv enter into n written contract thoiighcalled upon for that mal.on in aduuration and respect for the man) pa,tltto commence tlie w,.7k nsagreed-w hen noble qualities tlio uncotupicrable love of I- ree- iqiou ths Directors, regarding the matter as an nban- do.,., the inllexible resolution, the stern intCRnly to rsA UiViViJn ot .heVonXw'lnchi:ey',wer, 'l'l...v....!,n.n r,l.iio. i-M, tlxiiieli nlteuiled bv 1 II' , .t'tll' Il'.t. ... ,l,v I ..s....... , t I II some of ihe delays and disappointments tn vtluili a I human nlinusniesuliett,has inspired tne nircciois won renewed confidence in the leasilulity tVpioiitableehar- lb",Wi'i''i.Vfc will pui irLTr'.rr" t.r.,1 in lMrnVthat t is . . ... t i . i ......... t .. . ui lliueitlllMV. wnrii ii is uckiiww ivuut'u un tiurp, i iin.ii -v oiiii.i.tx. . , i t'j irliirii lliililci'f 1 IllHiii Id IlUt 'III lll'isi iii iim wiw uin .t . .i i. i .1-1. :. i' . . i mn'.fna tl.r ai Jin. mi roiT.irfl for,.i ,i ,v ....... .,r .... n-t.r.if tt... innUrtnLiii-r The sit-adi iv'fs ot our ocl Ul I.l I UHCI ! Iliui.ll V -j c-vn- "-(-, I 11 iu u ion J ' luiaim i"in .p'uii -j- T , i , ... n..A fr.U m.nlui r,mn!,1.V:inUin of 0rale leniw. "Ilio sotK was thereaiter lintue- , in MiarKti(uu. era uu m... - Niw .v. i 1 1 1 intely commenerH, and has lM'n proHeenied Bince, Ihe the men uho purei-tcideiiee ilut ol road In- now ol wiih ns much oncf eyas iwtmed to he reuuiretitoK-cuie laiuefiihe iavor aiidtuiitnitttcc iuieat menu soemi- nrrrUi'lv foinnleiioii within the t4t.-non of , nently deere. . , ... we atlti.iro and rtjwet thofo qnulitiUB, extenthni; Imni IJelloHs KalK up to, ami inelmliiis.lhe liKlerh,hieli luue luiliettoch.irae(eri.' tl all (In ir on. noic i I Mil I III.II 14 III' fill IV lilt illlf-t IIV MIIII'II II III! I . Ili.-E.sij to n.lopt self-j-ovenunenl, few have ,':!"'ri''- Pf'l'l will iiii.i u rara io wiir . rr.m.rk..iJv dcvelopod byjlicso early pioneers suiniuit at .Mount Holly, was also put under commit .hut need only lo he con uiue, ,. or i g tne w i, I i , . . t..rt.,,,.. ,i. I,, nri-witf,. ilijit ir.,. rii. " ""n " 1 ' ,,l lu "l " ,,,ul r;" I - . . i i. "I Jainnrv, iri. m im- uiviiihi ui uie iu.ui u imr- t-m in --ruy .nm i.i-i.m.h- n'iiui.n...i. ; o fn ii is ard . r meirv thii to ri n h lVw ' 1': "' Kl,lil, tvrrilory lor iiideinnity, wlueh you in- of liberty, thnt we should rejoice to see Roman- .j,,,, , vvoik Ins been inie.rupted, mid iu on- m- liy oidt-r ol the Hoard of Directors. ... U.,ntiV.en! Is) ou.l all doubt , decided ngau,t ,10 Way of doing honor to them! The ,r,,,nud the whole i, u..w m ihe hands ..I parlies 1 T.r.siirc-s Itrpoll. .11 is onr otlll tliliuilioil. I.e ui iii.ii st i r,,,,,!,,.!,,,, i ,w tmr llinl doesllot lilt live lerrl- . . . . I .. I I. ..11. ,. I.l..,,. I.. r..h- I. .r ,.s .....It ,i r, ,. : .1 ..... .. ... ...irs.. trS lllllll llltr Ott-ll St'Slt'tll 1m'- .. . ... . . .nl, el., mi. I'S I 11 ii-.iiuiii imiiii-i'i-un. ......... Svt-.ll' I. .-stV IT. I rilXll Ifl . Ill .11 1 1 tt I 1 1 1 1 1'' 1 1 Ul iy Hi: It.... t mt coiiiesit iiuu. tsir, tiiereisiti. rsiueuuiie now inr uo crtv. Wliotalltsofbberiy when any great question . . : .1.... ... tt... C.. I.. conies op i i.e.." i- " ;i'" .-"" " . .ys. ..'....i.'" ns to tne coiuuiel in tins win; in, run ueiiriiiiy o.ij talk nlsuit its etli'et iis.u our lilH-rtiisaud our tree in stituiionsl Nosir. That was not ihe ense former ly, lu the early stages ol our goveriuueni, tne guai anxiety was how lo preserve hls ily. The gre.n nnxi. iy now , is for ihe mui'mincm ol mere iniliiaty ..I..... I., it,.. ,,,i we are toreeltili1 ihi' other. The maxiiil ot lornier lilnes wa-, lhat potter is always stealing from ihc many to ihe lew ; the price nl liber ty was t-r'iual vigilance. They were cousiantly liMilting out and wan dingier danger. Then, when nny grent question cnine up, I In- liisl inquiry was.liow it could ntlict our free iiistilulion. how it lould nll. ct our hls-rty. Not so now. Is it because there has lst'iinny decay of tin- spirit ol hlsriy among die pen pie I Not at all. I Is'lieve the love ol IiIk iiv was never more ardent, but they have loi gotten the tenure ul hlierlyby whiih alone it is preserved. V I lll'IIK we may now niuiii); in i-u-i. nnii-;vtoi ur linn iiin-snut iii.iii.v , ... . , !:;,' 'v: ":'!f,...':!.ust;i;r"i f.rnmr:r. i " .. .