Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 11, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 11, 1848 Page 2
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UUlUilNGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MOHNJNG, FEBRUARY .11, 1848. lll'ltl.l.Wl'OX, VI. I'll i day .morninc., fhurcary n, his. " In tiii: haiik and tkouiilhu skiiit hiat is tiros M, Tiiuiir. is .so Hr.ut aeovi:tiii: tiuitizoN TCM11VK USA UI.tlAM (If MUIIT, EXCr.PTlSU Till' li rr.u.tfiKvr, l'ATnumo Wind pautv of tiii: Umti:ii SrATr.s." Daniel Webslir. M his National Convent Ion The Presidency. The Whig .Members of Congress, at an nil jniirncd meeting I" Washington, on tlio Hil int., nppuinieil Vi:iim:uav tiii: seventh hay ii" June .next, its llio time for holding the Wind Natiunai, CoNVENriox, and I.iir.rr.M - v.ici: Hai.i. in Philadelphia, as the place time and the place are both well chosen. We hao noticed with sincere regret the op position, in certain ipiarters, to the holding of a National Convention the apparent dctermina t in to disregard Party organization, ami to suh- j s'itutu lor the customary Convention of the reg ularly elected Rcptcsciitalius of the Whigs of t'i'is 1111011, a kind of bap-hazard and tno.-l tm ndiahlu machinery, winch has been imposingly called " i nniuination liv the people themselves." II tl.ere ever vva a period in the hi-tnty ol par tes in tliis country w lien Midi a course might have been justified, it certainly was in 1S1 I. The Whig candidate fur the Presidency, then, was in the hcaits and on t tic tongues of the Whig electors w ith an unanimity that rendered the authoritative announcement of his name by their Convention hut an eclio of their longcher thud and undisguised expectation and wish. years ; and in every ono of them has displayed the profoundest statesmanship, the purest integ rity, the most unimpeachable patriotism in every one of them preferring the niuiir before the Presidency. His name is Identilied witli all the great measures or public policy that have been h.fore the people for morn than a quarter of a century. Nobody asks what are the opin ions of llr.xnv Ci.ay nobody has to say that he Is a Whig nobody has to vouch lor in prin ciples, lie is opposed to this wretched, abomi nable and unnecessary War lie is opposed to the extension of Slavery I le Is opposed to that miserable abortion of linancial stupidity, the Sub Treasury He is the author of "the American System" llo is in favor of Internal Improve incuts. In short, he is the acknowledged linr.AT Wiiki Leadeis, to whose labors and to whoso counsels tho Country is Indebted, more than to The i tnofc of any other man, for the wide and unc.v amplcd prosperity which it has experienced This Is the language that those would hear, who should consult tho rani; and tile of the Whig patty in regard to tho niailabilily of Hc.Miv Ci.av. lie is their first choice now, as he was in 1810 lie would have bcel: elected In 1810, hid ho received the nomination, llu would have been elected ill 181 1, but for the most (lis- graceful frauds upon the elective franchise, and the contemptible knavery of " Kane lettcis" and of " Poll;, Dallas, and the Tariff of Ml" the bitter fruits of which wo are now reaping! He received sonic 20,000 votes, in 181 1, more than were given to lien. Harrison in 1810. lly the honest siitliages of the electors, ho teas elected, then ; and ho Wild, be elected, in ISIS, by the triumphant voice of a deceived and wronged people, who are fully aroused to the necessity of placing a State-mas and a P.vtkiot at the Hut if there cut was a period in our lii-toTV . '' '"eir (.overnment. ILMl CLAi , when a National Convention wa nn.MAMir.ti, by ' ,lf Kentucky, and, we trust, MILLARD FII.L thc exigencies of the ca-e, by the magnitude ol .MORI'., of New York, are us certain to receive the questions involved in the succe.-s of cither I n largo majority of tho lllectoral votes of this Political Party, and, more especially, by ichnt is Union, at the approaching election, as the sun us to W Slitcs in Ihc Vninn (among which is to rise on the day when they are to bo can Ymnmt -Muds in the front rank) ichieh Ai.-' v,,"ctI a,lu tllcrc is "ot a lru0 ,r'lcn(1 of 0,ir Wiys Ihc Whin lickil, through good n- Country and her Institutions that does not hail port and through evil report, the prc.-ent is that , the project of such an event, as the way-worn very period. The opposition to n Convention and m;iisW Children of Israel hailed the sight has proceeded, mainly, from those quarters of of the " Promised Land ! ' the L'nionupon which tin reliance irhulciir can I bo placed fur tho ell'ectual support of tho Whig candidate lor the Presidency. The Whig del egation from I irginia, lor in-tance, (witli the tingle but noble exception of the true-heaited, true-hcailed and indomitable Jons Mimik Hun) are tinder-tend lo array themselves against a Contention Nomination for President' .Now, with all proper respect, wu submit that a State that uniformly casts her vote for Northern Doughfaces or Southern Abstractionists, is not tho one to interfere to promote disorganization in the Whig ranks. The Wim; States of the Union,, the Slates who have " the laboring oar " Modern Democrncy. Id nu to that country, mid it liccnmcs n tiucslion for us to consider whether wc might not lo Ink" sides with them ngnin-t Mi.-ir military oppressors, w nam mere he any injustice in o lining 1 (A cry of "no." Ami here ,lr. I'nntc pro' Icil lo arraign by nanie .Mr. Cliivtun ami Mr. Wibsicr, nl ihc Scnnte, for having vi'iilnred, In- slid, to assort in Unit body that no valid riulit to Irriilmy nil be niqiiitcd hy cuiniict Sime bin! il :" 'I'hi'V no '" 1 Now my Irlend vv ho has inst nddiessed von, the lient nl r-an .lacnuu, tnmi ncie .or. I'ooti' iiioiioiuifcil n f'luwim? culniiv anon (!en. Ilnn- ton.) Iris lull)' developed to on the ciiucsoflhis war, riml liullii'iniiiie shown vnu how the people of l-racl, bv tin ibvino aid. were en ibh'il to take lios(.vsinu ol thu proini-ed Inn I by torn ol arms, lb' Inii Ihns provrd he coiitnnied tlint the nserliotiol these gen UeniPii ii at vwir, n it o iiiikIi ii;;iiiiist ilie law.ol linn ns niiniust tlioie ol !oii! Tlieic H not one loot ol Inntl In l.urop''nr Aim-riea, whoso nun . urn uisuniiiy traceable In sonie ni t of roniiirl : mid, in illu-iriitiou ol this point, the spi-nkcr rolcrred to sundry chsii'nl reliiillisi'i'iiei s, tin Ilh.