Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 18, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 18, 1848 Page 3
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Lwmuimi BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 18, 1848. l'rom the National Intelligencer. iVlilg Nntlonul Contention. To I:it3iiit':mta l'lonr 28j a UOs -Oliio, tlb'a a 29s per bbl. In- , and improv- At a meeting of the vVhlg tncmh"rs of the Senate nud Home nf ltcpicsen'.utivcs o the Uniteil !Jtntcs, held mi Thursday i oniiin, January 'Ji'th, consider the irtpncty ol recoiiiniPiiJuiij a WhigNu-tinn-il Convention, the lion. W. 1'. Mnn.utn,ol North C irulinn, was called to llie rliair, nnd lion. Caleb 11. feinith, tf Indiana, was appointed Seictniy. Aftcrdu'its.ion and dm d'liheraliun, it wns Pcmh-ed, '1'lial it is expedient In bold n Whig Na tional Convntion, for llie purpose ol nominating can ill tites for the offices of President anil Vice Pns.dcnt of llie Ibiilcd States. And then the meeting niljonrned ior one week. On Thursday evening, :id lYbrunry, the meeting mn vi-oi-.i . ti.irs.iint to mlinimiTOrot. w I le 11. after 00 10 general discission as to the time nnd place ol holding ilian Corn 303 It UOs per -ISO lbs. i i n tit I'l.ti.tii fiat, in it im Krrriti.'t iitin at .iiiur.i r ' J , ' I M1. 1't 1 . . . I .1 . . f . 1. were nuierii upon. juic iiucrai suntmos uv the in:ni. runnuit. K 'ffi .he ,,,! nf .he Senate 'J !l liPition to cflcct sales, have rendered nnd House of Kcprcscntntivcs of the United States, the Jliirket dull, and prices paid have been, con rPKlS."'..1 ri:i!LVffi,J.V.lS,,'LJJi,:i.,f2: 1 equeiitljr, somewhat irrc-ular. A lmtd frost, pendencc Hall, in the city of Philadelphia, on Wed- preventing any out-door fanning operations, and lies hy, th" 7lb day nf June, ISIS, for the purpose of .,., ,, , 1,.., nominal,,.,, candidates for ihu olliees ol President and afrordintr tlio farmers an oppolttlllltX to thresh ice resident ot th-l iiito.1 Slates. , grain for market, bad prevailed for two weens was ordered that the proceeding of " . . .. ... . . ,. . r , this inc line he nubli-hcd ill llie Ntiliolril Inl.-lliiTcli- previous to tlio Milling ot IHO It. is luunu rer, nn 1 ihat all the Whm papcis in Ihe United titatca ihal ernns am mncli lamer, for tlic raft year, be te.piested to copy them. . , , . .. Alter which the meeting ndiourned sine die. Ihrm previous accounts leprcscntcd. 1 revisions, without mncli change. Muxr.V. Continued arrivals of corn &c. Ma. Ciay and Gzt. Tamjii; Tli Wasbinpmn ,avo increased tlio amount of bullion,in the lhnk HAKNIIIIN .fc CO'K l'nssige CeHificatrs will be furnished to Old Countrymen who wHi to I bilng out iheir blends lunii Ireland, ut the Hxi-nus 3iif lly Telegraph from Troy. Thursday, Fell. 17, 1R18, 0 o'clock, A. M. S 11 . . . . . I - . , . i'vmrnJN r.vs. Tlic Btcamcr 1 iikhrma h ui pm ruw .fjuarc. arrived (wlictber at IWtcm or New York llio itlinmu.Kb. 17, 1BI3. lelegrapli s.iitli not) witli news from Kiigland 8 days later than that btoucbt by tlio Sarali rtamls. Tlio lliternia failed from Liverpool on tlio IlOlli u!t. Tlio l'lonr market bad undergone no clianpc since last advices. Indian Corn sine khiuts & mtANimin'ii pii,i.h, ONU a pre entile and the oilier n cure of llheuina tism, lor sale nt llOWAitD'.S, lib. 1.1, liis. 31 mi'j: oi' i:. wiM'itci.i) scorr. i,,.,,.- mm: illustkati:i) Lire or cdn; Itutlnnd nnd lliirlliiRton Itnilrond. $SV CyJv3 tf&:i&33i M OTKMJ TO COVntAOTOJtS. 11 1 l'ltOl'O- ...m i. rnli-pil nt the otllecof theiiiidersian- rtl nt lliirlmclon, or nt the office of (.corse T. l'.bn ,nt Itiilland Vt. until tlic 15lliilay ol .March, 1813. lor (iuiihiiir nnd Miiumy on the follow ina seciions of tlie llullaiid divMoiiol the Kutland and Huthnijton Unilioad, to wit s,rii"iis 1,8,3, 1, 15, 115, "0, W and '.'3. Knlh laelorysecunly will be lequlr.'il liom Con-trni-lors In w liom iho work limy be awarded. 1 he ist inale ol W..'lt 1 11 llie secuons noovc nainen WILLII'. 1'. MAXUUil. Chaiiman CALtnll. Sii T.I, S-jretary. c i i ritica v savs : - . As the lioco-l'oen prints nrc falsely represcnilng (,f discount lias been reduced to 4 per cent, and inai n 'ivairv e.iisis neiweeu uic ni'-mia oi .Hr.uu.y . rtt :t i .. i ,i ...n..t nr J Winfielil Heott.f oilielhfch"d with numerous Un irraviucs, brought down to the present time, l'ueij Tiveiitv live cents, 'J'hini av reieivedbv Kxmcsd and lor sale, wholesale and retail' hy c. ccoowcii. Uutlinglon, I'ib. l7lb, 1313. 31wS PROTHCTIOX I' IRK INSintA.NCi: COMPANY, Ilnrtriinl, Coniicctlctit. CAPITAL ?200,C00. V. W. CLAUK, I'.cmlcnt. W.M.COXNr.K, Sccclmy, ULO. II. SHAW, .t?cr(, liurllngton, Vermont. IVb. 18, IS'.S. 3llf. I'ini: iNsintAxcn company, Itaitforil, Cnniinrticnt. capital TI10.MAH K. I1IIAC1J, 1'rcsidcnt. S. I,. L00M1, kicictmy. C.1.0. 11. SHAW, ,1?, Hurlington, Vermont. l it). IS, 1SH. 1 plauatl 3111 7IUTT1LV PROPOSALS vnu, in:itrxi:iv- cd, by the Diuctorsol theH.ind liar HridceCotn Klancci xrhtitcrrr, Kill iminl Inn unmr In niter into Southern It the cunviss. If, nu the tit her new of tl.r. t , , , ,t . t cmidilimttifthicoiiiiliii.lheOiiireiitimis'imiUlsrlect In" ll?' P'n'O between tlic people fl,,. ..,,,.,,.;.,,,, 11,. fl.,,1 trill ...111, .... ri....-.n 'Pnlnnnnl. .Inn'l irl -.... . ..i .u ..... . .. -- huh iai p.'i cordially nnd zeiiloiiMit cuifieiutc in his fiii'iuittvr ... in that of tiny other nominee teho mail he rAyi-H. I x llL Jx,1,n 0 Cauc Telegraph don't gKc. f Denmark is dead. '.! i:,.' 'l'nvi.,,. i..t ... nw i' a betlcr feeling prciails, tliotiuli the want point, which I commend to tlicir considf-inlinn. I confidenco in commercial circles, has not been ,f&M The restoration of confidenco must of hostility to the other, an mmfulatts jur the J'irsi ncccssurilv be jrat1inil, Tlio opinion prevail?, i...n It Mr ri.tu v ',,,,,, run suit in im his tiiimr. I . . . ... .' . .... .