-...r.,... v... ,..,..,,., ..;.. t."1, . it ,! !c..',"'"!'""1 u .k.,.1 iio...i ......... ....v...- - - linn it ess ine l eiiiiif i...,, ...-.-.n.. K- ijii-luht. hi in- tuvii-uin.-, in ju-uit i'i in i, r.i ulml.i nm i rcci-iv nil nn 11. j-ssiiit'iiis Dr. .....I.. i.l.. I . u . i.L. .. i i. il.-.etts.ts Inn mid 1 . .. .. t a........ I.!.. ....... . t I ,.. . l.- .1 . I.- I .- ..'..., .t. "".' i . " , - " ', : ' ,,i rv.'W i oik are very lisp- st...,i. ....-u , nm ,t t,t,..- m juoe, in,,, uie inree-iois imi uinn-1 ii.iiii.iti nie i iidiiiiliii'i llie ennrsi' iiiiioleil out hv l ie Kxectlllte. and . .r . . :.. .1...!. ....l..l.iI.ii.,i.a I 1-.1 1...1.. 1 1...:.... .1... II... I I .Ii. I , ",-,.. ' , 1 ' ., . , 1 less null we see 10 in. .. -s ....,. . ... ,,,11,111, ,-,., ,ut- m.,.- , ... ... .... ,. ... . .-...i. that llio.liciiuii iuusilK' niude notv; lor it it lie piisseil ri,,.r appreciation, oil their part, ol ihe .icotision. extending from ihe western slniie of Ihe summit nl over uiilil nuolher h-ssiou, the end will lie, 1 iloulii .i';i.'1.l.;.,mt;ll,M1,1,!,i,ti,,.soconilueieilnsiosircnglli- .Mount Holly, to the village ol Itr.iudou. Some ol ihe nol, Ihe siibjiigniioii ol the whole country, thereby 111- j (mr KUtu principles mid lo clieri-h the spirit , tractors on this division ids,., have abandoned their 0lv111g us 111 nil Ihe dilliculues und tbingeis wlueh ti(. l-nnti.-st s.l ItVJt). tliherwiseit isgood lor no- ttotk, and the Mine has ken lelet to oth.isj with the niu-t result Iroin il. I thin". It is niiproprint. ly, then, a celebration by sueli rxceptioii of some lew light whieh do nol re- Now, I have delivered my opinion witli that .candor 09 , ,. ,haracler of tliose men, and ,,uiic i ediate ullention, and whiih can lie salcly nud traukiitss whieh, I h.,'f l.come my p..ui"ii on . r ttilt ,ir pri,uil,.s , ,.,r spiril . .tu., ,u the opening of another spring. this Moor. 1 shall nw i,rop,,se nothing, but it I hud I . .,,,,...,1 .,, UH. ,,1.-,,,,, i,,.ol. 1 ,. , .1,.. 0r,'L.',M1!siSiemeiit ou will perceive that 1111 i-nnis'iipiMuleu ill lliese my views, iwiiiuu- ..(,,,'-.. . ..d,nitted.-Tlie man- .1... whole line olroadhas Isen l.lued. d.irmu the Mar' 1 yecl nun in-liouor tlie occasion, ot lHI,,antl twin ivtiiu n verysuguiiiiiii 11 poiiaui to the ysl ol IJfieinber, 1M 17 dert.ikt' in raise a coiumiltee lo jfVCC JJlC0 0, iiiipuiiily, ns it we held our. barter of liberty by "light divine" Irf'iu beaten iwjl. 1'inl. r these unpriss ions we plunge illlo war, we eontraet heavy debls, we increase ihe paironnge ol llie llxeeiuive, und we . veil talk of a ctiiside to tone our instniii ions, our hls'iiy, upon all iieople. There is no species of e.xtrnv agance which our isople imagine will nd.iuger lie-ir liherly iu any degiee. Ilutitisa gi eat nn.l l.nnl ini-l:ike. 'I'll. ,,i y o relribuiiou will come, ll will corneas cer tainly as I am now aililies-iiig the .Senate, and when il does come, nwliil will lie the retkumug j luavythe rosjionstliiliiy sometthere! .Mr, rresiilelit, wiih these impressions I c.inuot up 1" .1 1 1. .1 1... ,1... i .. lll,i: HI IIIt IHIIlJ' 1 1- ... 'J .... ...'IK...., ..r nor. wiih' nivnreselll ti.'W.s,supporl It. Tliequestiou 1 IXTi;t.l.ll!i:NT, PATKIIITIi: It Hi i- now, wliat shall h done i Ii is a great and ihlli- Jnii'KI Sl'ATKs, cull question, nod it is daily hemming moie and more , .1.111.... I, U'l.,,1 is ... I... ilnue t Stir. ilm. s. I 1, ttlio Inte useil m's'.-iit-'.!. Til". "T ,' II'-f". I 'y tl, intoxicating drinks at the dinner exception, under cuntrnct-tho rates at which this ...L...1 1 iV ,. .1 .1 i f . . . , 1 , oi. .1 . ,To 1 table, they ironi 11 inose iiimi-u-rs in tne uo-iki worR iiasueeu iinueruiMii nre geoeiiui) ti-.j invoiu I'y .i)iu.'iil nf the fillowiug suuu. 1'or preliminary expenses " llicilleillal .'Xpest..s " engmi'eriug " land, laud dain.igtsaud ftiieiug " coiisliiiellou " salaries 1 balance of iuteie-t iilaoie iu ilepiisil .suiiject to llie cnnllol ot the Titusim r jajri.fiTj mi i;r. $r,,inj Ks tp.-rii :w n'.:i'.ii .mi l.:i.i no iir.,117 :w iite v aelo.ite.l. we lnav . 1 ' .1 i. ...... 1 .1... ... .... 