-n inoie pallicnlally lo the con quest nl'llulniid by William nl Nnrinniulv, mid tollmt of our country troni Kini? (leorgo thi' 'rhiril; (Ap ilaue.) And in tin' present iusiiinri' he coiiliiiui'd a title by coiiqih'.l is the very In-sl lith' known In civ ilized n.fii, mid lh" nne which would must readily meet the (auction of Alin'mlity t!od." There! If our readers expect, in a hurry, to encounter a prettier, or better matched, brace of republican moralists and statesmen than these, they will find themselves mistaken I l'roni the Montpelicr Watchman and Journal. Can yua not scp-unlc opposition to the bridging of ine i.nue irnni enmity in uie uueiisuiiruii roaui luirliiiuliin tier I ir. Nn, .Sir no how. Now a question or two for the (teiieriil. Yon imdlish nn extract troin a letter to the Directors of the .Moiurenl ami l.aehine rond, in fivor ol the Cniial : Why not publish the whole I Is it he cause 'lie writer avowedly supports the Cntinl lor the verv rensnii he thinks it will kill Ihr Oaihiis- bingti Umid? Is iisynnr liiendhip fir the road or inn-t we kerp up a hroatl tlistlnelion hetween Ilie ndvoentesol Ilie ('iinal in Hurhiigton and Montreal! (teneriil: guess you didn't know that the letter had strayed lic)oiul" navigahle waters." Now, .Mr. Walton, if you keep on in thi way you will never see d.iy-light ! The "extract" we published simply represented Lake Cham- plain us likely to become " ono vat inland liar bor," on the completion ol the mignilicent lino of Ship Canals alluded to; a consummation, ccr t linly, in the eyes of every Vermonter, "devoutly to bo wished. The rest of thu letter we did mil publish; and why 1 Iteyond all cavil and di pute, meiely "because the writer avowedly sup ports the canal for the very reason that bethink it will kill the Ogileiisburgh Road." You have hit it exactly, O far-seeing friend ! Uut you are painfully opposed to "keeping up a broad di-tincti'Jii between the advocates of the Canal in llurlington and .Montreal." Don'l overstrain yourself. Tho distinction will .iryi ittrlf in without nny help! It is as broad and nl tares. And iheyvvillsuiilaiii every iu't. war in vvliitb J portion of tho Road, to Hollows Palls, will be our cnunlry shall lie involved, inn """ easily Inn-lieu tho ensuing season, vvuero win no snying that an nltenipt In n.lopt such a sjflein ol lax- .lwaitl , ju tcnc0 t)iu K,,ttalil, the Sillivan ntinn wn,,!, waul I ns Mexican i war sixty .i s. Koad-all of which Aim mis snows inai lie war snniiiii "t-1"" : : ' , , This may be dune by Cnngrrsi in ninety dajs, und I are now in ti stale or great forwardness. pray (iud that they may do it. In short tho Cheshire Road, when complete, very iriuy yoars. ,,..v win he a tnagniliceiit monument oi ininian en terprise co-tly indeed in construction, but chein in uo. Water, tho great enemy of all The Ithodc Islmiil Ctucstion. roads, can make but sight encroachments upon The N. Y. Cnmhr ami V.mnirn contains a o r, : oeu aim graiuio wans. 'w"'K. " " ,, , , , c i. nearioi ievv ijiigi.inu wnii no expensive ni- very excellent report of tho argument ol Air. I ,it, witli no tival road with imiiienso trih- Weiivtkii before the Supreme Ooiirtoi nic um- ntarie, the outlet to tide water or vast mineral, ted States, on tliouuestion involved in the "Dorr agricultural and manufacturing districts, it iinnrmiiniif men 11 U n no b G CXPOUlonoj r-:"",u " ""'""'K t" ' ' ' .1 l.lrt rn-t.lj ni-rir tP,.;r.Il.i.l in 1 1 in iilllttri. t!io true nrinclnles of Republican I recdom, and .. . , ' a tuastcrlv vindication of them from the radical interpretations thev have received from the apol ogists and defenders of the "Dorr rebellion." The massive simplicity of the style, and its co- lrencvaiid clearness of argument, are in markc contrast with the florid and elaborate declaim- plain as the di-tinction between a bridiro and mere is more rascality, liarel.tccd and do- a,rry. The .Montreal " advocates" want all the testable, extant in our day, than casual ob-erv-! -tcrn trade to pass through their Canals ; ers would be likely to see. The exi-ting mis-' tL. llurlington "advocates' want that trade to crable war with Mexico lias stirred up the po-, id " ne vast inland harbor" on Lake Cham litical waters from Ihc Imllmn ; and men and plain, through bnlh avenues, thus cncotiracin liiKtriw-s turn tip which, during periods of rcposo competition, which is " the life of business." I and calm reflection, would be greeted with al- There is not the least assignable motive of hos niost universal execration and abhorrence. Il'itility to the Igdonsburgh Road in the latter the atrocious speeches of termagant politicians, case, while there is the strongest and most ob- ucne Senntoi- Dnils of Mniiclitisctts. Wc are happy in being able to say that the Telegraph Report of tho death or "Honest John 1) ivis " was erroneous. Senator Davis was not only alive, but in improved health, at the last - . . ... I !!.. ..rn tv. ...... I turn ol those modern iNcw i.iSm " Udvlcci. Long may ho live I racy" who Unpnto sovereignly m inv- o, ... Tj(j ymQ rccj,mvMc nm cxten- an unorganizcu anu oisurg.....oi; j F',vt,iy circulated. Wc find it in our City ex as though by muUtvlytiij! me iiuerance 01 . .....i v... York-so that ,mr Error. Teutii is found! .Mr. kdsthii nr.s . . . ever been the scourgeoi sue, pom.u u,,,,.., , mq TUq s y j, m and tins msi progeny oi ne.r u-e, . """-- prepared a neat and vcrv complimentary "obit n:iri' lint I en ,1 nfttin iltllllfrlll.lil'il S!nti;itiir. mu at length, its Viif(fu. wlillo, at the '""t'. tlu c,,itor, not willing to Uwo the benefit of his and by the same povvenu. liana, iruo ..osm. P,ri,,,. insorled H i let Mr. Honill l.l JOriv, vl c l can uaisluiiiv nnvii;i.i I, . , . i, , , i ri 1 :i ; . , ,it ,,, Davis see what u-mibl hmc ban said or him il u,lu ,; .,,. hol.u.1 tccnas dead as ho was represented to , , . . . , . , on I uu 1 lllli: in in' lil.ui. HII'I niMi; iilivi .