-'""- '" - - . ' Kiuwiir. nit n rrnrii iM IV htlisinnsn U ill IP tvhtrh has tu no minuter or Jorm vrrn tt'tnetttea or "" j "- fea. auth'irizrtl awl hr xhtntltl trccn r the nomination o Joiip, tlic comill'' vcar. a 1 1 Aiir .nUmntl I our iiit-)u, I luivc lite orsi reason ... r. . -.!..: i r..L.f. rn i..s,i, ,.r n.n.i t.... m for hehevin that lien. T,dt,r, ,,d,r,io - icny, ;ap.e,. ,,nu ... ... .. . ...... ..j..j... .. . aiy, are in in? urrccuoii. vuiiiMiun tlicic-tif, nt the Tiiieru ol Vielor Adams in .Hilton on and (bo tbp Second Wulnesday ol Jloicli next. I lint poi lion ol tnc urine,.', m tne i.aKe,t;ini ions,; is to be biiill hy In ins timh-rs tide by "id.', Iroin one to two lect h'n;li, iisthe contnictors may desiie, nt the bottom of tlio Lake, rxtciiilm cj'iitc across the bar, by a width of 2.1 le. t well bistelnd by cro's ties, upon w litrli litol.ers nre u. be placed two uood' sione walls f. leel thick at bottom three l ct nt loo s'ooiii!! 0 inches inside, nnd 'ii leet outsnlv, nnd tu he time lct hih upon an nvein.',iihove Iho bottom of the Lake, nnd m.ide ol suitable toli.-s, nnd the spaces between the wnlls to he tilled with ealthaud stones nnd coierid one loot dfrp with Rraicl, and the whole to be sur mounted with a good inning on each ki.le. Such proposals will abo be rceeiicd to build the brid wiffi nnt?ido wholly of timber connected with cro-s ties filled with Muuca and coicied and railed ad nboie Haled. l'or the construction of tint part of the road situate in muishcs and on low- land, nlans and nronosalb will be received at the same time nnd place. It is helieic.l mat nu the niaicr.nis may oe nau at reasonable rates and conicnieiit di-tnneis. l;y order ot th1 Duectors. (). C. WHUi:i.LIt, See'u. poulb Hero, Ib. 1G, ISIS. 3i Thev mav " read, lnaik and unv.irdU' digest" lliis declaration, which will be verified, to llie loiter, on tlis .In U.iy ot .lane lle.M. X.V.VJli COSCUIISS, Until Houses liae been engagid in discuss ing the War during tlio week since our last summary. No public business of spechl importance ex cepting, pcrlrips, tlio Tli.inks and Medals voted to Generals .Scott and Taylor, lias been trans ncteu in congress during the week since our last summary. Several able and important speeches whose inlluenco will be felt, both upon the people, nnd upon the legislation of Congress, touching the great topic of the day, the War, liave been made in each House. The discuss ions in the Senate, have been on tlio Ten iiegimeiit J Jill, the fate of which, oven in that body, is extremely doubtful. Speeches in condemnation of the War, and in opposition to the bill, have been made, since our last accounts, by Messrs. Miller of.. J. Nile, oi uonn. underwood of hy.; and in support of the War ami llie administration, by .Messrs Hunter of Va., who declared him-ell" in favo yif . !.!.. .l-r .... , v.. inning u, ouionsivo line, anil wuiidrawing our troops to it, as .Mr. Calhoun recommends The Speech of Judge I'nras, which is spoken of as a ery able one, wohaie not vet received. In the House, also, (he War question has fur nished tbp main topic of discussionthe Kigh teen Million Loan Jiih turnishiug tne ie.t. Speeches havo been made by Messrs. Vinton 3T We lender our acknowledgements to M.-ssrs. M.vr.sit, Coi.i.AMnii and IIcnry for in teresting Public Documents, and to Senator Ur- ham for a copy of the President's Message, con cisely and neatly ai ranged, in a handy little pamphlet of only sixteen hundred and eighteen " All about the war, Audwhat they killed caih oilier for." Temperance frlclmition nt liurlingtoii, I'elirmiry, "'id IMS. "The Hnnsnflteilinb" nnd the friends of Temper ance in Chittenden County nnd ieinity, on. und all, nre cor.lially ami earnestly itlllleil lo pirneipaie in ii Temperance Celebration on the npproaeb'iii; birth, day (.f'Mlie leather of our Countiy,'--lobe liolden nt Uur- huulon. Able and warm friends of the good rau-c will In present on the occasion to address the iis-cui-blagi'.fiom Ul o'clockA AI lo 1 o'clock, 1'. AI and llie whole lo conclude with a l'r.oiiis- lox in the eieninii AIOKII.1,0 NOYI;s,or Committee. Uurlinstou, l'eb. ICih, ISIS. iUavkcti 1818 Driybton Jltu kit Jlondny, I'eli. 1 1 iiLior.Tnn ior. tiic atlas. At market 100 Uccf Cattle. 'J3 Store Cattle, SI Sheen. dim Swine. 1'r.i. r.s Ullf CATTLr Kxtrn S7 ; first quality so . ; second irialiiv irJiu rt. o,. J Sroac Caitle No talcs noticed. Hnixr 17.1 solj. Swish At wholesale 3J it IL We hae 110 chniiiro to notice tin week. Tlis glock ot Wool is linlit.anil innnuUcturers huv but ju&t (on the finances of tlio fiOcrnmpnt.) anil TUlicr c-"1"'1 fur lIjcir ""'"filiate wants. IVicea rcnuun of Ohio, and JI.nsu of Vt. in opposition to the . . course of the Administration in regard to tbo i.- ,ti,',i . . War, and by Mtn-rs. Thomas of Tenn., lSrown American full blood do. of Mls. and otliers. tl .V"' The speech of Mr. MAr.sit receives extraordi-1 do 1-lit com do. nary cominenuatinn ill all quarters, and shall Siiijrua, unwashed. is us Iollows,3l3,t;o Cubic Vnr.Uol l.arlh l,xcaMitioii. 3,M)il Cubic ynrds ol olid Hock l.xcnvnlion. 1,-00 Cubic yni ds ol I,n..' lt'ck I.xcavniiou. 1,11 ' Cubic lanlsofCiilvcrt AlnHonry. 3. Cubicjardsol IlndRo riaiis.prnriles.nnd "pecificalions may be seen nt the kiL'incciS) Ollice In Kiinand, wn.-rc all necessary t- iotis will be mien. . 53w l 1. TULIjIi 11 , J i 'lesident. ICTTb" Versennes t J&n' icr. A i.ldlel.urv i.m ll.M , 1.1 1. 1 I" IOII V.. , cile.and N. II. ticiilincl will plenoc insert the ubovc till Alntcli 1.1. . Korrci:, nstii' vrnrn-iriH.DKTtS of t ic CU.VMl.ll- I (7 I . 11.1 A' are jn'rebv notified to meet nt the in., Ti-.r-r ii. .t i . in ll-ir inniou. on 1 he clnv I rehruarv. A. 1). ls.i, it - o cloth in me imenioou, ." - .i . . r . . im.iii I ii i ct.n s ul fc;i 1 1 1 or l ie nu iumj o. in.t' w.... . l,U"' ft II jr.NIPC.N. ClIA'.i.! lil'.S-TI.Ii, 1, '. It V llrtAIJi.l'.Y, ( IIAst. I) I.ASMlN. II Ml'l)i;N t'l'TTri, J Ikulinston.Jaiiuaiy '-', IsH. 32w3 ItAKIlltSI'llllil) Arntlcuucnl Ecistihiiioii. .1. ft. HIA1'I,1)IN0, A. M.i ,..,. ,..... .,). ('. C. IILSIIIX, A. AI. . 5 Airs. .1. K., I rccrptrcss anil Jcachcr oj Drniriim. , ,,,,,., Aliss 1). TrrrKR, Au'lint nnd Teacher n! lernrh. Air. S. Al., Teacher of Vocal Music and Jhorovsh haw. Airs, S. M. llis-i.Tr, Trttrhrr of 1'iann Jilukic. Aliss Ik Al. IIakni.", T.ui-ltcrof i' Mr. I. 1). l-lwis, Trnrhfi of J'eniuaii.ltiiK rpiHSSt'Itlfft! TllStJI ciuiim. o-e . m Wcilurs JL d iv. I'i btunrv i A ( his. of Teachers will be fonned'nt llie coiiiui.'iiceiii nt of llie, to which iusuuction will I..' mien in (ir:ho.