Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 25, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 25, 1848 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY 'MORNING, FEBRUARY 25, 1848. 00, Jfvcc JJvc lllTIU.lNt.TON, Vt. FRIDAY MOltNlNC, FKHUUAIIV V; W. " Is THE PARK AMI TI'.OUr.l.KIl MMIIT HIAT Is uroxus, there ism. Star AtiovnTiiE horizon Tiinivc usa otr.AM ok i.miiT, i:xn:rrii! iitr INTELLIGENT, PATRIOTIC Wilt" PARTI" or TUB United State?." W MViWn-. For l'rc.-iilctit, HENRY CLAY. For Vice President, MILL Alt I) FILLM0KI3, O M VVVnltK. Subjtct lo llic of llic WMg National Con- min .Inj, of tore! that they recognize In '" " siin..... .,i..l lni.l,,l ..-ilhmit troroiH ll, IIMil h.-licvc Hod above nil others t bo Tiik Max. in "'" WJH'l" LII inn n I fctatrmnti li 1 1 it riilrnlnli' pic-till siaie o, .. . e - . - .,,,.. i ,., WWS OT iho Union, for Presidential Chnir. Ayr .VI Noe-:). .,..,.' ,.. f tWnll ol x.c?J' I- ..i;..n tn miMiinntf Whif candidates I nowctfui lirr,- wind,! ln uluillv intuiorntivc elsewhere lor I'rc-ident and Vice President to be supported nl j II we nre ini-t iki'ii in all llii-, the National Conven the coming election i nn.l that we cheerfully rollout . linn will set in right wo expect tn await nnd abide lo pri lerenccs In th- decision ol that Urn- I in ilcci-ion, lint i! public pr-iitinit'iit !- Iiftt bo nut M'.itii'ii, mid in i.liiile l,y niul c.muaiiy su.inin uie limine? inai witiim the cm-it-nl our pcr-on... )""" . rrifii, tlio head of no section nr faction but of t1i whole Union. To hi it wr in tlint ia thai man, nnd that of llint great of oiti7ciis who care 1 1 1 1 1 for pnrly polities nud inquire in n time like ibis lor llic ablest nn.l union man, more w.nil.l unite upon on bun llmii upon nny other Whig. Ve tliink Mr. Clay conl.l now curry our own State, for example, by n I . . ..... I. .11. ,..,.... en in. iit.ijiiriiy , nun wc sec out vwi ni in '" rh.iioo In be ll.oroin ma.le by the. collective wisdom 01 Ihe Ina nattv. , , . . . I?. ..I M' lima.. ......liltum III niltl.CnIlCnteil nun by tho signatures ol Iho oljicors ol this mooting, i,..l,liJ....I In nil tl, Vtf iMmnt. nl'this CltV. PiiiLir, President. w JffTice President. Zonhar Mills. J. II. Ilohar.f Haw Joseph 0. l'uukncy, ) y Joseph It. Ti.) lor, J '" Secretaries. A luge, and enthusiastic meeting was held at l'Mikill, Dutchess Co. N. V. a few days smrc) I when the following resolution wus adopted with I acclamation : V"1. - I Remit til, That our fif-t choice for President is vtY.tviil K'pntiukv. tin' meal I'aliiut, blnles- Immense . Moeun oh-. .... . -j ,.,,.,,,,,,,,,. 'V bAee that the prcn-nt ol .11 r. LIU). ! man,,,, ,, our eonnlry requires hi" smcrs,niul that Thp Wlii.'s of New ork, to the number ol from iEVEN to TEN tholsAM), ncmlilcd at Cup tie (j.irden on Tlinday evening of week, to express their views, in regard to the nomina tion of 11CNUV Cl.AY. The N. Y. Kxpress siys : This was undoubtedly, iho mo't muneiuus incellna vr lit in nnf l.iiiL'".rt 1.. 1 l.rU io..I.u , ii sl.tlj its whole procoedinKs.lro.n loinniiin to end, were th' tint;iiihod for order nud hanuoii) , wc Into, larely if ever witnessed so uithusiaslie u jjallitriny of Ihe poo llc. Tlie Tribune, in speaking of lliis jirodigions gathering, ' ' ! -The mightiest nssemhlac of Aniericnn Freemen fer convened under one ronton this Comment ailier e. I lat eu'iiiuuni Ca'lle (lar.len lo renew their at' testations ol love lor and in IIi.miv ('i.a , nmllociYC enii'liasis n, ihoir ar.lein .lesue tint he (should he llic Wlii" cnmlidnielor noM lVident. In it. i l. urn n l i. lint nil nml . Iililll' 1.1 t V L'lllll. I 10 r ol State" throu 'li tli-slioiiK and .iuiekands into which she lias been plunged by the prcviit rccklcts Admin slratiou. A correspondent of llic X. Y. Tribum 'ays: Mr. I'mtt, l'.ditor ol lhe l'oiii;! kef psio llnglc, then nil.lress-'.l the moelillL'. llesnoke ol ihe imoollnilt pn-ilon held by Dutelie'.s I'oiintv, nnd :nked lilleen Imiidretl uiajoriiy lor llrs-r.v t', lor as goes Dutch s I'nimty, no noes ihe suite, and as New otk goes, so noes the Union. Air. Van Waonec, known ns die " roiipbkcctic llhckmitli," next addies-ed the ineclllif.'. He had been traveling Ihrouj-li Ohio, Indiana nud Kentucky I r some time past and had some opportunity ol kuow inj the sentiments ol tie: hips ol ihevj siuiles regir iluii; ihe candidate for iheriesi.kiiey; uuJ il the ings ol llio Htate of New-Yolk would only lake the matter in baud and eonimce thereat oflheir Whijr b'elhren in otlior Slates that they are in earnest and will go lor IIlmiy Ciai, tliis inoveiuont would be re-pontleil to with the ruihiiiasm and meet their ino-t ardent wishes. Mr. Van Wagm n entered at some kluitli tnto Ihe lensous wliy uc ought to make conienieui as i uie locuin. ., me v-ouiini... . ir- ! him It. sideut I lie allinled lo (ion. Tavi nr. as a man rangomeiits were detcrniiiio.l lor once to bale a lueel- ,K ,,-t hWM- ,ntlie was. ll seemed ns il il ing wheie all who rani- eould hud stajidjiiL'-rooiiiiand I n, jmi.uded bv Deity that Ht..nv Clay should the event proved lie wi-domol their choice. Althmigli nu. Jdeaiod in Is 1 1 ilm we might bine him we were suiuene.l III iuzim.iv ll) 111. ieio.pi Ul uima-i from Washington lliat, owing 'to lie- un.'xteil inte oftheHouelo take )eslerdiy llio ii'icMimi on llic I.oan bill (iuvoliing that ol the auihoii ition ol mole Treasury Notes,) our Ineu.U in Congress who hid promised to be with us would b" compelled to disap point us, yet the ih-pcriou of the thieatcninu clouds ol the morning was some counterpoise to th.s mi-!or-luuc, nnd as Ihe evening cam" on brightly und mildly, the Whig .Masses of our Cily ponied in unbiokeu column across ihe ll'itlery and bridge to the (intdou. And rlill they gathered ri -eomiiitr y endless pioees ion,uulil the at nitsi ol ill" l,aulen and ihe niag,n Dcent ainpb th"at. r surroundnv it weie iio.nly li.lcd Willi the inpuring lVopie. We are as-uied, Irom nc tit I c. imputation, that the (l.uden will ho!d 1'iltmj Thousand I'eison1, an I il m u it less lliat TIN THUUSANI) vvoie pn s-nt at on e hut evening, and many more dniiiig llic eonise ot ihe meeting. Mo-i certainly, lliele is no otn t .Ma:; ti.ive, no m-ttler ol uhatpirlv, whns.' name could have gsltieied any thing like' such n liot of lb.