-... ....... , I , , . . . llv the wav. our readers will rcmcmlier that p isscssing Eiicu aiisoiuiu poieiiiiiioiy ui iniu'in-ii - , , ' .. . vve published the opinion nf the Ripton gentle .nil. o.ny w..... , .,,,,, .,.,,.., .!., ,, majestic .implicit)- and strength of Hukke, tho '" ' , . . . , . ' - tliknlv In l;il snniftliiii e lie lis "a hriv finick- frtr. 1.1 !i.ii..iM'ilinn nl SnritiiiAV. I m wnni er. J J ' 1 fill skill and dexterity in debate of l'ox; and each of these qualities he exhibits as per fect in degree as tho illustrious statesmen we have nuncd. The report of .Mr. Wi:nTEn's argument was prepared hy .Mr. Ravmoi or the Courier, and bears evidence of In fidelity to the original, as well is of the skill and rapacity or the Reporter We shall take an early occasion to publish it entire. ness ; and heboid ! it had, that very moment struck down a U. S. Senator! Alili-Slllibnth l'oll.s. IKiith ol llr. Allen. Dr. Jonathan A. Ai.t.r.v, a di-iingui-hcd Physician and a most valuable and warmly es teemed citizen of Middlehury, died in that vil lage, on the i!d lust., ill the 01st year of his age. Dr. Ai.i.en was extensively known and respect ed fur bis tcientilic attainments, while ho was especially endeared to thoso with whom ho was brought into tho familiar relation of social life, hy tho unaffected benevolence and kindness or heart that marked his character. His funeral tool; place on l'riday last. Tho MiilJteburu Ititlaxij says : " l inees nf business were found to be clnseil ns ihc ir. cession pass, ,, and the town itself, ni its common lenelaettir was borne tn Ids lorn. home, wore an os- pcut.ot icpect anil sorrow " J j'The bodies of the lamented Col. Ransom and Alaj. Martin Suott have reached llo'ton. .Military honors were lendercd to them in that city on Wednesday last alas! how ineffectual to lighten tho burden of grierto the widow and orphan, or to lessen their sense or tho s,cnl ncKthey have been called on to olll-r on the shrine or an unnecessary war! Cliitlilideii County Agricultural Society. At tin: annual meeting of the Chittuulcn County Agricultural .Society, die following gentlemen were i appointed Us olheers for the current year : IIIINIIYS. .MOItSllofShclhurnc, Vrmiihnl, IlIIIDrillY NIlWIlI.I.ol Charlotte, 1st Virr do. LIlMt'lll. II. I'f.ATT nfColcliesier.'-il do. do. CASPAR T. HOPKINS of llurliiiijtuii, Sreictmy. that are constantly ringing in the public car, could he fairly taken as expressions of the pub lic tcntiiwiit in this country, we should infer in the irroat contest that is annroaeliiniF. aro the ones whose vvi-bes are entitled to prevail in the tlwl tl,e P'plo n as wm-orlluj the matter, und tjikv demand a Convention. The Whigs of the Whig States should mill unit cmi fer on the great issues depending on the success of tho Whig Putty in the approaching election, and determine ichn is llu: twin under whose ban ner Wwu Pi:i.cin.E' aie most likely to tri umph. Wo are glad, therefore, to announce that a Whig National Convention has been called. That it will lie fully attended wn entertain no "matiner or doubt. Willi the result of its delib erations vve shall be sati-lied convinced that it will pre-eut for the sntlrages of tiic people no man who is not a Winn without fear and with out reproach a Whig Troiii the convictions or his, heart and bis understanding, who knows what Whig Principles are, "and knowing, dares maintain them." With such u candid lie, Vermont will be found where she ever has been. Hut, while K-cinav be willing silently toawait the action of Ihc National Convention, there are those in tho Whig Party who appear to bo re solved to forestal that action, by representing lleneral Tavi.oi: as the only muibiblc candidate. Now wo prote-t against this proceeding. It is founded, if not on n complete abandonment, cer tainly on a total cumi'mmhc, of principle, lien. Tavl'orhas repeatedly declared that he would accept the nomination u( wn yurli ; that, if lo is to ho President, lie must bo elected hyaAiW- ulmirable institutions of freedom of which it is their pride to boast, as they are neglectful of the means to preserve them. If it is true that in times or great national exigency and excite ment, great minds are always found " to rule the whirlwind and direct the storm," it is as true William Lloyd (l.irrison, Maria Chapman, ll't: (!) Theodore Parker, and " a few more of thu same sort," are to hold nn Anli-Sabbalh Convention in lloslon, on lho23d nf. March. "Their declared object," says the N. Y. Ex press, " is to abolish tho obligation to observe the Christian Sabbath, which the call denounces ITTGcn. Quitman, a gallant soldier or the a or " Jewish origin and design," having "no ho- Arm.', was honored by a public reception in New liuess, in any sense, attached to it, more than any Yorl on Thursday last. The liencral made a other day, and the penal enactments on the hort speech or which, according to the N. V- subject are declared to violate the rights of con- True Sun, the following was the conclusion : science." Leaning over the balcony of the City Hall, mid This class or Reformers is rapidly identify- addn-s-ing the immense multitude in the lurk, he . ...... , Tri 1 1 ci ml,, mid nr.nclirn. will, the iiiJ , ' , " I'rllmr ('i:eii. I now- lake this oiuiortunilv nl Jacobin Club of Revolution. ire l'laiieo. l!o Kr,0",c" aml Mi" ' v,mr ",!Xt nun whtiftU un Ihrjitld nf Mexico." (l'enlsul up- naturally, is to " abolish " the Authority thatap- JUHN S. PLIRCi: of llurlington, 21 rmiirf r. .MANAOEIIS. Ilurlin jton, Jonv II. Ynrxi.r.R. Shi'lliurne, Jaxia S. Hi.inv. Charlotte, CiiAi.i.i.s II. Cook. Williston, W.m. K". Tait. Colchester, J. W. Wi:vir.. lluusburgh, Montr. 1!. I'n.wviiA.v. .Millou, Ai.antT 15. Wiimi.Mor.K. St. (Jeorge, Sir.vs Niiam. Wesiford, Saw r.i. Hit e. .III. lliinlingtun, Ai.EXA.Niira l-'i.r.iieso.v. Itiihmoud, A. II. Mavnaiiii. L-'e.x, llvno.v Cndeibill, SMi-r.r. Wi.u.s. Rolloll, (5mo. liAIIIU R. Jericho, Liivvarii (5. Jonxsov. The Treasurer then made bis annual report; from which it appeared mat me total receipts ol the Nieiu- vi,., n,ui lt;.r('alil,Jrnia to h- Umied Stales. 