-pv, I Jrlli'.irraphy, Diawin .Map., u-e ol lllulii i n m I ( l.ttliiie .Maps; subjects n.i the tlvoiy m.d pi inn ol leacbiii" v ill also b broimhl heloie ih" CI .as lor discussion. Aliss 1 1 it uisn (irioiinie (.,ine i my i, nun In-, i.-ii enu' li-'.i u. I - .ii.ii' i- . vent icois. 'cluH s will lie mi en nsusinl, w ith ndthtioualcxpcll- lueiils : a set ol loiiy ch"ini''.l.s, nici,uiiu.( the .Metals, Pot is nun nnd Sodium, has h.-rn ohmineil. llotnnyl.iij per iveik, in' uli in in, wood nnd washing. t'HTIl UAliiy, Smdrj. llakeistieiu, jail, -i, ini iuw.i Commis-stjneis. HEAVJi rU DEIlS. )i-T Taxes and a return of the ViAlic Monro, Or a iiiivernment hum. E?Y im: Coxdm.s'MOiV.u, (liini: it is si:t:k BP Ihnt the AdiniiiMrnllon tncsthaic, in somencb way.fundsto buy a peace. or both inoneyifcni"ii to carry on the Wnr. Now.tbe People's Aunt. beilnr wholly oppoM-d to wnr, will sell nnyuooils, ifaMrd,al Wnr prices nml invest iherasb in Piece purrhnses, hopina hat in due time the wnr spculntion Willi nd nnd peace beiiin.le.soihai the pi n in, uisic.nduf ttrminx for mo ney top-iv I ixes nnd si inluu; bmk llie public, money (nrnvused lorsi'lioolpurposis,)orp)iu.j lo Mexico to hum, will reiiiiiin quiet in their si'icrnlnvontions nt bom.', and fonlinue todons they lon hale done, buy iu2Eooisci,.nno tl ir n'eni, llUWAIIl). liurlinton,Jan. l'J, ISIS. 30 PR lit A LE SElIlXAIt Y. EOll SALE. il ina hoiKc nl the siil.eribr, on Pearl street, is now oll'-rcd lorsnlc toi'i'tber Willi oiit-lnnlclio, a well ol food water, nnd nhout one cere ol land. Also ; the .'nail .villi.' dwelhnir bouse next door I.ast. Possess ion gil en immediately. , C. A. SIlYMOl.'tt. IlJilinntoiti.Tnn. .1, 1SH. istf IJ. ill. I. fecturcH. Or. L, MAilfill, Wednesday crc, next. The bjltnwinu course of lectures will be delivered LMor.. the M.-cliaiucs' it.siiiutc, couimencini; on Pri lay eveiiin,., il; -yjtIi ol January, nl CJ o'clock, al Minnie' Hall. " foiled su,,,,,,' Army." M. Al. IIeacii, U.S.A. "Iiijiniiioniol.l,rnocuric." llev. II. I..Stark.s. XNoil,. -v-ul,pctuns.) I,ro.Ar.iiAUi.stt,AI.D 0. 1'. Davex', Msi J-';nyoTi.ket.nibniiiingnGentlcmannnd Lady .2.1 I l.'kel lor tb" coins.., ,i ju ' J ntj l nmily 'i'lib, t lor the couw, j(j 'tVkctJt.t iMwarda' bookstore.nnd nt Alcsirs. Drills inn Is'. The funds tu be appropriated to thcincrencoftho rjil.niry. Jan. I'J. ILii;tah(i I'i:i;T SnAsoxro l' LUAIUKIt, for sale expressly VP I f. ', - 1 ' ' 'BTY Tllf! miWriltf-r. lliM-.. ...,...t 1'.,,!,,. I mini 1VKXT QUAItTHH optih: Ivstitc-1 -" , ,i'" hmiiw, wl.icii w.iTbe ioidiow' II Hon will commence on the hrst day of Alntih, and i lor lush or goon per, ?-r-sx ASA I'll, Spcntynml rcrmniirnt 'iiiu lor llenie, Ilroken-wiud, Cbroiiic,Cough, Colds nnd nil disease" which dtp. ml upon iulljinntion ol the mu cous id' iho bin;..', lliront nnd bend ot the Iloisc, or allcet ih" stni.tdticitiof the Animal' icind. Tins icpicdy whcli has been us-d w ithsiuh reinaik able succ.s in 1 Inula nd, is now oll'-red to llore own ers in tht United Mates nj a positive specific for these ob-tinate nnd di.'tres-in;; coinplnints. 1-ruin the com bination of pow.'rlul vegetable ingredients in its com-pj.-iliun it is enabled to compete successfully with dis ease in llie hardy constitution ot the Horse, and r.t llie same lime, is wnrrnnied lo he perleeily safe nnd (.'etii il, iseuleii uiee.lilyl.y lloreesnnd other caitle, nnd dois not at nil incomeiuenei' tlio nniinal or deler him from usunl labor. The following is one nmongst many nrool. w 1 bait' ol its i llicirncv. It is I mill one ot ill' est I urneis in iXewio'k, nuu a lietiiiein.iu wtiose know led e iu die innlical treotmentol llorsis is xery .XtCUMVC. ew loik.iov. 1, lSli. Alessrs. A. II. fionsih Co., (ienlleiueii.-Vou wtlLiccollcct that I bought n pack- ne of our Heave I'oTts sojye liuie nj;oiu ndininis- lerin n laiu.inie tiorserri nicry m my suuiies.nnu uiai lwas unite ibihiousof llie wislolnol nttcnintllta to cure such a bad case ns bis was, nnd did not, in lact, belieie there were any in. themes better lor bis com- unit than tho-r I had been in llie habit ol nsiuj: ilur- my extensive practice wuh horses. Hut justice to rpm: mvsti:i!m:s and Aiisi:itw:s or L 'ew York, bv iX'ed It-llltlllie, one ol the mo?t ion and jour ratitn'jlc icmeily, reipihes tnc tu say, tint thrillini! Itoinaueis ol the day, from incidints as they ihat i?e imrlitise cured the u.itmnl of ns ai;raated nctually occurred, i pans, price .HI cents. '1'iyiher take early occasion lo lay it before our readers. Huenos Ayres.un ickcd, -,, , ,. . , .,, Hxtra North n pulled lan.b, liolh Houses adjourned from 1- nday till Alon- Sup. Norih'n pulled lamb, day. I'rejiKriiii; lor u Turnip t The Philadelphia True San, a Native Amer ican paper, calls on the " A.itne Americans to organize fur the spring elections, under the war cry of" To iour tcntf, () Jsrti'l!'' These mod- No. 1 do 3 do in do do lo - do do - 15 10 35 31 !iS 1.1 8 r, 3S 31 30 SO 11 Q 1 The Poor. AIan's l'r.tcxn When iaded. worn down with InliRue.nnd sulk-rini; Irom loucoiifineinent.bad air nnd excessive Inbor, the poor man goes bonie.leel in ns wretchedly us xvell h.' may, h bus often excited suiprise to witness the elicits of u simple dosp ol II lights t nil in n I egettwte t ats. 1 hey check til 100 HJoJdu s Kcwu'il. ffAJU Stnisritiisnn wii.i. pay thi: Aimvi: JL iireinium to any one, who will present a set of in coiruplible mineral teeth, of ten or more, set on line ir.ii . Kiinoi or ii o-i' i ai can o- sico in .iioioii l'ulls, winch the undersigned has this day completed, on the tollovvmii conn. lions, n; ; Those who nre so di-posed to compete for the pric shall ime the said Ilubbaid nt least six .lavs notice and on tliesi.xtn nay iroin ine nine uesiian rec.ive snid noiice. be will incct bun. nr ibem. nt the Aineri- tati Hotel iu l!tirlin;ton,iiud three judges, one to be chosen by inch party, nnd those two so ihncn nnd nirreed upon, shall choose a third, w!m shall at some Kid.-eoueni lime and as soon ns convenient, ex amine the two sets of leelh, and decide winch setts best, lakin into coiiM.leriitiou, their beauty, natuial ni.iarance,Ftien!;tb, li-siulncss nnd perfect lit, to the mouth for which they were made. Tin- said leelh i.iodiice.l hv the ennmctitor. shall have been made within tins slate, nnd the wotk shall liaie been done by a native of Vermont, pievious to the first ot January IS IS, nnd when all the nhove con. ditiniia nre complied with, the pans tha 1 then pro- ircil luUll. ul Oil llui.l. .A ll..rl,nt;lrn, SM-I .Irin.