- Freemen ol New Yo.k u-j did the name ol IIi.m;'. Ci.v.. ledge.wc believe the Convention will s.iy, ' Mr. Clay ! tlie Lountrv eannoi spare you jet' inn 11 n noes, we think Mr. 0. ought lo bow lo its decision. A correspondent of Iho X. Y. Journal of Com merce tlms eloquently speaks of .Mr. Ci.av and the nonular enthusiasm nt tlio Colonization Meeting in Washington : " After a thornugb squeeze nt the tniin door, where the stream was hum narrow, and the tide thestiong ct, we were vigorously puhed, not to say tossed into the Hall wc had been so long socking. And whit a splendid Fpeelablo did we heboid ! An illuminated temple it seemed, vvhoc columns ol varie gated marble rose on every side in masivo majesty, on one sub; describing a gracolnl curve, on l ie other standing ill a sliaight. hnprcs-ivo line, Ihe inteivals hung with Immense damask curl'im, and hero nnd there symbolical statnarv occni) ing conspicuous position-, while a tran-iiare'nl sou of light overspread the whole, mulcting radiant the beauty of the l.urdaugli ters of America, who tilled the foals ol the spicious Hall, while sons weio ; standing in compact ini.1,. sunt that could be loum . ' I'iic ihstanl galleries, too. presented rows and ranks of people ol lintii se.tes,wuo imgiii uu.nh. ;,. "dross ciicle." and whose aiiphithealrical position, conibiuetl with various incidentals, rendered the vitw highly picturesque. What an nggregation of human einlowiuenis was hoiT1 lrtolloct in repose ; with holdiii"iielf iunheyanoe; eloquence silent J imagina tion in reserve J beauty in full bloom ; science main taining its gravity; learning, patriotism, enterprise, piety, whatever in man is Immanent or eminent, ol nil ili.-te were srieeiioeiis not a few. nil were allrnct- e.l hv the genius ami fame of one of their own nice s while il might have ken imagined, such was llic in teosi.e nf ptiii-i-tntitm. such iho nll-cmm's-iug interest, that tfioy had assembled to witness the appearance ot sonic extraordinary being from another splieie. I lie magnates of the nation were lor the time as olhcr men. Senators must not be heard. That tall, aged man, who occupied the elevation of too Speaker s L Pair, is alone capaoic 01 niee.uiB mo expectation, and answering to the emotions ol the Telegraph Compnny ittrcllng. A meeting of die Stockholders in the Troy and Caxaija Junutiom TtasunANi Company, c tiled by the Trustees in pursuance of a provis ion in the Articles of Association, was held at the American Hotel on Wednesday of this week, for the purpose of electing the Hoard of Officers. The Hon. Holomom Fuote of Rutland, was o'ecled Chairman, and Jas, W. Hickok, Ksij., Clerk, of the meeting. " Would any other briilc gcn'i'niau like to ask as I ing, nnd the mottoes, tliieklv inturspcrscd, were anymore -r-fl cc Vr, I extremely appropriate. ' Yes wc should like lo know why Ihefrry plan of ,. , , , , crossing nt House's Point making the mile point of At about half past two o clock, r. j. the meet conuooiionw:ilhthcCentralntidltutlandltnilroadsiii(i C1P,1 tr) or,icr ) . ,, C ; the riZnieofllurhuglon was unacceptable lo cerium h " , ""-.i.t tcelt kmtrn iwlitidwit. " Dear General" will jou ' when tho report of the ColiitnUtco on ite.-olu-tell us l-m. Man, .1icNgcr. (on,i rc.ld) nrcepic,, and, after being see- It was Sir Win. Draper, who, in Ids nnfortu- craly ,l!scusscd, and ably advocated, was unan mto controversey witli Junius, asserted the doc- jmmH ndopted. trine Unit it is ono of the easiest things in the Hank-nt, That the great hfiicfit. of the Tctn- world to disturb a man's peace " by malicious . pcranre Kefi niiation, are such as call for devout ' . . ' t ... il.. a ml.... ,.r..n i. t r interrogations ; ' nml though Junius somewhat Bm ml " " ." ' vr Agrlciilliiml l'npcr. It will ho seen from tho lnipcctiu heloWr that it is proposed to establi-h, In Ilurlington, an Agricultural l'apcr which shall bo mainly devo ted to the promotion ofthe agricultural interests, nud the exposition oftlic agricultural wants ant, capacities, of our vim Slate. Tho well-written l'rospectus of Mr. IIoi'KiNs sets forth clear ly, and w itli suflicicnt fullncsF, the grounds for nssntnlntr that such a publication is demanded, and we are happy In being able to say that tho Villi nn.l :..,. ,! ti , .., ..n,.ll . .." . . i iinwoil am nerscveniiL' eflorts from n I moo. fnr hy.,of.l,;ZSfo "Id, of this warmest encouragement has been receHed froirV The following isamoutlic ro.'olulionb adopt- Hrsolvcfl, Thnt wliiic Ilrnry Chy N cmplntienlly uttz cliou-c fonifxl ritnli'iit, n( w belit-w lit? isof a tinjoihy oi tin people vl the Union, niul wc mcfin tu to all in our power to erurc hi- nomiiifiiiun, we et now imr unefpiivitrnl intenti'in to nwnit :itul hcdv "rne(l by Ihe choice it the Wliij; Nntumnl Ci'vei,lioii; nnd wc a?k, in eoniinoiijiii'tiee, ihnt tlie ti lends of other Whin eaikliJ.iUs thall meet unn a kindred spirit. Wc subjoin a notice uf a few indications of popular fccntimcnt Inroirdto the next 1'icsi- ilcncy : In General Committee of Democratic Whig Voung Men, in the City of New York, on the lOth instM the follow ing resolutions were imoushj adopted : Rtsvlrcd, Thnt while nil admit the nccn-Mtv of! thoroaai. awl immediate ornniz-itioii, none i-houMdc- I ny, tluit, ns un nriny, in the huur ol prepnrntion, per ionnsits tirft duty in the Ft'IcUon of ii(!cni ml ; tn tlie Wilis ho-ts, liiarslMlhn r n niornl conthct, owcii m their cnuse, to lose no tun' in uniting upon a Lea- tier, the ni.iic ol wlio' nann- may call tin in onward to resolute and undivided ctli'it. Resolved, I hat m clioo?uii:sich a lender, no should re untrue to e-tahh-hetl prineii'It", tlid we not demand osajiriinary and indi--prnih!e ijti.ihlieaiioji, sound ami fong-lneil st;iteumiihip, wiih ihe pov.-Kiriarid nvowal of well defined opinions; (hat to this should he added, a viorou iutelleet o rnlorte tlwin, an ar ilnit heart to warm that intellect to nrtion, together with u charat ter niul a hiMor) that can awaken ie- mject. interest niul aunurainn, 1 ti . i :.. ...... to meet the irieat ctibh ol the iircsent. .Mr. Van Wa) mi: eoiu'liuleil his rematka hy a plowing eulogy on llu pu'ilio sei vices ul this di-tmgiiishcJ slates-man, and took his feat onnd loud applause. 1'entiM'Ivaniii. A jrrcat meeting was held at PitUburgh on the Ut inst. Tho following are among the resolu tion adnptr-d, says the Ci izcllc, " without dissent, and willi tlie heartiest applause Jlcsolvcd, Tint our first i hone for the Presidency if tin rent rivihim Ilemv Clav. Jlcsolvcd, 'J lint prefer him hecause ul hislontr and etiiimnl peuiees.a' tlie rli.impiuu ol his country's ngiits on tne Hour oi ton-'re-t, ui 4rjrotiaior ot l ence nl Inient, as uu ahl. nud IonMn'd Statesinnn, in the l-ath"r ol the Am-ncun pj-teiu( nud the advocate nen. ... . . .t - .,i!e.n rtf flu and by J. 11. l-rxK. Est... Treasurer, showing, ,,, ,nl,ltn. . i , r. a . ' ,i,i h , .l J Tbni ascitis now- ,.l i. r.lo "ll parts ofthe state, lor no 1'""""" . i 'j -"" .-j nun ui i"iiuv.n i "i t ..... - Dt , .... i ...:i,iin vii i ntiirniiiiii v 111 in a detailed and satisfactory manner, the pro- v, i.icavic(, 'JW r our TniQ w,10 lm,0 that Intoxicating licptor, as a neither "'""ro. J no J"" "', t of' tl(J gr s . . p esent conuttion o roaiI tll0 report of that trial in the veracious pa-; " " 0". ; 1 " dl ' o v h U'i o , ! nveollont onalidcations of Mr. Hopkins for tho mo iiiiauciai siiuation ol I he company, i ueso '' L'CS Of Mr. IloZ. flltld Who lias not ? Will rClldilv ,nn frnmn l lblbln. as it Is ll. en.itn r,t ,lr ,!.-- . . r rrlt,.en,ntllir neri- reports were referred In an Auditinir Commit. ".i t.,,1 , ' ..i :,r i ' " 1 " i . . ' ; e.nioriui inanageiue.R u. ...o - - - 13 I -n i iiiiiiu tiiu i auiuuiiii y r?t;ilMus3i;53iuil IMIIH'" uiiu iir ti n j tiu iM'l"'m'i; - u.