'j'elegrnplilc l)cpulcli. New Yohk, I'eb. atli, ) 0 o"clock 30 in. 1'. M. Tennessee. The Whig incudiers of tho 13 gislaturo and other Whig citizens held a meet ing at Nashville, on the iiOtli ult., and nomina ted John Netberlatid, of Rogcrsvillc, and C. II. Williams, of Lexington, as candidates for Presi dential l'.lectors for the Stato at large, commen ding them to support as Mends or lien. Taylor. The meeting declared il expedient that delegates should be appointed to represent the State in nny National Convention that may bo held lo nominate a candidate for the Vice Presidency. l'l.ooi) AM) IIuimcANE. Cuba papers or tho 18th tilt, report a terrible Hood and hurricane, which did immense d mngo to the tobacco and fruit crops. Loss estimated at over 8100,000. liov. Snrxh-, or Penn., is quite ill his fricndi fear he will not live long. No Congressional news. Wires unwell, wo conclude. Tclegriipliic Courtesies. Tho fullowing are the responses or Rutlaud and Sr. Ai.iians to the Telegraphic Greeting of llurlington to the sister towns on the line: Tn liiirliniflim llf (Jurm if Vermont, 1 lor old Iriend Rutland sends her best wishes; ami regarJs, being the FCAcnth Telegraphic com munication. Wo hail von Willi warm nearis and cheerfully proffered hands. That our al ready large and nourishing i.nniiy may cumin no to grow, gather und dispense news to all,liv- in" in IneliUship, union aim narmony io a goou o!d,ago is the prayer of your evortrns friend. Kl'TLANI). St. Ai.nANs takes her station on the Light ning Lino to day, and 'ends (irceting to all her sister ulliges on the Circuit. Prosperity attend them, and the Lntcrprisc 1 l'ebruary 7, 1818. I'encc. Tho Washington correspondent of the N. V. Courier aid l'.iviuircr, pronounces the follow ing oracular dicta respecting the prospects of Peace : You may set dow n the fullovsin? things as certain in regard to Mr Tri-t : r.isi. That he netuallv has aereed with Mexican ('uniinissiouers upnn a treutyor tieace, securing New it..- I it.... ..i'-i. ... .1.. IT.. ..-.I y!t.i..s Jan. Oth, IHH, ainuuiit- ly lor the )ear endin ed lu Ami the total expenditures fur ilie same pe- ruid, to vious one in thu former. Quite a " d'ntiiii-liijii,'" vve ll.ttter ourselves ! lint we would nut publish a letter because the writer takes ground against the Ogdenburgli Ii,,.,, I n,l "r,,.,i o ,,, r,;o, I 1 IV',.1. ton, we are Un-lile to that limnl! enly, this bridge learning has made him mad ! The major, and minor, and conclusion if Ii'h logic arc in a mo-t belligerent relation to cacli other ! For ex- nltuse, This returning th inks in behalf or tho slain, is a somewhat novel proceeding, and vve suppo-c, vvlmlly nnaiilhoriuil. However, licneruls are tote "all the go" ill this country for the next twenty ears,and we must receive any nonsense thev utter with " neals of applause." Who can Dinted the S.ibbith. A lltitterfly out of Season , Ono of our sub-crihers, Mr. II. W. R. Dean of this town, exhibited tons, last Saturday, a 1 irgo and gorgeously colored Iliitterlly which warmed into premature life on Wednesday the tell how soon General Quitman may be Piesi- T(ie inct WJls un IIIICI)nmJy .lrg0 dent ! Leaving a balmee on hand of $I,"T It nl-u iippenrs that there is due to the Society from in inemhers, the muii ot sIXi.l., width if cui lecled would pay all its debts, and leave upwards nl , 91IHI in the treasury. I The Tnn.urer was iu-limird tn collect all. nut- standing claims ujiou iiiembeis, and enforce collect ions if neeCKsary. On motion nf .Mr. Goodrich, the Constitution was amended as lolluws : .ill. Hi. There shall be an Auditor appointed nn nually, whose duty it shall be lu audit nil accounts against the Society. A. II. Ma)iiard, Ls. of Hichnioud, was appoint ed Auditurtor the current jear. It was voted that all members wishing to take Ag' .Srcimit. '1 hat (!t n Scott concurs in the Ircaiy. Sli'i'I I Hind That .Mr l N-otl : entertain sanguui'-' Hopes inai mis ireaiy w m uu raiuieu uj ...... Mexitan Congifss '-' ' r.nnlli. That if the Irentv fails in the Mexican Congress, it will be hy the union nf two antagonist parties ill Mexico the I'ttiur and die adherents nf .santa Ana The latter ! ei anse they d s re m restore the old tnilitarv central puwi r : and the turmer lie-cau-i tiny are "really desirous through the prolong" lion ol our uecupniion nf .Mexito to U-coint: unneied tn ill'.- United Mates. 10.11 1 1 lyjjuo crty, and w bo hope nevei to see its grave,) is J nlinost drowned by the hoarse bullying and do ( testable prnpaganili.-in of such men ns the rene gade IViuslnn, and the shallow-brained IV, , whom extraordinary and lamentable circum stances hive thrust into tho Senate of the Uni ted States, to aid in giving the sanction of Law, by their votes, to tho abominable rascality that they utter both in their oilicial places and at the corners of the streets. A "mass meeting," n mass War meeting, was held a few days ago, at Tammany Hall, in New York, controlled and pitronized by such jialriuts as ItynJ'rs, (who was rewarded for Ids services as an "Kinpiro Club" bully by an ap- ftdded people, who cure as little a- they are per- i 4.. i ..limit llio 1'rl nrliil' (in u-lnr-li iimii'u iiij.hw1W" v ,...,.: .i. . , ii,., , . . ! i . . I a , f ,1 1 1 II 1111111.-111. Ill II IU ll.'lli 1 1 1-1 lUIIUt J ill U IllUil IIH.-U1.- ho won d conduct the Adininistratinu or their r, .. , lmr Sinahir llou-tnn of Texas and .SViiihirFootc IJoverument! He has explicitly declared that - ,....,:.. knows untiling of tho great questions or .' ' " e . UllOWs t. wnirils. ll !l-k 111.. :f tl'flf I.1T1 nf nil. rn., nr. ,. the following extracts from the speeches made by these United States Senators on that occa sion. They need no comments or ours. The profound villainy they inculcate is open und Mew llounitary ol'Texiis 1 (.'eneral .S'.jwi. 1 inn-Inn, the man who ran away from Tennessee, a good many years ago, and who has been playing hully ami drunkard and Indian in Texas ever since, till be was thrust into tho Senate of the United States after the ill-omened annexation or that bnundbss Slate to this Union, 1 ilely made a speech at u War Meeting in New York, wherein ho delined the Western boundary of Texas after this wise Speaking of n flairs after the battle of the Alamo, when the Mevicin ( was ordered to evacuate Texas, he says : bo Trade ami Currency ! That ho is a military man, and has never given his attention to tho invx'sligation ol t!io-o Principles or Civil Policy, a thorough acquaintance with which is tissnr edly indi,nia'jk in the Ilxecutive Head or this great Nation. We honor Cenoral Taylor Kir Ins military frankness, mid yield tone man in admiration of the consummate bravery and good conduct ho has displayed in tho .sanguinary but brilliant liatths he has successfully fought. Hut we submit that military qualities are notth That Mandate went tho next morning to l'i lisol.i, oidering him to retire with his troops from the soil ol Texas; and where did he retire Where did be stop ( Not at I be Nueces. That was not the boundary of Texas. Not at the Rio I (ir.ltl.lt1. Tlllll H-HK lint tilt' I..,ii.t...... 11... . I I'itoliile.ivl.lK""1'!' and iiupudenily pies.uuing in in- 'I'.,., . . il.. ..;... oi .. I . it . , . 