-i. one bundled dollars em h, subject loan older, oi the three judges appointed nnd ngieeii on ns ntore&aiu, whosfinll order the whole amount paid over to the one lo whom thev shall aicnltl it, aceoldillir lo the nbove ameeincut, said order having ll.e signature ol nit the nloresaid judges. !,AWI:1:NCI: HUlinAIlU, Surgeon Dentist Allium December 31st, 1SI7. N. U. llnving been iu the successful prnelicc of Dentistry, lor inoielliau liltecn years, iraveleii lurougn the IJnitrd States, resided iu the City of Mexico ior three years, nuu nnout lour on tne'isinnu oi iuoa, an. , visi eil inanv ol me o ner wesi inuin isinnus, niiii I paid paiiieular nttenlion lo llie xunous iinproveinents 'm the art. both iu Curone and America. I have at Si ! length succeeded in d.scoveriugn xaluahlc improve ment, oi lining liuuerai leeui nunc iieiieiuy iu.i. has been beret. iloic taught by nny ol the proles-ion theri'lore. if nne pentleinen ol the ninlesMon nre i1 posed to avail IliPiilselves of the information, it can he obtained by i ailing nt the Inst door eat ii Ale-srs. Ayers .V Llaiks, on main slieel, nt .union I nns.v i 3lvv3 I,. 1IL,I)I!AKIJ,.S'i?hh(hi. case ol Heaves ns 1 ever saw, and his wind is now iliclly good. 1 believe Ihecurc is a permanent one. Uesptclluhy, C. I.Loxu. . Cunt Condition Medicine, llesides their specific nciion upon dienses of llio aims, .x-c The Heave Powdeisart the best Condi tion .Medicine that can I c Ui-cdtohnpiove iheappetile, sheken the coat, c.xpel Holts and Worms, nnd correct all diseases that nrisu- ficin derangeiiienl of the diges tive junctions iu the Hum'. Niuueious ceititi. otes, conclunvc as Itic nuox-c can shown. Air. (ieo. W. Divis, Aluuroe, N. J., ha 1 horse cured ol'most lier.ves by one pack age .ir I.. A. nanus, ,.ouiu .vinooy, .x. .i cureti two horses iy a single package. Put trial of One D..1 lais worth, will convince uioie than any thing weenn uhlisli. liewaic ol nnitntions tne genuine is signed V. II. CouL'h fi Co. Price 01 per package, .Six lor Sold by A. 11 Ccnuh .tCo., I I'J Pulton St., New Yotk.S. W. l'owlc, lioio.i, A. C. SPKAIl, Agent lor Ilutlington. 32 t-rn hraclites probably begin to perceive that tendency to disease nt once, and us'.oie to the woil Iliev mu-i suuniu 10 inriv years xvaiiuonn ue .Sold iu s.ngle boxes nt 2.1 cents each. Hi w are or Tun only omglval 1XU-1.1.XCIM-. l.Mn.ix VijitrrAr.Lr. Piils iiavt tiic nu NATUiE or William Wliuiit vviuntx- wint a ii.:. o hie Top I.AWLI. or E.i. ii ii. .X Suite other is gen nine, and to coiintei feil this is toegeey. The genuiii" lor sale by W. II IT'lt'PIS, Wnter Street, nnd TIIHODOKI! A. PIX'IC, College Street, sole ngents for Iluiluigton. it. iiben l'ergii-on, llex ; J. II. Dyke, Huntington ; W. lilivdes, Jr. KichiuonJ ; written of the Washington correspondent of the h S IN, l. Tribune; ilereon, mul If. Avers, Wert lilisVm ; .1. . man, i 11 ....... . Jcriclio; 1(. llUK'Kturgti : V. IS. tv. 11. 1 . A mnn rtiio won u nnn such diabolical sentiment 1 w i ur. .r...i . o c. i ..... .. , ns these, is not only a I, vie but a villain. And he jillloll.js, .,e!hume ; l!. Kicluuond Ituiiiard j and nt nmitr ihnl wnii lil imlili-li thctn MiuiiUl he cL-ciatetl ... i ...-i.... i nl i. , . . . . hy every true man without r-ird to politick iu Trpinmii Sin-n. I..t..ii. H fnre they can hr'ui about any respectable re sult. "Genius ti Lectio J:irtil. Tho two following p:irar.iphs ptantl m3c by fciJc, in tho Ian Wny ItuJet: Tho lirst i-. ' Some siiuUcss villnin eiitereil llie niTmo nt'tlioPt Louis Keeillenn lat Snturday morning, aiul jnd tli entire weekly ionns of that pnpfr. Tii1 siiuumlrtl wlto could co'iiiiiil ptich nn outrn", would not lies WM, NEWELL & CO. MASrFACTL'RE!.S O-axd j.uuu.r.s or roitmcv i-icC- no.Mi-.STic STRAW BONNETS AitTii'ici vi. n.owiat, II A Tii, CA I'K A M) ITKS, No. Oil KIl.HV NTKIXT, : I.T.I AM El I.U., Ul r r 1. 1 1 f VP Jamls W. Lu. nam 1 it) UiJ Zt i r.insu aiioi'xn ij, nti:ii, at Tin: ni:v ?m.i, at Tin: r.w.i.s 1 TONS NOVA KCOTIA PLASTKIl IVb now (jrindin, Sili, 1S13. II. V. CATI.IN J3 Wtcl Euisiiutlinlrly. iCy"niere is not a day iassss but e bear nf sonic one ihat has used llie tian.aurilla nnd Tomalo Ihilers Mlcce",ullv iu botiie lonstaiiullii;di.p3S!'. 'i'iie whole fn... M..WI. it not for fear of conviction, to steal or lo secret ol the medicine is. that it is a erv oimiTful id. leniuve in uiu oeoiiiiaie.i h)Meill,lillerill'l tne slate ol I tioil will uli uuowcu. j.m llie blood, where it is impure, much nuiiker than anv ' I'I" oilier niediciiie ; taken in suuicitnt quanuties it r.tca mildly oil the. bowels, without d.bllllatlui! the l.'ilieni j it Hreuslbens and niiit'oraten a debilitated sf-teui, and assists digesiiou, Ju lact in uiies t.erlect s.iu.l..ciioii io i-icry one uiai lias ueu u murder." These brute', villains nnJ scoundrels ought to be ' spoken to," doubtless ; but U'nt the liudgct man unnecessarily excited ! number of active intelligent nnJ trutworjliy men. to eo out into llie hcvcral Couiities of Ver mont nnd Northern .New York, travelling nsenla lor the Veimont Mate Aiiricullurisi A lit.eial louunis ill- 111 I'll- lllliee iios. nui'KiNri. i:d. i). w.c. CL.i;iii:,rub. IlurliiiRton, Feb. Tib, 1SW. 33 Tim Wilis 1'ire in I'eiuisylrnnin. i, i... I.-. i .. i... I..... i.. n...i i . , i. .. r.a texture, bv i." i"" " 1 ua Teh. iu. 1319, llroad-Cloths nnd Cassimerc? :il i M niTPt'.ttimt O coata and pants, of a irreat variety of colors an.: Washington sliect. Tlie MetiJrilti- Cn-eit, fli t11P Wl.iirs , 1 f ?ale uv I iieo. A-1 rej, ap. a, t. hrEAR, Apn "'"" t'C-f.e (I it.,; fa) 3 tne l.if thecaiicsaudwiiolesile Urn Jiiisls, and by dealers iren. meeting "for the purpose of placing HenbV Clay in nomination for tl.o l'residenc," tlio call for which was signed by more than Tim:- teen hundred names ! Tho Old Iron-side Stato is not likely to bo taken in a s.econ.1 time, by Kane letters and " VulU, Dallas and the Ta r!M2." 