- w u ... . .... . . I a M.. i .,o:,i:ii.. !... . i! i ... ..i wc, ami, on their recommendation, acccpteu. aml imnorturhahlo trood-naturo exhibited bv Mr. "me is inoperatloniooi. joiiiis, aim i. r. ,. , nr tbn nrdoa of ' malicious lolorrn. constructed quite through to I.a l'rairie ; leav K,ltion," to which ho was subjected bv the learn ing only the work of crowing the St. Lawrence, ej a1j nsl,0 Mr. Sergeant Iltizfuz', the Conn- w .uu tuiiiiiiiiiiicauoil n 111. .uuiuitai. g(, 0 (ir, WlllOVV llaruell. Hits remaining link in the chain will bo sup- Our zealous friends of tho Wntrlman ami mot Kindly nnd nlleclionately invite all, by ab staining from it, to permit tlic-o evils to cease. licsohnl, That the prevailing u.c of intoxi cating liquor, as a beverage, tends tn blind the understanding, scar the conscience, pollute the afl'octioti, litrden tho heart, and debase all the powers of man j as it produces nio-toftho pan oJical. lie will make a paper creditable uoui to himself and the State. VKKMONT .STATU AGKICL'IIT'IUST ruusrtcius. J'lio titno is at hand, by universal acknovvl- lomcnt, when the Agricultural interests o p.ied with all practicable despatch. Mcsien 'cr have obviously derived no benefit suri'e,. hnmot, life, ami to rnin"tl,n souls of 1 Vermont are to experience a new and powerful x ne rcceipisai me several oiticcs already cs-from ti0 experience of Serceant lluzfuz-au- men. it does nnt annoar tons ri"ht that men impulse. Hitherto, no pirlicuiar encourage. nuiisncu, mr tne oriel period during which the Line has been in operation, have been quite as large as could have been expected. Tho Ucport of Prof. lMsr.uicT paid a merited tribute to the Contractor, Mr. Conxr.i.L, to With sophistry nnd error, In orilcr to appreciate whoso energy and perseverance in the outset, the laluc of the knowledge wo acquire there the community is grcatlv indebted for the sue- from. cess of the important enterprise now so near its Well, then. O svvift-winncd Messenger, the completion, and to wlicc honorable fidelity (and reason u-hy " the ferry plan of crossing at llou' more than fidelity) lo his engagements it Is c's Point making the sole point of connection owing that this Line of Telegraph i, perhaps, with tho Central and Rutland Uailtoads in the tlie most pc-fectof any now in operation in the Village of ilurlington was unacceptable to C'luntrv. Tho Trustees, also, and especially cerlain mil bwirn iitdhultmlf," is so plainly Prof. IlnsnDtcT, we feel called on to sav, have and simplv because that " ferry plan " embraced amtatod mans. Ami l'e', ' " ' .""VHire"!? hocn indefatigable ill the discharge of the du- the project of triVging- the wmnbh waters of tlioy expect "him to ciaihy tliein. Hut ho has only to , tics committed to them. hake Chitmjilain, that we are almost inclined to peak, aim say wnai nas o ion uij-u s.. " The fo oiviiiu is the Board of 0(1 cers c ertcd. smile as wo siiL'rest it to vou ! Those" certain to serve, according lo the Articles of Associa- well known individuals " to whom vou so cnlg. tion, till tho 1st Wednesday of July 184S : other proof that people's experience, generally, should so mo it, or lurnisli it to be so li'O.i ny ! n em .n- .tu ..vm u.u . . ...y . is iicnfol onlv In Ihomvelves -wo sinful mort ' tf, and we cannot hut hope th it enlightened 1 cla-s m our coin.nninty. Our distance fro n tho is useful only to themselves,- e smlul mort. nf ))I);-t , Jo n'cUher cities of tho scalniard, has als choosing to 7.V.W.W, That tlie Temperance men of Chit- obliged us to depend mainly for our market, on "Trend the nrimroe oath of dalliance " I ..',.. - i..,,. r,i.l .,,.il.;,, ;,, il,,, ,,,,.,1. the, demand nt limit", and no sllin- practi cal oporiitiou"ot ll. fxi-titig l..eoito Iiw, In cre.ito a doubt in their minds, nf its eminent nil' ity, its nb'olulo necessity, for tlie protection and weii.irc in uie coiiimiiin.v. olo l. i,,,peini.t fiillm r- dm r-i.rrfir choice, or from tho spur of competition. Hut this aspect of our condition mu-t soon piss away. l lio introduction ot iiunroam imu me u. 'll.irc til Hit' coiiimiiin.v. - ; . ,. . . . -n i E .rmiW, That, according to our own cxpori- our mcst productive Ji-trict-, will bring us, , Dro ce, tho common cry, that more liquor has lung, into contact with the mighty W , n.l en tlrank tlurinu' the past year, than under the , open to us nt; cay acce-s to all loreign mar- In! what amilaie-es irrcet him! It is his mjicc that niters il. and that is cnoueli. 1 Imy ask no more I hey arc only sorry wiien nc celiacs 10 sponu, All this is a study. What power is Riven to some men s ! A poor clcrgv man s son, no u-eu ,.... ,llr to ride liis fnihers hof-e lo mill, has attained this ele vation. bat a vvonuerlul republic is tins ot ours I !t V Fraternal loie is not, just now, tho pre vailing fielingbetwcen the rival factions of Loco-focoi-ui in New York. One would think, to bo sure, that " Old Hunkers " and " Barnburners " would be likely lo live in some sort of politic lift rmfin V tho callino nf the latter bcinr? to burn U'y;iTr, H'rs after tho former havo grabbed tho liesoliuion-i jtropued by Mr. Liay, and unanmioii-!' t. fodder." a.iwpieu ny ins Know euuou ui j.exmion, l.y. o-v,-nil"r IS, I ri 17 : and bucked n thev aie. bv the' weight of bi tnriuereiilli,a;!ue, .lbeit Oaaiiu,,a man revired lor his wisdom and his v utiles, wc commend them to the approval ami adoption ofthe nation, AV.;ym, Tint as it vvih leipiitc the utmost sagaci ty, wisdom and prudence, lo cxtncaleour &,'oi eminent lio lurably fio-n the imloituuaie warvvhieh she is now waging; aaiti'-t n sisier ropubhc, in fnir opinion Henry Clay is, nt all others, the npiii for the criM-s on whoe wisdom to device, and will to execute ihe pioper plan, we call coiili leutlynud --aioly rely. A'-.?ircr, That it i- our beliol lint ihe present war with .Mexico, with its wasted blood and untold irons, ures, and lonij tiain ot evil eonsi-qucnces. miiihl and would have boon avoided, had Husky Ci.ay tilled ihe Lxoeutive Chair ofthe Nation. JlcmtreJ, Thai while we preler Ilrxr.v Cr.vv as our Hmdaid-b'-aier ill the approachhu coolest, we will cheeilully tlefer to the tleci-ions of a National Conven tion, and' will enidially support its nominee. .Mr. Clav l.v Maiulami The li.iltlmorc Tatriot coiitaiiisa loiter from .Mr. Washington lJouifint,of llio lIouco! Dele-jaies, now in sossiou at .iinaiioh, in reply ton couimunieati'iii picvioii'.ly piilih-hotj in tlie But we are sorry to tay that cordial sympathy , dues nut exist between the divisions of "tiiode-1 tnocracy" in our sister State. The Albany Ar l'us. loin- the verv Mettcrnich of political man- I'rrsiJcnt, WYLLYS LVMA.V. Secretary ami Treasurer. il r. rich. 7J.rrcorJ. Joiix X. PoMnr.ov, Burlington. L. ConxLLL, ' " Cassius P. 1'cck, " " Clo. K. I'latt, " " It. W. Siikhjiax, Vergpiines. C. M. ri.ETciiEit, Orwell. A. lIofollTox, St Albans. Lyman H.utKiMiTos, Bennington. niatically allude, were opposed to bridging the Luke because it would obstruct the luiigablc wa ters, and unless it strikes you that a bridge, ence been tlrank dunno the past y granting of Liccn-es, i nb'olutely false ; that, nn the contrary, we Irivo seen anil know, that the evils ofontetnpernnee have been vastly re uncoil, uy tne rciusai ot Licenses kets. l'or this great change it Incomes us to make preparatinji. We must ct.dcivnr to im nrnvo nlir ordinary modes ot cultivation. Wo must learn to extract larger la-vests from our u I M'l..., r ,1 -I I .iinnnin! vo v linctpinu fOI . W 0 intlSl pay lliuro i.r.