1 .1 - ... ....... .,1 ....... i.'..,... n...l 1101 get nce iiniuc.liale y. 1 he titir may continue , ,,,...,. Bi. mmKw& 1(, r bl.v. . hull- nhilitv. That portion ot Ihe road Is iween lliirlington tt-.. tt 1 n. nil. 1st! Hint llll.lintK.r. - t . . . t . I . .'. 1 . - . . .... .... .1 .... I..l 1 . .. 11 ... mi st, ,11,- ,-ius, 111, 1 tt f tt 10 ill I-Miiiposii in.,, iii.lipi , j . m,.l ..I I... I.. :. 1... ... 1 ... ........ 1 .....I I...... It.ll..,ts I'l.llstin.l I 11.11..... iailt.'..ll.,,l.-ra , .I...,.i,.',,l . .iirsettesn,,. . 1 lJ r i "" ' """ -.-- O"" : - V T T", V": country from llii' entanglement with .Mexico. ' belongs 111 the'oeciision. iu readiness lor thecal-, by llie first day of January, At ibis celebrniion, there oiigin tone llie ireesi in- ism, nml tne reiiiamuer at asomewiiui later penou teranec ol the l'llgrim spirit mid ol ihe iruilisthat tin: during llie khiic year. 11. 1.., I... ...I It.., lints' i'i,,, tlmt I., ttheii l'linisls 1 1 lets dins hir lu'ett the iioliet' ol llie . lo urne nud lli"h riiiin luneu..e piu iiin'ri. oecupy ihe of grading only 011 seetious when a large 11 111 11 its, appeared la-t week SA.MUi.l :i."tr,.i;7.'. .'ii swier, Ticttmirr Tilt; Sentinel .V Di lnoeriit. The first niimhcr of the Sentinel it Detmcra We ucknou ledge Illlltl.lNCTO.V, rt. Kit I DA V .MOItNINt!, JANUARY 21, IS 18. " In i nk hark and Ti:oui;i.t:n miiiittiiat in urns ui, Tin:.!.: is.viSrAii ai.ovkt.ik hiu:..ox iniiivi: us a i.i:am up, nxcr.p. iMi t.ik Atll'V OF Till", D'lniil lr('xer. piomiuenl places the guests f 1 lie inn nage s ,, oe-avution or eii.liankineiil was to Is- in , ,ie com.,limet ;,ii.lve-l ill the external re-eiu ..... ...... .,... j li. mt 1 e llie X 11 low rii!l IS llltl tl'C f(,'il : seel lolls ess tiiroilil.l ,1," noil nil ! IsS I iiiti.lii .ml lo Ih' lor me tonustter. etery ellbrt in my power 10 prevent this ttar,nud niter lis coiumencenieni liave done every thing iu my potter to dimmish the evil lothe small. si po-sitiie minium. Ilut I will not shrink Iroin any rerpousibilily vth'-lher ii orooeilv beloiiL's to tin or not. Alter savin1! Ihu. I cniui'it support tlie course recommended ,y the l.xccii live, 1 will proeceu losinie inai timcn 1 womn propost as the best 10 lie pursued. Well, lln-ll, I will say lhat Ihrlr is nol lb. Fmatls-.l ehanejot our iltscllluni.'llu1! ourselves Iroin this .Mexican concern whieh tinea. ens us s.i inucli there has not Is eu 111 my opinion lie' smallest ehaiicc, from the commencement ol ihe war unlit this time, hut by taking n d.-leiisive hue, doing that now w hieli ihe President r.ciiiumcinls should ! done tinally idler the conquest nnd lakiii,; indemnity into our uwu hands. To do tis depends on our own volition, nnd not on ihc Heeling consent of .Mexico. Jsir. il lime had lieen allowed 10 the Sjeinle when the .Message ol ihe rresid.-nt recommending war wns be (uie tin 111. il tune h id Is'.'ii nllotvcd 10 the i-Vintc, I would have nuuouuced the coutse of mj1ic tthith I ibroueht ri-'ln. but tune was not is'ruulled. .Mv opinion was that we should have simply voted Taylor Hie nieiius 01 ilt'ii-onioi linos. 11. 1 ...iin 11. ti.tte been done. There then should hive lcn 11 solemn re port Iruui Ihe prop, r I'onimitiee, going inio all ihe eiri unistanees, showing that the lepubheol .Mexico li.'ul out t'et reeopoized ibeso hoslllltles -recoiuiuelli). ing a pinvuinnal iirmv to In directed ton pro-r point, giving lllllc 11. Uie .liexnnu tyiili-;!!-.!. nun 111-tif.iii t..'...ite 10 Inm considered whether tliev ttould alow or dH'ivow the ntt.ieksiipou 11s j nud it no siilislnciion weie oiiiameit, not t. inaKe war 111 lins set inriu, nut seize upon llie portions ol iherouutry coniiguous and rnosi couvemeni 10 us, aim men nave .issuim-n ui" nr tensive ime 'j hese nie my v lews, 1ml unioiiuutteiy, we were nil acting lure under an urgency ttiiimiit ,1... . tte . .n... .r.1.1 il ""- nr.... .11- nnr piisn. . uu uiiu i'iu, 11 tin do not at I to-day nothing can Is done. Wi llnow, sir, ns to where the defensive line should be t Ihe present time, I do not presume to oiler uu opinion. 