37" Col. Jefiekson Hkick, whom the Uil- loics I-'alls (lazeltc trroneourly calls tlio "War correspondent of tho l'rco Press, hag been wri ting a very pacific letter to that paper, from . .In. Sln. Anotheu Scveri Cask or Asthma, in New Ilainp shiiecureil by Dr. NVislar's fcielb W. l'owlc, New Hampton, Apiil 5, Hit,. Dear Fir: Having tor a long lime been troubled with Asthma m iis vvoist foiin, and after having tried various remedies, all lo no ellect, I bought ol vour ii,'eut, A. Kowc, one bottle ol llie IlaUam ol Wild Cherry, winch relieved mo very much, 1 have eon turned to ujc the same us the disease returns upon me, and tiud it uluuys relieves when nothing th.e will; and luilber, I have no doubi, could I have had the Wild Cherry iu the first stages of he disease, Ihat it would have entirely cuic.l me. 1 confidently recom mend it us a very valuable medicine for alt 111114 com. nlaniu. 1II:NJA.MIi liOlllNSOX IM cnrelul nn.l eel llie oenuine UIC. WIS I AK'S Ueniuue mil ew himied hy I. Itfl'Tri. AiiJlftw ull ordiTH tu Hllll V.ri)Vl.i;,l!o,tou,.Mas.s. I'orsalewholc. sabr and relad by Tiilo. A. 1'eck, Iturbulou, and by Dealers in .Medicines generally iu Vermont. liurlingtoii. If tho Colonel is jit in town, wo BALSAM 01' WILD ClILItliV. N'oi.e will thank him lo call al our ollice nt half past 3 o'clock to-inorrnv morning. " It aint no ways likely " wo shall bo iu, hut he can amuse himself shooting rats till wo come. Ho will find Iho biggest one, at that hour, in tho vicinity of tho paste di?h, and wo authorize hiui lo com jnit suicide on him at once. ittiuvicii, In Wnllinrford. on the fl'h of IVhruarv. bv tbp Itev. Mr. Alncbf 11, .Mr. David 1. .Mtitow to .Miss Uluta .M A III V I 01.1.. HTl'eopla that aro alllicted with conscien tious scrunles a.'alnst emiliii". bad boiini- t .Noriiiiiii IV. IJIossoin,' IMnlo. 4arn .0 the fourth page of .his p.per and read 0.fulw mat story 01 mo ihiikc 111 a fchower bath. Tho man who wioto thai piece of fun, as Wen .doll Holmes says, ' Ilxpects grent doings In the button line ; For mirth's conclusion, rip llie oilier case. And plant the niches iu a tenderer place I" HVImt on earth could havo possessed that long, ean, lank, lubber, " Tom C " (ho is 110 re- Jation of dear reader!) to subject Ms anat omy ton fhower hith in a box not much bigger than a chum, and with the ,''i bulled too, is llie iiersnnal estate ol slid deceaBed is not sulbcieiil to pay bis nut debu.iiu.l that it will be uecematy to iii.ike safe ol lb.' real estate of llie laid deceased, und play in., ihat be mav Ik- beellsi-d lo sell the sjllie. Ti isoideu-dbv the I'i obale (ui t. lor die District of Cbitlendeu, ihat Wtduesiliy llie bib day of Maich next Iw ns-igni'd lor the healing and .tension ol said ii.pljculioii. And ihat notice In' given to nil (k isuiis interested by pnMisliing said older three weeks suc cessively in llie 1'ree I'ltss. 11. iti.roitn,;.Vi'V. 1 Vbruary If,, 18W. III UATUHUN iV. CO. Si w llli'i: .H.ItSi:iM.i:s, Uun'Cas9:ineres,and SlIIU V I'FllllgS. ..,,..,.. .

l"3It (W, Illnc, Illack and oilier varieties ot Cloihs a lor over coals, lb. IU. M. fi. ItATIIlirN & CO. rti:XTI.i:Hi:.'.S Vine Whirls, Silk and Wpoleu J hint uiidershitls nnd Drawers. IVb. 1(1. 33 M, (i I'ATIUll'N' ,t CO. r kxts' wiiiti: icm :i.ovi:s, cha VJ vats, Ildkfs, c. lor sale nt .M, U. UATIIIil'N CO'S. rebrmry 10, 1813. M NOTICE." TN conformity In the Articles of Association of the JL I rov ANnl anai.a Jc.vrrioN 1 1.I.; IXEUItAI'llCoMrAW a meeting ol the Stoikholdeis of said Company will be held at the Amciicnu Hotel in Ihirliuclnn. on the liXIdavof IVhruarv. IH IS. nt 111 o'clock. A. M. for the purjHisc of receiving llie report of llie Trustees of 1 tli further notice. continue eleven weeks. T' mis, hall payable hi ad vance. TnrioN, iu l.iulish blanches nnd iitin, per quarter, 5.,(J0; I'rcncb Language, :i,j'J; Drawing, Sl.Odj Music, $S,)W. Hoard, iucluiliug l'uel, Light?, Wn!iing. Vc. per ijuartcr. lly the year a small deiluctiun is nmde. None are admitted, n dmurilii .,("1 l."-s thanni.c Term or two tluarters, and 110 deductions mc made tor rib pence cvecpt ill ca-e id protiacttd sickness. Applica tions f.r places iu the. Seminary should be made sion. lVbipnry 3J, la 13. 3Jvv 1 WILLISTOX IflGII KCK001",, A X D LA 1)1 E S ' H E AI I iV A 11 Y . rj-vini SPIll.VO TJIWM ofthis Institution will JL eonnuenc.' on Monday, I'.'bruary 1 lib, and con thine i.'.'Ven weeks. The in-irticliou isiu tin chaige of 1'. 11. SAM'OliD. A M.. wboin the 'I'ru-lecs have found tobe uniouunonly sueccsslul asa Teacher, and who gives uiuieisal s.itist.icliou to Ins p'Mrons, so as we know. Charges llie same as in oilier simi lar institutions. 1 r" The Liberty Onzette and Vermont Chronicle will please copy nnd charge 1'. 11. Hamorii. " tf''.vU't3j;'c " Powei' ! " n A ni: CIIAXt'i: to .uduiii: it. ii will be given to all those who nil. uid Mr Wm. 11. L. tsi'ARKs' Select School, lor Young Gentlemen und Ii.hes, iu the Vestry ol lb.' M. 11. Church. The S. c oiid Quarler ol bis School w ill ci.nun"Uce on ibe 1 lib l'l briiary, when Clashes will be f.iini.-d in Common Lnglish, Algebra, tteoineiry. Surveying, Iloiany, Aslrouoiny, .Mensuration, (Tniiiuu) tjltfM Also in llie Languages, do -1,1)0 :Hwi "HEADING EOll THE MILLION." Harrington I fee. 7,111. L. It. CKOSSMAN. 'Jlinll lor Cash. I,v T Iluilingion, Dec- 11, 1H1 W. I.OVLLL & CO. SjII A'ITJJXTIOiN" ! IJATTALIOX!! A 1,1, tliose having tinretiled accounts with '1'. W I. I,ovell, will save costs by calhn nnd sritlhi!? T. W. LOVKLL. a:tf them ilume.hatelv nurhiigioii, Dec 11,181 UvtV.vs. POTASH and Culdion Kettles, 0f nil descriptions, (-'.nsiuitilv on I nid and made to order. Also, a complete assortment ol Hollow Ware, at I)ec.t!l. IiriUJXLi'JVX J'OL'XPKY. MIlOADCUVniS AT CANADA PRICES. i'J A huge lot ur sale by the l'eoplc's Agent. Dec. 1, HIT. lloV.'AItl). A V IJItV ri.Vll AUTICM: ofPable Salt may -ft be seen at .1. H. PfAVP-VH. D c. 1. A I'KVv' Iir.I)Iti:i) I.llS. Uutternnd Cheese, 1 nfext.lleiitqualiiy. A. i'. DE'YLY. Dec. 1. wuh a Inrge asjortment ol Cheap Publications, tins dav received by express. O. (.OOIJklCII. liurlingtoii, l'eb. 3, IS 19. 3-.'tt'J HE A DING EOll THE FA UMEIl. flULTIVATOH, i, Monthly, nt Albany. V lly Tucker cc Howard. Agiiciilliiiist, (JI, Monthly, at New York. Ily A. It. Allen. Horticulturist, Monthly, by A.. I. Donning. Subscriptions leceived and back J'" furnished by C. OOODIllCII. Clubs furnished on the same terms tis at the olhte.s of publication. 