-iin'i', in.,, iniu ,i. ino iin.-L uncenng . a- f :,. t.llL.l.ll LU LUU EVIlUllui. ...... prnnfs ol the benefits of "No-I.iccno'' is found in the complaints nf the. enemies of Temperance, that the tr.itlic has l.illen into had hands : 11 at of ,,.t. ..,,,1 tbn .nionopinpiit of our dairies. Wo miut'imtn ndeonopinpiit iii the iiuatititv and mile lonrr or so, across the onrlct of .Misisquo j bouml to support llio present Temperance law. Bay would not operate as an obstruction, (wheth-1 . e prcciii is a inomcntons erit had two Draws or fifty,) then we t,,,t ,llQ Ma;c, Plcciioii, in two week- from this t ml your question is answered. i day, ,s one of uncommon importance, and calls W ill you allow us, tlcar Messenger, in con- witli a loud voice upon every true Iriend ot hit nneofthc first wi-hesof our hearts i,ln put the qu.ilily of our wool. l'or the spirit of progress ..... , , , ... . . .. ..I. .....I ..... tl.n t in, enrllnlK nltllo L U10I1 t traiiic nun sucti intuls as will rentier it as ins. is ao.ti.iu ... - - rcpntible and mean, as wo consider it heartle-s 1 and if we fail thus to exert ourselves, Uw rcsui; and uniuslifnble. I mn-t be, that tlie cnterprize of our htaU. He.,:.e. ,.i pi-p-v In, I,!. i. I aided bv their richer soils and warmer climates. ervtruo pliil.inthropi.t, and evrrv real patriot is wi'l far outstrip us in tho race of honor and profit. I elusion, to ask one question ? It is this : If tho objection to bridging the Lake is honestly, that lit would obstruct its waivable waters, (and that inanity, to ne every honorable means tn sustain the exi-ting law, in regard to the sale of the trorjf enemy of maniiml intoxicating liquors. licsolml, ilrit tlie llillot-box is thcappropri lit would, of course, you will not deny,) in what , ate resource of Freemen, in acting npou all conceivable manner is that objection lessened, whether " the solo point of connection " of cer tain railroads is " in the Village of Burlington," or in tlie .Moon ? The Commercial Hunk. The Stockholders of tho Commercial Bank Those of our readers who havo before seen the following glorious poem of Herbert agers, and the undisputed leader of "democrat-, will thank us for the opportunity wc ic public Sentiment," is now but the organ of a afford thorn to read it again ; while to thoe who fiictiun tlie Old Hunkers and is very irrcver- ,arc ncvcr fCen t) wo know- wc are conveying cully handled, and profanely snubbed, by the i a memento mori of priceless value, becau.-o it: young democracy, who practice polities under influence is to make them bettcrand worthier, the euphonious designation of Barnburners. jtli us it is a iic tnccnm wo have carried it pursuant to previous notice, for tho purpose of A? their champion, the muse of Bryant 13 chain- for jcats both in our pochel and in our memory ; completing the organization of that institution. cd tu the catth of the I.ienvig l'ust; and sad always liking to possess two preservatives riiic'linns the decisions of which are to influ ence Ihe happiness and prospetity of a large por tion nf community. Rernhid, That in the opinion of this Conven tion tho trade; the miserable exchange for money nf that which can do no good nnd i alone efficacious in scattering, through the com munity, the ec.N of mcrly suffering disease crime und death, N a subject, pre-eminent-;.. nnii. ........ ii... i..,.,,.,n i' ri,;n,,.,.i.,,, r,,,,,i,- (chartered at the last Session of the legislature) ; fur t',eir -Iron-: and uninistakeablu denunciation met at thu Pearl Street House, on Tuesday last, through the ballot-box. it is that tho Author of " Thanatnpsis should against forgetting it. It was written, if we re live to be no better than a Barnburner! Ihe member rightly, in a church-yard, in Richmond, turning Post, however, is about the best cralt Knjjland ; it breathes, certainly, of that higher that sails imiler the black flag of Locofocoism. , life, of which the church-yard is the portal. r.itiioi a-eiiimi iliat (,Vh, Titular was iho choice of It poos for Free Trade. Direct taxation, (or Poor Kxowles. he died in the very bloom nf ..I ,M.:.. I . . r .1. . l I.. - ... . . . - iu,.-.T Mj , .l -concli ffi the recall of tho Ian.1 l-'uivJ manhood, though hr, has left us, in this noble io caiHior nmi iiaiiunes to rivc a already distriuuteu among mc csiaies, aim " aim jkvui, iuu ue-eM.uuw umi hih is uno oi I toiiN-idcr it dui nit contradiction to (his st.itt in nl ot our eorn i- ilenl. and I nsvrl tint a laree maioriiy ol the Whin enormia, as nicy say- Ill llio classics j oui u nioinbi-is ot the Leiff-lnture ol .Marviand are noi oniv , n-nps for tl.eso ti.easures inaufullv and above- mil niilavoralililiu .Mr.l'iiv, bin are decidedly in lavor , , ,, :i,. ,,r ,t ; .r tint Frpp Trade ol him us iho U lii candidate lor the next fiesuli-iicy 1,";ml' m,t ""cakingl) pretending mat i rtc 1 rauc Ami I will veniiire to predict, thai but a short is " adequate Protection," as some small papers v ill elap-o belole be vvid bo the thoice ol'thewhol' , , . ' ,. , ., . ,..,. ,.v riirbt Vhii: .Mention, as il,.- movt mailable candidate, ns do, but contending that It is every man right he ceitJiuly is now tlieir litsl choice. ' to t'et what he wants to buv where it can be "- those few immortal xa-ies Thai were not born to die." Tho Dciid. Correspondence ofthe q'ribune. The Jersey Hltii's.-Knll) lor Henry CIny. Ni.vv-Ilr.ixswKK, I'ob 9, HH. The first donioii'tration ol iho Whin of l his. my, fir ihe ureal Canvass of ISIS, was held lit the t'ny Hall last ovonnii'UI the call of Sou eiticus ; ami the vva llu- people lespomltd to thin cull was mo-i clu -or-iuji to tin- last Irit mis of our own Hhxav Ci.av. The fact canmit In-tletileil, that ninoi,-; the in:o.s ol the people llieic is a spontaneous, hcaii-hdl of leelin for llio rinne ol A-bland. Talk abotii T.iyloii- ir any other isin tint i;iai-ui, you inu-i jzosouiewiiere else.. "' Meibinks it is cnod lobe here: if ibou will, let us build three i-iberiraclcs and one lor Khas." Methinks it is good to be here : If thou wilt, lei us build but to whom I Nor Klias nor .Mus-s appear ; Hut the shadows ol evenioj eucompas witli cloom 'I'll,, nluiil,. i.l il... Dead, and tin- nfil... I. lias "bowels" therefore, and hides from his; shall we build to Ambition 1 Ah no ! heart, wc dare sav, the pestilent political heresies Atirigiiieii, no siuinhetii away ; Gen. W.M. N'asii, of New Haven, was electid to preside. The following gentlemen were elected Direc tors 1 Harry Bradley, W.n. R. Vilas, D. W. Buckley, Ueorgk Petersot, Ciias. 