1 suggested n line nt the Inst session. I nm nut preiwred lo say what would lie the pnqs'r one at (lie prosenl lime, but I do say that we inu-t vacate, the central parts of .Mexico. We inu-t l.ill hai k, il you choose to use lhat word, or take 11 hue that shall covir amply teintoty s.r indemnity. f.r in, i.u.i, . o in not ior enargmg .Mexico wiiliUe- I'UOtiKCSS t)K UrillltPATlON. Congress ilefieil liy Irc.iilciit l'olli. On Ihc llh inst., tlie House of Keprcsctita- llugbes.s on purpose to throw uuwcicoine truth in timo lo compleie, h.iye been generally posiiued j bianco to our own paper which nur new anil im proved ncioiiiinr H is in-eii made to a-stnne. II onr good Itieiid, the IMitor, had carried his ef forts at improvement a little farther, ami a.inplei our politiral principles, al-o, llie regi-iieriilioii would Inve been period and utie.ceptinii.ibli We snppo-e he will suy, however, that ho h i alieiuly iiuitatcil all there is of -rood iibnut lis ! were (as it certainly is no') to celebrate and ,ave engaged the e.irelul uiieiuiou ot ihe hoard, and 1 Well; if people ivnV sec where they are tni-Ukeii, inemorize tlio narticii ar rt a mis a.tli ol tlio iney nave sougni ine utsi ugois .,, ,-.t .. tt- , , inemoriii. uiu iii..e.o.i. ence to guide them to a collect resuli. '1 ho "Howe I'lirilans. In that case, undoubtedly, 1 dpists Ki called, has received their approbjlion, and and Ilioh-Churchinei." would receive no invi- "fcl'J"' .. . ,. .. i,.s " -"s -.. r - : '-- - fn n ,.,, ,:,,.. ui 1 no ctt.'iisit-i- iron 1 a uiaci rer 01 line 11 1 ores .s i t 1 lnnorn " oi-iiincrnet' -- i.un.ei -- their tacts. intending thereby tu srleci, as ncarns.pussilile nt the ... ,,, ,, , . ., 1 ,i, siine iiioiueiit, long nml unuuerrupteii portions 01 tne All this would ho well and cogent, and the ., ..i.i,,,,.. ,imH.1.,Marv ss ol iuu-i.t. These t'hronicle and ourselves wliiild ho nt 110 lojiger- lighter sections willbecouinu ncednstni y 111 llie up. , , , ,. . .r. ., . i..i 1 ej,, proaehing siuing, as the weailer and seusou will heads on the subject, if ' tlio New -.ulaud So- . - ciilv " were ("what it certainly ia ho) an asso- A proposition ftoin n contractor of great . cxiwriencc, J v . ,, , . , . tncolistiuet the bridges oil the liellows I alls, .Miami ciiilioti of l're.-byterniii ori,!iiiiuisiic e-ierg)- niiy and Uiulnud divi-ions, basts Viirml C -The ycorly meeting ol the American Art-Union Society wns Old Inst evening, Dec. tilth, at the Tabernacle, when the paintings amounting in nuinbcr to two hundred and lil'tysix nml in value to nbout Toriy thousand dollars, together with two Iiini drcd and lilty valuable bronze and silver inedal, were distributed by lot ninong llie members. I h ue con cluded to dctote a shed Ibis week to llie tin ril ol thn Iuliiiition, under the inipresiou lint many of your readers are not as lnuiliur a. they would find it their Interest to be, with its object, history and prospects-. Indeed, I find that even here, where il should be known, ignorance exits, ns ihc rc-ult doubtless of its peculiar organization, and thai, while our citizen" very generally jield it their support. Until a lew years since, this city endured, nml justly, the rcproith ol be ing very lur in tlic rear of lioston, Washington nml l'liilailelpliia, iu a taste nnd care lor the Alts of Ik sign. So guiernl was this carelessness that but a very few of ihc wealthy ombclMicd their parlor walls with n picture of nny merit, or their grounds with appro priate statuary. A disregard for tastthil rtfineiueiits appeared throughout the entire nrrangemi nts of the city, iu a still' style ol hou-e atehitietuie nud in a want of ease iu the out-door decorations. Anlntei ts and builders planned nml applied wiih an eve "high-it to the right-angle as though no lunn iu tin; wide realm of th" mathematics could be relied upon, save lhat of their glorious s'ioirc. The streets were all parallel orperpctidiciil-ir to each other, and the hoii-t. ns-uined llie same general nppi uronc" square lools, square sides and square inside one thing nlvtnvs at right unglis to the next two things. Summers, aid r visiting Philadelphia, penned this sentiment: " It the Shakers had In en consulted at the citation, what a i checkerboaitl world this xeould have been!" Had he visited New Yoik in tbi same humor, 1 l.incy he would have attributed