3J C. CI. Li:0XAUD SCOTT & Cos lilst orKc-iu7Sicalioiis. 1. The homlon Qmrtf-rly HcicW U. The IMinlmrtitiUfyu-w, louarterlu 1. 'I'I.e Nurtii lrUi?h Kcicw. J b, lMuekw urnl's IMiuhurjili M;irizinc, Monthly, 'J'crnisVifmcj( to he made in advance. Tor nny one of the four Keviews, J.t.Of) per nnnum. I ur any two m. --amp l'ur any tint tlo. - - - 7.J Kor nil ('our of th" Urvict - - - 8K) l'or Mack" noil's .Maiti.itH, - - - K.tHJ l'or lllatkwuod & tin: four Kt'vicws, KUK) pLATIM)vmi rminsiLvrn. Tnnsnwno JL nny v-ilia conil piMin niul vhilo not vih u no lo the i':pfiiM tu pnrf ??ilcrrnn timl tit ournnrc Tu hle niul Yt'.i Hpoo'i.Crfiiin, .Mustard ami Sail tSpotms Sitiiiir Shovel- und Siiiinr Ton';', Ilutlrr Kn'nt'H Sv , tnntle of icrinan yiUcrand iCirkly pUU'-d with pine i-i!cr and in ink' sunrnr like frolnf -r ?poun that our Irif inU in th Country niound und in tmn aki, aic ilailv Inlying thf'iii vt IVdlais for puu Silernnd ni'ir Ji-L'iAer lii'-ir mitake until they conn. to them inuiki-il. Vi t Hie bctware thcro is madf, at the lolluwimr nrici-!. with a IihiTal discount t'i lliun who buy n lart.' (jiia'uny, iz : Talde HpooiiM sj,nu p r set ol 0, 'IVnt prr et. trcant Spootif jKcts.caih. Mu'laid and .Nilt SiKHins 'JU u. eacli. Snar Toiii;" 7."rt3. SiijiarShoM-U oiivt. luittcr Knict It. l'ork 7ti pt doz. U'cliavc also at nil tiim-s a fine j n-Miriincm nt wt-li tundc, pun as coin, Silver Spoons ami I'ork1 at n Imv prifrt as can Im purrh.iwd ot any puce 111 l ny, 1 owner Country mm we inarit our nu cc Spooim lrte ul any p.xtra dnrge. llurlinston, Jan. HH, iy'tlveist.uths. J. A. AV3IOM, PHYSICIAN AM) SUMMON. Ol'I'It'llat die residence of the late Iljnnn I.ane, comer of St. Pauls and Rink Street, Ilurluialon' WLAINS Tins day lttcr.vr.n . M lieullural Viir.'hon.e. J. S Iluriu.ziou, D.'c. 2, 1H1,. AT TIIK Ac- S it.ikci:. C'.M,IVtJ Oil,, VcnT paucc, Tomato Catu,-, 13 I,ontlou Aluitard. Ilaker'8 Prepared Cocoa and Chocolate. A. i'. ffill'iT. Dec. 1. piCTOlllAI, IinOTIini! JONATHAN', 12lo X do N'v York Hun, l'JJc do H iiurday Courier ISia nt Hdwards' Hook Stoic. 3d Aseat. Uurhuton, Vt fElAULC LIXJS. 50 si:ts iim: tuksiui Jl Table lA'gs, lor sale ;.y Dec. 1317. JlltlliSJdAlli ."V UHV 1 ni.H. ' 12 Aiti: now niam' to sot w, wn 11 all 5 cur lusto.uci. - r ' ivc 15, ihit. CArr.i v tf srr.Aii. HAVn ON HASP A fiOOI) ASSOUTMK.VT of HOOTS .t HUOHtj and ready-made CI.O- I'lIINt!. vihich vie propo to sill us low as they call be allbrded in this market. Dec. IS, lot'. CI i z..v Jf Cil-J.AIi. 1 VP.ll'S nniMinv 1'pirroiiAi. lm tup ia cure of eouiiji&.iohl!.. consumption. nndall nlb-c lions of the Luns nnd Throat. Tins compound is ...iiir.-lv nhoio the HiMiicion of iiuaekerv.atid is recotn- meudi'.l by phvsieians oltbc highest ie.pect.ibilty. Its Present l's Con. pi-st ui Alexico, a vols. Writinirs of I'onnula is lully laid open to lheinsicclion of the Hush S. I.Cii-iro, '.'vols. Ali-on'a I'urop, I v. Lord medical piolefsion,ainl it n conlideiilly behaved that llacon's Vuik,3r Lord l!..l.u,'l.roke's Works, I US COIIIOmailO.l ISMICllllS IO lC 111 e Ullt.Ol Uil?!' l , .i-.liu.t.ii, . . .jmin 1.11 cy of reiucdtcaU'fl'. rt v.ithihe lnostpeifeet pal. ly. I ol Vn.-hini;tou ; Thier's I'i 1.. h Kevolution j htates. . ... 1 1.. . uill'itl I I .... . M ...... ... It. I....U I-. .. t u .. . z,nu i or Faie oy zi 1-. ri i..viv. 1 oiuii m .uu.iu.i, - . , .... .''... umi-n i."..v.'., n , -- " " " . ' I.arduer's Lectures on Science and Art, 'J v.; Praud's Ilil.SI.l! JJ ('111 OA, Currants ami pa- Ihicvclone.lia ol Scieuc Lii'-rature and Art; t're' ValiiaJilu E5ooKs. WlLlvI'S1 Uxploriug Ilpcditionme cd. I. vnt.$S5. do do do cheap. 5 do Fiaukliu's Vorks, 15 vols, by Sparks. Jellerson'a Works, I vols. Prcscoti'M Conoti.t ol Peru, - vol DRESS GOODS, 01' almost every knowiiftvlc for Ladies wear, nr oil -iiiij 111 (pianuties, and nt price not surpassed by any other houe. C. 1' ."iTAMrunn .V. Co. fS OITKltLl) li.r the ili'tcL'lion nnJ convic tion of the person or persons vihn rolled twocal thou kettles aiint the rear rooui door in the base ment ..I uiystore on Saturday cvcnine, Jan. Htb. lJuthngiou, Jan. IS, S. V. TAYL0H. CMLVHIl SPOONS, JitTTL-n K.mvls and 3 Sujrar Shovels, ivurrantcd ood as the coin, nt Ocl. -0. J. V. Handali.'s. December al, 1SI7 t!7tf FOR. SALE. nnur, tavi.kx stand at colciii:s- J. ter I'nils, near the offered for sale and pos-cs.-ion tobe j;ii en llie lirst dav ol May ne.M. It is not second to any stand 111 the Slate, as a village Tavern, taking into consideration the cost of it. ISAAC WAIl.MJll. llurlinston, Jan. 21, 19 IS. 'Mii 1335. ?:. xvxmt, rATi:i.Y litrrntNTD to this Country rnoM l the Aiuciican Mia :.i ...-ylon 011 account of the inji aired stnte of Mrp. V ar.1V health and lor tho benefit ol his children, oilers bis s"rvices to the peopl ... I,... l..iloil III II1U lilL.UV Ol IlliJUICIlie ...IU ' He will In. Iiniinv In rt-fi-iii mils nl lhi M-sldpore of hisbrotlier. Dr. tteo. V Ward, near the Methodist chapel. January 10, "'J ri'IV, Stovi: and Wooden Waul'. AIop J Handles nnd u-htabs. CATUX If SMAli. SlK)i:S, Amxs, Wagon lioxns, k J ccc , for sale at liunuxotox 1'ov.ndbv Dec. 15, 1317 0. 1 UUITALO KOliKS Also. JIurFS i and Ilovs. CATJX ic SPCAH. Wanted. 4N Af!I2NT, IN 1'tiuuNr.TON, rou Tim .s:iot i,i)i:i: itiiAci:s. T7LASTIC Shoulder Urarcs or chest expanders, JJ remedy habitual stoopiin., l'or sale by or round shoulders. r. C. SPCAIL rVincrican Tea Cninpany " Ad it U., No. S!J Old Slip, New iurk, post 11 " China and dreFs A naid. P. S. AltNOLDet UltADFOItl) have constant ly on hand in 1-1, l-Unnd pound packatfes, pure and irairrant TiiAS, tor Kile tosuupuribascre. NewYotk.Jan. C, IStS. 303 DOZ. PAHX 200 Ciii:i:si: and Wash Tubs ol all sizes. 'Jiiu Sap Uuckets. l'or sale by GEO. I'IjTCUSON. I!urlinton, l'eb. 1, 1913. SlwC, Wiii:I:m' ash. LAHfiL' SUPPLY or Window Situ of li all sizes constantly on iiand and f.rsalebi oco. pj:tei;so.v. llurlinston, l'eb. 1, 1313. 3JG XKHSII VACCINI2 AIATTEU, jlst re- K ceived and for sale by A. C. Steak. lluili.istoii, Dec. 1SJ7. '-!7vvl miII2 IJOSTON ALMANAC, fob IS 13, l.riee .5-. The American Almanac, for l?l3,price 1,00. Itcei ivfd nt l'.DWAIiDS, IlOOK'STOrtB. TltUSSI2s?. AOUHAT variety of Trii"es, comrrisinR almon every kind ill ine for .vlales and i emales ; al.u Abdominal Supporters of the moat approved etylcs, constantly on band and for sale by J7mij A. C. SrcAR. lent sperm Caudles lor sale by 7m:! A. C. To vvliuni it may (.'