1). Kassox, Das Lyon, CIA. RUNsr.LL. At a meeting of the board of Directors on the unani- llesohrd, Tint if the bnllot-bnx cannot be rightfully n-etl tn purify tlie country, from the greiitet"pos.iht; allliction, that of tfif trade in Anient Spirits it is a very miserable box in deed. HesoUed, That the distinction, cnuimonly drawn between moral and legal suasion, is wrong in fact and is producing an erroneous impression on the public inind. 1- or the sanction n! all I'i.ii limn is nUn nnnrnachiiir' when the fee ble remains of tho old-fashioned prejudices again-t nW, as degrading to tlie scholar und the gentleman, will vanish altogether in tho ( light of truth. The conviction is daily gaining .'round among us, that labor is nece-s.iry to tlio health of the physical, tlie soundness of the in tellectual, and the usefulness of the social man. But agriculture gives abundant employment to the uiind, as well us to thu body. Already it takes its place amongst the learned profe-oMons, 'by the side ol hw and medicine. And well ! tines it deserve that honor, for there is tin de 1 partment of industry so important to the wi lfaro and even existence ot our community. It ns indeed, the heart of tlie body politic, and every tluob in this great centre is distinctly felt , throughout each vein and artery of the wholo j sv-tem. . 'Witli thee views, and in accordance witli 1 the suggestions ot many valued friends, we pro I pn-e tn establi-h at the' present lavorable junc ' tine, a, to be styled " llu Vnnnnnt 'Vrricllltliri-t." As et. HOthillg III- been attempted among us in thu lorin of an Agricultural paper, beyond mere compilation from extraneous source-', although tin- certainly i worthy of commendation and support. But it i- time" that wo should havo something hich wo can call our own omething which will I'urni-li a medium for the interchange of ide - - , , is found in the corresponding, supporting inllu- among the fanners ol irmom, aim cnauu. u. ence of public opinion. And as moral suasion to profit by the experience and ob-ervation ol tho is a ncccvary pre-exisieiu in ine lorinnion m public opinion, so legal enactments arc neccs-a- got cheapest, without reference to whom it helps or whom it ruins. Besides, William Cullen Biivani is a Poet of the 'nacitur" sort. Ho one lor thee, one fir .Mo-es, same day, Hon. Harry was iiit uwi.!.. , . , ... inous,. o.coicu i iu-.ueiii. of his head a sort of homage that Vice is said to pay to Virtue. lint this is neither here nor there. Mr Tiian- atop-is Bryant of the Post does 'nt particularly l'or see. they would niu him below- In a dark, narrow cave, and begirt with cold clay, Tu the meanest ot icplile.s, n peer niul a prey. To Beauty 1 Ah no! .he forgets The charm thai she wielded belore ; Nor knows Ihe tnul worm, that be frets We have noihii'K in ih,--e dims but s id corn cotton to Mr. Joseph Surlacu Lrosvvcll of tho j ,', ' "" mai, oui jesierua), ioois cou ,i ntiore. to -care up a 1 iiv lor party . . i i, .,!., i - -,,,, .,. 1 ul " ,.," u.-u.iioi..iu woi n. ii.n i.. ri whose friends is only -urp-is-cd by the ardor ol ihoir iiltuclimeut, we behold a splendid concentration of I these retpu-iios. The inaliiiaut breath ot -lander, j lieVer ...ll.' U a ., -i nif muni, i .n, im, iini- inentarily mint ihe public hchot in the imual hoin-sly, ihe generous mamatiiiuiiy, llie -ell-s-icrilieina tlevo tiun, and the fervid patrioti-m, of lu.s cxaltetl -puil. In ever) period ol his brilliant and beiulicent career, there is food lor tin- ilmujlitlul -tudy of the scholar and tlieloud pl.oiJu of ihe million. Horn within a few inontlis ol the birlh-d.iy ol American ludcii-iiilctice, i .. i... :;.l ,l, .1..,.., ,.l,l... I!.... i'... ...'.... i u il... i.v-,., .iii.l il .illiee-ookorscMiect to-eare un a Tiivlornarlv . i." .t i.. . t or llio sniooinness n ueiu, or uie tint Uiatii wore :Zr W;ni;;: : ilel , in New:.le,sey, I think llu,. ,l,oy w,(l have o iinpo,, rgus ant, inesu o.e.nrc Uy I We buihl lo the purple of IVider- poon asal'liihnthioii't.hvnol.letdloits for Kinfinei- 1 P'me o the le:icnol atiisu irom outimaiK or ic political I.lllli liao mtcrs wiue aiHirrencca m , io the uappuiii' pation in hUadnptfd home, Kentucky. The hnlliaut .vprini (larth-n .... crdtor.the ncerleM f-latenan. the maMeilv dihlonia- I Dr. i' . bmilh prrMded, .th Mew, ( laik.It li-t,hiH inilucnet' haa ever heen wh'Uh'd in l half of hiHpouutr) and hi couutiym-u, of Tuilh, Ju-tiee nnd liiht, uucoiiliiH-d hy M'Ltioual hmitsnud unbounded 'y iheocfan. I'pon its wnlerf, lhk sailor has fdt ihe ifuliiol his clfi't-tie elo(!ieuet iJiond them, the ,i leitiU i if Vm ilinti. lliroii'rluiiil llic u nrlil. no ne Uuovled,rd their oliliipnoti-. In ila--ic tiieece, his our iiiintU, aie truthlm and found like the Locofocos n Vermont, (our friend of tiuc the tinsel that thiues on the dark cotlin-IiJ, Zti&Z &XinA? JAV&KMM .llyTte the Scnfnr. for instance that no such issue '1 . Jr a""rd I Itepublies, read at the luad of iho armies ol lio- great principles in uie vvin p....),uiio an- mo u n.ij as (is s101,j bcpcrmillcil to disturb the liarmo- . A, t lea.isu plemifiil board ; uu ram. to rani. llul'" ",r . 7-7 . ' .""'., ..: r,i. I ..enfnen n,tt.mnri.n u-ldpl, i Ilnttliee-ucsisaren iiiuio as their imfu cheer. pimcipK , lu omer ai uusiaieoaj up..u any coins" oi meo ui ...v - - ..... urm is a reveller hero .m,f, .rn.nmi.mitr. or rauiinmfiuu.nii.1 we do . ..n-t! l!.M..., '1M, Aliuilollt mil lilt norm nu itnmi uui. .1 - ' , fttl i i .... .. . ,i ,i ..n . l. 1 10 come un ... . ...... ,,.;. iii.- llltll .ill l Till lll-l-l uin....,i in. i, in. L.,.,u,.,...v presented by "the Whnr National Convention lor the IVesitleiic) , shall be neither afiiiid or a-hauiod to avow him-olt at all tune- and in all pi operpbues, a ihoroueh Vhig. vvillin lo ubitle ihe li.itutiesol his pally, uud I....L lur frtnmtih to the ellli'-liti-oed eoov leltittis oi it lame, by a wist! piotecli jii ol in indu-lry.n proper t,e people thai the aseeiidency ol Whig piiuciples ......... ......... I ... i.a i..l..iii-,.i.u ,1... ,.i...ll,l,.ll nt fll,r. ' l'.f ....c .. .11 I..... ... il ,., ,i. .., u. ,. .... , -.v.-".. ......... , mm Jin; e.i..nri, mil Kiriiii; li-iiuuli- ii III." ,."3- iiaiiinprovi mollis, nun uie eneouiairi inein oi leiuca- perity, peaio and Happiness ot our common country, , ,;.,! ,,., ,- iosilen mil bommliv lion, llioiigii ever tireoareu lo u.-ieim me itonor oi ;.',.,,. ?,;. That while .Memory cnd.ucs and Keason " - i i ry con-ettuctits of public opinion dcniandin them, and arc in fact, the perfection anil practi cal result of moral suaion legal sua-ion is moral suasion gone tn sped. llcohid, That in thedeciion ofthe question, silent rotes, count most emphatically against u-, and that we deprecate more Iho inert and indo lent absence, from the polls, of thne, who allnvv their ludilbirenco nr caution-mess m overcome their consciences ami sen-e of right th in we 2T The amendment of Mr. McKay lo tho Loan Hill, atlthnrizinrr this luirit.mnnpe. Knli. Treasury Government to i-no sixteen millions "'; nroi. an,, aoove-onarti oppos.uou ot Known , , . , , , . , enemies tn the cause, of ', Was voted down III the Holl.