1 P oprieiy nl le pairing in me i.iiiu ui I 1 1 .Vis, and Ihi'J.hnt stoVmd at Mmtemj, laniw' I ( ukk U now n dnornpen and a press. Clothing ofarmy.cutnpimd garrison cquip page, Cvpeii-es of recruiting, It lies tu recruits, Three months eslia pay on enlistment, I'av ot vnluuieers, Supplies t, quarternia-lTs' department, incidental cxpcusi s oi nu. I 'on li'lse nf hules. ('un-iriieiiiu birratks, furniture, ..c. Mileage lii olheers, Transportation ol ihc army, Stili-Mcnec in kind, Medical and hospital departments, Contingencies nt the army, Aimaiueiit nl lurliheauons, 0s3IO fnsr or War The Washington enrrcspon ,t tin- Courier liirnislits that nanerwith the ariuv npprnp'iaiiou hill lor the cn-nuig h-e.d year, as repori- ed OV 11.1' COinilllliee Ol ivaisilllll nivuns. neu.iui i .'. ample : Tho Montreal man is nrmiiii!! ni'.tinst I .i r.i Itliat such times are fruitful of tho shallowest tll0 Ogdensburgh Road, (ma jor) ; Hut the Free , Conuniuajon nl nUicerV'snlisi-tcnec, and most hurtful, becau-o the loudest-mouthed , VC ,.,.,. t(1 ,muK,., n ie of that ar-'umcnt. 1 !'"uiinutat.oii ot forage for "Ij'wis' horse,. land most plausible dem-igognisin. The same (mi0r) j-V'icreore.fconcliision) the Free Press 'servants . .1.... 1 1 .. V- . great emergency uiui prouueeu a iuin.ii Is orinsEii to tlio (Jgdciisburgli llo.ul ! Oh, Mr.

und a I Iamiltov, produced, also, a liurr and an Walton, if vve were to sav, however reverently, Arnold; and, iitourdiy, while an nnconstitii- i ,!w u ,,,rai;i vo w'ni, rorthwith set us tional War, a war or invasion and conquest, is (Iow aj bL-lievinp'tliat " .Mahomet is his Pro threatening, in its consequences, the integrity I ,,lct," because wo did not " publish the vvbule" or the Republic, the voice of solemn warning Kor;1I and counsel from li.u.i.Anv, Kent and Ci.av,' As Mr. Sam Wcller obligingly inquired, in vtnen who stood nyiiio cranio oi .vinerican i.iii- .),0 celebrated trial of Il.irdell vs. Pickwick. ' would any other bridge geiiTinau like to ask us any ' ijiieslions .'" one of its species, measuring from tip to tip or us wings inn seven inciics. ine cocoon irom ,niliur,.rs in iliit i,,,.,,,. .,i .i.-. ,i,., which it emerged was found on the limb or a managers rcnort the same at the next 'meetm.' of the Locii't tree, and removed into the House by a Society. little son of .Mr. Dean, w ho manifested a most Adjourned nil cdncsday, 1 el. 2d. 3.r,TI.i)S f,itherln concern for this brilliantlv-drcssed . . 1 eliruary -d, isis stranger of his nursing. j ' Wc hope the weir Sentinel it Democrat d ie not practice on the maxim that "all is fair in politics." And yet its leader, lact week, is fair and honorable in no other aspect. It is a copy, in all that is material about it, of a de ceptive and lying article in the Husim,'(oi l'n inn, representing certain Whig Members of Con gress as having acted with gross "inconsisten cy hy voting that the war was "uncon-titution- thc The Society met pursuant tn adjournment ; I resident. I. S. Alttrse. I!s,t In tlw. . Lii- n exact description of this butterfly may bo The Committee on field emus reunited the f..ll- found on page 171 of Titoviros admirable ing Viiiitiuma. l.mxi.niNi Natural Hitory of Vermont, as contained in his , Winter Wlicnt. 1 fl.TlHI 17I.SI7 iV.VI fi.iiss,:uii 1,71'J.ikiii l..v:."i,iioo i'i'iU.ihui .pHI.OOII 1110,00(1 ri.siHi.iinii Ci,-ji:i,-j.)i i'.IIIOOll Gazetteer. Oiihnuce.nrdiiiinei; stures and supp'rs, Ciirieut expenses nf urihniice serice, .Maiiul.iciiue nl' anus nt nation il armories, Kepaus, improvements and m.ichincrv at Harper's I"; ny, I)i) at Spriugtield, A rsenals, l.andal l'miikfort nr-enal fir erection of lory ol'percus-ion caps, litiildiiigauil maehiuery therclur, Liml ut Sprmgfu Id, Survejs with armies in the field, Two statiuns on hue couiuiuuication, ''ir Sentinel ami Democrat m ikes its appear ance enlarged and improved under the superin tendence of (!eoi!(,k Ilow.viiii Paul, 11-q. HV should have restored the old name, lltir- liio'tnn Si nlinel is not our business. IV. I'alrinl. So should we; but it is not our business, .'iii.ouo u n cordially concur with our Locofoco contein- no.eoo .i i. .. i . , , . 1'iiiiMiil porary, mo i iitiih, oovvever, in deploring so Iihi.oihi n.tlnable a inis.ipiilicatiou of the term "demo. ffiJJKKI ' ; i .ii. rieuiiurai papers Mr this year, repnrt the same to the av anJ nncce-sarily begun by the President" after having voted for the war bill in .May 184G, with its Iving "Preamble" declaring the war to cxi-t "by the act of Mexico." Iheryime butfumr oj the H'ifgs nanieJ, mof against that "pream ble," and the I'nion certainly knew it. Tliis species of deception, and "Kane letter" falsifica tion, is all well enough for the H'tu'iingon Cn ihh, but it U unwoitbv' a respectable Country paper. ril,-".o HI,UIHI 1U.V.-.I JD.IHXI l.'i.UOO 1'llHKI '.'II.IKIll yilOlll) Total, A ISIiicl.guintl Itcsolutioii The following resolution was adopted by a Locofoco Convention in Wyoming County X. Y., met to appoint a delegate to the Licofoco State Convention held at Albany last week: The linker I'liiuily. Wc ob-ervc that the-o popular vocalists are winning their way, hy their sweet voices and kind hearts, all over the country. They were singing a few days ngo to crowded audiences in I'oiighkcepsie N. Y. The Journal and I'.a- s:i:),o.'il,lw g" of that illage, ono of tho very be.-t papers in the country, speaks of them in terms ol warm encouragement and approbation. If this piragriph should meet the eye or J. C, II. he will learn that ' the cut " has been found, and issufo. only ones required, if they are rujiiired al nil, in .. President ol the unucn ......e-. .no so. cess-, t,() ont.inl.t or a -real Oil soldier will not, us a matter or cour-e, urn t nw M Na,i(jl ( n ft ei lburin,r am, w ill ho be most likely to, be theablo and success- (uMu Hl,lllbliu , ful Matesman-Tho pursuits are inconipalible-1 JJut l(.;lr ,ltm; nni, Spm,or j,ouflon. . W.b!u jjru liirmni atiblo tho requiremenls your n,.t.tltBi w, , p,,.,,,,,,,,, nro incompatible ; and while wo doubt Hot Hen. were nni long contented with that barren, but ......1..,. miirinllsm. nor the intenritv of bis in- l'", .11 .. ... . .. ." ,V l.,".',,lt " 1"",,; ia.,,,,' n - ,111m ill j.iioesiuii n .. .... . . ' 'I'.. 