(inrcrii. nir.IUIAS .tiv win:, AIaiitka AI. S. CalKco, Im lett my ImnI nnl boant without just mmiip.iiimi : I ns i4 to l.tiliiil nil iicrsons IiaitKirui'i or trn-lin'; lit r on my account, a. 1 t-lnll piv no tlchts ,ioty on r.Trtmr.-liip. i sum s .uuilv Jurinn w l)ictionarv of Art? ainl Ianut'icturi's : WfU-trrs lo- PrHAU. iik'.mic Ionniiiv niul Hoihi Ui pm, ; Cclopictha of Coil Practical Kiviims: dilrov on Wfavii.L' Jan. 13, l'or sale hv C II. lUJWAUDS. LAW BOOKS. Stotyon Asency. of her continetiii2. Kochcsler, II., Jan. :, 1M3. A i, COLD l-ENCIL"!. ,arce nsortiuent nt J. . Ranpali.'i WOITAT'S NDTiic(ii!M ri::.iir.iui Pills. IS. Dec. 15, 1SI7 CATJ.IX ii Hl'VAU. XlfVV iiVOCVl'tVS. 7f CHESTS flison.Voung II)s.ra,II)son SUn I V- nnd blnek Tea, II) Boxes and hall'lwsesTobaeco.variousbrands, ItH) do balvcsnnd quartern Hunch Ua.-ius, Ml lhrs Collee, Pepper and Spice, -111 jio.vs Tallow nn.l Spenu Candlis, St. C'roix, Porto llio and N. Orb jus Stijiars, Loaf, ctushed nml iwiwdeied do Codfish, Molass -s, timber, Srilrarntn. Cassia, llulmo, Niarcll, Sulsod l, Soap, l. linn Oil, c. Dec. 1,'17. by STKONti, DOOLr'TId; &. CO TI1H lJl'ItLlXOTOX SAVINGS BANK. f Mills Institution was incorpornteuat the Inst fcs. B- sion ol tlio l."i:Wlalure lor the p-uposo of reeei. vinnoii deisisitnll Minis of money nliered, and man. nciii" and improvini: ibesnnwio the Iwst ndvaulaue (or lb- use nn.l i U'licht M Jlfuh'birnVrt.'teiVili'lts income or prob.s of the u),iliuJt.a m lor s I ..piny Jurispra dencc. - voU. llast's Iteports, new I'd S'-ry on llailmcnts. Storv on the Con., Abr. t.ould's Pleading. Lonir on Sales. I.'puty Digest. Chitty on Criuiim.l Law. Diir-st New York Ileports vv tieaion s r-env)!!. Kitine's Law Conipca- ilium, 1 voir. do K. lit. do lllaekstone. Vermont lleports, Vol. Hi, 17, nn.l 13. Tor sale by liurlingtoii, Jan. 11, 131 K( FOUR Pannll D.ioiis for P.-iln bv u Gi:o. PLTL'HSOX. IiuiruiRton.rcb. 1, 131. a,a(h. I.AKtil, srvpi.v or stwrDi.ATii KEPT constantly on hanJ nnd for sal.' bv ui.u. 11, I IliirlinRton.Icb. 1,1313. -JJivf. f 1 LOCKS AND LOOKINT. filASSLS. AT LOW XJ prices, CATJX It Sl'VAR. iriUPS AND LASHCS A cood ii nient. CATJX bJSPEAIl. BUST P.i:Ci:iVi:D, a rmu lot or iir.u v C rrnijcd Cloves. f ATLl.v' & SPI1AU. fiASlI lAi; roil OATS AND COIIN W at our Store. CATLIX I, S PL A It. 17 .x c ii a s t: ;: on London, livp.upool, Hj DL'llLIN and HDINUCUCH, iu sums to suit pitrehafcers. 13ib May, l.s 17. -S . . PITK if Co. DISSOLUTION. Ui:SII DHIKD APPLIX Fort sm.kdy rpm: ("OrAItTNIUlSIIlI" heretofore cisiin? ' a. He u, i"t.. c.ii..v a L.w L uetweeu llie rt'll.set leers, in llie all l.i.sniChS nl 1 Vols. Civil Code nf Louisiana. Jurv man's (luide. Wruiont Suitutes. Hack's Mcdie.d Jaripru-deuce. C II. i:i)WAl!l)5. Winootki lulls, u tb.s day bv mutual foment d.- Ai OiSSith'f-! i.'lilift'll EElotdl')' soiveu. i:. v. cur I . A. SMI I II, I The Luiiinoss will hereafter be continued by 12. W. Chase, at the old bland. 1 Dec. ia, 1817. Kvv3 toli jii: ss:cir r.i v , lor tale by .Ian. -7 I, Translated by Prof. Tor. C. CICODUICH. Ul Tin ilAt;vzi.i:s ron IS IS. UNION Magazine (.Mrs. Kukland's) for January. tirahnmV, ' Columbian, " CodeyV. " Ladies' National, " All of llie above .Magazines nrc regularly received on or U-fore the lirst day ot the months of publication, and delivered to subscubers viuhout charge lor post ope. C. 1!. i:iVAKI.SL Er. .9. .Iff. ETrkitis, ATOW nt the Aiiicncau Hotel. Ilurlmiitnii. Vt . IN cures Pulmonary Consumption by u judicious. (Ivmnasiic exercise, cohl water bathing, rubbing, Vc. very little, nnd in some cases no medicine usc.1. j i ervs, i irst e.nmmaiioii una pi.-wriniion si" i l'f ffoiW Wnn isn ... M ,i,r.,ii tin a conrrfoi tnis ' treatment will be charged by the iveik or inoiub, ' Air. l elkllls received tliu IkHehetaletleclsot tlilsh)s. . ON the eveninpof th- I'.'th lust., .1 I.aJ)'s finlJ Pen.'il an 1 a large slide lora guard ch nil. Tlu fintler mil conler nu obligation nnd be sju.ibly le vv aided by leaving iti.-iu ul tlusullicc. S'liiis'l"'- -t xo ?.r. vim: and ci:dak simn- LJy f.les,forsa..-l'y C-CO. PCTIJUSON. Jan. IS, 1S11. J E,ol, f N CJIUIiCII STitLLT, he- EL tiiecu Mr. Kern's Sioie, and the lVuiale Seinuia. ry I.Mr Comer-t') a Cm n IshLT cb'seJ on both sides, and containing a sm.tll Digucrreotjpe. The tinder will couler n --pi-ctal uvor, unj be liber ally rewarded, by leaving it at this ollice. I.iiilingtou, ltfl.3. PSON'S PociitrrAhi' or Vi:iiMovr, U-l.a wt, ouiiluiuAtw llu Hull l!4aJo liHrft IS. lly C. II. LDWAUDS. rlll.WIJIN'i:. bv Miss Cdiwo.-tb.'-'S els. VJ 1 asl 'V r-.ip,s.'.j J-tne liver. aiinulohiujra C. II II. Si. Now Ai Then, by Dr.Wnrren.Mi; I Crahuin s, L iiiou.uuJ tiodejV Mag.zinetor Keb. V'5. Waie's PioTefsol lb.- Chii-tiun Lile, al: '1 he M lent I'.i-i'.r.t'M. Va .lifeline, 1i I.otiullow, 73i Poeuu by J It. Lowell, '-id K'ln., 7." ; Noitb Ainerieau lie- view, lor Janiuiy. deceived at HOWARDS'. I Foi'iid. i . ponnnMiooK roNTuxi.vo PAi-nw I ia and ineinorandi supisus-d lobe of value to ilm owner, was lou. i.l on IV last. ( nam s Mi'.p .lan Call at Maik- T. WAKD. t'be Corporators held iheir first nieMinpson ibe 13th, ' teiu in his own cuse, buvnig been ii stored almost liom nnd 15th inst., und Imv nrgauised ll.e lusliliilion by j the grave lo neifeet health, by this manner ol tu-nt-ndoptiug n set of lly-Laws, for in regulation and I nient, and ns be has sjH.-ut the last ten )enis iu study electing the lollowiug oiliccis lor the cu.