-e. .V.oic,. That even- nllielalinr, Clprv.nan The bill as reported bv Mr. Vinton, providing in the County nf Chittenden, be respect fuMv re fer a Loan to th'u amount, was thereupon passed, 'I'to-tcd to deliver on one of the Sabbilhs pre- and scut tn the Senate. It is a little curious 1 1 he I josh lent, on iiKitig l o unair. inatie a suon no- , . . ., r,i :...!.. nn. I l:... di, -U ,llu.lmgtoMr.C...vVsg,oatSpoeeh ul l.-xing-' promising upholder ofthe justice and expeilicn inn. w b't h was well received. by the Secretary -, tin1' breathe Th,. sei-nnd and third i annex, ,,iir t.iiniU. me triithild and stilllld political l.utli liavo uncrs wiue aiuerences in , i o the tiapiungs mat tnzeii me proud I relation to certain specific articles in that faith. - .. ', , Z 'Z ilnen, nl,W.I Savelheloug winding sheet, and the hinge ol ihe shroud, Unto Kirlirkl Alas tint tho Whigs have bail constantly to fight 'specie-currency" locofocoism, for tho pa-t ten years, to prevent their over-running tho country with " rag money ! e hope the Sentinel pcr- here. y"! inconsistency sou, Kiigl.-li and Dr. A. I'. T.ijlor ns ice rri sidiuis. The Evening Po-t, for example, is a non-com l!e-oluiions were read ry tlf .,, practical carrying-out of the principle of Who bore in their turns have boon bid, ' ie the Hue Ing spun. wilmnt Pmvl-n while tlio Arons thinks ' Their wealth is all squandered again j x, which, accoiding to. the W ilmot 1 rovi-o, w lull, the Argus trunks, Ani l(.rt. in t,,e Krnlt. nrc-nil mPtnl forhi.l. . Iivar.lhey have echoed hum rank t " Commanding, aiding, animating ul!, I Where loo was seen to pros-, or liiend to fall.'' J Often per-oinlly defeated, his career ha vet been tri umphant, and in.iuy are his vietolleg, achieved lor ihe t'liinn. ll.ivmg repeatedly pre-oivej us harmony mil vetl its existent e, when ractlotl threatened to ties-I troy, lie mil struggled to iiiimluiii us properuy and ' .Muryliinil. Tho Hon. Mr. Pearci:, the Whig Senator for Maryland, has been re-elected to tho U. S. Sen ate, bv the unanimous vole of the Whigs of the L"gi-lature of that State. This is a tolerably emphatic judgment as lo tho respective merits ceedint' the .March nieetiiiir. a lecture on the subject of Temperance, at the usual place of his Sabbath service. Tho audience were edified by brief and perti nent remark-, having a bearing on the sentiment embodied in Ihe proceeding resolutions, from Rev. Mc-srs. P.irker, Wheeler, Unit, Whitney, Sampson, Lyon, Ingrain. Messrs. St.tnsbury, I Weston, Head, Hill, C. and J. S. Adams and A. I Crooker, Lsqis. After the ubovo resolutions were adopted, the following volunteers were introduced, By 11. A. Statisbury, Lq, Result nl, 1 hat the Temperance men of Chit of the speeches of Mr Pearce and Mr. Revcrdy tendon County, have witue-sed witli sincere and li.i country, even at the harir.l ol war, he has well , .urs t,wav, wc can never forget the iindjunnd chain won the title of ihe" (ireal I'aeihciilor,' has sought . . f Whig I'rinciples, lli:.N'l!V CI.AV of Ken lo sIi-ik public policy ui ucconlaiiLe wiiliju-lice an. l... ,, i,,m wc rccnguizc wiih euihu-iasiie ull.-c liberality, and has opin-sod, to the lu;t nl niuquesi ami , ,joll , ,n,e, a man upright, .iulilul,ju-i uud cener- ihe iliiist for domiiioii,llic counsels of wisdom und of , ous ., 'ng wiihotit disguise orambiguiiy ; a fctatis- p.-ilriolisiu. iiitiu who dares to speak the Truth, even when il ex- Itesolved, That in addilion lo llw glory ol his past ,,., )lim , tie viiulictive ma'iee of the udvocatesof l ie, winch ol itsi ll woulU jusiuy ll eoiiliuepee oi sue- iC,neilv and Ihe lu-t ol Coliquosl j one wlio- opin , ess, we have ulitnWakuble evidences ot hispopu all- ion, nJ VK.S ,)m cluciualiull, ami diiy llio us evinced in tin; disasiious c.miit ol mil, when, Kll,1HO .slander. And vveinosieoidtullypresiniliuii eiopeiidoo ii rooihii.aiioo he not cuily Iu , American 1', t.ple o our -K-ed lusl chuicc lur ..irely failed ol triumph, but als proved stronger than K.xl I.,,,,,,.,,, uf,u.w L'uiied fctaUs. his parly. e have, loo, tlie poteuiuid ol an increas ing conviction, ibat liie tlecisttiii id th'it jear was il-t- , 7Vir AVio Jeisey Advocate the Clay flag in an rrautly wrong, wub a general and enoiousinieiest in 1 able uud cogent leader of iwo columns, eschewing all so mighty u viclimol injii.tit-o. S ith ihcs" l.icl-be-, iiinnner ol ba.k-lir.s and Tailonsm. Il proposes lore us,u is ns well the dictate ol cxprdo ncy as ihe tie- .Millard 1'ilimorc lor Vice President, maud of principle that an opportunity should be given I ,, .. ,. ,. ,, ., . lor the b I "."'y, .-" imixia -At n late lug mee -Resolved. That iinbu-d w uh these sentimenl", we "S in " Old Albt-m irl" iLounty, 1,1 S lre"ua, the lol-lememlK-r with pride and pleii.ure ihe e.irly anion of lowing resoluiiou was adopted I .t... I.1..I.. ;,. tr,...r ..f ,1... i.rMi.t K-. .1.,.. i l.M'iIved. 1 hat our coiihdence remains undimiu- ..uilideiit thai we truly rcpie-ent ihe Wlii.i Vnun.. isltt-il in lite, extience atid public virtue of .Men of New York, when we agini present lo ihe , IU..NH i I. A l .nun siiouiu lie receive, ine noiuuia 1'enple ol the Union, as our lirst uml only choice r 1,1 X.alional Lonvcnliou, we will most checr I'ren. lent. ihe.'.hunored and illti.iru.i,. n,. f , fully siHiam ll, or thnt ol any other true Whig whom tlljNUV CI.AV. I that bo ly iiiaypres-iu to the country, as the nominee. s lletolvfU, 1 nat loose irwiutions, ouiy nuiheniiea- 1111 B'vn " ""a p uiy. livening Post resolutely in-ists (and wc admire and honor it therefor) that Slavery ought tn be prohibited from all territory nf this Union; while the politic Argus don't like to break Southern "democratic" friendship for nothing more sub- And to these Leaders am at Iiggerhcad the Post having the advantage for lien reasons : 1st be causo it is right ; and 2d because it is in ear nest ; while the tho Argus is merely mercenary and time-serving. Thu Argu, therefore, in the controversy has to make slratagemsdotho wotli ."hall we builtl to All'ection and Love I All no1 they have withered and died, Or How n willi ilie spirit above ; Friends, liuitht-i s. nml sistirs, are laid side by side 1 lei none nave sautieu, iiu nunc nave repiteu. Unto Sorrow-1 The dead cannot grieve ; Not a sob, nnt a sigh, inoets mine ear, Which coinpa.iiou ilsell could relieve ; Ah, svveeilv lltoy slumber, nor love, hope, nor fenr reace,K.'aee Is tlie watcn-woru, tut- only one here. I Johnson, i ho latter gentleman, h iving essen tially "caved in," may be set down hereafter as a shining member of tho Cine Johnson party. For the Free Press. Temperance 1'i-sliviil in Ilurlington. grateful admiration, the linn and nnllinchim.' course of Feeiierick (J. I lux F,-i., S't.ites At torney, for the County of Chittenden, in tlie pro eciition ofthe nlleudcrs against the Licen-e law and we do hereby tender him our warme-t sympathies, in tho ininly fulfilment of his duty. lly Hon. Charles, I,sq, able.