1...I. .... ii ii. . .. .. ' avowed, "uur ancestors at rivmotith, and!"" i""i'""""""', una raiiug- ; n,e Jamestown," says Houston, " were thieves, and Thero then ! This comes of getting sUmci,0. why should not wo bu"!! "Hold on to the dy into the U. S. Sen tto from Tex is that country," says the frothy i'mle, ' it i, our duty, knows something,'' In the nextspeech Sam. before (toil, to l'KorKcr tho poor down-trodden llou-ton nnkes to an Lmpire Club War .Meet people of .Mexico" ! And both those Senatorial ing, wo expect lo learn that ho claims the (lulf advocates of robbery, pillage and plunder, run a ' of California, as the We-tern boundary of that pirallel hetween me wars ot the ancient Israel- mysleiioiis territory ol Texas ! ton. Ill till the etnoilrv u-.-is I .1... I . .1 ! I... , . . . . I. . telltiolis, WO liavo no oesiouion in saving linn sessen i im-iu, i ii'iu nie ursi inouielll mey I, iniled, (o contingency is hardly ,,, tooccnr, in JlffT Inch wo could support him for tho Presidency, tetter than Indian, unit I m e nn lenmm irhii ire -.-,..... ..... - lounsr (iuir,niia MAC their liintt. .. " lu this war (5ml has been carrying nut the destiny nf Ihc Aliieiieau race. We give In the Mexicans hh. eral principles, wt. tlevale iln-in f irnlmve what iheir lyranls have thine, and Ilie day will mme when they will bless the Aiiieiieausu., then Inends and liln-rnttus The 1'iesideiit must mil he Hi alone m ts tvn't wink. We must Imld up Ins arm, give cmirage m hM uenil, siiitiii lion in ins i-uurse, lu give continued iri Lr.Tri.r. i rov AI'Li.iv nv the War The following letter is piihli-hed ill ihe Ciiieumaii ttatellr, mid llial paper stated tint it wus wiiiieu tu a gentle man in that Mule . WAsiuxrnov. Jan. 7, ism. My Dear Sir Tn nil human appearance, the termi nation of ibis ini-crnl!e war v nil Mcmch is mme re mote than wh'-ii the liist hlow was slriltk. lu my judgment, it was uniiccc.-sarily and uiicou-titiiiioualiy coimueneeil, by luarcliiug our army into disputed Ii r riinry in the posses-ion ol Mexico. And I think tint Cimgress, who, itnijue.-imii.ihly, have ihe power, should put an cud tu the war on just and huiiuiahle principles Atltr agreeing on ihe teiins on width a treaty should be luade, ihev should call iinni the Kxccntlle, by resolution, Pi oiler a peat e tu Mexico iinoii thai basis, and duiill the,uil lu.stll.titb .slioiild tie su-pi lldtd. 11 III.- i'lesliletlt shall rehise lu du lh,a, m Ihe iniliiaiy tippiopnuuuu lulls, the army should be required lu lake such positions as. shall curly nut the viewauf Cungliss. 'lhtsu lulls the I'rtfl.ilcnt iiiulil not vein, mid he would lie huiutil hy ilu-ir reujile inenti. This may be dune by ihe House. I hope Ciiiiiiss will refusu tu issue anv more lr?n- il.wehaveapuweilulaiiihuriiy lor wars in the Vn i. I "' '!"""' 1 ",; Utiii.iiu e.l in udiliu mtn diictnl Ihe 1 plenl Israel, whu were led hy ),u .. I 1,1 ciruil iliuil, would llund ihe lounliy with power to nosst-Milieinsthca ol ihe lauds of the Am- ilest'ilptinu ol paper, f-uel, mi emi-s no would ' I .1 . 11.... .... I I .. ( 11, 1st ll lite 11 ... .1 (Till I l(l 1 1 IlllllL. Mn.O... I ........ inulilles ami ine .vuiiiit iiuei.. t.uu guiues us in i n-1 , ; -- - -- u,, hmh,i That there is the least likelihtssl tint bo will re ceive the nominatiuii of the Whig National Con Tention, as bo now stands before tho people, wo do not believe ; though tbo-o who liavo prema turely, and unwisely as wo believe, committed themselves to his support, and who have ovcr- .:...- tj.fl thn smisihilitv nf ihn reonlo of this """""- ' ueiiii, Miiii. ......... i,.s .,,,.--, iu give eulinniled Iri- rencration to mere military glory, will prol ably ! mnph in uur uiiniej mid m our iiisiuunniis. fi " 1 I l liuugb mil pinus, I wish I was I jet us n sinner I s.iy relax iiuciuiii in tus w. i.,.11. Whu, then, u ill lie the candidate if the great Whig Paistv if the Union! There is but one other namo towards which the iilR'clion-, the respect, the gratitude, the inxrinExcr. of all truo Whigs itistinctivily turn Illl.MlY CLAY of Kentucky. Wo wish thu-o Hiliticians vvlio are unnecessarily agilaling themselves about the maililiility 'f Hf.miv Ci.av, would consult the Whig Peoii.c of Ibis Country, the bono and sinew, tho Farmers, the Mechanics, tho vv orli- we du I I say, w;i on tu Hie couniry : it is mir .Inly, .i . .. Is-lore Cud. In nrutect ihe titmr. ttuwil'trnilileu nennle ingiiieii; they wouiu mm, among meiu, no ( i f Ml.ijnl 1;,;Kia1i1 .,1,,, ,,.,, stands ready to I in soiv m's. no nailing, no iioiiuuug. jilm;v iHrupy me i auic ni .- an juau u i nua, uuu m umu Ci.av, they would say, U "a Wiiio and nothing war, iiuil gives success tn uur arms ; mid willcuutiiiuu lu guide uud pruspir America." And now then fur Senator 1'm.te: "And it has now been proposed be continued that )our victorious army be withdrawn Irom ihc. cap ital ot .Mexico, lu the hue of the Km (irande! .Sumr bitdljt " Never '"J .Mighty (5ud! The huse prnpo hitiun is alniust inuitgh tu rmst! up hum the tumh the shade of the heruic Wiisluugluii Jiiuisi If, tu hl.isi the traiiuis with his iudigiiaut glance I What, then, shall ... I.- ...,..ii...i t..ti,.,,, esO. lie u.iw out-u inn no,.-. . A.iis.. tM,.i.. Civil and Diplomatic, that tho People and tho .. . I ...I... 1. ...... ,1..-;,., l,n I ,st llor'v (iovFriimem mm iu uciwi,s,i,ii..s ...v j iHiswsion nl the cuiiiitrv t he iiiuiuenl nur aiiuv wiihdrawn, I'npt. Ityndeis. " II she annexes Alex ieu, we'll mincx Ireland, and make it iven with her."J It is a fact continued ihe Seualur fioiu Mississipni nnrl ikef! is no nni who darts lo deny ii that there are two millions of people lu Mexico whu desire us lo ged hy u puny ndniiuelintiuii. We have now filieen millions iu lua-urv nuns ui eiicui iium, and iiuiluuiiy iu ishue live millions iiiuie I wutdd not inricasf ti,H i ui.iiniii.iii n lunar, nui reduce it us rapidly as nnssi nie Stith a system wnuld If mure . ..,Ku.,.nu ins-.uoiiu uioiiiis nun ine ,t,t, He hiierty Ihau iiny t,iher s)oieuiut hanking that Vuiild be de vised. Tu meet any tl.fii iency nf the revenue to pay the ' "i-"i me war, i wnuiii auiliori.e limns ut par, paving nut mure than six per mil inter. si, and it luaiis cunnui he made ut llu rule, let the adiniuis. trutioii resuti luas)sieni ut direct laxaliuii wlutli .uu ... ,.vi.,c iu ,tei u,e exiK luse nl the wur All wills shnuld Iv liiconipaiuid dv a nvslt in nidi. reel uud internal laxaliuii. N',,tl,..,.. .i....: .., . : . , , - c run ii i mis eiiu shuw, ill liddmuii lu ihe Kietihee ol hi,., ,at ne ,,. tiiriiuhiary glniy 'l lus was the policy m ihe hctu r The late wat HnglainI u nol.K, ! i .. the people, not only m ihe field but f.y the povmciit Uemlred, That we ienect fully snssent to tin "culured gentlemen" who are setting IheinseHes iq ns editor., telnrmers. und public teachers, mid arm- -nuct us, me their timers. en I.) mid there sv nip'itliia wall their uwn kiuiud lahui lu raise lliem hum their pteseut heaihen mid brutish degra dallull tn a level ut lea.