a portion nt least of that great vtoik to the druh.fashioned sect. The " New Yoik Gallery of I'ine Arts" had bein established, but its standing nnd usrlulncss nny bo gathered Ironi llie tliscriptiou given ol it by l-'mtli, who visited it in 1 lit J : " I'roin llie City Hall, though it rained, I stepped across to an exhibition of pictuics ; bul I uni sorry to say 1 was not paid for iny draggled clothes nml soaking feet, by any thing I saw there. Mo-l of the pic.iiris were, cold ami woodeny. These, aller what I had si-en, convinced tne thnt the New Yorkers have no better eye for the graces ol Arl than for the beauties of Nature." The critique was severe but jil-t. Such was the state of things iu this rily, and sueli i.s reputation, when, seven jcars ago, iiicu of pti.le and intelligence set themselves tu the ta-k ol ele vating the nrls inio r.sjs'ct. The work was a new one, and they e-rienccd dilli. ulty in resting it upon a practical basis. They conceived, nnd indeed it vt as very clear, that the "Gallery of I'ine Arts," which had been iu cxi-tence a long time, bad failed to ac complish the object of ils creation the tlillu-1011 of knowledge on these sulgetts and the cncounievuicut of native talent. Nor again were tht-v sulislit d tv 'Ii llie models oliered in either of the institution, ol 1'ii.i- idelplua or Iloston, which, although th'-y had achiev d more than the one in lOir own city, jet nppinp d tn come lar short iu their results of what should be at tained. The idea for these had been import, d trotn urcpe and applied after some slight inoihlieatiun ; r. mining, nevertheless, objectionable features not objectionable when applied iu Uuglaud,but decidedly so here, as conthcting wiih certain democratic pu -u- dices. The interested gentlemen alluded to inclini ng some of the ablest members of the bar, and tner hauts who had matured a taste iu their intercourse with foreigners, devised a plan, which, by coiiloriiiiug to the spirit of our institutions, has proved singularly successful. A Society was formtd, simple in its or ganization and decidedly democratic in all its wink ing. 1 he general leaturcs 111 tint plan weie tbes 1-t. Tlie sum required of each as a condition o 1,11 111- bcrsliip should lie so tritimg as to come ttiihiu the iiieans of inarlycvcry one. d. That itsoilicers, vtjtli the cxeeplion of the superintendent ami collector, should receive 110 rciiuincrntion but the honor necoin pantingtiie station. ltd. That rc""ter defraying the 111- ideiual expenses of the building npprupnaied lor tlio Gallery troiu llie funds, the balance should le apphi d to llie purchasing of -'cunens of Arl, to remain in the public rooms ot the Society, free exhibition, mm! ihc "Jllh dayof D.'cemls r, and then be di-irihute.l by lot. Ilut to th- plan in detail The cxeeutitc com mittee hold, under a lease of ten juir-, a building. No. 1117 llroadnny. During the past jear lhy hut.: lined up ihis ediliee ill an appropriate and tasitlui manner lor keeping nnd exhibiting pictures, .e. The Gallery is U.'i feit 111 length, ill width ami Is high, carpeted und well lighted day and night. i-u- ors nie admitted, (ne of charge, iroin light 111 tlio miinnne mud tin 111 the evening, except 011 ihe Sub b.illi and duiiiig Ihe Iloljdnj. As the result of ibis ariiingtiiiini, who have not the means ol vi-ii. oilier exhibitions, ran, without m.mcv nud without price, elevate ihtirlasie through a study of some of the ls'st speciiiitiis of sculpture and painting, l'or icv -era! mouths, 1 1 .-1 r rumns have ln-cn thronged wiih de lighted visitors, who have rt sorted there furamuseint nl and in-irui-iiou. The nth and poor, ihe old and j nung, .he tilieu and stranger, have gone iu thither lo s iu that rtlinement tthith is ihe legitimate oH'-pnngol p. line aits, or a knowledge of that scieiitv, which, s-.ji Alison, has lor 11s object " to iiicrea-e the iuiuiIb r ot those vthiicniidise'riinina.eaud judge." I do nottx iggerate when 1 say 11 is the mo-t tashit.unble rexirtof ihe wealthy 111 this great rily, nn.l tlie only one where Ihe rith and theKiorare met with the same am iiinui, uni are afforded equal privileges. They sein, tin 11, to receive Iroin the canvass enough ot the generous