-t minds within our own section ot uio country. Several Southern publications are aio circulated to some extent, uud doubtless with great benefit, but as the-e must always con tain much mailer which is not ad.iptid to our latitude, they cannot bo so profitable or Interc-t-ing tn us, as a piper devoted solely to our own interest. The chaiactcr of the proposed journal witl bo a- follows : " The Vermont State Agriculturist " will be issued monthly, each number containing 10 quarto pages. ' Lach number will also contain ono or more illustration-, executed in the usual stvlo of nevv.-pippr engraving-, Its contents will embrace all tho subjects connected with Agriculture, Horticulture, Arboriculture, the Raising und Improvement of Stock, Domestic ami Rural F.connmy, and the Mechanic Arts, so far as they relate to this class of subjects. We shall cndeivor tn treat the-e topics on sci entific as well as thoroughly practical princi ple. Communications w ill be occasionally ad milted on matters of Internal Improvement, so far as tlioy are likely to atlict our agricultural interest. And as nothing is more imrortaut to tlio advancement of an agricultural community than the progress of Lduc.ition, some portions of our paper will lie devoted to it; especially a- il is (or ought to be) exhibited in our College- and Common School-. Hut no article of & political or party a-pect will he allowed to min gle the wattrs of strife with the streams of that purer knowledge, in which all parties have tlie same interc-t. The chief portion of our journal is intended to con-ist of original matter, and arrangements have been made accordingly with a large autl competent body of contributor? on whose ability and zeal we can confidently rely. The following well-known and competent gentlemen h ive con-ented to le relerred to a llesohed, Tint though the arguments of Tern- patrons and as contributors to our columns; Unto Death, to whom momirchs must bow I Ah, no ! lor his empire is known, And here thcic arc Irophus enow ; Beneath the cold head, and around the dark stone, Arc the signs of a scepter thai none can disown. The first tabernue'e lo llojie we will build, And look lor ihe sleepers around us to ris-; I he second lo ruiih, which insures it fulfilled l'rd. be nuLllshed 111 llio Whig p-lpeis. Jamfs T M, Chairman. William II Van Colt, ,. -,,,. John W. Thome, Nlcc Chairman. ,,)'luli'ld.:S,,,'il!',l j Sec.elaiies. Itobctt .M. fclicbcigh, 1 Tho Whig General Cominiltco in tho City of New York have declared, by a voto of about j renty to one, the preference of tho Whigs of l hat Cily for IIlx..y Clay as Iho Whig catitli date, for Pictidcnt. Tho following nre the Pre amble and Resolutions as adopted by acclama tion : Whereat, IIcnrv Chy of Kentucky novy is.ns lie biriiT has lu-eo. coiiibntieallv ihe first choice of the Wings ol tins city lor i resiucni, nswe neucve ne is tn t it , i--.. . . r.t. ,Oi...... ..i .... ..,..1 ..I ,1... IT.,.,.., .. , Uilonn Islam. The Whigs is this Plate held their Cuiiveiiliou on the -Joili. Hon. Thomas mi'i'LLpre-sidt-il. The lolltiwing ucket lor Slate olliceis was no minated : For tts-ftctuor, Klisiia Haiikis; br l.teut l.uvctnor, l.uvvAiiu . I.avvio.n ut'inicuicn vverei iovn lleieiMies io uie v nig liunul Conveiiiiou Jumcs F. i-iuununs, ('hai los Jiiek- sou, .-xauian I . Ilixou, Allied lioswoiih. The lul-lo-Aing lesoluiioii wusndoiieil: ."Tl"t llixiiv Clav ol Kentucky is ihe choice of Ihe lug-, o Ithode Islund as a inndithle lor the next 1 tt-Milenc) subject tu the decision of a general NulioiialCouveiiliuii' Tlio K, V. 'Tribune, says : I e'-i'ifr! b'f '" " l,,M 1,1!,'t Mr n"r ' nf" K"in . , L e l,y " " ''. but of a candidate ,.r n'...,l. n,,,l trttppt. ctnnd In tho r,lnm nf Ti!,. ' And ihe third tu the l.amb ot Ihe ureal Sacrifice. ' j Who bequeathed us them bulb, when he rose to the piay. And tho consequence is that it now and then catches it from tho Po't, " consuincdly !" Wit ncss tho fullowing, which is one of tlie latest of Mr. Bryant's compliments to Mr. Crosvvell : " The Ai.iUNY copies a passage fioiu n com tiiimirniiun in tlie llvcnm!' Post ill which il is ureed ihui the democratic pally of the nortli ought not under , present circumstauees, to iii-ist strongly on iheprohibi- j lion of slavery in the tetiitories, nml calls il tlie. "con. 1 fessiou nnd ihe disclaimer ol ihe livening Post." We oiibh-hetl thai coimuunicatioii w ith on introduc- tion, strongly tli-senting trout its po-itious, nml cotn- 1 haling lliein in some lengin wiin nrgumeius wiiieu Itnrl.notnti. to.ilnv. bns SPP11 ant! felt what ... i . , m...,i i..i i.. ..ii.. i" " men, may ne iii ii measure, nnsvvered ...cil uno ,.o...ou....,.,-.s u.j , ...,,.,, ,.r ,., . ,, it tt...t.. l: ..! n... t. ....... ' ,,.v, narcu nope wuuiii ever ue rt.-..iivu. .wi-t is that in the pre-ent attitude and condition ol since, a call was issued, for tho holding of a Recbabiles and other reformed men; in the pres Mass Meeting by the sons of Rechab and the Cl" happiness and re-pectabilitv, as contrasted friends of temperance generally; and, notwilli-' ' "'i-ery und degradation, that , ', . " , . furnishes an argument that is perfectly tinau standing the melting snow and running water, swerablc. at an early hour, Haiti after train of wagnns, ' jy ', Weston, j;srj. loaded with temperance men and women, ' good ' Ursolic!, Tim! -we pledgo ourselves, to each und Imp." vvero seen enteriti!-- this olace. callotl t other. In u.eevorv hntiorutib. ni,nn,li, ..m. ..,... I'he Speech of Mr. .Unrsli. by another, "the seat ofthe beast." The streets ' il"1"c,! cer' fritnd of humanity, who has The Washington corrcspontlent of the N. Y. were thronged with citizen eager to do some-' ?,,,. -; w.' Z IT?. .II "X.? I'.xpress thus sjieaks of the recent speech of thing In tho cause which enlisted their sympa- :uice .,, throughout the Comity, hold meetings (ii.oncE P. Marmi, an authentic copy of which thies and their hearts, all converging to a com-1 in every School District in the County previous we havo not yet received. Wc doubt not we nion center, the Baptist Church. At about Hi10 -"arct meeung, mr mo purpose or ad- shall havetho satisfaction and pleasure of laying o'clock, A. M., tho meeting was called to or- i '!c"er Uio lVinier.uico cau-se. this widely admired effort of our gifted Retire- J", and tho Hon. Thomas Chittenden wasap-! llcv"Mr- Sampson. ' 1 ...... ...... .. I Mi...,.,.. TI...I ,,,, Ilm fVtnn.l 1.,. ,1.- sent-ii t, ipf.irn miF rn.lnr. n..,i uwl i nomted l'residcnt. assisted bv the l'atrmrebs nf 1 ..