-t Willi suulheru slavts. Yerily, we begin to think, with the (la'.dle, that "that man must be beside himself who even expects any thing for freedom from Loco tocos !" tiii: chp.siiiri: railroad. Tho directors o! this enterprise have found it necessary, for thu rapid and advantageous com pletion ol their work, to oiler new Slock to the shareholders ; and in order to effect a guaranty of its entiro subscription, they have been indu ced lo oiler it at thu rate of seventy-livo dollars per share. This course, however undesirable, they vvcro constrained to adopt, owing to the present most unusual scarcity ol money. Tlioquesliun now is, whether it is the interest of sb ire-hoblers to concur ill this arrangement and to t.tko the stock tillered and hold till better limes, or to part with It at a time when the soundness of all investments is tested by the severest pressure of tho money market known for the last ton years, Cheshire stock is riw depressed i.i priro iu common Willi, inn in no greater degree, man oilier Roads, iu process of construction ; but this fact ran lie taken as no incisure or its lu turo productiveness and value. 1-ct us look fur a moment at Us chums to our commence. Tho Cheshire Road, ns is well known, lies mid-way between the Fitchbiirg, as a trunk, and be Rutland, Sullivan und Central, as tributaries, and traverses a rich and mpulous country bringing upon its lino a vast amount of trallic. Tho'roinl in now ill operation (tvv enty-tvvo miles) to Troy, nine miles from Kecne, und doing a tirnl'illl hln business. Its slvle of construction is most thorough uud perfect, and pronounced, undeniably, llio best of any in the country, the road-bed of tiuii-ual breadth the masonry massive and mo iron oi uiu ncavi i.t ii.iipni. and tho station-houses and depot Iniildini's tasteful and well arranged. The fur niture of Ilie Road, a great item, has been pro, cured, and the engines, cars and all their up. , nun, i, ois urn of the best model and workman -Inn Tin, tuck is now cutiielv L'raded to the depot section ill Kecne, und will bo ironed to mat uaco in mo cany ii'iiuy. ..u .i.,..,.,.,,.,h 37" Our readers will be glad to learn that the Honorable .I.vmes A. Peaece, whose speech in the Senate on the War we conclude iu this pa per, has been nominated for re-election to the post he so honorably and so ably tills iu tho Councils of the Nation. From the llu-inn Daily Advertiser. The Coii:t of iMji'titr. Tho following general order," which wo copy from the New Orleans Delta of the i.'ith inst. shows the nature of tho Court of inquiry, which is to consider the I To C W tlilhciillies between our iicneraK It shows I that lleneral Scott Ins prclerrcd charges against lien. Pillow and (.'ol. Duncan, and that lien. Worth has preferred charges against lieneral Scott. W.M! Depaetmext, Jan. 13, 1 S IS. Hy direction of the Pre-ldent of tho United Slates a Court of Inquiry, to con-ist of Hrevet llrig. lien. N. Tovvson, Paymaster lleneral; Hrig. (Ion. Caleb Cu-hing, and Col. II. li, W. Huller, lid Dragoons, members, will as-etuble Tn C.eorge S.ixtun ot Sbelburne, une acre, ail bushels, Levi L.unisiuci; ol Mieluurne, one acre, 3D bu-hes, Spring Wheat, 'l'u DinielC. Lake of Chailutte, one acre, V6 :i-l bushels, " II. C. Ihitn nl'St. Oeorge. one acre, 11-1 bushels, " Alnii.u I'. Sa.ston of Willision, une acre, IS bu-liels. " Win. K. Tult of Williston, one acre, ICiJ bushels, Indian Com. I'o Col. Smith of St, lleorge, one acre, 2oy bti-hels, ears, " C. W. I Iruvv nell nf Williston, one acre, '.Mil 1-10 liii-liels, ears, " Clrnles Ilium ol Sbelburne, one acre, 157 bushels, cars, . " John C. (ioodhuc Jericho, one acre, 101 bii-hcls, eats. Onto, To Warren Ford nf llssex, one acre, 73 hu, " 11. W. Nash Shelharne, une acre 70 bu , " R.C. Ilatto St. (leurge, one acre, I'J bu , Potatoes, To Chester lllinn of Shelburnv, one-half acre, I'.'j bushels, " i!m!-ey Newell of Charlotte, one-half acre, l'.H) bushels " S. S. lllinn of Sbelburne, one-half acre, 1S'.IJ busheN, Cm rots. To Trisiimi Conner nl' llurlington, uue-fuuilli acre, '.V.M bu-hels, " I'lersun orsiielluirue, one-fuurihacre, JSD bushels, " J. S. lllinn of Shelburne, one-fourth acre, 'JSi bu-hels, IVu. Ilrnw nell of Villiston, one acre, 175 bushel., (leurge Saxtun of Shclburne, one acre, 3-1 bushel-, llenns. 1,00 .1,00 1,C0 3,00 2,00 5,i"l 1,01) 3,00 2,00 I.IH) 3,011 J,00 l'u I,evi Cnmstnck ol Shelburne, one-half acre, vll l.ll IltflM " It. C llarto ol St. lieorge one half acre, Id 1-1 bushels, Total premiums N. II. The premium was awarded to Mr. Si 1,00 3,UU '.',00 1,00 l,eo 3,00 2,00 1,00 xxxtii co ; it i:ss. Mn.xDvv, Jan 31 Ihe Senate was occupied the morning hours w th the bill tn extend Jethro Wood's Patent, lor the bene fit nf hi., heirs, which was paed. Tne .Semite then inuk up the 'Pen Kegiinrnt Bill, and Mr Downs ol Luui-hui spoke al length in lis tavnr The llnuie was called by States for resolutions. Aiming other-, Mr (lott ol New York olltred one to stop the debate nil Ihe President's Mt.-sage al two u'cluck tu-niurruw .Mr Cullainer inuvcd that it U3 laid npun the table, but this mutiuii was lust and iho resohmuii was paed. Mr (!iddmgs utlered a resuliitinn for a select com mittee til five tn impure with regard tn the slave trade iu the Di-trict ut' Columbia, but on motion of .Mr. I ol South Carolina, it was laid upon the table. Tii-smv, Fib. 1 Senate The Vice-President said u was proper and lespecilul that be should announce- in the Senate his lnlcntlun tn be absent r f,m. unK,, j or,,.r tiat members might be prepared lo-inorruw luvote fur a 1 re-iueiii pro lem. 