spirit and free life of Nature, to rai-e them above the Millie prejudices nl money distinction., nnd to ku i en iii.ule and ac- i.e .1- . ..i i.;n. f Ha .,r,.riiH-:ilmn ceiited. These struitur. s. su uidi-pi'iisalile to Hie sale men, ami 11 u.u s..,o t,,.. ... .. ..... - ., It ... .., ... . I.c..iniv. w, ,.,..!... t.itioti In these atiiiial reslivals. Our zea we can only lie sorry and hope. ! Mr. I'aui. appears before his readers in graceful Salutatory, wherein, however, Ihe po to a contract with an extensive iron niaiiulaciiirrr ol liticnl heresies nl modern ' ileiuocraev iirchy aiiddesKjiisui, ycl we bt'liolil the populutio.) ol Kiigland crushed o the earth by the supeiim unils'iU weighlofdel.t, l!ef!ectnigou that ocxiunent;I Inve otteu thought llnl mere was only one nay iu which II could come lo uu end -tlmt Ihe weigh' oj the super structure would crush il'Hiidnliou ' that ihe wealth nccumulntedin port by these very roiimicv'ts by ll,e ho'lier classes would rru, tlic lalioriug niasscB below. Ilut hnsshcobtaioe i imleinnily from all her subjected provinces) On Hie conlrory, instead f,l drawing the nn .iiisol supisii ling hrrsel'lioni them, bus she not been einpiltd in rcsoit toilieljbor ol In r oven poj.uliliou lu hold ilifin tv jubjtciiou I And lu ilic not throw u lives adopted a resolution calling on the l'resi- fricmU l)f chronicle overlook the considera- ' to our poor vision, sadly out of place-" lil, .lent for information respecting the return of , , , l.nwevcr. that tlio New Kiigland So- .nrable to tl.e'Coii.oi'ntion! lie has reccnily been De nl-iSea fruit on l'ersUV silver waw." T (Jeiicrals Santa Anna and l'.irades to Mrxicn, lot'i'llier with ' the instructions and orders is sued to .Mr, Slidell at any time prior or subse quent to his dcpartiuc fur .Mexico as Minister l'leniimtenliary of the United Ktatc to that He public." On Wednesday, tho 12th iu-t., Mr. Toll; sent a Mess-igc to the I louse with part of the informa tion called for, and refining to coinmunicato the ' in-lruclioiis and orders to Mr. Slidell I" Tho follovvingare the concluding paragraph, of the Dirlnttir's .Message, vetoing tho resolution of tlie House of lieprcscnUlivcs : 1 have heretofore Congress nil the eoirespouileliee ol llie uuuislerol llie luilieil r-iaies cieties. injj'cw Vork, and elsewhere, are em n neueu , - 1, andVuilhis -rt of consistency boll, of matter and couiiielled tojieldtiia severe pressure in ihe money neirLel l-refiints ... u liii-lt . IlliWCVer. ntltt with IllS phatically Mir ftetarian (tisoctations. Ihev ronenrrence and assent, lie was releu.-e-jl Iroin the th , taiinert In the M Sentinel, wliicli sotnetimes miinlier among their inetnbers, as descendants Ijml-'lluam'iiY habecniram provoked our fun is one we shall hio to treat of tho r whole cjiie-lise ol the vtar ; but I would lake ample territory. and hold il subs-el toiieioiiaiuui. Now, sir, I know- It will be said lhat this w ill I, us ev.iensive as ihe war. I think I iw "iJ gli i, s,vf th,t n cnn.iol U-, .hut it will fall far klioit u . ,ul j M1 not repeal the nraunicnl Ilut adminmg it should ; admitting thai by no means,.,,,,,..,,, . lor Ihe sacrifice of men would Is minutely 1,-ss, nnd, what is more impoii'iiu, you w in inercny ne utile to liiseiitongle yourselves. ..I rial is I he only way by vvhie-u ll . an be done. Y on are tu d al nn sent, eu u weie.loa coijise. My object is to get nd nl Has soon as possible. 1 look not tg Mcjimi j l lock lo our uvtn tuuntrv men S.llil men ' sturdy ancestors (not, by any means, as the I Chronicle intimates, rjccliuntHj me "fiignms I of l'lj inoiith") for their sturdy and heroic vir tues. It i. not to bo expected tl. it mo I'.iriian. are to he honored only on account of their reli gious ievvs and creed; and if not, then they are to Ihi honored for the i-oisession of qualities in Mexico.wlucli, iu ihe existing state ol our relations w,ic, j ,R.jr tWnniiiion, luno elevated and with that iepal..',ean, in my judgment, Is at tin, ' ooiit-iitteti inn tut t, .tin, .i'i t ......'