-. i"'i ii i.i i.iv i.u i ui,. nn. me Wamuxotos. Feb. 10. the several 1 cuts ol llechab, as Vice Presidents. seeinetl iinansvveruble. We have made no confess. on ( Mr. Marsh of Vt, made to-day one ol the most ju-1 jj j W'heclcr of Charlotte and Wm II 1 and mi di-clainior, but adheie nnd iiieau lu ntl- mmoiis speoelu-s of the session cogent in argument,! ' ' here rigidly to the views we have always cxpn-sed on felicitous in i'lustroiion nnd iciso in diction. It was Slarks of Burlington, were appointed Secreta- Ihe sutiiecl o. ll.o new- ierr.iu.ies. j nr omrnuou nj uuin ik.u uectsive, w iiuai. lie iuok grouutis ngauiM t vnvpB -, ll l i.,,i ,- il.. Anirrrri. orriitums nil mi urine tn u mi war ns nwnvs all evil ennahle nl lieitiL, avoided. II.. ""' v 1 ,l.lon, 11. I. 1 .ITKer, i'he tollowiiig ; (, imiijt it easily it oken njl.ttnd thr hulit ouisAtm- s-ml, vvuh nations, ns with individuals, where quarrel J, S, Adams, II. L. Slarks and 1'. A. Stans tety is the must ixvui iiAlt or all. There, then! tho Post says tho Argus lies and what is more, (and the Po-t knows) that it is in the habit of lying ; and that being " the most invclerato of all habits," n-f hall never look for a word of truth in that tamo Argus as long a wood runs and water grows! mies of Temperance, have forsaken the ground of moral suasion ami taken refuge under the law and wo are compelled lo go there, and drive them from that refuge. On motion, llesohed, That the proceedings of this meet I lie.. ise of ihe W'bies ol our Stale uml ol the Union And Whereas, ihe cvemsol the lust lliiee joars huve given tlie Country rtasousio lament iliut he was not elected ui IB 1 1 - And whereas, Mr. CIny is unchanged in piinciple and i Inline ter, unsur passed in Beiviits uud worth ; our Itaderi.i'll and our leader nml t-liamp.on slill Ih-.I known, lit,i-l Minnly loved, ami iui.t ilioioughj) confided in ol nil living Whigs: Therefore, - llrtvilvetl. Thai tins Conuniilre rn'rish Ihe same .'iclinss lor Henry Clay that hue bttu manifested by V..": ar:r V"V 1,0 '. !) wily l-cause the couutiy ..... L"""JU'ela 'but it cannot dt-peiise .... ..uniiuis iiivoivetlin Wur.iu Debt .. I I , , - '. 'lV,lll t. uuii in n mi,) run i oi wit.ulul F.xpeudiliire whiili is ... ,,..,v , ,.-ouIK; ,el,uua fuel ,, ,(1W lli.enie.i3 her internal hannouy. 0j ))mmiml j, ,1C dun but noi ih-i ,i I mure inonaee. her very ext. cm" i he hrliu id ihe ship ol sinte needs t 1.-,.; ,C mum r iibliong hautlj ilieirouhled i leinenu IIIU, Ce uu.. loreil by intellect, cxiiriieniJ! mi I laici,anlu1, t- need a mull lor I'tesidei.l ui whom cm, hi. nd versarifs shall have conlldeiu-e ns oii.itiiie.t ,, and an honor to ihf snuoii ; whom th Nonh JnJ Ihe South sholl mutt in icvPiiiiitmc os the ninii loi ih Ilotructho Tiro nt .orthnelil. Wo learn tint the Manufacturing establish ment of Cm-. Paine, at Northtield, took fire on Monday night last, and was entirely consumed, No particulars havo reached us of the amount of Iho loss, though wo understand a largo por tion of the cloths, and tho slock, wero saved. Tho machinery was burnt. t!ov. Paine is in Washington. I wnstlierevvns always wrong on lioth sides that il in- i.,,.., ...r ,i.n ,.,:,,, ,i . ,,; , , ! ing bo published ill the papers of this town and 1 tuvi.iuais wiih simnosei cause ol nruvocation one lo. ' n " 11 1 :.. ,i... i. r,...,;,i.i , ,i... r HI niu rt'it'14. I'' I . i.iniauiu .u .11.1 i.uiu ui Teuiperance, ui the Mate. Tho meeting then adjourned, in high spirits, to assemble again at the Ballot-box, in March next. Tho exercises of the day then concluded with a gathering at tho Rechabite Hall, whero tho crowdeil autlieiico wero entertained with pithy speeches, sentiments and toasts, while numerous and brilliant torch-light procession was parading the streets, casting now light upon the already enlightened citizens and visitors. K. A. Wheeler, ) .. Feb. 22. W.M. H. L. Si-auks, ( s","-''"'- A woman by the name of Flimi.inihis village, was tumid dead lat Satuiday. The verdict ol the jury was that she 'mothered herself while dtunk i,'i. Cai tlivi.hnls with euooiiseil rnnce nf ornviieation one lo. vvanl another, undertook lo avenge theinejvos witli draft resolutions. It was thought better to have i tin-strong nana or tircilie inensures, iney incurreil . ,, . , . . , , ! nnd sutieicd ihe m-naliies of criminal law. lie snoke s,lch Mntlineiiti and arguments as gushed red inosi cloqiieiiily and e lieclual upon ibis point, and cvi- hot from an overcharged heart, than to listen to tieniiy carneti ins autlieuce vvuh iiuti, I . , . ,. ,, ,, , ,, Ills deiiuiioiaiion of .Mr. Polk and hisadinini-tration oi.iutir.ue iiuoresses, aim neuco no mill, prosy wasseve.e l.iii just, lly ihe adduction ol nicontesti. boring pieces were delivered. The following ......i..., i. r tinnrii IHO eiuioiiaii. y it. nil- tunc . ., , couise ot ihe llxccuiiveii. tl,eorovoeai.on..lihwwar: gu'itlemen wero called to tho floor and enter- and shovv-pl ihnt it was unnecessniily, uujuily nml Uaincd tho autlieiico with short, pithy, and up i'olk. it would be c'onciuded inollicicntlv, temporarily! I'r.'ptiato remarks, viz: Rev. II. L. Slarks, un, i luoosuiy, ii was a s-ecli mat lol, l. ll uiniouiii. t-tlly will be pubb-hed, and inu-l be extensively circu. laictl. Lute io tin. imiMiMi,, ..114.1 , in the Supreme Court loom in imticipaiioii ol Mr Clay's "'K 'in. i no gaiierusol ineM-iiaieniiti me uou-e m-re iniiiiy iiuemiiti, l,ni il,e it-port mat .Mr. Clay vvonltl noi Hpe.ik.und .Mr. Mnrsh vvussis-nkiui'.ilrew llian-vvotild..nudl.orsol Mr Clay lolhe Slselllof Rov. Mr. Parmelce, W, Weston, Lsq., Hon. Chas, Adams, Rov. Mr. Worcester and .Mr. (iilusha. The inecting was then adjourned. A bountiful collation was provided by the Bur lingtnnians, with which to regalo their friends .Mr .Mnr.h. The vni, n. ennd tubsiiti.te r.r frnni abinad. After which a procession was ,ut rr". Id beHor ihe argument. I have henrd formP, , which moved through the pnncpa bin one m on of .Mr. Mnrshs ierh ; it was ihe ' 1 t , mosi creditable efloit of his railumeniaij latett. 'streets. Iho procession was grand and impos- Rev. Prof. Tcntui.y, Rev. .. 1 uo.MPsox, 11. B. Stacy, W.m. Warner, CitAi-xi ev Ci nnr.tcn, Hon. Damu Read, Hon. V. II. Pexmmai, Hon. LuTiir.ii Stone, lion. I). 11. Onion, ("has. W. Rich, Rev. H. H. Nr.w-T..M, Hon. V.. Fairbanks, Reit.en- Wiileler, Solo-mon W. Jewett, Hon. Llias Bottom, Hon. Sila- II. Jexi-ov, I loll. It AMI'PEN Cl-TT, Hkmiy Steven-, JnttN A. Con ant, J. D. Brai.ley, Samuel W. Keyes, Rev. S. R. Uah., Rev. L. li. IlisctiAM, John M. Weeks, Henry S, Morse, STiinPAiw It, Coldv, Daniel Baluwix, JOHN 1IEWEY, I.IIWARU l Burlington. Colchester. Charlotte. Milton. St. Albans, o St. Jolisbury, I'errisburgh. We) bridge. New- Haven. Shoreham. llartland. Burnet. Brandon. Brattleljoro', llighgate. Crafisbiiry. Williston. Sali-bury. Shelburne. Montpelicr. Ouildhall. 1.WAR1.K .P.,ELr,M.D WlndX lion. W .m. C. KtTTREnoE, Fairl Vv,',, OWL.vmiT.Roiun.vx, VZX of Vermont, wbe.l i"?"A0. "'".Bricultiirist. age. at least for one ear "aT! o hope that, at the end of tC experiment? period, we can apnea tn .A nu 01 ' ban to the of o.V ZiZ bo sadly disappointed if our subscriber T lakim-10 "'dr '"lerClt 10 o"r under- 'J'erms or St'nscnirTio.v. Single subscriliers, per annum, , l'or any number ol copies over 10, n.,,! under sent to one address, . , 75 ,, For any number over 'J5, sent to one ' aJdres! f.7ct CASPAR T. HOPKINS, ,yn,.

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