-uiug )car, , ipg Ibe lungs, circul.iiiou ol the blood and llie vatious JOIINN POAIKltOV, President. AYvu.vs I.vMan, Viet 1'iesidcnt, 11. A. SrvNsiii RV, Secretin y. Vioai dof Trustees, Dan Lyon, Chairman, John 1L Peck, Henry P. Il.ekok, Jium Cook, Win. II. W.ikius Jr., (eo, Pt-teibou, Chaib-s D. Kusou, Jvvus W. Uicuok, Tieasuur, The Hank will Is? open for the iricptiou of deposits at Iho Ticnmrer'ii olli.e on llie It Wednesday ol January, 1813, bom S (ill .1 o'clock, P. M. And on each Wednesday lliereatier, during the kamc huur. t5)inuaslic cacium's, he l.els coululent that lie can curt .hose ca-es of Cousuumtion, Antluu.i, Liver com plaints &c, which luvc lullienu been regarded as in curable. N II. Come before )ou nre too weak to bear the cxerciM', nnd in lact ou should ( when you have lell Jibe ill et fymiitoius, J jIleintiuber thai there, nre .iiijiiy ihhig.s that ron-uiuplive people cut and dunk that will be tirutly uolubited. Jan t'AIOKI'l) 1IAM. CLKAK AND All' l3 P...k,lor.leby A. S. D1AVLY. Jnn till, HIS. 30tf t'ALT, noo hls. " wi:sTi:iiN." k3 l'orsnb'by J. lilt ADM'.V, A- CO. 2000 'UXl", ll"r,'"rlon Extra, llurliugion, v eriuout, Cms'a, and Luke, Kedtortl Crow u, J. X J. II. PWh'fiCo. iheir tiroccedincs and di-burts'inents : lor the eleelion of a l'l. m. lent, eight Directors, nnd a Secretary and Treanurer, and for the transaction of any oiher bu. tinei-s which may come properly btbne the iiieeliug. C'?"Sloik not fully paid in cannot be rcpicseuted nt tlic meeting, and whatever hharefl ol .ubscriled Stock may be unpaid lor tircvious to the meeting, will be sold nt thai time. Certificate.! of Stock will be issued to Stockholders after the meeting, O. W IICN'CDICf,) J. II, PCCIv, 7'iurM II. 1'. ItlCC, J liurlingtoii, Feb. Sili, 1SI3. 33w3 liuibnston, Dec. 10. 1817. S5tf DISSOLUTION. rpllllCOI'Alt'l.M'.ltSllll'.hrKiolorecviMliig I between the fubscrdn'rH under the liiinof ll..t wbk 'V lilin, is ibis day by inutual couseui di-ssolicd. The nolea nnd accounts will be toutul al the old stand, u lit null indibted are re'iuefcted tn call nn.l w-itle. HII IIOSTWICK, KOV HI, IN. Tin lingtnn. IVb 7. 1313 itt. I. In l'inisi'(iii'ncr of T I! I. i;c; II A 1 11 1 -' l I! S 1' AT ) 1 1 , ?lti:sit LLMONS & Hox Haisins. rUMIDS CAN UK SOLD AT neui New 1 Jut received l.y A. S. UUWRV If York I'lieeii by the I'foplc'a Agmt IltO.V A.NH X.VII.S. A ( '1'"" lu-'1'0'1 ', lre Ir""' 'J'Vi 10 Tons Old Sal;e Ku.-.sia Iron. 12 Tona Swedes " 15 " Horse Shw " l " Itoiind and Square. " IS ' llauie and Scroll " ID Hand " S " Hoop " 12 " P. S, I nnd Norway Nail Ilodi. Na)lom Sz Cn.'n Cat Slecl. IVirsou's Spring do t.euuan ibi Swedes do Hiigb-Oi lllislcr do iTlHHI Kega Kccpeville Nails and llind. 3jtl Doz. Hnps mid Tiles, lly 47 J. ti J. (. PP.CK H CO. PKIItCn & KMLI.OCfi, ' CHINA, GLASS, EARTHEN WARE, l,ool,ins :iiisf,T'ii Tni)s (iiiumlulfi.. Lumps, .'nIiiA, ,Vc. , 235i'i; NTitKi:v, Atrran ii runet.,) .,,.. v. ... CO ltr.CO.MMIINDATIONS. 1 have been very bad for many )eurs with Aslhnn, whxhvvas last terminating in I'oiK.iuipiiou. I was confined to my loom three weiksngo, when I sent for Dr. IVikiiis. 1 Imv i- strictly hied up to Iim direr lion, and I am now able lo lollow my daily employ, luents. LoiiL-VZO W, Si'Ai' llurliugion, Vermont. 1 have been nllbilcd with tho Pulmonary Consump ,!., Inr ilirc. vi-iirs. t.od i-i.-rc ilii'u that 1 have tried for rebel failed. I urn now under ibe dun-lion of Dr, IS'U'll'.Vart'. IVikiiis, und leel proud to .i) mat 1 am I..H tecover- fl .Hi: unde rfigned oli.-r lo purelinvrs a stiK-k of i-i. . ...... M heavy na.t Mien ii.Milivv iui rompriHug a itiooski I alls, v eiinont. I Mim-ty of g.i.N iK-rlauung to the v..rioin branches of iMtsiBTANT to the 1 1 uu. 1 his is to ccrlify that ,rai)f w r, ,.,v,. Wen selected with great care, I bnic had the Pulmonary con-uiup ion lor )eats, jH re . , wr,.rtl011 , M ylt. , J,,,,!, nllj and.vci) llunglhai I In. d lor lehel lail.-.l. As mui i tcafc,n,leniiw m price. Purchasers nre rctix-cUiilly as I heard ol Dr. IVlkms 1 weiu lo bun, and si.i)td K)lit.ltt.d ,,.n. sj I'KO.Ni;, A. CO. D07. raiibnnks' Hues, lllibv. dn nnd Van Ornom's Hay l'orl.s. ID " Sc)tbe SnaibcB. 75 " Keddiuglou'bSe)thes. Ml " 1'nrcwcTl's 50 " lllood's " lly . , J. Jl. PP.CK ii CO. THIS DA v ; V XXriiESS. F D. IIIVIIV, it CO.. iiavk I!i:ci:ivrd v J, sj.lendid I' it t Prints, which an- new and choice sl)les, .lso Ibnhroidery H.-aidsuud Ciimps. inirungiou.jnn iit.ii 30tf HLOIIR.- B. for wile I' 0 Uiiis. Si:i.t:unvK Twini, . D. IIJXBY i CO. CSAi'KINC nAIUUILS. 50 'nttsT ilitb 1 White Oak lucking llarreU, bv Dec. S-J, ' 17. ST1UXU, Du'OLlTTLr. ii CO cash I'.viu roii l'r.i.Ts S D. UIXIiY & CO. will pay Cash for a im few Ihousand good Pelts. Dec. 21, 1317. ;;.( or.:; coats. D. IilHY & CO. invr. nmr.vp l luce lot of coats now i9 ibe tunc to gel a tit. December 2 1. E'lou;;!. IfAltMnilS would do well locall and etaiulne tho superior nriiel.' ol l'U.ugbs, called the " Worcts tcr llagle Plough." innnutitctured nt Dec.21,'17. IIUIIJXGTOX VOLWIUiV Cahiut'l Wan- .1Ia!i" MAY find a great v neiv of Cabinet Trimming, with (ilue, SandpiKr," Vnrnish.Ac and a good llll.l olio wick, nnd I lect null It teheve.I, and 1 liunly bebt'ic ihat he will luiike men sound man. LliUIS IKll.NAGI.L. WiUslwio", V&cx Co. New Yolk. 15 DYH STlil'lVS Arc. g KA 11IILS Campeahiy Loo Wood ground. 123 do 1 ustic. Ml do It.'dwon.l, Ml tlo Niewood. 1(1 tin Camwood, 'ii do Alum, l'or sale by IllTthls Illnc Vitriol, Sdo Lac Dye, fi Cases Indigo, l.'i K'egs Cr. .mi Tartar, 111 Tierces Copeias, J. UKADLLY.Co. Nov. an, 1HI7 ACCOUNT BOOKS. TI villi ubs.-rilK'rvioiild invite the nttentien of Mer J chants nnd others using Blank Hooks, to bis as poilineiit. 1 have ibe lien ntsoiinicnt that I have cier been enabled to oiler lo my customers, Isiib iu quality nnd price. S. UUXTIXUTOX. Nov. IS 17, I'J 15 Lit AD P1PI2, CASK'S 1 l.liuch 1 tlo n.Mo l.'i Ho. rorjalcby J.niUDLUY, fl'lllNIv of (his vrhm i.m amo!:c 'Maeeo! J (rood Cigars arc t-oUl by December 1M7 A. S. I.UWHV. 1 .Mills ! A FKW io:di fresh cs.Wl re. Jcciiclby A. S. DUWin. Dcctmber 31, lb!7. nssorimeni nl Dec. 15,'iT, 1'. ..1 n.L.iLi...! In fli.'ir ll-s shuiSa, Duoumi: .- eo. SALT, rhAsrr.ii, iyC. ,r00 Picks Nova Solia I'lujter. O 11) Tons nss.irte.1 do (irmdstones, 1IKK1 s u ks ground rock and v esietu talt, JiiO lU.U. mpeiliii.' and cvtra l'lour. Cunts.? VV stem niul bill Salt, Ar. . c. Dec 13?ISI7 T!0XC1, IHHUJTTIXi. CO. .WHIM'S I li.oiy of the Christian licligiori STP i 'and Chiirib, tmnslatcd by Prof Torrey. 'il, 2, price M. Jut reotliedpy o. l. L.UH ,his. Ju.271 , 39. HK, Cni lTE AND PffiAIt, AT ALL I'll 1015, ).c IS. 1SI7. CATJX ii SPEAi STRAW CUTTERS. TOWS ST11AW CUTTLRS ron svle nv J joiin m.wmy .v co. Dic.ifi.isir. 'Jt trlial surprise ti' Ibirhngtou, ICih J'tb. 13 s. 31, I'lbiuarv'.M, 1S13. HOWAKD. cio. w. mime ia. 1 ' iiw i , v, i

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