'I'he leu regiinent bill ccining up, .Mr Dunglus tuok the llunr 111 reply to those who bad s,.nkell 111 uppu-itlutl .i the bill On iiioiiou nl .Mr liell, the Senate adjourned. 1 1 une nf Hejnesenlilliets The Ciilnmutcc nf llio hule nu the -late t, the L'liiuu, took up ihe l'rtsi tletit'.s Annual Message. Mr. Cn.'gui ud,lres.-ed the Committee, repljmgto l ie several sieecbes made on the Diiiiucrauc side of the Ilou-e. Mr Mor-c followed, iu defence of ihe war and tho aihiunistratiuu. The Cninunttee ruse and reported ihe resolution to the llmise lor concurrence Mr Collaunr addressed the House, giving a history ol the war, us origin oud prugrtss .Mr Cobb, ol lieorgia, having obtained the floor, the lluuse adjnuined. ... Wnn.Esnvv,Frb 2. Semite Mr Atciiiso.v was appuiniltil i'rtsidenl "'.V.r '.'"'i' m the oIh, nee ot .Mr Dallas 1 he Semite ri sinned tl, i,,,.,.,.!....,..,. ..r .1... t--.. Reguiieni Hill, and .Mr. llu.L sioke m opposiuou to Vv allow the receiuiun ol a imso,,,. iri,i il,.. ill .Mexico, to inquire and examine into the char- eight rowed, rather man in Mr. llroivuell's large Dm ge and allegations preferred by .Maj. liencral ton cum, mi the siippnsmun that the former would Winheld Scott, ni'atnt Maj. lien, llideon J Pillow, ntul Hrevet Lieut. Col. James Duncan, Captain of tho 2J Regiment nf Artillery, and tho charges or matters of complaint presented by way of appeal by Hrevet .Maj. Hen, W. J. Worth', Colonel of tlio Sth Regiment or Infantry, against Maj. (Ieu. Winlield Scott ; and also, into any matters connected with the same, a well as such other transactions as may ho sub mitted to the consideration of the Court; and ar ler investigating the same, thu Court will report the facts in each case, together with the opinion thereon, for the information of tho President. An improvement iu the writing macliinoof llio Magnetic. Telegraph has lieen made, which will, if it is as effective a it is reported to be, entirely supersede tho patents of Professor .Morse ami Mr. House. It i tho inventionof Dr. Roe, and the Cincinnati Chronicle describes it as follows: Hy this, despatches, messages, or largo docu ments, are set up ill electrical ty'., locked in a rliaso tiniilir to printing types, and the form placed upon tho machine, lloctor Une is san guine In the Micf that ho can by this machine, transmit to nil points connected with tho wire' ns much matter as would niako ono entiro paue of tho Chronicle, in twenty minutes. The " Mil. nipulalor" is represented as being remarkably simple, and not likely to get out nl' order, And, to secure corrcr tness, us well as speed, a pioof is taken fiotn the types in tho oidiuary. way. yield more ahelled cum than the latter. Remarks were made by several gentlemen in rein- tinn to the agricultural papers taken by the Society Mr. II Loouiis staled that be understood that a pro ject was on foot for establishing an agricultural jour nal iu llurlington, and called iqion Ihe HJilor, .Mr. Hopkins, to make a statement ol his plan. .Mr Hopkins accordingly read bis prospectus, and made a few reimiiks in relation to the enteiprise- which weiefnlluwed by remarks from several other gentlemen, all of vv Inch favored the publication of such a periodical The following resolutions were then pi. trudiiced by Mr. Stacy. I Hemihed, That we approve the project of es. table-lung an agricultural paper m Chiiienden County 2, HeMitced, Thai the Managers in the several tuwns be requested tu aid itseireulaiinn, uud as far as praclicable.substitiite 11 for the Inreign papers nuw fur nished by ihe Sucicly In its metulieis These resulutiuns w ere unanimously agreed to, as expressing the sense nf the meeting Published by order of the Suciety, C. THO. HOPKINS. Stcietttiy. The llurlingtun Free Press is in error iu relation to the " Patterson " co-e. It was" lldlv "not Jimmy ' that was muck. Fl. J'atiiut. I). K. We believe you aro right. Now just tell 11s "icio Jirurt him," und you shall have our h it, lihuut concluding bis remarks be gave way to i- the receptiun nl a nusee Irum the lii,l..iu transmuting the correspuudence between Mr 'Prist an I ihe Mexican c uissiuiirrs during the anui-tirr. ... . uuer u persiuuii explanation by Mr. ihetl, .Mr Lutb made a speech on Ihe resolutions re errntg ihe Tri-sidi'iu's message : Mr Stevens r.-.,l,...l - Mr Stevens replied ; rrplkjj to .Mr Sl- I lerriug me i reslilelir mesvige .MessiA Cobb, and lirovvuul I vena. The House then nth. c. , mm . Tui'RsriAV, I'eb. 3. .Ieri'r IM i" ' ,1!c:,""('1", ' CUIUlllg Up 1.1 or- tier. Mr Hell resumed and concluded Ins si?eci adjuiirned'" nB ul,ui"td be floor, the Senate. Jluute The House of Representatives resumed fct,e '1riro,1!'.no'l,,1,. 'hrecting the re' lete ice of the 1 residem's Annual .Message. b tuflie ml'litMi'l, " "wt "' TTK I n?'ri N '"i1,"" l'?u"r obln'"fd the iloor.closed the do bate by calling lor the prev lous question dere'l1' "as '"'-'-uied, and the main question or- five ndlu,'!,"' ,tr'Snn,'nJn,t'n' r'-a''"''' direct tax oi Mr v 0.rj"IUra I?'' annum, was rejeclrd, ad.ipttd r'P,nl "lullu1' f relerencc wu tauVbu.messf.,he K"''n W" "uP,ed in uuimpor- Phipav, Feb. I. iSTAn'"' TrhL b,i!lmenditiR the act passed July 4lhi ilhu8 n l","" h? ' '?y Xo 'I" 'J"w nd orphans .1 1 1. - i. r. Js .'"-''r" "kudted ut wound. KceiMil in the setvice ot ihe l',ted Slates, was taken up. i ii ,,"r, '?1vd l'v M''T-. Ntles. Julillsnno Lott. isiai a, l),v of New Vurk.and linolly laid ovtr, 1 he ten regiment bill euiiinig up, Mr Se,jer took Ihe Hour, and delended the policy of the Adininrttra.. lion ond the oetion of the l'l.wdent m Moi'i'doy'11"'1 f Mt Uu"urlhc &na,e adjourned to lluute of I!ci,mentiitire message rom ,1, Piesuleiitwiis received and read. It was a reply tu Ilie resiihiiioi, ,K. luaM CBV ( V ) JJ si'T.iI ' a'v' 8 i,,-rr,l' 10 lh; thi r-eeretary ot Hor ot Jan 27, 1S1T 1 he I'resident ciiiniituincaied the copy rentiired. , ,(,.,'".-,.1U,,rK,s letter, whichilie Secre. r ,V ''n .1 "'!"""' nl u'l. miended toh. pr .itt , out he nt doubt that be lias become the subnet ol Lvecutivc disapprobation. lie says I nt the terms used by the Secrelary rf or ore raihcr harsh, and thai ihe icbuke is unwor ranted. It gives him gieot pain to be brought into this post ticiivvuhtheSccrctaiyof Wur.