.." can appropriately celebrate and honor their mem ories. The (Ihmiiiele may, if it chooses, mag nify our l'ilgrin. ancestors for their nligimit 'nritans and admirers oi ineirctiaraciers, manuiae-iure, iinu ui run s mure .atutuoie imui nan n,orc gravely wc perceive. .Mr. I'.vri. savs : . ,.r. nrtnlt of MirislUn erred lllld WOr- V .."r' ".. .V . . " 'Pin- uinllers i,t.,re Irnlv n. I i ii. o.t i j j -. i csis w till regiiru ll. liu ..i.i.une' in uie- toiiuut i, uie u - "V " " " .... t u uie itto , Inclniliii"'- l'atiistsand llii'll-Chtirchuieil" i inorees'ciallycont;dfdlothetieiilleuu-uofour Hoard Breat parties ol the couniry nie those- .U.iioiu,vi. i, incimiiii ''I'" , " resident nt Huston, whose watchlulcare will k-nlttays IKIlauung to the jwlny ol our governinent who ImU lilliciiuy iu iiuiiuiing ...e.. . .he subnet, nnd through whose ngency nml .ami not tn,. leinporary inen.-ures ol a single minimis lime couutiuiiiiulcd withoul serious injury to tlie pub lie lllteiest. , . . i'.iileiiaiuing llns cnuMilioii,nud with a sincere de sire to luruisli any iuli.rnnlioii which nnv Is' iu pos. Ws-i I ih" Kveeulive IK-piiliiifiit, nnd which ei lh.-r ll'iil-e' "I t.ollgress may ill any lime itquesi, Irig.ud itto be my constuutionni rigni, nun my m.i, .hut', under ihe circum-liniccs ol this case, to decline a comjihauee Willi llie request ol the House contained tu llicir resolution, ...,,, ,. j.v.m.a ix. i ti. iv, Washington, Jan. li, ISIS. It remains, of cnnro, to bo seen wliicli is In rule in this country tlio l'l.opi.i;'.. Ki:ri;i:- suMATtvns, or the I'rosident. Mr. I'olk h.i plunged tho nation into a bloody and profitless Wir, withoiitauthurity aiidin contoinpt of the itistrumentahtv we have reason to hone lor an carlv and satisfactory adjustment of ihe subject. 'Ihe board lake uiuchpl. asure iulsiiigable Instate that tor the cast iron work required iu llie cousiruction ol tlic road, and for its car turniuite, wc shall nol lw obliged lo depart Ironi its hue. The iron niuuiitactiir i d nt nnd 1'ittsford Ironi the brown hematite ore, has acquired, as il deserves, a high character lor strength, lenacily, and solidity, liy the iuunu!uc!iurs tli.-re vt-. nre In 1m simolleii vt itll onr lail chairs nn.l nil oiher necessary cast iron appendages. In Ihis counee- " tent with our convictions ot duly nud oi light.' nation which, Willi llicir illthlenee. nre J,...u .,, " avv.iy j ami it is our intention hereafter In brin- more " paiticul.itly under discussion those fumhmriitiil and ' ftntvtl tenets ol the democratic patty in which is it.'"iii. nn ns it.n tosimeiioii ironi oilier partus :aiiil "while wecinleavoi Inmake well uudersi.H)d ihe iter manent priniiples o. our ii-iriv. vte shall .ns.,..,. .1... " teniiiorary .icy of our national administration as n en us ui.ii oi nn piiiinc oiucers, state or national "i". '" ntiint -in ne, iii every case wnerc it is coiisis in them, f.,r the time, at least, a love or sympathy Inr llicir kind. The payment ol five dollars secures a nieuils'rship lor one jenr, and entitles llie member lo an ciiL'iat .tig, llie plate of wlueh is executed expressly fur tin So ciety. In addition, it cmitlm him to one share in the niniual draw ing, at width the jeafs collection ol c.t grnviugs, paintings, ,vc. are distributed unioug Pie Ulellli..-s. At the last meeting, the ratio of the niunOrol in. in hers lu thai of the collection gave to each one chance iu twenty four. TO rot nl the imtings purchase il by this Institiiti n during the iist jcar ranged inm lilty to is'veu hundred the whole number two hundred and fitly six, nnd the aggregate amount i x ieiuleil for them, near forty thousand dollar. The mo-t expensive iiinimg in ihe Galleiy, by a lucky turn ol the w heel, was draw n byn very Mor but vtty inilutrious conipt-siior in one- of ihe t'ny nlliivs to whom the society lias given ihc printing ol n- ia'a lurntsli him with the means of subs -t. ue May wenot say ilut," IVrtune-iii favoring the biave,' has.inihis nistaiue, intimated her designs with re-terence- tothisprans'ttortliyliifiiiutKiu. Uhasnlr. a ly exerted nn iullu.ii.-e for Having lor ih ,i.,ee "nllofgoiKl lint is prompted by feeling, nud nil ot great lhat is guided by judgment," it must slren.'ihcn its foundations and extend its oulivotks. liven vi ar since it leccived its charter " for the promotion ol the I'ine Aits iu the I'nitcd States," it has increased n catalogue ol members ami matured its list lulnes nslitiilions alone J tec are glad that llishop lk'iii.r.s so appreciates their chil institution, us to magnify them for their " Schoolmasters." UT A friend brought to onr office, on tho morning of the nth of January, 1811, a hoiupiet ihints. is highly favoiable for llie Corisualiou, nud we !i"!!jMrA:'i... ieeemitle...,.:..., :. ' "o.''1!!1; Wo cM " pro'ntins honorable issiiet Wr- liclorynt llrainloii, lor llie consiiuetioii ol rail road and whenever it m iv suit the csimenienco 3 Ir l"". 0f "r fric'"1 ,n " 'l"'"'" rrmanently ' ' .. hns ,-atron, in every S.ntean.l ,,,.-, , ury gagecars. We shall he enabled, we trust, I.Tprm-iiTe perUiuitigto theKi!ii-y of mirgnveri.ineni", such ' "lo11""-1 anada, llondii, and M. x . V." V ""'. V " ' " "' as l'reo Trade a -jnist l'ri,., i,,,,, l...n I I... I ""'" 'ny tnoiwiml .1 I luuin1 pciimi's ..iw ,,rt , . ,,, ,,,.11, (11,1, tt orKUliUI shij., s-tj le and liuisli equal to any now inanuiaciiircd proveincnls by the l.'eneral (tiri.niliietit against '''TOrcenors have nNn coniracted wiih ihe Tnun. 1 1,10 l'"c,li" of l'""-"' Voloe-, ofllio ton I.ocuinuiiie .Maiuilaetuimg Company, r I'roeeeils of llie sales of the Public Don. ain .Sub. llngines ol IS tuns tin h lor passenger service, and lour 'i- t t t . llngnies lor freightseiviceol twenty tons each Tll 1 rcasiltles, tVc. tVc, It will iillnrd lis the sin- c.iitrnet,couis.tedwiihprcs.'iit prices for such uu- cerest pleasure to iiitinbiin that modeni " de. of , w Inch hi, had lhat .My hiuud in blossom i?.'."!:" e '..-xV'tV.; i'1;.,1-."": Z ' ' I . ,',,U'0 T - in tho open air. Tlics.o beautiful and litiiul uwfs nn.l wotkiuau-lup.andcuibiacuigallihe . i , .' , . ' lotunnd urgent wain, ol an iuUiuls..k ty r. .j. ,,ni ,,,, nur hilitx lliiproviluclils ol ine prtselit iljt'. ..on. n s,t.. ..,,,..1 u.u r , Contracts ior a Uuge wtlioii . j early, tn the nritHs who have iulicrited bidlunt ia cut, in the place of hl.hy lucic lo ilu who other, wise- might have starved he-lure the l!a.el. It i. Og,u. lung in induce, both in eily and couniry. a regard lot arclnteelure lor in nud out door dccoraiiun. lion lo which luniislies an ev ulence llval a ..(.,. I,av risen, iu ineir apprecial.ons and demands, n! . . I . ails, which inaik tin lu il irps editorial, in the kindest spirit of 1 If Un society shall ooiitume, a. uiiipiestinn it.iy n ri"ht to cull upon liiui for information rcspectin Ihc n ay he did it ! This arrogant assumption of Mr. I'olk stirred tho btoud of tho "old mil. eloquent," Joiix (U'iMv Ai'AMs, who.e ti'ttih is thu ripetled. !... ,.( ,.. n,in ,,r ii, i tii,i faded memorials of lliobtrango mosaic of lluwers useil ite'pii-se-ni'.i.tu u. tow t"p., ... "- w....-. . , , n.,d now ho refuses to acknowledge their i "ml 'r0-1 wl'lc" llila '"' f'ir itr. me i 'oceiois out-tout mueu an arrangement with Mr. Darby attributes tho cxlraordin-.ry Hue-' lOCheslutc railroad wr.ue ol which the i.u, Iam .tttiiuiiitn tot .... j . eoroiirations are to u... in n.. ........ it tiialion. of temperature to which wc havo been grounds and Depot builJings ai liellows lulls, iiR. 1 iuXS KqsmSiule .'nellad. ZVAt fViI',;ii;.";"icl1' !' "' M. " cre ' e may no, cx,v,c, ngam Oliol Ities.aii.Horlencing luiulicrto a coiisiueruble ex-1 l'0,1,lcal -hlierences cm dittutb," I "' "ur ablest artist, the dirtortcd figure i subjci led. to the influence of the .Magnetic Tele graph in " hiiiiging tin no near to Washington." common termination ol boih loads nt t' cr. A l it? e s,n ing ol cxiicnse, is by this measure sc. cured, lu built corporation?, and the gnatcc! .t(.iln- af. . Iv, Mr. Polk's hut Messu Id 111 lite suiib l the r'ull.rt of our couniry, mounted on what tlse painicrshn.l di n. as a nuble charger.lait nps-aung to Use cl.siui. res' I visitor iu the clumsy joiutsuiidrardresol ailunky A few tears since, one of the ImtartitUin tlnsniv. ir. 1 olH a but .Mossa'.'C hns ,,lr..n ' Mw ) ears sinee, onr ol llie tmtartitUin tlnsniv sioninesii.,,, . .1 . H " a"0W USuuoni,imtd WosbiBmi.iiiamihisryrbn. t-i,nilic.itioii lo lheo rcnownetl initials. They ger. lihuiil, bavmg ts-iTt, rwinkml tu a lr iitu now understood to tUnd fur ' oil Kulifvtnia 1 j u ji JJ1 .- " 11 ""' It